[STORY] Sexx Ville(18+) (episode 1-14)

Episode (1) ✍ by Phoenix Flash and Sadiq Ace Infinity 🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱 🎱 🎱 🎱 My name’s Peter, Son of a Mason Roland! My dad is a very wealthy business man! He deals in mineral resources which in turn he sells them at the highest bidder, You may all think since he’s wealthy, life is good! No it isn’t. When I was little, My mom was the only one there for me, she spent more time with me than my dad, He always talks about work, time and money! He never gave me his attention as a father sometimes I even wonder if he’s really my dad! Even my mother would talk to him but he wouldn’t listen to her, Then one day, he crossed the line, He came back late at work, staggering as if he wanted to fall, He was drunk, He went into the room and jumped on my mom! He wanted to have sex with her but she refused, He beat her, slapping and punching her wherever he wanted, I came into the room to stop them but he slapped me hard across the face sending me flying ! He injured my mom, her beautiful face was ruined by his cruelty, I was so angry I wanted to kill him, The next day after, I came back from school, I went into the house, as I entered, I heard moans inside moms bedroom, I quietly crept to see what was going on? As I arrived there, the door was slightly open! Then I was what would change my life forever, Dad was having sex with a strange lady, By the time, I didn’t know what it was so I quickly ran down to the parlor, Mom also had came back from the hospital ad she went to check on herself, I immediately told her what I was, Her face showed anger and rage, She was furious, She quickly went to their room, and saw what happened, I later heard she and dad shouting at each other, The lady that my father was f—–g quickly ran out of the house half naked, Soon after that, I heard a loud scream that pierced my heart, It was moms! I quickly ran upstairs to check what happened, as I arrived, I saw her on the fall, her head covered in blood, Dad stood with his eyes widened in fear! He just stood there motionless, naked! I went close to mom, her body was hot, her eyes looked weak, She smiled when she saw me, touching my face with her bloodstained hands, she pulled me close to her and whispered in my ears! ” I’m sorry, Pete, I really am” After, She said those words, she died, I tried to wake her up but she was already a corpse, I cried and cried begging her to wake up but she didn’t, I looked at my father, I knew he was responsible for her death and so was I, if I hadn’t told her, this wouldn’t have happened! A few days later, My mom was buried! Since then, my fathers attitude towards me changed, but I didn’t care, I hated him! And I swore I was going to make his life miserable! . All that happened 10 years ago! Now I’m a final year student studying Theater Arts, I always wanted to be an actor! Well enough of that, My life had changed over the years and Our house got a little more company, My cousin, Janice stayed with us, She was a pain in my ass, She acted like she was the child of the house, always disturbing me, She won my dads approval to be like my older sister, She acted like she was a sweet innocent girl, but the girl is a born prostitute, whenever dad wasn’t around, She would bring her boyfriends to have sex, sometimes she sleeps with them in my room, Whenever I told dad, He would snub me, Finally I gave up, What was the point? Another company we got was Lucy! Well she’s our maid, She started working in our house since I was in Jss one! We practically grew up together in the house, Now she’s a grown ass lady, She looks lovely and attractive but I didn’t get that into my head! She didn’t get a good care treatment in our house because of Janice, who was jealous of her, She always gave her hard work to tire her out, I felt pity for her, so I stood up for her! The girl is also a human being! So that’s it, All together in this crappy house! I hated it, everything inside except Lucy, she was the one comfort in the house! She always reminded me of mom! Later, that night we were eating dinner, when dad made an Accouncement ! . Mason➡ Janice, Peter, how’s ur day? . Janice➡ It was nice uncle! . Peter➡ Mine is the same as always! . Mason➡ That’s good! How about you, Lucy? How’s work? . Lucy➡ Its fine sir… . Janice ➡ Shut up, which fine? You’re always messing things up, you should be replaced! . Peter ➡ Leave her alone, Janice, At least, she doesn’t sleep all day, chatting on the phone! She’s more useful than you! . Janice➡ Watch your mouth, I’m older than you! . Peter➡ So? You’re not my sister! You’re just a sleep over. . Mason➡ Enough both of you! I have an announcement to make! Since Selene died, things have been tough, and you need someone to take care of things here! . Peter➡ But dad, Lucy’s doing all that! We dont need another nanny! . Mason➡ Keep quiet, I’m not finished, what I was saying is I’m going to get married again soon! . Peter➡ What?? Why? . Janice➡ Peter sit down! . Peter ➡ Shut ur mouth, b—h! . Mason ➡ Peter, what’s wrong with you? . Peter➡ You know what! F–k this! I’ve lost my appetite. . I went back to my room in rage, Getting married? Really? After he killed mom, now he wants to get married! Well, we shall see, No b—h is going to be my step mom, and boss me around, No way in hell. I enters my room and cried as I remembered what mom said, God! I really missed her, she was the best mom in the whole world, Soon, I fell asleep, as I was busy dozing off, Lucy came into my room, and woke me up, I immediately woke up and asked her way she was here! . Peter ➡ Lucy! Why are you here? . Lucy➡ I came to apologize for what happened! . Peter➡ Its all right! I’m fine. . She grabbed my hands and looked at me with her sweet loving eyes, I stared at her wondering, why she did that! God, this girl was beautiful, her fair skin glowed as the moon light rays rested on her neck, Suddenly she did something what wasn’t expecting, She grabbed hold of my face and kissed me, Her mouth was sweet and warm, I grabbed her waist pulling her close to me, Her soft breasts pressed my chest, her body was warm, She continued kissing me as if she was hungry for it, She wanted me, I could feel it, She wanted me to hers, But just then, I stopped, I let go of her and went to the door and opened it! ” Pls walk out, This shouldn’t be happening between us” She stared at me and didn’t say anything, She stood up and walked out of the room, I slowly closed the door behind her, What was I doing? It wasn’t a good idea, She poured her feelings for me and I rejected it? F–k! I wanted her but…. God! I felt like a fool, I quickly went out to apologize to her! She doesn’t deserve this, I have to make it right! I went to her door, I wanted to knock but I stopped! I heard moans coming from my dad’s room, I quietly crept to the place, and to my Surprise there was Lucy, She was also seeing what was happening, I came behind her and she startled, I grabbed her mouth so she won’t scream, She was also relieved to see, it was me! We both quietly peeped to see what was happening! To my greatest surprise, There was Janice, down on her knees, giving my Dad a, b—–b! WTF!! I couldn’t believe it, Janice and dad? So this bastard of a father was F—–g his niece’s throat, He grabbed her hair shoving her face towards his diiick! She grabbed his ass, gagging on his d–k! To make things worse, My d–k started rising! As much as I hate to admit it, It was fun to watch, Even Lucy was h—y too, She watched them fingering her c–t, My diiick became so erect and hard that it poked Lucy’s asssss, She noticed it and grabbed my d–k, She started stroking my diiiick slowly, her hands were soft, She was really good at this, Janice and my dad continued doing what they did! My God, what was this family turning to?

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