[story] My Sex Adventures with Corpers(Episode 1-11)

Episode 1
ooooouch,wow,jisus,ahshahsh,ya hmmm swt,so sweet,i luv it,f–k me hard,hmmm,wow,ashasg,bad boi,d–k boy” i continue f—–g her till she c-m……. Before i continue am Jaytb by name,chocolate in complexion,6ft tall with base voice and a well shaved monstach,am the eldest in a family of 3.my dad is a business man who travels everywhere so he hardly had times for us,my mom is a trader who goes to her supermarket in the morning and comes back late in the nyt so my parents never had time 4 us as far food is always available. Am every girl dream becux of my intelligence,quietness. Am in s.s.2 when my adventures starts with corpers.

I attented word of life bible church and am an instrumentalist. I hardly keep frds but i have a friend called eric eden( a spoil brat). I woke up early on a monday morning,it was my first day in skul,my dad has already drop pocket money and gone to work while my mom has already prepared breakfast and has gone to her shop. I took my towel and enter into my bathroom came out,rub my nice skin,comb my hair,ate my food dress in well iron uniform, i took my bag dash to skul after dropping my younger ones in their skul(private). By 8:30am assembly was over,we marched on a straight line to our various classes. I just quietly went to luk 4 a gud seat,while searching i saw someone calling on me i look and it was eric so i went to meet him and sat in his seat
A maths teacher came,taught us logarithm,followed by crs and agriculture. Then mrs ese who teaches biology entered our class and wrote on the blackboard ” REPRODUCTION” She ask immediately what is reproduction? Everywhere was as calm as grave yard. Nobody was willing to talk so she said we wil go outside and kneel under the sun if we cnt answer the question so i quickly raise my hand
“Reproduction can be define as a system whereby a male insert itz penis into a woman v—-a to produce a zygote and give birth.” all eyes on me after the definition. The teacher order everybody to clap 4 me. I kon dae form big boy as i sit.she taught finish and left.

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Episode 2
After she left the class,i went to my sit with eric my classmate.oops i forget to tell u about eric.Eric is my friend he lives same street with me,he is tall 5.5ft,he is a womaniser,he always gist me about all the gals he have f—-d in the neighbourhood,he goes to central baptist and he is in voluntary(R.A),he is the last born of their family.
Me:eric hw e b nau

Eric: oboy i dae oh,u just save us frm that babe wahala(referring to the teacher)

Me: mitcheww abeg forget jare.
The bell was rung for break and i and eric went to a bukar,we bought food and was eating when we heard a voice
“hy” we look up and saw a beautiful damsel looking at us and smiling,i just reply bck by raising my hands

Becky:am becky,u realy save us that time in class oh,i live down that street

Me:ntin jare,nice to meet u,i live in the street down there too
After we finish there we went bck to class not after collecting her number.The day was nice series of different teachers came in and taught us,the bell was rang for closing,i follow my route so with eric
I got home relax a little,ate my lunch and slept for a while,in the evening i went to the football pitch and do what i knw hw to do best,dribbling both keepers and players with 6 goals,i became the star player that evening.i got home to meet dinner ready,my parents were already sitted so i join them.After eating i took my bath and went to bed resting.i decided to chat a little on whatsapp,i just put 0n my data refresh my number and becky was seen on my contact list,i quickly ping her because she is online
Me: hy becky
Becky: hy brilliant boy,this is ur number ryt?
Me:yes oh,so what did u do when u got home
Becky: i got home by 4pm sha,i went to church,read a little and nw am chatting.
ME: wow thats gud,there is something i want to tell you
Becky: anxious,what is it?
Me: dont worry i will tell u in skul tomorow,its not what i can type on phone.
Becky: ok dear,am feeling sleepy,i want to logg off.
Me: so quick,so u want to leave me lonely here huh
Becky:am sori but i have to go
Me:so no kiss for me*winks*
Becky: *send smileys of kisses*
Me: ok take care of urself
I got a mesg frm eric in messenger
Eric: hwfa goat

Me:idiot hw e be nw

Eric:your fada

Me: oya repeat am

Eric: your fada,hw e be for that babe matter nw

Me: wich babe? *pretending as if i dnt knw*

Eric:u dey crase,u nor knw any gal wey u collect he number eh mumu.

Me: oh u mean becky?

Eric: no i mean kybec,mumu

Me:yes oh,that babe i go make sure i arrange her matter wella,me with am just dae chat finish on whatsapp

Eric: really?

Me: no beally,goat

Eric: so weytin una discuss?
Me: we discuss about una papa burial,hw we go arrange am pass
Eric: stop nw,be serious for once
Me:well we just chat normally buh na 2moro i go take gist am for skul
Eric: ;-( nice one bro,u get mouth
Me:yes oh,so hw ur babe na?
Eric: wich one
Me: hw many u get before?mumu
Eric: dem many oh,u knw say na me be sharp guy nau
Me:hmmmm bt hw fa with progress matter nau,una stil dae?
Eric: no me with am nor dae again oh,i don break up with am oh
Me:why nau
Eric: u dae craze,after i don chop my food finish,weytin i wan do with am again
Me:bahd boy
Eric: no good boy,idiot
I off my data and slept off by 12pm.i woke up the next day and got prepared for school,after taking my bath,i ate my food,picked my bag bade my parents goodbye and got to skul by exactly 7:45am.As i got to the gate i heard the sound of the bell so i rush up to meet the line.After singing of different hyms and prayers,our principal walk up to the podium to give an announcement.i just look my side and saw eric,i just eye him,he look bck and look me with the look of “listen to what principal want to talk” i just focus

Principal: Good morning students
Students: Good morning sir.
Principal: how was your niqht?
Students:fine thank you sir!
Before he could continue what he was saying,he caught a student making noise,he call the student out and gave him 12 strokes of the cane,the boy was just rolling on the ground as the cane was landing on his bumbum. The whole student was just laffing as he was told to get up and got bck to where he was standing.*guess who it was* “eric” i just laff at him as he winks in pains.our principal continue.
Principal: Ministry of education has said that corpers will be going to differnt govt skul as frm tomorow,so our skul is not an exceptional,they wil be cuming and i want ur full corporation,u have to be good and nice to them,there shuld be no misconduct at all. THANK YOU
All the students just scream for joy after the principal was done with his speech as they march to their classes.I Just walk up to where eric is
Me: mumu boy hw e be nau
Eric:fool ah dae oh,u hear weytin principal talk so
Me:no i nor hear am,i be deaf,i must make sure say i f–k those corpers oh,i go use body near them wella,i go make name for thz skul
Eric: mitcheww,mumu sense u nor get.abeg make we dae go class jare

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Episode 3
We got to our class and the story on ground was new corpers are coming to our skul.many students were gisting and saying different things “i must make sure am close to them” “i wil go to their lodge to wash clothes for them” i will do this i wil do that…….me and eric was just looking at them and smiling.immediately a teacher barge into our class,everywhere was silent,he was knw as mr okwagbe who teaches crs,he is fat,4ft tall,very lumpy and short,his beards make sense die,he is jovial and always funny.he brought a topic that shock us as he walked to the board and wroke…… Then he ask a question “what is love?” everywhere went silent like a grave yard,he repeated it again and thz time all eyes came to me again*why is it that anytime they ask a question,everyone looks at me* i just remove my eyes frm them. I ask a question oh,mr okwagbe repeated again,he threatens to punish us if we dnt answer i just stood up and answer it ‘love is the feeling and affection or attraction u have for someone’ he order the whole class to clap for me,i sat like a king welcome as he sits on his throne.The rest lesson for the day was good,i walk up to becky and told her my mind hw i love her,hw i see her in my dream bla bla bla she accepted and she became my gf *winks* by 2pm the bell was rang for closing,me and eric went our separte route and i got home.
After assembly that day,we went to our class then in the next 15mins i look at the school gate so with eric and we saw different corpers coming in,wow they were so cute,both boys and girl. Our attention was driffted to the female ones,we saw black,fair,yellow etc. We were just discussing about them Then an argument started btw me and eric

Me: oboy u see that one wey fair so,wey the hip large like mercy johnson own so?.

Eric: hmmmm that one carry sha,the hip make sense. What about that black one?*pointing through the window*

Me: mitcheww dat one na cast,she fine sha but she nor get beta yansh,u nor dae c as he flat?

Eric: mumu boy,u don look the breast,u nor confam ma,u nor c as the breast set die.

Me: abeg forget jare,weytin dae breast,nor be only s–k u go s–k eh. Abeg forget breast nah yansh and hip dae gud if u hold that yansh dae press am eh na blast oh*describing how i wil press it if i handle it* ‘cn i realy handle it,time will tel

Eric: idiot mehn na breast gud oh,if u s–k am u nor knw say na dead,na that one gud pass. Abi u don forget weytin i do progress. All dose her nipples i don s–k am tire.

Me: i don hear jare. See make we go help them carry their load so we go look who get yansh and breast pass.
We went out of the class since there was no teacher and we headed to the gate where the corpers were coming frm. “welcome gud afternon” we greeted them as we approach and carry their bags,i went to the one with biq yansh while eric went to the one with biq breast.all the corpers were 10 in numbers,8gals and just 2guys. We started moving frm were we met them,carrying their bags to the corpers lodge
Big yansh and big breast : helo boys what are ur names*talking to me and eric*
Me: am jaytb
Eric: am eric
Big breast : what class are u *she points at eric*
Eric: am in s.s1
Me: am also in s.s1 we are in thd same class* i answered quickly so we dnt prolong the questions*
Me: so corper whats are ur name pls
Big yansh: am ufuoma
Big breast: am peace
Me: wich states please?
Ufuoma: am frm bayelsa state,am an ijaw girl
Peace: am frm lagos state,am a yoruba gal
I couldn’t continue with my questions since we were already at the corpers lodge.we drop the load.
Me & Eric: we will be leaving nw,maybe a teacher miqht be in our class.
Ufuoma: oh ok thanks anyway manage this*trying to bring out some money*
Me: no ah we are ok,we just decides to help.
We left there and started moving to our class

Eric: u dae craze abi,u nor get sense eh

Me:weytin i do nah*surprise*

Eric:why u nor collect that money nw,weytin dae worry you?

Me: ahh people wil just met today,why should we collect money,is not fair nah.

Eric:u knw what,ever since dem dae tell me say u be idiot i nor dae believe,u too mumu.nw wich money we wan take buy sumtin for break time nw eh?

Me: abeg forget jare

Eric: ma forget ba,na ur d–k we go eat for break time,goat.
I just shrugged my shoulder and laff*onething i love about eric is that he is always playful,allthouqh he use harsh words,he is still my paddy*as we got to our class the bell was rang for break.eric look at me with the eye of “sheybi i tell you,mumu” i just avoided his gaze and look outside. I met with becky we talk and talk telling her all what i knw about love,gisting her and saying tins,she was just happy and smiling all through,my plans work. Closing bell was rang by 2pm,i got home and rested after eating my lunch.
I later came out by 5pm got my self prepare and march to our school down to the corpers louge to assist them in ranging their tins and also to see BIG BREAST & BIG YANSH lol

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Episode 4
I got to the corper louge and met ufuoma and peace aka BY @ BB
‘gud afternoon corpers’ i greeted them ‘afternoo boy,u are among those students that help us carry our load ryt?ask ufuoma(BY) “yes ma,i came to render any help u may need” i quickly look around and start doing some arrangement,ufuoma stays in the rum close to peace,they were gud frds. 1hr time i was done with d ranging of things both for BY & BY,i later cook rice for them,when it was ready i dish them in plates and i join them to eat since they eat together that day.

BY: ahh jaytb u are such a good cook

Me: thank you

BB: wow the food is so delicious,who taught u hw to cook?

Me: i learnt it frm my mom.

BY:i thought it was ur gf*blushing*

Me: lol noo oh
I quickly change the discussion so that make he for nor cast.

Me: so corper ufuoma what did u read in skul?

BY:well i read english language*no wonder she speaks like an american despite she is a yoruba gal*

Me:wow intresting,what about you corper peace?

BB: well i read civic and govt in the university.
We talk and talk,i was throwing question at them,it was so fun to be with.i later check my time,gush,7pm,

Me: pls ma seems i wil be on my way so i get prepared for skul

BY & BB: ok take care of urself.
I storm out of their rooms and starts heading home,on my way i met eric at merrybet store,he was checking his slip,he saw me 1st

Eric: goat hw e b

Me: fool after b na c

Eric: were u dae come frm nw?

Me: mehn i go corpers louge oh

Eric: eh eh go do weytin,hope u nor go press my BB tins oh

Me: u dae craze,na ur own?

Eric:sure na me get am mo.

Me: ok oh,i just go there go help them arrange tins oh frm them i kon dae ask them question oh

Eric: sharp guy,u bad wella

Me: no i good wella mumu

Eric:dnt worry we go plan our strtegy hw we go take enta them

Me:yes na. So weytin u dae do for merrybet store?

Eric: i come price hw much for coffin for ur papa burial idiot

Me: mitchewww
Eric later check his game and all went through,he won 3k,wow thz call for celebration,we left the store and went to indomie joint.we got there and did indomie fried with egg and bread,we ate to our satisfaction.so we went to the suya joint,the aboki man was preparing everything when we saw BY & BB coming towards our direction probably they were coming to buy suya.i pinch eric and pointed at them frm afar.

Me:eric those corpers don dae come oh

Eric:na true oh,be like say dem dae come this direction oh

Me:yes and i sure say na suya dem wan kon buy.

Eric: lol make we go meet them.
We just approach them quickly as they were coming to our direction.

Me: ahh corpers what do we have here.u guys are taking stroll?

BY: ah sure,we just came to buy suya

Eric: really ok lets go.
We got there and eric use his money and order for suya for everybody,each holding their cellophane.so we left there and decide to excort them to the louge.
BB:thanks guys for the company
Eric: its our pleasure
We left there and we started moving home,i bade him gudbye wen i get to my junction and he took his route,i got home and rested not after receiving questions frm my parents. I dash in to bed after taking my bath and slept off.
I woke up the next day hale and hearty.got ready took my bath and march to school.i met eric along the road and we match together.we got to skul and assembly just kick off.several songs were heard and prayers were prayed for the skul.our principal came out and gave announcement.

Principal: Good morning student.

All: Good morning sir.

Principal:Remember i told u that corpers will be coming to this school?

All:yes sir

Principal: yes they arrived yesterday.

All: *shouting and screaming,they were so happy*

Principal:so i would want them to introduce their self to you*he call all the corpers out,they were sparkling in their nysc clothes,they were so beautiful,their smiles was killing.All the students were shouting as the corpers were marching to the podium,i look at eric by my side and he look me with the eye of “are u seeing my BB there” i look bck with the eye of “what abt my BY over there”. We just laff,introduction started going on all the corpers were introducing demselves,what they read in skul,nationality,tribe etc. After the whole thing was done they assured us they wil make our skul the best.we clapped for them as they came down frm the podium.students started marching to their classes,me and eric left the line and went to were the corpers were standing

Me: *hugging BY,she was so surprise* welcome corper ufuoma to our school.

BY:wow thanks
eric hugged BB and say the same tin she reply bck smiling,i also hug BB while eric hug BY and we wish them best of luck as they left.

Eric:jesus oboy thz corper na blast,the breast fit wake up blind man,as our boy touch eh,”hw i wish am pressing it” *he was bitting his lip and using his hand to touch his cheast*

Me: mumu,my BY yansh eh nearly kill me oh,i never felt like loosing the grip so sweet.
We continue as we got to our class

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Episode 5
We got to class not after describing our experience about BY & BB.we were taught normally frm different teachers.we were stil gisting and making noise in the class when a young figure came into the class,with my discription she is 5ft tall,has a black face,she must be strict frm the way she barge into the class.she look old somehw,she is slim and her skin ain’t fresh at all,infact no yansh ‘good morning ma’
‘good morning have ur seat’ we sat down like ghost. I pinch eric

Me: oboy hw e b nw,wich kin tin enter our class today

Eric: mehn d way u c am,nai i still c am moh

Me:thz one go hard oh,no yansh,wowo she wowo,she be like who don old self.

Eric:no breast,everytin just flat,does this kind of human being still exists?

Me: go ask ur fada,mumu
We were gisting and discussing that we forgot a figure was in the class.

Corper Flat yansh: ‘hey you 2 should stand up’ she said pointing at us,i look at eric,e don burst oh. “what was my last statement?”

Me: *ahh we have not even ur voice talkless of ur last statement*.we were staring @ each other for 10mins like statue not saying anything.

Corper Flat yansh: hey you too come outside.
We just came out of were we were sitting and walk to front of the class,all eyes on us as we step out,even my love(becky) was looking at me.

Corper flat yansh:Knee down there!
We knelt down at the front of the class feeling embarrass.you shall be use as example,next time u wont make noise in my class again

Corper flat yansh: As i was saying before the mosquito bite,am corper mercy,i study in unilag,i guess u guys dnt have a literature teacher,so frm today am ur literature teacher,so what have u learnt so far in literature.*she starts checking notes* good so let me start afresh.she went to the board and wrote “DRAMA” she taught for 45mins,the bell was rang indicating her time is over.she flogged us on our bck then we went to our sit after swearing for her in our mind. Time for bell was rang for break,becky walk up to me in my sit,i was stil recovering frm my flog.

Becky: swtheart aint u going for break?

Me: *mute*

Becky:common say sumtin or is it becux of that small cane?

Me: *look at her and smile* i feel like going home.

Becky: ok come let me excort u
She pulls me up while i told eric that am going home.we started moving and gisting,we got home she enters,i check the house and nobody was at home.my kids siblings are not yet bck frm skul. I just went to my rum and drop my bag,she follows frm behind.after i pull my uniform we went to the dinning table,i check the kitchen and dish food for us to eat.we finish eating and we went to my rum and was watching movie.
She lean her head on my chest as we watch movie together,

Jaytb: becky do u knw i realy love you.

Becky: i love you
i raise her head up and plant a kiss on my head,she responded and kissed back by placing her tongue inside,i never slack so we continue kissing as saliva was travelling to and fro our mouth. Then i grab her breasts,wow so soft and yommie like idomie,i press the tip of her breast,she moan,i place my other hand and held the other breast,i started smooching and squeezing them as she starts moaning a bit faster,”time flies” 15mins we were still kissing as i was pressing her breast.then i move to the next dimension by removing her top uniform and her skirt,i saw a well shave kingdom in a pink pant,it smells so good,then i mellow down and remove her pant as i place my finger inside into her p—y,she moan,i place my other finger inside then i started finger f—–g her with all my strength,she was moaning loudly,i never let her rest,she was wining her waist as she sucuumb to my styles. After finger f—–g her for 15mins then i remove my d–k frm my boxer and use it to rub the c——s,i was just teasing her then she shout

“jaytb stop punishing me,i need you inside me”
my motivating spirit was hijack as i heard such words,my brain turn to angle 360¤.then i place my d–k inside and started thrusting it in and out,i started slowly then i recrease my pace faster,i started f—–g her in a fast lane,i was going in up down up down,she was just screaming “ahh yea um swt i love it ya jaytb u swt die i love ur d–k,so nice,ah ya,oops,f–k me,umm,harder,yea harder harder harder” i was increasing my tempo according to her songs,i made sure my d–k touches the rough walls,i felt it my brain was busting,the baby is about to c-m,i was f—–g her suddenly she held me tiqht with her hands and leg so firmly ooops i felt a liquid on my d–k.i look at her she was weak,i continue mine cos i wil soon c-m 5secs later i realease my c-m and drop it on the floor,i felt so weak and i manage to get tissue and clean up.i look at becky who was feeling satisfied

Becky: u are such a bahd boy

me: u too

Becky:u just break d guiness book of record nwu made me c-m,no boy has ever made me c-m once, i swear u are superb. I love u
she got up took some bath,after bathing she wore her uniform and off to skul

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Episode 6
Days turn into weeks,weeks turn into months likewise month into years,things were moving smoothly in school,our friendship with BB and BY never slack,i always make sure i visit them to help them out with house chores,sumtym i go after skul or during skul period by break time. I always make sure i answer questions in class anytime corper teaches,i try to draw their attention. As usual one day @ my normal visit to BY,i got there after skul in the evening by 4pm to assist her in marking of script.when i got there i saw her marking our test script,so i join her

BY: oh u are here,i thought u wouldnt come.

ME:why wont I.
I ask her for the red pen and she gave me then i started marking script,it was a comprehension passage the answer were available,i continue marking and marking,i saw eric script and decided to help him out since he is my paddy*winks* making him have 8 while i have 9,other students were have 6 and below.i mark for 45mins the script was much,u knw govt skul with population. I notice she has been staring glances at me throught out my marking time,she was reading a book,when she discover am looking up she wil try focus on her book. This continue till i was done marking.

Me: ma am done

BB: oh realy,thanks alot,package them around there

Me: * i arrange them neatly at the corner of the table* can i go nw?

BY: i forget to tell,today am going for a birthday of corper bukky in new york bar.are you coming with me?

ME: *quiet*

BY: common we are not wasting time there. After the birthday u can go home*putting a mischevious smile to convince me*

Me: ok i wil be going with you

BY: ok keep urself comfortable lemme get ready
she got to get a towel,while i switch on her t.v set and started watching “karate kid”. She remove her skirt,as it fell,i watch at it through the bck mirror bt as she try to look at me i immediately behave as if am focus on the t.v so she wont caught me staring at her,wow,the ass was so big & sharp. I suddenly had a hard on my trouser bt i behave focus. After she remove the removable she storms out of the room and went to take her bath.

ME:mehn thz incredible,see yansh,so big and large*i didnt knw when i exclaim*
10mins later she came out with the towel tied to her butt and her laps was expose. She clean her body and starts applying cream to her soft skin,mehn am dying over there pretending am watching film,my d–k was almost breaking bt thanks to my jeans trouser that hide it frm been seen. She continue seducing me all through,she was rubbing the cream in a romantic way,she later started applying manicure and penicure,she starts dressing.she wore a short blue gown,her figure8 was begging her to set her free.she wore a high heel and got her blue bag and started examining her self in the mirror.

BY: how do i look *turning around to let me get a full glue of her body*

Me:wow u look take away,so beautiful* i didnt knw when i said such words maybe the temptation was too much*

BY: oh realy,owk lets go
i check my time it was 9pm,gush,thz gonna be an all night clubbing.we storm out of the rum and started moving to the road.we board a keke,she climb in and i sat besides her.i was dying intently,since the gown was short her laps was killing,so fresh,i was looking at it when she brought me bck frm my misery.’lets go’ we alighted frm the keke and starts moving towards the party.The music was heard frm were we were coming frm,DJ tega was doing what he knws hw to do best with the song ‘i concur by timaya’ we located a sit and sat,she order for golberg and setzenbrau on the table.then the mc came up and starts talking about the celebrant,the cake was cut after the spelling of JESUS,The celebrant was called out,she was not looking bad either,she came out and started dancing,people were spraying her as she dance to the rythm of the song.after the celebration the mc left us in the hand of the DJ,music were bursting out frm the speaking,people started dancing with their babes.5bottles has been gulped in by BY.i was wondering “make thz gal nor go drunk oh,becux i cnt carry anybody home”

BY: common boy dnt u knw how to dance? *the question was thrown like a bombshed i was not expecting it,so i pretended as if i did not hear,she repeated the statement again by hitting me playfully* DJ TEGA change the song to “your waist by inyanya” my brain bust as the beat was killing make i nor fall my hand,she got up and i went to her frm bck then started holding it,she was winning bad,i held the hips,mehn thats what have b dying for that is nw in my hand.we continue dancing,i use my skills by muving to different places,i was rocking her hands down for deal. We dance till 2pm then i notice the drink is having influence on her she became drunk and started saying rubbish.i held her and collected her bag

“hw do we go home nw..we started moving towards the junction as she staggard on the road,”

Bike,BIKE’corpers loudge’ i made her enta 1st while i climb frm behind as we move home

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Episode 7
We got to the gate of the corper lodge,everywere was dark,nepa never show mercy to us,i held BY as we alighted frm the keke,i paid the keke man as he drove away,so i started struggle in try to move BY to her lodge,she was staggaring on the way, 5mins later we got there at her door step. I collected her keys frm her bag and open the door,i held so firmly on the waist and assisted inside,i tried remove her high heels *na wa oh wich kin boot she kon carry say na shoe* after removing it i laid her on the bed,before i could remove myself frm her,she held my neck

BY: plz make love to me*trying to caught me*

Me: ma ahh love ke no i was thinking maybe she was under the influence of drunkeness,i try to resist her,the more i try the more she was pulling me longer,be4 i knew it she tried kissing me,i was trying my best to resist,then she went to weak point and held my d–k, then i knew what she wants i quickly remove my trouser down so she gets full lengths of it,be4 i knew it she started stroking it making me to mourn “ouch, huh, um” after stroking it making sure that it is has strong as a rock,she held it and put it in her mouth,she started s—–g it,wow,she is a gud sucker,maybe she has Phd in s—–g,she s–k me 4 15mins,then its my turn i help me remove my tiqht gown,wow,i saw the big yansh have b dying for,so large like that of mercy johnson

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Episode 8
yea i saw the yansh have been dreaming for so wide like mercy johnson,flat like funke akindele and soft like ini edo,i squeeze it a little she let out a moan “hmmmm” the yansh was so incredible,i started teasing her by slapping the yansh playfully then i decide to move to the next dimension since she has already s–k my d–k. At last on i remove my d–k that has been crying for help since,it was so hard and strong,as it came out it look at me with the look of “are u mad,why did u cage me here” i just rub it head by cooling it “am sorry” then i insert my d–k into her p—y frm bck in doggy style,i started f—–g her slowly,then i increase my tempo a bit,she start to moan fast following my beat,then i started slapping the Big Yansh have be dreaming of,so biq that my hand cannot even held the two exhaust, i f–k her for 15mins time then i change position to missionary style which is eric best style *winks* i put my d–k inside in her v—-a she moan “i love it” the word scatter my head then i started moving fast as if am grinding a pepper,i place my hand in her breast then i started squeezing it and pressing it,i want to make sure it must look at the floor. She was screaming and shaking her waist “ahhhh yea sweet luv it bad boy sssssss 1 yea umm boy u f–k baddddddd,yea taste gud” she was saying rubbish while i continue my marathon race qiving lionel messi and usain bolt a gap,they couldnt compare with me at all,before i knew it she held me so tight with all her grip as i felt a hot liquid pour out frm her p—y,it was hot and creamy,she just fell on her bck, i look at her “am nt done yet,besides have nt release” then i place it again and continue my race til i got to the world of c—-x oooooops it came out straiqht to her vaqina i just fell on her and we slept off. I woke up by 8am i look at the window and everywere is dark “gush” what am i doing here,i got up look around bt didnt see BY i put on my trouser and dress up,since there was light my eyes move round the room and landed on her cupboard,i walk closer to it and saw a packet of POSTINOR 2 i smiled p*thz gal na badoo she just flush out my sperm* i was still wondering when she came in

BY: hy boy *smiling*

Me: am gud,when did u wake up

BY: by 7am
she went to her kitchen cupboard and brought food she cook,place it on the table,i join her and we ate

BY: wow u are so hot,i never knew u cn f–k lyk thz. U are incredible

Me: *smiling*

By: u even made me c-m,i love dat ur d–k so big and long,if i may quess it may be 10inches
Immediately she said that my king sprang up frm its throne,she notice the hard on that just came up then she dive me and we started kissing. We ended up in 3 more rounds of both chinese, doggy,monkey and all the rounds.

ME: ma am off,besides have be here since.i need to go home nw

BY: wow thank u so much,manage thz *she handed 2k to me* i collected it and went home, on my way home i remember my ph0ne i check it and saw 5miss call frm becky,2miss call frm eric and 6miss call frm my mum. I took a bike frm our skul gate and went home,i was so tired and weak,i got home and met my parents in the sitting rum watching papa ajasco.

Mum: were are u coming frm and were have u been since yesterday*oops that was wen i remember it was yesterday i went to BY place after marking note for her was when we went to the party and nw its morning,i even slept there* i couldnt spoke up,i try to speak bt ntin was coming out frm my mouth,i just stood there confuse. Before i knew it my dad rush at me and held my belt,he started beating me without mercy asking me were i went to. To crown it all i retire to bed by 11am and slept off with bruises on my face,i woke up by 4pm in the evening and went to buy body pain frm the nearest chemist store. I log in later in the night and had several mesg frm different people lyk eric,becky etc on whatsapp. I reply eric and he came online.

ERIC: oboy na wa for u oh, wich level na i send u mesg tire u nor reply i even call u self,u nor c my miss call mumu

Me: oh mehn itz a long story oh.

ERIC: na me u dae speak english for abi, idiot. Ur father i repeat am ur father

ME: na wa oh * i narrated everytin to im abt biq yansh,hw i f–k that yansh and press it*

ERIC: o boy u be badoo oh,na mean say dat yansh u d0n handle am,na wa oh,i wish i fit press my BB.

Me: na u knw oh,i d0n f–k my yansh comot oh na to find an0ther corper handle oh,i must make sure i f–k at least 5 be4 they go bck,u no say dae dem go soon serve finish oh

ERIC: na truth oh,we nid to be fast with them 4 months remaining they are out.
I log off n0t after chatting with becky begging her why i did nt pick her calls bla bla bla. I slept off and saw a mesg early morning frm an unknown number

“wow ur d–k is great,i love the size,so long and sweet”

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Episode 9
i check it again and try to figure out who it may be. Then i decide to call the number,i call and she pick up immediately.

BY:hy sweet d–k *i regonize her voice immediately*

Me: good morning ma

By: hw was ur nyt hope is splendid.

Me: sure just that am feeling weak and tired.

BY: ok see me later in the day.
I woke up frm bed and did my domestic work,i wash the plates,swept the floor,took my bath and got dress up for skul. I ate my breakfast and boll out of the house nt minding my parents advice. I got to skul be4 assembly time so i went to my class to revise my note before the bell will be rang,as i was reading i notice a figure talking to me frm the door.

“hey student follow me”
i observe her, base on who i be nw,she is nt looking bad at all her yansh still big small,she is corper funmi,my biology teacher,so i look at her and place my books in my bag then got up and starts following her. She took me to her office, “hey thats the broom over there,sweep the floor” i took the broom and started sweeping,while she went out,the assembly bell was rang,after am d0ne sweeping i took rag and clean the leuvres,tables and chairs thoroughly. I went out and met her standing in the assembly ground
“ma am d0ne” ok thanks,u can go to the assembly, i got to the assembly 5mins late i met eric on the line,he look at me with the look of “what are u doing with that corper” i look bck “am just a loyal messenger”. The principal came up on the podium,started his usual advice about the corpers,that we should be thz bla bla bla. Assembly was late becux of the 2much advices,we got to class,i look around to see becky bt she is nt in skul,maybe she is late i guess. Several teachers came in and taught both BY & BB. BY was always winking and smiling at me,i just smile bck,eric undastand the whole scenerio. BB taught us,after she was done as she was abt going out,eric decide to help her out. “ma lemme help you” he collected the material frm her and move straight to the office. She showed him were to drop the books,eric drop the book and decided to start a conversation with her.

After dropping the books,i thought of a way to start a discussion with her.

ERIC: ma have be having problems with some topics. Cn u help me out.*looking straight to her eyes*

BB: hmmmm really.

Eric: ma let me get my book. I storm out of the office to my class “yes is working,time to press those booby,i pray it works” wen i got to class no teacher was in there,i met jaytb sitting alone pressing is phone,i guess he was on coolval cos i saw UPDATED STORY FOR TODAY as i enter the class he look up.

JAYTB: animal were u dae come frm nau?

ME:goat u n0r cee me carry note for BB?

JAYTB: since?

ME: no just nw,mumu *narrated my plan to him*

JAYTB: badoo oya fire down go,nor fall ur hand oh,even if its a kiss
I just laff as i got out of the class with my note. I got there and met her writing her lesson. Can i come in? She look up and told me yes i join her. I ask her so many question ranging frm book down to her lifestyle then to relationship. The words was getting more sweet as we continue our discussion, i told her have nt love before bla bla bla. I told her all the lies i knw in thz world. She bought all of them. As we were discussing she threw a question that bombard my head.

“Have u kiss before”

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Episode 10
I kept mute maybe she was nt talking to me or maybe she is just guessing, the word came again this time in more serious and loud tone.
“do u knw hw to kiss” i look at her in the eyes full of lust *today those breast go die well* ‘no ma,i dnt knw hw to kiss,whats even kiss’ i told her pretending,she was kinda surprise, “so u mean u have nt kiss any lady before”

*hahahahaha me wey don kiss many old women be4,see u* ‘no ma have nt kiss once’
“come here” i walk up to her to her table like someone been controlled. She look into my eyes and kiss me *mehn my brain burst,my electro charges came up to life,my body was in the mood likewise my d–k that is just getting up frm slumper,bt i need to form porsche so she will nt knw am bahd,i need to resist thz kiss so she wont tink am good in it* i resisted it
“ma what is the meaning of that”
‘never mind’ she pick up a book and wrote something in it,tear the paper and put it my pocket then she told me to leave. I got out of the class,check my wristwatch 2:15 *weytin dey worry thz corper nau,everybody has gone home,hope jaytb stil dae skul* i got to my class,everywere has be deserted,no single soul in the skul,i collected my bag that was alone on the chair,i hang it and started going through the gate,i heard my name been called i look at my side and it was jaytb coming frm the library.

Jaytb: Ashawo Magazine na wa 4 u oh.

ME: corper bleeper hw e be na.

Jaytb: your father

Me: oya oya repeat am

Jaytb: your father*handed his hard for a shake,ishook up bck as we laugh*

Jaytb: oboy why u waste time like thz nw? Weytin u dae do with BB since.

Me: just some issue.

Jaytb: u dae craze,na me u dae speak english for abi,tel me weytin u go do there jhoor.

Me: *narrated everything frm A-z*

Jaytb: hmmmm so nai mean say u don use thz ur kpomo lip touch those soft things abi?

Me: no i use ur gutter lip take touch am goat.

Jaytb: why u nor come press those breast nau?

Me: na small small nau, oh i remember she wrote sumtin 4 book 4 me.
I search my pocket and brought out the paper BB gave me. It reads

“come to my place by 7pm” me and jaytb scream as we read it together.

Jaytb: wow u nid to dae go prepare nw, no dulling oh.

Me: yes oh i must press those BB have be dying for.

Jaytb: so hw u wan take handle the babe.

Me: *whisper to his ear my ordeal*

Jaytb: oboy u be bahd boy i trust u die,dnt let that breast safe oh,make sure u press am till the nipples look at the floor.

I just laff as we went our direction since we have gotten to the route to our different way. I got home by 3:15 one hour trekking. I decided to rest and starts creating my plans,hw its gonna look lyk,hw do i get her weak point,the type of style i will give her. By the time i was done with my strategy my d–k has already risen becux i was demonstrating,”what do i do nw to cool it down” i went to the kitchen to get cold water,i pour et on et buh the same thing thz time more harden lyk a rock. Then i thought of my sex toy that always service me anytime i need her,of course u knw who she is. I pick up my phone,went to my contact,i started sliding down the screen and got to “P” and search for progress, i call her she pick up immediately.

Me: swtheart wassup hw are u long time u dnt even care about me again bla bla bla

Progress: ***************

Me: ok can u come to my place,am lonely at home

Progress: ***********
i was just happy as i ended the call,15mins time i heard a knock on the door. I check et and it was progress she was smiling anyhow,thz gal has become my sex toy anytime i call her she always come. So we went to my rum,u knw me nau as a sharp boy i quickly did indomie for her,after eating,we rested in 5mins, then i told her,she just remove her clothes and open her leg wide,the p—y was black,well shaved. I just went in and dismantle the p—y,gave her all the style have be rehearsing,so i wil qive it to BB *lemme nor bore u with the whole sex scene* by 5pm we were done i slap her ass anyhw as she goes bck home. I got up frm bed and dive into the bathroom and had a quick shower,came out rub my skin wore my cardigan with my pencil trouser and my lofas shoe *i dnt wear timberland lyk jaytb does, winks* i was set,i enter road and branch a chemist store. I bought Vega100 and tramadol500mg, today na do or die,once and for all,remember i wont forget condom nau. I left the store and get to skul down to the corper louge,located were BB stays. I knock on the door and she came out in her transparent gown,maybe she just took her bath becux there was water in her body. I enter the rum,it was nice painted with blue,the rug and the big vitafoam was sumtin else. I set on one side of the bed while she sat at the extreme end cleaning her body,i was spying small. Then a blow was throw to me with a question

“Take that cream and apply it on back”

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Episode 11
I kept mute as i heard the question “take that cream and rub my back” i dnt have that courage to pick cream and rub a ladies bck. She repeated the question again with a stern look on her eyes showing full serious. I walk up to were d cream is and grab it. I put my hand inside take a little quantity and put it in my hand i rub it gently as she back me,i start frm her neck down to her shoulder,the body is so soft and killing,i get to the back and did it in a more romantic style,she was enjoying et so with me,my d–k was getting angry as i was moving on her back lyk a moving train. She jerk as i touch a very sensitive part of her back which is the 2nd lower ribs,i mark that area and place another quantity on my palm i decide to go to the bottom of her back bt as i try the towel fell to a lower side. I was expecting her to shout at me as i look at her face bt no she just look and me and winks “continue” she said while i continue the work i was doing,i was nw at the waist doing what am doing,by thz time my d–k has already risen to a voltage of 90% so hard lyk aso rock. She turn around and notice the uneasiness in my trouser.

“why are u punishing me ma”

i ask her as she just smile and look at me,i drop the cream turning around,she held my d–k that is still stuck in my trouse *omo no dulling oh,lemme tel her that am badoo* i move closer and place my mouth inside her mouth,omo see kissing i thought she would resist me bt we continue our kissing,i was licking her lips while she is doing the same,my tongue were halfway in her mouth as she s–k it and tickles it,she also does the same as her tongue also get into mine,i kiss with all my kissing technology i knw *i swear the babe is a bad kisser,she kiss as if her lyf depends on it*,meanwhile she still held my d–k then she went down and remove my trouser down to my boxers, then she saw the 15inches d–k that is so long,she scream at the first sight of it

“wow,whats this” looking so surprise at the surface of it, i started rubbing her hair she held my d–k and was rubbing the head while i move a bit.

“ooooooooops” she place the d–k in her mouth,it got halfway as the sizes and inches could nt go inside the whole mouth,she was struggling with the d–k as its size is long. I was just putting it inside wella,we continue in that as i continue f—–g her mouth,i c-m in the next 10mins she went to the bathroom and spit the liquid that got into her mouth away. She came bck thz time i took the bold step,undress her as i saw the BIG BOOBS have be dying for,as i unhook the bra the breast jumped out as if it has been begging the owner to allow her free. The breast is so biq and straight forward the nipples were erected and standing like a soldier watching as i look at it, the breast is as big as that of mercy johnson.without wasting anytime i dive it with force of gravity with my mouth,i place my two hands on the nipples and started pressing et,i press it then i switch to the main BB with my mouth as i struggle with my hand with the other breast. She was enjoying it and she was on the bed,she was moaning on a low tune,the ectasy was increasing as i notice that the nipples was getting stronger and stronger. I continue in that way for 10mins then my mind reflected on my 2nd strategy i wrote in my book “FINGER BLEEPING” i smile as i got the reflection, i left the bb and went to her private region i saw the pink creaming pant she wore,i place my nose as i smell it,it was smelling nice the perfume and the deodorant coming frm the pant was killing.

“gals is that hw u also spray perfume on ur pant,LOL”
I Slid the bottom of the pant to side and smell the p—y,it was nt smelling bahd either,i saw the p—y as it look at me,the c——s was standing like an army preparing to fight battle,i decide to shake the soldier by teasing it with my finger,the soldier staggard as it came bck to its position,she moan at that instant as she shake,i place my first finger inside,it went in quickly to the inner,she moan again,i put my middle finger wich is the longest inside,she shook her waist and moan again,i decide to tease it again then i place my 3rd finger inside and started finger bleeping her in a hard way. *besides she does nt deserve mercy at all i must teach her a lesson she wil nt forget,even tho she finish her nysc* i continue my finger bleeping with force,sumtyms i wil change my finger thriving frm right to left finger,it was a gud sight seeing as i punch the c——s that was staggaring anyhw. I continue my finger bleeping as i finger f–k with different ways and style. It continues till i heard a sound that came out frm the deep holes it splash on my face as i was so close the p—y,it was so hot as the force c-m out was without no gravity. I raise my face as i saw her shaking lyk a dead leaf in the bed