[STORY] papa Kolade big cassava. +18 (episode 1-6)

Episode 01. “Make sure you wash all the clothes and boil yam for them Emma when they return from school” Her madam kept yapping about what her task for the day was while she stood distracted. She was looking forward to when everyone left the house, she had been trying to get Papa Kolade under her wrapper for over two weeks and all her morning boob parade seemed futile until she overhead Mama Kolade packing and getting ready to travel to her village, and she set her plans in motion. The next morning ,she picked out a shirt that was a little too small for her, forcing her boobs to struggle not to spill out and picked a big basin instead of buckets, she filled the basin to the brim and when she got home she asked Papa Kolade to come help her put the basin down , she loved how his eyes flared when he stared at her boobs and his brief discomfort when he is caught staring. She suggested making him lunch as his wife was travelling, and now as she stood listening to her madam yell out orders all she could think of was her plans for the afternoon. As soon as her madam left, she got to her morning chores, she cleaned the house and brought out the piled up clothes and hurriedly washed them, she put the yam on fire and took a bath, she dabbed on a little talc powder and rubbed a little Vaseline on her lips, took the yam down from the fire and fried some onions in palm oil. Everything was almost in place, she called Papa Kolade in and serve the food making sure she bent extra low as she placed the food on the small stool in the parlor. “Thank you eh” he said as she finished setting the food down. “No worry, na nothing o” She said coyly She dished out some food for herself and sat opposite him to eat, when he was done and she was sure he was watching she pretend to fish out some food crumbs from her shirt unbuttoning a few buttons in the process, she looked up to see him look away “You don finish abi, Make I come pack am” She said as she got up.
She went over to clear up and froze to give him a good view of her goods. As she reached for the plates, she looked up to see him staring at her, she smiled at him, as if taking that as a cue he reached and slowly touch the top of her boob and waited for her to move away. When she didn’t, he reached deeper and cupped her boob and gave it a nice squeeze, he took her hand and dragged her to sit on his lap which she did so willingly, he buttoned down her shirt and took her boobs in his hand and squeezed, he pinched her nipples as she threw her head back. He took her nipples in his mouth and s—-d hard, gently grazing with his teeth, he s—-d differently from Oga Danny and she loved the feel of his gently grazing. He reached down under her skirt and touched her p—y through her pant, he pushed it to the side and pushed a finger in making her moan softly, he started to move in and out, he pushed in another finger and moved in and out even faster as squirmed under his fingers, he took out his fingers as she gave him a disappointed look. “Lie down for ground” He said in his thick Yoruba accent, helping her up from his lap She laid down on the floor as he took off his knicker, and knelt beside her and gathered her skirt to her waist, pulled down her pant and guided his fat d–k to her wet p—y ramming in and making her gasp out in pain, he stretched her wider than she’s been before. He started to move slowly first and then fast, the floor was uncomfortable but his fat d–k felt too good to mind, he was giving it to her fast and hard, she loved it. “Ahhhh” she kept moaning loudly “Shhhh” he shushed her, “Pesin fit still dey compound” She covered her mouth with her hand as he continued to ram into her, he lifted his other leg like squatting over her, held her waist and rammed deeper and even faster, he closed his eye and was grunting lowly. He pulled out and spilled his seeds on her stomach. She had swallowed before but not had c-m on her before and it was intriguing, in all the p–n movie she had seen the guys always poured c-m on the lady’s face and now she wondered what that felt like. “Stand up and hol the chair, I go show you different kind styles” She was excited more because the c-m dripped as she stood to hold the chair, he held her waist and pushed her back making her arch with her ass in the air, he pushed in to her p—y from behind and started to move, it felt deeper like it was hitting her stomach like this, she held on to the chair tight as he held her waist and f—-d her. “Ummmm!! Ahhhh!!!” she tried to muffle her moans, she could feel her o—-m building, he moved in deeper and faster, her o—-m finally exploded spreading warmth round her body, the warm gush of c-m on his d–k felt really good as he rammed deeper into her tight p—y and poured loads of hot c-m into it, he let her go as she fell in a heap on the chair “Grace! Your thing sweet well well o” He finally said, sitting beside her. “But you go drink salt water eh, make you no get belle” He said standing up and pulling his short knicker up. It took a while before she stood up went to the bathroom with half a bucket of water, peed and tried to push out as much of his c-m out of her, loving how sore her p—y felt, she cleaned up and went to make a cup of salt and water solution which she drank. She arranged the house and waited for the children to get back from school. She couldn’t get Papa Kolade d–k out of her mind, she has to get it every day and she needed a plan for that

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