[STORY] papa Kolade big cassava. +18 (episode 1-6)

Episode 01.
“Make sure you wash all the clothes and boil
yam for them Emma when they return from
school” Her madam kept yapping about what
her task for the day was while she stood
She was looking forward to when everyone left the house, she
had been trying to get Papa Kolade under her wrapper for over
two weeks and all her morning boob parade seemed futile until
she overhead Mama Kolade packing and getting ready to travel
to her village, and she set her plans in motion.
The next morning ,she picked out a shirt that was a little too
small for her, forcing her boobs to struggle not to spill out and
picked a big basin instead of buckets, she filled the basin to the
brim and when she got home she asked Papa Kolade to come
help her put the basin down , she loved how his eyes flared
when he stared at her boobs and his brief discomfort when he
is caught staring.
She suggested making him lunch as his wife was travelling, and
now as she stood listening to her madam yell out orders all she
could think of was her plans for the afternoon.
As soon as her madam left, she got to her morning chores, she
cleaned the house and brought out the piled up clothes and
hurriedly washed them, she put the yam on fire and took a
bath, she dabbed on a little talc powder and rubbed a little
Vaseline on her lips, took the yam down from the fire and fried
some onions in palm oil.
Everything was almost in place, she called Papa Kolade in and
serve the food making sure she bent extra low as she placed the
food on the small stool in the parlor.
“Thank you eh” he said as she finished setting the food down.
“No worry, na nothing o” She said coyly
She dished out some food for herself and sat opposite him to
eat, when he was done and she was sure he was watching she
pretend to fish out some food crumbs from her shirt
unbuttoning a few buttons in the process, she looked up to see
him look away
“You don finish abi, Make I come pack am” She said as she got

She went over to clear up and froze to give him a good view of
her goods. As she reached for the plates, she looked up to see
him staring at her, she smiled at him, as if taking that as a cue he
reached and slowly touch the top of her boob and waited for
her to move away.
When she didn’t, he reached deeper and cupped her boob and
gave it a nice squeeze, he took her hand and dragged her to sit
on his lap which she did so willingly, he buttoned down her shirt
and took her boobs in his hand and squeezed, he pinched her
nipples as she threw her head back.
He took her nipples in his mouth and s—-d hard, gently
grazing with his teeth, he s—-d differently from Oga Danny
and she loved the feel of his gently grazing.
He reached down under her skirt and touched her p—y
through her pant, he pushed it to the side and pushed a finger
in making her moan softly, he started to move in and out, he
pushed in another finger and moved in and out even faster as
squirmed under his fingers, he took out his fingers as she gave
him a disappointed look.
“Lie down for ground” He said in his thick Yoruba accent,
helping her up from his lap
She laid down on the floor as he took off his knicker, and knelt
beside her and gathered her skirt to her waist, pulled down her
pant and guided his fat d–k to her wet p—y ramming in and
making her gasp out in pain, he stretched her wider than she’s
been before.
He started to move slowly first and then fast, the floor was
uncomfortable but his fat d–k felt too good to mind, he was
giving it to her fast and hard, she loved it.
“Ahhhh” she kept moaning loudly
“Shhhh” he shushed her, “Pesin fit still dey compound”
She covered her mouth with her hand as he continued to ram
into her, he lifted his other leg like squatting over her, held her
waist and rammed deeper and even faster, he closed his eye
and was grunting lowly.
He pulled out and spilled his seeds on her stomach. She had
swallowed before but not had c-m on her before and it was
intriguing, in all the p–n movie she had seen the guys always
poured c-m on the lady’s face and now she wondered what that
felt like.
“Stand up and hol the chair, I go show you different kind styles”
She was excited more because the c-m dripped as she stood to
hold the chair, he held her waist and pushed her back making
her arch with her ass in the air, he pushed in to her p—y from
behind and started to move, it felt deeper like it was hitting her
stomach like this, she held on to the chair tight as he held her
waist and f—-d her.
“Ummmm!! Ahhhh!!!” she tried to muffle her moans, she could
feel her o—-m building, he moved in deeper and faster, her
o—-m finally exploded spreading warmth round her body, the
warm gush of c-m on his d–k felt really good as he rammed
deeper into her tight p—y and poured loads of hot c-m into it,
he let her go as she fell in a heap on the chair
“Grace! Your thing sweet well well o” He finally said, sitting
beside her.

“But you go drink salt water eh, make you no get belle” He said
standing up and pulling his short knicker up.
It took a while before she stood up went to the bathroom with
half a bucket of water, peed and tried to push out as much of
his c-m out of her, loving how sore her p—y felt, she cleaned
up and went to make a cup of salt and water solution which she
She arranged the house and waited for the children to get back
from school.
She couldn’t get Papa Kolade d–k out of her mind, she has to
get it every day and she needed a plan for that

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Episode 02.
It’s been a long while since Papa Kolade
showed her the goodness of his fat d–k and
since they were yet to find a way to f–k
without getting into trouble, she was getting
frustrated, touching herself in the bathroom
was barely scratching her itch.
She looked at her bobs as she lifted her filled basin from the tap
unto her head spilling little water on herself in the process.
When she got to the compound, Papa Kolade as usual was
sitting outside with his radio, before she could ask for his help
he stood up to come help her put the basin down.
“I go tell Mama Kola say belle dey pain me I no go work” he said
in hushed tones. She smiled trying hard to contain her excitement as she went in
to get buckets to get more water, she went about her chores
smiling at herself till her madam pointed it out asking her why
she was so happy like it was a crime, she had to lie about a joke
she heard at the tap.
She gave the kids their bath, g0t them ready for school and
made pap for breakfast with her Oga complaining that she
made it too watery like it would be enough if she made it
thicker, she apologised determined that nothing would spoil her
After breakfast, everyone went about their day, with her madam
walked the kids to school before she went to her work place and
the Oga took keke to his shop at the market. The compound was
starting to look deserted just how she liked it, she washed some
of the children clothes and she mopped the carpet in the
She took her bath and warmed the leftover rice, she quickly
combed her hair, packed it in a bun and applied a bit of talc
powder and went to sit outside by the door.

After about 30 minutes of sitting out and fantasizing about what
she would do to Papa Kolade; she was eager to show him her
numerous skills, he peered out and motioned to her to come in
quickly. She looked around to make sure no one else was
around to see and literally tip toe to his room before the slap
sounds of her very flat slippers would invite someone to poke
their heads out their doors.
She looked around his living room and realized their living
rooms are furnished almost the same way with a small TV and a
DVD player at one corner and worn out arm chairs or in Papa
Kolade’s cushions. She sat down as a brief moment of
awkwardness ensured, she stood up and went to sit on the arm
of the cushion he was sitting on, he turned to look at her, as she
sat down. “Grace you na very fine girl you be” he said making her smile
She covered his mouth in a kiss slightly surprised when he
kissed her back a bit slurpy, she deepened the kiss and bought
her hand down to rub his crotch, he was getting hard and she
kept squeezing his d–k through the his short.
She stopped kissing and unbuttoned his short pulling the zipper
down and pulling out his d–k, she went down on her knees
stroking his fat d–k up and down, she was so excited to show
him what she can do with her mouth. She covered his d–k with
her mouth loving how he groaned when she swirled the head of
his d–k with her tongue, she looked up at him
“Your wife dey treat you like dis” she asked smiling
He shook his head, “No” as she went back on taking his d–k
further into her mouth.
She bopped her head up and down the length of his d–k her
saliva dripping down his d–k, he closed his eyes loving the feel
of her touch as she licked the head of his penis, she loved
s—–g d–k and tried to do as much as she remembered, the
ladies in all the p–n videos she had seen, when her mouth was
tired she used her hands stroking up and down.

She enjoyed the Ohs and how he threw his head back when she
s—-d on the head of his d–k. She stood up pushing him gently
into the chair, she gathered her gown up; she wasn’t wearing
any pants and s——-d him, she wailed a second for her p—y
to adjust to his size before moving up and down slowly, he
unbuttoned the few buttons down her v neckline releasing her
full boobs.
He took one with his hand and covered the other with his
“Uhhhh ahh” moaned softly as he s—-d gently on her nipples
She started to move faster throwing her head back, she was so
wet and she could hear the slurping sounds her p—y made as
she moved up and down his fat d–k, she grabbed his head and
shoved it in-between her boobs, she started to move faster as
his hands went around to grab her ass and held her as he
f—-d her fast from underneath. “Ahhh ewo” she screamed as he f—-d her fast
He increased his pace till she gushed c-m juice all over his d–k
biting her lips as she does, he held her ass and moved up and
out faster as he felt his o—-m near, he lifted her from his d–k
fast spilling c-m on her p—y lips and also himself.
She climbed off him still h—y and was disappointed as he still
up and went inside and came out with his trousers zipped
indicating the end of their session.
She stood up and headed out.
“Grace! Grace!!” a voice stopped her in her tracks as she was
about entering their parlour, she turned to see Jonah a corper
that was staying in the compound
“When is it going to be my turn now”, he smirked. All grace had to do was to think of a way to get corper not to report her to her aunty but she must do it through her P*s*y.

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Episode 03.
When is it going to be morning? She wondered
as she twisted and turned on the mat, she
couldn’t sleep and whenever she eventually
did it was haunted with dreams of her madam
finding out about her sexcapades and beating
her and eventually sending her home.
She had not exactly been this frightened of getting caught and
sent back to her village, but since Oga corper saw her leaving
Papa Kolade room, that fear seemed closer, he had implied
telling on her in his words.
“When e go be my turn? Your madam know say you dey give
everyone puna?”
She had been speechless and ran into their house, and as she lay
restless on the bed she was determined to do what he wanted;
f–k him in exchange for his silence. She stared awake till it was
morning and she started her day a bit early, she did dishes
before it was bright, went to fetch water being the first one at
the tap.
She waited for it to start running while picturing all the
scenarios of her madam finding out which all ended with her
being sent away, she couldn’t go back now not with her madam
talking about enrolling her to apprentice for a tailor not far
from the house. The tap started to rush, she fetched her water and went home,
she didn’t bother greeting Papa Kolade or asking him to come
help her but he did anyhow, he was about to say something
when she said thank you and walked away.
She did the rest of chores quickly and sat outside for when the
corper would leave for work, he came out of his room in T-shirt
that looked a little too big for him and looking a bit washed out
with jean trousers that looked equally washed out, he walked
past her smiling slyly, she followed him and when she was a
small distance away from the compound she called out to him,
he turned to see her and stopped, she walked faster and caught
up to him
‘I go do am, anything you want’ She said with her head down
‘Come my room for midnight and knock my window’ he said
and walked away
She felt defeated and scared, she walked backed home just in
time to see her madam coming out with the children in their
oversized school uniforms and torn school bags, soon the
whole compound was empty and she was left alone with her
thoughts, she decided to go see er friend down the street down
the street who was also a house girl. She loosed her hair and her
friend braided her hair, she considered telling her about her
sticky situation but changed her mind knowing what a big
mouth her friend had
‘You know say Ada from that restaurant wey I show you dey
follow one big man wey be their customer, I bin see them
together one night for dark corner’ Nnenna started
When it comes to the latest gossip, Nnenna knew all about it,
she knew who was f—–g who and who was pregnant for who.

‘This one wey you quiet wetin happen’ Nnenna asked peering
down at her
‘Nothing, I just tire small’ she replied
‘Like say you dey do plenty for work for that una house’ Nnenna
hissed. She went on to give her all the latest gossips which was a nice
distraction from her dilemma, she went home and cooked
lunch, she served the kids when they got back, she took out
some clothes and washed to keep her mind off tonight, she
went about her days job quietly.
Night fell rather too slowly and while everyone else was asleep
grace couldn’t, she was too restless, she watched the clock as
their hands tuned slowly, if only she had something to fiddle
with before it was time for her to pay for her sins.
Three more hours had passed when she stood up, grabbed her
small torchlight, tip toed over the children and open the
creaking down slowly, she walked towards his room which was
on the same line as theirs, she knocked on the window and
waited looking around nervously, another knock on the window
an she heard footsteps from inside, he opened the door and
even though she could not see his face in the darkness she felt
his eyes on her
‘Come in’ he whispered
She got in as he closed the door behind him, he walked in front
of her turned on a dim lamp, he sat down on a chair and stared
at her while she looked down with her hands knotted together
“Remove your clothes, s–t” he finally said.
She didnt know the meaning of the word s–t but it made her
more nervous, she took off her skirt first and then with shaky
hands unbuttoned her shirt, she stood there with her full boobs
heaving up and down with every breath she took and her pant.
“Now I see why they all want a piece of the hot cake, come kneel
down here” he said spreading out his legs, pointing to the
position he wanted her.

She knelt down in-between his legs as he pulled down his
boxers, held the back of her head and pushed it down, she
opened her mouth and took his d–k in her mouth it was not as
fat as Papa Kolade but was long, and he pushed her head down
till all his d–k disappeared into her mouth. She felt it hit her throat and for a second she felt like she would
vomit, he started to move her head up and down hitting the
back of her throat each time, she usually enjoyed s—–g d–k
but this felt like work, her jaws were beginning to hurt, he held
her head with both hands and started to f–k her mouth fast,
she thought she would pass out when he came in her mouth,
shooting loads and loads of c-m into her mouth.
‘Swallow it all, you stupid s–t’ he said forcefully
She swallowed his c-m which tasted a little bitter but she liked it
and wished he could give her more
“Your night is just starting, Grace” he said holding her head up,
you’re going to my s–t tonight.
She could feel a familiar tingle in her p—y, she didn’t
understand why she was beginning to like him calling her s–t or
why she wanted to f–k him all night after he threatened her
stay with her madam, she was supposed to hate him and her
p—y was screaming for him.

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Episode 04.
‘Get up you little s–t’ He said pulling her out of her
She was on the floor of Oga corper’s room after he just
forced his d–k down her throat fantasizing about what
she would love to do on him, she stood up and he
motioned to her to sit on his lap with her leg over his, he
kissed her neck making shiver from little bites, he nibbled
on her neck and his hands grabbed her boobs and
squeezed hard.
He pinched her nipples as he kissed her neck, he reached down
with one hand, touched her p—y and pushed a finger into her
making her moan softly.
‘Look at how wet you are! You like this eh? Little s–t’ he said
pushing in another finger. She closed her eyes and parted her legs slightly; he kept pushing
two fingers in and out making her moan, she started to move
meeting his thrusts, he squeezed her boobs as he kept pushing
deeper into her dripping p—y, he flickered her c–t with his
thumb as she increased her movement, she was moaning loudly
he was worried someone might hear them, her pinched her
nipples and increased his pace; pushing in roughly.
Her movement became erratic as she grabbed the sides of the
chair as he body was trembling, when she was still recovering
from her o—-m, he lifted her and guided his d–k to her wet
welcoming p—y, he slid in with ease till his whole d–k was
buried in soft warm goodness
‘Oh that’s good’ He let out a ‘groanish’ moan

He held her boobs, gave it a gentle squeeze, he went around to
grab her ass and started to t—-t gently, she took the cue and
started moving with her hands on his legs for support, she
moved fast alternating with grinding on him in circular motions.
She liked how the base of his s—t hits her c–t when she does,
she was moaning a bit loudly and he stuck on of the finger that
was in her p—y into her mouth, as she moved he pushed the
finger down her mouth till she began to gag, he took out the
finger from her mouth, held her ass up slightly and f—-d her
fast from underneath
“Ah ah ah” she kept moaning as she felt like his d–k was hitting
her stomach
He moved in even deeper roughly till her body start tremble and
the wall of her p—y clenched his pulsing d–k coating it in
warm c-m juices, he pushed in deeper and faster with her p—y
making swoosh sound and dripping c-m on him, he felt the
familiar lightning feeling in his balls, he lifted her off him and
pushed her on the floor, she fell splayed on the floor, he
grabbed his d–k stroking it hard loving how sexy she looked
splayed on the floor.
He splattered warm c-m on her body, she loved the warm feel
of the c-m as he hit her body, she thought of him shooting c-m
on her face like they did in all the p–n film she had seen.
‘Get up and leave, make sure you come again tomorrow night or
you know wetin go happen’ He finally said standing up. She stood up feeling a bit wobbly and sore, she cleaned up the
c-m she could with her pant and dressed slowly, she left his
room and tip toed back to their room, she opened the door and
hoped no one came out to go pee, she turned on her dim torch
light and everything seemed in place, she laid down and thought
back at what just happened and how much she loved it, she
smiled thinking of things he would do to her again, she later
drifted asleep dreaming being f—-d senseless by the corper
Her madam woke her up, which had not happened in a long
while, she had overslept and her madam was mad about it and
would not stop yelling about it, she rushed to get water and met
a short line, she waited her turn got water and went about the
rest of her chores, getting the kid ready for school in a rush and
not letting the leftovers get warmed properly before dishing out,
by the time she got to doing dishes the compound was almost
She finished feeling tired and decided to take a bath, she got a
bucket full and went into the bathroom, she was about to wedge
the door with her bucket when the door flung open, as she
opened her mouth to scream she saw him standing there with a
smug smile.

‘E like say no be only me wake up late’ he said walking in and
closing the door behind him
She stood there feeling awkward in her worn out wrapper, he
put the bucket behind the door, pulled one end of her wrapper
and it came off exposing her beautiful naked body, he laughed
at the trail of dried c-m on her. “Oya baff na” he said
She hesitated for a bit and bent to grab the sponge and soap,
scooped water with the small bowl and poured it on herself
gasping from the cold, she added soap to the sponge and began
She loved how his eyes followed her hands, she scrubbed her
stomach up to her boobs, she slowly circled her boobs with the
sponge, she dropped the sponge and rubbed the lather with
hands fondling her boobs, she threw her head back and
squeezed her nipples, she felt a hand cupping her p—y, she
opened her eyes and smiled at him
‘Looks like no school for me today’ he said pushing in two finger
into her.

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Episode 05.
Three weeks later.
“Aunty welcome” A voice greeted her as she entered the
She turned to see it was Chidi, he is Oga Danny’s cousin from
the village, he usually comes for a short period of time, he
always calls Grace Aunty even though they are almost the same
“Ahh Chidi! You don come again” She said
She looked him over, he had gotten quite bigger than the last
time she saw him, she made to walk past him when they grazed
against each other, he apologised and left, walking to their room
she was sure she felt a bulge, she imagined what it would look
like and even better what it would feel like inside her, the
thought of Chidi and his shyness slamming hard inside her was
making her h—y, she looked at the wall clock and saw she still
had about two hours before the children would return from

“Chidi! Chidi!” She called him from over the street
He walked over towards her
“Yes Aunty” he said
“Abeg come help me with something inside” she said
He followed her inside and when he was in the room she closed
the door, he looked at her puzzled and she walked towards him,
she stood close to him with her boobs pressed against his chest
“You like me?” she asked
“Eh eh! Yes aunty!” he stammered
She kissed him and he kissed her back a little, she pressed
herself harder into him and kissed him deeper, he broke away
from her.
“Er I nova do am before” he stammered staring at the floor
“No worry I go teach you” she said
She took his hand and brought it up to her boobs, she squeezed
gently and he got it, he squeezed gently at first then hard, she
moved close to him and kissed him, she reached down and
grabbed his crotch, she felt his d–k and it felt bigger than she
imagined; she couldn’t wait to see it. She pulled down his short and his worn out boxers, his d–k was
quite big, she stroked it and quickly went down on her knees,
before he could ask what was happening she covered his d–k
with her mouth making him gasp and shudder. She moved up
and down slobbering all over his d–k, soon he was moving in
and out of her mouth slightly, he shot load after load of c-m
down her throat, his d–k was almost soft when she started to
move up and down again.
They were just getting started; she needed that meaty d–k in
her after her adventure with the girls, when she was satisfied
with how hard he was she made him sit down, she took off her
pant, pulled her gown up and s——-d him, she took his d–k in
her hand and lead it to her opening, she sat on him slowly,
taking it in little by little till he was completely buried inside of
her, she started to move up and down slowly loving how his
throbbing big d–k filled her up, she grinded on his d–k
moaning out.

She picked up pace and started to move up and down faster,
she took his hands and placed them on her boobs, he squeezed
and she bounced up and down his d–k more frantically, she
moaning louder
“Ah ah ah! Yes oh Chiidiiiii” she moaned
She could feel the familiar sensation begin to build up inside her
she moved faster and faster, grinding erratically, she came hard
resting on his chest.
She stood up and wore her pant and he wore his boxer and
“Thank you aunty” he said shyly
She smiled to herself thinking of all the things she would teach

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Episode 06.
“Madam my belle dey pain me” Grace said
scrunching her face and holding her stomach
Her madam placed her palms on her cheek
and looked her over, after asking what she ate
and how it felt she asked her to go home,
Grace gathered her things smiling to herself,
her plan to get out of her apprenticeship work
had succeeded, she needed extra time alone
with Chidi to enjoy his big d–k while teaching
him a couple things.
She walked home pleased with herself, she found him in front
of Oga Danny’s room, she motioned to him to come after her,
she opened the door and went in. Soon Chidi walked in looking
excited, she pointed at the chair and he sat down
“I wan make you promise something” she said frowning
“Yes anything” he said nodding
“Say you no go tell anybody especially Oga Danny” she looked
“I swear I no go tell” he said. She stared at him a while and asked where Oga Danny was
because Chidi should be at the shop, he told her Oga Danny
went to see someone in Gwagwalada and would be back by
evening, she smiled and asked him to go open the door and wait
for her, when he left she took off her uniform and her pant, she
ran her hands over her body looking the feel of her boos, she
tied a wrapper and went out to their room.

He was sitting nervously and she closed the door, without saying
anything she motioned for him to follow her to the room, when
they got there and standing facing each other she let her
wrapper fall, his eyes widen as he stared at her boobs then his
gaze shifted down to her p—y
“I wan teach you something wey girls like well well” She said
She pulled him closer and kissed him bringing his hand to her
boobs, he squeezed a little too hard but she loved it, breaking
the kiss she pushed his face down to her boobs and asked him
to s–k, he covered her nipples with his mouth, he closed his
eyes and s—-d slobbering all over her boobs, she asked him to
calm down, she laid him to the bed and she laid down making
him lay on top of her.
He s—-d her boobs like it was the sweetest thing he’s ever had
in his mouth, he made to unzip his trouser and she stopped
him, she pushed his head gently down to her p—y, he looked
at her uncertain if his mouth should be going there, she nodded
and told him he should just lick it.
He stuck his tongue out and ran it on her p—y, he kept doing
that till she pushed his down
“Ah no! Not with your teeth” she flinched
“You dey bite me just s–k like how you dey lick Udala” she said
He went back in s—–g hard, she started to buck against his
mouth and he s—-d harder, she grabbed her boobs and
squeezed as he ate her out, she bucked faster and squeezed
harder feeling her o—-m build, she clasp her legs trapping him
in, that seemed to fuel his s—–g as he s—-d harder she
came gushing juices into his mouth. He kept s—–g till she pulled his head up, he smiled at her
mouth wet with her juices, he licked his mouth
“You like am” She asked
He nodded shyly
She went on all fours wiggling her ass to him; he got the cue as
he hurriedly took off his trouser and boxers, she spread her
p—y lips for him, he guided his d–k to her p—y, he pushed in
gasping as she swallowed him, he moved slowly making throaty
noise, he pushed in deeper making her moan

“Faster Chidi” she moaned.
He grabbed her ass sinking his fingernails in and started to move
faster hitting the end of her p—y; she grabbed the sheets and
buried her face in to muffle her screaming of his name, she
slipped one hand to her c–t rubbing it fast, he f—-d her faster
and harder as she rubbed her c–t faster, her second o—-m hit
her as she screamed his name.
Her p—y gripped his d–k, she heard him moan out as he
pushed deeper and shot c-m down her p—y, her p—y milked
his throbbing d–k, his c-m slipped out as he pulled his d–k out
crashing besides her, she turned to face him and saw his d–k
still hard, it looked delicious glistering with her juices, she sat up
an covered it with her mouth
“Oh Aunty Grace” he moaned
She was going to ask him to stop calling her aunty but it was
turning her on.

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