Top 10 Richest Comedians In Nigeria 2021 (UPDATED)

Top 10 Richest Comedians In Nigeria 2021 (UPDATED)

10. Akpororo Net Worth: N350 million
Richest Comedians In Nigeria – Akpororo
Jephthah Bowoto, popular known by his comic name Akpororo, is a very familiar name when discussing top comedians in Nigeria.

He has a unique way of displaying and discharging his jokes in a very charismatic manner that leaves everyone laughing extremely hard.

His very active play-acting and charisma is usually attributed to the fact that he grew up in Warri, despite his original place of origin being Ondo state.

Akpororo has made quite a name for himself through sheer hard work and dedication to what he loves to do.

Today, it is an established fact that Akpororo charges the least of one million Naira per Show.

Asides that, his career has earned him loads of endorsements, which also allowed him to host shows independently.

His net worth testify as to how far he has come, becoming one of the richest comedians as a result.

9. Gordons Net Worth: N400 million
The self-acclaimed comedy Berlusconi is such a funny man in everything he does. It is just impossible to not like this man due to his rich sense of humor.

Gordons, who goes by the real name Godwin Komone has had such an interesting career to date, initially starting off as a pastor.

In search of greener pastures, he had to leave and try his hands in comedy, a move which eventually paid off.

Despite earning mostly from the shows he hosted, invitations to other shows, Gordons has a personal comedy series to his name.

This series is titled the ‘Gordons Comedy Clinic’ which has 5 editions till date. This series is compilation of many of his comedic masterpieces which most of his fans cherish a lot.

Gordons also earns a whole lot from his endorsement with Globacom in a multi-million contract as an ambassador for the telecom giant.

He has definitely earned his place among the richest comedians in Nigeria.

8. Gbenga Adeyinka Net Worth: N500 million
Gbenga Adeyinka is a multi-talented comedian who is proficient in as many crafts as you can ever imagine.

While he is most popular as a Comedian, Gbenga is also a Radio Presenter, actor, writer, and Master of Ceremony. Such is the intellect of this man who is a self-acclaimed Comedian of the Federal Republic (CFR).

His fluency in many of the languages spoken in Nigeria is a characteristic which gives him an upper hand in knowing a whole lot of things from people, races and tradition.

This is why he easily makes jokes out of any situation or place he finds himself. With him, there is always a new joke in his pocket which easily renders his audience powerless against uncontrollable laughter.

One of his most notable works in the comedy industry is his Comedy magazine called Laffmatazz.

7. Bovi Net Worth N600 million
Abovi Ugboma need Bovi is also one of the most popular comedians in Nigeria.

He has been in the industry for such a long time now, and his net worth is something well-fitting for someone who has toiled day and night to have a successful career which he has today.

His inclusion on the latest list of the top 10 richest comedians in Nigeria is no mistake as he earns quite a lot when it comes to shows, hosting, Endorsements, business ventures, and all other activities that add up to make his net worth.

Bovi’s comedy career started off from a little beginning as through his first appearance in the family sitcom show in 2007 known as ‘The extended family’.

Today, with hard work, dedication and determination, according to him, he is one of the best to ever grace the Nigerian comedy industry.

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6. Okey Bakassi Net Worth: N800 million
Okechukwu Anthony is a clearly gifted Comedian who skillfully provide his audience with jokes with so much calm and collection.

On the other hand, however, his audience is seen laughing their hearts out due to his cunning way of sourcing jokes from strange situations or scenarios.

This gift of comedy which he is clearly endowed with has earned him lots of invitations to shows both on domestic and international level.

How much he earns or charge per Show is quite unclear, but the message which is easy to get from his stated net worth is that it has to be huge.

One obvious lesson to learn from his career is to keep on doing what you have passion for, despite the odds being against you.

Today, Okey Bakassi is the 6th richest comedian in Nigeria.

5. Julius Agwu Net Worth: N1.5 Billion
The first man to break the N1 billion mark on this list is none other than Julius Agwu, someone who is deserving of every penny of his net worth.

If there is any individual who is well-deserving of being referred to as a star figure in the comedy industry, it is well befitting of Julius Agwu.

Despite having gone through tough times in life by having more than 4 surgeries and spending up to 5 months in coma, Julius Agwu quickly put it all behind him after recovery to do what he knows and love; Comedy.

His strength, resilience and courage is one attribute which every Nigerian youth can take as a motivation in order to make it in their respective career.

As one of the richest comedians in Nigeria, Julius Agwu is worth it all, and more.

4. I go Die Net Worth: N1.8 Billion
If there’s anyone who doesn’t really look the part of being a billionaire, look no further than I Go Die. But as the saying goes, never judge a book by its cover.

This proverb expertly describes I Go Die. Regardless of his slim looks, I Go die is one of the few celebrities who have had an outstanding career in comedy to date.

I am sure looking at his position and net worth on the list of richest comedians in Nigeria is enough to describe how successful he has been over the years.

He is the first Comedian who has had a European tour of comedy in over 7 countries. As a result of his achievements, he was also contracted to perform at the UNESCO cultural week, bagging an award in the process. Such is the prestige of I go die.

3. Basketmouth Net Worth: N2 Billion
Basketmouth net worth
Bright Okpocha is a comedy guru, star actor, and a talisman in coordinating events and ceremonies.

Versatility is surely one of the features that make him compatible and comfortable with almost anything entertainment.

He is so good that he earned the honor of the National Comedy Award and the awards for Best Stand-up Comedian of the Year in 2005 and 2006 respectively. That was still during the early years of his Comedy career.

For someone who initially set out to have a career in music to be so much successful in Comedy shows just how much talent this man possess.

Though he earns a mouthwatering amount from the numerous endorsement deals which he has with many top firms in Nigeria, especially Globacom; he also generates a lot from his personal shows which are hosted both home and abroad.

Most of these shows are usually valued in multi-million dollars. It would be a crime for Basketmouth to not feature on this list of richest comedians in Nigeria.

2. Ayo Makun Net Worth: N2.5 Billion
Richest Comedians – Ayo Makun
Ayo Makun is such an iconic Comedian in the comedy industry, so much that his work was recognized and he was endowed with the U.N Peace ambassador.

Having established himself as one of the most influential comedians in Nigeria, he has channeled his influence properly to help bring up a lot of comedians who really needed that lift in their career.

While he was born and brought up in Delta State, he returned to Lagos to make a career for himself. Through his career, so many other artists have risen and become established themselves.

AY is responsible for most of the comedy shows you see around. These shows are always hosted every now and then including A.Y live shows.

In a move to diversify and explore new horizons, A.Y decided to try his hands in movies. This venture yielded so much success that he just kept on going after that.

Today, he has produced a series of movies that were all commercial successes. They include 30 days in Atlanta, A trip to Jamaica, The wedding party, 10 days in Sun City, American Driver, and Merry men.

If A.Y is not qualified to be among the richest comedians in Nigeria, then no one is.

1. Ali Baba Net Worth: N3 Billion
Ali Baba can be regarded as the originator, the sole creator and Innovator of the Nigerian comedy industry.

With a career dating as far back as the early 90s, Ali Baba is credited as the person who carved a niche for comedy in the Nigerian Entertainment industry, as well as making it a professional field.

He started out his Comedy career at a time not too many people had a flair for Standup comedy and in subsequent years, it was able to yield good fruits.

These good fruits can be described as the other successful comedians the industry has produced, as well as the financial proceedings from the field.

We can boldly say today that many other comedians are reaping from the huge work and sacrifices which Ali Baba has made.

He is an Icon, Legend, idol; you just name it. He has earned every bit of it. His leadership on the list of richest comedians is well deserved for someone of his caliber.

Alibabaa is the richest comedian in Nigeria, his net worth speaks of it and he deserves no less.

Summary of The Richest Comedians in Nigeria
Many may seem surprised at how much all these comedians are worth today. While you may think their job is very easy to do, it is not.

Actually, it takes a lot of creativity, composure, boldness, and humor to be able to successfully stand in front of so many people with the ultimate goal of making them merry and laugh their hearts out at the end of the day.

Of course we have seen so many people climb the stage as a Comedian and failed woefully due to different problems like awful composure, and dry jokes.

It takes many of these successful comedians a whole lot of hard work to successfully perfect the art of comedy.

Quick Recap of the top 10 richest comedians in Nigeria:

Ali Baba
Ayo Makun
I go die
Julius Agwu
Okey Bakassi
Gbenga Adeyinka
Reaching the level of these comedy actors in Nigeria is however down to dedication, commitment, resilience, and consistency.

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