[STORY] sex with an Instagram Queen (Episode 1-11)

Chapter 1

Chapter one


I came out from the bathroom with my towel and water drilling from my hair. I brought out my hair dryer and dry my hair.

A message pop into my phone from Instagram.

📩 Hi am Maxwell

📩Hello am sure you knew my name how can I help you I asked.
📩 Sure who won’t no the name of the girl that makes guy go gangan with her sexy picture I need your services. He said.
📩 You no what I do right I asked the sender.
📩Yes he replied
📩 Forward your location to me.
I replied and continue drying my hair.

Hey babes that’s my only friend kim. Pardon my manners I haven’t introduce myself to my lovely friends. Am Natasha Collins people that knew me well call me tacha. Am an orphan I grow up in the orphanage home. The owner of the orphanage home seems to know more about me.

Cause he told me he was the one that brought me to the orphanage home when I was 6month. I asked him about my family he told me my parents are dead. But he has something for me, he will give me when I clock 25. One year to go cause am 24.

I ran out of the orphanage home when am 18years cause I knew that man won’t release me cause he loves me. But am very curious to know about the outside world. And I wants to leave like a normal human being. I knew he is stalking me but who cares. So that’s how I ran into my friend kim. She was the one that introduce me to this business she’s a full time prostituted.

You have started talking to your unseen friends Kim asked me. Are you jealous of them, huh jealous of people I don’t even know never. Why don’t you tell me you won’t come back yester night I asked her am sorry I meant a very rich guy that promise to give me a large sum of money if I follow him home.

You should have called that you won’t be coming I said. Am sorry my phone went off she said. A message enter my phone I let me dress up. Business time did I tell you guys am a lover of money.


I put my duck inside the Butch assshole and started drilling her. You are the best she keeps moaning. What am I ask the b—h pulling into her assshole roughly. You are the best. No am your daddy ok daddy. 20 mins later am still drilling the fool. This is the 4th round am going and am not tired.

Daddy please am tired she shout but I don’t listen to her. The b—h is even crying is this not your work. My ringing phone brought me back to my senses. Hello dad. Good afternoon son how are you doing am fine dad. Me and your mum need you in the house we want to discuss something with you he said alright dad. Bye my regards to mum I said and end the call. And the Butch have left the room without her clothes but she took the money I gave her. Butch.

Pardon my manners I haven’t introduce myself. Am not that mannerless. Am Jason Williams 27 years old billionaire manwhore. I don’t have a girlfriend and am not planning to have one soon this Playboy life is too sweet to be committed with one woman. I love pissy alot but I don’t f–k pissy twice.

My secretary consider herself because have screwed her more than twice that’s because I like her. Guys I will be right back let me dress up. I need to see my parents cause that old man is very strict.

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Episode 2


Natasha p.o.v

I dressed up hurriedly I need to see my boyfriend when I came back.did I tell you guys I have a boyfriend. Sorry it skipped my mind.

I don’t love him but I like him. Am dating him out of pity. He is rich and handsome. I don’t deal with low class.

I enter into the motel and greet the receptionist. Hello am here to see the person in room 106. I said you are Natasha right he asked. Yeah this way I walk after her.

I went to the shower to Clean up now am done and I still meet the idiot lying down tired on the bed. Send my money I told him. I just double your pay check your account that brought smile to my face.

So how much will it take to f–k you he asked. Don’t even go there. Ok so how can we meet again he asked. You know where to see me if you neefy service with that I went out.

I got home and change my clothes I need to look good for him. I put on a lit makeup am not a lover of makeover. Unlike my friend kim.

It has been long I see my boyfriend I missed him. And am sure he need a romance. I hop into my car and drove off.

I parked my car just at his gate. Thank God he’s at home cause he is not aware am coming. His favorite car is in the garage. I came down from the car and walked into the compound. The entrance door wasn’t lock. I got into the living room and am surprised to see female cloth and wigs scattered all over the place. This is going to be fun I thought. Thank goodness am a social media freak.

Their stupid moans feel the hallway. I opened the door quietly and worked into the room the fool his busy s——g bestie. That they don’t notice me. I sat on the couch with my legs crossed and brought out my phone and started videoing them. After videoing to my satisfaction I put the phone back in my bag and clear my throat.

They almost died of heart attach when they saw me. You guys can continue i love what am seeing I said with a smirk. Is this not Danielle your bestie. I asked.i so much loves female besties they give you anytime you need it I said. I won’t watch you insult her so watch your tongue the fool said. Aren’t also a b—h the girl also added. Ouch it hurt I fake hurt. You guys should talk one after the other I said.

And you Know what bestie am much better than you. I said and storm out angrily he even have the mind to choose her over me. I got into my car and upload the video with a caption.

My boyfriend and his bestie having some passionate time together. He just spoilt my mood I need to hit the club.


Am in the living room with my parents.i don’t stay with them I have my own house. Dad you sent for me I said. Jason I give you 2month to bring your wife or else I will be forced to transfer all my wealth to your cousin brother he said.

What!!! Jayden my worst enemy. His not has if I care about his property cause am also rich. But that doesn’t mean I will let him take what rightful belongs to me. Never. I need to think fast cause my dad is a man of his word. Mum bring me out of my thought.

My darling you aren’t getting any younger you are a still a Playboy at the age of 27 when are you planning to give me my grandchildren. Please you have to think about she said. And tears drop from her eyes if there’s anyone I hate to see her tears is my mum. Mom don’t worry I have a fiance and I will bring her soon I lied.

I need to hire someone that will act like my fiance and we will get married. We will divorce after I got the papers that’s what I will do. Cause am not ready to settle down. But how will I get who to used. My secretary is not an option cause that lady is obsessed with me. I need someone that it will be easy for me when we wants to divorce.

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Episode 3

Natasha p.o.v

As I stepped into the club. The sounds of music drinks filled the place with hot guy. Actually am here with my best friend kim.

I dressed in a bum shorts and singlet top and high heel. All eyes on me am used to being the center of attention. I walk to the bar attendance. To get a drink. Kim is sitting with a guy I think they know each other.

I felt the huge to sing and dance. I got to the stage and collect the mic I started singing in my feelings by Drake. shaking my ass to the rhythm. All eyes on my guys are giving me flirtious look while the girls were glaring dangers at me I don’t care.

Guys leave there babe behind to come and dance with me some wee sparring money on my ass. I gestured Kim to come and pick the money for me. I don’t wanna lose money. Cause am saving to buy the car of my dream.

Jason p.o.v

Am in the restroom f*cking the hell out of a b—h. Before I heard a angelic voice I have never heard before. I need to see the see the owner of that sweet voice.

I put on my trouser hurriedly. There the beauty is shaking her ass dancing to the rhythm of the music she’s singing. My other man rise up immmediately. I need to f–k this girl.

I move closer to her and whisper to her how much for a night stand I asked. Don’t you know me. Who are you I asked. Am Natasha I due with only foreplay she said. Wow she’s the one my friends told me about. Have been coolval stories looking for you I said.

No problem shall we I asked. She drop the mic and walked after me the guys were sad while the ugly bitches were happy she left.

No escape for her, I must f–k her no matter what. We got to the hotel room I locked the door and put the key in my pocket.

She got down to business, I must say she’s really good in what she does. No girls have never give me this pleasure even without f*cking her. There’s something about her that I like but I don’t know the thing. How much for a night stand I asked her again I thought we have talked about this before. She said.

What if I raped you I said. What did you mean, she stammered.

She stand up and started walking toward the door with her back. not knowing the door is locked.i moved closer to her and started caressing her body. There’s fear in her eyes. What’s up with you why are you doing like a virgin. She go down on her knees begging me tears dropping out of her eyes. Why are you begging me aren’t you a b—h I said with a smirk. Don’t worry I will pay you well.

She shaked her hand signifying no I don’t need your money anymore.

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Episode 4


Are you a virgin I asked her again. I don’t know why she will be behaving like a virgin. I don’t have the intention of forcing her again. But I need to disturb her. Is she not a b—h or have i suddenly become ugly. I continue moving closer to her. She kicked me in the forbidden area which makes me growl in pain.

I will have struggled her by noe but she’s lucky I don’t beat woman. Am sure she doesn’t know who I am. Did you know who I am I asked Moving closer to her. Who are you? She asked moving closer to a table. The next thing I felt a bottle on my head and I blacked out.

Natasha P.o.v

I don’t even Know what came over me I hit a bottle on his head and he blacked out. What have I done. I have killed him. I ran as fast as my leg could carry me for help.

I don’t have the mind to run away after all I did it for self defense. I went to the receptionist. Help I shout. They rush in and carry him to the hospital not without calling the cops on me am doom.

I put a call across to Kim to make her Know have land myself in trouble. 5minutes later she’s here I don’t know how she makes it. Natasha what happen why are you here, I killed someone I reply crying. What !!! who did you kill that guy I went with yesterday. What Mr Jason. Who is Jason I asked. Nevermind she said. Miss your time is up the cops told Kim and take me away for interrogation.

Miss what did you do to Mr Jason Williams the cop asked. What don’t tell me is the famous billionaire I killed. I shouldn’t have killed him now am doomed. The cop hit his hand on the table which makes me jack up in fear. Am talking to you miss he said angrily.am sorry I do that for self defense. I shouldn’t have go with him. Just pray Mr Jason make it. If not you are died.

Jason p.o.v

I woke up feeling pain all over my body. Where am i. I asked no one in particular just then the doctor come in. That’s when the memory of last night rush into my head. Since when have been here I asked.

Yesterday sir he replied. Whaaaaaat!!!
Were is the lady that hit me with bottle I asked the doctor. She is with the cops he replied. I need to go. But sir we haven’t discharged you, you still need some rest. How’s that your business I removed the drip from my hand and put a call across to my driver and went out they dare not stopped me cause they don’t want to loose there job.

I got into the station and request to see Natasha. She look miserable her eyes were swollen which means she has been crying since yesterday. I felt pity for her. Am sorry sir I don’t mean to hurt you I did it out of self defense. Are you a virgin I asked her again she doesn’t replied me. Since she don’t want to talk is none of my business.

I will release you on one condition. What’s is the condition she asked. The condition is.

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Episode 5


The condition is have seex with me. Not once you will be there anytime I need you I said. She spat on my face.

Never it not possible. I rather die here than to be your seex toy she said. What’s your problem why did you spat on my face. Is your p—y made of gold I said.

I will leave you to think we’ll with that I went out. My conscience keep telling me that is it only her p*ssy you need or something more than that. Keep quiet I tell my inner mind. On getting out I saw my saw my cousin brother and a lady heading into the station. who his he looking for I asked myself and decide to go after them.


What will I do this guy is bend in having s*x with me. Just then one of the cops come in you have a visitor I thought Jason has finally come back to release me but am wrong it Kim and my ex boyfriend. Kim why did you bring him here I asked angrily.

Relax babe since I don’t have who to help you. You Kno w am useless when it comes to Jason he is a billionaire. That’s why I went to asked him for help and he’s willing to help. Jason and the owner of the orphanage home I leave came in Mr Johnson.

I knew this man is stalking me. Dad I called cause that’s what I used to call him. My baby he hug me with tears in his eyes. Am sorry that I haven’t find ways to bring you out of here coolval stories I fail your mother he said.

Mr Jason here will release you only on one condition. I no the condition and am not sure I can do that I said. Is not what you think Mr Jason said

Jason p.o.v

I was about to step into the waiting room to know what Jayden is doing here. then I heard Natasha asking her friend why she brings him here. So he’s her ex. I don’t know what this girl did to me anything she does have effect on me. Even her voice. I have to release her I don’t have the mind to lock her here.

I went out thinking she will change her mind and call me. But she’ll have to help me before I let her go. Just then a man in his 50s approached me begging me to release Natasha.

Who are you to her I asked. He then explain everything about her to me so she’s an orphan. This man really like her. I promise the man to release her but she most help me too and he promised to talk to her. End of flashback.

Natasha was about asking me what the condition e before this bastard interfere. Without your condition she will come out he said. Jayden respect your self. This is none of your business. If you don’t mind your business I will replace her with you I said. Enough Natasha said. Jayden I don’t need your help you can used the door she said which brought a smile to my face.

What’s the condition she asked I went closer to her and whisper to her ear be my fake wife for 2month and I will pay you handsomely.

Did you think Natasha will agree with the condition.

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Episode 6

Natasha p.o.v

He move closer to me and whisper in my ear be my fake wife for two months and I will pay you handsomely.

Let me bail you I don’t want anyone else to know about it apart from your father here and your friend. With that he went out to sign the papers he need to sign before he bail me.

He came back and carry us with his car to his house. We enter the house is very big and beautiful if not for the situation I found myself I will have drool

We enter inside the sitting room and he order one of his maids to serve us drink. What is in my heart is heavier than the drink. One minute am a normal person leaving my life to the fullest. The next minute I was almost raped.

Another minute in the station
can this week be worser than this. Aren’t you talking your drink he asked. I will take it later I need to asked you something I asked. Am listening he said. How long will I be your fake wife. I told you earlier for 2months he replied.

I don’t want to force you anymore but i will be happy if you can help me he said. But why me ? why not any other lady. You aren’t any other lady or are you? he asked. I like you and i think I can trust you on this right .

If you agree to help me willing I will pay you handsomely you won’t have to do this work again cause I will change your life he said. I beg your pardon don’t you talk about my work anyhow.

After all am not a thief and I take care of myself with the little I make I don’t need to beg anyone before I eat or buy something I replied him. It okay let me drop you guys off it getting late here is my number you can call me in case of any developments he said and gave me his card

He dropped me and Kim at our house and proceed to drop Mr Johnson in the orphanage. what will I do without him he’s truly a father to me. He is nice Kim said as Soon as we get into the house. So what is your decision she asked. I need to rest first before I think about anything I replied her.

Jason p.o.v

I smile as soon as I dropped her off she’s beautiful. I asked myself why are why not any other person. I need to leave that thinking for another day. Did you like her Mr Johnson asked. Who I asked even though I knew who he is talking about. No why did you asked I asked him. Cause you have been smiling to yourself since you drop her he asked. Oh no am not smiling because of her I replied.

I got back to the house and met Jane my secretary naked on my bed that’s not the first time I will be seeing her like that. Why did you come here without informing me I asked her. It because I missed you and am sure you missed me too so I decide to surprised you. Or don’t you miss me she asked.

I wanted to tell her I don’t missed her but is like my body had the mind of his own cause it respond to her touch instantly. I missed you I replied and kiss her like my life depend on it am sure you know what happens next. I woke up to see a call from an unknown number I call back instantly.

Natasha p.o.v

I woke up feeling more better than yesterday Kim walk into my room good morning babe she greet. Morning Kim I replied. Hope you are fine now she asked. Yes I am. Thanks I replied. So what is your reply don’t keep him waiting this is a golden opportunity. If I were you I will grab it fast she said. Don’t you think is risky Being a stranger fake wife we will even get married.

My dream is to get married to my prince charming not some sort of fake marriage with a stranger. Babe this world as a whole is also risky. So we need to take risk to be somebody in life. She said. Am sure you aren’t happy with this work we are into.

And he said he will pay you handsomely. Kim you are very selfless will you be happy If I leave you. Come on since it for good reason I will be happy to see my friend become someone in life cause I knew one day my own will come she said. You are such a darling I said and hug her. Let me call him.

I called him but he didn’t pick instantly. About 30 minutes later he call back

📞 Hello this is Jason on the line please who am I speaking with.

📞 Hello am Natasha

📞 Oh Tacha how are you hope you are fine he asked.

📞Yes am fine I just want to ask you where can we meet I want to see you.

📞 Okay let meet at J and W restaurant by 6pm he said.

Jason p.o.v

Baby who are you calling Jane asked. That’s my fiancee I replied. What!! Fiance she shouted. What’s your problem with that I think we agree to just have sex with no feelings attached to it. So why are you walked up. I think am pregnant for you she said.

You must be joking I said laughing I mean it am not joking she said but how. I haven’t seen my monthly flow for the past 1month now and an behaving weird this days.

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Episode 7

Jason p.o.v

You will have to go for proper test and if is true that you are pregnant you will have to go for abortion. Cause I don’t have any interest in you and the child. Let go to hospital for the test.

You don’t need to worry I will go for the test myself and get back to you. She said.

Just Know if you are pregnant we don’t have any other option than for you to abort the baby I told her.

Jane p.o.v

This guy dont know who he is playing with. I decided to use pregnancy on him thinking he will marry me if I told him am pregnant is that too much to ask I told my best friend. But this guy don’t love you leave him and let him go she said.

No way I love him and I need him is that too much to asked I said. Is it true you are pregnant she asked. Yes I am but he is not responsible for my pregnancy. Then who is responsible. My boyfriend Chris. I replied why don’t you tell Chris you are pregnant for him that guy really loves you she said.

But o don’t love him anymore I love someone else and the someone else doesn’t love you she shouted. This is the first time she will be raising her voice on me. I don’t care if Chris love me or not I most get Jason. And am going to see his mom.


Natasha p.o.v

I dressed up to meet Jason at the restaurant. Good evening. Am here to see Mr Jason I said. You are miss Natasha right yes. This way ma Mr Jason have been waiting for you at the VIP section.

Enjoy your stay ma. She said as we get there. Good pm Mr Jason. Evening how has your day been. Fine I want to tell you am ready to act as your fake wife I said. Wow I need to call my lawyer cause there’s some rules we will have to follow he said happily.

Shortly after his lawyer arrive. Good day Mr Jason. Evening Mr Derick meet Natasha she have agree to be my fake wife. Natasha meet Mr Derick my lawyer he said. Nice meeting you Mr Derick I said. Let get to business Jason said.

The lawyer open a paper and gave it to me to go through.

I Natasha Collins agree to be Mr Jason fake wife for two month. And agree to the following terms.

1. To act as Mr Jason wife in public and in front of his family and friends.

2. Not to nag

3. Not to release any private information about Mr Jason.

4. Not to be seen with any other man in public.

I read through the rules it okay by me so how much is the pay I asked. I will pay you 1.5million dollars for the two months wow that’s a lot of money. I also have my rules I said. Ok we are listening.

No sex
No kissing
I need my privacy
That kissing part won’t work cause we need to make it real Jason said. No prob give me pen let me sign. I agree thank you he said happily and hug me.

I need to go. One more thing he said what’s it you have to move in with me and you won’t have time to go for your work again he said he problem. We will be going for dinner at my parents place on Saturday. So you have to move in with me by tomorrow so we can know more about each other he said.

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Episode 8

The next day.

Natasha p.o.v

I dressed up waiting for Jason in the living room. Have packed my luggages yesterday with the help of Kim. He said he is coming to pick me.

Shortly after we heard a car horn I think that’s Jason let me go and open the door for him I said.

Don’t bother I will help you out go and get your bags in the room she said. I met Jason laughing and chatting with Kim in the sitting room. Hi I said but he didn’t replied he started moving closer to me and peck my cheeks morning babe.

What’s that for I asked is the part of the game he said then smile at me. Let start the practical from here so you won’t be surprised if I do that in public he said.

He help me with my luggages and open the car door like a perfect gentle man he got into the driver seat and drove off. I hope I don’t make the wrong choice by accepting to this game.


We got into his compound or should I say mansion. Thank goodness, I have time to drool as I like today. Can you please take me round the house I asked Jason. Sure he replied.

As we walk hand in hand. I haven’t seen this type of house in real life. I only saw them in movies this guy is super rich I thought. We got to were we parked the car Jason my luggages. I asked the guards have take it in he said.

We get into the sitting room. I saw a lady sitting comfortable on the chair she didn’t see us but we saw her. Is time to act Jason whisper to me.

Who is she I asked. She’s a b—h I want you to put her in her place he said.

Hi am Natasha. Who are you She didn’t replied me she was just glaring dangers at me. Babe who is this and why is she sitting down comfortable in our living room. Cause I knew she’s not one of your family.

She’s my secretary he said holding my waist. Jason why are you lying just tell her am your wife to be. What I asked laughing you must be joking. Wife in foot I even thought you are one of his maid.

Babe what’s she talking about I asked Jason. See look here Natasha or what is your name am pregnant for him. She said and brought the results from her bag.

Jason stare at the results. Babe what’s the meaning of this I asked. I can explain you better explain. And you are you in any relationship with him before this pregnancy. Nope she replied then you are nothing but a b—h. Don’t think you have seen husband cause am very sure my love here can’t marry you.

You aren’t his taste. Babe meet me in the room and make sure I don’t meet this b—h here if I come down. I don’t even know any place here am doom. I need to wait for him at the stairs

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Episode 9

Jason p.o.v

I face Jane immediately Natasha left. What are you doing here. Is this my first time of coming here. She replied with an eye roll. What’s the meaning of that stupidity you just perform now.

Did you want to cause problem between me and my fiance I asked. Yeah I wants to cause problem she replied. Can’t you see I love you why can’t you love me back.

Is it because she’s more beautiful than I am. Have done many things for you to love me. But you don’t. Am carrying your child our child. Your first child for crying out loud.

She said crying. Women can be dramatic sometimes. But I told you before we started sex without feeling attached to it and you agree. Hun so spare me does Simon and get rid of that thing in your tommy you call pregnancy.

Did you just call my baby a thing. She asked is not your fault listen and listen good am not going to get ride of my baby.

Suit yourself dear I said angrily. Baby are you not done with that b—h I need you here Natasha said. Hey come and be going you won’t like it if she come down and meet you here I said.

Please let me stay for today my house owner chase me out of the house and I have nowhere to go. Please just for today she begged.

What did you do with the money I gave you apart from your salary that you can’t pay your rent I asked. It none of your business she mumbled. Alright I’ll have to inform my fiance first. If she agree fine, but she don’t you don’t have a choice than to leave. I said and walk out.

I saw Natasha waiting at the stairs oh no I forget she doesn’t know her way in this house. Am sorry for keeping you waiting I said. No problem.

How far. She asked. Oh Jane? She asked me to allow her stay for today. So what’s your response to her. I said I will asked for your permission first I replied her. Did you want her to stay she asked yes for today. No problem.

Natasha p.o.v

We walked to the living room. Hey I will allow you to stay just for today not because of you. But because of the baby in your womb cause I love baby alot I said.

I face Jason and said I can’t wait for us to make our babies. Let go and make babies I said and hold his hand.

Jane p.o.v

They don’t know they are doing me a big favor by allowing me to stay. Am going to spoil the dinner for them tommorow. Jason don’t have a choice than to marry me cause am carrying his child his mom will be very happy. A message pop to my phone from my friend.

📩 Chris is here waiting for you
📩Tell him I don’t want to see him I replied.
📩Jane you no what you are doing is bad tell Chris you are carrying his baby and stop going after a shadow. That guy doesn’t love you and Chris do.

📩Are you my friend or Chris friend cause I don’t get you I replied ad off my phone. Cause I don’t want her to mislead me have made up my mind and no one can stop me

Jayden p.o.v

This is the tenth time am calling Jane and she’s not picking my calls. Hope the rumors am hearing about her and Jason is not true. Cause I love Jane and am planning to take her to the dinner tommorow. I decided to drop a text for her before I sleep.

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Episode 10

Natasha p.o.v

I opened my eyes and found a hand pulling me back. That’s when it Dawn on me that am in Jason room.i agree to sleep in his room yesterday because of Jane. I pulled his arm away from my body.

Let me be please I love it like this he said. You like what I succeeded in jerking his hand from my body and he wake up instantly. I checked my body very well cause I don’t trust this guy a bit. How did I get here I asked.

Oh no good morning or well done for a good job of did Yesterday. What job are you talking about I asked confused written on my faces.

Don’t tell me you don’t remember how you mourn my name yesterday. You even beg me not to stop. You told me to c*m inside you if am not mistaking we will be expecting the junior Jason soon.

Jason p.o.v

I can pay any amount just to see the look on her face always. She look pretty when angry. She checked are body thoroughly maybe she will see a stain. What’s wrong with her. Why is she behaving like a virgin I thought. But there’s no stain in my body she said.

I decided to go with the flow. I bath you immediately we finish yesterday cause I don’t want you to be smelly c*m c*m beside me I said. What she said and gave me a thurderous slap on my cheek I should be angry with her but I found myself loving the slap what’s happening with me.

Someone knocked on my door. And Natasha open it. What are you looking for. Don’t you no your room again she asked. I think is Jane she’s talking to I decided to check.

Am right she’s the one. What happen to your cheek she asked. It nothing why are you here I asked. I was passing by when I heard a sound I decided to check if all is well she said. As you can see all is well so go back to your room and stop parading up and down Natasha replied her. I locked the door and face Natasha what’s the slap for. Don’t you enjoy it yesterday I asked her.

She didn’t replied me she just went out. Shortly after she came with a stainless spoon and hit it on my head.

huch I wince why did you hit me with that did you want to kill me I asked. You think am a fool if you have sex with me yesterday why don’t I feel any pain on my legs she asked. I gave you pain killer yesterday I replied nothing giving up.

You don’t even know how to lie try harder next time she said with a smirk. I feel like graping her and kiss her lips they look kissable. Dressed up we are going for shopping I said.

Natasha p.o.v

Tonight is the night am going to meet Jason family. I pick up the gown Jason choice for me while shopping today I must say he has good eyes. What did I expect from a Playboy like him. I heard a Knock and went out to check who’s knocking.

I saw three female with a makeup box how may I help you I asked mr Jason hired us to make you look good. But am looking good without makeup I said. He wants you to look more beautiful they said. I hope it looks good on me cause have not done this type of makeup before I said.

I look myself inside the mirror after the makeup artist were done. I can’t believe I’m the one in this mirror I look different am sure Jason will drool that’s the punishment I have give him for lying to me this morning.

I went downstairs and saw Jason cloud in a Jeans and body fitted top. I wanted to drool but am not meant to droll o want to tease him. You can take pictures it will last longer and don’t forget to close your mouth because of flies.

Hmm you think I will drool am just looking at how ugly you look he said. You mean am ugly I said. Nope you look beautiful with that dress and the makeup fit you perfectly. He said and I blush.

Did I just blush. Come off it don’t you see he is praising you because there’s Jane beside him. I mentally scold myself.

Were is Jane going dressed like this. I asked she said she want to a friend no problem make sure you go with your bags cause your one day have expired I said.

We drove into his parents mansion I most say they are very rich Even his parents were rich. He introduced me to is parents . Hi good evening am Natasha I said smiling. Natasha nice meeting you we have heard more about you they said smiling at me.

I suddenly feel pressed I need to visit the toilet I said and handover my bag to Jason. He wanted to go with me but I decline. Just show me the place and go back I said and he nod. I washed my hands when I’m done I turned to go and see Jayden.
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What are you doing here I asked. He came closer and block my way. Let me go not so fast. Why don’t you pick my calls he asked. I thought is over between us so why are you calling me. Am sure that bastard have not touched you what if I be your first he said with a smirk.

He came closer to me and forcefully place his lips on mine. Let me go you bastard I said as soon as I pushed him away from me. Not too fast he said and pin me to the wall.

Did you think Jayden will succeed in raping her

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Episode 11

Natasha p.o.v

Please Jayden I said crying is this how I will loose my virginity. Oh God help your daughter. Just like a Miracle a forced pulled him off me. And I breathe in relief.

I raised my head up to see who save me Jason I said. He move closer to me and check my body thoroughly are you okay hope he hasn’t touched you am sorry I didn’t come early he said. I went back to Jayden and started throwing punches on his face.

Jason I yelled did you want to kill him I yelled. Let me kill this rapist he said. Stay away from her she’s mine he said angrily. It okay leave him as if you are better than him you are also a rapist I whisper but he heard me.

Point of correction am different from him o don’t plan e rape you that day I just felt like teasing you I can never force myself on a woman he said angrily.

Let go my parents are waiting for you he said and hold my hand. He lock the toilet door living Jayden inside the toilet Alone why did you lock the door how did you expect him to come out I said.

I don’t want to see his disgusting face at the dinner let go he will find his way he said and we walked out.

Jane p.o.v

I arrive at Jason family house and look around for his mother have seen her picture before so to recognize her won’t be a big deal for me. I sight her talking to her man I think that’s her husband. I moved closer to her.

Good evening Mrs Williams please can I see you for a moment I said she nod her head and smile at me she seems nice.

How may I help you young lady she said as soon as we are out of sight. Am Jane am Jason girlfriend he got me pregnant and ask me to abort it I said faking tears.

How dare him I don’t train him to be heartless to the extent of telling you to abort my first grandchild. Stop crying he said and hug me I left out a victorious smile. She took me to where Jason and his so called fiance sit with the man I saw with Mrs Williams earlier.

She whisper something to his ear. What!!! He shout that makes Jason raise his head up. He frown his head as soon as he sees me what are you doing here he asked me.
So is true Mrs Williams asked what are you talking about mum he said.

Mrs Williams p.o.v

I was surprised when the lady said she is pregnant for my son and he asked her to abort the baby. What did he think he’s doing and I really like this Natasha Alot she makes me remember my friend.

She looks much like her. And I can see she and my son are in love with each other. What will I do now. I need to make my decision cause I won’t allow this lady to abort the pregnancy.

What did you think Mrs Williams decision will be. love y’all

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