[STORY] s*x in the moon (episode 1-22)


Roy walked to the house as his body had been drenched with sweat from another fruitless job hunting, he greeted Mr Williams before heading to the bathroom to wash off the sweat away from his athletic body..

Seeing Roy face which was moody as he walked in, Mr William knew he didn’t made progress in his quest for getting a job , sometimes he wished he had send him to higher institution, but this was were his money could take him, ” Roy deserve better” he thought to himself as he brought out one of his old newspaper inside his cupboard beneath his couch, he was going through the front page before he heard a nock on the door ” who is that” he asked folding the paper and heading to the door. ” it’s me” Nina said from outside.
“oh!!!!! Nina how are you doing ” Mr Williams asked cheerfully as he opened the door.” fine sir” she greeted. ” is Roy in” she asked “yeah, he just came back” Mr William answered.
“maybe i will just come back later” she said and walked away.

Minutes later Roy walked to the sitting room and sat on the couch pressing his mobile phone.
” so how was it ” Mr Williams asked. He already knew what his answer to his question but he chose to hear it from his mouth.

” couldn’t find any reasonable job, ” Roy replied with a dejected voice.

“that’s Okay, just keep on searching, you will find one soon, I just have this fate. ” he said with an optimistic voice.

” by the way Nina came looking for you, I told her you just came back so she decided she will come back ” Mr Williams added.
” Okay I will see her later ” Roy answered still glued to his mobile phone.
” by the way are you dating her? ” he asked Roy who was shocked of his question.
” no – we are just – friends” Roy stuttered.
” Why don’t you date her, she is a nice girl, so many people thought you guys are dating even me until now ” Mr William said. Roy was not surprised, he knew most people thought of them as a couple but he didn’t care what they think, Nina was a nice girl.
” why don’t you date Nina,” his words echoed in his head.
“she is my best friend ” Roy replied evasively while Mr Williams shrugged in resignation. He knew he love Nina but he was not sure if he had any feelings for her maybe it was sisterly love. ***** Time shall tell**** …


After returning from the market, she went home to take her bath before she will be visiting Roy, she was in her room dressing up before she heard nock on her door, she went to open it, thinking it was Roy, but to her dismayed it was Victor who had been following her around like a stubborn fly, she had told Intermittently that she don’t like him and will never date him, but Victor was not someone who do accept defeat easily.
“what do you want ” Nina questioned with arm akimbo.
” take it easy, I came to see you ” he replied with a smile, a smile that irritates her.. Victor was not handsome nor was he ugly.
” for what ” she asked starring at him in disdain.
” -to know – – if you’ve accepted to be my girlfriend ” he stammered foolishly while Nina bursted into laughter..
” in your dream ” she hissed and jammed the door.

” I should the girlfriend of a tout and and drunkard” she said to herself .. Thinking of victor’s proposal disgust her.
She finish dressing and we went to her standing mirror to add a little make up on her face , she gazed at her reflection from the mirror and smiled to herself. She was beautiful, she had the shape of Rhianna , with a nice curve and an Hazel eyes which Roy admired about her.
she wish Roy could just ask her to be his girlfriend, she so much like him, she knew he like her but she was not sure he feels the same way towards her..


Roy went to Nina’s house, they were staying in 4 bedroom flat, her parents were not poor neither were they rich, they were average as some people will say. Although Nina was a graduate , she graduated last year, she and Roy were age mate just that Roy was older than her with just 3 months. She had been helping him with finances , sometimes Roy feels ashamed to collect money from her but she do persuade him, telling me” it’s for the main time”…
He got to her house and nock at her door, the door flung open while Nina quickly gave him a welcoming hug..
“are you going somewhere ” Roy asked scrutinizing the way she was dressed.

” not really, I would like you to take me out ” she smiled while Roy shrugged..
” don’t worry, the bill is on me ” she added while Roy looked down dejectedly.
” You shouldn’t be doing this ” Roy murmured .
” let’s go” she said not wanting to reply his question.

They left to an eatery were they ate and discussed before they decided to call it a day. Nina was just hoping Roy could summoned courage and ask her to be his girlfriend, but she was disappointed when he never mentioned it. “there is still time, he don’t have a girlfriend yet ” she consoled herself…

Roy walked her to her house before heading to his, he got to his room and drafted to a dreamless slumber..

He woke up the next morning in searched for a job…
He went to Vitoria Island searching for a factory work, but couldn’t find any, they all gave the same flimsy excuses which was ” we don’t need people we are complete” he retired and was walking home, he saw poster which reads” security guard ” he walked pass it, about 20 meters away he halted

” should I apply ” he thought to himself, he knew the job was below him, but he was tired of haunting for job without progress, he quickly scrutinized the building , it was a duplex, he walked there and nock at the door.

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Roy nock at the black gate, while someone who wore the clothes of a security guard quickly open the door, he will be in his early thirties….
“who are you looking for ” he asked scrutinizing Roy with his eyes….
” I saw the posted on the wall so I decided to apply ” Roy calmly replied..
” come in ” he ushered him in,
Roy walked in and scrutinize the building, it was one of the biggest building he had seen, it was gargantuan building about 3 storey building, it has a swimming pool with a place where cars do parked, he saw the latest range Rover sport car, and two SUV in front of the house..
“wait here the security man told him and walk to the building, few minutes later he came back with chubby man, who looks well fed , he was dressed in a plane trouser and a white long-sleeved…
” Good afternoon sir ” Roy greeted as the man came close to him….
” afternoon, I see you came for the job right? ” the man asked to be sure…
” yes sir ” Roy replied nodding his head…
” can I have your cv ” the man asked, Roy quickly handed him his cv from his pocket which he rapped in an envelope.
” you are 26 ” the man asked as he scanned his cv.
” yes sir ” Roy dejectedly replied.
” you had no experience, why do you want this job ” the man said folding his cv…

” Sir I don’t have any experience, but I can do this job , I am. Smart and hardworking and fast, and the reason while I needed this job is to save some money which I can use to enroll for a per time school ” Roy calmly explained while the man smiled…
” I like you, you sound intelligent, call me Mr Johnson ” the man said and stretched forth his hands while Roy shook him, bowing his head as a sigh of respect…
” Okon here will give you the guarantors form and explained the job to you, the job is yours ” the man said and walked away leaving a satisfactory smile on Roy’s face.
Okon who was the security guard calmly explained to Roy about the nature of the job, the told him it was shifting that they were 4 security guard, and they normally do 4 days on and four days off and the salary was 35.000, Roy was happy, he collected the guarantor’s form and went home feeling relieve, he knew the job was below him, but what can he do,? a saying goes “half bread is better than none” he met Mr Williams sited on the couch as usual. ” good evening sir” Roy greeted cheerfully..
“evening, how was it ” he asked Roy..
” I finally secured a job, but it’s a security guard ” Roy replied…

” It’s for the main time, ” Mr Williams advised while Roy nodded and walked to the bathroom to freshen up, he came back and gave his father the guarantor form which he filled it within 5 minutes …


Mr Johnson and his wife were preparing for the arrival of their daughter which is in two days from now, they decided to throw a party for which was lex idea, unknown to them he had planned of proposing to her because he knew she could not rebuff his proposal in front of her parents…

The next day Roy went to his place of work, he submitted every required documents, he was been giving an employment latter, they also gave him the uniform which he wore and he start the same day.

The next quickly came as expected, Mr Johnson quickly ordered one of his driver and Roy to go pick Sandra from the airport, they drove to the airport and waited for Sandra, they waited for about 20 minutes before they saw her coming, both Roy and the driver quickly went after her to help her with her luggage …
” good evening ” they both greeted..
” evening “Sandra replied recognising the driver…
” Victor! is this the new security guard ” she asked ..
” yes ma ” Roy replied with a smile, he quickly collected her luggage and put on the boot, while they all hopped in to the
S.UV.and drove home..
30 minutes to their journey they got to Sandra’s house, they all alighted from the car, Roy quickly helped Sandra in carrying her luggage inside, by the time they got to the sitting room, every where was dark, they was light outside but the sitting was dark.
“what’s happening, where is everybody “Sandra asked feeling tensed.
” I don’t know ” Victor replied evasively…

” surprised!!!!!!!!!!!! ” they heard a scream while the light went on.. Sandra was astound , she saw 3 of her friends, lex and her mum and dad with people she didn’t know …
” Daddy you shouldn’t have done this ” she smiled as her father came to hold her hands..
” you deserve it dear ” he told her, suddenly they heard a song, it was a blues…” may I have this dance ” Mr Johnson asked her daughter who smiled .. .
All this while Roy was just watching at them, smiling, he envied Sandra, she was now a graduate from the University of Oxford, while he is just a common security guard….

After Sandra was through dancing, chatting with her friends and exchanging pleasantries with the guests , she walked up to Victor and Roy who just stood at a corner ….
” thanks” she told them “you are welcome” they both replied with a smile, her eyes suddenly went to Roy…
” How old are you ” she asked unintentionally ..
” MA! ” Roy replied as if he didn’t heard what she said .
.” I am sorry ” she calmly apologized while Roy breathed a sigh of relieve, he never like telling people’s his age.

suddenly lex took a wine glass and a spoon, he hit the glass with a spoon which made a noise, he did that to gain people’s attention..” Sorry for that, ” he apologized.
” Sandra can you please come over here ” he told Sandra who reluctantly went over, holding lex hands.
” this is the most important thing I am about to do in my life ” he said and knelt down, and deep in hands in his pocket…” Sandra Johnson will you marry me ” he said with a smile . his words hit her like an earthquake making her puzzled, she knew this day would come that lex will be proposing to her but she never wanted it to be this soon, she didn’t love him, she was hoping she would have fallen in love with him before he would proposed to her, but she was wrong, she can’t love him. She stared at lex, she knew rejecting his proposal would be a big blow to his face and a great disgrace to his reputation.. She had no other choice than to accept, after all they families had already pledge them to be husband and wife.. ” yes” she replied with shaky voice and without enthusiasm Putting a satisfactory smile on everyone’s faces except for hers.

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After the party, Sandra went to her room antagonize over lex proposal, she know she shouldn’t be angry but she find herself totally mad for what lex did, she knew he used the opportunity to make her concede to his request…
Lex quickly followed her to her room..
” what happened love ” lex asked innocently..
” you are asking me what happened? ” Sandra replied in a high pitch voice..
” tell me please because I don’t know what I did ” lex said still with the innocent look, Sandra stared at him in furry and scoffed..
” Please tell me ” lex beseeched for the umpteenth time hold her hands…
” why would you proposed to me without even informing me, you know I am not ready for marriage and you still went ahead ” Sandra said starring at lex who shrugged and stare back at her .
” what’s the different love, we are going to be married very soon, so while prolonging it, we are pledge to be together, I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. That’s why I did it, and I don’t see anything wrong for what I did ” lex replied nonchalantly irritating Sandra with his words…
” Just! go ” Sandra murmured to him, trying her possible best not to argue with him…

Lex peck her on the cheek and left while Sandra laid on the bed, thinking how miserable her life would be when she finally married lex…

The next morning….
Sandra was been woken up my her mum {miss Naomi) ..
” good morning ” she murmured to her mum and she stretched from the bed…
” morning dear, I think you’ve slept enough ” her mum replied and remove the blanket..

She left her daughter who went to the bathroom to freshen up, immediately she was done, she join her mother in the dinning.
” were is dad ” Sandra asked as the sat opposite her mother..
” he went for a business trip her mum replied. Sandra quickly served herself breakfast which was bread and tea…..

” lex told me you were not happy about his proposal. ” Mrs Naomi said breaking the he silence..

” Yeah!!, I think he his just rushing things, for God sake I am 24, and marriage is the least of my problems ” she explained to her mum who stared at her suspiciously..

” do you have any man in your life ” her mum asked starring at her daughter while she shook her head negatively…
” do you love him ” her mum asked while Sandra breathed and shrugged…
” I don’t love him , and I don’t think I can ever love him ” Sandra blunted .

” don’t say that, when I married your father I didn’t love him, but with time I found myself loving him as if my life depends on it ” her mum replied while Sandra scoffed…
” you are betrothed to lex, you should start seeing yourself as his wife” Mrs Naomi said while Sandra angrily left the dinning..
” Sandra!!!!!
“Sandra!!!!!! ” her mum voice out her name but the paid deaf ears, she went to her room and cried out her eyes…..


Roy who was at home because today was his off day , he decided to visit Nina, he had not told her about his job.
He went to her house and nock at the door.

“Roy!! ” she exclaimed excitedly as she opened the door..
” hey Nina ” Roy smiled. She ushered him in while Roy sat down on the couch, she went to the fridge and brought out hollandian yogurt, she served him in a breakable cup and sat close to him..

” thanks ” Roy murmured and gulped a little content down to his stomach…

” so where have you been, I had looking for you since yesterday, but you were not at home ” Nina asked cheerfully…
” I am currently working now ” Roy replied..
” and you didn’t bother to tell me.” she asked in disbelief..

” Sorry! , but that’s why I came here to tell you ” Roy replied..

” So what is the nature of the job, “she asked..

” it’s a security guard ” Roy murmured….
” You deserve better than that” Nina said dejectedly..
” I know ” Roy replied gloomily..
She held Roy’s palm and stared directly to his eyes, there was a fire burning in their eyes, suddenly their heard started coming close while she planted a kiss on his lips, they kiss for about two minutes before Roy broke the kiss..

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Roy broke the kiss while Nina sheepishly looked away, she was kind of shy….
“I am sorry ” she calmly apologized..
” it’s not your fault, we are just carried away Roy replied..

They gisted for about an hour before Roy left to his house, he met of the his brother (abducted brother) “hey Roy I heard you now work” he smiled to Roy.
“yeah Phil ” Roy waved at him and left to the room where he laid down on the bed and drafted to dreamless slumber, he woke up the next morning as early as 6;00am to prepare for work , he did his normal routine and went to work…

10 am….

Lex came to Sandra’s house, he greeted her mother and sat on the couch waiting, while her mother went to Sandra’s room to called her..
“hey dear!, lex is waiting for you in the sitting room ” she said to her daughter who breathed a sigh frustration..
She reluctantly went to meet him in the Sitting room.
Immediately lex saw her, he quickly stood up and hugged her.
” hey how are you doing ” he asked as they disengaged..
” fine ” she replied trying her best to sound polite..
” I came for us to go shopping, you know our weeding is a month from now ” lex smiled while Sandra stared at him in astonishment..
” a month from now? ” she muttered sounding perplexed..
” yeah “lex answered with a reassuring smile…
” How is that possible, or do you think I had accepted to be your wife, I only did that to save you from embarrassment and you went on fixing a date to our wedding without my approval ” Sandra poured out to me..

” is not actually I want ahead, our parents had agreed for us to get married and I think that’s great, see Sandra i love you more than you can ever imagined, I don’t really know what’s wrong with you , but I know so many girls would kill just to be my wife, you are just behaving childish ” lex fired back at her while Sandra stared at him in disdain..
” thank God you said so many girls , well I am not so many girls , I am Sandra Johnson and I am not sure I will be getting married to you ” Sandra bluntly said and walked out while lex stared her in awe…

” weather you agreed or not we are getting married” lex said inwardly and left to his house, immediately he got to his house, he called one of his concubine who came as fast as possible,..

About 30 minutes later

” hey lex ” she greeted as she walked up to him..
” hey Tracy ” lex waved at her while she came to where he was, she sat on his leg..
” what’s the problem ” she asked sensing he was not happy..
” it’s that stupid girl I am about to marry ” lex replied.
” what happened again ” Tracy asked. because lex do complained of her attitude to her, so she knew about their relationship..
” she kept behaving saying she is not ready for marriage, our marriage is inevitable, ” lex breathed.
” do you love her? ” Tessy asked surprising lex with her questions…

” hey enough with Sandra, ” lex waved at her while she shrugged.
” Okay, “she murmured and planted a kiss on his lips. Soon enough they both found themselves in Wonderland devouring each other like hungry lions.

[IS LEX IN LOVE WITH SANDRA ??] time will tell…..

Sandra was having problem with the air condition in her, she needed help and only the male can assist her, she went to the gate post, she met Roy and Peter sited on a plastic chair discussing..
” hey did any of you know how fix an AC?? ” Sandra asked the both of them as she approached them..

” nah, I don’t have an AC, ” Peter replied..
” what about you, what’s that your name again ” she asked referring to Roy ..
” Roy !, maybe I can help.”Roy replied and stood up from his sit. They both walk to Sandra’s room, while she showed him the AC which seems faulty, Roy went there and fixed it, it was a minor thing which any male could do…
” it’s done ” Roy said and switch the AC on..
” so quick! “she exclaimed in surprise
” it’s actually the socket, you didn’t plug it very well. Lex explained..
She went to where the AC is and put her hands to feel the breeze rather cold which was emanating out..

” you seem very young and intelligent ” she told him while Roy smiled ..” it’s just a minor thing ” Roy replied..
” it’s not that, I have been watching you, I noticed you are always calm and reserve, are you graduate “she asked while Roy shrugged…
” nope, I am not he replied dejectedly ” and was about leaving, she held his hands” thanks ” she breathed inaudible and let go of his hands..
She watched as Roy disappeared to the gate post..
” such a nice guy ” she said inwardly..

She was busy starring at him before her mother walked up the her..

” who are you starring at like like,” her mum asked jolted her..
” noth_ing “Sandra stuttered ..

” I hope it’s not the security guard, because I noticed the way you look at him “her mum asked while she shrugged..
” mum I am not starring at anybody. ” she replied vehemently and left her mum

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Sandra was in her room deep in thought she kind of admired Roy, the way he carried himself. “what a gentle man” she murmured inwardly, she knew she shouldn’t be thinking of Roy but she find herself doing so..

She suddenly heard the horn of a car, she quickly peep at the window to her surprise it was her dad, she dashed out at once. she liked her dad more than her mum, She ran to meet him and gave him a welcoming hug…
” welcome dad “she greeted her dad amicably. They all walked to the sitting while her mum and the maid prepare dinner, they sat down in the dining eating before her dad decided to break the silence…

” so when are you fixing the date of your wedding ” Mr Johnson asked as he gulped a glass cup of water starring at Sandra in the process.

” Dad please don’t bring the topic” Sandra replied politely not wanting to duel on the issue.

” And why was that ” her dad asked curiously putting all his attention on his daughter.

” she said will not marry lex ” her mum chipped in while Sandra gave her a deadly look.

” Why don’t you want to marry lex, he is a nice man from a good family, lex is every woman’s dream and he loved you ” her father said while Sandra scoffed.
” lex is not a saint, I don’t love him and I can’t Marry him ” Sandra blunted

” Young lady you are marrying lex weather you like it or not, you are already pledge to be together, I think you should that start putting the idea in your head ” her dad replied trying her best not to shout at her while Sandra shrugged, she would have left his presence but she hate disrespecting her dad…..


Nina was just coming from the market with a polythene bag on her hands, Victor who sighted her quickly followed her…
” Hey Nina “he smiled while she halted and gave him a lethal look.

” Hey Nina how have you been, I have been looking for you like forever ” he added while Nina just hissed and left him, she was walking fast while Victor followed her and held her hand…
” apskaaaaa “she gave him a resounding slap while Victor held his cheek, she stared at him in disgust and left him..
Victor quietly walked away from her and meet his fellow friends who was busy laughing at him..
” Guy you no try Ooo, see the way that babe slap you, you no tear am your own back ” one of his friend said..
” I just dey laugh you, if girl no gree, you go bone am, now she don see you finish ” another of his friend added …

” make ena no worry that babe go pay for this slap ” Victor said with an evil smile while his friends stared at him in awe……..

Nina was so furious, she decided to visit one her friends , she was tired staying at home, there is no Roy to keep her company ..
She walked to one of her friends house, she nocked on her door while she quickly ushered her in, they both sat down in the parlor…

” Can you imagine that idiot is still asking me to be his girlfriend” Nina told her friend immediately she sat down on the couch…
” Is it Victor the tout ? ” her friend asked while she nodded..
” Maybe is because you don’t have a boyfriend that’s why he decided ask you to be his girlfriend, he can’t try that on me lucky will just kill me with one hand ” Vivian boasted..

” I don’t know what’s delaying Roy to pop up the question, abi is that hard to ask a girl to be your girlfriend? ” Nina asked in a flummoxed manner..

” I don’t know about that, I think you should ask Roy out , take the charge than for you to be waiting for him to pop the question ” Vivian suggested while Nina shrugged..

“No! It’s not right it will look as if I am cheep” she murmured..

” dey there! , for Indian na women dey proposed to man,, gone at the days when we do wait for them, if it’s me I don’t mind asking him to be my boyfriend, you know handsome guy like Roy are hard in the market, so my friend I advised you take charge before another woman overpower you. you have to take the bull by the hone ” Vivian advised..

” Are you sure of what you are saying,” Nina queried..
” yes! , now that he is working so many girls will want to find their way to be with him, babe shine your eye ” Vivian said shining her eyes to emphasize her point while Nina shrugged in resignation…

She concluded to herself that she was going to ask him to be his girlfriend, she knew Roy was shy,” maybe he is scared she will turn him down “she finalized to herself…
They gisted and talk for about sometime before they decided call it a day, Nina had finally made up her mind to ask Roy out, and she had planned on doing that the next day

The next Roy was at home, it was his off day, Nina went to visit him with the intention to ask him out.
Vivian really did a good job in persuading telling her to take the charge…

She and Roy were both sited on the bench outside his house..
“see Roy there is something I wanted to tell you ” she breathed while Roy stared at her.

” What is that?? ” Roy asked nonchalantly.
While she breathed heavily and stared at him.

” I don’t know how to say it, I have been waiting for you to say it but I guess you were shy, Roy I love you and I will wants us to start a relationship together ” she finally drop the bombshell while Roy stared at her in astonishment he wasn’t expecting such from her, he had always take her as a sister and a best friend, he didn’t want to hurt her, telling her no might halted the friendship they had, and he was not ready to loose her, he knew he like Nina but as a sister and as a friend, he don’t have feelings for her, Nina was starring at him anticipating him to concede to her request.
While Roy stared at her all he could see was great love, he had never fell in love before, he doesn’t know how it feels, ” does he love her”? He questioned himself inwardly.
He was in quandary if he should say yes or no

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Roy stared at Nina thinking of the best reply to give her, he knows rejecting her might halted the friendship he had with her, he wasn’t ready to loose Nina, she was his best friend, all his life he had never dated any girl before, Nina was the closeness girl to him, he doesn’t understand love, he knew he like Nina more than anything, could that be love? Roy thought to himself….

” Roy I can understand if you do not feel anything for me ” Nina replied dejectedly trying her possible best to be calm but Roy could sense the disappointment in her voice…

” Nina I love you, and I would love to start a relationship with you ” Roy finally replied putting unimaginable smile on her face, but he was not happy, she wasn’t attracted to him, not that Nina wasn’t beautiful but he had been used seeing her as a his sister and his best friend. Immediately he made that statement his conscience began to hunt him, he knew he was not being sincere but he couldn’t risk losing Nina, she was like the half of him..

Lex was very eager to marry Sandra not that he loved her but because Sandra was the only child of Mr Johnson that automatically means she would inherits his property… “Sandra is an asset” that’s was how lex sees her.. he quickly drove to her house with the intention to tell her about the date of their wedding, he had been making preparation for the wedding, he got to Sandra’s house and met her sited on the couch glued to the TV, immediately Sandra heard a footsteps she stared at the direction and behold lex who was smiling, she breathed a sigh of frustration…
“hey! how have you been “lex asked as he sat close to her ..
.” I have been fine ” Sandra replied nonchalantly.
” Guess what!!! ” lex suddenly muttered..
” just tell me “Sandra waved at him while he shrugged…
” our wedding is next month, on the 27 to be precise ” lex replied with a smile…
” actually it was our parents idea, they planned the date of our wedding ” he added still with the smile…. Sandra was furious firstly lex proposed to her without her knowledge now they’ve fixed a date of her wedding without her accepting to marry lex..” only God knows what they will do next “she thought to herself…
” it’s too early, and by the way I have not accepted to be your wife “she bluntly told lex…

” Anyway I guess I should be on way, and don’t forget to invite your friends.. ” lex said, he stood up and took his leave, he was not in the mood to argue with her.

Sandra was at home bored, she was tired of staying at home, she quickly stood up and took a stroll outside, he met Roy who sat down on a bench singing, he was singing ” all of me ” by John legend and he was very good at it, he had the voice of John legend the same voice which could sweep any ladies off her feat , Sandra was mesmerized by his voice, she couldn’t help herself but went closer to him for her hear him clearly, Roy eyes was shut he didn’t know someone was close to him…
” your my downfall! You’re my mute! Sandra sang jolted Roy from Wonderland, Roy calmly open his eyes and saw Sandra starring at him…
“I am sorry! ” Roy murmured..
” for what? ” Sandra asked..
” em em for signing “Roy stuttered while Sandra smile..
” I am the one that suppose to say sorry, you have a nice voice I must confess.” Sandra breathed while Roy smile..
” thanks ” Roy smiled.
” I have been watching you for the past few days now, you sound intelligent, what happened that you are working as a security guard ” Sandra asked while Roy shrugged…
” it’s a long story “Roy replied dejectedly not willing to duel on the issue..
” I have all the time In the world ” Sandra muttered while Roy stared at her, she smiled encouraging him to go ahead…
” firstly my parents abandoned me in a carnal, I never knew my real parents except for the man who trained me, i went to secondary school but was not opportune to go University, I am here working so that I could save some money which I could use to enroll in per time.. ” Roy explained while Sandra stared at him.” how could someone’s parents abandoned him in carnal what kind of wicked parents will do that ” Sandra thought to herself . She couldn’t help but felt pity for him , such a handsome and intelligent man….
She unintentionally held Roy’s hand and stared at him ” I know you will make it, I will try my possible best to help you come out from this dilemma” she suddenly offer surprising Roy with her attitude…

They gisted and talks for about an hour, Roy was now free with her, she left to her room while the event of the day played on her head.. She couldn’t help but admired Roy, she likes his personality, the way he carried himself, his mesmerizing voice, the way he smile, she couldn’t help herself but wish Roy was the one she was getting married to not to lex the maniac, but it’s too late, she can’t turn the hands of time… Or can she?


Nina was just coming back from church, she was walking in a lonely road which was kind of deserted, suddenly she heard footsteps, she swiftly turned to her back and behold him Victor and two guys, she started walking fast while Victor and the two guys increases the pace, realization hit her like an atomic bomb in no time she took to her heels while victor and the guys chase after her, they caught up on her and took her to to an uncompleted building…..

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Victor and his friends took Nina to an uncompleted building, his intentions was to rape her . “since she don’t want to submit to him willing, she will Submit by force” that was victor’s thought.
They laid her on the floor, she was screaming, fighting with them but they were stronger than her, 3 hefty guys against a slime lady, what can she do?.
Victor friends held her hands and leg strongly making it difficult for her to move, Victor roughly lifted her gown up while and pant came to view, she tried to struggle but all went to no avail, only her voice could save her, she scream while Victor quickly landed a heavy slap at her face making her to close her mouth, he shifted her pant to the left direction and brought out his rod, he quickly insert it without any lubrication making it a tight penetration hurting Nina in the process. “ahhhhh” Nina screamed in pain. Victor was moving fast while Nina was screaming as the pain became unbearable, She suddenly began to beg him, Victor and his friends bursted into laughter. “when you dey shakara you no know abi” that was victor’s replied
“yesaaa !!!!!!!!!” Victor scream as he released his seed on her. While his friends decided to have their turn due watching Victor had turn them on.. About 30 minutes later they were all done. They left Nina was on the floor totally debilitated, she was wailing bitterly. She stood up went home, some part of her gown were filled with Victor and his friends spam.
“Victor must surly pay for this “she cried inwardly but who could she tell, she can’t tell her parents, her dad was never around while her and her mum were not even close. She can’t even tell Roy because she thought it will halted their relationship seeing her as a rape victim, she can’t bear the stigma.


Sandra and Roy are now friends, Sandra can’t stay a day without talking to Roy, she had found him interesting, she knew she like him because him alone clouded her thoughts, but her wedding is just 3 weeks, 3 weeks for her to be the wife of lex.
Roy on his own part admired her, he knew his feeling should not go beyond that because they were not in the same league. The way they became friends astound him, it all begin ever since she heard him sang “all of me” by John legend since then Sandra had been coming to chat with him..
Roy sat down on a plastic chair with Peter , they were both discussing the EpL matches which will be held in the evening.
” Man city will defeat Chelsea, I am sure about that,,, na we get league ” Peter bragged..
” there is no way Man city will defeat Chelsea, Man city way dey flop” Roy replied.
Suddenly they saw the maid, she was walking to the direction. “Roy madam Sandra is calling you” she said while Peter smile.
“Roy be careful of this madam Sandra ” Peter said jokingly mimicking the maid, I While Roy shrugged and left with the maid.

Sandra was the only at home, her mom traveled while her dad went to work as usual.
” I was told you were calling me ” Roy said as he walked to the sitting room.
” i am kind of feeling bored, so decided to chat with you ” Sandra smiled.
” you knew you shouldn’t be sending for me, your mum will not be happy if she find me talking to you instead of staying at the gate post. ” Roy said.
” they are not around, or Is it a crime for me to like you ” Sandra blunted unintentionally.

” like “Roy asked in surprised.
” I like you that’s why I am always sending for you “Sandra replied.
” i like you too ” Roy replied while she smiled..
” like you have a feeling for me ” Sandra asked while Roy shrugged. He knew he had feelings for her, who wouldn’t? She is the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, but he had a girlfriend, he can’t cheat on her, and Sandra was not on his class. She will be getting married to lex in 3 weeks time, even though he knew she didn’t love lex, . So he should kill the feeling he was having for.
” Roy what are you thinking ” Sandra asked jolted him from the realms of thought.
” noth_ing “Roy stuttered.
” so do you have feelings for me ” Sandra asked for the umpteenth time.
“is no use if I had any feelings for you, you are already pledge to lex, and there is no way we can be together, your parents will never allow it” Roy blunted.
“I like you Roy, and I had feelings for you I had be keeping it a secret but I can’t anymore, your presence give me joy. ” Sandra said and sat close to him .
” your voice mesmerizes me, your handsomeness astound me,” Sandra words took him by surprise they stared at each other without uttering a word, their heads started coming while they suddenly kiss for the first time..

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They were both devouring each other like hungry lions, they were both carried away due to their feelings for each other.

Sandra’s maid unknowingly walked in jolted them from Wonderland while they both look at themselves sheepishly.

“i am sorry ” the maid apologized and left Roy and Sandra who were steering at each other.

Love they say is a feeling that could make you happy, sad, angry and even confused..

Both Sandra and Roy were both confused.
” I am sorry I was just carried away ” Roy muttered after minutes of silence.

Sandra just remain mute, she was perplexed on what to reply, Roy calmly stood up and walked to the security post, Sandra stared at him from the window as the event played on her head.
It was the first time she was having a real kiss, her hormones were ragging in fire, when Roy kissed her she knew she had definitely fallen in love with him she was sure about that.

In Roy’s head, Now he was sure what love means, the way he feels for Sandra was different from the way he feels for Nina, he love Nina but he was sure it was not real love, the love he had for her was just sisterly love. the kind of love a guy will have for his sister, but it’s too late, he had already concede to her request, he can’t just break up with her just like that it will really hurt her, what really made him to date her was not to hurt her feelings now breaking up with her will hurt her more, what will be his reasons?
He also know getting involve with Sandra means he will lose his job, he knew that Is the least punishment he will be receive, or if he didn’t even loose his life in the process.
He made up his mind to shun Sandra, getting too close to her had made his feelings to magnify and the last thing he want was creating a problem .


Since the past two weeks had been feeling kinda dizzy, she decided to visit the hospital, after conducting several test on the doctor told her to do a pregnancy test buy she quickly rebuff the idea saying she is not pregnant. The doctor pursued her telling her she got nothing to lose, she finally succumb, they quickly conduct a pregnancy test and to her greatest dismayed she was pregnant and the most painful part was that she don’t even know the actual person among the people that rapped her, one thing she had hated was abortion the thought of abortion scare her, she hated it and she had always condemn girls who partook in such barbaric act.
She knows there was no way she could keep the baby and still keep Roy to herself, which man will want to date a girl who was pregnant for another man? She was so confused on what to do, she decided to seek for a second opinion. “a problem shared is a problem solve”

She got to Vivian house while she calmly welcome her go the sitting were she sat on the couch.

“girl while is your face like this? You are looking so gloomy and disheveled. ” Vivian queried as she scrutinize her friend.

” I am pregnant “Nina blunted.

” so quick, why didn’t you guys use protection “Vivian asked

” I am pregnant but it wasn’t for Roy, i was rapped. “Nina answered dejectedly while Vivian drew back in disbelief.

” who is responsible “she asked the obvious questions anyone would asked.

” I don’t know I was raped by Victor and his friends ” Nina explained to her friend who was shocked.

” babe you have opt for an abortion as I quick as possible ” Vivian advised while Nina shrugged.

” I can’t, it’s against my belief ” Nina replied while Vivian stared at her in awe.

” you can’t!, you have to unless you will lose Roy, assuming it’s for Roy you would have use it to cage him “Vivian said

” have you ever had sex with Roy” Vivian suddenly asked surprising Nina with her question.

“No! ”

” if you can’t abort the child you have to find a way to have sex with Roy even though you had to drug him in the act and you have to do that ASAP , after the act you will wait for a month before telling him you are pregnant for him ” Vivian explained while Nina stared at her in awe.

She so much love Roy but telling him he is responsible for a child that is not his is not fair, but she don’t want to abort the child, that would have been easy.

The only way to be with Roy is to do as Vivian instructed after all she didn’t cheat on him, she was rapped…she thought

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Mr Jeffrey was in his office, he just finished spoken to the Secretary who told him his son came to see him.
Lex walked in, he greeted his dad and sat on the visitor’s sit.

“what do I own this surprise visit” Mr Jeffrey asked.

“I just came to see my dad ” lex smiled.

” I know you son, you only need something that’s why you are here , so spit it out ” Mr Jeffrey said relaxing in his chair and steering at lex.

” is there anyway you could asked Sandra dad if her daughter is seeing anyone because her behavior is turning from bad to worst and she kept rejecting me like a plague, she is pissing me off I don’t want to find out myself because I might do something drastic that we all will regret ” lex explained in a gruff voice while his dad heaved a sigh of frustration.

” I know the feeling son, Sandra is yours and no one can take her from you, she is just behaving childish “Mr Jeffrey assured.

” I know her dad!, she is seeing someone else i am sure about that ” lex muttered with sincerity.

” don’t do anything stupid, I will talk to her dad about it ” Mr Jeffrey warned. Because he knew lex is angry and when lex is angry he do not think straight.


Roy was at home, today was his off day, so he was in his room reading some online stories. Phil suddenly walked in “Roy someone is looking for you” Phil told him .

“who is that ” Roy asked getting up from the couch.

” I haven’t seen her before, but she told me her name is Sandra ” Phil answered and left Roy who quickly stood up and went out.

” how did she know where I stay he asked himself as he headed to the door.

He came out and saw Sandra who sat on the bonnet of her car. She smiled as she saw him.

“how are you ” she asked standing up from her car and coming to hug Roy who stood motionless.

” how did you know where i stay” Roy asked immediately they disengaged.

“you forget you wrote it on your guarantor’s form “Sandra replied.
” Sandra you know you shouldn’t be here, we are not suppose__” as Roy was about finishing the statement she kiss him on his lips halted him in the process. It lasted for about 10 seconds before she broke the kiss.

“you talk too much ” she said and winked at him while Roy shrugged.

” get in we are going somewhere” she said more of a command tone than request. Roy was about protesting before she put his index finger on his lips Making him to succumb to her request.
He reluctantly followed her to the car while they zoom off, she took him to a boutique, a five star boutique. Roy reluctantly followed her in.
“you shouldn’t be doing this ” Roy said not willing to go any further with her.

” I wanted to, I love to so stop acting like a kid ” Sandra said more of a joke while Roy shrugged.

She drew Roy’s hand while he went with her, she was the one picking the cloths for him, they spent about an hour shopping after they were done they went to the cashier to pay their bills. She counted the cloths, jolting down their prizes on a booklet she was holding.

“120.000!! ” she told Sandra who handed her credit card while she slot it in the machine, Roy was just standing there with his mouth agape.

” 120.000! More than times 3 of my salary ” Roy thought to himself.
They left and went to the car. ” is too expensive ” Roy told her immediately they hopped in.
” I love you Roy, you deserve better.” She told him

” I love you too, but our relationship can’t work you will be getting married soon ” Roy said gloomily. He knew he love Sandra and he is certain about it.

” maybe I will not be marrying lex she smiled at Roy who stared at her in disbelief.

“is my choice, no one can force me, I don’t mind if my father disowned me in the process, I love you more than you can ever imagined and I am willing to do anything just to be with you “she added while Roy kissed her.

” I will risk anything to be with you ” Roy replied leaving a satisfactory smile on her face.
But his conscience was haunting him, he knew he had to break up with Nina before things fall out of place, he only accepted to be her boyfriend in other not to hurt her but now he will be breaking up with her which he will be hurting her in the process, but he don’t love her, he had to tell her, but how can he tell her without hurting her?

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continues from the last scene..

Sandra drove the car she halted as they got to an eatery they both alighted from the car.

They sat down while she quickly signaled to the waitress who came as fast possible.

” what would you like to take ” Sandra asked Roy.

” anything ” he replied.

” anything is nothing ” Sandra said

” just bring two plate of fried rice and a red wine ” Sandra told to waitress who left she came back and brought their orders, she dropped it on the table and left.

” so tell me about your past relationship you know I never asked of your past relationship or present if you are in any “Sandra asked gulping a glass of wine. Roy knew he can’t tell her he is in a relationship he had already made up his mind to breakup with Nina.

” I am not in a relationship ” Roy answered.

” hmmmm” she hummed starring at Roy.

“so how about your exes ” she asked further

” i don’t actually have an exes, it’s just one”. Roy replied even though he knew he didn’t have an ex but he had started seeing Nina as one. He only hope she understand when he will break the news to her.

They gist and talked for about an hour before they decided to call it a day. they really had a good time especially for Sandra, she so much love him and she was glad he felt the way too.

The next day Roy went to Nina house with the intention to breakup with her he had practice his speech the way he would tell her in other not to hurt her. He decided to tell her the truth that he only concede to her request in other not to hurt her but now he was going to break up with her which he will be hurting her in the process. He can’t keep laying to her he only hope she understand.

Nina was at home, she is the only one at home her mum traveled while her dad was never around.

Roy nock at her door while she quickly ushered him in she immediately thought of her plan to get Roy to sleep with her Vivien had really done a great job in convincing her to drug Roy telling her if she didn’t do it that she will loose Roy.

She quickly ran to the kitchen where she went to serve him drink, she poured the juice on a glass cup and put the drug she shook it making sure it means with the drink before heading to the parlour with a smile on her face.

She pass the drink to Roy who collected it. Roy gulped the content of the drink to his stomach and face Nina he didn’t knew where to begin.

“so tell me how is work ” Nina asked.

” work is fine “Roy replied.
About 10 minutes Roy eyes were closing his vision became blur Nine suddenly planted a kiss in his lips but he didn’t respond instead he fell on the couch and drafted to a dreamless slumber .


Mr Jeffrey had spoken to Sandra’s dad he told him lex said his daughter was seeing someone else because her behaviour had been outrageous.
Immediately Mr Johnson got home he told his wife who decided to investigate the issue .
Mrs Naomi called the maid. “since she is always in the house she might know if Sandra is seeing someone” she concluded to herself as she called the maid

“madam you sent for me ” the maid asked innocently.

” i want you to tell me the truth, if you lie to me and I find out, you won’t like what I will do to you ” Mr Naomi threatened while the maid became tensed.

” is my daughter seeing anybody” Mrs Naomi asked steering at the maid who was contemplating if she should tell her the truth, she knew if she tell her the truth it might result to them sacking Roy and telling her a lie and she find out she knew she will definitely loose her job she was put in a tight corner she was in a quandary is she should tell her or not.

” what are you thinking, I hope you are not planning to lie to me” mrs Naomi asked jolted her from her thought.

“it was Roy! ” she drop the bombshell.

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“Roy!!! ” Mrs Naomi asked in disbelief while the maid nodded gloomily.

Mrs Naomi angrily went to Sandra’s.

” are you dating Roy? ” she asked as she approached Sandra who was shocked of her question.
She stared at her mother, she knew before she will asked her such questions she must have been informed but who could have tell her. She thought to herself as she stared at her mother.

” yes! ” Sandra replied confidently damming the consequences.
” appraaa!!!!!!!!!! ” Mrs Naomi gave her daughter a resounding slap while she held her cheek in disbelief.

” you slap me ” Sandra asked holding her cheek.

” and I will do it again, just know your relationship with him is over ” Mrs Naomi said and left her daughter who was wailing.

She knew for sure that Roy will be relinquish from his duty, that is the least for her problem because she knew if lex should find out he will definitely harm Roy and the last the thing wish is seeing Roy get hurt all because of her.

Mrs Naomi walked up to her husband who sat on the bed, he just finished dressing up.

” honey! How is work today ” Mrs Naomi asked and sit on the bed close to her husband.

” fine, what of Sandra I haven’t seen her “Mr Johnson asked.

” I think she is avoiding us “Mrs Naomi replied.
” and why is that ” Mr Johnson asked in surprised.

” I fine out that Roy is the guy she is dating, and I told her to end anything she is having with him “Mrs Naomi explained to her husband who was dumbfounded.

” Roy! ” Mr Johnson asked sounding perplexed.

Yeah the security guard” she answered.

” when Mr Jeffrey called me and told me lex is accusing my daughter of having an affair with someone, I never actually believed him I thought lex is just being paranoid, I never for once thought she could even have an affair with someone not to talk of having an affair with the security guard, so she preferred a security guard more than a business tycoon ” Mr Johnson asked angrily.

” calm down” Mrs Naomi said and patted him on his back.

” where is Roy ” Mr Johnson suddenly asked after minutes of silence.

” today is his off day, he will come around tomorrow ” she answered.

” how did you even find out “he queried his wife.

” the maid told me and Sandra did not even denied it ” she replied nonchalantly.

” let Roy come, he will regret ever walking to the lions den, and I will want you to collect Sandra in other for her but to inform Roy and tell Peter not to let her step out from the gate ” Mrs Johnson told his wife who nodded in agreement .


Sandra could be seen trying Roy number but it wasn’t going through, she wanted to inform him not to come to work tomorrow because she knew her mum must have informed her dad and she knew what her dad could do to him . She tried and tried but all to no avail.

Her mum suddenly walked In and collected her phone that was laid on the bed.

“why are you taking my phone ” she asked.

” you won’t be needing it” her mum replied evasively and left, why Sandra kept thinking of what she is up to.


Roy woke up to find Nina beside him, he was surprised to see her naked.

” what happened “Roy asked sounding perplexed and waking Nina from sleep.

” we got a little distracted” Nina answered.

” how did we get distracted cus i can’t remember a thing ” Roy replied vehemently.

” are you kidding me, you are the one that even persuade me in the act ” she answered while Roy stared at her in astonishment.

He suddenly stared at his phone which was lay besides him. He saw 13 missed call all from Sandra. He quickly took his clothes and wore it without even speaking to Nina, what he came to do had been drafted from his mind, his thoughts were clouded with Sandra.
“why is she calling me “he asked himself immediately he got home he tried her number but it was switched off, he tired for many times but still switch off, he had no other option then to wait for tomorrow when he will be going to work.

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Roy got prepared, he went to work, he open the gate and walked in, he met 3 police men, “what are the doing here” he asked himself.
Suddenly he heard Mr Johnson scream “that’s him over there, that’s the bagger that tried to take advantage of my daughter.”
he didn’t need a soothsayer to tell him Mr Johnson was referring to him, he swiftly turned and behold Mr Johnson, Mrs Naomi and Sandra tears could be perceptibly seen on Sandra eyes she was begging her dad but Mr Johnson paid deaf ear to her pleads.

” young man you are under arrest” one of the police said to Roy.
He couldn’t help but thought of the crime he had committed, what will they be charging him for, having an affair with his boss daughter?.
They bundle him to their Van and zoomed off.

“Dad you don’t have to do that ” Sandra scream at her father.
” your father is doing the right thing, is for your own good “her mother chipped in while she gave her a lethal look.

She knew her mother was the one that planted the idea in her father head, she alone was capable thinking such barbaric act.

“your mother is right dear, is for your own good and Roy betrayed my trust, he must pay dearly for it, your wedding with lex is just two weeks from now, you should start thinking about the wedding not that rascal. “her said in a husky voice.

” there is no way I will marry lex I don’t love him and I never will.
why can’t I marry the man of my choice, “Sandra wailed.

” see young lady your marriage with lex is not optional but a priority, unless you never want to see Roy again ” her dad threatened, While she stared at her dad in awe.

” what do you mean by that “Sandra asked in disbelief.

” I can make you not see Roy again if you chose to disobey me, if you truly love Roy as you claim, I will advised you marry lex is for your good ” her father answered and left

” think about what your dad said” her mum advised and patted her on her back.
Sandra was taking aback as she thought of what her dad said that she would not see Roy again if she refused to marry lex. “does he mean he will kill him or is there anyway to get rid of someone without murdering him? . She questioned herself. she was in quandary if she should marry lex or go for Roy damming her father’s threat.


Roy was pushed down to the cell he fall to the floor,.
“officer!!! ” he scream calling the police officer that pushed him to the floor.

” see them no dey shout for here ” someone said from behind, he swiftly turned and behold a group of guys that sat on the floor the face of the guys sent cold shiver down his spine.

” sorry “he apologized while they all bursted into laughter.

” who you dey tell sorry, common kneel down there make you beg capon “one of the guys spoke his voice was as thick as weed, he face was rough full of scars.

” They say make you kneel down you dey claim jagaban abi?” the guy asked, he stood up from were he sat and went to Roy he gave him a resounding slap but not just any slap but the slap of a cultists, Roy staggered back and subsequently collapsed on the floor.. While they all bursted into hysterical laughter.

“now beg the capon ” the guy spoke in a command tone.

Roy quickly knelt down and faced the guy who he assumed is the capon.

” bros abeg no vexe” Roy pleaded and faced the scaring looking guy. He saw someone that was fanning him..

“emeka ” the capon called..

” sir!!! ” the guy that was fanning the capon replied tiredly.

” give that guy the hand fan, you don try, we don get new member “the capon said while emeka heaved a sigh of relief.

” thank you ” emeka said and handed Roy the hand fan. He knew if he reject it will surely result to the beaten of his life, he had no choice than to collect it.

This is where love had landed him….

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Sandra was downcast, Roy was in prison just because of her, she felt guilty for being the reason Roy was put behind bars. She pleaded with her dad but he only tell her if she would agree to marry lex that Roy would be set free. She didn’t love lex, she can’t marry him Roy was the love of her life, she hated her dad for what he did to Roy.


Mr Williams and Nina went to Roy place of work, they haven’t seen him in weeks and his number was not going through, they decide to visit him to know of he is okay.

They nock at the gate, about few minutes later the gateman opens the gate..
“who are you looking for “the gateman asked.

” we came to see Roy” Nina replied.

Sandra who sighted the people at the gate quickly called the gateman ..

“who are they looking for ” Sandra asked.

” they say they are looking for Roy “Peter the gateman replied while Sandra walked to the gate..

” good afternoon “Sandra greeted as he approached them.

” afternoon!, I am Nina Roy’s girlfriend and this is Mr Williams his dad, he are here to see Roy “Nina said while Sandra drew back in disbelief.” so Roy had a girlfriend “she thought to herself

” do you say you are his girlfriend” Sandra asked.

“yeah anything “Nina asked with a raise of eyebrow. She could see the shock on Sandra’s face.

” where is Roy “Mr Williams asked after minutes of silent.

” when did you guys started dating? ” Sandra asked ignoring Mr Williams question.

” since two month now, and I am even pregnant for him “Nina said this time not only Sandra was shock but Mr Williams also.

” pregnant? ” Mr Williams asked amidst incredulity. While sandra was dumbfounded.

” how could he be a cheat?,” she asked herself, he was angry and Confused, the only guy she had ever loved was a hypocrite, a cheat and a liar.

“Roy is in prison my dad locked him up ” Sandra replied without any feeling of sympathy, her mind had suddenly became cold.
” why!! ” they both asked in unison with their voices full of surprise.

” my dad found out we were having a affairs, ” Sandra replied.
” Roy was dating you ” Nina asked in astonishment.

” yeah, he never spoke of you, I never knew he was such a cheat and a liar. “Sandra answered.

” Is your dad in “Mr Williams asked ignoring the girls and their cold stares.

” No! but I will direct you to were he was locked up, ” Sandra replied giving the man the address to Roy’s station.
They hurriedly left Sandra not until Nina gave her a lethal look.

Sandra could not help but whimper as she thought of Roy, how she had been used.
She couldn’t believe the gentle Roy was capable of using her, she hated herself for falling for him.. She made up her mind to marry lex after all there was no hope with Roy because he had gotten someone pregnant.

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Roy was in prison, he had been in prison for the past one weeks, he had become the shadows of himself.

The guys in prison had thoroughly dealt with him, his face was full of scars due to the beating he received in the hands of his fellow prisoners.

“hey Roy someone is looking for you” one of the police man said to Roy while stared at him with hope, this was the first time someone would be looking for him the past 1 weeks he had been in prison.

Mr William and Nina went to Roy cell she stared at Roy with a dejected look, he had change, the handsome Roy was looking so lean and unkempt, he truly look like a prisoner.

” hey love how have you been ” Nina said with concern well written on her face.

” I am fine ” Roy replied gloomily.
” what happened ” Mr Williams asked.

” my boss kept here for having an affair with his daughter ” Roy explained starring at Nina who was indifferent she had already heard the news from Sandra so she was not surprised.

” We’ve come to bail you ” Mr Williams said while Roy shook his head gloomily, you can’t bail me, he had bribe the police to denied me bail, him alone could Set me free from this enigma.” Roy explained to them shocking them with his words.

” we have to go plead with him, that’s our only option ” Mr William said.

” I don’t think he will listen to you, ” Roy replied.

” we have to try, we can’t leave you, only one weeks you’ve stayed here you are looking so disheveled “Mr Williams said.. Nina could not break the news to Roy she felt pity for him.

” by the way Nina told me she is pregnant for you ” Mr Williams said as they were about taking their leaves .
Roy was dumbfounded he was shock to reply, his mind suddenly drifted to the day the find himself unclad on her bed, he had knew Nina for years and he knew for sure that she can’t lie to him..
He let it slip away , he had more problems to face, first he had to find a way to remove from this cell.

“we will be heading to Sandra dad house to go plead with him, please take care of yourself, ” Nina said while Roy nodded.

” are you truly carrying my child? ” Roy asked steering at her.

” yes ” Nina replied..
” I love you Roy and I will do anything to get you out of this disgusting place ” Nina said with a reassuring smile.

They left Roy who was battling with his thought, he couldn’t help but thought how his life would be after he left this pit hole , Nina is now pregnant for him, he knew the chances of being with Sandra is now slim, he thought of Sandra, she had not come to visit me since her dad put him behind bars.


Mr William and Nina went to Sandra father’s house in other to plead with him, him alone could get Roy out of here .
They nock at the gate while the gateman open the gate.
“who are you looking for” he asked scrutinising them.

“we are looking for Mr Johnson ” Mr Williams replied.

“about 15 minutes the gateman open the gate and ushered them in, they walked to the sitting room with the gateman leading the way. They met Mr Johnson who sat down on the couch with his wife.

They greeted him while he asked them to sit.

” I know you came for Roy, the good thing is that I will be setting him free, due to my daughter pleads, she had finally agreed to marry the guy she is betrothed to, if not for her Roy would have rote in jail.. ” Mr Johnson said while Nina and Mr Williams heaved a sign of relief.

” thanks you sir ” Mr Williams muttered happily.

” don’t thank me, I wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for my daughter, and again, I don’t wont to see Roy near my daughter, except he his ready to meet his end, what I did to him was just a tip in an ice bag. His salary would be transfer to his account, he no longer works here ” he explained.

” you can go to him, I had already called the DPO to release him ” he added.

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The next day Roy was emancipated, he had finally removed from the pit hole they called cell.
Mr Johnson had gave him a warning to stay away from his daughter except he is willing to die.
Roy in his own part was confused why Sandra never visited him.
He remembered Nina told him that they went to plead with Sandra’s dad, Maybe she told Sandra she was pregnant for him, he thought to himself. He knew he should stop thinking about Sandra not because her father had warned him but because Nina is now pregnant for him, so he should start seeing her as his wife not his friend, but he did love Nina, Sandra is the one he love, the way Nina got pregnant for him astound him, he never remember having sex with her, he only find himself unclad on her bed, he had knew Nina for a long time now, so he believe she would not lie to him and she showed him the result which made him believe that she was pregnant for him.


Sandra was downcast, she had finally agreed to marry lex, her dad had finally made her concede to his request, she knew she still had feelings for Roy but he got another lady pregnant, she couldn’t believe the gentle Roy was such a hypocrite.

She and lex were both sited on an eatery discussing

“Am glad you finally came back to your senses” lex said while she eyed him

“Am only doing this for my dad, because i never have a tiny feelings for you” she replied in a gruff voice.

“I don’t care if you don’t love me now, i only care that you are getting married to me because i know with time you will get to love me.” Lex smirked while Sandra gave him lethal look .

“In your dream, by the way i don’t want an extravagant wedding ” Sandra said while lex bursted into laughter.

“So you want a quite weeding”lex said sarcastically while she nodded.

“I am lex Jeffrey popularly known as Nigeria most successful young entrepreneur and you are expecting a quiet weeding from me, the whole must hear about our wedding even queen Elizabeth would come” lex bragged hysterically.

” whatever” Sandra replied impishly.

“By the way i heard you were cheating on me, so who is he” lex asker.
There was no way she would tell me because he is a violent Person that could go any length just to prove a point.

“He is not someone you know”she replied while he shrugged in resignation.

” i dont even know what’s wrong with you, i am just glade you’ve come to your senses that i am the right one for you.” Lex said.

Nina could sense Roy was not happy with the way things had turn out, he was looking dejected and disheveled like someone that was moaning his wife. She felt pity for him , her conscience was flooging her , but she had to what she had do to keep the man she love…

She went to visit Vivian who was the mastermind behind the cartestrophic.
“How have you been” Vivian asked.
“I am kind of feeling guilty for telling him he is responsible for my pregnancy.” Nina said gloomily.

“Don’t be, you did what any reasonable girl will do to keep her man” Vivian replied.

“Since the past two days Roy had been so sad, he now looks like the shadows of himself, my conscience kept hunting me seeing him like that” Nina whimpered.

” telling him the truth you will deprive yourself of so many things, no man will want to to marry a woman who is pregnant for another person, Roy will abandon you , so please erase the thought from your head” Vivian advised.

Nina saw sense in what she said telling Roy means loosing him, she made of her mind not to tell him .

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Sandra and lex were already married they stayed in Uk for one year, after their weeding they went on a long vacation.

“we are finally back to Nigeria love “lex breathed in Sandra’s ear while she heaved a sigh of relief, they were both greeted my their parents..
” you guys are finally back to your father’s land ” Mrs Naomi smiled at Sandra.
Sandra was happy she was back in Nigeria, she had almost forgotten about Roy, staying a year in UK with lex had almost changed her but the feelings she had for Roy was still there, she knew she can’t love any other person the way she loved Roy but sadly she sees him as a cheat and a betrayal.

They all hopped in to their SUV zoomed off.


Roy was now a driver, he is now married to Nina with a baby boy, . He was not happy but we had no choice, he had to accept his fate or be destroyed by it. they now lived in a room and parlor self contain.
Nina on her on part was happy she finally had Roy all to herself. Roy had doubts about the child the way it happened astound him ,he never remembered having sex with her , he only find himself unclad on her bed, But he always had a rethink anytime he thought of the pregnancy, he had known Nina for years now, he had not seen her with any other guy ,the only guy he had seen her with was Victor who had been trying to date her for years which she always rebuffed his proposal.

Roy was driving along festac, he saw someone waving at his texi, he quickly halted and alighted from it , immediately he came out from the car his eyes widen in shock.
” Sandra!” Roy exclaimed in shocked.
Sandra on her on part was surprised to see Roy, she didn’t expect she could see him this soon, immediately she saw him flashes of the good times they spent together were flooding through are mind.

“What are you doing here” Roy asked.
“My car broke down” she replied and pointed at a Toyota corolla.

” hoop in let me take you to where you are going” Roy offered politely.

“No don’t worry” she replied rejecting his offer but in a polite way.
” please hoop in Sandra, its the least I could do ” Roy beseeched while she shrugged and hooped in .

” I see you now have a texi” Sandra said .
” its not actually mine, is higher purchase ” Roy replied gloomily focusing his attention on the road.

” why did you cheat on me ” Sandra suddenly asked while Roy swallowed hard.

” I never mean to cheat on you, believe me I was surprised of how things had turned out” Roy replied.

” you got someone pregnant, and you are saying you are surprised, It’s the past now I had already forgiven you” Sandra replied dejectedly.

“See Sandra I can’t explained how it happen, I never remembered having sex with Nina, I only find myself unclad on her bed, I went to her house to breakup with her and the next thing I saw is finding her at my side we were both naked, it still baffles me up till now” Roy explained prudently.

“You don’t need to lie Roy I had moved on ” she replied impishly. Even though she tried to fake it by playing tough but deep within she was hurt.

“I don’t have anything to gain by lying Sandra, I am not lying ” Roy replied while Sandra shrugged in resignation and faced me .

” tell me how it happened everything” Sandra said. While Roy narrated the event for her including part when she offered him drink.

” are you the only one that drank from the juice” Sandra suddenly asked facing Roy.

” yeah!” Roy replied prudently.

“You were drugged, that’s why you can’t remember the sex you had with her , have you even tried going for a DNA test with the child” Sandra asked while Roy stared at her in disbelief.

“Nina can’t cheat on me, I had never seen her with any other guy before, she love me such much to cheat on me ” Roy replied vehemently.

” they are possibilities the child is not yours if truly you were drugged, because you would be weak and might likely not be able to perform” she explained making Roy to stared at her in awe.

Soon enough they got to her house, she quickly told him to stop outside her gate. She alighted from the car after exchanging contact with Roy. they bedded each other while Roy left to his destination

Roy went home with so many thought on his head, he believed Nina had drugged me because he remembered he started feeling dizzy immediately he drank the juice. But he didn’t believe the child might not be his, he had known Nina all his life , she loved him so much to cheat on him, he was sure about that .
” why not give it a try you got nothing to loose” something said to him, he stared at the sleepy child on bed. He went to the baby drawer he brought out the baby comb and took some of the baby hair “after all there was nothing to loose” he clouded to himself heading to the hospital for a DNA test.

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Episode 17

Roy went to the hospital for a DNA test, he met the receptionist who directed him to the doctor’s office.
” I want to do DNA test” Roy said as he sat down on the visitor sit in the doctor’s office.

“Do you come with blood or hair sample” the doctor asked while Roy handed him the hair sample he kept in a neat nylon.

“Since is a hair sample the result won’t come quickly , I will advised you come in five days time for the test results. The Doctor assured him while they shook hands, Roy left after settling the bill.
He knew he shouldn’t be doubting Nina because ha had never since her with a guy before, but had this feeling that something is not right about the pregnancy.

Roy went to work, he is now a taxi driver , his dream of going to school had been dashed, but he had to survive he have a family to cater for .

Sandra was now the managing director of her father’s company, her dad no longer goes to work, he was now represented by his daughter.
Sandra in her on her part was happy she met Roy but she was also angry because Roy cheated on her, nevertheless she still love him even when she tried to convince herself, she knew she still has feelings for him, Meeting him had made her feelings magnify.

She drove to her house and alighted from the car, she walked to the house, she was hearing faint noises , she walked to the parlour but nobody was there , she headed to where she was hearing the noise and to her dismayed it was in her room, she pushed the door and behold lex on top of a girl she was maoning hysterically before she behold Sandra ,lex immediately turned and saw Sandra he was shock, Sandra angrily left without saying anything to them she blamed her parents for making her married lex.
She went to the guest room and took her bath, immediately she was done ,she sat down on the bed thinking about her life before lex walked in.

She stared at lex in disdain.
“See Sandra I am sorry I never mean to do it “lex pleaded steering at her with a puzzled look, he was confused because Sandra was composed than ever, he had expected her to be mad.

“See lex I know you are not ready for marriage because you can’t stay without cheating, so please let’s divorce so that you can be free because I am fed up ” Sandra replied nonchalantly.

“I promised it will never happen again it was the devil’s work”lex said blaming the innocent devil..
“I don’t have anything to say to you, I just want an annulment” Sandra vehemently replied.

There was no way lex will grant her wish when he has his motive, Sandra is the only child of Mr Johnson that automatically means the owners of her dad companies. His mean reason was steal the companies from her. only God knows how he will do it but time will tell.

Roy went to the doctor office, the D day had finally arrived the day the doctor told him to come for the test result. He met the doctor in his office, after exchanging pleasantries with the doctor, he handed Roy the result, Roy open the envelop he stared at the result with his mouth agape, he was dumbfounded, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.
” so Junior is not my son ” he muttered to himself and headed home to confront Nina.

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Roy was downcast, he couldn’t believe Nina had been lying too him for years, he was dumbfounded as he stared at the DNA result

He immediately left the hospital and drove home . he walked to the door and met Nina glue to the TV, immediately Nina saw him she came to hug him but he pushed her to the other side, she was stun of his outburst.
” what’s the matter love ” she asked in surprised.

” who is the father of junior ” Roy blunted while Nina drew back in disbelief.
She stared at Roy, she was shock .
” why are asking such question when you know you are the father ” she replied bodily, even though was she was scared within but she had to pretend.

” I am the father but the DNA test says otherwise, I can’t believe you used a child that is not mine as leverage to cage me ” Roy replied vehemently throwing the DNA test result to her face.

” Roy I am sorry” she calmly apologized .

“You deprived me from the woman I love , how could you be so heartless” Roy whimpered. Tears could be perceptibly seen on their cheek.

” I am sorry it was not my fault” Nina wailed holding Roy’s hand while he pushed her hands forcefully.

” is not your fault, you deprived me from the woman I love making me to father a child at my early age, you are such a hypocrite, I will advice you to go meet his father because I am done with the marriage.” Roy Blunted angrily heading to the door.

” I was rapped, it was not intentional, I was reaped by Victor and his friends” Nina cried out while Roy halted and stared at her awe.

” the reason why I never told you was because I don’t want to lose you, that’s why i had to put the child on you, I never cheated on you , I love you so much to cheat on you” Nina explained, tears was dropping down to her cheek, Roy immediately felt pity for her.

“But that doesn’t mean you have put the blame on me , I had always love you but as a sister and a friend, I don’t have feelings for you, the reason why I married you was because of the child, you could have told me you were raped instead you dragged me to your plight making me to loose the woman I love. I planned on breaking up with you before your pregnancy issue came up , but since I found out you were pregnant I decided to take responsibility not knowing I was not the father, you manipulated me , you trapped me with someone’s child , I am sorry to say but I can’t continue with this marriage” Roy muttered and storm out leaving Nina to her fate , she was on the floor wailing , she knew she had finally loose Roy.

Roy went to the nearest bar to drink away his sorrows, he was not a fan of bear but in a situation like this he needed something to cool his temper, he had drank 4 bottle of star, he was already feeling tipsy, his phone started ring, he stared at the screen it was Sandra , he pick the call and place it on his ear.

” hello Roy how are you doing ” Sandra asked from the other end.
“The child is not mine” Roy blunted sounding like a drunkard, he was already drunk.

” are you okay ” Sandra asked with concern well written on her voice.
” I don’t know” Roy replied still sounding drunk.
” where are you now ” she asked while Roy told her his location , she immediately ended the call.

About 30 minutes later Sandra got to the bar, she sighted Roy who was already drunk, he sat down putting his head on the table, she immediately went to the waitress and paid his bill before moving Roy to her car and zoomed off.. About 30 minutes they got to her house , she told him to go to the bathroom because he was smells of alcohol. By the way lex was not around, he went for a business trip in south Africa..
She went to the kitchen to make him some hot coffee, immediately she was done ,she headed to the room, she met Roy unclad, he was cleaning his body with a towel, she halted and stared at his athletic body, Roy immediately saw her .
” I am sorry” she muttered and drop the coffee on the table about to take her leave but Roy held her hand while they stared at each other with their hormones ragging in fire , soon enough their lips met and they kiss

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Their lips collide and they kiss they were but lost in ecstasy that they both fell to the bed and pounce on each other like hungry lions.
Sandra was gasping in euphoria and moaning in ecstasy as Roy drove her to wonderland , soon enough they both laid on the bed totally debilitated from the sexual lascivious.
They were both cuddling each other like husband and wife.

” I can’t believe we just did that ” Sandra spoke breaking the silence.
” we both needed it ” Roy replied with a smile.
” what will happen to Nina now that you had found out that the child is not yours?” Sandra asked staring at Roy .
” I don’t really know but I can’t continue with the marriage, I only married her because I thought the child was mine not knowing I was been fooled , I never loved her ,you are the only one I love ” Roy replied prudently .

” you don’t have to blame her, she was raped it’s wasn’t her fault, she only did what she thought was best for her ” Sandra replied, she was kind of feeling pity for Nina.

” but that doesn’t mean she had to dragged me to her plight, she deprive me of you ” Roy muttered angrily.

” I love you Roy I always have, even when I found out you got someone pregnant I still love you, I will be firing for a divorce, i caught lex having sex with a girl,” Sandra explained .

” I love you more , I only hope we be together, ” he replied.

” but lex is not willing to grant me the annulment, let’s elope together, I have enough money that would last us forever , let’s move to another state and start a new beginning together” Sandra suddenly offered, Roy was tempted, but he quickly rebuff the idea , it was not the right thing to do he thought to himself.

” we should not , as much I want to spend the rest of my life with you, its wrong for us to elope, ” Roy replied prudently while Sandra heaved a sign of frustration.

” I am tired if staying with lex , I hate him , he behaves like a drug addict and he his a flirt, I don’t understand why my parents wanted me to marry someone like that, ” Sandra wailed, she was regretting ever marrying lex but she had no choice her dad was willing to let Roy rot in prison if she had not concede to his request by marrying lex .

They both left the bed and headed to the bathroom together to take their bath.
lex would not be around for two days he was in south African on a business trip.

About few minutes they came out while Roy got dressed and left. Sandra was the only one at home, she thought about Roy , the only man she had ever love , she only wished lex will agreed that on devoicing her but she knew that’s impossible, she couldn’t fathom why lex even married her , he claimed he loved her and yet he still cheat on her , is that really love ? That was the question which kept lingering unrequited to her .
she went to her room to arrange some stuff when she caught an envelope on the drawer, she curiously took it and opened it ,what she saw made her drew back in disbelief, she couldn’t believe what was written on the piece of paper,” lex is sterile” she muttered with great shock and amidst incredulity, an idea suddenly popped into her head while she smiled ….

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Roy went home, he could not find Nina, he had searched everywhere for her but she was nowhere to be found, her luggage was no longer in the house, he saw a note on the table and it reads.
“Dear Roy I am deeply sorry for the pain I had caused you, I never wanted to loose that’s why I had to put the blame on you that you are the father of my child, I know I deprived you from the woman you love, please find a place in your heart to forgive me. I will be moving to my mother’s house, I had explained everything to her and she decided I come stay with her ,and please don’t bother looking for me because i will be traveling abroad to stay with my aunt. I pray you find a woman you will love and Cherish, I will never stop loving you.”.. Nina okafor.

Roy was touch by the latter , he couldn’t believe Nina would leave his house willingly, he suddenly felt guilty for telling her he is no longer interested in the marriage.
He took his phone and tried her number but it was not reachable.

Sandra went to her parents house, she had concluded on herself to tell her parents about lex being infertile, maybe that will make them see reason why she wanted to divorce him.

She was welcomed with open hands, both her dad and mom were at home, they all sat on the couch in the living room.

“What do we own this unexpected visit” her dad said with a smile.

“How is your husband doing” her mum asked .

” he is okay ” she replied.

“I hope you guys are getting along” Mr Jonson smiled to her daughter.

” Not really” Sandra murmured, while her dad stared at her .

“Lex is cheating on me , I caught him” Sandra said wanting to see her parents reaction but they were indifferent about it.

” by the way he is sterile, we can’t have a baby, you can’t have a ground son ” she said emphasising the ground son while her parents stared at her in disbelief.

” what do you mean he sterile?” her dad quarried.

” I saw his test paper on his drawer,” Sandra replied handling the paper to her dad who scrutinized it to confirm for himself while his wife collected the paper gazed at it amidst incredulity.

“I will be firing for a divorce, I am no longer interested in the marriage” she muttered

” i will talk to his dad about it ” her dad said after minutes of silence.

“There is nothing to talk about, I am no longer marrying lex, I never loved him, you guys forced me into this marriage and look at the outcome” Sandra whined.

” our daughter is right, there is no way she will continue her marriage with lex, I want to carry my ground son” her mum said supporting her daughter for the first time.
Sandra was surprised of her mum outburst.
Her dad heaved a sign of frustration.

” Do you have any man in your life” her dad suddenly asked.

” yes and it’s Roy” she muttered.

“Is it the same Roy ” her dad asked in disbelief while she nodded in affirmation.

“I have to talk to lex dad before proceeding with the divorce, and I advised you look for a suitable man not that poverty guy who had no future” Mr Johnson concluded and storms out .

Sandra left her parents house, she was glade her parents had agreed to processed with the divorce, and she was angry her dad would not allow her marry Roy.

The next day lex came back from his business trip, he walked in furiously, his dad had already told him about Sandra wanting to divorce him, he met Sandra sited on the couch glued to the TV.

“What did you tell your parents” lex barked immediately he walked in.

” I told them you are incapable of producing an offspring and you are also a cheat” Sandra mocked, While lex gave her a resounding slap that she fell to the couch.

“You are a fool lex, marrying you was my biggest mistake which I will amend soon” Sandra barked holding her cheek.

“You can’t leave me for Roy just know that ” lex threatened while Sandra stared at him in surprised.

” don’t give me that look, you think i will leave this house without having an eye on you, one my boys is watching your every move and I know Roy slept in this house” lex explained with a smirk, Sandra was flabbergasted.

“Don’t you ever do anything to him” Sandra warned , while lex bursted into laughter..

” let’s see how it goes” he muttered and went to his room to take his bath

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Episode 21

Sandra knew lex threat was not something to joke with because she could see the seriousness on his face, she quickly took her phone number and dialed Roy’s number.

“are you okay “she asked immediately Roy picked the call.

” yeah is anything the matter of “Roy asked sensing she was tensed.

” nothing just a checking up on you “she replied evasively . Suddenly Roy heard a nock on his door, he quickly went to to the door still speaking to Sandra on the phone.
Immediately he opened the door he saw 3 guys, one of them quickly pointed a gun at his head, making him to to vibrate in fear, his phone immediately slip from his hands and fell to the floor.

“Roy are you still there “Sandra was saying on the phone before lex pick the phone.

“he is now with the me” lex replied with a smirk and ended the call.

“what’s happening, what did i do” Roy asked with shaky voice, while one of lex boys quickly placed a wet handkerchief on his nose, Roy held his hand, trying to struggle but his grip were losing why his eyes were closing, he suddenly blackout and drop to the floor.
They quickly took him to their car and placed him on the boot before zooming off.


Sandra quickly went to Roy’s house, she did not meet anybody there, but she met the door ajar with his room looking disheveled, and she tried his number but it was switched off.
She quickly went to the station to report an abduction. The DPO was her dad boy, he quickly commence investigation without further procedure. He told Sandra to go home that everything will be okay. She left the station and went to her car, she dialled her parents number immediately, telling them lex had kidnapped Roy, her parents promised to come see her, she ended the call and zoomed off, she was totally worried, she
Only hope lex would not do anything to Roy, she got to her apartment and alighted from the car, immediately she came out from her car, someone held her from behind and placed a handkerchief on her nose just the way they did to Roy, she suddenly lost consciousness, he put her in her car and zoomed off.

About and 1 hour later, Sandra parents walked in, they met the gate open, they couldn’t find Sandra, they saw her phone on the floor, her phone slip from hand when she was struggling with her adductor.
Mr Johnson quickly called Mr Jeffrey.
” what’s the meaning of of This? your son had kidnapped my daughter and his friend “Mr Johnson said in a gruff voice.

” you mean lex kidnapped your daughter “Mr Jeffrey asked sounding surprised.

” just pray nothing happens to her” Mr Johnson warned and ended the call. He quickly dialed the the Dpo number.

“hello Matthew “Mr Johnson spoke immediately the Dpo pick the call.

” we are working on it sir ” the Dpo replied immediately.

” what do you mean by you are working on it, my daughter had just been to kidnapped by the same guys ” Mr Johnson fired at him.

” ahhh” the Dpo exclaimed in shock.

” make sure you find my daughter before the ending of today. Mr Johnson said and ended the call.


Roy and Sandra were both blindfolded in an uncompleted building, they were both sited on a plastic chairs , lex walked In.

“Remove the blindfolds “lex ordered while one of his men went to to remove the rope they used in tiring their eyes.

” what’s the meaning of this ” Sandra asked staring at lex in disdain.

” your execution ” lex said with a wicked grim.

” who will go first “he added Pointing the gun to Sandra head and back to Roy’s head.

” lex please you don’t have to do this “Sandra pleaded, tears could be perceptibly seen in her eyes.

” I have to, you think you can ruin my reputation my leaving me, just say your last prayer ” lex replied pointing the gun directly to Sandra…

” please don’t shoot her, I am the one I made her wanted to leave you, it wasn’t her fault is all my doing ” Roy lied taking the blame on himself.

Lex quickly pointed the gun to his head about pulling the trigger.

” freezes “they heard the voice of the police, lex quickly pull the trigger shooting one of them..

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lex pulled the trigger shooting Roy, he was about pointing the gun at Sandra before the police shot him while two of his boys quickly raised up there hands as they saw the police had already surrounded them.

Both Roy and lex were bleeding on the floor..
“officer!! “Sandra screamed at the police pointing at Roy who was in his pool of his blood, he was bleeding in his shoulder.
The Dpo quickly called an ambulance.
Two hour earlier…
guy commot for bathroom I won piss oo” uche said holding his trousers as sweat drenched his face.
“me just dey enter bathroom, go piss for Bush. “John screamed from the bathroom..

” Nah wa for you, na now you dey bath since morning “uche replied heading to the bush because he knew he can’t wait for him because John bath like a lady not just any woman but a lady who is searching for a husband…

uche went to the bush to urinate, he saw a guy carrying a girl on his shoulder, he was moving to the uncompleted building, he quickly followed them , he went to the building and peep , he saw 2 other guys holding a gun, he quickly ran back, he dial his brother number who was a sergeant in the police force, while he brother told the Dpo about uche’s revelation.


Roy and lex were taken to the hospital while the Dpo informed Mr Johnson that they have successfully rescued his daughter.

Sandra quickly informed Mr Williams that Roy had been shot and was taking to the hospital.

About an hour later Mr Williams came to the hospital with a woman, they were not allow to see Roy so they sat at the lobby.

Mr Jeffrey walked in because he son was also admitted to the same hospital, the Dpo shot him as he was about shooting Sandra, the bullet hit him in his back while Roy’s own was his left shoulder..

“how is my son doctor ” Mr Jeffrey asked the doctor .

” which of them Is your son “the doctor replied ..

” lex “he replied..

” the fair one “the doctor asked while he nodded in affirmation.

” I sorry sir but we lost him, the bullet was so deep, and it cuts his intestine “the doctor explained, Mr Jeffrey fell to the floor, tears could be perceptibly seen in his eyes, he was wailing.. He quickly stood up in other not to bring unwanted attention, he saw Sandra sited with a man and a woman, the woman looks familiar to him , he stared at her in astonishment as realisation hit him.. “Ngozi!!!!” Mr Jeffrey called out, the woman swiftly turned and gazed at Mr Jeffrey, she drew back amidst incredulity, while Sandra and Mr Williams gave them a puzzled look.

Sandra Dad and mum quickly walked in, they could see the surprised on everyone faces .

“where is my son “Mr Jeffrey asked staring at Ngozi while they all they at him in awe excluding Ngozi.
” which son is that “Mr Williams asked facing miss Ngozi.

” The one I told you about “she replied while Mr Williams drew back in disbelief.

” what is going on here, whose son are you guys talking about “Sandra voiced out.
” The one in the hospital, the one called Roy “Mrs Ngozi dropped the bombshell..

” the one lex shot? “Mr Jeffrey asked wanted to be sure while Mrs Ngozi nodded affirmatively.

” how is that possible I thought lex is your only son “Mr Johnson asked facing Mr Jeffrey..

” A long time ago, and I met Ngozi, she was a high class runs girl, I had sex with her by then I was dating Anna my late wife, we were about fixing the date for our wedding, Ngozi told me she was pregnant for me but I thought she was lying that she wanted to cage me with her pregnancy, after nine months I got married to Anna while Ngozi deliver her child I quickly went to for a DNA test which confirmed I was the father of the child, I told my dad about it but he told me to eliminate her and the baby unless I will loose Anna, I didn’t agree to his barbaric plan so he went on to do the job, he send boys to eliminate Ngozi, I thought she was dead after I didn’t see her again, I went to confront my father and he told me he had cleaned up my mess. That’s all I remember about Ngozi “Mr Jeffrey explained prudently making everybody to gazed at him in astonishment.

” his boys came for me, I was lucky enough to have survived, I slept in the carnal with my baby, my child got sick so I hid him close to the carnal to get some drugs, when I was coming back I met Williams and his wife holding the child, the day was very early, I noticed they were coming from night vigil because they were holding a bible and the time was 5am, I had known Mr Williams to be a good man, at first I wanted to collect the child from him but that will slow me down, I had to keep running In other to escape your father, a friend of mine help me move to south Africa, I stayed in south Africa for 24 years without seeing my son, I just came back last week to look for him “she explained comprehensively. They were all shock especially for Sandra who stared at the woman in awe. She was happy that Roy was the son of Mr Jeffrey , he wasn’t from a poor home after all, she was sure her dad will happily gave them his blessing after all he wanted her to marry the son of Mr Jeffrey.

” I can’t belief the boy I had condemned is your son,” Mr Johnson said breaking the silence.

The doctor suddenly walked up to them, “he is awake” he told them but don’t bang in just visit him one at a time and please it’s shouldn’t not be more than twenty minutes each ” the doctor said,, while they were all full of smiles that Roy is finally awake..

Sandra, Mr Williams and Mrs Ngozi went to visit him, explaining things to him, why his mother left him for 24 years, Roy was angry why she waited for 24 years before coming to see him, he later forgive her after she made him see reasons…
Mr Johnson and his wife also came to apologise to him for their harsh treatment and gave him their blessing if we will be marrying their daughter.

Mr Jeffrey finally came and apologies for what lex did to him, he assured him he will never lack anything, he also told him he will be transferring lex company to him…

2 months later Sandra and Roy got married and lived a happy life.


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