[STORY] she’s an addict(18+) (episode 1-4)

PART 1 This memorable weekend, I had gone to my usual hangout with two others of my girlfriends, two fellow h—y b!t~ches. We were all h—y but obviously our f**k buddies had prior engagement, so the consensus was to go clubbing, pump as much booze and weed into our systems as possible. Anyways, this fateful Friday night, we had gone to our usual haunt in search of fun and pleasure. Usual dingy, shadowing atmosphere, the best place for owls like my friends and I. We drank, danced, smoked and generally felt high but after a time, I got bored and as h—y as hell. None of the guys around showed any signs of being adventurous of what I wanted. So I decided to go outside away from all that smoke sweat from the press of several bodies I smelled the welcoming fresh air as I got outside to the car park. It was kind of intoxicating and made me hornier than ever before.I needed my pu~ssy handled, I needed my body touched, I needed to be used. I inhaled the fresh air and moved to where my friend had parked her car. Read more of these episode from our various page such as, unlimited story platform, fresh stories Kingdom, house of story room, sweet and nice story room through Nana ish on+233544142683.Thank God i had the keys, I thought to myself as I opened the driver’s door and sat but with my feet still on the floor. I guess my dress was adding to my h—y state as it was extra-ordinarily short with it barely covering my crotch and my b**bs were straining against the polyester material, trying to get free. My n!pples were outlined against the stretchy material, taut and as hard as stone. I wasn’t wearing a bra so it was easy for me to get at my b**bs as all I had to do was pull down my strapless dress, which I promptly did exposing my mammoth b**bs in all their glory. Not to sound vain but I love my b**bs, they excite me to no ends as I love touching them, feeling their heaviness and squeezing my taut n!pples. I spread my legs wider and was rewarded by a breath of air blowing on my sensitive c–t and pu$$y lips as my dress had bunched above my buttocks, I was virtually n$ked except for the flimsy excuse of a panty I was wearing.
I dipped a finger into my unencumbered pu$$y and scooped out pu$$y juice, brought the soaked finger to my lips and licked it clean. Delicious, I thought to myself, increasing the fingers to two.it felt so good I was making thrusting motions, ~finger-f**king myself to an o—-m that was fast approaching. I needed the release, so I increased the pressure on my pu$$y while seriously pinchin~ g and squeezing my b**bs at the same time. I was very nearly there when I was brought back to reality by voices. I opened my closed eyes and saw two guys standing above and in front of me.

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