[STORY] The night i sneaked out for s*x (episode 1-3)

Episode 1 My heart pounded very fast and loud, as i silently opened my room door, around 10pm on wednesday 26 december 2012…… I sneaked out into the night, noiselessly and with caution, while my ears were at alert to pick out the slightest noise, as the harmattan breeze blew upon me…. I easily scaled our small fence and headed to chuks house, very fast as if the devil was chasing me…… And what then, kept me awake that evening if not sex, cos It has really been long that i last had a good sex, which was over a year ago and the private university i got admitted into, was really worst than a missionary/secondary boarding school, cos we had no chance to satisfy our sexual urge in there and we were just like fowls in a cage… And all we did was just to fantasize in that school…… Mtcheeeew… And so when i returned to the village with my parents during xmas, chuks my cousin told me of “a girl from the neighbouring village, that he was inviting and if i’m to be interested, that he will equally link up her friend for me, but that money must change hands” and i easily accepted cos money wasn’t my problem……. So as i ran towards chuks house, the thought of what i will do to the other girl, aroused me and i ran with a dangling joystick…. He had earlier called and informed me on phone that evening, that the girls were already in his room, which really delighted me and i told him that i was coming…… Chucks had the mind to invite the girls, cos his parents didn’t return home for xmas, and apart from him who was studying in a state university close by, no family member was around in his house…… I gently knocked on his door when i got to his house, and my eyes lit up happily when he opened the door and i saw two beautiful damsels waiting for us to devour them….. “Meet peace and charity” chuks introduced them to me, and i smiled happily cos i couldn’t wait to begin the show…… “Guy na here we go do am oo” he said to me as he kissed charity and i nodded, cos i wasn’t expecting him to open his parents bed room for me…… I carried peace on my laps and she smiled to me as she crossed her hand over my neck, while i licked my lips, unbuttoned her shirt, and pulled down her bra which made her average sized bosoms to dash out…. I grabbed and s—-d it hungrily while she rubbed my head, which sent a direct 24volts current to my body, and my joystick reacted by enlarging more….. “ewoo ewoo heeey” i soon heard charity moan as chuks knacked her wet kitty “fikpia fikpia fikpia” while he held her two bosoms as if they were a bicycle handle bar…… Peace grabbed my joystick and massaged it very fast, while i pulled off her skirt and pant, which was already filled with feminine juice….. I stood up and she positioned herself in a d—-e style, while i wore a condom and penetrated her hot large kitty, and i felt as if i was in another world as i entered her honeypot…. Kpia! I slapped her buttocks and rocked away, very fast while my balls which was well loaded with accumulated spe.r.m slammed on her kitty region…….. And she recieved me forth with great abandon, as she took my joystick home…..

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