[STORY] NEVER LOOK BACK (episode 1-6)


Wishes are the engine that sustain our existence as a human being, it makes us hopeful that someday somehow as we keep digging the rusty part of our life that we would strike gold and like a magic wand with a spell waved in our face it would dissappear with all our problems but most times we have to be careful of the things we wished for, like every of my mate the emergence of social media sparked a new desire in us, the arrays of women at your disposal was maddening, with just a click a total stranger would be best pals with you, as a young graduate with no money in my pocket I decided that I would hunt for older gullible women who seek for comfort and companionship in the arms of younger men, the six pack and thin guy description which I did fall into was a particular type of demograph the older women sort after, I happened to be blessed with a cute face and had ways with words which I banked on as my strength, I did flirt with a couple of them online, trade nude pictures unending and had a handful of phone sex with some
“Touch your nipples slowly and then take your hands down to your c——s!, can you rub it slowly, take the phone down there, I want to hear you spank your p—y for me”
Those words were my killer lines and used on so many who would moan and groan until the would c-m, it was so much fun that I took the free time I had to play with this not until I came across Harriet, an older fair fat lady with a huge ass like she was carry another human being under her skirt, she was fun to chat with and had this spontaneous nature I liked, sometimes I would be out in the field playing football with friends and I will see my phone beep, only for me to see pictures of her p—y and sometimes her ass or a shot clip of her using a huge cream tube in masturbating, then she would call and say these words that had a very huge control over me
“I want to f–k you right now!, can I see your d–k?”
I never knew that a d–k could be worshipped, Harriet practically worships my c–k, no day passes by without me sending nudies, I would leave my friends and then run back to the house for a bounty of phone sex, under her instruction I would pour olive oil all over my d–k and then stroke it gently until it grows from limbs to a full flegded master c–k, with veins all over it, then she would instruct me to video my d–k as I m——–e, I would work on my d–k with my hands until my c–k would spill my c-m all over, then I would send the video to her, minutes later I would get praises from her and then she would call to tell me thank you and also confide in me about how she is jealous of my girlfriend.
Imelda my girlfriend was the girl next door, she wasn’t my kind of girl if I had money and was to choose my kind of girl, since I was broke and had nobody who would love me for who I am if not Imelda, I had to use her as my comfort zone, she would send recharge cards to me, sneak into my house when the rest of my family members were either out for work or church and then blow my brains out in bed, she had the prowress of nine women, I nicknamed her “lioness” because of that, she would grab the full length of my c–k in her mouth and then s–k on it like it was a lolipop and then choke on it before she uses her own saliva to lubricate her p—y and then lay on her back with both legs thrown wide open, left hanging on the air and then she would grabbed both nipples and squeeze it so slow and sensual before I slam my lengthy beefy c–k into her p—y and then f–k her like a w—e, biting her nipples at her own approval, licking her ears and then forcing my other finger into her a—–e and then f–k her silly, making sure the full length of my turgid d–k was buried deep inside her, she would scream at the top of her voice, spanking my ass as if I was stripping, urging me to make I got the best t—-t of her p—y, I rammed and jammed her p—y as if I wanted to break her waist but yet she met each pounding with a rythnmic way and then took all that pain and pleasure in good faith, then when I finally grab her legs up to my shoulder and then let emotions override my thinking, I would c-m so hard and deep inside her to the point that my c-m would drool out of her p—y, she would stagger as she gets out of the bed, grab the bedsheet and then use it to wipe her p—y clean and also sweat that had gathered all over her body and then push me to bed as she would then begin her normal ritual and her ritual was what endeared me to her, she would lick my feet, take her tongue up to my thighs and then use her mouth to s–k my balls, then s–k my limp d–k to full attention and then leave it, using her tongue to trail up to my navel and then my nipples, giving each of them the desired attention, if the pleasure gets too much and I stretch my hand to either touch her head or the spot she was deligently taking care of, she would beat my hand off as if I was some school kid she was schooling and then she would grab my now erect d–k that she had forced to get erect and then hump on it, she would ride my d–k as if she was on a horse in the middle of war, so rough that sometimes I get scared she might break it but she won’t as she had this professional way she would use her hip to get my d–k back in her p—y if it slips off and then when she is about to c-m she would go into this mad state, almost acting like a maniac, she would beat my chest so hard that it hurts and then scream as her c-m erupts.
A friend of mine mistakenly grabbed my phone where I left it for it to charge and then saw my messages with Harriet, when he saw me later he began to tell me about the so many things I was missing, he told me about how I should ask for money from Harriet, he also told me how I was using a very cool business venture that many guys would die for to chat and just catch fun, I could remember that night, I spent the whole night racking my brain and thinking of the so many possible lies I could lie that would make Harriet give me some money, she even noticed I was unsettled when she called me for our usual phone sex, I decided to go through her pictures again on Facebook to see if she was actually rich, but nothing popped up on her picture that linked her to being rich, she was always sitting on a table with just a land line and a laptop, so instantly I knew she had no money on her but like my friend had suggested I decided to ask her for money the next day .
“Awwww Benny! , I don’t have that kind of money oh!, where do you think I can get ten thousand in this hard times?” Harriet replied over the phone
I had told her I needed money to travel to another state for a job interview and that was the reply I got, I felt stupid for trailing the path of my friend who had adviced me to pull such trick on her, instantly I resolved never to ask her for money ever again, we kicked off our usual phone sex and then things went back to normal.
Imelda became too possesive of me as she always bugged me with calls, sometimes she would barge into the house while every of my family member was at home, as if that was not enough she would also demand we have sex in the house also, she then called me out one evening that she wanted to see me, in my usual manner I kept a sad face as I walked to the back of the house to meet her, she grabbed me by the hand and then took me to a dark spot and then began to kiss me!, I pushed her back and then decided to enquire from her if kissing was the reason she urgently wanted to see me and then she raised her face up staring me in the eyes as she said
“I think its time we go our seperate ways, you and I know that you don’t love me, I have found a new guy who truly loves me”
The news met me with mixed feelings, I didn’t know if I should be happy that she was leaving me or sad that I would miss her great sex!, I never had envisiage that Imelda would be the one to dump me, I was in control of my game, I knew she had this huge crush on me, but here was I been left at the train station by someone I cared less about, I turned without saying a word and then walked back into my house.
During my phone sex with Harriet that night I decided to let her know of my relationship status, I was expecting some consoling words from her rather what I got was the opposite, a happy Harriet whose happiness over the phone could be felt from where I was, she told me stuffs about how I don’t deserve her and that I was too good for such a girl and then made me and offer
“Benny I won’t lie I have been patiently waiting for this opportunity for a long time, can you be my man?”
I was short of words as I wasn’t expecting it from her, secondly she was broke so there no single financial benefit from her, it was of no use indulging myself in such kind of relationship when all I will get is phone sex and never get to taste the real thing!, not piss her off I gave her simple reply

“Let me think about that!” I said
She was surprised at my answer as she quickly replied in a very low tone
“Do you know how many guys want what am giving you on a platter of gold?”
I almost said it out loud as I was thinking in my mind ‘who woul want an old broke lady whom she has is her big back side and a giant breast’, I noticed her countenance had changed so in order for peace to reign I decided to agree to her request
“I was kidding with you dear, I am feeling happy right now!” I said
She giggled like a little child over the phone and then asked
“Can I see you tomorrow?”
“Am broke you know, where do I get the money to come to lagos tomorrow?” I asked
“Send me your account number let me transfer money to you online so you can come tomorrow” she replied immediately
I dropped the call but with no intentions of going to lagos the next day, then I sent my account number to her and then called her back as we then continued woth other discussions, not until my phone did vibrate in my hand while making the call, I put the call on hold and then read the text message which reads
“100.000 has been transferred to …..”
The phone fell off my hand when I saw the amount of money she transfered to me, instantly I changed my mind and then agreed on going to lagos the next day!

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I boarded my flight to lagos and then arrived at the airport, then the unimaginable happen, I dialled Harriet’s number and it was switched off, I could not believe that she could do such to me, I was confused on the next line of action to take, if I should board a flight back home but that seemed like a stupid suggestion in my head, I was in lagos already and going back without achieving my aim of coming to lagos would be an act of cowardice, walking through the lobby to the car park of the airport with a confused trail of countenance that made my stomach cringe, thinking of how and where to go, I walked to the taxi’s parked at a corner and then saw this red camry car with the inscription “Airport Taxi” written boldly on it, I bent down to exchange pleasantries with the driver, he had groundnut peels all over his body as he chewed copiously
“Oga good afternoon oh! Abeg you fit carry me go any hotel around make I lodge?”
He smiled as he used his hand to dust the groundnut peels off his body and then flashed his almost yellow teeths at me and replied
“Oga na fifteen thousand naira” he replied
A bit confused at his answer so I decided to get proper clarification from him
“Is it for the hotel or the taxi?”. I asked
He shook his head and said
” JJC lele yi, na for my kabu-kabu ni”
I felt like dragging his head and then smashing it on the steering before him, I was shocked that he would charge such an amount that was almost my flight ticket price to lagos
“How naaa.. Oga you get evil mind oh I said”
Just then thunder began howling and then dark clouds began to gather, in split minutes the harsh sun was a past tense as the rain began to drizzle and that emboldened the driver as he looked me from where I was standing and then said
“You are stingy oh!, you can give oyibo man your money to fly plane but can not give african man money to chop!”
I ignored him as I stood there helpless, I brought out my phone again and then dialled Harriet’s number and the machine answered the phone, saddened by the turnout of events I turned to walk back into the lobby when I saw this gorgeous lady, she should be around my age, she had this long brazilian hair, a very short gown that revealed her fair spotless thighs, the body hugging gown revealed her near ‘8’ shape, her full breast kept jiggling with each movement and then her cleavage made imaginations seem like minning, she walked past me and the scent of tom ford’s exquiste rare perfume collection filled the air, I watched as she walked to a jeep and then pressed a button she had on her hand and then the car beeped, instantly heavy downpour took over the city, still speechless and caught in total surprise as the rain fell on me but yet I didn’t make any move, she sat in the car and then drove out, only for her to reverse and then the car came to a halt exactly right in front of me and then she asked me as she whined down the glass of her down and then smiled as white dentition was as white as heavenly bodies, she then spoke in an accent like that of british person
“Hello mate! Where are you goin too?”
Startled by the prescence of this near mermaid edifice before me all I could utter was
She smiled as used her hand to raise her curly hair that was almost covering her left eyes, she then replied
“Coming in”
I opened the door and then sat inside as she whined the tinted glass up and then began to drive out, from the inside of the car I saw fat woman outside spotting a blue jean as she was running into the lobby who almost lost her footing, thanks to the security guard who quickly caught her, then I turned to see that she had lit a stick of pall mall cigarrete and then puffed it freely into the air, when her eyes caught mine she smiled and then winked at me as she offered me cigarrete which I declined and then she asked
“Which hotel again did you say you were going to?”
“Any hotel, I just need a place to pass the night” I replied
She played music loud as the nicotine stench filled the car while she zoomed off into the heart of lagos, she parked infront of a hotel and then whined down as she pointed at the building
“That’s a good hotel with an average price, I will have to leave you here, I have better things to do now, you seem like a JJC to me, becareful of you dealings here before you get duped” she said
I thanked her for the help and then decided to see if I could have her number, maybe see her someday and be friends with her, she declined so strong and then smiled saying
“Sorry man, you will never see me again, just enjoy my charity work I just offered and then go your way”
A bit embarrassed was what I felt as I alighted from the car, then I ran to the hotel under the rain.
Hours later, tucked under my bedsheet and watching live game of the priemere league when my phone rang and then I grabbed it to see that the caller was Harriet
“Am very sorry! I know you must have waited for me and then gone back to portharcourt? How do I make it up to you? Should I come to portharcourt right away?” She asked
She kept asking questions without letting me answer one until I had to keep quiet and then let her finish before I replied
“Am still in lagos! Meet me at Providence suites at ikeji, room 402” I said
She could not believe it as she told that she would be on her way immediately, thirty minutes later I heard a knock on my door and then I opened it, here she was standing in the aura of her grace, immediately my mouth opened and then called her name
“Madam Harriet”
This was the first time ever I was calling madam, indeed she is a madam in all sense, she was very tall, large hips that measured the size of a bag of rice, her boobs was practically forced into the shirt she was wearing and then she had this blue jean on, the umberella in her hand made me realise that she was the fat lady I saw at the airport running into the lobby, she had this dimple that made her so sexy each time she smiled, she walked and then sat on the bed,

“Your quite a handsome dude, I think am beginning to like you the more!” She said
As I sat on the chair that was placed beside the bed, she grabbed the intercom and then ordered for vodka and a pack of pall mall cigarrete, there must something about this pall mall cigarrete that made every woman I had come across hold it as if its some makeup accessory, we dranked and then discussed about everything, from my personal life to school and then politics and then we delved into sex talks
“What’s your best style and how many minutes can you last in bed?” She asked without winking an eye
A bit shy I answered her question and that seemed to excite her
“How can you say you can last up to two hours if you want to?”
I smiled and then tried to change the course of the discussion but Madam Harriet was not taking no for an answer
“Stand up and show me that big d–k that gave me sleepless nights”
As she said those words she stood up and then walked to where I was sitting and grabbed my hand as she helped me stand up , she sent her hands straight to my zip and then unzipped it as she then began to unbuckle my belt, when she was done she hurriedly dipped her hand into my boxers and then I watched her eyes popped as she raised her eyes up and looked at me as she unveiled my “weapon” , and for the first time Madam Harriet broke the norms and then spoke pidgin
“Choi!!! See d–k na!”
She kissed the fat head and then carressed it with her hand and then asked
“I hope you know how to use this thing well?”
….Thirty five minutes later we were both covered in sweat, I had f—-d every single hole in Madam Harriets body, her mouth, her p—y and ass have all felt the fury of my long rod-like d–k but one weird thing was that Madam Harriet was insatiable in bed, if possible nail her to the cross with a d–k, stuff her mouth and ass with spear-like d–k she would still ask for more, her c-m was the most voluminous I have ever seen, it would drain down my balls and then when I hit the right spot she would bit my ear so hard that I had to f–k her harder to make her scream so as to leave my ear, caressing nipples and then wiping the sweat on my chest as she looked me in the eyes and said
“I have never seen any man that knows how to scrub and rough handle my c–t like you did, your Ex must be stupid to leave such a good quality d–k, can I have you forever?” She asked
“Forever as in?” I replied
“I don’t think I can let you to portharcourt with this good p—k, since your looking for a job, let me rent a house for you and then fix you on a salary, all you do is beat this p—y good for me!” She said
That was a good plan and very tempting but I was scared of going into such kind of agreement, it sounded cool but very risky, being broke and looking very improvished was never an option to me so I looked back into her eyes and said
“How much? I am game”

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She smiled as she smacked my chest and then came down from the bed, waddling and shaking her jelly fat body and then sat on the chair I was sitting before she dragged me to the bed and sapped every energy in me, she dragged the pack of Pall mall and then got a stick of cigarrete out and then lit it, she winked at me as our eyes caught each other, puffed this thick smoke into the air and then smiled as she said
“Hundred K!”
“What happened to Hundred K?” I inquired
She took another drag of her cigarrete and then puffed it into the air again, spread her legs apart on the chair as her left hand went down to her p—y and she rubbed for a while before replying me
“I knew you will reject the offer, how about I give you two hundred thousand naira and then rent a house for you?” She said
It was then I got a grasp of what her first statement was, if I had understood it was a hundred thousand naira she was offering to pay a month, I would have accepted at a go, I was jobless back home that even for thirty thousand naira I would have taken the offer! But my ignorance paved a way for me and the offer was doubled and a house was added, I kept this impassive face as I shook my head to the agreement and then she smiled and then burst into laughter, same laugh I heard over the phone when I told her I had broken up with my girlfriend, she then used her index finger to signal me to come closer as she smiled with her teeths all showing, as I got up from the bed and then was heading towards her, she pointed at her p—y and then her voice came with this commanding tone
“Kneel down and s–k this p—y!, I want to c-m in your mouth!” She said
It was quiet weird that she was commanding me right then, something she did beg over the phone to have a slice of and at the mention of paying for it she had switched lanes to being bossy, in my head I tried to convince myself that this was a test, maybe I should liken it to my first day on a job and I need to impress my boss that I am worth for keeps, I knelt down and then crawled to where she was sitting and then slowly take my tongue to her pubic region, I stuck my tongue out and then licked her c–t lips first and then stared at her from where I was kneeling, she looked down at me as we both smiled and then she poured a glass of vodka for herself and then brought her hips closer with her legs now thrown wide open, she placed one leg on the table size fridge and the other used the arm rest of the chair as a support and then I buried my face in between her thighs, I latched at her c–t with my tongue and licked so slow but yet very precise, I placed my tongue on her c–t and then s—-d my way down until my tongue would dissappear into her v—-a then my upper lips would be used to caress her c——s, she seemed to be enjoying the service I was rendering, when I did s–k a place that gave her utmost pleasure, she would moan and then grab my head, sometimes she would mutter
“Good! Good boy! Yea just like that”
She grabbed the glass of vodka and then poured it on her chest, letting it slide down her belly button and then to her thighs and soon the taste of the chocolate flavoured vodka was all over my mouth and then I increased my pace and then she began to jerk her hips with her face frowned in a very sexy way, she stretched her hand and then turned another glass of vodka, this time she poured it all over my head and face as I was now drenched in vodka, I tried to raise my head for the liquor she poured on me was too much but she was swift enough to catch my head mid-air and then pushed back as she screamed
“Don’t you dare stop! S–k this p—y like a man, I want you to get drunk s—–g my p—y”
I tried to catch my breathe as I continued, I used my teeth to tease her c–t a little and that triggered her into a frenzy mode of sexual heigtened action, she pressed my head hard against her p—y with her left hand and then used her right hand to raise the flesh of her p—y up so that I could easily locate her c——s and then I used my lips to grab it as if I want to blow a whistle or like a n—-e place in my mouth and then began to s–k her good, Madam Harriet shook her head from left to right, hitting the back of her head hard on the wall as if she wanted to commit suicide, she grabbed the bottle of vodka this time and then began to empty its content on my head while my mouth sipped and s—-d at the same time!
“Arrrgggghhh! Am f—–g cuming…….shit!……yesssss!”
She sprang up but made sure my head was trapped in between those thighs as she was standing and then held my head as she jerked for few more seconds and then her c-m began to drool out her p—y, I tried to gain freedom from her thighs but she didn’t let instead she gripped me harder and then emptied her c-m in my mouth
“Swallow it! Yes swallow it and I will give fifty thousand naira now as bonus” she commanded
I had no option, eyes closed as I swallowed the salty liquid she did c-m into my mouth and that was when she let go of me, I fell to the ground gasping for breath as she stretched her hand and then twisted my nipples before falling to the bed with shouts of
“Uhlalala! Boy you are something else, I have indeed found myself a treasure”
My eyes were swirling as I felt dazed by the bout of sex I have been subjected to other six hours of meeting Madam Harriet.
“Wakeup! It morning already!”
My eyes opened and that was when I realised that I had spent the night on the floor, as the blurry vision vanished I saw Madam Harriet holding unto my flaccid d–k and then staring at it, when she realised that I had regained full consciousness of my environment she smiled at me and then said
“Your d–k is big even when its down!, I love it”
“Thank you!” I said
Trying to stand up from the floor but she pushed me back and then put my flaccid penis inside her mouth, I wasn’t ready for any sex, I have been battered by her sexual prowress last night and I was weak and hungry, so I grabbed her by the shoulder and pushed her away from me and then hurriedly got up from the floor
“Please Ma, let me rest please, I have not had anything to eat since I got into lagos” I said
She frowned at me for declinining her sexual advances but I cared less for if I had continued with it I would definitely collaspe on her
“Never you reject my sexual advances made at you again for that’s what you are been paid for!” She barked
“Am sorry Ma, but try to understand with me and by the way I have not yet received the bonus you promised and then an advance of my proposed salary to be sure that your not taking me for a ride!” I said
She got up angrily and then walked up to her purse and then opened it, like a magicians bag she dipped her hand inside and then brought out three bunch of crip one thousand naira note and then threw it at me
“These are yours, this is to show you how serious I am but you have to prove yourself, now get dressed let me take you to the house I would give you” she said.
A two bedroom apartment well furnished with the lastest of funitures and home appliances, it was situated in the upscale area of Ikeja, she handed the keys to me with a stern warning
“I don’t want to come here and meet any of these small girls in my house, the day that happens our deal is off!” She warned
Two weeks and life was becoming so boring, all I did was watch movies all day and in the evening Madam Harriet would come sap my energy with her countless rounds of sex, I endured because the pay was really good, her sexual request grew as days grew old into months, from s—–g her p—y it grew into s—–g her ass, farting on my face while she jerks my d–k with a handjob, she once told me to f–k her mouth so hard that she would choke and vomit which I did and her vomit was spilled all over my balls and thighs, if I protest about her numerous sexual fantasies she would be quick to remind me that she was paying for it, the day she came home with a gift bag which was my birthday, I hurriedly opened it to see male g-strings and a bra
“What is this?” I asked angrily
She wasn’t remorseful or touched by the anger written all over my face rather she smiled and replied
“Wear it and then dance for me, that what I want from you today” she replied
Angrily I threw the gift bag away and then stood up to leave and she then said
“I will increase your salary to five hundred thousand naira per month and I need you to stop protesting each time I ask you to do something for me!”

That amount caught me off guard and did shut every door of anger I had flaring in me, without hesistation I walked to wear the gift pack was on the ground and then grabbed both the g-string and the bra as I walked into the bathroom to change into those, by the time I was out of the bathroom Madam Harriet was naked as she was holding a big d—o and elton john’s sacrifice song was what filled the air from the speakers on the wall, never in my life have I been dehumanized and every atom of man rubbed off me, I was a male w—e strapped in g-strings and matching bra color, I began to shake my hips slows and dance slowly like a stripper
“Let you d–k stick out of the g-string, I want to see it dangle while you dance” she ordered me
I obeyed and then pulled my d–k out and then continued with my whoring activity, she stuck the d—o into her p—y with her right hand while her left hand played with her nipples, squeezing it gently as she watched me dance, when my d–k dangled faster she would shake her head and then m——–e faster, f—–g herself so fast that the bed made “f—–g sounds” as if I was nailing her on the bed, I grabbed my d–k and then stroked for a while and then it became turgid, she whimped and then continued digging her p—y until she jerked herself to fantasy land, I pulled the g-string and then ran into the bathroon, wishing money wasn’t so important in this cruel world.
She left that evening without saying a word to me because I was in the bathroom, by the time I came out of the bathroom I saw five hundred thousand naira neatly placed on my table, I did not go touching it as I dressed and then walked out of the house, I decided to take a walk to clear the incident off my head, at the exit of the Ikeja estate I tried looking out for any bar or restuarant where I can sit amongst ‘normal’ people and retain my sanity, that was when I saw a lady kneeling down on the road and then battling with her car tyre, from behind she had this gorgeous she that was so irrestible but I had just had a full dose of another womans venom so I was going to pass on this one but when I had past her and then turned to catch a glimspe of her face, it turned out to be the girl that helped me with a free ride at the airport!.

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I smiled as I walked towards her, it was then that she saw me and then returned the smile too, she seemed a little shy as I stood before her
“Small world indeed, finally we meet again” she said
As she stretched her hand that covered with dust, I grasped it and then shook her hands, I assisted her in fixing the flat tyre as relief was written all over her, sweating and panting from the stress as she opened the door of her car and then entered, my arms where now place on the hood of the car, she brought her head out and then gave me a white paper
“That’s my complimentary card, am expecting to hear from u someday” she said
I took the paper from her and then waved goodbye as she drove off.
We exchanged few calls as the days went by and soon we were now both habitual callers, not an hour would pass without us exchanging either calls or text message from each other and then the visit followed, I had lied to Belema that I lived with an uncle here in Lagos who doesn’t allow female visitors due to his strict religious perception and she bought the white lie, whenever she is less busy I would book a hotel and then we would spend hours together, some days she would get extra clothes and then go to the office from the hotel room, we would chat, have wild sex, play cards and enjoy each others company.
I had returned home one faithful morning to the house Madam Harriet rented for me only for me to see her car packed outside, as I entered the compound I saw her tapping her left leg on the ground and fuming with fury, she pulled her glasses when she saw me and then began to shout at me
” I thought I warned! I thought I warned you to always stay in this house, the deal was that anytime I want you I can have you, all you have to do is stay indoors” she barked
I maintain my cool as I walked closer to her, my joyful of spending time with Belema, a woman who made me feel like am worth something were ruined the moment I opened that gate, I didn’t talk to her as I dipped my hand into my pocket and fetched my keys, as I struggled with the knob of the door she grabbed my shirt from the back collar of my shirt
“Am I not talking to you?” She screamed
But yet I ignored her as she kept yelling and then finally the door opened, I walked inside with her closely following me behind, I turned and pushed her to the wall and then gave her a resounding slap, I grabbed her gown by the neck and then drew her close and then grabbed both ends and then tore it apart
“Oh my Designer gown” she yelled
I remained impassive, void of any emotions as I dragged her by the hand and then pushed her to the bed, I grabbed her bra and then tore the springs apart, with her stomach on the bed while her ass faced me I held both hands and tied it from the back, she tried to struggle and it was then I looked into her eyes and said
“If you move I will kill you!”
She looked at me all scared at what my next action would be, I then pulled my t-shirt and trouser, turned to the table as I stretched my hand to grab my lubricant, I emptied the lubricant on my d–k and then moved to the bed, dragged her fat waist and then placed her in the doggy position, aimed the tip of my c–k at the opening of her ass and then forced my d–k inside, with all the anger and pain she had put me through, I rammed her ass like w—e, f—–g her non-stop with a very fast pace and t—-t that made her yell for mercy but I remained unperturbed!, her fat ass kept bouncing on my hip and thighs while I punished her, I felt this sharp bruise on my d–k because her p—y was so now so dry and very hot but I didn’t bother, since her problem was my d–k I had to make sure I feed her with it until she cringes, her eyes began to blink so fast as she tried to say a word but couldn’t say a word when her mouth opened, finally she was able to mutter a few word
“Water! Water! Please water oh!”
I wasn’t bother as I increased my pace and t—-t, that was when she opened her eyes wide open and stared at me with surprise, she struggled to break free and that was when I had to leave her, I got up from the bed and then handed a bottle of water from the fridge to her, she gulped the content of the bottle the way an athlete who had finished a marathon race would do, I was happy that I had punished her but instead I got the shocker when she threw the empty bottle on the ground and then stared at my flaccid c–k and then smiled saying
“This is why I can’t loose you to anyone, in fact your salary has been increased, you beat this c–t so hard like I have always seen in p–n movies” .
It was Madam Harriet’s birthday and all was set, she took me shopping a day to her birthday and made sure I got the best of clothing, I had to lie to Belema that I was traveling to visit my people back at home because Madam Harriet had told me earlier that I would spend the weekend with her, so as not to raise suspicion I had to lie!.

I arrived at Oriental Hotel to a large gathering of people, the ambiance that class of people that gather there was that of the very rich and influential people, gifts were dropped outside at the entrance of the hall, I dropped mine and joined the crowd as I scrambled to see if I could see Madam Harriet but she was no where to be found, bottles of expensive champagnes flowed like tap as I grabbed a bottle and drank from it while I danced to the slow music the DJ was reeling out, not long after that did I see Madam Harriet coming out from the hallway of the hotel that leads to the hall, I quickly stood up and then arranged my suit properly, it was then I saw another imposing image coming from the back of Madam Harriet, I looked and saw that it was another young guy like me, I concluded in my mind that the guy might be her son but I was baffled when I saw her stop, turned to the guy and then began to kiss him with the guys back resting on the wall, they kissed very deeply, I was certain that every other person in that party caught a glimpse of the revendous affair, I shook my head in disappointment as I turned another glass of wine for myself, I noticed a guy staring at me and then he walked towards my direction and then sat beside me and then spoke in a low tone
“Calm down my guy!, don’t drown yourself please, every young guy you see here was invited by madam Beatrice and we are all s——g her”
I turned to see if I was the only one that heard what he said and then I began to check the countenance of every young guy whom I felt was not meant to be in the circle of this really wealthy people, I shook my head in total disappointment as I gulped the bottle of champagne, I felt a hand on my shoulder and the fragrance of “Cheantuer Ville” filled the air, the fragrance was so familiar that I turned quickly to see Belema smiling in a red evening gown she wore
“Are you not meant to be in Port Harcourt? What are you doing at mothers birthday party? Who invited you?” She asked
Those charades of question threw me off balance as I felt like disappearing.

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Still confused as the turn out of events had subdued all my defenses, I freely gave out a fake smile that had fear written all over it as I opened my mouth and then said
“I accompanied my brother to this place, he canceled my flight for today” I lied sheepishly
But bought it and then sat on my thighs relaxed as she heaved a sign of relief, caressing my beards as she laughed freely, the guy who walked up to me earlier looked at me with utmost surprise and smiled as he sipped from his glass of wine, I guessed indeed he knew what had transpired as he winked at me, I became very uncomfortable, trying so hard so as not to be reveal that I was uncomfortable and also to hide from Madam Harriet, I decided that it was safer if should leave the venue with her now before her mum gets the slightest idea of what had happened so I drew my head closer to her ears as I whispered in a very calm way
“Let’s leave this people and go somewhere private, I need you so badly” I said
She felt surprised as she turned her head facing me in a swift move and then said
“How can you tell me to leave my mothers birthday, this is the only time I get spend time with her in a year” She replied
I smiled but deep down I was gripped with fear as I began to think of the best excuse that I was to tell her and then leave the venue, I slowly dipped my hand into my pocket and then pressed the play button of the media and a song began to play, I brought it out hurriedly and then put the phone closer to my ear in pretense of making a call
“Yes! Uncle am coming outside now” I said
She seemed like she suspected the call to be fake one and then came down from my bossom as I quickly stood up too
“Let me join you, at last I get to me this uncle of yours” she added
This was not happening so I felt as I began to stutter when I opened my mouth
“Emmm…, can you just wait here for me let me see errrmm… Let me know why he wants to see me first and then as the party goes on I will introduce you to him” I replied
I gave her a quick peck while I stared at the corner where Madam Harriet was sitting with corner of my eyes and then I turned as I quickly left the venue, I didn’t know that Belema had trailed me as I walked out of the venue, I heard my name been called out by the MC of the event from the loudspeaker as I hopped into a waiting cab and vamosed!.
Loud banging at my door and shouts of
“Come and open this door!” Was what woke me up the next morning from the bed, the hangover disappeared immediately as I could grasp a hold of who that could be because the voice wasn’t familiar, Scared for the safety of my life, I quickly grabbed a knife from the kitchen and then walked to the door, my hands were visibly shaking as I grabbed the knob of the door and then “Boom!” The door was marched open leaving the door to hit me so hard on my forehead that I felt on the ground with the knife falling freely, I raised my head up to see who that was but the blood gushing out from my forehead clouded my vision, as I wiped off the blood here stood these two huge with hefty muscles and biceps, the pounced on me and punched as if they were pounding yam, each blow was like a long thick iron bar been used to hit me, as I struggled to get off their grip and also retaliate with my own punch that alone angered them more as they plummeted me to a state of unconsciousness and then dragged my body into their vehicle.
A hot slap was what brought me back to reality and it was then I took notice of where I was, in a small empty room nothing inside it except the chair I was been tied to and then I looked up to see Madam Harriet standing before me
“Foolish boy! That’s one reason I can’t concede to this whole marriage concept of you crazy nigerians, I gave you a life and now you feel the best way to pay me back is to f–k my only daughter too” she yelled at me
I felt like dying as I quickly began to apologize to her
“Madam am very sorry, please ma I never knew that she was your daughter” I begged
She spat on my face and then said
“You bloody liar!, okay here is the deal I have for you, I have used your phone to text her that it is over between the both of you and she has been calling you since, you will call her now to tell her that it is over”
I gulped the saliva in my mouth as I reasoned what she had just said, I love Belema so much that giving up on her just like that was something I couldn’t do, one of her thugs untied my hand as my phone was handed over to me to make the precarious call, just as I dialed her number Madam Harriet’s phone rang and she gave me a hand sign to wait first and then she answered her call
“Yes doctor! Jesus christ! How can that be possible? Am coming doctor” she said
She quickly turned to the thugs who were standing behind her and said
“Tie this idiot back, because of him my daughter tried killing herself earlier today”
And then she turned to me, pointing a finger at me and then said
“You will suffer in my hand if anything happens to my daughter”
I sat there gripped with fear as I really did not know the real of Belema’s health, I was helplessly as she walked out of the room and disappeared.
Three days gone with only bread and soft drink as the only meal I was served, I wished I could rewind back the hand of time and change all this, I heard the sound of a car engine that came to a halt as voices of the thugs were heard greeting someone
“Good afternoon madam”
The door flung wide open and here she was standing before me again, the terror I once loved and cherish, she walked closer to where I was tied to and then squat so that we could be on the same head level as she smiled with a devious intent hidden under the smile
“Look at your hands and legs all covered in sores due to your own stupidity, your lucky nothing happened to my daughter..”
As she was speaking the door opened with one of the thugs carrying a big bag into the room and he slowly placed it beside her as she had paused and then she continued
“Inside this bag is five million naira, I want you to take this money from me and run very far from here, go back to where you came from” she said
Instantly I decided it was safe for me to take this money, book the next available flight and run back to portharcourt without ever coming back to lagos, over time Belema would get over the love and then move on with her life, I didn’t want to be embroiled into such controversy so I shook my head in affirmative to her offer and she slapped me so hard that I fell to the ground with the chair as the thugs quickly rushed and then lifted I and the chair up

“I knew it! I told her to forget about you that you were all about her money but she refused, you gold digger!” She yelled
My head buried in shame and how I wished I could pour out my heart to her and then beg her to leave I and Belema to bask in our love, she signaled at the thugs to untie me, I thanked her as I tried to walk but my feets were shaky,
“When you get a hold of yourself, take that bag and leave, I never want to see you again” Madam Harriet said
I did exactly as she had said, I grabbed the bag and then took a cab direct to my house to get all my personal belongings and then zoom out of lagos forever, as I alighted from the cab and then pushed my gate open, I saw Belema sitting on the pavement of my house I wondered who had given her the direction to my house, it must have been one of those Madam Harriets thugs, with sadness written all over her face, she had stitches on her wrist that was covered, it was then I realized that she did try killing herself by slashing her wrist, she stood up the moment our eyes met and then began to cry, I became so weak and speechless as what to do, I tried to be strong as I kept an impassive face and walked towards the door and opened it, she followed me closely behind without saying a word, when I got to my room and then began to pack my clothes she sat on my table sized fridge and then began to talk
” I use to doubt that I would ever fall in love because I felt it was for weaklings, in my quest for self satisfaction I took to drugs which I copied from my mum without her knowing, and then you came into my life, you gave me a reason to live again, all other guys that came into my life where just there to party and rip me off but you your different, you made me stop taking drugs and thought me a whole lot of things, now that I am finally happy that I have found my one true love, you are here telling you don’t love me anymore” she said
I tried so hard to fight back the tears as my heart was seriously bleeding, I continued packing my clothes and she sat there drenched in her own tears, then she added
“Am pregnant! Am having your baby”
Those words broke down defense wall as I stopped and turned to her
“Belema I love you but the circumstance surrounding us can’t let us be together” I said
“What circumstance? Tell me you never loved me than saying circumstances” she quickly replied
“Belema I was your mothers toyboy long before I met you and fell in love with you, now she churning out fire and brimstone and also threatened to kill me, am doing what I am right now for the safety of the both of us” I said
Her mouth was left wide open as she stared at me with confusion
“Oh my God! How can that be possible? Tell me do you still love me?” She asked
I shook my head in affirmative and she smiled
“Am going with you Ken, wherever your going is where I want to be” she said
I walked to where she was and then gave her a peck on her forehead as I grabbed both bags, one containing the five million naira and the other my bag as we walked out of the house and locked the door, turning to leave that was when the gate was pushed open and Madam Harriet stood before us in all fury as she clapped her hands
“Good! Good! So Belema I now tell you something and you do the exact opposite right?”
This was a very gory sight I hated as I tried to calm both flailing nerves.

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Belema then did the shocking move I have ever imagined, out of no where she brought out a pistol and then pointed it at her mum as she began to cry while she explained her grievance “mum you were never around for me and now here you are also trying to take away the one person that matters to me” she screamed in a very loud tone.
Scared she might do the worst I began to broker for peace, but Madam Harriet kept the impassive countenance as she stared right into Belema’s eyes with the smirk that disgusted me, “This gold-digger matters a lot to you? Has he told you what he does for a living? Do you even know anything about this fool standing before you?” Madam Harriet asked as she stood hands akimbo while I kept begging Belema not to do anything she would regret, I kept remembering her that it was her mum she was pointing a gun at, one thing Madam Harriet didn’t get to know was that I had revealed all that happened between us to her daughter Belema but she thought that was her last stone in her bag of troubles.
Belema turned to me as she used her head to signal that I should lift both boxes which I obeyed instantly as she began to walk towards the gate with Madam Harriet doing her best to keep her distance from the gun wielding Belema as she opened the gate and then the drivers door as I pushed the boxes in and then she turned to the other side and then hopped in as we drove off in a very high speed, I resolved to drive far away from Lagos back to Port Harcourt and never to step my feet in Lagos again.
We got our own house and moved in as a couple in Port Harcourt and then decided to get married as we picked a date for the court wedding, I and Belema went back and forth about inviting her friends to the wedding, she gave out flimsy excuses “I can’t just go to the court only me without somebody who can testify that I existed and that he or she witnessed my wedding”, I had to give in to her complains and then on that day few of Belema’s friends were invited under a code of secrecy so as not to reveal our present location to Madam Harriet whom I was scared was going to retaliate in some way very dangerous, I had dressed up in my black designers suit and was inside the hotel room we rented with a few circle of my friends when I had loud bangs on the door and the door bell pressed continuously that its disturbing buzz sound made all the guys in the room who were drinking pause and then I ran to the door and hurriedly open it to see Belema’s bridesmaid crying as she sobbed and then said
“I went downstairs to get the bridal train ready only for me to come back to the hotel room an hour later and Belema vanished!”
“Vanished! How can a human being vanish? What nonsense are you saying? Where is my wife?” I yelled
My friends in the room heard what I was saying as they all ran to the door, confused at the answer to give them as they all threw questions at me, I pushed her bridesmaid away from the door and then rushed towards the elevator and then pressed the open button and entered the elevator, I stared at my image on the large mirror used to cover the interior of the elevator and then it began to descend towards the ground floor, cursing myself why I had allowed Belema invite her friends to the wedding and also in the corner of my heart I was hoping nothing had happened to her when all of a sudden the elevator stopped abruptly as I staggered an placed my hand on the wall in a quick response of not falling to the ground and then door of the elevator opened as I looked with utmost surprise to see who that was and here she was Madam Harriet standing before me in all her mightiness that her aura carried with her, adorned in a dark short jean and a black top with a sunglasses that made her looked mean, she was carrying a briefcase as she joined me in the elevator and the doors closed, then she lowered the briefcase on the ground, and then dipped her hand in her waist line as she brought out a pistol and then pointed straight at me as I tried not to be intimated by the gun, I kept a straight face and then said
“Where is Belema? Hope nothing has happened to her?” I inquired
“Your a bastard!, in fact I just confirmed that you have no shame, how do you think you can date both mother and daughter and then still go behind the mother to marry her daughter?” She yelled at me
I tried to speak up but the way she shook her hand made me have this intuition that she might pull the trigger if I offended her the more so I choose keep mute and watch her hand with keen attention in case she tries to pull the trigger, pointing the gun at me as she stretched her hand to the buttons of the elevator and pressed the button written 3 and that was when the elevator began to move again until it stopped at the third floor and the door opened, pointing the gun at me she signaled that I move forward which I did as she picked the briefcase and then closely followed me behind until she got to a room and then stopped and then used the smart card to open the hotel room door and then we both entered.
I stood still as she dropped the gun on a side stool beside where she sat on the bed and then turned a glass of whisky for herself and then gulped all its content once, with a smirk she looked at me and said
“I have an offer for you, and this would be the last offer that I would bring to the table”
She paused for a while and then continued…
“Inside this briefcase is 10 million naira and a plane ticket that would take you London, I am offering you the money to run and never come back or …”
I couldn’t control my temper as I didn’t let her to complete her statement, I scolded her
“Madam Harriet why can’t you understand that I love your daughter?” I said
She picked the gun up quickly from the side stool and then pointed it at me
“Shut up! I say shut up you fool! What do you know about love? Do you know I can kill you here and not a soul would know hear about it” she boasted
“I haven’t finished and your shouting! Wait lemme finish, my other option is that you make love to me here and now, you will f–k me like you have never done before and then I will let you guys wallow in the stupid infatuation you guys call love” she said
The later seemed like an option to end this madness, I thought about it while I stood there as she began to undress, she pulled her jean trouser down as her red large g-string which I wondered the designer that made such large g-string for her very huge back side to fit in, she shook her buttock and then smacked it herself with her right hand and then added
“I know you love this p—y, don’t pretend like you don’t my dear, come and f–k me good”
I loosened my belt and then unzipped my trouser and then lowered it to my thighs without pulling off my coat and then walked towards where she was bending and just shifted the sling-like rope of her g-string, that was when she giggled and then shook it voraciously and said
“That’s my boy! Come give mummy that good c–k of yours”
I ignored her saying for I wanted to be done with this once and for all, I used my hand to shift her butt cheeks apart and then grabbed my flaccid d–k that would have been hard and throbbing if not for the event that had followed, I tried to forced the lump of flesh into her p—y but I couldn’t as my flaccid d–k couldn’t get in, she turned and then looked at me
“Ah! Aaah! What is happening? This your d–k that can’t get enough of my p—y is misbehaving today of all day” she said
She knelt down, grabbed my d–k and then put it straight in her mouth as she began to s–k my d–k, minutes later my d–k became semi-hard, she smiled as she stared at me and then turned with her buttocks facing me, I quickly insert my d–k inside her before it goes flat again and then began to pound her c–t very rough as if I was stabbing her, that made her moan as she jerked her hips to meet the rhythm of my waist, caught in the passion of the sweet sex she was getting, I slowly stretched my hand closer to the gun and then quickly grabbed it!.
The moment I got hold of the gun, I pushed her away as she landed on the bed and then I pointed the gun at her, she began to beg instantly, shivering very visibly of the thought that I might kill her
“Where is Belema? Tell me before I kill you now!” I barked
“Go to the car park downstairs you will see her in a black SUV parked there” she replied
I quickly raised my trouser and then buckled my belt and then left the room running towards the elevator to help Belema before something bad happened to her.
I got to the ground floor and no black SUV was parked there, my heart began to throb faster, scared that the worst might have happened to Belema, I ran back into the hotel and quickly entered the elevator to go back to my floor when my phone rang, I got it out of my pocket to see that the caller was Belema’s chief bridesmaid, over the phone she was breathing heavily as she said
“Belema is standing on the balcony of her hotel room, she wants to jump down and kill herself, I and her mum are down here begging her not to fall” she said

It happened that her mother was trying to run when she heard loud shouting and then looked to see her daughter in the verge of committing suicide.
I quickly pressed the button to the floor where her room is as the elevator slowly took its time to rise to the ninth floor, time was ticking fast and any delay is an outright danger, the door of the elevator opened and I took off to her room, the moment I rushed into her room, she turned to see who that was and she slipped….
My world! half of me slipped with Belema as she fell to the ground with so much forced that the velocity with which she hit the ground killed her instantly, I walked into the room to see her laptop on the table with the video of me and her mother making out, I did not know that Madam Harriet had bugged the room she invited me to and then videotaped everything and then sent the tape of us having sex, in a bid to make her daughter leave me, the raging anger that filled my vein the moment I looked down from the balcony to see the lifeless body of Belema covered in the pool of her own blood while her mother Madam Harriet knelt down beside her crying, I grabbed the gun that I had snatched from her earlier and the began to fire shots at her as everybody that had gathered took to their heels.
I will mourn the death of Belema till my dying days, Madam Harriet couldn’t bear the pain of what she has done as she strangled herself three days later when nurses came to her aid, they saw her lifeless body dangling from the fan.