[STORY] The choir girls and I (episode 1-21)

The choir girls and i

The choir girls and i

“Jags”, the voice over the line said…
“Yea”, i replied sleepily, my voice crackled as i mused.
“I need you to do me a favour” he said. I could hear the desperation in his voice. “What could be this guy’s wahala again na?” ,i thought to myself.
“I’m listening” i said, as i rolled over on my bed. Obviously i was angry, and i had every
reason to be. Saturday morning is the only time i get to sleep for as long as i wanted and i cherished it like a wife. “Where this one carry him wahala come from sef?” I muttered to myself.
“I’m at a wedding in Uloho Avenue. We’re about to begin procession right now. The problem is, their keyboardist just called now that they rushed his mum to the hospital. Can u please come and play?.”
Not again, i thought to myself. I shrugged and sat upright on my bed.
“Okay…No problem”, i replied, contorting my face. It was unacceptable that someone just disturbed my saturday morning sleep and more so when the person didnt give me prior knowledge. But then that person was my musical director. It made it kind of difficult
to say no to him each time he called me without notice.Despite the fact that i was rewarded handsomely in every ocassion, it didnt stop me from getting angry each time he booty-calls
He told me to get ready quickly cos a car was coming to pick me up, said ‘thank you’ like, 3 or 4 times, then hung up.
I dropped the phone and jumped out of bed. As i made towards the bathroom i bumped into my mum.
“Where are u going?” She asked suprised to see

me up that early(well late in some people’s world since it was 9:48).
“Digwo”, i greeted her firstly…
“Vre do”, she replied,looking at my haggard shape.
I told her the story as i grabbed my brush and paste. She shrugged and said “na u sabi” , and walked off towards her room.
I ran to the bathroom. Sleep had fled.
The driver horned again, this time with more impatience.
“I’m coming oh” i shouted back. From the look of things the church might be a big one so i was dressed to impress. I wore my black suit with purple long sleeve. I adjusted my tie and ran off…
“Maami….” i called as i ran out….”mo ti lo”….i didnt wait for reply. I jumped into the Camry and the dummy of a driver zoomed off.
The church was a huge cathedral. I soon got to locate my m.d who introduced me to the choir master of the church. After the formal introductions, the choir master led me to the instrumentalists unit. I could feel eyes all
over me and immediately my antenna began searching for the strongest network. The ladies in the choir were all beautiful-that was a first.
Anyways, I settled down by the keyboard and the wedding began.
As the service wore on, i noticed that a fair girl who seemed to be 18-20 kept staring at me. I’m someone who likes gazing-games so i fixed my eyes on her. She was incredibly beautiful. Built like a goddess. She had red lips, her boo*bs were full, she had hips that would make
shakira jealous and from my view point, her a*ss was okay…i kept glancing at her in intervals.
Soon, their choir gave me a copy of the anthem they were to render. The anthem was an alegretto which i could play well. They sang

and i did my job….
Soon the wedding ended, the choir master came and shook my hand. He thanked me a lot and gave me an envelope. I quickly folded it and kept in the ever trustworthy back pocket.
Obviously,my m.d had rushed off to the reception which meant i had to go there and meet him. Then the choir members(mostly the females) came and started greeting me. I returned the greetings. Two of them even collected my numbers….two beautiful ladies, Joy and Sonia. Then i saw mr camry at the door giving me a ‘lets-go’ sign. I picked up my tecno p5 when i heard the sweetest voice say ..”your performance was incredible. You played really well. I turned and behold….twas my goddess…..standing right in front of me.

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She was fair, beautiful with wicked curves that could drive one mad. I was taller than her, so i could see her features. As usual with the girls of this generation, the two top buttons of her dress were open and i could see the top of her bre*asts rising and falling in harmony with her breathing. I was getting hard already by merely looking at her.”Thank you”, i replied, when i could find my voice.
“I’ve never seen someone play the keyboard the way you do”, she said, “it was awesome”.
“I thank God. Besides, i’m not that good” i replied. If there is one thing i dont do, it is to brag that i’m a good keyboardist. I love the instrument and despite the fact that i can play it well, i never let pride get in.
“You have an amazing voice”, i complimented her. She blushed.
“I don’t.”, “I dont even know how to sing”.
I just smiled at her and said “wash”, then she started laughing. Each time she laughed dimples appeared on her cheek. It

complemented her beauty. I stared at her, from her head, looking at her lips and imagining me kissing them, then to her
bre*asts. They were the average sized oned. Hot and well balanced. Then i stared down to her hips. Man, she’s got some deadly curves. I started thinking how hot fu*cking her will be.
“are u going to the reception?” I asked her. From where i was standing, i saw mr camry getting more impatient.
“Yes I am”, she replied,
“Sweet. I’m about going now. A driver is waiting for me. Care to go with me?” I asked her, hoping she’d say yes.
“As much as i’d love to, i cant. I have to go change. But gimme your number, when i get there i’ll call you”. That was even better, i thought. I gave her my number and told her
my name. She saved it and flashed me. I asked her name and she said “Angel”. I smiled and complimented her. Then i left.
Mr Camry was waiting in the car with two girls. I recognised one of them from the choir. The other was sitting at the front, so i sat down
with the chic from the choir.
The journey to the reception hall was very eventful. the choir girl was giving me the green light right from the moment I got into the car. she introduced herself as Mimi and got
talking. The journey was kinda long as the reception was in a nearby town. we talked about school stuff and many other stuffs but my mind was not in our discussion. My mind was going through what chiwetalu agu will describe as “sempeyinpa”. This supposed
chorister was putting on a very very short gown.
It stopped at her thighs revealing chunks of her very fresh laps. I would have been looking downwards throughout the journey, had it not been the fact that the top of the gown was even more provocative. the gown was a

handless one, with the v-neck of it cut deep down that it seemed her Bosom would spill over any minute. Minutes flew by as I worked my magic on her and she started becoming free with me. Then I did something I do more than play keyboard. I made her laugh a lot. I told
her joke after joke as she laughed. she’d hit me playfully and fall on my shoulder. The driver was kinda quiet all through the journey. At one point I had to look at him to be sure what was keeping him quiet, only for me to discover that the girl up front was rubbing his lap and doing some other stuff on him as he drove. I said a silent prayer that he won’t
crash the car. Then I focused on Mimi. as I told her one of the jokes my friend (God bless Ericardo for being such an amazing comedian. I really used his jokes to work wonders on ladies.) told on stage.I rubbed her laps and
she kept smiling like someone who just had S£x with her husband. Then I ran my hand inside the gown..she shifted a bit and smiled at me. I looked at her in the balls and she blushed.
Then she whispered something to me that shocked me. She said “wait till we get to the reception… I’ll show u that I’m naughtier than you”.

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When we got to the reception, the driver went in with the other girl without saying a single word to us. I began chatting with Mimi when my M.D came and took us inside. I sat down with him, his friend and two other ladies at a round table. They were discussing some stuff about the married couples but that wasn’t my point of interest. my point of interest was with Mimi. what she said in the guy got me thinking many things. I wondered if I was gonna f*uck her during the reception. I kept thinking of what she meant when she said that “naughty”.

Well it didn’t take long to find out. A few minutes after we settled down, Mimi asked them to give a few minutes to take a couple of photos. So we walked outside. The reception hall was part of a hotel. she led me out of the hall towards the main building of the hotel, Then she turned left and we got to a little flat. She slipped her hand in her bag and brought out a key and opened the door. I opened my mouth to say “where did u get that key”, when she looked at me and laughed. “relax “, she said, “I work here” I sat on a plastic chair in the living room and she went inside to drop her bag, Then she called my name. I went inside and she asked me to help her hang her wall clock that fell down. I climbed on a small table and helped her with it. Then I came down and she made to walk into the parlor. I drew her back in and asked her to explain
what she meant when she said “naughty” in the car. She laughed and said I didn’t wanna know. I insisted that I’d love to know. Then she asked me to close my eyes. I did and immediately I felt her lips on mine. I opened my mouth and kissed her back. as we kissed, I drew my hands to her bottom and squeezed it. she moaned “jagsssss “. I didn’t stop there…I kissed her entire face down to her neck and buried my head in between her bosoms. she pushed my head closer indicating her wants. I was happy to oblige. as I worked on her bottom with one hand, i used the other to unzip the gown. I knew we had to be fast since people were waiting for us and I didn’t want to miss my goddess when she arrived. I didn’t pull off the gown. I just dragged it down a bit and released her bosoms. Her nipp*les were hard already as wave after wave of passion washed through her. Then I felt her hands working on my belt.
As soon as my trouser fell off, I pushed her on her bed and stepped out of it. I joined her on

the bed, unhooked her pink bra and began s—–g her bosoms. She began speaking in tongues. “Oh jagssssss…..s–k me…….s–k me baby……bleeping s–k me………….oohhh……. yes…yes…yes……you’re killing me….” “We’re having quick S£x and you’re claiming I’m
killing you” I thought to myself, “if I spend one hour with you, Then you will surely die”. as I s—-d her boo*b’s, I slid my hand hand into her panties and pulled it down. it was matching pink also. Then I slid in one finger in her wet Kittycat and began manipulating her…..”oh my……”she exclaimed.

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“oh my my……jagsssss….. you’re a bad boi….. you’re killing me here….you’re really killing me….”… she began to moan loudly. If not for the loud noise of music played around the
hotel by dj’s and bands in the various occasions going on, I’m sure someone would Have heard her, Co’s she was very loud. As I manipulated her insides I was s—–g her bosoms and she was screaming my name like she was gonna die. Then I felt her grinding against my finger, so I doubled it and used two fingers. Her Kittycat was hot and wet and tight. I could feel her grinding harder against my fingers then she shook all over as she came. I felt her juices spill on my hand. Then I took
out my wallet and drew out a condom. I wore it on my john Thomas who already protesting in erection. Then I raised both her legs up and entered into her. she moaned loudly and held me. I began pumping into her in fast thrusts as there was no time for slow and steady. as I fuc*ked her she began moaning loudly “yes…..yes…..fuc*k me…..oh…..
yes…..yes…..yes….you’re killing me…….oh I’m gonna die….. ahhhhhhhhh…..oo oooooohhhh……”, she was moaning. After some

minutes, I drew out of her and drew her to the room table. I raised one of her legs and placed it on the table, Then u entered her from behind. I fuc*ked her hard and fast. As I bleeped her, I was rubbing her Kittycat with
my hand, sending her to unimaginable heights of passion, She started shaking again and I knew she was about to Pour.

So I upped my pace and we came together. I left my Joystick inside for some seconds making sure we enjoyed every bit of our cu*mming. Then I withdrew from inside of her and pulled off the condom. I tied it and she showed me the toilet where I went to flush it. Man, it had been a while that I had such crazy S£x. I flushed the condom Then went to the parlor and waited for her to change. She came out a few moments later, looking ravishing.
one would never suspect she just had S£x. She smiled at me and I smiled back. Then she opened the door and we walked out. There really were people waiting for us.

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As we were going, i told her that we should snap a couple of photos so we could have something to show to the others should they request. We took about 4 photos which were printed almost immediately. I paid for them and we went inside. It was kinda difficult to find the others cos the hall was very big, but then i saw my M.D beckoning us and we moved to our seats. “Seemed like you guys didnt wanna come back in”, said my M.D suspiciously. The couples were just about to cut their cake.

“We ran into some of my old friends from secondary school”, i explained, much to the relief of the already wide-eyed Mimi. Man, i’m a very talented liar. I could cook stories within an eye’s blink without breaking a sweat. I and

Mimi exchanged looks. My M.D smiled and said “Okay”.
We settled down to watch the really romantic couples feeding each other. A few moments later, a dark kinda-cool-in-a-funny-way guy walked towards us. As he got to our table Mimi stood up and hugged him. She introduced him to us as her boyfriend. I was like “fuc*k! I was banging your puss*y like 20 minutes ago and here u are playing the sweet girlfriend”.
Anyway i smiled and shook hands with him. After greetings, the guy led her to his table down back. I flexed my hands as they left and a let a funny grin played on my face. “Women…funny creatures” , i thought to myself. I looked at my M.D. The guy looked
like he was going to say something but the M.C interrupted us with a familiar voice. I looked
up. Lo and behold, it was my friend Ericardo. He’s a nice comedian and made the wedding lively with jokes. He said something about a man who asked his prospective son-in-law to bring 50 kegs of palm wine before he could marry his daughter. coolval stories He wondered if the man was planning on opening a palm wine joint, and everyone had a good laugh.
Then he called the best man to come and raise a toast to the newly wedded couples. As we raised our drinks, i saw someone walk towards me with a glass of wine in her hand….It was Angel,…and she was looking every inch a goddess….

* * *
She was putting on an orange sleeveless gown which stopped just at her knees. The gown showed off her Buttocks*ets very well. Her killer hips swayed as she walked gracefully towards me. She smiled at me. Then i took her hand and kissed it just like gentlemen of old did. She blushed as my lips touched her skin.
Then i brought out the empty seat out a bit to her as if to signal its vacancy.
“You look amazing”, i told her, and believe me, i meant every word.
“Thank you” she said…”You look wonderful too” she said.

I grinned and said “i may be a good painting, but you’re a masterpiece” (shakespeare).
We turned towards the couples and said our part of the cheers echoing round the hall. We took a sip and sat down. Then we began talking.
She told me that she was a jambite. She wanted to study computer science. She sings alto, with a beautiful voice if i must remind u. She said she was the second of 5 children and she liked reading, singing,dancing and acting.
“Turns out we have a lot in common”, i said to her. Then my M.D and the rest started talking about weddings and stuff and we had to join in. Then the couple were called for their dance. As they danced to Henrique Iglesias “Hero”, other unmarried and married couples joined them. When the music changed to Bryan Adams “Everything I do” i asked her to dance with me. At first she was kinda shy about it but i talked her into it. We joined the others on the dance floor and took steps together. She was poor in slow dancing. But i
guided her step after step. She closed her eyes and leaned closer to me. I could smell her sweetly flavoured skin. She was perfect.
Without blemishes. And i found out that i genuinely liked her. Not like one of my numerous flings. I really really liked her. We danced a while and the we took our sit.
I dont remember much about the rest part of the wedding. Soon it ended sha, and i greeted a lot of friends and my comedian-Pour-M.C friend Ericardo. We shook hands and i introduced Angel to him. Then we left. I walked her out and took some pics with her, then she told me she was going home with her Dad. She promised to give me a call immediately she got home. I gave her a peck and she left.

No sooner had she gone, when i saw someone waving at me. It was Mimi. I went to her and we chatted a then My M.D then called me and told me to wait a bit for him, that once he was done with the couples he’d come so we could go home. Then i decided to stroll around with Mimi. I asked her to give me a tour of the
hotel. She took me round, to the main restaurant, showed me the gym and a couple of water fountains. Then she said she had a special place to show me. When we got there, i found out it was a garage.
“Whats special about a dark, empty garage?” I asked her.
She smiled and said “it’s the manager’s garage, and he’s out of the country”. She looked at me for about two seconds, as the words sank into my brain. Then “eureka!” I understood! “Naughty naughty Mimi” i whispered, as i leaned closer and kissed her…

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.I pushed Mimi deeper into the garage. our eyes locked for some seconds then I kissed her again, deeper this time. she opened her mouth and kissed me back. then I grabbed her a*ss and squeezed it. she moaned again. I began to kiss her all over her face. I kissed her down to her neck through to her chest then I buried my head in her cleavage. as I squeezed her a*ss I used my free hand to pull down her gown to the stomach level, releasing her delicious looking boo*bs. I took one look at them and swooped on them.

I began to s–k her boo*bs as she began to moan loudly…”ooooh….. aaarghhh….jags……s–k me…..oh s–k me baby… ” I loved her moaning cos it sent currents through my body. knowing I had limited time I moved my hand from her a*ss to her already wet puss*y and I began to finger fuc*k her. I used one finger as she began to moan softly, then I increased it to two fingers and her moanings increased simultaneously…..
“oooh….. jagggssss…….jaggy baby I need u….noowwww…..please baby……I need u”, her moaning had turned to begging. I used my free finger to clear out my wallet and bring out a condom. she fought off my trousers and my boxers and began to massage my rod. She rubbed it as my John Thomas increased to a breaking point. then she fell on her knees and began to s–k me.”owww… ” I moaned. Wave after wave of passion washed over me. She s—-d me for minutes and after about 8 minutes I couldn’t take it anymore and I came
in her mouth.

Surprisingly, she swallowed every bit of spunk that I released. This turned me on. then she yanked up the skirt and began to rub her yansh against my rooster. she rubbed against me as if she was rocking me until my rooster became hard again. I turned her round, then made her go down on all fours, wore my condom over my rooster and I entered her wet honey pot from behind and began to bang away. She began to moan, this time in pidgin… “oohhhh….yesssss….. this boy go kill me today….. jags…..jagsssss oooo…..
yeeeaaahhhh……I Don die……fuc*k me ooooo… fuc*k me… ” her moans drove me wild as I
began to bang harder…I banged her for some minutes then I pulled out and asked her to stand. I made her lean on the wall of the garage then I raised one of her legs up and I entered into her. the entrance was so hot and sweet that we both gasped in unison. Then I began to bang her… and she was speaking in tongues. I banged her for some time when I felt my phone vibrate on the floor.

I knew it was my M.D, so I upped my pace and banged her faster…. faster…her moans went somewhat like “yeh! yeh! yeh!….I’m coming o…..yes….I don die o….yeh! ” I knew she was going to Pour any moment so I banged faster and we came. together. I withdrew from her, Tore off the CD and tied it. she showed me a nearby open toilet where I went and flushed it. I came back to see her fully dressed. “She’s fast” I thought yo myself. I kissed her again and
stroke her Bosom. She smiled at me.

She knew I had to go, so she collected my number and flashed mine. I saved it and kissed her again. she blushed and told me to get going and that she’d go out through another path. I Smiled at her,then turned to leave, when she pulled me and kissed me… I kissed her back for a few moments as I stroke her boo*bs, then I broke up and said I’d call her, then I left, feeling fulfilled. My M.D called again. I picked up and told him I was with some friends and that I’m coming. I got to them and he gave me #3,000. That made a total of #13,000. (The church gave me #10,000). Then I climbed into the car and Mr Camry drove us home…

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Fast forward to two week later… Angel is already my girlfriend (I won’t bore u with details of How I chased her… too romantic for the sexuality section.*winks*)
I had banged Mimi twice, once at my place and the other at hers.
Angel was always sweet to me. She’d call everyday, always sent a goodnight sms. I found out that her dad was a very rich businessman. She’s smart, intelligent, sharp and caring and was always smiling like someone was teasing her. I also found out She’s a virgin.
Anyways, I had been chatting a lot with the
two other girls, Joy and Sonia on Whatsapp and found them to be naughty creatures. They
liked to talk naughty and hot things online. it got to an extent that we weren’t only S£x chatting but we were sharing Unclad pics.

So one faithful week, Angel traveled with her parents to osun state for her cousins wedding,and my Mum traveled to the Villa. So, I decided to use the opportunity to invite these girls over (separately of course). I invited Sonia first and she agreed to visit on Tuesday. So I took my time on Monday to set up the stage (arrange the house). I washed all my dirty clothes, Mopped the house,arranged it neatly and made sure everything was in order. Tuesday came and by 10am I called her….
…ring ring..ring ring…. “hello dearie”, her
voice sounded sweet in my ears…”hi love”….we called each other some pet names then I asked her if she was coming already. She replied saying she had dressed up and was about leaving the house.

I smiled and told her not to keep me waiting. Then I blew her kisses and ended the call.
From experience, I know women love it when a guy cooks for them, so I had prepared jollof rice. Immediately after the call, I went to the kitchen and put it down from the fire. My plan was simple; to feed her and then fuc*k her, then feed her and fuc*k her again, and then feed her and fuc*k her again. I put on my complete basketball Jersey with my name and my team name, to impress her with, of course. So I sat down and waited. The house smelled nice from the baptism it received from me. I switched the channel to Super Sports 3 and sat down to enjoy some football.

I watched for about thirty minutes when my phone started ringing. It was Sonia. I picked up and she said she was already in front of my house. I went out to meet her. Man she was dressed with just one mission; To Kill!. Sonia was putting on black leggings on a body fitted T-shirt. She tucked in the T-shirt even as I couldn’t help but notice her round Buttocks and Sekxy hips. As usual with girls of this generation, the two top buttons of the T-shirt were opened exposing much of her cleavage. Upon seeing that, my dic*k started rising. I had to control it since I was wearing shorts and everyone would notice the bulge. So, I used my ever working technique-I zoned out and thought of old people. My dic*k began returning to it’s den. I hugged her and we smiled at each other. “hope I didn’t keep you waiting?”, I asked her. “No u didn’t”…

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We went inside and I offered her a sit on the three-seater chair cos it was spacious and easier to make moves on.”So What do I offer you, my dear?”….
“Nothing, really”, she said. girls and their forming. Anyways I Just laughed and told her that it wasn’t in our family to starve our guests. I gave her some of my pictures(which I carefully selected to avoid stories that touch). Then I asked her to excuse me as I went to fix her something. She smiled “Okay” at me and I left. I served her jollof rice and chicken to be washed down with fruit juice. She smiled and told me thanks. I told her to feel free.

Then she complained that I brought one spoon and that she doesn’t like eating alone. I took another spoon and joined her. As we ate, we talked about stuff, then I started feeding her.
She was shy at first, but soon the shyness disappeared (me thinks she was faking it). We took turns in feeding each other until the food finished and I cleared the table. I came back and sat close to her as she sipped her drink and looked at the pictures. I wanted the food to digest before making any move, so I kept describing people in the pictures to her. We were like that for about thirty minutes and then I decided to make my move. I went to the room and made sure it was set. It was. then I came back and sat with her. it was like she was reading my mind cos one more button had gone down and I could get a nice view of her killer-boo*bs. then I made my first move.

I pressed my body closer to her and began to rub her arm slowly. We were both suddenly quiet as if we were trying to read each other’s mind. As I caressed her arm soft she relaxed her body against mine. I smelled her hair and her skin. Chocolate. Then I slid my other hand round her waist. I then moved the hand on her arm slowly to her face and began to caress it. She closed her eyes for a couple of seconds and I knew I was turning her on. So, I turned her close to me. We locked eyes for some seconds then I leaned I and kissed her. She opened her mouth and accepted me whole. In a few more moments she was crushing my mouth in hers. She’s a very good kisser. As we kissed, she s—-d my lips, leaving me breathless. After some minutes of intense pastorate kissing, I moved a hand inside her T- shirt to her boo*bs and began to massage them. She let out a soft moan. I slid the hand round her waist inside the shirt and her singlet and began to caress her back. As we kissed and romanced, she began to moan softly and I was turned on, Then I laid her on the chair and began to kiss her all over, I made to bury my head in her boo*bs when my stupid phone rang from the room,”Sweet Mum calling”. I stood up from top of her and went to pick it up. It was Just a routine check up from My Mum. I told her all was Fine, though I was angry she might Have killed the mood. She ended the call and I dropped the phone.

I stood for some moments, thinking of another move when Sonia walked into the room. Her T- shirt was off. This time, she was making a move.

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She was putting on a black singlet. Seeing her stand there looking Sekxy as one could imagine suddenly turned me rock hard. I moved close to her and touched her face and almost immediately, we grabbed each other and started another bout of intense kissing. We kissed for a long time, then I began to caress her thighs. This made her moan “..oohhhh… jags……jagsssss…..”. As I romanced her thighs,
I laid her on the bed. The I began kissing her all over the face. I kissed her eyes, her forehead, her cheeks, her chin then I moved to her neck and began to kiss her passionately there. She began to moan “….ooooo…..aarr hhhhhhh….. “. Then I pulled of her singlet to reveal her black bra. immediately I saw the goods in front if me, I buried my head in between them…. Sonia let out a “uuuuuuussshhhh…….” moan. I began to kiss the top of her boo*bs. As I did so, she was moaning my name softly. Then, she pulled off my Firebrand Jersey. I looked in her eyes, then I unhooked her bra and spilled her succulent watermelons. I swooped down on her boo*bs and began to s–k them as if my life depended on it. “Oh……my………jagsssss………oooohhh…… arrrrrghhhhh…….yeeesssssssssss….” she moaned, emboldening me the more. Then I raised her to me and we both sat on the bed. I continued to s–k her boo*bs. She yanked her head backwards and pushed my head against her chest. Obviously, she enjoyed the s—–g cos she was moaning and pressing her boo*bs against my mouth.

Then I laid her on the bed again and pulled off her leggings. She was putting on a black matching pant. One touch proved that it was exceedingly wet. I pulled it off and slid my hand into her honey pot. She shivered and began to moan out. I began to s–k her Bosom and finger fuc*k her…her moans went like “oh my……..oooohhh… uyyyeeeeaaahh
h…….aaaaaasshhh…..aaaaaasshhh”… I felt her
grinding her vjay against my hand. So I increased it to two fingers… her vjay was tight, so she let out a load “aaaaaaasssshhh hhhh”……

I wasn’t bothered about anybody hearing us cos nobody was around. they’d all gone to work. I fingered her and she began to moan loudly…:”oohhhh….yeeeeee…. asssshhh… uuhh
ssshhhh… yes! yes!” Then I removed my hand.

immediately, she swooped on my shorts. she tore it off me, dragging it down with my boxers and pounced on my already saluting dic*k. She began to stroke it and before I could say ‘jack’, she threw it in her mouth.

Immediately I feel on my back and she knelt on the bed. She began to give me mouth aktion. Currents of pleasure flowed through me as she s—-d me. at times she’d pause and lick the tip. I was shivering with pleasure. As she s—-d, she massaged my balls, sending a pleasing message to my sensory neurones. I grabbed her head and began to fuc*k her mouth. I bleeped her for a while when suddenly she shivered. The next thing I knew, she had removed my dic*k and made to sit on it.

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I told her to pause, as I grabbed a condom from underneath my pillow. She stroke my dic*k as it saluted. When I pulled out the condom, she collected it, tore it, wore it on me then she sat on my dic*k and began to wriggle her Sekxy waist. As she wined her waist, I began to speak in tongues. This girl could kill with the cowgirl oh. Infact, She’s a master at it. She fuc*ked me from all directions. After some minutes, she turned in the reverse cowgirl style and began to give it to me. The sensation was Just too much and we began to talk dirty……”oh baby fuc*k me….fuc*k me baby”.
“oh….I’ll make u never forget my name in a hurry. you’ll remember me as the fuc*best fuc*ker alive”
“baby you’re puss*y so wet and tight… makes me wanna dig my dic*k deeper…”
“and baby your dic*k so hard and sweet I wanna fuc*k u till my sat breath…”

We banged for about ten minutes. Then she stood up. I laid her on the bed, raised her two legs up and entered. She screamed! “oooooooooouuuuussshhhh!”……. I began to bang away and she began to speak Chinese…. “asssshhh……uusshh….yeh! yeh! my puss*y oh….my puss*y oh…..this boi don kill me oooo……assshhh..” I banged her hard for about 5minutes and she began to scream “I’m Pour*ming oh….I’m Pour*ming oh. baby I’m Pour*ming…. “. I held her steady as I t—-t faster, then I felt her shiver as she came. I increased my pace, until I felt myself Pour*ming too. I closed my eyes and leaned backwards. I moaned and shivered as I exploded

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After our first bout of S£x, we settled down to watch television. We watched “One Tree Hill”, an American teenage movie series. As we watched, I asked her if she was hungry. She answered affirmatively. So, I served us the rice, this time with eggs and macaroni. She sat on my lap as I fed her. As we ate, we would lean in and kiss each other, and it made the meal tastier. I was wearing only my boxers and she was tying my spare towel, so the contact of our skins was sending me signals.

I took my time to enable her get some strength before I would connect. As we ate and watched the movie, we talked about many stuff. She told me about her growing up (coincidentally, we both grew up in barracks), she told me about her first boyfriend, the first time she had S£x, and many more. In fact, she told me almost all about her life history (although I suspect some parts of it were fiction e.g the part Where she saw snow in Ghana and Where her Dad took her to Wackyz, Lagos Branch). I still found it interesting anyway. I also felt funny. Women don’t go around tying towels in my house.

Anyways, we finished eating and watched like two episodes from the movie, by then I knew she had gathered some energy, I began to push for a second bout of steaming S£x. She sat on the chair and rested her back against my chest. I began to tease her by kissing her ears. She’d giggle and say “stooopp” but I knew she was enjoying it. Then Lucas and Brooke (characters in the movie), began a hot session of romance.

I took this as my vantage point and began to kiss her neck. She closed her eyes and moaned very softly. Then I turned her to face me and attacked her juicy lips. We kissed passionately and then we rose from the chair, still kissing. I turned her round, such that she was facing me and I was facing way to the room. I began to take some slow steps forward as she took hers backwards. We were kissing as we moved. Then as we entered the room, I loosed the towel from her body and dropped it.

Man, she has a great body. Her boo*bs were firm and erect, with her nip*ples standing hard like two serious soldiers. I kissed her onto the bed, then I began to s–k her boo*bs. She began to moan more “aaaaaahhhhh…..uuuuuuussshhhh…..
Hmmmm”. I s—-d on her boo*bs like they were gonna vanish any moment and it was sending waves of passion throughout her body. Then I began to Tip softly on her nip*ples. She let out a loud moan “aaaaaaaaarrghhhh”…… then I raised her up that we were both sitting on the bed, then she threw her head back and I attacked those succulent boo*bs again……Just then we perceived something burning and our senses returned a bit. The smell was coming from the kitchen. I jumped down and ran there. Lo, I forgot to put off the electric cooker I used in boiling the eggs we ate. Water was dropping on it from the plates i washed which were in the cabinet above, and each time a drop of water fell on it, it would make a “sshh” sound.

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It was the water on the electric cooker that gave the burning smell. I hurriedly put off the cooker when Sonia came behind me, asking What was burning. I told her I had left the cooker on, then I turned to look at her. She was just standing by there…Unclad. The sight of her, brought my dic*k back to reality. I pulled her close to me and began to kiss her again…her hair, her face,then her neck and finally to her boo*bs. I began to s–k them as
she threw her head back and began to moan… “aaaarrrgghhhh… uuuuuuhhhhhh
…….aaarghhh….” then as I s—-d her boo*bs,

I sent one arm to her puss*y and found it already very wet. I played with her puss*y for some time, then I dipped my hand inside her hot honey pot and she moaned “asssshhh” loudly, then I began to massage her insides, searching for her core. After some moments, I felt it and she shivered all over her, confirming my discovery. I began to massage it as she moaned louder “ooooosshhhh……a rrrssssshhhh…… yeeeeeeeeeeessshhhhhhh…………….uuuuuuussshhhh……… ashhhhh”…. then I removed my mouth from boo*bs, rested her back on the kitchen wall, as I massaged her honey pot and then used my free hand to grab her boo*bs and massage them too. wave After wave of pleasure coursed through her….then shivered and went “aaaaaaaaaasssshhhh..” very loudly as she came and poured her juices all over my hand.
Then, she dropped What she was holding (a condom) and fell to her knees yanked down my boxers and threw my dic*k in her mouth.

She began to lick, s–k,nibble, eat and speak to my di*ck in a way I’ve never experienced. She would s–k my dic*k then lick the cap and tease the opening with her tongue. The pleasure was so much that I began to moan like a woman… “arrrshh…… yessshhhh…..::” She s—-d me like that for some minutes then I began to fuc*k her mouth. I fuc*ked and fuc*ked for some minutes, then I paused and she began s—–g again. Each time she got to the cap, and licked it, I would shiver. Then After some minutes, I began to fuc*k her again. I fuc*ked her mouth for some time, then I came in her mouth.

She gathered everything in her mouth then ran to the bathroom to spit it out. I used that opportunity to put on the condom. immediately she came back, I pulled her close to me and inserted my dic*k into her Kittycat in our standing position… she gasped “aaahh” as i entered her. then I began to bang away as she spoke languages that were out of this world… “aaaaaahhhhh….uuuuusshhhh… yeesddh…. ah! ah! ah! ah! ah!……yeeeeeee! I banged her in that style for some minutes then I carried her up and she wrapped her hands around my neck and I guided my dic*k to her puss*y and began to bang. This style was hotter as her puss*y was a tight and wet. She started screaming….”oh my gosh… oh my gosh….. yee! yeee! my puss*y… my puss*y…… fuc*k me baby……..fuc*k me……oh… aaaaaa hhhhh…..yeehhhh! I love your dic*k… I love your dic*k baby, it drives me loco…”

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I thrusted faster and faster, and she continued her dirtytalks, I was too enjoying the fuc*king that I didn’t bother replying… she went like… “this boi ehnnn….. so u can fuc*k like this.. heyy… so your dic*k can make me mad…..baby… you’re killing me ohh… kill me oh… kill me oh…..kill me oohhhh… Yeeeeee! “….I fuc*ked her like that for some more minutes, then I put her down cos that style was draining a lot of energy. So I put her down and she went on all fours, then I entered from behind. “she screamed “jagggssss ooooo” and I began to give it to her. As I banged her, I slapped her Buttocks softly(something Gannicus did in Spartacus). I fuc*ked her hard for some minutes again when she went……”faster jags….I’m Pour*ming…… faster…. faster……faster… I’m Pour*ming… oh!”, I knew I was gonna come any minute soon, so I upped my pace, grabbing her full Buttocks…then we both shuddered as we came together in pleasurable explosion!
“What a fuc*k!”, I said and she laughed. I

pulled off the condom and flushed it, then we went to bed together for our siesta. For the record, we both slept Unclad.
I fuc*ked Sonia four more times that day. We tried various styles in various locations…from kitchen, to bathroom, corridor, toilet, all
rooms except my parent’s. She was amazingly good it. I enjoyed every inch of her coochie,and till this day, I enjoy fuc*king her coochie till @ about 9;30.

So, immediately Sonia left, I began plotting on how to bang Joy(the other choir girl).
Meanwhile, Angel had been keeping me company. She was a great girlfriend. She cooked, cleaned, washed and did so many stuff for me. I had introduced her to my family and everybody loved her. they called her adorable. The only problem we were having was…she was a virgin…. and I wasn’t ready to disvirgin her… yet…. That was because I loved her. That was the first and only time I did love.

I loved Angel with all my heart and I wanted to go all the way with her. We had been together for close to 6months now and hadn’t had S£x. She kept wanting it but I kept refusing her. She told me that She wanted someone who was very special to her heart to break her coochie because She never wanted to forget that person… She said that it was me and I kept rejecting her until one fateful day when something happened… something I never expected… it changed my perspective on our relationship… but before then, lemme tell u what happened between me And Joy.

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Three months after i met Joy, we became close. I was always warming her with funny jokes, making her smile. Sometimes I would go visit her in her shop and we’ll chat for hours on end.Time flew by very fast and I began to plan on banging and hanging her.

So one day, She told me Her Manager traveled to Lagos for a conference. The next day, I went to her shop as usual and we began to chat. we talked for about two hours when out of the blue, it began to rain. Surprised, just like everyone else, we hurriedly packed her buckets of paint inside. we piled them up in a way that the blocked anyone outside from seeing inside the store and we sat down. Then She went to the inner room of the shop, which acts as their store, to shut the window, I gave her fifteen seconds, then I followed her. She didn’t see
me coming or if She did, She pretended not to notice, as She was looking outside at the heavy rain falling outside. I embraced her by the waist and She jerked then giggled.
“this rain will fall for hours on end”, I said to her.
“yes”,She replied,”it’s very heavy”.

Then I kissed her on her neck and She suddenly fell silent. I took that as my cue and began to kill her all over the neck as She shut her eyes and began to moan softly. as I kissed her neck, I held her waist and began to wriggle her waist left and right. As I wriggled the
waist, I began to rock her. I pressed my front against her back and continued that way, for a ninute or two, then I turned and kissed her lips….

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She parted her lips and accepted me whole. Her lips were sweet and soft…they tasted like strawberries… As we kissed passionately, I passed my hand into her boo*bs and squeezed one of them. She let out a soft moan..”arghhhh”….As we kissed, I unbuttoned her shirt and began to press her boo*bs harder… “uuuuuhhh….. arghhhh…Hmmmmmmm….”, She began to moan…Then I unhooked her bra and those marvellous elements spilled out. I immediately pounced on them. I began to s–k them as She moaned “arrrhhhhhh…..
yeeesssssshhh…uuuuuuuuu…..”, As I s—-d, I licked her boo*bs,turning from one to another
at intervals.. after about three minutes, I stopped kissing and s—–g and began to nibble softly on her boo*bs. This drove her wild as She pressed my head into her boo*bs the more and She went “arrrghhhhhh…… uuuuuuuuu… jaggssssss…. you’re killing
me……..s–k me……ohhhhh….eat meee… “, after nibbling for some minutes I yanked up her skirt as he wrestled down my trousers, and touched her coichie, it was dripping wet. I pulled down her panties and drove a finger into her coochie…. She screamed
“jaggggsss… aaaaaaahhhhhh” I began to drive
my finger into her coochie as I continued s—–g her boo*bs…She began to scream
“oooooohhhh…….yeeessss……arrrghhhhhh…… uuuuuhhh… my coochie oooo… my
coochie… ”
Knowing that nobody was going to hear her screamings No matter how loud they were, I decided to drive her mad. I inserted a second and third finger…the next thing I heard was…..
“jeez!ooouhhhh… ye!….arghhhhhhh….my coooochie….. oooohh….” her legs began to shake as if her knees were threatening to buckle at any moment. So I told her to give me my wallet. She squatted, picked it up and gave it to and me and before I could say “Jack”, She pulled down my boxers and swallowed my Joystick. The pleasure was indescribable. As She s—-d my dic*k, She massaged my balls and I began to moan like a woman….”ouuhhh…
..arghhhh….s–k me baby…s–k my Joystick!
….” after some minutes of s—–g, I began to fuc*k her mouth. I fuc*ked it So much that I began feeling like I wanted to Pour, So I pulled out from her mouth. I tore open, the condom and wore it on, then I bent her over some buckets of paint, raised her leg and placed on another set of buckets then I entered her puss*y from behind. I began to bang her fast.

I banged her and She began to scream my name……..”jaggsssss…..heyy!………my coochie……oh…… oucchhsshhh……ou sssshhhhhhh…….atrrshhhhhh…….” as She moaned, I gave it to her fast and hard. Then I pulled out of her. She suddenly grabbed a wrapper out of the blue and spread it on the floor. I gave her my Sekxy grin. then She made to lie on it but I held her back. She looked at me and I grinned then I lay on the wrapper
and She got the message

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She climbed on top of me, then I inserted my dic*k in her puss*y and She began to ride.
This S£x position is one of the best because u get to enjoy every minute of it. As She rose and fell on my dic*k, waves of pleasure kept washing through me. I held her soft Buttocks, as She rode me. Then She began to wriggle her waist as if She was dancing. This move drove me hard and I exclaimed “arghhhh”… She rode me for some minutes, then we switched to missionary. I began to give it to her very fast……in No time, She came but that didn’t stop me. I serviced her coochie properly and then I came… we both shook together. Then I pulled out of her and went to the toilet to clean myself up.

Angel had been a sweet girlfriend from the onset… but we had one problem… She was a virgin. I respected that aspect of her so much that never once did I make a move to sleep with her. We would spend hours on end together but the highest we would get to is romance-squeezing of the breasts,kissing, bum- squeezing and many other minor… It was like this until when she shocked me. She began to demand for S£x. She told me she wanted me to be her first, so that incase we ended up not getting married, she’d remember me as her First. I kept declining until one day, when I got the shock of my life.

One fateful day, she logged into Facebook with my phone and forgot to log out. I had gone to visit her and she was preparing me a meal so she had to drop the phone and go to the kitchen. Suddenly I felt the impulse to check her messages. What I saw there shocked. My sweet Angel has been sharing details of our relationship with one Mudi, a notorious vjay- warmer in her area. She told the guy (previous chats) that she wanted to feel like a woman and that I was denying her that feeling. She told the guy of how I keep refusing to sleep with her, telling him that my so-called excuse was that “the time was not right”. After so many soothing and sweet talks,the guy offered to make her feel like a woman and after some
persuasion, she agreed. They fixed that evening to meet in the guy’s place since he lived alone.
I was shocked. I can’t find enough words to explain how I felt.

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Here was a girl I loved and was ready to go all the way with and yet she was willing to f*uck another guy cos “she wanted to feel like a woman”. That moment I realised something, that “if you haven’t paid for it, then it ain’t yours”. From that moment I began to dislike her a lot. From that moment, every feeling I had for her began to die. I decided there and then to fuc*k her as much as I could. Since she was interested in giving out her services to others outside, lemme collect my own first.

That fateful day, I let her cook the porridge (my favorite), and we ate together. As we ate we fed each other and I began to plot my move.
I made her sit on my laps as we ate and laughed, then I’d pause at very short intervals and kiss her, at first short and shallow and as time wore on it became long and deep. When we finished eating, she cleared the dishes and came back to sit on my leg. I pulled her closer to me and kissed her…long deep and hard. She opened her mouth and accepted me. As we kissed, I s—-d her soft tender lips, making sure I savored every moment of it. Then I moved my hand towards her shirt and unbuttoned the first two buttons. I made to unbutton the third one when she snapped back to her senses and stood up saying she wants to do her dishes and then left for the kitchen.

As she walked away, I smiled to myself. I knew she wasn’t going to be able to do the dishes because sh she was under severe emotional confusion.

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She wanted to experience S£x but she felt uncomfy. I let her go into the kitchen and settle for about two minutes then I followed her. She was standing over the sink with her back towards me so I embraced her from behind. She warmed towards me even as my
John Thomas became erect upon touching her a*ss. I whispered sweet nothings into her ears and she giggled. Then I pressed her a little tighter and began to kiss her neck. As I kissed her, I ran my right hand over her laps. I’m sure she must have gotten the message because almost immediately she spun,faced me and all of a sudden, covered my mouth with her own.

As we kissed, we began to move from the kitchen…towards her bedroom (thankfully, her parents weren’t around). As we kissed, we took slow deliberate steps towards her bedroom and then we began to take off each others clothes. By the time we got to the bedroom door, we were stark nake*d. I opened the door and we waltzed in. I didn’t bother to close it. I just attacked her boo*bs.

Immediately my mouth covered one of them, she began to moan “aaahhhh…. uuuhhhhhh…..” As I s—-d, I guarded her to the bed and placed her on it. Then I climbed on her and continued. Her moanings increased as she Went “arrggghhhh….. uuuuhhhh…. iiiiiiiiu: “.
Then I began to s–k-and-switch. I’d s–k on a boo*b for a short interval then I’ll switch to
the other.
Each time I touched her, I felt her shake all over. She closed her eyes and moaned the more.

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As I s—-d her, I felt her pressing my head onto her chest. I began to rub one boo*b as I s—-d the other. Her moans were increasing “aaaahhhhh….. hnnmmmm……. yhhhhhh…. ooooooo….. “. Then I slid my hand down her tummy to her vjay and dipped my finger into her hot, wet and ready honeypot. immediately my finger entered her, she moaned “aaaaahhhh….”. Definitely she was surprised at what a guy’s finger in her coochie could do to her. The pleasure was immeasurable. I began to finger-fuc*k her and she began to grind my coochie against my finger… her moans at that moment ranged from “asssshhhhh…… yyyeeeeeehh…..uuuuhhhh, to… ooooooo…… arrrrghhhh…… yeeeeeeh…. ”

I fingered her for sometime when I realized that my rod was protesting. It was up and erect, ready to go to work. I knew ready to enter into the honeypot but there was a major problem. The Condoms were in my wallet in my trouser, and my trouser was somewhere in
the passage between the kitchen and the room. Standing up at that moment was going to be a kill-joy Co’s it would destroy the moment. I had to think fast.

Seeing that no other means were available, I decided to do it skinnie. As she layed on the the bed, I moved up slowly. She opened her eyes and looked at me. We both knew that that was the moment. She smiled at me and I smiled back. Then I guarded my dic*k to the entrance to her puss*y, rubbed it there a little ,then I entered into her welcoming honeypot.

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Her honeypot was wet and tight. I felt my dic*k rub against the inner walls as I entered her and she screamed. Yes, she did.
“aaaaaaarrhhhhhhh” was the sound that came out. Then I began to ride her slowly. Giving her time to enjoy me and welcome me deeper into her condo. As I rode her, she was moaning “ooooohhhhh….. yesssss…. this is sweet…… ahhhhhh……uuuhhhhhh…” “Sweet kor, sweet ni “, I thought to myself, “by d time I finish with you today, u will crave for S£x all the days of your life”.

I banged her missionary slowly for a while then I began to go a bit faster. She began to moan as she began speaking in tongues. I couldn’t understand what she was saying but I heard something like “you’re killing me here oooo ” After like two minutes, I decided to notch up d key. I began to pump into her faster and faster. “ye! ye! ah! ah!…..yessss….. yessss ooh. this boy u wicked. u never told me fuc*king was this sweet o…..heeeeeeeeyh! ” with the pace I was going, I knew I was gonna come soon, so I dislodged from inside of her. Then she told me that she wanted the cowgirl. I asked her if she was serious and she nodded to the affirmative, so I laid flat on the bed and she climbed on top of me. She guarded my JOHN Thomas into her Vagelina Jollie and began to ride me. This was hot and very tight.

She rode me for about two minutes, but I could tell that she wasn’t enjoying it because of its tightness. So, after some moments, I came out from inside her.

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Then I made her stand near the edge of the bed. I raised up one of her legs as she rested her side on the bed and I entered. This entrance was hotter and sweeter than the previous two…..”ooohhhh….. yeeess…….
uuuuuuuu…… aaaaaaaaaaaaa……”, she moaned even as she squeezed her eyes shut. She began to shake and I knew she was nearing her peak.
So I began to spank her faster and faster, when. suddenly she gripped me very tight. I thrusted into her twice more when we suddenly came. I came first and she did about two seconds later. Despite the fact that I wasn’t wearing condom, I left my rooster in her coochie and we both fell on the bed together. I was exhausted. With my rooster in her coochie, we cuddled up together and dozed off.

I bleeped her again that day before leaving. We had 6 more months of unforgettable bleeping experiences before we broke up when I caught her with a guy in a house(plus I kept hearing of her numerous movements ).
I guess that’s a wrap for this story.