[STORY] Traffic Se.x (+18) (Episode 1-7)

It was on a fateful Thursday evening while I was heading home from work. The weather was cloudy and quite breezy showing that the heavens would soon let out a heavy downpour. After I’ve driven for about 5mins from Asokoro junction towards AYA, I met a very horrible traffic gridlock and someone was seriously waving me down. I was able to see her through my rear view mirror and she finally caught up with me because of the traffic. The way she called out my name gave me no option but to reluctantly help her open the front door.
I couldn’t recall where I knew her from but it was obvious I’ve seen that face before. When she was fully seated, the first thing she said was Uniabuja and immediately my mind raced back to where I knew her from. She was a schoolmate of mine way back when I was in school, although we were not friends but i knew very well. She was quite notorious and her lodge was close to where I resided then.
Well after the normal exchange of pleasantries and flattery, I asked her where she was heading to and she said I should drop her off at nyanya. All this while we were still stuck in traffic and it was already raining heavily.

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After a few minutes of silence between us, she took my ipad and started going through it. While she was doing that, she was equally busy asking me about where I work, where I stay etc. In the course of our discussion I told her how beautifully endowed she looks compared to university days.
She has this s*xy** aura that makes it quite irresistible for any rational guy. She is fully endowed both in the upper and lower region. She was wearing a mini skirt and a stripped long sleeve shirt leaving two upper buttons open. I could see a glimpse of her cleavage which kinda caused a mild commotion down my groins.
In the process of browsing through my ipad she went to a particular folder where I had some real hard core X-rated videos.
I didn’t have any idea what she was doing cos my ear piece was plugged in the pad. I just realized that in the course of our discussion she wasn’t responding the way she should and she was engrossed in whatever she was doing. I was forced to peep only to see her watching a X-rated. I didn’t want to let her know I knew what she was doing so I kept asking her irrelevant questions just to make it seem am oblivious of what she’s doing.
I just increased my air conditioner and carelessly placed my hands on her laps to see her reaction.

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She didn’t flinch a bit so I continued robbing my hands on her laps while stealing glances 2 see her facial expression. While I was at it, she looked at me and said ‘hmmm’. By now my OGA was already hard and the bulge was getting obvious. She stopped watching the X-rated and looked me in the face with a smirk clearly written over her face.
At this juncture, our car was just some few meters away from abacha barracks (now mogadishu cantonment). In order to change the awkward feeling
I started asking her about her escapades during university days, I even went as far as asking her the craziest place she ever had s*x. I was doing this to set the mood right. We continued gisting, the rain was still raining thunder and brimstone. At a point people starting pulling over because you could hardly see except for the headlights of vehicles in front.
I had to join the queue by pulling over, hence concentrating more on our discussion. She started asking about my current girlfriend and my relationship status. I told her I was single,searching and ready to mingle.

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I took her hands and placed it on my laps, looked at her and she was just smiling sheepishly. I told her to guess what’s on my mind but she declined to make any statement so I brought my head close to her cheeks and gave her a gentle peck. While I was at it, I moved a bit closer and drew her head facing me. I placed my lips on her lips, waited a bit to see her reaction. She was indifferent so I pushed my tongues deeply into her warm mouth as though I was searching for something. Before I could say jack she was responding to my kiss like her life depended on it. While I was kissing her I placed my hands on her laps, pushing it upwards towards her V spot. Placing my hands on her V spot I could feel her wetness all over her panties.She let out a soft moan immediately my index finger made contact with her clits. I placed her hands on my hard OGA while I was busy kissing her deeply n caressing her clits.

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I increased the tempo, licking her tongue, lips and swallowing as much saliva as I could. By this time her moaning was increasing and the sound of the rain was equally adding it’s own rhythm to ours. After about 10mins or so I guess (cos I wasn’t keeping tab) we kinda slowed down. She managed to say “please let’s stop”. I couldn’t believe my ears, this was someone that was so engrossed and was even moaning. She looked me in the face and said ‘we shouldn’t be doing this luvpuna’. I froze for a moment and tried gathering myself together to make sure I hit the right note. Mind you, my car was already parked by the roadside although there was still traffic gridlock coupled with a heavy downpour. I thought of the best line of scopes to use to put her back on track and I couldn’t just come up with anything. I held her hands, looked into her eyes and said to her ” you are irresistible and am willing to do anything to make you mine. If only you could see my heart then you would know that you are all my heart yearns for. Let’s forget about the s*x, I truly want you for real.
Then the long awaited question just came “don’t tell me you don’t have a girlfriend or a fiancée sef” I just smiled and said “so u didn’t believe me when I told you that I was single and searching?”. I didn’t let say any other thing before I placed my lips on hers and she responded almost immediately. We continued kissing, I I brought my lips down to her hard Tips and s—-d it like a suckling babe, used my hands to separate her panties and dipped my hands in her V spot. Her moaning was really turning me on, I took her hands and placed it on my OGA only for her to unzip my trousers, wrapped up my Joystick and was squeezing it while touching the tip lightly.

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Gosh! It felt really good, at this juncture I was already thinking of how to tell her we should go to the back seat. The side glasses at the back are tinted and going by the fact that people in other vehicles might code what’s going on especially if the rain subsides during our action film. While I was still lost in thoughts she took my head off her Bosom, bent down and took the whole of my OGA in her warm mouth. The feeling was heavenly, I just let out a soft moan, placed my hands on her head urging her to ride on. She kept s—–g me professionally like that’s what she does for a living. I pressed down my slide button to flatten the car sit and slide it backwards a bit. I tried pushing my di*k deeper into her mouth which made choke spilling saliva down to my testes. I pushed her head up, placed her head down on the flattened chair, took her lips, placed my hands on the upper clits and starting stroking her v spot in an upward/downward movement. I used my left hands to lift her cloth, broke off the kiss and used my tongue to gently tickle her belle button which made her increase her moan. I repositioned myself by moving towards her own side of the seat which I adjusted to give me more space. I parted her legs, used my hands to adjust her panties while she held my erect OGA and carefully guided it into her wet pus*y. Immediately she felt my OGA she moaned in a different tone that sounded more like an Indian song. I didn’t want to start slamming her up immediately so I gave her some time to get used to the feel before i….

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I slammed her really hard as if I was gonna win an award. She couldn’t help it as she was screaming her head off, oh Luvpuna fu*k me, you are d–n sweet, I love your di*k, pls don’t stop. Her moaning was making my OGA very furious, I felt I was gonna come if I kept listening to her so I took my mind off what she was saying. I started counting the number of press up I was doing on her, I was equally looking out to see if anyone was looking in our direction. At a point she grabbed my butt with her both hands urging me to go deeper. At this juncture I could feel her wetness flowing down to her anus and her laps. I kept going in and out with reckless abandon
. After sometime she just started licking my ears, pushing my butt, speaking in foreign language which sounded more like swahili to my ears until she announced to me that she was close to her Pour which made me increase my tempo taking my mind back to the action. In less than 3mins she started acting like she was gasping for air and then she let out a loud moan with her whole body shaking thereby sending shivers down my spine and I poured my precious Pour deep into her warm pu*sy and collapsed on her.


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