[STORY]Sex city 18+ (episode 1-5)

Episode1 linda:ah…baby am about to c-m.tony:ur p—y is d–n tight(i can’t believe am really fuckin linda) pardon my manners am tony, 19 years old frm a family of five,two gals (rebeka n priscilia) n 1 last born a boy which is me n my dad n mom i jus register for jamb attending an xtra lesson a humble n quiet guy winkz.. mum:tony tony… me:yes mumy mum:will u leave dat room n com n help me in the kitchen me:mumy is not fair boyz r not suppose to work in de kitchen oh mum:r u mad wat did u say dont wori u will need xtra food afta eatin me:aahh..mumy sorry na am coming na.mum:comon take dis moni n go to mama mary shop n buy me …..me:okay mumi mum:b fast oh going outside ur a monster…datz my fone ringin (godzilla by eminen)i check itz my friend prince me:hello boss hw fa na prince: u no de show again me:i de com keep seat for me oh prince:no fear i go keep space for me:keep space near marvelous prince:na me n u oh me:no p na prince:come fast…datz prince my tight nigga oh since from child hood

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