[STORY] One Night – [Episode 1 – 7]

Episode 1

It was a long drive home later that day with lots of thoughts on my mind” what if she tell her husband” or “what if my boss sacks me”. Shout of “were ni eni” “ u wan kill person abi “ from an okada man and his passenger brought me back to reality and I immediately stopped the car” oh God help me I said. I re started the car and drove for a few minutes before getting home, on getting to the living room I received a text message from an unknown number and it reads “I WILL DEAL WITH YOU”.

It’s been three years and six months that have been searching for a job after my youth service, after our graduation in the university I was very confident that I was going to land a big job because I graduated with a 4.10cgpa in economics, but I was struck with the reality when I got to camp and found out that there are lots of people with stronger 2.1 than mine in same economics although from other schools. So there I was after my youth service no job and no money to even start up little business pending the time how get a job, all I do is wake up in the morning, get something to eat go to the newspaper reading spot in my area to argue politics and football then check for vacancy adverts. Sometimes I go to the café to gist with some of my fellow jobless guys over there and also to submit my cv to job sites.

On Thursday morning I did my normal daily rooting and then straight to the newspaper spot. the first paper I opened had job adverts mostly for engineers and science related courses, the second had a mixture of both science and other disciplines .then i noticed a small advert down the page took all the needed information from the newspaper page and left. then I went home to re adjusted my cv to sooth the job types then I sent them through mail. Few days later I got two invitations for interviews , the first companies was to conduct theirs the next day while the second company was to hold theirs next weefast forward. Hanging up the phone I ran out into the compound of our house and was dancing shoki shoki, shoki shoki shoki.people around started laughing at me they asked why I was dancing and I told them I just got a job that news made everyone to join in the dance .i was all smiles throughout the day, I was to resume work the next day .on getting to work the next day I met the other guys that were newly employed just like me some I remembered I saw at the venue of the interview.we were all excited and ready to work that was when I was told that I was assigned as an pa to one of the top managers in the company Mr shittu and I was very happy about it.I met Mr shittu later that day and we got along really well, he was a nice man and very funny too.

Work was fun over next couple of months ,I was payed well and got along very well with everyone at work. one day my boss called me to his office and told me his on his way out that should i take care of every other thing for the day, he told me he needed to get home to assist his wife for the preparation of their son 5th birthday party. I was really surprised that my boss could leave work for such a reason,but sha na him be oga naw me no fit try that kind tin

although I never marry . before going he told me I shouldn’t miss the party for anytin in the world, I told him infact that I would be the first person to get there on that Saturday.although I dnt know what was awaiting me but I just had a strange feeling about the birthday on Saturday.

some guests as already arrived and I was happy I wasn’t the first person to get there, my boss came out to see who everyone was greeting .he was all smile when he saw me “I thought you wouldn’t come ” he said.i was glad I came early,i asked for madam and the baby and he said madam as gone to the market to get some items needed for the cooking that she should soon be back ,he then called out a little boy and said “Benjamin come and greet uncle Tunji” then a little cute boy came out to greet me,he had full eyebrows and a round face, he was light skinned compeered to his dads color.i looked at the boy and said” fine boy Benjamin.na wa for you o.ofi everything jo mummy” both I and my boss bursted into laugh and I carried him in my arm .moments later I heard a hrn from a car out the gate and my boss said that’s that’s my wife shes back, I continued playing with the boy while my boss went to meet his wife outside. I was enjoying the boys company he was lively and intelligent,I could see that in the way talks,just as I was admiring the boy wishing my kids could be that good at his age I heard a voice from behind me “good afternoon sir” I was about to say good afternoon madam when I turned to face her but I couldn’t I stood there for like 10second wandering what just hit me but finally I was able to respond when I saw my boss coming behind her, she looked at me with no expression on her face and she left.i sat back on the chair with shocked expression on my face.

I couldn’t believe it, it was her, it was Opeyemi. Opeyemi was the girl I was accused of raping back in my undergraduate days .a course mate of mine was having a birthday party at his off campus hostel and he invited girls from other departments too which opeyemi was one of them, the party was to start by 7pm till morning at the hostel compound. after much of drinking and dancing everyone single person at that party was either tipsy or totally drunk . i knew I was dancing with someone but I couldn’t tell who she was all I know was that she was dark skinned and had big bosoms .we were so drunk to the extent that I was dancing with both of my hands on her chest .later that night around 12am she became tired and was asking me” is that the bed?” that time I knew she couldn’t get home by her self because the friend she came with was drunk too but had a boy friend in that place. at that time I needed to help her get somewere to sleep, so I asked a friend that as a room in that hostel if we could sleep at his place till morning he said no problem that we can have the room his going to sleep somewhere else .i thanked him and carried opeyemi into the room. although we were both drunk but she was more drunk than I was ,at least I could still reason in my state. so I helped her out of the jacket she wore ,then she wrapped her hand around my neck and said “touch me, tunji please touch me” she grabbed my hand to touch her breas.t wow was all I said before she kissed me.i continued with the rest by taking off her clothes she, s—–g her boobs and kissing her I continued by inserting my dic.k in her vagin.a I never noticed she was a virgin.all I noticed was that she was very tight, I forced my way in and with few trust she was enjoying it,it continued like that for like 2 to 3 rounds.

I was enjoying my sleep the next morning when a hot slap landed on my face.i rushed up like someone that just heard a gunshot, i was still holding my face when I heard opeyemi crying beside the bed .i asked her what happened and she shouted “bastard you idiot u took advantage of me” ,u raped me” ,I was about to say something when she shouted “I was a virgin u bastard” now crying again, I wanted to talk the second time when she said “don’t worry you are not going to go scot free” she picked her jacket and left the room.i just stood beside the bed wandering what just happened. Later that day I called a couple of my friends and explained what happened to them, we concluded on going to beg her.on getting to her place she didn’t even bother to open the door for us when she heard that I was the one at the door.days passed by and I couldn’t get in touch with her. Then one day I ran into at the school walk way and all she said to me was that she as reported me to her dad and next time I see her it will be with the police.i became very scared ,couldn’t concentrate in school and I became restless, when I couldn’t take it any longer I ran home for some weeks lieying to my parents that I was sick.when I returned back to school that was when my roommate told me about what happened, he told me that while I was away she kept coming to my our room demanding to see me, he said at some point he had to leave the room too because he didn’t want the police to come and pick him up instead. i tried to look for her when I got back but I couldn’t find her,went to her hostel but it was locked. asked a couple of her course mates and everyone told me they haven’t seen or heard from her. I never heard from her again since then, nerver knew she wanted to tell me something important.
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Episode 2

Back to recent. I sat on the chair with thousands of thought came to my mind,I knew it was opeyemi who sent the text message “how the hell did she get my number I thought” all my effort to talk to her during the party was not successful as she wouldn’t even give me audience and I didn’t want to course a scene so that my boss wouldn’t know I knew his wife, so I just played along . I tried calling the number back but the phone was switched off .it was then that I made up my mind to expect the worst ,I knew I was eventually going to be sacked so I braced up for it, started making plans of how to utilize the little money I have saved so far, I occupied my mind with different ideas such as opening a barbing saloon, a dry cleaning shop or even a provision store, just wanted to invest the money so that I wouldn’t go back to the way I was before . I woke up on Monday morning with a more relaxed mind,I was ready to accept any decision my boss takes. I Got to work earlier than my boss as usual and I did some work, hours later my boss came, a knock on my door alerted me so I stood up ,he walked in and to my surprise he said “ tunji tunji “thank you for coming to ben’s birthday ,my wife said I should greet you specially for her, ben kept asking of you when you have left” I smiled and said “ thank you sir I really enjoyed myself too” .we talked a little longer before doing the days work. later on that day when I had the chance to be alone I said to myself “ thank God” “ But how does this woman intend to deal with me”. the rest of the week was with mix feelings as I didn’t get to see my boss that often, the board of directors were having some meetings,I wasn’t too sure but I heard it had to do with one of the directors that was planning of leaving his position at the company, so only get to meet my boss once or twice in a day. But yet i still continued with my small business plan ,I was on my toes I thought to myself “if she doesn’t tell him this today, tomorrow or this week ,am sure she will one day and how surely get booted out “ .not knowing that my fear just began

It was Friday evening , I was about leaving the office when I saw Mrs. Badmus . mrs badmus is the office secretary, a matured woman who should be in her late forties ,she’s very nice but I must confess she talks a lot, She knows about everything that goes on in the company .i usually address her as mummy, so I said mummy which direction are you going ma, don’t tell you don’t know where I stay, then I said mummy I can’t remember o, she said “see you ,all this small boys I don’t know what you all think with your head self and you are not married o I would have said maybe it’s your wife anyways sha drop me at oworoshoki bustop” i gave a small laff and said “ema binu ma “ but in my mind I was like “this woman with her wahala self ,na that one I go they think” she entered into my car and I drove out .on our way home she said to me “I heard your boss’s wife is resuming on Monday “ immediately I froze then I said “you mean ope is resuming on Monday? Wait does she work here?” I can see that you have already done your research on her, abi how did you know her name? i stammered then said “that’s what my boss calls her when ever he talks about her I lied, but she believed me .she’s a nice girl and very brilliant too, her father was the owner of the company she said. “Are u serious ma “was my response , yes she said he passed away few years ago but he willed the company to her and all other properties before he died he was a nice man.,ope is a hard working girl too but she prefers her fashion designing career over office jobs like this. That was why she married your boss ,he was a junior staff just like you then but she fell in love with him then married him because she couldn’t get someone to marry her because of her son,u know no man wants to marry a woman with a son that’s not his then she pasuaded her father to promote him to the top so that he could be her representative there .she had everything well planned out before her father died. Sorry ma did you say she already had a son? Yes she got pregnant while she was in the university, we were told that the father of the baby had an accident and died few weeks after she told him she was carrying his child, poor boy. You know she was raised by her father alone abi. At that moment I was sweating seriously but luckily form me we were at oworoshoki bus stop so I stopped the car and she alighted “ goodnite and have a great weekend she said” I just nodded.

As I was driving home all what Mrs. Badmus said was just flashing back through my mind.then I started thinking” abi na me this girl carry belle for ni, I shook my head and said lai lai how can that be now” the thought sounds scary to me so I stopped “after all she said the baby’s father is dead so how can that be me.ko possible “I thought. the rest of the drive home was quiet with thoughts of how much opeyemi as suffered on my mind.i was beginning to feel pity for her.i got home later that night ,I was very tired struggle to cook rice and warm my pot of stew then I ate and went to sleep The rest of my weekend was fun.went about buying washing machine for my dry cleaning shop and went to the shop I rented to take care of some things.the rest of the weekend was occupied by football, from playing to watching all Bpl and laliga matches. Monday morning came and I was surprised I woke up late.that was unusual of me .i also wake up early but today was different. I ran to the bathroom took my bath In less than five minute did all other things in less minutes too than usual then got in my car and off to work as fast as possible, usually I normally leave early for work so that I could beat the traffic on that busy road but on getting there today everywhere was blocked,I spent over an our trying to navigate through the heavy traffic, I checked my time it was 9:45 am.i later got to work around 10:12am and mrs badmus was questioning me with her eyes, I just gave her a sorry face and ran up to my office,my boss was already in his office , I dropped my bag on my table and went straight to his office.”ekaro sir” I said he looked up at me and said ‘karo tunji bawo ni weekend “ I was trying to read the expression on his face so as to know what he was thinking but I couldn’t get anyting, so finally I said “am sorry sir for coming late today “ just get to work,I hope you know my wife as resumed work back now because Mr. Williams as left the company so she as to feel in pending the time we make a decision on who is going to be in that position “ I nodded and said ok sir. I was about going when he said to me “one of the things she hates most is lateness ,just pray she doesn’t pick on you for that because if she do, there is nothing much I can do about her decision is final” I nodded my head slowly and said ok sir opened the door and left his office.few ours later into work a call came through to my office I picked it and a familiar voice said to me “Mr olatunji cole report to my office right away” it was like my heart stopped pumping blood and I held my chest for a while. Finally that moment have been waiting for is here I thought.

I left my office and went straight to the office were she was .i stopped at the door hesitated a while before knocking “come in” she called out. I walked into the office not knowing how to address her. A part of me said I should say” good morning ma “ but the other part said “for wetin na, no be this same Ope wey I bleep that time” as a guy now I went for my second thought , I just stood there waiting for her to say something then she said Mr olatunji cole a report just got me that you came to work at 10:12am today what time are you meant to resume work, 8.30am ma I said so how come you came 1hour 42minutes late. It occurs to me that you haven’t been taking your job seriously. I just stood there with one hand in my pocket and the other one is rested on the chair that’s in front of her table, then she continued “ due to the negligence of your work I will have to ask you to join the other guys downstairs , as from now on you are no longer the personal assistant to my husband .it was as if something hit me in the face I stood there not knowing if to beg for my job back or just accept the new position,at this time she was staring back into the files in her front.few seconds later she looked up at me and said you can go that’s just all I wanted to say.i don’t know what happened to me just know that I couldn’t alter a word I just turned my back and left the office .i dnt even go to my boss office to tell him what happened because he as already told me he can’t do anything about it, I got back into my office ,started packing my things.before evening I was already downstairs .
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episode 3

Here I am sitting in a smaller office, a office space that is suppose to occupy just one person as now been stocked to take two, office files littered on the table “see wetin my life done turn to, shey make I quit this work self ni” I thought. its been three and half weeks since I got demoted .”hello baby ,how are you today, have really missed you” that was john talking. john is the other guy I sheared the office with,I think have been very unlucky to be shearing an office with this guy. he talks too much, lousy and above that his dirty ,he was always on the phone with his girlfriend ,I can bet my life that this guy spends all his salary on airtime just to talk with his girlfriend, he even ask me for money sometimes to buy it. Back to my boss and his wife.my boss wasn’t happy with me being demoted but like he said he can’t do anything about it.there was a day I ran into opeyemi in the elevator .i was asked to take some files upstairs, a floor before were her office is located, for signing, after signing I took the file and left the office, normally I could have taken the stairs but something just pushed me towards the elevator so I optioned for it.i could see that the elevator was in use i.e coming from top floor but I never thought it will be opeyemi that’s the occupant. As the elevator got to the floor i was I pressed open and to my biggest surprise I saw opeyemi standing alone in the elevator,all of a sudden fear came over me,I picked the courage to say “good afternoon “ and she replied “good afternoon” we both became silent as the elevator moved downwards although I was catching a glimpse of her with the side of my eye, “men this girl as grown so big and elegant the tiny opeyemi back then in school” I thought ,I later sermon the courage to tell her how sorry I was but then I heard the elevator tone signaling that we have reached our floor and the door opend. She walked out of the elevator without saying a word and I did same . I watched as she walked towards the secretary post situated on that floor i.e were Mrs badmus post was an something surprised me.madam big ego opeyemi knelt down to greet Mrs. badmus while she says “mummy ekasan ma”.

“ I can’t believe that this girl just knelt down to greet mrs badmus” I thought “ O God I don’t even understand this office anymore “ still thinking to myself when john said “ hey tunji have you seen alert “ I looked at him and said “what alert?” he looked at me with a puzzled face and said “ what other alert will you be expecting by 28th day of the month dude” I hissed and said back to him “ no I haven’t have they paid you ?. he said yes that he got the alert not too long ago.then I looked at my phone and saw an unread message. “ what is this nonsense I said loudly” still staring at my phone how can this guys do this,I was very angry, john kept asking me what happened but I ignored him , I stood up from my chair and went straight to the accountants office. as I knocked on the door of the accountants office I didn’t even wait for a reply before entering into the office “ good evening Mrs Bassey” I said “ good evening Mr olatunji cole, what can I do for you, can you please make it brief because its almost 5pm” she said. I nodded my head to show that I understand .” ma, I just got an alert now from my bank “ she cut in and said “ oh mr olatunji am so sorry ,I never knew you were not informed ,order from the board of directors at the beginning of this month was that anyone that’s demoted should get a salary cut i thought I sent the circular to your office, “no I didn’t get it ma” I said “ am really sorry mr olatunji ,it was a mistake on my part” I just stood there staring at her desk like a moron, I later adjusted myself and said” thank you ma” then left the office As I walked back to my office “ all I could think of was how to start my resignation letter, am leaving this company for good I thought. Am not going to allow any woman run my life like she owns it. Tomorrow am going to resigning I said.i went back to my desk grab my things and left the office with anger.

Few months ago when I got the job I was the happiest person on earth. but now I don’t even want the job anymore, I just want my happiness back because honestly the past few months as made me the most sad person on earth. Just while driving and thinking I discovered a little traffic build up and had to stop, I peeped outside my window and saw a group of okada men trying to harass a woman standing beside what I suppose to be her damaged car ” make una comot for road make person pass joor” I shouted but the guys were not ready to listing to me so I jumped out of the car and went straight to the scene, I grabed one of the okada man by the shoulder shoved him aside and made my way to the woman’s front, me standing so she could be at my back. “ oga calm down wetin happen why you dey para” the okada man looked at me and said “ oga lie lie I no gree o, this woman jam my okada and she no wan pay” I turned to look at the woman, she was seriously terrified but she said “ nooo its not as if I don’t want to pay him o, I told him that I don’t have the money right now on me that there is a bank at the end of the street that I can withdraw money for him over there.i turned back to the okada man and said” how much you wan collect” “na three thousand for the front light wey she break” then I dipped my hand in my pocket brought out three thousand and handed it over to him ,he said thank you but took a look at the woman before going and said “ na god save you say this oga come here, you for hear am today” then they left, I turned back to the woman who was now crying then I said to her “madam please don’t cry ok just be careful next time with this okada people” I turned to take my leave when she said “ olatunji”

I turned back to look at the woman and said sorry did you just called my, “ tunji its me joy, unilorin, oke –odo remember? ” she cuts in.”oh my God I can’t believe it’s you joy “ she smiled and said yes its me o,its just sad we have to meet again like this” common forget it jare,that one done pass,” omo you done change o” was the next thing I said. “Yes o” you too but I was still able to recognize you sha. Wow its nice seeing you again o, she said” I really appreciate your help today am really greatful “, “oh joy please stop saying that now” I have a restaurant on the next street although I can see you are just coming from work but how be glad if you at least go with me so I can fix you something to eat, or madam is waiting at home, she teased “ I smiled back and said” madam ke “ I never get madam o. ok that leave you with no excuse than to go with me now.i smiled and said ok “ ok no problem” . Now at the restaurant with a plate of rice and plantain with chicken lap” it’s my favorite I said to her, am not surprised sha most people have rice as their favorite she said from across the table were she is sited, so hope you are keeping in touch with your friends back then in school I said, no not really just a few of them , like ope you remember her ? absent mindedly I said yes because I was still enjoying the food, I was at her wedding last year ,men that girls father is loaded o.if you see her wedding ehn,” wait ,wait first you know opeyemi ?, na wa for you o so you have forgotten so fast , have you forgotten that she was once my roommate at the school hostel, since then we have been good friends, I pretended not to know anytin so I could get more gist from her so I said “ I heard she now has a son self” “oh Benjamin, she had him while in school, then I said “are you serious?” then she said “ she got pregnant and had to leave school when she became very sick, she never came back till we graduated although she later went back to complete her program after we left” heya “ so who was the guy she got pregnant for ? “I don’t know o she said she got raped by a guy”. I opened my mouth and couldn’t close it .i was so lost in thought that I didn’t hear everything she said after that “ ehn ehn I knew it! no wonder she’s so mad at me , no wonder she threatened or she’s dealing with me, Oh my God so Benjamin is my son” a tap on my plate brought me back to reality “is anything wrong tunji look you have spilled the drink on your suit” “ oh ehm am ok dear just that when I eat too much rice I usually have this stomach upset” haaa pele dear she said. You know what joy I really appreciate the food am very greatful I gave her my phone so she could input her phone number , then she said “ I should be thanking you instead for saving me today” . you know what I have to rush home now I have am important meeting to attend tomorrow morning and I have to prepare for it, don’t worry i will give you a call , she said ok and hugged me as I stood up to leave.
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episode 4

Lying on my bed now, I started thinking of how my life became like this , I know have done some things in the past but I didn’t expect them to be getting back at me this way.i thought about how I started from primary to secondary school and then to university , I could still remember the day of the party , how I was so happy about the party hours before it started not knowing that it was going to be a defining moment in my life, then I slept off thinking about what happened that night at the party.
The next morning I was feeling better,” no way! am not going to quit now “ I thought to myself not now that I have a chance to get back at her but most importantly now that I know there is a son between us. first of all I have to get her attention, I need to get her interested in what I have to say ,I thought of it for a while then came up with a plan .
at lunch that day I went to my boss office , I knocked on the door and he said “come in” as I enterd into the office I said “ oga ekasan sir” then he smiled at me and replied “ ha tunji bawoni” then I said fine, so this one you came to my office today hope no problem because I know you must be angry with my wife so I thought you were angry with me too. I smiled at him and said no sir its not like that sir, I just don’t want to be visiting here so often so that I wouldn’t be told that am neglecting my job downstairs again sir .he looked at me and I said I understand, have missed you around here too , my first few weeks alone was stressful ,it was hard planning all my schedule and working on this files at the same time but have adjusted now sha.” heya e pele sir” was my response , then it was just like he was reading my mind , like he knew I was in his office to in order to lay my hand on his phone, he said “ ehn ehn tunji have been having problem with this new android phone I just bought o, it uses two sims but am only seeing the contacts on one , the other doesn’t display contacts, I asked him to bring the phone so I could fix it for him .luckily for me it was something easy , so I change the settings and the two contacts are now been displayed, after setting the contacts I then scrolled all the names on it looking for his wifes number , it was easy to locate because he stored it with “sweetheart” I memorized the number then handed the phone back to him, he was very happy and thanked me well, I brought out my phone then added the number to contact, I stood up and told him that am leaving he said ok and thanked me again, I left the office feeling fulfill.
The next day at work I picked up my phone and wrote a text message that reads “ I WANT TO MEET MY SON AGAIN ” then sent it to opeyemi’s number. About 15minutes later a call came through to the intercom in our office , both john and I shear one intercom but its closer to johns table than mine so he picked it, seconds later he said its for you tunji , I smiled and took the phone from him , then I said hello “ I want you in my office right now was all she said” I knew whose voice was that so I adjusted my shirt then went to her office.

I was walking with so much confidence while going to her office, I got to the door and knocked she said come in then I entered her office , she was standing close to the window when she turned back and said “ what the hell do you think you are doing ?” I saw the panic in her face and I was ready to feed on it, “ I only asked for my right “ I said, your right? Wait did you just say your right? Let me tell you something you have no right, not in this company and not with my son you idiot. I interrupted her calmly and said” Point of correction our son” she replied “oh now his our son right? Where were you when he needed a father hun, where were you when I was been called a s–t by family members you bastard rapist, she was now crying, I interrupted her and said” I never raped you” get out you idiot ,get out of my office right now, I wanted to insist on staying but I decided to let go, but before stepping out of the door I turned back and said to her “ if you think am going to let go of this because you are rich and powerful , am sorry to disappoint you I won’t” I slammed the door and went out. The sound of the door brought the attention of my boss who was standing at the lobby with a staff while they discussed. He looked my way and I was shocked, he signaled to me to come over and I became more disturbed “ what am I going to tell this man o” I thought

“Good afternoon sir I said ,” good afternoon tunji ” what is the matter why did you slam the door to madam’s office like that ,” haaa oga its not like that” , the door was actually stuck so I had to pull a little hard that’s why sir, you mean madam’s door was stuck? “Yes sir” I said , “ ok I thought you two had issues again “ “ haa no sir” ok please call the guys at the works department to come and have a look at the door he said, ok sir I will do that sir. now I need to let ope know what happened when I got out of her office , I dialed her number on my way down the stairs it rang the first two times but she didn’t pick after the third try she picked it and said “ what the hell do you want you idiot “ stop the insult ope I need to get the guys at the works department to come and check your office door, “ and what the hell happened to my office door” will you just stop the insult and listen to me” look here you fool I don’t have time for all this nonsense ok” ok I guess you have a better explanation of why I slammed the door on my way out of your office to your husband “ and what is my business with that ,it’s you issue go deal with it “ ok I guess I just have to tell him the truth “ what truth? “ that your baby father as rising from the dead and he didn’t only rise he works at the company! “ you bastard! You dear not try such thing” I hanged up the phone on her. i later notified the guys at the works department of the situation so they went to check on the door. My next few days at work was fun , I now smile to work , play with almost everyone in my unit ,crack jokes with john and play with the guards .i didn’t hear anything from ope so I decided to text her, HAVE YOU THOUGHT ABOUT MY REQUEST” about 10 minutes later I got a reply from her “MEET ME IN MY OFFICE AT LUNCH” I smiled at my phone ,relaxed on my chair and said game on. Few minutes to lunch break I was really excited, ready to meet her again. its now lunch I strolled to her office knocked on the door and she answered come in, as I entered into the office she was having a discussion with a staff as I was about turning back when she said “ no wait Mr adeleke is about leaving “ I turned back and watched as the man stood up and I greeted him then watched as he exit the office. Then she said to me,have your sit tunji , I sat down on one of the two chairs in front of her table and she said “ how much do you want? “
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episode 5

i rested my back on the chair so as to be more comfortable then I said “ is that what all this meant to you? That am doing this because of money? “ ok so what exactly do you want? She said “ my demand as not changed ope, I want my son to know am his father” and how do you expect my husband to take that, how do you expect him to understand how a man that is dead came back to life she said “well its not difficult just tell him he was never dead” crazy she shouted how am I suppose to do that, “ exactly how you told him I was dead, I smiled” I stood up and started leaving but looked at her and said “ don’t worry ope you are a smart woman am sure you will figure out a way “ she just sat there with her face buried in her palms .

Few days later at lunch I decide to pay my boss a visit in his office, I entered the office and I met him watching CNN news , I sat down and we talked about everything , from the country’s economic situation to sport and other issues, later his face became serious and he said to me” tunji can I trust you” I was shocked but I kept my calm and said “ oga you can trust me with anything sir” ok because I don’t want people discussing my matter in this office, he said “ ok I understand sir ,I promise to keep it to myself sir” ok it about my wife opeyemi her attitude as changed lately, she doesn’t talk much again in the house, she scold Benjamin at every chance she gets , if not because am her husband self I don’t know what she would have done to me , I shouldn’t have let her resume work because I think the stress of work is really getting to her, she should have just stayed at her fashion designing business am sure she wouldn’t listen if I asked her to stop work but at least I need idea on how to make her relax her mind and take away all the office stress, he said.

I honestly didn’t know what to say but I later found my voice and said” it’s true sir I think the stress is getting to her ,I would suggest you take her out maybe to somewhere cool and relaxing or where does she like to hang out ?” hmm I think the Chinese restaurant she loves those Chinese foods. “ ok that will be a great idea sir, just take her there and talk about everything else apart from work, you know crack jokes to make her laugh” . wow tunji I never knew you have good ideas about love like this o, your girlfriend go they enjoy you o,he said, I just smiled and said “ haa oga omo jeje ni mi o” .we talked a little longer before I left for my office. as I walked to my office I thought to myself “ if only the man knows am the cause of his problem”

Later that night I got a text from opeyemi that reads “NO I CAN’T TELL MY HUSBAND “ I then replied her with “ YES YOU CAN” we continued exchanging text messages for a while before I slept off.

The next day around 3pm at work I got another text from her that reads” HOW WILL I TELL HIM HOW YOU RAPED ME” but I was busy with so much work that I didn’t even check my phone not until I got home at night .

Mr. shittu was very excited as he drove his wife home from work, he has already called the nanny that takes care of Benjamin to stay back for some hours that he and his wife were having a night out. As he drove her he looked at his wife and said darling you look stressed out I think you need some rest he said, “come on honey you know I can’t leave the company now at this crucial time ,you need me there” she replied , ok what about we having a good dinner at the Chinese restaurant ” oh that’s sweet of you dear but what about Benjamin who is going to look after him” you don’t worry about that honey that as been taken care of he smiled, she looked at him and said “I love you “ he was very happy but kept his calm and said “I love you more”.

Now sitting at the restaurant they ordered her favorite which is Chinese rice and shrimps, they both ate while they talk about different issues ,he then cracked jokes that she laughed really had at , they were both having a nice time when she said “ honey am really pressed I need to use the ladies” ok he replied if any man talks to you on the way you just whistle I will be there in a flash, she smiled at him and said like superman abi ? Exactly he replied, then she smiled and said naughty guy like you then left for the toilet.

he was so happy that he could finally make his wife smile again and thinking of how good the idea was when he noticed that she left her phone and it was ringing he looked at the name of the caller and it was her friend so he dropped it, but few second later she called back again so in order not to disturb the other people at the restaurant he picked the call and said “ hi ronke its bayo, ope is not around at the moment but I will let her know you called when she gets back “ the caller said something and he replied with “ ok I will, have a nice day dear” then pressed the end button on the phone .he was about to drop the phone on the table when he noticed a message display on the screen that reads” NEW MESSAGE FROM IDEOT” he smiled and said this ope self who the is idiot again,as he opened the message he couldn’t believe what he saw.

Ope came back from the toilet to see her husband playing with the food in his plate,are you not eating again dear, well I whistled but you didn’t come for me she smiled, he looked at her with a frown on his face and said well maybe I was busy reading this , he pushed the phone towards her , she grabbed the phone and the message displayed on the screen reads “ I DIDN’T RAPE YOU , WE HAD SEX”.
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“So you got raped and never told me? ”he said , it not what you think honey I can explain she said “ then go ahead and do so “ he shouted ,he looked around him to see other people at the restaurant steering at him, “ he hissed grab his suit then left, she was aware of the people steering too so she quietly stood up and followed her husband .

It was a long drive home as opeyemi kept begging her husband to listen to her, as they entered into their compound ,before he switched off the car’s engine he looked at ope and said “ how many more of that are you hiding from me, I loved you ope I tell you virtually everything that happens to me, shouldn’t you have told me I wasn’t good enough in bed before going to sleep with another man?” at this moment ope couldn’t take it any more she closed her eyes opened it back and said “ I didn’t sleep with any man bayo , he raped me while we were in the university” raped you ? “ yes more like that, but I think he didn’t do it intentionally , we were both drunk “ ok what does that have to do with that, he wants to rape you again or what? “no ,am sorry bayo she started crying , am sorry for all the lies have told you, when I fell in love with you I didn’t want to lose you that was why I lied to you” ooooh ope save me those sweet talkes abeg , my question is why is he texting you again?, ok ok still crying , then I got pregnant as as a result of that and had to leave school, I never heard from him again untill 3 months ago,” so you mean benjamin’s father is not dead ? “ yes and that was why he kept texting me , he said he wants ben to know he is his father “if I may ask how did he get to know about ben and who gave him your number “ she bursted into another long cry before saying “ IT’S TUNJI “ wait hold on tunji gave your number to the man? “ no TUNJI IS BEN’S FATHER.

Bayo couldn’t believ what he heard ,it was like someone hit him in the head with a hammer ,he turned off the car angrily ,she tried to follow him but couldn’t catch up with him,he went straight into one of the guest rooms in the house and locked himself up, ope kept knocking on the door and pleading with him to open it but he refused ,he just lie on the bed in tears

I woke up the next morning feeling good, “why didn’t ope reply my message last night” I thought, then I took my bath and got ready for work.

on getting to work that morning I discovered that something was unusual , the secretary post were Mrs. Badmus is normally sited was occupied by a younger receptionist chichi, chichi is a young receptionist that got employed few months after I was employed ,she’s beautiful, light skin and somehow a replica of Mrs.Badmus in talking,I think she became like that after working with mrs. Badmus for a while, maybe she’s copying her.” good morning chichi” I said , good morning Mr. olatunji, how was your night?,” it was cool dear and yours?” we thank God jare, she said, then I said “chichi were is mummy? “ she looked at me and said in a low tone , so you have not heard ?,” heard what?” she looked around to see if anyone was coming then said , oga and madam had a misunderstanding yesterday but I don’t know what caused it sha but madam ended up in the hospital with a broken leg,and Mrs badmus is there to look after her ,you know she’s like a mother to her .i couldn’t believe what I just heard,even without anyone telling me what caused their fight I knew what It was. I just turned and headed straight for my office but I could hear chichi saying “what is the problem mr tunji, ok sha please I didn’t tell you anything o.

Now in my office thinking “ idiot, idiot, idiot ,idiot , that’s exactly what I am. Why do I have to cause this girl so much pain” I heard the office door open and it was john ,he greeted me and I replied then he said said “ dude we have got lots of work to do today men”i looked at him without a response ,then he said “guy wetin happen you look dull “ no worry jare na small thing I said, I all I could think about after that was how to execute my plan, I need to take this bold step.

I stood up from my chair not knowing what to do, am sure chichi would not entertain my questions again if I went to ask her for hospital she was in, so I thought for a while and made up my mind to go to the hospital the company is registered with, staffs of the company are registered with an health insurance scheme on appointment, so I took my things and left the office.

On arriving at the hospital I was happy to see my boss’s car at the parking space outside the hospital, came down from my car and went straight inside to the receptionist on the ground floor, “good afternoon ma “ I said “ good morning sir she replied” oh am sorry madam Its morning , “ she smiled and said what can I do for you sir?” please am asking of a patient here ,someone by the name Mrs. Shittu, “ok” she said then checked her patients list but looked up at me and said , am sorry sir there is no one by that name here sir, I gave her a confused look and said ,but I saw their car outside ,”their car?” she said , I mean she and her husband’s car ,”ok but that still doesn’t help sir they are lots of married people in the building today I can’t tell which one is it, but if you know any other name apart from that we could check the list again” she said, then I remembered she worked at the company before meeting her husband so she must have used her name, “ok is there any miss opeyemi on the list” she looked down her list and said” yes there is one Miss. opeyemi Pedro one the list you can go to the first floor room 23, ok thank you very much ma ,”you are welcome” she said.

As I walked beside all the rooms on that floor, I noticed that they all have a transparent glass that serves as a window, when I got to room 23, I stopped walking fast and had to peep through the glass window so as to get a view of what was happening inside the room, then I saw opeyemi lying on the bed with bandage on her leg while she watches tv, my boss was typing something’s on his laptop beside the bed while Mrs.Badmus was also watching tv but facing the direction of the transparent window ,it wasn’t long before she looked in the direction of the window then I made a hand sign of please come outside , she understood me because I saw her stood up and walked towards the door while ope asked her something I couldn’t hear but she replied without any suspicion.

Mrs. Badmus came outside with a little frown on her face then she said ” what are you doing here hun? You want to come and kill her totally abi” mummy please try to understand it’s a mistake ma I said, “mistake, that is what all of you that do evil claim”, ” mummy now understand now ” I said again ,she loosened up a bit , then I said “what happened to ope ma did he beat her” she looked at me and said” I thought the person that told you she’s in the hospital must have told you what happened “ I gave her a please look then she said “ they had a misunderstanding after he saw your text message but he didn’t beat her , she fell while running up the stairs in the tears, thank God for Benjamin’s nanny that was around “ I shook my head and said “ hope she didn’t sustain much injuries” she hissed and said just a cut on her left leg ,but the doctor said she will be discharged later this evening” I said thank God but to my surprise she said “ so you too can thank God ,you gold digger , see if you know what’s good for you ,you better don’t go in there if not he will just kill you” she hissed again and left , “ omo na wa o see this woman sha, even as she they vex for me she still they gossip give me “ I thought then I walked quietly downstairs to my car.
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On getting to my car , I looked at my wrist watch and I saw that it was 11:52am, with the way am feeling if I don’t see ope today am going to lose my mind , it was then I decided to stay in the car till she’s discharged . Later that day at around 3:00pm i was listening to a program on the car radio when I heard a tap on the side window of my car and I reduced the volume of the radio simultaneously as I whined down the window,” good afternoon oga a young security man said to me” good afternoon I replied, then he said “ I noticed that you have been sitting here for a while now are you waiting for someone sir? “ yes I replied “and when is the person coming sir because the hospital don’t allow people to stay too long in the premises “ the person am waiting for will be discharged this evening so I have to wait” in that case am sorry sir I will have to search your car sir, that is the order from above” I nodded my head opened the door and came down, the security man searched the whole of my car but it was clean he apologized again then left,

It was 4:20pm when I saw a wheel chair coming out of the hospital building , it was opeyemi that was being pushed by her husband then followed by Mrs. Badmus, as they approach their car I came out from my car and walked towards them, Mrs. Badmus saw me first and immediately she made a sign to me to go back but I refused,” good evening sir I said” I said, my boss looked back at me and said “ what the hell are you doing here, answer me ? What are you doing here?” he ran towards me ,just like I was ready for it I started running backwards , he became faster and I ran faster too until I got to were two of the security men were standing I quickly stood behind one of them, he came running at both of us with me hiding at the man’s back and peeping occasionally, he threw a punch and surprisingly it landed at the side of my face as I was trying to peep, I felt really hurt and angry then came out from hiding and stood in front of him, I guessed he saw the anger in my face because I noticed that he was less aggressive then he said, “ tunji am going to show you,” now standing in one spot “ before you will end my marriage I will end your life you bastard” , I just stood there with anger in me patiently waiting for him to make a move for me so that I would beat the hell out of him, when I saw that he wasn’t going to make the move I decided to move towards him, that was when I heard opeyemi’s voice from my back that says “ you guys should stop this nonsense , am really ashamed of you two, look at the way you guys are behaving like kids.

At that point I notice that he has calmed down so I calmed down too, he moved towards his wife and Mrs. badmus who was standing behind her,he tried moving the wheelchair when I said “ wait ope I want to talk to you”, he tried pushing the wheelchair again when she said “ please leave the chair alone with a frown on her face” he left her and I began to talk “ope I want to apologize for all the trouble have caused you in your life,I wish I never met you that night ,I wish I never ran away when you threatened me with the police, I wish I was there to defend you when everyone called you a s–t when you were carrying my baby, i know that in your heart you know that I didn’t do all those things on purpose, I don’t know what else to say than just ask for your forgiveness, have made up my mind ope am leaving your life completely, as from now on I no longer work at the company and I don’t want to meet our son anymore” I turned to her husband and said “have always had great respect for you,i never tried to spoil your marriage all I wanted was my child” then to Mrs.badmus “ mummy thank you for everything, but I want you to know that am not a gold digger “ then back to ope “ I only want to ask you for a favor, when ben is old enough to understand everything that happened please don’t tell him that am dead, if he feels like meeting his father he could come find me” I didn’t even realized that I was crying by the time I finished talking, I turned my back on them and left.


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