[STORY] Office Affairs +18 (episode 1-6)

Things had been progressing quickly all day, and they certainly weren’t slowing down once Jumoke came up to the side of the bed and undid the last button on her collared blouse, revealing her bra.

That innocent smile spread across her face as the equally red blouse slipped off the young girl’s arms and fell out of my sight to the floor of my bedroom. Next, Jumoke climbed onto the bed with me, one knee at a time, and shuffled toward me, having already left her shoes behind. I, too, had removed the shirt I had worn to work and lay in silence as the bed creaked beneath Jumoke’s knees while she moved in front of me and reached for my belt.

More than a year had passed since the last time Jumoke and I had made love. A lot had changed since then, too, not the least of which was Jumoke’s marriage over the past three months. For a while there, her relationship status had little to no impact on our sexual relationship and, in fact, arguably enhanced it, as her partner didn’t mind if Jumoke prostituted herself out with the right person if the result was a boost to Jumoke’s career.

To be fair, Jumoke didn’t really need to sleep with me to advance professionally. I had hired her a couple of years ago because she was well-qualified for the job, and since then she had been performing admirably.

Sure, the fact that we were friends from several years before we reconnected at our current company didn’t hurt, but I will say that every advantage Jumoke received from me was merited based on her work performance alone. However, she and I had been mutually sexually attracted to each other for a long time, so an opportunity to bang her was one I wasn’t going to pass up.

As soon as Jumoke removed the belt from my waist, she tossed it onto the floor, the side opposite where our previously discarded clothing was and began to go to work on the button of my trouser even before the belt buckle was on the floor. A few seconds later, my c–k sprung free, ready and waiting to enjoy and be enjoyed by the young lady whose fingers encircled it as she held herself up by her other hand.

With a pursed smile, Jumoke looked at me with those bright eyes, which were accentuated by black eyeliner, while her hand began to slide up and down my rigid s—t. Her teeth shone through again as I moaned softly, and her face seemed to light up, already glowing in the dim light which reflected off her creamy skin and perfectly done makeup.

All this time, I could tell that Jumoke wanted me as much as I wanted her, despite her being married to another man. I assumed her husband had given her the green light for what was now transpiring, allowing her to do only what both of us had wanted to do anyway since the last time we had sex.

After all, sexual tension existed between Jumoke and me long before her now-husband came onto the scene, and when I brought Jumoke on in my department at work, her husband allowed her to act on her desire to f–k me in hopes of advancing Jumoke’s career. While we did have a lot of fun, culminating in a devil’s threesome involving Jumoke’s husband, once Jumoke got a very well-earned raise, she and I didn’t come together sexually again – until a promotion opportunity came available in my department this week.

Jumoke’s braided hair fell forward as Jumoke lowered her head to take my c–k into her mouth. My first reaction was to throw the back of my head back into my pillow as my thin, 24-year old employee began to lick the tip of my c–k while still stroking the s—t. I lifted my head up and began to stroke that pretty hair with one hand as she began to lift her head up and down, taking more and more of my c–k into her wet mouth.

Lifting her head a bit, Jumoke looked back into my eyes and opened her mouth wider, obviously smiling the best she could while licking my c–k, and pressed her tongue against the whole s—t of my d–k before flicking the head. She did the same thing a couple more times before letting go of my manhood and sitting up, but not before she pulled my trousers and boxers off. Now that I was naked, it was Jumoke’s turn, and she wasted no time in reaching behind her back and unhooking her bra.

Tossing the loose bra behind her, past the foot of the bed, Jumoke immediately ~undid her dress and further disrobed. Her B-cup breasts hanging free in the cool air, Jumoke removed both her skirt and her panties in one motion until all sh~ e was wearing was a shiny gold necklace. I exhaled deeply, making no other sounds as my female friend and I remained naked on the bed for just another moment.

Jumoke giggled, causing her eyes to ~squint as she looked me in the eyes again and then at my c–k before she again reached for my manhood. As she held my d–k in place, she shifted her body for~ ward, picking up her knees and resting them on either side of my hips as she lined up her pelvis with mine.

A small moan escaped Jumoke’s throat once she began to lower herself onto my c–k. My d–k swelled even more as soon as it made contact with the wet opening, and I groaned from pleasure as the head sank into Jumoke’s tight little p—y and continued on. Jumoke sank all the way down onto ~me until her p—y made contact with my balls, the entirety of my s—t enveloped deep inside my young employee.
We groaned together in unison again as Jumoke leaned over, supporting herself with one hand on my stomach in front of her and the other on my right knee just behind her. Her eyes gazed at her swollen c–t and stuffed p—y ~, while I put my hands on either of her thighs and scanned from her beautiful hair and pretty face down to her heaving~ boobs and finally to her filled p—y as well.

I had forgotten how tight Jumoke was, and she hadn’t ~seemed to loosen up at all from the last time we f—-d. As my d–k adjusted to the incredible feeling of that constricted, wet p—y that was gripping my c–k, my mind raced with lustful memories ~and fantasies involving~ the young beauty on top of me. It was in that moment that I decided that Jumoke was going to have to do much more than simply~ f–k me to get this promotion. After all, she had done far more for a mere raise last time.

Jumoke had been working part-time ~for me since I hired her. It worked well for her, though, because she was still finishing school and didn’t have time for full-time employment. However, a full-time spot on my team~ had just opened up, and with only a couple more months before graduation, Jumoke was ready and qualified for more responsibility. You can hi ohene ish on+233544142683 to read stories from our telegram page. It was just earlier this day that we communicated regarding how she could apply for the position, and she certainly wasted no time.

As she started to rock her body forward and back on my c–k this night, she was certainly making her candidacy known.

Jumoke moaned and cursed as she stopped rocking on me and started riding me. She threw her head back, causing her long hair to fly back away from her face, and slid up and down my c–k, instantly f—–g me steadily, though slowly at first. She pulled her one arm back so that now both hands were on my knees while she rode up and down me. Each time she came down, she took all of my c–k deep into her p—y, which seemed to grow tighter as she went to work.

I moaned loudly as well, sliding my hands to her ass and holding her steady as she went up and down, over and over again. Her body slapped against mine as she repeatedly shifted, going faster and faster as she grew more and more comfortable.

Soon, we were both panting. Just moments earlier, it had been a little too cold in that room to take our clothes off and remain warm enough, but now with Jumoke’s sexy body riding on top of me as the bed creaked beneath us, we were both starting to sweat a little bit. Our eyes met, and I couldn’t help but smile up at my model employee and good friend, who smiled back at me as she came down hard on me over and over, going much faster now.

Her necklace rattled against her breasts as she f—-d me, and the smacking of her body against mine also added to the soundtrack, indicating to the increasing pace of her f—–g. Meanwhile, her boobs bounced in rhythm with her body, and her hair flung about.

Content to just let her f–k me until we climaxed, I lay there and sunk my nails into Jumoke’s creamy flesh until she began to slow down and asked me to be on top. Without exiting her wonderful womanhood, I held Jumoke tightly to myself and rolled over on top of her.

Slightly out of breath, Jumoke laughed, her chest heaving as beads of sweat glistened between her boobs. The girl spread her legs nice and wide for me, resting the heels of her feet on the backs of my calves as I positioned myself and got ready to give this chick the good, hard f—–g I had so sadly missed giving her.

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Jumoke cried out and sank her nails into my back at just my first t—-t deep into her p—y. I proceeded to f–k her hard and fast as she thrashed against the comforter. Her legs wrapped around my waist, and we briefly made out until I rested my head on Jumoke’s shoulder while she kissed my neck as I t—-t hard and fast in and out of her fantastically tight p—y.

Our bodies started to slip against each other as we both glistened with sweat that mixed together as I pounded Jumoke, her little hole squelching as my d–k slid in and out, bottoming out inside her as I f—-d her to my heart’s content.

I railed Jumoke for just a few more minutes, never letting up the intensity of my drilling inside her. The bed creaked violently beneath us as I slammed in and out of her, my balls slapping against the pretty girl as she took the forceful f—–g like a champ. At last, Jumoke moaned loudly in my ear and went rigid as she tightened her arms and legs around me. Her p—y convulsed around my c–k as she came hard, satisfied by being f—-d hard by her boss.

Only for a few seconds of Jumoke’s o—-m could I keep up my stamina. Then, losing control as intense pleasure shot through me, I released my load while buried deep inside the young girl. While Jumoke was still very much in the middle of her own o—-m, my c–k erupted in her p—y, shooting off rope after rope of c-m into her womb, filling her up with a nice big load of my man juice. We were both moaning uncontrollably by that point.

As I finished up inside Jumoke, I held myself up so I could watch her face contort as she reacted to her c—-x and the sensations of getting filled up with her boss’s c-m. Her eyes were shut at first, but when she opened them, still moaning, she smiled and let out a laugh from the enjoyment.

As Jumoke came down, we were both breathing hard and sweating all over our bodies. I remained inside Jumoke’s p—y for just a minute longer before sliding my slick d–k out of her warm love canal, giving Jumoke one last shudder before we were ready to clean up and get Jumoke back to her husband that night.

Initially, I had considered that hot sex with Jumoke to be her interview for the promotion. After all, it was a formality: the job was hers to lose—not that she knew it. However, when she asked for a raise a long time back, I had gotten her to agree to a devil’s threesome, so I soon realized I was making the promotion process too easy for her.

Therefore, I explained to her that our passionate affair that one night was merely the application phase of the process. The interviewing would begin shortly. The twist, though, was that Jumoke would have to interview with the entire “board of directors,” as I put it if she were to be seriously considered.

No, it wasn’t my company’s actual board that I convened together to help me “interview” Jumoke but a group of buddies from my football team that had experience with me at this kind of thing. When I made the proposal to Jumoke, she naturally accepted but was understandably nervous. I warned her that she really have to let go of her inhibitions and give in to the experience if she were going to be a strong candidate for the position for which she was applying. She assured me she wouldn’t disappoint.

My friend’s names were Edet, Bello and Sani, and they were all on board to make arrangements to meet up with Jumoke and me. It wouldn’t be the first time we all had fun with a hot girl, so everyone was ready and eager to do the deed. To really enhance the experience, I managed to get all three of these guys into the office after hours late one Friday night. I was pretty tight with the guy who worked security that evening, so he was more than willing to cover my butt under one condition: he was able to participate. It’s not like there was any work for him to do that late anyway.

I told him as long as he wore a shirt and tie to dress the part, he was more than welcome to join in interviewing the girl and give us a perfect number of five men for this one ambitious girl.

The night of the gangbang, Ifeanyi in security grinned from ear to ear as he let my friends and I into the office. Ifeanyi was a big dude, about 6’5″, albeit thin. He was Igbo too, so he would add a little inter-tribal action to the mix. You can kwaku ish on+233544142683 to read more stories from our telegram page. The rest of us were of pretty average stature, between 5’10” and 6’2″. Sani was a little heavy set, but the rest of us were thin and in great shape. Regardless, we will all be able to give Jumoke as much as she could handle so she could really prove her worth to the company.

We had all worn shirts, ties and dress pants to play the part. Edet sported a sharp jacket to go with it, so I gave him a hard time about trying to outdo me. After checking up on the dress code for tonight, some small talk ensued before we headed to the conference room where the interview was to take place. I told Ifeanyi that Jumoke would be here in about 10 minutes and asked him to escort her to the conference room once she arrived. One thing I loved about Jumoke was that she was always on time for work, contrary to the stereotype for women.

The guys and I sat around the table for several minutes and shot the shit before we heard a feminine voice coming from the hallway while being accompanied by the deep voice of our Igbo friend. The door, already open a crack, swung in wide to first reveal Ifeanyi, who had changed into the proper attire of shirt, tie, and trouser. Then out from beside him entered cute Jumoke and her sexy body. Everyone in the room went silent.

Jumoke had taken the dress code very seriously. She wore another one of those button-down collared blouses, this one red and a size or two too small for a real interview. She had it unbuttoned down to almost her stomach, and she didn’t have a shirt underneath, so I could make out a white lace bra underneath covering her boobs, which seemed to be ready to burst out of the tight garment. From there, she wore a black miniskirt that barely covered her panties.

Her slender legs were bare down to her four-inch open-toe high heels that were black. Everything on her appeared brand new. Along with the outfit, she wore silver jewelry around her neck and both wrists, and her light brown hair was full and bright, curled down to her shoulders.

“D–n, man,” said Sani. “I think I’m in love.”

“Aren’t you cold in that?” said Bello, who had a point since it was about 30 degrees outside, and the heat in the conference room never seemed to work right.

“I’m sure you boys can keep me warm,” Jumoke said seductively as she strutted over and took her seat at the table while Ifeanyi closed the door and then joined us men at the table. Once we were all seated, some sleazy innuendos and pun followed from my friends who were as chatty as school girls as they anticipated the orgy that would ensue. I remained confidently silent as I let the conversation play out. Jumoke was giggling throughout the course of the next few minutes until I finally announced the beginning of the formal interview process.

As Jumoke got up from her seat and down to her knees to prepare for her “oral presentation,” I reminded her that her enthusiasm would have everything to do with her performance in this interview. While group sex was always hot, nothing was to be compared to teaming up with other guys to f–k a girl who delighted in the depravity. Being a fairly timid girl, Jumoke, in my estimation, may have needed the encouragement. However, as from her knees, she unbuttoned the rest of her blouse, Jumoke assured me she was eager to do anything we wanted to her to do.

With that lacy white bra exposed and her blouse open and hanging from her shoulders, Jumoke waited on her knees as five belts came free and five pairs of trousers were undone. We approached and surrounded the young girl, who was soon buried underneath five erect c—s that were poking out, waiting for the first part of the interview. I was stationed in the prime real estate, right in front of my employee. We boys made a circle around the girl, completely closing her in and giving her plenty of meat from which to choose.

A bit to my surprise, Jumoke dove right in. She elevated herself just enough, her knees scratching a bit against the carpet beneath them so that those bright eyes came just above the numerous d—s that encircled her. Amid the mutters of multiple aroused men who were looking down at her, Jumoke immediately reached for the lone black c–k with one hand and then Sani’s with her other hand and went right to stroking them as she grinned and looked up at both of them.

The men sighed and complimented Jumoke while her hands slid up and down the thick, erect members, making sure they were nice and straight for her. Then, while still jerking off the other men, Jumoke leaned forward and opened her mouth. I guided my c–k into the open cavity and then let go to set her off to work.

“Hot d–n,” someone muttered. I couldn’t really tell who it was because I was too entranced watching Jumoke s–k me off while stroking off two other c—s. Her hair shifted forward and back as her head bobbed back and forth while she slurped on my c–k. She did her best to take as much of me into her mouth while still vigorously beating off the other men, who were strangers to her before tonight, and I must say she was performing admirably.

For the next several moments, Jumoke made her rounds, polishing off all five knobs while never losing breath or stamina. At one point, she ended up with her back toward me as she blew off Edet and beat off Bello and Sani, so I took the opportunity to reach under her shirt, which hung loosely from her body anyway, and unfastened her bra. You can hi ohene ish on+233544142683 to enjoy reading more stories from our telegram page .boys liked that move and voiced their approval.

The garment was strapless, so I was able to pull it away from the lady completely and toss it aside while Jumoke continued her duty. Eventually, she turned back around and rubbed my c–k, this time with her nice boobs in plain view beneath her open blouse. Her breasts jiggled back and forth as her hands slid up and down two shafts and her head bobbed up and down Sani’s c–k.

When Jumoke had come full circle back to s—–g my c–k and jerking off Ifeanyi and Sani, I gently pulled on her hair and asked her what she was expecting from this interview. She pulled away from my c–k, causing me to react by taking my d–k in my hand and lightly slapping it against her cheek as she responded: “Are you all going to f–k me hard?”

“Gentlemen?” I said.

“Yeah!” all four said in unison.
“Are you all going to f–k me at the same time?” The whole time she continued to stroke Ifeanyi and Sani, although a little more slowly, while I steadily smacked her cheek with my hard c–k.


“Are you going to make me nice and airtight and f–k my mouth, ass, and p—y all at the same time?” This girl knew what I liked.

A jumbled mess of ” yeahs” and “Hell yeahs” erupted from the group. Jumoke was really cranking up the sexy, even beyond what I had hoped!

“And when you’re done,” she finished, letting go of the d—s that had been in her hand, “can all of you pretty please c-m all over my face?” I had forgotten just how well this girl knew how to turn me on.

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At that point, I couldn’t distinguish words amid the jubilant clamor from my comrades. I did pick up on the word “bukkake” and swear my d–k got even harder with that thought in my head. With Jumoke’s words, all of us men discarded at least our trousers, while a couple disrobed completely.

I intended to keep the shirt and tie on throughout. Bello and Ifeanyi then picked the girl up and carried her the few feet onto the conference room table. Once she was sitting upright on there with both her legs out to her right side, we men surrounded her and began to fully undress her so we could go right into the most intense portion of the interview.

Edet pulled the loosely hanging shirt off Jumoke, while I pulled her legs out and quickly ripped her thong out from under her miniskirt, careful to leave the skirt and her sexy shoes intact. She would be leaving those items on for the duration of the interview, along with the jewelry.

With every obstacle out of the way, it was time to finally test Jumoke. After discarding Jumoke’s thong, I grabbed the chick’s ankles and pulled her to the edge of the table. Her bare ass rubbed against the surface, and one of her heels caught the wood and made a brief scratching sound, leaving a nick in the material.

Once she was seated there with her legs dangling toward the floor, I pulled her off, down to her feet, and turned her around so that her back was facing me and my hard d–k was pressed against her lower back.

The scent of her hair at my chin filled my nostrils, and I couldn’t help but touch her hips and work my way up to her boobs, where my hands settled for a moment before I gently pushed her forward over the table.

Jumoke rested forward on her elbows and looked over her shoulder at me while the cheers of four other men began to rumble around us. I took my c–k in my hand and looked down just in time to see Jumoke shift her legs apart, her high heels scraping against the carpet.

With my other hand, I pushed the miniskirt up just slightly and then ran my finger down to Jumoke’s moist opening before guiding the tip of my c–k against it.

Jumoke cooed as soon as my d–k made contact with her p—y, and I worked to shift just the head of me inside her before putting both hands on her hips and thrusting forward. As more and more of my c–k sank into my young employee, my buddies encouraged me on, cheering louder and louder until I was balls deep inside the girl.

The noise around me reached a fever pitch once I started to t—-t in and out of Jumoke while she was bent over that table. I held onto her tightly and moved my pelvis back and forth slowly at first as my hard p—k filled Jumoke’s wet insides but picked up my pace as I gradually worked Jumoke up to more intense f—–g. The faster I went, the more my friends encouraged me and complimented Jumoke.

Jumoke kept herself still but moaned and cried out as her boss banged her hard from behind. After a couple of minutes, she pushed her upper body up by straightening out her arms and leaving her hands planted on the table, arching her back as I pounded her p—y. That sexy pose made me bang her only harder. Her bright pink fingernails scratched against the table while she took my steady f—–g, which was only the beginning of the intense sex Jumoke would be receiving this night.

Jumoke continued to moan and affirm me while her new man friends affirmed her as well. I f—-d her Doggystyle over that table for just several minutes before I slowed down and pulled out, offering her to one of my buddies. Bello was the next in line, so he prepped his d–k and then stepped up behind Jumoke as soon as I moved away. Within seconds, Bello was holding onto Jumoke’s hips and drilling her from behind just like I had been a moment prior.

As Bello f—-d Jumoke over the conference room table, I moved over to the other side of that table so that I could watch Jumoke’s getting taken head on. Then I pulled out my phone and began to record. I seldom made any evidence of group escapades like this one, especially considering the professional risks involved in this particular scenario, but my lust didn’t allow me to resist.

With the steady slapping of Bello’s hips against Jumoke’s ass, I pointed the camera right at the girl whose hair and breasts swung forward with each t—-t into her sexy body, her arms still outstretched and holding herself up. “We need to document this interview for HR purposes,” I said to Jumoke. “Can you explain to us again why we should consider you for this promotion?”

Jumoke rose masterfully to the occasion again. “Because I’m going to let each one of these big, strong men take turns f—–g me,” her answer came amid deep inhales, and her words were thrown a bit because she was constantly being pushed forward by Bello’s thrusts. “Then I’m going to let them all f–k all my holes, all at once, until they’re ready to coat my face with their c-m.”

A spew of excitement and expletives erupted from the other men while I just grinned, immensely pleased with my good friend and top employee who was performing as well as any p–n star. “My kind of girl!” exclaimed Edet, who moved in behind Bello, clearly preparing for his turn.

Edet did get his turn a minute later, followed by Sani and finally Ifeanyi. I stopped recording after a couple minutes, but I kept the camera handy for the rest of the night. Sani was the lucky one who was the first to make Jumoke c-m, so he was greeted with a roar of cheers before he stepped aside from the convulsing w—e.

Once Ifeanyi was f—–g Jumoke fast and furiously for a few minutes, causing Jumoke to yelp and moan uncontrollably from the black c–k that was stuffing her, he let up for just a moment to flip Jumoke onto her back and then, with the girl’s legs straight up in the air, went right back to pounding her p—y while her nails scratched against the table on either side of her. All throughout, the rest of us guys cheered on Jumoke and whoever was getting his run with her.

Since I was the understood leader of this gangbang, Ifeanyi waited for my cue before he slammed hard into Jumoke one final time and pulled out. Jumoke shrieked and then laughed as those black balls slapped hard against her taint one more time before she was suddenly vacated, causing her shaking legs to fall from their perch on Ifeanyi’s chest and just hang in the air.

Jumoke wouldn’t be empty for long, now that it was time for the real decadence to begin. Sani hopped onto the table beside Jumoke, who had now been lying flat forward over it after being f—-d hard from behind by five men in a row.

I came up beside her and helped her back up onto the table to join Sani. Soon, Jumoke had one high heel planted in either side of Sani’s hips, her boobs facing the ceiling and on display for the rest of us men, while Sani’s legs hung over the edge as he pressed his c–k against Jumoke’s ass. This hole had yet to be ventured into tonight but not for much longer. Jumoke lay still, her back against Sani’s chest as she anticipated the intrusion into her back door.

“Yeah, f–k that f—–g ass!” Edet shouted as soon as Sani began to push his c–k into Jumoke’s dark hole. Jumoke screamed at first as inch after inch of thick c–k penetrated her butt, which I imagine hadn’t gotten much use in a while. However, remembering that she was in an interview, the young girl calmed down, took deep breaths and forced a smile as she took all of Sani into her ass.

“Who wants us to make a Jumoke sandwich?” I asked the rest of the boys. They unanimously cheered in the affirmative. “How about you, Miss Jumoke?” I asked my friend.

“Yes, boss,” she said, her smile almost hiding her discomfort as she still adjusted to the member in her ass. Then she lifted and spread her legs, her high heels pointing toward the ceiling. “I can provide lunch for you every day if I get this job.” That expression was kind of cheap, but so help me, it still turned me on. Of course, her widespread, high-heel-clad legs may have had something to do with it, not to mention her stuffed a—–e.

I stepped up between the legs of the couple on the table, the rowdiness of the crowd that was watching us not diminishing in the least. Jumoke used her hands to spread her p—y for me, and I looked down with untamed arousal at her open v—-a and stuffed a—–e. You can hi Ishmael on+233544142683 to be added to story headquarters room for more stories.With one hand, I pushed my member into her p—y, which was even tighter now, thanks to the c–k on the other side of the membrane that separated her two holes.
“F–k!” Jumoke cried as my c–k impaled her p—y. “Shit!” ~More profanities escaped those lips as I sank deeper and deeper until both Sani and I were to the hilt inside the same b—h. Once m~ y balls were touching Jumoke’s stretched out taint, I wrapped ~my arms around her thighs, holding her legs against my chest and resting her ankles on my should~ ers as the three of us adjusted to our positioning.

Almost simultaneously, Sani and I began to t—-t ~up into Jumoke. Jumoke cried out initially before a devilish smile spread across her face. At that moment, as I slowly pu~ shed into and pulled back in her tight, wet-c–t, I looked Jumoke in the face and was take away by that gorgeous yet sinful smile, those glimmering green eyes and that luscious long hair that was already pretty messily framed her head as it hung down in Sani’s face.

My eyes traveled down to her boobs, which rose and fell just slightly as she began to adapt to what was happening to her. Already I noticed faint traces of sweat between her breasts.

Increasing the power of my thrusts, I slid in and out of Jumoke while Sani moved a little faster in and out of her ass at the same time. Before long, I was timing my movement so as to sink into Jumoke’s twat when Sani pulled back in her ass so that we were sawing in and out of her in no time, taking turns going deep inside her.

To my surprise, Jumoke showed no signs of pain; instead, she writhed and moaned, a big grin on her face the whole time as Sani and I double-penetrated her.

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My arms still wrapped around Jumoke’s thighs, I f—-d my employee’s p—y harder and faster, having all but forgotten the three other guys in the room who were urging Sani and me on as we teamed up on sweet Jumoke.

After a moment, I pushed Jumoke’s legs down to my waist and leaned forward. As Jumoke wrapped her legs around me, I pushed the mass of flesh beneath me against the table so I could slide up into the table and have better positioning so as to really sandwich Jumoke. Sani worked with me, taking his hands off Jumoke’s waist and pushing himself up the table and bringing with him the girl still affixed to his d–k.

Now the couple was completely on the table, and I, still in Jumoke’s p—y, pushed myself as deep into her as I could while I leaned forward.

Jumoke’s legs kicked out as the girl screamed. Her nails then fastened into my back once I lay down on top of her, my shirt and tie now pressed against her boobs. I held onto both of her shoulders while Sani, who still had his shirt on with no tie, gripped her hips once again, and the two of us held Jumoke in between us as we went back to pounding both of her holes in unison.

Once we got going again, the threesome got really hot. The boys around us cheered us on as Sani and I sawed in and out of Jumoke hard and fast, stuffing both her ass and p—y as we double-penetrated her. Her small body sandwiched between us, Jumoke clung to me and moaned uncontrollably, feeling as full as she ever had.

Double penetration was so hot that even for a heterosexual man like I, being in such close proximity to another naked dude did nothing to deter me as I steadily pounded my employee’s c–t while my buddy deeply filled her ass.

Sani and I sandwiched Jumoke on that table for several more minutes before I pulled out. Sani remained for now, but Edet took my place in the threesome, pulling off the remainder of his clothes as he did. While I had given Jumoke’s legs the freedom to kick, Edet came down on top of them and pinned them between his and Sani’s thighs as he slipped straight into the girl’s p—y. Jumoke groaned but still smiled as she was immediately double stuffed again.

With one hand clutching Sani’s arm and the other reaching over Edet’s back, Jumoke slightly shifted between the two male bodies as they got right to thrusting in and out of her two holes. I pulled out my phone again and began to record the hot scene unfolding before me. Meanwhile, Bello and Ifeanyi continued to voice their approval of the debauchery occurring before their eyes.

“How does it feel?” I said to Jumoke, putting the camera in her face, which had a male head on either side of it as the boys continued to saw in and out of her.

She laughed and said, “I love it. Is my interview going well?”

“Too early to tell,” was all I said before backing up and getting the whole sandwich in the frame. As I recorded for a few minutes, eventually Jumoke was allowed to free one leg, which sprung out and kicked toward the ceiling before wrapping slightly around Edet’s waist while the other leg remained pinned between my two friends.

All three of them were shining with sweat before long, and Jumoke’s hair, which I thought had to be practically suffocating Sani, was a wild mess now.

Just as I turned off the video, Edet pulled out and got up but quickly brought Jumoke with him. It was time for Sani to switch out. As Bello stepped up behind Jumoke, there would be no need for the table for this round. Edet picked Jumoke clean off the floor and quickly situated her p—y back on his c–k.

Next, Bello, who along with Ifeanyi had already removed his dress shirt, got right up against Jumoke’s back, the legs of the girl spread around Edet’s waist. Bello pushed past the miniskirt and shoved his c–k into the girl’s ass, securing her on two d—s as she was suspended coolval stories in the air.

Jumoke threw her arms around Edet as she leaned into him, preparing for what was to ensue. Her mess of hair covered a lot of her face, but I could see her pearly teeth through the light brown strands as the sweaty girl smiled through the treatment she was receiving.

Once Edet and Bello had a firm hold on Jumoke’s ass and thighs, they began to lift her up and down their c—s which penetrated deep into both her ass and p—y in unison.

The cute babe slid up and down those dirty c—s, over and over. The boys grunted while Jumoke let out sharp little cries of amusement as her body was repeatedly lifted up and then released back down. Her legs dangled as they were suspended above the ground, bouncing as well as her body went back and forth on the full lengths of those d—s.

I hit the record button on my phone again and grew more and more eager to join back into the group fun as I documented my 22-year-old employee’s promotion interview.

Edet and Bello continued lifting Jumoke up and down their c—s until their arms grew tired and they had to put her down. Now empty of c—s, which was a rare circumstance this night, Jumoke stumbled back over to the table, her ass and p—y undoubtedly plenty sore by this point. There would be no respite for the used b—h, however; in fact, it was now time for the main course.

Greedily, I put the phone down and lay with my back on the table, pulling Jumoke over to me as I yearned for her p—y again. “We need full group participation now,” I said as Jumoke knelt over me. Her p—y hovered over my c–k, but before the two organs even made contact, all the other men had surrounded us in response to my comment.

“Not everyone at once!” Jumoke said with a laugh just as her wet twat touched the tip of my penis.

“Actually, that’s exactly what’s happening,” I corrected her.

“Right,” she said as she blushed and then grinned. The whole while she was sinking lower and lower until my c–k was sheathed inside her once again. We both groaned with pleasure, but before I could even fully process the feeling of Jumoke’s tight c–t around my p—k, I felt another hard p—k join me inside Jumoke. This one was Ifeanyi’s, which penetrated Jumoke’s ass.

After just enjoying the view since the group sex ensued, Ifeanyi finally entered one of Jumoke’s holes, as he and I joined together to double penetrate the slender lady. As I felt that thick d–k force it’s way deep into Jumoke’s ass on just the other side of where my own manhood was lodged, I could only think of what Jumoke must have felt as she was double-stuffed with man meat.

More vulgar speech poured out of Jumoke’s mouth as I looked up and watched her strain her neck and close her eyes in response to being filled up in her back end. She still had a grin on her face though, making her all the sexier as she remained the object of lust for five men all at once. As soon as Ifeanyi and I were comfortably inside Jumoke, the other men began to take their places.

Edet came up right by my head, but I didn’t mind. If we guys were going to worry about being too close to each other during sex with a hot girl, then group sex wasn’t for us. Just as I began to t—-t in and out of Jumoke’s p—y, Edet stuck his c–k in Jumoke’s mouth, completing t and making Jumoke airtight.

Ifeanyi followed close behind me in thrusting in and out of Jumoke, and then he and I were f—–g her in sync. Edet let Jumoke do her best to s–k on him for just a moment before he too began to t—-t his hips so that all three of us were f—–g Jumoke, pounding her in all her holes. There were still two c—s left, though, and Jumoke, even while being overpowered by three d—s already, knew what she needed to do.

Bello and Sani stepped up on either side of Jumoke’s and my heads. Under most circumstances, I could have done without all the man meat so close to me, but when it came to f—–g a hot girl, I was more than happy to have the company.

As I held Jumoke by her waist, Ifeanyi held onto her shoulders, keeping her in place as she used both hands to grab Bello’s and Sani’s c—s and immediately began to stroke them. She managed to pleasure these two additional c—s even while the three of us other guys plunged in and out of her holes all at once.

The ~hooting and hollering were replaced by delirious moans of pleasure as three men f—-d her holes while the b—h pleasured two more with her hands. The overal~ l decibel level in the room had gone down, but my ears were still flooded by our ~moans while the slapping of male flesh against Jumoke, the squelching of Jumoke’s ass and pu~ ssy and the slurping of her mouth was almost overwhelming.

The only other sounds were the slight rattling of the cutie’s jewelry and the creaking of the thankfully sturdy table beneath us.

Being on the bottom, I was sweating pretty hard through my shirt, but I imagined I ~wasn’t perspiring as much as Jumoke, whose whole body, of what I could see, anyway, gleamed with perspiration, her own mixed with that of multiple men. Her hair~ was now a matted mess, sweat-soaked strands hanging from her head and dangling in my face. As she was held up between Ifeanyi and me, her damp boobs dangled an inch or two above my chest.
The room, once chilly, was hot as hell, and the smell of sweat and sex filled the air. As the thick air surrounded us, Jumoke ~took it all in stride, thriving as the center of attention in this orgy. Jumoke had firmly established herself as a serious candidate for the job for which she was intervie~ wing.

We all remained in those positions for ~several more minutes before Edet pulled out of Jumoke’s mouth. Jumoke gasped, and Edet made his way over to where Ifeanyi was steadily f—–g Jumoke’s ass in sync with my thrus~ ts into my friend’s p—y.. Without complaint, Ifeanyi pulled out of her and deferred to Edet. In the meantime, Bello had slipped over to take Jumoke’s mouth, but the girl was quickly pulled away as Edet and I decided to flip her over.

With Jumoke now sitting on me, I prepared to enter her ass for the first time ~tonight until a different idea came to mind. “Let’s double-stuff that p—y,” I said to Edet. Jumoke looked ready to protest as~ she balanced on me with one leg held up in the air, but the excited response in support of my proposition from the other guys convinced her to go through with the suggestion.

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jumoke 5

“I would try it,” Jumoke said sweetly, though no one asked for her consent. The other boys stayed still as I stuck my c–k back in Jumoke’s p—y from underneath her. Once I was firmly inside her, I grabbed her legs, spread them and held them high in the air while Jumoke planted her hands on the table on either side of my chest. Edet then moved forward, pressing the tip of his d–k against the s—t of mine, which was buried in that twat. With a whimper, Jumoke accepted first the head of Edet’s c–k before more than half of it joined mine inside Jumoke as she took her first dive, to my knowledge, into double-vaginal sex.

As Edet inched farther into Jumoke’s already filled c–t, the other boys cheered the girl on. Edet ended up getting almost his whole c–k inside Jumoke’s p—y, which, even as wet as it was, got stretched out to the max, since it was already accommodating me.

Once satisfied with how deep he was, Edet leaned forward and lay on top of Jumoke, flattening her sweat-soaked body against my equally damp shirt and sandwiching her again, only this time her ass was vacant and her p—y was double-penetrated.

An involuntary scream escaped from Jumoke, but it was drowned out by the excited chatter of all the guys. Once Edet and I had Jumoke pinned between us, her legs and arms for now lying limp at her sides, the other boys came around to top Jumoke off again. Before Edet and I were even thrusting, Jumoke had Bello’s c–k back in her mouth while Ifeanyi and Sani were coaxing her into beating them off. After taking just a moment to adjust to the extreme pressure in her p—y, Jumoke managed to go back to work on those other c—s, s—–g one-off while stroking the others.

Edet and I alternated thrusting into Jumoke once we got going. Sliding my p—k against another was a little awkward at first, but it was the best way for all of us to do it. Beside, the sensory overload that came with gangbanging a hot girl produced enough lust to make all of us willing to go as far as we needed to in order to fully take advantage of our fortuitous situation. In no time, Edet and I were lost in pleasure as we both f—-d Jumoke’s p—y while our friends derived pleasure from the same female.

All the same sights, sounds, and smells enveloped us as we dove deeper and deeper into depravity. I kind of assumed ~Jumoke was having a rough go of having two hard c—s sharing her p—y, but she totally surprised ~me by cumming, moaning loudly around Bello’s co~ ck in her mouth as she experienced another o—-m. I realized she was having way more fun than I had ima~ gined.

That result only encouraged me to go harder and faster, forcing Edet to keep up as we hammered her p—y together. It was a wonder neither one of us came with Jumoke.

Once Jumoke’s o—-m subsided, we all decided to disassemble before quickly rearranging. In no time at all, Jumoke, a sweaty, breathless mess, was back on her hands and knees, riding Ifeanyi briefly before Sani stepped up behind her and inserted his c–k into her p—y as well, giving her another round of double-vaginal penetration. Meanwhile, I was ~pulling on her damp hair as I ravaged her mouth with my c–k, leaving Edet and Bello to be jerked off, albeit not as intensely as when Jumoke had had more energy.
From this position, I had a good view of everything, seeing Jumoke’s tight little body get sandwiched by two men who ~were f—–g her in the p—y in unison while my other friends did their best to keep her rubbing their c—s. At one point, partially to hold off o—-m and partially to take in the sight, I p~ ulled away and grabbed my phone to record more of this intense interview.

As I watched Jumoke get mercilessly pounded but keep up with the demands, which included Edet switching over to Jumoke’s mouth to take my place, I had a couple more ideas that I decided we were going to try.

At my suggestion, Sani pulled out of the sweet s–t. The pressure in Jumoke’s p—y was relieved, and then her ~twat was given rest altogether as Ifeanyi pulled out as well – only to switch to Jumoke’s ass, though. Sensing what was about to happen but perhaps too delirious at this ~point to be nervous, Jumoke giggled, pulling E~ det out of her mouth and stroking his c–k instead, along with Bello, and voiced her approval.
“Are you going to put both of those ~d—s in my ass?” she said to me with a wide grin. I’d never tried double-anal on anyone before, but the time seemed right to take advantage of the opportunity. ~With Ifeanyi already s~ ecured in Jumoke’s ass, Jumoke reached back to help me by spreading her ass as wide as it would go, giving me just enough space to wedge my d–k~ in there. With a great deal of effort, I was able to get a couple of inches of my member inside Jumoke.

Once Ifeanyi retracted a bit, I was able to slip in more of myself until I had enough in her to begin to f–k her with Ifeanyi.

By this point, and Sani stood to the side and watched Ifeanyi and me f–k Jumoke in the ass together while ~Edet resumed f—–g her face. The girl rocked between us as we gave it to her hard, her slick body slipping between Ifeanyi and me as our c—s pummeled her ass in~ unison.I’m pretty sure Jumoke tried to scream since her ass didn’t have nearly the capacity to stretch as her p—y did. However, any noises Jumoke made were sufficiently muffled by Edet’s c–k in her mouth.

“Only one last thing to try,” I said between breaths as Ifeanyi and I relentlessly pounded Jumoke’s ass. With those words, I came to a stop, and Ifeanyi took my cue. All three of us pulled out, allowing Jumoke to desperately catch her breath. Meanwhile, Bello took Ifeanyi’s place on the table, and I bossed Jumoke around by ordering her on his c–k. Her enthusiasm may have tapered, but her obedience had not as she dutifully climbed back up on the table and sank her p—y onto Bello’s c–k, pointing her ravished ass out toward us.

Immediately, I joined the couple on the table and inserted my c–k into Jumoke’s butthole, which was now loosened up a bit. With the b—h double-penetrated once again, Bello and I stayed still as I looked back at Sani and welcomed him to pick a hole.

Sani’s eyes went wide, but, upon realizing what I was implying, Edet and Ifeanyi urged Sani to go in. Jumoke literally sobbed for a second, but quickly caught herself. My heart went out to the poor girl for a moment, but my lust demanded I continue. Still, against my wicked desire, I asked Jumoke if she would be OK.

“What kind of a w—e do you think I am?” she said, suddenly reverting back into character. “Stick as many of those c—s in me as you can! I can handle any workload you give me!”

“There it is,” I said. I knew Jumoke’s words betrayed the girl’s true feelings, but they were enough to pacify my admittedly seared conscience as Sani made his move forward. In what was probably a merciful move on Jumoke’s behalf, Sani opted for Jumoke’s p—y, pressing his c–k against Bello’s and very slowly thrusting forward, joining Bello inside the young girl’s ravished twat.

Edet had now moved to the front of Jumoke so he could f–k Jumoke’s face again. Ifeanyi joined him over there, putting Jumoke’s hand on his manhood while I shifted up as far as I could while remaining in Jumoke’s ass so Sani could push forward into Jumoke’s v—-a. I’m sure my man ass wasn’t the eye candy he was hoping for, but we couldn’t waste this opportunity to give Jumoke the full f—–g she deserved.

With three c—s in one end, we didn’t ~really figure out the most effective way to f–k Jumoke, so each one of us just went at our own pace. Being ~on top and having Jumoke’s ass all to my own, I~ had the most freedom to t—-t hard into Jumoke’s shitter and sink my c–k as deep into her as I could.~

Beneath me, Bello and Sani were taking turns sliding into ~Jumoke’s p—y. To stabilize myself, I had to stand on my feet and hunch over while holding onto Jumoke’s shoulders. On the bottom~ , Bello put his hands under ~Jumoke’s arms while he t—-t steadily in and out of her, and Sani had to reach around me put his hands on Jumoke’s hips or just hold onto the edge of the ta~ ble as we all f—-d her on that end.

For the next several minutes, three c—s bounced in and out of Jumoke’s ~~ass and p—y while Edet took pleasure with Jumoke’s mouth and tongue. Meanwhile, the chick did the best she could to rub~ Ifeanyi’s p—k.

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Finale] (18+)

The longer we f—-d Jumoke in that position, the more we got the hang of triple-penetrating her. She made noises I’d never heard from a girl before, but they were mostly muffled by Edet’s c–k. It was hard to tell how much Jumoke was enjoying her predicament, but it was obvious that all five men were thoroughly enjoying ravaging this cute female body in any way we possibly could.

Edet and Ifeanyi pulled away after a bit, leaving Sani, Bello and I to finish up sticking Jumoke at the other end. With three pricks inside her, all pounding her in unison, she was beyond stuffed. Her mouth now vacated, Jumoke screamed with the pleasurably painful constriction of her c–t and ass around all the meat. We three were all groaning loudly and grunting like animals as well. Alas, we could take no more of dominating my good female friend without finally giving her our payload.

Jumoke cursed profusely as Sani pulled out first, followed quickly by me. The chick rolled off Bello and was now completely empty, having had more than her fair share of c–k for the evening. It was now time to finish her off, and all five of us men were plenty ready to reach our c—-x.

“You still want us to c-m on that pretty face, right?” said Edet, stroking his c–k like the rest of us. Jumoke said no words but nodded her head yes as she got off the table and down to her knees. Her skirt was still intact, though wrinkled and ruffled, and her jewelry and high heels were still in place. Her whole body was coated in sweat now, and her hair still a wild mess. Her makeup, so perfectly done going into this affair, was smudged and running down her face in some parts – not that it mattered, since we were about to give her a fresh coat.

Edet and Sani stepped up first, standing next to each other and pointing their pricks directly at opposite sides of Jumoke’s face. The girl put her hands on her knees, closed her eyes and grinned with pursed lips as she waited for the last stage of her interview. Thankfully, I had the presence of mind to grab my phone again and get a video. To my pleasure, I hit record just in time to watch both guys erupt at the same time, each spewing his respective load on either side of Jumoke’s face.

Jumoke flinched at the first couple blasts to hit her, and then her teeth shone through as she smiled bigger, amused at being doused by simultaneous cumshots. Edet and Sani moaned loudly as they shot off big loads, the two of them doing a good job of covering most of Jumoke’s face.

When the first two guys were finished, Ifeanyi and Bello stepped up. Jumoke, still grinning, had c-m streaming down from her temples to her chin and most places in between, but the rest of us guys still had plenty of blanks to fill. Ifeanyi shot off first, aiming primarily at Jumoke’s forehead. The c-m plastered the top of Jumoke’s head, some of it getting in her hair, but the rest streaming down to her nose and even into her eyes.

Before Ifeanyi was done, Bello shot off in Jumoke’s hair first before getting a few good spurts on her cheeks, right below her eyes, while also covering her lips and chin. When those boys were done, they stepped aside, leaving the employee to her boss.

“I’m impressed,” I said to her sincerely, actually, as I put the phone down and stepped up, stroking my c–k and pointing it right at her face, not only looking to cap off the bukkake but the whole gangbang, which had been going on for quite some time now. “I’ve got that job offer for you right here.” Jumoke’s face lit up . . . well, as much as it could with four loads of semen on it. “Do you want it?”

“Yes, boss,” Jumoke said eagerly, c-m dripping into her mouth as she answered me.
“Here you go,” I said and then ~moaned as I came hard all over her already c-m-covered face. I shot off seven or eight hard spurts, I was so aroused. The first shot or two went high and got in h~ er hair, which ~was a sexy disaster now with all the sweat and c-m in it, but I controlled the rest of my shots to blast the girl near her eyes~ first and then her nose and cheeks before my o—-m tapered off.

When I was done, I exhaled deeply and just looked down on the cute, young girl who was not only drenched in sweat now but had her face covered in five loads of c-m, which was streaming down her neck and had even reached her boobs already.

We were all pretty exhausted and had a fairly extensive clean-up job to complete as our c-m-covered b—h remained on her knees at the front of the conference room. I got ~the phone out one more time to get a couple pictures of Jumoke’s acceptance of the job offer, so to say. Once we had all been thoroughly satisfied, we guys helped Jumoke clean he~ rself up and send her on her way back to her husband with a pretty wicked limp.

Assuming ~her husband had even known that his wife was banging her boss for a promotion, I can’t imagine he had any idea what debased shit she had gone throug~ h to earn the job. Either way, at least he could be proud knowing his wife could handle any workload her boss gave her.

Now that Jumoke had the job, all I had ~left to do was finalize the job description. After seeing what she was capable of, I couldn’t help but think of a few additional responsibilities to add to her title. She could certainly expect~ to be working late a few times a month, to say the least!

~The End~

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