22nd June 1989
I woke up from sleep with a very terrible headache, while hunger and fear occupied the rest of my body.
Nnamdi who was lying by my side instantly coughed, startling me. I rubbed my eyes, got up from bed and smiled at little Winnie who was sleeping peaceful on her cot.

That fateful day was my 19th birthday, but instead of being the happiest day of my life, it brought great suspence, fear and sorrow with it. It was equally the last day Nnamdi, my boyfriend and little Winnie’s father gave me to pack out from his room.

Our relationship suddenly turned sour when i got pregnant for him. He never wanted me to keep the baby, but i refused to terminate it leaving him with no choice than to accept responsibility, when my parents threw me out of their house.

I was in SS3 when it happened, while he was just a struggling brick layer and a motor mechanic apprentice. We both were from poor backgrounds which truly worsened everything.

I was then left at his mercy, and out of frustration he never allowed a moment to pass without reminding me of the hardship i was causing him and how unlucky i was. Those were the moments i felt like killing myself.

I admit i made a terribly mistake by having unprotected se.x and getting pregnant for him, but harming my innocent baby was what i really couldn’t do.

I managed and struggled with determination until i gave birth to my little girl on 21st december 1988. Nnamdi on his part grudgingly supported me by providing the little he had which he never did without complaining, but the love and joy my little girl brought into my life sustained and gave me hope.

As soon as little Winnie was born, he gave me six months to leave his house. At first i thought it was one of his numerous careless comments, but as June slowly drew near, he began singing it almost everyday in my ears. Leaving me confused, demoralized and unhappy.

It really wasn’t as if he was spending much on us. I only ate twice daily while little Winnie survived on my br.east milk and few ‘Tins’ of baby milk concerned neighbours especially our land-lady do give us.

The previous day {21st June}, he almost strangled me simply because i begged him to allow us stay few more months with him. I had no money on me, nor family to seek because to them i was good as dead. Not even when i took little Winnie to them months after she was born did their mind change.

I murmured some prayers as i awaited my fate, wondering where to go, when he eventually wakes up and throws us out.

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Episode 2

Nnamdi soon woke up, ignored my greeting, washed his mouth and left the house without a word. I was terribly scared because of the way he looked at me. I knew it was just a matter of seconds before he kicks us out of his room. I sobbed quietly as I lamented my fate.

“My mates are all with their parents, enjoying their lives and planning for a brighter future. Here i’m suffering like a refugee” i reasoned with tears. “only if i had listened to him months ago and terminated my baby, i wouldn’t be suffering in this manner” i said to myself bitterly. But deep down in my heart i equally knew i rejected to do his bidding because i couldn’t bear such guilt which would have been terrible and unbearable.

Winnie’s loud cry soon calmed me. I quietly carried her, changed her napkin, breastfed and sang a lullaby for her. He came in that moment eyeing us.

“Have you packed all your things?” he asked coldly.

I swallowed hard and stared at him pleadingly.

“please don’t do this to us” i begged,“we are already managing well, i’ll start a trade very soon” i added.

He scratched his head uneasily and again eyed me murderously,“do you call this life eeh? Abeg shut up that your dirty mouth” he barked, before grabbing all my clothes which he dumped inside an old large bag, fetched Winnie’s things and equally dumped them in it. “Here is two hundred and fifty Naira {#250} it’s your transport fare to your parents house, i have tried enough for you, i won’t kill myself doing it mtcheeew” he muttered and threw the money at me.

Tears instantly fell uncontrollably from my eyes, i had no where to go.

I was doomed, I dropped Winnie on the bed, knelt and begged him “please Nnamdi, please” i begged again and again, but instead of my pleas to calm him, it infuriated him tremendously. He slapped me hard,grabbed the bag and threw it out of his room.

“i will do the same to you and this baby if you don’t leave peacefully” he threatened.

I stared at him heartbroken, and hungry, cursing the day i granted him access to my body. The story of my love life with Nnamdi really is a long one. An affair which never should have happened in the first place had i ignored my heart, because he really had nothing to offer me, yet i foolishly fell in love with him. A very stupid teenage love affair which I now regret.

Love dosen’t work in an empty stomach, neither does it work in an unsecured environment.

Nnamdi wasn’t in love with me any longer because circumstances changed and he only saw me as a burden to his miserable life. He totally ignored Winnie’s cries, my pleas and our neighbours preachings as he pushed us out of his house that fateful morning.

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“My dear stop crying and think ahead, crying over split milk dosen’t make any sense” our Landlady advised as she led me to her apartment.

“my life is useless i feel like dying” i weeped,

“my dear stop mocking God, he alone knows the reason he kept you alive, so don’t be ungrateful” she cautioned.

“i however think you should leave your bag with me, return to your family and see if they will accept you” she advised minutes later, after i had calmed down a little. I cleaned my eyes and stared at her with prayers in my lips.

“i pray they do, if not i’m stranded and doomed” i murmured with a broken spirit, knowing fully well the kind of parents i had. Only divine intervention could make them change their stand.

But I had no choice than to try my luck once again. I trekked from Igbariam to Nnaji-nwede street where my parents resided, carrying Winnie with me.

I couldn’t afford using public transport that fateful morning, because i needed to make good use of the little money i had. Mum was the only one at home when i got there, making me relax a bit as i rested in her shop which was just in front of the house. The fire in her eyes died as soon as she saw me, tears quickly formed in them as she stared at my weak body.

“Nne” was all she could mutter, while i swallowed hard with tears in my eyes. Other mothers would have reached out and carried their daughter’s child who equally was her grand daughter, but she didn’t, instead stared at us with pity.

Even though she never did support Dad’s harsh treatment towards me, she equally never condenmed it, perhaps because i had five other younger sisters, whom they needed to protect by using my punishment as a lesson and example to them.

“Mum help me please i have nowhere else to go, Nnamdi threw me out of his house this morning” i sobbed and knelt by her side with little Winnie in my arms. She breathed deeply, scratched her head and stared at the ceiling.

“have you eaten today?” i heard her ask.

“no Mum food isn’t my problem” i replied with tears.

“i have beans let me get some for you” she murmured, left her shop and went into the house to get a plate of beans for me.

She returned with it, dropped the plate on a small stool, and reluctantly carried little Winnie, so that i could to eat properly.

“please be quick with it, because you have to leave before your Dad shows up, i don’t want his problem today” she urged.

Her comment really broke my heart, but i was already used to such comments. I rushed up with my meal, washed my mouth and thanked her.

“now you can leave abeg” she murmured and gave me fifty naira,

“use it to buy akamu {pap} for your daughter” she added a bit coldly. I closed my eyes out of pain but tears refused to fall out.

“Mum i have no-where to go” i reminded her, but all she did was just to shrug.

“it’s non of my business you arn’t our responsibility anymore, if you have any case, do present it to your father please and not to me” she replied nervously.

Leaving me once again lost, confused and hopeless,“how can i face Dad when Mum is behaving like this” i wondered.

I had hoped with time that their cold behaviour towards me will reduce, but instead of reducing, it only increased.

“anwúómú ööö{i don die} here comes your Dad” Mum exclaimed as she sighted him from afar seconds later, instantly pushing me out of her shop.

I stood outside and waited for Dad defiantly, with a broken spirit and Winnie in my arms,“whatever will be, will eventually be, let it happen now” I said myself as i waited for him to finish me..

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“good-day DAD” i greeted fearfully as he approached me, but he simply gave me a terrible look, spat and shook his head, “you are no daughter of mine, you are a big disgrace to my family, just look at yourself and what you have done to your future” he muttered with an angry tone, walked into Mum’s shop cursing angrily. I was extremely disheartened and downcasted.

“dear lord open up the earth and swallow me, please” i knelt and cried.

People passed by and watched me silently, some laughed, some murmured inaudible words, some scoffed, some sighed in pity, some shrugged and cursed my parents, but none came forward to help me. Not even my younger sisters.

By 4pm that fateful day, i returned to my landlady’s shop with a broken spirit and a weak body. There were tears in her eyes as she saw me walk in. She quickly offered me a chair before giving me a plate of rice.

‘Oh i really would have died that fateful day if not for her’.

I can never forget all she did for me. Our land-lady fondly called Mama Joy by everyone who knew her was a very kind hearted old woman, who managed to raise her three children all alone with the little profit she made from the small street corner “food-Joint” she owned. Her husband{our landlord} was just a well known drunkard and gambler who spent all the money he made from his old house, drinking and gambling. He really made ‘pool promoters and agents’ very wealthy with his stupidity.

Mama Joy was thus forced to fight for her children alone, perhaps that was the main reason she felt and understood my plight.

“don’t worry my dear, i’ll talk to Nnamdi when he returns this evening, i really don’t understand men nor boys of nowadays” she assured me as i ate with a broken spirit.

“what will i do if Nnamdi refuses to listen to her” i wondered fearfully, “perhaps Mama Joy will allow me work for her” i reasoned with a dry smile, “but where will i be sleeping” i asked myself sorrowfully.

I really was very worried as we waited for Nnamdi to show up that fateful day. But to my extreme surprise, he came home by 9:30pm, dragging a young strange woman who looked like a whore with him. I was broken hearted, dejected and in tears. Mama Joy simply shrugged and held me.

“that’s some of the things we poor women face in life, don’t let it bother you” she calmly advised. But something deep down told me i had lost Nnamdi forever.

The little hopes i had were dashed that moment.

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“what do i do now?” i sobbed uncontrollably,

“nothing my dear, absolutely nothing” mama Joy calmly replied and held me.

“where do i lay my head tonight? Where do i go from here?” i asked unhappily,

“my dear, do trust in God he alone has control over our destiny, don’t give up” she calmly advised. But i really was very heart broken and scared, because i knew i was lost in an unfriendly world where my own family rejected me.

“my husband really won’t tolerate you staying with us, but i hope you can manage my store {storage room}, it’s very spacious and there is an old mattress in it” she said to me as i sobbed.

I instantly looked at her hopefully, i never expected her to help me further, thus my delight and happiness as little hope fell on me.

“you can stay there till you get a better accomodation, you can also come work for me in my restaurant and make small money for yourself, at least with it you can make better plans for your future. I just wish i’m a rich woman, i would have helped you more” she murmured.

“oh don’t bother ma” you have done more than enough for me, something my own mum couldn’t do” i answered gratefully.

That was how i found myself under Mama Joy’s care. I slept in her store at night and worked in her restaurant during the day. I worked tirelessy as i tried to discard my sorrows and earn something decent for myself. Nnamdi never for a day lifted a finger to help me nor ask of his daughter’s welfare, even though we do see each other everyday, Instead he continued making me jealous by bringing different girls to his room. His actions pained me alot but i pretended as if i didn’t care. I held my pride, suffered silently and never begged.

Three months i suffered and toiled under Mama Joy’s care, until September when a good looking middle aged woman who patronized her restaurant came into my life, offering to help me raise my child. Her sweet tongue and behaviour really convinced me of her good intentions that without second thoughts, i accepted her help against Mama Joy’s reservations.

A week later I moved into the woman’s house without giving it a second thought.

Little did i know that misfortune awaited me.

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Mady was the name, everyone called my new helper and she really was a lovely woman to behold. Her grand beauty was very spectacular and solid. But upon all the beauty and air she carried she still remained unmarried, which i found very strange. I really wasn’t surprised to see lots of young girls in her house when i moved in to live with her, because she told me she was running a non governmental organisation which cared for homeless street girls, but i never imagined she could be so rich as to own a giant two storey building, a thirty room quarters {built like a hostel} and another small bungalow all fenced together in one big compound. Three 504 salon cars and a mercedes 200 adorned her garage. I couldn’t help but notice that the girls who lived under her care all idolized her, because she was friendly to all with her sweet mouth.

“i started from the streets but now i own all these” she said as she showed me round the massive compound, while I smiled happily, thinking i had finally gotten to the land flowing with milk and honey.

I was later introduced and handed over to a girl called Ona, whose work was to help, educate and make me look good, while Little Winnie was taken away from me and handed over to an old woman whom they called Mama Nurse.

“She will be better off in our nursery” the old Nurse had assured me as she carried my little girl, but I still insisted on seeing the nursery, which after a little hesitation, she led me to the extreme end of the main house, through a hall-way and into a large room built underneath.

Cribs, toys, and clothes of various sizes adorned the room making it look beautiful.

“you see your little angel will be properly cared for here, just keep thanking Mady, she really cares for you girls” she murmured with a smile, while i shrugged and said nothing.

The nursery truly was a paradise to behold, compared to the store i used to live with my little girl, yet it looked very creepy to me, making me a bit scared. However i paid no heed to my feelings, thinking i felt uncomfortable because it was the first time Winnie was leaving my care….

But i was very wrong.

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Mady sent for me later in the evening.Ona led me to see her, leading me directly to Mady’s room. A well furnished spacious room adorned with beautiful red curtains and a goldstar colour TV. I couldn’t help but feast my eyes on the beautiful things surrounding me.

Mady was comfortably sitting on her bed when we got there. A newspaper resting on her laps, making her look like a female military administrator. She smiled as soon as she noticed our presence and nodded to Ona.

“thanks for bringing her, you can now leave us” she said calmly to Ona, who quickly obeyed and left the room.

“come sit here my dear” she said to me, pointing to a small chair facing her bed. I nervously obeyed without a word.

“hope you are getting acquainted with your new home?” she asked curiously, examining me with her eyes.

“oh yes, thanks alot, you are so kind” i replied gratefully.

“Ona did a good job with your hair. I like your new look” she said smiling, while i blushed.

“anyway i invited you here for something important. I really can’t wait till tomorrow because you know time is money, moreover i will like you to sleep over what i have to tell you” she said slowly, keenly observing my reaction.

I nodded calmly, my heart beating furiously. I couldn’t imagine what could be so serious for her to invite me by that hour. 10:30pm the wall clock in her room displayed.

“i invited you here because of your daughter Winnie. I will very much love to adopt her. She’s very cute and i promise she will have the best life can offer. I will give you N200,000 ” she said.

A cold shiver ran through me. That was a huge amount, i reasoned. At least with that, i could start up something. But i beheld my daughter’s image and shook my head.

”I can’t accept it Ma, i want to be with my daughter” i replied.

“Go and think about it and talk to me tomorrow. Remember, you don’t need the child now. you don’t have anybody to take care of you. you have to move on with your life as a young girl that you are” she finally said and dismissed me.

“N200,000!?,” Ona exclaimed, you are lucky. the other time, she gave blessing N100,000 to have her child” I was suprised at what Ona said and i asked “where is the baby now?”

“nobody knows”she replied.

”and where is blessing now?” i asked

“Few days from now, you will start doing what she is doing. you have to survive. use what you have to get what you want” Her explanation baffled me.

“prostitution? God forbid. Over my dead body.” That night, i didn’t get enough sleep, i was looking at the time to know when it will be dawn, so that i will go to Mady and demand for my daughter and leave this place. I know God won’t
reject me if everybody does.

But do i think i would get back my daughter so easily?

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I knocked on Mady’s door thrice before she opened it. I greeted her. she yawned, looked at the wall clock hanging on the wall. It was 5.45am.

“How was your night?” she asked.

“fine” i replied.

She made to usher me in, perhaps to hear me tell her ‘yes, i will accept the offer’ but i was reluctant. She noticed and asked if there’s any problem.

“I want to see my child” i told her.

She looked at me intently as if she didn’t know it was i. After much staring, she told me that my child is with the nursery mistress.

“Where do i find her?” i asked.

She said nothing. All she did was to walk into her room and come back with a little bag. she handed it over to me.

“This is the money we talked about. take it and leave. I have taken your daughter as mine already. Go and get ready with the rest girls, you are going on your first outing with them today?” She said and shut the door.

“Noo i don’t want your money. I need my daughter. I don’t want to stay here anymore. Give my my daughter so i can leave” i kept shouting as i hit the door hard. I threw away the money. I can never exchange my Winnie, the first fruit of my womb for money.

I was still there when three Hefty men came out from nowhere and ordered me to keep quiet. I refused. One of them gave me the hardest slap i ever received since i was born. I had no other choice than to keep quiet amidst sobs.

They locked me in one room. I knew Mady ordered them to do that. I cried bitterly. I prayed to God to hearken unto my cries for i know i have sinned. I cursed the day i slept with Nnamdi. I cursed the day i met him.
Throughout that day, i was locked up with no food nor water. I became very weak.

It was around 10pm that i heard the door open slightly. Ona creeped in and signaled to me to keep quiet. She locked the door and gave me the food she brought for me.

“I saw what happened. I have been looking for a chance to bring you something but i found none. Please eat the food fast before Mady finds me here” she whispered.

After eating, she told me that Mady locked me up so that i will die of starvation. Ona said Mady has killed countless girls in that manner. I was really surprised at this that i gave out a loud gasp.

“But because i found out you are a nice person, i decided to help you. I put something in that ”three men’s” drink to make them sleep. I want you to escape”She said.

I was really touched with this kind of kindness.

“But how do i escape without my daughter?” I asked.

It was then Ona told me that my daughter has been taken away. She gave me some money, led me carefully out of the house and bade me safe journey.

“Thank you so much Ona. God will bless you” i said as i left.

I looked into the darkness of the night with a great fear, not knowing where to go. I wondered if i could survive that night and if i can ever see my daughter again.

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I headed into the darkness of the night. I was filled with fear as i knew not where to go. Ona gave me her telephone number. I blamed my parents for abandoning me in the first place. How could they be so heartless. They care not about what happens to me because i got pregnant. Despite the fact that i pleaded and begged them. I pitied other people who were blessed with understanding parents. If i had aborted the baby as Nnamdi told me, they wouldn’t have abandoned me. They wouldn’t have even know i was pregnant at all. But the consequences may be disastrous.

Firstly, sinning against God double inorder to cover one sin committed.

Secondly, i may never get pregnant again.

I decided to accept my fate.I searched for where to lay my head that night. I saw an uncompleted building and moved in. I prayed earnestly for God’s protection. I remembered my daughter and wept bitterly. I thought of Mama Joy and concluded that i will narate my ordeals to her the following day when i eventually find her.

In the middle of that same night, i heard footsteps. I curled up, listening attentively. They were coming into the uncompleted building. My heart started beating faster, i heard their voice, they were men. A cold shiver ran through me.

Then entered and saw me, immediately, i saw them bring out their weapons. Guns, axes and cutlasses. They were six in number. I was able to count them because one of them shone a little torch towards me.

“i mean no harm please. Don’t kill me” my voice was shaky.

“Who are you and what do you want here?” One of them barked and pointed the torch at my face.

“Nneoma?” I was shocked as i heard him call my name. He called me again “Is that you?” At this i nodded while still looking at his face to find out who he was. I finally got it.

“Prince” i called him.

Prince used to be my classmate until i got pregnant and stopped school. I used to help him his class work and assignment back in those days. During exams, i wrote answers in piece of paper, squeezed it and threw it to him.

“Dagger, you know her?” that was the question his members started asking him.

I kept looking at his face in disbelief as he nodded his head in affirmation. He told them to keep back their weapons.

That night i slept at his place. He told me to sleep on the bed while, he slept on the floor.

When it was morning, i narrated my ordeals to him. When i got to my escapade with Mady, he breathed heavily, lowered his head and looked at me for a very long time. I was suprised when he told me that he’s Mady’s agent and that he can help me get back my daughter because of the things i did for him back in school.

There was a knock on the door.
is it Mady?
Has she discovered that i escaped?
has she come to tell Prince to find me with his men? she knew she would be in trouble if i escape.

Prince hid me under his bed as he went to open the door.

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Prince oponed the door and behold, it was Ona. I made to come out from my hiding but i decided to stay where i was, to find out her mission.

She was panting “Dagger, there is problem. A girl who refused to play along with Mady has escaped. Mady is on her way to this place to tell you to mobilize your boys and search for her. This is her passport…..” I Peeped and saw her bring out a passport. I knew it’s my passport. I saw Prince stare at the passport. Shaking his head.

“Please don’t hurt her when you eventually find her. Rather save her life. The poor girl is just helpless and innocent. The baby under your care to be sold to the ritualists is hers. I gave her a number to reach me…” On hearing this, i came out from my hiding.

“My daughter.. my daughter…” that was all i was

Ona was so shocked to find me there. Prince told her what happened and added that i used to be a good friend of his back in school.

Prince told me that he would help me on one condition, being that i must tell nobody about Mady and the kind of business she does. I agreed and he made me swear. I wondered why he was trying to protect the evil woman. Perhaps they are all into the business together. The same doom awaited them.

He arranged a room for me in a distant hotel for the mean time. He brought my daughter to me that very day. I was so grateful to him and Ona. Perhaps he decided to help me because how good i used to be to him back in our school days. Even Ona. Another Godsent i don’t know how to repay her but i know God will see her through somebody.

Prince gave me a huge sum of money to travel to another state and start life afresh. I owed him alot. I never got any information on what transpired after prince and Ona saved me. I didn’t also know anything about Nnamdi’s whereabout. Even Mama Joy and my parents. But i knew and believed that i would see them again someday. What gave me the greatest joy was my Winnie, my daughter.

Years later.
I struggled hard to further my education and train my daughter in school too. After everything, i graduated as a lawyer. I got enough money from my clients. My daughter was living a good life and doing well in school too. I bought a car and owned a house. God really blessed me after many years of hardship.

An idea struck my mind to visit home with my daughter to know the situation of things.

But i never knew what awaited me back home

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It was Mama Joy’s place i visited first. As i drove into the compound, it was Nnamdi i saw first. He kept looking at the car to know who was inside. I didn’t want Winnie my daughter to see him. I feared might ask me about his daughter. When i parked the car, i told Winnie to wait in the car. I came down and pretended not to see him. I noticed him come my come while i avoided him as i made my way towards Mama Joy’s place. When she saw me, she yelled with joy and embraced me. Then Nnamdi came there and called my name. I ignored him. He prostrated on the ground and started begging me to forgive him. He told how he had married twice and got no issue. He asked about my daughter. I told him to leave me alone that his daughter is dead. I saw tears roll down his cheeks. He was really sorrowful. I made up my mind never to forgive him. I watched him walk away in agony. Mama Joy told me that he was telling the truth. She told me that after getting married for a very long time, he got no child. His people told him to send the woman away and marry another, which he did and still no issue to show for it. The doctors said that nothing’s wrong with him and that God’s time is the best.

”Serves him right. God is punishing him for what he did to me” that was all i said.

I gave Mama Joy things i bought for her. I gave her money too. she was so happy. I entered my car and as i was driving away, Nnamdi was waving me goodbye with tears in his eyes.

“Mum, who is that man over there?” my daughter asked, pointing at Nnamdi. I told her lies.

I drove straight to my father’s compound. it was my mother i saw first. As i came down with my daughter, i was surprised as my mother gave me a warm embrace. She apologised on her behalf and on behalf of her husband. she embraced my daughter too. I was happy when she called her “my granddaughter” I cried bitterly when she told me that my two sisters died in a ghastly accident. My father went for a meeting. I was shocked when she told me that a woman from nowhere showed up and said that almost all our lands belonged to her. She took the case to court because she has a lot of money. I told my Mum to relax that i am a lawyer. She couldn’t believe it. As we were still talking, a car drove into our compound.

“That is the woman” my mother said.

The woman packed her car and came out, I was shocked when i saw Mady come down from the car.

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The final episode

I was infuriated on seeing the wicked woman. So she’s the one troubling my family. This is the time to take my total revenge on her for all she did to me and still doing to my family.

She was stunned and speechless on seeing me and my daughter. I saw confusion written all over her. She came to remind my parents that the next hearing in court is the next day. She drove out. We got into the house as i narrated my ordeal with Mady to my mother. She cried bitterly and thanked God for saving my life.

My father came in and i stood up. I thought he would yell at me, telling me that i am not his daughter and that i should get out but to my greatest suprised. He embraced me and started pleading for forgiveness amidst sobs. He said he has realised he was foolish for forsaking me. When my two sisters died, they became childless. I had to forgive him. He’s my father. Since God had mercy on me and made a way for me where there seemed to be no way, i had no reason not to forgive him but the only person i doubted if i would ever forgive was Nnamdi and his stupid request for my daughter. I would never give him my daughter.

In court the next day, Mady didn’t believe her eyes. She didn’t know i had become a lawyer. I defended my parents as i overpowered Mady’s lawyer. I spoke english upon english with questions to silence my opponent lawyer. I told the entire court that Mady forged the documents. I brought up her child trafficking case in addiction to the one at hand. The Chief Judge asked me how i got to know. I told him that i knew for long but had no evidence to bring her to book. I told them what i went through with her but i made sure i didn’t include Prince and Ona into the story. She was handcuffed and held in custody while her house was searched. The number of girls in her house has reduced. I sought for Ona but i didn’t see her. Some rooms were broken into and after everything. Four human heads and two girls in different rooms were found. The girls were at the point of death of death as the were starved of food and water. This is enough evidence i said.

We returned to the court. The human heads and the two hostages were shown to everybody. There was a great commotion in the court. Order was called for. Mady’s lawyer was too stunned to say anything and so, i fired on comdeming the wicked act and reminding the chief judge that such calamity attracts death penalty (as if he wasn’t aware)

At the end of everything. The land case was dismissed. Victory belonged to us. My parents shed tears of joy as they both embraced me together. My father called me a great daughter. I was so happy.

Mady was sentenced to death by firing squad. I waved her goodbye with a smile telling her that everybody must reap what he or she sows. The black maria took her away. The court will have to go and lock her house.

Just then, i saw a man being led into the court for another case hearing. He looked like someone i know. I stared at him again. Yes, its Prince. That’s surely Prince. My parents asked if i knew him. I told them he’s the one that saved me from Mady, together with another lady called Ona.

I decided to defend him. He had killed somebody. The case was a tough one. I went close to him and whispered into his ears to say that he is not guilty that it was two man fighting.

The case seemed tough but on the next hearing, i won the case for him. He expressed gratitute. He knew the court would have sentenced him to life imprisonment or death as he had no one to defend him. He told me that Ona had died the previous year. I wept and prayed for her wherever she may be. I advised Prince to start up a good business.

On getting home one day, i saw Nnamdi waiting for me. He was begging for my forgiveness. My parents begged me to forgive him. My daughter heard everything and demanded an explanation. I hid nothing from her. Nnamdi embraced her. I quickly drew back my daughter. But at last, I forgave Nnamdi and allowed him give me a tight, long and warm embrace. I was crying. I allowed him access to his daughter but not to take away completely from me.

I later got married to Prince. I was a happy woman. I recalled my trials and thanked God for everything. My mistake of getting pregnant before marriage almost ruined my life but i was successful in the end.

Thanks be to God