[story] My Sex Adventures with Corpers(Episode 1-11)

Episode 1 ooooouch,wow,jisus,ahshahsh,ya hmmm swt,so sweet,i luv it,f–k me hard,hmmm,wow,ashasg,bad boi,d–k boy” i continue f—–g her till she c-m……. Before i continue am Jaytb by name,chocolate in complexion,6ft tall with base voice and a well shaved monstach,am the eldest in a family of 3.my dad is a business man who travels everywhere so he hardly had times for us,my mom is a trader who goes to her supermarket in the morning and comes back late in the nyt so my parents never had time 4 us as far food is always available. Am every girl dream becux of my intelligence,quietness. Am in s.s.2 when my adventures starts with corpers. I attented word of life bible church and am an instrumentalist. I hardly keep frds but i have a friend called eric eden( a spoil brat). I woke up early on a monday morning,it was my first day in skul,my dad has already drop pocket money and gone to work while my mom has already prepared breakfast and has gone to her shop. I took my towel and enter into my bathroom came out,rub my nice skin,comb my hair,ate my food dress in well iron uniform, i took my bag dash to skul after dropping my younger ones in their skul(private). By 8:30am assembly was over,we marched on a straight line to our various classes. I just quietly went to luk 4 a gud seat,while searching i saw someone calling on me i look and it was eric so i went to meet him and sat in his seat A maths teacher came,taught us logarithm,followed by crs and agriculture. Then mrs ese who teaches biology entered our class and wrote on the blackboard ” REPRODUCTION” She ask immediately what is reproduction? Everywhere was as calm as grave yard. Nobody was willing to talk so she said we wil go outside and kneel under the sun if we cnt answer the question so i quickly raise my hand “Reproduction can be define as a system whereby a male insert itz penis into a woman v—-a to produce a zygote and give birth.” all eyes on me after the definition. The teacher order everybody to clap 4 me. I kon dae form big boy as i sit.she taught finish and left.

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