[STORY] My private tutor (episode 1-17)

Episode 1

It was a very great,stunning and beautiful morning..everything was silent as I knelt beside my mum and my only 26yrs brother max burial ground with my 3years old junior sister jessy while dad was standing right next to us wearing his glasses..”Mum,I wish you come back to me and I really missed you max” I said tears forming in my eyes while I guessed dad was already crying..

Jessy: is that where mum is? *she asked holding my arm*

Me: yes,,say hi to mum

Jessy: hi mum,,why can’t we go there? *referring to me*

I bursted to laughter rubbing her hairs..

Me: we can’t go there okay?..

Jessy: I want to see mum..*about to cry*

Dad: jessica *he angrily shouted*

Me: I’ll take you there next time okay?

*she nodded okay*

We placed the rose flowers we were all holding on the burialground and we later left the cemmetry..we made our way into my dad’s rangerover 2016 and zoomed off with jessy on my lap…

My name is jason,19 years of age,am not tall and not short with wizkhalifa body,,am extremely fair in complexion with a deep dimples and pink lips…my mum is a fair woman and a trader popularly known allover the world,she died two years ago along side my 26years brother max,a very tall guy though handsome and a tech guru in a car accident,,I guessed I inherited that from him cause I was also given the nick j.guru(jason guru)..and my dad,,a choco skinned man with a little big tommy though little handsome,he is the richest in my area..oh jessy,,jessy is our last born which follows me..she is very beautiful that she is modelling for dad’s companies..I am the only one left to take care of her now beside dad..


Later in the night,,,,I was in my room playing with jessy when a call landed on my infinix note 3 phone,,the ringtone (orobo by olamide) loudness almost tear the speaker..I checked the caller to see tina..this girl again..tina is the only daughter of my dad best friend..she is 17,fair skinned and of average height with big boobs and medium round ass..above all,she is beautiful..

Me: hi tina

Tina: you are not in school and didn’t call despite how long I waited for you to call..are you okay?

Have I ever call her?,,oh,,we were going to same school and in same class,,sss2..she sometimes come my house though tried many funny things that God let me overcame..and yes have been keeping how her boobs always turn me on a secret..

Me: am sick,,that’s why…*i lied*

Tina: sick?,,are you now okay?

Me: am better..

Tina: I have been thinking of you..didn’t you ever think of me? *sounding childish*

What?,,what is she saying,,why I go think of you when there is plenty things for me to think of..

Me: am even thinking of you right now..

Tina: really? *she hung up*

What’s happening to her..me wey dey lie bcs I no wan embarrass you..stupid,,I turned left to see jessy already slept off..I smiled rubbing her hair,,her long hair and her pretty face always make me remember mum..they really resemble each other..I laid on my bed beside jessy playing pes club manager on my phone..I later checked time to see 10:10pm..what’s dad still doing outside..he should be home by now..I was still thinking about this when my phone beeped of incoming message..I checked the message to see..

“Let’s meet tomorrow at my house after school,dad and mum won’t be home,,I can’t wait to feel you inside me” from tina..

Be like say this girl craze abi..if at all I’ll loose my virginity,not to you..I laid on my bed thinking about the message and was gradually rowing to the wonderland when my phone began ringing again,,I quickly picked it as to avoid jessy from waking up,,and yes I was glad she just changed her position and continue her sleep..oh the caller was tina..

Me: Hello..

Tina: I just wanted to say goodnight..

Me: why don’t you just text me then?

Tina: I feel like hearing your voice before going to sleep,,see you tomorrow and don’t forget to dream about me..

Me: alright,goodnight *i quickly said to chase her off*

Tina: goodnight,,love you *she hung up*

Did she just said she love?,,you don jonz..I laid back on my bed when anna beautiful face made it way to my thoughts..why did I keep thinking about this girl called anna,,she is not even special..anna senior me with a year,,she is in sss3,,she is a bit taller than me with a very white skin and a very big backyard and boobs..

she is the first girl to ever talk to me and helped me with some problems when I first enter the school..she is the most beautiful in the school that all the boys in the school are chasing after her even val my bestfriend..I was still in the pool of thoughts when my a whatsapp message enter my phone from unknown contact..it says..

“Why don’t you care about who misses you?,,anyway its me anna,,I’v got a new phone”..


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Episode 2

Continues from the last scene of the previous episode..

Me: am sorry,,I tried your number but not reachable *i lied,I guess am good at lieing*

*two minutes later*

Anna: I also tried your number in the morning when that biology teacher,,what’s her name?..oh angela asked of you..anyways he collected your number from me..but what’s between you two..

*i replied immediately*

Me: nothing,,what will be in-between a student and a teacher..

Anna: and tina?

Me: tina?..she is just a friend..

Anna: what is the rumour you two are dating that have already circulated the whole school like ebola..I can’t trust you again jason..am even stupid for trusting you from the start…goodnight *offline*

What’s wrong with her?..trust?..na she sabi jhoor..I jumped on a canoe and slowly rowed to wonderland..I later drifted to a deep slumber just beside jessy..”Praah!!”..I used my right hand to angrily shut the stupid alarm off..person no go sleep?..I forcefully opened my glued eyes to see jessy sleeping on my chest,,dis girl too dey sleep-walk..I carefully and gently placed her on the bed,,I checked the time on my phone to see 7:25am..what?..I quickly ran inside the bathroom and just bath anyhow..I stepped inside my room to see jessy still sleeping..I shook my head then quickly claded in my uniform and woke jessy up..

Me: jessica,,time for school..

She opened her eyes while I quickly rushed her to the bathroom,,I bath for her then quickly wear her uniform for her..”Jason” I heard dad screamed from downstairs..

Me: let’s go now jessy *referring to jessy*

I carried her and rushed downstairs to see dad dressed in his agbada and fila abeti aja..he is really ugly in agbada..

Dad: I’ll be going now *he gave me my feeding fee*

Me: are you not going to drop jessica at her school?

Dad: oh,,kudirat!!..*he shouted*

Who is kudirat?…”Yes” I heard a girl voice replied..I turned back to see a very big boobs girl walking towards us,,she is a bit fair in complexion,,we are of same height,,her pink lips are well shown alongside her big backyard,,she will be 21 I guessed…I can’t stop staring while my thing was already turned rock..she finally got to where we were all standing staring at me somehow..

Dad: oh kudirat,,I forgot to tell you I have a son,,he is jason,,and jason this is kudirat our new maid..I brought her in last night,,you have already slept so I chose not to bother you..

New maid?..woah..thank God..I won’t be doing all those house chores wey b lyk say person dey carry block for block industry..I let out some smile though she was already smiling..

Dad: I am attending urgent meeting right now so I won’t be able to carry jessy along..jessy dad is sorry okay

He knelt in front of jessy then kissed her cheek while I caught kudirat many times stealing glances at me..

Dad: kudirat will take you to school okay?..

*jessy looked at kudirat and nodded NO holding my lap*

Oh d–n..am already late before,,how can I take you to school..dad laughed out loud then went out..I checked my time to see 7:41am..

Me: alright let’s go jessy..*she then smiled*

Kudirat: what did you want me to prepare for you?

Me: rice will be better..

Kudirat: alright goodbye..

I didn’t even reply as I stormed out carrying jessy with me..I made my way out of the duplex house then ran with great speed to jessy school while she was laughing on my hand..little thing didn’t know how heavy she was..I finally got to her school with king’s kindagarteen boldly written at the school gate..I entered the school and quickly located her class as I am the one that brought her here everyday..I greeted her so young class teacher who was looking at the mirror and apologize for being late..

I stormed out and ran to my own school..after 10minutes of running,,well am very fast,,I even won two trophy for my school in a running competition..I finally made it to my school sweating profusely and so tired..are they not taking late comers today?..I ran inside and straight to assembly ground..I stayed at my usual place at the front line while val followed me..

Val: guy why you con dey sweat like this?,,did you f–k before coming school? *he whisper to my hear*

Me: fool,,I ran here *i hissed*

Val is a tall guy with choco skin and a bit handsome,,he is the master f—-r I have ever known..he is f—-d almost everygirl in the world..

“Jason” someone called..I turned left to see principal standing from a bit far..she then motioned to me to come..I was about leaving when my eyes met with tina..she winked at me while I just cursed her in my mind..but where is anna..

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Episode 3

I finally made it to principal’s office wondering why she called me..

Me: goodmorning ma..

Principal: how are you jason?

Me: am fine ma..

Principal: we’ve decided to let you write this upcoming waec and neco with the sss3 students

I was so happy,,at last,,I made it..I’v been wanting to write my exams at sss2..

Principal: no doubt you are the best in this school but you still have to learn more,,you can’t be relying on what we are teaching you here..you have to get a private tutor jason,,I have already talked to your dad..

Me: thanks ma..

Principal: you are welcome

I exited her office and head to my class so happy..I was just about entering when miss angela stepped out..,,miss angela is woman of about 24yrs of age..she is extremely brilliant with her medium boobs but big backyard..she is choco in complexion and sure beautiful..

Miss angela: oh,,here you are..I just went in there looking for you..I heard principal called you..oya sha follow me..

I just smiled and followed her staring at her extremely big round ass while my thing was gradually rising..we later entered the lab and sat down..

Miss angela: so why are you not in school yesterday?

Me: I was very sick *i lied*

Miss angela: very sick?..

She placed her hand on my forehead detecting the temperature..

Miss angela: are you okay now?

Me: yes..

I later vacated the lab not after all this “make sure you study well” advices..later in the break time,,I was sitting on my seat with my eyes glued to my novel..val my seatmate have gone out to eat,,I pray food no go kill am..tina later entered the class and come straight to me..she sat with me while other students in the class were stealing glances at us..

Tina: how are you now? *smiling*

Me: am fine *i smiled back*

Tina: I really love your smiles..*she said aloud*

I turned left to see val with joyce..her girlfriend who just entered seconds ago..dat joyce girl no get brain atall..val told me he has f—-d her 16times and now she is the one forcing val to sex..chaii..val was winking at me having heard what tina said..she shifted closer to me then I realise she has loosed the top buttons of her shirt and not even wearing bra..this girl infact..my d–k has already turned rock that I have to stylishly covered it..I can’t stop staring at her fresh bigboobs..”Tina” I faced up to see eric standing with his gang(mike,wale and ken)..thank God..

Eric: can we talk outside?

Tina: can’t you see am with my boyfriend?

What boyfriend?,,be like say dis girl wan kobalise (implicate) me sha..she shifted to me more closer and lean on me pressing her heavenly soft boobs on me..

Eric: your boyfriend?..so the rumour is true..you two are really dating? *he said angrily*

I was about opening my mouth to deny it when tina quickly covered my mouth with her left palm

Tina: sure..as you can see..

Eric smiled devilishly and angrily walked out with his gang,,I knew am dead..I later stood up to tell him he heard it wrong but I can’t find him so I went to lab to avoid that witch..she is so tempting..I continued my “once upon a time” novel and was enjoying it when I heard “what are you doing here?” I looked at the voice direction to see tina..this girl again..she finally sat with me and we talked about many things before she held my hand and placed it on her lap..

Me: whaa…(She cut in)

Tina: sshhh..*she placed her finger on my lip*

She finally pulled my face to her’s and before I knew it we were kissing while she was rubbing my d–k with her left hand,,I was turned on..my brain stopped walking,,I forgot we were in lab..my hand found it way to her two oranges and I was squeezing them using the skills in the porns I’v watched..she was unbuttoning my shirt smiling..”What” someone shouted..we looked at the direction to see eric..he rushed to me then pulled me up..he gave a punch but I was too fast to evade it and he punched the wall..

Eric: I’ll kill you bastard today *he shouted loud*

He rushed to me and was about knocking my head when tina stopped him but he angrily pushed her away,,she mistakenly hit her head to the wooden shelf in the lab and she fell..”Tina” I shouted while we both ran to her..but she won’t open her eyes..d–n!!..am in trouble..e no go beta for this eric guy oo…

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Episode 4

In no time many students have already surrounded us as we were pleading to tina to wake up..val and joyce quickly barged in with four pure waters..I quickly sprayed them on her head..she suddenly began opening her eyes..I was so happy that I hugged her..eric pushed me away..he held my neck really ready to kill me..”What are you doing” someone shouted..I managed to turn left to see mrs ige(the principal) and some teachers including miss angela..

Principal: what are you two doing? *she shouted again*

That’s when eric removed his hand from my neck,,I coughed for fewseconds before coming back to life..we were later commanded to kneel outside in the sun after we were severely beating,,especially me..that psycho didn’t beat eric that much because he is the son of the school founder..eric keep glancing at me murderously..we were later released after many advices from the principal..I was so sad when I heard from val that tina went home after the incident..at least I have to see how she is doing..after the day lesson I,val and joyce started walking home..

Val: guy you sef bad oo..

Me: badt?..oloshi..

Val: I just can’t believe you fighting because of tina..

Me: am not fighting because her,,just that am defending myself..

Val: what did you mean?

*i explain everything*

Val: so you about bleeping that innocent girl..

Me: innocent?,,you should call me that..

Joyce: hun,,jason,,so u for insert that big rod of yours in tina’s tiny kitty?..

Val: how did you know he had a big rod? Did you two possibly….?

*i and joyce bursted to laughter*

Joyce: you thought every d–k is like yours?..so small…

Me: really?..

Val: its so small abi?,,then be bleeping jason then..

Joyce: am just joking,,its not that small,,besides..you are more handsome than jason..*she stylishly winked at me*

Chaii…we all know the truth..val is kinda ugly,,God knows how he do woo girls..

Val: shey me I know tell you before say me handsome than you?..

Me: ok o..I admit oo..

Joyce later went her way after kissing val..aayamma..that black/dark lips of his…we then continue our own journey..

Val: I think say those guys go beat the hell out of you..how come we didn’t meet them on the way?..

Me: I know sabi why dem no cross my way oo..b like say the guy dey fear me..

Val: fear you?..

We both bursted to laughter..we both knew am like david in front of goliath eric and me no b like david wey carry small stone kill goliath..eric will just break my neck..

Val: you no cross go your house?

Me: I wan carry dat girl ni jare..

Val: shey jessy..

Me: ofcourse..

Val: you beta marry jessy..no go get yourself girlfriend o..

Me: lemme marry her..not your business..

We later went our ways..I jugged to jessy’s school to see her class teacher about closing the gate..

Me: hi madam..

Teacher: hey mr jason..

Me: am here to pick jessy up..

Teacher: your dad stopped a while ago and picked her..

Me: oh,,thanks..goodbye..

I started walking back home..I finally made it home after walking for decades..I entered the sitting room to see kudirat and jessy sitting on the couch while kudirat was telling her stories..jessy jumped down from the couch and ran to me immediately she saw me..I carried her on my hand,kissed her cheek then put her down..I greeted kudirat then just went upstairs so tired..I should visit tina..I was unclading when someone entered,,at first I thought it was jessy,,cause she always enter without knocking but I was suprise to see kudirat..

Kudirat: oh am sorry..

Me: its nothing..

*she entered and closed my door*

Kudirat: I came to tell you the food is ready..

Me: oh really..thanks..

I was waiting for her leave but this girl just stand dey stare at my chest..is she feeling my six packs or what (lol)..I stared back full of curiousity,,that’s when I have a clear view of her bigboobs and her transparent cloth that I can even see her God gifted boobs..my d–k has already turned rock that I quickly covered it and I can see she knew as she smiles..chaii..

Me: are you not leaving?..

Kudirat: oh am sorry..

She turned back walking towards the door shaking her extremely big backyard that I can’t stop staring at..she finally left and I quickly catch my breathe..is this the girl I will be living with..she is extremely tempting..d–n..

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Episode 5

I later went downstairs and straight to the dinning room,,jessy and kudirat were already there waiting for me..I sat beside jessy..I was about eating..

Kudirat: what?..we should pray before eating..

We prayed and we started eating,,I was so hungry and sure the food is really delicious..I found myself thanking kudirat for the food,,never ate that delicious food..she later asked for my phone which I gave her..she then returned it after 3minutes..

Kudirat: how are your girlfriends?

Me: I have none *eating rushly not minding her*

Jessy: she said she likes you..

The spoon am holding nearly fell hearing the bomb the haram jessy detonate..I laughed it out and we continue eating..I later retired to my room..I laid on my bed just only thinking about tina..I tried to shake it off but I can’t..so I decided to call her..

Me: hi tina

Tina: hi jason,,I have been waiting for you call,,I miss you

Why can’t she call when she missed me..this girls really……..

Me: I miss you too *i found myself saying*

*i think I mean this*

Tina: really?..

Me: so how are you now? *i changed the topic*

Tina: am fine..you are punished because of me..am really sorry *she said with a mean voice*

Me: apology accepted..

We talked more till I exhausted my airtime..she called me back and we still talked till her own airtime exhausted..I decided to borrow some airtime which I quickly used to call her back,,well I lied I go buy card..I borrowed 750..we chatted and sure knew many things about each other,,I can see she is been loving me along time ago..she later ended the call with I love you..I laid on my bed thinking of her..I think am falling for this girl..I was still thinking about tina when a call landed on my phone,,its unknown number,,I sluggishly picked it

Person: hello jason *familier voice*

Me: hello,who are you?

Person: you can’t recognise my voice?..

What?..miss angela?..

Me: miss angela?

Person: sure..

Me: goodafternoon ma..

Miss angela: how are you doing jason?

Me: am good ma..

Miss angela: this is my number,,I’ll call you later..

Me: alright ma *hung up*

Seems I can’t visit tina today again..I later drifted to sleep and was woken up by jessica..

Jessica: kudirat says to wake you up..

Spoilt brat,,can’t even include sister..

Me: why *i managed to say*

Jessica: she said food is ready *sitting on me*

What?..I slept so long..I stood up carrying jessy and use the opportunity to check the time on my phone to see 9:52pm..chaii..I have 5 missed calls and one message..4 from tina and 1 from dad while I decide to not check the message,,it will be those stupid mtn….why will dad call me..I later went downstairs then ate my food..I was happy jessy chose to sleep in kudirat room..I will have to sleep without worries..I later retired to my room and jumped on my bed..I unlocked my phone and dialled tina’s number,,she picked it immediately..

Me: hi tina..

Tina: I thought you don’t want to pick my call again..

Me: am sleeping then..am sorry..

Tina: I just wanted to hear your voice before sleeping..

Me: now that you’ve heard it..goodnight *don’t waste my airtime*

Tina: goodnight…love you..

Well,,she forced me to say “love you too”..but I think it came from the bottom of my heart..I just placed my phone aside then continue my sleep forgetting to call dad..suddenly I heard a knock on my door..who is it by this time now..I prayed its not jessy,,jessy can’t knock now..I managed to stand up and staggered to my door with my eyes opening and force closing..I opened the door to see kudirat standing in her nightie smiling at me..that’s when my eyes became clearer..she entered then closed the door..I was just staring at her wondering what she was doing here..

Me: what are you doi…..

She interupted by kissing me and placing my hand on her soft boobs while at thesame dug her right hand in my boxers stroking my full erected d–k..I started squeezing her boobs while she was moaning softly..we made it to the bed still romancing each other..

Kudirat: I can’t say how much I loved you..

Me: what about dad?

Kudirat: he is not coming home tonight…

She pulled down my boxers after I’v succefully removed her nightie leaving her stark naked..her boobs was even bigger seeing it nakedly..I can’t wait to f–k this girl..I began fingering her generating the idea from the porns I’v watched..

Kudirat: I really love you jason..baby I can’t wait to feel you inside me..

We started kissing again till she pushed me on the bed..she rubbed my chest downward to my hard rock d–k,,she s—-d me clean before climbing on me..she placed my d–k in kitty,,riding me like a horse..I later changed position making her laid on the bed..

I rubbed her kitty with my d–k and later entered with full force..suddenly I started feeling pain on my d–k..I woke up sweating profusely..so its just a dream?..d–n..and I was f—–g my bed all this while..I have already cumed to my boxers..3minutes later..I laid on my bed to sleep when a knock landed on my door..what?..kudirat?..

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Episode 6

Continues from the last scene of the previous episode…

I jumped from the bed and quickly head to the door,,I finally made it to door praying its not kudirat..I decided to open the door in the count of three,,I later opened the door after counting it in my mind to see kudirat wearing same nightie like in the dream,,I was so scared..is this how dreams come true..I was so relief when I noticed she was backing jessy..I sighed and let out some smile..

Kudirat: she says she will sleep with you..

I opened the door wide for her to enter..she entered and later dropped jessy on my bed..

Kudirat: the girl really likes you..even in her sleep,,its your name she is shouting..

I just smiled and she later went out..I sighed again and laid on my bed..I can’t just sleep as I kept thinking about the dream..I muttered some prayers and later flew to wonderland..I woke to see jessy slapping my chest really hard..u no be kid again now..”Wake up!!!” She shouted..today is saturday..I stood up placing jessy on the floor..I wore my knicker and a blue top,,I checked the time on my phone to see 9:16am..what??..am no different to a lazy bum..

Me: where is dad?

Jessy: he is gone out..

Me: and kudirat?

“Here I am”,,she said then opened my door..

Kudirat: goodmorning..

Me: goodmorning,,how was your night?

Kudirat: really awesome *she winked at me*

Why is she winking,,there I see she was wearing a very tight skimpy skirt revealing her massive backyard and under-wear like cloth showing parts of her fresh boobs as seen in my dream..we went downstairs..we were still eating when a call landed on my phone,,its tina,,why early in the morning..I excuse myself then went out to receive the call..

Me: hi tina..

Tina: goodmorning jason,,how about coming to your house today?

What?..I can’t let her come because of kudirat..

Me: oh,,I’ll come there don’t worry..

Tina: you will really come?..

Me: sure..

Tina: I’ll be expecting you..I already bought a packet of condom..

Condom?..for what?..I think I’ll really be deflowered this time by tina..we chatted more and I later hung up with the excuse that am eating..I quickly devoured my food in less than 5minutes can’t just wait to see tina..I retired to my room straight-away..I quickly uncladed myself then rushed to the bathroom,,after the bath that seems to last for decades,,I later stepped into my room and started cleaning my body..

I was still cleaning my body when someone enter,,I turned back to see kudirat..she closed my door then locked it..she started walking to me removing her clothes while I was staring agape..she finally got to where I was standing half naked..

Me: what ar…(She interrupted)

Kudirat: sshhh..

She planted a deep kiss on my lip pulling her skirt up,,there I know she was wearing no pant..she held my d–k and was rubbing it while I was busy caressing her boobs..suddenly I remembered my dream and gathered all my strenght to push her away..

Me: am sorry I can’t do this..

Kudirat: *she smiled* I can’t stop wanting for more after you f—-d me hard at the midnight..

Me: what midnight?

Kudirat: I knew you won’t want to do it,,that’s why I came when you were sleeping..and am so suprise to see you removing my clothes yourself..let’s do this am so h—y..

She came to me and I angrily pushed her away this time..

Me: I told you am not doing..

Kudirat: *she smiled again* you are my first love and the guy to deflower me..so don’t think about having another girl to marry in your mind..

Me: what are you saying?

Kudirat: in my family,,the one that deflowered us must marry us..

Me: why?

Kudirat: all the wife you marry will die..

What?..am dead..no go beta for this girl oo..

Me: what am I going to do now? *i asked in a very calm voice*

Kudirat: there is nothing to do honey..see you tonight..

She wore her clothes then shake her big backyard outside..so the dream I thought I have is not even a dream..its really real..chaii..am dead..I quickly claded in a blue jean and a versace top murder it with puma shoe..seeing tina might make me forget this..”Jason” I heard dad shouted from downstairs..I ran downstairs with great speed to see dad with an extremely beautiful young woman even beautiful than diana’s friend(tales of a mermaid)..

Dad: jason,,this is miss amaka..your PRIVATE TUTOR..

What?..private tutor?..shit

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Episode 7

Continues from the last scene of the previous episode…

Me: hi ma

Amaka: how are you jason?

Me: am fine ma

She demanded for handshake and I quickly accepted her warm hand..we shaked for few seconds before we broke off..

Dad: she will be starting on monday..from 4pm to 6pm..I just think I should introduce her before then..

2hrs?..its too much now..her eyes was fixed on me,,but I just stared elsewhere avoiding her gaze so shy..

Dad: where is kudirat and my girl(jessy)

Me: they are playing upstairs..

Dad: alright,,goodbye,,I won’t be coming home tonight also..

So he really didn’t come last night,,is that what he called to tell me last night?…

Me: alright sir..

Dad: where are you going?

Me: to val’s house..*i lied*

Dad: let me drop you there..

Me: no need sir..I will board a taxi..

Dad: those taxi’s are dangerous..come on let me drop you there..

That’s it,,he is overprotective..I was left with no choice than to follow him..we went out,,entered his car and zoomed off..I and amaka were sitting at the backseat,,I can’t stop staring at her beautiful face,,human can’t be beautiful like this,,she might be a real mermaid..she caught me many times and smiled over it..I was later dropped at the front of val’s house while dad went his way..I should greet val..I opened his gate and walked straight inside,,this guy no close the gate..

I was about knocking when I heard different moans..”F–k me val” joyce voice..”Harder”..chaii..dis guy sha..I went back out then board a taxi to tina’s house..on getting to her duplex house painted yellow and white..I walked inside after greeting the gate keeper..I can hear music coming from the house..I opened the door after knocking many times to see tina dancing to tire by mayorkun all herself..she lowered the music and ran to hug me..

Me: did I keep you waiting?

Tina: sure,,I can’t wait to see you..

*we enagaged in a very passionate kiss and we later broke off*

Tina: how about dancing with me?

Me wey no sabi dance..I disagreed and we both sat down..she stopped the music and we started watching film..I was suprise to see its p–n..so dis girl sef dey watch p–n..she shifted closer to me,,there I see she was wearing a very skimpy skirt..she take my hand to her lap and she shifted it to her kitty which sent shock to my body..she was wearing no pant…she noticed this but just smiled..in no time our head collided and we started kissing while rubbing my d–k with her left hand..we suddenly heard knocks on the door which made us disengaged immediately..she switched off the tv..

Tina: come in..

I was suprise to see the figure entering..it was eric..tina clutched her hand in mine leaning on my shoulder..I can see the look of anger shown on eric face as he walked to us holding a flower I guessed its to impress tina..

Eric: hi jason..

Me: hi eric *with scared tone*

I stylishly pushed tina away faking smiles..

Me: tina I have to leave now,,dad sent me somewhere..

Tina: are you sure its not because of eric?..

My phone started ringing,,its unknown number..I picked it and quickly recognise the voice as kudirat’s..

Me: alright sir,,am coming *i pretended its dad*

I stood up then walked past eric while he have this murderous look on his face..”Watch your back” he whisper to my hear..

Tina: jason

I turned back waiting for her to say whatever she wanted to say..but she walked to me and planted a deep kiss on my lip leaving me astonished,,even in front of eric?…the girl really want me dead..I later evacuate the house and went straight home..I entered my house that’s when a call landed on my phone..its unkown number,,it must be kudirat,,I cut it..the person called again and I picked it at the third ring..

Me: hello..

Person: its amaka,,just wanted to know if this is really your number..see you on monday..

*hang up*

Her sweet natural autotuned voice nearly bursted my hear..I made my way inside the sitting room smiling to see kudirat and jessy in the sitting room playing again..this kudirat sef b kid..

Kudirat: welcome..what did you mean by all you said on the phone..

Me: I did that on purpose..so no need to worry about it..

Kudirat: anyway there is a visitor waiting for you in your room..she said she is anna *she looked at me somehow*

Anna?..anyway this is not the 20th time she did visit me and have entered my room..I just ignored kudirat then went upstairs..I opened the door to see anna perfectly sitting on my bed..she was wearing a black mini skirt and a sleevless top..I stylishly locked my door..I know something great is gonna happen..

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Episode 8

Continues from the last scene of the previous episode….

She was staring at me smiling while I was also smiling back..I finally sat beside her on my bed..she held my left hand caressing it not saying anything..she finally broke the silence..

Anna: am here to apologise..

Me: for what?

Anna: for accusing you of dating tina and miss angela..joyce told me the truth..

Oh..I remember joyce is her friend..

Anna: the truth is..I can’t do anything but jealous..am so scared someone else will take you from me..

She clutched her hand in mine tightly still smiling while I just did nothing but stared suprisingly at her sudden outburst..

Anna: jason,,I think I love you

Love who?..but how come I didn’t love this beautiful girl..

Anna: since the very day I set my eyes on you,,I can’t stop thinking about you..you are my first love..

I opened my mouth to say something but I wasn’t suprise when nothing came out..in no time our lip met and we began kissing..her lip is sweet like lollipop 10naira sweet,,I wish the kiss last forever..we later disengaged when she pushed me on my bed..she removed her top after pulling down my jean,,d–n she is wearing no bra..

she began pulling her mini skirt down with her left hand and was rubbing my d–k through my boxers with her right hand..I was turned on..I removed my top and was ready to enter subzero’s lair when knocks landed on my door..who be dat bastard wey spoil my fun..I quickly wear my top and my knicker bocker and anna quickly dressed up..I walked to door and angrily opened it to see kudirat looking at me somehow,,like she was suspecting something..

Kudirat: I just wanted to tell you two that food is ready..

Dis girl na confam devil..I called anna and we started walking downstairs with our hands hitched,,kudirat can’t stop shooting me a murderous look while I just ignored her..we later started eating,,I was sitting with anna while kudirat was sitting with jessy..anna began feeding me with her spoon..we did this till we finish the food..

3hrs later

After watching many films on my laptop and romancing each other though anytime we wanted to play the real game something hinders it so we decided to not do anything again..she later left and I came back inside after I accompany her outside,,I ignored kudirat who was staring at me with lots of pities on her face..I entered my room and jumped on my bed to rest..I checked my time to see 5:31pm..I was about sleeping after talking with tina on the phone when someone opened my door,,I turned my face to the direction to see kudirat..

Me: what did you want again *i stood up*

Kudirat: how can you do this to me..jason how can you *she bursted to tears*

I am left with no choice,,I walked to her then hugged her while she quickly accepted my body and hugged me tight..

Me: am sorry *i said that to let her stop crying*

We later sat on my bed just staring at each other not saying anything..she later began caressing my lap which sent shock of life to my body..she just smiled over it and made her way to my d–k,rubbing like there is no tomorrow..I was immediately turned on..I roughly dragged her to the bed and f—-d her really hard that she kept moaning loud..we went just 3 rounds and I later c-m inside her..we lay side by side so tired..this girl is really goddess of sex

Later in the night..

I laid on my bed chatting with tina,kudirat,val,anna and miss angela on whatsapp..I checked my time to see 9:15pm..I later went downstairs to get a chilled drink..I gulped down a lemon juice and went back upstairs,,I opened my door to see kudirat sitting on my bed with her nightie..

Me: what are you doing here?

Kudirat: to sleep here with you ofcourse..

Me: jessy?

Kudirat: she is far asleep..you can’t sleep like this..

She began removing my cloth..she finally removed my top and my knicker rubbing my d–k again through my boxers..seems this girl finally know my weak point..I was turned on again..we rushed ourself to bed naked..we went another two rounds and was about going on the third when my phone started ringing..its dad..I quickly picked it..

Dad: jason,,you have to go to tina’s house now,,you are sleeping there tonight..

Me: but why?

Dad: her parent are out on business trip and she claim she can’t sleep alone..

Me: okay sir..

Dad: call jide(his driver) when you are ready,,he will take you there

Me: alright..bye

I quickly dressed up..

Kudirat: let me follow you..

Me: you can’t,,what about jessy..

Kudirat: I can’t let you sleep with that girl alone..

Me: don’t worry,,nothing will happen..

I kissed her cheek to let her free me and rushed downstairs..I went out and woke jide up..he later started the car while I sat at the backseat..time to go mingle with another trouble..we then zoomed off..

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Episode 9

On getting to her house,,the driver left while I made my way into the sitting room to see tina sitting on the couch..she smiled when she saw me..

Tina: you really knows how to keep someone waiting..

Me: am sorry..

Tina: can’t sleep all alone in this big house..

Me: I understand..

I asked for my room coz I was tired and I have to sleep,,she took me to a room with her pictures hung on the wall,,is this her room..she closed the door..

Tina: we will be sleeping here together

What’s with this girl sef..she later went to shower and I used the opportunity to stripped my self to boxers..I jumped on her bed like its mine though her bed is a little larger than mine..she later stepped into the room and I watched her as she stripped herself naked and sat on her creaming chair(I guessed)..my d–k already turned rock as I stared at her fresh body..

Tina: can you help me cream my body?

She looked at me smiling,,she clearly knows something was going on with me as I was battling my hard rock rod,,I managed to stand up hiding it with my two laps now walking somehow..I started creaming her body till I finally journey to her soft boobs,,the touch transferred subzero’s ice down my spine..

I began squeezing them trying my luck..she suddenly began moaning..”Wow,,its a success” I said in my mind..she then stood up kissing me roughly that I can’t catch up..I pulled down my boxers and I was even suprised at how big my d–k has become..she began stroking my d–k..in no time,,we’ve landed on the bed..I later placed my d–k at the entrance of her kitty ready to enter the golden paradice..

Tina: did you love me?

I didn’t really know what to say..but what did she expect me to say when I was already turned on by her killer body..

Me: Yes I do..

Tina: okay be gentle on me..

What did she mean by that..I just ignored her then entered with full force while she moaned loudly..I began pulling in and out..I later cumed inside her..I removed my thing to see blood on it..

Me: are you a virgin..

Tina: yes..

I can see how weak she’ve become..I am really regretting now..

Tina: am happy you are the one that took away my virginity..

Though I was sad its kudirat that took away mine..I later cuddled her in my arm as we slept like a couple on her bed..I woke in the morning but can’t find tina..I dressed up and went downstairs..

Me: tina..

Tina: in the kitchen..

I followed the voice to the kitchen to see tina making coffee..I hugged her from the back then kissed her cheek..2hrs later,,I bade tina who wanted me not to leave again goodbye then called jide..I waited till he arrived then we zoomed off..

A week later..

I and kudirat f—-d almost everyday as jessy been taken away by my mum sister..amaka and I are getting along well though I can’t stop dreaming I f—-d her,,I tried my luck many times but she gave me no chance..tina and I are still acting as couple while anna and val was secretly dating..the guy finally dropped joyce and was dating her bestfriend and yes.. miss angela got married..


I got home so tired that I went to my room straight and just jumped on the bed so tired..I later managed to removed my uniform then laid back on my bed..by the way where is kudirat..my phone began ringing..I checked the caller to see amaka..weytin gan gan!!..she wan kill me?..

Me: hello

Amaka: jason,,I have a slight headache and can’t come there today so I think you will have to come to my house today..

What??..her house?..d–n..am so tired now..

Me: alright..I’ll be there,,but I don’t know the place,,can you text me the location?

Amaka: no problem..I’ll be waiting for you..

I quickly freshen up then claded in a knicker-bocker plus white top and a white nike sneakers..I back my back-pack then went out..seems kudirat has gone market..I finally got to amaka’s house as described by her..its a flat house..I knocked the door twice before she opened it wearing a pink transparent sleeveless top on a short knicker..this girl is so beautiful..she ushered me inside..I sat on the couch in her well arranged and sense making sitting room..

Amaka: what should I offer you?

Me: anything ma..

Amaka: I told you to stop using ma for me..

Me: o..kay *i stammered*

She later came back with a strawberry youghurt..I quickly gulped it down as I was thirsty before..

Amaka: let’s go inside..

Can’t she teach me here,,why inside..we later went inside in her room..we sat on her reading chair..she was busy teaching maths while I can’t stop staring at her well arranged big boobs clearly shown through her transparent cloth..I don’t know why,but I found myself wanting to touch it…I made an attempt touching them but she stylishly removed my hand,,there she go again..

I tried again and this time she does nothing,,I was d–n happy as my heart kept pounding though my d–k already about tearing my boxers..she was just staring at me while I was just busy caressing her boobs wondering why there is no reaction,,squeezing her boobs don’t turn her on?,,I later dug my finger in her ears that’s when she let out some moans and quickly held my hand,,”what a wierdo” I said in my mind..anyways me don knw ur weakpoint..

Amaka: if I am to give you what you’ve been dreaming of,,you have to promise me something *still holding my hand*

How did she know I’ve been dreaming I f—-d her and how bad I wish for the dream to come true..

Me: what? *looking at her*

Amaka: you won’t love any girl again except me..

That’s so easy..who I wan love before..

Amaka: and you won’t have sex with any girl again except me..you agree?

What??..what is she saying..her large boobs that was already in my hand has blinded my eyes plus brain..

Me: I promise..

I won’t promise only if I know the amount of troubles I just dropped on my head..

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Episode 10

Continues from the last scene of the previous episode…

I successfully removed her top while she was busy loosing my belt..she finally pulled down my knicker..then our face met..we were kissing while she dug her hand in my boxers stroking my hard d–k..we made our way to her bed still kissing..she later began s—–g my d–k while I was moaning..in no time I began f—–g her hard,,I changed it to doggy style..we went 5 rounds and I cumed inside her though I didn’t want to..we later dressed and sat together on her reading chair cluthing our hands together..

Amaka: we’ve now become a couple,,don’t forget your promise..

What promise?..oh that I won’t bleep another girl..me just dey say rubbish coz her boobs don turn me on,,no bleep another girl weyin..

Me: alright..

She taught me calculus which is just so hard for me to grab..she later finished the lesson and I went home so happy that I finally bleeped amaka..I entered the sitting room smelling some aroma..there I sensed kudirat was in the kitchen..I went to my room and was unclading myself when my phone ringtone pierced through my hear..I checked the caller to see joyce..pitiful girl..

Me: hello joyce..

Joyce: val is still not picking my calls *she bursted to tears*

I calmed her down and later hung up..I should call tina..I was about dialing her number when her call came in..

Me: hello tina

Tina: hello jason,,I can’t stop wanting to hear your voice..am really missing you..

Missing what?,,we talked today at school..

Me: did you love me that much..

Tina: what did you mean?,,are you trying to have another girlfriend?

Oh,,I and tina started dating two days ago and its going really well as am spending my fortune on recharge card..

Me: never..

Tina: better,,I might die if you break up with me..

Me: I won’t..

Tina: I love you..

Me: I love you too.. *hung up*

I dropped my phone on my bed then kudirat entered my room..

Kudirat: I just heard you saying “I love you too”..are you decieving me?

Me: its..jessy *i lied*

Kudirat: really?

Me: yes ofcourse

She later went out after telling me to come eat..I laid on my bed and switched on my laptop..I began watching p–n and mastering styles I’ll be using for kudirat tonight..am really becoming sex addict just like val..I was turned on watching porns and I ended up f—–g my empty perfume glass..I later went downstairs ate then retired back to my room..

Later in the night

I was wearing my boxers pacing round my room waiting for kudirat..after waiting for a while I decided to call her..

Kudirat: hello

Me: hi kuddy..you are not coming tonight?

Kudirat: am having a slight headache..can’t you come here?

Headache?..I dashed out of my room then ran to her room..I quickly open her door to see kudirat sleeping on the bed..I ran to her..

Me: how are you now?

Kudirat: not better..

I placed my hand on her head but its so cold not even hot..

Kudirat: I can see you really care about me..

She suddenly stood up and sat with me on the bed..

Me: what did you mean?

Kudirat: I was just testing you..nothing happened to me..

We later began our usual game..we beagn with kiss and I was enjoying it..she later lied down waiting for me to insert my big rod inside her..I pulled down my boxers then realise my d–k has not even rise..what’s happening to me..kudirat looked at me suprisingly when she also saw my d–k not rising..

Kudirat: what is happeing jason..

Me: I don’t know..

She touched my d–k and quickly pulled back her hand like the thing shocked her,,when did my sweet thing turn electric shock..kudirat was just staring at me with more suprise clearly shown on her face..does that mean I can’t bleep again..am dead..

Kudirat: I just can’t touch it..

Me: what?

I touched it and even stroked it but nothing happens to me..

Kudirat: let me try again..

She placed her hand on my d–k and quickly pulled it back again..that’s when I realise its not even a small thing..am really in trouble..

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Episode 11

I laid on my bed thinking about what just happened can’t able to sleep..me wey dey bleep anyhow can’t bleep again now..”This is really bad” I muttered to myself..I checked my time to see 11:31pm..I later drifted to wonderland after thinking of the cause of my problem but can’t remember anything..I woke up early in the morning and quickly ran to school even not greeting dad just because I was so shy to see kudirat..I got to school and enter my class,,there are few students in the class..I satdown then brought out my “once upon a time novel”..someone suddenly sat with me,,I turned left to see tina..

Me: goodmorning..

Tina: goodmorning jason..you didn’t call yesterday and didn’t pick my calls..something wrong?

Me: nothing,,I slept off early yesterday night and haven’t check my phone today..am sorry *i lied*

Tina: I trust you..*she smiled*

She dragged me to the lab to have quickie..I was so scared and even disagree taking school rules as excuse all because of my strange d–k..but she later forced me and I gave up..she loose her skirt and pulled it up holding the lab table and telling me to enter from behind..I loosed my belt and later pulled out my d–k to see how hard and big it was,,I was happy..I quickly inserted it in her kitty and f—-d her hard..we later went back to the class after the quickie..I can’t stop smiling..something must be wrong with that kudirat girl..

After the day lesson,,I and val started walking home..

Me: why did you break up with joyce..

Val: why won’t I,,she wan use sex kill me na..

*i bursted to laughter*

Me: I saw her in the library today with eric,,he was bleeping the girl..

Val: chaii..my akube..

*we both laughed*

Me: guy I wan tell you something..

Val: weytin na? You don bleep that your tutor abi?..

Me: sure,,but that’s not what I wanted to tell you..

*i explain everything to him*

Val: something must be happening to you..hmm..let me take you somewhere..

We got to one building with arabic letters written on it body..we then made our way in..

Val: alfa..

Alfa: yes..

He later come out and apologise for keeping us waiting..

Alfa: long time no see val..sitdown *we sat*

*val explain everything*

The man bursted to laughter then started speaking arabic holding a bead like thing..he suddenly shouted holding his head..

Alfa: you in deep trouble..just leave..

Me: what?

Alfa: come on get out *he shouted really loud*

We ran out with great speed and continue our journey home

Val: what is the man saying?

Me: I can’t understand either..

We started walking home wondering why the alfa man chased us out like that..silence covered the area as we were both thinking about the issue..val later broke the silence..

Val: guy forget am..ntin dey do you jarwe..

*I just nodded okay*

Val: did you know anna is eric’s younger sister?

Me: what?..

Val: I guess she haven’t tell you yet..

He later went his way and I head home,,on getting home,,I went straight to my room ignoring kudirat who can’t stop staring at me..I was unclading my cloth when a call came in..”Anna”..I hissed then picked it..

Me: hi anna..

Anna: hi jason,,I want to tell you something..eric is my brot..

Me: I know..val told me..

Anna: am really sorry for not telling you..I didn’t love you from the begining,,eric begged me to seduce you and make you have sex with me while recording everything..he plans to give tina the recording so she will break up with you but I doesn’t succeed..am so sorry..

Me: okay..I forgive you..

Anna: thank you..I wish you and tina great and happy time..bye forever

She hung up and I ended up on my bed only thinking about my own problem..

Later in the night,,I switched on my laptop and scrolled to the p–n folder after it finish booting prepared to check if my rod will rise..I started watching p–n and I was so suprise seeing my d–k turned rock and big..I was d–n happy..I snucked out to kudirat’s room to let her know my d–k is working fine by f—–g her hard..I knocked her door unpatiently..she later opened the door,,she just bathed as I was seeing the traces of water on her body tieing a white towel..

Kudirat: jason,,what are you doing here?

Jamb question..wait and see for yourself..

I rushed in and closed the door,,I hurriedly removed her towel squeezing her heavenly boobs..she started moaning rubbing my hard rock d–k roughly..we landed on the bed and I later set my d–k at the entrance but was so suprise to see my d–k reducing back to its smallest size..I can see the suprise on kudirat’s face while I stared agape..

Kudirat: jason something is really happening to you..

I just stared at my rod not saying anything,,what’s this..Lord help me…

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Episode 12

We later sat together on her bed..but how come I can bleep tina and not kudirat..

Kudirat: how about doing test tomorrow?

Me: that will be better coz I can’t just understand what’s happening to me..

Kudirat: you will be fine..okay? *she held my hand*

We ended up sleeping on thesame bed though we did nothing as my d–k gave no chance..I later woke up to see myself alone on the bed..I went straight to my room..I won’t be going to school tody..I later have my bath and claded in a blue jean and a white versace armless top..I checked my time to see 10:32am..I went downstairs to see kudirat fully dressed..she is really beautiful even than tina..

Me: you are really the defination of beauty..

Kudirat: really?

Me: sure..

Kudirat: thanks..

We later went to a nearby hospital..I explained to the doctor who can’t stop laughing at me..he finally tested me and we waited 30minutes for the result..I was little relieved when the result shown nothing..

Doctor: nothing is happening to you youngman..it might be the result of frequent sex..

I have to stop sexing for some time then..we later went home so happy for the result..so nothing happened to me afterall though he gave me some pills..I later used the pills after my breakfast with kudirat..I retired to my room,,I checked my time to see 12:02pm..I slowly began journey to wonderland..I finally slept off..I felt a warm hand on my body,,”jason wake up”..I suddenly wake up to see amaka smiling at me..

Amaka: time for lesson..

What??..did I slept so long,,I later managed to stand up..I checked my time to see 4:15pm..chaii..I finally went to my reading chair then sat with her..

Amaka: how are you doing?

Me: am good..

Amaka: the truth is,,I can wait to see you today and can’t stop thinking about you either..

Me: same here *i lied*

We started the lesson though she won’t stop rubbing my lap..after 30minutes of tutoring..

Amaka: so did you enjoyed what we did last time *rubbing my chest*

I was just staring agape as she made her way to my belt..she loosed my belt while I was busy caresing her boobs..she pulled me up and we made our way to my bed..

Amaka: I am so h—y jason,,really need you..

I wasted no time as I am also h—y,,I quickly pulled down her mini skirt..that’s when I saw a strange designed bead she was wearing just at the top of her white pant..I was so shocked and scared at first but reassured me its nothing..I fired on f—–g her like craze even forgetting am having a problem..how come I can bleep amaka and tina..”that kudirat must have something bad in her body” I thought to myself..

she was moaning loud that I have to cover her mouth..after 1hr of f—–g..I cumed inside her and we dressed up to continue the lesson but she can’t teach me anything again as she held my hand looking at my face..

Amaka: you are so goodlooking that I fell for you the moment I set my eyes on you..

We chatted more and I get to know many things about her,,she said she fell for a guy when she was in sss3..the guy deflowered her and he happened to impregnated her,,he forced her to abort the pregnancy that nearly took away her life and it turns out she can’t concieve again..I really pitied some of her stories,,she later left and I came back inside lying on my bed..I was just happy I regained back my d–k..I started playing games on my phone..dads not coming home today,,where is he even sleeping..

I later checked the time on my phone to see 10:11pm..I managed to stand up then went downstairs to drink my lemon juice..but I was suprised to kudirat sitting on the couch with her eyes glued to whatever she was doing,,I decided to join her..

Me: hi..

*no response*

Me: kudirat..

Kudirat: leave me alone..

What’s happening to this girl,,no be say she don run mad..

Me: what’s wrong with you?

Kudirat: I was coming to your room to give you the coffee I made for you,,but the moans I was hearing can’t make me enter,,then I heard that tutor of your’s telling you to f–k her hard..

I just stared agape and saliva almost dropped from my mouth,,so she heard..

Kudirat: I am even so stupid for trusting you,,

She angrily walked away while I started regretting..I know I can’t do without her..I later retired to my room and immediately drifted to sleep..

“I entered tina’s house smiling,,she sent me her nude picture last night which turned me on and can’t let me stop thinking of me bleeping..I made my way to the sitting room,”tina” I called..”In my room” she answered..I dashed upstairs and doesn’t bother knocking her door as I just entered..she was making up backing me..I hugged her from behind and in no time our lips met,,we still kissing when she suddenly pushed me away,,she held her head then screamed out that I have to cover my ears,,I turned my face up and almost pee to my pant as I saw a very tall and extremely scary ugly monster with four hands two legs in front of me..

Monster: I know you did not love me,,you are just decieving me..I’ll kill you today..

Me: please *i shouted*

The monster ran towards me in form of fire and was about attacking when I wake up on my bed sweating profusely..”It was dream” I said two times breathing heavily..which kind dream be this

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Episode 13

I woke feeling some pain on my neck having have a rough sleeping..I yawned 5times before getting up from bed..I checked the time on my phone to see 7:13am..what??..I dashed to bathroom..after bathing I cleaned my body then claded in my uniform..I dashed out of the house then ran to my school..I was so glad I made it there on time as the time keeper (val) just rang the assembly bell as I walked in to my class..I and val went to the assembly together..after singing and dancing mrs psycho(principal) came to the front to talk..

Principal: am here to give some awards as usual on march of every year..

This woman with her senseless awards..

Principal: best clique of this year goes to jason and val..

Val held my hand laughing histerically..”We made it” he said..

Principal: best couple goes to jason and tina..

Tina ran and hugged me while people can’t stop staring at us..what’s so special about this award..well I was also smiling happily..we later disengaged..

Principal: as usual most handsome goes to jason,,but unfortunate for anna,,most beautiful goes to tina..

I can see anna facing down..I looked at tina who can’t stop laughing..

Principal: most intelligent goes to hmmm,,jason..most troublemaking goes to eric..

I can see eric eyes turning red..I knew am dead..

Principal: and the last..most ugly goes to val..that’s all for this year..good day..

I can’t stop laughing at val..we later marched into the class..5minutes later Angela walked in with a dark skinned bootylicious girl..she introduced herself as Queen ige..woah nice name,the name really fitted her as she carry a heavy load at her back plus her front..

Val: omo see this girl sha,,her figure8 be like toolz’s..

I smiled and just ignored val..after the day lesson,,val forced me to go toast Queen..I later agreed after much persuasion..she was arranging her books in her back-pack when I showed myself now with much swagger..

Me: hi Queen

Queen: hi jason..

How did she know my name?..well am so popular..I started giving her some punch lines and I can see she was feeling as she kept smiling especially at the place I said she is the most beautiful girl in the world..I later introduced val to her..I opted out and leave them talking,,they were about exchanging contacts when we heard “queen”..we looked at the direction to see miss psycho..

I stylishly ran out leaving val with his trouble and smiling devilishly..I was walking home just so happy..”today is my happiest day” I thought to myself only if I know bad things that’s coming to me..I suddenly felt a small stone hit my head..I turned angrily to see eric and jide(tallest in the school)..I ran while they ran after me,,I looked at my front to see his other friend waiting for me sitting on an uncompleted building window..I finally stopped,,nowhere to ran to..they got to where I was standing and immediately forced me to kneel..

Eric: hi jason..where is val..

Me: he is there at your back..

He quickly looked at his back to see nothing,,I laughed out..

Me: you fell for that *still laughing*

He angrily slapped my mouth..I can feel my tooth about removing while his other friends bursted to laughter..

Eric: beat him up *he commanded others*

I was only given about 6 punches all over my body before we heard “stop”..I faced up then turned left to see a woman wearing a white celestial garment..

Woman: why are you beating him?

Eric: not you concern..just go your way..stupid woman..

*the woman just smiled*

Eric: continue guys..

They were about to continue when she stopped them again..

Woman: if you lay even a finger on him,,I’ll ask for holy ghost fire to burn you..

Hearing this they all ran coz there is rumour a pastor commanded a fire onto someone who slapped him body..fools..they don’t want to die..I finally stood up then carried my back-pack..

Me: thank you ma,,,am very grateful..

Woman: you are welcome,,I think this why God led me to this way..

I cleaned my cloth with my handkerchief and was about leaving when she stopped me..

Woman: wait..spirit are telling me you made some promises to a woman who is not a human being..and for you to be free from that promise,,you will have to fast and prayed for 3days..

She gave me her church address then walked away..but who did I made promise to..what is this woman saying..I guess she was just blabbing for some money..I hissed then dashed home as I was very hungry..I greeted kudirat who was watching films downstairs but she ignored me and I just went to my room to see amaka waiting for me..

Amaka: welcome jason..

I later sat beside her after changing to simple cloth..she was staring into my eyes romantically..she suddenly planted a deep kiss on my lip..

Amaka: jason,,I can’t stop myself from loving you..

I was so happy in my mind that I am becoming a big boy,,I made my tutor fell for me only for two weeks..

Amaka: jason..

Me: yes..

Amaka: let’s get married..

What??..marry who?..now?..what is she saying?…

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Episode 14

Continues from the last scene of the previous episode..

Me: marry you?..you are more older than me..

Amaka: that matters not,,the love between us is what matter most..

Love?..who love who?..love you?..

Me: I can’t amaka..am so young..

Amaka: am pregnant jason..

Pregnant?,,a week pregnancy? And besides she said she can’t concieve anymore..she think say I be one stupid boy?..I wonder oo..

Me: how can you be pregnant?

Amaka: you are asking me?,,when you are doing it you didn’t know..

I just stared at her agape and flame of anger burning inside me..

Amaka: sweetheart let’s just get married..

She placed her hands on my cheek while I hurriedly pushed her hand away..

Me: I can’t..am sorry..

Amaka: no..you will..

Me: I said I can’t..

I stood up and was walking to door,,I later realise I was walking on thesame spot..what??..suddenly I can’t even move again..I was so scared..what’s happening to me?..amaka then walked to me,,rubbing my chest smiling devilishly..

Amaka: yes you will..

Me: what are you doing?

Amaka: will you marry me the princess of water or stay in this spot forever..

How can I stay like this forever..this girl be complete devil..

Me: alright,,I will..when are we getting married..*i said with scared tone*

Amaka: I know you love me..don’t worry I’ll come take you when its time..

She then released me..”Run” my mind told me..I was just about running out when she held me back..

Amaka: remain one thing..

She dug her hand in my knicker bocker caressing my d–k..

Amaka: I want you to bleep me really hard..

I found myself rushing her to bed..she later removed her clothes and the match kicked off..we went several rounds that I can’t even count..I later laid on my bed after cuming inside her..she later left and I sat on my bed regretting I was born to this world..who is really that girl..is she a ghost or something?..after thinking about this for long I checked my time to see 9:25pm..I went downstairs to see kudirat again sitting on the couch..this a great opportunity,,I sat beside her..

Kudirat: what did you see in that girl that I didn’t have?..its so unfair,,I still caught you red handed today..

I just don’t know what to say..I finally speak..

Me: am sorry..

Kudirat: sorry?..I really hate you *she sobbed then walked away*

I finally slammed my head to the couch edge in frustration..why is this happening to me..I later retired to my room only thinking about kudirat..I think I have fallen for this girl..I was still thinking about her when my phone began ringing,,I checked the caller to see dad..I quickly picked it..

Me: hello dad..

Dad: how are you my son..

Me: am fine sir..

Dad: business is keeping me busy that’s why I can’t even sleep in my own house again..oh..I want to tell you something..

Me: what sir?

Dad: I heard from tina you two were dating..is this true?..

What??,,she wan kobalise(implicate) me..chaii..

Me: Ye..s *i stammered*

Dad: that’s good,,I wanted to tell you you two will be getting married next month..you’ve already been engaged when you were kids..

Next month?..what is he saying?.

Me: but dad…

Dad: you don’t need to say anything jason..that’s my decision and its final.. *hung up*

What??..marry tina?.am getting married at the age of 19..funny enough..don’t even know what’s wrong with dad,,if mum is alive,,it won’t be like this..d–n..val call came in immediately..I quickly picked it,,he is best in gisting anyway…

Me: guy hw far na

Val: omo you sabi say that girl Queen be mrs psycho daughter sha..

Me: really?

Val: tha woman don suspend me for three days oo..

Me: weytin you do?

Val: I wonder oo..just bcoz she caught me toasting her daughter..I have a feeling the girl is not even a virgin..

Me: na u sabi..dey chill for house..

We chatted more and he later hung up..I laid properly on my bed preparing to fly to wonderland..I gradually began flying to wonderland and I finally slept off..I felt a different touch on my hand..who is this,,kudirat?..I opened my eyes to see amaka standing beside smiling in a wierd cloth..a golden cloth with a golden crown on her head..she was just smiling staring at me..how did she got here sef..

Amaka: time to be hitched my husband..

What??..what is she saying..is she by anychance a monster?..yeeh,,mogbe moku modaran..what have I pushed myself into..

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Episode 15

Continues from the last scene of the previous episode..

Me: to be hitched? *shaky voice*

Amaka: didn’t you promise to marry me? And its time for us to get married..

Me: here?,,now?..

Amaka: hold my hand..

I was just staring her so scared..I reluctantly held her hand and I found myself in the water and amaka holding my hand..so she is a mermaid..d–n..am so dead..we swam to a golden house deep under the water where some mermaids wearing same cloth as amaka are already waiting for us though doesn’t have legs..we finally enter the house where I was hearing wierd songs..the house was full with golds,diamonds etc that I can’t stop staring..dem rich for here oo..

suddenly an old woman using a golden staff appeared at our front..

Woman: who is this you’ve brought my daughter?

Amaka: this is my husband..we want your blessings..

What blessing?..a mermaid’s blessings?..

Woman: this is not a right man for you my daughter,,don’t be blinded by love..

Amaka: what?..I really love him mother..I can’t even do without him..

Woman: alright if you insist..

I was just staring at them..I have accepted my fate..the woman later blessed us..I woke up to see my whole body been wet like I really swam in a sea..is this a dream or what?..oh God..it can’t be real..I muttered some prayers then later slept off after thinking about the dream….”Praaah” my alarm rang out..I quickly stopped it..I went into the bathroom and have my bath..I later went to school after wearing my uniform..I entered my class to see them pointing at me gossiping about something,,I finally sat with my seatmate val..

Me: guy wetin dey apun na?

Val: dem talk say you and tina go marry next month..is it true?

Me: y..es *i stammered*

Val: omo,,you wan marry the prettiest girl in the school..

Me: na that man wey set the marriage up..

Val: who..

Me: my dad..

Some students later demanded for truth from me which I ofcourse told them..after the day lesson..I dashed home not waiting for val..I entered the sitting room to see a strange guy sipping from a glass cup sitting on the couch with kudirat..who the hell is this?..

Kudirat: welcome jason..meet johnson my boyfriend..

Her boy what?..the guy was so tall,,his face is fair and his hand is dark,,he had two tribal marks on his face..

Johnson: my chairman,,you the boss..baba nla..tuale *just exactly like a thug*

I can see kudirat tapping him..”Hen hen,,he doesn’t understand those” he whispers to kudirat..I controlled my laughter..how can a girl like kudirat be dating a guy like this..I shook his hand and went to my room,,I changed to simple cloth wondering what kudirat was doing…I can’t deny am jealousing..25minutes after..someone knocked my door,,I opened the door to see queen..I was so suprised..I quickly ushered her in..she finally sat on my bed while I did thesame..

Queen: you’ve got a nice room..

Me: but what are you doing here?

Queen: am here to thank you for all you said to me then..

What?..just thank me..and she came all the way here..I guess she even snuck out coz her mum musnt know..she suddenly held my hand..

Queen: you are the most handsome guy I have ever met that I fell for you immediately..I want you to be mine..

What is she saying?..she suddenly kissed me placing my hand already on her oyo bread-like soft boobs..she later pulled down my knicker and began s—–g my full erected d–k..she laid on the bed waiting for me to enter..I wasted no time as I put my d–k at the entrance..I was about entering when it reduces to its last size again..what’s wrong again..I quickly ran into my bathroom,,d–n..f–k you this d–k..I felt like cutting it away..I later stepped back into my room and queen looking at me somehow..

Queen: jason what’s wrong?

Me: I think am having stomach ache *i lied*

Queen: how are you now?..

Me: I will be better..

I gathered more lies and just dropped them inside her ear..well,she later left..I entered the sitting room after I accompany her..where is kudirat and her thug guy..I went upstairs and passing by kuddy room,,I was hearing different moans..I was so angry that I felt like breaking that johnson’s neck..I later went back into my room angrily..I saw five missed calls on my phone,,all from amaka..I decided to not call her back..she called again and I ignored it..she then texted me..it says

“Answer my call”..how did she know am ignoring it..she call again and this time I picked it..

Me: what again?

Amaka: you can call that our marriage a dream but its real,,we’ve been hitched forever so be prepared to be living with me..

Is she mad?..living with who..”Help” I heard kudirat shouted from her room..what’s wrong with her..

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Episode 16

Continues from the last scene of the previous episode…

I ran out with captain america’s speed..I stormed into kudirat’s room to see johnson forcing her to sex..”Hey” I shouted..he quickly turned back and gave me a goldberg’s punch which sent me flying back like a crashed jet and finally landed on the floor..I stood again sharparly..the guy ran to me with his 50naira eba blow..but I evaded it this time and he hitted his hand with kudirat’s mirror..he then took his top and ran away..kudirat quickly hugged me..

Kudirat: am sorry jason..

Me: are you okay..

Kudirat: thanks to you..I am..

Me: what happened to your boyfriend *now disengaged*

Kudirat: he is not my boyfriend *she stammered*

Me: what?

Kudirat: I hired him for 5k to act as a boyfriend,,I wanted to make you jealous..

I bursted to laughter..

Me: so what happened?

Kudirat: all those moanings are fake,,I was just doing that to make you jealous also..but I guess that’s what turn that stupid thug on as he began rubbing my shoulder,,then I shou..ted h..elp..*stammered*

Me: I love you kudirat..

I found myself saying..she was just staring at me not wanting to believe..but I really do..she jumped on me kissing me everywhere..it finally turned to something else when I started caresing her boobs..we landed on the bed..we quickly stripped ourselves naked..what happened earlier with queen suddenly made it way to my thought..she later laid and I was about entering the temple again when my thing reduces again to its last size..

Kudirat: something is really wrong with you jason..

Me: I think I know who did this to me..

Kudirat: who?

Me: amaka..

Kudirat: that b—h?

Me: she is not a b—h kudirat..she is a mermaid..

Kudirat: a mermaid?

Me: I mistakenly promised her I won’t ever bleep anybody else except her..I didn’t know she wasn’t an ordinary person..we’ve even been hitched under water..*i stammered*

Kudirat: what?..

Me: I can’t stop wanting to bleep her whenever am around her..I don’t know what’s happening to me *i covered my face*..

Kudirat: *held my hand*..don’t worry you will be fine my love..am sorry I didn’t know you are going through this..

We hugged for about 2mins and later broke off..we soon slept together cuddling each other..I suddenly woke up in the midnight so thirsty..I walked downstairs to get my lemon drink..I opened the refrigerator,,pulled out the drink and gulped it down..I turned back to leave but I was so suprised to see I wasn’t in my house again,,the house am in looks familier..amaka again,,am dead this time..”Hello my love” I heard then turned back to see tina..what?..

Me: what am I doing here?,,how are you here tina?

Tina: in my house?..

That’s when I looked around and later realise she was telling truth..

Me: but how am I here?

Tina: I summoned you here..

What?…summoned me?..

Tina: I’v missed you my love

She started walking towards me removing her cloths one after the other while I can’t stop moving backward..

Tina: don’t be scared jason..

Me: what are you?..

Tina: I bet you don’t want to know..

Me: the blood of jesus!! *i shouted*

Tina: shut up..like he knew that jesus..now follow me..

She started climbing up the stairs nakedly while I followed her sheepishly,,my brain is really out of reach..it network is down already..we later enter her room and she closed the door..

Tina: did you know how much I loved you?..

I was just staring agape don’t know what to say..

Tina: remove your cloth..

I removed my cloths with my body shaking like I was in pluto…

Tina: didn’t you feel anything for me?..

Me: the truth is….I have someone am loving *i stammered*

Tina: what??? *tears trickled down her eyes*

Me: am sorry tina *i stammered again*

Tina: sorry?..I’v loved you with my whole life jason..

Two hot slaps landed on my cheek and that’s when I found myself on her bed been tied like a goat..

Me: what are you doing *i stammered*

Tina: see for yourself..

She raised her hand up and two cain found there way to her hand..am really dead..she bagan flogging me hard while I kept screaming in pain..”Tell anybody about this and I’ll kill you”..I was just screaming when I wake up to see kudirat beside me on her bed sweating profusely..

Kudirat: you keep shouting tina’s name,,what are you two doing in your dream *jealousy face*

Me: so it was a dream thank God..

Kudirat: what?,,what’s all this over your body *covered her mouth and full of curiousity*

Me: what are you talking ab…()

I checked my body to see traces of cain..chaii..is this even a dream?..it might be amaka that turned to tina..d–n..am really in trouble..

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Episode 17

Continues from the last scene of the previous episode…

Kudirat: what happened to you in your dream?

Voice of tina telling me not to tell anybody kept ringing in my ears..

Me: nothing..don’t worry

I made to stand up but she held me back..

Kudirat: what did that tina girl did to you?

Me: nothing *i shouted this time*

I stormed out and went into my room thinking about how complicated my life have become..I laid on my bed and later drifted to sleep..I woke up to see kudirat sitting beside me placing her hand on my forehead innocently detecting my temperature..she was really beautiful,,how come I still bleeped amaka having a beautiful girl like this..

Kudirat: goodmorning jason

*I managed to stand up*

Me: look,am sorry for shouting at you last night..

Kudirat: don’t be,,even if you keep on shouting on me everytime,,I’ll just be loving you more..

I smiled,so this is love..she made to kiss me but I pushed my head back..

Me: I haven’t brush..

*She bursted to laughter*

Kudirat: that’s why I wanted to kiss you more..

We engaged in a very passionate kiss and we later broke off..we went downstairs holding hands..the aroma I was smelling made me realise she have cooked already..

30minutes later..

We were still talking and gisting when tina call came in..my body began shaking and I was paralyzed as I can’t even answer the call..

Kudirat: you won’t answer the call?

Me: its val..I’ll call him later *i lied*

She called two more times and I just ignored her call,,”no be me you go flog again” I thought to myself..I was still enjoying my conversations with kudirat when my phone beeped of incoming message..I checked the message to see “why are you ignoring my calls?,you know I’ll die if I didn’t hear your voice in a day” from tina..I hissed angrily..as I have guessed,,its amaka that turned to tina in my dream,,I know that tina is innocent..I excused myself and went to my room to call her back..I dialled her number and she picked it at the third ring..

Me: hi tina

Tina: its really unfair,,I know you didn’t pick my calls,,no more lies..

Me: am sorry,,I was in the bathroom before..that’s why..

Tina: you’ve been acting wierd lately,,you won’t call and won’t pick my calls..you can’t just break up with me like that..

Me: am not trying to break up with you

*am trying to run far away from you* I thought to myself..

Tina: really?

Me: sure..

Tina: can I come to your house then?

Lailai,,you can’t come..kudirat go kill me

Me: don’t worry I’ll come there,,am planning to come before anyway..

Tina: okay then I’ll be expecting you,,love you

*hung up*

I hissed angrily and later went into the bathroom,,after 30 minutes of bathing,,I stepped into my room then claded in a blue jean,a white nike sneakers and a white designed top..I climbed down the stairs to see kudirat sitting on the couch watching films..I lied to her I was going to val’s house and quickly exited the house..on getting to tina’s house..I knocked the gate and the gatekeeper open the door..

Me: is tina inside?

Gatekeeper: yes,,oga..are you his boyfriend coz there is another guy inside..

Me: what??..

I dashed inside but doesn’t see anybody in the sitting room,,I ran upstairs and was about opening tina’s door when I heard “I really love you tina” eric?..I started eavesdropping..

Eric: please give me a chance..

Tina: you really wanted it so badly? Are you sure nothing will happen to you after?..

Eric: nothing will ever happen to me,,let’s do this..

I suddenly heard nothing more but later began hearing eric’s moans while tina was shouting at him to stop but its like her mouth was covered..my anger grew to another lenght as I planned to stormed in but I suddenly heard eric shouting and something later landed on the floor..”Please” eric begged..eric suddenly began gasping for breath,,that’s when I stormed in to see tina been turned to half monster,half human and eric knelt vomitting blood on the floor..eric later fell in the pool of blood while I can’t stop staring in fear..

Me: wh..at a..re yo..u? *i stammered taking steps backward*

She have turned back to tina this time and was just smiling at me which was just making me fear her more and more..d–n..I don enter gbege

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