[STORY] the boy who cried blood (Episode 1-11)

“Ayo, please fetch me mayonnaise from the super-market” I heard Mum said from the kitchen door. “And you Kemi, lazybone come right now into the kitchen”
“Okay Ma” I reply. I was busy playing PS4 with my sister; I dare not waste another minute in answering her. I always play the game with Kemi and Tunji, my bestie. I teach her how to play and she pretty good at it now, she even beat me most time. I quickly pick the car keys and move out to the garage while she leave for the kitchen. I enter into my Mum Lexus sport car and head to the supermarket. Along the way, I observe the landscape as if that was my first of driving through the Estate. I notice the neatly trimmed lawn in frontage of each house, tall fence of various colour cover the beautiful and tall building which are ideally structured. Each building has a security house. The building in the estate has the same design; they are just distinct in colour and façade. I get the mayonnaise and head back home. I watch as three girls jog along the road. I stare at their big butt as it carefully sway to and fro. They have earpiece inserted into their ears. Right in the middle is Tunmininu, the daughter of Senator Harloma, the richest man in the Estate. I hastily duck my head to avoid her gaze meeting mine. She has been a pain in my ass since we make-out in the room on her birthday. She always perturb me with calls and messages but I don’t have time for her since I’m not the loving type. I increased the acceleration to evade them. The gateman open the gate and I drive steadily to the garage. I open the car door, pick up the bag of goodies and head into the building. I get additional provision and chocolate for Kemi, she would kill me if I didn’t. I was met by an unusual stench when I get into our massive living room. I deduce the odor to be that of Propane. ‘Did Mum leave the cooking gas on?’ I ask myself. I couldn’t figure out the origin of the smell as I perceive the odor almost everywhere. I quickly dash towards the Kitchen to warn Mum of the impending doom but I was met with an enormous blast which emerges from the kitchen and sweep through the living room. I was hit sturdily by the explosion which flings me off stability and hit my back against the living room iron door. I was blaze partly by the fire. I pull off my smoldering shirt and progress towards the kitchen avoiding the burning fire which was devouring the furniture. I was determined to save my mum and sister or what is left of them. I grab the fire extinguisher affix to the wall adjacent the dining hall; I pull the pin and I position the nozzle towards the kitchen doorway to extinguish the fire. Hot tears stream down my face as I sight the remains of my family on the ground burned up. They were roasted like mamaput ogunfe. I couldn’t move closer to them as the fire was still hot. I flop with the extinguisher in my hand and wail like a baby denied of breast milk; sultry heat coat my body. I felt a hand on my shoulder. I was too enervated to complain about the pain the grip was causing to my shoulder. I was helped outside by someone. He let go of my hand and I slump on the interlocked floor outside the building. In my sub-consciousness, I could see the firemen putting out the fire and Tunde, the gateman was weeping and wailing before I finally black out.
When I open my eye, I couldn’t figure out where I was; the whole place was painted white. I got surprise on how I could get to heaven after all my sinful life. I was still deliberating on that when a young handsome man in a white overall came in. My brain start processing what the man could be. I finally conclude he is an Angel sent from God to withdrawal me from heaven to hell where all my deed point to.
“Good Morning Ayo. How are you feeling?” He asked smiling. Immediately he mentioned my name, all the memories revert into my head like a flash of lightning. Tears tickle down my cheek, I close my eye and shake my head. “Gentleman I emphasize with you, I know all what you’ve pass through in the last few days, but in all circumstance we should thank God. God never does something without leaving the path for thanks” He said still smiling. With the way he smiles, it was as if he was mocking me but I know his smile is professional.
“Thank God for what?” I ask giving him a skeptical look.
“For the gift of life” He reply smiling reiteratively
“I don’t think you really know what happen to me; if you do, you won’t be telling me to thank God. I prefer to have die with them than living without them” I said furiously.
“Yes, I really do. And everything happens for a reason best known to God. You have been unconscious for five days. We all thought you’re dead. You were severely burn, but here you are surviving such savage incident. This shows that you have an intention in life”
“Burn!? How? Where?” I ask him feeling confuse
“Mr Ayo, you have a third degree burn on your back and it also impinge your left arm.”
When I examine myself I notice my chest and left arm were concealed in bandage. I was affected by the fire but the adrenaline in me has kept me from knowing how terrible I was affected.
“We are happy to have you back Mr Ayo” He said as he scrawl on the file in his hand.
Giving the Nurse further instruction, he left the hospital ward after saying goodbye. The light complexioned Nurse attends to my medical necessity. I was unable to eat when she serve me rice and stew. She inject some substance into my arm with the syringe; I started feel drowsy. I could see her retreating figure in my sub-consciousness.
Even though I’m sixteen, I look twenty. I have a huge physique couple with six packs, a nice handsome face with a curly blackish hair to adorn it. In addition to my light skin tone, I have a greenish coloured pupil, in which people notice mostly about me. I think the reason is brought about by mutation since I was the only one in my family with a coloured pupil. My education was pretty fast; I’m in my final year at the college when I lost my family. My Uncle came to pick me from the hospital and took me to his place to stay with his family. He has two daughters, Temi and Joy. Joy is older than me; she is in 200L in the University while Temi, shortened from Temilade is in Class 1 in the college. I’m couldn’t hide my euphoria when I got home. I’m happy to finally have a new family. I was heartily received into the family. My Uncle is assigned the remaining property of my late Mother. His wife run the affairs of the Supermarket, while the building was taken over by the Estate Agency. Things start taking a new turn when my Uncle was sacked from his working place. He sold all the property left just to take care of the family. All the money from the supermarket was also squander by his wife, who spends it on expensive clothes and jewelries. When things started getting worst, he relocate to the next state to search for greener pasture. His wife start abusing me. She turn me into a house boy, making me do all the chores in the household while she indulge and coddle Temi. My Uncle was unaware of this. She always feed him with lies and she won’t allow me to speak with him. If I have an opportunity to speak with him, she stays around me to monitor my conversation with him. I thought I have arrive at an abode of exhilaration, but in actuality am in the abode of despondency. In due course, I’m deprive of going to school when my Uncle was unable to afford all the fees.
‘You are nothing to me, I can’t be wasting my money on you, look into my eye; you can’t come here and kill my family as you have obliterate yours. You Wizard, I rebuke you, son of Lucifer, what you bring is badluck, you jinx. My husband was sacked all because of you, and my business isn’t progressing as before. I told him to send you away but he is obstinate on keeping a hopeless child’. These are her words whenever I did something erroneous. I always try my best to avoid blunder but all my effort appear defective to her. My Uncle visits home one fateful weekend. Everything went on fine for few days; following his departure, thing fall back to it usual position. My anguish was rising like inflation and I have nowhere to run to. I have decided on occasions to abscond from home but I don’t have anywhere to run to. My Uncle is the only relative I know.
Joy is back home on semester break. She has been my companion before she left for school. She is a shoulder to lean on unlike Temi who was spoilt and ill-mannered. She always encourage her Mum to beat me and she even hits me at any opportunity she gets. I told Funmi about the experience I’m having when she isn’t around and some of these happen in her presence. She came to my room one night.
“AY, I already talk to Mum, but she won’t listen. She claim you killed your family with your witchcraft and you’re here to do likewise. Am sorry Ayo, I can’t help on Mum’s issue but I will try everything within my capacity to help you since am still around” She said with tears in her eye.
She hugged me tightly and I let her arm wrap around me. She kiss my lips and we chat before she finally leave for her room. I was astounded since I wasn’t expecting that from her. I lay on my bed thinking about the next day and I drifted into dreamland.

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Joy was truthful to her word; she is actually a helping hand. Her mum gives me series of unnecessary chore before she goes to shop every day and I must complete it before she comes back. Joy exonerate my tasks. Through that, we get intimate and we talk a lot of things. From our diverse chat, I get to know more about her; she is cool and calm at home while hot and naughty at school. She isn’t the Virgin Mary her Mum claim she is. She takes alcohol, goes clubbing and try morphine on several occasion. She inform me she had abortion once when her stupid boyfriend deny her pregnancy. My mouth was gape when she told me. I made a mistake of disclosing it to Joy that I’m a Virgin. She start making amorous advances toward me anytime we are alone. She kiss me at any slight opportunity. She visits my room every night for a make-out before she goes to bed. It’s a four bedroom flat so we all have our separate room.
I’m in the bathroom one fateful afternoon when I heard footstep in my room. I turn my back to see Joy already at the bathroom door which startles me. She wore a bum short and a white singlet which disclose her assets. Her face glitters like gold fleeting through the trial of flame.
“Sis…ter…joy……what…are…you…doing…her?” I stammer. She move closer and held my d–k which rise boisterously.
“I want you inside me” she said.
My CPU was attempting to process what she said when she grabs my d–k and stroke it gently. I feel a sensation surge through my body and I let out a pleasure moan. She haul me with my d–k into the main room. She push me to the bed and took the length into her awaiting wet mouth. After minutes of b—–b, she mount on me and engage my lips in a kiss fight. Am a good kisser but she is a professional. If honorary should be given for kissing, she will possess a PhD in Kissery. We were still in the mood of kissing when she rise up to unbuttoned her bum short button, she pull it down and take off her singlet. She wasn’t putting on underpants; I realize she came prepared. I ogle at her unclothe body and marvel at the work of God. Complimenting her dark skin are two round watermelon boobs, a neatly shaved c–t, a perfect figure eight and a nice perfect straight leg. Her oblong face was without pimples. Her black n—-e stood upright on her bosom.
“Sister Joy, I’m scared, I haven’t done it before” I said coyly as she want to mount on me.
“Don’t worry AY, you will love it” She said smiling
She moan loudly as she mount on my d–k and took the whole length into her. She bounces on my d–k like a rubber ball; screaming, shouting, moaning and speaking in unknown tongues. I could observe a whitish thick fluid ejaculating out of her p—y. From my internet experience I deduce she has reach c—-x. She ride me for several minute before she change the style to d—-e. I was slow at first as she moans nosily. I increase the velocity when he start yelling ‘Harder, Please AY, harder’. Although it’s my first time, I put all my best into her satisfying her. I lost count of the times she reached c—-x.
“I’m cuming” I said with a grunt.
“C-m inside me” she said giving me a wild smile.
I was surprise at first but I had no other option than to heed to her word since she isn’t letting go. I shoot my load inside her and she attains o—-m concurrently; causing a double o—-m. We lay down on the bed spent.
“You said you haven’t done this before and you are riding me brutally like an untamed horse” she said laughing
“I mean it, this is my first time” I answer her defensively
“Hope you enjoyed it” She ask with a smile
“Every bit” I said smiling. She kiss my lips and move to the shower. I lay on the bed with thought of what just transpire between us in my head.
“AY come and join me” She said from the shower. I join her in the bath and we had another round. Afterward, she left for her room while I lay feebly on my bed and I doze off.
I wake up in the evening to the shout of my name. The Lioness is back and I’m in for trouble; I already sense I did something wrong with the way she is shouting. I move to the kitchen where the noise was coming from.
“Welcome Ma” I said grumpily. She stares at me scornfully without replying my greeting.
“Why did you cook Rice instead of Yam and egg as I have stated this morning” She shout at the top of her voice.
“Ma…….I…” before I could say anything reasonable; she lifts the knife in her hand and attack me, I shield myself from her attack with my arm and I lost my right ring finger in the process.
“Mummy, am the one that decide to cook rice. He was so stressed up and I told him not to bother himself” Joy says defensively standing at the kitchen door. She scream when she catch a glimpse of blood and a finger lying on the floor.
She move closer to me. “AY, What happen?” she asked probing my eye for answer. I made to move out of the kitchen but stop midway, look back at her Mum wrathfully before finally exiting the kitchen. I could hear Joy telling her Mum what she did was unfair, but I care less. What infuriate me most is the fact that she just stood there without showing sympathy as if nothing happen, even if it was a mistake. I sit down on a bench in the verandah looking dejectedly at my decapitated finger, blood tickle slowly from it to the ground. A trail of blood had followed me to where I sat. Joy later come out and took me to a chemist shop. I was treated and given injection and we trek back home. She slept in my room that night. She cuddles me and I sleep blissfully like a baby.
The circular wheel of my life continues to spin in the same manner of rotation. I still do a lot of chores which Joy help me with. Temi goes to school, while I while away my time at home on assignment that isn’t contributing to my life. Since the incidence with Joy, our romantic act subdue her.
I was in my room on a Sunday evening when I heard Joy’s Mum receiving a call.
“Yeeeh, am doomed, this must be a joke. Accident!? How? It can’t be” She begin to cry after she the call. I could hear her clearly from my room. I heard her shouting her husband name. I know something was amiss so I came out of the room.
“Mummy, what is wrong? I ask her gently
“Someone called me just now, informing me that my husband has a car accident on his way home. You have finally succeeded in killing my husband ooo” She said wailing. I retreat back into my room to avoid story that touch. Hot tears roll down my cheek as her word reverberates in my ear. She visit the hospital my uncle was admitted into the next day. My Uncle died a week after the incidence. This world is full of agony and struggle. The only helper I know has left me. Assuming I know this world is a battleground, I would have come with weapon. House turn into a living hell after my Uncle’s death. Joy went back to school after he was buried and I was once again in solitude. Temi turns herself into a pest; manipulating me to do her wish and if I fail to assent with her, she will lie to her Mum and I will be severally punished for sin I didn’t commit. Perseverance has been a pill I take daily with the hope that everything will be all right fine sooner or later.
“What are you doing in my room? I ask Temi alarmed jolting up from bed.
“Take it easy Ayo. Am just h—y and you are the only one available that can satisfy me tonight” she said coyly
“What is the meaning of that? Did he not satisfy you today?” I ask furiously.
“Who?” She asked puzzled.
“Your boyfriend; the one you always go to, fabricating lies to Mum that you are going for tutorials”
“Let’s forget about that. I want you tonight. I’m aware of your relationship with Joy and I keep it a secret. If I tell Mum, it won’t be easy on you, so forget about that and let’s do this” she said forcing herself on me.
I push her away. “Listen and listen good, I don’t want you, I don’t need you. Leave this room now before I……” She cut me off with a blistering slap.
I know the noise will attract her Mum since she is a light sleeper. I was ready for any action that unfolds after. When the door creaks open, Temi start shedding crocodile tears. On seeing Temi weeping, she gave me an undiluted slap which sends stars hovering over my head. I know I have lost the case from there.
“Temi what happen, what did this Wizard did to you. Why did he slap you? She asked her.
“He tried to rape me all because I came to his room to ask for my phone”
Her Mum pounce on me and give me the thrashing of my life. She batters me frequently, but this one was raucous. I just lay on the floor, covering my face with my hand as she continues to hit me. Temi join in the beating as well.
“I think it’s time you leave this house for us, you son of Lucifer. Pack your loads and leave this house now” She yell at me. I stood up wobbly and made to move to my tiny wardrobe which houses my tattered clothes.
“You don’t any possession here. I purchase everything for you with me money. Just leave this house now”
I adhere to her instruction and walk out of the room desolately. I check the time on the clock as I pass through the living room., the time display 22:45. Temi followed, mocking and calling me all sort of name.
“That serves you right, instead of you to accept my offer gladly you repudiate, a whole me, Temi. Can you see what you have cause for yourself. Stupid goat, numskull, scram and don’t ever come back”. She yell at me before closing the gate behind me.
I stare at the void street. ‘Where will I go now? Where will I start from? How am I going to live my life?’’. I ask myself these question as I advance into the street. The only source of illumination is the moon. I haven’t walk up to twenty minute when I sight an uncompleted building. I decide to stay there till dawn. I proceed into the building and I encounter a witty sight. The whole place was littered with dirt. A man in tattered clothes sat on a ghana-must-go bag talking to the air. When he saw me, he laugh hysterically and stand up. He beckon on me. I bolted when I heard him say “Welcome my friend” in his crazy tone

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I wake up with a splitting headache. I couldn’t makeout my exact location since the sky is still gloomy. I have pass the night in front of a shop sleeping on the bare floor. I’m worn out from yesternight running couple with the way I slept. I’m a good athlete, if not, the mad man would have caught up with me and does God knows what. I think of home but I couldn’t go back. My Uncle isn’t there to admonish his wife and Joy isn’t around to beg on my behalf. I manage to stand up, I start walking faintly around. I was hungry and frail. I have nowhere to go. People start moving into the street; they go about their daily schedules. While some look at me with despair, some with sympathy. My stomach was hurting and I don’t know have cash with me to buy food. After walking for what seems like an hour, I sight a shop afar with it owner sitting outside. I move closer to her. Seeing that the shop is crammed up with variety of provisions, I’m optimistic; getting something from her.
“Please Ma, I need your help. Am very hungry and I don’t have money with me, please help me with something edible” I said pleading.
“Youngman, I have nothing to offer you anything here. Go out there and work. That is how you walk around and steal from people. Leave here at once” She snap at me.
I stood there transfix for some seconds before moving away. I thought about what the woman has said and her reaction. She has abundant but she can’t help someone with null. It’s annoying and aggrieving. I stood some distance away and think about my life. I came from an opulent background where I get everything I want at the right time. A tragedy makes me lose everything, and m on the verge of losing my personal myself. I gaze back at the shop and the woman was absent. My intellect was filled with distinct thought; one was asking the question while the other was giving answer.
‘What if am caught? I have never stolen in my life, why should I do that now?’
‘It’s not a big deal, you can’t get caught. She isn’t even around and it will be quick’
‘No, am not interested’
‘Then your hunger show has just begin’
Without further reckoning, I adhere to the second thought. I walk warily towards the shop. I enter into the shop and grab a medium size bread. I was still searching for sardine when I heard a voice outside.
“What are you doing there? Where is the owner of the shop?”The voice inquires.
Before I could reply her, she already raise an alarm. ‘I shouldn’t have wait for the sardine’, I thought within myself.
“It’s you, I know you are a thief; that is how you always do and I will teach you a lesson today” I heard the shop owner voice.
I attempt to run but I was gripe by a muscular hand. The man who held me gave me a blinding slap. The girl who spot me earlier has left to call some area boys. Before I know what was happening, the guys start jungle justice on me.
“Please am hungry that is why I took the bread. I asked her but she chased me away. Please it isn’t my fault, if it’s, please forgive me, I won’t do such again”.
My justification falls on their deaf ear. They hit me continuously with punches and stick as I grovel on the muddy ground.
“Go and bring tire and petrol, we are burning him” I heard a thick baritone voice instruct one of the boys. With the speed of lightning two guys was back with a canister and a tire. I feel a weight on my neck; a tire was fasten to my neck and an inorganic liquid was spray on me. Memories of my past flash through my head and I depict how I was going to burn. I clear my psyche and settle for the worst.
“Please stop, this is injustice. I don’t mean to be indelicate here, but you should at least hand him over to the police and let them discipline him. Who are you to judge?” I heard a faint voice behind me. “What has he done to earn such treatment?”
“He is a crook” the shop owner said
“I don’t believe that but what did he steal?”
“Bread and Sardine”
“Just that!? Is that a concrete motive to kill him?”
“Mr Man I told you already he is a thief, he came to me this morning that he is hungry, I know that is how they do, pretending just to steal from their victim” she said scornfully
“Can you give me a profound explanation to what you just verbalize now? You heard yourself clearly; he came to you this morning and you were unable to help him and now you want to watch him burn. That is unjust young lady. How much is the money?”
“One thousand naira” she said rudely
“A thousand naira for just bread and sardine?” he asked astonished
“Yes, are you paying or not? She reply hissing
“Take, this is five thousand. Can he go now?”
“Yes. Thief, pickpocket” she shouts at me.
“You should have permit us to burn him” The man with the thick baritone voice fume as they disperse. I watch the whole scene with a fainting soul. I was help into a waiting bus.
“You will be alright Son” He assure me. I lay/recline/stretch out on one of the back sit on the bus and I pass out.
I wake up on an infirmary bed groggily.
“Thank God he is awake” I heard a female voice said beside me and she quickly dash out of the room. A man in what looks like a Priest robe walks in with a nurse and the other lady behind him. She check my vital and left after administering a note to the Man in white.
“Good Morning” He said with a smile.
“Morning Sir” I said weakly. “I really ………” He motion me to stop.
“It’s okay Son. You don’t need to say anything for now. Get better first. We have a lot to talk about but your health is paramount now”
“Thank you Sir”.
I rest on the bed staring at the white ceiling avoiding the gaze of the young lady sitting beside my bed. I was out of the infirmary the second day. The Priest took me to his quarters. I relate my ordeal to him and he pledge to assist me. He is a Priest in a Catholic Church. I was send to the Orphanage home which was under the administration of the Catholic Church. They call it a Mission Home. The Mission home enclose both girls and boys who fall in my age bracket and it’s guided by stringent precept. The Mission Home isn’t only for Orphans, they help the waifs and strays also, who either chooses to move on with their life and profession attained or become a Priest if they aspire to. The Man by the name Mr Edward ensures I lack nothing. I was register into the Mission school where I had to start from Class 2. We were taught in the Christian way and I made a vow never to part from it. I acclimatize to my new environment but I was eccentric. Things move satisfactorily and I was delight my life had alter for the better.
I was on my way to the hostel one certain Saturday when I sight Mr Edward with a girl heading to the Director’s office. I was dumbfounded when I set my eyes on her; I scrutinize her in disbelief. What amaze me about the girl is her similitude with Kemisola. She is the exact replica of Kemi in shape, skin colour, eyes, posture, the way she walks; expect for the height. I surmise Kemisola reincarnate into her. We get close and I get to know her better, she is older than me and her name is Theresa. We talked about our personal life and how we end up in the Mission home. She narrate how her Family were killed by armed robbers. She was nearly hit that night by Mr Edward, who was her saving grace. We act like brother and sister and Mr Edwards was happy when he perceive our intimacy. I rarely breach the regulations of the mission home but since Theresa arrival, I frequently go against the rules to defend her. Although we are taught in a Christian way, there are still some black sheep among us who do obscene things. One day, I involve in a brawl with some guys who pester Theresa. I was severely discipline for my misdeed but she knows better. I was reported to Mr Edward, and he seems not to care or maybe he doesn’t want to hurt my feelings with reproaching words.
“Be careful Youngman. I must be on my way now” He said as he patted my shoulder and wave me goodbye that day.
Life goes on routinely in the Mission home. It’s obvious my mates are now avoiding me. The last guy I dealt with for slapping Theresa has send them a noticeable warning. With a single punch to the jaw, he ends up in the infirmary. Theresa was later adopted by a rich woman which I heard about on my arrival from Mr Edwards place, I had went to his place to spend the weekend with him. This drill a hole in my heart, I lost appetite for days and I easily get carried away in my thoughts. My academic suffer for weeks. I know I won’t be able to see her again.
Days turn into months, and months into year. I sat for my final exam in class 3 and I get the best result in the whole Mission home. After my secondary education, I was opt in for Plumbing works. I serve as an apprentice for two years before bagging a certificate in Plumbing and Water works. The committee was planning on sending me to the University when a rich young woman came to adopt me. She points directly to me as her adoptee immediately I step into the office. Mr Edward was against it because he is scared of loosing me. He formulates countless excuse but the woman wasn’t conceding to his word, she isn’t willing to let go. He finally concur when he realize the decision isn’t his alone, It’s a board decision and the majority win already when the woman was willing to pay million of naira to help the Mission home. He advice me and told me to call him anytime I need his help. He hugged me tight before letting go.
“Can’t you pick another boy? Why him?”
“This one is special”.
“Just make sure he continue his education”
“Sure, I will and thank you”
A smile display on my face as the woman last conversation with Mr Edward flash into my head. She gaze at me frequently giving me a reassuring smile as she drive. Another adventure of life is about to begin.
“Welcome to my humble home. Feel free to do anything, this is your home now” She said patting my back.
She walks up the stairs and disappear into a hallway. I settle down on the settee and marvel at the adornment of the mansion. There is nothing humble about the house. The décor was stunning and I guess the furnitures are imported. There is a large portrait of the woman which is pasted on the wall at the extreme end of the massive living room. I step close to take a look. A striking figure was beside her; even though the portrait is in an art form, her beauty still reflects. The girl in the portrait seems familiar but I couldn’t make out her face due to the quality of art, it looks more unless like a cartoon.
“That is my daughter” I heard her voice behind me which teleport me back to actuality.
I was startled but I quickly find my voice. “Okay Ma. She is beautiful.” I said shyly.
“It’s time we know each other better, dear. You know we were both quiet through the journey here” She said with a smile.
She signal me to sit beside her. We talked at length. From our conversation I get to know her name as Mrs Williams. She is thirty two year old. Her daughter with the name Teniola, is studying abroad. She is a business woman who import and export goods. I also told her my story and she feels commiserate.
“Ma, what is with all the guards?” I ask her
“It’s just for protection dear; citizen like me has to be watchful.” she said smiling.
Every time she smile, she display her set of white teeth. I think that is already part of her.
“It’s time for dinner dear”.
We move to the dinner table. Two maid set the table with several dishes. The open the dish to reveal distinct delicacies ranging from fried rice, jollof, stew, chicken, salad and plantain to wine, juices and yoghurt. She serve the food herself.
“You can go now” she said to the maid and they left instantly. “You are my son now. I will always show you love as my own and I will try best to make you happy”. She said stroking my head.
“Thank you Ma, I appreciate you kind gesture.”
We dine quietly. Her gaze was fixed on me throughout the dinning period. She accompanies me personally to my room when we finish eating. I was astonish by the perfection of the room furniture, décor and stuff as I take a glimpse of the room. All my basic need was in the room. The room was set in a manner which confirms she was expecting my arrival. The wardrobe was filled with designer wears and shoe.
“Goodnight Dear” she said placing a kiss on my cheek.
“Good………night………Ma” I said stuttering, feeling awe from the kiss effect. I dive into the bed with my clothes on. I rest my head on the soft cushion and doze off.

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It’s been five months and life with Mrs Williams has been comfy and exuberant. She satiate all my need. She always chastise if I involve myself in house chores. She pampers me a lot. I was friendly to the maids and guards. I hang out with them, we gist and have fun. Mrs Williams has been a keen and virtuous woman but the fact that she fails to fulfill her end of the bargain is grieving. On several occasion, I inquire about my schooling and she has been giving me the same reply. “Very soon Dear, I will enlist you into a university, but for now, sit down and enjoy yourself”. I feel wistful anytime she replies but I don’t have a choice. I always lie to Mr Edward anytime he call and ask me about school; he won’t take it lightly if he know the truth and I don’t want anything that will cause enmity between the two party.
I was inside my room one night surfing on my phone, when I hear Mrs Williams calling my name vociferously from her room. I quickly rush to her room since her room is beside mine. I unbolt the door and walk in; I met her sitting barely naked with a panty and bra on a stool in front of the mirror. I made to move out but she quickly stand up, draw me back and shove me to the bed.
“Please, F–k me” I heard her tiny voice in my head.
Several thought race through my mind. I know she has the desire to makeout with me for the pass few month but she has been controlling herself. I’m still deliberating on what to do when she mount on me and start to undress me. I assent to her asking; I don’t want to go back to the street. We had it that night. She slept off after exhausting herself. I cuddle her and lay the blanket on our sweat shimmering bodies. She snore lightly. I kiss her lightly on the forehead and close my eye. Reflection of the occurrence keeps playing in my head. I had no choice, I wasn’t a saint and I have to make her happy, since she has been my source of happiness for the past few months. I drift into dreamland after fighting my thoughts for what seem like forever.
I wake up to a luscious kiss.. I look into her brilliant eye and mutter a “Good Morning”.
“Thanks for yesterday Sweetheart. I really need that badly” She said heading to the bathroom. After some minutes I jolt from my thought when I heard my name.
“AY, please pass me the towel, it’s on the stool” She said from the bathroom.
I dash into the bathroom with the towel. I explore her young and lustful body. She has a body that is far younger than her age which constitute a moderately pear shaped breast, a curvy ass couple with a large voluptuous hip. She is chubby with an average height, all this complement her glowing dark chocolate skin. After the shower, we had breakfast of Bread and fried egg. She went on a business meeting while I stay at home watching movies in my room.
Since the incident with Mrs Williams, I try to chaste myself but I find it rather difficult since her mountain always find her way to my Mohammed.
“Please don’t call me Madam or use Ma for me, call me Adetutu. I prefer that” She told me one afternoon. She had arrived earlier from a business meeting. We’re lying down on the bed in my room after having a cold shower; her head on my lap.
“Ma, you know I can’t do that, it’s ludicrous and contemptuous” I said coyly.
“Please Ay, I want it that way. Do me the favour” She said with a pleading eye. I later give in after lot of argument. We have sex anytime we want especially when she is around. I give up on schooling when I realize she isn’t ready to give in.
I‘m home alone one boring afternoon; I decided to watch TV in the living room so I descend downstairs. I’m astound by the sight that stare me in the eye. One of the maid in person of Sarah repose seductively on the settle. She is fast asleep and her snore was inaudible. I move closer to her and gave her a light tap on the shoulder. She wake up frightened and covers her half showing boobs with her palm.
“Hey, I don’t mean to frighten you. There is no need to panic” I said sitting down next to her giving her an assuring smile. I had shown interest in the girl the first day I set my eyes on her but she hasn’t given me a chance to talk to her personally. She only greet me and go about her daily job.
“Why are you sleeping on the couch? Why don’t you go to your room?” I ask in a cool tone
“I’m watching TV; I don’t know when I fall asleep” She reply timidly
“It’s okay. I also came downstairs to watch TV” I replied but she was already on her feet, making her move to leave. I quickly shoot my shot. “Please stay and watch TV with me. Please grant me this little wish, I will appreciate it”. She sat down after much persuasion. We watch a romantic Hollywood movie. “How do you end up here, Sarah?” I asked her after the movie was end.
“This question opens a healing wound in my heart. If you really want to know, I will tell you” She said with tears in her eye. I feel sorry for her as she narrates her story to me with a tearful eye. When you haven’t been to another man’s farm, you will say your father’s farm is the biggest. I thought I had the most painful experience, when I heard Sarah’s story, I feel pity for her. Her Uncle was having sex with her, and he threatens to kill her if she expose him to his wife. She have nowhere to run to, so fleeing isn’t an option for her. His Uncle’s wife treat her badly couple with the fact that she has to abort two pregnancy for her Uncle. His wife later gets to know about this and chase her out. Miss Williams have saved her from the cold hands of death when she was left for death after being hit by a fast moving vehicle. I respond by telling here my story and since then, we had been best of friend. I have always thought she is a bimbo, but when we become intimate, I realize she is a vibrant y lady. She is calm and lively to be with, so we get along easily. I made my sentiment known to her. At first she was averse for the fear of Mrs Williams; however, she later accede to my proposal when she can’t hide her feelings anymore. We get intimate without creating any suspicions to the other maid or Adetutu.
“Ayo, I want you to be careful with Madam, she has a card up her sleeve” She said one afternoon when we are sitting alone in the garden of the mansion.
“Why did you say so, Sarah?” I asked amused
“She has other motives for adopting you. I have been working with her for years now and I know a little about her if not all. You aren’t even the first person she will adopt. I think she is infertile”
I stare blankly at her. “I can’t believe such, she has a daughter schooling overseas?”
“She adopts her too. She disappear one day and till now, I couldn’t fathom her reason for doing such. We were best friend and I miss her so much” she said sadly.
“Why are you telling me this Sarah?
Her face shows compassion “It’s because I love you AY and I don’t want to lose you. You are the only person that I have ever love this much. It’s just a pity we can’t end up together” Her eye is already filled with tears now.
“Babe, I love you too. I haven’t loved someone like this in my life too; you are the first person that makes my heart skip a beat. We will end up well Dear, don’t panic. I will try all my possible best to get you out of here”
“Please be careful” she add.
“I will baby and that is because I love you”. I said hugging her and giving her a light romantic kiss which she reciprocates.
I sat down on my bed surfing the socials for news and job. Been alone at home, eating and watching TV without anything legitimate thing to do is already irritating me, I need to let Adetutu know today. She walks in and throw herself at me.
“Baby, I really miss you” she said giving me a light kiss. I frown and ignore her.
“Baby what is wrong?” she asked with a sad tone
“I need to find something doing, am tired of staying at home. All I do is watch TV, sleep and eat like a foodie. Find me a pleasing job if you can’t send me to school. I need a job” I yell at her
She sighed. “Ayo, take it easy. I can feel your pain, please give me little time, all will be fine” she reply.
“That is all you have been saying. You are just pacifying me with sweet words. I don’t want that anymore, I want action. I have been in the house for over a year doing nothing. It’s unjust. You can’t just keep me here whiling away my time, doing nothing while your daughter is over there, studying” Sarah already told me the truth about her daughter but I would like to hear from the horse’s mouth.
“Don’t bring my daughter matter into this” she said hissing
“Why won’t I?” I fire back at her “You promise to tend to all my needs but you deny me education, I won’t take that anymore” I said rising up from the bed. I head to the wardrobe and start arranging my clothes into a small travelling bag.
“Ay, what are you doing?” she asked amazed
“What does it look like? Am leaving for good, this confinement is maddening, I want to be free. I now realize you have adopted me only for your sexual desire. You already turn me to a sex freak. Am not interested anymore” I said enraged without leaving the task at hand.
“Ayo, my Son please don’t do this to me. I love you and I don’t want to lose you” she said in a coarse voice
“You claim to love me and you do call me your son; you make love to your son!! Who does that? Is that love? Tell me”. I hear her sob. Firstly I ignore her but when our gaze met, I feel ruthful. I leave the clothes and move closer to her. “Am sorry Adetutu, I don’t intend to hurt you, I just want you to understand my pain too” I hug her and she broke into tears.
“Am sorry Ayo, am so sorry” she said crying
“You don’t need to me. I should be the one apologizing?”
“You don’t understand”
“Understand what” I ask puzzled
“Since the first day I set my eye on you, I have fallen in love with you. I want you in my life and I don’t want to lose you, Ayomide”
I wipe her tears with my palm “Am sorry for been the reason behind your tears”
“It’s okay, I’m fine. I will explain everything to you today since you want to know. I have been hiding a lot from you and I’m ready to open up to you” She continue “My husband divorce me when I was unable to give him a child. Although I advice him we should adopt one, but he refused bluntly. It was my fault” She said sobbing audibly.
“Calm down Tutu. Am not judging you and I never will” I draw her close
“I had a lot of abortion when I was young which leads to a damaged womb” she sigh and give me a ‘should I continue’ look. I give her a satisfying nod. “After the divorce, I was left with little savings. I had to struggle to survive. One of my friend introduce me to a business which she claim is easy and the profit is huge. All my tactic to know the nature of the business yield no better result, she assure me there is nothing to worry about and I give in since I need to augment the little cash with me. When I venture into the business with all my capital, the real objective was disclose to me.” She stop and stare at the floor.
“What type of business is it” I asked
“It’s a coke transporting business”
“Coke!? That is a better business dear” I said grinning
“No Ay, Coke is just a mantra for cocaine”. On hearing this, I cover my mouth with my palm. “Anytime I tell you I’m going for business; that is what I do go for, transporting cocaine from one state or country to another. Sometimes, I do travel abroad to deliver it”
I sigh “What about your daughter?”
“I lied to you about her. I adopted and train her. She was my assistance. She run away with a package one day. This cause my setback as the owner of the goods start to importune and threaten me, hence the guards. I had to spend all my cash to get him another package since the package is immense. If not for my friend, I would have start from the bottom.”
“Why are just telling me now?” I demand
“As I said earlier, My love for you is incomparable. My goal was to pick a business associate that day, but when I set my eye on you; I changed my mind. If I had told you about my shady business, you might have abscond just like her” She reply remorsefully
“You should have tried; instead of keeping me in the dark and denying me of schooling since you claim to love me”
“I couldn’t afford to lose you to anyone else. I love you more than you could imagine. If I have send you to school, you will find another girl out there which will keep me off limit” she said sadly
I draw her closely in a tight hug “Don’t worry baby, I love you too and I will do anything just for you”
“Thank you” she said coyly
“Let me be your associate” I said frankly
“My what?” she asked amazed
“Your partner, I will like to work with”
“Ay, I won’t allow such, I don’t want any harm to………” I seal her lips with a hot kiss which lead to a wild sex. We lay on the bed spent and sleep off.
Adetutu taught me all the strategy required for the job. And in few months I become an expert in the delivery of the ‘package’. I receive my own share of the business anytime I deliver a package and it all goes into Tutu’s account. I obtain a licensed pistol for my personal protection after I was ambushed by a merchant one day and I escape by a hair breath. I was trained for months on how to use the pistol and I became an expert. I had used it on several occasions when its application is employ. My relationship with Sarah was ongoing and I put Adetutu in the dark about it. Sarah knows about my relationship with Tutu; I had explained everything to her and she is the understanding type. I told her we will abscond to someplace better when the time comes. Sarah gives me everything I want. My love for her escalates everyday and I know her love for me is perpetual.
In one of my package delivery escapades, I was to deliver a package to a Merchant in the next state. As an agent, I dressed in a complete blue coloured suit with a complimenting black shoe. I enter into my car, bid Adetutu goodbye and speed off. On getting to the border out of the state, I sight armed uniform men from a distance. I reduce the car speed and maneuver it to one side of the highway, bringing it to a halt. I reposition the package to the booth from the passenger sit beside me. I enter into the car, start the engine and speed towards them.
One of the men beckon on me to stop. I maneuver to one side; press a button by the door which automatically roll down the side glass before stopping the engine.
“Good afternoon Sir. Where are you heading to?” He said in a thick missed accent.
“Silvertown” I answer
“To do what, Sir?”
“I guess that is personal”
“Am very sorry Sir, but it’s my job?”
“I’m not saying it isn’t, but that question is private”
“Okay Sir, if you say so. What is your profession?”
“Am a business man”
“Businessman? What type of business?”
“Import and export”
“Can I see your ID card?”
“Okay Sir” I brought out the sham ID card I always have with me and display it to him.
“Can I see your papers, Sir”
“That won’t be a problem” I said handling him the papers.
“Okay Sir” He said returning the Papers after perusing it. “Please Sir would you mind coming down I need to conduct a quick search”.
I sigh. “Please be quick, I don’t have all day” I said moving out of the car.
“Am sorry Sir, I’m just doing my job; I would like to know the content in the booth.”
On hearing that, hot sweat saturates my body.
“Sir, what…do…you…say?” I said shuddering
“I need to check your booth” He reply looking at me strangely as if he knows what is going on in my mind.
He escort me to the car rare. I faze before opening the booth. The suitcase lies in the unfilled booth.
“What is inside the case Sir” He ask faintly.
“What?” I said emphasizing on the word
“Can you please open the case Sir? I need to see the content”
“You say what?”
“I need to know the content of the case” He reiterate with a angry tone.
I picked up the suitcase and stare at it as if I haven’t seen a case in my life. The case is secured with a type of special lock which requires a four digit code. Though, I don’t know the code but I have an idea. I overheard Tutu telling someone a four digit code one day which I deduce to be the pin since all the cases have the same code; Adetutu told me that, but she refused to tell me the code. I input the code and make up my mind for the worst. One day is for the thief, a day is for the owner. I open the case timorously and show him the case without looking inside cause I already know my game is up. I imagine myself being handcuffed and whisk into a waiting police van. I imagine the state Adetutu will be in if she find out about my arrest. I imagine myself in prison.
“No, not again” I don’t know when I speak out audibly.
“What?” I reply with a nod signifying ‘Nothing Sir’. “Okay Sir, am very sorry for troubling you and wasting your time. You are free to go now. I’m just doing my job. Thanks for the cooperation” He said smiling.
His word caught me by surprise. I peep into an empty case. I now realize why the man made the earlier utterance. A smile register on my face and on second thought, I was despondent.
“No problem” I mutter/mumble and enter into my car.
I rest my head on the steering. ‘What is really happening? Am I transporting an empty suitcase? Are these people playing prank with me? What if I’m caught?’ Various thoughts cross my mind. I thank my star I wasn’t with my gun, It could have made it worst. I start the car engine and zoom off. I get to the location approximately 16:32. The place is a mansion magnificently structured in the heart of a small village. People won’t believe that such place could be a hide out for criminal activity even if they were told. I knock lightly on the gate and I was allow in after telling the securityman my mission. The whole place is full of Bodyguard. I was usher into the main building by one of the guard. On getting to the living room, I drop the case on the broad mahogany table in front of the Merchant. After the salutation; I sit on the armchair opposite him. The table is full of different weapon, ammunition and stuff ranging from pistols, Ak47, shotgun, bullets, and knives; to bottle of spirits, cocaine, weed, cigar, tobacco and solid pill drugs.
“That is your package, Sir”
“Thank you” He said in a deep masculine voice. He attempt to unlock the suitcase. I want to tell him the case is empty, but I quickly terminate such thought. I sit down nervously watching the unfolding drama. I watch closely as he input the code and the case sprang open. My heart skipped a beat and I mumble my prayer. I could see his bloodshot eye scrutinizing me; suddenly he burst into a ludicrous laugh. He laugh for some minute but it seems like eternity to me. I join in the laugh to hide my anxiety.
“This is meant to protect you guys from the Police. I know you will run into little trouble with the Police on your way here” He said grinning.
“Yes Sir” I said valiantly trying to cover my fear.
“If we hadn’t hidden the stuff, you would have been caught in their nest” He said cutting the bottom layer of the empty case with a knife revealing the content. I was awed. “Thank you” He said shaking me gently.
“You welcome Sir”.
The transaction was finalize when he transferred the money into Adetutu’s account and I confirm it by calling her. I left the building and head home. Life is really something else, I thought about the whole scenario on my way home. It’s indeed a eventful and humorous day.
I lurch into the living room with a bottle of Hennessey cling under my arm. I’m just coming back from the club that evening and I am wasted. I reek of alcohol and marijuana. The maids cover their nose as I walk by. I head upstairs holding the railing as support; I stop at the doorway as I heard Tutu’s raucous voice inside. ‘Who is she shouting at and why is she home earlier?”’ I ask myself. I turn the knob lightly and open the door. I met Sarah on her kneels pleading in tears, while Tutu face the window. She turn to face me when she heard my voice.
“Dear……what……is……happening……here?” I asked stuttering
“Thank God you are home, welcome Dear”
“You haven’t answered my question”
“Ask this s–t”
I look in Sarah direction; her beautiful eyes were red with tears. I move to the bed; I drop heavily on it releasing the bottle in my hand on the floor.
“Talk to me Tutu. What is wrong? Why are you home earlier? I thought you were travelling before”
“I receive a call from Funke”
“Who is Funke?
“So, you don’t know Funke. I see” she continue “She is one of the maid; she inform me that Sarah hasn’t been feeling fine for some days now and all her description of the sickness points to pregnancy”
“What, Sarah, is it true you are pregnant?”
“No Sir, I am not”
“See, she isn’t pregnant. It’s just a misinformation” I said drunkenly.
Sarah stand up an dash into the bathroom. She came out with a sad face.
“That proves it all, Ayo, and if you don’t believe, this is the test result from the hospital I took her to today.” She drop a piece of paper on my lap. I took it and try to read the content but my brain was unable to process what was written on it. She continue “I have been asking her who is responsible for her pregnancy and she has refuse to tell me. Thank God you are here now; perhaps she will open up to you”
“Sarah, who is responsible for your pregnancy” I ask her calmly and she points to me instantly.
“What, are you okay? Hope you are not drunk. What is the meaning of that, are you telling me that Ayo got you pregnant”
“Yes Ma”. She finally found her word.
“Ayo, tell me that is not true” she said in quivering tone
My eye was cleared from the inebriation. “Baby I am sorry” I mutter ruefully.
“Ayo” she called with a tearful eyes “So, you don’t love me. I trust you and give you everything, still you choose to cheat on me. Funke has been telling me but I always tell her it’s not possible, so this is how you want to repay me”
“It’s not like that Adetutu, I have always have feelings for this girl the first day I saw her. She is my heart desire. I really love her and I want to spend the rest of my life with her”
“So, you can say that to my face” She said in astonishment.
“Am sorry, Tutu. You know vividly we can’t be together. I have my own life to live. I can’t be your slave forever”
“I know it’s going to end this way. I know you will later leave just as Teni left”. She said facing the window in tears.
I move closer to Sarah and pull her up. I was about hugging her when Adetutu launch at us irately pushing Sarah out of the way. She hit her head against the wall. Blood splatter on the white wall as she slump to the floor. I quickly rush and drop behind her, holding her in my arm.
“I…….love……love……love……you……you……AAA……AAAA……Ayo”. She stutter her last word before giving up. Shock was written over Tutu’s face as she stood at the door, she feel compunctious for her action. She rush out of the room and slam the door. I was still on the floor cuddling Sarah’s lifeless body when two armed Police Officer came in.
“You are under arrest for the death of Miss Sarah, anything you say will be used against you in the court of law” One of them said while the other handcuffed me. I follow them like a goat been lead to the slaughter. I knew Adetutu would have written her statement against me in the police station. It’s a case I can’t win; she has the upper hand and the connection to win them over.
After two weeks of affliction in the cell, I was charged to court. I was an alleged murderer on the ground that I kill Sarah by pushing her to her death according to Adetutu’s statement. The Government Counsel calls Adetutu into the witness box on the judgment day to testify as the only witness. After the oath, she was given audience.
“Can you please tell this Court what happen that day” The government Counsel asks her.
“On the day of the incident, I was coming back from work. I overheard their arguement at the doorway, so I wait at the door to listen properly. He was arguing with her over the pregnancy. He wants her to terminate it but she isn’t consenting to his plan. I rush in when I heard her scream; I met her in the pool of blood. He just kill the innocent girl”. She said shedding crocodile tears without feeling remorse for her lies.
“With the evidence before me and this court of law, it’s very lucid that you, Mr Ayomide murdered Miss Sarah because she carries your child and you want her to have abortion in which she doesn’t yield to. As the Defense Counsel has said that you aren’t yourself on the day of the incident, you acted out of intoxication; I will hereby tender judgment with mercy. Here is my judgment; you are hereby sentence to twenty five years imprisonment with hard labor”.
“Court” the Court Clerk shouted
I stood in the box transfixed. I wish I could wake up from my slumber. I look at Adetutu and she bury her face in ignominy. I was taken by the Warder into a waiting van which covey me to the maximum prison.
My prison adventure begin as soon as I get down from the bus; clothes were distributed to us and we were showed our cell. Life in the prison isn’t amiable. I was faced with lot of challenges. We lack the basic needs and we toil all day. I was bullied by my fellow inmates. I complained to the warder and they were unable to find a solution. This continues for some months before I decide to put an end to it myself.
I just finish clearing my own portion of land one sunny afternoon. I decide to rest before back to my cell. I recline on a bench thinking about my life when I heard my name been called.
“Hey, take this and cut my own part too”. The leader of the gang said pointing his cutlass to me. I ignore him. “Are you deaf? Am talking to you” He bark at me angrily.
I act as if he doesn’t exist as I shift my gaze away from him. A deafening slap landed on my face. The other inmates start hailing him. I stand up and reciprocate with a twinging slap. He staggers back. He was terrified. He launch at me angrily with the cutlass raise up, I duck swiftly and hit him hard in the stomach. He drops the cutlass and screech in pain. I pounce on him, launching several punch on his body. We were separated by the Warder and sent to our cell without food. Since then, I have been given my respect.
The prison life has become a part of me at the beginning of the second year and in my third year, I have become a boss who everybody hail, fear and give homage to, inmate run errands for me and I have my own gang, even the Warders wont dare to face my wrath. In my sixth year serving, a new government came into power. I’m one of the prisoner granted amnesty by the State Governor. On the day of my release I was ambivalent; ecstatic for coming out of prison and moody because I have no one to turn to. I cover my face as the rays of the sun penetrate my iris as I step out o f the prison huge gate. I move along the dusty road under the harsh afternoon sun. I don’t know where to start from, where to go or what to do. A thought came into my mind. ‘I think that is the best option’; I said to myself as I continue my walk.

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I stood in front of the giant black iron gate deliberating whether to go in or not. After much consideration, I knock on the gate and the gateman peep through the small gate hole.
“I’m here to see your boss”. I told me after greeting. He call his boss through the intercom.
“What is your name, Sir?”
“Tell him, it’s Ayomide”.
The small gate open revealing Mr Edward in his white robe. He hug me tightly. He was so happy to see me but I know he is sad with the condition he met me. He motion me in without asking any further question. He direct me to a room. After a cool long shower, I changed my cloth and move to the living room. He serve me garri and vegetable soup which I ate hungrily. After the food, I explained everything to him. He listen with rapt attention. I haven’t seen a man like him before, he doesn’t condemn me for my wrongdoing; he prayed for me and told me everything will be alright. He promised to enroll me into a university which give me a new hope. I stayed with Mr Edward after he pleaded with the Priests and explain my ordeal to them. If not, he wouldn’t have allowed me to stay with him. He fulfills his promise by enrolling me into a university of my choice after I pass their entry exam. Mr Edwards paid all the necessary school bills. He transferred money into my account to get the necessary materials and for my upkeep. I rented a room and parlor self apartment and furnished it to my taste after I complete all my registration in the school. Mr Edward wear a gloomy face on the day of my departure. After his advice, he drive me to the park. He hug me firmly and give me a light peck before retreating into his car. I notice tears in his eye which he clean with his hankie. I wave him goodbye as he zoom off.
“Funmilayo, why are you doing this to me? I love you and I can do anything to prove it” I said daringly trying to hide my nervousness.
“Ayo, I told you already, it can’t work and it won’t work. I don’t love you, Okay. To me, love is a game where the game is over when you have given your partner what he wants”. She reply frankly
“And what is the meaning of that, am not a guy like that. I love you sincerely and I want you”. I added.
“I don’t want you, do you hear me and please for God sake stop disturbing me” She said angrily and move away.
I stood rooted to the spot as student state at me with pity. “What a disgrace”. Funmilayo is a young decent girl I have been eyeing for long. She is in the mass communication department while I study Medicine and Surgery, I had put in for the course as it has always been my childhood fantasy; I had wanted to save life. I hid my felling from her for so long before letting her know how I emotion. This isn’t my first time of proposing my love to her but no matter how sweet or lovely my words her, they always fall on her deaf ear. Here I am today telling her how much I love her and her answer is still the same. I walk home embarrassed. Immediately I got home, I leap on my bed and slept off. I wake up in the middle of the night to an aching stomach. I switch on my lamp and head to the kitchen groggily. Within ten minute, my noodles and egg is done. I ate angrily while checking my Whatsapp messages and status. I reply some message before retreating to my bed.
I wake up the next day to meet twenty five missed calls on my phone. The call was from Adenike. I call her line but it was off. Adenike is a rich classy lady I met at the cafeteria. We gist and exchange number and since then we have been friends. She told she has interest in me and I act along. We had a nice time and since then, she has been my fancy girlfriend. I drop my phone on the bed and say a few prayer. I attend to the chores. Had a cold shower and head to the football pitch to test my ability; it’s been a while and it’s a Saturday. After the invigorating exercise, we lose to the rival team, two goals to nil. On getting back, I met Cynthia sitting on a bench in the verandah, pressing vigorously at her phone. She push me away when I try to embrace her.
“Where have you been? I have been trying your number” She said with a tone of anger.
“Am sorry Dear. I drop my phone inside and am coming from the field”. I said. She hiss and look away. “Hope I’m forgiven now”.
“Yes you are” She said hiding her smile.
“Where is my hug?” I said spreading my arm.
“You know I miss you”. She said hugging me.
On getting inside, she drop her handbag and head to the kitchen with the nylon bag in her hand. After thirty minute, she set a bowl of jollof rice and egg on the table. I ate hungrily and she laugh at this. The weekend was fun with Cynthia as we gist, chat heartily, watch movie, go shopping couple with random spicy sex. She later left the next day. After Cynthia left, Adenike came around. I inform her not to when we talked on phone cause I was exhaust from the fun I had with Cynthia through the weekend but she was stubborn, so I concur. I sat on the sofa watching a movie or maybe it’s the movie that is watching me; I was drained. I heard a light knock on my door, I checked my wall clock and the time display 17:38; I stand up enraged and open the door. After the pleasantries, she move to the kitchen to cook noodles and egg, she served it and we ate together.
“What did you add to my food?” I ask her when I start eating some foreign material.
“Its weed” she replied smiling sheepishly. She continue ”It will boost your man power”.
“Wow, so you know about the stuff? I asked grinning viciously. I laughed at her stupidity since am planning on teaching her a lesson and she has deliberately help on that. After much persuasion from her, we had our first round. After washing in the bathroom, we both lay on the bed exhausted.
“AY, you are a cocksman”
“Meaning?” I ask with a serious face.
“It mean a man adept in the art of fornication”. She said with a smile. She continues “You are very bad on bed, you want to kill me. You are a real man. I would like to be enjoying this every day. I love you so much, you just don’t want to understand how much your love means to me” She stated loquaciously.
“Spare me the c–k and bull story Nikky, I had enough”
We lay on the bed spooning for several minutes. I was fondling and teasing her rack while she toys with me penis, within minutes, it sprang into action. I rush her and force my d–k into her hole with full force, she let out a loud painful moan. I t—-t deeply into her at imaginable speed. She scream and shout simultaneously. She beg me to stop but I go in more harshly. Thanks to the loud music am playing, her scream would have had my neighbor banging on my door. I shift to her a—–e and drive my hard rod into it with vigour. She let out a deafening scream but I care less. I f–k her a—–e until she reach c—-x causing her cream stream down to her p—y which serve as a lubricant. I wasn’t just f—–g her anus; I was squeezing, pressing, squashing, fondling and munching her bosom at the same time.
“Ayo stop it. You are hurting me” she cries out.
I held her closely and continue with the task at hand. I was enjoying the sweetness while she suffer the pain. I change position and place her on the table with her leg wide apart, this time I t—-t into her p—y, starting another round of rough banging. All her pleas fall on my deaf ear. She escape my grasp and bolt for the door, but I caught up with her and continue with my assignment. I f—-d her to the extent that she start crying and viscid mucus ooze from her nostrils; but I wasn’t through with her just yet. I f–k her for up to three hours that I lost count of time she reached c—-x. I release into her more than thrice. I release her after giving her all the styles I know and the new ones I just learn online. I walk to the bathroom to have a cool shower. She was lying helplessly on the bed, sobbing softly. I come out of the bath to meet the room empty. Her clothes were gone save her pant which lie on the floor. I grin wickedly and lay on my bed. Since then she doesn’t call my phone nor reply my chat. I even try to apologize when I saw her in school, but she took off on seeing me.
I’m encircled by females; even my landlord is a woman with two daughter. My cotenants are all female; and most of my friends in school are female, so I find it difficult to roll with guys save Caleb, he is the only male friend I have. We become friends when I save him from the hand of some oppressor. He borrowed money from a friend when he was trying to pay for his second semester school fees and he was unable to pay back in due time. I was passing through the lawn that evening when I saw him been kicked and pounded by some guys. I quickly interfere and after their explanation, I transferred the money to them and they left him giving him strict warning. He was bleeding through his nose and lips, so I took him home and nurse his injury. Since then, we have been best buddy. He was the one that advice me not to give up on Funmi since I have lost all hope.
“Guy, I have girls at my disposal, why is she acting like she is the most beautiful”
“Bro, its normal for some girls to act that way, she is just trying to know if you really love her. It only take time, patient and true love to get her, continue pestering her, she will still accept you” He always tell me anytime we talk about Funmi.
When she finally accept my proposal, she give a stern warning.
“Ayo, my acceptance is partially; if I see any sign of unseriousness in you, I will ditch you immediately”
Since then, I made her my number one. I dump all my side chicks and make her my number one priority, my one and only and my forever.
One fateful Friday morning, she call me informing me, she is spending the weekend with me. I was overzealous. I systematize my room, it’s not that the room is messy; I just put some extra touch. I give her a warm welcome. We went to the market to get foodstuffs and toiletries. On getting back home, I do the cooking.
“AY, you really try, your wife will enjoy you” she said after the meal.
“Thank God, she is here beside me, so she knows the kind of husband she is dealing with”. She laugh sheepishly.
We watch a romantic movie titled ‘All the love in the World’ before going to bed. Funmi was bothering me through the night. Her touch and moves was far from affectionate. I try all my possible best to control myself; I don’t want her to think I’m only after her body by making my own move.
A loud bang on the door wake me.
“Who is that, don’t you have door in your house?” I shout angrily.
“Come and open the door, stupid fellow” the voice fires back from outside. I recognize the voice immediately.
“Idiot. You are sleeping there today, I won’t open the door”. He bang vigorously on the door.
“Break it down Idiot” I stand up tiredly from bed to open the door.
“You should have allow me to break it down, why did you open it, fool?” He said jokingly throwing me a punch which I dodge smartly.
“It’s not your fault” I said hissing.
“What do you have at home, am seriously hungry” He said with a mean face
“You are sick, early in the morning you are complaining of hunger; am I your mother to provide food for you?” I fire back at him angrily.
He sniff the air “Where is that aroma coming from?” He dash into the kitchen and come out almost immediately. “It’s from the kitchen. Please don’t deny me that savory food”. He said pleading.
I realize I haven’t seen Funmi since I woke up. I gaze at the bed to meet it empty. I was stun; I thought she was under the duvet when I move out of bed.
“Where is Funmi” I ask no one in particular.
“Is Funmi here with you?” He asked with sarcasm
“Yes, we slept together yesternight and she plan on spending the weekend with me. What is happening, why did she leave suddenly without informing me or saying goodbye?”
“Good morning guys. Hope you had a nice night”. I heard Funmi’s sweet voice behind Caleb.
I gaze at her as if I haven’t seen her before. She is looking stunning this morning clad in a jean bumshort and a black top which display her femininity. She has a pretty oval face on which a pair of the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen is located, podgy cheeks with a deep dimple, naturally long eyelashes, small pointy nose, petite lip which is painted naturally pink and a whitish dentition. She has a cheery face which gives joy and happiness to any spectator. Her hips were cupped in the bumshort which shoot out her bum. Her large blockbuster boobs was moderately fixed on her chest with her teat showing slightly through her top.
“Where have you been? I was worried” I finally found my word.
“I was washing outside. Someone is missing his baby already” she reply smiling and hugging me.
“Washing??!!” What were you washing?” I asked feeling astonished
“Your clothes. What is wrong” She asked seeing the surprise on my face.
“Oh, My clothes. Nothing Dear” that is all I could mutter. I find it difficult to believe such girl still exist.
“Am so hungry guys, please what are you cooking, am really hungry” Caleb cries out breaking our little drama.
“I’m preparing Fried rice and chicken” She said smiling
“My mouth is watering already. Please come and serve me” He said dropping heavily on the sofa.
“Just a minute, Sir, it’s not done” She reply moving to the kitchen.
She come out of the kitchen minutes later with a tray displaying dishes. We all sat down on the floor while Funmi serve the food.
“This food is really sweet, you are an excellent cook” Caleb said with a spoonful of rice.
“Don’t tease me, AY is a better cook. You should have tasted his vegetable and semolina yesternight” She said stealing a gaze at me.
“I know, Ay can cook, but he isn’t match for you, you are far better than him”
“I am no match for him, Caleb” she fires back
“Please, can we just stop before rice enter into someone nose”. I said teasingly and we all burst out laughing.
After the meal, we watch movie and talk about interesting topics adding jokes to make it fun. I win Caleb continually in the FIFA game we play on the PS4, even Funmi thrash him more than twice. In the evening, I decide to go clubbing with Caleb. Funmi intend to follow us which I oppose but I later concur when she is obstinate. I ordered a taxi which convey us to the venue. We drop outside the DeCastle club house after a journey of twenty minute. There were muffled sound from inside the club. Two heavily built men dressed in black top and jeans mount the gate to search people entering into the building. They kick a guy out of the club and he staggers towards Funmi. She screams and jump on me, I held her closely.
“I told you, you won’t listen” I whisper to her and she giggle.
Funmi felt self-conscious as we stood at the entrance to be searched, I noticed this and I assure her she was worth DeCastle. The bouncers were nice and let us in without any fuss. As one of them open the gate and we step in, sound of loud music and a chill breeze mixed with that of weed, perfume, cigarette and shisha hit us. We walk into a dimly light room with me leading the way. I visit the club once in awhile if I need to cool my head. We sat in a corner and I beckon on the waiter.
“A bottle of whisky, three pack of yogurt, two malt and three plate of intestinal peppersoup”
“I want a bottle of whisky too” Caleb cry out”
“You should stick to a malt or yoghurt” I told Caleb sternly.
“I just want to try it”. He said smiling.
While some dance, some smoke cigarette, weed, ariz or shisha, some nurse a drink and some were engross in their conversation. Some people were even having romantic session. Hip-hop music from popular musician boom from the speaker; we flow with the lyrics singing along. Funmi hasn’t been to a club before so she was acting weird at the sight of people and the loud music but I assure her things will be fine and engage her in a conversation. Caleb on the other hand was acting cool. He has only been to a club once with me and it has end in a disaster. Our order was placed on the table. We chat, laugh and hum as we consume our order.
“Caleb take it easy with the way you are taking that, you will get intoxicated easily” I said warning him
“Stop that Ay, what do you take me for. I can even drink three bottles”
“Three bottle of whisky” I exclaim “Wow that is cool, know that, Funmi is taking you home, I assure you that”. We all burst into laughter.
After spending an hour, I detect the alcohol is having effect on Caleb. I quickly call Funmi attention and I told her we should be on our way home before Caleb create a scene. Caleb inform us he want to pee. He stumble into some chair on his way to the restroom.
“Is your friend having a poo?” Funmi asked teasingly when Caleb wasn’t out yet.
“I just pray he doesn’t make a fool of himself tonight” I reply.
He came back after spending up to ten minutes in the convenience. As if he is sting by a bee, he stand and walk wobbly to the dance floor. He launch at a girl and spank her ass soundly. A hot reformatting slap follows, which send him lurching to the floor. He stood up and tighten his fist against the girl. He throw a punch to the girl which lands on her boobs. I was watching at the corner enjoying the fun.
“Ayo go and help your friend, he might be in danger”. Funmi pleaded.
After much persuasion from Funmi, I move to the dance floor. On getting there, a huge guy is already doing justice to Caleb. I beg the guy and he let go after several pleas. I signal Funmi and we left the club. Immediately we got home, Caleb slump to the floor and within two minutes, he was snoring.
“You really cause a scene tonight.” I told his unconscious body.
Funmi draw my hand and we move inside. I was having a shower when she join me. After the cold bath; we change into nighties. She wore a transparent white night dress design with pink flower which only reach her lap while I only wear my underpants. I lay on the bed facing the wall. Since we start dating, I have always watch my advances towards Funmi. I know within myself I want her badly but I was cautious. She touches me romantically which send shivers through my body but I keep cool.
“I know you want me Ayo, am here for you” she said giggling.
“I don’t understand what you are saying” I said facing her
“Stop that, I know you understand fully, you are just acting. Do you think I come here just to watch movie and eat? Babe, I want you”
“I still don’t understand you Baby. You told me you are a virgin and I vow to keep it till ………”
She interrupt “Babe, I want you now. I can’t wait anymore. I know you are mine and I’m yours. So let’s do it now”.
“But Babe ……” She stifle me with a kiss.
We engage in a hot romance. I fondle with her breast; she moan audibly. It’s my first time of deflowering a girl, so it took time and patient before I finally have my way with her. After minutes of pain, nail scratching, scream and moans, the passage was clear and I t—-t into her gently. I increase the pace later and she ride me like a pornstar. We f–k for several minutes before I later shoot my load on her ass. We lay on the bed weakly and we sleep after having a hearty talk.
We went to Church the next day leaving Caleb alone at home. He was still snoring loud on the rug and I don’t want to disturb him; he already receive enough beating yesternight. I wasn’t active in Church, Funmi had drag me to Church forcefully that morning. We came back from Church to meet Caleb still sleeping. I woke him up with a slap, he sit up speaking gibberish and lay his head back on the floor. I land another slap on his thigh, he jerk up suddenly like someone being chased by masquerade. After gaining consciousness, he move to the bathroom to shower. Funmi make Spaghetti and egg. We settle down to eat. I narrate what happen at the club to Caleb but he deny ever doing such.
“I can’t do such” He said blankly.
We argue about it. I showed him the palm prints on his cheek. We laugh humorously at him.
“I will never follow you to a club again, I swear” he said frankly.
“You followed me willingly, am not at fault Sir?” I said mockingly.
Evening set in fast and Funmi was set to return home. I wish evening never came. I accompany her to the junction where she board a taxi. She gave me a light kiss before she board a taxi, she wave me and I wave back until the taxi was out of sight. I return home and met Caleb at the door.
“I’m having test tomorrow” He said with a mean face. “I just receive a call from my coursemate now, if not for his call, I will simply go for a test tomorrow without reading. Ayo, you want to ruin my life, God won’t accept that” He said jokingly.
“When you were enjoying yourself, you didn’t complain” I said laughing. We shake hands and he depart. I get indoor and prepare for the next day.

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“Bro Ayo, why are you acting this way to me? You already know what I want, please stop pretending” Morayo said making a sad grimace. She has come to my room earlier that day on the quest on playing with me but she is taking it to a whole different level.
“I’m not acting nor pretending Morayo, If I do understand your statement, I would have concur” I said pressing away at my phone. She snap the phone out of my hand and switch it off. I think she mean business this time, so I acted cool.
“How many time do I have to tell you, that I like you; if that is what you want to hear all over again, I like you Bro Ayo. All my sexual advances to you have falls on hard rock. Do you think all I have been doing for you is out of pity or compassion; it’s out of love”
“Now I understand your plight Morayo, I already have a girlfriend and you know that. Do you want me to start double dating?”
“That is not what I mean Bro Ayo. Just lets us do stuffs, that is all I want from you”
“Stuffs!!?? Stuff like what?” I ask in awe
“Stop this funny question. It’s annoying”. She said with a raised brow.
“I’m not joking dear. I don’t seem to understand what you are up to”
“You understand everything? Okay, I want us to do what you normally do with Aunty Felicia, Sister Busayo, Ronke, Sister Tawa and Folake; just to mention few. I know you deflower my sister as well”
“What!? Is this a joke?” I was shock at the revelation.
“It isn’t; she told me herself. She normally tell me all her secret and I tell her mine too. She told me she enjoys it and she even want more, she even knows am here, and she knows my mission. She is probably thinking we are doing the stuff now. Pleas AY, just grant me this wish, it’s all I want from you”
She actually mentioned some of my flat mates who I normally dig their earth. My mouth was gape; she really caught me off guard.
“But Morayo that is a retrospect of my past, I’m a new creature now, old things have passed away”
“Please don’t let this pass over me, Please Ayo” She knee down pleading.
‘What if someone caught me with this SS2 student? She has even start calling me Ayo and we haven’t done anything, what if I get down with her, I know she will be drawing my beard by then. And I don’t want trouble for myself.” I thought within myself.
“Bro Ayo” She touch me tenderly which slide me out of my thoughts.
“I can’t do this Morayo” I said with a straight face.
“Let’s wait and see” She said giggling.
She walks to and bolt it. She stark herself naked. Her privates stare at me alluringly. Her boobs calls for my attention and her ass calls Bro Ayo. Her boobs are overgrown for a girl of her age. She has a big ass with a moderate hips which bulge out like a rugby ball. ‘Wow, a SS2 student has such endowment’ I though within myself. I realize clothe obscure a lot of things about human. Scrutinizing her naked body, cause my immobility. She move closer lay on me, caressing my bare chest. She pull out my d–k and glide her hand over it; this send spark of electricity to my sensory neuron, in turn, they send neurons to the red blood cell causing them to race to my p—k; activating it. At the end, I jumped her. She isn’t bad in bed either.
I’m madly in love with Funmi; I can’t do without calling her every day. We are head over heels with each other. I send her countless text message and she replies all which makes the love sensational. We chat, talk, gist and play; the whole campus know us as a lovey-dovey. She spend most of her weekend with me. I spoil her with gifts and random dates which she reciprocates. The only woman I have affection for like that was Sarah; Funmi is my Sarah now. I was planning on proposing to her on our convocation or signing out party the next year. Caleb on the other hand has climb up the hierarchy from just a mere friend to a Brother. We do almost everything together. We do behave like Patient suffering from schizophrenia when we start our ludicrous behavior. He makes my sad mood invigorating and he is always there when I need him the most which I always repay. He sometimes behave like a Dad with is advice. We share knowledge on stuff we don’t understand. Funmi, Caleb and I make a wonderful family just like the tortoise proverb.
I was coming from Caleb’s place one cool and cloudy evening. He had called me earlier, inviting me over to spend some hours with him, giving me excuse that he is all bored at home. He stays in a rural community which isn’t far from the main campus; it’s known for its poor transport system, 25/8 power supply and its scanty population. We gist, play games and watch movies until I lost track of time. As we move outside to get something to eat, I realize it’s late and the sky is cloudy. I told him I have to be on my way. After waiting for bike for what seems like an hour, Caleb escort me to a point where I bade him goodbye and continue my Israelites journey to the promise land. As I’m trekking through the bushy path, I heard a muffled sound from the bush nearby. I ignore the sound at first. I haven’t move three pace when I heard the sound again. I walk to the source of the noise to find a naked lady lying on her face with bruises all over her bare back.
“Please, help me” She said in an agonizing voice.
I had no option than to flip her carefully on my shoulder and convey her to the nearest medical centre. I move briskly and in few minute, I was on the main road. I sight an approaching vehicle and I quickly flag it down. The car stop but took off immediately; every vehicle I flag down repeat the same thing. I made up my mind to trek to my destination. I notice a car maneuver to my side. A woman came down; before she could utter any word, I plead with her to help me save the dying girl. She agree and I place her faint body carefully at the back seat. I hop into the front sit and she speed off. We keep mute throughout the journey to the hospital. Immediately she pull up at the parking space, I alight from the car, convey her body into the building. I place her on the hospital bed which the nurse reel out to me, they push into the emergency unit. I pace up and down the corridor around the hospital reception while the Doctor perform their magic on her. The woman pacify and assure me everything will be alright. She later leave promising she will be back the next day. I appreciate her goodwill and bade her goodbye. My cloth was drench in sweat and blood which is already turning black. I become alarmed at every footstep; I’m eager to know her condition. The doctor finally show with a sad face. His white overall and glove were stained in blood.
“How is she, Doctor?” I ask rushing at him
“I can’t give you an answer yet, we tried our best but she is still unconscious which gives her a 50:50 chance”
“Pease try your possible best to save her Doc. She can’t die on me, please” I said pleading
“Youngman, we will try our best” He taps my shoulder light “Be strong” He was on his way when he remember something. He stop “She needs some medicine and drip”
“That is not a problem Doc. I will take responsibility for that; just make sure she is alright. Can I see her now?”
“No”. With that he disappear into the corridor.
I move to the reception to pay the bills. I sit on one of the chair.
“Are you sleeping over?” I heard a sweet voice ask me
I lift my head to see the nurse on duty standing in front of me. “I don’t know” I reply
“If you are sleeping over, notify me Sir, we have apartment where you can sleep”
“Okay, thanks”.
I brought out my vibrating phone, I check the caller; MFF with a picture of Funmi display on the screen. I quickly slide the caller icon to the right side of the screen. Funmi panicking voice hit my ear drum. She complain about me not picking her calls. I narrate my ordeal to her. She ask if she could come over; I tell her it’s late and everything is taken care of. I later end the call after her words of advice and warning. I decided to stay over at the hospital in order to see the girl first the next morning. I stare at the boring programme been air on TV. Later in the night, I beckon on the Nurse to guide me to the building. She took me to the building which is located at the extreme end of the hospital. The place is comfortable, air conditioned with little but expensive furniture. I slept like a baby through the night. I perceive that when I wake up to a crumpled bed spread. I quickly spread the sheet neatly and move to the hospital building. I meet the same Nurse on duty and she directs me to the ward she is admitted to. On getting to the ward, I halt at the door on seeing her feeble body lying on the bed unconscious with an oxygen mask connected to her nose. I sit beside her bed for hours before finally leaving for home to have a change of cloth. I was back in the evening to meet her in the same position. Funmi called to ask if she is responding to treatment and with faith, I told her she is fine.
She was on oxygen aid for three days before she finally gain consciousness. I walk in to see her awake that evening; I couldn’t hide my felicity. I mumble a “Thank you God” prayer as I walk towards her bed. A Nurse was standing beside her bed; scribbling away on a file. I move closer and I sit beside her. She looks into my eye and makes inaudible sound.
“Don’t worry dear, get fit first”. I said holding her hand.
She was given beverage since she is unable to eat anything solid due to her condition. The Good Samaritan woman came to check on her and she was happy to see her improving. She left for work after dropping the fruit and food she brought with her. She was at the Hospital for a week before she recuperate fully. Her family has been informed and they have come to see her and say a big thank you to me. During her stay in the hospital, she narrates her ordeal to me. She told me she was coming back from a friend’s place that evening when a gang of five boys including her boyfriend kidnap her to an unknown location. She was raped, gagged and beaten mercilessly before she was dump at the location I found her. She was left for death and I save her. She was grateful for my help and for being there for her during her helpless time. She was discharge on a Saturday afternoon and she invite me to a dinner with her family. I decline at first but when she isn’t giving up, I follow suit. I was given a warm welcome by her family member and they declare me a part of their family. It was a sight to behold and I enjoy every bit of it.
I return home in the evening to meet my door unlocked. I know immediately one of my acquaintance is around since they have a spare key. I open the door widely to see Funmi on the couch watching TV with a bowl of chin chin and juice on the small stool in front of her. She quickly leap up with joy and hug me.
“I really miss you”. She said giggling
“I miss you too Baby” I said kissing her.
“Hope you are good”
“Yeah Baby” I said smiling.
I was unable to eat her fried Plantain and beans since I was filled to the brim with Amala, Vegetable sauce coupled with intestine and beef at the dinner. After the meal, we lay down on the bed; her head on my chest and my hand stroking her hair. The light was on and the ceiling fan make a funny noise as it blows on our almost bare body.
“Ayo, I want to ask you something. It has been bothering my mind for so long now, I know you pass through a lot already so I couldn’t make up my mind to ask you then, but I think it’s the right time to ask now” she said calmly without looking up
I sighed. “If it isn’t about low GP, night class, special prayer, church activities, boys disturbing you; let me think ……… if it isn’t about pregnancy too, I’m all ears baby” I said jokingly which make us burst into laughter.
“Hope you won’t be angry with me?”
“I won’t. You already turn me to someone with anger issues” I said with an angry tone
“No Baby”
“Alright, go on”
“Actually it’s about your Dad, you haven’t told me about him. Is he dead or alive and how do you lost your finger?” She said in a low sad voice.
At the mention of the word “Dad”, she notice a change in my countenance. “Ay, hope I haven’t hurt you. Am sorry dear”
“It’s okay Funmilayo. I haven’t talk about my Dad to anyone since he left us”
“Left you as how?”
“Since his death”
“So, he is dead”.
“Yes dear and this is what happen. My Dad had a one night stand with a lady she barely know when I was ten. Although it wasn’t his fault, he was drunk that night and the woman force himself on him. He love my Mum deeply and my Mum trust him; couple with the fact that he never told her a lie, he relate his mistake to her which she believes and forgive him avoiding fuss. Things went back to normal after his confession and we live as one big, happy family. Five years later, a woman came to our house with a little kid. She told Dad the girl is the outcome of their intercourse. Dad doesn’t know about this cause she doesn’t inform him about the pregnancy not to think of her giving birth. My Dad even try to locate her but his search was abortive. After a long family discussion, my Mum agree to take care of the kid as her own and my Dad accepted after much plea from my Mum. The woman died few month after in a plane crash. It was a sad story for my family. We moved on and my Mum take care of the girl as her own. Her name was Kemisola”
“You mean Kemisola, the same girl who died in the fire incident?”
“What a tragedy” She said sadly
“It really is. After her death, My Dad was diagnosed with a heart disease. He was fly abroad for a transplant, he spent all his money on the transplant. We were happy when he recover fully after months of therapy. On the day of his arrival, he was involve in a ghastly accident which not only claim his life but burn him beyond recognition. He had a head to head collision with a petrol tanker”
“That is very sad. Your Dad died in a fire accident too” She said almost crying.
“Yes and I was nearly burnt too when I was chased out by my Uncle’s wife”
“Ay” She cry out
”She chop off my finger too”. At this time, I was letting my tears flow freely.
“Haaa, the woman is very wicked”
I shrug “It’s already in the past now”
“I’m sorry for bringing back memories dear”. She said rubbing my face with her palm.
“It’s okay, everything is fine”
“Are you sure?” She ask and I give her an assuring nod; I draw her close, kiss her lips and cuddle her tightly. We drift into dreamland.

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I pace around my room like someone waiting for a looming calamity; waiting for Caleb that hot afternoon. I have noticed some guy stalking me in Campus earlier in the morning. I called Caleb to inform him and he has promise to give me info later in the day.
“Caleb, where are you? I really need you now” I said aloud to no one in particular. Caleb rush in and crash in the sofa. “Talk of the devil”
“And he shall appear. Guy, there is big problem”. He said hyperventilating.
“Problem as how” I asked quizzically
“With the lead you gave me this morning, I ask one of my ally who is a member. I got info from him that the guys are member of the Black Viper, the most deadly fraternity on campus” he replied.
“What was my offence” I ask Caleb bluntly
“It’s about Lola”
“Who is Lola?”
“Idiot, the Omolola you saved last month”
“Ehn, what has she gotten to do with this?” I ask him angrily
“Hey Guy, cool your nerves down; you interfere with their assignment, the girl was fated for death. She offended not just an ordinary member but the No 1 of the brotherhood. Her reward was death and you jeopardize it by saving her. They are coming back for vengeance”. He said with a mean face.
“Is it a sin to save someone?” I ask hissing aloud
“Bro, it’s really a great sin to the frat, the Black Viper are suckers, they take shit from nobody. Have you even heard?”
“That what?“
“Lola is dead”
“What. Which Lola? You don’t mean it. You must be kidding”
“Yes she is and I’m no kidder. She was found dead in her hostel this morning. She was poisoned, which is carried out by an insider; someone very close to her”
“So, I just save her for nothingness and they still want revenge”
“Yeah Bro; I know it’s the work of her boyfriend. He held a high rank in the brotherhood; when he was told to carry out the job, he had no choice. He wouldn’t want to lose his rank and authority. He knows about her death; his snake has a hand in this. I know that for sure”
“Am at a crossroad; what do you want me to do now, Caleb? I ask Caleb straight. He rub his rough Afro hair with his palm.
A loud knock landed on our door.
“Who is there” I shout angrily.
The door opens widely revealing Funmi in a beautiful black gown. I fixed my gaze on her curvy body. The gown display her shape and womanliness. ‘In a situation like this, you are admiring someone, I pity your life’. My mind was speaking sense to me.
“What is with the face here?” Funmi asked with a puzzle look as she open the door and notice our moody face.
“Your boyfriend is in deep shit” Caleb reply
“What is the meaning of that? Please leave her out of this mess? I barked angrily at Caleb
“AY, is it not better I tell her now, do you want your head to be place in front of the school gate before she knows?” Caleb said with contempt.
“God forbid that. I rebuke it in Jesus name” Funmi chirp in “What happen”. He ask no one in particular.
“Sorry, Mother of Jesus” Caleb said with n angry face before explaining everything to her and she open her mouth agape.
“What are we going to do now” she ask fearfully.
“I have a plan” I said moving my fingers in the air.
“And what is that? How are you carrying it out?” Caleb ask
“Leave that to me. Funmi stay with Caleb, I have to sort myself out of this mayhem. I dash into my room and change into a short and a black top and a sport sneaker.
“Be safe Bro” Caleb said hugging me.
“Trust me Bro, I will be back”. I said giving Funmi a tight hug and kiss.
“Please be careful Ayo” I could hear Funmi barely audible voice behind me as I move out.
I know she had no option, she could have challenge me to have idea of whatever I was up to, but she knows she can’t confuse or hinder me now.
I move out of the compound and wait at the main road, pretending as if I was waiting for bike but I was really scouring the area to know if I’m still been followed. Luckily, I saw two guys on the fence at the far end of the road, they where the guys trailing me in the morning. I walk toward them. On moving closer, they jump down in succession and dip their hand into the cross bag slumped on their shoulder ready for action.
“Am here for peace, guys” I said raising my hand up in surrender.
“What do you want” one of them ask in a deep coarse voice.
“I want an audience with your boss” I reply him.
“Are you sure about this?”
I follow them to a car parked along the road. I was push into the car and before I knew what was happening, I was hit with a bat and I lose consciousness. I was enliven by a slap; the slap jolt me out of my unconsciousness. Everywhere was dark and I couldn’t stir my leg or arm. I realize I was blindfolded, gagged and tied to a chair.
“Open the fold” I hear a thick masculine voice command.
I heard footstep and in an instant, the blindfold and the restrains were loosen. My sight was blurry at first; my mouth and wrist hurts from the strains. I could see a young stout built man sit in front of me with a wrap of hemp in his right hand and a champagne glass which contain a brownish liquid on his left. A muscular guy stood behind him while a lanky guy stands without beside me.
“I heard, you desire to see me” He said with a smile
“Yes”. I reply weakly
“Here am I?”
“I want us to talk things out as man to man”
A sharp slap landed on my right cheek. Before I knew it, another blow landed on my lower jaw, my mouth was pervade with blood.
“Are you mad, you dare talk to our boss like that” The lanky guy barks at me.
How on earth will a skinny guy give me such heavy punch, someone I could easily take out on a one on one boxing. I observe his physique and I realize he has six packs, hence the heavy punch.
“Scorpion, it’s okay. He is a man and so am I, let us talk man to man” He said facing my direction. “What do you want?”
“Sir, I’m very sorry for what I did. I don’t intend to cross your path. If I know you are the one behind it, I wouldn’t have dare to keep that girl alive, even if I meet her gasping for breath, I would have gagged her myself. Please forgive my wrongdoing” I said pleading.
“What a gentleman you are. I like your courage. You came all the way to tell me this. I love this guy” He said facing Scorpion. ”I’m a man which shows mercy to whom deserve mercy. To shorten a long story, you’re forgiven” He said calmly standing up. He stop on his way towards the door “Scorpion, release him and take him back to town” He finally move out after giving instruction to Scorpion.
“Yes Boss” He said with a tone of respect. “You should have allow me to waste this idiot” He said angrily.
He restore the blindfold and push me roughly outside. I was shove into a waiting car. According to my estimation, we travel for almost an hour before I was dropped at a junction. I was pushed out of the car and they drove off with full velocity. I remove the blindfold. I couldn’t picture my exact location and I was unable to make out the location I was kidnap to. I t—-t my hand into my pocket and I could feel some crumbled naira note. I walk wobbly to the main road to find a bike. I mount on the bike after telling him my destination. I didn’t bother to ask him the fare. We journey for another thirty minutes before getting to my destination. I handed the bike man a thousand naira, he search his pocket for change but I told him not to worry. He thanked me and drive off. I notice the aura around me change immediately I step into the compound. Several gaze fall on me from different direction. I know something is amiss. I dash to my apartment and knock on the door, there was no answer. I knock continuously and there was still no response. ‘What is wrong’ I thought within myself. I bang heavily on the door and I couldn’t get a reply. I force the wooden door open with a kick; as the door give way, the pong of blood combine with sweat and gunpowder hit my nose. I was met with a horrible sight when I step in. Sitting on the sofa with a blood drench shirt is Caleb with his head resting freely on the backrest of the sofa with a bullet in his head; his face facing the ceiling blankly. I was petrified. I move closer and examine his body; I feel his neck carefully; his body is still warm. My eye shift to a note on the table, I opened it to find some words written on the piece of paper.
I quiver as the thought of Funmi cross my mind. I drop the note with shaky hands and shout Funmi’s name but there was no response. I prayed in my mind she should be safe. I imagine what my life will be without her. I dash into the bedroom; it was empty. I check the bathroom, she wasn’t there. I move back to the living room and search it thoroughly but I couldn’t find her. I reel to the kitchen, I was perspiring now and with shaky hands I open the door. Blood trickle down her lap and a knife was driven into her stomach. From my quick analysis, she suffers the same fate as Lola; she was raped, tortured and later stab by her assailants. She was left to die an excruciating death. My leg tremble and when they couldn’t carry the weight of my torso, I slump to the floor. I clasp Funmi lifeless body to my chest breaking down in tears. Memory of Sarah flow into my head and my anguish multiplied. Afterward, I was taken to the Police station where I was locked up for days and tortured on crime I knew nothing about.
I lay down on the concrete platform which serves as bed in my cell one night. I’m having difficulty sleeping in the last few days. I detect a human figure at the entrance of the cell. I jolt up and move towards the entrance carefully to check the form which disappear almost immediately. I withdraw to my formal position. I heard my name faintly. I consider it as a phantasm since I’m the only one in the cell besides I’m suffering from insomnia. I heard my ricocheting in the room; I jolt up alarmed, searching the whole cell.
“Ayo, it’s me” I heard the voice.
“Who are you, show yourself” I thought I was mad when I utter the statement cause its lucid I was alone.
“It’s me Caleb” the voice came again.
I laugh hysterically on hearing this; I know my mind was playing tricks on me but I don’t know it has gotten to this extent.
“Close your eyes and open your heart; you will see me”
At first, I thought I’m going crazy. Why should I be hearing Caleb’s voice in my head? After much persuasion from the voice, I decide to do as instructed and I was terrified when I saw him. He has the same blood stained shirt and his trousers on, but the bullet hole wasn’t there.
“Caleb is this really you” I asked baffled
“Yes, it’s me Ayo but I’m ghost” he answered faintly but I could hear him clearly.
“What happen? You should be in hell by now” I said with sarcasm. I envisage a smile form on his face.
“I was unable to transit to the afterlife after I was buried”
“Why” I asked puzzled
“I was unable to fulfill my time in this world; I was cut short along the way”. Tears form in my eye and I feel pity for him
“I promise to revenge your death when I get out of here” I said with a clench fist
“I wouldn’t advice that Ayo. If you get out of here, move on with your life. Find something better to do instead of revenge.” He said in a pleading voice
“If that is what you want, I will do just that” I shrug.
I reply with that so I can save myself from further argument. He knows I’m stubborn and he will want to prove his point even in his spiritual self.
“Ayo, I know you are lying”
“No, am not. I will do according to your word”. I reply
“I can read your mind”
“Prove it”
“She is here with us”
“Who?” I ask confused
“Funmi.” At the mention of her name, I freeze. He continues “You have her on your mind since. I could read that.”
“Why can’t I see her?” I ask puzzled
“You have passed through enough already Ayo, seeing her won’t help matter, it will only bring back memories. Bye for now Ayo”
A mighty wind sweep pass me indicating Caleb’s disappearance. My mind was trouble and fill with rage. I think of Funmi and I make up my mind to revenge her death.
The culprits has not been apprehended yet. The police aren’t trying to arrest them since they have connection with the Black Vipers. I drop all expectation of getting released from the cell soon; since bail isn’t granted. I await my day of Judgement. Caleb ghost still appears to me and we converse anytime he is around. All my effort to talk to Funmi was abortive and I give up on seeing her. I was bought into the waiting room one day. I was surprise to see Mr Edward sitting on the other end of the table chair. A letter was on the table in front of him. I sit down on the chair facing him.
“That is for you”. He said pointing at the letter on the table.
I pick up the letter and open it. My tears gland burst open as I read the content.
“Yes, you have been rusticated from school. I got the letter this morning and I’m just hearing about your arrest. Ayomide, Can I get an explanation for these”
I narrate my ordeal to him in tears, he shook his head and feel sorry for my trail.
“Son, I need to be candid with you, when I receive the letter this morning, I was dishearten. I have to break it to you that I won’t be able to contain you anymore; the Panel is against it, but I promise to assist you when you need arises. I already ask for your bail, but it was declined. I have faith that you won’t stay here for long; very soon, everything will be alright” He said sorrowfully holding my hand.
He left with a depressed face after praying for me. I appreciate him for that; he has really try for me. I just don’t know what is wrong with me.
In the evening, I notice someone at the entrance to my cell. I raise my head to see an Officer unlocking the cell door.
“Someone is here to see you” He inform me.

He lead me to the DPO’s office. On getting there, I saw the DPO chatting carelessly with a lady. With her back turn on me, I could recognize her anywhere.
“Adetutu” I call out in amazement.
“Long time, no see AY” She said smiling.
She even has the gut to smile after all she put me through. I was boiling inside of me. If not for the restrains, I would have pounce on her and end her life at that spot.
“You should be thankful to this woman, if not, you would have rot in jail” The DPO said with a wide grin revealing his tobacco stained teeth. I gave him a harsh look. Adetutu was the last person I wish to see at this period of time. After my bail was granted and I was release; Tutu beseech me to follow her home, I refuse bluntly at first but after much begging I follow suit since I have nowhere to go. The journey to her place was filled with grave silent. After a cool shower in my former room, I examine the place and I realize the place was still as I left it. I had dinner with her; I could notice her smile. She was happy I’m back. After the dinner, we talked at length. Firstly, she apologized on what led to our parting and I forgive her. She ask me how I got into the police den and I narrate my ordeal to her. I told her I want to revenge my fiancée and friend’s death and she said nothing about that.
Caleb came to me that night when I was alone in my room and warn me against revenging but I let him know blankly that nothing is stopping me from doing so. I later chase him off, telling him I want to sleep. Immediately he left, I lay on the bed and strive to sleep; even the little one I had, I was haunted by nightmares.
Adetutu’s voice wakes me up the next morning. I was just having a sound sleep when she interrupt my sleep. I mumble a “Good Morning” as I open my eye groggily. I notice she wasn’t alone. I fix my gaze on the beautiful damsel behind her on the bed and she notice this.
“She?” That is my daughter”
“Daughter?” I ask
“Yeah, my run away daughter, my prodigal daughter is back home” She said jokingly and the other lady laugh. After the introduction, Adetutu gives us privacy. I observe her face intently as she move closer to me.
“Theresa” I called out. She was surprised when she had that name.
“How do you know my name?” She asked quizzically
“Don’t you remember me, I’m Ayomide”
“Ayomide! I don’t remember knowing any Ayomide and besides, that was my Baptismal and Christian name in the Mission home, where did you hear that”
“Am also from the Mission home, have you forgotten your Ayomide” I said with a smile
“Ayomide, yeah I remember you?” She said hugging me tightly “How have you been?”
“As you can see. Have been to hell and am back”
“Am sorry about that, Dear, Adetutu told me about you already” She said in her angelic voice.
Teniola vow to help me on my revenge plan. We start gathering information about the gang and their activity and with her help I was able to get enough information to start with. I decide to start with Lola boyfriend.

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Teniola is a beauty to behold; her dark skin now glows and she look lovely. She has an average height with slightly curved legs which cause her hips to bulge heavily. She has grown from the skinny Theresa I knew back then to a curvy and chubby Teniola. She is ideal for the job as I draw my next strategy. My plan is to track my target for few days and execute it after knowing his day to day activity. Since I was rusticated from school, I have to hide my identity. I wore a green short, a white top and a scandal coupled with a black shade, a face cap with a little make-up to the face which was done by Teni to conceal my identity. I use the campus third gate and drive to the Department of Agricultural Science where he normally receive lecture. I alight and sit at a cool spot under an erected structure. I observe him carefully avoiding his gaze as he chat merrily with some guys under a big flamboyant tree. After few hours, he left his gang and hop into his car. I move carefully to my car and follow him. He drives to his girlfriend hostel and spend two hours. At exactly 18:23, he head off to his place taking a desolate route. After completing my task for the day, I drive home and inform Temi about my findings. I repeat the procedure for another four days before choosing a day to execute my plan. On the fixed day; Teni clad in a red gown which is rip to the lap, which reveal her fresh chunky lap while I wear an orange jumpsuit.
“This is the plan Teni. You will the car is faulty. You will flag him down when you sight his car approaching; he drives a Black Jaguar, 345 Model. With the way you dress, he will surely stop and offer you a ride. Put a call to me immediately and try to delay him before my arrival……” I snap my finger ”Boom, The work is done”. I relate my plan to Teni.
“What a genius. Your head is full of malevolent thought” She said with a smirk.
The vibration of my phone bought me reality, I was deep in thought.
“Hello, am on my way” I speak into the phone mouth piece. I pick the toolbox and stop a bike. I get to the location within ten minutes.
“What took you so long” Teni yelled at me
“Am sorry Madam, I couldn’t see bike on time. Am so sorry Ma? I said apologetically.
“Since your Mechanic is here, can I get your number and move on?” he said asking Teni
“Sir, we will need your help. It won’t take long” I quickly chip in.
“It’s okay” he said.
I could see Teni giving him a seductive smile; biting her lower lips simultaneously. I open my toolbox and pick the largest sized spanner. I examine the car engine and hit the battery head.
“Sir, please help me to start the car”. He move into the car and turn the key.
“Vhooooooom” the car engine came alive.
“Wow thank you” Teni scream happily
As he was about coming down from the car, I move closer to him and hit him on the head with the spanner. He collapse and pass out. I lug his body to the back seat and we speed off.
Teni drop a pail of water on him which revitalize him, he jerk up and shivers. He realize he is being tie to a chair; he struggle to break free. I sit on a chair opposite him with a smoke in my hand and a goblet on the table beside me. Teni stood behind him with the pail still in her hand.
“You bastard, what do you want with me?” He said barking angrily.
I took off my shade and stir forward.
“You still have the gut to call him a bastard, what insolence” Teni said hitting him on the head with the pail.
“Teni please” I beckon on her to stop and she move back to her formal position. “I want nothing from you apart from information about your gang” I reply him gently
“Am telling you nothing; go to hell”. I laugh softly. Teni was about giving him another blow before I stop her.
“You b—h” He said with rage; the vein on his head bulging out.
“I think you are the one going to hell” Teni reply scornfully
Teni pick up the knife on the table and drive it into his left bulky chest. He scream like a baby beaten by his mother. Teni give him a ‘you have just started’ look. Blood stream out of his chest as she withdraw the knife.
“Are you ready to talk now?” I ask. He keep mute but I continue “Firstly, Why did you kill Lola?
“Just kill me when you have the opportunity; if I get out of here, I will kill you first, fool”
‘Who told you are getting out of here” Teni ask him giving him a resonant slap.
“Babe, relax, this is a man to man talk” On hearing this, she move out angrily slamming the door. “I will give you some time to think about my offer” I said leaving the room after switching off the light.
When he fails to cooperate; Teni has volunteer to torture him. I decide to see him after the third day. On getting to the room, I was first greet by a great stench. I switch on the bulb to see what was left of the poor guy. His face was badly battered to a grotesque form; his eyes were swollen and soggy with blood and his lips have lost shape. He has one of his ear severed, some of his fingers has been decapitated and he has a bullet wound on his right leg. I sat on a chair in front of him and I feel pity for him. He open his eyes feebly.
“Are you ready to talk young man?”
“Water, I need water” He reply in whispers
I gesture on Teni to give him water. She went out to get the water but on coming back, she empty the content on his head, he shivers from the chill of the cold liquid. I collect the bottle from Teni and fill it up. I place the bottle into his mouth and he drink slowly. I drop the bottle and sit on the chair.
“Are you ready to talk?” He just keep mute. “Your silence won’t solve anything, you won’t have suffer this way if you have cooperate with us, besides, nobody is here to help you, even your so call gang doesn’t know your whereabout. Just give me the information I want and I will free you, it’s very simple”
“If I tell you what I know, will you free me?” he ask in a cracked voice
“Why won’t I? I will, I give you my promise. So, are you ready to talk now” He nod his head “Why do you kill Lola?”
“She cross path with our Number One”
“What happen?”
“He ask her out, she reply him brashly and slap him” He said weakly, stuttering on some words. “One of my guys inform me about what she did. I took her to the Boss to apologize” he coughs
“Sorry Bro, go on”
“I thought he has forgiven her when we apologize but I was surprise when he called an emergency meeting the third week after the incident. He gave me instruction to execute Lola and we have to do it his way. I had no choice than to do it.” He said contritely.
“Why can’t he send another person from the group?”
He laughs softly “It’s the finger that sin that get cuts”
“Bravo” I clap my hand while Teni give me a stern look. “Who poisoned her?” I asked looking into his eyes
“Her best friend did”
“Willingly or you guys forced her?”
“She did it willingly. I paid her a huge sum”
I notice the presence of Caleb in the room, he sits on the table with his hand crossed on his chest. He shake his head.
“Now, to my grand finale. Why did you guys kill my fiancé and my best friend?”
“I told you earlier, nobody crosses Mighty path and go scot free. He doesn’t forgive. Immediately you left, he send some guys to ice them”
“Are you with them?”
“No. it wasn’t my assignment, it was Spartacus” He said in pain.
“Thanks for the info Bro; I really appreciate but one last thing”
“I told you enough; now keep your end of the bargain, let me go.” he said angrily.
Teni move to him and give him a punch in the stomach, he yelp in pain
“If you had answer me, you wouldn’t have receive that”
“What is it?” He bark at me
“Now you are talking. I need the names of your quad member and your location of meeting”
“I can’t tell you that. It’s the highest secret of the frat………”
Before he could finish the statement Teni shot him in the head. She look at me angrily and hiss.
“But I promise the guy I would free him” I said amaze
“I don’t” she moving out of the room.
“Who is going to clean up this mess” I ask nobody in particular.
I rest my back on the chair cozily. ‘What is wrong with this girl, she takes everything about me seriously’. Tutu told me she was a no nonsense lady throughout her stay with her. She is her bodyguard, daughter, macho guy, Assistant and playmate; she follows her everywhere she goes. She was trained by the best hitman in town so I was no match for her expect an emotional string is attached. I clean up the mess and dumb the guy along a bush path close to the school premises. I fold my arms and ponder on my next move.
My intimacy with Tutu is back to normal save the sex part. Tutu has a new set of maids which are blessed with voluptuous boobs and backside. Anytime I’m h—y, I commit my atrocities with them. She has caught me on several occasions and she seems not to care. One evening I knock on Teni’s door to tell her about my next plan but there was no response. I turn the knob clockwise and the door creak open. I notify Teni I was the one when I heard her voice from the bathroom. I sit down on the bed scrutinizing the décor and arrangement of the room. I made to move out when she walk out of the bathroom; she stop me halfway and I get back to my position. I pull out my phone and flip through it. She move to the mirror and rub her body with cream. After she was through, she stand in front of me; gaining my attention, she drop her towel. I stare at her naked body lustfully. She is ultra beautiful and curvy when naked. My d–k gain momentum and rises to it elastic point. Teni move closer on her knee. She release my bulging d–k from confinement. She look seductively into my eyes and I nod in agreement. She took the length into her wet mouth. She slurp my d–k for what seems like eternity. I unclothe myself and give her the best of me. We lay on the bed with sweat gleaming on our naked body. She draws close to me and place her head on my chest.
“Theresa why did you come back” I asked her.
“Why do you want to know?”
“Why are you answering my question with a question? Just answer mine”
“Okay, if that is what you want, then no problem” She continue “I commit some atrocities after I left. After I ran off with the package, I deliver it to my secret lover; who tricks me into believing he has a higher bidder for the package; which I fall for foolishly. He succeeded by drugging and abandoning me in the Hotel we lodge into, fleeing with the package. Mrs Williams always receive the money, so I have little cash with me. When I exhaust the money with me, I was left with nothing and I become stranded” She continue “One day, when I was walking aimlessly on the street, I come across someone that change my life. She works as a s–t for the Top Men and she connects me with some of them. With my level of training, I kill for them.”
“That clarify your hard heart”
She smile. “I came back because I know I have wrong Mrs Williams. I heard what she pass through when I wasn’t around, so I came for her forgiveness”
“Thank God you are back”
“Same to you”
“What happen to your loverboy?” I ask with sarcasm.
“I put a bullet to his head”
“As if I know already”. I said laughing.
Tutu was out of the country on a business meeting. You already know the kind of business meeting. We had the weekend all to ourself and since then, my love for Teni grew. We still help Tutu with the package but Teni doesn’t work for the Tops anymore. We carry out our operations like Mr and Mrs Smith in the popular Hollywood movie.

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After few weeks of strategizing about a plan; I finally hit the nail on the head. The plan has a twenty percent success, but if it can be carry-out with caution, it will be hundred percent efficient. One thing I love about Teni is that she is wilful; she always want to try, no matter how impossible the task is. When I inform her, and tell her the chances, she nods affirmatively and gives me a thumb up. We start work on the plan without delay. It wasn’t easy; Teni was a task decipher. She get close to Mighty and the two get along easily whereas she befriend the No. 1 of Spearmen, a rival cult of Black Vipers. I on the other hand arrange the ideal weapons and bullet for the job.
I was alone in my room one night when Caleb visits.
“You have been standing there for minutes now without a word. What do you have for me? I finally said after waiting for him to talk first.
“So, you can feel my presence”
“Yes Buddy. You thought I didn’t notice you, I’m feigning ignorance. How are you doing?” I later realize I asked a stupid question since ghost don’t feel anything.
“To be frank with you, I don’t like your plans lately. I really detest it and Funmi isn’t happy either”
“Please don’t talk about Funmi. Caleb, here you are talking to me while she lurk in the dark avoiding me like a pest. She doesn’t want to see or talk to me, so let us leave it that way” I said angrily
“It isn’t like that Ayo, she really wish to, but she doesn’t have the type of chance I have”
“I don’t understand?”
“She only have one chance to see a mortal like you and she is waiting for the best day to do that cause she has choose you” I notice the sad expression in his words.
“Why don’t you tell me this earlier, I’m very stupid for thinking that way?” I said with regret “Funmi, I know you are here, and I know you can hear me, I’m very sorry for talking that way, I really don’t understand how the ghost thing work, I’m so sorry Dear. I miss you so much and you know I love you” I said with a tearful eye. I could feel the rush of breeze blow at me. I shiver as the cold increases.
“That is a prove to show she has accept your plea”. The door creaks open and expose Teni standing at the doorway with her hand akimbo.
“Ayo, what is wrong?”
“Wrong, as how? Nothing dear” I quickly rub my eye to wipe the tears
“You mean nothing? I have been standing at the door for the past ten minutes and I could hear you vividly talking to someone, just to come inside and find you alone. AY, please talk to me. Is everything alright?”
“I’m fine” I said dipping my head into my palm in a sitting position on the bed. She move closer to me and sit by my side. She touch my hand gently.
“I know something isn’t right; its fine if you don’t want to share it. Please, be strong for me. Everything is going to be okay one day, I know that”
“Are you sure?” I ask her without raising my head. She sighed and she broke down in tears.
“I told you about my past back in the Mission home, I mean my story” she said in tears
“Actually, there is more to it?”
She sighed “Yes. Adetutu killed my Parent”
“What” I raise my head in anger
“AY, calm down. It’s already in the past now”
“Tell me more” I said angrily
“Promise me you won’t change towards Tutu or act badly to her. She continue “I know you have anger issue and this is already in the past”
“You want me to make a promise when you know I don’t do such”
“Just this one Ayo”
“Okay, I promise”
She continues “I can terminate her myself but revenge isn’t the only option. She has taken up the job of fending for me so I had no choice than to live with her; when I realize she was using me for her selfish interest, I decide to abscond since I want a better life for myself”
“Why did she kill your family?”
“My Dad and Mrs Williams were partners. My Dad deliver a package which earn them a lot of money. Mrs Williams want the bigger share of the money all because she pull the deal and when my Dad is unyielding to her request he sent assassin to kill him. They succeeded in killing all member of my family including my three siblings, our maid, gateman and a visiting cousin”
“How do you survive?”
“I was shot in the stomach. I was saved by our neighbors”
“This is serious”
“Yeah it is. She later lose the money to fraudsters. When she realize her mistake, she make inquiry about me and trace me to the Mission home to seek for my forgiveness”
“How do you know all this”
“She told me herself”
“And you still stay under the same roof with her” I asked angrily
“What can I do? I don’t have any choice. I was bent on revenging her bad deed; that was another reason I ran away with the package since I know it will cause her a great deal, I know she will lose her life alone the line but when I get to know she scale through the challenge, I give up on revenge” She say with tears flowing down her cheeks.
I move closer to her and pull her to myself. Caleb was still around and he nod in pity.
“Are you telling me now not to revenge my lover’s death”
“No. we are already in the river, we can’t be complaining of cold. We are in this together; I will follow you to the end”
“That is why I love you” I said kissing her.
I explain everything about Caleb to her; she doubt me at first but when I have a conversation with Caleb in her presence, she was left with no choice although she couldn’t see him. After our conversation I move closer to her and caress her smooth skin revealing her sensitive part. I sight Caleb vanishing into thin air using the wall as a medium.
My plan is working perfectly. Teni has gain both Mighty and Obi the Giant trust. Mighty has a short structure and he is muscular hence his name ‘Small but Mighty. He works for the upper class and he has everything he wants at his disposal. He is very gentle and he doesn’t talk much while Obi the Giant is a Tall heavily built guy who goes about flaunting his power and muscle around the campus, he has strong muscle and he is ugly; which makes him looks like one of the Giant in Jack the Giant slayer movie. He is well known in Campus for his bully and miscreant. His activities include raping, killing, stealing and other dirty stuffs. They are exactly word an opposite which will make the plan more fascinating.
I do talk with Caleb once in a while. I ask him in one of our discussion what he does with his self. He told he just walk around doing nothing.
“You know people can’t see nor hear me, so I just stroll around” He said
“People can’t see you, but I can see you”
“You don’t understand how things work. You can only see me because I allow you to and I can choose yo”
“Really?” I ask baffled
“Why was Funmi only given one chance to see me and you have several chances”
“Her case is different and she has already bound her soul to mine.”
“How, tell me”
“She has few months to live, even if she hasn’t die that day, she will die very soon”
“Why? Is she sick?”
“No, she isn’t, it’s her fate. She is an Ogbanje. She has stayed that long because of her Mum’s prayer. That is the reason she give her all to you since she loves you. She wants to enjoy life a little before she dies”
“Why does everyone that get close to me always die?” I ask angrily
“Maybe it’s your fate too”
“That is a stupid predestination” I said angrily “I don’t plan for this”
“And neither do we”
“Am sorry Buddy”
“No qualms”
He cut in “After she was buried, she pleaded with her group and they give her the chance of seeing a living soul one more time in her physical self”
“Physical self!!??” I asked surprised
“Yes, you will see her in her physical self one day”
“How? When? Where?” I inquire
“How do you want me to know that young lad, just be patient”
“Okay, how can she do that?
“She has the power; that is all I know”
“So, what is her connection with you?”
“I made a vow to be with you, a kind of companion before she finally sees you and we both transit to our various location”
I sighed “Wow, I can’t believe you guys did this for me” I move closer to hug Caleb but instead I pass through him
“Spirit don’t do hugs man”
“I’m marvel by your true friendship and sacrifice, it’s incomparable. You sacrifice your time just for me, it won’t be forgotten. I love you guys, it’s just a pity they took you from me, but don’t worry, I will get them soon”
“We love you too, stay safe guy” He said disappearing almost the same time the door is opening.
“You have start your lone talks again” she said staring into my eyes as if I’m one hell of a motherfucking psycho.
“You know I was talking to my ghost friend” I said with sarcasm and she burst into laugh too.
“Mr Ay and his ghost friend” she added
“Stop that before I beat the hell out of your round voluptuous ass”
“Come and beat it” she said swaying her backside
“I’m not in the mood for that. Any good news?”
“Yeah, I bought one“
“Am all ears”
“The deal is tonight”
“Wow, that is cool. So let’s rock & roll” I said jumping up happily. “Let’s get prepared dear, this night will be fun” I said packing my stuff
“Calm down Dear. Won’t you cool your nerve first”
“As how?”
“Why are you acting like a novice” She pull the shoulder of her gown and it fall freely off her body, I realize she was in for business cause after the removal of the gown, she was stark naked.

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After much anticipation, night creep in gradually. After a cool shower, we dress up and prepared for the mission. Teni dressed in a tight fitting jeans and a pink blouse, she adorn it with a high black heels and a black Versace bag. I on the other hand wear a complete blue suit and complete it with a blue Gucci shoe.
“Teni. This is for you” I said giving her a MS4 Pistol.
“Thank You” She said putting the gun into her handbag.
We hop into the car, Teni drive while I sit beside her. Teni told me earlier a rich student is hosting his birthday party in a big hotel in town. Obi the giant has invited her to the party, same as Mighty. So we are using the opportunity to make a fight between the gang. Mighty is already having beef with Obi when he deal with one of his boys recently.
We get to the location after forty minutes of driving. Teni park the car a few distance from the building. We could hear loud music blaring inside the hotel. Teni give me a departing kiss and disappear into the hotel. I mutter a few prayer and walk majestically into the Hotel. The place is brimmed with people of different colour. I was lost in view of the place when I run into someone.
“Sorry” I apologize and move away swiftly.
I find a dark part, where the music is nearly inaudible. I sat in an empty space. I beckon on the barman and ordered for fruit juice. My order was delivered. And I sip my drink leisurely. I sight some girls coming in my direction. The empty space were fill, marking me as the odd one in their midst. They chat noisily, laughing at every single sentence. This gets me annoyed but I acted cool.
“What’s up Darling?” I heard a sweet angelic voice. I turn my head to see the girl I bump into earlier at the entrance.
“Hey, am fine. Am sorry for what happen earlier, I was lost in thought” I said with a smile
“It’s nothing. Hope you are enjoying the party?”
“Yeah. It’s cool”
“Pardon my manner, my name is Cecelia”
“Wow, what a charming name. My name is…is… yeah Bernard” I said stuttering. I lied since I don’t want her to know my real name. She look at me frankly. “My middle name is Bolade, and it sound funny to some people, I don’t want to embarrass myself by telling you” I quickly added.
“Wow that is a beautiful. I prefer that, Bolade is okay by me” She said smiling
“Thanks” I reply
“So, Mr Bolade, why is a gentleman like you sitting alone in a big party like this?”
“Actually, my friend invited me and he left minutes ago to God knows where”
“So you are alone”
“Can I be your companion for tonight?”
“It will be my pleasure” I said smiling.
We chat about personal stuff. I cook up stories for her. We were chatting when she invited me to the dance floor. After much persuasion, I follow her. Her friends were giggling when they see us hand in hand moving to the dance floor. I quickly glimpse through the crowd to check on Teni. I saw her flirts dirtily with Mighty at a private corner of the corner. His boys round the table dressed in black with some of them wearing black beret. Their table is filled with various types of Alcohol and stuffs. I notice another group of guys just entering the venue, they all clad in Blue top and black pant with blue beret. Their Leader who I assume to be Obi was bald headed without a beret. After they all sit in a corner, bottles of spirit and beers flood their table. His boys started rolling weeds and various colour of smoke hit the air diluting it with the ones of alcohol and sweat. As we get to the dance floor, my mind was somewhere else; I was studying the boisterous environment, shifting my gaze from Obi group to Mighty. Teni was giving Mighty every move he needs to keep him from becoming aware of her plan. Cecelia complained about my lack of concentration in the dance and propose we move back to our sitting position; I told her I’m fine with the dance. I try to poise myself between the two; my plan and the dance. I see one of Obi boy whispering into his ear; instantly he move to Mighty’s location. I couldn’t hear what he was saying cause of the loud music; I could deduce he was shouting at Mighty. The DJ lowers the music and everyone stop dancing and focus on Mighty’s corner. Suddenly, Obi landed Mighty a thunderous slap. With this he draws Teni with him to his circle. I know our plan is working as some guests start already leaving the party. Mighty boys were angry with this because Mighty has hinder them from making a move. They gather their head and speak in whispers. I could see Obi scolding Teni and she was apologizing. Cecelia drag me to our sitting position and advice me to be on our way. I assure her everything will be fine. The DJ increase the volume and everything was going on fine before we heard gunshot outside. Immediately, everywhere scatter, save the gangs who were prepare for battle. More guys troop in making people to disperse; some run into the hotel building in fright. The security has taken to their heels. I sight Teni hiding under the Table. ‘She is carrying out the plan like the expert she is’. The DJ is nowhere to be found as loud music blare from the speakers raucously. The gang counters each other in a gun fight. Bullets whiz all over the place piercing flesh. The sound system was destroyed in the cross fire making gunshot more audible. I held Cecelia and we crouch warily to a secure place. Her friend has vanish in the pandemonium. She was shuddering and I could see water dripping from her lower region. I peep from my location and I could see Teni through the dim light still under the table holding an object which I decode to be a gun. I watch as the gang shoot at each other from distinct location. Mighty hide behind a speaker, shooting at his rival gang while Obi squat behind a large table. I could see Spartacus running towards my direction; he has a guy on his trail. He take cover in a dark corner and when the unwatchful guy bypass him, he put his gun to his head and pull the trigger. I signal to Cecelia who was frightened by the shot to hide, while I stand up to face Spartacus.
“Hey you” I cry out. He look back and point his gun towards me. “You remember me?” I ask
“You bastard; so you are the cause of this, I remember you. I f—-d the hell out of your girlfriend and she scream like the w—e she is” he said laughing and I notice his hand on the trigger.
“Go to hell Bastard” I said shooting him in the head, in succession he fires back hitting me in the left arm. Cecelia who has been watching the whole scene was horrified attempt to run when she sight me staggering tow ards her, I quickly catch up with her and draw her close.
“You can’t go out there by yourself; you will get yourself killed” I said frankly and she nods timidly.
I held her hand and crawl stealthily to the open space. We duck behind a table and I shoot the rest of the gang. Dead bodies lie on the floor. I was surprise when I fire at Mighty and the bullet bounce off his body. “So this guy has charm. Who bring gun to a charm fight” I thought within myself. The Bosses were oblivious of their surrounding as they continue shooting at each other testing their gunmanship. They come out of their hiding and engage in a fist fight after their bullet were consumed. Obi throw heavily punch at Mighty which he dodge craftily. One of his punch hit Mighty jaw, this cause him to fall heavily. He was still trying to stand up when Obi slam him with his shoulder; they crash amidst set of chairs. They stand simultaneously and face each other in a fist ready for action. Obi throw a punch which Mighty dunk speedily and reciprocate with a jaw breaking kick to his g—n which send him reeling on the floor writhing in pain with his hand clasp to his member. I think he lost one of his eggs. Mighty draws a knife from a left boot and move towards Obi, who was now in a kneeling position. Without saying a word, he moves to his back and slit his throat; blood gurgle from gash in his throat. He slump on the floor and continue gurgling before finally dropping his hand dead. Mighty was trying to move away from the scene when Teni stopped him pointing a gun at his head.
“I know you are the one behind all this mess. You set me up Obi and make me lose all my boys. I don’t know why you have done this but I forgive you. I have learn to forgive these days, so you can choose to go freely or die by my hand, the choice is yours”
“I would prefer sending you to hell”
“Then let the game begin”
He bend to pick a gun from a dead body beside him and shoot at Teni in which she dodge perfectly by dodging swiftly, she hides behind a table while Mighty continue shooting at her. I raise my head and shoot at him from my location. The bullets have no effect on him but it offer Teni a chance to take her shot. Teni stand up and fire at him, the bullet lodge into his forehead. He falls down heavily and let go of the gun in his hand. Teni run into my open arm and I hugged her tightly. After we disengage we both move to Mighty with Cecelia cowering behind us. Blood ooze from his forehead but he wasn’t dead yet. He let out a maddening laugh when he sight us. Teni point her gun to his forehead, but I quickly held her hand. I know Teni was angry with my choice but she concur. Cecelia was bent on going home but I guarantee her she will be fine with us. I promise to personally drive her home in the morning. We move out of the venue to where we packed our car and head home.
The gateman open the gate after several horns; I maneuver the car into the garage. We alight and move to the main building. We met Tutu at the door, her hands resting on her breast with a surprise face.
“Can you guys explain what is going on here. Where have you been?” She ask no one in particular. She let out a loud scream when she notice the bullet lesion on my arm.
“Tutu, I will explain that to you tomorrow but now, we need to rest” I reply her
She turn to Teni “Dear, what is happening, tell me”
Teni was trying to move inside when we heard a loud groan from the security post. I was unable to move fast since I’m getting weak from the injury I sustain. Despite my warning, Teni progress to the dim security house. We heard gunshot and a shriek from Teni followed. With rage, I move toward the post. Tutu turn on the light and the whole place was illuminated. Teni’s body lies on the floor beside the security man with blood oozing from his throat. I could make out the figure of a man holding a gun with his back turn on us.
‘How on earth did he survive that shot, I should have allowed Teni to finish him off the other time’ I blame myself for causing Teni’s death. Tutu move closer to me and Cecelia dash into the building.
“You think you can kill me?” He said laughing “No, you can’t; I’m immortal” He said with his back still turn on us. “You wondering how I get here? Well, I borrow a ride and stalk you”
“Why are you hesitating? Shoot him?” Tutu said in low whisper
“He has juju, he is impenetrateable” I answer her.
She snatch the gun out of my hand and shoot at him; he just stood there like a statue without the bullets having effect on him.
“I told you”
He turn around and face us. When Tutu see his face, she was horrified.
“Mighty” She called out
“Wow” he clap his hand noisily “Our eyes meet again, Mrs Williams”
“How…do…you…?” she gulp down the remaining sentence.
He laugh hysterically “You are surprise how I could survive that shot, it’s a miracle. It’s a pity no miracle will save you tonight” He said pulling the trigger. Tutu yell out in pain and collapse. I kneel beside her and held her in my arms. The bullet find it way to her left breast.
“Please Tutu, don’t leave me”
“Ayo…I…am…sorry…all…I…did…to…you…were…out…of…love” She stutter giving up the ghost.
I realize I have lost everything, and I remember Caleb’s words. I know am already at the crossroad, there is no turning back. I wish Caleb was here to help with his ghost power; since he is nowhere; I need to do this to the end. I pick up my pistol and stand up in anger facing Mighty.
“I know you are curious to know why I kill Miss Williams. Let me tell you a story” He said smiling. He continues “She gave me an assignment which I carried out perfectly. I killed a whole family and when it was time for her to complete my payment; she keeps on telling me she was duped by fraudsters. Well, it’s none of my business. I start threatening her and she send me a location to come for my balance. Instead of giving me my money, she shot me severally and leave me for death. I was saved by an Old man who gave me all these powers and turns me Immortal” He said laughing.
”Now get ready to die” He said aiming his pistol at me; he pulls the trigger.
The bullet pierce my right chest, I lose my balance and go down. I could feel the cold hand of death embracing me; my eyes were closing. In my subconscious, I saw Caleb genuflecting behind my head.
“I warn you Ayo, but you won’t listen. I’m not here to condemn you, I’m here to help you” He said faintly. “His weakness is his left patella” He said vanishing into thin air.
Caleb word enliven me and I stand up feebly.
“Wow, you are inexorable and strong-headed; I like your courage man. You are…” I cut him off by shooting at his left leg, but I miss my target.
Another bullet lodge into my tight; I stagger backward ad slump to the floor.
“I will watch you die slowly and painfully. I assure you that” He said moving closer. His whole body was in view. He bend down and place the pistol to the head. “You should have run when you have the chance boy”
‘And you should have killed me when you have the time man”. I aimed at his left kneecap and pull the trigger.
He yells out in pain and he go down heavily. I shoot him again in his right hand making the gun drop from his hand. He try to stand up but falls back. He manage to get to a kneeling position.
“I will watch you die slowly and painfully” I said in a whisper
“How do you know my weakness”
“Miracle, I guess”
“Please have mercy. Don’t kill……” I stifle him by shooting him in the stomach. He strive to get back to his formal position when I aim for his head, and with the last ounce of energy in me, I pull the trigger. The bullet lodge exactly into the position Teni has shot earlier. He falls dead instantly and everywhere went blank.

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I open eye my eye weakly on a hospital bed with my arm and chest bandage and one of my leg is string up. After the doctor check my pulse; the Nurse take my blood pressure and change the drip. He give her some instructions and a prescription before leaving the room. I was given injection which compel to unconsciousness. When I wake up, I saw a beautiful smiling figure by my side. I rack my brain to make out who she really is.
“Cecelia” she said aloud when she notice I wasn’t catching up the name.
“Hey” I said faintly
“Hope, you are fine”
“Fine!? With all these bandage and drip, I’m far from fine”. I said with sarcasm and she burst out laughing.
“Don’t worry, you will be soon”
“Wait, I don’t understand. How do I get here?”
“Actually, I brought you here”
“Yeah” she said smiling.
“I thought I was dead”
“God forbid. You are self-willed and strong” She said smiling
“How many days have I spend here?”
“A week”
“If only I had listen to you Caleb, I won’t have gotten Teni and Tutu into this” I said to no one in particular. Hot tears stream down my optical organ.
“Who are you talking to” she asked startled
“Nobody” I said.
She wipe my tears with an hankie and hold my hand. I drift into sleep after chatting with her.
I was discharge from the hospital after an additional week. The mess is already cleaned up and all charges were drop against me. I return back to Adetutu’s place; it’s the only place left for me. Her lawyer had informed me she bequeath her property to my care since my adoption. I paid all the workers handsomely and lay them off. I paid the family of the deceased a huge sum of money for their lost. Cecelia was the only friend and family I have left. She has been a companion since my lost. She visit me often and I do the same sedomly. Most time she spend the weekend with me; this boom our friendship or let me call it relationship since I see it that way. I dissociate myself from my formal lifestyle. I want a new life for myself and I’m picturing Cecelia as the perfect woman to spend my new pristine life with.
Cecelia phone me one afternoon informing me she has a surprise for me. When I heard the doorbell, I move downstairs to let her in. She clads in a white top and a short jeans skirt. She hug and kiss me. I don’t know when I reciprocate the kiss. We kissed for minutes before I extricate myself from her grasp. Her lip is soothing. That was the first time I will kiss her, I was afraid to make a move. I was surprised when I didn’t see any package with her.
“Where is the package” I ask frankly.
“Package!? It’s a surprise Dear, no package” She reply grinning.
She held my hand and drag me upstairs. She push the door open and lead me into my bedroom. She engage my lips in a kiss. We kiss romantically. In an instant, we fling our clothe in different direction. We had several round of satisfying sex. We lay on the bed silently facing the ceiling.
“Ayo”. She start
“Yes” I said without facing her
“I have something important to tell you”
“What is it?”
She place her head on my chest “We can’t continue with this” she said contritely.
“This friendship”
On hearing that, my heart ache; I know instantly my plan for her is going down the drain.
“Cecelia. Why? I love you and you know that”
“Yeah AY, I love you too” I already told her my real name. “I have my own boyfriend, he loves me dearly. I want a night stand with you; I don’t know it will end this way. I don’t know it will end where I start having feelings for you. I don’t want to hurt his feelings. I know how it will feel too”
I sighed. I was dumbfounded. “So, this is your big surprise?” I ask angrily
“It is and it isn’t” I push her head gently off my chest.
“I’m sorry Ayo”. I stand up and start wearing my cloth. “Ay, I know this is hard on you but you have to trust me, please”
“I believe you” I reply rashly
“Hope you aren’t angry”
“Why should I?” I said trying to conceal my rage
“Will you drive me home?” she ask with a pleading eye
“Oh my……” I said throwing my hands in the air
“But you said you aren’t angry” she cut me off
“Okay, Okay, I will” I said to avoid further arguement.
Twenty minute later, we are on our way to her place. We were silent all through.
“Please we need to see someone at that hotel” she said pointing to a big tall building breaking the silent between us.
“We!? Why we” I ask quizzically
“Just wait and see” she said smiling.
I was getting impatience with her now. ‘What if she want me to meet her silly boyfriend. Wait am I getting jealous. No, Never. I think I am. I love this girl and I can’t risk losing her’. Various thought race through my mind.
“Make a left turn here” her voice brought me back to actuality.
We drive into the big hotel and I park in the parking lot. We alight from the car and move to the reception. I follow Cecelia behind like a bodyguard. She talk to the receptionist and she beckon on me to follow her. We take the elevator to the third floor. We move out of the elevator and walk through the hallway; she stop in front of the room with number 154 written boldly on the door while I stand at the corner. She knocks on the door. “Who is there, a minute please” I could hear a female voice from the inside. The door open and Cecelia enter. She stretch out her head. “Come on in”. I move gently into the room. I was petrified when I saw the figure standing in front of me; clad in a blue towel is Teni in her appealing beauty. I could see surprise written over her face. I stand transfixed and she stare at me in awe.
“My work is done here” Cecelia said moving out of the room.
I’m short of words, I don’t even know what to say or where to begin and I guess she is also finding it hard to make a sentence. I close the gap between us, moving closer; I hug her. She held me tight and tears stream down her cheek. We disengage and sit on the bed, I wipe her tears.
“Is this really you” I asked marveled
“I thought you were dead” Teni answer back
“Dead!? No I’m alive. Cecelia rescue me”
“She did?”
“Yeah. How do you manage to survive that?”
“Grace, I guess. I was flown abroad for surgery. I suffer much damage in my stomach. Cecelia paid for all the expenses”
“Yeah. She is the daughter of one of the Senator I worked with in the past. I have saved her and her Dad several time”
“What a coincidence”
“It really is”
“When did you arrive”
“Last month”
“Last month, and Cecelia knows about all this; why is she just bringing me to you? Why don’t you contact you when you come back?”
“She told me you were dead”
“That is a lie. I was with her after the whole trauma”
“Maybe it’s her little game of getting us back together” She said smiling.
“Am really happy you are alive” I hug her.
I narrate everything that happen that night to her. Tears tickle down her eye when I told her about Tutu. I draw her close and pat her back gently.
“Everything will be aright Dear, I’m here for you”
“No Dear, everything isn’t alright” she said in tears
“Why? You are back, what else do I need?”
She sighed. “We can’t be together, Ayomide”
“Please spare me that shit” I said angrily “I just heard that from Cecelia not quite long and I think it’s because of you. Finally am here with you to hear the same thing”
“Ayo, try to understand”
“Understand what, you aren’t explaining anything” I said raising my voice
“Then give me a chance to explain” she fires back and I settle down to listen to her.
“I’m sterile”
“Sterile! How?” I exclaim
“I was shot in the stomach that night which cause much damage to my womb. After several operation to fix it which was unsuccessful, I was advice to remove it; so it won’t be a problem to me in the future”
I stare at her in disbelief “Am sorry Dear”. I pull her close to me.
“It’s okay” she said in tears. “You can move on with your life; find someone better for yourself. I’m not fit for you” She withdraw herself from my grasp.
I draw her back into my arm “That won’t stop me from loving you, Theresa, that won’t stop me from spending the rest of my life with you, that won’t stop me from waking up with you by my side every morning, that won’t stop me from playing with you and our kids” she stare into my red bloodshot eyes “I love you and I will always”. I complete my statement with drop of tears.
“But……” I interrupt her with a kiss.
Cecelia was the only family we had; we told her about our small wedding plan. She was so joyous and anxious. She promise to convince her parent to act like ours and volunteer to come with her friends. I was so happy that am finally going to be a husband after my unworthy lifestyle. The fixed day set in rapidly and we make arrangement. The wedding was situated in the garden. I had arranged the chairs the previous day while Cecelia had help with foods and drinks early in the morning. We dress up and wait for the Priest. Cecelia dad and mum was Teni’s parents while her Uncle with protruding belly and her female friend was mine. When the Priest arrive, we all move to the venue expect the Bride who is still inside to take our respective sit. The programme start in earnest with an opening prayer. The Priest call on the Bride, she walks down the alley hand in hand with her Dad with Cecelia behind her holding the train of the wedding gown.
“Is there anyone here who is against the unification of this two individual, please signify or keep your mouth shut forever”.
My heart beat slowly as the Priest ask this question. I laugh mildly when I sight Caleb raising his hand. The oath was taken and we exchange rings; mine was inserted on my middle finger. We seal the vow with a kiss. The chairs were re-arranged and the reception begins immediately. Food and drinks were shared while one of Cecelia Friends take the role of the M.C. He was so humorous that he make our guest laugh out their heart. I sight Caleb coming towards my direction.
‘‘It’s time Ayo, follow me” He whispers into my ear.
“Time for what” I ask but he was already out of sight. I quickly move towards the direction after giving Teni an excuse.
Caleb stand beside a lady, her back was turn against me; I was unable to see her face; I was astound when she turns to face me.
“Fun…mi…!? I exclaim
“Yeah, it’s me” she reply with a smile running into my arm in a hug.
I remember Caleb’s word; ‘her physical self’’. We don’t talk much, I just hug her tightly and we stare into our tears filled eye.
“I’m seeing you for the last time” I finally said
“Yes Ayo and I have to go now. I love and you are always on my mind” She said kissing me.
We were still in that precise position when her body start to dissolve bit by bit. Finally, her whole body disperse into thin air. Caleb wave and fade away too.
“Dear, what is wrong?” I heard Teni’s voice behind me.
“Nothing” I quickly wipe my face to hide my tears.
“I know something is wrong, I need an explanation” you were crying like a baby for goddamn sake” she said
“Caleb finally left” I said sighing
“Sorry to hear about that” She said holing my hand “Am here for you”
Yeah, I know” I said hugging her. I held her hand and we head back to the party. We met Cecelia on the way.
“Where are you two coming from? Can’t you wait till nightfall before you start f—–g around, why are you in a hurry?” She said in a sarcastic tone and we burst into laughter.
Teni throw a punch at her which hit her shoulder before running off. I could hear her saying “silly couple”. The wedding was boisterous. After the reception I express gratitude to Cecelia, her family and her friends for their support and for making the party a success. They later leave for their various destination in the evening while Cecelia and boyfriend stay back. We tidy up the place the following day.
After few months, I convert eighty percent of my cash into supermarket business. I own three branches in which Teni oversee one of the branch. Cecelia was a wonderful part of our life. She always come around to check on us and we are so happy to have her. In one of our family discussion, we talk about the night we met and we all roll in laughter.
“She piss in her panties that night. You won’t believe it, a whole big girl like her” I said mockingly.
“Really? You don’t mean it” Teni ask with sarcasm
“You are very stupid for saying that. Why won’t I piss in my pant when bullets were flying around like insects on invasion” She said hitting me.
Our life continue with joy, love, trust and happiness but one thing was missing. I told Teni about my latest development. She concur since we have no plan B. We proceed to the Mission home with the intention of adopting a baby to ourself. Mr Edward is now a Bishop, he was so happy to see us. He deliberately told us to adopt a twin which was dump by a mother who couldn’t take care of them. He prayed for us and we went home blissfully. We named them Temidayo and Temiloluwa, they are both female. After two years, we enroll them in the Nursery. Teni is found of calling both of them, Temi. Cecelia inform us she wants to travel abroad and continue her life after her wedding. This was her husband wish and she had no choice. I secure visa for the whole family and we accompany her oversea using the opportunity to go on vacation. The kids want us to stay and continue our life over there while their mother isn’t willing to part with her business.
“Dad, I want to stay here. I like it here” Temidayo say
“Yes, I like it here too. It’s really cool” Temiloluwa support her Sister
“You better stop that, you little vermin” Teni scowl at them
“Hey, leave my sweethearts alone. You know you can’t win”
“So? Who is more important between us?” she asked with a stern face
“Both of you”
“So, what is your decision now”
“You guys have to vote”
“Like seriously”
“And I know they will win, so?” I shrug
“You are a cheat” She jump on me and we engage in a romantic fight.
I transfer my residue cash into a foreign account and I open a Supermarket for Teni, she was so happy. I also start work at a manufacturing company. A friend of Cecelia manage my supermarket back in the country; he sends my own share of the money as at when due. We renew our Visa and we decide to spend the rest of our life in Sapphireland.


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