[Story]BRUTALLY S*XED (Episoe 1-13) (18+)

Episoe One (18+)

The weather is clement and mild, the cool breeze of the evening blew mildly. The flowers danced gently, the trees moved from right to left. Birds sang and flew in excitement of the weather. People were seen seated in twos, boys and girls alike while others walked about the campus premises. Some were seen reading, some gisting and others in a love mood…..

Mark sat in company of two of his friends Tom and Alex as they discussed and admired ladies that walked about the campus. They were known for their notorious activities on campus. They are in the habit of sleeping with ladies at the same time. Though most ladies give in to it, but some they sleep with by force. You can call it rape if you like, but to them, it was threesome……..

While they discussed and admired ladies walking around the campus, a dark, pretty, curvy, well hipped and well breasted lady walked pass them. She is a beauty to behold. Her ass danced northward and eastward as she walked. She has it all. The backside, the boobs and hips. Above all, to crown it all, she is facially beautiful. A complete woman you may want to say……

“O boy eehhh, una see wetin I just see now?” Mark said in amazement…..

“I think she is a jambite (New Student), because I’ve not seen such a beauty in this university in my three years here”. Added Tom…..

“She must go into our history books, we can’t allow this one pass us by. She has to be counted in the number”. Alex said…..

They followed her down to know what hostel she would enter. Alas, it was one of the most popular female hostels on campus. Investigations were made concerning her, and they were told she’s a new student on campus. But she hardly mingles or associate with people.

She was feared by other room mates and block mates, because she appeared demonic. She would wake up most nights and sit outside the hostel alone looking into the sky with her both hands raised. She looked possessed…..

Whenever it is raining any night, she would come out in the rain and sit until it stops raining. Most of her room mates have left the room for another room. She does her things differently from the way others do. But one good thing about her is that she doesn’t fail to attend any of her lecturers. She was always on time for lecturers….

It was a wet morning the next day, it had rained all night. Mark and his friends, despite all they were told about her insisted they must have their way in her.

By 6am, they were at her hostel gate waiting for her to come out, because they were told she would be having 7am lecture.

There she walked out elegantly, dressed in a jean trouser that brought out her well figured shape and a spaghetti hand top that showed very visibly the shape of her well sized boobs.

She made her way towards the path that leads to her lecture hall as the three friends followed her.

“Hi, most beautiful lady on campus”. Tom rained praises on her. She said no word to him and kept waking….

“Please, can you spare me few minutes of your time”. He said once again, and yet again, no word from her…..

“No be you I dey talk to? Wetin you dey feel like sef? Abi you never hear about the three musketeers on campus? No form level oooo, because we go do you wetin we do others wey form like you”.

Yet again, she uttered no word, but a smile as she turned towards him and kept walking….

“Let her go, we go arrange her. Her own na small matter. Make she go ask questions oooo” Mark said angrily…..

In all they said, she just kept walking, paying no attention to their threats or whatever it was they said. She looked so gentle, but mean…..

“We must chop this yansh, this one no go pass us by”. Alex added…….

She got to her lecture hall, turned around and gave them a stern look as she made her way to her lecture hall…..

The three musketeers, turned back and made their way back to their hostel……

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Episoe Two (18+)

She got to her lecture hall, turned around and gave them a stern look as she made her way to her lecture hall…..

The three musketeers, turned back and made their way back to their hostel…….

They kept following her where she went on campus. She was barely seen in company of anyone or group of people, she was always alone.

The most isolated place on campus, where people dare not go at a particular time of a day was where she often go to read at night.

Two months gone, yet the Three Musketeers kept troubling her life, by sending her threat messages or follow whenever she was going for lectures.

Mark was on his way for lecture one morning when he ran into her room mate.

“Morning Linda” Mark greeted… “Please, I’d like you to tell me more about your room mate, I don’t even know her name”.

“I’ve told your friend Tom that you guys should forget about that girl. She is evil, I stay with her, it is my prayers that’s been keeping me. If you see what she does, you won’t wanna have anything to do with her”. Linda told Mark….

“Does she have two heads? She is like every other lady on campus. We have seen worst people than she thinks she is, even mummy water herself, we have threesomed. Abegi, tell her make she park well, we have made our plans and arrangements. Very soon, we will chop her as well. Abeg, wetin be her name? He asked finally….

“Lucifiana” Linda told him…..

“Lucifia gini? Hmmmmmm, if you think you can use the name to scare us, you are joking. Because whether she is a direct daughter of Lucifer himself, we just chop her”. Mark said bragging….

“I’m only warning you guys to be careful. There are a thousand and one ladies on campus, more pretty than she is. She’s not ordinary, do not say I didn’t warn you guys”. She told him and made her way to lecture….

Mark told her as she walked away “We have made up our minds, no be for this campus? Who doesn’t know the Three Musketeers, abi she wan tell me say she never hear? Make she just get ready….

(Three Musketeers’ Hostel)….

They were in their hostel later that evening talking as Mark told about what Linda had told them earlier that day…

“I ran into her room mate Linda this morning and guess what she said her name is?”. Mark asked….

“Her name no go pass Jeniffer na or Anabel. Na so them they behave”….. Tom said.

“That’s true, or even Mirabel, because that other babe wey we do, na so she too dey behave”. Alex added…

“Far from it guys, her name is Lucifiana”…. Said Mark as the others bursted into laughter….

“Abeg see name, is she the daughter of Lucifer, abeg make we hear something. She just said that to scare us away” Tom told them…..

Mark added “I don’t think so, she was serious about it. That’s her name”..

“To me, that name is lovely, I like it. The name is not common, and it sounds unique. The name don make me like her the more sef”. Alex said as he continued with what he was doing…..

“We have to hasten our plans guys, I don’t know why it is taking us this long to fire that Lucifer babe, she really needs to go into our history books”….Mark was affirmative while making the statement….

They continued following her everywhere she went to on campus. On this very day, Mark and his friends had gone out differently, they went on different mission. But it happened that she decided to give them a listening ear and she visited them same time.

She was with Mark, Tom and Alex at the same time. It was when they got home that they excitedly told each other about it.

“Guys, you won’t believe what happened today, while I was coming out from Coca Cola joint, guess who called me?” Tom asked in excitement..

Alex chipped in “Whoever, I couldn’t believe it when Lucifiana called me and said she has decided to listen to us. That I should tell her what we want from her”.

“Lucifia what, a lady that walked up to me in the student’s canteen and asked if I don’t want her again. This was around 5pm when I went to eat because I was so hungry”. Was Mark’s assertion…

“That was the exact time I was with her, I was even surprised how she got to know my name. But I took it to be as a result of our popularity on campus”. Tom added….

“Everyone don dey claim now, because I said she was with me. How can she be with all of us differently at the same time, she be witch? Anyway, she don agree to give us, she say make we arrange in two weeks time. Say she go open for us” Said Alex….

“Why she no go open? She go don hear about us na, and have decided to give in. I thought she is claiming hard to get?” Mark said smiling….

That was the beginning of their DOOM..

Episode Three (18+)

“Why she no go open? She go don hear about us na, and have decided to give in. I thought she is claiming hard to get?” Mark said smiling….

That was the beginning of their DOOM..


One week gone, and they kept counting down on the two weeks given to them by Lucifiana.

But in all these period, she was not seen anywhere around the campus, neither did she attend lecturers. Unlike her, who doesn’t fail to attend a lecture….

Mark, Tom and Alex went to her hostel severally but were told she’s not been seen over a week now and that she didn’t tell anyone her whereabouts.

“I wonder why this lady will just vanish into the tin air. She should not play with us ooo. She better come and let’s do this thing once and for all so that everybody will rest”. Mark said wearing a tight face…

Tom looking worried “I’ve seen this lady severally in my dreams, where I was making love to her. And each time we made love in the dream, I feel it as though it was real. I’ve seen her severally open our room door at night and walk telling me to make love to her. It often look real, but I see it as a dream”

“Same with me” Said Alex….

“She’s appeared to me one afternoon when you guys went for lecture. But it was like a dream to me, because the door was locked and there was no way she would have entered except I opened the door for her. We made love, and the next thing I saw was myself waking up from sleep. She had disappeared, but I was confused”.

“Guys, make una forget that thing abeg. All those things were just your imaginations, you guys have been thinking how it will be to make love to her. So you have been dreaming about her, make una take am easy oooo”. Mark told them…..

“I think there’s something diabolic about that lady, but whatever it is, I go tell her say even mummy water herself we dey f–k her”. Tom added…..

“Diabolic my ass, make she just go come back first, Infact the bulala (stroke) wey she go receive go hot for her. For disappearing for over a week, she will be “BRUTALLY SEXED”. Said Alex…..

But Linda, Lucifiana’s friend had once again warned them to forget about her. That what she had seen the few days before her disappearance confirmed she is from the marine world….

“I have noticed her talking to herself most midnights when she thought I was deeply asleep. You could hear her saying “mother, I am ready for the mission”. As though she was responding to a conversation”. Linda told them one of the days they went there….

But all warnings from her fell on deaf ears…..

“If Na this one go kill us, make she kill us. We die here…. That yansh must not go unattended to, we go chop. Na lecturers she wan give her bakassi? Abegi Linda, all this your sermon no go work. We have made up our minds”. Mark told Linda…

“I wish you guys luck, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. You may have done it right others and go Scott free, this one might not be so. How I wish you guys will listen to my advise”.

While she was still talking, they left her and walked away……


It was a cloudy Friday evening, it was about to rain. Students were seen making haste back to their hostels. There was thunder and lightening, it was as though it would rain cats and dogs….

The Three Musketeers were in their room still discussing about Lucifiana when a knock came at their door. Alex went to get the door but found no one knocking…

About ten minutes later, the knock came again same way it did the first time. Tom went this to get the door, yet found no one……

“E be like say all these guys for this block don start this their rubbish again? Why dem go dey knock for people door dey run? If I catch that person”…. Mark said as he stood close to the door….

About twenty minutes after, the knock came again same way and pattern it did the first two times. But Mark was already by the door and he quickly opened it. It was Lucifiana, who stood still gazing at him…..

“My oh my…. What an angel, please come in beautiful one”. He (Mark) gladly usherd her to their room…

Tom and Alex stood up to welcome her….

Episoe Four (18+)

“My oh my…. What an angel, please come in beautiful one”. He (Mark) gladly usherd her to their room…

Tom and Alex stood up to welcome her….


She came in, sat on the bed as the Three Musketeers were all showing great excitement.

“What can we offer you?” Tom Asked…

“Blood”. She replied smiling….

“Be serious joor, which kind blood? You be vampire?” Added Alex..

“Maybe I am”. She added once again…..

“Oya na, we go give you blood. Hope you are ready for us?” Asked Mark….

“I am ready to give you whatever it is you want. But the question should be the other way round. Are you guys ready for the outcome?”. She asked wearing a beautiful smile on her face Have you read Coolval stories today? …..

“Nothing we never see for this campus, go ask questions. Na we dey run things here. Even lecturers know. If you are ready, we are ever ready. The question is can you handle the three of us?”… Queried Mark……

Tom chipped in… “Yes oooo, you no suppose ask us da kind question, even Linda your room mate suppose don yern you about us na. No worry, we will be calm with you only if you cooperate very well”.

“Now, the question again for you guys is, can the three of you handle me? I don’t get satisfied easily. I require men that are men to handle me and it’s going to last all night. No one begs to stop, because there will be no stopping, we will f–k all through the night”.

Lucifiana told them as they all bursted into laughter…..

“This babe just dey very funny, see talk abeg. We, beg you? Something that we have been looking for over four months now? Girl, I like your type sha, you will be so good in bed I can’t wait for the action to begin. You have given us a very big challenge”. Alex told her laughing….

“Just tell us what to offer you, it is raining heavily, but I wouldn’t mind drenching in the rain. So long as I get you what you need to get the strength to handle us”.

“You guys have what I want, don’t worry I will take the blood I need from you guys”

“She’s still talking about blood, you are right sha, our sperm will be blood for you”. Alex replied her…..

It was raining very heavily outside, everywhere was dark. But the University generating set supplied lights to the hostels on campus…..

Lucifiana asked if they were ready for action as they all echoed yes in affirmation…

She then told them to once again think about the action they were about taking, that it may not go down well with them at the end…

They all laughed at her insisting she was only trying to scare them away from having their way…..

“My name is Lucifiana, my kingdom is not of the kingdoms you know. What you are about to do will be harmful to you, except I willingly give in for it. Don’t force me into doing it”. She once again warned..

“We already know your name, we told you that whatever we need we get. But it was you who told us two weeks ago that you will give us, it was you that made the promise and still brought yourself to our room, which shows you are ready for us. Abeg remove your clothes, no make us turn this into force”. Tom threatened…

“Allow me to decide myself, I came here as a result of your persisted troubles to have me and I equally came to warn you not to do it, it won’t be funny”. She warned once again…

She stood up, made her way towards the door to leave, the Three Musketeers pulled her back, pushed her to the bed, forcefully took off her clothes and…

Episoe five (18+)

She stood up, made her way towards the door to leave, the Three Musketeers pulled her back, pushed her to the bed, forcefully took off her clothes and..

They were struggling who to go first, Mark insisted he would be the one to first climb the mountain. Tom and Alex all struggled to be on her first. She was calm, looking at them as they struggled.

Finally, they agreed that Mark go first. But she must be busy with the other two. She once again sounded a note of warning to them not to go ahead. But it as though her plea this time got them aggravated.

“You think say you go just carry yourself come our room without us tasting this honeypot of yours? Not on this campus now, you don come be say you don come. Abeg make una help me spread her legs apart”.

Mark ordered his friends as he forced his d–k into her p—y. Tom and Alex held unto her both legs and spread them wide open. Mark was having a good time on top of her, as she was only smiling with her eyes closed…..

Mark came down after some minutes and asked her to be on top of him while Tom goes through her anus. She complied, she was on Mark, Tom penetrated her anus as Alex inserted his d–k in her mouth.

The Three Musketeers “BRUTALLY SEXED” Lucifiana as she continued smiling and tears dripping down her cheeks at the same time…

After about 45 minutes, they were all exhausted because they have all released. They laid on the bed gasping for breath, then Lucifiana as them to continue….

“You guys will have to continue, because I am yet to get o—-m and I must reach it”. She told them……

“Orga wetin? Even if we must continue, let us have some rest. You wan kill person?”…. Quried Alex….

“There will be no rest for you guys, I warned you but you wouldn’t listen. Now get back to work the three of you”. She ordered with an authoritative tone…..

“Abeg park well, who you dey threaten or give orders? We be like those small boys to you?”. Replied Tom….

“You must get back to work right now because I am really thirsty for blood. Do it or I will do it myself and that will be very dangerous for you guys”….

Her threat meant nothing to them, Mark made for the door to get some fresh air outside. But she pointed one of her fingers towards the door and it jammed beyond opening. Mark tried hard to force the door open but couldn’t coolval stories.

He called on his friends to give him a helping hand, yet the three of them couldn’t open the door.

Once again, she ordered them to get back to work. This time, they became very afraid because they saw fire 🔥 in her eyes as she spoke to them. She stood up from the bed, and became three persons. They saw three Lucifianas as she walked to each of them and asked them to continue f—–g her.

They all were with a different Lucifiana at the same time making love and crying at the same time. They couldn’t stop because at that moment she was totally in control of them….

“I warned you guys, I begged you to let go and allow me do it when I am ready for it. You would have enjoyed it more from me and even get some luck to yourselves. Now you went against my wish, did it your own way and you expect me to let go? This is the end of the road for you guys, I told you that I belong not to the kingdom you know”.

They were begging her to forgive them that they won’t dare do it to her again or any other lady on campus. But their pleas all fell on deaf ears as she insisted they continue…

While they made love to her, she was draining their blood as they were dying slowly. The love making lasted several hours, yet she refused to let go and insisted they continue despite all they pleaded with her. At a point, she used her eyes to turn off the light in the room and ordered them to go harder on her…

Episoe Six (18+)

At a point, she used her eyes to turn off the light in the room and ordered them to go harder on her…


The three of them collapsed after several hours of intense sex, she got up, sat on the bed still naked waiting for them to wake up and continue coolval stories….

One hour gone, she invoked some palatable and delicious meal from her kingdom while she await their revival.

They woke up three hours later, all happening at the same time. She ordered them to eat the food and get back to work. Fear could be seen on their faces and shivers all over their bodies.

“We beg you in the name of God”.Pleased Tom……

“Taaaaaaaaa!!!!” She exclaimed. Don’t you ever make mention of that here again, did you remember that name all the while I was asking you guys to let go? You guys want to have me, here I am now ready for you. Sex me the way you want. I am still naked for you”.

“I swear, in my entire life I will not f–k again. If I should get out of this alive, my life will be dedicated to you Lucifiana”. Alex said pleading…

“Go and have your meal and get back to work”. She commanded once again.

“But, don’t be offended, how and where did you get this food. Because we don’t have food stuffs in the room. Not to talk of having this sort of meal”. Mark asked..

“Whatever you need can be given to you from my kingdom. I would have given you guys what you wanted, but you chose to have it your way. Now you must pay for every bit of pain you caused me here and in my kingdom. You have done this for too long, making love to everyone you want to. It may shock you to know that most ladies you have sexed are from our kingdom. You guys have been initiated long ago. I just came to fulfill your woes. Your minds were hardened not to allow you heed to any advice given to you since you had it with one of our agents”.

“Every agent has their specific assignment, some are to initiate you first, some to harden your hearts and some to finally destroy you. Have you wondered why you don’t see any of those ladies again on campus whenever you were done with them? They return back to our kingdom because their missions were done”.

“My room mate, Linda warned you, so many people warned you. Above all, I did not just warn you guys, but I pleaded with you. My name Lucifiana did not even scare you guys. I am a direct descendant of Lucifer, the name should have rang a bell to you guys. (But they say, he who the gods want to kill they do not allow to perceive the smell of feases). Your day of DOOM is here. Get back to work”. She turned three again and ordered them to continue.

Their pleas couldn’t help as they continued from where they stopped….


It was 4pm the next day, some friends came looking for them because they were not in lectures all day. Unlike them, despite all they did in school, they were always academic conscious.

A knock came at their door, but they were so weak to even respond. Their friends knowing they were in kept knocking because the door was not padlocked outside as was the case always.

It was Mark who was able to speak out a little louder before they knew something was actually not right with them. They tried forcing the door open but it was hardly locked…

Episoe Seven (18+)

It was Mark who was able to speak out a little louder before they knew something was actually not right with them. They tried forcing the door open but it was hardly locked…


The guys outside did all they could to force the door open but couldn’t. They alerted other guys in the block, everyone gathered to force the door open, yet couldn’t.

While they were busy trying to gain entrance into the room, Lucifiana kept ordering them to go harder on her that she was about to come.

“Give it to me very hard, now I’m enjoying it. Oh my father Lucifaaaaa, I am about to come. Please accept their semen in your kingdom to produce more beautiful queens like myself. There are many more guys who can’t caution their d—s like these three fools. They needs to be taught a lesson”. Lucifiana prayed…..

She was lost in excitement, because she was about to come and needed concentration for that. Then the door was forced open. But then it was already late to get hold of her, she had reached o—-m and disappeared Coolval stories.

But before she disappeared, she told them that it wasn’t over yet. She’ll be coming back for more because she enjoyed it.

“I love and enjoyed it so much, I’ll be coming back for more often. We need your type in our kingdom to multiply and bring forth more destructive queens. I am Lucifiana, nicknamed “DESTRUCTION” in our kingdom. There would be no hiding place for you guys”.

Mark, Tom and Alex were seen lying lifeless, couldn’t move but still breathing.

They were quickly rushed to the school clinic for medication. They were unconscious for several days, what was happening to them was more of a spiritual thing than what medical experts could handle. So they needed spiritual intervention.

But everyone was blind not to know that what they needed was a spiritual intervention. They remained unconscious for several days. Lucifiana returned to the campus and resumed her lectures because no one knew she was evil.

Their semen were used in the spiritual world to produce more beautiful queens like Lucifiana to come into the world and destroy more guys who runs after everything they see that has big boobs and ass.

It is not all ladies you see around that are humans, most of them are demons from the pit of hell.

Because she’s been sexed by humans, she started initiating others on campus by seducing them to make love to her.

All she needed was just their semen to multiply her kingdom. Some she took their luck, some their knowledge was taken from them.

Learn to zip up guys, the enemy (some ladies) goes about like a roaring lion seeking for whom to devour.

She often visited the three musketeers even in their unconscious state and forced them make love to her. She would give them some strength and off they go.

She was not allowed to fall in love with anyone because that would spell doom for her. But she did, she fell in love with one Robert on campus, that was where her downfall began……

Episoe Eight (18+)

She was not allowed to fall in love with anyone because that would spell doom for her. But she did, she fell in love with one Robert on campus, that was where her downfall began……


Robert is tall, dark in complexion, well built and very handsome. He is a very gentle guy, who was always seen in company of himself and himself alone. He is God fearing, was not in any bad click on campus.

A leader in his departmental fellowship and campus fellowship. He was only dedicated to his God and books.

Lucifiana was relaxing under a shade one evening reading, unlike her. She’s not often seen around during that period of the day.

Robert, plays basketball and this evening he was on his way to the basketball court when his built and good looks caught the attention of Lucifiana.

She followed him closely to the court and waited for him to finish. He is a good basketball player and is well respected in the team. He plays for the school basketball team and is the assistant captain.

The training lasted two hours and Lucifiana waited and even cheered him and others as they trained.

Robert was on his way back to his hostel when he was engaged in a conversation with Lucifiana.

“Greetings to you handsome”. She greeted as she walked up to him…

“Greetings to you young lady”. He answered and continued his walk.

“My name is Lucy, a first year student of Geography”.

“OK, I am Robert, a third year student of Mass Communication”. Robert responded. But his attention was focused on getting back to his room.

“Can I be your friend?”. Asked Lucifiana….

“We are friends already, don’t you think so?”. Robert queried….

“Yes I think we are, I am in room two Queen Diamond Hostel. Check on me anytime you want. I like you, you look gentle, my kind of man”.

“That’s ok, I like you too. Very few ladies can summon the courage to let a guy know what they feel about him. You are beautiful as well, and a kind of lady any man would love to have as his. Will check you up one of these days”..

“Thank you Rob, I’m flattered. I’ve not been told such sweet words before”.

“You must be kidding me, as beautiful as you are. Such words you must be hearing every minute of the day”.

“So you think, but in my kingdom, no one says such to me”.

“Your kingdom, what kingdom are you talking about?”. Robert asked anxiously.

“I mean in my hostel. No one has said such to me”. Lied Lucifiana…

“You are funny, your fellow ladies can’t say such to you. Or are you a lesbian?”

“Not at all, I don’t do such rubbish. I’ve not had a male friend since I appeared, sorry since I was born. So, no one has ever said such to me.”

“You are truly funny. I’ll check on you tomorrow or next. Let me go freshen up, I have fellowship to attend”.

“Are you one of these church goers?” She asked frowning…

“Is anything wrong with that?”. Robert asked…

“Nothing dear, I see you are too handsome. So I never thought you would be in any campus fellowship”. She told him..

“I am my dear Lucy, one with God is majority”.

The mention of the name (God) gave her a little imbalance, but it was not noticed by Robert. He offered her a handshake, but she declined. She told him she doesn’t shake men. She went her way to her hostel as Robert stood for sometime watching her dangle her heavy backside and was carried away with what he saw. Her beauty, body shape, good ass and boobs made him fall for her. She is truly Irresistible.

Mark, Tom and Alex were still recovering at the school clinic, but it will take Lucifiana to get out of herself from the spiritual to the physical before their lives would be normal again…….

Episoe Nine (18+)

Mark, Tom and Alex were still recovering at the school clinic, but it will take Lucifiana to get out of herself from the spiritual to the physical before their lives would be normal again…….


Several attempts to get Robert join a cult group on campus or any other bad click were not successful. God was with him and fought his secret and open battles. The only thing that could make him fall victim of Satan and his plans will be to sleep with a woman. If he must make love to any woman, then it must be to his wife when he is married. Several attempts to assassinate him were foiled, because the forces that fought for him were more than any other force anyone could ever think of. He was only committed to his God and himself alone. No wonder he was nicknamed “ONE WITH GOD” on campus. Because he would always tell people that “One with God is majority”.


“My father and my Lord, I ask Thee for forgiveness in many ways I’ve sinned against you today. I ask for forgiveness especially for the way I lustfully looked at Lucy earlier today. Forgive me father and take such evil thoughts away from me, the thought of making love to her and any other temptation that may come my way. Guide and protect me as I sleep tonight, keep me away from every evil plans of Satan. I pray thee oh Lord, Amen”.

He prayed before going to sleep that night. In his dreams, who Lucifiana is was revealed to him….

He saw himself playing with Lucifiana in the dream. It was a very close and intimate kind of play. She tried seducing him into making love with her, but her refused and told her he was not allowed to make love to any woman. She did all she could but failed. Rather Robert insisted on knowing her more.

“I would love you to tell me more about yourself, I’ve not been this close to any woman since I was born. Please, tell me more about yourself”. Robert told her..

“Ok, I will tell you about myself, but I usually don’t tell people about myself, but because of the love I have developed for you, I will tell you. My name is Princess, but in my world I am known as Lucifiana”.

“Your world again?”. Robert asked anxiously….

“Yes, my world. My parents gave me the name Princess, but I am from the marine world, my mum was childless for several years after marriage and often visited the riverside to sit and cry because she hadn’t no child. She was noticed in our kingdom and we decided to give her a child. I appeared in her womb to be given birth to like any other human being. My dad made love to her that night and I was supposedly conceived. I brought luck to them, things started moving fine for them. They got things they never had before I was given birth to. But my main mission on earth is to destroy those men who can’t take their eyes off any womam they see. I take their lucks, their intelligence and render them useless. I am not allowed to fall in love with any man, but here I am, so deeply in love with you. When I was seven, between the hours of 12 midnight to 2am, I often visited our world, I would disappear at home for several days and go for meetings in our kingdom. My parents will place notices everywhere, on TV stations, radio stations, newspapers and any other means of publication to announce a missing child. After we are done with our meetings, I would appear on the roadside and a good Samaritan would take me to a nearby police station, there my parents will come to identify and pick me up. I did that for several years until I gained admission into the University, where I now do things on my own and the way I want it. I don’t even know why I am saying all this to you, I have not said this to anyone before. Not even my parents know the real me, because I have never given them any cause to worry since my birth. They love me so much and I do as well. I show love to people that love me, and destruction to people that hates me. I have not killed anyone before, because my mission is not to kill, but to destroy. But one thing I know is that I love you and that’s why I’m saying all this to you”.

“Whether you tell me now or not, I will find out, your true identity would be revealed to me. You can’t hide whom you are from me”. My Heavenly Father reveals deep and mysterious things of this world and the spiritual world to me. Robert told her…

She moved closer to him, tried to force him make love to her, then he woke up, picked up his phone to see what the time was. It was 2:15am, then he picked up his Holy Book, read some chapters and verses. Then knelt down, thanked God for the revelation and prayed for the strength and grace to overcome whatever temptation that will come his way. He prayed until 4:00am, then he slept a little and woke up by 7am because his lecturers starts at 8am.

Because Lucifiana had fallen so deeply in love, what was not suppose to be, Mark, Alex and Tom started regaining consciousness little by little. Once she is completely out of the marine world, then the three musketeers regains their total freedom. The key to their survival lies in the hands of Robert. And Robert on the other hand was falling for Lucifiana. Whenever he sets his eyes on her, he lusts over her, but will always ask for forgiveness from God in his closet and was always forgiven.

Their relationship kept growing as they were often seen together on campus. Robert invited her to his Tuesday departmental fellowship, it took hours of arguments before she accepted to attend. That was the beginning of WAR…….

But in every war, a lesser power must bow to the STRONGER…..

Already, her true identity had been revealed to Robert, even though he took it as just a mere dream. But that’s exactly who she is and her real name is Princess Diana………

Episoe Ten (18+)

Already, her true identity had been revealed to Robert, even though he took it as just a mere dream. But that’s exactly who she is and her real name is Princess Diana………


Robert kept reminding her of the Tuesday fellowship and each time he reminded her, she would put on a worried expression on her face.

Rob stays alone in his room. Being a school basketball team player, he was given accommodation by the University. Staying alone gave him much time for his God and himself.

On Thursday night, Rob was about to say his night prayers when suddenly the light in his room went off, but there was light in other hostels and the school in general because the generating set powered the campus for the night.

He thought the bulb in his room had gone bad, he pulled his reading stool, climbed on it to see if it was the bulb. He put on the flashlight on his phone and it went off as well.

Reflection of light from other hostels gave him a little light in his room. So he was able to see a little. He was about leaving the room to get the campus technician when he saw a lady sat on his bed.

He was afraid, but was able to pull himself together…..

“I have come to let you know the danger you are into, Lucifiana is the favourite daughter of our lord Lucifer. Stay away from her or you’ll have yourself to blame. Three souls are already in our kingdom waiting to be destroyed. They are all students of this campus. They tasted the forbidden fruit of Lucifiana and must pay dearly for it. I warn you to stay away, my mission is to come and sound this warning to you and not to harm you. Do not take her to where you planned to take her tomorrow, else you will be a dead man. I have warned you”.

The mamaid said to Robert as he fires back…

“The Lord has not given me the spirit of fear, but boldness and sound mind, He that is in me is greater than he that is in you. I was told by my father in heaven “not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day; Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday..A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee. Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked. Just as I am going to behold your destruction and that of your master. For this reason, the son of man was made manifest to destroy the works of Satan. “At the mention of the name that is above all names, every knee must bow, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is the Lord”. She staggered and disappeared at the mention of the name Jesus Christ…….

Robert went into serious session of prayers as the lights in his room came back as soon as she disappeared. He was still praying when a knock came at his door, it was Princess Diana (Lucifiana).

“I can’t stay in my room, they are after my life. I feel I will be safe staying with you, please, let me in”. She pleaded with Rob.

“Who is he who says, and it comes to pass, when the Lord doesn’t command it?. Come in in Princess Diana…..

Shocked to her bone marrow how he got to know her real name…..

“How did you know I am Princess Diana.

“I have a father that reveals everything to me, do not be surprised for your salvation is near. Now, I want you to tell me something. Do you know anything about three students of this campus who are held bondage in your kingdom?”

“How did you know all this? Who are you?”. She asked once again, surprised…..

“Answer Princess”.

“Yes, their names are Mark, Alex and Tom. They forcefully had carnal knowledge of me and have been held bondage in our kingdom ever since”.

“Where are they now?”. Rob asked…

“At the school clinic”. She responded…..

“Its ok, you will go back to your room, I can’t allow you stay the night here. But one thing I can assure you is that no one can harm you. I’ll walk you down to your hostel”.

She accepted to go back to her hostel after about thirty minutes of arguments. Then Rob walked her down….

Episode Eleven (18+)

She accepted to go back to her hostel after about thirty minutes of arguments. Then Rob walked her down….


Rob went back to his room and prayed all through my the night, because he knew the battle at hand was going to be a tough one. More things were revealed to him in the dream concerning the dangers he was about face.

The next morning, he decided to see some members of his prayer group in the fellowship to tell them about what was happening. He was encouraged not to be afraid, but put all his trust in God, because the battle is the Lord’s.

“I encourage bro Rob, this is a tough battle though, and it is nothing compare to the kind of battles that have been fought and won by great men of faith and courage in God. It is not your battle alone, we are here to stand by you in prayers and any other way we can. Make sure she is present in this evenings fellowship, God must surely intervene”. Said one of the prayer warriors……..

“For he saith to Moses, I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion. So then it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of God that sheweth mercy. So God told us in the book of Romans chapter 9:15-16. God have decided to show her mercy, but it is not by our own power that she will be delivered. “For by strength shall no man prevail”. The battle is the Lord’s and now is the time to intensify prayers. Bring her for fellowship this evening”. Said another member.

Rob went back to his hostel, took his bath and went for lecture, because he usually have just one lecture on Fridays. After lecture, on his way going back to his hostel, he decided to check on Princess (Lucifiana). But he met her in a very bad state, she was running temperature and needed urgent medical attention. Rob hurriedly took her to the school clinic, same clinic where the three musketeers are undergoing treatment.

She was taken to the female ward of the clinic, while the guys were in the male ward. It was there Rob got to meet with Mark, Tom and Alex. They were gradually coming back to life, but needed a serious session of prayers to be fully liberated.

Princess (Lucifiana) was given a drip to help her regain strength and also some injections were given to her. What was happening to her meant she was gradually getting out of the marine world and coming back to the normal life.

Time for fellowship was fast approaching and the drip was still a long way far from finishing. That meant she won’t be attending the fellowship. Twenty minutes to fellowship time, Rob decided to leave her at the clinic and go for his fellowship. While he rushed down for fellowship, a vehicle knocked him down and he fainted. He was rushed back to the clinic and was kept in the same ward where the three musketeers were.

The news got to members of his fellowship who payed him a visit after the day’s fellowship. By the time they got to the clinic, he had woken up and was responding well to treatment.

Members of the fellowship decided to hold a session of night prayers for him and others at the clinic and it will be an all night prayers.

They started at 12 midnight by singing songs of worship to draw down the presence of God. The prayers were holding at the clinic’s compound.

The doctor on duty that night was struck with blindness by the marine powers and the clinic experienced some strange happenings that night which did not allow any other doctor come to take over from the blinded doctor until the next morning.

They sang for about an hour and was about going into prayers when two beautiful fair looking ladies appeared from no where and went into the room where Princess (Lucifiana) was. Then the battle began. Battle for supremacy, battle to claim ownership……

Voices came from the room she was……

“No one can take her from us, she belongs to us and her mission must be accomplished. You are going into something bigger than you, I suggest you go back to your hostels or face whatever comes out of this battle”.

“You have been defeated over two thousand years ago, I know who you are. The defeated Satan, the God we serve is capable of delivering us from your hands. Tonight we shall know who the real God is, whether the powerless Lucifer you represent or the true God of battle, the God of Elijah and Elisha. The God that brought back the dead to life, tonight we shall know”. Replied one of the prayer warriors……

“We shall see”. Replied the voice from the room.

They continued in singing praises to God, then two black cats appeared in their midst as they sang……

Episode Twelve (18+)

They continued in singing praises to God, then two black cats appeared in their midst as they sang……


“What then shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?” Romans 8:31. This is the time to glorify yourself father of all creation. You said we should call upon you that you will answer.
Father you told us in the book of Exodus 14:14 that “The LORD shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace”.

“He said, “Listen, all you people of Judah and Jerusalem! Listen, King Jehoshaphat! This is what the LORD says: Do not be afraid! Don’t be discouraged by this mighty army, for the battle is not yours, but God’s”.

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Romans” 6:12.

“Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world”. John 4:4

“For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds”. 2nd Corinthians 10:4.

While the prayer leader was busy quoting scriptures, other prayer warriors were busy praying. The cats couldn’t act, but were just there staring at them as they prayed. but their eyes showed fire that’s capable of putting fears into someone.

But the prayer warriors stood their ground, knowing the God that they serve. It was a battle between them (the prayer warriors) and mermaid directly from the underworld.

The cats at a stage will make a move to attack, but the mention of the name that is above all names will weaken them. It was hours of intense prayers and attacks from the warriors and the cats. The battle was tough, but God allowed it linger in order for Him to glorify Himself.

The two cats turned back into the two beautiful ladies that walked into Princess’ (Lucifiana’s) clinic ward.

“We warned you to stay out of this, you are mere mortals and do not understand the things of the spirit”. One of them said.

“The secret things belong to the LORD our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may follow all the words of this law”. Deuteronomy 29:29.

“There is no secrets with the one we pray to, He has revealed all to us even before now and we have been ready for this battle”.

“For My thoughts are not your thoughts,
Nor are your ways My ways,” says theLord.
“For as the heavens are higher than the earth,
So are My ways higher than your ways,
And My thoughts than your thoughts”.

“Our God is a master planner, that was why he allowed Rob to be knocked down by a vehicle so that the prayers can hold in this clinic premises. There are those to be delivered from your bondage as well lying in this clinic and our God is willing and able to do abundantly than you and I can imagine”. Prayed one of the warriors in response to their threat…….

One of the ladies ran to the room where Rob and the three musketeers were and the other went to the ward where Princess (Lucifiana) is.

The Prayer warriors are seven in number and Rob is the eight person, four followed the one that went to Princess’ room and three followed the one that went to the guys ward. Rob will be the fourth person and he was already up on his feet praying when they came in. They all held their hands in agreement and continued in their prayers in the different wards.

The battle intensified as more spirits appeared to join forces with the two that were already on ground.

Episode Thirteen (18+)


The battle intensified as more spirits appeared to join forces with the two that were already on ground.

They stood their ground in prayers and also intensified their prayers……

“Demons trembles at your presence, what a MIGHTY GOD we serve? Glory Glory hallelujah, everything written about you is GREAT”.

“who can battle with you oh God, no one.

I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.

My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth.

He will not suffer thy foot to be moved: he that keepeth thee will not slumber.

Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep.

The Lord is thy keeper: the Lord is thy shade upon thy right hand.

“Today we shall know the one and true God, whether it is the powerless demon you represent or the God most high. The omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscience. The one who is and is to come. Hear what he said to the Israelites”.

And Moses said to the people, “Fear not, stand firm, and see the salvation of the LORD, which he will work for you today. For the Egyptians whom you see today, you shall never see again”.

And with the authority that have been bestowed upon us by the father of all creation, I tell you that everyone under your bondage shall be freed here and now.

They (the demons) held their hands together as well to fortify themselves. Fire came out from their mouths directed towards the prayer warriors. They as well divided themselves into numbers to attack the warriors. But being that they (the prayer warriors) held unto the word of the Lord and fought the battle by quoting what the scriptures said, they were able to come out victorious.

The demons while holding their hands turned into cats and snakes to attack, but the warriors overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death. Because they were ready to die if God is not able to fight for them.

Our God has given us authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; and nothing will be able to harm us.

The word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

Their strong faith and firm believe in God gave them victory.

While the demons attacked them, the fired back with the word of God because that was the only weapon they had. None of them were hurt, even with the demons turning into cats and snakes.

It was at the stage when they started singing this song….

“Father send down your power, we pray Thee oh Lord. Send your Holy Ghost, we say amen”.

They sang it repeatedly still holding their hands in unity and agreement. And with the believe the that the battle had been won.

It was at that stage that the demons disappeared. Both Princess Diana (Lucifiaa), Mark, Alex and Tom all vomitted golden rings. The rings turned into snakes and disappeared as well.

They were all delivered and became as whole as ever.

The doctor that went blind regained his sight and Robert was properly treated and became well again after few days.

Mark, Alex, Tom and Princess Diana all became strong members of the campus fellowship. Winning souls into the kingdom of God and performing all manner of miracles.

God allowed the three musketeers to witness his power in order for him to manifest Himself and take the glory. Because His glory he cannot share with any man.

Have you wondered why God does some certain things the way He wants?

* Why will he allow His only begotten son to come through the lineage of a prostitute? (Search your scripture).

* Why was David a man after his own heart? Despite all the atrocities committed by David…

* Why will Jacob (Israel) be chosen by God even with his trickish nature?…

* Why are the people we see as good people be dying untimely, while the ones we see as evil live for long?

And many more confusing questions that will be running in our minds. The truth is this, “His ways are not our ways, neither His thoughts our thought”.

Learn to believe and trust in God, He alone can fight all your seen and unseen battles.

They replied, “Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved, along with everyone in your household.” Acts 16:31.

Robert and the three musketeers graduated one year after and did their National Youth Service. They all went into full time ministry and God is using them greatly to the glory of His name.

Princess Diana graduated three years after, did her Masters Degree Program abroad and got married to Robert whom she fell deeply in love with and was delivered through him by God.

Others got married as well and have got kids to show for the blessings of God upon their lives.

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Proverbs 3:5-6

May God in His infinite mercies, grant to us the power to overcome temptations and be good children of God.

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