[STORY]Sex city 18+ (episode 1-5)

linda:ah…baby am about to c-m.tony:ur p—y is d–n tight(i can’t believe am really fuckin linda)
pardon my manners am tony, 19 years old frm a family of five,two gals (rebeka n priscilia) n 1 last born a boy which is me n my dad n mom
i jus register for jamb attending an xtra lesson a humble n quiet guy winkz..
mum:tony tony… me:yes mumy
mum:will u leave dat room n com n help me in the kitchen
me:mumy is not fair boyz r not suppose to work in de kitchen oh mum:r u mad wat did u say dont wori u will need xtra food afta eatin me:aahh..mumy sorry na am coming na.mum:comon take dis moni n go to mama mary shop n buy me …..me:okay mumi mum:b fast oh
going outside ur a monster…datz my fone ringin (godzilla by eminen)i check itz my friend prince me:hello boss hw fa na prince: u no de show again me:i de com keep seat for me oh prince:no fear i go keep space for me:keep space near marvelous prince:na me n u oh me:no p na prince:come fast…datz prince my tight nigga oh since from child hood

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prince and i wey best friend we do things almost togeda he’s a spoilt brat he has f—-d almost all de gals in his compound great work.. kpam kpam..wey dis woman dey na i get class oh..mama mary:ah s–k my bweast oh chew it ah..me:wait is dat not mama mary voice e no too suprise me she lyk d–k lyk wata sef.collins: is this de hole eh.mama mary:eh it is oh..me:no it is the gate knock n open idiot.by now hv bcom hard sef.it seems de curse dem bcus dis their family dem too lyk sex.mary herself dat 1 wey all man for area don f–k.na prince first sample am b4 me.Papa mary dat one sell his motorbike jus to satisfy his sexual pleasure he said dat mama mary p—y don tire am so is lukin for tight 1.i pity am sef..kpam kpam oh..i shouted dis time louder than before hiting the table.ma mary:who wan break my table eh..me:na tony my mama send me com here.mama mary:i de com oh(in low tone)ah collins do na make i go sell market i de com.collins:for wey u don put me for emergency u wan comot abeg treat me first

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…i came down frm the car passin through de gate dat reveals a building not too large.it has 2 blocks de first block has 3 rooms de first room is use as de staff room n de second 1 is use as de computa lab den de last 1 is a class room dat de art student do stay.den in the oda block is a large room that is call de hall it is mainly 4 de science student which has de highest numba of student n 4 general subject like english n math it can occupy at least one hundred student. The principal of the skul is a young guy probably 36 years of age he teaches both math n english.he has broad chest.He keeps beards lyk fada abraham lol.. There r about 4 ladies wit bodies 2 die 4…namely beatrice,joy,edidiong n janet.janet is de most beautiful wit lovely shape chai…am very sure she has a thing 4 dat our principal. me i can’t com n kill myself oh…i wrote my name in the time book n sign…some times i do wonda weda de follow employ us sef mtchew….i located my seat prince kept 4 me we usually sit at bak.

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Episode 3&4
..afta sitin down btw prince n a gal name marvelous de gal i told prince 2 keep a sit near her 4 me.she has a perfect body wat i mean by dat is,shes neida tall or short,she has a concentrated chocolate skin colour she has a moderate height,she has de most perfect curves hv eva seen n yet 2 see her breast has a medium size n ass i met ha on my first day.we sat on the same column wit three pple separating us.our eyes usually clash 2geda.waitin 4 who 2 pull out first.afta de class i approach ha afta de class ask ha about her name n some random talks.she refuse 2 giv me ha numba claiming we jus met.i played cool said my good byes dat was 1 wik ago.class started we were havin biology i wasn’t interersted.i stroke a convasation wit her.me hey wassup.marvelous:i thought u wont tak.me:sorry na y wud i seat bside a damsel n not tak dem dash me witch she laugh marvelous:u will neva stop makin me laugh me:u will neva stop suprising me wit dis ur beauty sef.marvellous:me n ur gal freind hu find pass …

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me:wait oh i thought ur already my galfren na.marvelous:me ur galfren so dat all dose yeye gals in dis class will beat me.me:u knw dat i dnt hv anyting wit ani gal hv u seen me wit 1 b4.marvelous:wat about choima na dat u use 2 walk wit.me:shes livin in my area datz y we walk 2geda i dont hv anithing in comon.marvelous:datz hw u guyz will b denyin gals am sure u will say desame thing 2 ha wen she ask about me leave me joor.i was about talkin wen we a some funni sounds.i turn my bak behold my frend prince,i traced his handz 2 de b—-t of a gal i cud’nt see ha face.wen did dis guy leave dis seat sef.i guess she saw de drama n turn 2 me,we both laugh.marvelous:is dat not ur frend n em..victoria.me:is she not ur frend too.marvelous:i hope ur nt lyk ur fren oh.me:u knw dat am a quiet boy i dont do such things.marvelous:only god knws wat u do in secret.we chated till de end of de class.i dropped ha at ha street.afta huging ha 4 lyk 20min.i ran 2 go n join my frends.i saw choima frowing at me.oh i don jam o