[STORY] The Unbreakable Virgin (episode 1-14)

Episode 1

As she took her bath that morning, her mind was filled with the dream she had earlier that morning 😰
She couldn’t stop thinking about the dream….
What does it mean???..
“Am I possessed or what?..
How come I became so vulnerable to his touch??..
And I have never seen that face before 😰”
She thought aloud and sighed miserably 😑
Maybe it’s one of these natural dreams, nothing serious to worry about.
“or could be that I have spiritual husband…”
The mere thought of it sent goose bumps on her wet skin 👻
“No way!.
God forbid bad thing”
She said and did the sign of the cross ➕
She Hurriedly took her bath and left for school amidst pleas from her mother to have breakfast but she objected strongly with the excuse that she’s already late to school and Onyinye had waited so much .
As they trek through the narrow path that led to her new school, she was so restless that she felt that she has committed a grave sin 😰

” is there something, you’re not telling me?”
Onyinye asked, trying to start a conversation with her, she has been quiet since they left her house and it’s obvious that something is bothering her.
It’s nothing ”
She said with a fake smile but onyinye is not the type to be deceived easily.
” chidinma…
Friends don’t tell lies..
What’s the problem?? ”
She queried
” onyinye I don’t know what’s wrong with me.
I feel as if I have committed a mortal sin since I woke up this morning ”
She said miserably.
” tell me the dream that made you to be so miserable this morning ”
She persuaded her and she was able to grasp the reason for her quietness.
” it’s nothing to worry about,
Maybe you should go and see father Anthony..
And see what he will do about it..
For me, it’s nothing to worry about…
Since you guys didn’t do anything further apart from romance 😂”
She chuckled
“it’s not funny onyii…
I have never seen the face before…
That’s the main reason I feel so cheap and miserable right now ”

” don’t worry, we shall see father Anthony on our way home.
And you talk as if you haven’t kissed before ”
Onyinye added naughtily..
” I have not biko…
Stay there and be thinking about kiss, don’t go and do something useful.
Sinful child ”
She rebuked her and onyinye couldn’t stop laughing.
” oh…
Sorry, mother Mary…
Virgin most pure 😂”
She added jokingly and they laughed.
Just then, a lexus jeep stopped before them and onyinye wondered who could be the owner.
The glass was whined down and a very handsome guy poked his head out.
He’s so handsome that onyinye herself is already falling for him. He too was on uniform just like them and he’s a new student too.
He beckoned on them to come but because chidinma is not paying attention, all her thoughts was focused on that Sinful dream she had as she labeled it, she didn’t go and onyinye Hurriedly went to meet the Prince charming 😜

She stood before him Smiling stupidly.
“Am not referring to you, I meant your pretty friend over there..
What’s her name? ”
He asked and onyinye was disappointed to the core 😰
” chidinma.. ”
She said defeatedly
” chidinma… ”
He yelled and she turned immediately to know who’s calling her and what she saw shocked her to the marrow
The guy she saw in her dream

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Episode 2

She was shocked to the marrow 😨🙆
No!.. This shouldn’t be happening to her. This clearly shows that her dream will come to manifestation if she’s not careful. She stood still staring intently at the stranger before her that he wondered if he has any stain on his face.
Well, let her stare, he’s used to girls drooling and fighting over him..
Hers is not exception.
He smiled at his small victory 😁
“wow so soon..
She’s already falling for me “😋😋😋
He thought.
He cleared his throats and she woke up from her slumber of thoughts.
” hey… ”
He said softly flashing her one of his coolest smiles that no girl would ever resist but to his utmost dismay she threw her face away to the amusement of onyinye 😂
” Am Daniel…
Am currently a new student, do you mind offering me some help…
Am kind of lost here… ”
He said calmly
” do I look like a Shepherd to you? ”
She asked trying her best not to let the anger that’s building up in her to consume her…
He’s even flirting with her 😰
How dare he????… 😈
” Am sorry…
Just don’t get me wrong…
I just want to know… ”

” she’s not interested in talking to you.
Don’t you get it ???..
Go find someone else that’s going to help you out. We’re already late for school.
Nma let’s go ”
Onyinye said and dragged her away 😣

For some minutes, he was speechless..
No girl has treated him the way these dirty girls have done now 😈
He looked at his well ironed uniform and neatly polished shoes and wondered the reason why they didn’t fall for his looks especially the one that called herself chidinma.
Deadly anger swelled up in him as he angrily kicked his tyres 😈
“chidinma or whatever you call yourself, I will make you crawl at my feet and begged to be f—-d
Nobody messes with me and goes scot free ”
He let out an evil grin and opened his car.
He has wasted his time enough, time to go to school and teach that peacock a lesson she won’t forget in a hurry

Onyinye helped her with everything she needed to do in her new school before settling down to her class. Luckily for her, she was placed in the same class with onyinye and that made her felt more comfortable even though it seems to her that everyone in her class is staring at her in an awkward manner .. The girls were jealous of her cos she’s far more the prettiest girl in school 😘
The way the guys were staring at her is making her to puke 😰
Especially that sinful soul she met on her way to school.
Well she can’t do anything but to ignore the demon from the pit of hell, he’s so annoying 😈
Why did they have to place him as her seat mate In the first place???..
He’s sure sent in there to tempt her but she’s not going to let him succeed.
” mother Mary will never allow any harm to come to her daughter ”
She thought and did the sign of the cross.
The whole class burst into an uncontrollable laughter
They had been watching every of her moves…
They should laugh for all she cares..
She has made up her to be strong at all cost

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Episode 3

The bell rang again , indicating the time for dismissal. She hurriedly began to pack her books in her bags but Daniel gently held her wrist stopping her abruptly.
She stared murderously at his hand and then back to his face.
“What’s with the hurry?..
At least let me take you home today ?…
He said smirking lustfully at her.
He couldn’t stop imagining what she would be like clothe less…
Under his mercy begging to be f*cked.
His eyes trailed from her oceanic blue eyes to her well shaped nose …
And then down to her babyish pink lips..
He swallowed hard as he couldn’t stop imagining how it would feel like to have a taste of her succulent lips .
His eyes followed suits and landed on her boobs …
Father lawd!!!
Everything about this creature is perfect ..
Why can’t he just be allowed to have a taste of her???
“Are you done?”
An angry voice of chidinma brought him back to reality.
Her angry voice sounded like a music to his ears
“No my Queen..
Just this once ,
Allow me to…ehm..ehm..”
He swallowed hard not knowing how best to put his words but to his consternation , she yanked his hands off her wrist.
“Stay away from me…
If you don’t want problems in your miserable life..
Sinful soul ”
She said , zipped her bag and walked away .
He stood speechless, staring at her till she disappeared from his sight with that miserable girl that always follows her everywhere.
He grited his teeth and tightened his fist.
No matter what happens, he’s going to get her.
That he promise , with his mother’s grave
And she will pay for all the troubles he has caused him so far.

On their way home, they stopped at the parish house to see father Anthony concerning the “sinful dream” she had last night .
And luckily enough,..
He’s around .
They knocked and entered to see the young priest sitting comfortably on the couch meditating on the word of God .
He was all smiles when he saw them .
“Have a seat my daughters…
How may I help you?”
Nma was the first the speak .
She narrated the dreams to him without omission.
” father…
What could be the interpretation to this horrible dream and worse is that the guy in question resumed today and I have never met him before.
What do I do?”
She asked in a worried tone
“It’s okay my daughter.
There’s nothing impossible before God.
He called
” yes father ”
“Can you give us some privacy please.
I mean you can wait for her outside”
He said with an innocent smile and she foolishly went away .
As soon onyinye left, he stood up and locked the door . he adjusted his position and sat beside her smiling lustfully at her.
” so…
Your dream means that you’re matured enough to begin your sex life..”
He said peering into her face to see her reaction but it was expressionless.
“What do you mean father?”
She asked innocently.
“Just look at you Nma…
You’re too beautiful for any man to resist. I have not been myself from the day I set my eyes on you..
Am in love with you”
He said moving closer till their body touched but she quickly moved away as his words sank to her soul.
No!.. This is not right .
She shouldn’t allow this to happen.
“But you’re a priest..
You shouldn’t be saying this to me.
Its not right”
” am a human and I have feelings.
I love you Nma allow me to make you feel like a woman . I promise to always be there for you .”
He said staring into her eyes but she looked away standing up uncomfortably .
” I will take my leave now…
My mother must be worried now .”
She said and tried to leave but he blocked her way .
” not too fast baby …
Please just this once and I won’t bother you again”
He licked his lips lustfully and pinched her boobs making her to flinch in fear.
“Stay away from me…
I will shout if you come near me.”
She threatened in fear
“Shout all you can sweetheart..
Nobody can disturb our love making.
The Holy spirit has signed it already ”
He laughed in victory
She ran to the door and to her utmost dismay, it was already locked.
How’s she going to escape from the lion’s den???…
Who’s going to save her now.
She couldn’t believe that a priest of God could do something like this.
“God in heaven…
If you still answer prayers, save me today and I will forever be grateful ”
She prayed silently as tears threatened their way out of her lovely eyes.
” do you want it in peace or in pieces?”
His voice came again , this time around harsh and demanding .
“Please don’t do this …
Am begging you …
Please don’t ..”
A blinding slap shut her up instantly.
“Now strip ..”
He commanded with hostility.
“Please ..”
She cried
Another slap followed.
“Help me …
Somebody help ..”
She cried
“I can see that you don’t want it in peace . now let’s do it roughly.”
He grabbed her and threw her on the couch .
He unbuckled his belt and began to whip her mercilessly as her cries intensified .
He pulled his trouser off and grabbed her again tearing off her shirt thereby revealing her boobs and she’s not wearing any singlet. That intensified his sexual urges and forcefully he began to s–k her boobs , hurting her in the process.
She pushed him off with all her strength, as fate would have it .
She sighted a bottle of wine lying carelessly on the floor and hit it on his head .
He slumped down and fainted .
She got the keys from him , opened the and ran away with her bag .
“Nma wait ”
Onyinye called after her but she has already gone far.
What happened today has taught her a great lesson.
She just hoped that the priest is not dead

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Episode 4

She ran home in tears followed by onyinye who went after her yelling and shouting her name for her to stop and tell her the reason for her suddenly hastiness but all fell on deaf ears . all she wanted is to reach home and if possible borrow wings from the birds in the sky and flew home to her mother . her heart ached and she sobbed bitterly , luckily for her , her mother was at the backyard spreading the already washed clothes and singing joyfully to her Creator…
” mama…
Mama ooo ”
Mma cried towards her making her drop the clothes she’s spreading instantly in alarm.
She’s already scared .
” chidinma …”
She called as she walked towards the direction of the voice.
She cried again and ran into her arms sobbing bitterly. Her body shook with sobs and the mother was touched .
“Calm down and tell me what happened.
Who hit you like this?”
She asked as she sighted the red lumps on her head and bruises on her hands .
Her yellow face has swollen cos of several blinding slaps she received earlier.
” mama.
Its father Anthony…
He …he …he..”
She cried
What did he do to you ?..
Tell me Nwa m…”
She urged impatiently
” he tried to rape me this afternoon and he did this to me .
Take a look at my body ”
She said showing the lumps on her hands and cheeks…
” holy Mary !!!…
Did he succeed? ”
She asked scrutching her chest in fear.
“No mama…
In an attempt to save myself, I hit him with a bottle.
Mama I think he’s dead .
I have murdered someone, a priest of God for that matter.
What do I do ma ?”
She cried but the mother hugged her instead.
“You did nothing wrong .
I believe he’s not dead .
Don’t think much about it , God has saved you from lion’s den.
You’re truly a lucky child.
What if he has succeeded in having his way with you ?..
What will I tell my Creator…
People will condemn me for failing my duty as a mother .
Don’t worry , everything will be fine.
Just go and bathe .
Am taking you to hospital”

” which hospital? ”
Onyinye asked out of breathe.
She’s been running to catch up with Nma but it seems she’s a little bit late .
Her eyes widened as she stared at the lumps and bruises on Nma’s body .
Talk to me …
What happened to her?”
She asked again
” onyinye..
I should be asking you that ..
She’s your friend, you should know better..”

“Jesus …
Don’t tell me that father Anthony did this to you chidinma?”
She exclaimed in horror and Nma nodded in tears 😭
No questions.
Wait here, let me lock the doors .
Let’s take her to hospital.
As for that priest, my God will judge him ”
She said as she used the edge of her wrapper to wipe the tears that has already rolled down her chubby cheeks.
She Angrily marched inside to lock the doors.
Is only God that will fight this battle for them.
Who knows what might have happened, if God had not intervened.

Father Anthony later woke up in the hospital the next day .
News circulated that arm robbers invaded the parish house and nearly took his life . he couldn’t bring himself to reveal the truth .
At first, he had feared that the girl he molested will reveal the truth but he doubts if fear will allow her to actually spill the beans but what he seems to forget is that nothing is hidden from God Almighty.
And no matter how victorious it may appear , the wages of sin is death

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Episode 5

For one week, she didn’t go to school, she stayed indoor as was instructed by her mother nursing her wounds and ached soul.
Sometimes, she wondered why God has decided to punish her this way
What’s the essence of being pretty why there’s no peace of mind???
She just wished that she’s ugly …
Well not that ugly but something in between…
She sighed again, glancing at the wall clock in her room and counting the time , waiting patiently for her best friend to come back from school.
No need waiting for mama cos she always comes back late in the evening.
You could be wondering about her siblings or anything related about her family but the truth is that she’s fatherless and the only child.
Her father died years ago even before she comes of age …
Mama had wept day and night for her beloved husband. She was advised to remarry but because of the love she has for her late husband, she decided to stay back and build his home with or without him .
She’s a trader and that has sustained her and her little daughter for many years now …
She will forever be grateful for maazi okeke her husband’s younger brother for his support even when others turned their back on her …
Mama is a strong woman

The boredom is killing her and she stood up from her bed unable to take it anymore, her stomach rumbled loudly.
Oh God!!!!….she’s hungry .
She sighed again , opened her door and dragged herself to the kitchen .

Daniel kept looking around for any sign of Chidinma but he was greatly disappointed when he couldn’t see her at school for almost a week .
What’s the essence of going to school when his heartbeat is not in school???
He sighed , but wait a minute…
Did he just call her his heartbeat???…
He gasp and shook his head ..
He’s just missing her and nothing else…
“Just be honest with your self…
You have started developing feelings for her ….right???”
His subconscious mind jeered at him .
It can’t be..
Just that I miss troubling her”…
He concluded and just that, the bell rang for dismissal .
He packed his books and hurried outside colliding with onyinye who was in a hurry too.
” what’s wrong with you?”
Onyinye yelled in frustration.
“Am sorry …”
He apologized and she was surprised.
She has never seen him talk calmly to a fellow classmates talk more of her .
What’s the secret?
She wondered, something is definitely fishy somewhere.
She reasoned .
“Please can we talk?”
He pleaded calmly.
“OK ..
Go on am all ears.”

“Where’s your friend?..
I have not seen her for almost a week now …
Is she alright?”
He asked .
“Yes ..
She’s doing okay ..
Any problem? ”
She asked again and Daniel could sense she doesn’t like his presence.
Just tell her I said ” hi”..
He smiled at the last part .
“No problem”
She said and stomped out.
“Can I at least give you a ride ?”
He yelled after her .
“Don’t bother …”
She yelled obviously irritated .
He sighed in defeat and entered his car but an idea struck him.
He smirked triumphantly, started the car and trailed behind her.
He must dig out where she or her pretty friend lives today …

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Episode 6

Sensing someone’s presence behind her , onyinye stopped abruptly …
Scanning around again without finding any clue to her suspicion, she sighed in defeat ..
It must be her stupid imaginations , she thought and continue her journey to Nma’s house.
This has been the third time she has had the feeling that someone is following her but she ends up getting no clue to it…
Daniel heaved a sigh of relief..
He’s smart enough to hide each time she senses that someone is following her.
He had earlier parked his car at a safe distance and decided to trek instead ..
“That would be more safer than using a car”
He thought and smiled triumphantly at his thought..
He followed her till they came to a poorly built bungalow with rose flowers surrounding it ..
He sighed, that could be her house..
He hid behind the flowers and watch onyinye knock severally on the door …
Then the door opened and he saw the girl of his dreams standing right there before the useless rag that calls herself onyinye.
Oh!!!..she’s even wearing short sleeveless gown which exposed her cleavages and hips…
Is she really human?..
Her beauty is Extraordinary ..
He thought as he tried really hard to control himself.
Everything is under control until he saw her smile ..
Her smiles alone broke every bits of resistance left in him and he decided to be a man .
He came out from his hiding place and called her name.
And when she turned towards the direction of the voice ,…
She froze in fear….
Staring at Onyinye she asked..

“What’s he doing here?”…

” no..
Don’t look at me that way..
I didn’t bring him here ..
I swear with my life”
She defended…
“If you didn’t ..
Then who did?..”
She asked not believing her…
What she experienced from the hands of father Anthony had made her not to trust anybody again..
Don’t blame her.
“I did..
I brought myself here..
I was wondering why you aren’t in school , so I followed her here and to be honest….”

“Get out of here “…
She yelled at him interrupting him..
” Nma listen..
Just …”

“She said you should leave here now…”
Onyinye barked

And without another word , he left feeling so hurt and unhappy.
She should have heard him out first.
“Why are you concerned about that b—h?…
Are you in love with her?”..
His nosy sub-concious mind jeered at him as he started his car..
” just shut up”…
He yelled in anger…
“She thinks she has it all..
Until she crawls at my feet begging for mercy ..
I will never let her be..”
He swore under his breathe
Gritting his teeth angrily as he drove home roughly…
Daniel and his temper..

Onyinye sat down beside her friend ..
Helping her out with the topics they treated that day at school..
When we are through with biology can you help me in further Maths?”..
She pleaded softly pouting her lips which no one could refuse..
” No way…
Am not buying that..
You won’t bribe me with it ..”
Onyinye protested with laughter..

“Why not?..
You’re my friend..”

“But am not good in further maths…
The only person that can help you is Olisa ”
She smirked..
“No way..
You know, Olisa and I are not in good terms …
He wants to get in my pants and I won’t ever allow such”
She opposed angrily and onyinye couldn’t stop laughing.
She had quarrelled severally with Olisa over his lecherous life style and the mere thought of asking him for help is giving her goose bumps.
He’s very brilliant, she admits but going to Olisa to ask for help is like borrowing money from devil.
He must surely ask for something in return which she’s not ready for.

“Then go to Daniel ..
He’s one of the hottest brains in our class and I think he likes you too..
He wouldn’t hesitate to help you out”
She winked at her.

“You’re sick..
I have brains too ..
Only that I have been missing school recently”
She bragged and onyinye couldn’t stop laughing…
“Fish head”
Nma cursed and she roared more in laughter..
She just smiled, onyinye is right but she rather die than go to that sinful soul for help.

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Episode 7

His name is Daniel chukwuemeka Okoye …
Born of the family of three ( two girls and a boy)…and the only son of his parents.
His mother died when he was five and he was raised by a nanny and combined effort of his sisters.
Chief okoye his father had given up hope of having a male child when suddenly , God decided to bless him with a male child at the expense of the life of his dear wife.
He’s a very wealthy man and it was rumoured that he used his wife to enrich his pockets but only God is his solace .
He had spared no effort in raising his only son .
Providing him all the comforts his wealth can offer, hoping that he would one day become very powerful and take over his numerous companies and businesses.
Daniel grew up a spoilt brat.
What do you expect when he has virtually everything at his beck and call.
Money , good looks, popularity, intelligence…. Name them
Tell me why he won’t be full of himself ???…
He has everything but only one thing that he desires desperately to have which is beyond his reach…
He wants her..
To make her his woman..
To possess every part of her body ..
No!!!…that’s not enough …
He wants her desperately on his bed and after that boast to his friends that he has tasted her forbidden fruits.
He wants to see her humiliated, shed tears of agony and weep everyday of her life .
That he must achieve.
He angrily horned at the gate several times to see the stupid gateman rushing to open the gate.
On getting down from the car, he gave him a hard slap on his face.

” stupid man..
Don’t keep me waiting next time if you love this useless job of yours.
Useless fool”
He cursed as he marched inside the house in anger.
What’s the problem?
Who made you angry?”
His Nanny called after him.
She’s the only one who calls him by his native name .
“Nanny can you please stop calling me that bush name!.?..
And don’t bother about my lunch.
Am not hungry …
I will be in my room now.
Nobody should disturb my rest”
He said angrily and ran upstairs to his room.
She just shrugged and continued with her chores.

“Yes …
Skibo , you need to see the way she insulted me..
I will teach that fool a bitter lesson”
Daniel lamented over the phone to his friend ‘skibo’.
He’s a deadly cultist and he is feared by many because of his involvement in crimes and atrocities committed in that area.
Yet Kelechi popularly known as ‘skibo’ always consider Daniel as his best friend.
You can’t blame him, they grew up together until Kelechi left to the north to stay with one of his uncles after his primary education.
There, he joined bad gang and strayed away from the right path.

” but wait o..
You sure say , you no get feelings for the girl?”
He asked
“No way …
I admit say the girl fine but you know me skibo’..
I don’t love..
I just want to teach her a bitter lesson she won’t ever forget…”
He said and skibo’ let out a dry throaty laugh.
“No reason am …
I go arrange the matter for you..
My boys and I go do am for you..”
He grinned
“No wahala..
I want to be there when the deed would be done…
No forget say I go be the first to enter…
Na me get the game”
He smirked
“No wahala ”
Said skibo’ as he let out an evil laughter…
Daniel ended the call, smiling in satisfaction .
Time to teach the b—h a lesson.
If he can’t have her…
No one will..
Be it in peace or in pieces…
He must get her laid

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Episode 8

Monday came and hurriedly she prepared for school . mama stood at the door watching her pretty daughter as she wore her shoes humming happily.
She shook her head with smiles..
What could have put those precious smiles on her face?..
She wondered..
Quit staring and come in..
Am not a telly”
She said with a slight laughter.
She’s happy this morning..
What’s the secret?”
Mama asked as she walked in and sat gently on her bed.
“Don’t you think, that you’re too old for such talks?..”
She asked grinning.
“Old indeed…
Come let me see your wounds..”
Mama gestured as she walked towards her and sat beside her .
The wounds has healed and the scars is clearing off..
Sooner or later, it will disappear without any trace .
Mama sighed heavily remembering the incident .
Well God has really fought the battle for her.
Father Anthony has tried to rape another innocent girl again and he was caught red-handed.
They dismissed him from priesthood.
Even though Mama was happy that the culprit was later caught but she felt that the priest needed a second chance to mend his ways.
She sighed heavily..

“…. So mama what do you think?..”
She asked but mama’s thought was too busy to listen to her girly chattering. She paused staring at her mother, wondering what’s suddenly wrong with her.
She called loudly snapping her out of her thoughts.
” Erh..erh…
What were you saying Nma..?”

“What’s wrong with you?..
I have been talking to myself all this while”
Mama sighed again..

“Am worried my daughter…
What if something similar happens to you again..
What if they hurt you again?..
I won’t bear it.
Since yesterday, I have been having this feeling that something is not right somewhere…
Please my daughter don’t …”

She placed a finger on her mother’s lips interrupting her.

“Its okay mama.
Nothing will happen to me..
Just don’t think too much.
God will never allow any harm to come to me…
I promise you mama that I will protect my virginity with my life..
Even if it is the last thing I will accomplish in my life…
I will do it …”
She said smiling through her tears and mama hugged her instantly.

” I believe you my daughter…
Nothing will happen to you.
Be careful ”

” I will mama”
She smiled hugging her tightly.

“Did I miss something here?”
Onyinye asked with smiles…

“Look who’s here…
Mama we will be on my way now…”
She said picking her school bag .

“Take care of your self..”
Mama called after them watching their retreating figures.

“I will mama”
She yelled after her.
She just smiled…
Her daughter is her pride

Time sped up quickly and before you know it , dismissal bell was rang…
She sat waiting for onyinye who had gone to ease herself …

She waited and waited …

Students leave one after the other…
Where could she be!?
She wondered
And when she couldn’t wait anymore she took her bag and left to her home.
She was so worried and scared as she trekked alone the lonely path on her way home.

Skibo and his boys smiled lustfully as they sighted their prey..
She is so beautiful that they couldn’t wait to devour her..
They waited patiently till she trekked towards them…

“Look who we have here”
She heard the familiar annoying voice and froze to her spot.
What does he want!
Fear gripped her.

” I told you right..
That am gonna have a taste of you…
Didn’t I?..”
He smirked
” well I think heaven has answered my prayers…”

” no…
Don’t try any nonsense with me ”
She warned in a shaky voice.

” boys seize her..”
He commanded..

” don’t come near me..
Jesus …Mary and Joseph…
Save me ”
She screamed trying to solicit help from the holy family.

” shut the f–k up..
Let me see who’s gonna save you”
He said ruthlessly.
With a quick swift, they dragged her to an abandoned uncompleted building ready to defile her .
Nobody they believed will save her…

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Episode 9

Onyinye sat down on her bed feeling so guilty

Betrayal !!!…
That’s the worst thing you can do to a friend..
Just like judas she has betrayed a friend and a sister …

” God …
What have I done?”..
She cried as uncontrollable tears rolled down her chubby cheeks…

” go and save her…
Do something…
How can you betray your sister and your friend? “…
Her subconscious mind yelled at her as she sobbed loudly..

” No need doing that..
They must have carried out their plans”..


After using the rest room , she rushed out to meet chidinma who’s waiting patiently for her in the class but Daniel blocked her path instead smirking devilishly

“Not so fast sweetheart..
Where are you rushing off to?..
To meet that peacock?”..
He scoffed loudly …

” not your business …
You son of a b—h”
She cursed angrily but that statement gave her a bitter pills , she won’t forget in a hurry.

He grabbed her neck and twist her arm till it hurts badly..

” repeat that statement again and I will throw you to the bottomless pit..

He spat in anger as his heart burns with bitterness.

” am sorry just let me go..”
Onyinye pleaded trying so hard not to break down..

” any word from you,..
I will tell the whole school how copper Henry f—-d you last Friday ..”

He threatened , griting his teeth in anger..
Onyinye’s heart flew to her stomach..
How did he know about her secret affair with copper Henry their Physics teacher?
She thought as unimaginable fear rose from the pit of her stomach and spread to every part of her body…

No she mustn’t let him win so easily..
Nobody must know about this..

Daniel watch her expression with great delight..
Time to strike
He smirked ..

” no ranting again b—h ?..
Daughter of an expired maggot ..
Pretender like you ”

” lies..
What proff do you have that am having an affair with copper Henry? “..
She yelled freeing herself from his grip..

” oh..
You want proff right?..”

He smirked

” I will show you ”

He dipped his hand in his pocket and brought out his phone and showed her the sex clip .

She was shocked to the marrow..
How did it happen?…
She trusted and loves Henry so much that she didn’t give it a second thought that Friday evening when she gave him her virginity..

But now ..
He had shattered her heart ..
Men are not to be trusted..
They’re always the same ..
Bitter tears ran down her cheeks..

” no..
It can’t be.
Henry can’t do this to me..”

She uttered when she finally found her voice .

” are you still doubting me now b—h?”
He smirked in triumph..
Skibo had really done a good job in videotaping the scene…
He owes him a lot..

” what do you want?”

Onyinye asked wiping her tears ..

” Good girl..
I thought you would never ask.”

He smiled innocently earning a deadly glare from her.

” am sorry to do this sweetheart but you all have to do is to go home without your friend..
We have some unfinished business with her..”

He laughed

” what do you want with her?”

” it’s simple ..
I wanna taste her punami ..
Just like how copper Henry handled you last week.. Simply go home and pretend like you never knew what’s going on..
I will send her back when am through with her.. ”

” that’s betrayal to a highest dimension..
I can’t betray my friend..
She’s more like a sister to me..”

She objected angrily..

” then be ready to commit suicide by the time I release this video to the school website..
Remember the positions of your parents in church…
If you want to live long..
Don’t dare double cross me”

He threatened ..

” you’re evil..”

She cried..

” says someone that has already betrayed her friend ”

He smirked ..
She ran away in tears not believing what she has put herself into
If She had said No to Henry that evening, this wouldn’t have happened…


” dear God..
Am sorry for my crime.
If you still answers prayers ..
Please save my sister chidinma”
She cried bitterly..

” somebody please help me..
. save me “..
Nma cried helplessly as they tore her clothes to shred leaving only her undies for her..

Daniel licked his lips lustfully..

” you’re so beautiful just as I expected ”
His eyes darkened in desire as he felt hot blood surging through him arousing him…

He bent closer and squeezed her boobs slightly..

” go away from me…”
She cried..

” guy ..
Enter fast make we do quick and Vamoose from here”
Skibo said impatiently.
He’s already hard ..
Daniel unbuckled his trouser and pulled it off..
Nma shook in fear..
This is it…her life is over..

” hold her ”

He commanded ..
They advanced towards her but a sudden gunshot made them to stop instantly..

” one move and you’re gone”
A voice said ..
They turned to see six heavily armed police men.
They were on their regular evening patrol when they heard strange noise coming from an abandoned uncompleted building .

On getting there, they were surprise to see a girl about to be raped .
They had no option than to act fast..
Skibo tried to escape but he was shot and he dropped dead instantly..

They handcuffed the rest and took them to their station..

Chidinma was too shocked to say anything..
They just clothed her and took her to hospital for check up..

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Episode 10

” I can’t believe that you did something like this, son…
Am disappointed ”

Chief okoye yelled ..
He had came back from a business trip in Canada to receive the worse news ever about his beloved son..
Hurriedly, he went to the police station to see if he can bail him out..
Fortunately, the D.P.O is a good friend of his ..

Daniel stood before his father , handcuffed as he bowed his head in shame..
He couldn’t believe that his little adventure could land him in serious trouble , taking away the life of his best friend..

He sighed heavily..
If he had known, he wouldn’t have try any nonsense with that witch..
He’s just blinded by lust …

” don’t just stand there moping at me like a lost sheep..”
His father barked ..

” am sorry Dad..
It was Devil that caused it..
I promise to be Good from now onwards ..
If you still want , I will go to London to further my studies after my WAEC..
Please Dad.. ”

He went on his kneels..

” am sorry..
Forgive me ”

He pleaded as a tear dropped down his cheeks..
His father was touched.

” don’t apologize to me..
Go to the girl you tried to defile and apologize to her..
If she forgives you..
Only then , will I accept you back as my son..”

He said
” Dad ..
I said that am sorry…
Remember that you’re the one I have in…”

” just shut up..
You will be bailed today..
Before you step your foot in my house , make sure you must have apologized to that innocent girl..
Am sending the driver to pick you up..
Useless fool”

He stood up and left his son wallowing in guilt and shame..


The female police officer assigned to look after chidinma had already brought her home..
After the doctor had examined her and confirmed that no damage had been done to her…
She took her home , fortunately enough, Mama was not around to witness it..
Thank Goodness, else it would have increased her blood pressure..

” just take a good rest and try not to think much about what happened today..
You will be fine ..

” OK ..
Thanks so much ”
She said smiling at the kind police officer.
She’s so nice.

” alright..
I will be on my way now..
My regards to your mother ”

” what’s your name? ”

Nma asked as she watch her opening the door..

” prisca ..”

She replied , seems she’s finding it difficult to open the door..
The door to her room has suddenly develop fault and only a patient being can open it ..

She stood up from her bed and gently opened the door..

” thanks dear..
I will see you later”

She announced as she hoped into their patrol car waving at Nma as it sped off..
Nma stood there smiling at her luck..
God had really been gracious to her these days.

First it was father Anthony..
Now her own class mate..
She shrugged, no matter the circumstances she finds her self in, she will never give up her dignity as a woman.

She sighted a Lexus jeep entering their compound and went closer to have a clear view of the occupants…

To her utmost surprise, Daniel stepped out of the car.
He looks so miserable..
Even in this state he’s still very cute and adorable..

” what do you want ..?.”
She asked calmly

” can we talk?”
He pleaded..

“So that you will see an opportunity to rape me ?”
She queried..

” No..
Not like that..”
He went closer and knelt down..
She was greatly surprised at his action..

” I know no amount of apology can make you to forgive me..
Am such a jerk to think that I can steal your pride..
Am sorry..
Forgive me ”

He pleaded..

” I know that I have become your worse nightmare but I promise you that from today , I will become a better person..
Am really sorry ”

He said watching her expression..
The more he looked at her, the more he’s becoming weak..

This shouldn’t be happening to him..

He shook his head repeatedly..

” I forgive you..
You may go”
She finally said

” you said?..”
He asked to be sure..

” I said you should go and sin no more..
I forgive you”.
She smiled..

” thank you so much ..
You’re such an angel..”
He said smiling happily ..
As he turned to go ..
He stopped abruptly as if he forgot something.

Nma stood watching him..

He turned and walked towards her..

” in a months time , we will be writing our WAEC and after that I will go to London to further my studies…
I hope to still meet you a good girl after I return…
When you go to university..
Don’t dare go wild ..”
He said with a slight smirk watching her intently..
But she just smiled..

Seems she’s addicted to it.

” why are you telling me this young man?”..
She asked..

” I just hope that when I become somebody in life..
I will come back for you..
I will surely make you my woman not just that.
You will be the mother of my children..
And trust me , you won’t escape it”

He smirked , turned and hopped inside the car.

A warm feeling arouse from the pit of her stomach and spread to her body..
Her heartbeat increased .

What does he mean by that?.
She thought as she watch his car leave her compound..

“He’s such a jerk “..
She thought aloud and marched inside her room feeling suddenly restless..

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Episode 11

Days turned to weeks and weeks to month ..
Their west African examination is fast approaching and the two best friend left no stone unturned…
Yeah ..
They’re still friends..
Onyinye apologized to her and she forgave her even though she least expected that from her..
If Christ could forgive and die for her on the cross..
Who is she not to forgive her best friend…
Mama too was angry but with time , she realised that everything that happened is for a reason..
Such a thoughtful woman.

Daniel on the other is trying his best both morally and academically..

He had become friends with chidinma but he knew his limits..
Even though that he has fallen deeply in love with her , he just wants to take things slowly…

His greeting doesn’t extend more than “hello” and “good bye”..
Which sometimes makes chidinma to miss the old ” Daniel” not this strange one that stays quiet and alone in class , always reading his books..
Sometimes, she just find herself stealing glances at him in class…
Her stomach always churns nosily whenever she sighted him or when he’s close by.

She just couldn’t stop thinking about him tonight as she flipped through the pages of her biology textbook..

“He’s getting more handsome…
And I just can’t stop thinking about him”

She said placing her hand on her already racing heart..
Just a mere thought of him is making her heart to beat..

“What’s wrong with you chidinma?..
You have Exam tomorrow and you’re busy thinking about a guy?..
Just hurry up and read “..
Her subconscious mind scolded..

She sighed again and began to revise …
Tomorrow is the D-day..

They discussed happily as they trekked to school together…
Talking randomly on some girly stuffs..
Chidinma wanted to tell onyinye about the strange feeling she’s having towards Daniel but she had a double mind about it..
So she decided to keep it to herself…
Onyinye had broken apart with copper Henry after the incidence..
She had resolved to stay away from men since the only man she loved betrayed her because of little amount of money…
Who would believe such?..

Henry had apologized many times though she forgave him but she’s not ready to do anything with him..
Men are all the same!..
She scoffed aloud

” still thinking about him?”
Nma asked..

” hell no way..
He’s now my past.”

She scoffed again but Nma smiled when she sighted Daniel entering the school gate in his car…
They’re already at school..
Onyinye followed her gaze and she couldn’t believe her thoughts..

” what?..
No way !!!..”
Onyinye shouted ..

” what?”
Nma queried still smiling..

” chidinma..
Are you perhaps in love with Daniel? ”

” no way”
Her smiles betrayed her..

” finally it has happened..
Thank you Lord..
I thought she would be a Rev Sister..”

Onyinye joked and they laughed heartily entering the exam hall..

They found an empty seat and sat still laughing…

Just then Daniel came by and said his usual ” hello”..
Chidinma couldn’t stop admiring him..
His neatness, good looks, gentlessnes and in fact everything about him..
Even his neat hair cut..
Oh God!!!…
Let her not go crazy Oh..

” Aunty it’s okay nah..”

Onyinye said

” oh..
I have heard you..
Stop embarrassing me ..”

She defended still smiling coolval stories..
Daniel came back again and cleared his throat and her heart nearly skip a beat..

” can we see after today’s exam?..”

He simply asked staring directly into her eyes..
She looked away to prevent herself from blushing 😆
But too late she already blushed and Daniel saw it 😋😋..
He smiled inwardly..
That’s a good start..

” yes sure .”

Hope you read well?”

He asked onyinye with smiles and Nma scoffed silently..

You should be asking me that not her..

” yes ..
I did..
Am just waiting patiently to massacre the exam questions..
Trust me nah “.
She bragged..

” I trust my girl..”
He added smiling at her funny words..

His girl ? 😒😏😏
Since when ? 😒

She scoffed again..
I shouldn’t be having this unhealthy thoughts…

” Nma are you okay?”

He suddenly ask breaking her thoughts…

” yes am fine …
Just that…”

” everybody go to your seats ..
Exams are about to start..”

The invigilators voice echoed distracting them..
They hurried to their various seats and Nma couldn’t stop thinking about what he’s going to say to her after the exam..
She just hope to hear what every girl wants and dreams of ..
The “L” words

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Episode 12

That day , they wrote 3 papers without any break plus a very strict invigilator who claimed to be holier than Christ…

It was very tough for them especially those that didn’t prepare very well for the exams.

However Nma and her friends really wrote the exams with so much ease cos they had earlier prepared very well for the Almighty WAEC .

After the invigilator collected the last script, all the SS3 students filtered outside sharing their sweet but yet painful experience about the exams taken so far..

Nma stood outside waiting and stretching her neck occasionally, looking for onyinye..

Where could she be ?..
She wondered..
Just then, she sighted Daniel coming towards her direction and her heart nearly skip a bit..

She stood there watching him walk majestically towards her..

Then he flashed her one of his “coolest smiles” and she melted instantly..
For the first time in her life , she understands what it means to desire a man.

” hey …
I have been looking for you.
How was the exams? ”

He asked with smiles..
And her heart did a tango 😆

Can he just stop giving her such killer smiles …?..
And oh …
That dimple of his , is surely driving her crazy ..

” hey ..
Are you alright? ”

” am fine”
She snapped

” hey ..
Easy no offence..
I asked a questions but it seems you’re far away from here..”
He said..

” sorry for that..
My exams was okay ..
Yours? ”

” fine…”
He replied with little or no enthusiasm …

” just fine?..”

She asked to be sure of what she heard but he laughed instead…

And those laughs..
Oh God !!!..
So romantic

” yeah..
It was very good..
Don’t mind me..”

He added watching her keenly..

” good boy ”

She said and they laughed again thereafter follows an awkward silent..
She hated it and she knew that such awkwardness demands something in return.

She just have to do something else she’s gonna die of nervousness and as if reading her mind , he cleared his throat softly…

” can we talk ?..
Like now..
Somewhere quiet cos I need a little privacy from pry eyes ..”

He said softly staring into her lovely eyes ..

She just nodded and just as they were about to start going ..
Onyinye came with the news that their form master wants to see her..

” maybe some other time.. ”
She said almost regretting her words..
She really wants to be alone with Daniel and now their form master have spoiled everything for her…

Such a kill-joy ..

Daniel was disappointed that he couldn’t confess his feelings to the girl he genuinely loves…

He sighed repeatedly as he watch her disappear from his sight…

” don’t worry …
You still have another chance next time.. ”

Onyinye said in a playful manner…
He just smiled.

” who did you say was asking for her?”
He asked..

” our form master ”
She replied

” why would he request for her presence?..
Is she a class prefect or the school head girl?..
Looks so suspicious…
I think that useless man is up to something..
Don’t you think so?..”

He asked in a worried tone..

” you might be right Danny…
Let’s go to his office and see what he’s up to this time around…”

Onyii suggested..

” thanks Onyii…
Lead the way please ”

With that , they hurried to his office…

” sir ..
Am sorry I can’t do what you’re asking of me..
Am a Christian and its against my faith..”
Chidinma said ..

She’s really disappointed and disgusted at the same time..How can he ask her for sex in his office?…
That’s really madness..
She doesn’t know the reason why men won’t let her rest…

” please baby…
Just a quickie and I won’t disturb you again…
I haven’t been myself since the first time I set my eyes on you..
Please Nne , I promise to do anything you want..
Just give me this thing ”

He begged getting down on his knees that’s when she knew that she’s in for a big trouble..

How’s she gonna escape this ?…

Please God save me
She prayed silently..

” am sorry sir..
But I won’t commit a grave sin with you…
My body is a temple of holy spirit…”

She said calmly…

” just shut up ..
You have seen who has body that’s temple of demon abi?..
Just no make I vex o..
Open this thing make we do am sharp sharp…
I get better things to do..”

He said in a strict voice..

” am sorry sir but I won’t displease myself to please you..
Have a nice day !”

She stood to go but a blinding slap she received that moment sent her sprawling on the floor..

” you think am here to joke abi?..
Its either we do it in peace or in pieces..
Useless girl ”

He descended on her but a heavy blow he received on his forehead nearly paralized him..

Nma looked to see Daniel lifting her up from the floor..
The slap she received had bursted her lips and its bleeding seriously..

” Nma are you okay?”
He asked dusting her cardigan..
She just nooded , feeling so relieved..

” you must be sacked from this school..
Rapists like you..”

It was onyinye speaking this time..

” leave him to me Onyii..
I will deal with him myself.”
Daniel said and proceeded to hit him again but Nma stopped him..

” just allow karma to pay him back in his own coin..
Let’s leave here..
Am not feeling too well”
She said..

” count your self lucky .
Useless he goat..”
Onyinye cursed kicking his legs and he groaned in pain..

Once they are outside his office..
Nma went closer to Daniel and hugged him tightly , whispering..

” thanks for saving me …
You’re a Darling and I owe you a lot”

That alone raised his heartbeat sending sweet sensational feelings down his spine…

He reciprocated , caressing her back inhaling the sweet smell of her hair..
Lost in the world of love and romance..
Wishing for them to stay like that forever but onyinye interrupted the two lovers with a cough…

” don’t I deserve a hug too?”
She pouted and made a puppy eye..

” of course you do my love..
You guys are the best..
What can I ever do without you guys?”
She said as she hugged onyinye ..
Closing her eyes..
A tear finally dropped down her pretty cheeks

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Episode 13

” I don’t think am ready to settle down ..
Am just 17…
I would only think of that when am through with my Education…
He should go to hell for all I care..
You needed to see how I gave him the insult of his life yesterday… ”

Onyinye bragged …
They had sat down on an empty class after their exam waiting patiently for Daniel who had gone out to meet the principal..
They’re already on their 5th day of their exam and soon …
It’s a bye-bye to high school..

Oh !!..
I forgot to tell you guys that their form teacher was expelled two days ago..
Of course he denied ever attempting rape on Nma but her two friends stood bravely and testified against him..
Mama was too shocked to speak a word..
Poor woman !..
She had really seen a lot in her life..

Daniel and Nma had gotten really close and its too obvious that they has feelings for each..
Even the blind could notice it..

Onyinye too was been disturbed by suitors every now and then..
She had made it clear that’s she’s not ready to settle down till she through with her education…
Yet they still flock her house like bees scavenging for honey…
Yesterday , she lost her temper and gave Maazi okafor’s son that came back from city the insult of his life…

” haba..
You shouldn’t have done that..”
Nma admonished

” yes , sister Nma..
Virgin most pure..
Holiest of all..
Immaculate conception..
I have heard you your majesty ”

She mocked in laughter..

” I think you need an appointment with a psychiatrist..
This is getting out of hand .”

Nma said obviously amused
Such a funny fellow..

” of course ..
Two of us will visit it together… ”

” who’s visiting who?”
Daniel interrupted with his ever charming smile..
He’s getting “prettier” everyday..
Nma’s heart couldn’t stop pounding..
Oh God!!…
What has he done to her?..
She will soon have a cardiac arrest if care is not taken..

” no one ..
Where have you been?”

Onyii faked a frown

” Bestie , I have told you before..
Frowning doesn’t suit ya personality..
It makes you ugly..”
He laughed..

“And he didn’t acknowledge my presence ”
Nma scoffed silently..

” really?”
Onyii scoffed

” yes really..
Can you …”
His phone rang interrupting him ..
” excuse me please”..
They watch as he took the phone call..
His countenance suddenly changed from happy to moody..

” what could be the problem? ”
Nma thought..
She just hopes its not something related to death..

” we should start going..
My Dad just called ”
He finally said after he hung up..

” Daniel are you alright? ”
Nma asked staring into his lovely eyes…

” am always fine..
Let’s start going ..
Its late already.. ”

He announced looking at his expensive wrist watch..

The drive seems to take longer time than before..
The silence that enveloped the car as they sped the high way is unimaginable..
Even onyinye the chatterbox is surprisingly quiet which made the whole situation too awkward..

The car stopped to a halt and Onyii hopped out of the car waving “bye” to them as the car sped off again..

Daniel is engrossed in his own thoughts not caring to spare the angel sitting beside him a glance..

“Are you crazy Daniel..
You have to tell her now or never..
The choice is yours to make”

His subconscious mind screamed at him..
Unable to take it anymore..
He pulled the car to a halt..

” why are we stopping here?”
Nma asked in a worried tone..

“There’s something you have to know…
My Dad said that my visa has arrived and my departure date is next week Friday”
He said sadly..
She just muttered an “oh”..
“That’s the reason why he’s so moody..
Isn’t it what he always wanted?..
Why the sad face then ?”

She thought..

” don’t you have anything to say..?”
He asked not comfortable with her silence..

” nothing much to say..
Just be a good boy once you go over there and make us proud..”
She faked a smile..
She’s obviously hurting inside..

” I will miss you so much”
She thought…

” you’re so stupid..
Just tell him that.
It won’t remove anything from your name..
You scumbag”
Her mind yelled but she ignored it totally…

” nothing else?”
Daniel asked , disappointment written all over his cute face…

” yes..”
She swallowed hard fighting back her tears but to her utmost surprise, he leaned closer and hugged her sobbing really hard like a baby

” I will miss you so much Nma..
I don’t know if I would be able to stay without you but I will try for your sake..”
He cried , his tears soaking her shirts and she couldn’t hold it anymore..
She let’s lose her emotions and her tears flowed freely like a river

” I will miss you too..”

She pulled away from hug .

Cupping his cheeks and staring into his lovely eyes..
She said..

” I will wait for you..
Promise me that you will make us proud “..

” I promise with all my heart ..
I will make it over there and come back and marry you”..
He smiled and her cheeks flushed red..
She just blushed

” why?..
Why do you want to marry me?..
Why choosing only me?”
She asked not taking her eyes off his..
” Because Am in love with you”
He dropped the bomb..
Her beat increased.

Sweet feelings arose from the pit of her stomach and spread to her body…

Before she could say “jack”..
He crashed himself on her in a tight hug
Hugging her with his whole body and soul..
Daring the consequences..
His heart soaring high ..
D–n it she just pulled away from the hug making him to feel so guilty..

” am sorry I didn’t mean to..”
His apology was stopped half way and the girl he loves so much resumes the breath taking hug again

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Episode 14

Slowly, she broke the amazing hug
Breathing heavily and staring into his caramen eyes ..
Her heartbeat raised and she gathered her courage …

” I love you too..”
She breathed out loud enough to his hearing.

Wow !!!..
She finally confessed ..
His joy knew no limits that he hugged her tightly refusing to let go..
After everything, she’s finally his..
He laughed happily repeating the words “yes”…

” you’re squeezing life out of me…”
She said hitting his head in a playful manner..
” I don’t feel like letting go..
Baby , thank you so much for loving me..
Am the happiest guy alive ”
He cackled with laughter and pulled away from the romantic embrace..
He cupped her cheeks and starred into her oceanic blue eyes..

” baby ..
Am going over there to build our empire …
I will be back to take you as my queen..
And always remember that I won’t ever be with another except you..
I love you so much chidinma ”

He said and her heart melted like butter…
Love is such a silly element…

” I love you too Daniel and I will wait for you ”

She added
He smiled and leaned closer staring at her succulent pink lips..
She got the message and bit her lower lip and that had a great effect on Daniel..

” babe ..
Don’t do that again..”

I wish its not a dream o

He dropped her off after another session of good night kiss
Its already late in the evening as she walked gently into her house ..
Mama was in the kitchen making dinner singing one of her favourite song , pounding heavily on the morter…

” mama”
She called as she dragged herself to the kitchen..

” good evening ma..”
She greeted ..

” ehhe …my daughter..
You came back late today ..
She asked dropping the pestle and peering into her face..

” nothing mama ..
Just hanging out with friends”
She cooed ..

” OK if you say so..
Change your clothes and help me out”

” alright ma..”
Nma said..
She turned to go but mama called her back..

” chidinma ..
Did you get into a fight? ”
Mama queried 😒

” me ?..
In what way mama?”

She asked in a confused state..

” what happened to your lips?..
Why’s it so red and swollen?..
Who punched you ?..
Tell me, so that I will kill that person with my bare hands ”
Mama queried.

Oh !!!..
Her lips..😋
Its a bit painful and swollen ..
She remembered the kiss, she and Daniel shared and blushed ..
So romantic

” why are you smiling? ”
Mama thundered..😒

” mummy ..
Its not like that ..”
She blushed again..

Calling her “mummy” mellows her anger ..
And her daughter always knows her weak point ..

” then its what?..
Eh ..chidinma ”

” mama calm down ..
Its not something to worry about ”
She smiled and then in a whisper, she said..

” I think am in love mummy..
And I had my first kiss today”
She blushed so hard covering her face with her palm coolval stories ..
Her innocence alone made her mother to smile
Instead of been angry , she pulled her to herself and hugged her..
She’s proud of the daughter she raised .

Most of her age mates already has boyfriends without the knowledge of their parents/guidian ..
And here , her little girl had just told her about her first kiss..

” my daughter..
Am not against you being in a relationship now..
What am against is premarital sex..
If you know that it would separate you from God or your studies better quit to avoid regret…”

She lectured..

” no mama…
Its a long distance relationship .
He will be traveling to London next week..
And don’t worry , nothing happened between us except the kiss..”

She blushed again when she mentioned it

” just keep your relationship holy..
That’s the only advice I have for my little girl that’s in love for the first time”
Mama teased and she couldn’t stop blushing

Daniel layed on his head , hugging his pillow and blushing really hard..
He replayed the romantic kiss , they had over and over again in his mind ..
He couldn’t stop smiling..
“Finally she’s mine”
He muttered and picked his phone..
Dialed her number and placed it on his ear…
Hugging his pillow as his heart nearly beat out of his chest ..

She picked on first ring …

” hello Daniel”
He heard her angelic voice at the other end and couldn’t stop smiling…
He cleared his throat properly..

” really ?..
Is that how you address your boyfriend? ”
He scoffed but ends up grinning instead..
Hearing the word ” boyfriend “..
Her cheeks turned pink and she couldn’t stop herself from blushing

” yes..
Your name is Daniel..
What else do you want to be called?..”
She asked smiling widely ..

” can’t you call me ..
Baby , sweetheart, my love or anything special and romantic?..
Must it be Daniel?”
He said and she could feel him rolling his eyes…

“Yes ..
That’s your name and no one is changing that for you”
She laughed softly

” you’re such a boring girlfriend ”
He cooed and she laughed more..

” am glad , I made you laugh..
Am just so happy and fulfilled hearing your angelic voice tonight…
Read well tonight for the exam tomorrow okay?”

” okay ”
She answered..

” I will be hanging up now…
Good night love..
Don’t think too much about me..
I love you”
He said but she laughed instead ..

” what’s funny?”
He asked..

” nothing.
Read well and don’t forget to commit everything to God..
Good night my love ..
I love you so much ”
She added and blew him a kiss and hung up..
Fireworks builds up in him immediately..
“Oh God !!!…
Am going crazy”

He muttered as his heart raced

To be continued