[STORY] My Virgin Maid(18+) (episode 1-31)

My Virgin Maid-Chapter 1⚡

Theme: I Bought Her

Genre: Romance, Drama,Suspense

Written by Ti fe✍️


I sat in front of the mirror with my eyes closed, waiting for my Aunt to finish working the wonders she performed on my face.

The loud music in the club kept penetrating the door of the room we were. Yeah, it is my Aunt’s club house.

I work as a cleaner in the club house. I was always back the stage and have never been seen by anyone.

Not until my Aunt came to me today happily and started getting me dressed and giving me a makeover.

She bought me a very beautiful golden gown with golden beads on it and a killer heels to wear. This is really weird.

“Tada!!” She said smiling as she left my front. I opened my eyes and I looked at myself in the mirror.

I looked so beautiful, I have never been worked on like this before. I stood up and looked at my Aunt in fear.

This is the very first time she is been nice to me after my parents died.

“Aunt, why are you been so nice to me all of a sudden?” I asked bowing my head slightly.

“Okay this is it Charlotte.” She said holding my shoulders and turning me to face the mirror.

“All these you carry will be very useful to us.” She said tracing her hand over my curvy hips.

“Ma’am, I don’t understand.” I said looking at myself in the mirror.

“Never mind girl, you will know soon.” She said in frustration.

“Okay.” I replied nodding.

“I will be back soon. Prepare yourself and wear your shoe.” She said and moved out of the room.

I am Charlotte Cena, I am 19 years old. I am who people call beauty, I had the curves and shape to make a man drool.

I kept staring at myself and truly I looked beautiful. My hips were so big in the body hug cloth and my cleavages were exposed.

I felt uncomfortable in it but I and no choice than to comply or Aunt will skin me alive. I kept walking in front of the mirror adjusting the cloth to cover my exposed cleavages but it kept coming down.

“No one would ever know I am 19 years old,I look 25.” I thought smiling.

“But why all these make up?? I have never been dressed in expensive clothing since my parents died.” I thought.



I wore my shoe and I stood up to try carrying it, it looked so beautiful. I was still admiring myself when Mrs Ruby my Aunt came in smiling.

“C’mon girl. Its time.” She said happily.

“Time for what?” I thought but I dare not say it out. I nodded smiling faintly as she held me and we moved out into the club.

The lights in the club house were dull colours but the my cloth was glowing under them.

“You need to compose yourself.” She yelled into my ears because of the noise in the club and I nodded in obedience.

I looked around me and I saw other girls of my age dressed in expensive and extravagant clothes.

They looked so beautiful too. I wonder what is going on.

Suddenly the music stopped and everywhere became silent. My aunt went up the stage. Well, she is the owner.

She also wore a beautiful blue gown exposing her body. I don’t blame her, she isn’t married.

“Good day ladies and gentlemen. This is another day we all have been waiting for.” She said smiling as all the audiences clapped their hands.

“And we will be bringing up our best and beautiful ladies for you to pick your choice.” She said happily.

“Pick your choice?” I thought in confusion. What is going on here?

The girls started walking to the stage swaying their butts and b**bs. I stood still where I was and kept watching like a dummy.

I saw my Aunt shake her head trying to pass me an information and I grabbed it immediately.

I walked up the stage as the last lady on the stage and stood in front of everyone facing the ground.


I sat in the club house discussing with Davis my friend when the music stopped pulling our attention to the stage.

“Oh John, see this ladies they are hot!!.” Davis said happily.

“Whatever.” I said rolling my eyes and facing my phone.

“C’mon Johnny, you are so cold.” He added and I giggled still facing my phone.

“Who is taking this lady? $300.” I heard Mrs Ruby say.

I looked up to the stage and I saw the Lady in front. She had a wine coloured hair and she was awfully thin.

“Geez, she is ugly.” I said irritatingly.

“Yeah, I agree to that for the first time.” Davis said making me burst into laughter. I continued playing games on my phone turning deaf ears to what was going on.

“John see this Lady.” Davis said hitting me very hard.

“I am not INTRESTED.” I said making emphasis on the interested.

“Please just this once.” He said still hitting me hard.

“Fine!” I said and looked up to see the most beautiful lady I have seen in my entire life.

My mouth dropped open and my phone slipped off my hand falling right into Davis hand.

“Who wants her? She is still intact, still very tight. $500.” Mrs Ruby announced.

“I, $500!” A man yelled from behind me. He looked so rough and ugly under the colorful bulbs.

“Any one else. She is going?” She added again.

“$700!” Another man yelled. I looked at his direction and I saw how huge he was, he had big muscles like that of a wrestler.

“If this guy handles the lady, I am sure she will die. He looks so brutal.” I thought looking at the Lady again.

“Is that all?” She asked and I didn’t hear anyone talk.

My gaze was glued to her face. She looked so shy and couldn’t even look up properly.

“So she goes to..” She said.

“$1000!” I yelled cutting her.

I saw the lady look up in shock and she kept staring at me. She is so beautiful.

“Hey!! John, are you okay? $1000!!! For a Lady!! Are you kidding me ?!” Davis whispered almost like a yell in my ears.

“Wow!! That is a lot of money.” Mrs Ruby said happily.

“Anyone else?” She asked but no one answered anymore.

“So Charlotte goes to Mr??” She said pointing at me.

“John!” I replied standing up with my gaze still on Charlotte.

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Chapter 2⚡

Theme: I Bought Her

Written by Ti fe✍️


I knew immediately what Mrs Ruby was talking about and I couldn’t believe I was actually been sold.

I was so shocked when a guy decided to buy me for $1000.

“Charlotte go meet your new owner.” She whispered into my ears as we were off the stage.

“Mrs Ruby, please don’t sell me.” I said sadly as tears threatened to roll down my cheeks.

“Shut up Charlotte. Do you think all these make over are for free? I am tired of feeding you. It is time for my reward.” She said angrily.

She brought a travelling bag closer to me and I knew it contained my stuff.

“Please Aunt. I don’t even know him.” I said and she was about reply me when I heard the sweetest voice I have ever heard in my entire life.

“Hi.” The voiced said. I was so tempted to look back and I did.

“Omg!! He is so cute!!! His hair was covering a part of his left eye.” I thought staring at his face.

“Mr John, you made me so happy today.” She said coming in between Mr john and I. He looks 28,He is really a Mister.

“Its nothing ma’am, but advertising her isn’t polite at all. I did that because I didn’t want her to fall into the wrong hands.” He said sadly.

“At least you have bought her. And you have paid so, I don’t care.” She said nonchalantly.

“I didn’t buy her.” He said moving close to me. Mrs Ruby walked away leaving two of us.

“Hi” he said again smiling.

“Hi” I replied shyly.

“Let’s leave here.” He said smiling.

I nodded sadly and was about picking up the travelling bag before he stopped me.

“You won’t be needing those.” He said pushing it aside.

“They are my clothes.” I replied looking at him.

“I know, we will get you new ones.” He said and held me hands as we moved out of the club.

We walked outside until we stopped in front of a car.

“Wow! She is so beautiful!!.” Another guy said coming down from the car in front of us.

“Davis c’mon act matured.” Mr John said rolling his eyes.

“I am Davis.” He said stretching his hand to me. He looked young too but older than Mr john in face and stature.

“Charlotte.” I replied receiving his hand shyly.

“Please can we move now?” Mr john said entering the car. Davis entered into the car smiling.

I walked to the back of the car and was about entering when Mr John’s voice stopped me.

“You are sitting at the front.” He said coldly.

“The front??? What about me?” Davis said.

“You sitting at the back of course.” He said with a final tone.

“Why??” He asked raising up his hand.

“Don’t worry Mr John, I will sit at the back.” I said calmly opening the door and entering the car.

“Mr John?” Davis said laughing loudly.

“You a mister Jonny!” He said laughing hard and I couldn’t help but wonder why.
He shook his head and zoomed off to only God knows. I have finally become a man’s property.

I knew they was something bad attached to the nice treatment Mrs Ruby gave me. She has never been nice to me.

I have been working as a maid ever since i lost my parents Ten years ago.

Mr John seems nice but I can’t trust him just like that. Many of them have come to me sweetly but I later found out they were after my body.

Now I know guys are the same. Act cool this minute and the next act so cold and annoying.


We got to my mansion shortly and I zoomed in, parking my car in the garage. I came out of the car, so did Davis.
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I was about walking to open Charlotte’s door when Davis opened it and stretching his hands to help her down.

“Ahhh” I sighed rolling my eyes. Davis is such a drama Knight.

“Thank you.” She said smiling faintly. Tho it was obvious she wasn’t happy about what Mrs Ruby did. I had to do that so she won’t fall into the hands of miserable men.

She is too beautiful and curvy to be used anyhow. I need to ask what really brought her to the club in the first place. She doesn’t look like the rest of the ladies.

She looked so innocent compared to the other ladies. One was even chewing gum like a bi**h.

I opened the door and walked in disgust remembering the last part of my thought.

“Welcome to our beautiful home.” Davis said rolling happily. I looked at her and I saw she was lost staring at the building.

Well I don’t expect nothing less. My house is one of the biggest in town. My parents are very rich and I am the only son, tho I have a naughty younger sister who lives with my parents.

“Sit.” I finally spoke as she stared at me.

I walked slowly to the couch and sat on the couch carefully still surveying the structure of the house.

I sat opposite her, while Davis sat beside me and I knew he was so happy. He loves beautiful ladies so much.

“So Charlotte, what do you do?” I asked smiling slightly.

“Ehn..nn I worked as a cleaner in my Aunt Ruby’s Club.” She replied shyly as she fondled with her fingers.

“Wow, can you cook?” Davis asked cutting me off.

“Yes.” She replied bowing slightly.

“Can you please not interrupt Davis.” I said in frustration. He placed his index finger on his lips signifying he has kept his mouth shut.

“So Charlotte, how old are you?” I asked again watching her every reaction.

“19” she replied still bowing her head.

“Really….” Davis said but I shut him up with a deadly look.

“You are really 19?” I asked in surprise examining her body. She was too hot for her age. Her hips threatened to tear off the gown and her cleavages were killing.

“I am 19.” She said and I couldn’t help but wonder what a beautiful Lady like her was doing between prostitutes.

“Okay this is it. You will start working here as a maid, you clean the house, cook the dishes and the rest. And I will still pay you.” I said staring at her.

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Chapter 3⚡

Theme: I Bought Her

Written by Ti fe✍️


“You will still pay me?” I asked surprisingly.

“Yes, so your work is just to do the cleaning and cook the meals.” He said resting his back on the couch’s back rest.

“Thank you so much.” I said happily , tho I still felt sad about all that was going on.
“What if he is just using this to get to your body?” My inner mind said making me unhappy.

I shifted my gaze to Davis and I saw him grinning widely. He winked at me and I couldn’t help but smile.

“I will show you around the house.” Mr John said standing up. I nodded and stood up but I fell back to the chair, my legs were hurting. The heels isn’t my thing.

“Are you okay?” Mr John and Davis asked at the same time.

“I am fine. I just need to get my legs off these hells.” I said removing the heels.

As I did I felt the gaze of the men all over me and I couldn’t help but feel nervous. Won’t they end up wanting my body like other guys do?

“I am done.” I said standing any looking at them. I saw Mr John staring at my b**bs and, Davis was staring at my hips and grinning stupidly.

I stood looking at them and bowed my head slightly wishing they could stop staring at me.

“Here, where this.” Davis said stretching a guys slippers to me.

“Thanks.” I replied collecting it. This will be of great help, I wore it and it looked nice and felt comfortable. Tho it was big, it was beautiful on my leg.

“Let’s go.” I heard Mr John say and I felt so happy. At least they won’t be able to stare at my seductive body if i walk behind them.

I nodded looking up and Mr John started moving while I trailed behind him.

“Davis stay here. I need to talk to her privately.” He said without looking back.

“Why?? You want to do that stuff hun?” Davis said giggling.

“What stuff?? Hope it is not what I am thinking?” I thought walking behind my new owner.

I felt uncomfortable walking in the gown and I kept pulling it up to cover my boobs. It was so exposing and I knew my owner lusts over it.

We got to the kitchen and we both went in. I was still battling with my gown when I heard him speak up.

“This is the kitchen like you know.” He said looking back abruptly catching me battling with the gown.

I quickly stopped what I was doing and nodded like I was listening. He looked at me with a narrowed eye before nodding.

We left the kitchen and headed for the stairs. He was in front of me and I was so happy he was, can’t imagine him coming behind me. He will surely look at my a**.

“Why did you agree to it?” He said stopping my thoughts.

“Agree to what?” I asked staring at his back.

“To be in that club, among those girls.” He added without looking back at me.

“I didn’t agree to any of it.” I said as we got to the top floor.

“Then why did you do it? You look to innocent and fragile. You are even having problems with the gown you wearing.” He said turning to look at me.

“I.. I” I stammered trying to talk but his gaze couldn’t make me talk. He had a countenance I couldn’t phantom.

“You can talk to me Charlotte.” He said calmly.

“Okay.” I said nodding sadly.

“Come with me.” He said walking away. I followed him until we got to a swimming pool. It had beautiful lights around it, I loved it so much. He is really rich.


I led her to the chairs close to the pool. It was getting dark already and the light around the pool gave the place a wonderful view.

“Sit.” I said tapping a chair close to where I sat. She sat and I couldn’t help but stare at her for a while.

“You are beautiful.” I said smiling slightly.

“Huh?” She said raising up her head.

“Yeah.. You are beautiful. I wish i told you first but that naughty friend of mine spoiled everything.” I said
“Thank you.” She replied smiling slightly, she kept her head low hiding her face from me.
“Is that how you are?” I asked again staring at her.

“How?” She asked looking at me.

“Always shy, bowing your head and trying not to look into my face.” I said. She nodded looking away making me laugh. That is cute.

“So Charlotte, tell me your story.” I said facing her properly so I could see her face properly.

“Mr John, my life is a mess.” She said sighing heavily.

“First of all, I am not Mr John. I am John, John Walker.” I said smiling.

“It won’t be easy to call you that. You are way older than me and you are now my boss.” She said shyly.

“Hmm smart.” I said nodding my head.

“Thank you sir.” She answered.

“Arrrrgghhhh, whatever. So tell me your story, I am eager to hear it.” I said seriously.
I heard her sigh heavily before raising her head to meet mine.

“My parents died the day I was born. My father had an accident that took his life when he helped my mother get my stuffs from our house. My mother died that very day after hearing about it.” She said and I saw tears roll down her cheeks.

“I am so sorry Charlotte.” I said sadly.

“Its okay, it is my fate. Since then my Aunt Ruby adopted me, I grew to know her as I guardian tho she made it clear she isn’t my real mother.

When I was older, she made me do all the house chores and feed me only once saying she wasn’t monetarily buoyant.

When I was 11, I started working in the club house as a cleaner. Each passing day I wished I had died with my parent.

I knew Aunt Ruby sells ladies to men for cash but I never knew she would think of doing that to me , her sisters daughter.

She said guys likes girls like me especially the ones that are yet to be touched, so she dressed me up and brought me to the podium, and then you bought me and I here.” She said sadly cleaning her tears off her face.

“Wow, that is so sad.” I said pitifully.

“Can I ask you are question?” She said looking at me.

“Yes Charlotte.” I said nodding.

“Why did you buy me at the price? I mean there were lot of more beautiful girls amongst us.” She said looking right into my eyes.

“Charlotte I saw a difference in you. You looked pure, I couldn’t let you fall into any bad hands and lastly, I was engrossed by your beauty. You were the most beautiful.” I said smiling and I saw her blush slightly.

“Thank you Sir.” She said smiling.

“John!” I said rolling my eyes.

“John.” She replied shyly.

“You go and rest for tomorrows work. I will walk you to your room.” I said standing up. She nodded standing up too.

“My slippers looks nice on you.” I said before leading the way.

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Chapter 4⚡

Theme: I Bought Her

Written by Ti fe✍️


“Bianca, get me the eye liner!! I told you not to take it, you are so annoying.” I yelled from my room.

“Angelica calm down, don’t bite me!!” My younger sister bianca yelled back.

“Geez, she is so annoying.” I thought combing my hair.

“Here take it, don’t eat me raw.” Bianca said barging into the room angrily. She dropped it on front of me and turned to go but I stopped her.

“Bianca.” I called pouting my mouth.

“What!!” She yelled back.

“My Darling sister, I am sorry for getting you angry.” I said standing up and standing in front of her.

“What do you want? I know you want me to do something that is why you are remorseful.” She said rolling her eyes.

“As my sweet makeup artist. Can you please do some make over on my face? I am going to see John today, I want to look nice.” I replied smiling.

“I knew it!” She replied nodding.

“Thank you.” I said happily sitting in front of my mirror.

I have been a relationship with John for almost 3 years now. He has been a darling to me.

He loves me and I love him more, tho I almost spoilt our relationship by sleeping with one of his workers in his company.

I was caught and he almost killed me. He hates seeing me with another man and I love a jealous man like him.

My parents agree totally to our relationship, so did his parents. We should have gotten married but he said he still needed some time.

I can’t wait for him to finally make me his official wife.

“Done!” Bianca said coldly. That is how she is, she is an introvert. I opened my eyes to look at myself in the mirror.

“Wow. Bianca, you did a great job. I look so beautiful.” I said happily. Been a model and then having a makeup artist as a sister is the best thing you can ever ask of.

“Whatever, I am off.” She replied walking out of the room.

I didn’t even mind her, I went to my closet and brought out the new gown I bought with some of the clothes I was to wear for my upcoming photoshoot.

It was a wine short armless gown, I wore it and stood in front of my standing mirror. My hips and b**bs were so evident in the cloth and I loved it.

“John is going to trip when he sees me.” I thought happily. I wore my silver coloured shoe and carried my silver bag.

I walked in front of the mirror swaying my butts and I loved what I saw. I was a cry hot cake.

I walked out of my room majestically, cat walking like I have always been doing.

“Dad! Mom! I am off to Johns house.” I yelled to them anywhere they were. I walked out before they could reply.

I brought out my car keys and pressed them and the car door opened automatically. I sat in my car and zoomed off to John’s.


I woke up by the buzz of the alarm in my room the next day. I got up from my bed and walked to the toilet to bath.

I was giving a night wear by Mr John yesterday night because I didn’t have one. I was sure it was for a guy, either for him or Davis.

I took my bath in the bath tub, I loved the way the warm water made me feel. I laid inside the tub for like 10 minutes before scrubbing my body.

I came out of the bathroom to the dress up, then I remembered I had no stuffs in the house apart from my expensive gown.

I wore my gown and walked to the door. I opened the door to see some bags in front of me.

“What are these?” I thought bending to see it. There was a paper on it and I picked it up to read it.


He is kinda nice. I carried the bags inside my room happily to check out the clothes.

I started opening them and I saw different type of beautiful dresses and shoes. They were very lovely, that even had their labels on them.

I wore the clothes and shoes and they suit me well. How come he knows my size? Even if he guessed the clothes, what about the shoes?

I removed my exposing gown and wore a red top and white trousers from the clothes he bought for me.

The red top suit me well, and the trousers packed up my excess a** making it look small.

There was another small bags in the big bags. “What can be here?” I thought smiling.

I opened the first bag to see a cream, roll on and perfume. Wow, I didn’t see that coming.

I opened the perfume and smelt it, it was smelling nice, so was the roll on. I tried the cream on my body and it was mild on my skin.

“How those Mr John know all these?” I thought in amusement. I eagerly opened the last bag and I was shocked when I saw the contents.

“Panties and bras?” I said in shock. I saw a paper in the bag after bringing out all the underwear in bag.

“DAVIS FORCED ME TO GET IT” I read in laughter. They are kinda funny, I sized the bra and they were my exact size.” Is Davis that good?” I thought smiling.

I arranged all my gifts in my closet and I stared at them happily. I have never had a closet to call mine.

I walked out of my room to start my daily activity. I got to the kitchen to see everywhere neat, tho we didn’t eat last night, I didn’t expect it to be this neat.

“Impressive” I said nodding. I moved in and opened the refrigerator to see it fully stocked with food ingredients.

I smiled as I pictured the food I was going to prepare in my head. Let’s suprise Mr john and Davis.” I said happily.

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Chapter 5⚡

Theme: I Bought Her

Written by Ti fe✍️


” Do you think she would like the gift?” I asked Davis as we walked out of the conference room.

“C’mon Johnny. No Lady will see that and won’t be flattered. Guy, you even bought her undies.” He said laughing.

“Shhh.” I placed my index finger on his lips.

“People mustn’t hear.” I said giggling.

“You seem interested in her Johnny.” He said narrowing his eyes as we got to my office.

“No Davis, don’t think it that way. I just want to help, that’s all.” I said rolling my eyes.

“I will say you said so.” Davis said grinning.

“Idiot” I said laughing.

“Hope you haven’t forgotten your model girlfriend.” He said raising his hands to signify quotation marks.

“I can’t forget Angelica, i am just worried about how she would feel when she sees Charlotte in my house.” I said sighing.

“Intimidated.” He replied.

“Why would she be intimidated?” I asked furrowing my brows.

“It is obvious. Charlotte is more curvy and beautiful than Angelica.” He said using his hands in demonstration of a woman’s curve.

“Well I don’t know about that.” I said pretending not go know. But honestly, Charlotte is so hot!!

“I can’t wait to get home, I want to see her assets every time.” He said grinning stupidly.

“Can you just take your eyes off her, its annoying.” I said flipping open the documents in front of me.

“Don’t tell me you are jealous.” He said lowering his to meet mine.

“I am not, just stay away from her. She is mine, as far as I am concerned I bought her.” I said in a finally tone.

“Ouch!” I give up. There was a knock on the door of the office.

“Come in.” I said and my Secretary came in looking beautiful as ever. Angelica almost killed me when she knew a beautiful girl like Success.

“Hey Success.” Davis said smiling stupidly.

“Hi Davis.” She replied moving to where I sat. “Sir, the documents you are to sign.” She said placing it on my table.

“Thank you.” I replied smiling.

“Success what about our discussion?” Davis asked grinning.

“We will see in camera.” She asked blushing before moving out of my office.

“Yes!” He yelled happily.

“Seems you have finally seen a girlfriend.” I said winking at him.

“Not yet. Not when I still have Charlotte close by.” He said winking at him, while I shot a deadly look making him laugh hard.


I drove into John’s house happily. I adjusted my dressing and my makeup before coming down from the car.

I walked majestically to the door, I pressed the door bell with the best smile I could put on. I waited for him to open up.

The door opened and I was about jumping on him when I saw a very beautiful girl in front of me. She smiled at me, and I must say she is cute.

“Hi” she said smiling widely.

“Hi.” I replied looking at her from head to toe.

“Come in.” She said opening the door for me. I walked in swaying my a** majestically. I looked to have a better look of her.

She had an apron on and she was heavily loaded! She had butts as thrice as mine. Omg! What is she doing here? Why will somebody like her stay her for a minute.

“What are you doing here?” I asked sitting on the couch and crossing my legs on each other.

“I am the new maid ma’am.” She said smiling. Who is smiling with her?

“Ohhh maid, yeah.” I said rolling my eyes.

“And you are?” She asked smiling.

“Well, I am John’s Fiancée.” I said smiling.

“You look beautiful ma’am.” She said smiling.

“Hun thank you and, only beauties like us stay close to John.” I said smirking.

“Please excuse me, I am kinda busy in the kitchen.” She said walking away.

I watched the way her hips and butts bounced in the trousers. They threaten to fall out from the waist.

“Oh God, why would John employ someone like this. She is too beautiful to be here. Tho not as beautiful as I am.” I thought.

I know just what to do. When I frustrate her, she will have no choice than to leave here.

“Hey maid, get me a drink!” I yelled. I brought out my phone and started chatting with you know? My lovers online.

“Here ma’am.” She said placing it on the table in front of me.

“Where is the ice?” I asked angrily.

“I am sorry. I will get it now.” She said running to the kitchen when I noticed the slippers she wore.

“Hey come back.” I yelled standing up.

“I am Charlotte. you know to make it east for you to call me.” She said smiling as she got to my front.

“I don’t care what your filthy name is, you garbage.! Where did you get those?” I asked angrily pointing to the slippers on her feet.

“Davis gave them to me.” She answered bowing slightly.

“And he didn’t tell you it is my baby’s own?” I added sweeping my hair behind my ear.

“No he didn’t. I am sorry ma’am, I will remove it right away.” She said running away.

“Did I ask you to leave?” I said and she came rubbing back to me. I am really enjoying this.

“Am sorry ma’am.” She said panting.

“Now leave, remove that slippers and get me my ice!” I yelled as she ran from my presence.

I sat on the couch tiredly, my throat was itchy due to the way I yelled and my head was hurting a little.

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Chapter 6⚡

Theme: I Bought Her

Written by Ti fe✍️


I walked to the kitchen barefooted, I was so scared of been chased out by Mr John’s fiancée. She is kinda harsh but she is beautiful.

I never thought Mr John would have a fiancée. Tho I am sure he is old enough, I wasn’t expecting someone like her. She is kinda annoying.

The food I prepared was ready but I didn’t know if I should serve it already since Mr John and Davis are yet to be back.

I walked out of the kitchen and peeped to look into the living room to see Mr John’s fiancée sleeping.

I walked into my room and sat on the bed tiredly, It was 2pm already.The time is flying very fast.

I laid on my bed to have a nap, and I was at the edge of sleeping deeply when I heard some voices in the living room.

“Mr john?” I thought happily jumping out of my bed.

I ran out of my room happily to see Mr John kissing his fiancée. I had a kind of unexplainable feeling. Mr John deserves a nicer lady not her.

“Charlotte are you okay? He is your boss.” My inner mind said and I nodded in agreement.

I stood on the stairs watching them. I saw Davis beside them smiling as usual.

“I missed you.” The Lady said happily disengaging from the kiss.

“I miss you too Angelica.” He replied smiling.” So she is Angelica. ” I thought still looking at them. Coolval stories

“So you didn’t miss me.” Davis said but Miss Angelica ignored him talking to Mr John.

“Davis please don’t start.” Mr John said laughing. He is really happy to see her.

“I guess I will go meet someone that missed me.” Davis said walking towards the stairs.

I ran to my room in haste jumping on my bed and pretending to be asleep. I heard a knock on the door as expected.

I stood up and moved to the door to open it. I met Davis at the door smiling widely.

“Hi.” He said smiling.

“Hi, come in.” I said smiling as I opened the door wider for him to come in.

“How was your day at home all alone?” He asked as soon as he got inside my room.

“It was nice. The house was neat before, so cleaning wasn’t that hard.” I said smiling.

“That is John for you. He loves cleaning.” He replied smiling.

“I am really grateful for the gift You and Mr John got me. I wasn’t expecting that much.” I said shyly.

“I? I didn’t even know when he ordered it.” He said laughing.

“Huh? Even the underwear?” I asked shockingly.

“Yeah.” He said nodding.

“How come he knows so much about these things?” I asked myself aloud.

“Angelica is a model, most times they go out to get stuffs like that.” He said smiling while I kept a “ohhhh” look.

“Don’t be surprised, John is very nice.” He added.

“I see that, Mr john is an angel sent to me.” I said smiling.

“Enough of this Mr john okay? He is John, you are making him look 30.” He said standing up.

“Isn’t he 30?” I thought biting my lower lip.

“I am off. Just came to greet you, and lest I forget. The aroma from that kitchen is killing please come serve the food quick.” He said and left the room.

I smiled still thinking about Mr John’s kindness. So he actually bought me those underwears.


I sat in the living room with Angelica and she kept talking and talking. She didn’t even give me the chance to freshen up nor rest.

I nodded to everything she was saying but I wasn’t really listening. My mind was with Charlotte.

Immediately Davis left this place, I knew he was heading to Charlotte’s room. I hope he doesn’t do anything stupid or else, I am going to skin him alive.

“Baby are you even listening?” Angelica said holding my hand.

“Oh yes. I am” I replied nodding.

“I said why are you still allowing Davis to stay here?” She asked.

“C’mon, he is my best friend. He keeps my company since you have decided not to have time for me.” I said sadly.

“It is not like that baby. You know my job is a very busy one.” She said pouting her mouth.

“Hmm I understand.” I said looking at the floor and then I saw my slippers that was given to Charlotte close to Angelica.

“What is that doing here?” I asked pointing at my slippers.

“Oh thank you for reminding me. That maid of yours wore it.” She said rolling her eyes.

“Her name is Charlotte, and what is wrong with her wearing it?” I asked.

“Baby, she has no right to wear your stuffs. She is your maid, moreover I don’t like her. Send her away.” She said angrily.

“Angelica she is human also. And for me to send her away because of you, that can never happen.” I said in a final tone.

“John, seriously.” She said looking at me sadly.

“Yes, I have had enough of your troubles. Don’t start another one, I gave her the slippers myself.” I said looking away from her.

“Mr John, the food is served.” Charlotte said from the dinning room. I looked back to look at her and Oh geez she was on fire.

The red top and white trousers was so good on her. Her hips were killing in them, I stared at her speechlessly.

Then I remembered I was with Angelica. I looked at her and I saw her staring at Charlotte in anger.

“Thank you. You can go.” I said smiling while she nodded and left. I looked away trying so hard not to look at her backside.

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⚡Chapter 7⚡

Theme: I Bought Her

Written by Ti fe✍️


I watched how John looked at that girl, I am sure he is going to love her and I can never take that. I have to make sure he doesn’t like her. He is mine!

“Let us eat.” John said standing up. I nodded as we moved to the dinning table, I opened the fancy pot disgustingly.

“Oh God it looks so nice and the aroma is killing.” I thought but kept a disgusting look on.

“Wow, this smells nice.” John said inhaling the aroma.

“Let’s see if it tastes the way it looks.” I said rolling my eyes and sitting down.

“At least I have seen somebody to cook for me, not like you that I have never tasted your food.” He said without looking at me.

“John are you mocking me?” I asked angrily.

“No not at all, just saying my mind.” He said smiling. Charlotte came to us smiling, I so much hate that girl.

“Mr John can i serve you now?” She said smiling.

“Yes please.” John replied smiling. She started serving John and I saw he kept staring at her smiling.

She was about serving my meal when I stopped her. “Don’t you dare serve me with those filthy hands.’ I said smacking her hand off the food.

” Angelica can’t you be polite for once? ” John said angrily. Charlotte bowed her head slightly in shame and I loved that.

“I told you I don’t like her.” I yelled.

“And I am telling you I like her okay?” He replied yelling too.

“Wo wo, what is going on here?” Davis asked as soon as he got close to us.I shot him a deadly look and he ignored me and looked at Charlotte.

“Aren’t you eating?” He asked her.

“I will.” She replied calmly.

“Then sit with us.” He said smiling.

“What? She isn’t sitting here!” I yelled in anger.

“Oh yes she is.” John said making me surprise.

“John!’ I yelled.

“Charlotte sit!” He said eating his food.

“Mr John, I really appreciate this, but I think it is best I eat in my room to avoid troubles ” she said walking away swaying that her stupid big booty.

“Smart girl.” I thought smirking. I looked at John and was about to talk but he shut me up.

“Eat.” He said in a final tone. I swallowed hard thinking of what to do to that Charlotte girl.


I walked to my room with my food feeling really sad. Why am I so unfortunate, I thought I would finally be happy and now Miss Angelica.

I sat on my bed and started eating slowly. This house is sure going to hell with Miss Angelica here.

I heard a knock on my door and I knew it was Davis. I am becoming fond of him. I placed my food on the drawer and walked to the door.

I opened the door and I saw Mr John in front of me.

“Mr John.” I called in surprise.

“Hi.” He said smiling.

“Hi, come in.” I said opening up for him. He went in and I looked out the door to see if Miss Angelica was coming.

“She isn’t coming.” I heard Mr John say. I nodded and closed the door in relieve, I don’t want any troubles.

I went to him and stood some metres away from him bowing my head.

“How was your day?” He asked and I felt his gaze on my body.

“Fine Sir.” I relied.

“Stop calling me say, I told you I am john. You are make me look old.” He said.

“I am sorry about that.” I replied still bowing.

“Do you love the clothes?” He asked.

“Yes, thank you so much. They suit me well.” I said raising up my head and smiling.

“Finally you looked at me.” He said smiling. I blushed shyly nodding.

“The cloth looks nice on you, I am happy you love it.” He said smiling.

“Sir, I am honored.” I said shyly.

“And the shoes?” He asked standing up.

“Great, I love them.” I said looking at where I placed the shoes. I looked at his face and I saw he wanted to ask me about the underwears but he was shy to ask.

“I also love the underwears, they are exactly my size.” I said and I saw his eyes widen. And for the first time he avoided my gaze.

“They weren’t too big nor small?” He asked still avoiding my face.

“No, they are perfect. I never knew you had an idea about my size.” I said looking at him confidently. I knew this time around he will really be shy.

“Well Davis picked them.” He said.

“Really? He told me he didn’t even know you bought them.” I said and I saw the look on his face.

“Idiot!” He mumbled scratching his hair.

“It is fine sir.” I said trying not to laugh.

“Charlotte I am just 24. Stop this sir of a thing.” He said coming close to me.

“24?” I asked I’m surprise. He is way younger than I thought, tho he looked it but I never thought he would have been this established.

“Yes.” He said walking to the door.

“Your food was amazing. I don’t regret having you with me.” He said before walking out, and I found myself blushing really hard.

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Chapter 8⚡

Theme: I Bought Her


John left Angelica and I in the living room, I felt so uncomfortable sitting close to her! She is so annoying and proud.

She kept chewing her gum loudly disturbing the atmosphere. To be honest, I don’t like her for John one bit. She was caught cheating on him and I don’t know why he is still with her.

I prefer Charlotte to her. Tho she is a maid, she has everything a man would ask for. She can even cook better than Angelica. She is just so useless.

“Will you stop staring at me?” She said raising her head from her phone to look at me.

“Who told you I am staring at you?” I said looking away quick.

“Look her Davis, I know very well that you like me and you know that feeling will lead you to your death when John hears.” She said grinning.

“Don’t deceive yourself Angelica no guy will ever like you with this your behaviour.” I said giggling.

“And what do you mean by that?” She asked angrily.

“Nothing.” I said grinning. She stood up and walked up the stairs hissing loudly Coolval stories.

“Please fumble one more time so Charlotte can take over John’s heart.” I prayed silently. I will be the happiest man on earth to see Angelica chased out of John’s heart.

John came to the living room blushing really hard. I stood up furrowing my brows at him, I know he is coming from Charlotte’s room.

Hope he didn’t kiss her, cos I don’t understand why he is blushing this way.

“Hey john, whatsup.” I said looking at him with suspicion. He sat down lot staring in air.

“Don’t tell me you did anything stupid.” I said sitting close to him.

He looked at me and I saw his countenance change.

“You!! Why did you tell her I got the underwears myself.” He said spanking my head.

“Hey, I was just trying to help.” I said moving away from him.

“Trying to help and you made me blush in front of her.” He said shyly.

“Awwwn this is so romantic.” I said grinning stupidly.

“Baby!!! I need your attention!” Angelica yelled from upstairs making both of us groan in disgust.

“Go meet your baby.” I said rolling my eyes.

“She is so tiring.” He replied moving to the stairs.


I got to our room and I saw Angelica combing her hair in front of the mirror.

“Baby can you help me comb my hair?” She said smiling.

“Angelica is that why you called me all the way from downstairs?” I asked in frustration.

“C’mon baby, can’t you help me?” She said pouting her mouth. I smiled and moved closer to her holding her from behind.

I started kissing her, we haven’t had s*x for more than a year now. She keeps complaining about work stress and the likes.

“John stop it. You are ruining my dress.” She said pushing me off her and dusting her dress like I poured sand on her.

“Angelica it’s been almost two years I have touched you. Why are you doing this?” I asked sadly.

“John, you know I am a very busy Lady. This modelling work isn’t any easy thing you know, but don’t worry before the end of this year you will touch me.” She said putting on her lipstick.

“Angelica we are just in June!” I said in surprise.

“Baby before December I believe I would have won the competition with Phoebe.” She said still concentrating on the mirror.

“Angelica this is not fair.” I said sadly. She moved close to me smiling

“John I promise. I need to go now, I have a photo shoot. Bye” she said moving to the door.

“Not even a goodbye kiss?” I asked.

“My lipstick.” She said pointing at her lips.

“Good bye.” She said and walked out swaying her butts.

I sighed walking to my closet, I need to swim. Atleast I should make myself happy if she isn’t making me happy.

I wore my swimming suit, it was a body hug and all my abs were showing even my d**k size was kinda exposed.

I walked out of my room heading to the pool. Night was fast approaching and everywhere was dark. I got to the pool and sat in it loving the feel of the water on my body.

I started swimming and performing some underwater stunts. I raised my head up from the water and the light in one of the rooms came on.

“This is Charlotte’s room.” I thought looking into it through the transparent glass wall. A person outside can see the inside clearly but it is otherwise when inside.

I was still looking when I saw Charlotte stand in front of the mirror staring into it. Her b**bs and butts were so evident giving her a crazy figure 8 shape.

To my amusement, she started undressing. She removed her top leaving her top named except for her b**bs covered by one of the bras i got her.

“It suits her well.” I thought as I felt my rod twitch in between my legs. She bent and was about removing her trousers when I looked away quickly.

“Staring at her now won’t do you any good. You know she needs her privacy too, you are a gentle man. Look away and keep swimming” my inner mind said.

I oblige and swam deep into the pool trying not to be tempted to look at Charlotte.

“You know Angelica has everything this girl has.” My inner mind said.

“On that one, I disagree totally.” I thought as i continued swimming.

I finished swimming and I came out drying my hair with my towel. My suit hugged my body so tight and I could feel every part of my body was visible.

I walked into the house through the back door and the first person I saw was Charlotte. She was coming my way.

“Mr John.” She called bowing.

“Please stop calling me that.” I said drying my body as I remembered what I saw at the pool.

“Hope you enjoyed your swimming?” She asked smiling.

“Oh yes. Can you swim?” I asked nervously.

“No but I would love too. My aunt always went swimming but I couldn’t think of going with her because I don’t know how to swim.” She said sadly.

“Really? I could teach you if you want Me to.” I said hoping she would say yes.

“John I don’t want to stress you.” She said and my heart leaped for joy. Finally she called me John.

“C’mon Charlotte. I insist, tomorrow is Saturday. I will be less busy so we could do something.” I said grinning.

“Okay, but I don’t have a swimming suit.” She said sadly.

“That is not a problem. I will get one for you. See you tomorrow at the pool.” I said walking away.

I will finally get to touch her body. Oh God this is so great!!!

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Chapter 9⚡

Theme: I Bought Her

Written by Ti fe✍️


“What a bright beautiful Saturday.” I said stretching in front of my glassy wall. I opened the window and the beautiful sun ray entered into my room.

I placed my hand on my head dressing my rough hair in front of the standing mirror. I looked at the clock and saw it was 7am already.

I removed my clothes and walked to the bathroom to have my bath. Today is going to be so interesting.

Mr John would be teaching me how to swim, I can’t wait to finally know how to. But, I haven’t gotten my swimming suit yet, so sad.

Mr John looked so hot in his swimming suit yesterday. His abs were so evident and I was even tempted to look down to his manhood.

But I cautioned myself, he isn’t any where my match. He even has a model girlfriend who looks very beautiful. Charlotte stop day dreaming!

I finished having my bath and I came out tieing my skimpy Towel. The length ended right underneath my butts. If I mistakenly bend, I will be totally naked.

I heard a knock on my door, I held my towel very tight.

“I am dressing!” I yelled.

“Okay, Good morning. Your swimming suit is here, size it to check if it suits you. I will be waiting at the pool for you.” I heard Mr John reply.

“Thanks.” I replied blushing. I heard him walk away from the door, I ran to the door to pick up the swimming suit.

I saw a fancy bag and I knew it was the suit. I picked it up looking sideways before locking my door.

I opened the bag and I saw a small note in it. “IT WASN’T EASY GETTING THIS SIZE, I HOPE IT SUITS YOU.” I read blushing hard.

“Mr john is so nice.” I thought as I wore my swimming suit. It held my body like its life depended on it.

I moved to the mirror to check it out. It was just like an underwear, the upper part was like a bra with a singlet attached to the pant downwards.

I could see my t–s from the side of my two arms, And the pant covered my butts barely. I have seen these on ladies in movies but I don’t feel comfortable in it.

“Won’t Mr John be angry when I tell him I am not comfortable in it. You know, he bought it himself.” I thought still checking my self in the mirror.

I placed my hand on my large hips, when an idea popped in my mind. I walked to toilet and picked up my towel.

I tied it round me and I felt a little bit of comfort. Atleast I will have this on until I enter the pool. I packed my hair in a ponytail before I walked out of my room in my towel.

I saw Davis in the living room watching TV. I tried tiptoeing so he wouldn’t see me on towels but eventually he did.

“Hey Charlotte.” He called stating at me from head to toe.

“Hi Davis!” I said walking briskly from him. If I stood there another minute more I may end up falling.


I sat in the pool after swimming for some minutes waiting for Charlotte. I had to watch series of models perform in swimming suit before I could choose one for Charlotte.

Davis didn’t even bother to help, he is so annoying. All he did was laugh at me as I did my research. I will make sure he doesn’t eat in this house today.

I was still thinking, when I saw Charlotte walking towards the pool in the sun. My God, she was looking so hot. She had a towel round her but her stubborn hips kept raising it up.

She walked towards me smiling and I felt my d**k rise in my suit. She got closer to me but u couldn’t get my eyes off her.

“John.” She called shyly and I responded by blinking helplessly.

“Hey” she called again.

“Ahh hey.. Hi” I said stammering looking away from her.

“I am ready, and thanks for the suit” She said smiling

“Its okay, but you know you can’t come in with the towel around you.” I said grinning.

“Yeah, I will remove it.” She said.

“Okay.” I replied eagerly. She moved her hand to her towel and released it making it fall to her feet.

“Holy shit!” I mumbled as I stared at her body. I felt my body turning hot, I couldn’t control my eyes anymore.
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My eyes landed on her chest and then moved to her hips. Her V was curved out by the tight suit panties. Her boobs were so full and she had a wonderful belly button.

She walked closer bending to sit on the pool edge and I could see her t–s clearly. I wiped the water off my face to get a better view of her body.

“This is going to be a wonderful training.” I thought still drooling over her. I looked at her face and I saw her blushing really hard Coolval stories.

I moved close to her and I stretched out my hand to take hers. She gave me her hand and I pulled her gradually into the pool.

I felt her shivering in my arms, she really has a lot to learn. I pray I can teach her well with this body I am seeing.

“I need you to trust me now ” I said pulling her close to me gradually, trying to avoid her b**bs. She nodded tho she was still shivering.

“The first thing I want to teach you is how to hold your breath.” I said.

“Okay.” She said fearfully.

“Calm down Charlotte, you will be fine okay?” I said giving her a reassuring smile.

“Okay.” She said trying to smile.

“Now breath in as much hair as you can, and hold it as long as you can. I will time you.” I said smiling.

“Okay but please don’t let go of my hands, I am scared.” She said.

“I won’t, don’t worry.” I said smiling. She nodded then closed her eyes, she drew in hair through her nostrils and I saw her b**ba move up as she did.

Holy shit, God help me to survive.

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Chapter 10⚡

Theme: I Bought Her

Written by Ti fe✍️


I breathed in much air as I could and I held my breath. I closed my eyes so as to concentrate on the exercise. I waited in expectation of Mr John’s time but I didn’t hear anything.

I was running out of patience already, so I decided to stop the excersice to look at my coach. I opened my eyes to see Mr John staring at my b**bs.

I felt my cheeks go red immediately.

“Arr Mr John.” I said smirking.

“Ye.. Yes.” He replied shaking his head as he looked at me.

“I am done with the exercise. How many minutes was it?” I asked still holding him firm.

“Err..rhhnn, you know don’t worry about that. We can skip that exercise for now.” He said grinning.

“Okay, so what is next?” I asked eagerly.

“The next is to know how to flap your legs in the water.” He said pulling me to himself by my waist. I gasped as he did but I composed myself.

“So how is this done?” I asked nervously.

“You need to lie flat in the water. You will hold the pool edge as a support, then you start flapping your legs in it.” He said !moving me to the edge of the pool gently Coolval stories.

My heart was beating very fast, I was so scared but I actually felt safe in Mr John’s arms. We got to the edge and I held onto the tiled floor.

“Now I am going to leave you to start flapping, your head is going to be up so don’t be scared.” He said smiling as he released his grip from me gradually.

His hands was almost off when I pushed my b**ts back mistakenly hitting his d**k.

“Opps.” I gasped as I stood still. I felt his hard d**k against my b**ts and I must confess he is huge.

I turned my head slowly to look at him and I saw him staring blankly at me. He wasn’t moving or talking he just kept staring. Oh no, is he angry?

“Mr John, I am so sorry, I was too forward.” I said biting my lower lip. I saw his gaze move into the water and landed right on my butts.

“It okay. You can continue.” He said looking away in haste and swimming away from me. Charlotte you need to be careful next time, you may not be as lucky as this.


“Charlotte is killing me!!!” I thought as I watched her b**ts dance while she flapped her feet in the pool.

She looked so serious and i knew she had always wished to learn how to swimming for a very long time.

I stared at her and I kept having crazy erections. John snap out, she is your maid and you have a beautiful girlfriend.

“My legs are hurting already.” Charlotte said tiredly.

“Ohh, that is enough for a start, tho you need to keep practicing every time.” I said moving close to her.

“Give me your hand.” I stretched out my hands to take hers. She placed her hand on mine and I pulled her closer slowly.

“Now we have to lie with our whole body in the water.” I said smiling.

“Whole body? You mean plus my head.” She asked with her eyes widened.

“Yes of course, with your head.” I replied.

“Don’t worry I will guide you. You can’t drown, all you need to do is to stay brave.” I said as I noticed she was shivering.

“Now come closer, we are going into the water hand-in-hand.” I said laying gradually in the pool pulling her slowly with me.

“Oh God, I am scared.” She said closing her eyes tight.

“Are you ready?” I asked as soon as the water was at her neck level.

“Ahhhhhhhh!! Ready.” She said sighing.

I drew her into water holding her firmly,soon we were inside the water. I kept close watch on her and I saw she was coping.

I moved close to her raising up her hands in the water to make her balanced. I started moving her hands and we started moving.

It was about 3 minutes, then I pulled her up with me. She hugged me tight, pressing her b**bs on my chest.

She was breathing very hard and I understood that she was still a learner.

“Calm down and breathe well.” I said rubbing her naked back. I was tempted to move my hands down to her b**ts but I cautioned myself ignoring her crazy curves.

“That was.. Was.. Fantastic!” She said as she shivered. I disengaged making her look at me, her lips were shaking.

I stared at her lips speechlessly as she stared at me. Her hair was scattered all over her shoulders and mine all over my face.

I felt her move closer to me in the water, I held her by the waist before thinking and started moving my head to hers.

A voice in my head kept shouting “She is your maid!!! Do you want to kiss her!!! You have a girlfriend!”.

I don’t really care about voices in my head you know. Our faces were some inches apart and I couldn’t wait to land my lips on her soft looking lips.

I need to take it slowly. Finally, how head touched and I could feel our nose meet. I tilted my head ready to take her lips.

“Hey!!!! What are you guys doing.” Davis yelled making me moved away from Davis.

“Davis!!!!!!!!!!!” I yelled in anger.

“Opps sorry.” He said running away and I saw Charlotte giggling. I hate him so much, he never ceases to interrupt my plans!

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⚡Chapter 11⚡

Theme: I Bought Her

Written by Ti fe✍️


I ran into the house grinning stupidly. Did I just see John almost kissing Charlotte!! This is so much fun!!! I love this. I prefer her to the useless Angelica.

“Davis!!!” John yelled behind me and I couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

“I ruined your plans right?” I asked giggling.

“Yes you fool!” He said slumping on the couch angrily.

“Sorry brother, but you almost kissed her.” I said teasingly.

“Yes I know! and you came to spoil everything stupid!” He replied angrily making me laugh.

“But John, you have a girlfriend. A fiancée for that matter.” I said smiling.

“A girlfriend that doesn’t even have my time, imagine Angelica telling that it will be December before I bleep her.” He said and I bursted into another laughter Coolval stories.

“Seriously? December! You would have been dead bro!” I said trying to stop my laughter.

“I don’t even know how to cope when Charlotte is around. Her body is so tempting” he replied sighing.

“I will tell you one thing today. Angelica isn’t worth you, you need a caring girl with mad curves and that girl is Charlotte. She is even a virgin.” I whispering into her ears.

“Davis!” John yelled clenching his fist. I knew that virgin part caught him unaware.

“Sorry. But think about it.” I said and he sighed in response.

“So tell me how the ‘swimming lesson’ went.” I said winking at him and using my fingers to demonstrate quotation marks.


I sat in my studio doing some makeups for my customers when I heard my phone ring. Oh Angelica. What does she want this time?

📲 Babe

📲 Hey sis

📲 I need your help Bianca

📲 I knew it, you never call me except you are in need of help.

📲 C’mon Bianca, it is not like that.

📲 Whatever, what is it?

📲 I need you to go to John’s house.

📲 Why? I am busy.

📲 Please Bianca, I need you to get my hair comb in John’s room.

📲 Because of an hair comb? Can’t you just borrow or rather get another one.

📲 Bianca, you know I hate sharing personal things with people and I don’t want to buy after the ones I have already. Please!

📲 Fine! But you will pay me for this stress.

📲 Deal, make it snappy please and don’t cause any troubles.

📲 Okay *rolls her eyes*

📲 See you soon.

I sighed heavily looking around my shop.

“Rubbie, I need to get somewhere keep the shop going. I will be back soon” I said carrying my bag and walking out heading to John’s house.

I got into my car and started driving to John’s house. I am actually happy going there, I can’t wait to see my Crush Davis.

I have been having feelings for him since the day I saw him with John, but I was too shy to talk to him. Tho I noticed he kept stating at me too.

I got to the house and packed my car properly before coming down. I walked to the door knocking it nervously.

I waited a little before the door knob turned, the door opened and I saw Davis at the door. He saw me and I saw his eyes widen.

I smiled shyly bowing my head slightly.

“Bianca, wow I am honored. Come in.” He said grinning.

“Thank you.” I replied shyly walking into the house. I saw John sitting on the couch and as he saw me, he smiled widely.

“Bianca.” He called kissing my cheeks.

“This is a surprising visit.” Davis said coming close to where I stood.

“Sit dear.” John said pointing to the couch close to where Davis stood.

“Thank you.” I said sitting down, and I saw John wink at Davis making me blush.

“Charlotte please can you bring some drinks?” John yelled. I wonder who Charlotte is.

“So why this honorable visit.” Davis said sitting close to me. I felt I cheeks beginning to hurt.

“Angelica sent me here to pick up her hair comb, so I won’t be staying long.” I said pouting my mouth.

“Ouch, that hurts.” Davis said touching his chest.

“Sorry.” I said giggling. I looked up to see a very beautiful curvy girl dropping some drinks on the centre table.

“Wow” I said before thinking.

“What?” Davis asked.

“Nothing.” I said shaking my head still staring at Charlotte. She looked at me smiling beautifully, she is so cute.

“Enjoy” she said walking away and I couldn’t help but stare at her backside. God she is huge!! Angelica is no match for her.

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Chapter 12⚡

Theme: I Bought Her


“Bianca will you continue staring without saying anything?” I asked trying not to laugh.

“Oh I am so sorry.” She said sipping her drink.

“You stared at her for good seven minutes!” Davis added grinning.

“Where did you get her? I mean when did you appoint her as a maid.” She asked.

“Well don’t call her a maid, she is Charlotte. She is just here to help do some stuffs.” I said nodding.

“Wow, she is super beautiful and huge. Has my sister seen her?” She asked looking at me.

“Yes, she has.” I smirked.

“I understand, no need explaining.” She said smiling.

“Yeah.’ Davis and I chorused. She looked at Davis and he stared back smiling like the idiot he is. I need to give them their privacy.

” I will leave you two.” I said standing up.

“Thanks for being reasonable.” Davis said smiling.

“He-Goat.” I mumbled walking to my room. I saw Charlotte in the kitchen doing some things on the cabinet.

I stood there admiring her body. She had another jean I got for her on and a blue body hug top that stopped right on her huge butts. Have you read Coolval stories today?

She looked back and found me staring at her. I quickly looked away avoiding her gaze.

“Mr John, you are here.” She said smiling.

“I thought we are done with this Mr of a thing.” I said walking into the kitchen.

“Sorry, I tend to forget often.” She replied bowing slightly.

“So how did you find the swimming lesson?” I asked leaned on the cabinet while she faced me, chopping the vegetables.

“It was very nice John. You are a good coach.” She said happily.

“Gracais.” I said bowing like they always do after a song presentation in Spain. I heard her laugh and I loved it.

“I would love to learn everyday. I can’t wait to start diving into the water.” She said as soon as I stopped my drama.

“Awwn, I don’t think everyday would be possible. You know I go to work Mondays to Fridays.” I said sadly.

“Its okay, I will just wait till you are available. Or do you know anyone who could be a good coach too?” She asked sadly.

“I am a very good coach.” Davis answered interrupting our discussion.

“Davis!” I said within gritted teeth.

“Charlotte, my work at the company isn’t that important and I could have a leave since John my friend here is the CEO.” He said grinning.

“Wow that would be nice.” She said and I shot Davis a deadly look. He wanted to laugh but he held his mouth with his palm.

“Don’t mind Davis, he is very important in the company,Just ignore him. ” I said smiling. I can never let him come near Charlotte, he is so annoying.

“C’mon John.” He said pouting his mouth and Charlotte looked at me too with a pleading face.

“Never! Davis I thought you were talking to your girlfriend Bianca, you know it isn’t nice to keep her waiting.” I said walking close to me.

“Ah….ah.. Yea, I almost forgot.” He said running out of the kitchen. He knows well what I would have done to him if he didn’t leave that very minute.

“Wow I never knew that lady was Davis girlfriend. She is really lucky to have a funny guy like Davis.” She said smiling.

“Why do you think she is lucky?” I asked narrowing my eyes.

“Ladies like guys that are very funny. Even when you sad, he will always do something to make you smile, and Davis is one of them.” She said giggling.

“Really? Only Davis?” I asked rolling my eyes.

“Yes.” She replied smiling and I felt like strangling Davis. Why must he always act funny.

“So guys like me doesn’t have chances of any ladies heart since we aren’t funny?” I asked sadly.

“No John, let me say this. You are the sweetest man I have ever met in my life.” She said looking at me.

“Really?” I said happily.

“Yes John. I mean, which boss will get his maid new clothes, shoes, underwear and even teach her how to swim. That is the sweetest act ever. You will always win a ladies heart.” She said smiling sweetly and I felt my cheeks will burst soon.

“C’mon Charlotte, you are not my maid. And those things I have done or do is nothing big for people who know me.” I said happily.

“Miss Angelica is very lucky to have you. I am so happy for her.” She said facing the vegetables and I saw her countenance change.

“Do you think so?” I asked.

“Yes, you are cute, very nice and sweet. What else is a woman looking for it not that. I really wish I had someone like that.” She said sadly.

“You can Charlotte.” I said holding her hands.

“No all guys that see me are just after my body, they don’t really love me the way you love Angelica.” She said sadly.

Geez, this girl doesn’t know how much I suffer in the hands of Angelica. Now a Lady adores me and Angelica is asking not to ask for sex till December.

“Charlotte you don’t need to be sad. I am sure a guy somewhere loves you so much, he is just scared or confused to come to you.” I said smiling.

“No, I don’t think so.” She replied smiling.

“Charlotte.” I called but she cut me short.

“John, I am sorry for delaying you here. I know you have something to do so please don’t mind the naughty me.” She said smiling.

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Chapter 13⚡

Theme: I Bought Her

Written by Ti fe✍️


“Okay then, I guess I will just leave you then.” He said and I nodded pretending to be okay. He left the kitchen and let me with my own thoughts.

Charlotte, are you beginning to have feelings for your boss? He has a girlfriend, a model to be precise not a lowlife like you.

I don’t know, he is been so nice to me. I wish I could really have him to myself but that isn’t possible. He is taken, I guess this is my fate.

I was still slicing the vegetables when I heard a voice behind me jolting me out of my thoughts.

“Hey” the voice said sharply making me flinch and the knife landed on my fingers cutting me real deep.

“Ahh” I yelled in pain holding my hand.

“Oh God, I am so sorry.” Davis girlfriend said in pity running to where I was. I nodded looking at my blood stained hands.

“I will get a first Aid kit.” She said running out of the kitchen. I held my finger in pain trying not to burst into tears.

Soon, John entered carrying the First Aid box, he was panting seriously. It was so obvious he ran down here from wherever he was.

“Charlotte are you okay?” He said rushing to me and holding my hands.

“Yes, I am.” I replied in pains staring at him. He opened the box and brought out an ointment, wool and Plaster. I looked up and I saw Davis and Bianca staring at us. I could see fear on Bianca’s face but I smiled at her trying to calm her down.

“You should be careful next time.” He said cleaning the blood off my hands with the wool.

“I am sorry Charlotte, I just wanted to talk to you.” Bianca said in a teary tone.

“It is okay, I was a little careless.” I said smiling while Davis tapped her smiling too.

“Bianca, won’t you keep Angelica waiting? I am sure she is expecting you now.” John said still dressing my cut.

“I can’t leave after what I caused.” She said firmly.

“No Bianca, You can go, I will be fine. Don’t keep Miss Angelica waiting.” I said giving her a reassuring smile.

“Don’t worry Bianca, John is here, he will take perfect care of her.” Davis said grinning while John looked at him irritatingly.

“Please take good care of her John.” She said smiling.

“I will” he replied smiling.

“Okay, sorry once again and bye.” She said waving will I nodded. Davis looked at John winking at him, while he shot him a deadly look in response. He left the kitchen leaving John and I.

“Who is Bianca to you?” I asked watching him place the plaster on my cut.

“Angelica’s younger sister.” He replied as soon as he was done dressing my cut.

“Thank you so much.” I said examining my cut once more. I turned to look at the vegetables and was about cutting them when he held my hands.

“What are you trying to do?” He asked.

“Slice them of course” I replied smiling.

“No, I won’t let you. You just cut your finger and you expect me to let you continue cutting? No way, I will order dinner.” He said and I couldn’t help but stare at him.

My lips curved into a smile while you stared at each other. Why is he so nice to me? He just so sweet.

“Please can you stop staring at me before I do something nasty.” He said looking away making me giggle.

“Thank you so much.” I said as we moved out of the kitchen to the living room.


I made Charlotte sit in the living room while I ordered pizza for us online.

“How is your hand?” I asked squatting before her and holding her hands.

“It is relieving a little, no need to worry John.” She said smiling.

“I will try not to.” I said standing from her front. The door opened and Davis walked in grinning stupidly.

“What is it this time fool.” I said rolling my eyes as I sat on the couch.

“She gave me her digits.” He said jumping happily.

“Just her digits? And you jumping so happily?” I said frustratingly. I looked at Charlotte and I saw her looking at her confusingly. I know she will be wondering why Davis is so happy collecting Bianca’s digit.

“It is a progress.” He said laughing.

“You are so dull.” I said facing my phone.

“Really, why not leave Charlotte to me for like five days. Then you will see if I am really dull.” He whispered in my ears Coolval stories.

“You won’t dare!” I said within gritted teeth. He laughed out loud and walked to sit close to Charlotte. I looked at him angrily but he ignored my gaze, he is so stupid.

“How is your hand?” He asked her smiling so sweetly. Big fool!

“Better, hope your girlfriend isn’t feeling bad any longer. Please tell her I am totally fine.” She said smiling.

“Girlfriend?” He asked looking very confused.

“Yeah Bianca, I think she will listen to you better.” She added. He looked at me slowly and I tried so hard not to laugh.

“John!!!!” He yelled running to me and I ended up laughing really hard. Charlotte kept looking at us in confusion but later she started laughing too.

The door bell sounded our hilarious acts. “The pizza man is here, I am starving already.” I said rushing to the door.

He dropped the pizza and left as soon as possible.

“Time for pizza!” I said facing both of then to see Davis whispering something into Charlotte’s ear. She was blushing and I felt anger raise in me.

“Charlotte, I guess you are hungry too. Let’s eat.” I said placing the pizza on the dinning table.

“Did you order mine?” Davis asked giggling. I shot him a deadly look as he walked up to the dinning table to take a piece of pizza.

Charlotte walked up to us and sat on the chair smiling. She was about to take the pizza when I noticed the cut was on her right hand. The cut was on her index finger, it will be so hard to pick the pizza.

“Let me help you.” I said when I saw her struggle with the pizza.

“No, I will pick it.” She said trying so hard to pick it up.

“I insist.” I said picking up a piece of pizza and moving it close to her mouth. She blushed slightly before opening her mouth to eat it.

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Chapter 14⚡

Theme: I Bought Her

Written by Ti fe✍️

Miss Ruby’s POV

I sat in my inner room preparing another virgin girl for sale this night. I miss Charlotte so much, nobody to help clean the club.

I was done with my make over and I wore a very seducing dress for the programme. I was still dressing the lady when my phone rang.

I picked it up to see Mr Boston calling, he is my best customer, he has crazy cash.

📲 Mr Boston *happily*
📲 Ruby baby
📲 When did you arrive in town?
📲 Yesterday, and I need a girl to keep me company this night.
📲 Really? Lucky you, I am advertising some girls today.
📲 I don’t want just some girls, I need a fresh blood.
📲 She is available
📲 I need Charlotte to be precise.
📲 Oh Mr Boston, she has been sold.
📲 I don’t care, I will pay any amount to have her.
📲 Mr Boston *sadly*
📲 $5000
📲 What!! 5000
📲 Yes, are you in?
📲 Sure, I will get to you but not this night.
📲 No problem, see you tomorrow.

I hung up feeling so happy. $5000!!! Oh God, that is a great offer. I just need to talk to Mr John, compensate him with another beautiful Virgin and that is it.

$5000! Will be all mine.

I paced around in the auditorium waiting for Bianca’s arrival. She should have been here!! It is almost 2 hours and u need to get this Photoshoot done quickly.

I sighted Bianca from afar and I felt a little relief.

“Bianca, where have you been! I have been waiting for hours.” I said frustratingly.

“Sorry, some issues came in at John’s.” She said bringing out my comb.

“Issues?” I asked furrowing my brows.

“Go take the shot, I will explain later.” She said pushing me to the front of the camera. We started the shoot soon and I kept thinking about the issue Bianca said came up.

“Angelica smile!” The camera man said and I quickly adjusted my face trying to smile. I kept praying the shoot would be over soon so Bianca could explain what happened before she decided to go back to work.

Soon we were done and I ran to Bianca before even removing my gown.

“Bianca what was the issue?” I asked as soon as I got to where she sat.

“Was that the reason you didn’t remove your gown?” She smirked.

“Say it already.” I said nervously.

“Okay, I got there and I met Davis and John at home. So Davis insisted I take a drink with them, and you know, I can’t say no to Davis.” She said blushing.

“Can you just go straight to the point?” I asked frustratingly.

“Okay, so I wanted to talk to Charlotte while she was in the kitchen, and I ended up startling her making her cut her finger mistakenly.” She said.

“So it was because of the cheap girl you made me wait for 2 hours!” I yelled in anger.

“So? I was at fault. I couldn’t just leave her like that.” She added.

“Whatever” I said rolling my eyes.

“Angelica didn’t you ses that girl is so beautiful?” She asked grinning.

“She isn’t as beautiful as I am.” I said proudly.

“You wish. That girl is more beautiful than you are, can’t you see her curves? They are mad” she said.

“Can you just go back to your filthy studio?” I said walking away in anger Coolval stories.

“You better hold onto your man before he leaves you for a more beautiful and caring girl.” She yelled behind me making me boil in anger.

I need to do something about this Maid.


I sat in the living room reading some random novel when the door bell sounded. I stood up to open it, I opened the door to see Angelica looking very sad.

“Angelica, are you okay?” I asked walking her into the house.

“Mother, I am not happy.” She replied sadly.

“What is it Angelica?” I asked as we sat on the couch.

“Mother, John just employed a new maid and I don’t like her at all.” She said.

“A new maid? He didn’t tell me.” I said in surprise.

“Yes, and I don’t like her one bit. Please tell him to fire her.” She said.

“Fire her? Why don’t you like her. You know you are always busy and you don’t have time for John, so she will help you take care of John till you are ready to care about him.” I said mockingly.

“Mother” she called looking at me.

“Yes Angel. My son needs someone who will have his time, he doesn’t complain and now he brings in a maid, you want him to fire her?” I asked.

“Mother, it is not like that. You know my job takes a lot of time.” She said.

“Fine. I will visit him and see how the maid is, I will ask him to fire her if she really deserves to be fired.” I said smiling.

“Thank you so much mother.” She said happily hugging me slightly. I looked at her and she smiled slightly.

“My makeup.” She said pointing to her face.

“Oh I understand, my son loves you so much.” I said nodding looking at her with a disgusting look.

“Mother do you have any food at home?” She asked as I heard her stomach grumble.

“No, will you prepare some?” I asked.

“Mother, my nails.” She said raising up her fingers.

“Oh, I guess you aren’t hungry.” I said giggling.

“I will order pizza.” She said smiling.

“Good.” I replied nodding.

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Chapter 15⚡

Theme: I Bought Her

Written by Ti fe✍️


I finished feeding Charlotte the pizza and I saw her cheeks were red till I was done. Davis kept grinning like the fool he is. He even asked me to feed him too, can you imagine.

“I will go to my room now.” Charlotte said standing up.

“Why? Do you want to do something?” I asked blocking her way.

“No, I just want to excuse you guys.” She said smiling.

“C’mon Charlotte, you can’t just go inside to stay alone.” I said staring at her.

“Charlotte come watch this movie with us.” Davis said grinning and for the very first time I was in support of what he said.

“Yes, you should watch this with us.” I said pulling her gently to the couch.

“Okay” She said shyly.

I felt joy in me immediately she decided to stay with us. I sat on the same couch with her but I kept our distances.

Soon there was thunderstorms and the cool wind from outside came in through the windows. The cottons kept flying due to the window.

I stood up to lock the windows and I cams back to sit on the couch. Davis tuned it to an horror movie, my favorite! I love horror movies so as Davis.

I looked at Charlotte and i saw she was shivering already, I know ladies don’t really like horror movies.

“Charlotte should we change it?” I asked and another thunder roared making her flinch.

“No I will be fine.” She said folding her legs on the couch. Davis switched off the light and everywhere was dark only the TV light was available.

Tho I could see Charlotte and Davis face clearly.

The movie started playing and there was a man wearing a very scary mask on his face, he sneaked into a house where a small Lady was sitting on a bed fully wake at night.

There was blood all over the house and the girl’s night gown was also stained with blood. The man walked in through the walls to where the little girl sat.

I looked at Davis and I saw how he kept grinning stupidly, I looked at Charlotte and I saw great fear on her face.

He raised up the knife and yelled piercing the head of the little girl with it, Charlotte screamed jumping on me.

That same very minutes there was a very loud thunderstorm and she held me so tight pressing her b**bs on my arm.

The power went off and the TV too went off. Everywhere was dark but I didn’t care, I enjoyed Charlotte’s grip on me.

There was another thunderstorm and Charlotte flinched tightening her grip. Davis switched on his phone light and pointed it to us.

I widened my eyes and he switched it off quickly. I wrapped my arms around Charlotte’s tempting body.

I felt someone tap my shoulders and I knew it was no one other than Davis.

“Enjoy.” He whispered and I heard him walk away.

“Charlotte.” I called calmly tapping her.

“I am scared.” She stammered and I felt her sweat on me.

“It is okay.” I said brushing her hair. I heard her breath very hard, I knew she was really very scared.

I started to hear the noise of rain and I knew this night is going to be a long one. Her b**bs kept tempting me.

I felt my d**k twitch severally. Oh God this is suffering, Angelica is so wicked.

She raised up her head and I felt her gaze on me, I could see her face faintly due to the lightening outside.

We stared at each other for almost four minutes and I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I moved my face gradually to hers and I saw her look down.

I raised up her chin slightly with my hand and she didn’t struggle with me. I tilted my head slightly and I saw her close her eyes under the lightening that was direct on her face.

I closed my eyes as my lips touched hers. OMG! Her lips were so soft and juicy, my d**k sent me another warning and i found myself holding her neck drawing her closer.

Suddenly the lights came on and I disengaged opening my eyes gently, her eyes were still closed and I couldn’t help but smile.

She opened her eyes and I saw her cheeks were very red. She looked away shyly, she stood up and ran to her room.

Mehn! That was superb! I didn’t want the lights to come on at all. I held my hair feeling so happy.

I head someone giggling behind me,I looked back to see Davis grinning very wide.

“I saw everything!” He whispered almost like a yell rubbing my hair.


I ran up to my room breathing really hard. What just happened? Did I just kiss my boss? Oh God, Charlotte he has a girlfriend. A fiancée!

What is wrong with me? He can never marry me, he will just use me and dump me. I shouldn’t let his kindness get to me.

To be honest, I really enjoyed the kiss I didn’t want to stop. If the lights didn’t come on, I don’t know what would have happened.

Charlotte you nerd to wise up, you aren’t a baby. You need to know what is right from what is wrong.

I stood in front of mirror touching my lips. I remembered the incident again and I shock my head trying to forget it.

I left the front of the mirror and laid on my bed staring at the ceiling. Am I in love with him? I have never kissed a guy before because I have never allowed them.

But I just opened freely to John. Do I really trust him? Do I feel like this because of his looks and generosity? Am I ready to settle any issues with Angelica? Is he even willing to date me instead of her?

Does he really love me? Or he just pities me? Do I love him?

These questions kept buzzing in my brain, I am so confused! I need to calm down so I won’t be a victim of heartbreak.

I haven’t been in a relationship before and now I am going into one that I don’t know what will end it. I need to be really careful.

I sighed heavily and closed my eyes allowing nature take over.

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Chapter 16⚡

Theme: I Bought Her

Genre: Romance, Drama,Suspense



I woke up very early to do my morning excerise, I walked to my private room wearing a singlet and shorts.

I met Charlotte on the way and I felt my heart beat very fast. She saw me and bowed slightly avoiding my face.

She wore a red big gown which stopped right above her knee. Her hips were still very much obvious and I noticed she wasn’t wear a bra.

Her nipples were evident in it and they were so tempting. Her hair was roughly packed and I knew she just woke up.

“Good morning.” She said still bowing.

“How are you?” I asked moving close to her, she moved back very fast and I was forced to stop.

“Charlotte what is wrong?” I asked but she just shook her head speechlessly.

“Charlotte if is about yesterday night, I..” I said but she cut me off.

“I am sorry about what happened, and I promise it won’t happen again.” She said quickly making me surprise.

“I will go now.” She said walking away briskly.

What is wrong with her? She should have allowed me to finish my statement. I kissed her, I should be the one sorry.

Tho I didn’t regret anything that happened, I should still apologize to her. It is possible she was submissive because I am her boss.

I walked into my private room to start my exercise. I started with press ups, I used my two hands before switching to just one.

My favorite music was on giving the vibes I always enjoyed. I began to sweat profusely and I grew tasty all of a sudden. I need water.

I took my phone from where I dropped it to out a call to Charlotte so she would help me with a glass of water.

Then it downed to me that I don’t have her contact. I haven’t even see her with a cellphone before.

I stood up and walked out of the room heading to the living room where I felt she would be. And there she was cleaning the couch.

Her gown was carried up a little at the back with her large hips exposing her smooth looking thighs.

“Hey!” I called walking close to her.

“Sir!” I said facing me and bowing slightly. Sir again? I just wish she would be free with me the way she has always been right from time.

“Where is your cellphone?” I asked staring at her.

“Cellphone? I don’t have one.” She said looking sad.

“No wonder I haven’t been seeing one with you.” I said trying not to look at her b**bs. She nodded in response avoiding my eyes.

“Don’t worry continue your work.” I said walking to the kitchen to get a bottle of water. I opened the fridge to get the water when I heard the doorbell ring.

I gulped down the water and walked back to the living room to see Charlotte at the door already. I moved closer and the person at the door came in.

“Mother!” I called happily going to hug her.

“John my son.” She replied happily.

“How are you mother?” I asked walking her to the couch.

“I am great!” She replied sitting on the couch.

“And father?” I asked again.

“Oh you know your father, he doesn’t sit his a** in a place.” She said giggling.

“Good day ma’am.” Charlotte said smiling sweetly.

“How are you dear?” Mother replied smiling too. That is my mother, I got my niceness from her.


“I am fine ma’am” she replied sweetly. Wow, I like her composure.

“You must be Charlotte.” I said smiling. She looked at me in surprise before looking at John.

“Don’t worry, he didn’t tell me anything bad.” I said winking at John who was equally confused.

“Ma’am what do you wish to have?” She asked not letting her smile fade.

“Anything you give me dear.” I said and she bowed before walking away.

“Mother?” John called me narrowing his eyes.

“Calm down John, Angelica told me about her.” I said grinning.

“I knew it.” He replied rolling his eyes.

“She is nice, but why didn’t you tell me you were employing a maid.” I asked looking serious.

“Mother I am sorry, it was urgent.” He said pouting his mouth.

“Urgent?” I asked furrowing my brows.

“Yes mother, don’t worry much about that.” He said smiling.

“Well I must say she is very beautiful and curvy.” I said smiling.

“Yes mother.” He replied blushing slightly.
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“Hmmm John, don’t tell me you like her.” I said moving closer to him.

“Mother to be honest I don’t know, she always keeps my company when Angelica isn’t around. You know how busy Angelica is.” He said sadly.

“Yeah, and she said she doesn’t want Charlotte around.”

“Mother don’t mind her, she is just driving by jealousy.” He replied angrily.

“You don’t need to tell me about Angelica son, I know her very well. Remember this son, you have my support in any right thing you do.” I said tapping his shoulders.

“Thank you mother.” He replied kissing my cheeks.

“Ahhhhhh!!!” I heard someone yawn loudly.

“Gosh Davis!” John said making me laugh. I really like Davis a lot, he is very nice and funny.

“John I heard some squeaking sounds in my room at night, I couldn’t sleep well.” He said rubbing his eyes.

He opened it and I saw his eyes widen as he saw me.

“Mother!” He called happily coming closer to him. I stood up to hug him happily too.

“John why didn’t you tell me mother is here?” He asked spanking John on his head.

“Ouch!” John yelled standing up.

“Mother please leave my front so blood won’t stain your beautiful dress.” He added making me laugh. They have always been like that since when they were very young.

Davis has no parents, so I and my husband as been acting as his patent for many years and John as taken him ad his brother.

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Chapter 17⚡

Theme: I Bought Her

Written by Ti fe✍️


We all sat in the living room with John’s mother, she is a very nice person and she has always acted like my mother.

“Mother I missed you so much.” I said smiling widely.

“I missed you all too.” She replied smiling too.

“John has Charlotte met mother?” I asked looking at John.

“Yes, I think she likes her.” He replied happily.

“Don’t think, I do like her.” She said grinning.

“Really? Congrats John.” I said looking at me and he shot me a deadly look.

“What do you mean by congrats?” He asked staring at me.

“Ma’am the food is ready.” Charlotte said smiling.

“Thank you dear, I will be there inna bit.” She replied.

“Good morning Charlotte!” I said grinning.

“Good morning Davis, how was your night?” She asked totally avoiding John’s face.

“Great.” I said looking at John whose head was bowed.

“What is wrong with these two?” I smirked.

“Time to eat guys!” Mother said happily. I stood up with John and mother walking to the dinning table.

The food was already served and the aroma filled the place. I noticed John walking slowly same as Charlotte.

I looked back and I saw John trying to talk to Charlotte but she bowed and moved away from him.

Surely this is about yesterday. So sorry for John, I know he is so sad right now.

We sat on the dinning chair and Charlotte served mother first, then she moved to me but I stopped her.

“I can do this Charlotte, you know very well.” I said serving myself. I saw her look at John calmly, she moved to him and was about serving him when he held her hand.

“I am sorry Charlotte.” He said looking really sorry. I looked at Charlotte and I saw her looking away from John.

She took the spoon as was about serving it when John stopped her.

“I will do it myself.” He replied sadly.


I tried so hard to avoid John’s face, I made a very big mistake letting him kiss me. For crying out loud, he has a fiancée.

I nodded as John served himself. I bowed one last time and was about walking away when Joy held me by my hand.

I was forced to look at him and I noticed his beautiful mother was watching us.

“Sir.” I said bowing.

“Come eat with us.” He said smiling.

“No, I will be fine in my room.” I replied trying to get my hands from his.

“Charlotte c’mon this isn’t the first time you will be eating with us, or are you scared of mother?” Davis asked looking at her.

“No not that, I just….” I said but Mrs Walker stopped me.

“Sit Charlotte, I am fine with it.” She said. I sighed nodding, tho I didn’t want to, I had to obey her.

“Okay ma’am.” I said sitting close to Davis which was directly opposite to John’s seat.

Davis helped me pass some pottage and I served myself trying to not meet John’s face.

“Thank you.” I said giving him the remaining pottage. He nodded and smiled collecting it from me.

“Wow this is delicious.” Mrs Walker said smiling.

“Thank you ma’am” i replied blushing slightly.

I kept eating in silence and I felt John’s gaze on me, I tried everything possible not to look at him but I couldn’t hold much longer.

I looked at him and I saw passion and love in his eyes. I felt my eye lids blink constantly, I looked at my food and I heard him sigh.

I ate little of my food and I lost my appetite afterwards. I was comfortable sitting right in front of John.

I stood up carrying my plates in my hands.

“Please tell me when you are done, I will come clear the table.” I said to no one in particular as I walked away.

I dropped my plate in the zinc and walked to my room feeling what I have never felt before. I laid on my bed deep in thought.

What is really going on with me? Am I developing feelings for some else’s fiancée? Charlotte are you out of your mind? This guy just wants to use you nothing more.

I closed my eyes in thought as I heard a knock on my door. I stood up sluggishly and walked up to the door wondering who it is.

I opened the door to find John at the door, I stood speechless as we stared at each other.

“Can we talk for some minutes please?” He said without removing his gaze from me.

I nodded opening the door for him to come in. My heart started beating really fast as I closed the door to look at him.

“Charlotte, I know you are angry with me right now. I am sorry.” He said looking truly sorry.

“Mr John, I feel bad about what happened. You have a fiancée and I still let you kiss me.” I said walking to Sit on my bed.

“It is all my fault and I am sorry. It won’t happen again.” He said walking close to me and squatting in front of me.

“Okay.” I replied staring at him.

Do I really want it not to happen again?

He kept staring at my face and I saw a smile on his face.

“You are so beautiful and it is so hard to resist you.” He said rubbing his hair as he stood up looking away.

“Thank you but you have to resist me, it is simple. You have a fiancée, a beautiful one, what else can a man ask for?” I said staring at his back.

“Charlotte you can’t understand what I am passing through with Angelica!” He smacked facing me making me flinch.

“I am sorry.” He added when he saw how scared I was. I nodded still staring at him, what is he passing through?

“I promise what happened won’t happen again, and I will try everything possible to resist you.” He said walking to the door sadly.

“Mr John” I called calmly.

“Don’t worry Charlotte, I will keep my distance from you. ” he said before finally moving out.

I felt guilt in me all of a sudden, did I say anything wrong?

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Chapter 18⚡

Theme: I Bought Her


I walked to the living room feeling very hurt. Can’t she see I love her? I can never use her if she think that is what I am up to.

It is so complicated, I need to think deeply. I got to the living room and I saw Davis working on his phone.

“Davis where is mother?” I asked sitting close to him.

“She went already.” He said not raising up his head.

“What are you doing?” I asked looking into his phone.

“Johnny!! Some privacy please!” He said tilting his phone.

“Davis, are you hiding some from me?” I asked furrowing my brows.

“No, I just.. Fine! I am chatting with Bianca.” He said rolling his eyes.

“Oh no wonder you are acting like a fool.” I said picking up my phone too.

“How was your discussion with Charlotte?” He asked looking at me.

“She regrets kissing me because I have a girlfriend. I actually can’t blame her, every girl will feel that way.” I said sadly.

“John let’s be serious here. What do you plan on doing? Are you going with Charlotte or you are sticking to Angelica?” He asked facing me properly.

“Davis I don’t know. I don’t want to hurt either of them.” I said feeling really confused. He was about replying when my phone rang.

“Miss Ruby?? This is strange” I thought picking up the call.

📲 Hey Mr John

📲 Miss Ruby, how are you doing?

📲 Am great and you?

📲 Nice, any problems?

📲 Not at all, I just want to speak to Charlotte. I would have called her but you know she doesn’t have a cellphone.

📲 She isn’t here now, but don’t worry she will get back to you.

📲 Okay Mr John, please it is kinda urgent.

📲 Okay, be expecting her call.

She hung up making me wonder why the urgent call.

“What does she want?” Davis asked with his gaze glued to his phone.

“She wants to speak with Charlotte and she said it is urgent.” I replied.

“Urgent? But Charlotte doesn’t have a phone.” He said looking at me.

“Yeah I know, and I am getting her one now.” I said operating on my phone.

“Wow, this is so cute.” He said blushing.


I drove to John’s house hoping not to see that maid there anymore. Since mother has gone there, I know she would have chased her out of the house.

I walked into the house after I parked my car. I got to the living room to see Davis and John sitting on the couch.

“Baby!” I said running to John. I hugged him tightly kissing him deeply.

“How are you?” He asked smiling.

“I am good.” I replied sitting on his laps fondling his hair, I ignored Davis presence totally.

I looked at Davis and I saw he wasn’t even watching us, his eyes were glued to his phone. That is good of him, I hate when he pokes his noses into our business.

“Mother came here earlier.” I said smiling sweetly.

“Yes.” He replied doing some stuffs on his phone.

“So is your maid still here?” I asked anxiously.

“She is Charlotte Angelica.” He replied still facing his phone.

“Whatever. Is she still here?” I asked looking around.

“Yes why?” He asked looking at me.

“John c’mon! I told you I don’t like her! Send her away!” I said angrily sitting on the couch.

“That is not your decision to make!” John smacked facing his phone.

“John!” I called angrily.

“At least we ain’t begging before we eat.” Davis mumbled.

“What did you just say?” I asked shooting him a deadly look.

“You heard me!” He said standing up as he walked away. I felt pressed all of a sudden.

“John I want to use the toilet and when I am back we are going to talk about that maid!” I said standing up.

“Charlotte, not maid.” He replied coldly.

I walked away in annoyance heading to John’s bedroom. John is beginning to like Charlotte and I can’t let that happen.

She needs to get out of this house, I don’t want her here. She is so annoying!

I got into the toilet and released myself of the burning urine, I cleaned myself up before walking out of the toilet.

I headed back to the living room and on my way I saw Charlotte.

“Good day miss Angelica” she said bowing slightly.

“Don’t try to act nice in front of me! I know you like John, but let me make this clear to you!! It can’t work. Your days in this house are numbered!” I yelled leaving her presence.

I got to the living room and found John looking into my phone. Oh no! What is he doing with my phone! It is too dangerous.

I walked briskly to him trying not to shake.

“Baby!” I called calmly. He raised up his head gradually to meet mine, I saw tears in his eyes and I knew I was done for.

“John.” I called shivering.

“Angelica what is the meaning of this?!” He yelled showing me the face of my phone. Oh geez!! My nude pictures with Jerry.

I felt my knees wobble as I stared at the phone.

“John I can explain.” I said as tears dropped down my face.

“Explain what Angelica! Your boss send you your nudes with him and you are telling me you want to explain!!!!? I loved you Angelica but you saw me as a fool right?” He yelled as tears dropped down his cheeks.

“Please John.” I said crawling to him.

“Don’t you touch me Angelica! You have no time for me but you found time to have s3x with your boss!!” He yelled smashing my phone on the floor.

I flinched in fear moving back slowly. I have never seen John this angry, I have pushed him to the wall.

Why will Jerry send those pictures!! I told him I was going to come see him this night, why did he have to!!

“John.” I called weakly as I cried heavily.

“You know what Angelica, get out.” He said pointing at the door.

“No John, please John.” I said shaking my head.

“Get out before you see the rare side of me.” He said within gritted teeth.

“You heard him right! Get out. I always knew you were nothing but a s–t! Now you see your secrets have been exposed. Now get out!” Davis yelled even more making me jump to my feet.

John slumped into the couch weakly and I knew he was so hurt. I didn’t mean to do it, I didn’t want to lose my job.

Davis carried my bag from the couch and tossed it out of the door.

“Now move or I help you.” He said in fury. I walked to the door very fast, I looked at John for the last time before stepping out.

He slammed the door behind me and I felt all was lost. I should have just stayed with John, what is wrong with me.

I saw he was nice so I decided to act smart and now everything is gone.

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Chapter 19✳️

Theme: I Bought Her

Written by Ti fe✍️


I watched Angelica kiss John and I felt so full of jealousy, I walked to my room feeling so stupid and cheated.

He just wanted to use me, and then go back to marry Angelica. I am so stupid for thinking he feels something for me.

I laid on my bed feeling so bad. Then there was a knock on the door, I stood up reluctantly to get it.

“Davis.” I called trying to look okay as I opened the door.

“Charlotte I have something for you.” He said smiling.

“Really? Come in.” I said opening the door wider. He walked in and I shut the door behind us.

“Tada!” He said bringing out a packet of a brand new phone.

“Wow that is cool, but do you need another phone after the one you using? It is still looking very new.” I said checking out the phone.

“That isn’t mine. It is yours.” He replied.

“What? Mine! Did you get this for me?” I asked happily.

“No I didn’t, John did.” He replied narrowing his eyes.

“Ehn I am sorry, but I can’t accept this.” I said stretching the phone to him.

“C’mon Charlotte, Why are you doing this to John. He is truly sorry.” He said sadly.

“Davis, he kissed me when he still loves his fiancée. I even saw them kiss today.” I said sadly sitting on my bed.

“Charlotte John loves you, he is just confused.” He said sitting close to me.

“He should go with Angelica, I am a maid after all.” I said smiling.

“Stop calling yourself a maid, and for Angelica she can never come close to John again.” He said happily.

“I don’t understand you.” I said looking really confused.

“Go talk to John. He is in his room now down in tears.” He said standing up.

“What? Tears? Why?.” I asked in shock.

“Angelica cheated on him.” He said sadly.

“What!! Why would she do that!” I yelled.

“Go see John before he kills himself.” He said walking out of my room.

Now what is going on? What did Angelica do to John that is making him cry?

I rushed out of my room heading to John’s room. I could hear his sobs from the front of his door. This is really bad.

I opened the door slowly feeling kinda scared. I peeped into the room to see John sitting on the bed,he was backing the door.

“Davis I am not in the mood this time.” He said cleaning his tears off his face.

“It is me.” I said fondling with my fingers.

“Charlotte?” He called in surprise looking at me. His face was very teary and red.

I walked closer to him, his gaze was glued on me.

“Are you okay?” I asked standing in front of him.

“I am not Charlotte.” He said sadly.

“Do you mind sharing it?” I asked smiling.

He nodded and patted his bed gesturing me to sit. I sat close to him and we both stared at each other.

“It is quite simple. Angelica was having an affair with her boss, and he sent her their nudes while her phone was with me.” He said as tears wet his eyes again. He is really softhearted.

“John I am so sorry about all these. She shouldn’t have done that, you are a very nice man and every woman would look to have you to themselves, but Angelica just threw away something precious.” I said looking into his eyes.

“I think I deserved that after all I did to you too.” He said looking away.

“John about that, I am sorry for acting that way. I felt you just wanted to use me just like every other man that sets his eyes on me.” I said holding his hands.

“I never thought of using you, I was just…. Just..” He stammered but I stopped him with a peck on his lips.

His eyes widened and he touched his lips looking at me. I looked away shyly, and he moved my face to meet his.

“Did you just kiss me?” He asked.

“Yes, That is a thank you for the phone you got me.” I replied blushing.

“Oh that, it is nothing Charlotte. Miss Ruby called saying she had something urgent to tell you, so I decided to get you one.” He replied smiling.
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“Miss Ruby? Urgent?” I asked thinking about what she wanted to discuss with me.

“Yes, so you can just put a call through to her.” He replied smiling.

“Why are you so nice to me?” I asked looking into his eyes.

“Charlotte I am nice to everyone.” He replied.

“You are getting to me.” I said standing up.

“That is what I want Charlotte.” He replied walking closer to me.

“Erhnnn I will go call Miss Ruby now.” I said walking out of his room in haste.

Charlotte you kissed him!!! You actually did kiss Him!!! He looked so cute as he talked to me. I melted at every statement he made, i could have done something nasty.

I need to be really careful, I don’t even know if he is in love with me? Or I am in love with him. Angelica was actually so mean to hurt John.

“He doesn’t deserve any of that. He is so generous and if I was his fiancée I will never do anything to hurt him.” I thought aloud as I got to my room door.

“I know that well Charlotte, you are supposed to be John’s girlfriend not that s–t!” Davis said behind me.

“C’mon I can’t be John’s girlfriend, I am sure by tomorrow hundreds of girls are knocking this door asking for his hand in marriage.” I said rolling my eyes as I walked in.

“The important thing is that he sees someone who loves him not just for his money or looks, but for who he really is with or without the looks or money.” He said trailing behind me.

“Yes Davis.” I said in total support of his statement.

“And that is why i choose you.” I said pointing at me.

“C’mon Davis” I said rolling my eyes again.

“Do you love him?” He asked to my surprise and u stared at him speechlessly.

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Chapter 20⚡

Theme: I Bought Her


Charlotte stared into space and I knew she was ruminating on the reply she has for me.

“Charlotte, you need to know your feelings towards him before I do my own part.” I said looking into her eyes.

“Your part?” She asked furrowing her brows.

“You don’t worry, just tell me if you are in love with him.” I said smiling.

“Davis to he sincere I don’t know, I am confused and scared at the same time.” She said sitting on her bed.

“Okay let’s take this slowly. What is making you confused?” I asked sitting next to her.

“I don’t know if I truly love him, it may be that I just have this feelings because he is nice to me.” She said looking at me.

“Do you care for him? Do you want to always be around him? Are you craving for his touch?” I asked.

“To be honest, Yes I do.” She said nodding.

“Then the question is answered. You love John” I said happily.

“I guess I do, but he is my boss.” She added sadly.

“Look here, John has never for once seen you as a maid. Even when someone calls you maid, he says you are Charlotte not a maid.” I said holding her hands.

“But..” She said.

“You are scared he may just want to use you and dump you because he will surely see thousands of ladies more beautiful than you right?” I asked.

“Exactly Davis, that is my fear.” She said sighing.

“Then you are absolutely wrong. John will never do that to you.” I said proudly.

“You seem to really know him, how could you be so sure?” She asked.

“John and I have been friends right from childhood. I know how well he think.” I said confidently.

“Really? That is so sweet.” She replied smiling.

“Yes, and now I have to go.” I said standing up.

“Thank you so much Davis.” She said standing up too. My stomach grumbled warning me it is time to eat.

“I am hungry.” I said squeezing my tummy.

“Oh I will prepare something for you now.” She said.

“Thank you, but put a call through Aunt Ruby before you do so.” I said walking out.


“Mr Boston, I am so happy you are finally back in town.” I said feeling very happy.

My money bag is back, can’t wait to start collecting raw cash from him.

“Miss Ruby, I really missed you and your amazing girls.” He said with his ever thick voice.

“I bet you did.” I replied happily.

“Let’s get down to business. Where is Charlotte?” He asked.

“Actually, I have put a call to her and I was told she will get back to me ” I said.

“Isn’t she here with you?” He asked.

“She isn’t. I sold her the last two trading night, so I put a call to the young man that I need to talk to her.” I said hoping he won’t flare up.

“You sold her? You know I have always had my eyes on Charlotte.” He said angrily.

“I am sorry Mr Boston, she will be yours very soon.” I said fearfully.

“I don’t care if she was sold or not, I will pay 10 times the amount he bought her. So provide her now!” He smacked.

My phone rang and I excused myself before picking up.

📲 Aunt Ruby.
📲 Charlotte, Thank God you called now.
📲 What is going on? John told me you wanted to discuss something urgent with me.
📲 Did you just call your owner by name?
📲 Yes, we are really cool.
📲 That is none of my headache. I need you at the clubhouse now.
📲 Clubhouse? Why? What is going on?
📲 Don’t you dare question me, I give you 20 minutes to get here.
📲 Aunt had you forgotten I am in my boss house?
📲 That is not my problem, ask him for permission and get down here!!

I hung up and walked into my office to meet Mr Boston.

“She will be here in few minutes please bear with me.” I said pouting my mouth.
“I will wait because it is Charlotte.” He said grinning.


I sat in the living room chatting with Davis. He was telling me about Charlotte’s feeling for me and I kept wondering how he knew.

“Davis, how did you know all this?” I asked suspiciously.

“I am not a baby Johnny, I know very well she loves you.” He said grinning.

“Well that is great news.” I said happily.

“Mr John, I am off to see Aunt Ruby.” Charlotte said walking to us. She was wearing a very tight crazy jeans and a pink body hug top.

She combed her hair to fall freely and she had her bag in her hand. I stared at her speechlessly for some minutes until Davis pinched me.

“Yea…yeah no problems. I will be driving you there.” I said standing up.

“No don’t worry Mr John, I will be fine.” She said smiling.

“I am John.” I said picking up my car key and moving outside. I got outside the house and hopped into my car.

Charlotte came out and walked to the car bowing.

“Sit here.” I said pointing to the car seat at the front. She opened it slowly and sat in it blushing.

“Thank you.” She said shyly.

“It is my responsibility.” I said as we zoomed out of the compound heading to Aunts Ruby’s clubhouse.

There was awkward silence in the car as we drove. It was boring me already so I thought of having some discussion with her.

“Charlotte, can I ask you some personal questions?” I asked still focusing on my driving.

“Yes.” She replied.

“Erhhnn, okay. Have you dated somebody before I met you?” I asked feeling her gaze on me.

“No, I haven’t.” She replied.

“Why?” I asked again.

“Well I feel every guy is just after my body. They tell me they love me but I later find out that they just want to get under my skirt.” She said sadly.

“I am sorry about that.” I replied stretching my hands to her. She took my hands in hers rubbing it slowly.

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Chapter 21⚡

Theme: I Bought Her

Written by Ti fe✍️


We got to the clubhouse and John insisted he followed me in. We both came down from the car and walked to the clubhouse.

I saw Aunt Ruby at the door and I knew she was expecting me.

“Charlotte you are late!” She smacked as we got closer to her.

“I am sorry Aunt Ruby.” I said sadly. She looked at John and I saw her countenance change.

“Good day Aunt.” John greeted smiling.

“Hi!” She replied trying not to freak out.

“Charlotte did I tell you to bring an escort!” She whispered into my ears.

“He insisted and as my boss I couldn’t stop him.” I whispered back.

“Aunt Ruby I am her boss and I choose to be with her anytime, any day. So say whatever you want to say to her fast because I need her to cook for me.” He said firmly.

I saw the shock on Aunt Ruby’s face as he spoke but she later cautioned herself trying to smile.

“Come in.” She said leading the way.

She lead us to her office and i saw a familiar man in her office.

“Mr Boston?” I said out of shock.

“Charlotte!” He called happily. I looked at Aunt Ruby and I understood what I was called there for.

He had been trying to hard to get into my skirts but I kept turning him down. And now he want Aunt Ruby to give me to him.

Thank God John is here with me, I am sure he is never going to allow them take me no matter what.

Aunt Ruby whispered something into Mr Boston ears and he stood up walking to the confused looking John.

“Boston.” He said stretching forth his hand.

“John.” He replied shaking him.

“It was made know to me that you bought Charlotte already ” He said grinning.

“I didn’t buy her but she is mine now.” John said firmly.

“Mr John we can settle this easily, I need her so mention your price and I will give it to you.” He said grinning.

I moved to hold John’s hand hiding behind his back.

“Ruby what is the meaning of this?” John asked in anger.

“Mr John please, this is a great offer anybody will grab.” Aunt Ruby replied.

“Oh really, did I tell you i am suffering!” He smacked angrily.

“It is not up to this.” Mr Boston said calmly.

“Oh shut up!! I don’t joke with her one bit!! Look for another girl and stay away from my girl!!” John yelled pulling me out of her office.

“You want to die!!” Mr Boston yelled angrily.

“I am ready to die for her!” He yelled back pulling me out of the clubhouse. I so shocked at his statement and I couldn’t stop staring at him.

He was burning in anger as he started the car and zoomed off.

“How dare her!! Does she see you as a gadgets that can be bought or sold anyhow?” He said angrily.

“Please calm down John, Mr Boston is a very dangerous man. He has always wanted me but I kept turning him down, and I know very well he is capable of doing anything to get What he wants.” I said sadly.

“I don’t f**king care!!!! I will kill him if he touches you.” He smacked.

I felt so happy with the way he defended me in the club and even outside. He really loves me, or why will he say he can die for me.


I walked into the house still feeling great anger in me. Why will her aunt see her as a commodity, and even want to resell her afterwards.

I hate her for what she did and if I see that filthy man anywhere near Charlotte I will have no choice than be a murderer.
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We got into house and I looked back to see Charlotte staring at me.

“Charlotte I don’t ever want to see you in that clubhouse!” I said angrily.

“Okay.” She said smiling walking to me.

“And I don’t you do talk to Aunt Ruby again.” I added still in anger. She got right in front of me and pulled my face to meet hers kissing me deeply Coolval stories.

I wrapped my hands around her waist immediately hugging her tightly. She slid her tongue into my mouth moving it in and out of my mouth.

My tongue made contact with hers as they both danced happily. We were running out of breath from the intense kiss already.

She stopped kissing me and stared into my eyes so sweetly.

“I love you john!” She said and I felt my heart hop.

“You do?” I asked happily.

“I do.” She replied kissing me again.

This time around I carried her and she wrapped her legs around my torso. My hand landed on her a== and I felt my d==k twitch in my trousers.

I gave it a soft squeeze and I earned her moan from her. I moved her gently to the couch placing her on it.

I kissed her neck giving her hickeys. I was about kissing her again when I heard someone couch behind me.

“Davis!!!!” I yelled within gritted teeth making Charlotte giggle.

“Am I terminating something?” He asked grinning.

“Of course!!” I yelled angrily.

“Okay, I will go away.” He said giggling. I looked at Charlotte and I saw she was really shy.

“Come with me!” I said carrying her in a bridal style into my room.

I can’t let that idiot interrupt us again, he is so annoying!

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Chapter 22⚡

Mr Boston’s POV

“Ruby did you just see what happened?” I asked in fury.

“I am sorry Mr Boston, I will get another beautiful lady for you.” She said shivering.

“I don’t want another!! I want Charlotte!! I have been after her for so many years!” I yelled.

“I never knew you wanted her badly and that trading night I sold her you weren’t present.” She replied.

“I don’t care, all I need now is Charlotte! Or you know what will happen to this your wonderful club house.” I smacked and I saw fear on her face.

“Please Mr Boston, that Mr John ,i never knew he was this wild. And he actually as the right to be, because he bought her first with an expensive amount.” She replied.

“I told you I am going to pay 10 times the money he paid you.” I said frustratingly.

“Mr Boston, why not let me fill in the gap.” She said walking closer to me.

“What do you mean?” I asked looking at her.

“Am I not beautiful?” She asked trailing her fingers around my chest.

“Yes you are. So?” I asked.

“Have me then.” She said trying to kiss me but I pushed her away.

“I want a virgin, and you and I know you aren’t.” I said feeling disgusted.

“I am also tight.” She said like the b**ch she was.

“Enough!! I give you three days to bring Charlotte to me or you will lose your only source of income!” I yelled storming out of her office.


I moved close to John as he locked the door behind us. He looked back and I landed a kiss on his lips instantly.

He wrapped his hands around my waste deepening the kiss. I broke the kiss staring into his eyes.

“Thank you so much for defending me so much.” I said looking into his eyes.

“Charlotte it is my responsibility, you should thank me.” He said moving my hair behind my ears.

“You are beautiful.” He added staring at me.

“Thank you. So can you continue my swimming lesson?” I asked happily.

“Sure, when you are ready.” He said smiling.

“Okay then, I will go wear my swim suit.” I said walking to the door.

“Please tie your towel when coming out.” He said making me stop.

“Why?” I asked furrowing my brows.

“Davis is around.” He said and I understood exactly what he was saying. I smiled at him and walked out of his room feeling his gaze on my backside.

I ran to my room to wear my swim suit. I removed my clothes in haste thinking about the swimming.

I am so happy to learn how to swim and most especially when John is the one coaching me.

I want him to always be close to me holding me and making sure we have skin to skin contacts.

I wore my swim suit and as usual it was exposing and very tight. I packed my hair in a pony tail and tied my towel.

I walked out of my room to the living room and I saw John already dressed in his swimming suit too. His muscles were evident in it and I felt like resting my head on it. Davis was also there.

“I am ready.” I said and they both looked back to look at me. I smiled and I saw they drool over me.

They eyes were fixed on different parts of my body and I couldn’t help but blush.

“Hello.” I said waving when I saw the staring was getting out of hand.

“Wow.” Davis exclaimed jolting John out of his dream land.

“Let’s go.” He said stammering.

“Let me come along, two heads are better than one.” Davis said grinning.

“That is true.” I nodded smiling.

“Ahhh, Davis you told me you want to do something’s with Bianca today right?” John said smiling.

“Oh please,I can postpone that.” Davis said standing up.

“You don’t want to disappoint her.” John said giving Davis a firm look.

“Yeah yeah!!” Davis said nodding.

“Good!” John smirked.

“Enjoy yourselves.” Davis said winking at us.

“Fool.” John said as we both walked to the pool.

I walked in front of him and I felt his staring at me, I blushed so hard as I noticed. I got to the pool and untied my towel letting it sweep down my feet.

I looked at John who was behind me and I saw his mouth drop open. I love the wat I affect him.

“Come on.” I said smiling sweetly.

He walked closer to me still staring at me. Is this how he stares at Angelica or it is just me.

He walked into the pool stretching his hand to me. I took his hand and walked into the water.

I grew goosebumps as I was fully into the water, I shivered and I saw John smile at my behavior.

“So where did I stop last time?” He asked as we kept rolling slowly in the water.

“How to flop my legs under water.” I said happily.

“Okay now I guess you can do that again.” He said pulling me to himself.

“I can try.” I said tho I was feeling a little bit scared.

“Okay do some stuffs let me see you.” He said letting go of me.

I lower myself gradually into the water and when I was in fully, I started moving and flopping my feet.

I held my breath and closed my eyes enjoying the slow pace I moved. I was running out of breath soon so I raised up my head hurriedly splashing the water from my hair on John.

“Ohh!” He said giggling.

“Sorry!” I said laughing. He lowered himself into the water and I stood expecting him to raise his head.

It was almost 3 minutes and he was yet to come up. I couldn’t even see him through the surface of the water.

“John?” I called fearfully looking into the water. I didn’t hear nor see him, I started shivering in fear.

“John!” I called louder staring into the water and the next thing I saw were bubbles on the surface of the water.

“John!!!” I yelled and this time I felt tears rushed down my cheeks. I moved to where he lowered in tears feeling so scared.

Suddenly, I felt someone hold me from behind inside the water.

“Ahhhhhhh!!!!!” I screamed as fear gripped me. I started to shake vigorously thinking I will be dead soon.

“Charlotte!” I heard John call trying to hold me.

“John!” I looked back and saw him. I hugged him tightly that I knew he could hardly breathe.

“Its okay.” He said tapping my back.

“I thought I lost you.” I said as hot tears rolled down my cheeks.

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Chapter 23⚡

Theme: I Bought Her

Written by Ti fe✍️


Charlotte couldn’t stop crying even when we were out of the water. She is so scared of losing me, and I regret scaring her like that.

“Charlotte please stop crying.” I said as we both walked to her room.

She was shivering due to the cold from the water, so I made her sit on the bed and ran to take some hot water from the flask.

On my way back and took some new towels along with me. I got in and I met her still seated on the bed and shivering.

I gave her the water to drink and I went ahead to help her clean her body.

“I was so scared.” She said shaking.

“Am sorry, I was playing around. I am stupid for making you cry.” I said cleaning her tears. She nodded still folding her arms around her body.

I was still cleaning her hair when my eyes met with her cleavages. They were beautiful and neatly curved.

I stopped cleaning her hair and moved my hands to her b==bs slowly. She kept watching me wondering what I was about to do.

I placed my index finger on her b==bs tracing out the shape of her cleavage. I saw her gasp as her b==bs began to raise up under my hand.

She stared at me speechlessly and I kept doing what I did because I was loving the way it felt, she has a very soft breast.

I moved it down into her suit slowly and I saw her shiver under my touch.

“You are so endowed.” I said staring at her.

Suddenly she held my hand and pulled me to herself making us both fall on the bed and I was in top of her.

I stared at her and she at me for some minutes before she wrapped her hands around my neck and her legs around my waist.

She brought her face up to meet mine and I saw her eyes close. Her soft wonderful lips landed on my own slowly.

I opened up slowly and I started kissing her slowly and passionately. She moved one of her hands to my face holding it.

My hands were on the bed keeping my weight from her body. She took the kissing slow sliding her tongue in and out of my mouth and I loved it.

I turned her to stay on the top while I laid on the bed. She sat on my abs and bent her head to meet mine again.

I trailed my hand to her a== and I grabbed it slowly. She moaned inside my mouth and I loved it.

I could feel her naked a== because her suit wasn’t covering all of it. I kept trailing my finger on it making her feel sensations.

Her breathing grew hard and I knew it was starting to get to her. I further moved my hand down to her p==sy rubbing it through the suit.

“Ahh!” She gasped inside my mouth again. I kept doing it and she began to rub herself on my already hard c=ck.

Her p==sy was directly on top of my d==k so I felt every move she made. I stopped rubbing her because I wanted to feel her without the suit.

She broke the kiss staring into my eyes.

“I want to touch you without the swim suit.” I said trailing my hands down to her p—y. She nodded slightly before reaching for her suit.

She stood up from me so she could get it off easily, she removed it from the top and I saw her b==bs bounce out.

They were big and still very erect, her ni==es were kinda long and pink. She swept the suit down her leg and I saw how neatly shaved and curved she is.


I loved the way he stared at my body and for the first time, I am ready to give a man by body. I sat on him again and I felt his d==k threatening to pierce my p==sy.

I lowered myself to kiss him and he turned me to lay on the bed again. He started kissing my neck and I held his head in pleasure.

He moved to my b==bs and took it in his hot mouth. I let out a soft moan as he started flipping it with his tongue.

His other hand worked on my other b==bs and it felt like heaven. I have never in my life felt something like this before.

He stopped and pecked me on my lips before moving down. I was shy as he stared at my V speechlessly.

I moved my hands to cover it but he stopped me.

“Geez Charlotte, you are so beautiful.” He said smiling while I covered my face in shyness.

Soon I felt his finger on my p==sy and I gave another moan, this time louder than before. I was dripping wet already, so as he moved his hand up and down in it, it was driving me crazy.

I held the bed so tight like I was going to destroy it. I felt him roll his fingers on my c=it and I threw my head backwards.

“F==k!!” I moaned as he didn’t stop doing it. His hand didn’t miss any corner of my V, i felt it everywhere.

He then lowered his head between my raised up legs and his tongue met with my c==t.

“Ahhhh!!” I screamed like I was going to cry.

He kept moving his tongue on it and one time he held my c==t gently with his lips s—–g it so wonderfully.

“John.” I moaned but he didn’t stop.

I started swaying my hips due to the intense pressure I was having. He saw he couldn’t access me well, so he held my hip to the bed with his hands firmly.

He slid his tongue right into my wet honeypot. I arced my lower back and let out another scream. He is driving me insane!

He started tongue-f==king me and I kept breathing very hard. It kept sliding it in and out of me and I kept screaming like I had gone crazy.

“John please.” I said trying to get his head off me. If he doesn’t stop now, I will end up bursting into tears.

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Chapter 24⚡

Theme: I Bought Her


I stopped teasing her because I knew she was going to cry any minute and I didn’t want that for her. I moved to kiss her again and she tasted herself in my mouth.

She moved her hand to my already erect d==k touching it slight through my swim suit and I let out a low groan.

“I can’t take it anymore.” She said sitting up. She stared to remove my swim suit. I hugged me so she could unzip it from behind.

The zip was off and I climbed down the bed to remove it, she would have helped but it was so tight.

I slid it down my feet and my c==k bounced out fully ready to penetrate. She stared at my rod speechlessly and I know she is shocked because of how huge I am.

I moved on top of her but she turned me over and knelt above me staring at me. She moved her hands to my hard c==k and look at me before placing it on it.

“Touch it.” I said smiling.

She reached for it and wrapped her hand around it making me groan. She kept rubbing it slowly and I wondered where she lent it from.

“How do you know that?” I asked.

“Aunt Ruby plays it at home, so I do watch it with her secretly.” She said smiling.

“Bad girl hun?” I said grinning.

“John have me already.” She said.

“Are you really sure? It is going to hurt.” I replied.

“I am sure and I want to do it. I have seen so many clips of it from Aunt Ruby.” She said smiling.

“That Ruby is really something else.” I mumbled before letting her lay on the bed again.

“This is going to hurt a little.” I said rubbing her V.

“I am ready.” She said and shut her eyes tight. I positioned myself in front of her passage and started moving the tip of my d==k around her passage.

She was moaning and I saw her bite her lower lip in pleasure. I pushed the tip of my c==k into her slowly and I saw her flinch.

I pushed in again gently and I saw her mouth drop open. I broke the hymen and I saw blood stain my d==k.

I moved all in and she screamed in pain. She was so tight around me and I loved it. I kept it in her for some while so she could adjust to the pain.

I then started to t—-t slowly and this time she was moaning very loud. I kept moving in and out slowly.

Soon I increased my pace and I saw her b==bs bounce as I did. I started to groan too when I felt my balls tighten.

Soon I was close to coming and I saw her grab the bed too. She came with a very moan and after she did I exploded into her.

Bianca’s POV

I entered into Angelica’s room without knocking to borrow her eye liner when I met her having s3x with her boss Jerry.

“Angelica are you insane!!” I yelled in shock. She looked at me and I saw how shocked she was too.

I rushed out of the room and walked to my room burning in anger. I thought she was really sorry about what happened between her and John.

She even pretended to be very sad this past days, and now I find her f**king Jerry? She isn’t worth John one bit.

“Bianca!” Angelica called walking into my room with me.

“Don’t call me, I am highly disappointed. I thought you really meant you were sorry and you are still here doing shii with another man? What if mother or father saw you?” I asked angrily.

“Bianca I am sorry. I was feeling very lonely, and Jerry showed up to keep my company.” She said sadly.

“So keeping your company means f**king you!! You can f==k Jerry but you can’t to John. Do you even love him?” I said feeling very angry.

“I love John and you know that.” She said.

“No you don’t! When you suppose to keep telling him and showing him how sorry you are. You sit around here messing up. And guess what?” I asked folding my hands.

“What?” She asked.

“That Charlotte girl will win John’s heart that is if she haven’t.” I said smiling.

“What? No! Why would that happen?” She asked angrily.

“Shut up!!! You knew you didn’t want to lose him and you keep doing shit with your boss. Are you insane?” I asked angrily.

“Bianca that’s enough! I am still your elder sister.” She smacked.

“Really? Okay, and your younger sister will give you the invitation card to their wedding.” I said smiling widely.

“I am off to see Davis, someone I can never joke with.” I said walking out on her.
She is so annoying. So she didn’t really like John, she was just after his name, looks and money.


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Chapter 25⚡

Theme: I Bought Her

Written by Ti fe✍️


I stood at the street looking into John’s house. So this is the mansion that is making him brag, it is not even up to half of what I have built in 5 countries of the world.

I moved up the a higher place and I could see the compound very well. I couldn’t see anyone in the compound.

I need to survey the house properly so I can execute my plans. I can’t just let Charlotte slip off my heads.

Ruby needs to help me get her. That girl is f==king sexy, I can’t let John have her all to himself. I have to taste her too.

I climbed down from where i stood and i picked up my phone to call Ruby.

📲 Ruby, i have seen how the house is.

📲 Good, so I guess you know how well it will go.

📲 Yes, provide the guys and I will pay you well.

📲 Okay but please don’t hurt anyone. Just have Charlotte and let the rest be.

📲 I don’t think I can do that.

📲 Why!

📲 I must let him pay for bragging.

📲 C’mon, just forget about that and face what you want.

📲 Sorry Ruby, that is not possible.

I hung up before she could say anything. I am Boston! No one dare yell at me. He will have to pay dearly😈.


I sat in the living room alone waiting for Bianca’s arrival. I wore the best of my clothes and even put on a slight makeup.

John finally walked out of Charlotte’s room looking very sweaty.

“Wow!!” I said grinning.

He walked up to me and sat on the couch looking tired.

“Don’t tell me you guys…” I said widening my eyes.

“We did!” He said happily.

“OMG!!!!” I said jumping happily.

“How was it? Did she scream? Was she very tight? Did you release in her??” I rapped sitting on the couch again.

“Davis you shouting!” He whispered looking at Charlotte’s room.

“Sorry I am just so happy!” I replied whispering.

“Davis it was so great. I never thought I would be able to do this till December.” He said smiling.

“So you still thinking about what that b**ch said. You are too trustworthy and that was why she could play you anyhow knowing very well you can’t cheat.” I said and he sighed heavily.

“Well all of that is gone now, I love Charlotte now and she loves me too. That is the most important thing now.” He said and I nodded in agreement.

“I can’t wait to have Bianca too. I so much love that girl.” I said staring into space and smiling stupidly.

“Wait! You love her?” He asked looking very shocked.

“Of course, why?” I asked shooting him an annoyed look.

“I know you well Davis, you have never loved before so this is strange.” He said.

“Yeah that is true,but I really love Bianca abs I am ready to marry her.” I added.

“Marry? I didn’t see that coming.” He said laughing.

“Are you not thinking that we should get married on the same day,at the same venue?” I asked happily when I heard a knock on the door.

“Bianca is here!” I said jumping up from the couch and adjusting my clothes.

“I will be in my room, enjoy.” John said walking away. I breathed in and out before finally moving to the door.

I opened up putting up my best smile. She wore a very sexy gown which stopped on her knee making her curves evident.

“Hi.” She said shyly.

“Hi, come in.” I said smiling widely. She walked in and I locked the door feeling so happy.

“What can I get you?” I asked smiling.

“Anything.” She replied smiling. I ran to the bar to get a drink for both of us.

I walked back to where she was and placed drink in front of her.

“You look beautiful.” I said sitting on the couch opposite her.

“Thank you, and you ain’t bad either.” She replied blushing.

“Really? Thank you.” I replied smiling.

There was an awkward silence between both of us and I was short of words. I wanted to keep the vibes on but I was too shy.

Suddenly she stood up and moved close to me, I felt my heart leap but I kept on a smiling face.

She stopped in front of me and sat on my thighs. I felt butterflies in my belly instantly and I was so scared to look into her face.

“Stop acting formal Davis, I love you. You shouldn’t be shy around me.” She said moving my face to meet hers.

“I.. I..” I wanted to speak but she stopped me with a kiss on my lips.

Oh Geez!! Is this really happening!!! I am kissing Bianca!!! So sweet. I moved my hand to her back slowly pushing her to me and deepening the kiss.

“Davis can you…” I heard John say making us break the kiss. I hate him so much for this.

“Oops, sorry.” He said trying not to burst into laughter as he walked away. I know he did it on purpose, he wanted to revenge.

She looked away shyly and I didn’t know what to do.

How on earth will I tell her I need her to kiss me again. I am going to so kill John when she is gone.

I decided to kiss her again without saying anything. I moved her face to meet mine and slowly kissed her.

This time she wrapped her hands around my shoulders and one thing kept ringing in my head.

“John can come again! Take her to your room!! Take her to your room!”

I carried her not breaking the kiss and walked to my room quickly before that devil disturbs us again.

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Chapter 26⚡


Davis and I walked out of the room holding hands, we really had a great time in bed. I love every touch of his.

We got to the living to see Charlotte sitting on John’s laps. They were chatting and laughing, to be honest they look so cute together.

“Hey guys.” Davis said grinning.

“Bianca.” Charlotte called smiling widely.

“How are you dear?” I asked sitting on the couch.

“Good, I didn’t know you were around.” She said.

“Yes,was busy with baby here.” I said touching Davis cheeks.

“That is great.” She replied giggling.

“John you look really happy and I am delighted to know that. I added looking at the joyful John.

” Yes, she has been my happiness ever since Angelica left.” He said kissing her on the lips.

“Awwn this is so cute.” Davis said blushing.

There was a knock on the door interrupting our discussion.

“I will get it.” Charlotte said running to the door. Her a== kept bouncing in her trousers and I saw John’s gaze glued to it.

“How dare you!” I heard someone say and the next was a slap on Charlotte face. The person pushed her aside and I saw Angelica barge in.

“Angelica!” I yelled shockingly.

“Don’t call me!” She said fuming in anger. I looked at John and I saw his face was red already.

“Did you just slap Charlotte?” He said standing up.

“John please take it easy.” Davis said holding him.

“Take it easy!! Really!!” I roared.

“Bianca please take care of your sister.” Davis said to me. I nodded and walked up to her.

“Angelica you are creating a scene, please leave.” I said blocking her way.

“I am not moving until I talk to my love!” She smacked pushing me from the way and rushing to meet the crying Charlotte again.

“Angelica!” I smacked turning her to face me and to everyone’s surprise I gave her a resounding slap on her face.

“Did you just slap me?” She asked holding her cheeks in tears.

“I will again, if you touch Charlotte.” I said breathing very hard.

“Bianca you are my sister.” She added in tears.

“Me being your sister don’t mean I support evil. You are the wrong one here not any of us! So get out! If you touch her you are going to see the devilish side of me!” I rapped angrily and I saw her flinch in fear.

“Get out!” Davis yelled and she ran out in tears.


I was so shocked when Bianca slapped Angelica, tho she deserved it, I never thought Bianca could do that to her sister.

Thank God she did it, if not I don’t know what I would have done. I looked at Charlotte and I saw her weeping.I couldn’t even move from where I stood. I was so angry when I saw her in tears.

“Charlotte I am so sorry.” Bianca said hugging her.

“I didn’t do anything wrong.” She said admits tears.

“I know dearie. Please forgive her.” She said cleaning her tears.

Charlotte looked at me with tears in her eyes and I felt my tummy tighten.

“I am sorry.” I said walking to her. I hugged her tightly as her tears wet my shirt.

“Bianca that was very thoughtful of you. Thank you.” Davis said to her smiling.

“Its nothing. I can’t keep supporting nonsense because she is my sister. She acted stupid and she needs to pay, not trying to pass aggression to an innocent person.” She said looking at Charlotte wth pity.

“Thank you for not taking her side Bianca.” I said tapping Charlotte’s hair slowly.

“I don’t take sides. I stay on the truth, and I will forever support your relationship with Charlotte. She is a very nice girl.” She said smiling.

“This is so touching, I feel like crying.” Davis said. He will never be serious, annoying camel.

“Charlotte let’s go to your room” I said as we both moved to our room.

“John I am scared of her.” She said laying her head on my thighs as we laid in the bed.

“You don’t need to be scared of her.” I replied staring at her.

“There is need. You know how much connections and people she has. If she decided to take me off this relationship it is very easy for her.” She said sadly.

“Look here Charlotte. No one dares touch the woman I love. I will do anything to protect you my love.” I said smiling at her.

“Thank you so much, I love you.” She said hugging me.

“Now please cheer up.” I said smiling.

“I will try.” She said smiling too.

“Should we go swimming?” I asked hoping she would say yes.

“No I don’t want to. I am scared of water now.” She said shaking her head.

“It was just a prank baby. Please… For me.” I said pouting my mouth like that of a baby.

“Hmmm okay. But please don’t scare me, I may go unconscious.” She said standing up.

“I won’t I promise. So dress up and I will be there waiting for you.” I said kissing her.

“I love you.” She said in my mouth.

“I love you too.” I said kissing her nose.


I drove home in great shame, Bianca had the guts to slap me? So it is true that maid is now with john. I swear all of them will pay.

I will deal with Bianca first before anyone. I got home fuming in fury, I barged into my room and sat on the bed thinking of what to do to Bianca.

Then an idea dropped in my mind. Perfect idea! I picked up my phone and dialed one of my lovers contact.

📲 Chile

📲 Baby how are you?

📲 I need your help.

📲 Anything for you baby.

📲 I need you to come to my house now.

📲 For some hot bleeping?

📲 Chile I am serious. Get down here and I will tell you what is to do.

I hung up smirking wickedly. Let the game begin Bianca, you will regret the day you were born as my sister.

Let’s see you cry out your life now😈.

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Chapter 27⚡

Theme: I Bought Her

Written by Ti fe✍️


I swam very fast to the other side of the water. I raised up my head from the water laughing very loud.

“I am good!” I yelled happily.

“Oh yes you are!” John said swimming to me. He got to me and carried me from my legs out of the water.

I laughed very hard telling him to let me go but he didn’t answer me.

“John you are tickling me.” I said as I felt him trace his fingers on my thighs.

“I love it.” He replied holding my waist to him. I stared into his eyes and he did to mine also.

“John thank you so much.” I said as he brought his head closer to mine.

“No I should thank you.” He said pecking my lips.

“You never for once saw me as a commodity. You catered for me to the extent of buying my under wears.” I said as tears heated up my eyes.

“Charlotte please don’t cry. I knew you were a blessing that is why I had to rescue you from that wicked b**ch you call an Aunt.” He said looking vexed.

“I love you.” I said wrapping my hands around his neck.

“I love you more than you can imagine.” He mumbled staring at my lips. And in no time, our lips met.

I closed my eyes letting him taste all of me. I shivered due to the cold from the water and he disengaged when he noticed it.

“Let’s get out of the water, you are shivering already.” He said while I nodded folding my hands.

I was about moving out when I felt him hold me from behind and carry me in his hands.

“John put me down.” I said giggling.

“Not until we get into the house.” He said smiling. I hid my head in his chest shyly and I heard him laugh slightly.

He took me to my room and made me on the bed.

“Clean up, I will order pizza.” He said turning to walk away.

“Wait.” I said stopping.

“What is it Charlotte?” He asked.

“Kiss me.” I said staring at him.

He smiled and walked up to me, he placed his lips on mine gently but broke it very fast.

“Dress up now, don’t want you to catch a cold.” He said smiling while I nodded. He walked out of the room and I slumped on the bed smiling into space.


I walked to my room and changed from my swim suit to my green top and khaki shorts. I dried my hair with the hair dryer and walked out to the living room with my phone.

It was 7pm already, I got to the living room and I saw Davis watching TV.

“Hey bro! This is another thrilling horror movie.” He exclaimed happily as he saw me.

“And you couldn’t even wait till I come?” I asked furrowing my brows.

“Sorry, i thought you were busy with Char Char.” He said winking.

“Don’t be ridiculous and start playing it from the beginning.” I said sitting on the couch.

“From the beginning!” He yelled sadly.

“Hey guys.” Charlotte said Interrupting us.

“Hey Char Char.” Davis said grinning stupidly. She smiled and walked up to where I sat sitting close to me.

“So please start from the beginning. You know Charlotte is just joining.” I said.

“Fine, for Char Char.” He said grinning.

He started the movie from the beginning and went ahead to switch off all the lights.

“This will truly but a terrifying one.” Charlotte said seeing the name of the movie written in dripping blood.

“It is awesome!” Davis yelled happily.

“Here hold me hand in case you want to jump, I will be here.” I said showing her my hands.

“No, no need for your hands since you all whole is here.” She said kissing my cheeks.

“I saw that.” Davis said still watching the TV, while we all laughed.

The movie hadn’t gone far when Davis phone rang. He picked it up and placed it on his ears, the TV light was shone on his face.

I diverted my attention from him back to the movie when I heard him yell.


“Davis are you okay?” Charlotte and I chorused in fear.

“Bianca’s studio is on fire.” He said with his eyes widened.

“What!” We yelled in shock.

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“I need to go to her now, she isn’t sounding fine.” He said standing to his feet.

“We will come with you ” I said standing up with Charlotte.

“No its fine. I will go alone.” He said taking the car keys and storming out of the house.

“But how could it have happened?” Charlotte asked looking puzzled.

“I have no idea either.” I replied shrugging my shoulders.

“I pray no one is hurt.” She said sadly.

“Me too, let’s seat.” I said as we sat on the couch still feeling sad. It shouldn’t have happened to Bianca, she is a very nice lady.

I stared into space ruminating over the matter when I heard the door open wide like it was hit by a fist.

Charlotte and I jumped up looking at the door. I rushed to the the light switch to switch it on so as to see the person that barged inside.

“Davis?” Charlotte called before I switched on the light. I switched on the light and to my surprise I saw some guys in black clothes putting on masks.

Charlotte ran to my back in fear.

“What do you want?” I asked feeling scared.

“Give us the girl and we will spare you.” They roared.

“Which girl?” I asked pretending not to understand what they were saying.

“You know they are saying.” I saw Mr Boston say walking to the front.

“Mr Boston?” Charlotte called fearfully behind me.

“Come to papa baby.” He said stretching his hands forward.

“She isn’t going anywhere.” I said holding her firmly.

“God! You really have some guts hun!” He smacked angrily.

“She is mine, I made it clear. So for everyone’s good get out.” I said moving back to where I placed my lamp stand.

“You really love it hard. Guys! Get me the girl and beat him to a pulp.” He said sitting on the couch like a king.

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⚡Chapter 28⚡

Theme: I Bought Her


I was died scared as I stood behind John staring at Mr Boston.

“Don’t leave my back.” John said holding the lamp stand firmly. I nodded fearfully still looking at Mr Boston who couldn’t take his gaze off me.

The guys walked to us holding hockey sticks and John faced them with great bravery.

They all attacked him at the same time and he started hitting them with the lamp stand before they even got to him.

The fight grew intense and the guys were starting to beat John. Mr Boston stood up and started walking up to me smirking wickedly.

I moved back slowly looking back to find something I could hit on his head. And fortunately I was close to the wooden sculpture at the corner of the living room.

“Come to me baby.” He said stretching his hands to me. I shook my head still moving back until I got to where the sculpture was, and I held it firmly not letting him notice.

“Don’t make it hard Charlotte, I will take care of you.” He said as he got very close to me. I closed my eyed and aggressively I lifted up the sculpture and hit it on his head.

Everyone looked at us in shock and I saw Mr Boston go down. While the guys were still looking at him, I passed the Sculpture to John and he started hitting them hard with it.

In no time, they were all on the floor groaning in pain. Blood kept dripping from John’s body and I felt great sympathy for him.

“All of you get out now, or I end your lives here.” John yelled, and they quickly ran out of the house carrying Mr Boston with them.

I saw John fall to the ground weakly and I rushed to him in tears.

“John.” I called carrying his head up in my hands. He blinked his eyes weakly and I could see he was really hit on the head.

“Charlotte.” I called weakly.

“I am here love.” I said in tears.

“I am in pains, I may not survive it.” He said tiredly.

“John please don’t say that. You are not going to die.” I said shaking my head as nose began to run.

“Take care of yourself. I love you.” He said ad his eyes closed and his head fell backwards.

“John!!! Please no, please don’t!!! I will die if you go.” I said in tears.

I quickly stood up to my feet hanging his hand across my neck.

“You will be fine, please be brave! I will take you to the hospital now okay? Please wait.” I said walking to the door crying profusely. I couldn’t even see the wat clearly because of my tears.


I drove home thinking about Bianca’s studio. It was reported by the cops that the fire was set and wasn’t an accident.

Who could have dons this cruel act? I was so hurt when I saw Bianca broken down in tears. I swear I will catch that person and kill him with my own hands.

I got home and drove into the compound to see Charlotte walking out of the house with John. His head was dropped facing the floor.

What is going on? I stopped my car very fast and ran to her. I got closer to see John dripping blood and Charlotte was in tears.

“Jesus Christ!!! What happened!” I yelled holding John.

“Please let’s take him to the hospital first. I will explain everything.” Charlotte stammered. We moved him to the car quickly and I jumped into the car with Charlotte driving to the closet hospital.

I wasn’t myself anymore. Why in one day! Bianca’s studio got burnt, and now John heavily wounded! What is going on.

Charlotte kept weeping throughout the drive. He drove roughly into the hospital compound and jumped down and carried John out of the car.

Charlotte ran to into the hospital calling on the nurses and they met me at the door with a stretcher.

They placed him on it and pushed him to a ward very fast. Charlotte ran after then crying and I did the same too.

“Charlotte he will be fine, but please tell me what happened.” I said to her.

“Not long after you left, Some guys barged into the house saying John should release me to them. Mr Boston was the !mastermind of the plan. He came out and ordered the guys to beat John and get me.” She mumbled.

“Mr Boston? The same one you guys talked about?” I asked in fury.

“Yes. John fought back but they overpowered him, they were to many for him. Mr Boston walked up to me to get me but I defended myself by hitting him on the head with the wooden sculpture.” She added.

“OMG!!!! I will so kill that man!” I yelled kicking the wall.

“He fell to the ground and I passed John the sculpture which he used to beat them to a pulp. They ran away and I saw John go down weakly.” She said bursting into another fresh tears.

“I need to go somewhere, please wait here for me.” I said fuming in anger.

“Where are you going?” She asked looking at me with her teary face and that even vexed me the more.

“To Aunt Ruby, Surely she will know about this and I am going to teach her a lesson.” I said walking away not wanting to here her reply.

I swear I will kill her if she doesn’t tell me where that bastard is. I will add all pains of today together and strangle her real good.

I hopped into my car and started it, zooming off to Aunt’s Ruby’s clubhouse.


I sat in my room still down in tears. I built that studio with my sweat, no one ever helped me build it. Now someone destroyed it all in one night.

My door opened and Angelica walked in grinning evilly.

“How was it?” She smirked.

“How was what?” I asked cleaning my teary face.

“I noticed you look more beautiful when you cry. So I thought of doing something to make you cry.” She said giggling.

“Angelica what are you insinuating? Are you behind what happened to my studio!” I smacked jumping up from my bed.

“You know when you slapped me I thought, what can I do to make you know I will always be your elder sister. So i thought playing with some fuel and matches near your studio.” She said laughing wickedly.

“How dare you!!!” I yelled walking close to her.

“You can’t do anything to me Bianca, next time you will learn to respect me.” She said turning to walk out Coolval stories.

I rushed to her and dragged her to me by her hair and she yelled in pain.

“I can’t do anything hun? I will show you the stuff I am made off.” I smacked hitting her hard continuously.

She cried out and that even angered me the more. I pushed her to the floor and sat on her still hitting her angrily.

Her face turned red as I kept doing it and I saw her lips burst. She screamed louder and mother quickly rushed into the room.

“Bianca!! Are you insane? How dare you hit your sister!” She yelled rescuing her from me.

“Ask her what she did!” I yelled looking at her. Her face was swollen already due to the hitting I gave her.

“No matter what she did, you shouldn’t hit her like this!” Mother said angrily.

“Oh really? Even when she burnt down my studio!!!” I yelled and I saw shock on Mother’s face.

“Why don’t you train her well!! I built that studio with my own earned money, and because she was suffering for her wrong she burnt it down.!” I added breathing very hard.

“Angelica is this true?” Mother asked her and she couldn’t talk. Mother sighed heavily looking at me with a sorry face.

“I am sorry Bianca.” She said walking to me.

“Mother don’t come close. You made her like this, if you told her the truth always all this wouldn’t have happened.” I said angrily.

“Thank your star mother came to save you, I will have kept biting you till you lose your miserable life! Now get out!!” I yelled angrily.

She and mother rushed out of the room and I slammed the door behind them in full fury.

Lets see how she would continue her modeling career.

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Chapter 29⚡

Theme: I Bought Her

Written by Ti fe✍️


I drove to Aunt Ruby’s place burning in anger, I will so strangle her when I get there. No one messes with John!

I got to her clubhouse soon and got down from my car. I looked for a stick around me and good for me I found one large one.

I dragged it inside the club, people were chatting, laughing, making out and so on. In anger I moved to where the bulbs were and started to hit the stick on them.

They shattered to the ground and I heard the ladies scream. I moved to the stage and also targeted the glass where the strippers were always kept.

I broke all of the mercilessly, they all started running out of the clubhouse. I stopped and walked to Aunt Ruby’s office.

I barged in and I saw her walking out too. Immediately she saw me she jumped back in fear, and when she saw the stick in my hand her eyes widened.

“Davis what is going on?” She stammered as I walked close to her frowning😈.

“You asking me!!!?? After plotting with Mr Boston to hurt John!” I yelled grabbing her by the neck.

“What are you talking about.” She struggled to say making more furious.

“Don’t you dare ask me that!!! You gave Mr Boston our address to come capture Charlotte after John told you he isn’t ready to release her.” I yelled still holding her neck firmly.

She struggled with my hands but I didn’t release it one bit.

“John is my brother!! He has been there right from when I was very little and you had the guts to work hand-in-hand with Mr Boston to hurt him!” I smacked again.

“I am sorry, he threatened to take my life.” She managed to say, and I dropped my hands from her neck.

“Tell me where he lives!” I said pacing in front of her.

“I can’t. He will come after me.” She said shaking her head.

“Oh really!” I yelled hitting the windows with the stick in my hands.

“Please stop!!” She screamed.

“I will f**king destroy this clubhouse if you don’t tell me where is lives!” I smacked and she nodded in tears.

“Speak!” I yelled and she flinched.

“He lives down the street, the only house painted in green.” She said admits tears.

“You should have spoken up earlier. Now let me make this clear, if I see you or Mr Boston anywhere close to Charlotte or John, I swear I will not only take your clubhouse, I will take your lives!” I smacked throwing the stick on the floor and walking out.

“You are dead Boston, you have messed with the wrong person.” I said hopping into my car and driving back to the hospital.


I sat nervously waiting for Davis to arrive. I wonder what he had gone to do, I pray he doesn’t cause any more problems.

I looked at the door and I saw Davis storm in. I stood up and rushed to him.

“Is the doctor out?” He asked looking really sweaty.

“No. What did you do Davis?” I asked staring at him.

“I went to look for information.” He said walking to the ward.

Soon, the doctor came out of the ward.

“Sir how is he?” I asked fearfully.

“He is out of danger.” The doctor said and I sighed in relieve.

“Can we see him?” Davis asked.

“Yes.. But, you have to leave early. He needs to rest.” He said and we nodded.

He left and we walked into the ward, I saw John laid on the bed with bandages on his head and leg. My eyes heated up with tears as I saw him.

“Baby I am sorry.” I said in tears as I walked up to him.

He opened his eyes to look at him and I saw him smile. He stretched his hand to me weakly and I held it kissing it.

“I am sorry. I made you go through this.” I said as my tears dropped on his hands.

“No Charlotte, it is not your fault. I love you and I can’t just let him take my happiness away from me. This is worth it.” He said smiling and I broke into more tears.

I don’t deserve him at all, he is just too perfect for me.

“Thank you.” I said hugging him. I raised up my head and he used his thumb to clean the tears from my face.

“Can’t wait till you are fine. Missing you already.” Davis said smiling.

“I miss your big head too. How was where you went?” He asked smiling.

He tried sitting up and he winced in pain.

“Don’t, the doctor said you need adequate rest.” I said placing my hand on his chest.

“The fire was set by someone, the cops gave the report.” He said sadly.

“What? Who will do that?” I asked in shock and John nodded in agreement.

“I don’t know. But what I am sure of is that the person did it to hurt her, he/she knows she cherishes that studio.” He said sighing.

“That is wickedness. Bianca is very nice, she would never hurt anyone.” I said sadly and they both nodded.

“I will get that person and I swear I won’t spare him/her.” I said clenching my jaw.

“You have to be careful Davis. Don’t put yourself in troubles.” John said looking at him.

“Thank Bro. I know what to do.” He said smiling.

He looked at me smiling widely and I couldn’t help but blush.

“I thought I would never see your face again.” He said touching my cheeks.

“That will never happen, please don’t ever think like that again.” I said smiling.

“I knew right from the very beginning you are a blessing to me. Thank God I was at the club that day.” He said and I smiled widely.

“And thank God I didn’t try escaping that day. I would have missed loving you.” I said kissing him deeply.

“Hun hun… I am still here!” Davis said coughing fairly making us laugh.

“Charlotte please can you excuse us? I want to talk to Davis, you know, guys to guys talk.” He said winking.

“Sure.” I said after staring at both of them suspiciously. What does he want to discuss with Davis that he can’t say in front of me.

“I will be back.” I said taking a look at both of them who were grinning widely before walking out of the ward.

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⚡Chapter 30⚡



Since i left Davis and John in the hospital ward, they have been so secretive. Sometimes I meet both of them talking , and they change the topic instantly smiling widely.

I walked to the living room and I met them discussing, they were looking very serious. Immediately they saw me they started laughing.

“Guys enough of the pretence what is going on guys?” I asked folding my hands under my b**bs.

“It is nothing Charlotte, nevermind.” Davis said smiling.

“John…” I said staring at him.

“Charlotte, it is just a boy to boy talk.” He said walking to me and hugging me.

“Don’t bribe me..” I said pushing him away slightly.

The door bell rang and we all diverted our attention to the door.

“I will get it.” Davis said running to the door.

I looked at John rolling my eyes while he pouted his lips like a baby trying to beg me.

“Bianca!” John said hugging her.

“Charlotte.” She said walking to me while I opened my arms to hug her.

“Bianca, how are you?” I asked kissing her cheeks.

“Not so fine.” She replied kissing John’s cheeks too.

“What is wrong?” Davis asked as we all sat on the couch. I was close to John, while Davis sat near Bianca.

“I know who set my studio on fire.” She said and we all looked at her nervously.

“Tell who that bastard is!!” Davis roared in anger.

“It is Angelica.” She said sadly.

“What!!!” We all chorused at the same time.

“Yes, I was shocked when I knew too.” She said sighing.

“How did you know?” I asked.

“She told me herself, saying she did it to punish me because of the day I slapped her because of you.” She said sighing.

“That girl is evil.” John said angrily.

“Bianca, it is because she is your sister she isn’t dead by now. What do we do?” Davis asked trying to calm down.

“Trust me Davis, I made sure I destroyed her face with my spanks. As long has her face is still swallon she can’t do any shoot.” She said smiling.

“That isn’t enough. I will report the case to the MD of her company, I am sure her services won’t be needed.” Davis said firmly.

“Isn’t that too much?” I asked in sympathy.

“She destroyed what I have been building my whole life, I have lost my job. She has to lose hers too.” She said and I nodded knowing she was right.

“That aside. How is Mr Boston’s issue?” She asked smiling.

“I was really shocked with Davis action on that issue.” John said smiling.

“Davis went to that mans house after getting information from Aunt Ruby. He beat him to a pulp before handing him over to the cops.” I said smiling.

“Really? You did that?” Bianca asked him smiling.

“Yes, no one messes with my love ones. I showed him the stuff I am made off.” He said proudly and she kissed him shyly.

“Awwwn.” John and I said grinning stupidly.


“Guys I think this calls for celebration, how enemies have been dearly punished for their crimes.” I said.

“Yes, so we are going out!” Davis said jumping up.

“Really? Can’t we just do it here?” Charlotte asked rolling her eyes. I know she still wants to know what Davis and I have been discussing.

She will know very very soon.

“Charlotte it will be fun.” Bianca said happily.

“Hmm okay, I will go change.” She said standing up.

“We will be waiting love.” I said chuckling and she shoot me a deadly look making me laugh.

Davis ran to me whispering something in my ear.

“We are going to a restaurant. The one we planned.” He said and I nodded smiling.

“What is going on with you two? I have been noticing you for some days now.” Bianca said narrowing her eyes.

“Not you again.” Davis said sighing.

“Am set!” Charlotte said walking to us.

Oh God she was looking so stunning.

“Stop drooling and let’s move.” She said walking away from my front.

“You look beautiful.” Bianca said smiling.

“Thanks dearie. Let’s move out.” She said as they both walked out of the house.

“This will be so shocking!!” Davis yelled happily and I jumped up happily.

We walked out of the house moving to the car. I sat at the front to drive and Charlotte also sat beside me in front.

John and Bianca sat close to each other at the back of the car.

“So where are we heading to?” Bianca asked anxiously.

“You will be shocked!” Davis said chuckling.

“I pray.” Charlotte said sighing.

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Chapter 31⚡

Theme: I Bought Her

Written by Ti fe✍️


We got to the restaurant and we all marched in holding hands. Then John faced me saying I should close my eyes.

“What is it this time?” I asked weakly.

“And you too Bianca.” Davis said grinning.

“Now this is weird.” She said looking very confused.

“C’mon ladies, trust us.” They both said moving to our back to hold her eyes with their palm.

“Davis is this one of your tricks?” Bianca asked.

“Maybe.” He replied as we moved inside. I kept stretching my hands forward making sure I don’t hit my head on something.

“I am holding you Charlotte, trust me.” John said giggling.

Soon we stopped walking but his hands were still on my face.

“Don’t open.” They chorused.

“Guys!!” I called tiredly.

“My eyes hurt already.” Bianca said making me giggle.

After some minutes, I started hearing sweet voices singing. I was forced to open my eyes and I saw everywhere looking so beautiful.

Chat MartinMartino on zero eight one eighty thirty fourteen twenty one to be added to his WhatsApp group.

Rose petals were everywhere on the floor, it was used to draw an heart.

“OMG” Bianca exclaimed in shock.

“Where are they?” I asked but before she could answer, they answered behind us.

“We are here.” They said and we turned back to see them on their kneels with beautiful shining rings in their hands.

They had fitted suits on and their hair was styled. How come they quickly did that?

“Since I met you, I have felt nothing like happiness and peace. For a very long time, I have kept wishing we are legally married, but I kept it to the right time.” They chorused talking to Bianca and I.

“I will be the happiest man in the world if you could say yes to my proposal, will you be my wife?” They asked and teats rolled down out cheeks.

Me, to John? An ordinary maid? To her boss? OMG! This isn’t happening. No.

“Charlotte please say yes.” John said looking very scared.

I looked at Bianca and I saw her smile at me.

“Yes!!” We both yelled as they placed the rings on our fingers. We both jumped on them as they swept us off our feet.

Their were cheering and applauds coming from the singers and many other people who we didn’t even know where present.

We walked to a very decorated seat and people kept throwing love shaped rose petals on us.

“I am so happy!” Bianca said holding Davis.

“Me too, I didn’t expect this from you John. You surprised me.” I said kissing his cheek.

“I was expecting you to get surprised. I told you I would never use you and dump you like you think I would. Now I think I have proved you wrong.” He said as handsome and beautiful waiters served us different kinds of foods.

“So this was what you were planning, that you almost entered each other when discussing.” I said and we all laughed.

“It is not easy. We needed to plan it very well.” Davis said giggling.

“Thank you so much for not seeing me as a commodity.” I said staring at him.

“Charlotte right from the very beginning, I never saw you as a commodity. I saw you as a young beautiful Lady who needs to be loved and cared for.” He replied smiling.

“I love you.” Bianca and I chorused kissing them, and we heard another cheer from the audience making me smile.

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Theme: I Bought Her

Written by Ti fe✍️

John and Charlotte had their weddings the same day John and Charlotte did theirs.

Aunt Ruby was present to act has Charlotte mother, after apologizing to her.

John bought Davis a new house where He and Bianca moved in.

Angelica was fired from her workplace after they heard she was behind the Famous Bianca studio fire breakout . Because of the shame she travelled to a very far country without telling anyone.

After ten mouths of their marriage, on a Monday, Charlotte convinced a bouncing baby girl.While on Tuesday morning around 12am, Bianca gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, right in that same hospital.

John and Charlotte named their girl ” Comfort Walker ” , while Davis and Bianca named their boy “David Smart.”

Davis opened a new and better studio for Bianca and very close to it the biggest mall in the whole town was opened for Charlotte.


All glory and thanks be to God, for the wonderful inspiration and great power he gave me to bring this story to an end.

Thanks to all those who kept encouraging me.. Thank you, I love y’all.

The lessons in the story.

1. Never belittle anyone, you never can tell where you will find them in the nearest future.

📍 Aunt Ruby belittled Charlotte, that is why she sold her for money. She thought she would never be useful to her in the future, now she came begging at last.

📍 John never saw Charlotte as a commodity, he always saw her as an human also. This, Aunt Ruby did that see.

2. Always admit you are wrong when you are, it keeps you from doing anything stupid.

📍 Angelica never admitted she was wrong, and when she was told she didn’t take to corrections.

3. Always support good.

📍 Bianca support good, not looking at the fact that Angelica was her sister, and that was why Davis thought of marrying her.

4. Remember to move closer to God😘😘😍…

5. If you have more lessons to be mentioned, please drop it at the comment section.

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