[STORY] se.x with my mum’s tenant (episode 1-5)

[STORY] se.x with my mum's tenant (episode 1-5)
Part 1
My name is Rollingwealth.
Me and my family live in a small bungalow,while my mum’s tenant live in their bungalow @ the back of our house.
Dey packed it wen i was in school as i came back i saw one lady,she greeted me while i reply and she told me she ve heard alot about me, while she was sayin all this,she already know my name self,i had to ask of hers…which she told me her name is Helen.I was just starrin at her big boobs and thinkin{as in dey talk make i just hold d boobs start to dey s–k am like my gal own}after she talk all her talk,i just said ok,we will know each other better soon.As she was walkin behind our house i started looking at d acube{yansh}twistin from right to left……2 cut d story short..am always stayin outside every evening to see her go to her house just to see dat boobs and d acube……
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Part 2
On a faithful friday all my family went to Vigil while i said am staying at home due to my sickness dat started early in the morning of dat friday when i woke up.
My mum’s tenant husband has travel while her kid went to holiday,when they left around 6pm coz my church is very far and helen do come around 8pm coz she is a banker.
I was watching my tv in our parlour when i heard d bell around 10:20pm,Guess wat..it was helen…
Me:Welcome back from office madam
Helen:laughs…dont call me madam..is mummy around?
Me:No,they all went to vigil,why ask?
Helen:I forgot my key in my drawer locker in office and there is no key to enter into my apartment….Let me call mum to ask if i can pass the night here.
Me:Laughs,why would you,is it mum dat is at home ni?….come on in{i opened d door for her to enter in,then i locked it behind}.
Helen:But dont you think i should call mummy?
Me:She wont talk na,am nt a baby and will you even tell her you pass d night here{wetin dey do dis babe na}
Me:The problem now is dat everyone has lock their room door because of their secret stuff sha…so you would sleep in my room while i sleep in d sittin room
Helen:No problem,we can sleep in your room together..
Me:hmmmm,parlour will be okay{pretendin as if i did nt want it}
Helen:Or are you thinkin of another thing?
Me:No o,just thinkin it is not…..well if you insist…

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Part 3
She went to take her bath around 11:15 pm,when she was through i took my bath too…She slept on my large bed with her bottom up…..i came out to see her wearing her skirt she wore from office…
Me:You wanna wear dat skirt and sleep?
Helen:Hmmmm,when there is nothing else to wear nko?
Me:Will you mind if you wear one of my playing pant?
Helen:K,no p let me ve it den…..
I gave it to her while i was on my bed starrin at her,she just took off d skirt and she was nt even wearin pant….i looked at d fresh shaped p***y while she looked at me{i swear dis babe don know wetin i need o} She den off her shirt{omo see wetin i wan hold since,na him dey my front so}She wore d top i gave her too.While she was on my bed chatting and i was chatting on my phone too,i was just thinkin wetin make dis babe open everythin like dat abi in don know say i need am abi vice versa self…As a correct guy,i just start conversation about sex…{in no make sense make i discuss matter like dat wif a married woman but wetin in do earlier don give me courage}
Me:Am sorry but when ve you ve sex last?
Helen:It has been long…while askin?
Me:Just wanna know,and while is it that it has been long you had it?
Helen:Laughs,you know my husband do travel and he is a businessman,so if he is back.
Me:While not now{my heart skip beat,which kind talk be dat,shey you dey for your senses sha…make dis babe no change am for you o}
Me:Never mind,It is already late,lets get to sleep…..
She drop her phone and told me you will end wat you just start….She stood up and took off d clothes i gave her and she was on her birthday suit{naked}….

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Part 4
She just came closer to me &push me back on my bed,she started s*****g my d**k as if dats her hobby,i began to charge d more….i took her breast and l****d her n*****s for about 12 mins we were doing d s*****g.
I then lie down flat on my bed while she was on top of me,strokin my d**k like a joystick…She was bouncing on me and her b****t was bouncin also…
Me:Yea baby……you ve given birth but your p***y is still as tight as huh!…yea…give it to me….
Helen:I gave birth 2ru operation and ur d**k is bigger dan my husband owns..ouch…
She took my 7inch d**k in her p***y by dis time we had change to d doggy style…….her p***y was so deep dat i had to dig in…….d sound i was hearin was ouch…..oh my God….you are d best…yea…i want some more…by dis time it was now about 10 mins ve been f**king her because i didnt use a rubber(c****m)i had to c-m on her body but she took my d–k in her mouth and she l****d every bit of my s***m….
I then told her to open her legs wide enough,one leg was to d West and the other was to d East…i drew her closer to me and i started f*****g her….i was hearin fikpia fikpia….while doin all dis i saw biting my pillow coz she did nt want to chat so as nt to alert our neighbour….
I had to f**k her 4rm behind,it was now about 13 mins again i didnt c-m on her body this time,i took it straight to her mouth…By this time i was already tired…She took in my d**k one inch at a time at started s*****g again,i felt it dat it has gotten to her throat,so i gave her about 5inch of my d**k,but i needed to f**k her 2day coz another day i might be as lucky as today.
I am Oliver…i always need more,but my strength cant take it anymore…so i postpone it till around 5am maybe i can still get some more….
We slept nakedly like a married couple.

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Part 5
Unfortunately i woke up around 6:30am coz there i was very tired for what happen through d night,when i woke up she has already woke up,she took has already took her bath and i know my family will soon be ahome….So i postpone d next thing dat might happen till another day if it will surely happen……….

Thanks for readin….

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