[STORY] Pastor Dan (episode-6)

Pastor Dan
Pastor Dan

Pastor Dan
Pastor Dan

Episode 1

After many years of searching for job without finding any,i decided to go into pastor work,as it as tamed one of the most lucrative job at of that time.

the only problem i will be having for the main time was to be dedicated and also stop being a flirt. if award are to be given,i believed i will be given the “best flirt of the year”.

seriously,i was a long time and professional flirt. if i have not seen what is under us skirt, sis am not letting go of u. well let me live these for the main time.

since i knew i wasn’t good enough to be a pastor i decided to start from somewhere. the first option that came into my mine was really good and i embrace it at once.

i decided to first of all become and usher in the church,so i could learn more things from the pastors in my church.

that was my first plan. after maybe learning enough i will them go to the bank and collect loan. maybe when i become a pastor then i will think of the next step to take which was to stop being a womanizer.

on Wednesday morning,i went to our pastor to request for permition of being an usher and also my decession of becoming a pastor.

i when to his direct and luckily he was in his office

me: **kon kon kon**

I knocked on the door.

pastor musty:(from inside)yes sister Mary come in.

me:**from outside**pastor it is me Daniel o.

pastor musty:oh sorry come in the door is open.

wait o e be like say these pastor too na big time flirt. anyway make i just pretend as if i no hear wetin him talk.

me: **enter inside**good day pastor**I bow a little with my hands in my back**

pastor musty**without looking at me**good day my boy pls take ur sit.

me:**for my mind**sir u mean say make i carry the chair go my house.
me:thank u sir

pastor musty:ulwc.

the man continue what he was doing without looking at me. they was a grave silence btw us and even a pin drop could be heard.

after about seven minute of silent there was a knock outside.

pastor musty**raise his head for the first time since i came in**sis Mary come in.

come no be the second time i dey hear sister Mary?

what happened next?
find out in the next exciting n thrilling episode of pastor Dan.
brought to you by: peasant Daniel.

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Episode 2
The Supposed Miss Mary Flipped The Door Open And Came In.

In The Process Of Her Locking The Door,i Used That Time To Access Her From Head To Toe.

She Wore A Skimpy Short Skirt Which Stop Just Below Her Kneel Level.
She Wore That Kind Shirt Wey Them The Call Show Me Ur Back on top One Kind Find Necklace Like That.

Brothers Her Backyard No Be Here O.When I Mean She Package Ehm U Go Soon Understand.I Used My Corner Eye To Look At Pastor Musty,he Was All On Smile And Looking At Something.

I Trace His Eyes An I Was Surprised When I Saw That His Eyes Were On Her Big Bumbum.

Chaill These Pastor Bad. No Wonder Reekodos Banks Say Your Poblem Dey For Your Back O.

Miss Mary Lock The Door And Turn Her Face And Face Me And I Got The Greatest Shoke Of My Life.

The Same Lady That Ave Been Toasting For More That Two Month Was The One Here In My Pastor Office With The Shortest Bum Shot I Ave Ever Dreamt Of.

The Same Girl Wey The Form Horlie Than Thou For Church Na Her Be These For My Pastor Office, Unbelieveable.

Shock Was Boldly Written In Her Eyes The Moment She Saw Me. Though I Was Also Shocked,but I Hide It,and Fake A Smile.

I Glance At Pastor Musty And He Was Still Smiling Like A New Born Fowl. I Wanted Standing Up And Leaving The Office But It Was As If My Legs Were Pin To The Ground

Mary:**fake Smile**morning Pastor

Pastor Musty:morning My Dear

Mary:ehm…Pastor I Will Check On U Later.I Can See Your Are Busy.

Pastor Musty:**chewing The Back Of His Pen**yeah Actually I Was Busy But Am Done**turn To Me**ehm…Daniel Pls Can U Give Me At least Thirty Minute Pls I Will Get Back To You When Am Done. And Lest Before I Forget Don’t I Repeat Don’t Check On Me Till I Send For You Am I Making Sense At All.

Me**angry**:but Sir I….

Pastor Musty:**pointing His Hand Towards The Door**sheeee No But Used The Door.

I Stormed Out Of The Office In Anger I Couldn’t Believe The Pastor Send Me Out Of His Office Just Because Of A Woman.

Now The Words Of My Literature Teacher Back Them In Secondary School Flash Back To Me:

“you see children in these live women can some time help your destiny and can also some times destroy your destiny. so beware of the type of woman you follow. a mother can used twenty years to train a child in the way of thelord but a girl can make him stupid within two minute.”

these means say my pastor don stupid na yansh go kill the man.i dey talk of person what of me?

what happened next?
find out in the next exciting episode of Pastor Dan.

brought to you by: peasant Daniel

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Episode 3A
i stormed out of my pastor office and went to a small mango tree that has shade.i sat down and everything that happened back them in my pastor office began to replay back into my head,as many question began runing through my mine

“could it be my pastor is having an affair with these lady”
“or is he just trying to be mr nice”
“anything it is i must get to the root of it”
“but hw will i start?”

i was still wearing a thinking cap when my phone rang.i check the contact and it was idris my roommate.meet idris an easy going young man with a good heart.unlike me,he wasn’t a player,very loyal.

i met him during my university days amd since them,we began good friend.after our nysc services,throug connection,he got a job as a micro-biologist in a big company.he tried securing a job for me but it was to no avail.though he pay for our rent and feeding,he had never complaint or saw it as anything.

presently,he travel to the village to visit his sick mother and he promise to come back today.Episode 3B
Me[picked The Call]hello Idris Hw Fa? Are U Back?
Idris:no I Still Dey Village.Mad Man.Where Are You Let Me Come And Collect Key?
Me[oh I Forgot To Drop Key For Him]pls Am Sorry Am In Pastor Musty Office Now
Idris:no Probs.Am Coming
I Hang Up The Call,relaxed Back,waiting For Idris To Come
he stood up from his sit,went to the door and lock it.he look left and right b4 locking the door to ensure daniel isnot hiding somewhere.he came back and met mary already sitted
pastor musty[smiling]so what abt what we discuss last time
mary[shy face]am ready but you will ave to gimme the money first
pastor musty[open his drawer,remove a bundle of 100k and gave it to her]here is the money
mary[smiling]thanks sir[she collected the money and put in her handbag]thanks sir,u know am doing these bcos of the money
pastor musty:okay let get to business
mary:k but be careful.am still a virgin
pastor musty[excited]wow i love virgins
they both pull their cloth and got to busness
.Episode 3C

pastor musty:sock my d–k
mary:sir i can’t
pastnr musty:why
mary:i don’t know how to s–k d**ks
pastor musty:okay
With An Erected D**k,he Move To Her And Start Kissing Her Lustfully,while His Hands Were Fumbling Her Br–st .He Remove His Mouth From Her Lips And Start S—–g Her Nipples.he used to other hand to press the other b***st. Without Wasting Time,he Spread Her Legs And Wanted Driving When She Stop Him
Pastor Musty:what Is The Problem?
Mary:used CD
pastor musty:okay
he went to his drawer,open it and remove a packed of CD and tore it open andwore it.since he already know hw to fvck virgins,he applied anointing oil in her privaje part and also in his own and drove into her…the remaining thing that happened was an history untold
unknown to them idris who came to collect key from daniel,was watching them through the keyhole and also videoing them

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Episode 4
When They Were Both Done With Their Stuffs,pastor Musty Brought Out A Whitehandkerchief From His Drawer And Stylishly Clean The Drops Of Blood Form,as A Result Of Mary Broken Virginity And Return It Back To His Drawer..
Pastor Musty[smiling]baby You Were Sweet
Mary[childish Smile]thank You Sir…I Must Be Going Now
She Said And Hurry Out Only To Meet Idris With A Lmg D–k….
I WAS TOO carry away into watching and at the same time videoing pastor musty and his supar natural girlfriend in a life p–n that i didn’t know when the door flipped open and mx pastor supernatural girlfriend came out

i lonk at her and i got the shocker of my life;the same girl daniel has been toasting and she is proving abortive
girls are very bad girlsEpisode 4B
i shouted when i watch the sextape between pastor musty and mary.i couldn’t believe it
these is highly unbelieveable.the s~xtape send cold shiver into my body,well to be a man is not easy

idris:[shouting]daniel daniel!!
me:[jotting back to life]ehmm yes what is it na?why are you shouting my name like a drunkard na?
idris:for the past five minute have been calling your name and i got no respones from you.what is the problem ?
me:sorry my dear.i was just thinking about something
idris:can you share what you are thinking with me?
me:no it is not shareable
idris:mad man.you think i don’t know you are thinking about the tape?
me[sight]see is not like that
idris:then how
idris:anyway if it’s for the tape i got some useful plan to do with it
me:[anxious]ehm..ehm…you say what?
idris:and the plan will even help you sleep with that mary and also become a pastor not even a pastor but a real pastor…..
the shocked in her eyes was uncomparable.i know why she was shock.not because she know what she had done was wrong but because she know it must get to daniel’s ears

she look at me with pity eyes and instantly i remenber the day i woe her for daniel

me:hi mary the beauty

mary:[shaking voice]hello idris what are you doing here?

me:ehm…ehm…actually i came to look for idris.he told me he is here

mary:ehm…i see you came to look for idris.anyway i am in a hurry

me:[for my mine]you are in a hurry to go and sleep with another boy


she left in a hurry.after like five minute when my something has gone down.i walk out of the hall and put a call through daniel
me:hello daniel where a you
daniel:am in the mango tree behind the church
me:okay i will join you in a few minutes time

i said and walk to where he was and we walk home together after exchanging pleasantries we walk home and it was they i show him the video tape..
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Episode 5
pastor musty drove his camry car into the evil forest of akaya.the breeze from the shaded trees in the forest blew on him.due to the narrowness of the road,he park his car at a shaded place

he came down from the car, nicely dress in black suit with an italian shoes,and red tie to rendered his dress to match.

he move to his car boot,open it and brought out a black nylon bag containing somethings.while walking through the narrow road,his phone rang,checking the contact,the name was save as’baba’.

pastor musty:[picking the call]hello baba i will be with you in a jifty

he said and cut the call.he fasten his movement and minutes later he found himself in a small hut.the hut was made with a combination of mud and palmfront

knowing the hut very well,he pass through a narrow door at the centre of the hut,and he bursted at the other end of the hut,reviewing a well decorated compound with fence.the whole compound was smoky and no ones could be found in the compound.

in the centre..

of the compound stood a gigantic shrine.the shrine was decorated with red cloths and snail shells.both human and animals skull where littering around in the shrine.

pastor musty moves straight to the location of the shrine.and just them a black thug appear in his back with a sword in his hand and swiftly moves to where pastor musty was and used one of his hand to hold pastor musty in the neck and pointed the knife at him

still holding pastor musty in the neck,he asked the popular question

black man:who are you
pastor musty:[shivering like a fowl]am pastor musty
black man:[release him slowly]are you the one baba is expecting?
pastor musty:yes
black man:am sorry for rough handling you baba will be with you in a minute time

he said and disappear into thin air.pastor musty arranged his suit and went to where the shrine was and sat down in small stone

sooner or later,a black short man appear in the air.his legs where not touching the ground neither his hands were.he hold a shining staff in his hand and saidEPISODE 5B
baba:hello pastor musty,hope you bring good news
pastor musty:[remove a white handkerchief from his suit pocket and clean his sweaty face]baba am here with the sacrifice material
baba:[nodding his head]good that is good[pause]where is the handkerchief with the virgin blood and the white c–k and other materials?
pastor musty[handed him a black nylon bag]they are all here
baba[collected the bagNot completed