[STORY] SEX FOR FREE (Episode 1-15)

Episode 1 So I said, “A man who hasn’t discovered his talent yet, has never gotten hungry” and it’s very true. Once hunger strikes on you, nobody will tell you to do something. You’ll sit on your own and think so much about things you can do with your life to satisfy your stomach. Being a guy is not about waking up with your d–k so hard in your boxer shorts, it’s not about going to the gym to work out for bigger muscles, neither is it about going round and picking fights that are not meant for you. Being a guy is just about living with the principles of men, always in your mind. There are three philosophies every man should take note of. Let me break them. Every man should: Think faster. Don’t think fast, even women can do that. Think faster. Act smarter. Don’t act smart, even women can do that. Act smarter. Play safe. No woman can do this trick like a man. Just play safe. So you see, think faster, act smarter and play safe. In the end, you’ll smile to yourself. To my story, hunger visited me one morning and swore never to leave me for the rest of my life if I hadnt been smarter. I graduated from Senior High School in 2011, four years ago. Coming from such school should’ve given me luck in life, that’s what I thought but it seemed it wasnt like that. Not coming from a rich home, I had to struggle on my own to make some money to continue my education or live at peace thereby reducing the burden my five other siblings were putting on our parents. I wasnt lazy, I just didnt find any job as good as I thought. The first job I picked was to work with a preacher. I liked that job because the money we always got was enough but I stopped voluntarily. You know why? It’s because this preacher always made me pray after preaching. I told him I wasn’t so familiar with prayers and that, he should say all the prayers but he was so stubborn, always chose me to pray. So I stopped to work at a mechanic shop. I liked the work too but my only problem was the clothes. You might go to work like a lamb but return home like a pig. So I stopped two weeks later. Then, I went to teach in a primary school. I stopped three weeks later without even waiting for my salary. The students were so block-headed. They were so stupid that I always felt dizzy in class. So I stopped and decided to work as a cab driver for one old man. The man was just as stupid as his car. For the two days that I worked with the car, it was always at fault. Instead of the man to allow his wife to give me food to eat, he would still ask me to go home empty-handed and empty stomach. So I stopped two days later and applied to work as a driver’s assistant (mate). Even that was the worse the driver was so stupid that he collected all the money after every trip. He suspected me of cheating so I beat him and stopped working with him. I was called to attend an interview for a job at a food processing company. During the interview, my phone rung and that got me disqualified because they said I wasnt mannered…stupid people chosen as interviewers. So this and more were the tricks life played on me. At last, I decided to be a trickster. I would get phone packages as if I was selling phones, then use original phones to convince people to buy them. In the end, I would put soaps in the packages and sell them as mobile phones. I made lots of money from that until one day, I almost died. A police man dressed ordinarily and came to buy phone from me. Just as I gave it to him, he opened the package and saw “sunlight” soap in it. He showed me his ID card and told me he was arresting me. Before he could put his ID in his pocket I was on my heels. He started shouting and made people run after me as if I were a thief. Luckily for me, the first guy who caught me was my friend who was in the same business, so he made me take off my shirt and run past me as if the guy he was after was still running. I was sitting down when the foolish policeman ran past me without noticing me. So I stopped that one too.

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