[STORY] My Only Sister (1-17)

My Only Sister
Chapter One (01)

Sochima walked to the back of their house and met the shock of her life

Well it’s the shock of her life because she never expected such to happen

The pet of the house; the cat, Millie was sprawling on the ground, struggling for it’s life, substances coming out of it’s mouth

Millie was her favorite, her own pet, and she would never want anything to happen to it

She immediately raised an alarm

“Mum…….. mummy…….mum”, she shouted, her eyes still fixed on the dying cat

“What’s it? Why you shouting my name like that?”, Mrs Chike or better still, Vera, her mother said, coming out of the house

She pointed to the cat
“It’s Millie, look, it’s dying”, her voice was panicking

Vera looked at the struggling cat on the floor, and back at Sochima, who still had her eyes glued to the cat
Like there was anything she could do to help it

She clapped her hands
“So, it’s because of this thing, that you are shouting in this manner?”

“I don’t want it to die”, she cried

It was funny and amusing
Her mom laughed

“A grown-up like you is crying because of an animal”, she said and laughed

It was indeed funny
Sochima was really grown, and already developing the womanly features

Was in her senior secondary school one (SS1), and was much matured
So seeing her cry and panic for a pet, an animal, was really funny

“You must be a good comediene”, she said and walked to the cat

She looked at it properly, there was nothing she could figure out to help

Then the thought of calling Dr Kingsley, the family vet doctor and also a family friend, came to her

“Sochima, go get me my phone”, she instructed

Sochima ran in with speed and agility, she returned seconds later with the phone

Vera went through the contacts and dialed the doctor

He picked up immediately and she explained her problem to him

As expected, he showed his interest to come over and check out the cat

“Woohoo!”, Sochima exclaimed, visibly happy

Her mom looked at her and shook her head

“You must be crazy”, she said
“Go keep the phone where you brought it from”, she gave the phone to her

Sochima took it and went inside, dancing and rejoicing along

She was so happy, she wouldn’t let anything happen to her Millie
Dr Kingsley should better arrive on time else…….she would kill

She laughed
Kill indeed, but jokes apart, she would, if Millie dies

She walked into the sitting room and met Annette, her elder sister, staring out through the window

“What’s the noise for Sochi?”, she asked, as soon as she entered, still looking out the window

Sochima stopped in her tracks

“Well, Dr Kingsley is on his way here”, she said

Annette abruptly turned to look at her

“Dr Kingsley? What for?”, her eyes widened

“The cat is sick, so mom called him to come and check on her. You know she’s my favorite and I so much love her”, she walked away immediately, to avoid more questions

Annette found herself smiling and grinning from ear to ear

Dr Kingsley?
Ohh God, she hopes he comes with Fred as usual

Fred was Dr Kingsley’s son, and also her secret crush

From the very first day she saw him, that faithful day she had accompanied her father to Dr Kingsley’s vet office, she had seen him and had instantly developed feelings towards him

And since then, she was always itching to see him, again and again

She couldn’t tell him of her feelings towards him, she was afraid to, and so, he was a secret crush

One of the reasons why she couldn’t make known her feelings to Fred, was because he didn’t even care or bother to know if there’s any person called Annette

All he knew was that, she was the daughter of his father’s friend, and nothing more

Fred was very much good looking, and matured

From her findings, he was much older than her, already in his third year in the university, two more years to go

But she wasn’t bothered, love can erupt between two people no matter the age

Fred normally accompanies his father to every of his duties, he always does the driving

So now that Dr Kingsley was on his way to their house, she was hoping he would come along

She couldn’t wait

She immediately ran into her room, packed her hair more properly and changed into something better

She found out she was extremely nervous and anxious, who wouldn’t

Her crush was on his way

Now talking of Annette, she was in her final year in secondary school

Already done with her final exams and awaiting results

She’s a dark girl, with dark eyes, strong enough to hypnotize the opposite sex

But she didn’t know why it hasn’t hypnotized Fred
She shrugged

A car horn blaring outside the house jolted her from her thoughts

“Ohh Jesus, they must be the one”, she said, taking a proper look at herself in the mirror

After being satisfied of her good looks, she went out

Dr Kingsley had already alighted and was already talking with her mother and sister

But there wasn’t any sign of Fred
Where was he?
Ohh God, another disappointment?

She shrugged, accepted her fate and walked to greet the doctor
He was the family’s good friend

“Good evening Dr Kingsley”, she greeted and faked a smile to hide her pain

Deep inside her, she was hurt

“Good evening Annette, how are you?”, he asked smiling

She nodded
“I’m okay, how is the family?”, and Fred, she wanted to add that, but restrained

“They’re fine”, he replied and turned back to her mother and they began walking to the back of the house, her sister inclusive

As she was about to go after them, the car horn blared

Is anyone there?

She turned back, and her joy was instantly restored

She saw him, her Fred, alighting from the car in his full bloom of handsomeness

He’s really handsome
Fair complexioned, pink lips, very dark hair and an attractive athletic build body

He was putting on a sunglasses and wore jean trouser and a blue shirt

So he came?

Before she realized how long she had stood there watching, he had walked up to her

She heard the dangling of the car keys he was holding and his perfume filled her nostrils, that was when she realized
And she started walking off in a start

“Hey Annette”, his soft voice called, he was now walking beside her, and this alone thrilled her and made her cringed

“Go …….. good evening”, she stuttered, her eyelids abating

“Evening, how are you?”, he asked

She felt so withdrawn, she couldn’t remember the last time Fred had engaged her in a conversation as this

“I’m fine”, she managed to say

They were now walking to the back of the house, to join the others

“This is really the first time I will be seeing you since you took your exams”, he laughed
“So how was it?”, he asked

She swallowed hard, and rolled her eyes

“It was okay, thanks”

“Thank God, let’s go meet the others, heard that your cat is sick”, and he walked away, ahead of her, even before she could reply him

That was it, she usually cringed his presence
His presence makes her soft and she hoped he would be able to read her mind and understand her

She walked to where they were and saw Dr Kingsley placing an instrument on the cat’s body, she didn’t know what it was

And then soon, after administering some injections to it, it slept off

“Doc, would my Millie wake soon?”, Sochima was the first to ask

Everyone turned to look at her, except the doctor, he just had his gaze on the cat

“Yes dear”, he nodded, still looking at the cat

Then he raised his head
“Mrs Chike, let me see you”, he said and they walked out, chatting away
Sochima followed

Annette felt it was time she leaves, she turned and Fred’s voice stopped her in her tracks

“Annette, can we have some words together?”, he asked

Did he really said that?
Ohh Jesus, she couldn’t believe it

She wanted to accept almost immediately, but she ended up cautioning herself

She slowly turned to look at him, and she nodded

“Sure”, she said

He smiled and began walking towards the car
She followed him

They got to the car and stopped

Now, she knew it was time he felt to tell her what she’s been itching to hear for months

He rested his back on the car and slowly removed his sunglasses

She couldn’t help but cringe, his handsomeness was at the highest peak

“Well, I just wanted to ask you for something”, he said, jolting her back to reality, she had already wandered off into thinking

Something? What could that be?
Well he could ask for a lotta things, she was ready to provide the answer

“What’s it?”, she asked, her heart beating so loud

He sighed
“Do you have Timi’s contact?”

What the hell! ©️

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Chapter Two (02)

FOR a split second, Annette was lost in thought
When she had thought he wanted to talk things over, and tell her what she’s been itching to hear for a long time now, here he is asking her about someone else’s contact

What the heck

But hold on, she didn’t even know the person he’s talking about, she was dazed about it

“Who’s the person you’re talking about?”, she asked

Fred looked at her
“Timi, your friend and classmate. The one whom you came with to my father’s office the period you were writing your exams”, he explained

Ohh! Timilayo
The girl she and her sister had nicknamed ‘tolotolo’,

She was so proud and full of herself, loves swaying her torso whenever she walks, that’s why they had nicknamed her ‘tolotolo’

Thinking of this made her laugh, and she didn’t know when she had laughed out

“You okay?”, Fred asked

That was when she realized she was with someone, and that they were discussing

She looked at him
“Ohh, I’m fine”, she said with a start
“Yeah, u remember her now”, she said

Fred smiled
“So do you have her contact?”, he asked

Now she realized what he wanted, of course, or what else would he want her contact for?

She felt pains to her bone marrows

“Er……yes….no…. I mean, no”, she stuttered

His eyes widened
“No? You don’t?”

She shook her head
She has her contact of course, but giving it to him……ohh Jesus
It would spell doom for her, and a stop to her crushing on him

She decided to give it to him, for the blind love she got for him
She decided not to lie to him

“Sorry, I mean yes. I have it”, she said against her will

“Good, please can I have it?”

Now her heart was shredding into pieces, slowly and slowly

“Sure, let me go get it”, she walked into the house, took out her phone, and penned down the contact on a sheet

By the time she was out, Dr Kingsley was already walking towards the car, still discussing with her mother

Fred was still leaning on the car, presumably waiting for her

“Here”, she gave the sheet to him

“Ohh, thanks”, he took the sheet and glanced at it

“You are welcome”, she faked a smile

“Take care”, he walked to the driver’s side and entered the car
His father entered and they drove off

In pains, anger and tears, Annette stormed into the house as soon as they left

She rested on the window panes and fought the tears welling, from flowing
She was so bittered

Sochima entered and saw her sister in that position, she was shocked

She walked up to her and tapped her on the shoulder

“Hey sis, what’s wrong with you?”, she asked

Annette turned to look at her and sighed. She said nothing

“I’m asking ya a question”, Sochima pressed on
“I saw you and your Fred talking, did he say anything to you yet?”, she asked

Sochima knew how mad her sister was about Fred, so mad
And she knew she loves him

Annette shook her head
“Not yet”, she said

“Then what were the both of you talking about?”

“He was asking for Timi’s contact”

“Huh? ‘Tolotolo?”, she asked, stiffening a laugh

Annette bursted into laughter and Sochima, not able to hold hers too, joined and they both rolled in laughter

“You won’t cease to make me laugh. Yes, it’s ‘tolotolo’, it’s her contact”

Sochima scoffed
“What for? What would a handsome dude like him be doing with that turkey?”

Annette looked at her
“It’s okay Sochi, the insult is enough”

Sochima’s eyelids abated
“But I don’t know why Fred had decided to choose a turkey over this epitome of beauty, this black beauty standing before me”, she demonstrated

Annette laughed out
“Stop the flattery and let’s talk something important”

“I’m not even good at flattery, so you gonna be sure I’m not flattering you”

Annette sighed, playing with her fingers

“Is that why you look worried?”, Sochima asked

Annette looked up and heaved a sigh
“Yeah”, she nodded

“You can’t be too sure, maybe it’s for something else he wants to see her”

Annette looked at her and she nodded

“Yes”, she said

“I hope so, because I….. I really love that guy”

Sochima smiled
“I know, don’t be worried, it’s gonna be fine”, just then she heard her mom calling her

“Gosh! I have to go big sis”, and she ran off

Annette sighed as she watched her ran off, she hopes everything gonna be fine as she has said
Moreover, it might be for something else Fred wants to see Timi, and not for what she’s thinking

A knock on the door snapped her out of her thoughts

She walked to the door
“I’m coming”, she said as the knock kept coming
Who was that?

She opened the door to find Timi smiling at her

Hmm, talk of the devil

“Hi Anne”, Timi greeted, flashing her thirty two
As usual, she was putting on skimpy clothes and looked like a w—e

Annette was happy her dad wasn’t around, else he would have chased her away for putting on such clothes to his house

“How you doing Timi?”, she asked, opening the door wide to usher her in

“I’m good and you?”, she entered and Annette closed the door

“I’m good as well”, they walked to the sofa and sat

“You looking beautiful everyday, seems secondary school really hid your beauty”, Timi said, and they laughed

“Thank you, you too. Well, you’ve been beautiful since I knew you”, Annette replied her

She smiled
“Well, what happened between you and Fred?”, she asked

Annette looked at her inquiringly, what does she mean?

“What do you mean?”, she asked

“Come on, don’t pretend. Fred, your number one love, did you two had a brawl?”

Annette shook her head
“I don’t still understand, we didn’t had a brawl, and nothing happened between us”, she said

Timi’s eyes widened
“Are you serious?”

Now Annette was confused
“What’s the problem?”, she asked

She sighed
“Well, I met him on my way coming here, he stopped me and he…… he….”, she hesitated

Annette was now becoming agitated, her bulging eyes boring holes in Timi

“He what?”, she asked

“He asked me out”


Annette felt her world crashing, she was gradually breaking

“He did what?”

“That’s why I asked what happened between you two”, Timi said, lowering her gaze to the floor

Annette looked into space, nodding her head slowly

“And you accepted instantly I guess”, she said

Timi looked at her surprisingly
“Oh, you expected me to turn him down? That handsome dude? That rich god? What would you have done if it were you?”

Annette looked at her with her mouth open
Of course, she would have accepted if she was the one, but not too soon like she did

“Well, we weren’t even dating, so I don’t think it’s a problem”, she found herself saying

Timi looked at her
“But I got a problem, I’m in love with someone else”, she said

Annette laughed
“For Christ sake you can’t love two guys at the same time”

Timi nodded
“Yeah, you are right. But I don’t want to leave Fred”, she complained

“So what you gonna do to the other guy? Do I know him even?”

“Yeah, it’s Peter. I will just handle him soonest”, she smirked

Annette shook her head, Peter?
Peter was their classmate, they took the final exams together, so Timi was dating him?

This girl was too loose, she thought it was Mike, because they were both so close at the time they were promoted, she didn’t know when Peter saga started

She wanted to ask, but thought it better to keep mute

“Handle him as you’ve said”, she said to her

Timi smiled and shook her head
“Now to what brought me here. Our results are out”

Annette looked at her
“What! What did you say?”, she asked

Timi laughed
“Our results are out. I deemed it necessary to come and inform you, because I know you might not know”, she paused and looked at her
“Because you are always at home”

Annette slapped her shoulders
“Come on don’t blame me on that, my parents won’t let me. So have you checked yours?”

“Not yet”, she said and glanced at her wrist watch
“I should get going now”, she said

“Thanks for coming to inform me”, she got up, “ohh, sorry I didn’t even remember to give you something”, she said and laughed

Timi laughed
“Don’t bother yourself please”, she said as she got up

“I will o. Wait here”, and she ran into the kitchen

She came back minutes later with a can of soft drink and a packet of biscuits

“Here”, she handed it to her

“My God”, Timi exclaimed, “all these?”

“Oh come on, it’s nothing”

“Thank you, God bless. I will be on my way now”

“Let me throw your legs a little”, she said and they walked out of the sitting room

Annette escorted her to the gate and returned, she was never allowed to leave the compound, except for important reasons

So her fears has been confirmed, Fred asked her out
He doesn’t love her, she should stop killing herself over him

She wasn’t the type that fights, she would have fought Timi for taking Fred from her

But Timi wasn’t the one who took him away, it was Fred himself who had approached her

Anyways, what will be will be, that was her slogan

Her mind drifted to the results, and she cringed

God, she pray she passes, she had applied for the same university with Fred during her Jamb, and the admission was granted

So, it was her results she prayed to make, at least, she and Fred would be close in the university

She found herself looking all inch anxious, her dad was the one who gonna check out the results for her, and he traveled, not yet back

She hopes he stays a little bit longer, the anxiousness was at it’s highest peak

But thinking of Fred, how close they would be at the university, she wanted him to come home soon

She met Sochima at the entrance to the house

“Hey big sis”, she called

Annette looked at her

“Guess what?”, she smiled

“The news breaker, I can’t guess”

“Well, daddy is back”. ©️

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Chapter Three (03)

SHE looked dazed for seconds as a lot of things ran through her head

“What do you mean dad is back?”, she asked

Sochima sighed and folded her hands

“He’s back”, she said

Annette looked confused

“Back? But…… I didn’t see him coming”

Sochima laughed
“He’s at the airport presently, or probably he’s already on his way here”, she said

“Airport? You mean daddy came back by air?”

Sochima nodded

Annette sighed
“Why wasting money shuttling from Abuja to Asaba by air?”

Sochima looked at her
“When you have the money what would you do?”, she asked
“You do the needful”, she replied herself

“Well, let me leave you now, and go in to wait for him. Heard that our results are out”, she started walking into the house


Mrs Chike bent over the dining table writing on a paper in front of her

Beside her was Annette, holding a calculator and looking into the paper her mother was writing on

Her mom dropped her pen and looked up at her

“It’s two thousand and hundred naira”, Annette said


“Yeah, total”, she twisted her lips

Vera took her purse lying on the table before her, and unzipped it
She then took out some money and gave it to her

“Here”, she shoved the paper on the table towards Annette, “buy everything on that list”

Annette took the paper and glanced at it
Then she turned to leave

“Don’t be too long”, her mom said

Of course, else her throat would be slit

“Yes Mom”, she said

She went into her room, changed into something better, took her phone and ambled out

She met her father by the entrance, he was checking out the door hinges

“Don’t stay long”, was all he could say

She glanced at him
“Sure dad”, she smiled and walked out of the compound

Annette got to the market just in time, reason being that she had taken a taxi

After buying all that she was asked to buy, she decided to check on Timi

She hope she had come to her mom’s supermarket as usual
She had wanted to ask if she had checked her results

As for her, her dad had said he needed to rest after a long travel, before checking out her own results

She came out to the market open; the front of the market, and walked towards the direction of Timi’s mom supermarket

She checked her wristwatch, she smiled
She hadn’t stayed too long

Her mind drifted off to Fred, and she winced
She wasn’t the type who fights over guys, she would have tried fighting Timi

She was so engrossed in her thoughts that she didn’t know when she entered the road

It was the loud blaring of a car, coupled with the shouts of the market inmates that she realized and turned back

That was too close, she would have been hit by the car

She instantly jumped off the road and hurried to her destination, she was panting heavily

“You would have died because of Fred”, she thought and laughed

She got to Timi’s mom supermarket and halted in her strides

She couldn’t believe her eyes

Right before her, she saw Timi, Fred’s girlfriend, and Peter in a kiss

Her mouth fell wide open in shock and astonishment
What’s going on?

She immediately scurried past the shop, she didn’t want Timi to know she had seen them

Timi was fast, she cut from the kiss just in time to see Annette walking past and she called her

“Annette…… Annette”, she called

Annette was in a daze, she stopped immediately and turned, faking a smile and pretending she was just seeing her

“Hey”, she walked to the shop

“You were walking past”, Timi said

Annette twisted her tongue, thinking of what to say

“Um……. I needed to get back home on time, you know my parents”, she said in defense

Timi nodded her head and smiled
“So how are you?”, she asked

“I’m fine. Hi Peter”, she waved at him

That was all she could do, she rarely chat with her male classmates

He smiled in reply and returned to the novel he seemed to be reading

“You checked your results?”, Annette asked for what had brought her there

“Yes”, she replied smiling

Annette’s eyes widened

Timi nodded

“Hmm, the way you are smiling, I think I can guess”

Timi laughed
“Sure you can”

“Really? So you passed?”


“Ohhhh!”, Annette exclaimed and hugged her
“Congrats”, she said

“Thank you, and you?”, she asked

Annette shook her head
“I haven’t checked mine yet, still waiting for my dad”

“Okay, and guess what?”

Annette looked at her, smiling
She couldn’t guess

“I applied for same university with…….”, she paused, “no same university as you”, she finally said

Annette looked at her sheepishly, she knew what she wanted to say

She had wanted to say, same university with Fred, but she changed and said, same university with her

Why would she change what she wanted to say
Ohh, it was because of Peter, so she was cheating on the both of them; Fred and Peter

“Wow, that’s good”, Annette managed to say

She wanted to leave but the thought of causing a stir now that Peter was there, came to her, she smiled

“What about Fred? You seen him again?”, she asked, raising her voice a pitch higher, so Peter could hear her

Timi looked at Peter, who raised his head up, she looked back at Annette, shaking her head, giving her a sign to keep quiet

Annette understood but pretended not to

“Or hasn’t he taken you out yet?”, she asked, adding more fuel to the fire

“He……who are you asking about?”, Timi asked

Annette looked at her and then, Peter, he was watching them both

She decided it was time she stopped the drama, she had already caused a lot of stir

She looked at her wrist watch and hit her forehead

“Ohh, I’m sorry I have to go now, I’m already late, take care”, and she ran out, without even waiting for Timi to say something

She walked along the road, smiling and laughing
So Timi thought she was smart, she was more smarter

“Who’s Fred?”, she heard the angry voice of Peter from the shop and she turned back

She couldn’t see anything, she laughed and continued her way home


As soon as Annette ran out of the shop, Peter got up and glared hard at Timi

“What’s it? Why you staring at me like that?”, she asked, trying her best not to look scared

But she knew she was very much scared within

“Look at the question you are asking me? You should ask yourself that question”, he said

“Who’s Fred?”, he demanded furiously, shouting

Timi was now visibly shaken, she didn’t know the rules of double dating and so, had landed herself into trouble

“Fred? I….. I don’t know”, she stuttered shaking

Peter was now mad, he stared daggers at her

“You can’t cheat on Peter, you hear? You can’t cheat on me. I ask for the last time who’s Fred?”

Now Timi felt she couldn’t be intimidated by this worthless guy, she found her strength

“You son of a b—h, Fred is my boyfriend, more handsome and richer than you are”, she said

Peter was taken aback, he looked around to be sure he was the one she was referring to
And yes, he was the one

“Yes, you”, Timi continued, “because I’m even dating you, now let me warn you”, she pointed her index finger at him
“Stay away from me, stay away, it’s over”

Peter held her finger and twisted it
“Don’t you dare point fingers at me you b—h”, she screamed

“Idiot”, she said

He got mad and slapped her, so hard that she fell down and immediately passed out. ©️

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Chapter Four (04)

ANNETTE alighted from the taxi that had stopped right in front of their gigantic iron gate
She was returning from the market

She walked to the gate, clicked the lock and yanked it open
Then she walked in, closing it back

The heat was much and the sun, hitting with full force
She cleaned sweat off her forehead with her face napkin

Walking towards the house, she met Sochima by the entrance

“Hey sis, you are back”, Sochima said

“Yeah”, she replied, going into the house
Sochima stopped her

“Guess what big sis”, she said, twisting her lips

Annette looked dazed and confused
She shook her head

“Can’t guess, what’s it?”

Sochima remained silent for a while, then she sighed

“Well, daddy just checked out your results….”, she paused
Annette’s eyes widened in fear and anxiety

“And you passed”, Sochima rushed her words

“Ohhhhhhh”, Annette shouted and jumped on her sister
“Oh my God, you serious?”, she asked

Sochima smiled
“Yes sis, you passed. Congrats”, she shook her hands

“Thank you, ohhhh”, she shouted and ran into the house


Timi opened her eyes to see herself lying on a mat, and tucked in a sheet

Where was she?
Oh, it dawned on her
She was in the shop

She stirred and turned, Peter was standing by the doorway

Peter noticed that she had woken up and he walked up to her, and squatted to her position

“Hey, you are awake”, he said, taking her left hand in his

Timi didn’t say anything, she just looked at him with angry eyes
He had slapped her and she fainted

Peter noticed the anger and shook his head

“Look I’m sorry for hitting you okay? I’m sorry, I’m not the type that hits girls, but you got me so pissed off”, he rushed his words and sighed

She kept looking at him, and then she withdrew her hand from his hold

Peter heaved a sigh
“But who’s Fred? Just tell me who he’s”, he asked

Timi kept silent, and then she turned away from him, not ready to provide any answer

Peter sighed and ran his hands through his hair, then he got up, and walked out of the shop


The family was celebrating Annette’s progress in the exam

They were at the dining watering their gullets with chicken and soft drinks

Mr Chike, Annette’s father had gotten the chicken frozen, on his way home from the travel, and so it was prepared for the celebration

Annette was more happy, passing the exams guarantees her being close to Fred at the university

But then the thought of Timi hit her, they were already dating
She shrugged and put the thought behind her

Fred was hers, she knew it

Soon Mr Chike got up and left the dining, he was through with his eating. His wife got up and followed him

It was now Annette and Sochima that were left
Annette watched as her sister nibbled at her chicken and she laughed

“You eat like it won’t get finished”, she said

Sochima smiled, still nibbling

Then the doorbell rang and Annette sprung up from her seat

“I thought the doorbell isn’t working anymore”, she said

Sochima shook her head

“Well daddy got it working. Go check out the person at the door”, she said

Annette looked at her and stood up, there wasn’t time for arguing who should go check the door and who shouldn’t

She walked out of the dining and to the door
Her parents were already in their room

“I’m coming”, she said as the doorbell kept ringing

She opened the door and saw Peter standing

When had he ever visited when they schooled let alone visiting now when they had finished schooling together?

She was shocked, and so she came out to stand with him outside and closed the door

“Yeah? How may I help you?”, she asked, they stood by the window

Peter put his hands into his trouser pockets

“I know it’s a surprise seeing me here for the first time”

Annette nodded

“Well, I came for a favor”

She looked dazed
“A favor? What kind of favor?”

Peter heaved a sigh
“You came to Timi’s shop not to long ago, and you said something about Fred, please who’s this Fred?”

Annette was now confused and dazed, Fred?
Yeah, she was at the shop, but didn’t remember saying anything about Fred
Besides why would she? When Peter was present?
No, she couldn’t have done that

She looked at Peter
“I think you are wrong somewhere, yes I was at the shop, but I didn’t remember mentioning Fred”, she said

Peter’s mouth fell open
“You didn’t?”, he asked

“I didn’t, I don’t even know the Fred”, she said, confused

But Peter was sure, she had said it
Or maybe she was led by a force to say it, so he could know he was being cheated on

He shrugged
“Well, it’s okay”, he said

She looked at him
“I’m sorry I don’t know what you are talking about”

“It’s ok, no problem. Thank you”, he turned and left

Annette only nodded, she couldn’t say anything. She was confused, as she watched him leave

How could she have talked about Fred in Peter’s presence?
She shook her head and went inside

As soon as she entered, a message popped up on her phone
She looked at it, it was from Timi

She ran her eyes through it with speed and she cringed

“Count yourself lucky if matter doesn’t escalates”, the message read

Fear gripped her, but she hadn’t said anything
What’s all these problem?

She shrugged and went into the dining


Peter walked back into the shop thinking
He thought Annette had mentioned Fred, of course she did

That was why he slapped his girlfriend
But with the manner with which Annette had replied him, seems she didn’t know when she had said it
Something must have propelled her to do that

He made up his mind to know who this Fred was
So Timi had the guts to cheat on him, he must find out the guy and tell him to keep off
Yes, he must

He got to the shop and walked inside

He met Timi fast asleep, looked at the table and saw her phone, he smiled

He looked back at her, she was still sleeping and he stealthily walked up to the table, took the phone and went outside


As soon as Peter had walked out of the shop, Timi sprang on her feet and walked to the table where her phone laid

How dare Annette? How dare she?
Hmm, seems she wants to die

If she can’t have Fred, then no one would
Peter should go to hell for all she cares, she needed Fred’s money so badly

She smirked and took her phone, instantly sent a short and simple text to Annette, dropped the phone and walked back to the mat

She laid down and Peter entered instantly. She immediately pretended to be fast asleep, and so didn’t see what he was doing


Peter took the phone and opened it, thank God, she hadn’t changed the password

He wanted to go through the contacts and spot out Fred’s

Just then, a message popped up, he opened it, it was from Fred

He smiled and went through it

“Let’s meet tomorrow afternoon at Ultimate Frisbee, look your best. Much love”, it read

Peter smirked and noted the points, then he walked back to the shop. ©️

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Chapter Five (05)

FRED walked majestically towards the garage, and straight to the royal blue Sienna, which his father had gotten as a birthday gift for him

He was dressed casually in a dark green t-shirt polo, a sports baggy shorts and a black sneakers

He was going on his first date, funny that it’s his first
Well, he wasn’t really cut out for girls, even though he was dashingly handsome and every girl that comes his way seems to fall in love with him. And it was even difficult to know which of them truly loves him for who he is, or if they’re in love with either his handsome looks, or his money

Though none of the girls caught his fancy or fancied him

All these came to an abrupt end the day he set his eyes on Timi
That day, she had come along with Annette to his father’s office and at the instant he saw her, he knew it was love at first sight

Well now, he was going on his first date with her, he was so elated about it. He smiled

He opened the booth to check on what he had earlier dropped in there. It was the gift he had gotten for his first and only girlfriend

A mini sized pink box, and in it were ladies wares, all pink. Clothes and shoes inclusive
Beside the box was a teddy bear, still pink
Yeah, his little sister had once told him that girls likes pink

Now all set and ready, he checked his wristwatch and was about hopping into the car when his mother, Mrs Jide or better still, Sarah called from upstairs

He grunted and wanted to ignore, hoping she wouldn’t call again, he knew his mom to always call whenever he has something important to do

“Freddie”, his mom called again, “Freddie where are you?”, she shouted

Then he walked out of the garage to the front of the house, his mom was at the balcony. She was looking round, apparently looking out for him

“Hey mum, I’m here”, he waved and she looked down

“My handsome”, she smiled, “I can see you are going out”, she said

“Yes Mom”

“Well I called to remind you of the petrol I asked you to buy. We gonna use it this night you know”, she winked

Fred sighed and ran his hands through his hair, ruffling it

“Can’t Favy get that mom? She’s old enough”, he said referring to his younger sister

His mom smiled
“You wanna escape this right? No problem, I will tell her”

Fred laughed
“Thanks Mom”

“Er, what about Annette? You visited her?”, she asked

Annette? Who was Annette? He racked his brain

“Which Annette?”, he asked

His mom pulled a surprise face
“Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten Mr Chike’s daughter, Annette?”

Fred hit his forehead
“Oh! My remembrance, yeah I know her. But….. visit her for what exactly?”

She shook her head
“Pretend all you can, take care”, she turned

He smiled
“You too Mom”, and he ran to his car and entered, he was almost late

But why his mom telling him about Annette? He shrugged

He drove to the gate and blared the car horn, Musa the gate keeper ran to open it

Musa smiled and waved at him as he drove away
“Uga, I gleet”, he shouted flashing his missing set of green teeth

Fred only nodded and waved back, then he hit the road and drove like mad

There wasn’t any time for replying to Musa’s endless greetings
He was late


Timi took a last look at herself on the mirror and nodded

She was sure she was looking sweet in her mini fluffy red gown and matching stilettos
She dressed to kill

Why not?
Her Fred was taking her on a date, hmm, she hopes he gives her what he needs at the end
Money and gifts. Yes, cause that’s why she accepted his date

She took her red purse from the sofa and ambled out of the house, no one was at home, her parents had gone out

After locking up the house, she carefully walked to the road to board a cab
Soon, a taxi pulled up and she boarded


Peter put finishing touches to his simple but neat dress, he checked his wristwatch and a frown played on his face

He hoped he wasn’t late
He needed to get to Ultimate Frisbee on time in order to tell whoever that Fred is, to keep off his girlfriend

He really loves her and couldn’t afford to lose her, never
Moreso, he knew Timi was just being carried away, that whatever is making her avoid him, was either good looks or money

He walked towards the back of the house and to his Eagle motorcycle

He removed the chain with which he used in guarding it against thieves, and then dusted it with a rag

Then he alighted and drove straight to Timi’s house first, just in time, he arrived to see her boarding a taxi

As soon as the taxi had driven off, he trailed behind


Fred got to Ultimate Frisbee and drove towards the parking lot
He halted and alighted, looking round for Timi
He didn’t expect her to have gone in, no, because he had told her to wait for him at the parking lot

He leaned on his car and waited for her
Soon, he saw her coming towards him
Gosh! She was absolutely gorgeous

“Hey babe”, Fred called smiling

“Hi”, she replied and embraced him

“You are looking sweet”, he said

Timi smiled widely
“Thanks, and you too, always handsome”

Fred’s cheeks flushed
“Thank you. Let’s go in”

“Okay, you lead the way”, he laughed and they both walked into the restaurant


Peter waited for Timi to enter the restaurant before he did

He swiftly entered after her and rode his motorcycle to a far corner, hidden by the coconut trees

In there, he could clearly see her
He saw her walked up to a young boy and they embraced

He frowned
So this was the guy. He didn’t know him but from his looks, he could guess he was well to do

He shrugged as he saw them go in, he decided to wait till they come out, so he could tell him that Timi was his girlfriend

He saw a seat under the coconut tree and he sat


Fred located a good position and they sat
He shoved back a seat for her to sit

“Thank you”, she said and sat

“You are welcome”, he replied and proceeded to sit opposite her

Soon a waiter approached their table, and handed a menu to Fred

“I don’t think I need that”, Fred politely declined and turned to Timi

“What would you like to take Timi?”, he asked, smiling

Timi was taken aback, short of words
She twisted her lips

“Your order”, she replied shortly

Fred smiled and turned to the waiter
“Bring us two plates of Fried rice, chicken and waffles. A dash of lemonade and two pack of fruit juice”, he said

“Ok sir”, the waiter replied and left to bring the orders

“So tell me, how are you feeling about this date?”, Fred asked

Timi looked at him
“I….. I feel kinda nervous”

Fred smiled
“You actually said the truth, I can feel it”

Two waiters came by, one carrying the food on a tray, and the other carrying the juices and bottled water

They arranged the food on the table and left

“Here we are, you can help yourself”, Fred said taking his cutleries

Timi smiled
“Thank you”, she said and they began eating

“So, what plans do you have for school?”, Fred asked

“Well, since I made my papers, I will be proceeding to the university at the new school term”

Fred smiled and nodded
“That’s a good idea, I really do hope ……”, he paused, “really hope you don’t have any other guy?”, he asked

Her heart skipped a beat. Ohh God Peter, he was the only threat now
What would she say?
She looked at him, his face was stern

“Um…..no. No other”, she said with a start

He nodded

They continued chatting as he asked about her family and all that

Then they were through, Fred cleared the bills and they went out

They walked to his car and stopped

“I want to thank you for today, for everything”, Timi said smiling

He smiled
“It’s not a stress, because I’m doing it for my baby”

She blushed

“I have something special for you”, he said

She smiled
Yes, what she’s been waiting for

“For me?”

He nodded
“Yeah, come with me”, and they walked to the booth
He opened it and the gift stared on her face

It was too much, she wasn’t expecting that at all
She closed her mouth with her hands and looked at him, forcing the shout from escaping her lips

“Ohh my goodness”, she screamed at last and jumped on him
“Oh my God, I can’t believe this”, she hugged him again and proceeded to check out the items, it was superb

“Do you like it?”, Fred asked, grinning

“I love it. You are one in a million, thank you”, she hugged him

He laughed
“You are welcome. So would you like me to drop you off?”

Timi thought for a while
It might be risky to be seen together with him by others, a lotta people in the vicinity knows her lifestyle and so, seeing her with Fred, some jealous freaks might try to tell him about her, and then she losses him

No, she shook her head, she wouldn’t go with him

“Er I’m sorry, I will have to go meet up with my parents somewhere, and I will like to go alone”, she lied

He shrugged
“As you wish mademoiselle. So we gonna call it a day then?”

She nodded, taking out the gifts he had gotten for her
This was what she really wanted
“Yes”, she said

“Okay then, goodbye”

Timi smiled and gave him a last hug
“Bye and thanks once again”, and she turned and left

He watched her go and was about hopping into his car when a lanky boy approached him


Peter saw them both coming out of the restaurant, and he watched them

They walked to a car and then they embraced and Timi brought out some things from the booth
He didn’t know what they were, he couldn’t see it clearly

So this was the reason she had trashed him away like dirt, he swore to do the same to her
He doesn’t love her anymore, she was now nothing to him
But sure he must put an end to whatever that was going between her and that guy

As soon as she had left, he walked up to the guy

“Hey”, he called roughly

Fred looked at him

“I just wanted to tell you one thing”, he said

Fred was confused
“Do I know you?”, he asked

“Don’t bother about that, just keep off Timi, she’s my girlfriend”, he said and began walking away

Fred was shocked, amused and confused
“What’s the meaning of that?”, he demanded, shouting

Peter turned to look at him, he came closer and whispered into his ears

“I said stay away from Timi, or you will have yourself to blame”, and he walked away. ©️

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Chapter Six (06)

IT’S been two days now since the saga of a lanky looking boy coming to Fred at the Ultimate Frisbee and telling him…… a heartbreaking news, and since then, he’s not been himself
He’s been restless

He’s also been trying to reach Timi, but her contact isn’t going through and to make things worst, he doesn’t know her residence

Well, he’s been trying to reach her not to ask her who the guy was, but just to cut off ties with her
To end whatever was going on between them

He was so pained to the heart, he never expected her to lie to him, and he wasn’t expecting to be cheated on

In his dictionary, there was nothing like a second chance, so he was sure to break things final with the cheat

He walked to the garden and dialed her contact once again, and thank God, for the first time in two days, it went through


Annette was walking along the lonely road of their street, singing and clapping

She reached the junction and then suddenly, Timi jumped out from the other street and walked towards her
Her hands behind her, she seemed to be hiding something

Annette looked around, as usual the road was lonely, she became scared and decided to smile to allay her fears

“Hi Timi”, she greeted with smiles

Timi’s was visibly angry, her eyes showed the anger and Annette’s fears increased

“What……”, and a stab on her abdomen arrested her remaining words

Timi had drew forward, and with a knife, she plunged into her sides

“Arrrrghhh”, Annette screamed and fell on the floor
“Sister…… sister”, Sochima called, tapping Annette on her shoulder

Her eyes flickered open with a start

“Sister?”, Sochima called again, “you were screaming”, she said

That was when Annette noticed it was a dream
“Was I?”, she asked and sat up, looking dazed

Sochima nodded
“Yes, a nightmare in the afternoon? How funny”, she laughed

Annette looked at her and cleaned her eyes with her hands

“Why did you wake me up?”, she asked

“Dad wants to see you”, she said and walked out

Annette looked confused as she let her brain rack through the dream she just had
Why would Timi want to stab her? What has she done?

Then she remembered the text she had sent her, but she hadn’t mentioned anything about Fred the other time

The whole thing was now becoming complicated, she shrugged and got up


Timi rushed through her preparations in readiness for her mom’s supermarket

Since her mom got another job, and she wasn’t in school yet, she had been asked to take care of the supermarket for the mean time

She dropped her phone on the dining table and ran into the bathroom

Soon it started ringing, but she didn’t know


Peter left his friend’s house not too long, he had gone to enquire about an information

Just a stone throw from there was Timi’s house
He decided to go and see her, he hoped she hadn’t left for the supermarket

He got to the house and knocked, nobody answered, but he was sure someone was around, the sound of waterfalls from the bathroom was loud enough

He tried the door knob and it opened, then he tiptoed inside

He hadn’t wanted to tiptoe, but something has told him to take her unawares

The sound from the bathroom was loud then he knew she was bathing and

He went further into the sitting room and saw her phone on the dining table ringing

He walked to it and looked round, he looked into the phone, it was Fred calling
He picked the phone and went outside


Fred was happy that at last, Timi’s phone hadn’t only gone through, she had also picked it up

But then he stopped in his tracks, shocked
He heard a male’s voice

“Who’s this?”, he angrily asked

“This is Peter, Timi’s boyfriend…..”

Fred interrupted him
“Why are you always popping up? Give that phone to the owner”, he commanded

The boy laughed and continued in a voice so low that Fred had to strain his ears to hear him out

“I’ve warned you”, and he ended the call.

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Chapter Seven (07)

THE news was another devastating one and Fred wasn’t expecting it, he was so pissed off

He angrily removed the phone from his ear and looked into it, he groaned
What nonsense? Infact he has nothing to do with that Timi girl again, absolutely nothing

He was about walking out of the garden when the phone rang
He stopped in his tracks and looked into the phone
It was his father, he picked it up

? “Hello, dad?”, he said

?”Yeah, Fred, you free? I need you to do something for me right now”, Dr Kingsley, his father said

Fred winced
?”What’s that?”

?”Need you to get some dewormers from Mummy C’s patent store”, he said

Fred racked his head for a moment, Mummy C’s? He’s been avoiding the woman’s store because of her daughter, she’s one girl on his neck

And he can’t also refuse to do what his father asked him to do
He shrugged

?”Ok dad, I’ll be on my way”, he replied walking out of the garden

?”You know the quantity I always buy, just get them and bring them to the office”

?”Okay”, he replied and ended the call, then he walked into the house

Few minutes later, he was out and walking to the garage

Cynthia, Mummy C’s daughter was one hell of a problem on her own, she’s been disturbing him and he just wasn’t interested in her, and she was the one always in the patent store

So going there now was to brace up to contend with her, and he actually wasn’t ready for this
But he has to obey his father

He hopped into his car and zoomed off


Annette walked up to her father, he was at the dining, his eyes going through a magazine in his hands

“Daddy, you called me”, she said on getting to him, her mind still going through the dream she just had

Her father raised his head to look at her then he cleared his throat

“Yes I did”, he rushed his words

Annette swallowed hard, her eyes twitching
Her mind wasn’t even on what he has to say, it was just centered on the dream

“Now that you have passed your exams”, he said, “I think the next issue is on where you will like to further your education, the university”, he said

Annette looked at him confused, she thought they had discussed this before, that she had already applied and has been given admission

“But dad, we have talked this before, I mean, I took Jamb early this year, and I made it”, she said

Mr Chike sighed
“I know, what I want to know is, do you still have another in mind? Like changing your mind”, he asked

Annette was dazed, change indeed
When she had wanted to stay close to Fred, and she would now change again
She shook her head

“No dad, I’m not having the mind to change, besides Dr Kingsley’s son attends the university, he would be some kind of help”, she said
She hopes he agrees

Her father thought for a moment, he looked at her

“If you say so”, he said, dismissing her


As soon as Peter got off the phone, he tiptoed back into the house

Timi was still in the bathroom, so he stealthily walked to the dining and dropped the phone
The he smirked and walked away

At the instant he left, Timi came out
She walked into her room and got prepared, then she left the house

She tried calling Fred since it’s been long she last heard from him
The call went through, but he wasn’t picking up

She called and called, he still didn’t pick
She was now worried

Just a stone throw to her mom’s supermarket, she saw him, yes, Fred. She saw him alighting from a car and walked into a patent store
She ran to catch up with him


Fred drove to the patent store to get the things his father asked him to

His phone rang
He looked into it, ‘Timi’, it read
He hissed and ignored it

The call kept coming, and he thought it wise to just ignore it

Soon he got to his destination and halted
He hoped it was Mummy C herself that would attend to him, and not her daughter of a devil

He alighted and walked into the store, but unfortunately for him, it was Cynthia

“Hey Freddie”, she smiled and walked up to him
He frowned and ignored her

“Look Cynthia or whatever ya called, I’m not here for your gimmicks, just get me what I want”, he said, angry

Cynthia looked at him, what could have made him angry?
She shrugged

“What should I get you?”, she asked

Fred sighed and told her what he needed

Soon the sales were done and he walked to his car, Timi was standing beside it

He was shocked
“What are you doing here?”, he thundered

Timi was taken aback by his utterance

“Aren’t you happy to see me here?”, she asked

Fred let out a mocking laugh
“See you? You should go to Peter and stop deceiving me”, he said and made to open the car door

Peter? What has Peter done?
How did he find out?
Ohh God, she’s been doomed

She stopped him from entering the car, holding his hand

“What……what are you talking about? I don’t know who Peter is”, she said

Fred looked at her
She was still lying

“And you are still lying”, he turned and leaned his back on the car
“Do you know what breakup is? That’s what is going on now, stay away from me Timi, you are a lying cheat”, he stormed angrily and went into the car

Ohh Jesus, what’s happening? What has gone wrong?
Annette or Peter? Or the both?

“Please Fred, listen to me”, she said hitting the car window

Fred revved up the car
“You want to die?”, he asked

“I’m sorry I…… please Fred hear me out”, she stuttered

“You don’t have anything to say b—h, f–k off!”, and he drove away. ©️

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Chapter Eight (08)

DEJECTED, Timi watched Fred slowly drove away, and out of her sight
She became sad, who is behind all these?? She asked herself, racking her brain to come to a conclusion

Then it hit her, it’s either Peter or Annette, but obviously Annette, she’s the root of it

So he had finally known what she’s been hiding from him, he had known what she’s

She took a last look at the route Fred took, and slowly walked away

She reached her mom’s supermarket and opened up, then went to sit down to think up what next to do

Not up to few minutes has she settled down on a seat, someone came into the shop

She looked at the person to know if it’s a customer, but obviously not and the face looks familiar

Then it hit her, oh! It was the girl at the patent store opposite where she and Fred just vacated
What was she here for?


Cynthia, the girl that attended to Fred at the patent store vividly saw all that transpired between Fred and a girl, just in front of her

So the girl was the reason he’s been behaving the way he does towards her, towards a girl willing to give herself to him

“I mean, who in his right senses, wouldn’t want a girl willing to give her whole self to him?”, she asked herself, “it must have been this girl I saw the both of them ranting here, she must be the reason he’s been avoiding me, yes”, she said, walking about the store

From what she heard them talking, he was asking her to stay away from him, meaning he’s free now

But no doubt, the girl wouldn’t just let him be, she must have something in mind to do

She nodded her head, smirking

“I need to stop her”, she said

But hold on, she doesn’t even know her, but she looks familiar

She racked her brain to think
Oh yes, she normally bypasses every morning, the girl running the big supermarket over the street, yes it’s her

She decided to go talk to her. She walked out of the store and hurriedly walked to the supermarket, it was a popular one


Sochima hurriedly scuttled into the house, apparently looking out for Annette

She saw her bent over the dining table, playing with a teddy

“Hey big sis?”, she called walking up to her

Annette turned her head to the direction of the voice calling, she was still bent over the table

“Sochi?”, she called smiling

Sochima got to her and stopped, hands akimbo

“What’s really going on between you and Fred?”, she asked

Annette was confused, looking dazed

“What do you mean?”

Sochima sighed
“I mean, you and Fred, you are supposed to be together, but what I saw about four days ago…”, she paused and folded her hands, “it scared the hell outta me”, she said

Annette was astonished, her eyes wide open

“What did you see?”, she asked

“I saw him, I mean Fred and that ‘tolotolo’ at Ultimate Frisbee, when mom and I went to visit her friend, I think they were on a date”

Annette’s heart skipped a beat, she stood up erect

“The both of them?”, she asked, her voice seemed to be breaking

Sochima noticed it
“Yeah, I remember you telling me something about him asking you for her contact, so I think they’re dating”, she said

Annette slowly looked away from her, and into space
She was lost in thought

If they visited Ultimate Frisbee as her sister said, four days ago, then why Peter coming to ask her who Fred was? Or why the dream she had few days ago?
It was both meaningless, if they’re still together

“Well, he doesn’t love me”, she snapped

Sochima looked at her
“What do you mean by that?”

“Yes, he doesn’t love me, I’m the only one who does”

“I don’t see it like that big sis”, Sochima concurred
“I see it like he really hasn’t noticed you”

“What do you mean?”

“Who would see this black beauty I’ve got for a sister, with all the curves in the right places, and still go after that turkey?”, Annette bursted into laughter

“Or is it because she’s fair, and always like to be noticed wherever she goes?”, Sochima continued

Annette laughed
“You have to stop that Sochi, it’s enough”, she laughed

“Well, as for me I believe he just hasn’t noticed you, that’s all”

“He just doesn’t love me”

Sochima looked at her
“I think you want us to go for a test”, she said

“Huh? What test?”

“To know if he doesn’t loves you or he just hasn’t noticed you”

“So how would you achieve that?”

“We will go to their house, you know aunty Sarah, his mom admires you a lot. She would be of help”

Annette thought for a while, what was this girl talking about?
She decided to let her have her way

“Well let’s give it a try”

Sochima smiled
“That’s just it, a try”, she smiled


Timi stood up to listen to what the girl has to say

“Yeah? Who are you and what do you want?”, she asked, her hands folded

Cynthia just had her eyeballs staring daggers at her, if eyes could kill, Timi would have long been dead

“I just want you to stay away from Fred, he’s for me”, she whispered and walked away

Timi was stunned for a second, what was she trying to say

Then she laughed out
Who was this one? They’re talking about important people in the play, and this one without head nor tail popped out
She laughed again

What can this one do? She hissed

But a thought came to her, the girl might be of help. Who knows? Yes, she gonna help
She smiled and followed her

They got to the patent store together and Cynthia was shocked to see her

“What are you doing here?”, she barked

Timi smiled
“You came to my shop minutes ago, so I’m here too”

“What do you want?”, Cynthia shouted

Timi was taken aback. Hot blooded

“Chill okay, I’ve not come to kill you”, she smiled

Cynthia looked at her with suspicious eyes. What does she want now?

“So what do you want?”

“Hey, your blood looks hot, just chill and listen to what I have to say”

Cynthia sighed
“I’m listening”

Timi thought, how she gonna bring up the discussion?

“What relationship do you have with Fred?”, she finally asked

Cynthia looked at her
“Excuse me?”

Timi shook her head
“I want to help ok? I want to help, just tell me what I want to know”

Cynthia hesitated for a while

“Okay, he’s my boyfriend”, she lied

Timi laughed in her mind
Boyfriend indeed, Fred doesn’t have any other girl. She’s probably one of his admirers, she knew the girl was lying

“Okay I ask because….. I guess you must have seen him talking to me about an hour ago?”, she asked

Cynthia nodded

“Okay, that wasn’t me. I mean he wasn’t referring to me. He’s actually interested in a friend of mine, and I was trying to talk things with him”

Cynthia didn’t believed her

“Trying to talk things with him for your friend or what?”, she asked

Timi smiled, this girl wasn’t a daft, but she’s not a daft herself

“My friend whom he likes made him mad, I was trying to calm him down”

Cynthia nodded, she was becoming at ease with her now

“So what next?”, she asked

Timi sighed, smoothing her hair

“That my so called friend made me annoyed, and I can see you want him, I mean Fred, so I want us to come together to put her out of the way”

Cynthia was confused

“I still don’t understand”

Timi looked around, to be sure there wasn’t a third party, then walked closer to her and whispered

“Let’s kill her”

Cynthia quickly moved back, she was shocked. ©️

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Chapter Nine (09)

“LET’S kill her”, Cynthia heard in shock what Timi just said and she moved back a little bit, scared

“Wh…..what did you just say?”, she asked, stuttering

She was ready for any other thing but killing? She wasn’t strong enough to take another person’s life

Timi noticed how worried she looked and was surprised

“I thought you said you want Fred?”, she asked

Cynthia nodded
“Of course”

“Good, then put the other girl that seems to be occupying his mind out of the way”, she said

Cynthia thought for a while

“I really want to put her out of the way, but not through elimination, let’s find something else, like warning and threatening her to stay off”

Timi sighed
“Okay, if that’s what you want, so how we gonna go about it?”

Cynthia’s face went down in thought, she racked her brain
She really needed to put that girl out of the way, whoever she’s

“Well, I’ll find out and get back to you, I’m gonna text you some boys’ details and you be the one to get it done, you said you wanna help didn’t you?”

Timi smiled, wondering her smartness

“Yes, I wanna help. So do as you’ve said”, she turned to leave

“Okay then”, and the deal was done with
Sochima walked to her sister’s room and knocked on the door

“Come in”, Annette motioned and she went in

“Let’s get going”, Sochima said

Annette looked at her, surprised

“What about dad and mom?”, she asked

Sochima laughed
“I can see you are scared, I already told them”

Annette heaved a sigh of relief
“You are right, I’m scared”

Sochima laughed again
“Don’t worry, I already told them. So you ready?”

Annette nodded
“Yeah”, she tied up the lace of her sneakers and got up

“Wow! You look extremely sweet”, Sochima couldn’t help complimenting

Annette’s cheeks flushed
“Thank you”, she smiled, taking her red emoji bag from the bed
“Talking of Fred, are you sure he’s home?”, she asked

She was putting on a black fitted gown, and her light make-up brought out the beauty of her face

Sochima smiled
“Yeah, I called Favy, his sister and she said he’s around”

“Hmm, you and Favy, ok. Let’s go”, she said and they left the house

It was a Saturday, and obviously like a day to go out
A cab wasn’t difficult for them to hail down, and soon they had boarded one
They got to Summit Express, their destination and they alighted

Then they took a left bend onto Kingsley’s street and they began walking along

Soon they got to their gate, and knocked


Fred was about going into the house when he heard a knock on the gate

He looked at the gate and decided to go answer it, since he had just sent Musa, their gate keeper on an errand

He majestically walked to the gate, peeped through the little hole, but he couldn’t see anything

But he could hear voices and the voices looked familiar
Then he clicked the lock, and yanked it open

A wow escaped his lips on seeing the visitors

“Wow, look who we have here”, Fred said opening the gate wide for them to come in
He was casually dressed

“Good afternoon uncle Fred”, Sochima greeted first

“Good afternoon”, Annette greeted

Fred smiled as he locked up the gate
“Afternoon…….. afternoon”, he replied, “how are you all doing?”, he asked

“We’re fine”, Sochima replied, Annette was so nervous

Fred nodded
“Let’s go in. How are your parents?”
They were now walking towards the house, through the lawns

“They’re ok”, they replied

“Um…….how’s Favy?”, Sochima asked, “where’s she?”

“She’s inside”, Fred smiled, “you and Favy ehn”, they all laughed

They got to the door and he opened, they all entered

“You can sit, let me go get mom. Dad went out”, he said and left

They settled down on the sofa

“Okay”, Sochima replied and turned to Annette, “you see what I told you? He just hasn’t noticed you”, she said

“How have you noted that?”, she asked

“If he has, he would have been so intimate in his questions, I mean ask about your school and all that, or even do something that can make him stare at you for at least, three minutes”, she rolled her eyes

Annette laughed
“You are kidding”

“Oh no, I’m d–n serious. I must do something for him to notice you”, she said and placed her hand on her chin, like thinking what to do

Annette scoffed
“You can’t be serious”

“Watch me big sis, you know this is my talent”, she said

Just then, Mrs Sarah, Fred’s mother came out to meet them

“Woah! My lovely kids, how you doing?”, she asked

“Aunty Sarah”, Sochima called and got up to hug her

“How are you Sochi?”, she asked, ruffling her hair

“Aunty Sarah?”, Annette called slowly and embraced her

“My black beauty”, she said

Annette blushed

“How are your parents?”, she asked

“They’re fine”

“You guys decided to check on us today”, Mrs Sarah said smiling

“Yes Mom”, Annette replied

Then they went ahead discussing other things, school, family and the rest

Sochima was now getting bored with the whole thing
Favour her friend was nowhere to be found yet, Fred himself had gone into hiding or……, she twisted her lips

“Mum what of Favy?”, she asked Mrs Sarah

Mrs Sarah looked at her and laughed
“You will never forget her, she’s in her room”, she said

“Okay”, Sochima clapped her hands and got up, taking the stairs and racing to Favour’s room

Annette and Mrs Sarah were now left behind

“Should I get you guys something to eat now?”, Mrs Sarah asked

Annette thought for a while, considering the fact that Sochima had already gone to play, she shook her head

“No mom, not yet”

“Okay then, let me go in. When you are ready to eat, just ring me”, she smiled

“Thank you”

Mrs Sarah left, taking the stairs. Annette was now left alone in the sitting room, no one to talk to, nothing

She wished Fred would take a step, or she wished she was bold enough to do something

She just sat lost in thought when someone tapped her
She flinched and turned
It was Sochima

“Oh my God, you scared me”, Annette said

Sochima sighed
“You gonna sit here all alone?”

“What do you expect me to do? By the way, where is Favy?”

“She’s at the garden, come on, we’re about to have fun”, she took her hands and dragged her to her feet

“Hey take it easy”, Annette ranted

“Let’s go”

“To do what?”

“To water the flowers”, she began walking away

Annette sighed
“With who?”, she followed her

“You ask lot questions. With Favour”

And they went outside to the garden through the door at the back verandah

Favour was already there playing with the water hose

“Hey sister Annette”, she shouted, dropped the hose and ran to embrace her

“Favy”, Annette called as they wrapped themselves in an embrace
“How are you?”

“I’m fine”, she replied

“Good, so what we gonna do now?”, Annette asked

Favour walked to the hose on the floor, and picked it up

“We will water the flowers, I’ve just been too lazy to do this. But thank God you guys came over, the job would be splendid doing it together”, Favour said and they all laughed

“Let’s go connect the hose to the tap’s mouth, and then turn it on”, she said and they began walking towards one end of the mammoth compound, where the tap was positioned

They walked with Sochima and Favour leading the way, chatting and laughing happily
Annette just trailed behind, where on earth was Fred for Christ sake?
She was becoming lonely

They got to the tap and connected the hose, then ask Annette to stay there while they (Sochima and Favour) run to the garden before she could turn on the tap

“But how would I know when you get to the garden?”, she asked looking dazed
She knew very well that they could turn it on, and then run to the garden before the water starts running out, so why asking her to wait?

“Sister please”, Sochima pleaded, giving her that baby smile. And before she could reply her, the two girls had taken off, running to the garden

She sighed and watched them run, then took a step to the tap
Just at the instant she stepped forward, she missed and fell down

She closed her eyes, trying to hold back the tears threatening to run down her face, as she expected to stand up with a broken wrist

“Are you okay?”, she heard a voice asking, and then she realized she wasn’t on the floor as she had thought, but was apparently in someone’s arms

She turned to look at the owner of the voice and jeeze, it was Fred!

She didn’t know what she felt at that moment, she was tensed, cringed, nervous and scared

Obviously she was sure Fred could hear her heartbeat, because it was thumping so loud

But how had he saved her?
When had he seen her falling and then ran immediately to prevent her from falling?
The whole thing was confusing

“Are you okay?”, Fred asked again

She realized herself and nodded
“Ye….emm….no, I mean yes”, she stuttered, standing up straight, and releasing herself from his hold, though not wanting to

“Are you sure?”, he was still holding onto her left elbow

“Yes…..I’m fine”, she nodded

He heaved a sigh of relief, realising his hold on her elbow

“If you say so, let’s go to the garden, I was about going to join the kids when I saw you falling over”, he said and they began walking away

What could she do? Nothing, just do as he says

Then she realized she hadn’t turned on the tap and so she turned back

“Excuse me please”, she said

“What’s it?”, Fred asked stopping her in her tracks

Why is he asking? It’s not his business

“To turn on the tap, that was what I was about doing when I….I almost fell”, she replied

“Wait”, he said and she turned to look at him, wondering why

“Let me do it”, he walked to the tap, and was about turning it on when Annette stopped him

“I can do that”, she countered

Fred twisted his lips and gosh! She couldn’t help cringing at his handsomeness

“I’m sorry”, he turned it on, “I just didn’t want you to fall again”, he laughed

Annette looked at him, surprised, astonished, blushed
Wait! He said sorry?
For what?

“Um….. thanks anyway”

He smiled
“Come on let’s go meet them”, and they began walking away

That was when Annette looked towards the garden and saw Sochima and Favour smiling and thumbing her up

Then she realized it was their plan all along, Sochima’s plan

She sighed and they got to the garden. They were already watering the flowers

“Hey girls”, Fred waved at them

“Uncle Freddie”, they replied in unison, happily

Fred then went to pick up the secateur on the floor, just by the hibiscus flower, and he began trimming the flowers

Annette just stood watching, she enjoyed watching them work

“You gonna stand all day? Come on and work”, Fred said, jolting her back to reality

She flinched
What has come over this guy?

She thought of what to do and turned to the girls, she saw them whispering to themselves
What were they up to now?

Then they walked to her and handed the hose to her. Annette took it from them, wondering their next move

“Sochima and I are heading somewhere, please sister Annette, take up the work”, Favour pleaded

She looked at Sochima, she winked
Another plan

“No prob girls”, she shrugged and got down to work
Immediately, the girls ran off

She began watering the flowers, her hands were shaking, they weren’t stable
She was so nervous, alone with Fred in the garden

She turned to look at him, he was on the other path of the garden, hmm, she hopes he doesn’t finish with that until she’s done and then leave

Fred finished trimming the flowers on one path of the garden and strode to the other path, where she was watering

He began trimming and whistling along, without looking at her side

Being so nervous and her hands shaking, she pointed the hose towards him and splash, the water hit him

“Ohh jeeze!”, he said

She realized herself
“Oh my God! I’m sorry”, she covered the distance between them. “I’m sorry it wasn’t intentional”, she pleaded

Fred hissed
“It’s okay, it’s a normalcy”

He was so wet that she couldn’t help bringing out her face napkin and drying his body with it

She was so nervous all the while cleaning him up

“Thanks”, he said

Not fewer minutes had they returned to their work, Fred plucked a rose flower and walked up to her

She had been looking at him, watching all his moves through the corner of her eyes, so she has seen him plucked the flower, and then walked to her

What was he gonna do with it?
Ohh God please help her, or she would splash water on him again

But thank goodness, she was able to control herself and she stayed still until he came behind her

He got behind her, and tucked the flower on her hair

“Thanks for your little help minutes ago”, he whispered softly, “falling beauty”, he concluded and walked out of the garden, laughing

What? He just called her falling beauty?
Hmm, she frowned

But hold on, he just tucked flowers into her hair
Huh? Fred?
She couldn’t believe it

Wow, she couldn’t help smiling as she watched him walk out of her sight
Peter parked his Eagle motorcycle under the mango tree at their usual hideout and went to sit among his friends

They were all smoking and drinking, dressed in irresponsible manners
They were the guys people feared in the vicinity

Known for executing evils and people dreaded them, they were the gang boys

Peter walked up to them and they shook hands, greeting in their usual manner

Then he sat close to Emenike, the leader of the gang
As soon as he got seated, a cigarette was passed to him, and he lit it

“You heard man?”, Emenike asked him

Peter turned to him
“Heard what?”

Emenike laughed
“What’s wrong? I thought Timi was yours?”, he asked and Peter made a face

“Anything?”, was all he could ask

Emenike took in a deep breath and exhaled
“She’s willing to give herself to me, for the execution of one Annette”, he said

Peter’s eyes and mouth widened

“What!”, he spat, “please say it again”, he said

Emenike laughed
“We’re gonna make out, to grant her request”. ©️

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Chapter Ten (10)

PETER was stunned for a moment, staring at Emenike, eyes and mouth wide opened
Surprise and astonishment written all over his face

He couldn’t believe what he just heard. That Annette; his girlfriend, was willing to sleep with someone to execute a fellow girl, just to execute a fellow girl over a boy

It was unbelievable
Was this girl this loose, and wicked? God!

He looked at Emenike, still wondering

“Are……are you sure of this?”, he managed to ask

Emenike laughed
“You think I’m lying to you? Okay if you think so, ask her”, he sipped his alcohol

Peter wouldn’t dare ask her, he wouldn’t dare
This act from her was the last straw that has broken the camel’s back, and he decided to clean his hands off her

Yes, he was finally done with her
If she likes let her sleep with all the guys in the vicinity, it’s none of his business

He sighed and shook his head

“Enjoy yourself biko, this life is only one”, Emenike said, laughing and slapping his shoulders

Peter shrugged himself out of his thoughts, and puffed in smoke, from the cigarette between his fingers


Cynthia had sent the details of the boys to Timi as promised, and Timi had sprung into action

She had met Emenike; the leader and had told him what she needed him to do, unknowing to her, that Emenike was Peter’s friend, hence Peter knowing the plan

She had met Emenike and he asked her to bring a little amount of money and she also had to sleep with him, for her request to be granted

She agreed, but then, she had other plans

Timi walked into the store to see Cynthia, she was bent over the counter

“Cynthia”, she called

Cynthia looked up
“Hi”, she smiled

“So, I’ve met them, but you gotta pay some money, and you will be the one to go give it to them”, she said

Cynthia was taken aback, this wasn’t what they had planned

“But this wasn’t what we planned”, she said, “I mean, I provided the guys, you give them what they asked for”

Timi laughed and shook her head
“You see, you are the one that wants Fred, not me, I just wanted to help you”, she said

Cynthia sighed
“Okay, but you gotta present the money to them, you said you wanted to help right?”

Timi sighed
“You are getting this all wrong. I talked to them, you do the rest”

Cynthia thought for a while
She had to agree, she really didn’t want to lose Fred to some worthless girl

“Okay, I will. Just tell me when I’m to deliver it”

“That should be later, after I must have asked them”

Cynthia nodded

“Bye”, she turned and left

As soon as she got on the road, she dialed Emenike
That Cynthia of a girl thought she’s smart, but she’s more smarter, she smirked as the call was picked

?”Hello Emenike”, she said into the phone

?”Yeah Timi baby, how’re you?”

?”Fine, er as regards the other thing I’m to do asides the money”


?”I’m no longer the one to do that, a girl would be coming to give you the money, she’s the one to do that”

?”Really? So have you briefed her?”

She rolled her eyes
?”She knows. But if she doesn’t agree, then rape her. Force your way into her”

?”It’s cool. So today evening”

?”Okay. Her name is Cynthia, don’t worry, she would be there”, she smiled

?”Okay, see ya”

She ended the call, mission accomplished
Annette was walking along Sunshine street, the street to their house

It was a Saturday evening and she was returning from the church, where she had gone for choir rehearsals

She looked at her wristwatch and hissed, it was already so late. The choir leader had really overstayed the normal time

The street was quiet as usual and that was the main reason she had wanted to leave the church early
On impulse she began whistling the song they had just rehearsed

Suddenly a boy jumped out in front of her and stood, causing an obstruction

Her heart skipped a beat as she stopped in her tracks and looked at the boy in fear

On instinct she turned around to run back and again, a boy was already standing there, also causing an obstruction
Two more boys appeared

How did this happen?
She became scared and her heart beat increased, thumping so loud

In few seconds she was now surrounded by four boys
What do they want?

She couldn’t talk, tears already falling down her face, she closed her eyes and did all she was able to do best at that time, she began muttering some prayers

Almost immediately the boys descended on her, beating and hitting her with all manner of weapons

She was screaming and crying, trying to overpower, but it wasn’t possible, four boys

They fell her to the floor, and the beating continued
Then they began ripping off her clothes, she pleaded and was begging

“This is just a tip of the iceberg, to teach you to stay away from Timi’s boyfriend”, one of the boys shouted

Could it be possible she’s behind this?
Then a voice jolted her from her thoughts

“Hey boys, there’s an intrusion, an intrusion”, the guy shouted

Then as suddenly as the boys descended on her, they left her and ran

She looked at them as they ran, she was getting weaker and weaker, her strength were gradually leaving her
Was this how she was gonna die?

Her eyes flickering open and close, she laid still on the ground, only her left hand was moving, as she used it to crawl

“Annette”, she heard a voice call, a comforting hand followed as the owner of the voice bent over her and laid her head on his hands

She couldn’t recognize the person nor the voice,as her vision was blurred
But whoever the person was, was a kind soul

And she passed out on his hands ©️

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Chapter Eleven (11)

FRED ran in haste to the garage and straight into his car

He had totally forgotten that his father had asked him to deliver the petrol he bought for the church, for the service the next day

He checked his wristwatch and sighed, he was already late
He hoped the church was still open and with someone inside, whom he would deliver the petrol to

He revved up the car and drove towards the gate
Musa opened up and he drove away, like mad

On getting to the T-junction, he decided to take the shorter way, which would make him get to the church on time, and he swerved onto the street

The street was always quiet and lonely, hence his speedy driving

As he swerved onto the left, leading to the church, his headlamp fully beamed on some boys by the side of the road, they seemed to be bent over something on the ground, a girl was screaming

And it dawned on him, the guys were up to some mischief

He wanted to ignore and continue on his journey, there wasn’t any more time, but the boys immediately took to their heels, and he instantly halted

He came out of the car and walked up to the girl on the floor, screaming and tossing in pains

He recognized her at once, it was Annette!
How come? Who were those boys?

“Annette”, he called and ran up to her
He bent over her and laid her head on his legs, looking her over

Then she passed out on his hands


Sochima half ran, half walked into their compound
Her mother was at the entrance, apparently waiting for her, she looked agitated

It’s almost seven and Annette hasn’t yet returned home from the church
They had been worried and so, she had gone to look for her

“Where is she?”, she asked Sochima

Sochima sighed
“I didn’t see her, I walked all the way to the church, she was nowhere to be found”

Her mother’s worries increased
“How come? Where could she have gone to?”

“I don’t know”

Her mother looked into her phone, the time was 7:15 pm
Ohh my God! Where has she gone to

She waved off the thought of calling her husband, he wasn’t yet back from work
He didn’t want to call him yet, she wanted to handle it herself

“Did you ask the church members?”

Sochima nodded
“I did. Actually I didn’t find any of the choristers, it was aunty Ella that I met, and she said she already left for home”

Her mother sighed, she was about leaving the compound when a call came into her phone

She looked into it, it was Sarah, Fred’s mother
She picked it up. ©️

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Chapter Twelve (12)

WITH the speed of light, Fred rushed Annette into his car, and straight to the hospital
He forgo taking the petrol to the church, life was important

He got to Marvin’s Hospital, a private hospital, being run by their family doctor, Dr Marvin

As soon as he carried Annette into the emergency ward, she was taken from him by the nurses around, they all knew him

Dr Marvin came in immediately and rushed into the ward where Annette was kept

Fred waited in the waiting room, pacing about and panting

What could have gone wrong? And who were those boys?
How did she got into their trap? He was full of questions, none of them he could provide answers

The thought of calling his mother, so she could inform her parents came to him, but he waved it off
He knew that if his mom informs Annette’s parents, they would take her home, and he didn’t want that, he didn’t want anyone to take Annette from him at this moment

He sat down on the couch and sighed, running his hands through his hair
The thought of his girlfriend Timi came to him, and he hissed

He checked his wristwatch, 6:43, it read. Her parents would have been sitting on hot bricks, worried by now
He hoped the doctor would be fast so he could take her home, thank God it was just a minor incident

About forty minutes later, the doctor and a nurse came out of the ward

“Dr Marvin”, Fred called as he got up from the couch and walked up to him
“Dr Marvin, please how’s she?”, he asked

The doctor sighed
“It’s nothing too serious, injuries on her body and some little cuts that requires sewing up”, he explained, “nevertheless, she’s okay”

Fred heaved a sigh of relief
“Please doctor, can I take her home? So she would be on home service”, he asked

The doctor nodded
“Sure, though she’s on drip, but since you wants home service, no problem. One of my nurses would go with you, so she could put her on drip”

Fred smiled, that was awesome

Dr Marvin turned to the nurse with him
“Go get Nurse Funmi, to join you in carrying the girl to the car, then you will be the one to go with them, and put the patient on drip”

“Okay sir”, and she left

“Thanks doctor”, Fred greeted and followed the nurse

They got to the ward, Annette was sleeping. There were bandages all over her body
On her forehead, her wrist, her shoulder, infact everywhere

Fred walked to the bed and looked at her closely, there was a little patch up on the side of her lips, meaning there had been a cut on it
He sighed

Immediately the door opened, and the nurses entered. Then they removed the drip fastened on her left wrist and they placed her on a stretcher and then straight to the car, Fred led the way

They got to the car and after placing her properly at the back seat, one of the nurses rolled the stretcher back into the ward, while the other joined Fred, and they zoomed off
Annette had been taken to one of the guestrooms and placed on the bed, the nurse had already done the necessaries and had left, promising to come back the next day

Fred stood beside the bed looking all over her. It was already late and had wondered what her parents would be doing about looking for her now, he needed to tell them

Sarah, his mother walked in
“Freddie, what did you say that really happened?”, she asked

Fred sighed
“On my way to the church, to deliver the petrol dad asked me to, I got to Sunshine street and there, I saw some boys bent over something. They seemed to be doing something bad, and I heard the low screams of a girl. I had wanted to ignore them, but the boys suddenly took off as soon as they saw me approaching, and then I knew it…….it must be something serious”, he paused, heaving a sigh, “only for me to get there and find out the victim was Annette”

“Hmm, this is serious”, his mother said turning to look at Annette, she was still sleeping
“I need to call her parents, they might be worried sick now”, she turned to leave
Fred stopped her

“But mom…..”, his mother turned to him


“It would be late for them to come carry her home”

His mother laughed
“I know where you are heading to. Don’t worry I will only tell them about her, that she’s safe. I won’t let them come carry her ok?”

Fred nodded
“Thanks Mom”, he said

Sarah left the room to go get her phone
She met her husband in the sitting room and she explained everything to him

She got her phone and dialed Annette’s mom
She picked it up


“Hello mummy Annette”, she said into the phone

“Ohh Sarah, how are you?”, Annette’s mom asked

“I’m fine Vera. Er your daughter Annette……”,

“Yes my daughter, we’ve been looking for her, we can’t find her”, she interrupted, the panic in her voice could be identified

Sarah sighed
“She’s here with us”

“What! Oh my God I can’t believe it. Why would she go to your place without first informing me?”

“No Vera, she didn’t come to my place, she was actually attacked”, she dropped the bombshell

There was silence for a while, as she digested the information

“Attacked?”, she finally said, “by who? When? At where?”, she reeled out questions

“On her return from church, it was my son who rescued her. She was taken to the hospital and she’s presently here with us”, she explained

“This is too much for my ears. Thanks for everything, thank you so much. I dunno it’s so serious to the extent of going to the hospital”

“I’m surprised at the whole thing too, it’s Fred that would be able to explain more”

She sighed
“I will be there in a jiffy, let me inform her dad and get the car ready”

“Oh Vera forget about that we’re up to the task, she’s safe with us here”, she spoke in a persuasive tone

“You guys have done much already, let me just take her home ok?”

Sarah laughed
“Did I complain to you Vera? Annette is like my daughter, she’s very fine with me. Besides she’s asleep, we don’t need to disturb her”

Owing to the fact the family’s so close to theirs, moreover Annette don’t really need disturbance, it was already late and Sarah had so pleaded, she decided to give in

“Okay Sarah, you win. I know she would be fine”, she said

Sarah laughed
“Very fine. After service tomorrow, you all can drive down with us to come see her”

“Sure. Thanks once again”

“Don’t mention, goodnight”

“You too”, and the call ended

Sarah smiled and made to walk back to the guestroom

“That was really a good convincement”, Dr Kingsley, her husband said
He was sitting on the sofa and going through a magazine, he had been listening to the conversation

Sarah looked at him
“I’m good at it dear”, she laughed

“Very good”, he hissed

She rolled her eyes
“Whatever”, and she left the sitting room

She got to the guestroom
“I’ve told her Freddie, they would be coming for her tomorrow”, she said

Fred turned to look at his mother
“Wow! Thanks Mom”

She smiled mischievously
“I can see my son falling in love”

Fred smiled and kept mute

“You only keep shut when I say the truth”, she said

“Maybe you are right mom”, he said

“Tricky boy”, she said and slapped his shoulders, laughing


Cynthia laid on the bed, wincing and tossing about in pains
Her v area was really on fire

So this was the criteria to have Fred?
She had met with Emenike as Timi had told her to, and she was told to make out with him

In astonishment, she told him that Timi never told her about it

“Don’t you want the guy again?”, Emenike had asked

Yes, she wanted him but not through sleeping with this pig

She told him plainly that she would never do what he wants, and he had dragged her into an uncompleted building and had forced his way into her
Since then, she wasn’t herself

She was still in thought when her mother walked into the room
She looked at her with angry eyes, full of disgust

Cynthia shivered as her mother walked up to her

“Are you now ready to tell me?”, Mummy C, her mom thundered, Cynthia kept quiet, tears running down her face

“I ask for the last time Cynthia, who did this to you? Who had you raped and deflowered?”, she shouted

Cynthia still kept quiet, not able to talk, she just cried

“Hmm, I think I will have to force the words out of your mouth”, she said and walked out

She returned seconds later with a pressing iron
Cynthia wondered if it was already heated, she knew her mum to be very daring, and she dared not try her

Who knows? She must have heated it in preparation

Mummy C brought the pressing iron close to her skin
Cynthia felt it, it was hot. She cringed

“You see it? Very hot”, Mummy C said. “you know very well that I can use this on you if you don’t tell me what I want to hear”, she brought the hot iron close to her laps and looked straight into her eyes

“Now tell me, who raped you? Who?”, she shouted

“Mummy please…. mom please”, she pleaded, the hot iron so close to her skin

“Who…..”, and she placed it on her laps

“Arrrrghhh”, Cynthia shouted in grief and pain, she winced. Tears flowed
“Okay I’ll talk, I will say who?”, she said

Her mom removed the iron from her legs and fixed gaze on her
“Yes?”, she said

“It’s a guy and I….. I don’t even know him”, she said

“What! You don’t know him? And he raped you? Where had you been to? Because you can’t be in the store and someone would come in there and rape you, you have gone where I haven’t authorized you to go, so where have you been to?”

As expected, Cynthia hesitated and her mom brought the iron down on her skin

“Mummy let me talk pls”, she said

Her mom removed the iron from her skin
“I’m listening”, she said

“I had gone to an uncompleted building to…….to see him”

“Oh you were even the one that went to see him. For what?”

“For…for the execution of another girl”

Her mother looked at her in disgust
“I should have known you are now this heartless, why do you want to execute a fellow girl? And who’s this girl?”

“I don’t know her. I wanted her executed because she……. she’s been blocking my way from getting my boyfriend”.

“What!”, her mother gasped. ©️

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Chapter Thirteen (13)

FRED woke up the next morning and the first place he went was the guestroom, to check on Annette

Throughout the night, he’s been pondering on what could have happened to her if he hadn’t come by, and wondering who the boys were and why they attacked her

His mind was never at rest, and he wondered why

He opened the door to the guestroom, and went in, hoping to see her awake. But much to his disappointment, she was still sleeping

Goodness gracious!
Since yesterday? She’s been sleeping soundly
How’s he even sure it’s sleep?

He walked up to the bed and looked at her, checked out the drip, her bruised body and the sewn part
He groaned, whoever did this needs to be executed with immediate effect

He went ahead and placed his right ear on her chest, she was still breathing

But even at that, he was still worried, he decided to go and ring the nurse that promised to come back that morning

He walked out of the room and headed upstairs for his phone, the doorbell rang, suddenly making him to stop in his tracks

“Who could that be this early?”, he muttered to himself as he walked to the door

He opened the door to behold the nurse smiling into his face

“Good morning”, she greeted

Fred smiled
“Oh thank God you are here, I was about to call you, come in”, he made way for her

“How’s she now?”, the nurse asked as they walked to the guestroom where Annette was

“She’s still sleeping? She hasn’t been awake since yesterday, I hope nothing is wrong?”, he asked, panicking

The nurse smiled
“I can see you are sacred”, she said

Fred sighed
“Absolutely, but I hope……”

“Nothing is wrong”, she interrupted, “she’s expected to be sleeping, we gave her drugs so healings could take place”, she explained

“Oh”, he muttered as he opened the door, they entered

The nurse removed the drip fastened on Annette’s left hand and replaced it with a new one
She changed the plasters that needed to be changed and then injected her
Annette remained asleep all the while

Fred stood by all the while watching her, and helping out in the ones he could

Soon the nurse was done and packed her instruments into a bag, she turned to Fred

“She would be awake by afternoon”, she said, “and once she’s awake, give her something to eat”

Fred nodded
“Okay, is that all for now?”

“Yeah for now. I believe she would be strong by the time she wakes up”

“Thank you”, he replied looking at the patient

“So I would be leaving now”, the nurse turned to leave

“Okay, thanks again”, he followed her out, to the door
After she was gone, he decided to go freshen up

He went into the kitchen for a glass of water, and he met his mom over the counter trying to turn on the electric cooker

“Hey Mom, good morning”, he greeted walking to her

Sarah turned to look at him
“Morning son, how was your night?”

“It was…..not fine”, he pecked her on the cheek

His mother laughed
“Because of Anne I guess”

He sighed and ran his hands through his hair
“Why not? What would have happened if I didn’t appear? What those boys would have done to her is something…….”

“It’s enough Freddie, I know all that”, she interrupted
“How’s she now?”

“Absolutely fine, but still sleeping”, he walked to the rack, taking out a glass cup

“I expect that”, she turned on the cooker and placed a kettle on it

“Hmm mom?”, Fred called


“I won’t be able to go for service today, I need to look after her”, he winked

Sarah bursted into laughter
“This boy, you. That’s not a problem anyway”, she paused and looked at him, “if you like, go beyond your limits”

“Ah momma, you know I can never do that, you know”

“I know, but around Annette, I don’t know. You behave like a drunk whenever you are around her”

Fred looked at his mother with mouth wide open

“I don’t know what you’re talking about mom”, he lied, smiling mischievously

Sarah scoffed and looked at him over
“I have something better to do if you don’t mind”

“Me too”, he went over to the sink, placed the cup under the tap and turned it on
When it was full he turned it off, and headed to the bathroom


Timi placed her phone on her ears as she locked up the door to her room looking around, it was Emenike calling and she needed to be sure no one was around listening

?”Hello Timi”, Emenike said

?”Yeah, Emenike. How was it? Has it been carried?”, she asked, trying her best not to be loud

?”Yes, it was done yesterday”

Timi sighed, she had been worried whether or not, they had done the job

?”Hope you guys didn’t sell yourselves out?”, she asked

?”We didn’t. We only warned her to keep off your boyfriend”

She gasped
?”Hope you didn’t mention my name?”

?”We did. We said she should keep off Timi’s boyfriend, that’s all”, he paused, “come on, you scared? How’s that a problem?”

?”She can use that as a bait don’t you know?”, there was a tone of panicking in her voice

Emenike laughed
?”It’s never possible. Look this is not the first time I’m doing things like this for people, so I know what I’m saying”

She sighed
?”Okay. How about the girl that brought the money, how did you handle her?”

He laughed
?”That one that was behaving like a water leaf, anyway she didn’t agree so I forced my way”

She shook her head
?”As far as the work is done, thank you”

?”Yeah”, the call ended and immediately, the door opened

Timi turned back in fright to behold her mother standing by the door and looking at her suspiciously

“Who were you talking to?”, she asked


Fred looked at the big wall clock hung on the wall, it was almost twelve, and the rest of the family would be back from church soon

He turned off the TV and stood up, then he walked to the guestroom

He entered and she was still sleeping
What’s wrong with this girl?

Sleeping beauty, no more falling beauty but sleeping beauty
He smiled

He walked up to the bed and stared into her face
At that instant, he realized that a beauty was really before him, and he hadn’t noticed

His wandering eyes wandered to her breasts, as it moved up and down in rhythm to her breath

Then he took hold of her right hand and stared at it
He was about taking it to his lips and her eyes flickered open at once, she was awake!

Annette opened her eyes to see someone she never expected, even in her wildest dreams to see him standing by her side and holding her hand

It was Fred, yes it was him

He held her hand close to his lips like he was about to…….
No, she shook her head and with all the force she could muster, withdrew her hand from his hold. ©️

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Chapter Fourteen (14)

AS soon as Annette withdrew her hand, Fred became stunned, what was wrong with her?
He shrugged, waving it off

“You are awake at last Anne”, he said smiling

Annette looked round, everywhere looked strange and she wondered where she was
Where was she? And how did she get there?
She was confused

Moreover she really couldn’t remember what happened, the only thing she remembered was that she was attacked, and then….. and then someone walked up to her calling her name, and she passed out on his hands, without knowing who the person was

She turned to Fred
“Where am I? What am I doing here?”, she rushed her words

Fred smiled
“Calm down, you are in my house, and you are receiving treatments”

Annette was dazed, she tried to sit up but Fred held her back

“No no, you can’t. See”, he pointed to the wall on her left hand side, “you are on drip, just have rest ok?”, he tried to lay her back on the bed, but she refused

“I don’t need your help”, she said

Fred sighed, what was wrong with this girl?

“Well, you….. you were actually attacked”

Annette looked at him
Who asked him to tell her? Did she say she doesn’t know?

“And so?”, she said

Fred was taken aback, he opened his mouth to speak, but was interrupted
His eyes caught cars coming in through the gate, he saw this from the window
They were home, and Annette would be going soon, he felt bad

He turned to her
“Do you know the people that attacked you?”, he asked

She looked into space, trying to recall. She obviously didn’t know any of them

Instantly the door opened, and her family entered
Fred turned to them

“Mummy Annette, good afternoon”, he greeted, “good afternoon Mr Chike”,

“Afternoon son. How are you?”, Vera asked and walked up to Annette

“Annette, how are you? What happened? Oh my God, who did this to you?”, she cried out

Annette couldn’t say anything, she just watched like a maroon

“Annette”, her father called and took hold of her hand, to feel her pulse
He didn’t say much, he just looked her over, and then walked out

“Sister, what happened?”, Sochima asked, looking at her sister

Annette heaved a sigh of relief

“I know you guys have a lotta questions for me, but I’m sorry I can’t provide the answers”, she paused
“The only thing I have to say is that you should thank Fred for me, he was the one that rescued me”, she said

They turned to look at Fred, his face was expressionless

“Your mother told me same thing too”, Vera said, “thank you so much”

Fred smiled
“It’s nothing ma’am, it’s nothing. It was my pleasure”

Vera nodded
“Get prepared, we will be leaving with you ok?”, and she left the room

“Thanks uncle Freddie”, Sochima said, walking over to sit on the bed

Fred smiled
“No prob Sochi. Er Annette?”, he called

Annette looked at him

“I’ll be leaving now, get well soon”, he winked and walked away


“Who were you talking to?”, Timi’s mom, popularly called and known as Iya Timi, asked her

Timi was visibly shaken, had her mother known?
Had she heard her conversation?

“A friend mother”, she tried to look normal

Her mother looked her over, suspiciously

“You know I always never fail to get to the root of anything”, she said, “it better be a friend”, she opened the door and left

As soon as she left, Timi heaved a sigh of relief, she thought her mother had listened to her
God! She would have been a dead meat

Her mind lingered to what Emenike just told her and she jumped up in joy and landed on the bed

She was extremely happy, Fred was hers and none else
As for Cynthia, her case was an easy one, she knows how to handle that

“Ahhh”, she exclaimed, placing her hand on her chest, “so he’s mine at last”, she winked

She was gonna pay him a visit the next day, yeah, she has to act very fast else, another girl comes in the lane


Mummy C sat down beside Cynthia on the bed, she was holding a pen and paper

“Give me the address where the uncompleted building is located”, she said

Cynthia hesitated, she had been warned and threatened, never to tell anybody, except if she wants her death

“Are you deaf?”, her mother thundered and she shivered

“No 12 complex city street, it’s the only building on that street”, she said

She jotted down the details and turned to her, probably to get more information

“You said you were there for the execution or something right?”

She nodded

“Good. From the look of things you said, you aren’t the only person involved in this, I mean you said it was someone who made you do it right?”

“Yes, I was just on my own and she came and told me about another girl saying she’s the one in the way, and requested to…..to execute her”

Mummy C sighed
“What’s her name?”


She jotted it down

“This is enough for now, let me get down to work. I must stop at nothing to see the stinking penis of that guy cut to pieces”, she got up
“But that doesn’t stop you from receiving your own punishment, you will learn not to be heartless”, and she walked out of the room

Cynthia cried, see what problem she had put herself into, because of a boy

She never wanted to expose Timi, because to her Timi never meant any harm, moreover she was just helping her out

She would tell her mom later on that Timi was never a problem, yes, but that would be later
Then she would try pay Fred a visit the next day, thank God her mom won’t be around


Annette was now fresh from drip and walking about
Though the plasters were still on her body, but she was fit

After taking lunch with the whole family, she went outside towards the garden
They were still at Fred’s house

She got to the garden and walked on the terrace, stroking the flowers her hands could reach, her mind was miles away, it was filled with thoughts of the day she was attacked

Then she felt a touch on her waist and she turned at the instant, it was Fred

She flinched and moved away from him

“Hi”, he smiled

She made a face. What does he want?

“Yeah, how can I help you?”, she asked

Fred shook his head, she’s playing hard maybe

“I was asking you something before, about your attackers?”

Oh! She looked into space

“So what do you know about it?”

Why does he want to know?

“It’s your fault, you caused it”, she said pointing at him, and then she turned to leave

Fred was stunned, his fault? How?

“Hey please wait”, he rushed to stop her, placing his hand on her shoulder

She abruptly turned, and slowly removed his hand from her shoulder

“What’s it?”, she asked

Fred sighed, her blood was so hot

“Calm down okay. But please make me understand, how’s it my fault? Please tell me, I want to know”

Annette looked at him, head to toe, in disgust
She folded her hands

“Why do you want to know?”

“Because your affairs matters to me”, he said

She laughed
“Indeed. Well if you must know how it’s your fault, I was asked to keep off Timi’s boyfriend and who’s her boyfriend, you!”, and she walked away leaving Fred in shock. ©️

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Chapter Fifteen (15)

AS soon as Annette left the garden, they prepared to leave. Her parents and sister walked to the car, and she joined them immediately

Fred’s mother stood by to see them off. Annette walked up to her and embraced her

“Thanks Mom, thank you for the care”, she said

“Ohh my daughter, it’s nothing ok, it’s nothing”

“All the same, God bless you”

“Amen my daughter”

She opened her mouth to talk more and she saw Fred approaching, instantly she walked into their car

Her father and sister were already sitted, soon her mom came in and they drove off, waving at the people who came to see them off

Fred saw the way Annette quickly went into the car on seeing him, and he knew he was the reason, he was sad

What has he done to warrant such treatments from her? What?

He sadly watched as the car drove out of the compound. His mother saw him in that mood and walked up to him

“Freddie, what’s wrong?”, she asked, placing her hand on his cheek

He sighed and ran his hands through his hair, he really didn’t know what to say, he didn’t know what he should reply

Sarah heaved a sigh, and stood arms akimbo
“Is it because of Annette?”, she asked

He looked at his mother and nodded
“She……. she’s not treating me fine”

“You are the cause”, she said

He looked at her inquiringly, Annette had just told him he was the cause, now his mother is saying the same thing, how does she know?

“Do…….do you know Timi?”, he asked

Sarah looked dazed and confused, who was Timi?

“Who’s Timi?”, she asked

Fred was taken aback by her question, he thought he knew her, because she was the root of all these problem
He decided to wave it off

“Mom, forget that. But how am I the cause of the……….”

“Fred, who’s Timi?”, Sarah interrupted

Fred knew he wasn’t up for a game anymore, whenever his mother calls him ‘Fred’, then he knows she’s d–n serious and needs answers

He shook his head
“Ok mom. Timi is my ex”

His mother looked at him with disgust
What was he trying to say? That he already had someone else aside Annette in a relationship?
When she was trying all possible bests to link him and Annette?
That was rubbish!

“You are a diassapointment son”, she shook her head in sorrow, “how could you have dated someone else, when I was preparing the path for you and Annette, how?”

He sighed, apparently regretting what he did. Dating Timi wasn’t even the best thing that has happened to him either, instead he had been left heartbroken all the while

“Mom I’m sorry ok, I’m sorry. I…… I think I was carried away by…… facial looks”

“That’s your problem. As regards saying you are the cause Annette is behaving the way she’s towards you, Favy had told me everything. Her friend Sochi, told her. You were once her crush, I said once because she doesn’t seem to like you anymore. When she was dying to have you, all you were doing was going after her friend, now you want her she doesn’t want you”

Fred looked at her in shock, he never knew or realized Annette liked him, he never knew
He was utterly shocked

“But mum, I never knew”

“Oh yes because you never wanted to”

Ohh God!
What was he gonna do now? His heart was already ripping in two

“What do you suggest I do mom?”

“Do? Approach her”

“But that’s what I’ve been trying to do, she’s not giving me her time”, he complained

“Maybe you should try harder”, she turned to leave, but then she remembered something
“You said something about your ex being the cause of Annette’s problem? How?”

He sighed
“She told me herself that when she was being attacked, she was told to keep off Timi’s boyfriend and……..I’m the one obviously”

His mother was now confused
“Timi’s boyfriend? But you just said she’s your ex, oh! She’s trying to get you back, she’s obviously the one behind the attack”

Fred knew it already, he knew she’s the one, but that wasn’t what they were talking about

“Mom let’s for……”

“I must get to the root of this”, she interrupted, “goodness gracious! I will find out who this Timi is”, she turned and left, leaving Fred in shock as he watched her leave

He hoped Timi never had a hand in it, else……
He shrugged and went into the house
Timi looked at her wristwatch and sighed, she was almost behind the time she has scheduled to leave for Fred’s place

She locked up the house and rushed to the road to board a cab, then straight to Fred’s, without even bothering to stop at the shop first, Fred was more important
She got there in a jiffy, and walked to the gigantic gate, wondering how she would go in

She knew she couldn’t come in as Fred’s girlfriend, following his warnings to stay off him, and there was no other way to go in, she decided to text him

She sat on the pavement guarding the flowers planted beside the fence, and waited for him


Fred walked out of the dining, he just had breakfast, so late
Why not?
Annette had been a source of problem and concern to him, he has spent a lot of his time thinking on how best to accost her

He was about going into his room when his phone rang, he looked into it and hissed
It was Timi

Wait! What does she want now?
Could it be, she is the one behind Annette’s attack two nights ago?

Hmm, even if she was the one,he definitely wasn’t gonna handle her, he wasn’t prepared for that
Moreover he wasn’t prepared to take laws into his hands

He made to ignore the call and open the door, when it stopped ringing and then a message notification popped out

He knew she was the one, he opened the text though against his wish, what he saw made him cringed

“Please Fred listen to me, come and meet me outside your house, I’m presently there”, the text read

What was the she-devil doing there? He groaned and went out to meet her


After sending the text, Timi waited for him to come out, she knew he would

Soon she heard the iron gate clicking open, and she got up
The gate opened and Fred came out

“What are you doing here?”, he thundered, “hadn’t I warned you to stay away from me?”

Timi’s face fell
“Yes you did, but I’m sorry. You need to hear me out Fred, I ….. I wasn’t cheating on you as you said”

Fred looked at her in disgust

Timi sighed
“You have to listen to me okay? Peter or whatever he’s called, is not my boyfriend”

“And how am I sure you aren’t lying?”

“I’m not, believe you me……. please”, she rubbed her palms together, pleading

Fred sighed
Was she saying the truth?
Even if it’s the truth, he doesn’t need her anymore, the whole incident had made him realized Annette was one in a million, a gold mine

Ohh talking about the incident, he looked at her
“You aren’t only having affairs aside us, you also sent some hoodlums to attack Annette”

She freezed, jeeze!
How come he knew? She made an expressionless face

“I wasn’t the one who planned that”, she shook her head

He looked her over, she was still lying

“I should have known you were nothing but a blatant liar”

Timi was stunned
“I wasn’t…… I know who planned it, I know who had full hand in this”

“What? You mean to tell me it wasn’t you?”

She nodded
“Yes, it wasn’t me”

There was silence for a while, as Fred digested the information

“Who then?”, he asked

She sighed and folded her hands
“I will only tell you on one condition”, she walked closer to him, covering the distance between them

He was just looking at her in disgust, what was she trying to do?
“What condition?”

She seductively placed her right hand on his cheeks, then she ran her fingers round his face

“That you accept me back”, she said

“You are not serious, get off me”, he pushed her away

“Ahh, don’t you wanna know again?”

He was panting heavily, not because he ran, but because he was very angry, very angry

“I can’t accept you back. If that’s the condition then leave the matter, I don’t care”, he turned to leave

“Wait……wait”, she called dragging him back
“Fred please listen to me. Okay I’ll tell you the perpetrator, because I still very much love you, I will”

He stopped and looked at her
Love indeed, he made a face

“It’s Cynthia”, she said

Cynthia? He couldn’t believe it
Cynthia can’t do that to Annette, moreover they are friends at the church though, so how would she want to harm her, because of him?
No, he didn’t believe her

“You know what? You are the devil’s wife I must say, you know how to lie”

She laughed
“You think I’m lying, okay. Investigate it, I know she’s your friend so find out”

Fred shook his head in negotiation
“Annette and Cynthia are friends, so why would she want to harm her friend because of me? Besides I never told her Annette’s my girlfriend, so why would she launch an attack on her?”

Timi became dazed and confused, she never knew Cynthia and Annette were friends, and she never told her who the person they would be attacking is

Ohh Jesus, problem
How would she handle this now? How?

Fred just stared at her in hate, she turned searching for what more to say, and she saw her
Yes, it was Cynthia, she saw Cynthia coming towards them, and then she knew she was doomed ©️

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Chapter Sixteen (16)

TIMI watched in fright as Cynthia approached them, what was she gonna do now?
She looked at Fred, he was watching her every move

She decided to act normal, to take the bull by the horns
Cynthia got to them and she turned to face her

“What are you doing here Cynthia?”, she thundered

Cynthia looked at her and laughed, she had seen her trying to seduce Fred, she had seen the way her fingers were roaming his face, she had seen everything, only that, she didn’t know what they were talking about

“You are asking me?”, she said, “I am here for the same reason you are here. I should have known you are nothing but a lying b—h”, she spat out

“Pardon, I don’t know what you are talking about”, Timi said, looking at her with disgust

Fred just stood, watching the drama unfold, it was a good one

Cynthia laughed
“You don’t know right?”, she turned to Fred, “hey Freddie, how’re you doing?”, she smiled

Fred sighed
“I’m fine, why are you here? What do you want?”, he asked

Cynthia looked at Timi then she turned to Fred
“You, I want you. Oh come on, you should have known I always did”, she winked

“Well, if that’s what you want, sorry it’s not available”

At the instant Cynthia became visibly angry, she was panting in anger
She turned to Timi

“I thought you said if we have the girl put out of the way, Fred would become mine. So what’s going on?”, she asked

Timi’s face changed in surprise
“Me told you? When?”, she looked around, like she wasn’t sure she’s the one Cynthia is referring to

Fred was flabbergasted, watching the two girls
What was going on?
So they had planned it together, and Timi said it was Cynthia

“Timi here told me it was you Cynthia, who planned the whole thing”, Fred said

Cynthia was taken aback, shocked and she turned to Timi
The almighty Timi lowered her face to the floor in shame, she was speechless

“My goodness! I can’t believe this”, Cynthia said
“So you tricked me into planning evil, so you could go behind me, get Fred and use me to cover up, is it?”, she shrieked, almost in tears

The girl had really tricked her and used her brain, not only had she done what she just said, she had also used her to pay the bill charged for the job, both in cash and otherwise, thereby deflowering herself
Ohh God, her brain has really been washed

Fred on his own part couldn’t believe what he heard, that both Cynthia and Timi planned it
But why would Cynthia do that to her friend, Annette was her friend and he knew that
Jeeze, what nonsense

“But who even told you guys that Annette’s my girlfriend?”, he asked

Cynthia was stunned, Annette? Oh my God! Was it Annette, no, she hopes it wasn’t the Annette she knew

She looked at Fred
“Please which Annette?”, she asked

Huh? Does it mean she didn’t know? No wonder, Timi must be a genuis plotting the plan

“Annette, our church member”, he said

“Oh my God!”, Cynthia exclaimed, her hands on her mouth, “oh my God, I didn’t know. What have I done?”

Timi was astonished, what has happened? Does she know Annette?

“Fred”, she managed to call, “I….I’m sorry”, she stuttered

Fred looked at her and stiffened a laugh, he turned to Cynthia

“So you didn’t even care to know who the person was, and you went ahead and joined Timi in her evil plan. How do you think Annette would feel when she hears you are behind this?”, Fred asked

Cynthia shook her head slowly, tears already running down her face
“I didn’t know….. I didn’t”, and she turned and ran away

They watched her as she ran and then Fred turned to Timi

“You know I can easily apprehend you now as one of the perpetrators, you know?”

Timi knelt down immediately, pleading
“I’m sorry Fred please”

Fred laughed
“I don’t have the intention, I would have done that. Let me use it as a bait, if I ever see you around me again, the police station is where you will find yourself, understand?”

She nodded, though against her wish, ohh what loss
She has losed virtually everything, when she was thinking she was gaining

“Fred please”, she pleaded, but it was of no use, Fred had already gone in, leaving her crying and pleading

How the mighty has fallen!


Cynthia got home few minutes later, she was still silently whimpering, regretting all she had done

She didn’t know at all that the victim was gonna be Annette, oh. Hers is gone once her mother finds out
The worst part of it now is that, Fred wasn’t even interested in her, she was just forcing him

She entered their compound to see a car parked in front of the bungalow
She was scared, huh, her mom was already back?
Though the car wasn’t her mom’s, but for a visitor probably visiting her mother

She decided to take the back door to get into the house. It was a normal prank used by her to escape punishment at times

She got to the back verandah, opened the door quietly, and strolled in
Then she took the kitchen and straight to her room

Just by the door, she heard voices talking, it must be her mom and whoever visited
She wanted to walk pass but she heard something of interest from the sitting room and she instantly stopped, to eavesdrop

In the sitting room were Mummy C, Cynthia’s mom and Sarah, Fred’s mom, they were chatting

Apparently, Sarah was just arriving and so, their discussion was just only kicking off when Cynthia arrived

“Mummy C”, Sarah called


“You guys weren’t in church on Sunday and I came to know why. I hope it’s nothing serious”

Mummy C smiled and shook her head
“It’s nothing too serious, but serious”

Sarah looked at her inquiringly
“What do you mean?”

Mummy C sighed
“You are very close to me, so I shouldn’t hide this from you”

Sarah looked more dazed
“I’m listening”

She sighed
“You see, about two days ago, yes on Saturday, my daughter Cynthia, came home very late from the store. I was worried about that, I just decided to let it go, but something so serious hit me, and I decided to find out more”, she paused
“I looked at her closely, and found out that her clothes were bloodstained, I was flabbergasted and then I went further to ask her what happened. She was raped”

Sarah flinched
“What! How? At the store?”

Mummy C shook her head
“She was raped in an uncompleted building for some overzealous reasons, well it was all these information I was trying to get from her, that we couldn’t make it to service. She on her own part, wouldn’t even be able to make it, she was in pains”

“This is serious, have you gotten to the root of it?”

“I’m on it. From what she told me, she and one Timi were…….”

“Wait”, she interrupted, “this Timi again? You said two days ago right?”

“Yes, on Saturday”

Sarah fell into thinking, does it mean it’s the same Timi she’s talking about, and it happened on the same day??
It might be

“Actually, something similar brought me here, regarding your husband is in the police force, so I came to see if you could help me, so we can do it together”

“My husband is handling the case as well, what’s your problem?”

She sighed
“On Saturday night, you know mummy Annette right?”
Mummy C nodded

“Her daughter was attacked that Saturday night, by some hoodlums. It was my son who rescued her and from what she said, she was asked to keep off Timi’s boyfriend, who probably is my son. Because I asked my son who this Timi was and he told me she’s his ex. That means this Timi is solidly behind the whole thing. So what I’m now saying is, we should find out who this Timi is, and everything would be worked out”

Mummy C looked on in astonishment, what nonsense

“I see sense in what you said, I will do just that. I’ll tell my husband about it”

“Yes please do, before it escalates. You never can tell what’s in the mind of the young, they are very desperate”

Mummy C laughed
“You are right. Let me get you something”, she got up and walked towards the kitchen

As soon as Cynthia noticed her mom was coming that direction, she abruptly turned and stealthily escaped into her room

She heard everything that was said
Aunty Sarah, Fred’s mom said that, Annette was asked to keep off Timi’s boyfriend
Does it mean Timi also likes Fred, of course
She just tricked her

She groaned, Timi almost succeeded in everything
Timi sat in their shop as usual, but she couldn’t go anywhere, her mom was around

Her mind pondered on what happened days ago between Fred, Cynthia and she
Her mind hadn’t been on rest since then, she’s been worried

Then she noticed a group of people clustering about in front of the shop, and she got up at once
Fear gripped her

It was the police! ©️

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Chapter Seventeen (17)

ABOUT three policeman in police uniforms entered, a woman and a man on casual wears followed

“Yes, that’s the girl”, the woman said, pointing at Timi, who was visibly shaken and petrified

Two of the policemen walked to her, with handcuff

“Officer, good….. good morning”, Iya Timi, Timi’s mom greeted
She was dumbfounded, what was going on?

The man on casual wear looked at her
“Afternoon ma’am, your daughter here is under arrest”, he said

Her eyes widened in surprise, under arrest? Her daughter? For what?

“Excuse me, you can’t just come in here and apprehend my daughter without saying anything to me”

The man sighed
“Well, we’re from the state CID”, he showed her his identity card, “your daughter here is responsible for the attack and planned murder of one miss Annette….”

“Oluwa o!”, Iya Timi shouted interrupting, her hands on her head, she looked at Timi, she was ashamed

The man speaking cleared his throat and continued
“Not only that, she planned the rape of another miss Cynthia, we’re taking her to the station immediately”, he concluded and ordered the policemen to handcuff her

“Mobe! Timi”, her mother exclaimed, “I should have known. I said it, that call I caught you making the other day was suspicious, there’s more to it than meets the eye, heii!”

Timi was so shocked, so shocked. The station? Police custody?
It was a place she never wanted to find herself, what has she put herself into? What?
Then she remembered she wasn’t the only one involved

“Emm, the Cynthia you spoke about, was also involved, we planned it together”

The man looked at her
“Everyone would be punished accordingly, besides she’s already at the station”

Timi kept mute, there was nothing else she could say, then she remembered the boys who carried out the act
She wouldn’t be the only one to be punished

“I can take you to the boys who…..”

The man laughed, interrupting
She thinks she’s smart, talking of others who were also involved so they would have pity on her and release her

“You shouldn’t take the police for dafts, we’ve been to complex city street, and the boys have been apprehended, so I’ll plead you just keep shut otherwise, whatever you say here would be used against you, let’s leave here”, and they whisked the almighty Timi out, into the police wagon waiting outside

Timi’s mom continued wailing and wailing until the wagon was out of sight
Annette sat on the dining, reading a novel. Sochima walked up to her

“Bigger sister”, she called and winked, turning the novel she was holding over to check out the name

“Ohh Sochi, I’ve warned you several times against turning over novels you see I’m reading, you’re disturbing me with that act”

Sochima smiled, hugging her sister
“I’m sorry, you should know I’m a novel freak”, she winked

“I’ve told you, better listen”, she continued with the reading

Sochima laughed
“Anyways”, she folded her hands, “I was informed to tell you that, the perpetrators have been apprehended”

Annette looked up, surprises written all over her face

“What!”, she exclaimed, her hands on her mouth, her mouth moved, but no words came out
She was astonished

Sochima smiled
“Yes sister, they’re in the police custody as we speak”

“Oh my God”, she placed her hands on her head, she couldn’t believe it
Since the attack, no efforts to investigate the matter had been made by her parents, they all seemed comfortable with it, so the news was very much nice to her ears

“Who told you?”, she asked

“Favy did”

“Wait, does it mean her parents investigated?”

Sochima nodded

“Ohh my goodness, those people are sweet, so they went as far as investigating the matter”

“Well sister if you must know, the almighty tolotolo has fallen”, Annette’s eyes widened, “she master planned it”

“What!”, Annette shouted, she couldn’t believe it, Timi?

“To my whole surprise, Cynthia wasn’t exempted”

Annette looked at her, Cynthia?

“Cynthia? I mean our Cynthia?”, she asked not too sure

“Yes, I was shocked when I heard it”

“But what have I done to them? What?”

“Of course you did nothing, it’s just jealousy I guess. Well…..”, the doorbell interrupted
“Who’s that?”, Sochima asked and went to answer the door

“Coming”, she replied as she walked to the door and opened it, goodness gracious! It was Fred

“Uncle Freddie”, she happily called and jumped on him

Fred smiled and caught her
“Sochima”, he called

“Welcome, please come in”, she motioned

They walked into the sitting room and she made him sit

“Please make yourself comfortable, let me go ring my sis”, and she happily ran into the dining

“Sister guess what?”, she asked at the instant she barged in

Annette looked up
“I can’t”

She smiled
“Well Fred is here”, she announced

“What!”, her eyes widened, “what does he wants?”

Sochima sighed
“You should calm down sister, this is what you have been wishing for”

Annette made a face
“That was before not now anymore, besides I have been warned to stay off him”, she said in sarcasm

Sochima heaved a sigh
“Take it easy ok? Just come out and greet him, I guess you are the one he’s looking for”

“He should better go back to wherever he’s coming from”, she hissed and turned back to the novel

Sochima exhaled, she knew it was gonna be like this, that she was gonna play hard, she decided to plead
“Sister please, he’s waiting for you just come and greet him, please o”, she pouted, giving that baby face

Annette sighed and stood up, walking to the sitting room

Fred was sitted on the sofa, surfing the net, he noticed her presence and looked up
She was just coming in from the dining, in her splendid beauty

“Hey Anne”, he smiled

“Hi”, she folded her hands

“How are you?”

“I’m fine. To what do I owe this visit? Should I get you something?”

“No, no”, he shook his head, “I’m okay thanks. I just came to see you, to see the girl that had captured my heart for the past few days”, he smiled

Indeed, she made a face

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Fred”, she say down beside him

Fred sighed, now was the time, now was the time to tell her what has been disturbing him, giving him sleepless nights
So surprising, she gave him her time today

“Annette, I have come to realize that you….I mean you Anne, that you mean more than just a girl to me, I mean you mean everything to me”, he paused
“Annette every of your affairs matters to me a lot….. I’m really sorry for what happened to you some nights ago, it was really because of me as you said, it was my fault and I’m sorry”

Annette sighed, what was wrong with him? What has come over him?
She looked at him

“Are you done?”, she asked

Fred smiled, he expected her to be rude
“If you want me to continue, I will”

She shook her head, tears threatening to run down her face
When she wanted him at all cost where was he?
When she went through heartbreaks because he refused to notice her, where was he?
Because of him, she was attacked, no she can’t take it

Immediately she got up and ran out, towards the back of the building

“Anne? Annette”, he called and ran after her

“Annette, please, please”, he pleaded and caught up with her
“What’s preventing you from doing this?”, he shook his head, “okay okay, I’m sorry it’s all my fault, but please don’t use it against me”, he placed his hands on her shoulders

She was crying, she looked into his eyes, she felt worthless before him, she shook her head and ran into her room, locking herself up

“Ann ….”, he paused and stood arms akimbo, running his hands through his hair

He walked back to the front of the building and met Sochima
He pleaded with her to talk to her sister for him

“Please Sochi help me talk to your sister please”

“I will, but she asked me to tell you to leave that she doesn’t want to see you”

He sighed
Ohh Jesus, why all these problem?

“But all the same I’ll talk to her”, she turned to leave

“Please tell her I’m waiting for her here, and I’m expecting to see her before I leave”

“Okay”, she nodded and went into the house

Fred waited and waited at the balcony for Annette, but she never showed up

He waited for about an hour, still, no sign of her
In heartbreak and sadness, he turned and left. ©️

✍️ Ndozi Nuellitta ✍️

To Be Continued ?


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