[STORY] she’s an addict(18+) (episode 1-4)


This memorable weekend, I had gone to my usual hangout with two others of my girlfriends, two fellow h—y b!t~ches. We were all h—y but obviously our f**k buddies had prior engagement, so the consensus was to go clubbing, pump as much booze and weed into our systems as possible.

Anyways, this fateful Friday night, we had gone to our usual haunt in search of fun and pleasure. Usual dingy, shadowing atmosphere, the best place for owls like my friends and I. We drank, danced, smoked and generally felt high but after a time, I got bored and as h—y as hell. None of the guys around showed any signs of being adventurous of what I wanted.

So I decided to go outside away from all that smoke sweat from the press of several bodies

I smelled the welcoming fresh air as I got outside to the car park. It was kind of intoxicating and made me hornier than ever before.I needed my pu~ssy handled, I needed my body touched, I needed to be used. I inhaled the fresh air and moved to where my friend had parked her car. Read more of these episode from our various page such as, unlimited story platform, fresh stories Kingdom, house of story room, sweet and nice story room through Nana ish on+233544142683.Thank God i had the keys, I thought to myself as I opened the driver’s door and sat but with my feet still on the floor.

I guess my dress was adding to my h—y state as it was extra-ordinarily short with it barely covering my crotch and my b**bs were straining against the polyester material, trying to get free. My n!pples were outlined against the stretchy material, taut and as hard as stone.

I wasn’t wearing a bra so it was easy for me to get at my b**bs as all I had to do was pull down my strapless dress, which I promptly did exposing my mammoth b**bs in all their glory. Not to sound vain but I love my b**bs, they excite me to no ends as I love touching them, feeling their heaviness and squeezing my taut n!pples.

I spread my legs wider and was rewarded by a breath of air blowing on my sensitive c–t and pu$$y lips as my dress had bunched above my buttocks, I was virtually n$ked except for the flimsy excuse of a panty I was wearing.



I dipped a finger into my unencumbered pu$$y and scooped out pu$$y juice, brought the soaked finger to my lips and licked it clean. Delicious, I thought to myself, increasing the fingers to two.it felt so good

I was making thrusting motions, ~finger-f**king myself to an o—-m that was fast approaching. I needed the release, so I increased the pressure on my pu$$y while seriously pinchin~ g and squeezing my b**bs at the same time. I was very nearly there when I was brought back to reality by voices. I opened my closed eyes and saw two guys standing above and in front of me.

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PART 2 🍓🍓🍓🍓🤏👈🔞

I was flustered not because of them but because I had not been allowed to reach my much needed o—-m. I looked up at them and smiled sheepishly, I was thrilled! Two guys! when all I thought I would be making do with was my hand and a d—o afterwards.

‘’Need any help?’’ the taller of the guys asked, his eyes staring at my heaving b**bs and my fingers still coated in pu$$y juice on my crotch.

I just smiled as I took my soaked hand to my lips and licked each finger clean while staring at them all the while. It seemed like their eyes would fall out of their head as it bulged. The bulge in their trousers was enough to tear the thing off. It was obvious that they were aroused beyond belief.

Not surprising as it’s not every day one encounters a willing pu$$y in the car park.The other guy that had been quiet all along, got on his knees and before the blink of an eye was licking and eating my pu$$y out. I groaned as I was finally getting what I wanted, attention. . other guy proceeded to stuff his stiff c*ck in my mouth, I guess to stifle my moans but the noise from the club was already drowning that out so I guess it was just to give my mouth something to do.I didn’t mind where that c*ck was coming from as I s—-d and licked for all I was worth.

It was an average sized d**k and it didn’t take too much of an effort for me to deep throat him.

I s—-d, licked and nipped his c*ck as much as I could in the cramped position I was in but I didn’t mind the discomfort as the guy eating my pu$$y was sending enough pleasure through me to counter the discomfort. The guy was a real connoisseur of pu$$y as he proceeded to make sure that his tongue reached all the nooks and crannies that were normally hidden.

I managed to show my pleasure and appreciation despite the c*ck in my mouth by bucking upwards as much as I can in the cramped space to make my pu$$y more exposed and available to his ministration. I jerked upwards and forwards towards his mouth.

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In no time, the guy I was s—–g tensed up and I knew he was close, very close to discharging his load. I intensified my efforts making sure to assert proper suction motion on the c*ck to hasten his release. He obliged and blasted load after load of sperm down my throat which I swallowed up, even when the wracking motion of his cumming stopped, I continued applying suction and he finally had to push my head away from his sensitive c–k-head.

I rolled the last drop of sperm on my tongue to savour the salty taste and swallowed. I could now concentrate on the tongue in my pu$$y. Having to concentrate on making the c*ck I was s—–g c-m had made me lose track of my own o—-m. I relaxed as the sensations got to me and I encouraged the pu$$y sucker by pressing his head further and further into my pu$$y.

He obliged me as he s—-d, licked and nibbled away obviously aware that I was almost at the point of exploding. I couldn’t keep it in anymore as I exploded splashing pu$$y juice all over his mouth, nose and lower part of his face. He just kept lapping up the juices as they flowed out of me.

He got up, let down his trousers and out sprang a mighty c*ck, average and fat. J
I love fat c*cks, they are soooooo filling and snuggly. I was still on that height, still trying to get down from my c—-x but the sight of that c*ck was enough to bring me back to life.

I reached forward, grabbed that thick sausage and proceeded to stuff it in my mouth; of course it was just too fat for me to gobble up! But I made the best of it by slobbering all over it, licking it from tip to base and then back to the tip again. It was one thick and stiff snake as all the veins stood tightly against it obviously pumping blood.

If there was enough time, I would have worshiped that c*ck properly. But sorry there wasn’t and my pu$$y was already seriously itching to be stuffed, so I reached into the glove compartment of my car, brought out a packet of cd and handed it over to him. Then turned over, grabbed the steering wheel, stood with my legs spread and presented by a*s to him.

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He understood as he quickly encased his c*ck in cd and holding me *by the waist, he shoved that fat sausage deep inside me. I howled in joy as I was stretched very further apart, it felt like being split into two but I loved i* t. He ~then started thrusting into me fast and hard, pulling on my waist to make sure he went in as deep as possible while his friend was busy fondling my danglin~ g b**bs.
My pu$$y was stuffed tightly with a ~big c*ck and busy spewing juices all over the place. I panted and mo@ned as I tried to keep up with his thrusts. I t—-t back into~ him as much as I could and tried to stifle my mo@ns but I just couldn’t as the guy was sending me to oblivion and back. The sensations flowing through my body was not making me coherent as I started talking gibberish, begging him to f**k me harder and faster.
He did, pressing my head to the seat of the car thereby making my back arch and my pu$$y fully opened to the ass@ult he was delivering into it. headquarters room for more exciting stories. I screamed as my body was wracked by a very powerful org@sm and then smaller org@sms followed suit.

He kept up the ass@ult in my pu$$y for minutes on end while my body trembled from coming every so often. Then he let out a mighty bellow and thrusting deeper and harder into me, he offloaded! His cumming kept on and on until he finally coll@psed on my back all covered in sweat despite the cold natural air. We detangled sometimes later with him removing and throwing away the used cd while I s—-d his c-m splattered c*ck clean of all sperm residue. They were astounded at my liking to eat sperm, I wonder why?

Anyways, we exchanged pleasantries and I got to know their car was parked beside mine and that they had stumbled on me while wanting to drive away to another club. They wanted my number but nah! It was a one night thing, I didn’t want a repeat, at least not with the same guys.

They said their names but sincerely, it didn’t even register as I was still in the euphoria of my clim@xes and didn’t even want to make acquaintance. I smiled at them when they asked of my name and walked back to the club. My friends looked at me like what’s good? Told them what I had just done and they howled and shouted ‘’S–T! I just smiled, sated
for now.


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