[STORY] sex with my maid +18

Episode 1 I was inside the bathroom , pouring water on my body so it could rinse the soap I had used to wash my body. I heard a gentle knock by the door but I didn’t give it a thought. I kept pouring water until the knock became hard “Who the h3-l-l is that ,don’t you know that someone is bathing?” I yelled angrily. “I know , I have something urgent to show you?” A feminine voice said and immediately , I know it’s our new maid.
This girl has being given me some seD-uc,tive face over the past few days and I sincerely liked her front and back. She’s full everywhere and I had fantasize many time how it would be like gbolaing her. I opened the door shorty and she rushed in immediately and closed the door. she was only putting on a wrapper around her waist. She pulled it off and hanged it on the hanger in the bathroom I was stunned at what I saw , she was stark nak-3d , she was not even putting on a p*A-n*t. My gbola rose so hard like rock and I was so hor*-Ny.

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