Episode 1

My name is adeolu.
There’s a saying. “What can’t kill you can make you stronger.”
But the truth is action speaks louder than mere words.
I don’t know how strong I will be coming out from this
predicament that I have found myself.
This all started about 2 years ago in my youth service year in
Kogi state. There was this very good canteen not too far
from Yagba East local government council, where I frequent
often for my CDS. It was the aroma that lured me to the
place, the savory of scented stew and fried meat, it was
irresistible, I couldn’t just evade myself from the luscious
captivity that overwhelmed me Perhaps, a simple restrain
would have changed history, would have saved me from all
these. As I entered the canteen, I grabbed a plate and stood
on the queue salivating and waiting for my turn. When it got
to my turn, before me was something more compelling than
the meal that I expected. My eyes got locked in contact with
the young lady who was serving the meal.
She was beautiful beyond expression, I could hardly
compose myself and it took me some few seconds to reboot.
She then asked.
“What food do you want sir?” In fluent English. I stuttered.
“Give me….. rice N50, dodo N50 and 3 pieces of meat.”
I was going to pay and she refused to collect the money. I
didn’t understand the kind gesture, I then insisted and she
smiled at me and said.
“It’s okay, it’s on me.” I then took a seat and started eating.
While I was eating, I noticed her looking at me at some
instance. It drove my curiosity wild and I was eager to know
her. She sounded quite polished and she looked more
dignified than running a local canteen, I knew there was
more to it. As I was done, I went to meet her and said to her.
“Thank you very much. My name is Adeolu can I know your
name?” She giggled and said. “My name is Tope.”
As we both smiled at each other like teens gripped in some
high school crush. So I left the place hoping to return the
following day. I got to my rented room and I was still
thinking of Tope.
She was average height, dark skinned and very attractive.
Her curves were at the right angle and her bursts were an
eye candy.
I knew I needed companion to quench my lust while I served
my country in the beautiful state of Kogi and Tope just
happened to fit into the picture. Being a nerd and a slacker
isn’t a thing to be proud of. I had only had s*x once, thanks
to Seun who took me clubbing then some chic agreed to get
down with me and at the end made me pay N4,000…That
wasn’t funny. I felt I needed to lay claim of my very own pet,
a decision I soon regret.
The following day I went to the canteen, but this time around
I went there late.
Unfortunately food had finished, but the good thing was that
Tope had time to spare. She was busy preparing to wash the
dishes and I didn’t hesitate to assist her.
She didn’t want me to get my hands dirty but I insisted. I
helped her in getting water and she was
thrilled that a corper would stoop so low helping
her with the dishes. Well, why wouldn’t I, itgranted me the
avenue to view her heavy kegs that
jiggled as she was washing the dishes. Suddenly her mother
appeared from a distance, Tope sighted her and she said to

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I then hid behind the canteen and after about 15 minutes
she left the place. Tope then came to meet me and said.
“Sorry about it.”
I then said. “Its’s okay, no sweat. Your mom is strict right?”
She said. “No she’s not. I am preparing for JAMB exams and
seeing me with a guy would upset her”.
I then said to her. “Then why are you here working in the
canteen? You should be attending lessons now”. She said.
“My elder sister is not feeling too fine and she’s the one in
charge of the canteen. Yesterday was my first day here” I
asked her. “What course do you intend to study?” She said.
I said to her. “I finished with a first class in Chemical
Engineering. if you need any assistance I will be glad to help
She said. “Wow, that will be nice. I have a problem with
chemistry and physics. You must be a genius! ” I laughed
and said. “No I am not, I just love to read my books a lot. It
takes hard work and persistence to be successful.
My dad is a Professor and my mom is a Judge, they really
encouraged me”.
We finished cleaning up and I decided to walk her home
which she agreed. As we walked, we talked about our
families and she opened up about the challenges she faced
gaining admission, being the only child amongst her siblings
privileged to attend higher institution. I was so bent in
making her pass her JAMB and I promised her I would teach
her through.
I convinced her to tell her mom she needed to prepare for
her exams and that she won’t be able to continue with the
running of the canteen.
The mom eventually succumbed and she got a replacement.
I made an arrangement with Tope, for her to be coming to
my place 4:00pm Mondays to Fridays and 1:00pm on
Saturdays, which she agreed.
My intentions were sincere, but with a little thoughts of side
attractions. In spite of being attracted to her, I wanted her
more than anything to pass her JAMB exams this time

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Her first day at my place was an amazing one. She brought
me rice, dodo and 3 pieces of meat. I was really touched
and I felt she truly cared for me. The most enthralling thing
she did again was, she washed all my dirty clothes, including
my boxers and she swept my room and arranged my stuffs.
No lady had done such to me except my mom. I was moved
by that and felt more obliged to her.
We couldn’t do any reading that day. So I walked her home
around 6:30pm. I got to my room and it looked quite
different. Neat and very organized. I laid on my neatly made
bed and I thought to myself. “Is it possible something real
can happen between Tope and I??” But I considered the
years she would spend in the University and all.
She came the following day. This time she wore a fitted
gown. I Knew I was going to be in trouble if I don’t seldom
caution myself. I then told her to list out the most difficult
topics she was facing. I put her through and she was quite
intelligent in grasping, I was really impressed by her keen
interest in understanding.
After studying she then looked at me and said. “How is your
girlfriend?” I laughed and said. “Tope I don’t have a
girlfriend.” She said. “I don’t believe you.” I then said to her.
“Tope, I am not lying to you. Girls don’t find me attractive,
it’s not that I am good looking. Even while in school, I never
had the chance to date any girl I admired.”
She said. “adeoluwa , I know you are special I saw it in your
eyes the first time we met at my mom’s canteen. You are a
special man.”

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I was moved by what she said. No lady had ever said that
thing to me before. I began to feel for her and that was
when I started to really care for her. She looked at my feet
and said. “Aaah.. Adeoluwa. Look at your toe nails. Don’t you
cut them?”
I felt a bit embarra*sed and said. “No now… They are hard
and my nail cutter is missing. I will get another one in town.”
She then said. “Do you have a razor blade?
Let me help you cut it.”
I said. “No oo.. Please I don’t like using razor on me, it could
cut me.”
She then said. “Trust me.”
I got her the razor blade and she meticulously cut my toe
nails neatly. She then took a napkin soaked with water and
she cleaned my feet. No lady had shown me much
compassion and care.
Immediately I erased the lustful thoughts I had on her and I
decided to do everything to make her succeed in her JAMB
Our friendship grew and I found out how remarkable she
was. I began to love her but I fought really hard not to reveal
it to her. I respected her and I knew she was a good lady and
I didn’t want to start something I couldn’t finish. I was aware
we both had feelings for each other, but I was afraid it will
lead to nowhere and also I didn’t want to make a promise I
couldn’t fulfill. It was a tough decision for me, cause I had to
fight every temptation that came my way.
She was really improving in her preparations towards her
examination. She was able to solve all the difficult problems
she once faced and I was proud she was making a headway.
The JAMB exams came and she smashed it. She scored 250
and I bought her a wrist watch for doing so good.
It was friday night around 9:30pm. I heard a knock on the
door and it was Tope. I was really surprised seeing her there
and I said to her. “Why are you out this late?”
She said. “I told my mom I was going for Vigil.”
I then said. “Come in, you lied to your mom abi?” She
couldn’t answer me.
I made her noodles and she ate. We both laid down on the
bed, I knew what I feared the most was revealing its head. I
had just my boxers on and I don’t like sleeping with much
clothes on.
She then said. “Do you have water in the bathroom, I want
to shower.”
I then knew that night was going to be an intriguing one. I
said. “Yes there’s water in the bathroom. You can use this
towel it’s clean.” She took the towel and went into the

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I didn’t have condoms with me and it was late to get one.
After about 15 minutes she then came out from the
bathroom wrapped in my towel. She then put off the light
switch and laid beside me.
She apparently didn’t have any clothes on. Before I could
say jack…. My erection had manifested. But I vowed not to
make the first move. About 10 minutes passed and no move
was made.
She then rested her head on my chest and put her left laps
on my leg. And I thought to myself. “If we spend the night
like this it won’t be bad.” I then put my left hand on her left
shoulder and began to fondle her shoulder a bit. Next thing I
felt was a grip on my joystick. She said. “I have never held
one before. You are the first and you will be the last. I love
you Adeoluwa I came to give you my body, please be easy
on me, I am still a virgin.” I was put in a dilemma, I wanted
her and I didn’t want her at the same time. I couldn’t think of
what to say to her than. “Tope I love you too.” It escaped me
quickly before my thoughts. I was letting my heart speak not
my head. I damned the consequences of tomorrow and
embraced the pa*sion of now. I had just less than a month
to wrap of my service year and I needed to hold on to
something to linger in the archives of my memories. She
began to kiss my chest, sending electronic signals to my
s*xual hormones. Unleashing the demon within me. She
kept on kissing and using her lips to clinch my Tips, that was
the last straw that broke the camels back. I then took charge
and laid her on her back. I s—-d her Tips tenderly and
caressively, she moaned embracing my head while at it.
Although I had read about it in books: How to deflower a
virgin. With no practical experience I knew it was going to be
a long night. While I was s—–g her Tips my right hand was
fondling her region. She was so wet with slimy stuff, but I
didn’t mind. I knew I had to fondle with that place too.
So I later decided to put one finger inside her honey well. It
was really a difficult task and I didn’t know where the orifice
was, not that I could put on the light and search for it. In the
quest of ransacking the opening, I put my finger in her butt.
Hole, she then said. “Ah adeoluwa that’s my anus………

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Raise your finger up a bit…. No a little bit down….Yes there.”
She directed me to the spot but it didn’t seem like an
opening. I then applied little pressure in putting the tip of
my finger inside, She closed her eyes and said. “Be careful, it
hurts a bit.” The tip of my finger finally got in, so I started
taking it in and out continuously. She then said.
“Adeoluwa please I want you on top of me. I need you to do
the real thing.” I then said. “It would hurt, I don’t want to
hurt u.”
She then said. “You deserve it adeoluwa I love you.” I
couldn’t decline her, so I mounted on her and I said. “Tope
you have to help out here, you have to use your hand to
align it to the position.”
She then assisted me to it. My cap was just on the surface of
her v***na. I then started to apply little pressure on it. I
really didn’t want her to feel much pain. She then said.
Adeoluwa just do it….Just do it.”
I couldn’t push it in, I felt it was gong to hurt, it was just so
tight. While I use still applying pressure she then tilted her
waist towards me, causing an abrupt intrusion. She
screamed and held me tight. There was a snap inside of her,
I felt it. I knew it was better I remained inside of her.
It was very obvious she was in extreme pain, I could tell by
the grip she had in her embrace. She then said. “Continue
Adeoluwa, continue. Don’t stop no matter what.” I then
started thrusting… She closed her eyes pretty tight trying to
bear every pain she perceived. I get sorry for her but happy
for myself.
The feeling inside of her was soothing and mind blowing.
Her tightened grip on me enthralled me to an ecstasy I had
never experienced before.
After about 10 minutes I climaxed inside of her. It was so
compelling I had to lie on top of her and remained inside till
I shrunk out of her. I then put on the light and the bed sheet
was stained with blood, it was a gory sight. she helped
removed it and washed it that night. We both showered and
laid on the mattress and started talking. I said to her. “What
came over you?”
She said. “My friend Bimpe got deflowered last week by a
guy that never truly loved her. She gave it to him because
she wanted him to stay. But I gave it to you because you are
truly caring, loving and supporting. I have written JAMB
exams 4 times and because of you I made it this time.
My life would have be nothing without you.” I said to her.
“Tope, I truly care about you. But don’t you think that was
too extreme?” She said. “It had to be you. It would have
been with a guy that doesn’t deserve it. We have known each
other for 3 months and you never asked for it. I have no
regrets Adeoluwa Even though we don’t end up together.”
I then said. “You are sweet girl Tope.” She said. “One more
thing.” I said. “What?” She then said. “We have to do it one
more time in the morning, my friend told me the more I do
it the more I enjoy it. I need to enjoy you Adeoluwa I know
you are finishing service soon and I won’t see you again.
Please let me have the privilege.”
I pondered for a while and I said. “Okay Tope, no problem.”
We had s*x that morning, though she was in pain but she
bore it all because of me, because of her love, her
commitment, her pa*sion for me. I knew in my heart that if
her circumstances was a bit better I would vow to marry her
against all odds. I loved her………

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I loved her and I became so fond of her. We became more
carnal and grew in
Everyday we engaged in lascivious delight and Tope began
to enjoy the pleasurable ecstasy each time we entangled in
the salacious act.
After my service year had ended, I decided to stay
back for a week so as to bid farewell to Tope. I knew
everything we had was going to end as soon as I departed
from Kogi state, and she knew that too. She couldn’t help but
cry all through the last few days I spent with her. I felt for
her, I was moved but I couldn’t change what fate had put
before us.
The day I was leaving, she saw me off to the garage. As I
waited for the vehicle to be filled, she was sobbing
inordinately, her face covered in tears and her nose
licking…. It was a sorry sight, I hugged her close and she
cried out loud.
“Noo… My life! My life! Oh God why?” I said to her. “Tope it’s
okay baby, I will miss you dearly.” She then said. “What will I
do now? Where will I start from? I cannot love anybody
again. oh God please…” I was able to calm her down and she
stopped sobbing. We had already created a scene and
people were beginning to say things. I then said to her.
“Tope, please I need you to have this money, it is N12,000
get a good phone so we can
keep in touch.” She said. “Of what good will it be adeoluwa?
When I know I cannot have you forever.”

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I then said. “Please Tope, I just need to know how you are
faring, to know if I can help you with anything, to hear your
sweet voice again.
Please Tope it means a lot to me.” She took the money and
she started sobbing again and she said. “Good bye adeoluwa
, good bye…”
As she ran away in tears. I stood and watched her fade away
in sight. I had tears in my eyes and felt an emptiness within.
The vehicle got filled and I embarked on my journey to
As I journeyed I reflected on the sweet moments Tope and I
shared. I then realized they were the best times of my life
and I felt privilege to have had such memories.
I got home and met my family, everyone was happy to see
me again. I sure did miss home and all the comforts, but
nothing compared to Tope, whom I missed dearly. I knew I
would probably not see her again and everything we had
would only linger in thoughts till they grow dim with time.
A week passed and I didn’t hear from Tope, as I suspected. I
knew she must have taken the decision to stay aloof, it must
have been very hard on her. I had no option than to move
on and face the reality before me.
Through my mom’s connection, I was able to secure a very
profitable job in one of the biggest oil companies in Nigeria,
in just 3 weeks after my youth service….

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The company made arrangements for me to travel to the U.S
for a 10 months managerial course. I only wished I could tell
the good news to Tope, but there was no means, she didn’t
have a phone, she wasn’t on social media and not even an
email account, Few days later I traveled to Texas, U.S.
It was a wonderful learning experience and I was well taken
care of. I met people from different parts of the world and I
had a great time. At the end of the exercise, I returned back
to Nigeria and the following day I was assigned to the
position of an assistant manager.
I had my own office and desk, it was too good to be true. My
salary was wow!! My life was beautiful. After 3 months of
working I was able to acquire a brand new car. I could afford
any luxury that I wanted.
My fashion changed, I got lots of cool natives and suits,
expensive wrist watches, perfumes… I didn’t know how to
spend my money, every month it kept on growing in
numbers and since I wasn’t really an out going type with
only few friends I had a huge savings.
A former course mate at the University was having a
wedding. I was invited and I felt it was a very good
opportunity for me to meet up with good old friends. I came
late for the church wedding so I took a back seat and shortly
after the church ceremony ended and we all dispersed to
the reception not too far away.
At the reception I took a secluded seat. I never really liked to
mingle and I decided to just observe from a distance. I saw
lots of old faces that made me smile. It was really good
seeing their happy faces again. But a face I would never
forget was Ella’s.
I had a major crush on Ella for 2 sessions and a semester,
until she and Osas started dating shortly before we all
graduated. Ella never reciprocated the feelings and it was
difficult to open up to her. She’s a beautiful fair skinned lady
and very decent. She was into crafts: She made beads,
shoes, bags and cloths. She carved out a name for herself on
I was so pleased to see everyone smiling and having a good
time. I was busy with my phone and next thing, I looked up
and I saw Ella coming my way. My heart beat began to
accelerate faster as she approached me. She had a smile on
and I knew I was in trouble. She pulled out a seat on my
table and sat down, she then said. “Look who we have
here… Mr Loner.
You haven’t really changed have you?” I said. “Hi Ella, so
good to see you.” She then said. “oh adeoluwa The guy I
liked so much but never had the balls to walk up to me.” I
said. “Wait…You don’t mean it.” She said. “You never knew I
liked you? Why did you think I was always in your cla*s
hanging with Chioma?” I then said. “Oh my God… But you
ended up dating Osas now?” She then said. “You are pathetic
adeoluwa .
If you knew how long I came around your class hoping you
would act. You know, I knew you have always been serious
minded, focused and very dedicated. You were not just man
enough.” I then said to her. “Are you still with Osas?” She
said. “Osas and I broke up during service year, he wasn’t
serious at all.” I the said. “Is it too late, Ella?”
She laughed and shook her head. Adeoluwa you are still
pathetic. You haven’t changed but it’s still cute though.” I
then asked her. “How about your craft business?” She said.
“It’s doing well, I use my house for now but I really need a
place because sometimes I get large orders and no space to
I am thinking of getting a job so I can save up to get a place
for my business.” I then said. “Okay…. Ella, I know I messed
up in the past. I am sorry about that, I was very shy and
immature. I have really changed, trust me on this. I have
always admired you, always patronize your crafts even
though I never needed them. If There’s nobody you are
seeing, please consider me. I am begging you.”…

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She then said. “Aww… How sweet. you know what? Let me
have your number. Meanwhile, let’s go meet up with our
friends over there.”
I then gave her my business card and she was like “Wow!!
Adeoluwa , you here. I have always known you were special”
After the reception, I dropped her home and when I got
home I called her and we spent over an hour talking on the
phone. We kept on talking for long over the week and the
prospect of Ella and I starting a relationship grew by the day.
We decided to fix a date the following weekend and we
chose Saturday. So on that day we went to a nice restaurant
to have lunch. We cracked school jokes and talked about old
times… It was a wonderful moment. I then asked her. “Ella
about your business. How much will it cost you to relocate
and restructure your business?” She said. “Well, it will cost
me N350,000.” I then reached out to my small bag and
brought out my cheque book.
Then she said Adeoluwa. What do you think yo are doing?” I
told her. “I am writing you a cheque of N350,000? She then
said. “I can’t take it, I am sorry, I just can’t take it.” I said. “Its
a loan, you can pay me when you ready to.” She said. “How
much interest?” I then said. “N1 ” she laughed, hugged me
and that was it. I really wanted to do something very
important in her life, so she would know that I was very
concerned about her future. When I got home my mom
called. She wanted to know my next move.
Obviously marriage, I told her about Ella and she wanted to
see her the following weekend. I then told Ella if she would
like to pay my home a visit and meet my family. She
delightfully welcomed it.
She came over and my mom really liked her. They talked for
over an hour and I even felt left out. It was a good thing. She
had lunch with us and she also helped in washing the
dishes, my mom was so proud of her, even though it was
their first meeting.
After I had dropped Ella off at her place I got back home and
my mom called me. She said.
“Ella is a good lady, she will make an awesome wife. She’s
creative, she’s got her own business, she’s going to have
time to run and maintain her home, have time for the kids. I
mean what else do you need?” I said. “I know Ella is
wonderful.” She then said. “When are you proposing to her?
you better do it soon. before someone else does.” I then
said. “Well, we will be traveling to Calabar in 3 weeks, for her
friends wedding. I think that when I will do it.”

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My mom said. “Good make sure you do your thing.” Ella and
I became so close, I went to see her family and they gave me
a warm welcome, her siblings were so friendly… Things were
getting more and more interesting.
We travelled to Calabar for the wedding. I had with me the
engagement ring and I was praying she would say yes, a part
of me was sure…
She decided we stay in different hotel rooms because she
told me she was still a Virgin that she needed to keep till that
special night, I felt so lucky…
After the church ceremony at the reception, I gave someone
my phone to make sure he captured the moment. I then
called Ella’s attention.
As I knelt down with the ring. She said. “Oh my God…” I then
asked. “Will you marry me?” She covered her eyes and
screamed. “Yes!! I will.” To my surprise, people around were
clapping and that made me very uncomfortable. After the
event we headed back to our hotel rooms and I called my
mom telling her the good news.
My mom was really glad. That night, I went on Facebook to
post the proposal picture. I noticed I had several unread
mails so I took my time to read them. There was one mail
that took my attention the most.
The sender didn’t have a profile picture so I went ahead to
read the mail.
It said. “Please are you the Adeoluwa that served in Kogi
over a year ago? please call this number ********** Tope.”
I felt very disturbed and I called the number immediately.
Unfortunately the phone was switched off. I checked when
the message was sent and it was about 4 months ago.
I got back to Lagos and kept on trying the number with no
success. On Wednesday morning it rang. I waited to hear the
voice and it was Tope’s. I then said. “Oh Jesus,
Tope I just saw your mail are you okay?”
She began to sob. “adeoluwa please come and help me. I
need your help now more than ever….”
I then said. “I don’t get you Tope is everything alright?”
She said. “Nothing is alright, please come I need your help.”
I then said to her. “I am at work now,
I won’t be chanced to travel.” She then said. “How about
Saturday it’s very important .” The line then went off.
Memories of Tope came back, I was confused and very
bothered about her situation. I kept on calling but the phone
was switched off. I then sent a text message to her. telling
her I would be coming on Saturday, but will leave on Sunday
morning because I had to prepare to travel to Port Harcourt
on Wednesday on an official assignment.
She responded the following day with the address and her
location. I had made arrangements with a driver to take me
there with my car and I told Ella I was going on a business
meeting at Abuja. I left very early in the morning and I got
there around 11:30am.
The location was a church far inside the town, it wasn’t easy
locating it. I saw Tope by the gate of the church, standing.
She looked pale and mucky, she had lost weight and she
looked very unpleasant and troubled. I came down from the
car and she ran towards me. She embraced me and said.
“Oh adeoluwa ….” As she wept deeply.
I held her back by her shoulders and said. “Tope… Please
talk to me what is wrong?” She then said. “Come to the
church with me and you will know everything

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She held my hand and led me into the church. I didn’t know
what to think or expect, I just needed to know what was
wrong with her.
We got into the church and what caught my eyes was the
sight of children playing on a mat spread on the floor. Then I
said. “Okay Tope we are in the church, tell me what is going
on? And why did you decide to blank me out completely?
She said. “I thought it was the right decision, ending
everything we started 2 years ago. But I was wrong and I am
I then said. “Okay, now tell me why are you not in school? Is
your mother okay?” She then gushed out in tears. It was
becoming irritating and I grew impatient and….. I heard a
tiny voice of a kid saying. “Mummy sorry.”
The little boy then embraced her by her leg and she carried
him up. I was shocked the baby looked very much like me
when I was little…. He had the shape of my eyebrows and
my droopy eyes. I then stuttered. “Is… That your child?” As
sweat began to drip from my face. She then replied sobbing.
“This is our Adeoluw ….This is our son.”
I then said. “How come, how is it possible?” She said. “He is 2
years old, you are the only man I have slept with, he even
looks like you.”
I then said. “Oh my God!” As I sat down on a bench because
my knees became weary. “Tell me everything Tope.” She
said. “3 weeks after you left Kogi. I became ill and I was
vomiting. My mom then asked me if I was seeing any man. I
told her no. She took me to see the doctor, he ran some
tests and the result was that I was pregnant. My mom beat
me in the hospital with her slippers. When we got home, she
threw my stuffs out and disowned me. I went to meet my
closest relative and in spite of all the pleas my mom refused
to take me back……” As she started sobbing. I held her hand
tight to comfort her and said. “Continue.”
She then said. “My relatives insisted I tell them who was
responsible, but I refused. I didn’t want to implicate you and
I know you didn’t mean it. You have always wanted to help
me. So I did not tell them. 4 months later, they started
maltreating me and I then decided to leave. A pastors wife
took me in and I was there for 1 year. That was were I gave
birth to junior and worked with the church’s primary
school”. I then said. “You mean this church?” She said. “No, I
came to this church about 6 months ago. I had to leave the
other place, the pastor made some advances on me, I
reported to the wife and she threw me out. I have been here
since. It’s been terrible Adeoluwa ….”She began to cry out.
My mind was heavy and I knew I had to do something about
her situation. She suffered because of me, her education,
her family. I felt so much indebted to her. I then said.
“Tope, I know everything can’t be okay, but I will do
everything possible to make sure you get the best in life.
God has blessed me with a good job and money is not a
problem. I will get you an apartment here in Kogi and every
month I will send you N200,000 for you and Junior.”

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She then said. “His name is Adeoluwa.” I took a pause and
looked at him, he was already asleep. I didn’t know whether
to touch him, carry him or something. I was just too
unprepared for these before me.
She then said. “I cannot stay here in Kogi.” I then said. “Then
where do you want to stay?
You can’t come with me to Lagos”
She said. “adeoluwa , I have nobody, nobody. I have been
rejected by my family, friends and relatives. The only person
I have is you and my baby. I can’t stay far away from you,
I said. “Tope, a lot has happened these few years. I have
moved on and you being close could affect everything my
mother has established for me, everything I have worked
hard for recently. It can destroy me Tope.”
She then said. Adeoluwa , I understand but I need someone
to run to, someone to depend on. I will never interfere in
your life again. I just need a new place to start all over, I
don’t want my baby to go through what I went through. I
need to further my education, you helped me once and I
know you can help me again. I can’t provide for and protect
our child Adeoluwa……
I started to reflect on everything she said. I looked at the
child, my child and I felt so sorry. I knew I can’t deny them
solace, cant deny them what they want. That’s my blood
she’s talking about. I was hasty in conclusion.
I looked at my watch and it was almost 1 pm. I then said.
“Tope, if we have to go to Lagos we have to go now. Go pack
your things, I will be waiting in the car.”
It took us about 5 hours to get to Lagos. I lodged them in a
hotel and handed her N50,000 in case she needed anything
urgent that night. I then left for home. I avoided everyone
and went straight to my room. I was very unsettled and
completely in distress.
Ella had been calling me but I was too weak to pick her calls.
The following day, I drove to pick Ella so we could go to
church. She noticed I was not myself and she asked me.
“What is wrong Adeoluwa ? you have been acting strange.”
I said to her. “I am pretty ill, but I will be fine.” I insisted it
was a flu.
After church service, I dropped Ella at her place and I went
home to get some stuffs for Tope and Junior. I got Tope a
new Phone and Junior, some of my old toys and lots of
candies. I got to their hotel room and she appeared more
relaxed. Next thing I heard was. “Daddy!!”.
I saw the excitement on his face, it sent a cold chill through
my spine. Then Tope said. “Junior, come on stop that. He is
uncle not Daddy.” He then said. “uncle!”
I smiled, for he looked so adorable. I gave him his goodies
and he said. “Thank you uncle.”
I was amazed and there was this urge inside of me to spend
time with him.
I then said. “Tope, try and relax today, tomorrow you will go
shopping with Junior.
Here is N150,000 for you 2. The driver will come tomorrow
in the morning, he will also help open an account for you as
well. I have told him to secure an apartment for you in a
very good environment. It will take you guys 3 days at most
to furnish and set up the place to your taste.”
She then said. “Are you not going to be around?” I said. “I
told you I will be traveling this week and will be very busy. I
may not see you till I return from my trip. But I will always
call you….”

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She took a deep breath in and was downcast. I then said. “I
know you have suffered because of the decisions we made
in the past. I cannot erase the past but by God’s grace, I can
make your future and Junior’s better. You will write JAMB
again, you will pa*s and you will gain admission, junior will
go to the best schools and he will make us proud. But you
need to keep to your word. And I will keep to mine.” I then
hugged her then I left.
At home in my room, I was deep in thoughts. I was
wondering if this my plight will remain secret. Ella and I had
our wedding penned in a few months, our families are
involved and the planning had begun. Days later, I was in
Port Harcourt and I was kept abreast about the progress
being made regarding Tope’s accommodation. I was very
impressed at the development. I just wanted her to have a
place she could call home and raise our child.
Ella noticed something different about me and I was tired of
giving her the excuse that I was ill. I later told her I
developed cold feet regarding our planned wedding. That I
will be fine. I returned to Lagos after my official a*signment
and the first place I went to was Tope’s new apartment.
I made sure it was a far from my place to avoid any trouble.
I got to her door and I rang the bell. She then opened the
She was looking more gorgeous than ever. She had her hair
done, her nails, she even added little weight. She had a
smile on and I just stood there looking at Tope…. She had a
bum shorts on, with a half top. She was amazingly s*xy, I
just couldn’t help but stand there and look or should I say
lust on her.
She said. “Are you going to stand there?” I said. “Oh sorry.”
As I entered the apartment. The sitting room was beautiful
with a touch of different shades of purple. I was very
impressed by her choice of taste and luxury. I knew she had
it in her… She then said. “I know you must be hungry.” I said.
“Yes, I am starving but where is Junior?” She said. “He’s
asleep, come let me serve you dinner.” She sat me down on
the dining section and she served me a dish.
I opened it and what I saw took me through memory lane. It
was rice, dodo and 3 pieces of meat. Just like the old days. I
looked at her and she was all smiling. Flash backs began to
usher in my thoughts, visualizing faded images in my
memory that was once clouded. I began to fill a little spark.
After the lovely meal, she started taking me round her
beautiful apartment, and the last place we stopped was her
room. It looked cozy and very calm. She then stood before
me and said. “Remember the first night we spent together?” I
said. “Yes I remember. How can I forget?” We both stood
there looking at each other.
All I could see was a lady I once loved with all my heart and
she buttressed my thoughts with a touch on my face. Her
hand on my face felt like those times. I heard voices in my
head. “Kiss her!!.” repeatedly.
Then I kissed her, she kissed me back and we started kissing
aggressively. I pulled off her shirt and her Tips… Oh my God!
… I had missed them. I haven’t been intimate with anybody
else and my cup was more than full.
To Be Continued…

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I grabbed unto her Bosom and I began to s–k her Tips. She
then said. “Oh adeoluwa, there hasn’t been anybody else
apart from you. No one has touched me and no one will but
you. Take me adeoluwa ” I was unbuttoning my shirt and she
was pulling her bum shorts… We were Unclad and kissing,
catching up from where we stopped years ago. I then
inserted into her, she moaned. She was so wet and creamy.
That feeling, that same feeling, everything was coming back
to me. We made love not s*x, it was love. When we were
done she said. “Oh adeoluwa , you released in me again.” I
then said. “Oh sh*t, I am sorry.” She then laughed and said.
“It’s okay, I am safe. My ovulation had passed.” We both laid
down on our backs in silence. She then broke the silence
and said. “Is she more beautiful?” I then said. “Come on
Tope. Please.” She said. “Is she better than me? Does she
satisfy you like the way I do?” I said. “I am afraid, I can’t
answer you.” She then asked. “Do you still love me?” I said. “I
can never stop loving you Tope.” She said. “Then why can’t
you marry me?” I then said. “My family and her family are
already involved.” She said, “I love you with my life, and I
understand you have moved on. I cannot ask you to leave
her for me.I want to ask you one Question adeoluwa. Will
you choose to marry a lady you love or a lady you are trying
to love?’”
I then said. “If I am left with that choose I will choose you.
But I told you, our families are already involved.” She then
said. “Am I not worth fighting for?”
I became bewildered and completely helpless. I couldn’t
answer her question. so we slept off. In the middle of the
night she woke me up by s—–g my manly, I was
completely lured and ignited. Overwhelmed by the flame of
passion I grew. She then posed in a doggy position and her
bum was just right in front of me. I stood to mount on her
and rammed into her till we were both wasted.
The following morning, I left for home. Unfortunately I met
Ella at my place, she was seated in the sitting room and my
mom was comforting her. She was in tears. My mom then
asked me. “Where are you coming from Adeoluwa ? Your
chairman said you guys arrived last night” I said. “A friend of
mine was having a party so I had to attend.”
My mom then said. “Is that why you switched off your
phones adeoluwa ?”
I told her. “My batteries ran down.” My mom then said to
Ella. “You see everything is fine, I told you….

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My mom then said to Ella. “You see everything is fine, I told
you.” I then went to my room and Ella followed. I had to
pretend to be happy with her to erase the doubts she was
having, so we played board games and watched TV. When it
was dark I dropped her off and came back home. I was
going to my room and my mom called me. She said. “I gave
birth to you, I nurtured you, I took you to the best schools in
the country. I made you you got the best job a graduate can
have. I have always looked out for your interest. I am your
mother and I have been good to you since the day you were
born. Now adeoluwa , tell me the truth. What is going on?”
At that moment I knew I couldn’t keep it within me. I told me
mom. I told her everything that happened. She then said. “I
am totally disappointed in you. I brought you up well, only
for you to be bewitched by that girl. I blame your father for
making you serve in Kogi state. Now adeoluwa , you will take
me to where you are housing them.”
I sad. “Now? It’s late mom.”
She said. “Now Adeoluwa . And who else knows about this? ”
I said. “Nobody just us.”
She then said. “It is going to remain that way.” Her driver
then took us to Tope’s apartment. I knocked and Tope
opened the door and said.
“Sweety, I was just …….” My mom said. “Who is your
Tope was scared to her teeth and she said. “Sorry mummy, I
didn’t see..”
My Mom said. “Don’t call me mummy. Your mother
disowned you because of your treachery.”
We all stepped into the apartment. My mom then said. “Do
you know who I am?”
Tope said. “No ma”
My mom sad. “I am a Judge in Lagos. I can make life very
complicated for you if you try to destroy what I have spent
almost all the years of my life to build.”
Next thing Junior walked into the sitting room and cried out.
“Mummy, Mummy …” He stood still as he saw the crowd.
My mom saw him and said. “Oh my God, Adeoluwa !!” As she
held my hand tight. There was silence for a minute. Then my
mom said. “The deed has been done, but if you truly love
my son you will have to let him go. I was very angry but now
I don’t have to show it because of him. He is innocent and
does not have to suffer from your recklessness. I will make
arrangements for you 2 to relocate to the UK. That is were
you will spend the rest of your lives. You will have to get
your educational documents and necessary documents for
that effect. Tomorrow, you will leave for Abuja and you both
will stay there till your visas are ready.”
Tope was just sobbing and didn’t utter a word. My mom then
said. “My personal assistant will come tomorrow morning to
facilitate the arrangements. This is the best I can do not for
you, but for him Adeoluwa you have 2 minutes, I will be
waiting in the car.”
She left for the car and I stood there looking at Tope. I then
said. “I fought for us Tope and now see what it has led? I
don’t think I will ever see you again. Good bye Tope.” I then
looked at Junior, I carried him one last time,kissed his cheek
andt blessed him. I dropped him down and headed to the
We got home and no word was uttered between my mom
and I.
The following morning I went to work and resumed my my
life the way it was before I went to see Tope at Kogi. I knew I
would learn to love Ella But I can’t love her the way I loved
Tope. But I later came to understand that what transpired
between Tope and I was lust, lust was the basis of our
friendship and what reshaped our destinies. Love builds but
lust destroys.
Tope lives happily in London, she got enrolled in the
university and she’s almost done. Junior is almost done with
his primary education, he loves football and likes to play
drums. Ella and I are happily married and we have a
daughter, she’s 2 years and she looks a whole lot like my
mom. Tope and I still communicate once in a while. She still
vows to wait for me no matter how long it takes. I know what
happened was a mistake and it still remains a secret but for
how long?

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