[STORY] The night i lost my Virginity (Episode 1-3)

Episode 1
Am a guy who is from a christianity home and background though my do go to clubs or go to parties anyhow…..i dont follow them coz i think it is nt d way of d Lord…and d bible said show me your friend and i will know who you are….But ve tried to leave dis particular friends but it is nt possible because we ve known each other since when we were small and anytime i leave them,i found out dat religious people like me are few in d community….

As people know me My name is Rollingwealth….and i like to cal myself a holy guy because am a born again christian,ve evangelise d word of God in different places…and ve win souls for God……
Have tried all my best in advisin my but they would never change…They are so bad to d extent dat i saw something which i do see wif my uncle….i think the name is C****m…When i asked my Uncle about it…He said it is between him and is Fiancee….and i know my friends did nt ve any fiancee….when i ask dem wat they are using it for…
They didnt ans me coz they classify me as a Local Boy….

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Episode 2
Now it was saturday,my went out alone,one of their girlfriends came home…i told her they were nt aroundt and i called Them for her coz she said she didnt ve airtime on her phone…they told me to let her stay….As God will ve it…I was going for Choir practice in my church on campus…..So i her at home…On my way to church the thought came from no where into my head….What are all dis guys planning,is d girl tryin to pass d night in our house,and they might do rubbish i do watch on tv…i dont really think so…I had to call Afolarin…
Afolarin:Guy how far?

Me:Am fine
Afolarin:Where you dey? And hope say you no dey shoki d girl wey dey house
Me:What do you mean by dat?…am on my way to church..
Afolarin:Church again….Pastor pray for us oo
Me:Am nt going to pray,am going for practice..ehn ehn…why did dat girl wat to sleep in our house
Afolarin:Which kind question be dat?…Girl wan sleep our room,wetin dat one explain
Me:Maybe you guys want to do the rubbish you told me about d last time
Afolarin:Laughs,it is all of us dat will do dis one..
Me:God forbid…am sleepin in my girlfriends place tonight…Bye for now…We will talk later na

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Episode 3
When i get 2 church,i did all i had 2 do,and it was now time 2 go home…OMO..House i no fit go na,dem get their girlfriends for house…well i go sleep 4 church be dat,i go go house early tomorrow morning ni ye o….
I called Ayo if truly Afolarin was tellin d truth by sayin d girl is sleeping over night?….
Ayo:How far!

Me:Bad,where you dey?
Ayo:Why you dey bad na?…i dey house..
Me:I dey Bad coz i no fit sleep for house..
Ayo:Ah Ah..who be d person wey talk say make you no sleep house…?.
Me:Na all of una o
Ayo:How na?…who be d magga wey talk say make you no sleep house?…
Me:Well,na my destiny sha…
Me:Wetin you dey do now?…
Ayo:Me dey watch film,Afolarin go buy petrol…why d rest carry one girl wey dey our house go out sha…
Me:D girl dey sleep our house?
Ayo:Yes na,why we go buy petrol before?
Me:Hmmmm…dat be d reason i know wan sleep house..
Time as gone by now,i cant sleep in church again…Reason is dat mosquito will kill me and i didnt prepare to sleep in church…It was around 7:58pm now,so i took my leave

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