[STORY] The Imperfect daughter (+18) (episode 1-19)

Episode 01⚫ . . ?Tia? Tia? No but rather Athena. My name is Athena Johnson but i like Tia more better since I searched for the pet name of Athena. In Greek, they say Athena was a goddess but i don’t know why I was given that name and sincerely I never asked. I’m the indoor type as always. Never celebrated my birthday for real. I have no friends because mother won’t allow me to go outside. I haven’t even gone to the tourist site in my own city before. New York city I was stuck in my room. I’m just a seventeen year old trying very hard not to break. I know no one understands what I’m trying to say. If mother had heard this, she would have said, “I’m senseless just like my useless father” All my life, I have been struggling for parental love. I just wanted my parents to love me and say I am proud of my daughter but I get none. My brother Ruben, always got the praises. Some praises like, “My son is the best son God gave to me. God will always bless him wherever he goes” But for me, it’s always, “You have never done anything to please me. You are just a uselsss stinking thing” Dad never cared for me and I had no one to share my pain with. He is always at work. I’m always a loner. Everything got more worse when Mr Clark, our next door neighbour introduces his daughter to us. Her name was Perpetual. She was slim and beautiful. Everything fits her and to be honest i always admired her. She is beautiful whereas me, I’m so ulgly. She is slim and for me I’m chubby. Nothing fits me. As time passes by, my mom always compared me to her. “You see that girl, she is slim and she can cook and do everything but you, you can’t cook, moreover not even beautiful and you are not even useful to me” Those words hurt. But I only depended on Ephesians 6:3 Children obey your parents for this is right; honour my mother and your father which is the first commandment that has a promise, so that you it may be well with you and you may live long on earth. I can’t cook…Yes, that’s how she sees it because anytime, I try to help the only thing I get is insults or disgrace making my neighbours laugh at me. I sit in my room, just cry all day. I had no one to talk to. Oh I forgot to tell you, Perpetual and I attend the same high school. West High. I was a loner there while Perpertual had fame. She was famous…Everyone know her. She was intelligent too… Yeah, beauty with brains. Every guy had crush on her. So let’s move to the current situation. My heart hammered when I looked at my watch. It’s 9am. Shit, I’m so late. I tiptoed as I reached our class. Everyone was concentrated on our tutor. It was Mr Bridget.. Our literature tutor. I opened the door as everyone focused on me. Mrs Bridget raised a brow and frowned. “You are late Miss Johnson”,she snapped. “Yes… I know and I’m sorry” Then Perpertual scoffed, “I stay with her Mrs Bridget . She doesn’t do anything.. Her mother does everything for her” Mrs Bridget stared at Perpertual and stared at me again.. “You are on detention today and I won’t tolerate your lateness tomorrow” “Okay…”,I was heading to my seat when I heard Perpertual sang out. She is a virgin… Virgin Mary. Then everyone burst out laughing at me. My throat suddenly become painful, making me unable to cry. In my school, at age, Seventeen,being a virgin is a shame, a disgrace. “Enough Miss Benson”,she snapped at her and the class went quiet. I just sat at the back as a drop of tear flowed freely. I wiped it away and stared outside the window all day. . In the evening evening I arrived home. Mom was in the kitchen and I tried to greet her but she rolled her eyes at me. I moved away and decided to do my house chores while Perpertual was dressed for the evening. I don’t know where she was heading to. Her mom kissed her goodbye while I placed the rubbish in the bin. After, the chores, I sat down and watched television hoping to hear about Alessandro Anthony. Everyone loves Alessandro Anthony. Every girl crush on him too… Well I also have a crush on him but what is Alessandro going to do with a chubby girl like me. He had dated 16 celebrities already. I mean slim celebrities with class. He is a playboy. Fucks women and leave then with broken heart. I know a lot about him because he is my crush. He is 21…. I start down waiting to hear news about him but i got none. I slowly took my shower and the moment i slept on the bed, I was asleep totally. . ?Alessandro? “Harder baby”,the b—h moaned while she squeezed her breasts in pleasure. “Harder, naughty boy”,She said while I spanked her ass and she gasped. I was drenched in sweat and she was drenched too. I t—-t faster spanking her, “You like that b—h” “Yes baby … I love it”
I t—-t more s—–g her nipples while she held me tight. “Oh Gosh… I’m going to…”,her words trailed off as she moaned loudly having a huge o—-m. I rolled on top of her and falls on the bed staring at the ceiling.. I f—-d her. She seduced me and I f—-d her. I totally regret what I have I done. “Alessandro, I . .” “Don’t…”,I got up and threw my clothes at her, “Get dressed and get f–k out” She scoffed, “Why are you such an a—–e” “I became an a—–e since the day you cheated on me with my best friend” I dragged her by her arm, “Let go of me, you bastard” “Get out, Trina” “I will go but remember, you always come to me. We both know that” “Not this time b—h”,I said and walked out on her, hearing her stomped her foot. She cheated on me with my best friend, Dilvan. I just hate her. I may be a playboy but for once I tried to get the relationship between Trina and I serious. We dated for three days and the following day i caught her in bed with Dilvan And today, she just seduced and as a Bastard, I fell for it. I stood under the shower, as the water washed her kisses and disgusting touches from my body. After bathing, I rolled on the bed trying to sleep but i couldn’t I was d–n angry. . The next morning at 5am, I wore my tracksuit and decided to jog. I had earpiece in my ears listening to the a slow music. I jog till finally i realised, I’m far from home. I phone Elvis, my driver to pick me up. I walked around, checking my watch from time to time. Then to my surprised, I bulge into someone making her fall. She was holding a lot of bags. “Ouch…”, she said and i looked on my shirt, seeing a red sauce on my shirt. “Are you blind? Didn’t you see me coming” She slowly stood up, wiping the dirt from her body. She was chubby. She looked up at me with her brown eyes. She is d–n cute. “I’m sorry Mr Anthony… I didn’t mean to buldge into you like that” She took tissue from her jeans pocket and cleaned the sauce from my shirt. “Oh my God, That’s Alessandro Anthony”,One girl shouts as everyone starting rushing towards me. She gave a faint smile took her groceries and walked away while I sign autograph. .

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