[STORY] s”x with our pastor (episode 1-7)

“Now tell me how I’m still alive Markian” Elizabeth said to her husband grabbing the cup of coffee her daughter had placed for her on the kitchen counter.
“That’s because you have me sweetie.” Markian smiled making his wife scoff.
“You barely do anything!” Elizabeth rolled her eyes.
“And so do you mom! You always complain about us killing you everyday, but we’re clearly old enough to take care of ourselves” Joan the eldest daughter added staring at her mom.
“Old enough to take care of yourselves? You’re just twenty two!” Elizabeth rolled her eyes.
“Yes and that’s not a child’s play age. If it makes you feel any better, I can move out!” Joan shrugged.
“That would be perfect” Her mother shrugged.
“Elizabeth? Perfect? No way what do you mean perfect, you’re not moving out or going anywhere Joan!” Markian stated making his way towards his wife. His height towering her.
“Come on, don’t be like this Elizabeth!” Markian sighed.
“You know…” Elizabeth started dropping her coffee and turning to her husband to adjust his tie. “when I married you, I thought we’d just have three kids and live happily and every second of my life I won’t have to yell”.
“But then God loved you so much and blessed you with seven kids, now isn’t that wonderful.” Markian smiled causing his wife to tug the tie around his neck causing him to gag.
“Seriously mom, you could have stopped getting pregnant when you had us, just three beautiful triplets, but no, you had to go on and on then ended up with Archie, and then ava and Anna and then Tommy! How could you not yell every second of the day.” Joan seethe and her mother lunge at her.
“Oh be quiet! When I had you, Leslie and Connie, I was happy having triplets, but then watching the three of you grow, I wanted to have more kids, you guys weren’t the best set of triplets, you were all monsters crying every night when your father and I tried to sleep, and you guys didn’t look anything alike, what’s the fun in having triplets when they’re going to be fraternal, two of them are two annoying girls and one of them is a boy who’s trying to crash my house with girls” Elizabeth complained making her husband chuckle.
“But then you would have had just three children!” Joan shook her head at her mother, walking away from the dishes she was washing to grab more dirty dishes under the sink.
“I wish I had just one, Tommy is enough for me!” Elizabeth sighed.
“You can’t just start picking favourite Elizabeth, we love all our kids.” Markian stated.
“How come I don’t” Elizabeth snarled. “Tommy’s a sweetheart but Archie isn’t, his head is filled with girls just like his older brother Connie, and then those twins, Ava and Anna, I don’t even know how to start with those girls.” Elizabeth sighed tiredly.
“Now now Elizabeth, having kids is a blessing!” Markian said handing his wife back her coffee.
“That’s because you’re not home everyday to witness what’s happening” Elizabeth shook her head.
“It’s okay… And you’ll be able to rest soon, Leslie and Connie will be going back to college soon right? And ava and Ana will hopefully get into that boarding School.” Markian stated kissing his wife forehead.
“And I’ll be left alone with miss know it all, Archie and Tommy!” Elizabeth smiled.
“It’s Joan, I have a name and I don’t know it all!” Joan hissed.
“Anyways, I’ll be leaving now” Markian announced grabbing his car keys and briefcase.
“Okay then drive safely hon..” Elizabeth added taking a sip from her coffee.
“I will, take care Joan” Markian Said to his daughter before walking out of the kitchen and out of the house.
Elizabeth sighed and rested her elbows at the edge of the counter. She turned to her daughter.
“Do you think Anna and Ava will be able to get into that school?” Elizabeth asked.
“What school?” Joan asked, lackaidical.
“The boarding school we’ve been talking about for years, do you live in this house?” Elizabeth sighed.
“Ohh… And I do live in this house They took the school exams last week, the results are coming out today right?” Joan shrugged.
“Yeah, I hope they both pass, they both have to attend that school.” Elizabeth stated giving Joan her empty cup.
Joan laughed. “Why do you want them to go to that school so badly mom”
“One, because I won’t see any series of twin violence in my house and they’ll be living off of the school’s scholarship for three terms, so that’s like saving money and saving your voice, so technically I’m killing two juicy birds with one stone.” Elizabeth said standing straight and stretching.
“Well just hope they get in, Ava have like ninety percent chance of passing that exam, but Anna… I don’t know” Joan shook her head.
“Well I don’t care, if she doesn’t pass your dad and I will just force her in with the school system and pay for the whole term” Elizabeth concluded and her daughter shrugged turning the faucet and stopping the water from gushing out.
“Well it’s your fault for having the twin gene kind of thing mom, I heard your mom had quadruplets” Joan laughed.
“It’s not funny, and guess what we might pass that gene to you too, your first child, might be six children.” Elizabeth seethe.
“I doubt it” Joan scoffed. “Anyways mom, I’m off” she stated grabbing her bag from the counter.
“I thought you said you’re not going to work today.” Elizabeth sighed.
“I was lying.” Joan laughed walking out of the kitchen while her mother trailed behind her.
“Look don’t overwork yourself okay, you still have college to attend in two months time.”
“I know that mom… Anyways goodbye,” Joan said and walked out of the house while her mother watched her.
After Joan has disappeared into the streets, Elizabeth shut the door and walked into the house.
Joan was the same age as her triplets but then she acted way more mature than the remaining two.
Finally Elizabeth had the whole house to herself, no kids, no trouble, no yelling!
She plopped down on the couch and starts to watch some family sitcoms, the sound of the television warming up the whole house, the air condition keeping the house at its cool, Elizabeth found herself dozing off and then finally fell asleep on the couch.
“Mom!!!! We’re home!!!!” The happy voice of a twelve year old boy woke Elizabeth from her deep slumber and she let’s out a grumble when her twelve year old son Tommy appeared in front of her.
He seemed short for his age and his feminine beauty made him outstandingly handsome.
“Hey there little buddy, how was school?” Elizabeth asked ruffling his hair.
“School’s the same” Tommy shrugged.
Elizabeth laughed. “where are your sisters?”
Just as Elizabeth asked the two girls walked into the living room, their resemblance and beauty litting up the whole room. They both had brown hair at the same length, brown eyes and were both tall, but one seemed to be a little bit taller than the other one.
“Good day mom!” they both said at the same time and gave each other a quick glance.
“Ava… Anna” Elizabeth gave a bitter smile.
‘They both look so innocent and pretty when they’re tired but I know how stubborn my girls can be’ Elizabeth thought as she stood up from the couch.
“So…” Elizabeth started. “I want to hear good news… Did you guys get your results today?”
“Yeah, we both passed!” Ava replied taking off her backpack.
“Oh my God, I’m so proud of you both.” Elizabeth squealed.
“It’s just one stupid school, I wish I never passed, I hate boarding schools and it’s an all girls catholic school to be precise, who gets excited over things like this!” Ana groaned rolling her eyes.
“Boarding schools are the best what are you talking about” Elizabeth gasped..
“Mom, you forced us to take this test, you’re just looking for a way to move us out of the house!” Anna rolled her eyes.
“Shut up Anna!” her mother snarled.
“Anyways you’ll both be leaving on monday” she added
“Monday!” Ava gasped.
“That’s too early, it’s just Friday and our birthday is in two weeks, I don’t want to have to celebrate my birthday in a boarding school!” Anna yelled.
“Well we can celebrate it over the phone, it’s no big deal.” Elizabeth shrugged.
“Seriously mom!” Ava added angrily.
“We’ll send loads of gifts for you guys. I promise” Elizabeth grinned.
“Mom. Dad has loads of money right, we can just ditch this school and go to a normal day school.” Ava stated posing and placing her hand on her hip.
“Well it’s been decided already, boarding school it is” Elizabeth shrugged.
“I hate this, when I get to that school no one should call me,” Anna said angrily walking away.
Elizabeth glanced at Ava and sighed.
“Please… We’re trying to save money here, and besides your school recommended this boarding school for you guys, and it’s just for your final year, you both wrote the scholarship exam and got in, just bare with your father and I… Hmm”
Ava sighed staring at her mother.
“Fine! I’ll try to Convince Anna” Ava said before walking away.
Elizabeth gave a sigh and fell back on the couch.
Seven kids, and two of them feels like ten.
“Don’t try to convince me Ava, I’ll go to the whatever boarding school, am just mad that mom doesn’t acknowledge our birthdays” Anna sighed, slipping a blue t-shirt over her head.
“We’ll just celebrate it ourselves there in school, with our new friends and stuff” Ava stated.
“And what if we never make friends.!” Anna concluded.
“We will just hang out with ourselves then” Ava shrugged.
“Eww, why would I want to hang out with you all day!” Anna gave a disgusted face.
“Then learn to make new friends you freak” Ava rolled her eyes.
“Just because you have so many friends doesn’t mean you’re not a freak too, I don’t like being amongst people especially boys… You’re really a freak you know that, you don’t even hang out with girls in school, you only hang out with boys.” Anna scoffed.
“that’s because girls talk behind your backs and boys don’t” Ava stated.
“Lame excuse!” Anna laughed.
“You don’t even have any friends to begin with, your only friend is the school janitor, so who’s the freak here?” Ava asked.
“Oh shut up” Anna rolled her eyes.
“Almost seventeen and you don’t know how to make friends, such a pity” Ava laughed.
“B*itch” Anna muttered angrily.
“What the hell did you say?” Ava striked.
“You have ears, I’m sure you heard them clearly” Anna smirked.
“Don’t forget I’m older here.” Ava furrowed her brows.
“Older with five minutes, and don’t forget I’m taller here.” Anna seethe.
“Taller with like three inches” Ava rolled her eyes.
The door to the girl’s room suddenly burst open and Archie their immediate older brother walked in.
His height was striking and so was his red hair he died a week ago even though his mother was again it.
He paused and looked at both girls…
“Are you girls about to fight?” he asked.
“What the hell are you doing in here?” Anna snarled.
“and why didn’t you knock you freak!” Ava added.
“What’s with the insults, if you both just shut up and let me breathe, mom wants you guys downstairs, it’s almost dinner time.” Archie stated.
“Okay understood, now get lost” Anna added.
“Geez, you both are as annoying as hell.” Archie scoffed.
“not as annoying as your loser girlfriend you brought yesterday” Ava snorted.
Archie glared at her. “I know she’s ten times hotter than you Anna, so shut up.” Archie barked.
“Are you blind? I’m Ava, and that’s Anna you can’t even tell us apart.” Ava scoffed.
“I don’t care, Anna or ava, you’re both annoying, good thing you’ll be going to that boarding school on Monday! I can’t stand you two!” Archie said before walking away.
The Riles family sat around the dinner table and it looked more like a feast than dinner itself. The table was long and ten chairs surrounded it.
After blessing their food they all start to eat.
“So, the twins will be leaving for the boarding school on Monday!” leslie one of the older sister, being one of the triplets said.
“Really? That’s great news, there won’t be so many drama” Connie the older brother and one of the triplets added.
“Oh please” Ava rolled her eyes.
“I’m so glad they’re leaving too” Archie raised his hands.
“Nobody asked you, you cockroach” Anna snarled.
Suddenly the table turned into a yelling field, the twins getting angry at everyone.
Elizabeth glanced at her children and let’s out a sigh, she turned to her husband who seemed to be enjoying the food and the noise.
“Should I just give them up for adoption” Elizabeth sighed.
“Now that’s not very sweet Eliza” Markian grinned.

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After dinner that evening the Riles family left the dinner table leaving the dishes for Joan and Leslie like they always do, not caring if they girls likes the idea or not, but the girls are used to it and just let it slide.
The twins got in their room, their faces was as grumpy as ever, their mother just told them to start packing and they’re not happy about it.
“Why does everyone wants us to leave so badly.” Ava scoffed sitting on her bed which was at the other side of the room.
“I don’t know, aren’t we like the sweetest in the house, Archie should be the one leaving” Annie added and they both nodded.
“But still let’s try to look on the bright side, maybe this boarding school can be fun, you know how day schools are always boring, just try to think about how fun it will be, you know the school is a very big school, remember when we were taking the exam and how many activities were listed at the bottom, there’s music class, ballet class, gardening class… Think of all those fun stuff ” Ava added.
“Well thinking about it now, it could be fun.” Anna shrugged.
“Exactly, so let’s get packing and by Monday, it’s like we’ll be leaving for an adventure” ava stated happily.
“You dream too much” Anna scoffed.
“It’s better to dream and think of a bright side” Ava shrugged.
“Sometimes you think of negatives too, so your expectations doesn’t go beyond your height, like for example it’s a catholic school, think about how religious the aura would be, were not even catholics.” Anna pinned.
“Well mom’s fine with it, and I don’t think it’ll be that bad.” Ava shrugged.
“Well whatever you say!” Anna replied.
Both girls start to pack, both asking each other for opinions on whether to drop or take a particular type of clothing.
The girls were done with packing their bags and the moon already came up in the sky.
Ava was on her bed with her phone and Anna was in the same position in her own bed.
Ava suddenly dropped her phone and breathed out a sigh.
“to be honest.” she started. “I hate making new friends.”
Anna’s head suddenly turned to face her twin. “No kidding, it’s like a pain in ass”
“I’m just saying goodbye to my friends and its just sad how I miss them already” Ava pouted.
“Well cheers to us who don’t have any friends.” Anna grinned.
“And you think that’s a good thing?” ava laughing standing up and moving to the window.
“It’s a great thing!” Anna smirked.
“Oh and Ava, did you see the school uniform in this school’s magazine.?” Anna asked.
Not hearing a reply from her sister Anna Turned to see Ava standing by the window and staring at something outside.
“Ava!” Anna called grabbing a pillow on her bed.
Still no reply.
“Ava!!” Anna yelled throwing a pillow at her sister who suddenly flinched.
“What in the world carried you away!” Anna scoffed.
“Oh sorry” Ava giggled. “I saw a commet, I don’t know, it looked like a comet and at the same time looked like a meteor, I couldn’t tell.”
“It’s not like you haven’t seen a comet or a shooting star before so… Why were you so lost?” Anna rolled her eyes.
“Well… Just forget about it, what were you saying?” Ava asked.
Anna sighed. “I was asking if you saw the school uniform in the school’s magazine”
“Oh yes, yes I did saw it, it was pretty gorgeous, like the colour is outstanding purple and yellow, it’s absolutely gorgeous” Ava stated.
“Yeah it is, I think that’s like the only thing making this boarding school approvable in my head.” Anna added.
Ava suddenly gave a great yawn. “Wow I’m feeling sleepy all of a sudden.”
“weird, you don’t fall alseep unless it’s 11pm it’s just 8:30…” Anna scoffed.
“I know right, but you know you can’t drive sleep away” Ava smiled and walked away from the window and to her bed, but suddenly fell to the ground.
Anna looked up at her sister hearing the thud.
“Are you okay?” Anna eyed her sister on the floor.
“i don’t know…” Ava replied looking astonish, she seemed confused as to why she suddenly fell.
“Well then, stop being a creep and stand up.” Anna grumbled and Ava stood up.
She Turned her sister.
“D…did you see that?” Ava asked.
“see what?” Anna Asked.
“That bright light..!” Ava replied.
“Uh… No” Anna gave her sister a strange look. “are you sure you’re okay?”
“I’m fine” Ava said with a ‘Not-so-sure’ tone.
The twins exchanged weird glances before Ava got on her her and covered herself in her blanket.
“Weirdo!” Anna muttered lowly.
“I heard that!” Ava yelled from under her blanket.
“Well it’s not entirely false.” Anna shrugged.
“Shut up!” Ava yelled causing her sister to giggle.
The night was quiet and so was the house of the Riles, everyone was fast asleep and only the sound of the clocks ticking and the cool breeze escaping from the air condition could be heard.
Anna being a light sleeper woke up to the little groans and hitch breathing coming from her sister on her bed, which was opposite hers.
Ava seemed to be having a nightmare as she turned tossed and turned on the bed.
Anna turned on the lights, and suddenly the dark room became bright, she couldn’t possibly fall asleep with her sister making noises like this.
She walked up to Ava’s bed and called her name.
“Ava!” Anna called tapping her sister lightly.
“Ava!!!” she called again shaking her sister lightly.
Ava eyes opened and she suddenly flinched.
“What do you want from me?” Ava yelled. “Get away from me”
“Are you okay?” Anna yelled astonished by her sisters words.
Ava suddenly gasped sitting up.
“Anna” she called.
“Well yeah, it’s me, what is wrong with you?” Anna shook her head.
“Sorry” Ava apologized cleaning the tears brewing in her eyes.
“What happened, what’s wrong with you?” Anna asked, her eyes filled with worry.
“I… I just had a nightmare.” Ava replied.
“A nightmare you brought into reality!”
“Sorry” Ava sniffed.
“Well anyways, I’m trying to fall asleep, so just keep it down.” Anna said and after giving her sister a small glance before walking up to her own bed.
Annie tried to turn off the lights but Ava suddenly declined.
“Please don’t turn turn the lights off” Ava pleaded.
“But we both can’t sleep with the lights on.” Anna stated.
“Please just for tonight. Other days can be exceptional, but just for tonight” Ava pleaded.
“ughhh” Anna groaned getting on her bed and covering her face with her pillow.
Two hours passed with the girls still awake in the middle of the night, Anna couldn’t sleep because of the light and was still a little worried about her sister still awake.
Ava still traumatized by her nightmare, sat still on her bed, her hands hugging her legs.
Annie opened her eyes and turned to sister.
“Like to share your dream?” She asked.
Ava shook her head Negatively. “I don’t remember it.”
“Okay then.” Annie angrily and turned to the other side of the bed.
After staying away for more than thirty minutes, Annie fell asleep, and so did Ava, still with the lights on.
The next morning Anna woke up and lets out a long stretch before turning to her sister’s bed. It was empty.
She shrugged and and walked out of her bed.
After brushing and taking a bath, Annie joined the rest of her family in the dining room for breakfast.
As they all ate, Annie glanced at Ava at the end of the table, to see her not eating and strangely quiet. She ignored her and ate hers quietly.
“What’s wrong sweetie? Why aren’t you eating?” Elizabeth asked Noticing Ava.
Ava didn’t reply, or make a move she just sat still until her mother touched her lightly causing her to flinch.
“Are you okay?” Elizabeth gasped.
“I…I’m fine.” Ava replied.
Everyone’s head turned to Ava at the table and she gulped nervously.
“Are you sure? Cause you seemed to be out of it since this morning, you’ve been spacing out!” Joan chimed in.
“I..I’m fine.” Ava replied.
Anna suddenly spoke up. “She’s still traumatized by the nightmare she had last night.”
“You had a nightmare? And you’re being a baby about it?” Archie laughed.
“shut up Arch.” Connie barked.
“Agreeing with Connie here” Annie said giving her brother a glare.
“Well it’s okay, it was just a nightmare, don’t let your worries cause indigestion and eat okay!” Elizabeth stated sweetly and Ava nodded.
Ava glanced at her twin and Annie nodded at her.
Ava gave out a sigh and grabbed a pancake shoving it in her mouth.
After breakfast, Archie was asked to do the dishes, even though he opposed and complained about it, he still did it.
The twins went back to their room, Annie got on her bed grabbing her phone and Ava just stood by the window staring at the morning sky, minutes later she walked out of the room in a hurry slamming the door and making Annie flinch.
“Hey what’s with you, why did you slam the door like that?” Annie asked immediately Ava walked in.
“I didn’t know, sorry!” Ava said closing the door.
Anna noticed the sledge hammer in hand.
“What are you doing with Connie’s sledgehammer?” Anna asked standing up.
“None of your business” Ava shrugged sitting on the floor.
Anna watched as her sister stretched out her right leg and raised the sledgehammer.
“What the hell are you trying to do?” Anna yelled.
“Just let me be okay!” Ava said shutting her eyes and gripping the hammer tight.
“Ava..?” Anna called still watching her sister.
Blood drained from Anna’s body when her sister suddenly slammed the hammer against her leg causing her to scream.
“Ava!! Are you crazy?” Anna screamed walking up to her sister who was groaning at the pain she just caused for herself.
“What the hell were you thinking!!” Anna yelled.
“Look just shut up” Ava groaned.
“If mom asks, tell her I fell and fractured my bone.”
“What?” Anna was confused.

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Archie rushed into into the girls room and so did Connie, Leslie and Joan hearing the girls scream.
“What happened?” Joan asked seeing Ava on the floor and Anna in front of her.
Ava quickly shoved the slegde hammer under bed and turned to her older sister making a sad face.
“What happened?” Joan asked again walking towards the girls.
“Ava just hit hers-
Ava’s pinch to Anna’s arm stopped Anna from talking.
“I fell at the sides of my bed to the wall and had my leg stuck, I tried to pull it out and when I did, I heard a small crack. I’m scared!” Ava stated tears crawling out of her eyes.
Anna was dumbfounded as she watched Ava lie to the rest of the family.
“Do you think it might be fractured?” Connie asked walking up to his sister.
“It might, look how swollen it is” Leslie added.
“Let’s see if you can stand up.” Connie said slipping his arm around Ava’s shoulder and helping Ava stand up.
Ava winced when her feet touched the ground, the pain was truly unbearable.
“I can’t” Ava cried.
“Can we all just stop talking and go to a hospital like immediately.” Joan yelled.
“Archie, go find my car keys and get my car ready” Connie barked, his thick voice covering the whole room.
Archie walked out of the room hearing his brother orders.
Connie swept Ava off her feet and carried her out of the room.
Anne didn’t move she just stood there and watched her family go.
“What are you doing Anna, let’s go.!” Leslie said pulling Anna out of the room and snapping her out of her reverie.
“What happened what’s going on?” Elizabeth asked coming down the stairs and seeing her kids all in a hurried and worried state.
“Ava fractured her bone, I think” connie stated walking out of the room with Ava in his hand.
“What?” Elizabeth yelled, her face suddenly pale from the news.
She rushed out of the house with her kids.
Connie gently placed Ava inside his car and told Annie to get inside too.
“But I didn’t get injured” Anna stated.
“Well we don’t know that for sure, get in.” Connie stated.
“But I’m perfectly fine.” Anna growled.
“You’re her twin, she’ll get comfortable with you inside, get in and let’s go to the frigging hospital!” Connie barked and Anna sighed and walked inside the car sitting beside Ava.
“Why don’t we all take the family car.” Elizabeth said, she was in her panic state.
“You can take the family car with the rest, and meet me in hospital, I’ll just drive these two to the hospital.” Connie stated getting into the car.
“Okay honey see you in five.” Elizabeth stated, rushing inside to the living room to grab the keys for the family car.
No hiding on how rich they were with Elizabeth getting confused on different car keys.
“Why did you do it?” Anna asked Ava as their older brother drove them to the hospital.
“Keep your voice down” Ava whispered. “If Connie finds out I did this to myself you’re so going to get it.”
“Oh shut up you freak!” Anna rolled her eyes.
“Give me your reason or I’m telling the whole family you did this to yourself” Anna threatened.
“Fine! I… I don’t want to go to that boarding school.!” Ava replied.
“What?” Anna yelled.
“Keep your voice down.” Ava whispered.
“Is that why you have to go so far and slam that hammer against your leg?” Anna scoffed.
“Just leave me alone Anna, my body isn’t yours” Ava pouted folding her hand.
“You’re seriously acting weird, what is wrong with you, what if you never walk again?” Anna asked.
“I don’t care, cause this is better… Way more better.” Ava replied.
“way more better? Way more better than what?” Anna was about to go crazy.
“We’re here!” Connie announced stopping the car. And both girls glared at each other before keeping quiet.
“So it’s broken alright, but it will heal” The male nurse said to Elizabeth and her kids after wrapping Ava’s leg in an orthopedic cast.
“Really?” Elizabeth looked like she’ll cry anytime soon.
“Yes she will in about a month or more, but don’t worry, and for now she’ll have to use crutches or a wheelchair.” The nurse shrugged.
“We’ll get her a wheelchair, crutches still sounds dangerous.” Elizabeth stated and the nurse nodded.
“Well them miss, your daughter is perfectly fine.” The nurse grinned walking away from the Riles…
“It’s going to be okay Ava okay!” Elizabeth sighed at her daughter.
“Yeah, thanks mom.” Ava replied.
Anna gave Ava a glare but Ava looked away.
The Riles left the hospital and drove back home, Connie helped Ava to her room and Annie was told to assist Ava with anything she needed and Anna didn’t like that, but couldn’t oppose.
Elizabeth promised Ava her wheelchair will be coming the next day, and the boarding school for her would be canceled until her legs get better and only Anna would be attending for now.
“So how do you feel, fooling mom and the rest of the family.?” Ava asked as they were both alone in their room.
“I feel great” Ava shrugged.
“You’re seriously unbelievable!” Anna scoffed.
“Look Anna, I know what I’m doing okay… This is for the best just trust me!” Ava stated.
“Why would I trust you, you weirdo and don’t ever tell me to trust you again, I can’t possibly see myself trusting a psycho slamming things on their leg.” Anna spurted angrily.
“Anna, I know you hate me, you’ve always complained about me being your twin, you’ve always wished to be born single.” Ava rolled her eyes.
“You’ve said the same thing too.” Annie yelled.
“And I thought you’d probably like to me see hurt so…
“Oh my God Ava, you’re so dumb” Ana groaned angrily.
“Thanks” Ava shrugged.
Anna left the room angrily leaving her sister to wonder how she’ll have to get to the bathroom all by herself.
Sunday came by so fast with Annie giving her sister the silent treatment, it’s not like it’s the first time they’d be giving each other the silent treatment.
Ava got her wheelchair and got to move around the house herself. She somehow managed to get to pee all by herself without Anna’s help.
Sunday went by like the wind and monday came.
“Get ready to move…” Connie said to Anna as she grabbed her suitcase outside and to Connie’s car.
“I know that!” Anna grumbled angrily
She fixed her luggage in Connie’s trunk and slammed the door real hard letting Connie welp.
“look if you’re mad about going to this boarding school, you shouldn’t take it out on my car.” Connie hissed at his sister.
“The trunk was heavy, I had to choice but to slam it” Anna stated. She was pretty mad that she would be going to the school without Anna, somewhat all her imaginations about the school always included Ava, she was really sad.
Ava appeared with her wheelchair and gave Anna a smile.
“Good luck with your new school!” Ava smiled.
“get lost” Anna spat.
“Don’t tell your sister to get lost” Elizabeth chimed in walking out of the house.
“Really, you’re still not going to talk to me.?” Ava scoffed.
“Just get out” Anna rolled her eyes cashing Ava to laugh.
Everyone at home at that moment said goodbye to Anna and before she got into Connie’s car, Ava wheeled her chair towards her.
“Anna” she called
“What do you want?” Anna shrugged.
“I just want to say one thing.” Ava replied.
“Which is?” Anna shook her head.
“Show reverence.” Ava stated.
“What does that mean?” Anna looked confused.
“I didn’t speak Spanish right? I said show reverence” Ava stated.
“Why are you so weird Ava” Anna sighed.
“Because I can’t help it” Ava smiled.
“Just go play with toys or something when I’m gone” Anna stated.
“Oh and one last thing. Say hi to juilette for me.!” Ava grinned.
“Get lost” Anna yelled angrily, she was really mad. Her sister kept saying weird stuff and weird names.
“You ready?” Connie asked Anna.
“Yeah” Anna replied.
“Okay then put on your seat belt” Connie ordered and Anna did so.
Anna glanced at her sister one more time before Connie the car drove away.
She didn’t like this at all.
The drive to the school took about five hours and Connie had to stop at the gas station at least two times, to get his car filled up. Anna was already having her time at the back of the car enjoying her deep slumber when Connie pulled over.
“We’re here Anna!” Connie stated stepping out of the car.
He turned to see his sister fast asleep and sighed.
“Anna!” He pressed the car horn causing Anna to jerk awake.
“Wake up sleepy pants were here” Connie stated and Anna gave a light yawn before stepping out of the car.
Anna noticed another car ahead of theirs and figured it must be another new student too.
She turned to the gates of the school and let’s out a loud gasp.
“Sweet geez, this school is huge, and I thought my old school was huge enough.” Anna gasped.
“What do they learn here anyway, that they’ve got to create such big building.” Connie scoffed walking to the car trunk to get Anna’s stuff out.
“If it weren’t for my scholarship, I bet mom and dad would be paying trillions for me here.” Anna laughed causing Connie to laugh too.
Their laugh looking somewhat alike.
Suddenly a nun dressed in her blue nun uniform walked up to Connie and Anna, a long rosary around her neck and wrist.
“Whoa!” Connie said seeing her not realising how offensive his eyes were on her and how he sounded, until the young looking nun gave him a look.
“Sorry” he apologized with a nervous laugh.
“Anna Riles.” the nun called with a weird accent, well that was what Connie and Anna thought.
“Y-yes that’s me.” Anna stuttered, she was taller than the nun and she suddenly felt like she was being offensive.
It’s not her fault the tall gene runs through her family.
“Well I was told to come assist you, welcome to All Saint’s girls catholic high school” The nun said cheerfully making Connie and Anna glance at each other, they were both sulking in the laughter that could burst out any minute because of her accent.
“Well… Thank you for having me” Anna said with a small smile,
Connie cleared his throat causing his sister to snort without control.
“Sorry” Anna immediately apologized and glared at her brother.
She didn’t really want to laugh, but Connie triggered it.
“Anyways I think your older brother’s work is done here, now you just have to take in your suitcases and come with me.” The nun smiled and Anna nodded.
Anna walked to the back of the car trunk and pulled out her last box, she grabbed her suitcase and gave Connie one last look.
“Now stay happy, and don’t feel down Ava isn’t coming okay?” Connie stated and Anna rolled her eyes.
“I don’t need her.”
“we all know you do… Just focus on your books and don’t go getting any boyfriends okay!” Connie stated trying to sound smart.
“It’s an all girls school genius! You should be saying that to Ava, she can make Boys out of anything.” Anna said causing her brother to laugh before waking away with the nun.
Immediately Anna stepped into the school, she felt it. She paused and turned to look at the gate and her brother trying to start his car outside and suddenly the gate and he brother felt so faraway. She shook her head and walked up to the nun.
She was taken to the principal’s office and was given a timetable of the schools daily routine, a handy book filled with the morning prayer recital, and her school uniform. The principal who was the Head nun sent her condolences to Ava since she couldn’t make it here and after everything, Anna moved around with another nun to the school dormitory to know where and how her room looked like.
“Now this is your room, lucky you everyone had to share the room by four students staying in one, but you get to be just two. Lucky you” The nun stated opening the door.
Anna walked in and almost passed out seeing how gloomy and dusty the room was with just two beds facing each other and a cabinet at each sides of the bed.
She noticed girl standing by one of the bed and turned back to the nun
“Now that’s your roommate, anyways since you’re both new if you need anything just visit the student council office which is at the end of this hall and you’ll both get it, bye for now” The Nun said in a hurry walking out of the room and closing the door.
Anna walked to the other bed since slightly glanced at the girl who has been awfully quiet and haven’t said a word.
She wanted to say hi, she wanted to try and start a conversation, but she was really bad when it comes to meeting new people for the first time.
“HI” the girl said making thing a whole lot easier for Anna.
“HI… Hi” Anna said, panicking a bit.
“So we’re both roomies for now.” The girl started.
“Yeah I think so” Anna replied looking up at her to get a better view of her.
She was short, skinny, had black hair with weird gray streaks in front and at the back too.
Her eyes were Hazel and mixed with a colour Anna couldn’t decipher.
“Anyways I’m juilette by the way” the girl smiled.
“And I’m Anna.” Anna replied.
“Yeah, I know” the girl smiled.
“Huh… How did you know?” Anna asked and the girl suddenly looked nervous.
“Well… I… I overheard your brother calling you that outside when my parents drove me here.” juilette stated.
‘Oh they were the owner of the car I saw’ Anna thought and suddenly paused.
The word ringed a bell it shouldn’t have and suddenly she remembered her sister’s voice saying. “say hi to juilette for me”

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The name ringed a bell it shouldn’t have in Anna’s headand suddenly she remembered her sister’s voice saying. “say hi to juilette for me”
Anna paused, she could pass out any minute, how in the world did Ava know juilette when she isn’t here or haven’t been here before or worst. It was just so confusing and creepy that Anna found herself holding her breath.
“Is everything alright?” juilette asked.
Anna suddenly nodded. “Everything’s fine!”
“Okay you seemed to be out of it for while, I’ve been talking to myself since.” Juilette stated sounding a little offended.
“Sorry” Anna apologized.
“It’s okay, I’m just saying, we should clean our room cause we can’t possibly live in all this dust.” Juilette stated and Anna nodded.
“We’ll need to know where to get mops and other cleaning tools.” juilette said adjusting her suitcase to the wall.
“The nun from earlier said we can visit the student council if we ever needed anything, and it is by the end of this hall.” Anna explained and juilette nodded.
“Yes, that is true, but I don’t think we’re allowed to be roaming around in muftis, this school has some shady and ground rules that needs to be followed.” Juilette said and Anna nodded in agreement.
Anna gasped when she pulled her new uniform out of its plastic bag wrap.
She didn’t expect this. In the school’s magazine it was said and shown that the school’s uniform was purple and yellow, but what she’s seeing now is plain milk white that looked like it was from the 18th century.
“We got fooled.” juilette suddenly said, making Anna turn to her.
“I was lowkey looking forward to the school’s uniform because of the way it was in the magazine, but then they gave these to us” Juilette stated with a low chuckle.
“Disappointing as ever” Anna rolled her eyes sitting on the bed but the dust that came out of the made her jump.
“We should start cleaning immediately” Juilette said and Anna nodded agreeing with her.
After changing into their uniforms which they both hated, they left their room.
“It’s hard to walk in this skirt, I feel like I’m wearing my grandma’s clothing.” juilette laughed as she walked side by side with Anna through the hall.
“I bet you, even my grandma doesn’t dress like this.” Anna shook her head causing juilette to laugh.
Anna glanced at the hallway, it was dark and the walls were long and intimidating, a mural of Mary was painted on the wall with water below her feet.
The bright light in the hallway caused Anna to see all this.
The two girls appeared in front of the student council’s office where a plate was hung on the door and had “the student council” written there.
“Should I knock?” Juliette asked.
“Y-yeah, to be honest I’m a bit nervous.” Anna replied sincerely.
“It’s okay, we’re all nervous on our first day.” Juliette said, her voice calm.
“But you don’t seem nervous” Anna shrugged.
“I don’t know, but somehow I never get nervous.” juilette replied.
“That doesn’t feel human” Anna scoffed.
“It’s just confidence” juilette smiled.
Juliette placed a knock on the door and a light “come in” was heard.
The two girls glanced at each other before walking into the office of the student council.
A huge mural of the virgin Mary with rosary in her hand laid on the tall walls of the room of the student council office.
And the stern looks coming from the four girls in the room made Anna shriek a little bit.
“And you are.?” one of the student council members said with her name tag which said Jane zefron, president.
Juilette spoke up. “We’re the new student, we just came in today and we’re wondering how we can get some cleaning tools for our dusty room, we were asking to come here if we needed anything.”
The president Jane dropped the book in her hand and eyed juilette from her feet to her eyes.
“I see, so you’re both the new student, I was told they were four, but it’s just two” she stated.
“Anyways you don’t get to clean your room yourselves not until you’ve stayed in the school for about two weeks.” Jane stated and turned to one of the council members.
“Hope, get the room cleaners and tell them to tidy up room the girls room as soon as possible” Jane ordered her feminine but stern and confidence voice taking over the room.
“Understand” Hope said before walking out of the office.
Jane turned to the girls. “your room will be cleaned up in no time, we apologize for the inconvenience, the school is big but very occupied and that seemed to be one of the less occupied room in the dorm, please why you’re waiting for your room to be tidy, you can rest here in the office, it’s your first day anyways, the rule is that you don’t get to do anything until the next day.” Jane expound and Anna watched her in surprise.
‘Is she a robot or something?’ Anna thought.
She doesn’t stutter or pause and doesn’t show emotion when talking. How can someone be so blunt and yet so organized.
Juilette and Anna sat on one of the comfortable chairs in the office and watch the gloomy office with Jane and three other girls, walk around and organize books and stuff.
Jane turned to the girls and glanced at their necks.
“Where are you rosaries?” Jane asked.
“Rosaries? Were we supposed to have one?” Anna asked, her voice low.
“Yes, every uniform comes with a blessed Rosary, seems like the head sister was careless this time around.” Jane stated clicking her tongue.
“Stephanie!” Jane called and the shortest girl in the room came running to her like her life depended on it.
“Yes sister Jane.”
“Go inform the head sister that she forgot the two new student rosaries.” Jane replied and the girl nodded before walking out of the office.
Juilette and Anna glanced at each other, both surprised by the supremacy and authority Jane holds as the president of student council.
“A small alter will be hung in your room after the cleanup, every night and every morning you must pray and show Reverence to God” Jane stated and the girls threw another glance at each other.
“You both seem way out of it, I guess you both aren’t catholics.” Jane stated.
“I’m not even Christian” juilette gave a nervous laugh. “I came here because my mom forced me to, and I also passed the scholarship exam”.
“Well that’s no problem, welcome to the bright side of Christianity, with time, I’m sure you’ll both get the hang of it, you were both given the prayer book right?” Jane asked and the girls nodded.
“Well it’s okay, just say a prayer to the alter with your rosary in your hands before going to bed okay!” Jane stated.
“Got it” juilette said cheerfully.
“Understood.” Anna nodded.
“Great, you’re both in the senior classes too.” Jane stated.
“Yep” juilette replied.
“So am I… And one more thing, please use a proper language like yes not yep thank you” Jane smiled.
Juliette raised her brows.
“Anyways what are your names?” Jane asked.
“Juilette.” juilette said hesitantly.
“Well then juilette Anna, welcome to all saint’s girls high school.” Jane smiled.
“Ah, thanks.” Anna said but juilette said nothing.
The two girls waited in the office until a girl walked into the office.
“Sister Jane.” the girl called
“Yes?” Jane answered.
“The newcomers room has been cleaned, blessed and the alter has been placed.” the girl stated.
“Now that’s wonderful” Jane smiled and turned to the girls. “You may return to your rooms, another member from the student council will visit you soon and tell you some things you need to know.”
Anna and juilette left the student council office and to their room, the room has been wiped clean and was shiny, the beds and sheets were neat and their suitcase was neatly placed on the bed.
“is that thing supposed to be the alter?” Anna asked juilette and juilette paused Turning to the wall to see a small shelf hanging on the wall with status and pictures of a white man who has been widely and mentally known as jesus laid on the surface of this shelf, a dried looking palm, a candle inside a glass cup and two crosses and a rosary around one of the standing cross.
“This looks uncomfortable” Juilette shook her head.
“I don’t see why we need an alter though, we can just pray to God, in our own silent voices, this is kind of creepy” Anna added nervously.
“But anyways maybe our voice will reach to God faster with an alter in the room, I guess”. Anna added.
“You’re saying that because you’re a Christian, I don’t have a religion to begin with, but this feels… And is that how Jesus looks like?” Juilette asked.
Anna laughed. “I don’t know”
“But you’re a Christian.” Juilette gave Anna a look.
“Doesn’t mean I know what Jesus looks like, look for some reason people molded this man face to keep record of what they’re seeing when they mention his name, nobody knows what Jesus looks like.” Anna explained and juilette nodded.
Anna walked away from juilette and to her bed to unpack her bags But juilette never moved, she just stood and gaze at the alter in front of her eyes.
“keep looking at the alter and it might fall.” Anna joked.
“I hope it does.” juilette muttered lowly but Anna didn’t hear it.
Juilette walked to the other side of the room where her bed was and starts to unpack too. Both girls remained quiet until Anna said with a bit of jealousy In her tone. “You took the bright part of the room”
“I guess I did” juilette added. She was about to walk to the other side of the room when she fell to the floor.
Anna Turned hearing the thud.
“Are you okay?” she asked watching juilette stand up with her hand on her head.
“I’m fine.” juilette smiled. “I fall down a lot” she added with a laugh.
“Is it some kind of illness or you’re just clumsy?” Anna asked but juilette paused.
“It’s also something I can’t explain.” juilette hesitantly replied.
“Ow.. Kay” Anna replied.
A knock came in at the door and a girl walked in the girls room introducing herself to the girls as Catherine being the girl Jane sent for them, catherine explained some of the school rules, the time when it’s for the three course daily meal, the Saturday and Sunday actives and before leaving she said to girls.
“Before going to bed, in front of the alter, with the rosary in your hand make sure to pray, give and show reverence to God.” The girl smiled before walking out.
Juilette suddenly scoffed.
“What’s wrong?” Anna asked and looked up to see juilette glaring at the alter.
“I don’t know, but I do know something feels totally off.”
Anna gave juilette a weird look and turned to her bed.
“show reverence.” juilette muttered “Reverence my ass” juilette laughed walking towards her bed.
“Show Reverence” Anna suddenly recall her sister saying that this morning and she paused.
She suddenly got chills.

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The sound of the school’s tower bell made the two girls look at each other.
“It’s the bell” Anna said.
“And according to Catherine earlier, it’s dinner time?” Juilette raised a quizzical brow.
“Yes it is.” Anna replied.
“What are we waiting for then, let’s head to the cathedral, I think it’s where the foods are served” Juilette said and Anna nodded agreeing with her.
Both girls walked out of the room and suddenly bumped into other girls who were also leaving the dormitory and to the cathedral.
Anna and juilette followed the girls since they were newbies and barely knew anyone and anywhere.
“Close your eyes girls!” Jane the president of the student council yelled, her voice louder than the school bell,
The girls sitting around the long dinner table, all bowed their heads and closed their eyes.
Juilette and Anna glanced at each other before doing so.
“Now we call unto Father our Lord, to bless the food we’re about to have and after, amen.” Jane said.
“AMEN!” The students replied in unison, excluding Anna and juilette.
The girls were severed some pretty good meals, it seemed more like a feast than a simple dinner in a boarding school, the foods weren’t only rich in taste and quality, but was excess.
“This is like heaven.” Juilette giggled to Anna.
“I know right?” Anna smiled back.
“No talking while eating!” Jane’s voice snapped around the whole room and both the girls shrieked, realising everyone was awfully quiet and they were the only ones talking.
They both gave an apologetic look and starts to eat.
After dinner, the girls started to head back to their dorms and just when juilette and Anna were about to leave the cathedral, Jane walked up to them with her head up high and her red silky hair hanging by her shoulder.
Jane was taller than juilette but was still slights short compared to Anna.
“You girls…” Jane began. “Need to learn a few things, I understand it’s your first day here, and as the president of the student council and also the school representative, its my duty to bring the best out of every student, I understand everyone has flaws, but maybe a few rules and some womanly manners can push both your flaws away.” Jane smiled.
“Jane… Can I be honest with you?” Juilette began stepping forward.
“That will be sister Jane for you, and sure you can be honest with me.” Jane smiled.
“I really don’t like you” Juilette scoffed.
Jane looked shocked by the statement but covered it up with a smile.
“You can’t just dislike anyone without a reason!” Jane stated.
“Well I just don’t like you, I don’t need to have a reason.” Juilette stated.
“One thing dear juilette, love your neighbor as yourself, now that is the number one rule from God” Jane smiled.
“love your neighbor as yourself, I don’t even love myself to begin with so…” Juilette shrugged and turned to Anna. “let’s go Anna”
Jane watched the girls leave her side and gritted her teeth in anger, it was the first time someone had actually been ‘honest’ with her. And she didn’t like it. She wants to be loved by all, she’s the schools representative after all, how could someone dislike her.
“Wasn’t that a little rude to say to the president of the student council?” Anna asked immediately the girls walked into their room.
“Just because she’s the president of the student whatever doesn’t mean she has to be rude, I just told her how I felt.” Juilette shrugged.
Anna smiled, seeing how juilette reminded her of her sister Ava.
“Well okay then.” Anna shrugged.
“Anna” Juilette called.
“What?” Anna shrugged.
“You seem pretty quiet, but you’re not”. Juilette stated.
“What do you mean?” Anna was confused.
“You’re not always this quiet” Juilette said pulling her hair into a ponytail.
“What do you mean, you barely even know me” Anna said staring at the back of juilette’s hair which seemed to have more grey hair than black.
“I don’t know you, but I do know that you’re the kind of person, who will love to talk more at every given opportunity, who would love to make more friends but afraid to approach them first, you also want to say so much but refrain yourself a lot, I bet my grey hairs you’re not quiet at home at all!” Juilette expound causing Anna to freeze, how did she know so much? Was she that easy to read.
Her boring lifestyle was too plain her roommate read through her. Anna shook her head and pushed that at the back of mind.
She sat on her bed and took off her shoes.
“Juilette!” Anna called.
Juilette turned to her, her Hazel eyes flashing a little more grey and leaving Anna in confusion on what her colour of eyes is her real one.
“Sup” Juilette said
“Your grey hairs, like the grey streaks on your hair, were you born with it or… You dyed it?” Anna asked.
Juilette laughed “The school would have kicked me out if I dyed just a single streak of hair. And no I didn’t dye it, neither was I born with it, I started getting grey hairs since like three days ago I guess, believe me, I was shocked when I first saw it and so was my parent, they thought a cell died in my brain or something, but turned out I was fine, I don’t know why it’s growing though, but I don’t like it., it’s like it’s taking over my whole head, I mean who the hell would like to have grey hair at sixteen.”
“So what would you do if your black hair as a whole turns grey?” Anna asked.
“I’ll dye it black again and if it doesn’t stay, I’m going bald.” Juilette stated giggling at the end.
“You’re not serious about that” Anna shook her head.
The girls flinched by the school’s bell that suddenly went off, it’s hard and slow jingling sounds making its way through every dormitories.
“According to the time, and according to Catherine, I think that’s the last bell for today, and the bell signifies it’s time for bed.” Anna expound.
“Yeah, but isn’t it early for bed, the sun just set!” Juilette scoffed.
“It’s a boarding school, what do you expect, we have to go to bed early in order to wake up early and get ready for class.” Anna replied.
“It’s just my first day here and it already feels like my seventeenth day” Juilette shook her head, unbuttoning her uniform shirt.
“To be honest you seem very comfortable in this school, you act like you’ve been here before, you’re not nervous at all, and you have no problem talking to anyone, and you also act like you know everyone.” Anna explained.
Juilette smiled. “Is that how I am? I didn’t know.”
“You are, you seem very transparent” Anna added.
“I might be more obscure, you never know” Juilette said taking off her shirt with just her sports bra on, Anna’s eye suddenly dart to her chest and then back at her face.
Juilette paused noticing what just happened. “I don’t like being stared at, can you turn around please… While I change.”
“Yeah sorry,” Anna quickly said turning around and sulking in embarrassment, why did she do that?
Both girls laid on each of their beds wearing their sleeping garments, the moon had come up and the night had come cold.
They were both quiet when Anna said.
“we’re about to sleep, so isn’t it time for us to like pray, remember show Reverence.” Anna said.
“Yeah, you’re right” Juilette gulped..
Both girls stood up and walked in front of the alter in their room, their hands tangled in their rosaries, Anna was holding the prayer book and as they approached the alter juilette didn’t look happy.
“Okay then, I’ll start with any prayer” Anna said opening a random page in the prayer book.
“Okay make this quick” Juilette said, her breathing hitching up.
Anna started. “in the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy spirt i call unto th–
“Stop!” Juilette suddenly interrupted Anna.
“What?” Anna asked.
Juilette glanced at the candle at the alter.
“Slowly step away from the alter” Juilette ordered and Anna did so moving back as juilette did.
“What’s wrong?” Anna asked again.
“I could hardly breathe standing in front of the alter, look to be honest I haven’t prayed before not once in my life, but I do feel that this isn’t right” Juilette said taking the rosary off of her hand.
“What? I’m confused juilette” Anna breathed out.
“What I’m saying Is, we shouldn’t pray to that alter, not tonight, not any day” Juilette breathed out. Anna looked at her, she was taking her time to breathe, it was like something was holding down her breath.
“Why do you say so?” Anna asked.
“Look I don’t know but just don’t!!” Juilette almost yelled.
“Sorry” she suddenly apologized walking up to her bed.
“Look juilette you’re scaring me, isn’t praying supposed to be a good thing?” Anna was starting to sound offended. “You’re not a Christian, so maybe you don’t understand how it works, we pray before and after we eat, sleep, go out”.
“You’re making me sound like an atheist, I am not an atheist, just because I wasn’t born with any religious belief doesn’t mean I can’t believe in God, I’m not refraining you from praying I’m just saying you shouldn’t pray to that alter.!” Juilette’s voice was agrresively loud.
Just the first day in school and they’re already arguing.!
“If you give me your reason then I won’t pray to the alter” Anna said folding her arms across her chest.
“I have no stupid reasons to give you Anna, just don’t.” Juilette scoffed.
“You have no stupid reason? then I’m praying without you.” Anna said walking towards the alter.
Anna paused hearing her name, it was juilette who called her but at the same time it sounded like Ava’s voice and at the same time juilette’s voice.
Anna Turned to juilette and slowly gasped when she saw tears in juilette’s eyes.
“Please don’t!” Juilette sniffed. “If you want, we can both hold hands and pray right here, but please, not In front of the alter”.
Seeing how juilette was Anna turned away from the alter and walked over to juilette.
“Thank you!” Juilette sniffed wiping her tears.
Both girls held hands and bowed their heads. “I don’t know how to pray so you take the lead” Juilette said sounding a bit relieved.
“Everyone knows how to pray, just talk to God and ask him for what you want tonight, if it’s his protection or guardiance or blessing, but don’t worry I’ll take the lead tonight” Anna stated.
“Thanks, call unto his guardiance then” Juilette said and slowly glance at the alter before closing her eyes and turning to Anna listening to her pray.
Juilette seemed a lot relieved after their small prayer which didn’t happen In front of the alter and both girls ended up on each of their beds.
Anna stood up, about to turn off the lights when juilette stopped her.
“Don’t turn off the lights.” Juilette said.
“But I can’t sleep with the lights on” Anna replied.
“Neither can I, but don’t turn it off please.” Juilette said and Anna sighed. First it was her sister that night, now it’s juilette.
Anna sighed and fell back on her bed getting under her blanket.
Juilette who was still sitting up and having no intention to fall asleep anytime soon called Anna’s name.
“What?” Anna replied not getting out of her blanket or even looking up at juilette.
“Do you know, you got the bright side of the room?” Juilette said.
Anna suddenly crawled out of her blanket. “What do you mean bright side of the room, didn’t you purposely take that side of the room because it’s bright, when the sun rises you’ll see how bright that side of the room is because of the window close to it”
“Ah yes, it is bright during the day, but nighttime, yours becomes the bright side, and mine becomes the dark side.” Juilette stated.
Anna feeling confused looked at juilette to see her staring at the alter, not moving or blinking but just talking.
“But during nighttime, the room is equally bright due to the fact that it’s night and the light bulb lits up the whole room in equality, so what are you talking about?” Anna asked.
“No, I know what I’m talking about, that part of the room is way brighter than here… It’s scary over here.” Juilette said and shut her eyes she opened them back up again and smiled. “But don’t worry I’m not scared”.
“Huh?” Anna was as confused as ever. “You talk confusingly, I’m going to bed now” Anna gave juilette a weird look before covering her blanket over her head.
Over at the riles residence.
Ava laid in Anna’s bed and let’s out sigh.
Elizabeth who has just walked in smiled at her daughter.
“How you feeling Ava?” Elizabeth asked.
“Feel okay…” Ava shrugged glancing at the cast on her leg.
“Missing your sister?” Elizabeth asked.
“A little bit” Ava smiled.
“A little bit?? You miss her that little.?” Elizabeth laughed.
Ava laughed. “It’s okay because we can still reach other”
“How?” Elizabeth looked confused.
“I thought twins have a telepathic mind, don’t Anna and I have one?” Ava asked.
“Haha very funny” Elizabeth rolled her eyes. “You and your silly jokes, those are just lies, even my twin and I failed to understand each other needless to say reach each other telepathically.” Elizabeth said causing her daughter to laugh.
“But if you want we can call the school tomorrow and talk to Anna” Elizabeth said.
“Yes that’d be nice, I’d like to talk to Anna” Ava smiled.
“Okay then, and why aren’t you sleeping in your bed, this is Anna’s” Elizabeth asked walking towards the door.
“It’s brighter over here, that side of the room is dark and Anna’s side is bright, I can’t stay there.” Ava muttered.
“Sure whatever you say, should I turn off the lights?” Elizabeth asked.
“No, but thanks mom, goodnight!”
“goodnight Dear” Elizabeth stated before walking out of the room.

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Anna saw Ava running towards her with a smile.
“Mom made your favorite, pancake!!.” Ava said happily.
“Ava? How are you walking? You slammed your leg with a hammer remember?” Anna stated.
“Yes you’re right, but let’s just forget about that for now.” Ava grinned.
“No I can’t forget about that, you need to explain to me why you did something like that” Anna yelled.
“If I tell you, you wouldn’t believe me” Ava pouted.
“Are you planing to cook up lies? Just leave me alone.” Anna barked and started to walk away with Ava screaming her name behind her.
“Anna! Anna!”
Anna suddenly jerk awake from her deep slumber to see juilette standing beside her bed.
It was a dream. She sighed.
“What? Having a nightmare? I’ve been calling your name for ages” Juilette stated walking over to her own bed.
“No… It wasn’t a nightmare.” Anna said standing up from her bed.
“Okay then get ready, the school’s bell has been ringing for some time now and according to our time table, we have to take our bath and head to the cathedral for breakfast before heading to class and trust me, you do not want to be late.” Juilette said and Anna quickly sprung out of the bed.
The school’s bathroom was like a stall, a hundred of stall lined up on both side, there was nothing like taking turns while having to bath, everyone had a stall of their own.
Juilette and Anna still made it in time to get to the cathedral for breakfast and having one of the richest breakfast ever, the girls went back to their dorms to get ready for class.
“Great, we have the first class together, I won’t be going alone” Anna muttered as she grabbed her books for class staring at her timetable.
“Really?” Juilette asked checking hers. “Wow, first class together!” Juilette rejoiced happily grinning from ear to ear.
“But how we going to get to class, we don’t know anywhere around school.” Anna said as she and juilette was about to walk out of their room.
“Don’t worry I kn-
A knock interrupted juilette from completing her sentence and she glanced at Anna, both girls wondering who It could be.
Juilette stepped forward and opened the door with Anna behind her, and juilette gave a sigh seeing it was Jane and two other girls behind her.
“Good morning, juilette, Anna!” Jane gave a thick smile.
“Good morning” Anna replied but juilette didn’t.
Jane glanced around the girls neck to see their rosary hanging there and she smiled.
“So did you girls both pray in front of the alter last night and this morning?” Jane asked.
Of course they didn’t.
“Yes we did” Juilette replied her hand on her waist. “So… Jane… I mean sister Jane, can I ask a question”
Jane gulped “I’m not a fan of your words but sure go on”
“Why do we have to pray to the alter every morning and night?” Juilette breathed out.
“What?” Jane laughed. “Because praying is a good thing and we want to be closer to God”
“Can’t we just do it without the alter?” Juilette shrugged.
“No we can’t The first altar recorded in the Hebrew Bible is that erected by Noah–
“I’m not talking about history right now” Juilette interrupt.
“And so am I, I’m just trying to say this alter has been going on for thousands of years now and just because a teenage non religious girl has a problem with it doesn’t mean we’ll stop” Jane stated angrily.
“Sure… Fine, I don’t want you to take it down, I could actually care less, and why are you even here Anna and I are about to get to class you’re in the way.” Juilette said.
“A little nice won’t hurt your tongue and I’m here to help you both get to your classes, you’re one of the newest student and as the president it’s my duty to assure your punctuality to class and to make sure you know your way around the school and classes.” Jane said holding up a forced smile.
Juilette raised her brows. “You don’t have to worry, Anna and I know our way around the school than you do.”
“No we don’t” Anna suddenly chimed In.
“Yes we do” Juilette said pulling Anna out of the room and shutting the door.
Jane glared at the girls as they walked away before walking away too.
“What is wrong with you we don’t know anywhere around the school, just because you hate Jane doesn’t mean you have to blow it up for me.” Anna complained as she and juilette both walked together in an empty hall with books in their hand.
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to drag you into this, and I don’t hate Jane , I’m just messing with her, and don’t worry, I’ll just follow my hunch and get to class!” Juilette said.
“Your hunch? Really? And what if your hunch takes us to the toilet instead of our first class.” Anna complained.
“Just trust me on this one” Juilette rolled her eyes.
“Trust you my butt” Anna muttered
Both girls remained quiet as they walked through the halls taking juilette’s ‘hunch’..
As both girls hurried to wherever their legs was taking them but juilette suddenly stopped and moved to Anna’s side saying sorry.
Juilette started walking again but Anna pulled her back.
“I don’t understand who are you saying sorry to?” Anna asked.
“Didn’t you just see the lady who just passed by, I had to make way for her cause I was blocking her path and I apologized for it.” Juilette explained and Anna’s eyes popped out.
“What?” Anna paused. “No body passed by, we’re the only ones in the hallway.” Anna stated.
“Thats not true, that lady” Juilette Turned pointing to the left but suddenly froze.
“What’s wrong?” Anna asked looking at the left to see why juilette paused, but didn’t see anything.
“What Lady?” Anna asked.
Juilette snapped out of her state and grabbed Anna’s hand. “Uhm, there is no lady, let’s just head to class”
“Why are you so weird?” Anna scoffed angrily walking so fast because juilette was pulling her so much.
“We’re all weird.” Juilette replied.

Both girls managed to get to class all thanks to juilette’s strange hunch and well Anna was surprised.
They both got into the class and went to the back of the class since the whole seat had been taken. All eyes were on them for being the new student and Anna started to feel suffocated. No she wasn’t good with strangers.
“Even if you’re nervous, try not to look nervous.” Juilette whispered to her.
“It’s just my nature, I get tense up around new people” Anna added with a nervous smile.
“You’ll come around.” Juilette clicked her tongue, and Anna just watched her surprised by the fact that she isn’t nervous at all.
“Are you sure you’re new to this school?” Anna joked.
“Yes and I know what you’re thinking, I don’t get nervous, no matter how I hard I try, my nerve doesn’t kick in” Juilette said.
“Wish I’m like that though.” Anna laughed.
An older looking Nun walked into the class, she was very tall and her Nun clothing was all white and thick, she had a big rosary around her neck and a nice face.
She walked into the class and gave a smile and immediately the whole student got on their feet. And so did Anna and juilette.
Immediately all the student joined their hands together, closed their eyes, bowed their heads and turned to the alter in front of the class.
“Now we pray before the class starts” The Nun said and they all start to say a prayer recital.
“Don’t close your eyes” Juilette snapped at Anna when she tried copy the students.
“What why? We’re praying” Anna whispered.
“Nope, not in front of any alter” Juilette stated.
“What? Why? I seriously need an explanation for all this juilette.” Anna said.
“And I’ll give you one once I find out too, just don’t pray with them” Juilette’s words were slow as she grabbed Anna’s hand and clasp them with hers.
Anna sighed and glanced at juilette one more time before turning back to the class.
The prayer ended and the Nun who’s clearly the teacher that morning, smiled.
“I see we have two new students at the back, care two introduce yourself lovelies?” She smiled…
Anna found the woman’s smile quite comforting.
Both girls slowly stood up and Anna gave a forced smile. “I’m Anna Riles” Anna said and sat down immediately.
“Oh okay and how about you the girl with the grey hair” the nun said a bit confused about juilette’s hair.
“My name’s juilette Kruger, and nice to meet everyone and incase you’re all wondering, I was born with the grey hair” Juilette said sharply to the entire class, cause everyone’s eyes didn’t leave her hair.
“And it will be a little nice, if you will stop staring at me” Juilette stated her eyes glaring at the whole class. And they all start ro murmur, slowly looking away.
“They’re looking at you because it’s unusual and that makes you special” The nun added trying to butter up the situation.
“Or maybe they’re looking for things to talk about me” Juilette folded her hands.
“Just have your sit sweetie.” The Nun smiled.
Juilette sat down grumpily.
“You’ve got guts” Anna nudged her.
“I thought you weren’t born with grey hair” Anna whispered.
“just a white lie” Juilette shrugged
The class started and ended so quickly and it was time for the next Time, they both had different classes and Anna could already feel her stomach turn due to nervousness. She was fine walking and taking the first class with juilette and now with the second class going alone, she felt like she could throw up any minute.
“We have different classes, now this is sad” Juilette said walking Anna to class.
“Yeah… It is” Anna sighed.
“And we have like no other classes together again for the whole day until recess.” Juilette sighed.

“I guess this is your class” Juilette said to Anna as they both stopped in front of a classroom.
“How did you know, well this is class E but how did you know your way around the school.?” Anna asked..
“Instincts” Juilette smiled with a shrug.
“You don’t expect me to believe that do you?” Anna raised a brow at her.
“I just followed my instincts” Juilette laughed.
Anna gave her a weird look.
“Anyways, I’ll be going to my class now, I’ll see you after the class and don’t make any friends without me okay!” Juilette said jokingly.
“I don’t intend to even with you here” Anna scoffed.
Juilette laughed. “Seriously don’t”
Anna laughed.
“Okay then bye…” Juilette said and walked cheerfully to the opposite direction, while Anna just stood and watch her go, how could someone be so confident, cheerful, not afraid, not nervous and yet so plain. She stands out so much, with her little growing grey hair and an eye colour that is not easy to decipher. She’s nonchalant but yet she’s not, she says want she wants caring less about the consequences. She hardly shoes fear and is always cheerful, she’s very weird and says weird and creepy stuff but she mainly brush it off and she smile so easily.
Anna felt her blood rise as she watch Juilette go, and immediately juilette took a turn to the next hallway and disappeared out of Anna’s sight, Anna felt like something was pulled out of her. She suddenly realised she was alone, but shrugged nervousness out of her head and walked into the class.

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“Finally I can breathe again!” Juilette said throwing herself on Anna and giving her a hug.
“What do you mean?” Anna laughed as juilette let’s go of her.
“Not having a class with you for the whole day is the worst, first there was No one to talk to and everyone just gave me weird eyes, and a girl walked up to me and was like, hey my mom said if a teenage girl has grey hair at such a young age it means she’s a witch in her past life, I looked at this girl without a word I almost ripped her mouth out of her face, how can people be so rude!” Juilette complained linking arms with Anna as they both walked back to their dorm.
“Maybe she’s just jealous.” Anna said.
“I don’t think she’s jealous, if all my hair turns grey, I’m really going to lose it, someone might think of me an old lady seeing me from behind” Juilette said touching her hair.
“But it’s not that bad, it actually stands out and is very pretty” Anna said and got a look from juilette.
“I know you’re just saying that so I wouldn’t feel bad” Juilette clicked her tongue…
“I’m serious” Anna huffed.
“Then if there’s a way we can switch hairs, would you agree to have mine?.” Juilette asked.
“… Y.. Yes” Anna shrugged.
“What the hell, you hesitated, that means you don’t think it’s pretty, you’re not a very good liar Anna” Juilette sighed.
“Sorry” Anna chuckled lightly.
“But it’s okay I don’t have to care what other people say, it’s not like I need their opinions or want to be friends with them or anything, one friend is enough, Anna you also shouldn’t make many friends, friends are like responsibilities and burden” Juilette added.
“Tell that to my sister” Anna mumbled lowly.
The two girls walked into their room and before they could even think about settling down a knock came in at the door…
“I’m too lazy to stand up, go get it Anna” Juilette sighed falling back on her bed.
“I’m not your maid or anything, don’t boss me around.” Anna scoffed as she walked to the door and opened it making juilette laugh.
“Yes..?” Anna said to the unrecognizable girl at the door.
“Anna riles?” She called looking at Anna.
“Yes that’s me” Anna said.
“Okay, well your presence is needed at the student council office.” The girl said sharply.
“What? Did I do anything wrong” Anna had to ask.
“I don’t know but sister Jane told me to invite you over to the office” the girl said and juilette suddenly came down from her bed and walked up to the girls at door.
“Did she do anything wrong?” Juilette asked the girl.
“No she didn’t, please just come with me sister Anna” the girl said and Anna threw juilette a look.
“Let’s go” Juilette said pulling Anna out of the room.
“Ah sorry but it’s just Anna Riles who’s been called.” The girl said.
“I’m sure Jane won’t mind a company of two and I can’t stay in that room alone, so no, Anna and I are going together.” Juilette snapped and the girl just sighed.
Anna didn’t mind juilette’s company at all, she really liked it.
“I thought I made it clear that it’s just Anna Riles that’s being called here” Jane said to juilette immediately the girls stepped into the office.
“We go everywhere together” Juilette shrugged.
“Well this is totally none of your business and it will be nice of you to just enjoy the recess before dinner, so please leave the office” Jane said.
“It’s recess right? I get to be wherever I want Jane…” Juilette said putting a lot of stress on her name.
“Well Anna needs all the privacy she can get for this.” Jane stated angrily.
“Privacy for what?” Anna chimed in.
“Well your mother reached the school this morning while everyone was in class, and the principal promised to put you on the phone with her during recess” Jane replied.
Anna gasped. “Really my mom?”
“Yes” Jane nodded.
“Wow, your mom’s really sweet and considerate, it’s your second day and she’s all over you, trying to reach you and stuff, I’m pretty sure my mom doesn’t remember she has a child here” Juilette laughed.
“Well that’s okay, I don’t mind juilette being here while I talk to my mom, she can say hi to my mom too” Anna smiled with a slight shrug.
“See” Juilette bat her lashes at Jane.
“Okay whatever you say, it must be rough for you having a clingy friend Anna” Jane said trying to get on Ava’s angry side.
“Well guess what, Anna and I are like best friends, sisters even, we go nowhere without each other.” Juilette stated.
Best friends? Anna almost screamed by that statement. She’s never even had a friend needless to say a best friend.
“What do you mean best friends you both just met yesterday” Jane laughed.
“Sometimes you know they’re your best friends with just a second of meeting them, and sometimes even shorter than a second you know don’t like them” Juilette huffed.

Anna was given an android phone with her mother’s phone number on the dialer.
“Wow I thought it’s going to be like a telephone or something, who would have thought it would be an android” Juilette laughed.
“what do you think this is? The 20th century?” Jane snapped walking away and received a glare from juilette
“Anna!” Elizabeth heard her mother’s voice from the other side of the line and she smiled.
“Mom” Anna breathed out.
“Oh my, sweetie how are you? How is the school, how is everyone. Have you make any friends, how is the school? Your room? The food?–
“Mom, mom one question at a time.” Anna laughed.
“Sorry, I just feel like I could burst any minute” Elizabeth laughed..
Anna glanced up at juilette who was looking at her with excitement, couldn’t wait to say hi.
“The school is great, it’s very big, the foods are like heaven, the dorms are a little dark but it’s okay, I like the fact that everyone has their own bathroom” Anna explained.
“Wow if not for your scholarship I’m pretty sure this school cost a fortune” Elizabeth huffed. “So what about friends, have you made any friends?”
“Well everyone is pretty skeptical to be honest and yes my friend is right in front of me would you like to say hi.” Anna asked.
“Of course yes.” Elizabeth squealed.
Anna happily gave the phone to juilette.
“hi… Mrs…
“Elizabeth” Anna helped.
“Just call me Lizzy” Elizabeth smiled happily,
They both exchanged a heartwarming greeting before Juilette gave the phone back to Anna.
“So How’s Ava?” Anna asked her mom.
“Oh she’s fine, the only thing in worried about is like this not very comforting grey hair growing at the back of her hair, I asked her to come with me to the hospital for a checkup but she declined…”
“Grey hair?” Anna replied.
“Yeah it’s ugly and I hate it, oh speak of the devil, Ava’s here would you like to talk to her, cause she looks like she wants to talk to you too” Elizabeth voice was sharp.
“Yeah sure, put her on the phone” Anna said.
“Anna!!!!” Ava called cheerfully.
“What is it with you and yelling” Anna scoffed.
“I’m just so excited to hear your voice, how is the school and how is juilette?”
The question made Anna pause, she glanced at juilette and looked away.
“How did you know of juilette?” she asked.
“What are you talking about, mom was just talking to her, I was there” Ava replied.
“No, if we can go back in time in our heads and try to remember, yesterday morning you told me, say hi to juilette, how do you explain that?” Anna scoffed. Her voice was low she was being catious and didn’t want juilette to hear.
“I never said anything like that” Ava declined.
“Don’t lie to me Ava, you clearly say that and also said something about showing reverence or something.” Anna spat.
“Okay clearly, I remember the Reverence part, but juilette? I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Ava said her voice sounding sincere.
Anna was angry.
“Okay then, what do you mean by show reverence?” Anna asked.
“Oh you see, you didn’t let me finish that day, what I meant by show reverence is that, if anyone tells you to show Reverence, simply decline and do not try to pray in front of any alter” Ava said leaving Anna shocked.
The same time juilette has been saying, why are both of them saying the same thing? What is going on!
“And why do you say so?” Anna asked.
“because… Because I’m not in any position to say so, clearly because I don’t know why too, so just put juilette on the phone, I want to speak to her too” Ava said cheerfully.
“No” Anna said.
“Please” Ava Sighed.
“It’s on loud speaker Ava say hi” Anna said placing the phone in between she and juilette.
“who.?” Juilette mouthed to Anna.
“My twin.” Anna replied.
“HI juilette!!” Ava called cheerfully.
“Uhm.. Hi” Juilette said.
“How are you?” Ava asked.
“I’m fine” Juilette laughed. “It’s funny how you’re so casual, acting like you’ve known me since forever”
“Well you know, a friend of Anna is also a friend of mine” Ava voice said.
“Yeah Right keep deceiving yourself you freak” Anna scoffed.
“Oh shut up Anna” Ava added her own scoff.
Juilette eyes widen by the sister lashing out.
“You know what, Juilette and I won’t let our recess go to waste talking to you Ava, get well soon and start” Anna said cutting the call.
“You know, you and your sister have the same voice” Juilette said as she walked side by side with Anna in the hallway, both girls just walking around the school wasting their recess.
“People say we do even though I don’t hear it, except being about three inches taller than Ava, I think we’re pretty much identical with everything, and she’s just the prettier one.”Anna replied and paused to look out the window from the enormous window from the hallway.
“She’s the pretty one? But you’re both identical, how are you sure she’s more prettier” Juilette laughed standing beside Anna as they both stared outside the window.
“I don’t know, she’s more girly and free and I think I’m more constrained and I hardly Wear skirts” Anna said staring at the school’s gate from
“You’re funny” Juilette laughed.
“I kind of like the view from up here” Anna said.
“Yeah me too” Juilette added resting her arms on edge of the window.
“Huh.” Juilette suddenly said “What is a little boy doing in all girls school.” Juilette asked staring at a little boy standing in front of the school gate and staring at her, he was dressed in a black tuxedo with his hair gelled back.
“He looks so cute in that tux” Juilette laughed.
“What boy?” Anna asked curiously wanting to see who juilette was talking about too.
“That boy… The one at the gate, the one staring at us” Juilette pointed.
“I… I don’t see anyone.” Anna said looking at the gate and around.
“What? The one right there” Juilette pointed again her smile slowly fading.
“I don’t see anyone” Anna looked at juilette weirdly.
“What?” Juilette’s voice was low as she glanced at the gate then at Anna.
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