EPISODE 1 february 16, 2012 is a date i will never forget, at least not in a hurry,that was the day i f—-d,licked,fingered and play with aunty lady gaga’s p—y…. that day was one of the most memorable days of my life,it was a day that i was very happy of, my journey to aunty lady gaga’s tooto started thus…..
***good morning mr man good morning mum ***how are you doing? as you can see am fine ***so am now the one to wake you up?mkpmmm!!! no mum, is just that am weak and tierd ***what have you done that makes you to be weak? never mind it’s along story,let leave it for another day. I left her there and rush into the bathroom,pick up my brush, brush my teeth,and do some things needed to keep my self clean and went back to my room,suprisnly i saw my mum tidying up my room and i try to stop her but she refused and ordered me to go downstairs and take my breakfast and prepare for my ssce/Waec lesson.. .. facts about mum mum is a very kind woman,she cares for her family,she never let you go without advising you and share the word of God with you ad pray together, she cry a lot and she is a woman that fight to see that you are felling fine{i wonder how she showered daddy with love during there days and now} i followed her instruction and went downstairs,as i was stepping down a voice from another angle echoed and my name was vocked by the person, to my suprise it’s my sister, wow she is back form schoo(university).. MY NAME IS CHINEDUM, AM FROM A FAMILY OF FIVE, {FOUR BOYS ,ONE GIRL} AM THE LAST AMONG THEM AND AM NOT A HANDSOME GUY, AM A GUY WHO LIKE BEING LONLEY AND HAVE FUN WITH FRIENDS, I LOVE BEING SINGLE AND PLAY WITH GIRLS. She come closer and we hugged ,we exchange greetings and have a little conversation,then i left. I had my breakfast and went upstairs… facts about my sister my sister is a very nice person,she understand things easily, and she is a very coded lady,she knows every step you take but what she hate is *lies* i entered my room take my bath and i went off for my lesson with the little change mum kept for me…..

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