[STORY] S*x before Success – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 3]

S*x Before Success. Episode 1.

My name is Angela, am tall beautiful and am


intelligent, i lost my father when i was


twelve years


old, On that fateful day, i came back from


school and reaching to our house, i saw


people gathered


in our compound, some are crying while


some are shaking their heads, i was still


confused until i heard


someone soliloquized and saying…”So papa


Angela is no more”. I became afraid and i


rushed into our house, i saw


my mum rolling on the floor and crying like


somebody that doesn’t have hope again in


Life, when she saw me,


she turned and told me that papa is no


more, What happened? i asked. my mother


told me that papa was poisoned


by unknown individual, she said that my


father vomited blood before he died.




Our enemies are really at work, my father


was the chief source of our living, he cared


for his family, he was


a man that believes everything is possible on


earth, he never toiled with his family, he love


doing good to people


and he is a cheerful giver. why would death


decide to take him so soon, he died at the


age of 42.




After the death of my father, life became


very tedious for me and my mother, i am the


only child of my parents, since my mother


gave birth to me, she was unable to give


birth to another child, she had many


miscarriages, our enemies really succeeded


in turning my mother to a childless woman


after she gave birth to me, now they have


taken away my father also.


My father was working as the General


Manager of Tobacco Enterprise Nigeria


Limited, he was once a staff in that company


but because of his sincerity, he was made


the General manager, i was still in primary


school when my father died, me and my


mother started suffering and struggling, we


find it difficult to eat three square meal in


aday, my school fees was another bigger




During my school days, i normally take first


position in my class, nobody drags it with


me and because of that, i was gaining


favour from teachers.


When i was in primary six, we were


preparing for our final year examination, i


have not paid my school fees and if i did not


pay, i can not participate in the examination.


On that fateful day of the examination, God


touched the heart of one teacher and he


paid my school fees for me and after that


examination, i got admission on scholarship


to study in one of the most expensive


secondary school in my sate, i did excellently


well in my final year primary school


examination and because of that, i was


given a scholarship to study in secondary


school and God helping me i was given a


school award and i was awarded The all


time Best Student in that School, how I wish


my father was alive to witness all this




After i was awarded…The All Time Best


Student in my secondary school, i got


admission into higher institution, my


mother was very happy but she dont have


money to sponsor me in the university, she


advised me to go and learn handwork


because she dont have any cash to pay my


school fees.


I told my mum that i must go to school


weather devil likes it or not, all i needed


from her is her support and prayers, i told


her that God will make a way for me, she


agreed and we started looking for a way to


get money so that i can further my




The next day, i went to one of my uncle to


ask for help, when i got there, he was very


happy that finally i have come to ask for


help, he was angry why i didn’t come to him


since the death of my father, he said he is


willing and ready to sponsor me in the




He told me to go and come back the next


week with the list of what i needed and the


total amount i needed for a start, i was very


happy and when i was about going, he gave


me 5000 of Nigerian Money just for


transport, Joy really filled my heart and i


went home rejoicing.


when i got home, i told my mother about it


and she was happy with me aswell.


The next week, i took the list of what i


needed and i went back to my uncle’s


house, when i got there, i gave him the list,


the total money i needed was about Three


hundred thousand Naira {300,000.00}, my


uncle told me that he will give me the money


but there is something he want me to do for


him, i asked him to mention whatever it is


that i will do it, he told me that i should meet


him tomorrow at Kings Mill Savannah Hotel


by 7pm, i asked him what for, he said he


want to have s*x with me first, and after


having s*x with me, he will pay the money


into my account. i was shocked to hear such


a thing from my uncle, he is a senior brother


to my father and i never expected him to


talk that way. he told me that he have been


helping many ladies through that way, he


said if i can do it that he will do anything i


asked him to do for me. I was silent for a


while and i left his house without telling him


anything, he told me to go and think about


it and give him a feed back. As i was going,


one mind told me to do it but my spirit


advised me never to try it.


Must i have s*x before i can achieve








When i got home that very day, i narrated


the story to my mother and she was


shocked and never expected such from my




So We started running up and down again


in search of money and help, and to God be


the glory, one of my daddy’s friend who was


working in the same company with my


father when he was alive, he accpted to


sponsor me in the university.


Joy filled my heart, i was very happy that


finally God have answered my prayers.




After one week, i went to the man’s office,


his name is Mr Danny,he is married with two


kids and a lovely wife, he have two cars and


he is super rich. i never knew that God can


use such a man to answer my prayers, how


God connected me to him was so




it happens that one day i was walking along


the road, i saw a small nylon bag, i picked it


up and opened it, i saw some documents in


it so i decided to check what is inside the


document, when i opened one of the


documents, i found out that the document


was a transaction between one Mr Danny


and one Mr Felix, it was a land transaction


document, i knew that the owner of the


documents must have been looking for it


and the documents was the original copy of


it and not a photocopy, when i go through


the documents, i saw the owner’s phone


number and through it i contacted him and


he gave me an address where i will come to


meet him, the next day i went to his office


and delivered the documents to him and he


was very happy.


I never knew that the man was my father’s


good friend until when he asked me to tell


him where i came from, so i told him that i


am the daughter of Late Mr Goodwin Dennis,


he was shocked to hear that name, i told


him about my father and how he died, after


much explanations, he told me that my


father was a very good friend to him, and


from there i explained my tragic situation to


him and he accepted to sponsor me in the


University. He gave me a cheque of


500,000.00 thousand naira and said i


should alert him whenever i need more.


This is what God can do, Only God can do


this, Always put your trust in God and never


you loose hope in any situation you may see



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Its a new day, the sun rising and the gentle

breeze tossing gently, another new day for

me to thank God for giving me an admission

and providing a sponsor for me also, i

prayed that early morning like never before

and the sound of my voice woke my

sleeping mother and she joined me in the

prayer, after we finished the prayer, i took

my bath, wore my clothes and went to the

bank to withdraw the money sent to me by

Mr Danny, the man that promised to sponsor

me in the university.

After i returned from the bank, i went

straight to the market and bought all the

necessary things i needed.


The next day being the day of my vacation

to school, my mother prayed for me and

advised me to always stand strong in

whatsoever am doing, she warned me to be

careful with friends and never to follow bad


Finally i traveled and landed in the school

premises, when i was entering the school

compound, a guy stopped me and he

introduced himself as Johnson, he told me

that he will like us to become friends, i told

him that am just coming for the first time

and i dont know anybody here, he told me

never to worry that he will help me with

whatever help i may need. i told him that i

dont need any help for now, he then

requested that i should give him my

number, i argued with him but out of

perturbation, i gave him my number.


University is just another world entirely, its a

place where you will do whatever you like

and nobody will question you, i rented an

apartment and was living all alone, oneday a

friend of mine pleaded to come and live

with me, i accepted because i was feeling so

lonely, her name is Ada, a very pretty girl like

me, we lived together as sisters.


One day Ada narrated to me a short story of

her past experience in school, she told me

how she slept with a lecturer for a pass

mark, the story goes this way: {Ada talking}

……..one Mr lecturer entered our class, he

told us that we will be having a test the next

day, he gave us area of consecration to read,

that night when i got home, i studied my

book the whole night against the next day,

the test will commends by 7am in the

morning, but unfortunately i woke up

around 7:30 the next day due to the

sleepless night i had studying my book, i

missed the test and i met the lecturer, i

explained to him and asked him to help me,

he said the only help he can offer to me is

just for me to carryover the course or i will

sleep with him, i had no other option than

to sleep with him, after having s*x with him

that day, he told me that he really enjoyed

my body that i should come back the next

day for second round, i went back and did it

with him again for the second time after

which he gave me the pass mark.


After i heard this story from Ada, i told her

that God will not allow me to face that kind

of issue, she said that she just wanted to

share the story with me so that when i face

that kind of issue, i will know what to do.

After my second semester exam in 100 level,

i cleared all my papers and i moved to 200

level, in my 200 level, i did excellently well in

the first semester exam, coming to the

second semester, it was remaining just one

subject for me to finish the exam, this

terrible sickness came and tied me down, i

could not make it to the examination hall,

after two days, i recovered and i went

straight to the lecturer and told him that i

was not feeling fine, it was that same

lecturer that had s*x with my friend Ada, he

requested that i should have s*x with him

or i fail the course, i was confused and really

dont know what to do, i met my friend Ada

and told her about it, she advised me to do

it, i told her its better for me to carry over

the course than to have s*x with the


I ignored the lecture and i put everything in

the hands of the most High God, after some

few weeks, result came out and everybody

was going and checking there scores.

As for me i already knew that i must fail one

course but to my greatest surprise, when i

checked mine,i noticed that i cleared all my

papers, i even passed the subject of that s*x

addicted lecturer, i scored 77 out of 100 in

his subject and that was an excellent result, i

dont know how this thing happened, i

thought maybe the lecturer made a mistake

by putting someone’s score as my score, i

never submitted an answer sheet and i

scored 77 out of 100.

I stared looking for a way to verify the mark,

after two days, one of my friend came to me

and told me that she noticed i was not in

the exam hall during our the last exam

paper so she decided to write for me, but

before she could finish writing her own, the

lecturer ordered everybody to submit his/

her answer booklet, she was confused and

did not know what to do, so she just wrote

only my name on my own answer booklet

and submitted it just like that.

After telling me the story, she said she have

come to plead with me to forgive her, she

said it was not really her fault that she

wanted to help me to write the exam but

time was not on her side so she decided to

write only my name and submit.

I burst into laughter and told her that i

scored 77 in the subject, she was surprised

and she did not believe it, i took her to the

score board and she saw the score herself.

We started looking for a way to verify that

the score was really mine, we later found


It happens that when the lecturer was

marking the papers, he got to my own

paper and noticed that i did not write

anything, so he just put two question marks

on the paper and continued with other

papers, the question mark am talking about

is this one (??).

He just saw the booklet empty and he put

that question mark and continued with

other booklets, but it happens that he made

a mistake when putting the question mark,

he forgot to put a full-stop at the bottom of

the question marks [??], so the question

mark looked like 77 score.

After marking the papers, he gave it to

someone to help him record the scores and

submit to him, when the person got to my

own answer booklet, he saw something

that looks like a question mark [??] but

because there was no full-stop at the

bottom of the question mark [??} so he

thought it was 77, he dont have the right to


anything on the paper, his work is just to

record the marks.

so he just recorded 77 for me and that was

how i passed the subject and finally God

gave me victory even without the notice of

the lecturer.


This is another miracle, Its Only God that

have the power to do this, never you give up

on God, he is aware of your problems and

he will surely visit you if you can maintain

your stand.
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After four years within the university, i

graduated and i got out with grade A, My

end result became one of the great if not

the high-quality for that very year. The Lord

truly used Mr Danny to sponsor me in

university, i dont know a way to thank him. .

After my adolescents carrier, i began looking

for Jobs, this is every other atypical and

communicable scenario for me, now not

that i didn’t see job however am not seeing

the form of job that equates to the extent of

my know-how, the sort of job am seeing is

not for a graduate like me. I wrote

application letter to many companies and

bigger places of work however all to no

avail. .

One day, i was sleeping and dozing, i in no

way knew that my telephone was ringing,

later i woke and noticed 5 neglected calls, it

turned into one of the organizations where

i submitted my task application, they’re

calling me for an interview. i later got a text

message from them inviting me to come

back for an interview the following day. i

was so glad and i informed God to secure

the Job for me, the following day i dressed

up and went for the interview, when I got

there, i met about 20 persons that got there

for that same interview, the job become

simply a hot cake, almost evryone need it. I

sat down with them and became

anticipating my very own turn to be

interviewed, after 12 people, i was called to

be interviewed, i quick entered the office of

the interviewer. I greeted him “Gooday Sir”,

he nod his head and was busy writing

something, while he completed writing, he

requested me my name, i instructed him

that my name is Angela. the subsequent

conversations ensured between me and

him. .

Interviewer: what’s your name?

Me: My name is Angela sir.

Interviewer: How old are you?

Me: Am 24years vintage sir.

Interviewer: Do you have got any operating

revel experience?

Me: No sir this is my first time.

Interviewer: If we have to give you this job,

how can you figure to work for the


Me: Sir i pledge to work tirelessly for the

increase of the organization, i can convey

out the nice in me, i can work as if am

working for my personal hobby, i will

preserve my role and will ensure i achieve

my intention that’s success to the


Interviewer: Wow! that’s true. .

After the interplay, as i was about leaving

the workplace, he requested me another


Interviewer: Did you dirt your shoe on the

foot-mat out of door before entering this

workplace? whilst he asked me this query, i

was certainly harassed, i couldn’t recollect

whether i dusted my shoes or not, and for

me not to free the task i speedy replied

him…”sure sir i dusted my shoes at the foot-

mat out of door earlier before i entered”

Interviewer: good enough you could pass

now. .

once I got out of the office door, i noticed

that there has been no foot-mat at the

entrance of the office, i later noticed that the

interviewer just tested my religion to realize

how straightforward i am, he knew that

there has been no foot-mat at the entrance

and that changed into how i misplaced the

task. I waited for a textual content message

from the employer however i didn’t get it

and i was disqualified. This changed into a

painful experience i had but i endured

looking for a job. .

I looked for a job extra than 2years after my

graduation from the college, i have become

pissed off, worn-out and discouraged, i

have been praying however it appears God

does not hear me, after spending 5years

within the university and now i’ve spent

extra 2years trying to find a job, i lost wish

of getting a job and determined to loosen

up and just neglect about everything.


After 3years of no job, there was one

specific Saturday morning about 11:00 am, i

was just relaxing on a chair, i noticed an

sms that reads…..”hey Angela you are invited

to come for an interview at Champac

funding Company”, i was very satisfied and

the following day i went for the interview,

after I got there behold it become just

most effective and it was just only me that

came for the interview, the security man

took me to the office of the supervisor and

the supervisor took me to the proprietor of

the enterprise.

I met the owner of the business enterprise

one on one, he informed me that the job is

only for me and its for no one else but for

me. i was very happy and that i knelt down

thanking the man, he advised me to get up

that God have answered my prayers.

He stated i have to come and resume work

on Monday however if most effective i come

to meet him at New palace hotel the next

day by 7pm, i asked him what for, he

instructed me that i should have s*x with

him before i can archive this achievement of

having the job.

I pleaded with him and informed him that

God will bless him if he overlook

approximately s*x and deliver me the job, he

informed me that God have blessed him


He discharged me and stated i should move,

i picked up my bag and left, i by no means

agreed to have s*x with him first, i made up

my mind in no way to do it.

when i got home, i started considering it,

I spent 5years in school,

i’ve spent greater 3years at home,

my mom is terrible,

i’m additionally negative.

i was simply questioning and questioning,

the salary was of two hundred thousand

naira monthly [200,000.00]. if i leave out this

opportunity i dont think i’m able to get it


out of frustration and poverty, i made up my

thoughts to go and sleep with the him to

get the job.

the following day around 7pm, i went to

meet the man on the inn room where he

requested me to come, when i got there, i

told him that am ready to have s*x with him

for the job,

I told him that i’ve made up my mind.

we’ve no longer entered the inn room first,

we had been status outdoor having the

dialogue, when I instructed him that i’ve

agreed, he started out shaking his head and

became no longer

glad, he said that i’ve failed the task.


It happens that the man wanted a God

fearing lady to employ and to marry, the

woman will be his wife and also occupy the

office as his worker.

so one of my pal in the university told him

that one among his friends known as

Angela may be relied on,

she is a God fearing girl and she cannot be

enticed with cash to reduce to rubble

herself, the man disagreed and both of them

constant up this concept of testing me, he

said if i pass the test, i will be employed

robotically and he’ll marry me and surrender

the business enterprise to me, he have other

bigger companies in united states of

America so he wanted a God fearing girl

whom he can trust.


I started crying and begging the man to

forgive me that it wasn’t my mind to do it, i

just determined to do it out of poverty and

frustration of lifestyles. He told me that he

can’t do anything more or less, i failed the

test and i’m not worthy for the job, he

stated had it been i ignored the concept he

could have given me a call to come

and resume work on Monday morning.


This turned into how i misplaced it at last.