[STORY] Soulmate 18+ (episode 1-20)

Episode (1) Written ✍ Sadiq Infinity 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀 🍀🍀🍀🍀 🍀🍀🍀 🍀🍀 🍀 (Steven) In life people have their wants and needs and that need is what gives people hope and make them believe in the Omnicent being, and in the end People get their needs one way or another. My name is Steven and I’m a business man, for years I’ve been struggling to make a living by applying for one job or the other but without success, I’ve prayed to God and waited patiently to get a job, but nothing ever came through, I never gave hope and still believed that God’s time is the best, but I wasn’t going to sit down and wait, I had to hustle and get a means to make money! I began to work, as a company’s salesman going from one shop to another advertising the company’s product, it wasn’t easy and the pay wasn’t much but it was better than doing nothing. After a year, I earned enough money to open my business, so I decided to open a school where I sold food products, Most of my friends were shocked seeing me selling food stuffs, because they all have white collar jobs, and because of that, they became scarce around me, That’s life for you. The business got better and better, and soon I was able to purchase a small nice house, thanks to my good friend and neighbor in the Market, Mallam Abubakar, he too was also a food stuff seller like me. Abubakar and I became friends ever since I moved to the market, he showed me how to operate the business and showed me the tricks on how to attract customers, most of the people there in the market especially his fellow Hausa men called Abubakar a fool for guiding me through the business, claiming that i would soon steal all his customers away. . Onion seller ➡ Mallam Abubakar, wallahi you’re a fool, how can you be showing this man your ways of business? He is your competition and you’re helping him. . Fish seller ➡ Tell him o, in business its everyone for himself, there’s no good manship. . Abubakar ➡ And so what if I showed him how to attract customers, God brings business not us, and its that same God that will keep bringing in more customers, and if customers go to him, so be it, its God’s will, not his. . Despite all way people said about us, we became good friends, when I was trying to find a good house, it was he who showed me a nice one close to him, it wasn’t much but everything was okay and the price was affordable for me, not only are we neighbors at the market but also at home as well. Abubakar was a married man with 6 kids, his wife, Elena was christian but she converted to the Muslim faith when she married him, and they loved each other dearly. Some times they would invite me to their home to join them for meals and other stuff, I would have turned it down because I don’t want to be a freeloader but because I don’t want to hurt their feelings, so I joined them. One day at the market, business was slow and the customers weren’t showing up, Abubakar and I sat at our places and began to talk. . Steven ➡ Mallam Abu, today is a very hot day. . Abubakar ➡ Wallahi, my friend, business is rough today. No customers. . Steven ➡ Well, you heard what happened in the radio now, this our Buhari is just making things worst, the inflation on the economy is too much, no money. . Abubakar ➡ That man won’t see or smell heaven, just after making all those promises about making life better for the poor, its all a lie, the rich are the ones enjoying. . Steven ➡ Only God can help us out of predicament. . Just as we were talking, our neighbor Timothy, a fish seller walked in beaming with smiles, he was wearing new clothes and shoes, he went around and around showing off himself, the others congratulated him, Abubakar and I wondered what the commotion was all about, we later found out that Timothy had gotten married, The rest our neighbors knew except us, and that wasn’t a surprise, Timothy wasn’t on good terms with Abubakar and I, he was always jealous seeing customers branch at our shops, sometimes he would go around secretly telling the others we used charm to attract customers or sold spoiled stuff. . Onion seller ➡ Mallam Abu, this hypocrite don marry o. . Abubakar ➡ So? Its not something new now. Anyways congrats for him. . Nnena (Vegetable seller) ➡ Steven na when you go marry nah? . Steven ➡ I go marry when God say I go marry, I no go kill myself women these days are too materialistic. . Nnena ➡ Materialistic? Says who no be you men dey spoil us. . Abubakar ➡ I disagree, Nnena. Na greed dey disturb una. . Nnena ➡ see your mouth! Abeg comot. Steven I dey avail o. . Steven ➡ (laughs) No worry I go consider you. . Abubakar ➡ Nnena is right, why don’t you get married? You have the means to sustain a woman. . Steven ➡ I’m not sure yet, Abu. . Abubakar ➡ My friend you’re not getting any younger, its better you find yourself a suitable wife. . Steven ➡ I’ll think about it. . Later in the evening, after the market had closed, I went home to rest, to be honest I was thinking about what the others said about marriage, its not like I don’t want to get married but I don’t want to marry the wrong woman that I’ll end up regretting miserably. I had a girlfriend once, her name was chioma, she was everything a man wanted in a woman and we promised that we would marry each other, I was naive and stupid to believe that, knowing you never can trust a woman, Chioma moved to Lagos to see her relatives and promised to call me, a week passed and there was no call, I kept calling and calling but there was no reply, so. I decided to stop calling all together, out of desperation I decided to try again,, and luckily the call was picked but by a different person, it was a guy. . Guy ➡ Hello, who’s this? . Steven ➡ Uhm, is Chioma around? . Guy ➡ Yes? Is there a problem? . Steven ➡ I would like to talk to her please? . Guy ➡ Hold on….. Baby, wake up, there’s someone on the phone, who wants to talk to you. . The mention of baby made my heart freeze, I felt like a building had collapsed on me, and why was he waking her up? Did they f–k? Was Chioma f—–g another man? All these thought filled my head, I didn’t want to believe it was true, so I waited for her to collect the phone. . Chioma ➡ Hello, who’s this? . Steven ➡ Chioma, its me Steven.. Your.. . Chioma ➡ Mr. Man you’re wasting your time, this is a wrong number and don’t ever call this number again, worthless fool (hisses) . Guy ➡ who was it? . Chioma ➡ Don’t worry baby, its just some idiot. . The call ended and I was stunned by what I heard, Chioma was definitely with another guy and they were indeed f—–g, why did she have to go that far to betray me? If she didn’t want to see me again, she would have called and told me so but why this. Since then I promised myself never to fall in love again or chase after woman only if when God provides one for me. Minutes later after I had returned from the market, My mom came to visit me, we lived in the same city but our houses where far, her reason for visiting wasn’t nothing except to come and talk to me about marriage. . Steven ➡ Good evening mama. . Vivian ➡ Hold your greeting, what’s good about this evening since you’ve refused to make me happy. . Steven ➡ Mama please calm down. . Vivian ➡ Calm down? Why will I calm down, your friends are already married with children of their own but you have refused to, tell me are you gay? . Steven ➡ Jesus!!! God forbid, that will never be my portion, mama why are you measuring me with this sinful act? . Vivian ➡ isn’t it obvious? Steve you’re 32, you’re old enough to keep a wife. Biko please don’t make me leave this world without seeing my grandkids. . Steven ➡ Mama, I will marry, I’m just waiting for the right woman. . Vivian ➡ Waiting? Go and find a woman to marry, which one is wait? Look if you’re scared to find one I know where to get a fruitful woman for you. . Steven ➡ Mama, I will choose my own woman. . Vivian ➡ Well, you better cause if you don’t, I’ll be a girl for you to marry and you must. Good night. . My mom left as soon as she came, I don’t know why she’s pressuring me to marry, I don’t want to make the same mistake like Chioma and I won’t. Hours later, I was sleeping when I heard loud moans coming from Abubakar’s house, he and his wife must have been having sex again, in a week, they have sex like four times, I wonder if their kids get any sleep at all and the worst part is I always get hard when I hear them f—–g, sometimes I would jerk off and m——–e to ease the tension, I wish they could do it more quietly. As I heard them f—–g harder through the night, I decided to go and take a piss, I went to the toilet to relief myself. The only problem with my toilet was, it was facing Abubakar’s bedroom and my toilet window was facing the bedroom, their moans were louder when I was in the toilet, as I was taking a piss, Curiosity got hold of me, I always wondered how Abubakar was making his wife moan that loud, so I deiced to peek, unfortunately for them, their window was open, I watched as Elena’s legs hung up above Abubakar’s shoulders, he was pounding her fast pushing his d–k into her with all his might, she had wrapped her hands around his ass pulling him closer to her, and from the look of it, they were both sweating profusely, soon they were making smacking sounds of sex, the rhythm was so captivating, it was like watching real life p–n, my d–k got hard instantly watching those two, out of desperation, I began to m——–e, fast and hard, I kept on watching them as I was jerking off, my d–k got harder and harder, Abubakar kept f—–g his wife hard bangggging the life out of her, I watched as she grabbed the bedsheets hard pulling it close to her, Abubakar’s thrusts got faster and faster, within minutes, they both groooaned hard and climaxed, seconds after they had climaxed, I too came hard inside my water closet! After I had rested, I cleaned my diiiick with toilet paper and went back to my room to sleep. There was no way I could keep on doing this and I promised myself that night never to peel at Abubakar’s intimate moment, I had breached their privacy and I won’t do it again, its time I got myself a soulmate.

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