[STORY] s*x with the house help (episode 1-10)

Episode 1
At the sitting room, watching manchester united vs stoke city highlight,because when am supposed to watch the live match, my Madam won’t let me,she always like sending me on an errand anytime she sees am not busy.
Thank God she is out today,at least i can watch the highlight of the match,I was with my madam daughter,she was busy chatting and also smiling.
(Girls sha,dem no go kill peson.).. As i was busy watching the super sports boring advert, suddenly i heard my name from behind…
Sara : Nick!!! can you please, get me my hand bag?
(Chai,wetin i do this people ehh,even peson wey i senior go dey send me around, but i have to. If she dares reports me to her mum,mehn.. I better bury my self,before she lays hands on me )
Me : Ok
I carried my self up and slowly went to get her bag. I gave her the hand bag,then she stood and said to me.

Sara : Nick,, when mum comes back,tell her i went to see a friend. I’ll be back soon.
Me : Alright.. ( For your mind you don open eye,Ode.). Thank God they’ve all left.. Let me just calm my self down.. Body no be firewood nau. I placed my leg on the sitting room table.. Chai,oga sweet oo… I continue watching my football highlight. And suddenly, I heard from the back.
KELVIN!!!!… (Jesu cristi) this girl did not close the door while leaving,and my mind skipped from it… I turned back and it was my Madam.. #AmDead

Don’t mind me, Am Nicholas by name.. But people around me calls me Nick,, My parents have no money to further my education,my dad have to let me go and stay with his late friend wife,she resides in Lagos. Thou, am not the only child,I still have my sister with me,her name is cellindra, but we call her queen… She is intelligent and her joy means a lot to me and my parents.. I traveled all the way from Anambra to Lagos.. So that’s where i met my my madam,her name is. Mrs Onome,but i call her Madam.
I also met sara,sara is mrs onome daughter,very disrespectful and arrogant,anyways that’s there problem. I have a dream,I have to succeed,I have my parent and my kid sister to take look after. Am gonna make it, but how will this happen..?
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I turned back and it was my madam. I was looking at her with my mouth widely opened,without knowing what to say at that moment.. But i can see the anger in her,one thing about Mrs onome is that she never misses slapping me anytime i commit.*she can slap for africa*

Mrs Onome : Oh,Nick.. So this is how you act if am not at. home, or does this sitting room looks like a club to you ehh?

Me : (still thinking how to reply her) Ehrm ehrm….

Mrs Onome : What is Ehrm?? Or you can’t talk again? Do you what me to help you talk?

(I was still there looking at her, I was lost. then she raised her hand to give me the slap of my life #Lol, suddenly we heard a knock at the door *Thank God for that knock* she put down her hand and shouted who is that? It was Tunde. Tunde is our gate keeper,he is also a friend of mine, he always knows when am in hot soup and he will always try to interrupt *thank God I have him around )

Mrs Onome : What is it this time tunde?

Tunde : Madam, peson find you come o,the peson give me this letter make i give you.
*handed over the letter to her, and left. Mrs Onome was trying to open the letter not knowing i was still there.. Then she came back to her senses and said to me.

Mrs onome : Are you still there? C’mon go and get what is in the boot of the car.. Idiot.

(I picked race outside the sitting room,I got outside and i saw tunde waving at me,he was at the security post.I also wave at him,giving him a *thumbs up* I brought out the things she bought and carried them straight to the kitchen. I was about to drop the stuff and i heard my name again, I rushed out to answer my madam )

Me : Ma!

Mrs Onome : Where is sara?

Me : She went out to see a friend,she said she will be back soon.

Mrs Onome : Take this #4000, go and get fuel for the night and be fast about it.

Me : Ok ma * I went to get the fuel gallon at the generator house and i headed towards tunde post. He saw me and was already laughing at me*

Tunde : Chai, O boy, no be small thing oo, na you madam wan tear slap this hot afternoon eh?

Me : No mind dat woman, she too dey like show her self. Especially that one wey dem dey call sara wey no get common respect for elder.

Tunde : who be elder? God save you say i dey around sha, if not, na deaf you for turn, do make you find me 200 make i use am buy alomo jaare.

Me : I never get your time sef *I thanked him for the rescue and move outside the get.

*In my street in Lagos,which is at ikeja , I was well known by some area boys, they’ve got my back anytime i ran into any form of trouble,anytime i got to there point, I’ll drop like #300,I know is too small but i prefer it that way than dropping nothing.. I saw them and they started hailing my name as if am the President,, I drop some cash and one of them carried me with his bike to the filling station where i got fuel of #3000, the rest na my pocket money nau.
The guy also drove me back home,he collected nothing from me sha,I rushed to the generator house and pour all the fuel inside the generator to avoid telling my madam stories that touches, because she will always expect me to show her the fuel before pouring it inside the gen.
I got inside the house,sara was at home already, she was discussing with her mum at the sitting room
*but e no consign me*, I went straight to my room to drop the change inside my bag, *trust me* am good in saving money *winks* as i came out of my room i over heard my madam telling sara she was gonna travel,but still not sure of what i heard,I move to the kitchen to arrange for dinner. I watched the plate and cleaned every corner of the kitchen. Mrs onome can never allow me to cook unless she is not home, sara came to the kitchen and was like)

Sara : Mummy said you should be fast with whatever you are doing here,she needs to cook before it gets late.
Me : have heard you, by the way madam sara, why do you leave without shutting the door? your mum nearly gave me a hot slap.

Sara : *smilled* that deserved you right.. Be fast am hungry
(She left the kitchen.. But can you imagine how ignorant this girl can be at times? I finished what I was doing i called my madam and she came in and start cooking,I was there assisting her with whatever she may need.. We prepared the meal,she served the meal while i cleaned the kitchen again and after when am done, i ate my food there in the kitchen by then my madam and sara was through eaten theirs. I cleared the dinning,I carried tunde food to his post,I came back to the house and watched the plate and went to my room,took my bath and prayed, after praying,i carried my self to the bed and slept off.

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Episode 3

*It was sunset,a bright day the early morning sun flashes into my eyes, it was monday already. i slowly came down from my bed,say my prayers then walk through my bathroom to freshen up.. After freshening up,Then i opened the door. The sound in the sitting room got me thinking who was there this early,It can’t be my madam because am sure she will be dressing for work.
I came out and saw sara watching mtv base,she never saw me as i walk through the kitchen to warm the meal,I make sure the kitchen is clean then i started cleaning the sitting room,sara was still focused watching the TV. Until i get closer to where she was sitting that’s when she knew i was there.

Me : Madam sara,please excuse me i need to dust the chairs
Sara : Have you dust other chairs?

Me : Yes, I’ve dust other chairs..
*she move to the other chair,while i dust the chairs. My madam soon came out from her room,looking nice and the perfume she spray can take peson pikin to other planets. I greeted her but sara didn’t. Even notice her mum in the sitting room and and her mum said to her.
Mrs Onome : Sweetheart.

Sara : (turned around) Oh mum, I never knew you’re here.
Mrs Onome : I know, don’t you have lectures today?

Sara : I do , but I’ll be going by 10am

Mrs Onome : Ok, that’s fine (she brought out money from her hand bag then gave sara #3000 and turned to me) is the car neat?
Me : Yes ma,, but not the one you used yesterday.

Mrs Onome : Get me the key of the toyota camry.

(I got the key and handed it over to her,, she gave me #1000 to buy detergents, she said she was coming back with a visitor and she wants the house neat.. She said bye to us as she walk true the exit door.. Sara on the other hand went straight to her room and after cleaning the house, I got outside the sitting room to meet tunde who is already listening to his morning news.

Me : Good morning tunde

Tunde : Good morning, how far my #200 nau?

Me : I go give you later, see ehn.. Madam talk say she dey come back with visitor today o,, and as i dey see am,the visitor go dey stay with us for this apartment o.

Tunde : (Oluwa jesu) Na yin be say.. Madam wan send you go back to village o

Me : (shocked) shut up there, which kind joke be this one nau, take time o, no talk wetin i go take vex for you o
Tunde : I dey tell you the real thing, shey you see that letter wey i give madam yesterday, I read am.. The later na from madam sister wey dey village,she talk say the sister go arrive lagos today so madam go pick am if she arrive.

Me :(still looking at him) How that one take affect me?

Tunde : Madam be like say she wan travel o, and she no trust you to stay for this house alone with her daughter.. Na girl she wan carry come.

Me : Na lie, if na true then you own job no secure.. You know say madam late husband and my papa na childhood friend. So you no relate to her at all.

Tunde : (off his radio) meaning?

Me : meaning say dem go trowey you for street.

Tunde : (angry) oyah comot for here *Ode oshi*

Me : You dey pursue me? Ok o

* I took the plates he used to eat last night and went back inside thinking of what tunde just told me.

* what if he is telling the truth?

* No, madam would have inform me nau.

* It might be true,because last night she was discussing with her daughter about traveling issues.

* Or may be the visitor is just coming to help out.

* But I see no work in this house o

(I keep on asking my self questions without knowing the answers to them all. I was not happy because I’ve not done what i came here for.. At least madam would have help me get something doing before planning to send me out, Oh Lord what have i done? I was lost in thought. Not knowing sara have been calling my name. She came closer to where i was seating then she tapped me on my shoulder.
Sara : Nicholas, what’s the problem, ve been calling you but you never answered, ok. Is it because of what i said to you yesterday, am truly sorry.

Me (I don’t know what to say but finally i said to her) Am fine sara.
Sara : but why is your mood like this? Please forget anything that is bothering you,I know have not been good to you,but honestly, you are like a brother to me ok.

Me : *surprised* Am fine sara, I was just having a slight headache, but I’ll be fine.

Sara : Ok.. Can you please make tea for me or should i do it my self since you are not ok?

Me : No, don’t worry, I’ll make it myself, thanks

Sara : *smiled* thank you
( She left me there.. I stood up and walk straight to the kitchen to make tea for her, and also wondering how sara changed suddenly.. Hmmm,Nawaa o,,. I carried the tea cup and also brought bread, gave it to her,as she smiled to me again.. I went to my room.. I wasn’t thinking of what tunde told me this time,I just focused on sara suddenly change. The day goes down,I used the detergent that was remaining to clean the house and make sure everything was neat.
I pocket the money my madam gave to me.. Sara on the other hand did not go for lectures she was home through out the day.. I was waiting for my madam and the visitor, I don’t mind leaving the house,but i was never gonna go back to the village. #GOD FORBID
It was 7:30pm already.. I heard tunde opening the gate,finally it was madam,I was looking to see who the visitor was,but she wasn’t so clear to me,because its getting dark, they both came in.. With the visitor carrying her bag.. Nicholas!!! I heard my name, I rushed down stairs, and my madam said to me.

Mrs Onome : where is sara?

Me : she is inside her room..

Mrs Onome : call her for me..

*i went to call sara, she followed me to the sitting room*

Mrs Onome : sweetheart, how are you?

Sara : Am fine mum,and how’s work today?

Mrs Onome : it was fine dear.. Ok guys, meet yvonne. My cousin sister and yvonne meet my daughter sara and my house help, Nicholas.
Sara and Me : welcome yvonne

Yvonne : (to me and sara) Nice meeting to you both.

Mrs Onome : I’ll be going on a business trip tomorrow, Yvonne will be here to assist Nick.. And also be the one to cook while am out, please Nick, I don’t want you to misbehave or start following bad gangs. Take care of the house, and keep them safe, as you can see,you are now the man of the house. I’ll be sending money to sara account for your feedings. And sara please,, always go for lectures just to make mummy proud.

Sara : Ok mum *smiled*

Me : Thank you ma

Mrs Onome : You may go.. Sara ,you and yvonne will share the same room ok?

Sara : Alright.

(We all dismiss,yvonne prepare the meal for that night, I assist her,she is so funny and she doesn’t look like someone whom just came from village,we talked through out the preparation of the meal.. Until it was done.. We served dinner and everybody in the family ate including that werey boy called tunde.. I went to my room, this time. I was happier than ever. Took my bath,say my prayers and slept off.

I Can’t wait to be the man of the house thou.
What do you think?

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Episode 4

(On tuesday morning,I woke up very early. Thou i was feeling too dizzy but i have make the car clean and warm it.. I jumped out of the bed at exactly 4 : 30 am. Because my madam said she was also taking the early morning flight to Berlin,Germany.
I watched my face and rushed out of my room with joy in my face, I went to get the car key to her Honda accord.. Walk through the exit door outside the sitting room, I got to the car garage and drive the car out side the garage and also get some bucket,car liquid soap and little rag.. On the tap and start washing the car with much joy in my face, at exactly 4 : 50 am, I was through getting the car ready, I got inside the sitting room, Yvonne was already up,sweeping the sitting room.

Me : Good morning Yvonne.

Yvonne : Good morning Nick, you are up already.

Me : yes.. I was outside cleaning the car..

Yvonne : Hmmm, Alright..

*mehn, yvonne is a goddess, looking at her face alone is heaven on earth.. Hmmm.. God help me sha, i walked to the kitchen, yvonne ve already cleaned everywhere. She is a good assistant indeed. Not that one that cannot even boil hot water not to talk more of boiling rice.
She *sara* can only sleep all through the,very lazy but am happy she changed sha.
Mrs Onome came out of are room fully prepared,me and yvonne greeted her. She responded and asked of sara,yvonne went to call sara but she was already up and ready. She will be the one to drive her mum to the airport. I took my madam luggages to her car and arranged it inside the boot of the car, I got inside and we all prayed together,after praying,mrs onome hugged the two girls, when it gets to my turn to my greatest surprise she hugged me also.
*first time in history,this house is beginning to make sence*
She walk through the exit door followed by stella and me, she entered the car. Sara also entered,she told yvonne to join them,that i should take care of the house.. They drove through the get, tunde was already there saluting. She stopped,I sighted her giving tunde something but i was sure it is money.. She drove out of the compound completely. Tunde closed the gate and start counting the money. I called is name and he did not respond,I was sure he was still angry because of what i said to him.
I walked straight to his post and we engaged in the following conversation.

Me : Ogbeni tunde, you no hear your name?

Tunde : who be ogbeni? shey u no go carry yourself comot for my domot.

Me : No vex nau,, I just dey joke for that yesterday stuff, I no mean am at all, peson no fit follow u play again.

Tunde : I no want that kind play at all,, where my #200 naira sef?

Me : *laughing,I brought out #500* take am, you too like money.

Tunde : *smiled* ehh ehn, that girl wey madam carry come nah big girl o.. I just dey give am eyes since but she no reason my side at all.

Me : Haaaaa , tunde u don see another work ?

Tunde : Wetin happen?

Me : If u neva see another work,just no near that girl,because madam go sack u with no salary.

Tunde : Taaarh, shey i no be human ni?

Me : Change topic sha.

*We gist for long, I told tunde how sara acted yesterday,how she changed and what madam told me about me not joining bad gang not knowing am the bad gang himself.. We laughed it out.
I was waiting for the girls to come back, I stayed with tunde till 9 : 00 am but they didn’t show up. I was about going in when we heard horn. Tunde rushed to open the gate, I looked clearly and it was yvonne driving..
*i said it,this yvonne is not from the village*
I left tunde at the gate to meet the girls, yvonne packed the car,I opened the boot immediately and brought out every thing they bought.
We got inside, and sara said to me.

Sara : Nick can you imagine yvonne knows the road to the airport? I never directed her while coming back.

Me : *surprised* Na waah o.. Yvonne have you stayed in lagos before.. Because we where told you are from the village o?

Yvonne : (just smiling) well,, have been in lagos while working for a white man. Tho, when i lost my dad,I have to go back to the village where i stayed till i was told to come and join you guys yeah *winks*

Sara : hmmm, how come my mum never told me all this?

Yvonne : must you know everything madam.

*was still looking at her,there something about yvonne am still yet to know.

Yvonne : Nick why looking at like that?

Me : (cleared throat) Nothing, Am still wondering how you got know the street of Lagos,but you’ve cleared us, sorry for your lost tho.

Yvonne : its nothing,am getting over it. So guys what next.

Sara : Nothing, I’ll just have my break fast and go for lectures.

Yvonne : Nick what about you?

Me : after break fast,I’ll wash some clothes then take a nap.

Yvonne : Ok Then,less i forget, we bought fried rice from shoprite, this is yours nick, I’ll with sara in her room,we’ve got some females stuff to look at.

(They both laugh and carried what they bought inside their room, Hmm,female stuff indeed. Yvonne is friendly and the way she speaks, She has this British asset and again the way she look, very beautiful tall lady,the one that i can’t imagine was her *UKWULICIOUS*
I ate my food then brought out my clothes to wash them in a laundry machine,it was 10am when i the two girls came out,sara was already ready for school, sara is pretty but not prettier than yvonne,sara is what we should call big girl,she uses iphone 6 and drives her mum latest range rover sport to school,she schools at unilag.

Sara : Nick am off to school o

Me : Ok, won’t yvonne follow you to school.

Yvonne : Haaa, No o.. I’ve got to rest nau

Me : Oh,yeah.. You have to

Sara : Ok guys am off,take care of the house nick o

*she entered the car,start the engine,she drove out of the compound.. Me and yvonne was left alone in the building,she helped me out with the clothes am washing and after spraying the clothes, we entered inside to have so gist.

Yvonne : So nick, tell me about yourself

Nick : Not now o..

Yvonne : Why?? Are you shy

Me : (smiles) Hmm,No am not.. I just have something to do and its bothering me. But I’ll solve it.

Yvonne : what’s bothering you, just tell me. I might be of help you know.

Me : *surprised* Haaa .. Don’t bother yourself jaare

Yvonne : just tell me about your self joor

(She insisted,so i told yvonne everything about me,how i dropped school,and how have not spoke with my family for years,I only spoke with my family once and that was when i came to lagos,and that was with my madam phone.
My madam will always give me the excuses that she lost her line,but i wrote the number in a piece of paper when my madam mistakenly drop her. Phone at the sitting room and went inside, I was fast to copy the number out,before she came to take her phone, but the last digit is missing,since then have not called my parent,I told her every thing,she pitied me,and ask me why my madam refused me to speak with my parent,I told her may she was scared to i was gonna report to my dad how she treats me.
She told me not to worry, she told me to wait that she will be with me shortly.
She went inside and she came out holding a shopping bag.. She hand it over to me.

Me : what is this yvonne?

Yvonne : Open it dear

Me : (I removed the parcel and it was something unbelievable, An iphone 6 new one..) No yvonne,where did you get this because i can’t take it,where did you get the money to get an iphone 6 for christ sake?

Yvonne : it was the white man that gave it to me,he used it as a present to console me when i lost my dad.
But i don’t need it, so please take it.

Me (surprised and don’t know what to say) please i can’t take this, am not buying this story.

Yvonne : Ohh! You think i stole it right. (With anger) give it to me,I thought i was helping

*she collected it from and put it back in the carton,while i was still looking at her.

Should i collect it?? Confused!

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Episode 5

*I was still looking at her,,after packaging the iphone inside the shopping bag,she kept quite. she expect me to say something,to break the silent between us. I have to say something.

Me : Yvonne, please don’t take think am rejecting something from you,, I barely know and you just came yesterday.. At least, I have to know you more. So am sorry.

Yvonne : No ,Nick you don’t have to be sorry ok., I get it all, Am fine
(She stood up and left me at the sitting room)

Me : (I called her back) Yvonne… Yvonne… (She never answered me)

(Hmmm,what is even wrong with this one sef? I slept off in the sitting room,until it was 2 : 00pm when some tapped me, I looked up, and it was sara.

Sara : Wake up jaaree,, you can sleep ehhn

Me : (to my self*,me and you who sabi sleep) Oh you are back. Mehn don’t mind me o.. I was tired.

Sara : Whatever, where is yvonne..?

Me : She is inside the room.

(She went straight inside her room,she got there and i can hear whatever they say, they were both laughing loudly.. Sara was telling yvonne about a guy she met in school.. And how the guy invited her for dinner today, she also ask yvonne to join her,, yvonne said nothing,but the way they were both laughing signify yvonne accepted to go out with (she) sara.
I just move straight to my room,I don’t want to listen to that kind of rubbish gist. Sara is known for going to parties especially now that her mum is out. Now she wants to initiate yvonne #Rubbish. I slept off again,when i wake up again it was already 5pm.. *Chai, I screamed.. I was supposed to go and play street football.. I rushed to my bag drag out my jersey with full speed,take my football boot.. Walked straight outside my room and i saw sara and yvonne watching movie in the sitting room.

Me : Hi girls, am off to the pitch o

Sara : Ok.. But in case you did not meet us at home when you’re back,we’re going out to see a friend.

Me : *Friend indeed* No wohala, bye guys.

*sara replied but yvonne ignored,who cares?*

(I rushed out of the exit door, I got to the gate and saw tunde playing card with his friend but i was in a hurry.

Tunde : Haaaa Nick,, come join us make i finish unah

Me : (still running out) I no get your time o

(When i got there,I met my street friends,we formed our group,and we played till it was 7pm,I took bike home because am sure the two girl are out already.. I got home, i saw tunde fetching water.

Me : Haaaa,babatunde, how far nau?

Tunde : I dey o,but were your wives dem go this evening,if you see as dem dress eeh.. Where dem even talk say dem dey go?

Me : dem tell me say dem wan go see friends,but na lie o.. Na one guy wey sara jam dem go see sha

Tunde : Hmmm.. Na there matter sha.

Me : Ok o.. Make i go freshen up

(I left tunde.. I walked inside to take my bath,and was expecting sara and yvonne should be back before 9pm. After bathing,I cooked rice and stew. Served tunde,then clean the kitchen and ate mine.. I was still thinking of what’s gotten over yvonne,its it because i refused collecting her phone ehh? (Hissed)
It’s 10pm already,I waited for the two girls to come back but they never showed up,(this time,I got worried) where the hell did this girl went to all in the name of meeting a friend? I never got the answer to that. I watched movie till it was 11:30pm.
(now this girls are getting on my nerves) this time i was gonna shout on them if they are truly gonna come back this night, I stayed awake till i heard the sound of the gate,I think it should be them this time,they drove in and i checked the time and it was exactly 12am.
I was provoked,they packed the car and came out of it,I waited till they got inside the house.

Me : *Angry* where the hell are you girls coming from?

Sara : it’s that just a question?

Me : *still angry* Answer me or I’ll…..

Yvonne : *shut me up* Or what huh? Listen and listen good Nick,you have no right over us,where we go to or what we do ok. The next time you try asking us this kind of question you will be sorry for your self. Sara let’s go in.
(They both walked inside there room)
I stood there not uttering any words with my mouth wide open.. I keep on imagining,yvonne for that matter. I was silent till i managed to lock the sitting room door and went to bed straight.

This time my day went bad.. Omg!! What is all this?

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No so u cause am 4 ur self, dat one na small, dat is really cming fort

October 18, 2016 at 7:03 pm#866535REPLY
Episode 6

Over that week, it was something else.. Yvonne and sara was always together,they barely talk to me,they made it hell for, is either they go out and come back home late,it was their daily routine.
I have to stay cool and behave myself, this time it was always me and tunde,we were always together than before. I completely forgot about sara and yvonne,the worst of it,sara would bring a guy home,sometimes they sleep over the night,until one day i decide to leave the house for good.
I have my dreams with me, one morning i intend to let tunde know what i was planning,I met tunde outside doing exercise.

Me : Tunde,how far nau?

Tunde : I dey o, wetin dey happen?

Me : Babatunde, I wan comot this house o.

Tunde : *Stoped what he was doing* wetin you just talk?

Me :I talk say i wan leave this house.

Tunde : you no serious sha.. Abi u wan develop madness gan?

Me : I dey tell you the real thing my guy, with this rubbish wey dey go on ehn,I no fit stay here, and you know say if i stay here,, I no go succeed for life.

Tunde : Ehn, na true u talk so o, but where u wan stay survive,abi u get money with you?

Me : I don save up to 80k sha.. I go use am rent even if na one room apartment.

Tunde : *mouth opened* OLUWA.. O’boy u be king o.. Your head dey there my brother,but if you comot so ehn. I no go fit stay o.

Me : why?? Stay make you manage this girls nau.

Tunde : thunder fire you there, abi i tell you say i need girls.

Me : Hmmm.. When you dey eye yvonne nko?

Tunde : that was then nau

Me : wetin be your own plan?

Tunde : (cleared throat) I get plan sha, make we put money together rent house nau.. I also get one guy wey wan do him bus hire purchase.. The guy say make i bring peson wey sabi drive. Say the peson go dey balance am 30k in a week. If the 30k don complete 700k,the peson go carry the bus.

Me : bros tunde.. I gree make we rent house togethe,but this bus own no go work o

Tunde : money dey am o,we go fit save from there o,but if u no gree.. No wohala.

Me : *i think of it for a while* tunde u dey sure say this thing go work,because i no wan go enter gbese o.

Tunde : e go make sense,make we just try am first.

Me : Ok o,but how much we wan take rent the house?

Tunde : we go rent a room self contain for iyana – ipaja side for 200k or 250k

Me : *looking at tunde* Where you wan get that kind money from?

Tunde : No worry your spirit my guy,I go surprise you

Me : Alright, if you say so.

(Tunde and I both agreed to rent the house)
the next day, tunde left the house,he went to the bank to get the money he promised. While i watched over the gate,within one hour he was back,he showed me 150k,I counted it and it was a wow to me.
Tunde and I was smiling at each other,he told me he borrowed 50k from his brother,but the 100k was for him,I went to get mine.. I gave him 85k, I handed all the money over to him, I told him to look for the house in one week,which he promised me to do so.. tunde left in search of the house,but through out that week tunde never returned.
Hope it’s not what am thinking?? I waited till the upper day he never showed up i was now week and was asking my self questions.

* Is tunde ok?

*have he been attacked my arm robbers

*or may he’s run away with my money

*i trusted tunde o

* Why will he choose to treat me like this?

Oh God help me

The week was hell to me,sara and yvonne choose to do anything they like and treat me as if am nothing, tunde on the other hand have runaway with my money..
I don’t even know if he is alive.
One morning i woke up very weak and sick, I can hear someone shouting in the sitting room,but I don’t know who it was.. Until the voice was coming closer.. It was yvonne, she was shouting approaching towards my room With sara. She pushed my door.

Yvonne : *with anger* Nick where is my money?

Me : *surprised* what money?

Yvonne : the one i kept under the rug in the sitting room,because you always clean the sitting room

Me : (stood up from my bed) I’m not with your money,go and look for it or have ask the guys that slept over here yesterday?

As i was about stepping one foot out,yvonne dragged my hand to my greatest surprise she slapped me and told me “WE SHALL SEE”
I couldn’t say anything that moment,it was only tears i noticed rolling down my eyes.
Oh Lord why is my life like this,I cried it out and then decide to leave the house with immediate effect,I don’t know where i was gonna go but i believe something great out there is waiting for me.

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Episode 7

(I packed all of my belongings,when i was packing i saw 10k inside my bag.. Hmm,I never knew i have this kind of money o,I took my bath,dress my self,spray my perfume.. Wow,Nick was looking good,someone would even think i know where i was going.. When i was ready to move i said my prayers. Look at my room once more and said to it.
“Dear room, am really gonna miss you” *Breath in* and walk out of my room with my traveling bag.
As i got to the sitting room,yvonne and sara were busy chatting with there so-called maga, sara noticedme,she saw me with my bags.

Sara : Nick,where are you going to?

(Yvonne looked back,but i kept my head straight)
Answer me nick please.

Yvonne : Nick what’s the meaning of this? You going insane or what? (she rushed to drag my bag from me)

Me : (Angrily) Don’t you dare touch me.. *To both of them) you girls think you can run my life, I stayed here for so many years without seeing my families,,but instead of making me feel relaxed,you made me see hell,now am leaving you girls for good.. Yvonne you slapped me just because of something i know nothing about,Hmmm, interesting.. Clap for your self.
*this time both of them start crying,but i was not moved* stay and enjoy your self’s,your tears won’t move me,you don’t need me here.

Yvonne :*crying* Nick am truly sorry,please don’t go yet. Please stay with us.

Sara : *crying* let him go.. He’s mind is already made up.. Nick but forgive us.. At least just wait till mum is back.

Me : Call her,tell inform her am out.

(I dragged my bag and rushed out of the sitting room with yvonne crying and following me,sara was standing looking at me,but yvonne followed till i got in front of the gate.. Do you noticed this girls never noticed the absent of tunde? Yvonne was still begging me,passerby was looking at us,I was pushed to go back but i can’t. I was still there thinking of where to start from. While she ran back inside,she came back with the Iphone 6 pack and gave it to,she was begging.

Yvonne : Please don’t go Nick,I promise to make it up to you,I don’t know what came over me.. I was not happy since the day you reject my present to you.. I feel rejected once again after my ex rejected me.. I am so sorry,take this phone from me.

Me : *i pitied her and collect the phone from her* Its ok,but i have to go.. I can’t make it here.

Yvonne : I understand dear, *she hugged me and whisper into my ear* I LOVE YOU NICK

(I was surprise yvonne could ever love me,hmmm, I said ok to her. And she told me she insert sim card inside the phone,she also gave 30k,I was wondering were this girl got all this money from,but I never care to ask.. I on the phone and thank her.. She promised to give me a call,she walked back to the gate and wave to me. I moved and was thinking were to start from.. I was still walking when i heard the horn of a bus coming,I stopped,as i look inside, it was tunde.

Tunde : Hey!!! My guy… Chai.. Kilode nau,wetin happen?

*i was looking at him not knowing if to start punching him or ignore him.. He was so annoying this time,,he was trying to know where i was going to at this point of time.*
My guy answer me nau.

Me : Tunde what happen to you? You left me here and i saw hell..

Tunde : Nicholas No be so o,enter motor,I go gist you but first make we go our new house.

*he carried my bag inside the bus and i entered in front,he drove and he starts telling me our he suffered to look for the house,how he furnished it,how he nearly got rob and that’s what keep him over the weeks he spend, he said the guy gave him the bus today that’s why he intend to come back and he is sorry. I told him my own part of the story, how even slapped me and while i was leaving she cried till are eyes was ready to pull off. She also told gave me an iphone 6 with 30k and told me she love me.
Tunde laughed as he drives,I was cool once again, I am out of my madam house.

I now have my home,an i phone 6 the most of it all yvonne says he love me, so this girl was acting out of jealousy or rejection.
She never act as if she loves me tho,I never saw that coming I swear.
Tunde drives for Hours because of lagos holdup.. Until we finally got to our destination, I came down from the car. The house was on a busy street.. It has shops in front of it,beer parlor and barbing salon.. The area is not bad,a guy came out of the compound and coming towards us.

Tunde : Hey,Kelvin how you dey nau * they both chop knuckle*

Kelvin : Am cool man, who is this dude right here

*it’s this guy referring to me*

Tunde : This is Nick my brother from different mother,nick this is kelvin our landlord son

Kelvin : Whatsap Niggur?

*Oh now,i see this guy is sick*

Me : *i managed to smile and check him * Am good kelvin, thank you

Tunde have make friends so soon,I carried my bag as we walked inside the compound, we all laugh to the boring story kelvin was telling us.
Hmm the compound ain’t bad
tho,kelvin later leave us as he was through speaking like what i don’t know,tunde opened the door and behold,he painted the room,it was big.
Both the bathroom and the kitchen is excellent,I never knew tunde likes good thing,he bought flat screen tv,video games and one big cool bed.

Mehn i love it.. Tunde is a friend indeed.. Thanks for having him around,, tunde prepared noodles,we ate together until my phone rings.

It was YVONNE.

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Episode 8

(I was with tunde in the room,untill my phone rings,I looked at the screen of my phone,she have even stalled her number,so fast?, I picked her call.

Me : Hello

Yvonne : Yes dear,how are you?

Me : Am good,you?

Yvonne : Am not fine,you just left us like that and you never told us tunde is out already.

Me : Am sorry but you never asked me tho.

Yvonne : Anyway we’ve replaced tunde with someone else,we also called sara mum.

Me : Hmmm,When is she coming back and hope you told her am out already?

Yvonne : Yeah,we did.. But she said nothing. She only told us she will be back next week.

Me : Ok.. How is sara?

Yvonne : she is sleeping,Nick please am so sorry.. Where are you right now, am worried o.

Me : Am fine here.

Yvonne : Can you give me your home address?

Me : Not yet,I just came here.. Maybe later.

Yvonne : Ok, Hope you have a bank account,or go and open one,when you are done.. send me your account number,ok?

Me : No problem… Thank you yvonne

Yvonne : Don’t tell me sorry dear,am sorry for pushing you so hard.. Am regretting it right now. I just have to see you.

Me : You will, first thing tomorrow,I’ll open a bank account. Meanwhile i need to rest.

Yvonne : Alright dear,I’ll call you back later then. Bye

Me : Ok,bye

*I dropped the call*

Tunde : That girl really sorry o

Me : Na her business be that sha.

Tunde : She wan send you money shey?

Me : Ehn.. She say make i open account o,but i no know where that girl dey see money,imagine girl wey dash peson iphone 6.

Tunde : O’boy no miss this fresh meat o.. She like you scarra,, hold am tight o.. Maybe she get peson wey she dey shop sha.. But na you she dey fall for.

Me : Peson wey i no even know her background.

Tunde : Carry am go one bar nau,from there ask am about her background,no fall my hand guy o, we get work to do tomorrow sha.

Me : Hmmmm.. No wohala sha

(We engaged ourselves in different conversation. until we got tired,I slept off.. Around 5pm i was up.. I saw five missed calls from yvonne, *This girl self,I taya for you o* I stood up,tunde was already out of the room, I went straight to the bathroom,I took my bath and wore my long white polo.. I was fresh than ever.
I walked outside the room.. I saw tunde talking with kelvin and a girl was also with them,Kelvin sighted me and wave at me,Tunde called me to join them,I got downstairs to meet them. I greeted them.. And sat behind tunde, kelvin introduced me to the girl.

Kelvin : Nick this is Natasha,Natasha is a friend of mine,Natasha meet Nick,our new guy in the building

Natasha : welcome Nick.. Nice meeting you

Me : (smiled) Me too.. We both shake hands,So guys what’s happening here guys.. Let’s have something on the table.

We all walked outside our building,move to the beer parlor where we got a sit and a round table.. They served us beers,while Natasha requested for chicken pepper soup.. We all gist,laugh.. we had fun.. Through out my stay with them,I noticed natasha looking at me me and smiling.. “She is not serious” I spent like 15k,, *Abeg make una no chop me o,I gats to enjoy myself,at least am no more in bondage*
Natasha took my phone from the table while i was talking with kelvin and tunde,After little while my phone rang,natasha gave the phone to,it was yvonne again.. I picked,she told me she wants to check on me. We talk for a long while,Natasha was still looking at me.. After dropping the call,we stayed outside till it was 10pm,I told them i was going in,they told me they will be in later, I got inside and immediately someone knocked on the door,without knowing who it was, Come in.
The person came in an it was Natasha.

Me : *shocked* Natasha,what are you doing here?

Natasha : Are surprise seeing me in your room uninvited?

Me : No, at least,you should be with kelvin out there.

Natasha : Are you gonna welcome me in and stop acting like a kid.

*Kid kwa?,you still dey lean sha*

Me : Come in sha (she came in) so what did you tell kelvin?

Natasha : Hmmm, I only told i wanna come and pee., but what is with you and kelvin? Or you think am dating kelvin.. The last time i checked,he told you i was his friend.

Me : I never asked if he was dating you

Natasha : Anyways, I’ll be inviting you on a friend’s birthday party this coming sunday and it’s gonna be fun,hope you will come?

Me : I don’t think so,I’ll busy for the week

Natasha : I won’t take that for an answer, am sure you will come tho,the party will start by 5pm, I have your number already tho. Good night dear
*she left while i opened my mouth wide,this natasha must be a crook o,so it was my number she collect while she was with my phone?
I played video games that night till i got a msg from yvonne.. I read
“Hello dear,please i need to see you very urgent this coming saturday by 5pm,please don’t say no.. I’ll text you the venue soon, thanks.. Sweet dreams

Me : *To my self* what does this girls wants from me self,natasha invites me for a party,yvonne said she wants to meet me very urgent,, nah dem sabi sha.

I dropped my phone and slept off.. The drink was having effect on me tho

*Yvonne and natasha wants to meet me on the same date and time,which one will i accept?

*Anyway, work starts tomorrow.. Till then

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Episode 9 & 10

(The next day was thursday,tunde woke up so early while i was sleeping,he washed the bus and make sure it was perfectly clean.. You guys never asked me the name of our bus? Its not fair o. Anyways, its
“TOYOTA HIACE” that type of GOD is GOOD nau #Lolzz
When he was done,he woke me up..

Me : Good morning bros.

Tunde : Good morning Oga mi, e be like say na only me go dey do play this parol o.

Me : (Rubbed my face) which parol?

Tunde : The transportation stuff nau, I no wan stress you.. As you dey so ehh,no be this kind work fit you

Me (looking at him) wetin you dey talk sef? You think say i come lagos to do fine boy ehh.. See bros,I no finish school but i sabi book.. I wan make money o

Tunde : Ok,make i start am this week,if the work dey some how i go let you know as e dey go.

Me : So make i dey house till monday?

Tunde : yes nau.. We go start fully on monday,I wan follow one of my friend wey dey do the same transport business,make him teach me road to some states.

Me : (Reasoned for a while) Na true o.. And you know say yvonne say make i open account.

Tunde : Go open am shap shap.. No for your hand for where yvonne dey o.

Me : Tunde, Natasha enter our room yesterday o

Tunde : Wetin she come find?

Me :Na me o, She tell me say she wan invite me for one kind party.

Tunde : I notice am o,, the way she dey look you yesterday sef.. But wetin be your reply?

Me : I tell am say i go dey busy,but she don corner my number before then

Tunde : I go advice you sha.. I no know natasha well o,but her way no pure.. With the kind guys wey she dey follow ehh.. Bros forget that girl.. I don dey go o

*He stood up and leave the room*

Meself no carry natasha for budget qan.. I slept back.
It was my phone that woke me up this time,I looked at the screen it was a strange number.. Who be this one? I said to myself. I picked

Me : Hello

Caller : Hello boo? How are you this morning?
*who is this one’s boo?*

Me : who are you please?

Caller : Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten this voice?

Me : Hmmm.. Natasha

Caller : (laugh) God saved you tho

Me : What is it this morning?

Natasha : I just called to check on you,and to remind you of what we discussed yesterday night.

Me : I told you I’ll be busy

Natasha : (laughs again) I’ll come and pick you up myself tho. this is my number,save it.. Bye sweet
*hang up*

*see this girl o*

(What does she want from me? I’ll save the number and when she calls again,I won’t pick. Since she wants to play a fast one one me. I checked the time and it was already 9 : 30am “Chinekeh mu ehh” I screamed on top of my voice. See as time dey rush.
I got down from the bed,brushed my teeth and bath. I got dressed, I offed all electric appliances and zoom off
I saw kelvin outside the building talking with a different girl this time, *the guy too dey change girls like cloth* I walked through were he was,

Me : Good day kelvin

Kelvin : Good day my Gee? Thought you went out with tunde this morning?

Me : Not really,something came up. Please i want to know where i get banks around this base.

Kelvin : (pointing at one nearby junction) get to that junction.. Tell the bike man you are going to diamond bank,pay him 50box. Its not too far from here.

Me : Alright,See you later *I bounced*

I stopped a bike and told him,I was going to diamond bike,he carried me there,the bank is not even far from my street.
I got to the bank,entered inside, got a form,which i filled immediately. I went to summit the form as the securities directed.
But there was so much Queue,someone tapped me at my back and said “please sir am at your back” wetin concern me. It was just ten personnel before me. I was still there when i got a call from yvonne.

Me : Hello yvonne

Yvonne : Hello Dear, How are you?

Me : Am fine,you?

Yvonne : Am Good.. Hope you received my text?

Me : Yeah,but why this sunday

Yvonne : that’s when I’ll be chanced,please also try and open the bank account

Me : Am at the bank right now

Yvonne : Ok do so, Sara mum called,she said she will be coming back tomorrow.

Me : Hmmm,Ok o

Yvonne : Or are you not happy she’s coming back.

Me : Why won’t i be happy,am there no more,anyway.. I’ll call you back when am through.

Yvonne : Ok darling

*Dealing ko,Drilling nii*

Me : Bye (hang the call)

(It is almost my turn,until it got to my turn where i did everything,gave them my passport,valid ID card,paid in #4000.. I was told to go home,They told me they will send me my account number as soon as it’s activated.. I walked out of the bank,but this time i trekked back home, I got home around 11 : 12am,opened the door and fell on the bed,called yvonne,but she wasn’t picking. Someone knocked at the door..

Me : Yes come in

It was NATASHA.. What does she want??


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Episode 10

(Natasha came in,she was looking sexy,,Hmmm what is all this? I told tunde let me follow him o,She was just smiling and i gave her the face of

Me : Natasha what is it this time? Don’t you have something doing?

Natasha : (still smiling) yeah, and that’s why i came to see you.. Why are you always acting like a novice when you see me?

Me : what do you mean?

Natasha : (coming closer to me) You know what i mean dear.. She slept beside me and starts rubbing my stomach.
I wasn’t feeling comfortable this time.. I was trying to resist her but it’s not easy. At last,I got my self.

Me : Natasha please stop.. I just met you yesterday and you’re doing this.

Natasha : Nick,that yesterday have taking over me,, am fallen already.
This time she start kissing me,not giving me a breathing space,I tried to push her out but she won’t let go.
“She is a witch i think” trust me my D**k was growing hard this time, I start pressing her B**bs,she was moaning so hard.. She pulled my trouser down and start robing my D**k. Who will save me from this..?
Suddenly my phone starts ringing.. Then i recovered.
I pushed natasha with great force,grabbed my phone and picked it. It was yvonne tho.
(Breathing fast while natasha was looking at me)

Me : (still breathing) Hello,Thank you yvonne.

*trust me,I don’t know when it came out from my mouth*

Yvonne : What is wrong with you nick? Why thanking me? Are you ok?

Me : Ehrm!! Yeah,am ok

Yvonne : No you are not,, why breathing so fast?

Me : it’s noting, I was dreaming, one mad woman was chasing me in my dream.. So, your call just wake me up. That’s why i was thanking you.

Yvonne : Hmmm.. When did you leave the bank and you’re sleeping already?

Me : When i came back i tried calling back but you didn’t pick.. And i was also tired,so i slept off

Yvonne : Ok.. I was eating then,so this mad woman that was chasing you in your dream, who is she?

Me : (see question o) I don’t know her

Yvonne : Sorry tho.. Have you opened the account?

Me : Yes,they’ve not sent the account number to me.

Yvonne : Ok,send it to me when you receive it,meanwhile.. I have to go, takia. *she hang up*

Natasha was still there.. I turned to her

Me : Are you still here?

Natasha : Yes and Who is she?

Me : She is my wife.

Natasha : Your wife??

Me : (Angrily) Yes and it’s better you stay away from me, Ok??

Her face changed, She came closer to me
Natasha : so you are married?

Me : Yes i am.. So go and do the same

She lift her hand to slap me,but i hold her and I just managed to say.

Me : Get out of this room

Natasha : (smiled) We shall see.

*She walked out of my room*

(Deep breath.. What have come over natasha? I asked my self.. Well thank God she knows am married #LoL. Tunde cursed this o,assuming i followed him all this won’t have happen.
I was so exhausted,I need to eat something,I cooked spaghetti,after eating,I slept off, I woke up around 6pm. Tunde wasn’t back yet. I took my bath and strolled outside where i sat down waiting for tunde to come back. He didn’t and there was no light. I waited for tunde for so long,yvonne called me and she reminds me of our meetings which she said it was very urgent. Tunde came back after a while.. We shake ourself,we both walked inside the room, he told me how he went and how he join the transportation park union,, that he leaned a lot.
I told he how my dey went and how natasha tried to seduced me.

Tunde : Guy you no mean am?

Me : Na true o

Tunde : (laughing) Oh boy,you don enter gobe.. Hope say you no enter am sha

Me : Nearly o, if no be yvonne wey call,I no no wetin for happen o

Tunde : Chai.. That girl na witch o

Me : Witch better pass am

(We both laugh,we ate the remaining spaghetti, I slept of immediately..
Day passed,it was not easy,natasha have not been calling ever since i told her am married. Saturday went cool,tunde went to work and made up to 40,000N, everything went well. Yvonne and i was always on call. She never missed reminding me of the sunday meeting.. Well” that was how my day went for saturday.

Tomorrow i have to know what yvonne have to tell me that is so urgent.

To be continued…..

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