[STORY] Office Affairs +18 (episode 1-6)

Things had been progressing quickly all day, and they certainly weren’t slowing down once Jumoke came up to the side of the bed and undid the last button on her collared blouse, revealing her bra. That innocent smile spread across her face as the equally red blouse slipped off the young girl’s arms and fell out of my sight to the floor of my bedroom. Next, Jumoke climbed onto the bed with me, one knee at a time, and shuffled toward me, having already left her shoes behind. I, too, had removed the shirt I had worn to work and lay in silence as the bed creaked beneath Jumoke’s knees while she moved in front of me and reached for my belt. More than a year had passed since the last time Jumoke and I had made love. A lot had changed since then, too, not the least of which was Jumoke’s marriage over the past three months. For a while there, her relationship status had little to no impact on our sexual relationship and, in fact, arguably enhanced it, as her partner didn’t mind if Jumoke prostituted herself out with the right person if the result was a boost to Jumoke’s career. To be fair, Jumoke didn’t really need to sleep with me to advance professionally. I had hired her a couple of years ago because she was well-qualified for the job, and since then she had been performing admirably. Sure, the fact that we were friends from several years before we reconnected at our current company didn’t hurt, but I will say that every advantage Jumoke received from me was merited based on her work performance alone. However, she and I had been mutually sexually attracted to each other for a long time, so an opportunity to bang her was one I wasn’t going to pass up. As soon as Jumoke removed the belt from my waist, she tossed it onto the floor, the side opposite where our previously discarded clothing was and began to go to work on the button of my trouser even before the belt buckle was on the floor. A few seconds later, my c–k sprung free, ready and waiting to enjoy and be enjoyed by the young lady whose fingers encircled it as she held herself up by her other hand. With a pursed smile, Jumoke looked at me with those bright eyes, which were accentuated by black eyeliner, while her hand began to slide up and down my rigid s—t. Her teeth shone through again as I moaned softly, and her face seemed to light up, already glowing in the dim light which reflected off her creamy skin and perfectly done makeup. All this time, I could tell that Jumoke wanted me as much as I wanted her, despite her being married to another man. I assumed her husband had given her the green light for what was now transpiring, allowing her to do only what both of us had wanted to do anyway since the last time we had sex. After all, sexual tension existed between Jumoke and me long before her now-husband came onto the scene, and when I brought Jumoke on in my department at work, her husband allowed her to act on her desire to f–k me in hopes of advancing Jumoke’s career. While we did have a lot of fun, culminating in a devil’s threesome involving Jumoke’s husband, once Jumoke got a very well-earned raise, she and I didn’t come together sexually again – until a promotion opportunity came available in my department this week. Jumoke’s braided hair fell forward as Jumoke lowered her head to take my c–k into her mouth. My first reaction was to throw the back of my head back into my pillow as my thin, 24-year old employee began to lick the tip of my c–k while still stroking the s—t. I lifted my head up and began to stroke that pretty hair with one hand as she began to lift her head up and down, taking more and more of my c–k into her wet mouth. Lifting her head a bit, Jumoke looked back into my eyes and opened her mouth wider, obviously smiling the best she could while licking my c–k, and pressed her tongue against the whole s—t of my d–k before flicking the head. She did the same thing a couple more times before letting go of my manhood and sitting up, but not before she pulled my trousers and boxers off. Now that I was naked, it was Jumoke’s turn, and she wasted no time in reaching behind her back and unhooking her bra. Tossing the loose bra behind her, past the foot of the bed, Jumoke immediately ~undid her dress and further disrobed. Her B-cup breasts hanging free in the cool air, Jumoke removed both her skirt and her panties in one motion until all sh~ e was wearing was a shiny gold necklace. I exhaled deeply, making no other sounds as my female friend and I remained naked on the bed for just another moment. Jumoke giggled, causing her eyes to ~squint as she looked me in the eyes again and then at my c–k before she again reached for my manhood. As she held my d–k in place, she shifted her body for~ ward, picking up her knees and resting them on either side of my hips as she lined up her pelvis with mine. A small moan escaped Jumoke’s throat once she began to lower herself onto my c–k. My d–k swelled even more as soon as it made contact with the wet opening, and I groaned from pleasure as the head sank into Jumoke’s tight little p—y and continued on. Jumoke sank all the way down onto ~me until her p—y made contact with my balls, the entirety of my s—t enveloped deep inside my young employee. ~ We groaned together in unison again as Jumoke leaned over, supporting herself with one hand on my stomach in front of her and the other on my right knee just behind her. Her eyes gazed at her swollen c–t and stuffed p—y ~, while I put my hands on either of her thighs and scanned from her beautiful hair and pretty face down to her heaving~ boobs and finally to her filled p—y as well. I had forgotten how tight Jumoke was, and she hadn’t ~seemed to loosen up at all from the last time we f—-d. As my d–k adjusted to the incredible feeling of that constricted, wet p—y that was gripping my c–k, my mind raced with lustful memories ~and fantasies involving~ the young beauty on top of me. It was in that moment that I decided that Jumoke was going to have to do much more than simply~ f–k me to get this promotion. After all, she had done far more for a mere raise last time. Jumoke had been working part-time ~for me since I hired her. It worked well for her, though, because she was still finishing school and didn’t have time for full-time employment. However, a full-time spot on my team~ had just opened up, and with only a couple more months before graduation, Jumoke was ready and qualified for more responsibility. You can hi ohene ish on+233544142683 to read stories from our telegram page. It was just earlier this day that we communicated regarding how she could apply for the position, and she certainly wasted no time. As she started to rock her body forward and back on my c–k this night, she was certainly making her candidacy known. Jumoke moaned and cursed as she stopped rocking on me and started riding me. She threw her head back, causing her long hair to fly back away from her face, and slid up and down my c–k, instantly f—–g me steadily, though slowly at first. She pulled her one arm back so that now both hands were on my knees while she rode up and down me. Each time she came down, she took all of my c–k deep into her p—y, which seemed to grow tighter as she went to work. I moaned loudly as well, sliding my hands to her ass and holding her steady as she went up and down, over and over again. Her body slapped against mine as she repeatedly shifted, going faster and faster as she grew more and more comfortable. Soon, we were both panting. Just moments earlier, it had been a little too cold in that room to take our clothes off and remain warm enough, but now with Jumoke’s sexy body riding on top of me as the bed creaked beneath us, we were both starting to sweat a little bit. Our eyes met, and I couldn’t help but smile up at my model employee and good friend, who smiled back at me as she came down hard on me over and over, going much faster now.
Her necklace rattled against her breasts as she f—-d me, and the smacking of her body against mine also added to the soundtrack, indicating to the increasing pace of her f—–g. Meanwhile, her boobs bounced in rhythm with her body, and her hair flung about. Content to just let her f–k me until we climaxed, I lay there and sunk my nails into Jumoke’s creamy flesh until she began to slow down and asked me to be on top. Without exiting her wonderful womanhood, I held Jumoke tightly to myself and rolled over on top of her. Slightly out of breath, Jumoke laughed, her chest heaving as beads of sweat glistened between her boobs. The girl spread her legs nice and wide for me, resting the heels of her feet on the backs of my calves as I positioned myself and got ready to give this chick the good, hard f—–g I had so sadly missed giving her.

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