[STORY] PALACE OF SIN 18+ (episode 1-9)

Episode 1

King Odele
in his inner chambers settled on the wooden
bed with lion sky that serves as mattress,
the curtain that serves as blockade swipe
aside by a maid bearing a wooden tray.
she dropped the little clay plates with
red oil and yam, with bush meat. She knelt
before the King and watch him consume
the meal, the King stare at her beautiful
face and her round boobs covered by
the piece of wrapper that runs round
her chest. she bend to carry the left
meal revealing her big ass to the King’s
eyes, he grab her butt squeezing her ass
cheeks. Her eyes widen as she felt his strong
Palms on her ass, he ordered her to return
to his Chambers after dropping the wooden
tray. No one dares or question King Odele
except you want to die. Amara the new
maid left the King’s inner chamber with
a heavy heart, she is just a new maid.

Queen Yaga, stare closely at the two bodyguards
before her. One of them dark and strong
with height, broad shoulder. The other
slim, fair and short, she needed something
new and big. She ordered both of them
to remove the enemy skin covering their
manhood, she ask the black one to leave
‘Cause his d–k isn’t as big as him. Queen
Yaga unclad herself and spread her legs
guesture the slim guard to enter her, he
is very hard and ready to hit her hard.
Ohh escaped her lips when he gave a quick
t—-t in, he penetrate harder and faster
on top her. she curled her legs over him
as he work himself to c-m deep inside
her wet c–t.


Princess Yara always go to the stream
on noon and no one is expected to be at
the stream except her bodyguards, every
daughters and sons of Ona knows this. Prince
Buduka and his two friends Uche and
Idaye sit by the stream gisting and throwing
stones into the river at the river bank,
The two bodyguards at the princess command
wants to lift them out of the stream when
they refused to acknowledge the princess
presence and leave. Prince Buduka give
the first matchet blow to the advancing
bodyguard who drop to the stream blood
surface on the water, Idaye and Uche
get hold of the princess who wants to escape.
she struggle and scream with them but no
child of Ona is expected to be seen at the
river in that time, Pila the princess bodyguard
dropped his matchet to fight with peince
Buduka with bare hands who did the same
also, Pila launch his punch directly to
Prince Buduka’s face losing his balance.
He lift him off the ground and wipe
on the ground, Prince Buduka strangle
him to death. Princess Yara was carried
on the shoulder by Uche to the bush beside
the stream followed by Prince Buduka
and Idaye. They hold her still but the naked
princess struggle, kicking her legs but prince
Buduka widen her legs forcefully easing
his hard d–k inside her p—y deflowering
the maiden, ummh! He groan when her
tight p—y squeeze his c–k, he bleep her
hard ignoring the pains and pleasure
Princess Yara is going through. they left
her in pains.

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Episide 2

weep silently on her friend’s shoulder.
she has been brutally raped by the King,
she blame herself for accepting the offer
to work in the King’s palace. Her grandfather
will not be happy to hear this. The man
has been the only one since the death
of her parents.


head warrior of Ona delivered a message
concerning the abominable act the prince
Buduka commited against them. Five
virgin and five lands at the boundary
King Odele narrowed his eyes at the proposal
and the cabinet are terrified of Ona people
cause of their war prowess. Can you cut
off this fool’s head. They did cut off his
head, King Odele and his only son Buduka
are not the kind that wait for war instead
they look for it.


Elder Obadi informed his friend Elder
Tam that his son will leave for his maternal
home right away, the king has summon
the youths of the town for war on the
Prince’s command. Elder Tam and Obadi’s
Son escaped from the village.


The youth groan in sexual excitement
as he cummed into the mouth of Queen
Yaga, the queen took turn s—–g on their
c–k for a forbidden ritual. She spit their
sperm into a calabash tied with red ribbon
making them immune to injuries. The
Queen ordered the one with the biggest c–k
into her chamber, he lie naked on the bed
as she climb over him unclad. She position
his hard member and lower herself, she
Moan with excitement as his hard c–k
filled her wet p—y. She rode him fast,
her hands on his hairy chest and her ass
moving upward and downward with fast
and slow rythmn. Oohh.. aaahh.. they
moan and groan they both climaxed breathing
heavily and sweating.


of Ona are not aware that their enemies
are ready for them, Prince Buduka ordered
his warriors to dig holes. The next morning
people of Ona mostly females visit the stream,
as they are kidnapped and sedated with
charm prepared by the queen in powder
form. Any man or boy by chance seen were
killed at the spot and buried.


Ona walk restlessly in his palace with,
the messenger he sent isn’t yet back for
three days, the journey to Jada isn’t
a day journey with horse. He called his
head guard to send for the chief priest.

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Episode 3

and Omalicha both maiden raped by King
Odele informed him of their pregnancies which
in turned he promise both of them marriage
‘Cause is a taboo for a child of Jada to give birth
out of wedlock, promising of marriage
to his pregnant victims is a act he normally
The two bodyguard sent by the King of
Ona arrived at the priest shrine to find it
void, one of them pierced by arrow while the
other one leaving his matchet behind escape using
another footpath. Prince Buduka gave
him a matchet blow before he could run
into the bush when he emerge from his
hide out. The cut sending the palace guard
to the ground, the death body carried
by Prince Buduka back to the Priest compund
later dumped in same pit with the priest
and his fellow bodyguard. The same action
were done to subsequent bodyguards
by the King of Ona.
King Odele
rolled away from Queen Yaga body both
breathing heavily, sweaty body gleaming
with the local lantern illuminating the room.
The sex was hot and thrilling for both of them,
King Odele told Queen Yaga about the
pregnancies, minutes later both of them
covered their unclad bodies and went into
a dark hut with thick dark smoke emanating
from no source, Queen Yaga called the
name of Amara and Omalicha a big clay
Pot tied with red and white, she speak
into it as the water in the pot turned into
red as both of them went into frenzy laughter.
Back at Ona Village, those who went in search
of their loved ones didn’t return and the
King of Ona is also missing when none
of his guards he sent to call the priest didn’t
return, he has to do it himself without
knowing the danger that awaits him. Prince
Buduka cut off his head after bringing
dowm four of his palace guards. Ona is
in chaos as Prince Buduka and his warriors
attack huts burning them down and killing
every male that emerge from it, ir was
a great massacre that Prince Buduka name
was sung in centuries.

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Episode 4

world isn’t too small for the wicked neither
too big for them, the unrepentant King
Odele deeds has gotten to the gods and
innocent blood shed by him seek justice
so the gods entered into meeting to warn
him of their impending wrath if he doesn’t
change from his devilish ways. The kingdom
of Jada are known as peacemakers even
when called into battle they rather seek
peace rather than war, their ancestor
Jada is a peaceful man who is the first
to inhabit the land of Jada, Odele saw
this as weakness and in search of powers
and ambitions led him to killing his own brother
and orchestrating his mother banish to
the evil forest after bribing the former
eyes of the gods who died painfully but
unable to speak out to Jada people who
actually killed the heir to the throne ’cause
Odele killed him with the help of Yaga
who Odele find to be a witch. Witches in
Jada are burnt alive as custom demand
out of threat of revealing her dark powers
and hope for living Yaga join forces
the evil Prince to form a dynasty of doom.
wailing in the palace is coming from two
huts that has the chalk mark of royalty,
Omalicha and Amara have both lost their
Prospect babies as the King have used the infants
for renewal of powers, they are going
to lose their upcoming traditional marriage
rite as warned by King Odele.
you are such a powerful woman Odele
complimented, they wouldn’t have had any
child if not of the mark of the gods on
Buduka head that makes every efforts
towards using him as sacrifice futile, they
drunk in celebration of more powers and
longevity of leadership, the reign of the
wicked may seem endless but eventually
there is day where there is night. Yaga starked
naked lie on the mat on the bed spreading
her legs as King Odele t—-t his hard
member into her, a man who derived pleasure
in seeing people suffer doesn’t make
to a woman but make them experience
his superiority, he grunted as he released
his seed inside Queen Yaga who is close
to tears as King Odele smile triumphantly
Lying on his back on the mat properly
placed on the heap mud taken as bed
beside her.
Odele the gods are not happy the voice
of the priest echo loudly in the palace
before the morning c–k could rise to their
tune of early music.

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Episode 5

The sunrise
in Ona kingdom was accompanied with
wailing and ditch (mourning songs). The
maidens of Ona were chained and taken
to exile in Jada, the massacre few escaped
and there is no notable life in Ona that
alone send the message to neighbouring
villages who still see Jada people as
Buduka with the head of Ona King march
in fore-front of the singing warriors with
the head of King of Ona.
Odele who hasn’t heard the message of the
gods by the mouthpiece of the gods ordered
for his head on a stake in the entrance
of the Palace to spite the gods more. Fire
is destruction but when tamed became
useful but fury isn’t a tamed fire and
burns every reason for it, King Odele has
called the fury of the gods to his abode.
elders who kicked against the war suggestion
were flogged naked in the market square
when they requested for female slaves
(Ona maidens) to be allocated to them
as every family in Jada is entitled to war
the queen and King Odele were given a task
to get a royal infant made from a man
who has not known human to increase
their power to be able to protect themselves
from the powers that constitute the Land
of Jada, among all the young men in the
Land of Jada the powers for protection pick a
youngman choosen by the gods of the land
to serve him and him alone, he is married
to Omuelle (mother of Earth). When there
is famine in the land the people of Jada
marry a male child to Omuelle. Obiora
the husband of Omuelle forced from the shrine of
Omuelle and brought to the Queen’ s chambers by
the palace guards, unclad and tied to
the bed with ropes. Queen Yaga walk into
her chambers and find the naked youngman
stripped naked as she hungrily s–k on his
d–k and unclad herself, she back him
and pushing her ass to his view as she
lower her p—y to his face. A taboo for
a man of Jada to s–k a woman private parts,
Omuelle felt disregarded and insulted by
the act and she swing to action.
The god
Omuelle pleaded with the council of the
gods to be the one to melt the deserved punishments
to the couple, Obiora was sexually abused
by Queen Yaga as she ride him to multiple
o—-m. releasing the young lad she made
him cripple before allowing the guards
to untie him and throw him out of her
chambers this fuel Omuelle anger. When
much problems set in more complicated
solutions comes into-play.

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Episode 6

happiness you share today isn’t for the wicked
rather they bask in triumph over their
deeds, and cry when the consequences
come calling.
before the night of the Full Moon King
Odele will leave his chambers very early
and stay in his palace, the first maiden that
his eyes set on will be impregnated by him
and the infant will be used as sacrifice.
His eyes set on a beautiful who just return
from the stream with music in her lips,
a slave from Ona. fair and appealing
King Odele drool over her beauty but resisted
to take her in since the power behind his
greatness hasn’t ask him to do so.
you seek for war and take peace of people
around you, the place you called home
will give you no peace also. Prince Buduka
return from Obezie with foot when the search
of trouble from the people of Obezie was
unsuccessful ’cause they fear and avoided
him like plague, he heard someone crying
at the stream footpath and a man of
trouble always search for trouble. He find
Ore the beauty of the gods, a daughter
of Ona holding the pieces of her water
pot. Buduka wasn’t expecting such matter
should make someone cry and the well-being
of his people never interest him, but trouble
and fight is what his father made him
to love unfailingly he did. Buduka saved
Ore from the grievous punishment given
to slaves that broke their water pot, Ore reciprocated
this guesture by making him his best food,
cleaning his tools, telling him war stories
that his late grandmother told her, this
alone made Buduka to like the maid.
on his own he’ll kill antelopes and ordered
Ore to prepare it for herself, Ore sometimes
followed him to the forest without him
knowing, the gods made Ore to be more
beautiful and irresistible to any man.
Ore would have been killed by a lion but
Buduka stand firm and killed the lion,
he became a lion slayer, he ordered Ore
never to show her face before him. Ore
wasn’t happy but the gods celebrate and
jubilate in their court, nothing is hidden
under the sun but there are secrets known
to men who find favour from people above.

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Episode 7

There are certain mistakes that brings
another mistake done by you or another
that will affect the maker, King Odele
believe everything is under his control
and challenge the gods.
isn’t a weakness or spell but when fate
brings love it has a reason that will change
the world we live in. Ore wasn’t allowed
to see the Prince anymore or get close
to him, she keep on trying ’cause she find herself
missing him everyday and loving him.
Feeling dejected got her badly sick that
the rumour of death may come her way
circulate in the Palace, no matter how
brave a man is his heart reasons with
head when he is in love. Prince Buduka
visited her and Ore recovered with immediate
effect, my love I won’t endanger my life
anymore, I’ll live for you. She promised
smiling weakly, the promise of a happy
human holds no water.

laughter of Ore return to the Palace with
her melodious voice, she pray to the gods to
help her change the Prince for the better.
Prince Buduka is in love with Ore and he
decided to wait for the right time to tell
his father about his feelings for Ore and
his future plan to marry her. Time doesn’t
wait for anyone and he who thinks time
wait for him doesn’t know the essence of
time and he/she is a butterfly who thinks
himself a bird (Ola Rotimi).

time has come for the sin that brings punishment
to all other sins commited in the Palace,
King Odele sent for Ore to his chambers.
She was scared that the love she shared
with the Prince has gotten to the King’s
ears not knowing what awaits her.
Odele odered her to unclad herself before him
but Ore refused she didn’t bulge, or break
nor bend for him. What will be her fate
if she sleep with the father of the man she loves,
the angry King Odele became furious and
grabbed her by the throat forcing life out of her.
Ore died in his bare hands, he ripped her
wrappers from her and had his way s—–g
and fondling with her breasts. The body
of Ore was carried out of his chambers
without cover to send warning to anyone
who try to resist the King’s move.

matter where ever we are, we remain connected
With those we love and loves us, Prince
Buduka couldn’t continue the hunting
expediture, he feel uncomfortable after
killing the first antelope. He hurried home
with weary look and happiness to meet
the maiden who won his heart, his gun
dropped from his hand and the matchet.
he struggled to breath and tears roll down
his cheeks, Ooooreeee! He screamed on
sighting his father he shot him with his gun

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Episode 8

I cough when I felt choke with emotion.
Tony: drink papa (I drained the cup)
Me: thank you (my throat burning reduced)
Tony: I’ll come see you later.
He left afterwards, I carried my sick body to the room. Wondering when death will come and free me from this sickness, food was brought to me but couldn’t eat much. One of those days in April, Tony returned home with a girl.
Me: come in (I said weakly)
Tony: papa, meet my future wife Angelica.
Angelica: good afternoon, papa.
Me: thank you my daughter, Tony come let me bless you my son.
They both knelt while I pray for them.
Angelica: let me go see his mother (she exited the room)
Tony: papa, is that the end of the story?
Papa; no, my son.
The greatest battle man could face is a battle
against his own shadow, Buduka cry on the corpse
of Ore, King Odele wasn’t harmed by the gun.
he walk back to the hut to think when
the drizzling outside rain heavily with
thunderstorm, he buried her in the Palace
garden promising her to also take the life
of those who killed her.

Queen Yaga
and Odele weren’t expecting such move
from the gods, they needed to make their
son see reasons with them before it get
worse. They sent for a guard to bring the
prince for them but he returned with the
news that he has left for the evil forest.
The evil ones live long to change not to
continue with their evil ways, their death
is abominable. The worse has happen him
going to the evil forest seek for their weaknesses,
Queen Yaga and King Odele went to their
secret room to caste a spell on him but
the ritual task is a greater one.

bravest man is an angry man with a vengeful
spirit, Prince Buduka storm the forest under
the rain to seek for the downfall of his
parents. Every animal in the foret coward
at his sight and spirits avoided him, he
wander in the forest for days until he find
the oldest hut in the forest. There is no
life for one who seek his parents death,
Buduka the oldest creature in the evil
forest called out to him from the hut,
He went in to find a very old woman. Lara
The banished queen told Buduka her story
and advice him not to kill his parents
that the battle is for the gods. The moment
you kill your parents their blood will cry
out to the gods for vengeance and they shall
listen and come after you, protect those
they will want to use for sacrifice and
the gods will do their wish. Prince Buduka
returned home a disappointed man and
dream about his love Ore, he saw himself
seeing the figure of Ore and whenever
he get closer it become a tree. He is devastated
and cried out, my love Ore called out to
him. He hugged and pleaded that she shouldn’t
leave him, she promise not to if he will
do what she wants him to do, He vowed to. please
avenge me, she said to him.

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Episode 9

shouldn’t be carried away by our imagination
sometimes it gear with our wrong thoughts.
Prince Buduka thought about the dream
for the whole night and decided the gods are
fating him to kill his parents which he
won’t do. There is fate, there is will also,
One is stronger while the other is weaker
but could be made stronger with discipline
and determination coupled with time.

The greatest confusion is facing two stiff
opposition that holds the same importance,
King Odele and Queen Yaga have tried
forcing many people to feast on their
faeces they refused even when their life
is on the line, heads rolled but couldn’t
succeed. They know the spell to caste on
the Prince is bond to fail, the time has
come for an infant of a chosen girl to
be used as sacrifice.

the daughter of Ije, a beautiful maiden
with wild laughter caught the Prince fancy.
The Prince always come to the stream
to hear her laugh, she looks just like Ore his
love. My Prince I can kill animals more
than you, she will say and laugh loudly
with her beautiful voice. She is a brave
maiden and she is the girl King Odele sent for.

Odele with just his inner royal apparel
walk around the room with confused mind,
it have been over an hour he sent the guard
to bring Orenma to his chambers. The guard
returned and broke a very sad news that
Prince Buduka has taken custody of the
girl, he knows the sacrifice won’t work
and has to plead Dapel to pick another
maiden. In three days one of you will
die! The blood sucker dwarf spirit said
and disappeared without listening to what
they have to say, he sent guards in two
days to bring the maiden but Prince Buduka
has left for the neighbouring village to
buttress the confusion. On the second
night to the day one of them will die, King
Odele invited Queen Yaga to his chambers
to make their last love making, Queen
Yaga lie on the bed spreading her legs.
King Odele stare hungrily at her naked
body, he t—-t in brutally and grab her
neck pressing life out of her. His long
c–k reduced her resistance as she remain
stiff and a corpse, King Odele stood up
with his erect c–k. I King Odele the one
who called the gods for war and they
tremble at my name, the slayer of spirits
and demi gods. He didn’t complete his
statement when thunder rumbling began,
and thunder landed on the hut roof and
the hut shook.

burial Yaga was done and King Odele couldn’t
wait to marry another wife, his intension
is to marry Orenma and killing his wife
gave him more time. He forced Orenma’s
parents to accept the bride price on hearing
this Prince Buduka returned with Orenma
to challenge his father, guards kill that
boy, none of the guards could withstand
the war lord. He slay like a lion, King Odele
stood on his throne and pierced an arrow
on his right hand, he walk down to where
he knelt in pains and tried to strike his
son when the gods intervene by striking
him with thunder, Dapel has left him to
the mercy of the gods. He died instant
and his body was missing…

I coughed out blood.
Tony: Papa, are you okay?

“Are you okay, Papa?”

“Are you okay . .”

“Are yo..”

His faint voice fade away as every other thing.