Episode 1

Billy Jones was 12 years old last week. He
lived with his Mother, Trisha (29 years
old) and Father, Freddie (32 years old) in
a 2 bed semi on a modern estate in
Shropshire. At 5 foot tall Billy was about
average in his class. He had a slim
athletic build, light brown hair, perfect
white teeth and a pale complexion. He
was a poplar lad at school having both
girl and boy friends.
His Father travels frequently, he works for
a small consultancy advising on safety
issues. He has a similar build to his son
and keeps fit by jogging.

His Mother works at a local company 3
mornings a week doing their book
Trisha gets quite lonely when her
husband is away, she enjoys his company
and more importantly she enjoys sex with
him. They have fantasies that they talk
through when they are having sex and
one of her favourites is introducing boys
to sex. They both discuss and play on
their own young sexual adventures and
remember the absolute pleasure they got
from learning about sex.
They had never engaged in regular sex
sessions with their son, although on one
occasion there was an incredible event
that meant that Freddy and Trisha had
the best sex they had ever had in their
lives together.

It all started very quickly. Their house
although small had a wet room with 2
shower head instead of a bath which
meant that occasionally Billy and his Dad
would shower together. This particular
occasion happened three months earlier
when Billy was still 11 years old. Freddy
and Trisha had been discussing the night
before that Billy was really sweating a lot
these days and that he really ought to
know about cleaning his penis correctly,
especially under the foreskin. So they
agreed that Freddy should show him the
next time they showered together and this
just happened to be the following night.
Freddy is 6 foot 3 inches and so just over
a foot taller than Billy. His penis is 4
inches long when soft with a generous
foreskin being over half an inch over the
end of the glans.

When erect Trisha loved
his penis, it didn’t actually grow that
much longer going to 5 and a half inches
and the foreskin just peeled back a little
from the glans showing about a ¼ inch of
his fat knob. Whilst it didn’t get much
longer it did get considerably fatter
having a circumference of 5 ¾ inches.
Trisha often wondered what her son’s
c–k would look like erect and if it had
the same attributes as her husbands.
Tonight she would be able to see for
Billy’s c–k at 11 years old was just
starting to pad out, growing from being a
little boy c–k to the size that indicated
that he was just pre-pubescent. He was
totally hairless of course and when slack
his little p—k was 2 inches long 2 ¼
inches in circumference, about the size of
her husbands little finger. He was
uncircumcised and his foreskin hung off
the end of his c–k about ½ an inch which
seemed like a lot more than Freddy’s
because it was on a smaller p—k..

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She could hear the showers start in the
wet room and gave them about 5 minutes
to shower their hair and then she opened
the door.
“Freddy don’t forget what we discussed
the other day about teaching Billy how to
wash his penis.”

“OK Trish”
“I already know Mum and please give us
some privacy.”
“Don’t be daft Billy, it’s not like I have not
seen you before is it? Now what your Dad
is going to show you is very important.
Freddy just wash him the same way as
you wash yourself and if I spot
something wrong I will tell you.”
“OK babe.” Freddy soaped his hands
“Turn and face me Billy.” Billy did as he
was told. Freddy admired his son’s body,
his flat tummy and the defined muscles.
His little belly button indented. He put a
hand underneath his little scrotum which
was about the same size as a small
tangerine with 2 perfectly formed testicles
inside. He massaged it carefully and felt
the little balls inside. He then picked up
the penis and washed it with 2 fingers
and his thumb applying a little pressure
and turning it from one side and then the
other. He felt it getting a little thicker.
Trisha watched carefully really wanting to
see how big her son had become. She
started to get wet just looking at Billy’s
cute well formed penis. She started to feel
a bit jealous that Freddy was doing this
instead of her.
She remembered her first time seeing a
boy’s penis when she was 11 years old
when she went into the bushes with a
class mate. His little p—k was much
smaller than her son’s but still fascinating
to look at and she enjoyed the feel of the
skin sliding over the rock hard s—t. They
played with each others privates
exploring what needed to be explored.
They both enjoyed looking at each other
that way and did it a couple more times
before they were discovered and their
respective parents were told and that put
a stop to that … well in those bushes
anyway. Later bushes meant that she
learned about orgasms.
Trisha really enjoyed her growing
experiences and especially her babysitting
job which she had done from age 14 to 17
when she had met Freddy and got
pregnant with Billy. Whenever she thought
about the lessons she had taught for the
little boys she sat for she got wet. She
loved to fantasise about being with little
boys whilst she was making love to
Freddy or just playing with herself. Trisha
will have her experiences put into another
story one day.

Back to the matter in hand, as they say,
Freddy had started to pull back Billy’s
foreskin. It did slide back easily and he
gently soaped the glans. Billy pulled back
because his knob was extremely sensitive.
“It’s OK Billy” Freddy said “It is sensitive I
will not hurt you.” Billy moved his lower
body forward again, his p—k was starting
to get hard, it was standing out straight in
front of him and with each throb it got a
little higher and higher. As Billy had
moved back the foreskin had slid
forwards again and now it was covering
the glans once more. Freddy got hold of
the foreskin again and started to pull it
back, it clipped nice behind the rim of the
glans and again Freddy started to soap
the knob. By this time Billy’s 12 year old
boy c–k was rock hard and now pointing
straight up, not flat against his stomach
about 10 degrees off. It had now grown
to a respectable 4 inches with a
circumference of 3 ¼ inches..

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Trisha was getting wetter by the second
and she looked at Freddy’s c–k and saw
that he was started to swell.
Freddy was remembering his learning
experiences with some of the other boys
at his school and was enjoying the feel of
a now rock hard solid boy c–k. It was
not until now had he realised just how
much softer his penis was when it was
hard – if that makes sense. He gave it a
few squeezes. He could feel his own c–k
starting to grow. He rinsed off Billy’s

Trisha suddenly had the irresistible urge
to touch Billy’s 12 year old c–k, she
needed to feel it and rekindle her
memories of years gone by.
“Freddy, you have missed something
pass me the soap, come over here Billy.”
She soaped her hands and moved them
towards the rock hard prepubescent boy
c–k, her hands were trembling. She
knew what she was going to do was
wrong but her lust had overtaken her
mind, she had to feel this beautiful c–k.
She felt his balls and waggled them
around in her hand, his little sack filled
the palm of her hand quite well, and she
then put her fingers around his rock hard
c–k and pulled it down a little away from
his stomach. Slowly she pulled the
foreskin back and it clipped over the rim
of the glans, then she pulled it further
down and ran her finger round the back
of the head and the exposed red skin of
the inside of the foreskin. She then
pinched the frenulum with the thumb and
finger rubbing around the back of the
She loved the feel of her son’s boy c–k;
it was so hard she felt it throbbing to her

She would dearly love to s–k his
knob but she was unsure what Freddy
might do in this circumstance. Sure they
fantasised a little about their early
experiences but that was it. Freddy never
knew the extent of the practise Trisha had
in teaching little boys and taking their
virginities. She had collected quite a few
boys’ cherries in her life. Her she was
now at 29 remembering and getting
incredibly wet with the wonderful
“Now that’s what you didn’t do Freddy”
she pulled the foreskin back over Billy’s
knob and started to wank him a little
under the pretext of making sure that his
penis was really clean. She looked at
Freddy and saw that his d–k was fully
erect and throbbing. “Now Billy I want you
to wash your Father’s penis so that I
know that you really do understand how
to wash yourself in the future.
Freddy shot Trisha a look of surprise “I
don’t know if this is a good idea”
Billy said “I don’t mind Dad, it will prove
that I know what to do.” He moved back
towards his Dad and soaped his hands.
He gently felt Freddy’s scrotum. He
noticed how much bigger his balls were
than his own. Freddy’s p—k was standing
out strong from his body up at 60 degrees
and bouncing with every heartbeat. He
was at his full 5 1/2 inches and Billy put
his soapy hand around the s—t. His
fingers just about met as they gripped
“Wow Dad your penis is so much thicker
than mine!” He washed up and down the
s—t and with each down stroke Trisha
watched as more and more of her
husbands fat knob came into view. Then
the foreskin clipped back behind the glans
and Billy washed the glans carefully,
gently, softly..

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Episode 4

Freddy was enjoying the experience
although he knew what was happening
was not right he was in raptures of
pleasure and he had long stopped
thinking with the head on his shoulders.
Billy remembered his Mother’s
instructions and then gripped his Dad’s
s—t with greater firmness and pulled the
foreskin all the way back exposing the red
inside of the foreskin behind the head of
the knob.

This was the first time he had
ever seen a grown man’s penis in this
state and he thought how lucky he was to
have his Father’s genes so that one day
he would also have a penis like this.
Billy then washed the red skin at the back
of the glans and brought his fingers round
and started washing and stroking the
frenulum. Freddy could feel tension
building up inside, should he c-m or not,
would it be right to let his son make him
o—-m. He then gave up thinking with his
big head and let the little one do the work.
Billy rubbed gently over the whole glans
and around the rim and frenulum a few
times and then washed off the soap and
moved the foreskin back into its usual
resting place, he put a little more soap on
his hands and like his Mother had done to
him he wrapped his hands around the
s—t again and unknowingly wanked his

Trisha watched as Freddy’s face became
more flushed with excitement, not wishing
to stop his pleasure she said to Billy
“That’s right sweetheart just squeeze a
little harder to make sure it gets clean
and rub it up and down.”
Billy obeyed, he felt the penis get fatter,
his fingers no longer reached all the way
around it but he kept on squeezing and
rubbing then squirt, squirt, squirt three
jets of c-m hit Billy on his chin and chest.
He pulled away surprised and Freddy got
hold of his d–k and finished himself off.
He turned and washed the end of his
“What happened?” Billy asked and Trisha
answered “It’s OK son that is what
occasionally happens to a grown up penis
and it is quite normal.”
Freddy told Billy that he obviously did
know how to wash himself and thanked
him for washing him so well.
He got out of the shower and told Billy to
finish off. He and Trisha went to their
bedroom. As soon as they were in the
room Trisha got on her knees and started
s—–g Freddy’s p—k, it had hardly gone
down at all. She wanted to put the penis
that her 11 year old son had just
masturbated into her mouth. She thought
about perhaps doing this in the shower,
letting Billy learn about oral sex but
decided against it. She took the p—k right
to the back of her throat. Freddy could
feel it slip into the tightness of Trisha’s
throat and was suddenly hard again.
He was still extremely excited and
normally after he had c-m he had
noticed as he was getting older that he
needed a bit of a cooling off period, but
not this time. He picked Trisha up and put
her on the bed.