[STORY] SWEET SUGAR MUMMY (episode 1-11)

Kingsley and bright knew not what lies ahead for them in campus as they just got admission, coming from the lowest strata of class in the society and finding themselves here in a small community where oppression is the new world order, everybody is fashion crazed and the few that can’t afford to wear these designers clothing or drive exquisite cars are seen like they are diseases stricken and kingsley is someone who loves and worships attention but since he is having none, he barely goes to class.
Its 7:00am and bright was almost set to go for class, dressed in his old “okrika” shirt that his mum bought on her way from aba to visit him and his blue jean that has lost it all its color to excessive washing, he stared at his watch and looked at kingsley who was sleeping lazily on his bed
BRIGHT: “My guy are you not going for classes today?”
And kingsley open his eyes a little bit, used his hand to wipe spit off the corner of his mouth and hissed.
KINGSLEY: “Seriously bright are you not ashamed as you are dressed like a palm wine tapper? you expect me humiliate myself again and make shame my own designer wears? i rather stay here than step a foot out of that door”
Just as they where arguing over that issue, they heard girls shouting as the sound of a engine stopped outside, they knew who that was but yet they rushed to the window to peep, its no other person than thier next door neighbour Big Riley, as his name sounds so was he, he was living the dream right there in school, he had virtual all the to himself, he drove the best cars and spends money like he has a money printing firm, and he had the loyalty of all cult group on campus, not that he is a member of any but in a society where money rules and every person in the society worships it, he who has it in abundance is a king that is crowned in our minds.
As bright saw the three girls that Big Riley was moving around campus with, he almost cried for himself and wondered if he will ever near such kind of girls, they are all tall, fair and dressed in sexy bum shorts and revealing tops that showed thier tattoed cleavages and the girls looked really high and , bright threw his book back on the table and began to take his clothes off, with strong conviction in his heart, he was going to meet Big Riley and asking him to show him his own route to money,women and booze!.
It was on a sunday morning, Big Riley has just escorted the last batch of girls that attended the wild party that holds in his house every saturday night and both bright and kingsley have had a brainstorming discussion the previous night when the noise from the loudspeakers couldn’t allow them to sleep, they were going to meet Big Riley and tell him to show them how he makes his money, so there was no other perfect to meet Big Riley than now before afternoon comes with its own sets of girls and parties, just as Big Riley was sitting on the bonnet of his chevrolet XLS, smoking his cuban cigar and looking into the blank clouds.

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