[STORY] the boy who cried blood (Episode 1-11)

CHAPTER ONE “Ayo, please fetch me mayonnaise from the super-market” I heard Mum said from the kitchen door. “And you Kemi, lazybone come right now into the kitchen” “Okay Ma” I reply. I was busy playing PS4 with my sister; I dare not waste another minute in answering her. I always play the game with Kemi and Tunji, my bestie. I teach her how to play and she pretty good at it now, she even beat me most time. I quickly pick the car keys and move out to the garage while she leave for the kitchen. I enter into my Mum Lexus sport car and head to the supermarket. Along the way, I observe the landscape as if that was my first of driving through the Estate. I notice the neatly trimmed lawn in frontage of each house, tall fence of various colour cover the beautiful and tall building which are ideally structured. Each building has a security house. The building in the estate has the same design; they are just distinct in colour and façade. I get the mayonnaise and head back home. I watch as three girls jog along the road. I stare at their big butt as it carefully sway to and fro. They have earpiece inserted into their ears. Right in the middle is Tunmininu, the daughter of Senator Harloma, the richest man in the Estate. I hastily duck my head to avoid her gaze meeting mine. She has been a pain in my ass since we make-out in the room on her birthday. She always perturb me with calls and messages but I don’t have time for her since I’m not the loving type. I increased the acceleration to evade them. The gateman open the gate and I drive steadily to the garage. I open the car door, pick up the bag of goodies and head into the building. I get additional provision and chocolate for Kemi, she would kill me if I didn’t. I was met by an unusual stench when I get into our massive living room. I deduce the odor to be that of Propane. ‘Did Mum leave the cooking gas on?’ I ask myself. I couldn’t figure out the origin of the smell as I perceive the odor almost everywhere. I quickly dash towards the Kitchen to warn Mum of the impending doom but I was met with an enormous blast which emerges from the kitchen and sweep through the living room. I was hit sturdily by the explosion which flings me off stability and hit my back against the living room iron door. I was blaze partly by the fire. I pull off my smoldering shirt and progress towards the kitchen avoiding the burning fire which was devouring the furniture. I was determined to save my mum and sister or what is left of them. I grab the fire extinguisher affix to the wall adjacent the dining hall; I pull the pin and I position the nozzle towards the kitchen doorway to extinguish the fire. Hot tears stream down my face as I sight the remains of my family on the ground burned up. They were roasted like mamaput ogunfe. I couldn’t move closer to them as the fire was still hot. I flop with the extinguisher in my hand and wail like a baby denied of breast milk; sultry heat coat my body. I felt a hand on my shoulder. I was too enervated to complain about the pain the grip was causing to my shoulder. I was helped outside by someone. He let go of my hand and I slump on the interlocked floor outside the building. In my sub-consciousness, I could see the firemen putting out the fire and Tunde, the gateman was weeping and wailing before I finally black out. ********************************************** When I open my eye, I couldn’t figure out where I was; the whole place was painted white. I got surprise on how I could get to heaven after all my sinful life. I was still deliberating on that when a young handsome man in a white overall came in. My brain start processing what the man could be. I finally conclude he is an Angel sent from God to withdrawal me from heaven to hell where all my deed point to. “Good Morning Ayo. How are you feeling?” He asked smiling. Immediately he mentioned my name, all the memories revert into my head like a flash of lightning. Tears tickle down my cheek, I close my eye and shake my head. “Gentleman I emphasize with you, I know all what you’ve pass through in the last few days, but in all circumstance we should thank God. God never does something without leaving the path for thanks” He said still smiling. With the way he smiles, it was as if he was mocking me but I know his smile is professional. “Thank God for what?” I ask giving him a skeptical look. “For the gift of life” He reply smiling reiteratively “I don’t think you really know what happen to me; if you do, you won’t be telling me to thank God. I prefer to have die with them than living without them” I said furiously. “Yes, I really do. And everything happens for a reason best known to God. You have been unconscious for five days. We all thought you’re dead. You were severely burn, but here you are surviving such savage incident. This shows that you have an intention in life” “Burn!? How? Where?” I ask him feeling confuse “Mr Ayo, you have a third degree burn on your back and it also impinge your left arm.” When I examine myself I notice my chest and left arm were concealed in bandage. I was affected by the fire but the adrenaline in me has kept me from knowing how terrible I was affected. “We are happy to have you back Mr Ayo” He said as he scrawl on the file in his hand. Giving the Nurse further instruction, he left the hospital ward after saying goodbye. The light complexioned Nurse attends to my medical necessity. I was unable to eat when she serve me rice and stew. She inject some substance into my arm with the syringe; I started feel drowsy. I could see her retreating figure in my sub-consciousness. ************************************************ Even though I’m sixteen, I look twenty. I have a huge physique couple with six packs, a nice handsome face with a curly blackish hair to adorn it. In addition to my light skin tone, I have a greenish coloured pupil, in which people notice mostly about me. I think the reason is brought about by mutation since I was the only one in my family with a coloured pupil. My education was pretty fast; I’m in my final year at the college when I lost my family. My Uncle came to pick me from the hospital and took me to his place to stay with his family. He has two daughters, Temi and Joy. Joy is older than me; she is in 200L in the University while Temi, shortened from Temilade is in Class 1 in the college. I’m couldn’t hide my euphoria when I got home. I’m happy to finally have a new family. I was heartily received into the family. My Uncle is assigned the remaining property of my late Mother. His wife run the affairs of the Supermarket, while the building was taken over by the Estate Agency. Things start taking a new turn when my Uncle was sacked from his working place. He sold all the property left just to take care of the family. All the money from the supermarket was also squander by his wife, who spends it on expensive clothes and jewelries. When things started getting worst, he relocate to the next state to search for greener pasture. His wife start abusing me. She turn me into a house boy, making me do all the chores in the household while she indulge and coddle Temi. My Uncle was unaware of this. She always feed him with lies and she won’t allow me to speak with him. If I have an opportunity to speak with him, she stays around me to monitor my conversation with him. I thought I have arrive at an abode of exhilaration, but in actuality am in the abode of despondency. In due course, I’m deprive of going to school when my Uncle was unable to afford all the fees. ‘You are nothing to me, I can’t be wasting my money on you, look into my eye; you can’t come here and kill my family as you have obliterate yours. You Wizard, I rebuke you, son of Lucifer, what you bring is badluck, you jinx. My husband was sacked all because of you, and my business isn’t progressing as before. I told him to send you away but he is obstinate on keeping a hopeless child’. These are her words whenever I did something erroneous. I always try my best to avoid blunder but all my effort appear defective to her. My Uncle visits home one fateful weekend. Everything went on fine for few days; following his departure, thing fall back to it usual position. My anguish was rising like inflation and I have nowhere to run to. I have decided on occasions to abscond from home but I don’t have anywhere to run to. My Uncle is the only relative I know. Joy is back home on semester break. She has been my companion before she left for school. She is a shoulder to lean on unlike Temi who was spoilt and ill-mannered. She always encourage her Mum to beat me and she even hits me at any opportunity she gets. I told Funmi about the experience I’m having when she isn’t around and some of these happen in her presence. She came to my room one night. “AY, I already talk to Mum, but she won’t listen. She claim you killed your family with your witchcraft and you’re here to do likewise. Am sorry Ayo, I can’t help on Mum’s issue but I will try everything within my capacity to help you since am still around” She said with tears in her eye. She hugged me tightly and I let her arm wrap around me. She kiss my lips and we chat before she finally leave for her room. I was astounded since I wasn’t expecting that from her. I lay on my bed thinking about the next day and I drifted into dreamland.

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