[STORY] One Night – [Episode 1 – 7]

Episode 1

It was a long drive home later that day with lots of thoughts on my mind” what if she tell her husband” or “what if my boss sacks me”. Shout of “were ni eni” “ u wan kill person abi “ from an okada man and his passenger brought me back to reality and I immediately stopped the car” oh God help me I said. I re started the car and drove for a few minutes before getting home, on getting to the living room I received a text message from an unknown number and it reads “I WILL DEAL WITH YOU”.

It’s been three years and six months that have been searching for a job after my youth service, after our graduation in the university I was very confident that I was going to land a big job because I graduated with a 4.10cgpa in economics, but I was struck with the reality when I got to camp and found out that there are lots of people with stronger 2.1 than mine in same economics although from other . So there I was after my youth service no job and no money to even start up little business pending the time how get a job, all I do is wake up in the morning, get something to eat go to the newspaper reading spot in my area to argue politics and football then check for vacancy adverts. Sometimes I go to the café to with some of my fellow jobless guys over there and also to submit my cv to job sites.

On Thursday morning I did my normal daily rooting and then straight to the newspaper spot. the first paper I opened had job adverts mostly for engineers and science related courses, the second had a mixture of both science and other disciplines .then i noticed a small advert down the page took all the needed information from the newspaper page and left. then I went home to re adjusted my cv to sooth the job types then I sent them through mail. Few days later I got two invitations for interviews , the first companies was to conduct theirs the next day while the second company was to hold theirs next weefast forward. Hanging up the phone I ran out into the compound of our house and was dancing shoki shoki, shoki shoki shoki.people around started laughing at me they asked why I was dancing and I told them I just got a job that made everyone to join in the dance .i was all smiles throughout the day, I was to resume work the next day .on getting to work the next day I met the other guys that were newly employed just like me some I remembered I saw at the venue of the interview.we were all excited and ready to work that was when I was told that I was assigned as an pa to one of the top managers in the company Mr shittu and I was very happy about it.I met Mr shittu later that day and we got along really well, he was a nice man and very funny too.

Work was fun over next couple of months ,I was payed well and got along very well with everyone at work. one day my boss called me to his office and told me his on his way out that should i take care of every other thing for the day, he told me he needed to get home to assist his wife for the preparation of their son 5th birthday party. I was really surprised that my boss could leave work for such a reason,but sha na him be oga naw me no fit try that kind tin

although I never marry . before going he told me I shouldn’t miss the party for anytin in the world, I told him infact that I would be the first person to get there on that Saturday.although I dnt know what was awaiting me but I just had a strange feeling about the birthday on Saturday.

some guests as already arrived and I was happy I wasn’t the first person to get there, my boss came out to see who everyone was greeting .he was all smile when he saw me “I thought you wouldn’t come ” he said.i was glad I came early,i asked for madam and the baby and he said madam as gone to the to get some items needed for the cooking that she should soon be back ,he then called out a little boy and said “Benjamin come and greet uncle Tunji” then a little cute boy came out to greet me,he had full eyebrows and a round face, he was light skinned compeered to his dads color.i looked at the boy and said” fine boy Benjamin.na wa for you o.ofi everything jo mummy” both I and my boss bursted into laugh and I carried him in my arm .moments later I heard a hrn from a car out the gate and my boss said that’s that’s my wife shes back, I continued playing with the boy while my boss went to meet his wife outside. I was enjoying the boys company he was lively and intelligent,I could see that in the way talks,just as I was admiring the boy wishing my could be that good at his age I heard a voice from behind me “good afternoon sir” I was about to say good afternoon madam when I turned to face her but I couldn’t I stood there for like 10second wandering what just hit me but finally I was able to respond when I saw my boss coming behind her, she looked at me with no expression on her face and she left.i sat back on the chair with shocked expression on my face.

I couldn’t believe it, it was her, it was Opeyemi. Opeyemi was the girl I was accused of raping back in my undergraduate days .a course mate of mine was having a birthday party at his off campus hostel and he invited girls from other departments too which opeyemi was one of them, the party was to start by 7pm till morning at the hostel compound. after much of drinking and dancing everyone single person at that party was either tipsy or totally drunk . i knew I was dancing with someone but I couldn’t tell who she was all I know was that she was dark skinned and had big bosoms .we were so drunk to the extent that I was dancing with both of my hands on her chest .later that night around 12am she became tired and was asking me” is that the bed?” that time I knew she couldn’t get home by her self because the friend she came with was drunk too but had a boy friend in that place. at that time I needed to help her get somewere to sleep, so I asked a friend that as a room in that hostel if we could sleep at his place till morning he said no problem that we can have the room his going to sleep somewhere else .i thanked him and carried opeyemi into the room. although we were both drunk but she was more drunk than I was ,at least I could still reason in my state. so I helped her out of the jacket she wore ,then she wrapped her hand around my neck and said “touch me, tunji please touch me” she grabbed my hand to touch her breas.t wow was all I said before she kissed me.i continued with the rest by taking off her clothes she, s—–g her boobs and kissing her I continued by inserting my dic.k in her vagin.a I never noticed she was a .all I noticed was that she was very tight, I forced my way in and with few trust she was enjoying it,it continued like that for like 2 to 3 rounds.

I was enjoying my sleep the next morning when a hot slap landed on my face.i rushed up like someone that just heard a gunshot, i was still holding my face when I heard opeyemi crying beside the bed .i asked her what happened and she shouted “bastard you idiot u took advantage of me” ,u raped me” ,I was about to say something when she shouted “I was a virgin u bastard” now crying again, I wanted to talk the second time when she said “don’t worry you are not going to go scot free” she picked her jacket and left the room.i just stood beside the bed wandering what just happened. Later that day I called a couple of my friends and explained what happened to them, we concluded on going to beg her.on getting to her place she didn’t even bother to open the door for us when she heard that I was the one at the door.days passed by and I couldn’t get in touch with her. Then one day I ran into at the school walk way and all she said to me was that she as reported me to her dad and next time I see her it will be with the police.i became very scared ,couldn’t concentrate in school and I became restless, when I couldn’t take it any longer I ran home for some weeks lieying to my parents that I was sick.when I returned back to school that was when my roommate told me about what happened, he told me that while I was away she kept coming to my our room demanding to see me, he said at some point he had to leave the room too because he didn’t want the police to come and pick him up instead. i tried to look for her when I got back but I couldn’t find her,went to her hostel but it was locked. asked a couple of her course mates and everyone told me they haven’t seen or heard from her. I never heard from her again since then, nerver knew she wanted to tell me something important.

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