Episode (1) ✍ By Capri Leo Making a living is not easy, Life is tough and Jobs are hard to get! My name is Max, a work in a firm thats deals with electronics, and it pays well, and life is good! But it wasn’t always like this, Going through those years of studying and hardworking wasn’t easy but thanks to my Mom, Jessica is helped me through and guided me. My mom was the one that supported me through my education, my dad had died of Cancer! So she was left alone to do all the work, it was hard but we got through. After my NYSC, I searched for job, going from one interview to another was tiring until God finally answered my prayers and got me this job that I’m currently doing now! After that I rented a house and settled in it, and I sent some for my mom, life was good at that moment. For years, I’ve been working hard, and because of it, I got promoted and my salary increased, Life became more suitable for me, except despite all this achievements I had no one to spend my time with, To be honest, I wasn’t good in this relationship stuff and I was nervous around girls, so I kept to my self and continued my work praying God would provide one for me! One Monday morning at work, I was called by my Boss, Mrs Emma! She was so attractive and beautiful but she was a serious person and never had time for fun! I went into her office and there she was looking radiant as ever! She noticed my presence and asked me to sit down! . Mrs Emma✒ Max! . Max ✒ Yes ma! . Mrs. Emma✒ How are you? . Max✒ I’m feeling good ma! . Mrs. Emma✒ I called you here so because the firm has been watching you lately and you’re proud of ur work so from now on, you’ll be my top executive in the firm, you’ll be report it me directly! . Max✒ Oh, thank you ma! Thank you, I’m speechless, I don’t know what to say! . Mrs. Emma✒ You don’t have to! You deserve it! . Max✒ Thank you ma! . I left her office feeling happy, I went back to my office excited, I quickly called my mom and told her about the news, she was happy too, congratulating me, after that, I continued my work with a happy mind, my Friend Sammy came into my office, looking straight at me! . Sammy✒ Guy na wetin dey happen? This one that you’re so happy and all, what’s up? . Max✒ Guy I just got promoted to be one of the top executive in the firm. . Sammy✒ Really? I’m proud of you! You deserve it, we need to celebrate ur success tonight! . Max✒ At where? . Sammy✒ At the club now, drink some booze ? and have fun with ladies! . Max✒ Bros, you know I’m not good around women! . Sammy✒ Relax, you need to hold urself besides you’ll definitely find one in the club! So don’t worry, . Max✒ Okay, see you later! . He left my office as quickly as he came, I wondered about what he said, well let’s just hope things turn out right! Several hours later, the sun had already went down and everyone had left the firm, I went home and got ready for the club, Sammy came and picked me up in his car, mine had a flat tire so I couldn’t use it. After some minutes, we arrived at the Club, it was a cool place, nice babes and lots and lots of booze, Men and women were dancing to the loud music, Sammy introduced us to some couples of chicks, They looked sexy, and we mingled with them, we drank and danced with the ladies, One of them was twerking her ass on my d–k, making my d–k erect. Soon I got bored of the club, and I was exhausted, I wanted Sammy to take me home but his attention was with the chicks, so I left the club and walked home. There was no taxi on the road, so I continued walking, A bit later, a car parked near me offering me a ride, when I saw who the driver was I became speechless! It was Mrs. Emma my boss! She looked a little bit rough like she was drunk, she wore a nice sexy purple gown! . Mrs. Emma✒ Hey, Max, where are going? . Max✒ I’m going home ma, its not far from here. . Mrs. Emma✒ Get in ,I’ll drive you home! . I got inside the car and she fired the engine and drove fast, She looked great, I could she has her fair fresh laps, and her boobs were just amazing, From the way she was driving it seems she was a bit too drunk! As she was driving, she places her hands on my laps, pressing it, She looked at me and smiled, what was she thinking? I slowly removed her hands and asked her to pay attention on the road! . Max✒ Ma, you need to pay attention on the road! . Mrs. Emma✒ What’s wrong? Afraid to die young? . Max✒ Pls ma, just pay attention! . Mrs. Emma✒ Okay, I will, until you tell me how sexy I am! . Max✒ What? I can’t ma! . Mrs. Emma✒ Say it or I’ll crash this car right now! I’ve nothing to lose! . I was really in trouble, what was she saying? Was she really serious? She is definitely drunk and she won’t hesitate to do anything stupid because she’s not in her proper sense! I just have to do what she says. . Max✒ You’re so sexy, ma! . Mrs. Emma✒ Try harder and be specific and call me name when you comment. . Max✒ You’re so sexy, Emma, ur boobs are fresh and amazing and ur laps make me crazy, your curvy body makes me dream about you! I’m crazy about you Emma! . Mrs. Emma✒ Nice, would you like to f–k me? . Max✒ Excuse me? . Mrs. Emma✒ Answer the question!!! . She revied the car and drove it close to a lorry, She was really serious oo, this lady was crazy! What’s her deal? I had to make sure I answer everything if not, this would be my last day on earth! . Mrs. Emma✒ I said would you like to have sex with me? . Max✒ Yes! . Mrs. Emma✒ Well then, let’s get to ur house! . We soon arrived at my house, as she turned off the engine, she jumped on me kissing me, I couldn’t resist her, she was just too hot, We came down from the car and went into the house, We kissed and stripped our clothes as we made our way, into my room, She pushed me on my bed, grabbing hold of my d–k, stroking it. She kissed my d–k and started s—–g it, My body twitched, it felt good, her mouth was warm, She s—-d my d–k hard, making me twitch, This was just too much, I never knew Bj felt this good, I could feel my d–k pulsing in her throat, Soon I released my first c-m into her mouth! She gagged and swallowed my c-m whole, I fell on my bed, I felt dizzy ?, this was too much, My d–k was still erect and hard, Mrs. Emma grabbed my d–k making come towards her, She kissed me warmly, our tongues twisted around eachother, She slowly pushed my head down towards her p—y,! Her p—y looked cute, it was well shaved and it smelled like ? roses, I kissed her p—y and inserted my tongue inside her, She moaned sweetly, pushing my head towards her c–t, She was dripping wet, her p—y juices tasted good, I s—-d her hard, making her body twitch, She yelled and screamed hard as she came hard. . Mrs. Emma✒ d–n! Max, for ur first time have sex with a woman, you sure know how to eat p—y! I’ve never felt this good! . Max✒ Uhmm… I am.. I meant . Mrs. Emma✒ Hmm, you’re a shy one, I like shy people, don’t worry, I’ll make you feel like a real man! . She grabbed my d–k and opened her legs wild open, I came close to her and she slowly pushed my d–k inside her, her c–t was warm and slippery, I couldn’t hold myself, I shoved my d–k into her hard! She screamed hard, squeezing my d–k with her p—y! . Max✒ Sorry Emma, did I hurt you? . Mrs. Emma✒ No, I was just amazed how deep ur d–k went into my p—y, F–k me hard don’t stop, destroy my p—y! . I started f—–g her, thrusting into her p—y, I pounded her hard and deep, Her p—y was too good, She moaned as I f—-d her, I continued pumping her deep into her c–t, She stretched her legs even more, pushing her c–t towards my d–k, She slapped my ass, digging her nails into my butt cheeks, She shouted and urge me to f–k her hard!, I pounded her harder and faster, with full force, I hammered her, digging deep into her, She screamed and moan, shouting to be f—-d hard, her eyes were filled with tears, “F–k me hard, you bastard, yes, yes, f–k my c–t harder, yes, yes, Arrghhhh, yes, that’s it, right there, right there, Yesssss!!! ” Her body bounced as I t—-t my d–k deep into her, Her c–t was really tight around my d–k, making my d–k twitched like crazy, I continued banging her c–t making smacking sounds, I couldn’t hold on any longer, I f—-d her fast, my hips were moving like crazy, It would seem Mrs. Emma knew I was going to c-m, She held me tight wrapping her legs around my waist! “Don’t you dare c-m, make sure you make me c-m” I held on a little bit longer, as I continued f—–g her, After a few thrusts, I shoved my d–k deep into her releasing my c-m into her womb, She screamed and held me tight as she came as well! I felt on her body, with my face on her boobs, I felt exhausted, She wrapped her hands around my head cuddling up to her breast, I never felt so satisfy and excited in my life! After a while, we soon slept together in each others arms!

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