[STORY] My Wife’s Sister(18+) (Episode 1 – 4)

My Wife’s Sister(18+) Season 1 (Episode 1 – 4)

My Wife’s Sister(18+) Season 1 (Episode 1 – 4)

I’ve been so uncomfortable and restless in my own house as my wife’s

younger sister called Clara is bent on having me on her bed!

She had parked in to our house two weeks ago to live with us through her

sister which is my dear wife and since then, it’s one tempting advance to

the other from her and this had made me so uncomfortable in the house as

she sometimes shamelessly tried to hug me in the house without caring

whether her sister which is my wife is around or not!

It has really been hard for me as I’ve been hundred percent faithful to my

wife and not ready to cheat on her but this her sister is really making the

decision hard for me as she now wore very sexy and seductive clothes around

the house that barely covers her hot and fresh body and the worst is that

she’s so beautiful and sexy, Infact, her beauty is exceptional and can’t be

compared with any other.

I patiently observed my wife maybe she can notice the rash clothes and

behavior her sister is putting up around the house but she’s less concerned

about that as she’s so engrossed in her job, yeah she’s a very successful


Three weeks after she had been staying with us, her behavior grew from bad

to worse as she became more persistence in her advance towards me. She

always stand behind me in the living room when watching TV and tries to

bend and kiss me either my wife is around or not!

I think of approaching my friends about the matter but I waved it off my

mind as I know their type! They will just tell me to embrace the

opportunity and f–k the hell out of her and I will never do that.

“Pls can you just tell me what you really want from me?” I asked her in a

frustrated tone one night as I’m totally tired of her constant nasty

advances at me and my wife is not around in the house that night as she’s

away on a special task in her office which requires all her time.

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She walks towards me seductively after asking her the question and she

stood in front of me and her body shined brightly in the room with her

large boobs and curves all exposed and pointed out towards me!

“When will you believe that I really loved you and wants you to be mine?

pls just accept my advances and I promised to satisfy you enough with all I

have or don’t you love what you’re seeing?”.

She said to me seductively and tries to approached me the more but I took a

step backwards from her

“you’re very foolish for saying that! do you realize that I’m your

sister’s husband? How do you think she will felt hearing this from you, her

only sister?”

” everything my sister had today, you’re the only thing she has that I’m

totally jealous of as you’re just too lovely and handsome and I will make

sure that you will become mine very soon!”

“Now I can see that you’re gradually running mad! what gives you such

confidence to be talking like this about your own blood sister despite how

much she loved you? don’t worry, she will soon return tomorrow and I will

surely make all your plans known to her”

I said to her in an angry tone but she just bursts into a laugh

“She’s a fool and will never believed any of this as she thinks that

everyman will wants to have me without me seducing them and that’s why I

called her a fool! She placed her job over you and didn’t care about your

feelings a bit as she’s more interested in the feelings of her carrier, not

you her husband and I’m more than ready to fix that! I sometimes wondered

where she had seen you as she didn’t deserves you a bit and if you can just

accept my love and advances towards you, I promised to make you more than

happy as I will give the full wifely duties she refused to perform for you

all this while”

I shot her a hard look after she said all this and few minutes later

without her knowing, I gently walked out of the house to sleep in one of my

friend’s house just to avoid her temptation since my wife is not around!

My wife arrived from work the next day and after we both retired to bed at

night, I gently told her about her sister’s advances towards me and all

what she said yesterday’s night in her absence when she’s at work but to my

surprise, my wife flared up immediately on the bed and vehemently told me

that I’m lying against her as her sister can never do or say that to her as

she’s her only sister but she told me that she will confirm it by herself

from her the next day.

My wife asked her sister the next day about the accusations I layed against

her on bed last night and when her sister denied all the accusations, my

wife instantly turned against me in the house as she called me a terrible

liar, a cheat and promised never to believe me again!

The situation in my home became more worse as my wife is now against me in

everything I did in the house as she is now accusing me of seducing her

innocent sister and she never believes anything I say again! in fact, it’s

so terrible that I had to go out of the house whenever she’s out also as

her sister will try to seduce me into sleeping with her.

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I was watching the TV one faithful afternoon when my wife came out of our

room and walked out through the door as we’re no longer on talking terms

all because of her sister and the moment she walked out, I immediately

switched off the TV to go out also as I know what her sister is capable of

doing but the moment I came out of our room to get out after I finished

dressing, I saw Clara already standing at the door with the key in her hand!

“you’re going nowhere today, I’ve been monitoring you since and the moment

that my foolish sister went out, I quickly came out and lock the door so,

we’re both going to enjoy ourselves fully today!”

She said and trows the key to one corner of the room and she starts walking

towards me! I quickly run towards the door but it’s tightly locked and it

can only be opened through the key or by the outside handle!

“Do you think I’m joking? we die here today” she said as she grabs and

throw me on one of the chairs in the sitting room and then quickly sits on

top of me and my brain settled the moment her huge and soft ass rests on my


She brought her wet lips to mine and kissed me savagely and all I could do

is just respond to the kiss with my body totally weak as her huge soft ass

is still resting on my d–k and my d–k has already entered the line

dividing the huge ass! Chai! The feeling too sweet!😁😁

After kissing me to her satisfaction, she then partly opened her legs and

as she tries to guide my d–k into her fresh p—y, we suddenly heard the

door cracked open and she quickly turns me coolval stories around her on the chair and she

quickly brought out a small knife from her pockets and slashed her body

with it and blood flowed out of her body!

The door then suddenly burst open and my wife walked in and she fall on her

knees in shock with the sight before her as Clara is now screaming and

shouting “He raped me, this bastard just raped me” under me with blood

flowing out of her body as a result of the cut with the knife on the floor

and some of her blood around it!

I rolled out of her in shock as I just couldn’t understand what’s happening

and I saw my wife dialing a number in tears and she quickly rushed outside

In tears to pick the call and in no less than five minutes, I heard the

sirens of the police as they walked in and after my wife that is now crying

seriously showed them everything with her pretending sister still rolling

on the floor like someone been brutalized and raped, the policemen

handcuffed me like a criminal and took me to their station!

“I will never forgive you for this Joshua” she said to me in a very sad

voice and tears poured out repeatedly from her eyes!

After spending three days in the police cell, they took me to their DPO and

he told me that my wife had refused my bail and charged me to court about

the rape crime I committed against her sister and she has decided to be one

of the prosecuting lawyers that will stood against me in the court and

ensure that I go to prison!

“Do you know that she’s so competent as a lawyer and an eyewitness of the

rape you committed against her sister and I’m sure that you know the jail

sentence a rapist will serve?”

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The DPO asked as he search through my eyes and I just nodded my head as I

couldn’t even speak as a result of what I just heard from him!

“Good and that’s why I called you so that you can call your own lawyer and

explain everything to him so that you will have a defense lawyer but I

doubt if you will make it because your wife has firmly decided to prosecute

you in the court with her last blood and am sure you know that she has

never lost a case before”

He said again and after I dropped my lawyer and my mum’s number for him, I

sadly walked back to the cell about what the DPO just told me about my


So is this the love she really had for me? why won’t she hear me out first

as her husband? How quickly has she forgotten the “for better for worse”

contract we both sign in our marriage? So this is how I will go to jail

through the woman I called my wife?

I then bursts into tears as the thought that my very loving wife will

stood against me in the court as a prosecuting lawyer that will works my

way back into the jail! So this is how she will send me to jail without

hearing out from me first? what a stigma and shame!

On the fifth day of my stay in the cell remaining just four days for me to

be taking to court, she finally visited me, yes my wife and the moment she

saw me, her eyes suddenly grew cold and she kept her distance from me!

“You wicked animal that I called a husband, despite my show of love to you

and how much I tried to satisfy you in everything, you still went ahead to

rape and brutalized my only sister! am I not enough for you? so this is

what you called love Joshua?” She said to me and then breaks down in tears!

“Won’t you hear out from me first as your husband?” I calmly said to her

but she flared up instantly

“SHUT UP! what did I wants to hear from you again? will my sister be lying

against you and besides, I caught you right on top of her as you didn’t

only rape her but you also brutalized her? you raped and brutalized my only

sister Joshua? do you know how that will traumatized her life and you’re

telling me that I should hear out from you first? YOU’RE NOTHING BUT AN



She screamed on me in tears and walked out of the police station!

On the seventh day remaining just two days for me to visit the court, Her

sister Clara, the same girl that accused me of raping her and put me in the

cell visited me in the station and the moment she saw me, she rushed

forward and gave me a warm and long hug!

I couldn’t pushed her away as my hands is still handcuffed at my back!

“How could you be this wicked? you of all people know that I never touched

or rape you so why did you do this to me?” I said to her the moment she

breaks the hug and she looked into my eyes for some minutes.

“Am very sorry for that Joshua but I had no other options than to do just

that as you’re not ready to love me back”

“Not love you back? so my sentence to jail as a rapist will now ensure my

love for you right? I said back to her in anger as I just couldn’t get what

she’s saying

“No, you’re not going to jail as I will never allow that but I did it on a

purpose to teach you a lesson about your stupid and foolish wife which

happens to be my sister! She doesn’t love you and can you imagine, she’s

going to prosecute you in the court without hearing from you her husband

first as she’s totally blind with the love she has for her sister more than

her husband and am surely going to use that against her but as for you,

don’t worry, you will come out and we will both get married together”

“And how’re you going to do that?” I asked her

” I’m going to use my foolish sister against you and I know all her

weakness and yours as she always told me all the things you both discussed

together as husband and wife and after she foolishly sends you to jail, I

will let you remain there for one month as I will use that opportunity to

tricked and milked her dry and after all her possessions and yours is

firmly in my control within that one month, I will changed my story in the

court as I have the tape of what really happened that day and after that,

you’ll be freed and you will have no option than to have me as your wife!”

I look at her in total shock about all what she just told me but she just

laughed loudly and after giving me a deep kiss that lasts for some minutes,

She finally walked out of the police station and I couldn’t stop thinking

about what she just told me!

So I will be going to court tomorrow with my wife leading the prosecution

team against me in the Court and I just couldn’t stop thinking of the bad

stigma this will have in my name!


Be very careful about how you revealed your relationship codes and secrets

to someone you might think is your blood or very close to you as he might

be a wolf in sheep clothing and a poisonous viper to your marriage and no

matter what may happened in your marriage, try to build trust in your

partner as this will make your marriage to scale through hurdles and

challenges into a successful one!