[STOTY] The Unexpected Love (Episode 1 – 7)

[STOTY] The Unexpected Love (Episode 1 – 7)
Episode 1

Mr Anuma was known to be a teacher that
explore students with grammars and good
discipline. He had an average height with a
big stomach. On his head was no hair and
his shoes had no comparison. He stood in
front of his office spacing out with his
hands in his pocket. He wore a big brown
trouser and a long sleeve shirt which he
tocked in. There were flowers in front of the
office giving it a perfect beauty. Students
hung around at different angles of the
school premises, though they appeared in
Mr Anuma’s eyes but he wasn’t seeing any
of them because he was lost in thought. But
he suddenly realised himself to the voice of
a familiar student who greeted him. He
turned and looked at him.
“Wisdom!” he called and adjusted his
Wisdom wore a correct uniform of white
and green. He never hesitated to tock-in
properly and combed his hair. He had an
attractive complexion which drives girls
crazy making them to have fantasies about
him before going to bed each night.
“Morning, Sir” he greeted Mr Anuma again
smiling seriously.
“You look absolutely exquisite in your
Wisdom scratched his head for the
unexpected grammar.
“You know what, Wisdom?” Mr Anuma
continued. “I don’t want you to expostulate
on the obstreperous students disturbing
this school this morning because that
shows you’ve deviated from your
“Thank you, Sir”
“No, the response isn’t efficacious. You
should be apologizing”
“Oh, I’m sorry sir”
“You may go, now”
Wisdom smiled out after apologizing for
what he didn’t know about.
“Na me carry my problem come greet this
man this morning oh. I for just waka pass.
Now he has finished me with grammar” he
thought in pigin English as he walked
towards the junior section.
He could see students doing their morning
duties and other senior students like him
hanging around with their friends-male and
female. Many admired and greeted him,
especially Jennifer who had been looking for
a way to capture his heart. She was with her
two friends, Calista and Melody under a palm
tree discussing about their previous
holidays. They were on a green skirt and
white long sleeve shirts. They plaited their
hair which fell on one side of their cheek.
Anybody who sees them will think they are
sister due to how they relate with one
Melody could see how lustfully Jennifer was
staring at Wisdom.
“O-girl take it easy oh!” she exclaimed.
“Don’t mind her, she behaves as if she
hasn’t seen a boy before” Calista added
before Jennifer turned to them.
“You won’t understand how i feel whenever
i see him” she said with a low voice and her
friends stared at her.
“How i wish he feels the same way for me”
she added.
“Come on, girl! You can’t strip yourself so
low to him” Melody said.
“I’m ready to ask him out”
“Jeez!” Calista exclaimed. “Don’t even try
such a thing!”
“But i love him!”
“Love gbakwa uko!” Melody shouted angrily
and dragged a palm leave down. She began
to plug them off one after the other.
Jennifer still wanted to pour out her feelings
but the sound of the bell put back the words
into her mouth.
“Hey, go to the assembly ground!” Wisdom’s
voice echoed from a distance…
Mrs Desmond, Tochi’s mother was at the
backyard of her local house draining water
from a drum when Tochi came out. She
wore oversize skirt and a black top without
a bra. Her breast dangled when she jumped
down the stairs. Her hair was unkept and on
her feet were bathroom slippers. She looks
beautiful but her dirt overshadowed her
“Good morning, mama” she began to
scratch her butt.
The mother brought out her head from the
drum and turned.
“I thought you have gone to school. I have
already talked to the principal and he said
you can start school”
“You mean Winners International school?”
“Okay, mama!” she rejoiced and rushed into
the bathroom.
Student gathered on the assembly ground.
They sang and prayed waiting for the
principal to come and addressed them. But
before then, the senior prefect, Wisdom
climbed up looking charming. Jennifer’s
heart melted into her stomach.
“Hey!” Mr Anuma shouted at a student from
a distance and all their concentration went
there expecting to hear the next grammar
that will come out from his mouth.
“Your voluminous skirt should be weeny.
Then after your punishment, you explain to
me unequivocally why it is so!” he
completed and all the students on the
assembly ground laughed. Even Wisdom
couldn’t help it.
“Silence please” he said and all attention was
given to him.
He continued, “As we wait for the principal
to come up, i will like to use this opportunity
to welcome you back to a new term…”
“Welcome too!!” Jennifer interrupted from
the crowd.
“Thank, you” Wisdom smiled at her and she
gave him an attractive wink. Of course she
was good looking and beautiful to be

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Episode 2
Mr Nelson, the principal came in and Wisdom gently stepped down for him still admiring Jennifer’s beauty but he pretended as if nothing was going on. Even Mr Anuma arrived and stood beside the principal who wore black ironed trouser and shirt.
On his eyes were a pair of eyeglasses and a paper in his hands.
“Good morning, students!” he began, “This is another term, a term that you all should work hard for your examinations especially the SS3 students…”
All the students were quiet with their eyes and ears opened but Jennifer never stop eying Widom. Melody and Calista noticed it but kept quiet. Suddenly, Esther, a senior prefect too walked to the quiet assembly ground and stood beside Wisdom. They looked at each other and smiled as a way of saying ‘Good morning’
Seeing such an eye contact and smiles on their faces, Jennifer became jealous and frowned her face.
“..Put away any negative thought and concentrat on your studies. Understood?!” the principal concluded.
“Yes sir!” the students chorused.
After that, Mr Anuma climbed up and the students stared at him in silence. They were expecting nothing but a grammar from his mouth.
“Good morning students!”
“Good morning sir!” some started laughing already even when he had not even spoken a word.
“Some of you are already perspicacious of my perversion” Mr Anuma began and all the students began to laughing. “In other words, you understand my behavior which you believe to be abnormal simply because you are unable to comprehend my grammatical structure” Mr Anuma paused, his attention and that of the students went to a girl that walked into the assembly ground without a uniform-Tochi. She wore a big skirt nd a red top. One hand of her bra was seen and on her feet were sandals.
“Hey, come back here!” Wisdom took an action walking briskly to her.
Tochi stopped and turned.
All the students even Mr Anuma watched to see what will happen.
“Who are you and why did you dress like this to school?” Wisdom asked.
“My name is Tochukwu” she turned angrily and began to walk again.
“Hey I’m talking to you, you aren’t through with my questions!” he dragged her back on her fairy and elastic cloth in a way her bra was openly seen by everybody.
“Hey! Hey!!” the students began to shout.
Meanwhile, Tochi had given Wisdom a hot slap and grabbed his uniform. Students gathered around.
Chester, Wisdom’s friend quickly stood behind him trying to disengage Tochi’s hands from his uniform but he couldn’t.
“Hey! All of you should get into your classes now!” Mr Anuma shouted walking towards the scene with a fat cane and all the students ran into their classes leaving only Wisdom and Tochi.
“Get your hands off me!” Wisdom shouted at her.
“You are the one that look for my trouble this morning oh. Me, i will not leave oh!” she replied shaking her body in a way her breasts flung up and down.
“Hey, leave him alone” Mr Anuma said holding Tochi’s hand. “Don’t prove stubborn, just leave him alone!”
“But sir, he naked me. I will not leave him oh!”
Mr Anuma didn’t know how to deal with such issue and stubborn girl. So he turned just to see the principal coming probably because of the noise he heard.
“What’s going, Mr Anuma?” he asked.
“Just a little misunderstanding, sir”
The principal looked at Tochi and recognized her. He asked again but Tochi narrated that Wisdom naked her.
“Just leave his shirt, first” the principal suggested before Tochi disengaged her hands from his shirt.
“Both of you follow me to my office” he added.
Wisdom adjusted his rumpled uniform angrily and they followed the principal.
Meanwhile, students were already peeping through the windows, especially Jennifer and her friends.
“Na this kind girls fit that Wisdom of a boy eh” Melody started.
“Hey, hollam there!” Jennifer harangued. “Don’t speak of him like that in my presence again”
“If i do, what will happen?!”
They gazed at each other angrily.
“Hey, girls, make una takam easy oh” Calista stepped forward. “The very question now is; who is that girl that Wisdom striped naked?” she asked but none of them answered…
In the principal’s office, Wisdom stood beside Tochi. Both looked angry facing the principal’s table.
“Wisdom, what happened?” the principal asked.
“She disobeyed me, sir”
“And does that warrant you to naked her in public?!”
“It wasn’t intentional, sir”
Mr Nelson became quiet for a while and rubbed his pen on his jaw looking for the rightful judgment.
“Now, i apologize to her” he said.
At first, Wisdom hesitated.
“I said apologize to her!” the principal shouted.
Wisdom gradually faced Tochi and said, “I’m sorry, it will not happen again” butTochi didn’t even look at him.
“Is okay” the principal began. “She’s only a new student that’s why she isn’t on our uniform” he looked at Tochi and continued, “And you Tochi, this boy here is the senior prefect of this whole school and you must respect him. Understood?!”
“Yes, sir”
“You may now go”
They walked out……..

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Episode 3

A Story Written by Bright Daniel

Chester was as handsome as Wisdom with a dark complexion. He was born with a silver spoon and everything that concerns him must be carefully taken care of. Though, he was in the same SS3 with Wisdom but in different class. He waited patiently under a tree for him to come outside from the principal’s office. The morning wind blew his shirt continuously reminding him that he ought to be inside his classroom. Suddenly, he saw Wisdom coming out of the office, then he ran to him.
“Xup bro”
“Guy, I’m gonna make this girl’s life miserable in this school”
“Take it easy bro, things are not done that way”
“Imaging this girl slapped me!”
“I’m sorry, but you shouldn’t use it against her. I guess she’s a new comer”
“Yes, she is”
“Take heart bro, I’m going into my class now”
They shook hands and Chester left into his class.
As Wisdom wanted to enter to his class too, he stumbled on Melody who was also walking out.
“Watch where you are going!” She shouted. Before Wisdom could react, she hissed and walked away.
Wisdom entered and found Calista and Jennifer staring at him smiling. Other students seemed unconcern as they were having conversation.
“Why are you staring at me like that?” Wisdom asked Calista and Jennifer before others attentions were drawn.
“I’m sorry, sir” Calista replied but Jennifer didn’t say a word. After Wisdom sat on his seat with his face down on his locker, sooner did he feel a soft delicate hand on his shoulder, then he faced up just to see the owner of the hand.
“Sorry for the insult exhibited by that local girl” Jennifer said with a low voice still with her hand on his shoulder. “But who is the girl?” she asked..
Esther, Melody and Chester were in the same class, SS3B while Wisdom, Calista and Jennifer were in SS3A. Meanwhile, Tochi was in SS2B.
Esther saw how angrily Melody walked into the class then she was moved to ask why but she didn’t say a word to her.
“I wonder what her problem is” She told Chester.
“Me too” he replied.
“Imaging how Wisdom was embarrassed this morning by that girl” she changed the topic.
“Yeah, and he’s really angry about it”
“Who’s the girl by the way?”
“I don’t know, i think she’s a new comer. I saw her walking into SS2 classroom”
Esther became quiet and spaced out in thought. She was also wishing to have Wisdom everyday. Chester noticed her quietness, then he asked, “Are you okay?”
She realised herself and smiled. “I’m okay” she replied.
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah, I’m okay” she adjusted her seat still smiling,
Jennifer was still expecting Wisdom to answer her question looking straight into his eyes.
“According to the principal, she’s a new student that just resumed school” Wisdom replied.
“Are you upset about her attitude?”
“Why not? And i must make sure she pays!”
Jennifer smiled nd gently sat down beside him still with her hand on his shoulder. Calista stood at a distance watchin her movement. Even Wisdom was surprised of d way Jennifer behaved. So he stared at her.
“Do you know what?” Jennifer began. “I will help you make her life miserable”
“No, i don’t need your help”
“I’m only trying to help you”
“Is it a crime now to help a friend?”
Wisdom kept quiet looking at her in amazement.
“Can i ask you something?” she demanded staring at him.
“What is it?”
“Will u..” Jennifer wanted to respond but the presence of a teacher who entered interrupted her. “Never mind” she concluded and went to her seat. Before she stood up, she gave him an attractive look, then Wisdom became surprise.
On the other hand, Tochi sat quietly in her seat when Mr Anuma entered with only a packet of chalk. They greeted and sat down. He was surprised to see Tochi in the classroom.
“Hey, stand up” he pointed her.
“Me?” someone beside Tochi asked.
“No, i mean the green horn”
“Are you talking to me, sir?” Tochi asked.
“Yes, stand up”
“But sir, i don’t have a green horn. I’m not an animal” all the class laughed.
“That’s not what i meant. A green horn simply means i new person. Aren’t you a new comer?”
“I am sir”
“What’s your name?”
“My name is Tochi, sir”
“Your full name?”
“Desmond Tochukwu”
“Well, i hope you know what it takes to be in this class?”
“Yes, sir”
“Alright, who is a bacteriologist?”
Tochi began to scratch her head. It was obvious she didn’t know the answer. Then Mr Anuma turned to other students. “Who is a bacteriologist?” he asked again.
Suddenly, Tochi raised up her hand.
“Okay, tell us Tochi”
“A bacte…”
“Bacteriologist” Mr Anuma helped.
“It is someone who studies battery” Tochi answered and Mr Anuma smiled. He could see boldness on her face and body. Though, she could behave like an illiterate but she wasn’t. Seeing her make an attempt to the question encouraged Mr Anuma d more.
“My dear” he began. “A bacteriologist is a person who studies bacteria not a battery, okay?”
“Okay, sir”
“You may sit down”
Tochi smiled.

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Episode 4

She had an amazing beauty hidden inside her. The funniest part of her is that nobody around her becomes bored and she is very social without minding who you are. Tochi is her name.
The classroom was so quiet as Mr Anuma put down his knowledge on the board. After he was through, he turned and looked at the quiet students. He could see Tochi seriously making sure that she write down something. Then he gently walked to her with his hands behind him. His footsteps was the only sound that echoed in the classroom.

What position did you take in your previous school?” Mr Anuma asked Tochi.
“I was always taking last sir” she replied without looking at him.
“But why? I can see you are serious to learn”
“Yes sir, and i must make sure i don’t take last position again”
“Do you really want that?”
“Yes sir”
Mr Anuma kept quiet. He saw the passion in her to achieve her goal. As he looked at her book, his eyes caught her voluminous breast dangling above her bra. He walked away instantly to avoid further temptation.
“Class, see you later, make sure you don’t evolve yourself with nefarious activities” Mr Anuma began to walk out.

Of course the students were used to his grammar. Some giggled while some wondered the meaning of ‘nefarious’. Even Tochi stopped writing when she heard the unfamiliar word.
“Excuse me sir!” she interrupted Mr Anuma from going out and all the students looked at her.
“Yes, Desmond, any problem?”
“Sir, what is..” she scratched her head. “..what is.. ne-fa-ri-ous?” she stressed it and Mr Anuma smiled and was surprised at the same time because no student had ever asked him the meaning of any of his grammar.
“Nefarious simply means wickedness or not moral. So i told you not to evolve yourself with wicked or immoral activities. Understood?”

“Yes sir!” Tochi smiled and sat down while Mr Anuma also smiled out shaking his head.
“This your teacher will kill somebody with grammar oh!” Tochi told Linda, her next partner.
“Hmm..” Linda began. “You are yet to hear grammars and nobody will tell you to get a dictionary by force”
“Yes oh!”
“I must learn from him”
“Are you serious?”
“Yes nah. And i like him too”
“Everybody likes Mr Anuma”
“What’s your name?”
“My name is..”
“Tochi” Linda interrupted smiling.
“How do you know?”
“Your name rings bell. Just today you started school, everybody knows your name” they laughed.
“But wait oh” Tochi stopped and Linda looked at her in anticipation.
“What is it?” she asked.
“There is no bell on my name o. How can you say dat my name is ringing bell? Stop it oh!” Tochi joked smilin and Linda laughed uncontrollably even some students who heard her.
Students hung around the school compound while others strolled with their friends. Linda sat with Tochi under a tree watching boys playin football and others riding bicycles. Tochi saw Wisdom walking gently with Chester. They were the most handsome boys girls admired. In fact, Calista had her eyes on Chester.
“I hate that boy!” Tochi told Linda pointing at Wisdom.
“You mean Wisdom?”
“Hmm.. Someone that girls are dying for”
“Can’t you see how handsome he is?”
“Just that?”
“Nonsense!” Tochi hissed and opened her book.
On the other hand, Wisdom and Chester also sighted them from afar. They stood at a spot gazing at them.
“I hate that girl!” Wisdom told Chester.
“You mean Tochi the green horn?”
“Yes. She’s so annoying! I told you i must make her life miserable”
“Calm down, bro” Chester made use of his inner eyes. “But guy” he called.
“The girl no bad oh”
“What do you mean?”
“She’s beautiful, you know”
“That’s nonsense!” Wisdom walked out moving towards them.
“Hey bro, where are going to?!” Chester followed him. As they walked to Tochi and Linda, Esther and Jennifer monitored them from a distance-but they weren’t together.
Wisdom slowed down when he got to the presence of Tochi and Linda expecting them to greet him.
“Good day, seniors” Linda greeted and looked at Tochi who frowned her face.
“Should i remind you that you suppose to greet?” Wisdom referred to Tochi but she kept quiet.
“Tochi, greet nah!” Linda exclaimed. “He has the right to punish you if you don’t greet him” yet Tochi kept quiet.
“I can see you are stubborn. I demand that you kneel down now” Wisdom said. He ran out of patience and called other senior prefects to make her kneel down. They dragged off her stool in a away she fell on the ground.
“Come on kneel down!” one of them shouted raising the stool up to hit her. Tochi wanted to fight back but the pressure from the angry boys made her to obey instantly after she had received slaps.
“Seniors please, forgive her” Linda pleaded rubbing her palms together.
“What you are doing is not good oh!” Tochi shouted from the floor and another senior student gave her a slap which she couldn’t bear anymore. She stood up angrily to fight back but another person hit her back on the ground.
“You must learn how to obey!!”

To be continued……….

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Episode 5
The drama attracted several people, even Calista, Jennifer and Esther. Of course, Melody saw what was happening but she refused to go.
Tochi was made to carry her stool up as she knelt down by force. When people gathered around pleading for Wisdom to forgive her, tears ran down her eyes.
“You have to release her” Esther told him.
“He will not release her! This girl is insultive!” Jennifer opposed standing beside Wisdom and Esther looked at her angrily standing behind Tochi.
“Please, Wisdom, tell her to stand up” she pleaded again.
“Don’t try it Wisdom!” Jennifer defended again.
“Jennifer stop!” Esther became more angry.
“And if i don’t what will you?!”
They gazed at each other silently without saying a word.
“I will leave her in one conditions” Wisdom began. “In a condition that she greets politely and do frog-jump”
Hearing that, Tochi’s tears increased. Esther could see how her hands were vibrating longing to go down from the heavy wooden stool. She gazed at Wisdom in a way she shows; Do you really want to do this?
“Bros, let the girl be” Chester also pleaded but Wisdom stood by his words.
“Come on, stand up and greet him!” a prefect shouted at Tochi.
Everybody watched her stood up and dried her tears. She stood before Wisdom and said, “Good day”
“Good day who?” Jennifer asked.
“Good day senior” Tochi corrected.
“Now the frog-jump!”
“Jennifer is okay!” Esther shouted at her but she kept quiet waiting for Tochi to carryout the punishment.
“Frog-jump” Wisdom also insisted and Tochi began to jump with her hands on her ears and tears in her eyes. As she jumped, Wisdom walked out followed by Jennifer and Chester. Everybody dispersed leaving only Tochi, Esther and Linda.
“Please, stand up” Esther rushed and helped her up semutanuoisly with Linda. “Is okay, stop crying”
“I warned you to greet them but you wouldn’t listen” Linda said.
“I will also become a senior one day oh” Tochi cried.
“Yes, you will” Esther smiled and all got seated. “I want to be your friend” she added, then Tochi stared at her.
“No problem” she replied.
Calista cornered Chester while Jennifer went away with Wisdom. Melody didn’t care. She found their behavior absolutely repugnant (Disgusting or dislike).
Junior students who saw Wisdom and Jennifer walking towards where they were playing a football with an orange, greeted them and wanted to go away.
“Hey, where are you all going to?” Wisdom asked them.
Some of them smiled while some scratched their heads looking for the right sentence that will fit their reasons.
Wisdom understood and said, “Don’t worry, just continue with your soccer game”
“Thank you senior!” they chorused.
“I wonder where we are going to” he turned to Jennifer.
“We are strolling” she replied.
“That reminds me, you wanted to tell me something in the classroom. What was that?” he stopped and looked at her.
“Nothing” she smiled.
“Yes, by the way, i like what you did to that girl called Tochi”
“You are changing the topic. What did you want to tell me?”
Jennifer stopped, she looked into his eyes and said, “What will you do if i..” she paused when she heard the ringing of the bell. “Sorry, we need to go inside the classroom now” she added.
Wisdom suddenly became quiet and moved on.
“Are you upset?” Jennifer asked.
“No, I’m just wondering the cat that you don’t want to let out of the bag”
“I will let the cat out very soon” they smiled.
Wisdom suddenly forgot that he suppose to be on duty sending students into their classrooms, so Mr Anuma’s voice reminded him.
“Wisdom!” he shouted from his office.
“Yes, sir!”
“It seems like you need an ophthalmologist to see what the time is saying! I also think the piquant break meal you’ve eaten caused a tornado which blew into your eyes. Would you go and resume your duties now?!”
“I’m sorry sir! I will do that immediately!” Wisdom walked out briskly with Jennifer smiling at the grammar.
“This man will kill me one day with just a grammar” he told her.
“I will die with you” she replied and laughed.
#SCHOOL_OVER- 2:00pm
Students hung their bags going towards the road to their houses. All began to walk fast when Mr Anuma came out to enter into his car because none wanted to be a victim of his grammar.
Wisdom sighted Esther and Chester discussing and laughing from afar. As she looked, Tochi and Linda joined them.
“Hi, Tochi, are you going home?” Esther asked.
“Yes, I’m so hungry”
“Follow me to my house to have a lunch” Chester suggested.
“No oh!”
“I don’t think you have my type of food”
“What type? Name it!”
“You mean akpu?”
“I withdraw myself, go to your house and eat” they laughed.
“I know you are an ajebo. Anyways bye bye” Tochi walked out with Linda. Immediately, Wisdom arrived to that place.
“Hi, Wisdom” Esther waved her hand smiling seriously.
“Hey, good afternoon” he greeted.
“Are you going now?”
“Not yet, i have to lock the classes”
“Can i wait for u?”

to be continued………

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Episode 6
Chester didn’t need to stay behind just as Esther agreed to wait for Wisdom. So he shook hands with Wisdom and departed. Of course he had a driver who suppose to have taken him home but he always insisted on living like other students.
Students weren’t much at school. All had gone home except the seniors who hung around with their dates but none was at the sight of Mr Anuma to avoid embarrassment especially when it comes with a mind blowing grammar.
Jennifer and her two friends were still around. They were inside the classroom arranging their books while Esther and Wisdom were seen at the junior section. They walked like teenage couples with their bags hanging on their backs. Wisdom moved to lock the JSS1 door and Esther called him back.
“Let me help you with your bag” she said.
Without hesitating Wisdom handed the bag to her. In the process, his arm mistakenly touched her soft breast and Esther smiled.
“Why are you smiling?”
Esther was always like that. She glows with smiles at any little thing unlike Jennifer and that made her more beautiful.
Wisdom locked the doors and they began to walk towards the senior section.
“I don’t like what you did to that girl” she began.
“Which girl?”
“Who cares?”
“I do! It isn’t good”
They became quiet.
“It’s so fun to be with her” Esther broken the silence but Wisdom kept quiet. “And she is also a good girl” she added.
Suddenly, Jennifer came out with her friends. When she saw Wisdom with Esther, she ran and gave him a peck while Melody hissed and continued walking.
“Hi my love” she said and gared at Esther.
“Why is Melody behaving like that?” Wisdom asked.
“Don’t mind her. Are you going home?”
“Not yet”
“Alright, bye, see you tomorrow” she gave him another peck and walked away making Esther to be jealous. Meanwhile, Esther had already left the place into one of the classrooms.
“Hey, Melody wait for us!” Calista shouted.
“Don’t mind her!” Jennifer added.
Wisdom walked into the classroom and found Esther gazing at the wall with her hands folded. He could sense that she wasn’t happy. “But why?” he thought and touched her.
“Are you okay?” he asked but Esther didn’t say a word and walked towards the window.
“Your mood has changed. Have i offended you?”
“No, don’t worry, I’m okay” she turned and gave him a weak smile.
“You look more beautiful when you smile”
“Thanks, but can i ask you something?”
“Go ahead”
“Are you.. i mean do you.. are dating Jennifer?”
Then Wisdom understood why her mood changed. He smiled.
“No, I’m not” he replied.
“Then what was that behavior for?!”
“She’s always like that”
“Gush! That girl is so annoying!” she walked towards the door. “Please, let’s go” she added.
Wisdom locked the remaining classrooms and they left. Before they departed, Esther handed his bag to him and stared into his eyes silently which Wisdom noticed.
“When last did you kiss?” she broke the silence.
“Kiss? I have never had one b4”
“Me too”
“That means we have something in common”
They smiled still staring at each other.
“Bye” Wisdom broke the silence.
“Okay, bye” she smiled and gently walked away.
Tochi kept her bags and rushed in the kitchen and found her mother making lunch.
“Nne, ehihi oma” she greeted in igbo language.
“Yes, mama”
“How was school today?”
“Hmm, Mama..” she sat on a stool and adjusted her skirt downward. “Mama you won’t believe what happened today. One stupid boy nearly naked me!”
“Hey! For what?!”
“Only because i refused to answer his question”
“He must be stupid! I must report to the principal!”
“Don’t worry, Mama, the principal settled it and moreover the boy apologized”
“Yes, he said it wasn’t intentional”
Tochi kept quiet without telling the other part of what she passed through in the hands of the same boy because she knew that she was at fault for not greeting her senior and her mother wouldn’t have taken her side.
“Mama” she called. “I need a uniform oh?”
“Yes, That reminds me, the tailor said you should come and collect it when you are back”
Before Mrs Desmond could finish, Tochi ran out with a high speed!
Wisdom’s parents weren’t rich but they were contented with what they had just like Tochi and her mother. He dropped his school bag and laid on the bed to reflect on what happened at school.
“What is Jennifer up to?” he thought. “She behaves strange, why?” he remembered Tochi and hissed. “She’s so annoying!” he soliloquized and thought of Melody’s character. “What’s her own problem? I will never understand girls” he stood up and went out. He wore a white singlet and a boxer. His dick could be seen dangling to and fro in it.
Mrs Caleb, his mother was just returning from the market with a basket of foodstuffs in her hand.
“Good afternoon, Mummy” Wisdom greeted looking hungry. “Don’t tell me you’ve not cooked”
“There is food in the kitchen my son. Where is your father?”
“He’s not at home” he walked into the kitchen……….

to be continued…….

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Episode 7
Melody hung her school bag and was ready to take off to school. Her uniform looks cleaned and ironed to the extent that the shape of her pant was seen through the green tight skirt.
“Melody!” the mother called and came out with a bunch of money. “This is your school fees” she handed it to her.
“Thank you, Mum” Melody collected it and walked away.
Tochi wore her uniform with a black shoe looking like a smart student. She was able to locally plaite her hair like other students in Winners International Secondary School. Her beauty began to showcase gradually.
“Mama!” she called coming out through a passage. Her mother couldn’t believe how good she was looking in her uniform when she saw her.
“Yes, mama”
“You look beautiful!”
“Thank you, mama. I will be going now”
“Won’t you eat?”
“No, mama, I’m already late. Don’t worry i have some money for my breakfast”
“Alright, learn well oh”
“Okay, Mama!” her voice echoed from the passage.
Just at the entrance of the school compound through a narrow road filled with bushes beside it, Melody discovered her school fees lost. She brought down her bag and scattered the books yet she couldn’t find it. She saw a minor opening, then she concluded that the money must had fallen off through the opening.
“Oh God, I’m finished!” she exclaimed and began to walk back following the narrow road. Her eyes had already filled with tears waiting to drop at anytime. Just inbetween the road she saw Wisdom coming and both stared at each other…
Meanwhile, Jennifer and Calista were already in school just like other students. The time was just five minutes before assembly will take place.
Esther who had not seen Tochi or Wisdom began to walk to the other building of the senior section to check on them. She climbed a corridor and walked majestically with a white handkerchief in her hand. Her buttocks swung to and fro as she walked. She was very beautiful.
At the other end of the corridor, Calista and Jennifer were also walking like a queen and her maid. Jennifer disdained Esther and hissed when they met at the centre of the corridor.
“What was that for, Jennifer?” Esther asked.
“Did you hear your name?”
“But why exhibiting such character in my presence?”
Jennifer kept quiet and began to catwalk.
“Listen, don’t try such thing again in my presence or i will show you were you belong” Esther concluded point at her with the handkerchief.
“You can’t do anything, okay?!” Jennifer responded without looking at her.
Wisdom expected Melody to hiss and walk away as usual but she stood still looking at him with the tears that engulfed her eyes. After some moment without both of them greeting or saying anything, Wisdom passed her.
“Wisdom!” Melody called him back and he turned.
“What is it?”
“Please, did you see any money on your way coming?”
“Ten thousand naira?”
“Yes! Did you see it?! It is my school fees!”
Wisdom quietly brought out the money from his pocket and gave it to her. “I saw it on the ground” he said and continued moving.
“Thank you so much!” Melody shouted from behind and Wisdom turned. He didn’t say anything but only nodded his head. Just then the bell rang.
Tochi was not yet in school and students were already on the assembly ground. Prefects blocked all the entrances waiting for late comers. Wisdom moved around monitoring students while Esther led the students on the assembly ground.
Suddenly, Tochi arrived and was told to kneel down by a prefect who sat on a stool with a fat cane in his hand.
“I said kneel down!” he shouted at her again.
Tochi frowned her face.
Wisdom sighted them and walked to the place. He couldn’t believe how beautiful Tochi was looking in her uniform but he didn’t care.
“Don’t bother her, she will cut grass” he told the prefect.
“Hey, senior! I will kneel down. In fact I’m already kneeling” Tochi went on her kneels.
“I don’t go back to my words. You must cut grass” Wisdom ordered for a marchet and he stretched it to her. “Stand up and take it!” he exclaimed.
Meanwhile Esther, Jennifer and few students were looking at them from the assembly ground.
“Senior, please, i beg you, rather flog me than giving me such a punishment” Tochi pleaded with a shaking voice yet Wisdom wasn’t smiling.
Tochi gently stood up and sadly collected the marchet.
“Clear the whole field” Wisdom instructed.
“I will not do that one oh! How can you give me a whole football field to cut? It is now a nefarious punishment” Tochi used the same grammar Mr Anuma taught her and Wisdom became surprise!
“What is nefarious?” he asked.
Tochi wanted to respond but the presence of Mr Anuma interrupted her.
Mr Anuma couldn’t believe her beautiful look in her uniform.
“Desmond” he called. “You were once regarded as a personanongrata and looking yucky, now look at how unique and extravagant beautiful you are!”
“Hey! Sir u have finished me oh!” Tochi exclaimed…

to be continued……..


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