[STORY] My virgin story (Episode 1-12)

Episode 1

Until late 2009, I was still a virgin. I used to think it was cool to be a virgin (talk about my religious upbringing) until I realized everybody around me was growing up and losing their innocence, leaving me behind.
My story started several years ago, when I was still 10 years old. At that tender age, everything I knew about sex was from tiny bits of information from much older boys, and preaching from elders and religious leaders that sex is evil and we should keep away from it. Trust children, they only succeeded in making us very curious. We were living in a storey building of four flats then in the suburbs of one of Nigeria’s fastest cities. Each family lived in a flat. My family occupied the flat upstairs on the left, adjacent to the landlady’s flat. The family living directly below us downstairs had a girl called Tola, who was almost my age. We have something in common; while I was the last born of my parents, she was also the last born of her parents. There were many children and young people in the house then as all the four families in the compound had kids. We usually played together in the compound. She was a pretty girl. Now I could remember that she was fair in complexion. She had dimpled cheeks and long hair which her parents made into ponytails. She was my best-friend. Sometimes, Tola and I would lock ourselves in a room and play doctor and patient. I would be the doctor and she would be the patient. She would off her clothes and lay on the bed, then I would examine her. I could see the two tiny pink buds that would later blossom into unmentionables. Then I would see that narrow canal in between her legs with that little protrusion which would later be that wet, come-dripping, juicy pleasure filled well, called p—sy(the protrusion is the cl–t). Then we would change position. She would become doctor and I would become patient. I would remove my clothes and lie on the bed. Then she would examine my body, including that tiny, pointed stick that would later become the ultimate instrument of pleasure, the d—-k. Actually that was my first close examination of a p—sy. It was a child’s p—sy and it was tiny. In our innocence, we would play on without understanding the functions of those organs we were playing with. Well, somebody soon taught me what the p—-sy was.

One of the older girls in our compound was Tosin. We used to call her aunty Tosin because at that time, she would be about 19 years old. She was the landlady’s niece and she lived with her family. She was dark, of average height with a voluptuous body. She had chubby cheeks and nice teeth. Oh, I forgot to mention those two big unmentionables. They were d–n big. She had an average a—s but the unmentionables were huge. The usually knock against each other when we were playing. I didn’t know how to place those sensations I felt whenever I saw her smiling at me and those unmentionable pointing like twin oranges. I just knew my instrument used to stand at attention whenever I saw her. Now I know it was arousal.
Then it happened one day. I came back from school and met the door of our apartment locked. My parents had locked the door and gone out. So I went to the landlady’s house to play as usual—

Innocent me couldn’t really place the sensations I was feeling whenever I sighted those heavy unmentionables bouncing and her—shaking. Now I know it was arousal. Well, I just knew I would just feel my blood rising and my J man standing erect whenever she smiled at me. She liked me a lot. I never knew she had plans for me until one day when I came back from school and met nobody in our house. My parents had gone out and locked the door to our apartment. I had to go and chill at the landlady’s apartment adjacent to our own as usual. Well, aunty Tosin was the only person at home that day. She had just finished writing her WAEC and was just chilling at home. I quickly settled down and started watching TV, knowing I was in safe hands. She was having a bath, I could hear the sound of splashing water from the bathroom as I watched tv. After some time I heard my name.
It was her calling me. But now I was hearing her voice from the bedroom. Apparently, she was through with bathing. I walked into the bedroom and saw her. I was shocked by what I saw. Initially, I just stared at her. I’d never seen an adult like that before. I was confused. She was naked, except for her panties. She stood, facing me, her twin oranges with their dark, rosy tips pointing at me. I felt an aching in my g—n . she smiled softly, and motioned me with a finger. Then she commanded in a soft voice.
‘come here’

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Episode 2
Panting, I walked slowly towards her.
“touch my unmentionables’ she commanded. I did as I was told. She bent down a little bit and let my young hands roam over those succulent oranges, interminably brushing over those dark tubes. Then she removed my clothes, slowly one after the other until I was naked. I felt somehow embarrassed at seeing my kini exposed in front of a girl like that. I covered it shyly. She promptly smiled at the sight of my tiny instrument.
“Lie on the bed”
Again, I did as I was told. I got on the bed and lay down on my back. She touched my kini with her right hand and started stroking. I felt sensations that no word could describe. She rubbed the head and then the sensations increased. My J-man became very stiff. She removed her panties and climbed on the bed with me. I saw the kitty. It looked like a red-hot valley of molten lava, nestled between two dark, swollen peaks. There was also pubic hair, a lot of it. She asked me to touch her kitty. I obliged. It felt soft and slippery, I started rubbing it. I rubbed on the c–t. It felt like a moist, swollen rose bud in my hand. All the time I was having pleasant sensations and she was given low, soft moans and commanding me to touch here and there or stick my finger here and there. I coulsn’t really understand the meaning of what was happening. All I knew was that I was enjoying it as she was also stroking my kin continuously. Suddenly, I heard a deep, serious, elderly feminine voice.
“Ki le n se nibi?” meaning what are you doing here.
I raised my head and looked up. I saw the landlady, Tosin’s aunt standing at the door, looking at us with blazing anger in her eyes—–

I went out and entered our apartment quietly. Mom was in the kitchen. I was so solemn that everybody was wondering what had happened to me. Well, they soon knew what happened when the landlady came to see my mother an hour later. I stayed in the bedroom with my sister while they talked in the sitting room. When she left, my mother called into her room and gave me a long lecture on sex, its purpose and consequences. In the evening, we heard loud wails from the landlady’s apartment. I knew it was Tosin, she was being flogged. The realization that someone was being punished for what we both enjoyed made me feel somehow guilty. The following day was a Saturday. My parents took me to church to see a counselor. I was counseled about sex and its evils. I was told that sex is a sin, besides that, I could get someone pregnant or contact an incurable disease called AIDS. I started avoiding sex since that day

Throughout my secondary school, I never even kissed a girl. I was strictly for my books, I didn’t care about sex at all, it was the last thing on my mind. I had a few female friends but they were mostly reading partners or people I related with on a platonic level. No girlfriend. When we got to the S.S it became quite common for us to discuss the sexual escapades of some of our sexually adventurous colleagues. They would even boast of their prowess. In my final year, I caught out health prefect with an S.S 2 girl at the back of the dining hall, engaging in sinful pleasure. The girl was giving him a b—–b while the guy was groaning pleasurably. He begged that I should not report them and I should join if I wanted to. But I did not join them; I also didn’t expose them to the school authorities cos my sec school was a mission school with strict discipline and they would suspend any student caught in sexual act.
Immediately after my secondary school I was enrolled in a federal polytechnic. From the onset I decided that I would abstain from all acts of sexual intercourse. But I underestimated my environment and I was to meet more than my match on several occasions. It was in the polytechnic that I first became aware of how sexual I really am. Let me share some of my adventures in the polytechnic with you.

In my first year, second semester, there was this Edo girl in my class called Kate. She was fair in complexion, with portable sized body, well endowed both in from and behind. But I believed her best asset was her ass. She had it in abundance, not just in abundance but in the right shape. She wasn’t exactly beautiful but she was sexy in a way because of her nice butts. After doing a few practical together, she decided I was intelligent enough and stayed in my group. She stuck to me and we started going to class together, we read together and did our assignments together. We were good friends. I had no girlfriend, she had no boyfriend but our relationship was strictly platonic, at least initially. So we had enough time to see ourselves without any jealous spouse pestering at the other end. She lived in a room in a building close to the campus while I lived in the hostel. She liked to hang around me, especially in the class. I didn’t mind because I enjoyed her company. She really was a nice girl, she was funny and witty and she could make me laugh when I was solemn. We started visiting each other’s rooms. She had this nasty habit of slapping my butts jokingly whenever I made a joke about her, that’s when we are in private. It felt weird cos I couldn’t slap her butt back because it would seem like I am not being polite to her or am abusing her as a lady. One day, we were in her room, playing as usual. I made a joke and she smacked me and tried to run for it. Somehow I drew her back and smacked her in her big, round butt. The smack was not so hard but it resonated in my hand as I felt the arse bounce in my arms. At that moment I can’t deny that I didn’t have any sexual feeling because of the contact. She turned around instantly. I look at her, scanning her face for signs of anger, waiting to hear the rebuke of my life.
Her reaction was astonishing!

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Episode 3

[]I was astonished at her response.
She looked at me laughing. She was winking and she had a mischievous smile on her face. Then she said.
“You should have said you liked my ass all this while we’ve been friends. Do you like touching my ass?”
For a while I was speechless. I was just looking at her, feeling the instrument in between my legs rising like a cobra whose tail had just been touched. I stammered, then stuttered and didn’t know what to say.
Audience, you should understand my naivety here. i was just 17 years old and inexperienced sexually except for that brief episode with anty Tosin years ago, while she was at least two years older than me, so I was very shy. But I knew I was feeling sexually stimulated and the seductive look in her eyes made matters worse. Now I even noticed that she was putting on flimsy clothing. she was wearing a spaggetti top on tight shorts. when my hand touched her ass, i noticed that she was not wearing pants and that made me more sexually aroused and confused at the same time. I didn’t know what to do.
Well, she eventually came to my rescue. laughing, she moved closer, hugged me and gave me a kiss in the neck. It was an erotic kiss that sent a shudder down my spine. then she whispered into my ear.
‘Just touch me’
That was the last motivation i needed to spring into action. my hand sprung instantly to those twin round, butts. i started rubbing my hands on her big ass. Men, it was soft, it was crazy, i really felt it. She said i should tap her, that she liked it. So I tapped her butts, loudly but gently. I felt her bare skin through the shorts and that increased the sensation. All the time i was kneading her ass, she was caressing my face and kissing me softly on the neck which I liked. She moved on to the next level immediately. She removed her spag top remainning her bra. I wasted no time in placing my hands on those twin oranges and squeezing them through the bra. Unlike the butt, the breasts were not big but the nipples were thick and pointed. i stroke the nipples through the lacy fabric on the bra and she started making low, erotic sounds.
Audience, you should know I hadn’t even started watching p–n at that stage so didn’t really know what to do with a woman in my hands but I was determined to follow her lead all the way and not be too forward. Yet I still doubted my ability to satisfy a woman.
I was really enjoying this,and i was sure she was enjoying it too. I left one hand to keep stroking the nipples and my right hand strayed back to her ass cos that was her biggest asset. I kept on tapping, caressing, and kneading and I was sure she was enjoying it too because of the sound she was making. I whispered into her ear that she should remove her shorts. She said no, the right time will come for that but that I can remove my jeans.
I quickly removed my jeans without leaving sight of her. It was only boxers now and my tea-shirt. My J-man was ramrod stiff. and I was a little shy that she was seeing me like that. she saw it and laughed. Then she moved forward slowly with her hand moving towards my boxers.
Suddenly her phone beeped.

Suddenly her phone beeped.
“sorry, let me pick that”she excused as I frowned in frustration.
She picked up her phone from the bed and started talking to someone in a local language which I believed was Edo. When she finished on the phone, I saw her face and i new instantly that all the passion had faded.
“It’s my boyfriend from Aghor. He says he’s in town now and he’s coming to see me.”
I was still trying to see the possibility of continuing our liaison.
“So, what do we do now?” I asked. There was a pleading tone in my voice.
She looked somber and serious, as if she was also sad that we should stop.
“Am sorry Ayo, we cannot continue. I think you better go now. He is already in town. He knows this place and he can arrive any moment from now. he is also very jealous.”
My J-man began a slow descent until it became limp like an orange squeezed of all its juice. I wore my jeans slowly, making the anger in my eyes look quite obvious. I was hoping she would apologise and fix another appointment. She wanted to see me off, I said she shouldn’t and she left me alone.
As I went back to school it occurred to me that the girl might be playing me, actually preying on my lack of sexual intelligence to play erotic games with me. Hell, I had a right to be angry. She never told me she had a boyfriend in the first place. But then I knew the answer to that. There was no need for her to tell me about her relationship back home since we are students in school and what was at home is better left at home. all the same I still felt hurt. In the next few days she called me several times, apparently to apologise and explain things but didn’t pick her calls. I thought i was using reverse psychology, that by ignoring her, I would show I have value and would make her want me more. Well, it didn’t work cos she stopped calling me after a few days and since then we ceased to be close again. we still greeted ourselves but the friendship was not deep like before and I regretted that I flunked at what could have been my first sex experience due to my inexperience.

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Episode 4

In school I was attending this cool fellowship, Beleivers Love-world. It was known on campus to have many pretty girls in attendance. I was a regular member of the church. In-fact I soon join the choir. The first day I served in the choir, I noticed there was this girl beside me with a sweet, soprano voice. I never bothered to look through out this service cos I was busy singing along. Immediately after this service, I decided to look nd lo and behold, I found myself looking into the yes of this very beautiful damsel. She was dark, with beautiful smooth skin. She was tall, in fact taller than me. She was slim, with tiny waist. I first complimented her sweet voice, then introduced myself to her as Ayo and she said her name was Precious. She said she was in the school of business and I said I was in the school of sciences. That was all about that. Up to that moment, she was one of the most beautiful girls I’ve come across on campus and I felt I stood no chance with her so i decided to take things slow. We kept on seeing each other every sunday but we never got beyond being mere acquaintances and only exchanged greetings. I was desperate to move to the next level but disn’t know how to. Then something happened that brought us closer.
It was in the middle of the hammattan season. Second semester exams were fast approaching and students were reading like hell, trying to catch up on their books. Students read in classes late into the night and even slept in the classes not minding the cold. I decided to go to the school of business to read at night because that’s where most of the beautiful girls on campus usually went. One night, I was busy with my books as usual when I felt someone tap me on the back. I looked behind me and saw myself looking at precious.
“Hello, remember me?”she smiled at me.
What, I thought in my mind. There was no way I couldn’t remember her. Hell, I’ve been dreaming about her.
She came and sat beside me. There was a science course we used to take together with business students. It was an elective for them and many of them found it difficult although we science students found it easier. She said that was an opportunity for her as she had been looking for somebody to take her through the course. I was happy, finally an opportunity to take things to the next level. We started reading together everynight in the class. she would cal me in the evening before going to class and I would go and join her in the class. I later realized she was a big girlon campus. Actually she was dating one of the SUG members.Well, I didn’t care.
One night, we were reading together in the class when I realized Precious was feeling uncomfortable. She told me she wanted to stroll and asked me to accompany her which I obliged. We stolled down the balcony of the school of business holding hands. we went towards the hostel, gisting along the way. As we walked and got closer to the park around the hostel, I felt her hand tighten around mine. The park was a shade of trees with concrete seats. it was popular as a hangout for lovers. On this night it was dimly lit and several parts of it were dark. Precious asked us to settle in the darker part of the park and we continued gisting. Then she started complaining that she was feeling cold. As a guy, I knew what she wanted but i acted ignorant cos she was so beautiful I didn’t trust myself around her. I started explaining to her that the female body system was subject to heat changes much more than the male system, I was getting intellectual and I knew it was getting her frustrated. Then at a point, she removed her hand from mine and looked me in the eyes. Even as I looked at her beautiful eyes, I felt an aching in my g—n and I knew if we made contact I wouldn’t be able to control myself.
“Why are you telling me all this. I said I am cold and you can’t do anything about it.”
That was the last rebuke I needed to hear. It was the final green-light to move on. I moved closer and wrapped my arms around her. She snuggled closer and laid her head on my chest. The contact was electrifying. I felt a shock ring through my body and several fantasies playing out in my mind. Then I kissed her.—

I crushed my lips on hers with passion. It was my first kiss and I wasn’t sure how it would turn out cos it was just momentary. I didn’t think before kissing her. But d–n! I never knew a girl’s lips could taste that sweet. She responded with equal fervour, s—–g in my lips. then I pushed in my tongue and she s—-d it in too. I tasted the interior of her mouth, then tasted her tongue. It was obvious she had been licking tom-tom, cos I tasted that sweet, minty taste on her tongue. We just kept kissing for several minutes. I thinkshe really liked it. She kept snuggling closer. she drew her hand and started caressing my chest. She moved to my face and kept touching me all over. Then she slipped her hand through my shirt and started stroking my bare chest. All this while we were still kissing. men, It was crazy. My J-man was already stiff, ready to spring into action. My jeans was bulging and pushing on her. She felt it on her side, shifted a little and looked into my eyes smiling. I managed to break free of her Mouth. I was eager to start using my mouth elsewhere. I pulled her up so that she was sitting partly on my laps and her bosom was in the full glare of my face. She must have known what I had in mind cos she quickly removed her cardigan, leaving the strapless top she was wearing underneath. I slipped my hand through her top, to her back and unhooked her bra, using my other hand to support her.I roamed my hands over the twin oranges. They were not big but they were not small either. I liked them cos they were firm. I squeezed the unmentionables for a while, then started flicking my fingers over her nipples. I would place a n—-e between two fingers and roll on them. I was desperate to bleep her but I was patient, Throughout my life, I had never been in a hurry. I wanted to enjoy every moment and wanted to give her plaesure too. She started giving a low, pleasurable moan which I really liked. Then she crushed herlips on my mouth and we started kissing again. Once more, I broke the kiss and started planting soft kisses all over her face. she was smiling, making giggling sounds, enjoying it. Then I ifted her top to expose her unmentionables. i couldn’t see them cos it was very dark. Then I set my mouth on her unmentionables and started s—–g. I put a n—-e in between my lips and started rolling my tongue on it. At the same time I grabbed the other orange in my other hand and squeezed. She started making sweet noises, which started growing louder as I s—-d her unmentionables. At a time, I squeezed the two oranges together and flicked my tongue across the two tosy niples at the same time. men, she was shuddering. She moved her hand to my jeans, opened my zipper and slipped in. She started playing with my engorged instrument. The sensation was crazy, I started moaning myself as I felt intense pleasure from her touches. I was drifting into paradise, floating on oceans of pleasure. Suddenly, I felt a bright light shining towards us.
“Who are those?”I heard a deep, hoarse voice close to us.
Precious shrank in fright, but I kept my cool, ready to challenge who it was that was disturbing my pleasure. unfortunately, Precious had quickly removed herself from me. She stood up and quickly wore her cardigan. She kept her removed bra in the pocked of her jeans. I looked at her, all the passion had dissolved. For me it was another broken lovemaking session——-

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Episode 5
I looked at her face. Even in the darkness i could see the passion dissolve fom her eyes. I was angry at the intruder. It turned out it was a security man, on patrol. I rebuked him, remiding him of the need to mind his own business. he apologized, saying he had seen our shadows from afar and thought it was cultists smoking marijuana. Then he had moved closer to find out. If he knew, he wouldn’t have disturbed us cos understand that body no be firewood. Anyway, the damage was already done. . Precious was quiet throughout our walk back back to the class. When we got to the class I reminded her about what we were doing and whether we coould continue later. She said she was not supposed to be cheating on her boyfriend and that she was feeling guilty. Even though she liked me, she was still in-love with her boyfriend. She had been carried away earlier by her attaraction to me, but she wouldn’t let that get into her head anymore. But we could still be friends. There was no need crying over spilt milk. Before we parted that night, I took one last look at her and realized I would never have another chance to bleep this angel.

I soon moved on with life.

In my second year, first semester, I was already getting familiar with how to handle women, but i was still sexually in-experienced. My teachers were to be my roommates. I had the most unique three roommates. The first guy, Shola, who was nicknamed Awo because of his trademark glasses was an x-rated movie freak. He had in his possesion, the largest, most elaborate collection of porno films on campus. People from far and near consulted him for blue films. He didn’t just have them, his knowledge about the adult industry is so vast he knew everything going on, the who is who in the industry. He even had connection with some adult movie stars. He introduced me to p–n. The first time I watched p–n, I thought it was disgusting so much I wanted to puke, especially at the scene of girls swallowing c-m. But I soon got used to it. I realized it was the easiest way of knowing the female sexual anatomy and undersstanding how sex works. It was a tradition in our room that every friday night was x-rated night. Awo’s inner circle of x-rated freaks would converge in our room to watch blue film all night long.
My second roommate was Tolu, nicknamed gentle because of his smooth swagger. Gentle wasn’t actually gentle, especially when there was an event to attend. He was a party freak. No event on campus was complete without gentle gracing the occassion. He introduced me to parties and clubbing. His fast paced lifestyle made him acquainted with many beautiful girls whom he introduced to friends in his inner circle. Nobody makes use of this opportunity more than my third roommate, Femi who was nicknamed Arsenal because he plays his game smoothly. Femi was a player and a sex freak. At the beginning of the semester, he used to bring this girl into the room and bang her in the corner so much the girl would be screaming
‘Yeh, Yeh. O ti do mi pa oh’ meaning he has overbanged me.
We would be in the room savouring the sounds. Awo would not hesitate to take some snapshots with his digital camera, he was that perversed. Well, for obvious reasons, the girls kept coming back for more and Femi kept giving them what they wanted. I used to look up to him, wishing that one day, I would be able to rip a gal’s kitty apart. But I knew inside me, I was still an innocent boy. Bad company, they say, corrupt good manners. A situation soon came up where my sexuality and my innocence were put to test.

In the middle of the semester,I went to one of the biggest events on campus, the miss campus. I ended up getting introduced by gentle to the queen and her friend. Like I said earlier, gentle was familiar with most of the big girls on campus. In fact the girl that won the miss campus was his former girlfriend. I don’t need to describe Jumoke, the beauty queen, you should know how a beauty queen would look. Doyin her friend was also a beauty. She was tall, fair and slim. Both the queen and his friend were warm personalities. I started discussing with the girls because they were novel freaks like me. I ended upgetting an appointment to their apartment off campus the following day.
I showed up at the apartment the following day. I found six girls in the sitting room, including Jumoke and Doyin. She explained that they were all friends and they went everywhere together. They were all beautiful. I was introduced to the remaining four girls; Titi, Tracy, Sandra and patience. Tracy was dating one of the biggest guys on campus while patience later told me she wanted to become a reverend sister. what a weird girl. Jumoke, Tracy, Doyin and Patience were living in the apartment while Titi and sandra lived togeether on campus.

The moment I met Titi, I knew something special was going to happen between us. Reader, you know every guy dreams of meeting that special girl that will make the man in him come alive, one that will move his heart, and not just his p—k, one that will make him smile and speak with his mind and not just his mouth. Well, for me Titi was that girl. She was extraordinarily beautiful. she was of average height, fair-skinned and cute. She had a slim body with tiny waist, that is my favourite. She had this innocent smile on her face that got me hypnotized and she had dimples. I didn’t hesitate to shake hands with her. I instantly commented on how beautiful she is and she smiled. she seemed to me to be somehow soft-spoken. I was attracted to this girl, not just her body, but also her personality.
Sandra was Titi’s opposite. Although equally beautiful, she attracted me in a dangerous, sensous way. She was voluptously sexy with wide, smooth curves all over her body. She had all the assets in the right places; big ass, heavy bossoms etc. But I wasn”t interested in any of it. my mind was focussed on her friend as I shook hands with her. She was reported to be a big aristo girl on campus with loads of cash and she was kind of snobbish. She wasn’t snobbish to me, but she had this cold, wickedly sensous smile that I was sure was calculated to make me fall for her charms.
Enough of description of those two. The day went well and I had an interesting time with the girls. We chatted and played games and they all tried to know more about me. they all liked me cos they said i had a warm, lively personality and I was intellectual. I went back that day dreaming about Titi. I became friends with the girls. They used to move together, they were all from the same department. They go to class together. they even read together. I used to visit them at the apartment and also visit Titi’s room on campus. It soon became clear to sandra that I didn’t like her and she reciprocated. She shunned and dissed me at every opportunity. I soon made my mind known to Titi that I loved her from the first day I met her. She said she felt the same way about me and we started dating. But she said from the beginning that one condition; there would be no sex because she was a virgin. I didn’t mind initially, I was in love with her.
Readers, remember this was my first serious relationship; Titi was my first girlfriend, so i was desperate to make it work. Even though I was intensely aroused ny her, I had to control myself. On several occassions we got to different stages of foreplay but didn’t do the real thing. We could kiss and smooch, i could even fumble with her boobs but she never allowed me to take the ultimate prize. Perhaps she thought her method would keep me wanting her and thus keep the relationship. She thought I would be faithful and not even look at another girl. Well, her best friend would soon prove her wrong.
One day, I was with Titi in her room as usual when sandra walked in. As usual, we didn’t greet. She went straight to her corner and ignored us. I was playing with my girlfriend. Then we became hungry and she wanted to cook. She realized that she didn’t have enough ingredients, so she left me and went out to buy some. Before she left, she told Sanda jokingly that she should take care of me. Well, Sandra took care of me, but in a way that broke her best friend’s heart

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Episode 6

When she left, after some time, Sandra came down from her bed and came towards Titi’s corner where i sat. she rummaged through Titi’s collection of magazines for a while, pretending to search for something. Then she looked up and saw me looking at her.
“You don’t like me, do you” she asked.
“what are you talking about?”
she walked to me and sat down beside me on the bed. There was a friendly look in her eyes. for the first time I saw her smiling at me and that made me have a feeling that something special was going on.

” Don’t pretent you like me when you shun me at every opportunity. you don’t even answer me when I greet you. Have i offended you.”
“No, I’m actually the one wondering why you snob me all the time. Actually I have nothing against you.”
She smiled again then. She looked down, and played with her fingers as if she was shy. Sandra beeing shy infront of a guy, that was incredible. then she looked up and smiled at me in an attractive, sensual manner.
“Actually, I really like you but it seems you don’t feel the same about me. I feel sad each time you ignore me and show love to my friend instead. I have been attracted to you since the first day i met you.”
That was all I needed to hear for my body to spring to attention. I felt a tension in my g—n immediately. readers you should understand that sandra was a very sensuous, seductive person who knew how to seduce a man. Her whole body was a turn on and she can deplore any part of her body to turn a man on at will. As she talked, I felt my body awakening, like a giant that had been sleeping for a long time.
“Let me make love to you ayo, and you will see what a real man is like”
All the time i had spent with Titi, denying myself of the pleasure of sex crossed my mind and the desire to bleep sandra started growing. I was still thinking when i felt her move closer and I felt her breathe on my face. Then she kissed me. It was a deep, sensous kiss that made my blood very hot. all the thoughts of my girlfriend vanished instantly and all i wanted at that moment was to bleep this b—-h. Then I hear footsteps approaching and we quickly broke the kiss. Titi came in and found us sitting side by side. she was happy that i was finally getting along with sandra not knowing what had happened. I felt guilty though, remembering all the love that titi had devoted to me. I decided I would not yield to Sandra’s seduction as she might be testing me for Titi. That evening i was already on my way to my room when i felt a note in my pocket
‘See you in your room tommorrow, by 6.pm’
The following day was a saturday. Titi had informed me that she was travelling to her hometown so she wasn’t around. i could’t sleep throughout the night. I kept thinking about Sandra’s sexual advances and weighing them against how much love I have for Titi. I didn’t know whether I should yield finally to sandra’s seduction or refuse to cheat and lose a good bleep. Pictures of Sandra kept crossing my mind; the curves, the killer hips, the huge bosoms, the round, heavy booty. somehow, something began to tell me that I could bleep her and keep Titi from knowing. I ended by concluding that Sandra would not come as she was only joking with me and she would have had other big boys to think about and forget about me. I talked to my friend gentle about it and he just laughed it off and said she was probably joking. He said I should wait for her at that time and find out what she really wanted. My other two roommates had travelled. By 5:pm, gentle left the room, leaving me alone. Sandra came by 6:30 pm. As we greeted and I asked her to sit down, my heart was beating fast but I tried to be calm. She was wearing a mini skirt made of silky material and a tight top that showed her curves glaringly. I could see her nipples pointing out through the fabric of the top and it was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra. I realized that she was really serious and somehow I knew I would not be able to stop her. She was a seductress, an enchantress. As I watched her sipping the bottle of coke I gave her, she looked at me and winked.
“You are looking very sexy.”she remarked in an enchanting, sexy voice and I felt my heart melting. She stood up and came towards me. She motioned in the direction of the door and I quickly locked it. I knew what she was doing to me but I couldn’t stop her.
“Sit down and relax, am just here to play with you.”
I wanted to say something but it got stuck in my throat. I sat down on my bed as she commanded. The thoughts of Titi were fading fast from my mind. She came to the bed and sat on my laps, facing me and straddling me with her two legs on either side. I felt the smooth thick flesh of her bum-bum on my laps and my Jman sprang to attention.

That move killed every atom of resistance within me. All that was on my mind was that today I was going to be disvirgined, I would finally enter Babylon after several years of laying siege to the city. Then she kissed me. I ate her lips as if I was hungry and i hadn’t eaten for days. i was hungry, hungry for sex. Every sexual feeling that had been dormant in me suddenly awoke and started manifesting. As we kissed, she was caressing my body. My hands strayed to her bum and started kneading and fumbling. I used my two hands to shift her skirt up. Then my right hand started rubbing her laps. Her hands were roaming all over my body, even as we kissed. I broke this kiss for a moment to remove my singlet and her top. The sight of her topless chest sent sexual shivers down my spine. I found myself staring at two huge, round, ripe oranges with taut nipples pointing at me invitingly. The boobs were big, I didn’t hesitate to set my mouth on those unmentionables. I s—-d, licked,bit, flicked, rubbed, caressed, fondled, and juggled those t–s, there was nothing I didn’t do to them. Then, while still busy with my mouth, my hands strayed under her skirt, up her thighs. I slipped my right hand through her panties and felt her naked bum. At this time she was moaning, making low, soft sounds of pleasure. She started rolling her bum on my laps so as to stimulate my stiff instrument. After fondling her bum for a while, I slipped a finger inside the kitty. I first felt the c–t, I rubbed gently on it, then roll it in between two fingers. Then I deeped the finger inside the kitty. The interior was soft, warm and wet. By now Sanda was moaning loudly, obviously enjoying what I was doing to her. In my mind I wanted to bleep her so much she would never forget me in her life. But I wanted her to beg for it and then I would pound her till her kitty gets sore. I started fingering her, first with my index finger while s—–g her unmentionables. She was moaning teribbly
“Uh, hah, baby. Please I need more.”she moaned into my ears. I inserted another finger and continued fingering. Her p—-33y was now very wet yet she wanted more. I inserted two more fingers and dug in. She screamed in ecstacy as she came and my hand was bathed in her come. I brought out my hand and wiped her wet come on her chest. She was in a desperate mood now. She looked at me with surprise, as if she was shocked I could make love this good. She quickly slipped off my laps which were already getting painful now. Before I knew it, she pulled off my trousers, knelt down before me and had my Jman in her hands. She started stroking the ramrod stiff instrument, lingering around the cap to concentrate sensations. Then she plunged it into her mouth, nearly taking me in completely(I have an average d—k, not a goliath).
Oh my God, the feeling was sensational. Audience this was my first BJ and I had no idea how sweet it was until I felt my equipment being licked and s—-d by this vixen. It was as if all the pleasures in this world had concentrated on my d—k as she s—-d and rolled her tongue on the cap. I must confess she is really good. It was so sweet that I came in her mouth. She wasn’t offended, she quicly spat the c-m out into a nearby bucket but part of it was still hanging on her face. Seeing that come all over her face made me more h—y.
“Ayo, Please I want you inside me now.”she pleaded. She was sexually high. I thought in my mind “Not yet baby, am still gonna do things to you that will make you beg more.”
I carried her and dumped her on the bed. I deftly removed her pant and hitched up her skirt, bringing me face to face with her pulsating, wet, deep kitty. I moved closer, preparing to plunge my face into that kitty and s–k the living daylight out of the b—h.
My eyes caught the window as I moved closer and I saw somebody at the window looking at me.
Readers, can you guess who it was?

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Episode 7

“Awo!”I screamed as I saw him.
The pervert must have been watching us for quite sometime because there was a satisfied grin on his face and it seemed he had been self-servicing as he watched life blue film. He was supposed to be out of town but i knew he would forever thank God for whatever had brought him back to school ahead of schedule to see what he had always dreamt of as he once told me; a live session of steamy hot sex. Well, I wasn’t going to fulfill the pervert’s fantasies.
Frowning at the intrusion, I moved to the window to pull the curtain to block his view and continue with Sandra. As i moved closer I saw him look at something outside and then the grin on his face faded and he looked grim. He spoke before I could pull the curtain and I could only make out one word that struck terror into my heart.
I looed at Titi’s face and all the passion in my body dissolved instantly.
“What’s happening?”she asked.
“Titi is coming”
we hurriedly struggled into our clothes. she wore her top and I wore my boxers and my trousers just as we heard approaching footsteps. I hear Titi’s voice as she exchanged greetings with Awo outside. Sandra rushed under the bed. I quickly smoothed the bed and went to open the door. I found a pensive Titi by the door. Both Titi and Awo entered.
“What were you doing in the room that you locked the door?”
“I was playing rough with Awo.”I said. I quickly signed to Awo, who nodded when Titi gave him a questioning look. She went to my bed and sat down.
“So why did you come back so early?”
I was trying to divert her attention from the suspicion as she was already looking around the room with a questioning look. She said she didn’t see one of her uncles that she was supposed to spend the night in his house and so she had to return early. Then she asked why the bed was so rough and i said it was when I was playing rough with Awo. She looked at him and he nodded again.She said she had been calling me to tell me she was around and I have not been picking. I saw 15 missed calls on my phone. She seemed calm now but there was still a curious look in her eyes. I knew she must have been wondering what why something just doesn’t seem right.
Then something really bad happened

She spotted Sandra’s pant on the floor and picked it up.
“Whose pant is this?”
I stammered initially, then I said it belonged to one of Arsenal’s girls. she examined the pant closelyand said she knows it belongs to her room mate, Sandra. I denied it initially but she said she could recognise that pant anywhere because Sandra liked it very much. She turned to me, her face grim.
“Tell me what Sandra’s pant is doing in your room.”
I had no choice but to confess to her. The lid is up. Sandra came out from under the bed. I couldn’t even look at titi’s face. I felt so ashamed of myself. Sandra didn’t really care. I saw Titi’s face screwed up and I knew she wanted to cry. Then she dashed out of the room. Sandra did not even speak to me, she left silently. I was surprised that she seemed not to feel guilty at what she had done. Awo followed her. then I was left alone in my misery.
The following day, I called Jumoke(Miss campus) to help me beg Titi. If she would listen to anybody it would be her. But i knew in my heart it was an abortive attempt. things would never remain the same. When I finally saw Titi on the third day, I beggd her as she cried. She said she had given me everything she had including her whole heart except her body and I had betrayed her by shattering her heart. Then I got the information that broke my heart. Sandra actually seduced me deliberately so as to get back at titi for abusing her one night. She had come back late with an aristo dropping her off and Titi had abused her that she was a useless girl. Well, she plannd to show her how useless she was by seducing and bleeping her boyfriend. How could a girl be so heartless?
Ladies, if you were in titi’s shoes, would you accept the guy back in your life?

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Episode 8

I soon moved on with life, but with deliberate caution this time. I avoided women and faced academics squarely. The time was fast approaching for my ND 2 examinations. Then I met Bose. She was one of the year one students I was taking tutorials. I just realized that we were involuntarily getting close. She was a simple, cheerful, down to earth girl. There was nothing romantic or sexual between us as we never talked about sexual matters. We used to discuss more of academics and other serious issues. She was th typical church girl; she was a devout christian, a worker in her fellowship. She didn’t even wear skirts so I beleive you should be able to picture the kind of girl I am trying to describe. I was already wary of women at that time and I never thought about sex when around her. In fact I thought she knew nothing about sex until one day she proved me wrong.
The end of session exams had ended and many people had travelled home. i was one of the few still around because of my project. i went with Bose to help pack her stuff before she travelled. When we finished packing we were very tired and we decided we had to give ourselves a treat. I hurried back to my room and took my bath, she also freshenèd up. I took her to the best cafereria in school and we had a nice time. As we chatted while eating i started noticing some things about her that I never noticed before because i had never thought about her in a sexual way. Like I noticed she was actually pretty with dimples but she had innocent looks that masked her sexiness. I noticed that she had firm bosoms and for a while I thought about s—–g those bosoms but I dismissed the idea instantly. I thought if i suggested anything sexual she would think am a pervert. After eating, I walked her back to her hostel and we continued chatting. She asked me to stay around as she was lonely and all her roommates had travelled. She started talking about romantic stuff, about her classmates that were dating each other and having sex. I was surprised she could even talk about these things but i was encouraged and went further. Our conversation got really sexual at a point and we were talking about sexual experiences. she said she had a boyfriend whom she intented to marry. i asked whether she had sex with him and she said yes. I said i thought she was a virgin. She just smiled and said sex is sweet. At this time my tin was already hard as rock because I suddenly found her very sexy and sensual. I realized we were the only ones in the room and the thoughts of bleeping her grew on my mind. Fortunately, she was thinking about the same thing. She was lying on her back on the bed and i moved closer, lying beside her. I told her i liked her but because of the respect I had for her and my broken relationship I didnt ask her out. I was holding and rubbing her soft hand now and she was smiling. seeing her positive reaction, i moved closer and started rubbing my fingers softly along her arm and her leg. She was still smilng and I thought yes, this is my lucky day. i I moved to kiss her, she placed her finger on my lips and said that she would have sex with me on one condition; that I do it very gently and romantically, and that I s–k her kitty. I said that’s not a problem cos I am a gentleman.

We started kissing on the bed. I must say she is a very good kisser. we just continued kissing and smooching for a long time, maybe 15 minutes. I was very patient, i took my time with her, caressing her face, her hair, and her whole body as a whole. After each break in kissing, she would smile into my eyes and say Oh my God. Then we would resume. I noticed her bdy was beginning to shudder and her hand was already rubbing on my jeans, trying to unzip my fly. This is a sign that she wanted more. I quickly unzipped my jeans and stepped out of it, giving her more access to my hard d—k now straining to be released from the boxers. She dipped her hand inside my boxers and grabbed my kini, she started stroking it while we continued to kiss; long, deep kisses with our lips and tongues. I promptly broke the kiss and moved my lips to her neck region, kissing her neck. She started touching the interior of my ears with her fingers, stroking them lightly; it created a very pleasant sensation. Then i removed her top and gently unhooked her bra. I found a pair of round bosoms with dark, thick nips falling in my hands. i have always loved big nips and I didn’t hesitate to set my mouth on those unmentionables and s–k as if my life depended on in. She started speaking in low, sensual voice saying i should keep doing it that she likes what am doing to her. I removed my mouth for a while and asked her to lay back on the bed. Then I started licking her belly. Surprisingly she had a fresh, smooth body and that made me really hungry. i licked her belly and proceeded down to her belly button. I dipped my tongue into that depression and licked gently. Then i proceeded downward till I realized her skirt was a barrier. I promptly removed her skirt and then my boxers. All the time she just laid there soaking in all the pleasure making low sounds to urge me on. I didn’t mind, all I wanted was to give her pleasure. Then i proceeded southward, to downtown proper. I saw her kitty; a pretty little dark thing with a big c–t. i realized i was going to get the pleasure of life cos her kitty would be tight.

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Episode 9

She was wearing blue pants. I first rubbed my finger on the c–t through the pants. Then I removed the pants and rubbed on the c–t with my fingers. The kitty was damp; she was already wet. I dipped my left index finger in the kitty. I fi—ngered her while she writhed on the bed in pleasure. I started placing light kisses on her labials; she shuddered at each kiss. I felt her hands on my head, caressing my hair. Then she pulled my head down to her womanliness, urging me to treat her kitty with my mouth. I took a look at that kitty for a moment, wondering how it would taste like since I had never tasted kitty before. The labials were pulsating; the c–t was quivering, looking delicious. I plunged my head into that mass of fresh, succulent, wet flesh. I stuck out my tongue and tasted her wetness. The taste was incredible; indescribable. It was sweet, salty, sour and sticky, all at once. There was something about the taste of that kitty that reminded me of eating pringles. The complex taste did not nauseate me; it made me more h—y than ever. I licked the kitty as if my life depended on it. Men, the babe kitty sweet no be small. The way she was screaming, moaning my name even turned me on more and I continued to give her pleasure. I teased her c–t with my tongue while I poked her V-jay with my fingers. Then I stuck my tongue inside the v-jay while rubbing on the c–t with my finger. From time to time I would remove my mouth from her kitty and kissed her fresh inner thighs while fi—ngering her. I don’t know how many times she came cos I was just going on and on for several minutes; I felt somehow reluctant to leave that sweet kitty. All the time she was just screaming my name saying I was killing her. I took a look at her face; there were tears in her eyes. Then she said in soft voice, barely above a whisper, “You are crazy”
She stood up from the bed and asked me to lie down.
“Now it’s my turn” she said.
I quickly obeyed her and before I knew it my boxers were off and I felt my ramrod stiff instrument plunging into her mouth. An intense, sweet sensation accompanied the entry of my c—ock. I felt her mouth wrapping around my d—ck and giving me a good fluting. She kept stroking the c—ck with her tongue as she turned it into a lollipop, licking and s—–g continuously. At first she was gentle, but the s—–g soon gathered momentum as she started getting pleasure from it. I was in cloud 7, somewhere in paradise as I soaked in the pleasure of the BJ. After some minutes, I felt that tickling sensation that signaled I would soon release. I quickly removed my c—ck from her mouth. She quickly lay down on the bed and spread her legs, opening up her Jerusalem for my J-man to ride in triumphantly. I licked the interior of my mouth as I prepared to enter her and bleep her missionary style. Then I realized the was something wrong.

There was no condom. I remember I used to carry a condom around for nearly 6 months in case an opportunity to bleep came up. Unfortunately it was today of all days that I decided not to bring it along. I never knew I would end up having sex that day. What a bleep up!.
The girl was looking at me wondering what was wrong. I shook my head slowly.
“There is no condom.”
“Sh-t” she swore. It was the first time I had seen her swear and there was a look of frustration on her face. She was already rubbing her v-jay, seriously aroused. She said we should go ahead that she doesn’t mind and it would even be sweeter. I asked her what if she got pregnant. She said she doesn’t care that she would take care of that. All she wanted now was my J-man in her Jerusalem. I said I couldn’t do it, that there were just too many risks involved. She started begging me, holding on to my c—ck. I was perplexed. I really wanted to do this and I was already extra-aroused, but I had a great deal of control over my body and I considered things before doing them. I begged her that I would be back later with a pack of condoms and we can even have sex all night long. The babe no wan leave me oh! She started crying. I managed to leave her with a kiss and said she should wait for me in the evening. She said she would be waiting for me.
As I left her room that afternoon, it occurred to me that I might have lost another opportunity to lose my virginity and I swore to myself in frustration.
My fears were confirmed. By the time I returned in the evening, she was gone. I called her and she said her parents came to pick her up late in the afternoon and she had already travelled. She said she really enjoyed what we had together. Her boyfriend had never even given her half of the pleasure I had given her. She said she hoped one day, we would hook up and finish what we started.

Well, I soon moved on with my life. I defended my ND project and graduated from the polytechnic. I was 19 years old and still a virgin and the prospects of getting disvirgined soon was looking dim. Then my parents compounded matters by sending me to a private University with the strictest, harshest set of rules. The university is owned by a popular Pentecostal church near Lagos (I believe some coolvallers will be able to decode).
The moment I saw the school handbook, I knew I was in for a tough time. Sex in any form is prohibited and the penalty is one session suspension. Kissing and smooching is prohibited with one semester suspension. Blue films are abomination in the school and they get people expelled for being in possession. Students are mandated to dress in a particular way, guys and girls have interactive time with each other that must not be violated, even secular music is prohibited. Students are not allowed to go out without permission. Not even mobile phones are allowed, students communicate with the help of the internet. The rules go on and on and the more conversant you are with these rules, the safer you are so that you don’t fall victim. Yet the school has in attendance, children from some of the most influential families in the country; Na so so Ajebutter pikins full that school oh! I braced myself for four years of hell.
In my first year, I followed the rules strictly. When I remembered how much my parents were paying to keep me there I tried to avoid anything that would terminate my studies. I avoided all the girls and kept strictly to my studies. But it was not easy; there were just too many fine girls. You should understand how I suffered, seeing pretty, sexy girls with invitation of sex written plainly on their faces, tantalizing you with their smiles and yet you can’s dare touch them. It’s like looking at honey in a tightly sealed, unbreakable glass. You can’t taste it. You can only stare at it. The girls were willing to have sex but the boys ran away from them because of the danger. That was the situation in my first year. I was a fresher and I had a fresher’s view of the school.
In my second year, I started having a clearer view of the school. I grew smarter. I realized the rules were only symbolical in many cases. If you know the rules well and know your way around, then you can always bend the rule to your favour. You can arrange with your babe, get a hotel in town and go on a whole weekend of sex spree. You can settle the gatemen and get out to attend parties. You can even sneak out during the night vigils and go clubbing in Lagos all night and come back by next morning. You can watch as much X-rated movies as you can. The only rule is ‘don’t get caught’ and I started mastering this rule. Money was not a problem. Most of the students had six figure bank accounts; they can spend on anything they want. In my second year, I met J-man, whose real name is Johnson. He was my roommate and he was a real bad boy in the ways of the kitty. He introduced me to all the ways of circumventing the law. Johnson was a master f—ker. He has had sex in every dark corner in the school. Most of the girls knew him for his reputation but he was so good and so smooth that he continued to ravage their kitties. I started leaving out time for some adventure though I still remain my good, innocent self. Then I met Rachel.

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Episode 10

Because of my ambition to be a writer, I used to leave my college of science during free periods to attend lectures on international relations in the college of social sciences. I used to sit in a dark corner without speaking to anybody in the class. One day, I walked in before the commencement of the lecture and sat down at my usual place. Suddenly I heard a feminine voice from behind me.
“Don’t sit there, that’s my seat!”
I stood up immediately ready to challenge who it was. I found myself looking into a pair of crystal clear eyes set inside a pretty, dark, angelic face. All the anger I had felt at the intruder vanished instantly. For a while, I couldn’t say anything. I swung my gaze quickly from her face down her body. She was slightly dark; the colour of chocolate. She was slim, cute and with tiny waists. She had straight, smooth legs typical of runway models. My gaze swung back to her face. But she was not frowning, she was actually smiling and it was an innocent, yet mischievous smile. Then I told her gently that it was my seat since I always sit there. She smiled and said that I had two options. It’s either I leave the seat or we share the seat. I knew the second option was not feasible. It would not be allowed by the lecturer so I left the seat for her and got another seat. But throughout the lecture I kept thinking about her. At a time during the lecture I looked at her and found her eyes meeting mine.
After the lecture, I was leaving the class when I heard the girl beside me.
“Why do you like staying alone without talking to anybody?”
“To avoid trouble.” I replied
She found me funny and started laughing. Then I told her it was because she was so beautiful and polished that I felt myself dumbfounded at first and had to leave my seat for her. She smiled and said her name is Rachel. I told her my name and we started chatting. She confessed that she had always seen me in that corner and was curious about me. That’s why she decided to look for my trouble.
This was to be the beginning of my second relationship.

I can say this is one of my best relationships ever. Rachel had a very cheerful, intellectual, generous personality. There was never a dull moment with her. We were never in want of anything. She had a lot of money and although I never demanded from her, she never ceased to spoil me with money at every opportunity. At first we didn’t talk about sex because of the kind of environment we were. I was in love and I was happy, I had the best girl in the world in my life. Then one day while we were walking back from the school cafeteria, I asked her what she thought about sex and she said she was a virgin but she doesn’t mind trying it out with me since I was the right guy for her. She only needs it to be at the right place in the right time. As time went on we discovered we could barely be around each other without getting h—y. This girl nearly got me into trouble several times. There was a time in the chapel when the service was getting boring and we decided to stroll around. When we got under the stairs, she whispered into my ears that she was h—y. I had to kiss her instantly and we continued kissing for a while. Then I felt her hand stray to my trousers, caressing my stiff c—ck through the fabric. My hands were already on her boobs when we heard fast footsteps approaching us. We quickly broke up and dispersed. It was a security man; if we had been caught it would have been a semester suspension. I was looking forward to booking a hotel one weekend and taking her there to bleep her. But when I approached my roommate Johnson for advice, he said the love I had for her might vanish if I had sex with her too early and I would start seeing her as a sex object. I explained to her and she understood. She said she would wait but not for too long

During the long break, she took me to see her parents. Her father was a popular businessman, he was stinkingly rich and I was a little scared initially, having to stand to his scrutiny. After quizzing me for a while, he was satisfied that I was good enough for her daughter. He liked me because I seemed to be knowledgeable in a lot of things and he found easy to chat with me because he was an influential man who has seen a lot. Her mother was a sweet, gentle-looking woman. The resemblance between mother and daughter was too much. She had a slim body like her daughter and they looked more like sisters than mother and daughter. I wondered if I actually see her outside on a normal day, I could toast her not knowing she is married for 25 years with 5 children. The mother also liked me and I had a nice time with them. After then she always asked about me. She used to package gifts for me and give me money whenever she visited her daughter in school.
During the Christmas I went to Rachel’s house again and attended their Christmas party. I was introduced to her siblings. She had two sisters and two brothers. The guys were tall and slim, like their father. The girls were also pretty like their mother. However, Bimpe who was Rachel’s immediate younger sister seemed not to like me and she tried to diss me at every opportunity. Rachel told me not to mind her that she was just jealous. The party was exquisite and explosive. There was plenty of food and booze as we partied till dark. Many big men were there; Rachel’s father’s friends. She was with me throughout and in the evening she kept whispering into my ears
“Tonight, am getting disflowered by you tonight.”
I laughed and said she was drunk. She said yes but that it was possible even with the prying eyes of her family. She said she would sneak into my room at night and do it with me. I was excited, looking forward to a night of hot, steamy sex with the girl I loved.
As the party proceeded I got drunk on the alcoholic wine. Rachel went to sleep first, complaining of getting dizzy. Then later I staggered upstairs into my bedroom in a secluded chamber in the mansion. I was drunk; everything seemed to swirl in my eyes and I crashed on the bed. Before I slept, I had the imagination of sex and Rachel playing in my mind.

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Episode 11

After riding me pleasurably for several minutes, she released my kini from her kitty for a while before resuming. Then I remembered that Rachel was supposed to be a virgin. That kitty was too smooth and too wide to be Rachel’s in reality. A sinking feeling overwhelmed me and I longed to see her face.
“kiss me” I moaned to her.
Hesitantly, she moved to my face and kissed me. Then I saw her eyes. What I saw filled me with horror because it was not my Rachel it was someone else.
“OMG!” I screamed.
It was Rachel’s mother. The mischievous look of pleasure in her eyes sparked up a mixture of horror and anger in me. I sprang up from the bed instantly and woke up from the dream.
I looked around me at the dark room, how come I was having sex with Rachel’s mother in my dreams? I quickly switched on the light. I felt my kini; it was ramrod stiff. Then I heard footsteps approaching the room. I had an inkling of danger immediately. It seemed there was something metaphysically wrong, as if something fetish was going on. I fixed my gaze on the door; fear of the unknown gripped my heart. I saw the door open and Bimpe stood there, looking at me like a predator surveying her prey. She had a blanket wrapped around her. She removed the blanket and threw it on the floor, leaving only her panties and bra on. OMG I don die today oh! After dreaming of having sex with Rachel’s mother, her sister walks in with the wicked intention of raping me.

[]I sat up on the bed immediately, with my back against the wall. I was scared, confused and h—y at the same time. My mind kept telling me to flee the danger instantly but my body longed to stay there and experience whatever was going to happen. Then Bimpe quickly bent down and picked her wrapper. The look on her face changed from sensual to serious. My eyes cleared immediately and I realized she did not come with the intention of having sex with me, she wanted to talk to me and her wrapper had fallen by mistake. I heaved a sigh of relief but felt disappointed underneath.
“Good morning, am sorry to disturb your sleep. I just need someone to talk to.” she said
I nodded “No problem” But I wondered what was so serious that she would walk into a man’s room at that time of the night. She walked in and sat beside me on the bed. Then she told me something that surprised me. She said Rachel was not really a virgin as she claims, that she actually sleeps around and in fact she is a nympho but she is just keeping me as a future guy that she can marry. I didn’t believe Bimpe, I accused her that she is just been jealous. She said she she is jealous but that she is telling the truth. She said every Sunday she used to come home when their parents were not around with one guy from her school called Johnson. I became alarmed and asked her to describe the guy. The description fit perfectly with my friend Johnson, my roommate. An anger rose in me as I thought about it. So the bastard had been banging my girlfriend while acting like a good friend. But I still didn’t believe Bimpe fully. There was only one way to find out; ask from Johnson and Rachel.

[]The following morning, Rachel hadn’t woken up before I sneaked out of the house. I went straight to Johnson’s house in Ikeja and asked him about it. He denied it initially but eventually confessed that they started strafing when she came to tell him that I was too slow in banging her that I was dulling her moves. I was so angry that I it him. We had a fight that day that gave me a bloodied nose. Rachel called later in the evening and started crying, trying to apologize. I cut the phone and deleted her phone no. I felt so angry, and betrayed. My Rachel whom I had thought was the purest, most innocent girl in the world was actually a biatch stabbing me in the back. Throughout the week I was miserable. I had to leave Lagos and travel down to my family house in a South-west city
One New Year’s Day I made a resolution that I would not trust any girl anymore. I would not even have a girlfriend. It’s all over, there is no reason searching for love, trying to stay innocent. What came to my mind was to f—ck the next girl I laid my hands on. I would seek pleasure anywhere I found it and nobody would stop me. But first I had to get rid of this silly virginity.
The following evening I hit the streets. I located the most popular brothel in town. Today I was going to lose my innocence.

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Episode 12

The following evening I hit the streets. I located the most popular brothel in town. Today I was going to lose my innocence. I had to numb my mind to the scornful tales of love peddlers I had been told. This ashii joint is a legend in the town. It had been there ever since I remembered. When I was in secondary school, we used to pass in front of the two story building and stare at the girls. Whenever our eyes came into contact with one of them, we would run away. We used to be scared of the love peddlers then and you were Super-brave if you dared enter the place. Tonight, I had only one mission; to get laid. I quickly settled in the spacious compound of the hotel. The whole environment was vulgar and enticing. Outside the building, men sat down in groups under canopies, drinking, smoking and eating pepper soup. All around the building and on the veranda upstairs, young women with heavy make-up and in different stages of nudity paraded themselves, displaying their wares. Loud, sensual music was playing in the background. I could hear the lyrics; Waka waka baby, Ashawo, ashawo, clearly from the loud speakers. The whole place was lit with coloured bulbs. I entered the central bar inside the building and found more girls. I ordered for a bottle of star and settled down in a quiet corner; I wanted to maintain a low profile. I remembered hearing somewhere that drinking a few bottles of Star before sex would prevent one from ejaculating early. As I sipped my beer, I eyed the love peddlers, surveying them one by one to pick my choice. I soon found a suitable one in no time.

After three bottles of star, I knew I was in the mood for some action. I quickly proceeded towards my prey, I called on to her and she came to me. She was fair-skinned and of average height. She had a pretty face I must confess and a tiny waist. The butts were well rounded and big, and that was my delight. I asked her name, she said Blessing and she is from Akwa-Ibom. As she held my hand and led me to her room, I kept wondering what such a young, beautiful girl was doing here but my thoughts soon faded at the emergency of my rising manhood. We quickly negotiated the price and settled down to hot, steamy sex.
She undressed quickly. I also undressed, but leaving on my boxers. She started kissing me all over the body except in the mouth, they don’t do mouth kissing. She caressed my body and licked my nipples, belly buttons and kissed my neck. I became fully sexually aroused and started caressing her body too. First I squeezed her breast and pinched the nipples. Then my fingers found their way down to the thighs, and finally to the womanhood. I rubbed on the c–t, then slipped my finger inside. First one finger, then another until I had four fingers inside, fingering her. OMG, I was surprised her kitty could take four fingers at a time. She started moaning because I was finally getting to her. She grabbed my kini and started massaging. I told her to give me a head, she said that would cost extra. I quickly gave her the money and she removed my boxers. Then she proceeded to give me the fluting of my life. She really did it like the pro that she was, taking in the whole cylinder. Then she told me to lay on the bed and asked which style I wanted. I said I want her to ride me the cowgirl style. She quickly tore a condom and slipped it on my ramrod stiff stick. Then she slid the stick inside her p—y and started riding. OMG the p—y was wide but penetration was so fast and deep that it was still pleasurable. She rode me in such a way that when my stick comes out it brushes the c–t on its way inside again. After some time, she stood up and changed to the reverse cowgirl style, backing me. The thrusts were even faster this time. After about fifteen minutes, she was wondering why I hadn’t released. Then I told her to change position. She laid on the bed and I banged her missionary style.

As I bleeped her, several thoughts kept going on in my mind. Finally I had lost my innocence, but not in a special way. I was enjoying the sex, though I thought the girl’s moans were exaggerated because she’s a pro and she must have had all manner of diks, many bigger than mine. I asked her if she really felt me that much or she was pretending. At that point she stopped, looked me in the eyes and confessed to me that she faked it. Though she enjoyed the sex, my dik wasn’t just that big enough to make her squirm. I was so nice to her and she really wanted to make me feel good. That was when I realized that the more you use it, the bigger and more efficient it becomes.
On my way back home, I realized something had changed in me. Deep in my heart I knew I was no more the nice guy I used to be. I had treasured my innocence for such a long time because I believed in true love. I was always seeking someone to love and cherish, not someone to sex. But that night, everything changed. I realized I could have all the sex I wanted and not give a d–n about any girl. All my search for love had ended in betrayal, disappointment and despair. I made up my mind; from now on when I meet a girl, I would seek first my own pleasure, then all other things can be added on to it. I was surprised that I felt calm and happy coming to terms that love was dead and pleasure was alive. I braced myself for a life of hot, raunchy sexcapades.