[STORY] sex with Cherry Lipps (Episode 1-5)


SCARLETT MASON sat still, her legs crossed and one elbow resting on the table as she looked pointedly at the blaring television showing a boring news.

She had on a cold, set expression on her face, toying with her glass of martin.

Her eyes repeatedly checked her wrist watch, impatiently staring as the hour hand ticked slowly away.

A short pink faced middle aged man rushed into the bar, scratching the back of his ears as he headed towards where she sat.

Scarlett leaned back on her chair, her eyebrows drawn in a frown. ” Thought you’d never show up, Kay. I’ve been waiting for hours.”

Kay sat down opposite her, removing a dirty handkerchief from his pocket to whip his sweating soaked face.

” Sorry about that, Scarlett,” he said, showing crooked teeth. ” I got held at the office, you know. It ain’t easy getting off once you’re done filming. There’s the editing stuff and it takes time.”

Scarlett gently sipped from her glass. ” Alright, so what’s cooking? You said you got something for me.”

Kay’s face brightened.

” You bet I have,” he leaned forward. ” That’s kinda the reason I got here late. You see, the directors came up with an incredible idea for our next shooting.”

” What’s that got to do with me?”

Kay drew his seat closer, grinning broadly. ” I’m getting there, I’m getting there. We’re gonna do a reality p–n video.”

Scarlett didn’t seem surprised. Reality p–n video were held all the time. It wasn’t anything special.

Kay Continued before she could say anything further. ” And this ain’t just any reality video. We’re gonna do the shooting in secret.”

This puzzled Scarlett. ” Why?”

” We want it to look real and unplanned for,” Kay explained. ” There’s this Senior high school in town. We’re gonna be shooting a secret p–n video in it.”

” That’s crazy.”

Kay lifted his shoulders. ” That’s what I said but hey who listens to what I say? I’m only a film editor. Anyways, the directors came up with the idea of having a pórn actress fúck the students in the guise of a school teacher, you know what I mean. The boys won’t know they’re being filmed by secret cameras.”

Scarlett brought out a gold cigarette case from her handbag. She pulled out two cigarettes, handed one to Kay and placed the other on her glossed lips.

” Xhub might get sued for this,” Scarlett said, fishing out a match box from her bag. She lit her cigarette and handed the box over to Kay. ” The school would blow it’s top if they got to find out we acted pórn with their students.”

Kay showed his teeth, letting smoke drift off his nostrils. ” Yeah, there’s that part but who cares? Xhub’s a big company. If the school press charges, we pay the fine. Xhub can afford it. However, Eddie had some talk with the principal.”

Scarlett flickered ashes off her cigarette, a bored expression on her face. ” Eddie’s bribing the principal?”

Kay nodded, staring at the glowing end of his cigarette. ” It costs Eddie a big bundle but that’s to be expected. So we’re clean. We get to do our shooting but on the condition we blur the faces of the students.”

Scarlett had heard enough. ” So where do I step in on this deal?”

Kay drew his seat closer. He had that convincing looks on his red face. ” Actually, Eddie wanted me to talk to you. We were going through the lists of all our actresses today. We’ve got hundreds of pórn performers out there for this job but Eddie picked you.”

Scarlett showed no reaction. She kept a straight face while she smoked but deep inside, she was excited.

” Why me?”

” That’s what I asked,” Kay ran his hand over his face. He returned the cigarette back to his lips, drawing in smoke slowly. ” We held a meeting. Eddie kept yapping about how much he likes you. You’re smart, you’re beautiful, you got the right figure and what’s more, you’re great in acting. He believes you can make this show come alive. That’s why he picked you.”

Scarlett drank from her glass. She swirled the drink in her mouth and drank it down her throat.

Her mind ran with a lot of things but she was very much interested in what Kay was offering.

” What’s the pay off?”

Kay leaned back on his chair confidently. ” A hundred thousand dollars.”

Scarlett went hot then cold. Even in her wildest dreams she had never thought of earning such a sum.

She has been acting pórn for over three years now. This was the highest pay she was going to receive.

” That’s a lot.”

Kay lifted his shoulders. ” That’s the best offer Eddie can give. You take it or leave it.”

Of course she was taking it. If she declined, there’s always another slút ready to snatch up the offer without thinking. This was an opportunity of a lifetime, she wasn’t going to flop it.

” Won’t I get in trouble for this?” Scarlett asked, trying to keep the excitement in her voice down. ” What if something goes wrong?”

Kay winked slyly at her. ” Hey, don’t bother your brains about that. Leave it to the management. We’re in show business. We get what we want and clean up the messes later, remember?”

It only needed that to get her convinced. ” Alright, I accept.”

She accepted.

Crushing the end of her cigarette on the ash tray, she tucked it at the back of her mind that soon, she would be fúcking some random high school boys before hidden cameras

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” …. fúck, I’m gonna cúm! I’m gonna cúm!” Scarlett moaned loudly, feeling herself reaching her limits.

Suddenly she exploded into a glorious órgasm that drenched her and her partner.

” AND CUT!” Came the voice of Eddie, the director. ” And that’s a wrap, people.”

Scarlett felt Par’s díck leave her pússy as he lifted his weight off her.

She could still feel his warm cúm over her abdomen. He had cúmmed Soo much she wondered if he took drugs. But that wasn’t the first time. He always takes drugs before any shooting begins.

Par lended her a hand. ” Come on, Scarlett. Let’s get you up to your feet.”

She took his hand and he lifted her up from the bed.

” That was some performance you did back there, Scarlett,” Eddie said, coming over to where she and her partner stood. ” You did great.”

Scarlett watched as the crew walked up and down to clean up the messes on the bed.

” I think I’ll go have a shower, Ed,” she said instead.

Eddie was not just her a director, he was her boss. He nodded. ” Meet me before you take off. There’s something we’ve got to discuss.”

As he began walking away, Par handed over a towel to her. ” Here, you might wanna use this, Scarlett.”

Scarlett shrugged, collecting the towel from him. ” If you say so, partner.”

Par was her partner for today. She had acted as a stepdaughter and Par, a stepdad.

It’s quite funny how they got along Soo well even though Par was married. His wife knows he does p–n and so does his kids.

Scarlett sometimes wonder how his wife ever gets the guts to seat and watch him s——g another woman on the internet.

But that was how he caters for his family and pay the bills.

His wife must be very strong hearted, she thought. She remembered her daughter at home.

She hadn’t the nerve to even tell her she was a p–n performer. That was her own little secret.

” So, I heard you’re gonna feature in some reality pórn video,” Par said as they entered into the elevator that would take them to their respective dressing rooms. ” Congrats.”

Par was always nice to her. He was seventeen years older than her and treats her like his own daughter.

Well, except when they acted pórn but other than that, they are very cool and decent with each other.

” Thanks Par,” Scarlett said, eyeing a packet of cigarette in his hip pocket. ” How’s Elaine?”

She was asking after his wife.

Par scratched the back of his head as he stretched his back, pushing out his perfectly carved abs over his naked body.

He only wore a trousers.

” She’s on vacation with the kids,” he answered. ” Crazy old woman. Always giving me a heart attack.”

The elevator metal doors swished opened into a passageway with different rooms.

The two partners departed for their various dressing rooms. Alone in her room, Scarlett took a packet of cigarette and lit it.

On her make-up table was an iPhone 7 along with other make-ups and her bag.

She took the iPhone, tapping on a call icon with the name Daisy. She placed the phone over her ear, smoking.

Walking towards the opened window, she stared out into the sky, watching men and women parading the sidewalks.

Daisy’s voice came. ” Hi Mom.”

” Daisy,” Scarlett held on tightly to her towel. ” You back home from school yet?”

” Yes Mama,” Daisy’s sweet voice answered. ” I just had lunch. I’m at Mrs Perkins place.”

Mrs Perkins was her neighbor. She always takes care of Daisy whenever Scarlett was away at work.

” That’s fine, honey,” Scarlett smiled, trying to picture the face of her daughter perfectly in her mind. ” I’ll be back home soon. What’ll you like for dinner tonight?”

Daisy didn’t waste time. ” Melon soup, mama!”

Scarlett sighed. ” Baby, I told you before. Getting melon seed is very expensive and it’s tough work. I still got to grind it and be sure to get the other ingredients. Can’t we order up pizza tonight, honey?”

But Daisy wanted melon soup. Ever since Scarlett had taken it upon herself to prepare melon soup, Daisy had gone banana’s over it.

At long last, after dragging it back and fourth with her daughter, Scarlett finally agreed. ” Alright, honey. We’ll have it tonight.”

” Thanks Mama,” Daisy’s small voice giggled over the line. ” Love you.”

Scarlett hang up, removing her cigarette out of her lips. She blew smoke and flickered more ashes to the ground.

That was her last hope. Daisy. No matter what happens, she would always do whatever she could within her powers to make her little daughter happy.

Remembering she had a meeting with Eddie, she locked herself in the shower and turned on the tap.

Warm water streamed down her ebony skin, washing the day’s stress of work off her body.

Scarlett was twenty-four years old. Eight of those years had been spent on the streets after losing her parents to a house fire.

At age sixteen, she was pregnant with Daisy and after delivering her daughter, had wandered the ghetto in search for food, shelter and clothing for her baby.

That was ancient history. Now she was a pórn performer, acting pórn so she could pay her bills, feed her daughter and Ensure Daisy acquires sound education just like many black folks in the hood.

Scarlett had a perfect hour glass figure with the right curves in place. Unlike most pórn actresses at XHUB, Scarlett was natural.

Butt surgery, boóbs enlargement, plastic surgery, fake eyelashes, bleaching creams, were soo not her.

She was naturally endowed with big sized proportioned bréasts. And her buttocks were smooth and nicely curved around her hips without a trace of stretch marks.

She had natural jet-black hair that was glossy and silky, falling off her lovely shoulder.

If there was one thing Scarlett has always been proud of, was her skin color and her roots. She was black and she wasn’t even ashamed of it even though majority of her colleagues at work were white.

At XHUB white gets paid the most. She knew it was just how the system works. Most black pórn actresses had taken it upon themselves to bleach or go for plastic surgery to change their skin color.

But Scarlett remained true to herself. No matter how less she gets paid, she was proud of her color.

Her parents came from the deep roots of Africa but somehow, they had ended up in Brooklyn NY and had gained American citizenship.

Scarlett was just a kid then.

Switching off the shower, she dried herself up and made for the wardrobe where she settled for a tight dark nylon leggings and her fur coat over her woolen sweater.

It was cold outside. She would need that coat.

Eddie was waiting behind his desk when she knocked on his door.

” Come on in, Scarlett,” he said. He always had a knack of knowing who was behind his door.

That was a talent Scarlett envied about him.

She walked into the small office filled with posters of pórnos everywhere and sat down on the chair before him.

Eddie was watching her video on his laptop. He had his face screwed in concentration as if he was studying the way she moaned and purred with each strokes from her partner.

Eddie was also black. He was the one who got Scarlett this job.

” What’s cooking, Ed?” Scarlett asked, crossing her legs. ” You wanted to see me.”

Eddie closed down the lid of his laptop and faced her. ” Yeah, I do. How’s Daisy?”

She told him Daisy was fine.

Eddie nodded then Continued. ” That’s good, umm…I’m gonna make this real quick. I’m sure Kay told you about the reality pórn video we’re gonna shoot at a local high school.”

” He did.”

” So what’s your answer?”

” If the pays good, I’ll go for it.”

Eddie smirked. ” Of course the pays good. There’s a hundred thousand dollars to be made here, pumpkin and it’s all yours.”

Scarlett uncrossed her legs then crossed it back again. ” But I’m nervous, Ed. What if we get in trouble for this?”

” That’s not gonna be your headache, Scarlett. Leave everything to me and the team crew. We’ll sort it out. I spoke with the principal. The son of a bítch is greedy and desperate for money. With a little greasing of the palms, he gave me a go ahead but we’ll have to blur the faces of the boys.”

” Is it safe?”

” We’ve made some selections of boys, Scarlett,” Ed said, drawing out a file folder and dumping it before her. ” These guys are our Targets. They’re not infected with any disease. You’ll have no trouble with them. So yeah, it’s hundred percent safe.”

Scarlett went through the four names of the students she was going to fúck at the secret shooting.






Each names had photos attached to them.

” So here’s how the setup is gonna be,” Ed Continued. ” This video shoot is gonna last for a whole week. In the course of that week, you’ll be substituting their teacher who is on sick leave. The principal and I had everything worked out just fine. We’ve chosen specific places around the school with fixed camera’s where you can do your thing. The cameras are hidden so no one’s gonna suspect anything. All you’ve got to do is get one of these boys alone with yourself and do some bit of your acting to seduce him. Remember, these guys don’t know shít about this video shoot. In the course of one week, you must’ve screwed them all. Your payment comes immediately after your last target. Get the picture?”

Scarlett got the picture all right.

She returned her gaze back to the photos of the five boys in the file folders. Only two of the boys were white.

Todd and Craig.


Taking out some pills from the bottle, Craig threw it into his mouth and washed it down his throat with a glass of water.

That was the last of his drugs for today. He repackaged his medicines back into his drug compartment, feeling sick of himself.

His life was ruled by medicine. It was a five pills a day. But it wrecks him inside. Staring at the boy before the sink mirror, he scowled at himself.

He had grown pale over the years. His eyes were always hooded down and bored and his lips were as cold as ice.

Anyone who met Craig would think of him a lucky guy owing to the fact that his father, Larry Cage, was one of the country’s top billionaires.

But Craig didn’t feel that way. Despite his father’s wealth, he felt trapped. Trapped by strict rules and laws setup by his father.

He was the only son and heir to his father’s company, CAGE CORP.

As future heir, his father, Larry placed him on some serious rules and laws that he must abide by.

Some of those rules and laws included:

1. GOING TO A LOCAL HIGH SCHOOL. Larry wants his son to be a humble person and so Craig must enroll in a local high school and mix in with the crowd.

2. Séx is strictly prohibited both in the house and at school. Larry believes séx is strictly for only married couples. People who has séx before marriage would die and go to hell.

3. NO TATTOOS, NO PIERCINGS AND NO FRIENDS. Larry doesn’t want his son influenced by anyone.

4. NEVER MARRY A BLACK WOMAN. This was something Larry never explained to his son. It’s just simple. NEVER MARRY A BLACK WOMAN.

All these rules, Craig had kept them. He was nineteen years old and still hadn’t touched a woman.

Séx without marriage is a sin, Larry had drummed into his ears. But deep inside, he yearned for the pleasures only a woman can give.

As such, he took to watching pórn to keep his séxual fantasy to himself without getting too involved in it.

Secretly, Craig loved black women and his favorite black woman was a pórn actress called CHERRY LIPPS.

He had all her videos stored in his phone. He was sure to use a Vault app lock to protect his privacy away from his father’s knowledge.

Suddenly his phone vibrated. It was a notification from his email. He brought out his phone from his pocket and studied the message.


He had paid premium on XHUB website to get a daily dosage of her videos. He wasn’t going to miss this one.

Walking briskly back to his room, he kicked off his white sneaker shoes and sat on his king-size bed.

He logged in to his private browser and immediately searched for CHERRY LIPPS new video.

One look at her and his heart chilled. Black women are exotic. He had no idea why his father was against black women.

This woman was a natural. All her videos always sets him on edge. Too bad she was Soo underrated. He just doesn’t get it.

Today’s video she acted as a step daughter. He watched as her partner, acting as stepdad took advantage of her and, lavishing her lips with deep séxy kisses. His hands snaked into her leggings and….

” Master Craig!” Came a deep mascular English man’s voice outside his door.

Craig immediately logged out of his pórn account and switched off his phone. ” What is it, Henri?”

Henri was Larry’s Butler. He was British, owing up to half the control of the mansion over the maids and servants.

One thing was certain, Craig hates him.

” Dinner is ready,” Henri said behind the door. ” Would you rather prefer to eat in your room or the dinning?”

Craig made no attempt to get up from the bed. ” I’m not hungry.”

” But surely master Craig, you must eat something. You can’t have your medicines on an empty belly.”

” I said, I’m not hungry,” Craig said, this time a little louder. ” Can you please leave me alone?”

Henri left without saying another word. Craig knew he shouldn’t have yelled at him like that but he was Soo fed up with everyone in the mansion.

It sucks trying to be perfect for your father, he thought rising to his feet and wandering over to stare out the window.

That was why he loved watching CHEERY LIPPS videos. He gets lost in a fantasy world completely different from the one hates.

It was a beautiful star lit night. Craig saw a shooting star flashing off against the night sky.

Shutting his eyes, Craig made a silent wish. ” Make me meet CHERRY LIPPS one day.”


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” Read me a story, mama,” Daisy said sleepily as Daisy laid her on the bed.

They had just finished having dinner of melon soup and were now retiring to bed.

Scarlett smiled down at her daughter. ” Alright, honey. What’d you like me to read to you?”

” The princess and the frog,” Daisy said excitedly.

Scarlett sighed. ” But we’ve read that story ten times already.”

” Pleaseeee?”

Scarlett laughed. ” Well, alright but this is the last time.”

She wandered off to a small library in Daisy’s room and brought out the book. It wasn’t really the original novel.

It was more like a poem summerizing the entire novel into a simple story for bedtime.

Seated before Daisy, she began reading, smiling from time to time as she stroked her daughter’s hair.

Daisy was a fast sleeper. In between two pages, she was already yawning.

Scarlett knew it was time to tuck her in and shut the lights. She drew the blankets over to her chin and kissed Daisy’s forehead.

Daisy whispered in her dozing sleep. ” I love you, mama. Thanks for the soup.”

Scarlett shut off the lights. ” Love you more, honey.”

When she stepped outside her daughter’s room, her smile vanished.

If only Daisy had a father.

Walking towards the kitchen, she removed a packet of cigarettes from her hip pocket and brought out a cigarette.

She remembered his face very well. She even remembered his name.

Hart Garrett.

He was a thug selling cocaine around the ghetto. At that time, she had lost her parents to the fire accident that claimed her home.

Being a homeless little girl wasn’t easy for her. Especially when she was maturing into a young woman.

Garrett had seen her and had taken her in. She knew he sold cocaine but she had absolutely no where to go.

He bought her food and took good care of her. She was naive and knew nothing about the world.

It was from Garrett she began smoking. He also taught her how to use drugs and even sent her on dangerous errands to deliver drugs.

Garrett was the man who took her virginity. He was also Daisy’s father.

Garrett had been less concerned about the pregnancy. He wasn’t the type to take responsibilities. All he ever did was club all night and bring in other women and even had séx before Scarlett’s face.

Scarlett would have left but where would she had gone to? She was alone in this world with her unborn child.

Unfortunately, Garret got in trouble with the police and he was arrested when a packet of cocaine was found in his jacket.

Scarlett was also taken into custody. At that time, she was heavily pregnant in jail that she thought she was going to have her baby and her baby was never going to be with her. But she was acquited a month and three day’s before Daisy was born. She was real happy because she had a daughter.

For a woman it ain’t reason trying to raise a daughter. Sometimes, she wondered how how she did it as a poor single mother.

She never heard from Garrett. He was given a twenty years sentence.

Life wasn’t fair to her but she stayed focused on making sure her daughter never suffered what she went through.

Lighting a match stick, she lit her cigarette and drew in smoke.

She had many secrets. One of those secrets was to hide the truth about her profession as a pórn performer.

Letting out smoke out of her nostrils, she brought out the papers bills and depts she owed from the kitchen cupboards.

Flickering ashes to the floor, she regarded the bills with a frown on her face.

She was only a third rated pórn actress. Your pay as a pórn actress depends on your ratings and number of views per videos. So far she had few ratings and less views. She wasn’t that popular but she kept doing her thing.

So long as she could pay her bills, she was alright.

Eddie thinks highly of her. As a matter of fact, if it weren’t for Eddie, she would have been kicked out of XHUB.

This reality pórn video was the breaking point of her life. Eddie was giving her the opportunity of a lifetime.

With a hundred thousand dollars, she could do many things.

Gazing out her window, she returned the cigarette back to her lips and smoked more.

She couldn’t wait for tomorrow. The money was her goal and she was d–n well going to get it.

For Daisy’s sake.


The time read a quarter passed six in the morning over Craig’s wrist watch.

Grabbing his school bag and a wallet loaded with cash, he walked out of his room, ran down the spiral stairs and out into the early morning sun.

Quinn stood waiting for him by the glittering dark Rolls Royce, the rear door opened for him.

Quinn was Craig’s personal Chaffey. His job was to convey Craig in all places Craig wishes to go.

Quinn saluted. ” Good morning, master Craig.”

Craig replied with a grunt, walking passed him into the fluffy luxurious seats of the Rolls Royce. He had intentionally skipped breakfast so he would avoid bumping into his father.

Getting behind the wheels, Quinn reverses and shot the car out of the mansion.

On the way to school, Craig stared expectantly outside the windows. He had no idea what he was searching for but he kept watching and waiting.

Waiting for someone– Anyone.

This had become a daily habit every morning while on the way to school. He would look outside the window and search.

Just then the car raced passed a woman walking on the street by the sidewalk with a little girl in her hand.

Craig stiffened when he saw her face.

It was a brief look. Just one brief second and he instantly recognized her.


“That’s her.” He widened his eyes, gazing behind him at the woman as the Rolls curved around a corner and took more speed.

He was sure it was her or was it just his imaginations? If it weren’t for Quinn, he would very much had wanted to stop the car and check out this new discovery.

Ten minutes later, the Rolls Royce halted by the side of a lonely alley. Quinn walked around and opened the door.

Craig hesitated but then he stepped down. His father was being cautious of sending him to a local high school.

As a result, Craig always stops three blocks away from the school. This was to avoid news spreading about him being the son of a billionaire.

” Be humble,” his father had drummed into his ears. ” A wealthy man doesn’t tell the world he’s around. His money speaks for himself. But be humble.”

That was his father’s way of training him for the future.

Craig tugged his bag over his shoulder and walked away. No one at school knew he was the son of Larry Cage. He was unpopular and considered a loser but that’s exactly what his father wanted, wasn’t it?

Passing the school gates, he ran up the stairs towards the locker hallway.

Everywhere was bustling with life as high school kids wandered around, chattering and laughing.

Most of these kids held guitars over their shoulders, some had laptops under their arms, a bunch of girls were dressed as cheer leaders, there was also three guys with a basketball and let’s not forget the school jocks.

Craig gazed around him, looking quiet, pale and intimated by the sneers and Snickers centered on him.

He had no friends nor did he ever spoke to anyone. What’s worse, he never attends parties.

People like him were seen as weirdos.

A girl and a boy were kissing passionately by the side of his locker. Craig stood, watching them with a tight knox in his chest.

They didn’t mind his presence nor did they care to move out of the way.

He held his hands balled up in fist as he glared at them. If these two couples had the slightest idea who he was, they would break up that kiss and step aside.

Who knows, they may even clean his shoes.

His personal savings alone could buy the entire school and everything in it but like his father always says;


At last, when the couples decided it was time to go, they held on to each other and walked away, scowling at Craig’s pale face.

Craig watched them leave, flushing with anger.

Going through his locker combination, he thought how gloomy it was that he was the only boy in the entire school without a girlfriend.

Suddenly from behind him, he heard clanging footsteps walking by.

Pulling out his book, he turned around to see who it was. It was a teacher wearing a black skirt over a white striped long sleeve. She had long jet-black hair that fell over her shoulders down to her waist.

One thing was certain. He had never seen her before.

She had her back to him so he wasn’t able to see her face. She was making her way towards the principal’s office. He reasoned she was possibly some new teacher or something related to that.

He didn’t care. He never cared about school either.

Minutes later, he was seated on his seat, scribbling a note at the back of his book.

He remembered the woman he saw this morning on his way to school. She looked very much like his favorite pórn star.

If she really was CHERRY, then who’s the little girl? Was it her child?

Last night, he had wished to meet CHERRY. What happened this morning? Was that a sign to tell him his wish had been granted?

Craig kept scribbling on his book, his frown deepening. ” I’ve always been searching for someone. Could this be her?”

” Good morning, kids,” came a booming voice from the class speaker. ” This is from your principal, Principal Hollis. Apparently, your class teacher won’t be able to be with you guys due to some unforeseen circumstances.”

The voice paused as the kids listened. ” So for the rest of this week, you’ll be having a substitute teacher. You fellas should treat her well and give her the best treatment. Understand?”

No one said anything. They rarely ever did.

Craig remembered the strange woman from the hallway. Could she be the new substitute teacher?

Suddenly, his hands were becoming feverishly excited. He didn’t know why it was so.

Whenever he had a bad vibe about something, his hands shakes.

There’s something fishy going on around this place. He looked around the class, checking out for anything strange.

Yet he saw nothing. Then why was he getting this crazy bad vibes? What’s wrong?

From the passageway, his ears heard the clanking sound of high heels on the tiled floor, approaching his class.

The kids had all settled down on their seats to welcome their new teacher.

Craig waited, his heart pounding, his face set, his eyes wary.

The door to his class opened and a smooth ebony leg in red high heels stepped in first.

Craig’s breath was held. A red alarm blew in his mind as he gazed at her.

She stepped fully into the class and stood before the kids.

Craig’s eyes widened. He went hot then cold, his eyes taking in the woman standing before his classmates.

She was the same woman from the locker hallway. The same woman wearing the dark skirt and white striped long sleeve.

But it wasn’t the clothes that made him gape. It was her face.

It was the face of his favorite pórn star.


Craig could barely believe his eyes. She was up close to him now. She was way hotter and prettier than he had ever imagined her to be.

Her eyes sparked in the sunlight. Her lips were full and glossed red to give her that foreign look that guys go gaga for.

Then there was her shape.

Despite her attempt to dress decent, she couldn’t hide her shape. It came out nicely in curves, gripping her bûttocks and hips in a way that tapper down to nice long legs in high heels.

Craig’s eyes ran up to her boóbs. They were big just like in all her pórn videos.

He could imagine her naked already.

” My substitute teacher is a p–n star?” Craig’s mind rang with question. ” Wha… what is a pórn star doing here in my school?”

Instinctively, he turned behind him and stared at the top corner of the wall of the classroom. Then his eyes caught the tiny camera.

This was more shocking than ever. ” A camera?”

He had been schooling in this local high school for years and he had never seen a camera installed anywhere except outside the school gates.

The camera was Soo tiny and well hidden, it would take anyone hours to figure where it was hidden.

But Craig had seen the camera. He turned back to look at the pórn star standing before him.

Scarlett gazed down at her new students, staring at her. She adjuster her rectangular sized lenses, taking in the faces of everyone.

She was quick to see Todd, Alvin, Perry, Jason and Craig. Her Target’s are locked. All she had to do was choose one after school and fúck him for today.

Her gaze searched the classroom. She couldn’t see the cameras Eddie mentioned he had installed but she knew it was somewhere recording everything.

This was it. Time to do her thing. She’s an actress, wasn’t she?

Taking a deep breath, she took a board marker from the table and wrote her name on the board.


Miss Hound was her cover up name as the teacher substitute teacher.

She turned to face the kids, smirking with naughty thoughts in her head. ” Let’s make this money.”


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The bell sounded to end school for the day. Scarlett waited behind, waiting for her first target.


He was a little guy with curly brown hair and a thin lanky body.

She noticed he wore round spectacles. One thing she observed about him was his quiet restless look.

He kept eyeing a big brute who sat opposite him. It was as if he was afraid of the guy.

After the bell, she sat behind her desk, pretending to be working on some scripts while she waited for the class to clear out.

Her eyes caught Craig staring oddly at her as if he knew her from somewhere.

She had taken her time to alter her looks so no one would recognize her. She was a pórn performer. Surely, someone amongst these kids would recognize her.

But it seemed no one had seen her anywhere. She was just the new substitute teacher for all they cared.

This gladdened her. She relaxed and waited Patiently for her first target.

Soon, it was just her and Todd and three big boys.

The boys crowded in around Todd’s desk and began talking in low whispers.

Scarlett heard Todd’s small voice pleading. ” Just give me some time. I’ll pay up. I promise.”

The next sound she heard sent a shiver up her spine.

The big boy in the middle punched him hard in the eye. Todd crashed back on the floor.

Scarlett stood up sharply. ” What’s going on here?!”

The boy in the middle grabbed Todd’s collar and shook him. ” You bastard! Where’s my money?!”

Todd cried out. ” I don’t have it. Do you hear? I don’t have it!”

He gave Todd another blow to the face.

This was an unexpected turn of events. Does that bastard know he’s hitting her money?

Burning in anger, she marched to where they were and pushed the boy away from Todd. ” What’s your deal?”

The boy yelled at her. ” Stay out of this, Miss Hound. This doesn’t concern you.”

Scarlett heaved. ” I’m sorry to burst your bubble but it does. What you’re doing is called violence and I ain’t gonna stand for that shít. Now will you just shut up and tell me what’s going on?!”

The boy growled, pointing at Todd. ” The punk owes me hundred bucks. He hasn’t paid up ever since.”

Todd touched his swollen eye. ” I paid you. You’re just greedy for more.”

” Oh shut up,” the boy made to kick him but Scarlett intervened.

” Alright, big guy,” she pushed him away. ” There’s no reason to hit him. I’ll pay his dept.”

The three big boys stared at her, surprised.

She wandered back to her desk, took out the money and slammed it in his hand. ” Now take your cash and get out.”

The boy grinned down at her. ” Well, thanks Miss Hound. You just saved a life.”

Her eyes glittered at him. ” Get out.”

He nodded over to his guy. ” Come on boys. We’re outta here.”

And they left, leaving Scarlett alone with Todd.

Scarlett let out a deep breath. She had handled them properly although it cost her some money. But she was glad this happened.

She was finally alone with her target.


“You ok?” Scarlett asked.

“Yeah I’ll be fine” Todd replied.

“You sure?” she leaned closer to him, touching his face. ” You look hurt.”

“I’m good.” he reassured her.

He quickly found a seat and sat down.

Scarlett stood over him, peering down at his face. “Think you might need some ice? Your eye looks bad.”

” Maybe that wouldn’t be such a bad idea.” he chuckled nervously, adjusting his spectacles.

Scarlett stood up and left, leaving him behind. A few moments later she returned with a pack of ice.

“Here” she said as she held it out for him.

“Thanks” he replied as he took the ice and placed it over the top of his eyes. The instant cooling sensation brought relief to the burning pain.

“What’s your name,” she asked studying his face.

” Todd,” he replied.

She curved her lips into a smile.

Todd felt his heart chill at that smile. She was certainly older than him maybe only five or six years older.

She had a very séxy figure that reminded him of his big sister back home but Miss hound seemed more matured and experienced.

” Who’re those boy?” She asked, drawing out a chair and sitting before him. ” The bullies that is.”

Todd looked away. ” They’re nothing but a bunch of pússies. The jerk who hit me; His name’s Walker. I kinda owe him a lot of money.”

” Why don’t you just pay up?”

” I did but the bastard’s demanding for more,” Todd adjusted his spectacles again. ” That’s how I found myself in this mess.”

” Let me ask you,” Scarlett crossed her legs a little carelessly. ” What’d you use the money for?”

Todd swallowed when he saw her white panties from the corner of his eyes. ” I umm…I went to a club.”

Scarlett raised an eyebrow. ” A club?”

” Actually,” Todd felt embarrassed, talking to his teacher about his private affair. ” I had a date with a girl last month. I met her on a dating site and well, we got to meet. She wanted to try out a fancy club that came into town. But I was short on money.”

” So you went to Walker to lend you some money?”

Todd nodded.

Scarlett showed her teeth. ” Well, I guess you had a good time, didn’t you?”

Todd’s eyes lowered. ” It was a disaster. I spent Soo much and still didn’t get a kiss from the bítch.”

This was Scarlett’s cue to chip in. ” That’s sad. Don’t tell me you two didn’t have séx!”

Todd stiffened, covering his nose. ” Séx?”

Scarlett nodded, keeping her smile fixed. Her legs was still slightly opened to reveal her panties.

” That’s what I said. Séx.”

Craig shook his head, trying to force his eyes away from her cleavage. ” No we didn’t.”

” When was the last time you had séx?”

This conversation was getting to a point Todd wasn’t getting comfortable with. ” Why are we talking about séx all of a sudden?”

Scarlett laughed lightly. ” Just curious, pumpkin. I’ve been with a lot of men to know a man can only spend so much money on a woman just to get her on his bed.”

Todd knew she had read his mind but he wasn’t comfortable with that talk. ” Well, I didn’t take her out just for the séx.”

” Oh did you?” Scarlett began rubbing her knee. ” Hmm… I wonder.”

Todd removed the ice bag from his eye. ” The last time I had anything to do with a woman was two years ago.”

Scarlett watched him, closely. She knew he was getting hard down there judging from his constant glancing at her boóbs and panties.

She smirked. ” And ever since then, you’ve been without a woman?”

Todd placed his hand inside his pocket to hold his growing cóck from making an impression on his trousers. ” No I haven’t.”

The entire school was quiet. She reasoned she was they were only ones at school now.

The camera would be on and recording. She has to make a move.

Scarlett stopped rubbing her knees. She leaned forward in her chair as if to wipe the dust off her shoes. Her large cleavage dangled over to the lustful eyes of Todd.

“let’s see it!”

“See what?” Todd asked, trying to look away.

“Your cóck, get it out so I can see it.”

“Um? Right here?”

“Sure” she said, “everyone is gone.”

Todd gaped at her, unable to Believe his eyes. ” For real?”

” Yeah, come on.”

He hesutated but seeing her serious looks, he placed the ice pack down and unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his jeans.

Then he pushed down his boxers and with his other hand pulled his cóck out.

“ Not bad,” Scarlett grinned. She looked down at his cóck and bite her lip. ” I wasn’t expecting you to be this big.”

Todd flushed red. He hurriedly pushed his cóck back into his trousers. ” This is embarrassing, Miss Hound.”

Scarlett placed her hand on his thigh and began rubbing it. ” No it’s not. I think you’re great. Should I touch it?”

Todd felt something hot gushing up his lungs. ” T-touch?”

Scarlett nodded, drawing her chair closer to him. ” Bring out your cóck again. I want to touch it. Can I?”

Todd looked around. ” Isn’t this crazy? We’re… we’re at school and well… you’re my teacher and…”

To shut him up, Scarlett brought down his face on her big Títs.

His eyes widened as his face pressed against the soft boobs of his teacher.

He felt a warm hand grabbing his cóck and he stiffened. He jerked his head up to see Scarlett smiling up at him.

” Don’t friet. I’m going to make you feel good.”

Todd watched her as she rubbed his cóck gently with good slow strokes.

Her fingers toyed with the pink head of his cóck, Making him to catch his breath.

Suddenly he saw her getting to her knees. He gulped when she began pulling down his trousers until it was completely down to the floor.

Todd gripped his chair, unbelievably staring at his teacher.

Holding his cóck in place, she leaned over him and wrapped her red lips around it.

Todd felt something electric rushing up his pelvic region from the wetness of her mouth on his hardening cóck.

She instantly began moving her head up and down in a quick bobbing motion, rubbing his white thighs seductively.

The feeling was outta this world for Todd. The last time he ever had this sort of treatment happened two years ago and it wasn’t even a good one.

This woman was a pro. He gave it to her.

With his c–k now fully hard she began to take more of him into her mouth. Her lips would slide down his s—t with complete ease that made him grunt.

Clearly she was good. This was going to be an experience.

He watched on as she continued to s–k his c–k until it was as rock hard as it had ever been.

“ Wanna see my títs?” she asked as she took down her bra.

Todd’s eyes grew when her big round Títs dangled before his eyes.

He felt sweat beads over his forehead. ” They’re….They’re marvelous.”

Taking a deep breath, Scarlett returned back to s—–g him in again. She bobbed faster before she decided he was hard enough.

“Take your clothes off” she ordered, rising to her feet.

Todd watched as she stripped herself and he quickly followed suit.

“ Seat back there on your chair,” she told him as she climbed onto his laps. Her títs were round as they danced provocatively in his face. “ You ready for this?”

Todd gripped her bûttocks. ” Yes, Miss Hound.”

” Let’s see how much of a man you are,” she said as she climbed on top of him. Her knees were on either side of his hips and she hovered her crotch over his.

She took hold of his c–k and lined herself before she lowered herself down.

Todd watched as his cóck disappeared inside of her and was enveloped by her warm wet pússy.

“ Fúck” she gasped as she sank down to the base of his cóck. “That feels so good.” She said with her eyes closed.

Todd didn’t move. He was scared to. It still seemed like a dream to him.

Scarlett’s body leaned forward so her hands were on his shoulder. Then she slowly raised and lowered her hips gently over his cóck.

After several moments of her slowly fúcking him, she sped up. Her breathing became louder as she moaned out in a soft purr.

Her body began slamming down against him as she continued to impale herself on his throbbing organ.

“That does feel fúcking good,” she groaned as she bounced on top of him.

Todd had his eyes closed, grunting with hands squeezing her bouncing bûttocks.

She was moaning louder now. He took hold of her hips and began to pound into her.

“ Oh god yes” she groaned as she kept the same pace with his cóck.

Their bodies collided together on the chair that it creaked to and fro noisily.

Todd felt Scarlett grabbing his hand. She placed his hand on her bouncing boóbs as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Todd squeezed harder on her big tities as she rode him.

“Oh fúck!” She cried. ” Yes-yes-yes-yesssss. Aaahhhh!”

She slammed down onto him and her whole body shuddered as she rode her o—-m out.

Her eyes rolled back, feeling herself getting lost in the moment.

Her ears deafened with the boiling noise from Todd’s throat as he cried out as well.

She knew he was going to come. She immediately lifted herself off him, disengaging their organs.

He came on his laps, spilling his seed.

Scarlett looked around her. She finally saw the camera, small and well hidden.

She had done her job.

One man down, four more to go.


Outside the classroom, hiding by a corner of the door, Craig gaped unbelievably at the scene he was watching.

This was too much for him to take in. He finally understood what was going on here.

His favorite pórn actress was shooting a secret video with his classmates.

Taking a step back away from the door, he hurriedly walked towards the school exit.

He will wait for her.

He was going to find out where she lives. He had no idea what he was going to do when he gets to know her home but he would wait all the same.

No matter what happens, she’s not slipping off his hands.


[nextpage title=”Episode 5″]

” You did great, Scarlett,” Eddie said over the phone. ” That was some performance you put out there. Well done.”

Scarlett was in the female locker room. She sat on a wooden bench before the sink mirror.

Brushing a strand of hair off her face, she passed her hand down her boóbs, eyes fixed on her reflection.

” Todd got in trouble with some boys,” she said, closing her eyes as her hands snaked down her flat tummy to her clothes on her laps. ” You got all that in the record?”

” Yeah, we saw that too. Don’t worry, we’ll edit it down later. Right now just take a shower and go home. Tomorrow’s another day.”

Scarlett hung up. She dug her hand into her pocket and drew out her gold cigarette case. She took out a cigarette and a lighter.

Placing the cigarette on her lips, she snapped on the lighter.

But then she hesitated.

Her eyes danced back to her reflection on the mirror. For a long time, she stared at herself not knowing why but knowing something was hurting deep inside her.

Pulling out the cigarette from her lips, she dropped it on the desk and wandered off into the shower.

As she washed her naked body, she wondered how Daisy would feel if she grows up and by accident saw one of her videos in the internet.

The most dreadful thing about being a p–n performer is that all your séx videos remains with the Industry even after you retire from acting pórn.

You can’t take your video with you nor delete it. They belonged to the pórn industry.

But that wasn’t what bothered Scarlett. She was worried about the future.

She was still young and beautiful. But for how long would XHUB keep her? Everyday, girls more beautiful and séxier than her troop in groups to get employed as pórn performers.

As the warm shower flushed the soapy foam off her shoulders down to her waist, she placed both her hands on the wall and shut her eyes.

Nothing lasts forever. Soon she would grow old. What would happen then? A woman with wrinkles and grey hair acting pórn wouldn’t attract more views or likes.

She will be as useless as a tissue paper.

Scarlett wouldn’t want that kind of life. She did pórn to feed her daughter and pay her pills. If she had other options, she would have gladly quit p–n a long time ago.

It’s bad enough she didn’t get the chance to go to college. She had dropped out from school in eight grade.

As she turned off the shower, she decided she was going to start looking for another job. XHUB may kick her out at any moment.

However, the hundred thousand dollars she was going to get at the end of the week would do a lot of stuff.

But she still have to fúck four more guys as well to get it.

An hour later, she was walking out of the school gates. She had no idea someone from behind was keeping up with her, following her every move.


” That’ll be all for today, gentlemen,” Eddie said, closing his laptop. He turned to face the two men behind him. ” How’s it coming, Kay?”

” Really good,” Kay answered, chewing on a dead cigarette at the corner of his lips. ” I’m filtering some noises out.”

Eddie came around the van and looked behind Kay’s shoulder at the video of the day. ” Great job. You’ll save the part where those bullies attacked Todd. That’d spice up everything.”

Kay saluted. ” Gotcha governor,”

Eddie took a few steps away from the van so he could receive some fresh air.

His gaze fell upon the school. He knew if this video got streamed on the internet, Scarlett was going to make it out big time.

He liked Scarlett. When he had met her, she was just a cute pretty girl with a nice figure. He had met her at a cafeteria.

She had a quick temper but she was also sweet when she had to. He learnt about her struggles as a single mother and decided to help.

He offered her a job at XHUB. Initially, Scarlett refused as she could never imagine herself doing pórn.

Eddie didn’t push it. He was just trying to help.

Times were tough for everyone. There were no good jobs around except for those with a college degree. But Scarlett had no college degree. She dropped out in eighth grade.

So what other offer was best than a job in XHUB?

After a month, Scarlett got fired at her waitress job. She placed a call to him and today, she was known as CHEERY LIPPS.

It was quite unfortunate she doesn’t draw much likes and views. Unlike most pórn actresses she chose to remain true and natural to herself.

Everyone loves fake things. Scarlett isn’t fake. And because of this, her ratings were poor.

But this reality pórn shoot…

This shoot will change everything.

As Eddie was about returning back to the van, he saw Scarlett coming out of the school gates.

He stood still, well hidden behind the trees across the road, watching her.

Now here was a beautiful woman with the figure to make a man go crazy. A woman with potentials.

A woman proud of her skin color and her roots. A woman who would go the ends of the Earth for her daughter.

Eddie was Soo fond of Scarlett he hadn’t the nerve to sleep with her. Of course he had slept with most of the pórn actresses at work but he left Scarlett alone.

She was a special case. He had never nursed the feelings. He was very sensitive about single mothers.

For the sake of Daisy.

Just then he saw someone tagging along behind her.

He frowned, puzzled at the guy’s movement. S——g his face in stiff concentration, he instantly recognized the boy.

Isn’t that Craig?

It was Craig. He recognized him, remembering the files he had given Scarlett the other day. Not much is known about this dude even the principal knew little about him.

But that wasn’t Eddie’s worry now. Why was Craig stalking Scarlett?

He quickly dug his hand in his pocket and brought out his phone, making a quick call to Scarlett.

” Hello Scarlett?”


Craig followed her, keeping to the shadows so she wouldn’t see him.

They had walked for sometime now and it seemed they were going to keep walking forever.

But he wasn’t going to stop. He would keep following her until he gets to her destination.

Suddenly she stopped to answer a call. He hide behind a street pole as she turned around.

He watched her as she spoke into her phone, a frown on her face.

Craig watched her, wondering to himself if she could see him. But her eyes weren’t facing his direction.

After a while, she returned her phone back to her pocket and kept on walking, holding her coat tightly to herself against the cold.

Cautiously moving out of his hiding place, he followed her.

Scarlett was heading towards an underground subway station. She took the stairs down, flowing with the crowds.

Not wanting to lose sight of her, he ran after her, Making sure his eyes were on her long glossy jet-black hair.

At last she arrived at a loading train and got in. He was shocked to see the train doors slowly shutting closed.

Running with everything he’s got, he miraculous slided into the train before the automatic doors shut.

The train picked up life and began moving.

Breathing fast, he looked around himself. There were a few commuters in the train. At the far end of one of the seats, he saw Scarlett.

Her face was buried in a book she was reading.

He slowly walked towards her, keeping his face away so she wouldn’t recognize him.

He needth had bothered. She was Soo absorbed in her book to even give him a look.

He slowly sat at the back of her seat, admiring her long hair and her ebony skin.

Black women are exotic and this woman was his favorite.

He still couldn’t believe he was seated behind his favorite pórn star.

Despite all the millions of dollars in his savings account, he didn’t mind to ask for her autograph or a selfie.

He was humble, wasn’t he? D–n it, even if he was super rich, he would gladly do anything to get a selfie with her.

But first he wanted to know where she lives. Only then can he confront her.

Already he was nursing an incredible idea in his head. He had been searching for someone for years. Could she be the one?

His legs shaked with excitement and for the first time ever since he was born, his heart raced.

Racing for Scarlett.

Suddenly Scarlett stood up, dropping her book and bag on the seat.

She walked passed him towards the restroom. In that restroom was a demarcated section for men and women.

It would have given him much pleasure to bump into her from the restroom but he quickly went against it.

He sat back on his seat and waited.

The train raced along the tracks, Making bumping noises in the subway tunnel.

Scarlett still hadn’t returned from the restroom. Craig checked his time over and over again.

She had been gone for ten minutes. ” Maybe I should check on her,” he thought.

He flushed red. Just thinking about what she and Todd did in class gave him dirty naughty thoughts.

She was acting pórn in his school with his own classmates. What are the odds she might sleep with him as well?

He immediately got up and gathering enough courage, he made for the restroom.

Just as he was opening the door to the restroom, a hand suddenly shot out from the Ladies section and dragged him inside.

Craig gasped as he was dragged into a stall and pushed against the wall.

Shocked to his core, he looked up to see his favorite pórn star, CHERRY LIPPS dressed in a bra and panties standing over him.

She quickly shut the stall, sliding the bolt tight.

They were the only ones in the female restroom stall with him cornered against the wall.

He opened his mouth to shout but Scarlett quickly placed her hand over his mouth.

” Don’t make a noise, Craig. Be quiet,” she spoke quietly.

Craig felt a cold sensation rushing down his spine. Sweat beads formed on his head as his eyes fell on her large bréasts held tightly in her séxy bra.

She had a small camera in her hand and there was that look in her eyes he had seen when she succeded in seducing Todd.

She knew he was following her. She was going to do to him what she did to Todd in the classroom and hour ago.

It was at that moment….that very moment Craig realized he FÚCKED UP!


To be Continued….

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