[STORY] My uncle’s wife (episode 1-9)

During the summer vacation between my junior and senior year my parents celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary. They had gone on a cruise for their honeymoon so they had decided to re-capture the experience. The biggest difference was the first cruise had been on a second rate ship and had lasted only a week. This time around, due to the fact that they were better off financially, they booked a master suite with a balcony and this cruise would last 15 days.
Now normally when they went away I would stay home by myself. But because they would be gone for over two weeks during the height of summer party season had made them amend their thinking this time. Instead they arranged for me to stay with my father’s brother and his new wife.

“Listen Jim” my father explained “I know you aren’t happy about this but it’s the way it’s going to be. We trust you but we’ll be gone almost three weeks counting the flights we have to take each way and your mother and I won’t worry if we know you’ll be at my brother’s house. You’ll eat real food this way and if something happens there will be someone there to help. Besides after what happened at the Fosters’ last year your mother was concerned that something bad could happen.”
The Fosters’ were our neighbors and when they had gone away their kids had thrown a wild party which resulted in both a lot of property damage when things spiraled out of control, as well as the police responding to said problems resulting in some charges being filed.
“Anyway you always liked Uncle John and maybe you can spend time with your cousins. Plus you know they have an in-ground pool.”
I had no choice anyway so I decided to make the best of it. I had a part time job so I would be pretty busy anyway and they lived in the same town so I could still see my friends when I wanted. Since I could visit my house I didn’t need to go crazy packing and brought a minimum of clothes and toiletries as well as my laptop computer.
My Uncle John drove me there the evening of my parents’ flight to save them the trouble of driving me,
so we said our goodbyes before I left. Uncle John was younger than my father by a couple of years. He and his first wife divorced a few years ago after fourteen years of marriage and two children, my cousins John Jr. who was now 14 and his older sister Ashley who was16. Uncle John had remarried last year to a woman a few years younger than he was. Aunt Laura was an elementary school teacher and the few times we’d met she seemed to be really nice and good for my uncle.

“You can stay in John’s room. You know since I bought the house your cousins don’t actually live there but with their mother. They each have a room for when they stay though I figured Ashley’s room would be too girly for you sport.”
“What if John comes to stay?” I asked.
“Well I know this upcoming weekend he is doing something with some friends and he might stay with one of them. So maybe Ashley will be coming but not John. If he comes we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. While you‘re staying feel free to have your friends over, we don‘t want you to feel like a guest.”
“Thanks Uncle John” I said.
“And you can have your girlfriend over if you want, just use some common sense” he said to me with a wink.
“Vanessa and I broke up right before the end of the school year” I told him. We had gone out for eighteen months and most of my family had met and liked her.

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Too bad, any particular reason?” he asked.
“I don’t know, these things happen” I answered vaguely.
It was none of his business in the first place but what could I say. That I was sick of her putting off sex with me because she was scared that I would hurt her if I f—-d her. That she would give me hand jobs and lame blowjobs but wouldn’t let me go down on her because she was afraid she might enjoy herself too much and lose control. That when we first went out, while we kissed and petted I had fingered her to o—-m but now she wouldn’t even let me do that anymore. I was about to be a senior in high school and I was still a virgin. My hand aided by p–n on the computer was my sex life right now.
“I hear you sport, but now you can play the field, eh” Uncle John said grinning.
We arrived at his house in a few more minutes. He had a nice sized house and yard on the outskirts of town where most of the newer houses were being built. He pulled into the driveway and parked next to Aunt Laura’s car. I carried my bags as Uncle John opened the front door.
“Honey we’re home” he called out as we went in to the air conditioned comfort.
“Be right there” I heard a voice in the recess of the house say.

In a moment my Aunt Laura came into view. She gave my uncle a quick peck on the cheek and headed to me. It took all my willpower to maintain my composure. She had obviously been sunning herself by the pool. All she was wearing was a tiny bikini with a sheer cover-up and flip flops. I had never realized how sexy she was before. At family gatherings she had always dressed demurely. She had appeared attractive to me but in a more wholesome girl next door way. Now she was a bombshell.
She gave me a hug and stretched her petite frame to give me a kiss. I saw the golden streaks in her short brown hair but of more interest to me were her small firm breasts which pressed into me as we hugged. I also noticed that surprisingly her navel was pierced. I guess that teachers let their hair down during summer vacation as well.
“Jim, glad to see you. We’re so glad you could stay with us. Now are you hungry? John is about to throw something on the grill.”
“No thanks Aunt Laura, I ate dinner before I came” I answered “right now I just want to put my stuff away.”
She looked up at my eyes, seemingly reluctant to end our embrace although she finally did.
“Of course Jim. Honey why don’t you fire up the grill while I show Jim to his room.”
“Good idea Laura. Steaks will be ready in a jiffy. Jim if you get hungry later there is plenty so don’t hesitate. We’ll be by the pool” my uncle answered before heading toward the back.
I followed his wife as we climbed the wide staircase to the second floor. Part of me didn’t want to but I found my eyes drawn to Aunt Laura’s firm round backside as I followed a few steps behind her. It swayed as she walked reminding me of two kittens playing under the small, thin fabric. More than once she turned back towards me with an enigmatic half smile on her face. We reached the top of the stairs and turned right in the hallway.

“Mine and your uncle’s room is at the other end of the hall and this room is Ashley’s” she said while passing a closed door, “John’s room is at the end and is over the garage so it has plenty of privacy as well as its own bathroom.”
After saying this she opened the door at the end of the hall and walked in. The room was good sized, bigger than my room at home, and appeared even larger because it seemed sparsely furnished. There was a double bed against one wall, a dresser across the room as well as a desk and chair. A small flat screen TV was on the wall and an open door led to the small bathroom. There wasn’t even a trace of personality in the room and it was obvious my cousin had done nothing to make it his own. I put my suitcase on the floor and my laptop bag on the desk.

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We have wi-fi access if you want to surf the net for entertainment” Aunt Laura informed me “and we’ll be by the pool if you want to come hang out or eat. I spend practically the whole summer lounging by the pool so I’m sure we’ll be seeing plenty of each other.”
I bit my lip to prevent myself from saying I’d seen plenty of her already and it was stimulating me greatly. Since the lingering hug downstairs I had been fighting a losing battle trying to prevent an erection from developing. Luckily my pants were loose enough to somewhat obscure that fact. As Aunt Laura started to leave she paused in the doorway and turned.
“Unfortunately the view from the windows in this room is of the driveway. Too bad it doesn’t look over the back. I gather from your glances that you’d enjoy that view more.”
After saying that she left closing the door behind her. I exhaled as she left the room. Had she noticed how I admired her trim and curvy figure I wondered to myself. Is that why she commented on the view? These next two and a half weeks would be tough on me.

I was getting a boner from my uncle’s wife who stated that she would be by the pool all the time, no doubt wearing revealing swimsuits the whole time driving me crazy if I let it. My overactive libido would be on overdrive and the worst thing was because she was married to my uncle I shouldn’t even notice her in that way. I decided to spend as little time there as possible. With work and hanging with my friends I could keep busy and just sleep there. But tonight I didn’t feel like going anywhere.
I had worked earlier today and I had work tomorrow morning so I decided to just chill. I found an empty drawer and put my clothes there and then put my toiletries in the bathroom. I plugged in my laptop and turned it on. Adjusting my bulge I sat at the desk. There was no point in resisting my urges at this point. Some days I jerked off three times in order to stay satisfied and with the stimulation Aunt Laura had given me I knew I needed relief. I unbuttoned my pants and slid them down to my knees before opening a file where I stored my favorite videos and slipping on the headphones

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There was one I often used as the girl in it reminded me of my ex Vanessa. Slowly I stroked my fat c–k up and down while the girl in the video s—-d the guy’s hard on. I was working my piece faster now and though it had reached full size I just wasn’t feeling it. It wasn’t because I wasn’t h—y, I realized that it was because the girl didn’t remind me of Aunt Laura.
I turned the video off and connected to the net and typed in my favorite p–n site. Using the search engine I skimmed thru a bunch of milf/cougar videos until I found one where the woman had a resemblance to the object of my desire. Soon I was so excited I had to slow myself down to prevent cumming too fast. I spit on my hand and slowly worked myself back toward the finish line. The woman was now getting it doggy style from her son’s friend. It was easy to imagine it was her on the receiving end of the f—–g. The actor didn’t resemble me at all and he was also smaller than me in the c–k department but when the camera angle was from behind I was able to suspend disbelief.

My o—-m was getting close as I imagined me f—–g Aunt Laura when out of the corner of my eye I saw something. Turning my head while continuing to stroke I saw Aunt Laura standing in the doorway with her mouth open and her face a veritable cauldron of emotions. Shock, surprise and yes lust were written onto her features. She had changed from her bikini and was wearing a pair of cut-off shorts and a t-shirt and by the way her breasts looked she wasn’t wearing a bra.
Certainly I was startled at seeing her there, but my hand kept pumping and gazing at her sexy body was enough to trigger my o—-m. I groaned as my first spurt actually went high in the air and over the computer hitting the wall behind the desk. I managed to adjust the angle of my erupting p—k as I continued shooting streams of c-m. They actually made noise as they hit the desk I was cumming so hard. It was like a cannon going off. Aunt Laura stood there watching all this and her tongue flicked along the edge of her red lips.

Finally with a shudder I squeezed the last drop from my head and sank back into the chair. Involuntarily I closed my eyes and moaned softly from the intensity of my o—-m. When I opened my eyes she was gone and the door was closed but I heard the sound of her footfalls receding. Now I had done it. She was probably going to tell my uncle what I had done. Possibly she would demand that the pervert nephew be expelled from her happy home.
I scrambled to clean up the mess after pulling up my pants. I was surprised there was so much c-m. It was everywhere but I managed to get it all. After fifteen minutes with no visit from my uncle I relaxed enough to realize that nothing would happen tonight. I changed to a pair of shorts to sleep in and aided by my recent o—-m I was soon asleep.

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When I woke the next day I had a morning hard-on caused no doubt by the many dreams of Aunt Laura that I experienced overnight. I jumped in the shower quickly and got myself ready. When I slipped out the house it was silent as I headed off to work. It was busy so for the most part I could avoid thinking about what had taken place. I did know that under the best of circumstances I’d find it hard to meet Aunt Laura’s no doubt disapproving gaze.
After work I met up with some friends and we hung out, first at one of their houses, and then later at the 7-11 parking lot. While there I managed to talk to a pretty blonde girl who came in with her friends. They were going to a party that night and her friends implored her to stop wasting time with a kid when “men” would be at the party. Before leaving Stacy, that’s her name, did give me her number and told me to call her sometime.
My idiot friends acted like fools about it all which convinced me that I was right in not telling them anything about what happened the night before. Later I received a phone call from my uncle wondering what was going on and when I was coming back.
“Sorry Uncle John, after work I met up with some of my friends and I grabbed something to eat. I’ll be there later, not too late I promise. From now on I’ll let you guys know what my plans are. My parents are used to it but I should have let you know.”
“It’s ok Jim, just Laura was worried about you. You know how women worry. Have a good time and I’ll see you soon.”
The mention of her name reminded me why I didn’t want to get back right away. Then one of the older guys from the neighborhood came by and left us with some beers. More as a distraction I had two or four of them. I slipped in past midnight and crept up the stairs to my room. There came the faint sound of a TV playing in my uncle’s room. After a fast shower to rinse the days cares off me I put on a pair of boxers and went to bed. It took some time to finally welcome Morpheus, as a more delightful vision clouded my mind, but eventually after some delay I slumbered.
It must have been a satisfying dream for me to wake so stimulated I thought the next morning. When my awakening body started to stretch my left arm collided with something soft and warm. My eyes shot open and I would have sat up except a small, tan arm was thrown across my chest.

“Hmmm don’t move Jim we were having such a good time. Don’t you want some fun, hmmm?”
Turning my face I looked into her face a foot from mine. Aunt Laura’s hand slid down my torso and settled on top of my covered erection and gave it a light squeeze. I involuntarily groaned as I felt her touch to the depths of my swollen nuts.
“I think someone has to take care of this for you Jim and I’m volunteering for the job” she said while her fingers worked through the open fly and made contact with my hot flesh.
When I attempted to roll onto my side to face her Aunt Laura rebuffed me.
“No stay on your back Jim and let me take care of you first. You’re about to burst now, you poor thing, just get those boxers off for me.”

Lifting my ass from the bed I pushed them down past my knees but before I could finish she pounced on me and swallowed the engorged head of my p—k. I fell back and let her continue with her assault. Aunt Laura encircled the base with her fingers standing it straight up from my body.

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She crouched there and began to run her tongue all around the swollen head like it was an ice cream cone. She then took it into her mouth again and worked it over with her tongue.
Aunt Laura positioned her body between my legs and as she did the oversized t-shirt she had on rode up to mid thigh showing even more of her tanned legs. She was now sliding my c–k as deep into her mouth as she could while drooling all over it. Her saliva ran down the part of the s—t not in her mouth while her small hand worked it into my skin with a light stroking motion.
Aunt Laura increased the tempo of her s—–g as my head hit the back of her warm mouth repeatedly. She was making little noises as her full mouth stretched to accommodate my thickness. When her free hand caressed my swollen balls it triggered a powerful response from my over stimulated equipment.
“F–k Aunt Laura I’m going to c-m” I managed to gasp out as I felt the fluid pulsing up my s—t.
She pulled her mouth off me causing a disappointed cry to escape my lips. Aunt Laura grabbed my c–k and pumped it rapidly as it exploded into the air before landing on my chest, stomach and the bed. As each spurt came out Aunt Laura ooohed and aaahed like it was a show. After six or seven shots just a little more oozed from the head. She leaned it and licked it clean causing me to let out another moan. When she squeezed out and ate every last drop she looked up at me and smiled.

“Did you like that Jim, did it feel good what I did?” she asked. Then before even giving me a chance to answer her, Aunt Laura crawled forward and began to lick up the sperm that landed on my torso. As she did I roused myself into action and slid my hand to her leg where I pulled up the material of her shirt until it was above her waist. Aunt Laura had on a tiny black thong underneath.
When my hand crept between her thighs she shuddered slightly and as I felt the smooth fabric I realized there was a damp spot there. Back and forth the knife edge of my hand went rubbing against her covered m—d causing Aunt Laura to begin squirming. She writhed up my body and leaned down and kissed me. Eagerly I returned her kiss and pulled her supple body against mine. We continued to kiss as she now ground her pelvis against mine.

Rolling us over so I was on top of her, I began to shower her neck and collarbone with kisses. As I worked down her body my hand advanced ahead, rubbing her p—y again and making her respond by pushing her m—d against my hand. When I kissed her belly her legs spread wider. I knelt upright and took a hold of her waistband with both hands and pulled with a smooth motion until her thong slid down past her feet.
When I turned my gaze upon her naked p—y for the first time I was frozen for a minute by its beauty. Aunt Laura had a small landing strip of pubic hair leading to the most delectable p—y I could imagine. It was pink with puffy lips which glistened with her secretions and her hard little nub peeked halfway out of its hood. I was momentarily speechless on seeing my first live p—y close up. Aunt Laura broke the spell I was under when she reached a hand down and spread her lips apart with her fingers.
“Are you going to eat it or do you just want to look at it?” she asked before giggling.

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I so want to eat you” I replied “but I’m not sure what to do. I’ve never done it before.”
“You mean you never went down on your little girlfriend what’s her name before?” Aunt Laura asked incredulously.
“Vanessa would never let me” I truthfully answered. “She felt she would get too excited and lose control and might let me, you know…”
“F–k her you mean.”
“Yeah” I said embarrassed.
“And what would be wrong with that, I plan on letting you, I mean demanding that you f–k me with that big c–k of yours” Aunt Laura said with a wicked grin.
I smiled back at her just imagining losing my virginity to this hot, older woman who was also married to my uncle.
“Vanessa isn’t a virgin, but she told me her old boyfriend hurt her when they did it and because I’m bigger down there than he was she figured I’d really hurt her.”
“Such a silly girl” Aunt Laura replied “if she would have taken the time to become properly lubricated she could have really enjoyed herself with you. But on a positive note that means I get to. So Jim does that mean that you’re still a virgin?”
Hanging my head I softly said “Yes”.
“Don’t worry you won’t be for long but first I want you to lick my p—y so I’m nice and wet. Then you can put that monster in me. Your uncle is much smaller and I’m not used to one your size so get busy.”

My ego swelled hearing that I was much larger and at this moment I was so h—y that I felt no guilt over having sex with my uncle’s wife. I brought my head down so close that I could smell her intoxicating musky odor. My tongue stretched out and for the first time I tasted a woman’s nectar. It tasted great and I started to lap away like crazy. I made up for my inexperience with unbounded enthusiasm and energy as well as a natural intuitiveness. My tongue was as fast as a buzz saw and when Aunt Laura’s reaction would show me she liked something I would file it away in my mind while continuing to do it.
I’d seen videos so I knew to start paying attention to her c–t. When I first flicked it with my tongue her body shuddered so I continued to massage it with the tip of my tongue. Aunt Laura really liked this and I discovered she was a moaner. She began letting out a series of moans getting progressively louder and punctuated with comments.
“That’s a good boy Jim, keep licking your Aunt Laura like that. Ooh I love how your tongue feels, don’t stop.”
There was no way I would have stopped short of being struck down by some calamitous event. Her juices were coating my chin as they flowed freely from her and she was rocking her hips slightly side to side now.

“I’m close Jim, so close. Please put your finger inside me now” she ordered with a desperate edge to her voice.
I didn’t need to be told twice. Instantly I pushed my index finger into her wet opening and with a slurping sound it swallowed me whole. As Aunt Laura began to tremble I worked a second digit into her womanly depths. She grabbed my hair while pushing her c–t forward on my fingers and let out a wail as her body trembled from her release. I continued tonguing her button as her p—y clamped on my fingers and her body shook. Finally Aunt Laura’s muscles relaxed and using both hands she lifted my head from her and looked into my eyes.
“Were you pulling my leg Jim? You said you never did that before, then you’re a natural at eating p—y.

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Smiling from her praise I attempted to resume my oral attention but Aunt Laura refused to let me. She actually pulled me up towards her by my hair.
“You can go back to that later in fact I want to sit on your handsome face. But first I want that c–k of yours inside me baby.”
That sounded great I had to admit. Finally I would lose my virginity and to my absolutely smoking Aunt. One of her hands took my s—t just below the head as I positioned my body between her outstretched thighs. She rubbed the head against the outside of her swollen pink lips a few times smearing her juices on my head making it slippery. Aunt Laura pulled my face to hers and kissed me hard, then slipped her agile tongue between my lips. When I started to s–k on it she guided my head between her soaked lips.
We both moaned from the pleasure of our first joining. Slowly I sank into the depths of her paradise, her tight love muscle enveloping me. When I was halfway in she paused to lift her legs up in the air and hook them around my waist. She broke our kiss long enough to give me instructions.
“Take it nice and slow to start with. Work it back and forth and go a little deeper a bit at a time until I adjust to you my big nephew.”
My hips began to move to the unspoken rhythm of love, moving slowly at first but as we went on starting to increase the tempo while also working more of my c–k into her. Aunt Laura was making unintelligible sounds now. They almost sounded like words but not quite. Her hand had slid down to near the base of my s—t and when I started to move rapidly in her she gripped it tightly at the base and squeezed hard.

“Slow it down a little baby, make it last” she whispered in my ear “nice and steady until we can’t take it any more.”
Following her lead I began to move my hips in a more controlled way but I also managed to reach as deep as she could take me. I continued my thrusting and Aunt Laura’s eyes were closed now and her moans became louder and closer together. When she cried out in passion and dug her fingernails into my back I lost the control I had been showing.
My c–k began pounding her hard and fast and I felt my heart begin to race. The only question in my mind was whether I would c-m before my heart burst from my efforts. To be honest at that moment as long as I came I don’t think I would have cared. My hips became a blur but when Aunt Laura recovered her wits enough to squeeze me with her velvety soft muscle I lost it. My back arched as I felt my c-m surge thru me and into her waiting tunnel. I collapsed onto her soft, warm body as jet after jet filled her womanhood with my seed. When I recovered enough to move I kissed Aunt Laura slowly and passionately until her toes curled and she wrapped her limbs around me.

“You naughty boy. Driving me even crazier than I was. Since I saw you stroking yourself that is all I can think of. I practically attacked your uncle that night but now I’ve had the real thing and its sooo good.”
She kissed my cheek and then rolled off the bed and stood up.
“Get in the shower and then come down for breakfast. You are going need the energy, if I’m not mistaken you don’t have to work today. Don’t worry I plan on working you hard.

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Laughing from her innuendo Aunt Laura picked her clothing up and sauntered her way to the door, her sculpted ass teasing me. I felt myself twitch as I sat up at the edge of the bed. It was now official that I was a man. After a fast shower I put on a pair of lounge pants and slippers and headed downstairs. The smell of coffee brewing guided me to the kitchen where Aunt Laura was wearing an apron as she cooked eggs on the stove but nothing was on underneath it.
“Sit down and eat, there’s a bowl of fruit to start with.”
“I’d rather eat you again” I said attempting to embrace her.
Aunt Laura deftly sidestepped me and pointed at the table. Reluctantly I sat and picked an orange from the bowl and peeled it. In a minute she placed a plate with scrambled eggs in front of me and kissed the top of my head.
“How do you take your coffee Jim?”
“Black with sugar, just a little though. I don’t like my coffee as sweet as you.”
She groaned and swatted me for my pun before placing my coffee on the table. Aunt Laura plucked a peach from the bowl and began to nibble daintily on it. Watching her mouth work on the fruit made my hard-on like a steel beam. I doubt my food stayed long enough in my mouth for me to taste it as I gobbled it down. Standing I selected a juicy looking peach and took a bite from it. I stepped next to Aunt Laura and pushed the top of the apron aside before rubbing the peach against her shapely breast.
She groaned as the juices coated her small, perfectly formed t-t. I ground it into her pink n—-e before replacing it with my eager mouth. I s—-d hard on her causing her to dig her fingers into my arm. I smeared her other breast with the peach then started to work a sticky trail downward. I followed the juice trail first to her breast, before my tongue traced and lapped up the peach juice mixed with her sweet sweat.
Aunt Laura gasped when I lifted her up and sat her at the edge of the table. My c–k was so hard I just wanted to jam it in her but somehow I resisted. Crouching before her I placed her legs on my shoulders. Then I buried my face in what I figured was the worlds tastiest p—y. My tongue snaked its way between her lips and explored the walls of her v—-a. Reaching as deep as I could, I spun and twirled my tongue while Aunt Laura went crazy.
There was pre-c-m oozing from my head so I pushed my pants down as I continued sodomizing Aunt Laura. Her breathing was becoming rapid and uneven and when I withdrew my tongue and instead s—-d her hard c–t into my lips she screamed and I was rewarded with her delicious nectar flooding out.
I stood up keeping her legs on my shoulders and began to slide my engorged p—k on the outside of her wet lips. Her eyes pleaded silently for me to penetrate her opening but I was enjoying teasing a woman for a change. They always had me h—y and feeling out of control so it was nice to return the favor.
My left hand caressed her firm ass cheek while my right pushed down on my s—t keeping it pressed to the wet furrow of Aunt Laura’s sopping p—y. Again and again I rubbed it against her c–t driving her crazy. She was now practically begging for it.
“Oh put your c–k in me Jim, I need it so bad. Stop being a bastard and give your Aunt what she needs. Fill me up baby, I want it so bad.

Her dirty talk was too much for me so I slid my swollen head to her gates and squeezed in the tip. My plan had been to tease her some more but once I felt her lips part then close around me I lost all cognitive ability. My hips t—-t forward driving into Aunt Laura as far as she could take. There was no control or thought from us right now. I f—-d her like an animal and she responded in kind. While I pounded her sweet p—y her nails carved her claim to my body.
If I hadn’t already come twice today I surely wouldn’t have lasted two minutes. In spite of that I knew I wouldn’t last long and didn’t care. This was what paradise must be like I thought as I slid in and out of her. My mouth fastened onto a sweet, sticky breast as I felt nirvana approach. For the second time that day I released inside her. My body shuddered with each spurt until my balls felt empty. Slowly I withdrew my now softening d–k. Aunt Laura wasted no time in sliding off the table and crouching before me whereupon she took my sensitive member between her lips.
My cry of anguished pleasure caused her to meet my gaze with her own. Her brown eyes twinkled and she raised an eyebrow as her tongue continued to lick my head. There is no telling what would have happened next as we were both startled by the unexpected sound of the front door slamming closed. We both froze.
“Hello is anyone here? It’s me Ashley.”
My younger cousin had shown up unannounced.