[STORY] My mother is a virgin (episode 1-12)


This story is dedicated to all mothers out there with golden hearts.

As I grew up, I saw many people writing tributes about their mothers and some claimed their
mothers as the best in the world. I will not dispute or debate their claims until they meet my
mum, Mrs. Funmilayo Akerele Musa. My mum was from Ikare Akoko in Ondo state Nigeria. She is
half-literate because she dropped out of school at a tender age when her school principal wanted to have canal knowledge of her in order to help her pay for WAEC fees as her father
was unable to pay. My mum didn’t think twice before rejecting the offer. Her virginity meant a lot
to her and she was willing to forgo her education just to keep it.
Her suffering began in earnest when she eventually lost her dad to the cold hand of diabetes an ailment he couldn’t manage due to poverty. It’s effect in the life of my mum could be likened to a village market signboard. It was always a taboo to be deflowered before marriage in their clan. Any lady found to be intact, the
reverse was the case if any was found to have known a man before her wedding night; she will
be made to face public ridicule at the village square where all the village maidens will be gathered to make mockery of her. Also, her father will be made to return the bride price paid by
her husband in seven folds. She will be kept in the king’s cell for twenty one days without food
but only water. If her husband still loves her after twenty one days, he will accept her as his wife,
if not that was the end of the marriage.
My mum had vowed never to giveaway her virginity to any man but her husband. A decision that
was very difficult to stand by due to her beauty and the level of poverty in her family. Resisting sexual advances from men was the biggest challenge of her life. The mouth watering offers
from men were temptations that only a strong and determined woman could resist. You may also be wondering how my mother was able to keep her virginity even after having me.
That’s the mystery I want to unravel in this story I want to use my mother’s story to tell the
world that it is still possible to find women whose virginity means a lot more to them than
material things. The level of moral decadence in our society may be on the increase, but there
are still ladies who still hold unto dignity. My mother is a virgin.
Ladies who sleep around because life is difficult for them should read my mother’s story. All
dogs can eat faeces, but not all dog eat faeces

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Episode Two*

After my mother dropped out from school, she met Bayo, a guy who fell in love with her and was
ready to everything for her in order to have her. Bayo was a successful electrician who
worked for both government parastatals and multi-national companies. He was one of the most
popular guys in the village because he had what it takes to attract such popularity. He was
handsome, tall, well-to-do and hails from a good family. Not too many women could turn down his
offer for a relationship. Infact mama said she was shocked when he asked her out considering
the numerous sophisticated ladies that flocked around him. My mother’s inferiority complex did
not let her accept Bayo’s proposal for months. She eventually agreed to date him with a strong
condition of NO SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE. Of course Bayo was from Adale village too and he
knew the custom. They dated for a year and half without touching each other. No hugging, no
kissing, no bodily contact etc.
Bayo became a poverty alleviation agent for my mother for a year and half until his friends began
to instigate him against mama. You have a beautiful girl like this and you have never tasted her
before, all your investment will go down the drain if you discover she has been eaten by other men on your wedding night. By this time, my mother had become more beautiful and after because Bayo had polished her with money. Other ladies in the village who wanted Bayo
became jealous of her and began to also plan for her downfall.
Two forces worked against her, pressure from Bayo’s friends to take advance of her and
jealousy from other village girls. Will my mother survive this conspiracy? Hmmmm.
Tola and Mosun had planned with Taju and his friends to rape my mother. ‘If you succeed, we
will pay each of you N5000, ‘Tola and Mosun promised Taju and his friends. ‘Consider it done.’
Taju and his friends assured the two ladies. Tola and Mosun were secret admirers of Bayo who
saw my mother as an obstacle to their dream of having Bayo. They planned and join forces
together to take my mother out of their way. On the day they were to carryout their plan, they had laid ambush for my mother having heard
she will be going to the market. Six boys together with Taju had waited for her under a banana
plantation between the village square and the market road. The informant gave an accurate
information about mama’s movement but like the Yoruba people will say “the wall has ears.”
They didn’t know Fola overheard them in one of their conversations on how to carryout their
plan of rape on mama. She had rushed home to inform her father about their plans and he began to monitor their movement, and eventually trailed them to the scene of the proposed atrocity. They didn’t wait for too long when mama showed up. Taju as the gang leader was the one who
stood on her way, where do you think you are going? ‘He harassed her.’ What sort of question is
that? ‘Mama asked. Before she could say anything again Taju had carried her like a baby to
meet his gang members at the banana plantation. She screamed but no one heard her. ‘Today,
the end has come to all your pride in this village, they chorused at her. ”What have I done to you
people, leave me and let me go…. ‘She begged but all to no avail as they went for her clothes.
While they attempted to tear her clothes, Fola’s father appeared like a magician, he was able to
arrest three of the gang members while the others escaped.
Thanks to Fola and her father who saved mama from rape. Mama escaped the plan of her
enemies that day.

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Episode Three*

The matter was reported to the baale. Taju and his gang were apprehended and dealt with
squarely. Tola and Mosun were not spared as they were excommunicated from the village for
two years. This strengthened there lationship between Bayo and Mama.
Five weeks after mama’s 21st birthdays he missed her period. ‘Young girl, you are four weeks
pregnant. This was what doctor Kehinde told her after she visited the village primary health care
centre. She cried all through the night, how could this happen to me?She questioned herself.
how will I face the shame in this village? who will believe me that I did it just once with Bayo? I
can’t face this shame and reproach, It’s better to take my life before everyone gets to know I’m
I will commit suicide and save myself from this embarrassment. She took the rope and walked
quietly to the backyard tied it to the mango behind the house, and put the rope around her neck. As she attempted removing the chair she was standing on, she woke up. Alas!It was a
dream! Mama took the dream very seriously as warning from God. She stopped visiting Bayo
again but didn’t share the dream with him. Noticing her cold attitude towards him, Bayo began
to pressurize mama for sex. If you truly love me you have to prove it to me, after all I will be the
one who will marry you? ‘Bayo insisted. ‘What happen to our covenant Bayo? Sex is not a proof
of love. If you love me, you will respect my vow and help me keep it.’ Mama replied. ‘Sex is not a proof of love but collecting my money is a proof of love right? As from today, it is no sex-no
money relationship. ‘Bayo told mama. Mama left him dejected that day but her strong desire not
to throwaway her virginity was stronger.
Bayo stopped giving mama money or any assistance. He stopped all his good plans for
her and they stopped seeing for four months. The day mama decided to go and see him to
apologize so that they can get back again was a day mama will never forget in her life. Bayo
was not going to take a no for an answer this time. He locked the door and threw away the key
through the window. And the locked up the window and began to force mama into having sex
with her. ‘Bayo you can’t do this to me,this is not you. Bayo, what has come over you? Don’t
bring a curse upon yourself because of five minutes enjoyment.’ Mama pleaded but Bayo was
bent on taking away her virginity that evening. Please leave me and let me go,don’t do it Bayo, I
beg you in the name of God. They struggled for thirty minutes in which he succeeded in taking
off her clothes and pushed her to the bed, pinning her down. Mama now managed to stretched
out her hand for a bottle of cocacola by the bedside and hit it on Bayo’s head. Blood gushed out from his head and mouth. It was a bad hit that made him lose his strength and he went flat on
the floor. Mama quickly put on her dress and began screaming for help. Neighbours came
around and forcefully broke the door open. They met Bayo in the pool of his blood. ‘What did you
do to him? ‘They asked mama. ‘I didddddd nooottttt… She stammered. He was rushed to the village health centre but unfortunately Bayo died before the the doctor came to see him. Mama
was caught in the web of trouble.
It was another phase of trouble for mama.

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Mama became a murderer while defending her virginity. No one was ready to address the
attempted rape that led to the manslaughter, not even the Baale. Mama was kept in the village dungeon for seven days awaiting trial. ‘Funmilayo, why did you kill Bayo? the Baale’s personal
assistant asked on behalf of the council of chiefs. It was an accident sir, he was trying to rape
me and I made an attempt to defend myself, hence he died in the process. Please sirs I’m guilty
but it wasn’t intentional. I wouldn’t kill the man l love, a man who gave meaning to my life when
everyone abandoned me. Bayo was a good man and I have no reason to kill him, it was an
accident. Mama explained before the council of chiefs.
My mother was sentenced to 20years imprisonment with hard labour. It was 20 years of
bitterness and agony. Her years in prison thought her hard lessons of life. Her determination to remains Virgin until marriage had landed her into 20 years of incarceration. Life became unfair
to a young lady who did what was right. But the glamour of this life rather chose to smile on the
bad ones. If I had allowed Bayo to take away my precious virginity that day,no one would have heard about it. even I fire ported his attempt to rape me, no one will take me serious because everyone in the village knew us together. Twenty years was like two hundred years in prison.
The prison warders were not friendly. They were brutal and wicked. There was only one female prison warder in charge of the ladies. Anytime she’s not on duty the male warders took turns on the other prison inmates in exchange for one favour or the other. Two months after mama arrived the prison, Mr. Bayo, the head of the prison warders set his eyes on her. Adebayo
Owojola is gone, here is another Adebayo Daniel trying to continue from where Adebayo Owojola stopped. Mama was a moralist, she was never a Christian but she knew god and the redemptive power of
his dear son Jesus Christ. The latter Bayo had more advantage over her as an inmate than the former Bayo. If she has to keep her virginity she knew she needed God. Mama began to pray for
God’s help and started attending the prison fellowship. In no time she became a strong member
of the prison fellowship due to her commitment and dedication. After a years he was made the
women leader of the prisonfellowship.
Mr. Bayo did not give up his lustful desire to sleep with mama but several times mama had
escaped his snares. He continued to push his ambition to fulfill his carnal desire on mama until this fateful day when he had made up his mind like the late Bayo to have mama by all means.
He stayed back after close of work after making arrangements with other female inmates on how he was going to humble mama. An announcement was made in the female room for all
female inmates to report to the office of the head warder immediately. It was late in the night when everyone was ready to go to bed and no one expected any official call to be made at that time of the night but mama was wrong, it was well planned. In haste, every female inmate were assembled at Mr. Bayo’s office. But mama was the only
inmate who came in without her prison garment. Without much a do, Mr. Bayo capitalized on that, ‘Funmi why are you not in your uniform? ‘Mr. Bayo queried angrily. While mama was trying
to explain why she didn’t report wearing her uniform, he l landed her a hot slap.
Did Mr. Bayo succeed in taking mama’s virginity that night?

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Part 5*

While a mama was trying to recover from the dirty slap Mr. Bayo gave her, he ordered other
inmates to go while mama was asked to stay back. Mama and Mr. Bayo were left alone in his office. He headed straight to the door, jammed it and began to force mama unto her back.
Everything that happened between mama and late Bayo was recalled in a flash.It was like
history will repeat itself again. Mama will never break her vow, not with a prison warder. The
struggle started again like the day Bayo died. ‘Sir,don’t do this to me I beg you.Thiswas exactly
what brought me to the prison;don’t allow history repeat itself sir. I beg you in the name of God;
seem easy our own daughter who wants to keep her dignity at all cost. Don’t defile me sir, I
have a vow not to give away my virginity to any man but my husband. ‘On hearing mama was
still a virgin he pushed harder to have her. Then another tragedy. struck again. Having succeeded
in getting mama down on her back, mama gathered all her strength for a push and pushed him
away so that his head landed on their on burglary. proof of his office door. He fell down and
began to bleed. Mr. Bayo screamed in pain and all the female inmates rushed out from the room.
The scene was not different from what happened on the day Bayo died.
Immediately the ladies composed a song, “Funmi don kill Mr. Bayo”. Loudly they began to chorus it to get her until other male inmates heard and two other prison staff came into meet Mr.
Bayo in the pool of his blood. Mama was whisked away while Mr. Bayo was rushed into the
prison clinic.Three hours later Mr. Bayo wasoutoftheclinicwithbandagesandstitchesonhis
head, he made it.
Mama was moved from Kaduna prisontoKujeprison.Additional 5 years was added to her
prison term for attempted murder. Her case became more complicated because the Inspector
General of police was interested in her case. Within a year mama was moved from Kuje prison
to three prisons in Nigeria. Inmama’sentirepredicament,she held firm to her decision never to give away her virginity. Mama got closer to God not with standing.
Why is mama’s virginity more important to her than her life? Why did she give up everything just
to keep her virginity? Was it just that she wanted to keep her dignity or her desire to keep her virginity for her future husband? Who will marry mama after she’s through serving her jail term?
Mama was 22 when she was jailed and her first jail term was 20 years an additional 5 years. She
will be 47 at the end of his jail term. Who will marry a 47-year-old woman who has spent her
prime years in prison?

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Men are the same everywhere. Every prison mama was moved to; there was an attempt to take advantage of her at one point or the other. Mama’s beauty was irresistible. Even as a prisoner
her beauty still glowed. Mama suffered many things from many prison staff as she was moved from one prison to the other. Mama became a prayer warrior and a woman of strong faith. Even as she grew old while in
prison she never stopped believing her virginity will be a gift to her husband. At mama’s 42nd
birthday, the prison fellowship organized a small birthday party for her. In attendance were
some members of PFN (Prison Fellowship of Nigeria).When mama was invited to give her
birthday speech, everyone in the meeting was moved to tears. Her speech made everyone
speechless. Her boldness and oratory gave everyone reason to want to listen to her again. The
director of social welfare was present at the meeting where mama gave her heart lifting speech and she was really touched. She promised to come back for mama. With the permission of the prison authority mama was given an invitation to speak at a
work shop organized by the department of social welfare for destitute and ladies suffering from
the trauma of rape and sexual abuse. She didn’t just give a speech she also preached to her
audience about the reality of God’s love. Many of her audiences submitted their lives to Christ
after mama’s speech. Mrs. Bala Hauwa became so much in love with mama and paid her a visit
every week in the prison.
Mama’s virginity was so important to her because of a story her mother told her. The story of
the three virgins who kept their virginity at all costs and against all odds. They brought pride to
their village when moral decadence was at it’s peak. Only the three of them were found to be
virgins in the entire village when they needed some virgins to perform some sacrifices to avert
the wrath of the gods in the land. The king of their village and the entire villagers were proud of
them. They were honoured and publicly celebrated for seven days after which they were given
scholarship to study abroad in any University of their choice. It was this gesture that brought the
families of these girls out of obscurity to limelight. Mama was moved by this story and vowed to
make her mother proud too either alive or death.

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Episode 7*
Mama found favour through the help of Mrs. Bala and she was released at 43. Mama spent 21 years in prison instead of 25years. As at this time her beauty had depreciated due to age and
what’s he went through in prison. But at 43 mama was still a virgin, she kept her promise. The
shame of what happened in the village that led to mama’s imprisonment did not allow her to
return to the village. After a year in prison, no one from her clan visited her. She lost contact with
her family and the people of Adale village.
Mrs. Bala became the angel in mama’s life journey. Mrs. Bala took mama to Lagos and got her a
job as a house help in general Fayemi’s house. Mama couldn’t get a better job for lack of
education even though the prison had shaped her and she could speak fluently but she can
hardly read or write. Everyone in General Fayemi’s house loved mama because her lifestyle was
just different-so dedicated to her work, very prayerful and full of life.
In general Fayemi’s house, mama met a Sergeant who had an eye on her. Sergeant Musa was
one of general’s boys who were newly posted to Lagos from Bauchi. Sgt Musa was a perfect
gentleman that was not married even in his mid-forties. One thing led to the other and they both
started seeing each other.
Mama as was her practice, had told Sgt Musa ‘NO SEX UNTIL OUR WEDDING DAY.’ ‘I am a
Christian as well and I know fornication is a sin against God. Having a sexless relationship is a
deal’. Sgt Musa assured mama. For his gentility and uprightness, mama fell in love with Sgt
Musa. All the men she had met all her life had at one point or the other attempted to take
advantage of her but Musa was different.
Because of their age, both Sgt Musa and mama didn’t have a prolonged courtship. Within three
months, they began to make plans to settle down as husband and wife. Mama was about
making another mistake of her life. What mistake is that? Let’s see in the next episode

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Episode 8*

Every young man and woman reading this story must learn not to go into marriage with anyone
without knowing his/her people no matter how much in love they are. Mama never wanted to
take Sgt Musa to her village because of the story that surrounded her life’s journey, neither was
Sgt Musa also interested in taking mama to his people because there was something he was
hiding. Their lives were like two cows of the same colour finding each other. Mama didn’t bother
about Sgt Musa’s people neither was Sgt Musa interested in mama’s people. General Fayemi
became the bride’s father and the groom’s father at the same time. Mrs. Bala stood for mama
as a mother.
It wasn’t a loud wedding. From the registry to a mini-reception at the officers’ mess. Few
soldiers and some friends were in attendance and within two hours it was all over. Typical of the
military, Sgt Musa was on duty on the night of his wedding. He did not give the army a formal
notice of his wedding because he never wanted a big wedding.
Another lesson I want all my sisters reading mama’s story to learn is to beware of men who are
wealthy but choose to have a quiet wedding. I had asked several questions why mama had to
go through all that she went through in life. Why do good people suffer while bad people get a
better lot in life. Mama is too nice to undergo all the sufferings she went through, coupled with
the fact that she is now born again. Is it a crime to be chaste?Is it a crime to want to keep your
virginity for your husband? What could mama have done wrong?
By 7 pm on their wedding day Sgt Musa was already kitted in his army uniform getting ready for
work. Mama protested mildly, I thought we should be together today being our wedding day?’
‘Haaa, Mrs. Musa Funmilayo, this is military work and you will soon get used to it.’ Before mama could argue further her husband was gone. Of course it wasn’t a big deal to mama. By the time Sgt Musa came back the following morning tiredness and fatigue was written all over him. What
will you take for breakfast, mama asked her husband. He barely answered when he suddenly
slept off.
Life is just unfair to some people. Some are not been rewarded for being good while some seem to get away with the evil they do. If anybody should not suffer in life, it should be mama but it was only a wish. She had wasted over two decades behind bars. She married at the age her mates had stopped given birth just because she wanted to do what was right before God and
man. Other ladies who threw away their dignity for a meager price are doing well. What has mama done wrong? Mama’s marriage is a definition of “from frying pan to fire”. Join me in episode 9

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Episode 9*
After a week of their wedding mama was still a virgin. Her husband had not had time to touch
her and make her a woman. Mama was a novice and was indifferent too. She had nooneclose to her who could guide her on what is expected of husband and wife. Only Mrs. Bala kept
checking on mama. Those visits were too short for her to notice her daughter is still a virgin
after weeks of her marriage. All the time Mrs. Bala visited she never met mama’s husband at
home. The last visit that broke the camel’s back was seven weeks after. Mama became worried
that her husband had not touched her after seven weeks but she lacked the courage to confide
in her god mother.
‘I would have invited you as one of our guest speakers in our annual retreat organized for
deportees but you don’t need much stress now at this time, Mrs. Bala told mama.’ But what stress is in speaking to people? Mama replied. Mrs.Bala gave her a strange look; she looked straight into her eyes,touched her by the shoulder and asked “aren’t you feeling different in your body?” Mrs.Bala was trying to investigate if mama was already pregnant. ‘Feeling how ma?’
Mama asked. Then Mrs. Bala asked “are you pregnant?”.Mama paused for some seconds and replied with a heavy sigh. ‘Why did you sigh that way? Is anything the matter Funmi? You know you can confide in me,’ Mrs. Bala told mama. Instead of her words to explain her predicament,
her tears did it. Mama busted into tears, Mrs. Bala came close, ‘tell me my daughter was is it?’
My husband has not touched me since we got married; in fact I’m still a virgin.Mrs.Bala
screamed in amazement,’ what? She immediately controlled her emotions and began to ask
mama some questions.’
Mrs. Bala gave mama an hour lecture and prepared her to make the first move when her
husband returned back from work that night. Likeshewastaught, she prepared his favourite
meal and got him to take a cold shower after meal. Their bedroom was decorated with a nice
fragrance with the bed looking attractive. Sgt Musa thought it was as usual as he climbed the
bed to sleep then mama dragged him close to her and whispered to him “make me a woman.” In
shock and confusion, Oga was speechless. But the handwriting on mama’s face showed she
won’t take a no for an answer today. Mama did all Mrs. Bala taught her but her husband was not
responding. All her efforts didn’t yield any positive result that night. Mama went to bed still a
Life is full of irony. Here is a woman whom men had begged and forced into having sex with
them all her life begging her own husband to make love to her after several weeks of her
wedding. It was difficult for mama to explain to Mrs. Bala what transpired between herself and
her husband after the one hour lecture given to her. Her virginity she kept and fought for all her
life is now useless. The virginity she kept as a surprise gift for her husband on her wedding night
is being rejected by the man she kept it for. The same virginity that cost Bayo his life what an
irony. The price mama paid on her virginity became worthless. Her years of suffering in jail
began to cause her pain. Maybe I should have given it to those who desperately desired it’, mama thought.
What is happening to mama’s husband?
Why has he not taken the gift kept for him for many years?
What is the value of virginity to a married woman?
Let’s get more gist in the next episode….

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Episode 10*

Mama had made the most terrible mistake of her life. Her husband is an impotent man. ‘Please
cover my nakedness, I’m not a real man,’ Sgt Musa begged mama as she insisted he either make her a woman or she leaves. Mama wept all through the night. ‘Why didn’t you tell me you
are not complete before taking me to the registry?You are a wicked man, you’re self-centered
and evil.’ Mama rained insults on her impotent husband. ‘I know I have offended you my love but
please find a place in your heart to forgive me. I have never told anybody about my challenge
except my mum.’ He was on his knees all through the night begging mama.
What a trial of faith for a woman of faith. If mama is your sister what will you advice her to do
after sacrificially fighting all her life to keep her virginity for her husband? Now her husband has
no hand to take the special gift from his wife. This is a case of giving out a precious gift to a
man whose hands are amputated and giving nothing to a man whose hands are willing to
receive the gift. The case of mama and her husband was like giving meat to a toothless dog.
As a good christian what will mama do after keeping herself all these years only to marry to a
man who deceived her into marriage; an impotent man who cannot do to his wife what other
men do to their wives in their inner chamber. Should she walk away on the basis that he lied to
her or on the basis that he is an impotent man? Or she should stay with her husband and keep
trusting God for a miracle? Don’t forget mama is already 45 and approaching menopause. If she
walks away can she remarry?
Sgt Musa did not allow mama to lack anything. Before she asked, he had provided. He had a
large savings because he was the last born of his family and he had no one to cater for. His
siblings were comfortable and could take care of their aged parents without asking him for any
contribution. He gave mama a good life but she was not a fulfilled woman. The good life meant
nothing to mama without a future. Her life was more miserable than when she was in jail. The emotional trauma began to steal her joy of salvation. Mama who used to be a vibrant Christian
became lukewarm. The pride of her virginity became worthless and useless. Mama’s life was a
summary of calamities in calamities.
Will mama backslide?
Will she walkaway?
Will she stay by her husband?
What is her hope in this marriage?
Who did mama offended? Why is she always entering into trouble?
Why did God allow her marry an impotent man after years of right standing?
Many unanswered questions
Are you guys feeling the story at all?#Ola

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Episode 11*

Mama being a woman of faith accepted her fate in good faith. The first year of her marriage
was characterized with constant quarrels and fight. What will you do for a woman who waited

for the right man for over 40years that will make her happy without her feeling the man as a woman? Those who says sex is not important in marriage should ask mama what she went
through being in a sexless marriage from day one of her marriage. Her hope of raising godly
seeds became an unfulfilled dream. Who will make her pregnant when her husband is impotent?
Will mama commit adultery to have her own children? I’m mama’s daughter yet my mother is a
From mama’s story I realized everybody must not have a normal destiny. What is normal is
defined by your understanding of life. In life, some run their race using legs, some bicycle, some
use motorcycle; others use car and some use aircraft. Those who use legs and those who use
aircraft will all arrive at their destinations at the time appointed by God. Somepeople’s
destinations are very far hence they need an aircraft while for some; it’s just a stone throw that requires their legs to get there. It may seem as if the man on the aircraft is enjoying more than
the man trekking but what is important to heaven is whether they both reach their destination or
not. Mama’s life’s journey was tough and rough but I must confess she reached her destination.
In life, it is needless comparing your life’s journey with others. Mama moved on. Her lack of

education posed a big challenge to her destiny but thank God for an angel like Mrs. Bala who
found a treasure in mama and decided to believe in her. No matter how much you are hated or
rejected, destiny will always position someone to believe in you, that person was Mrs. Bala. She
pushed mama until the best came out of her; mama became a blessing to her generation. Many
people have everything they want in life but they are never fulfilled. Mama was far from getting
all she wanted but her contributions to human development gave her a fulfillment money and
material things could not give her. Her faith became stronger again; her love for her husband
was restored back in spite of him being impotent and life began to have meaning again. Mama
drew strength from God daily; her busy schedules made her forget her sorrows by the day. God
in his infinite mercy and grace gave mama unusual strength from the inside. She worked closely
with Mrs. Bala allthrough.
On the 23rd of July 1995, the police invited Mrs. Bala and her team to evacuate a baby
abandoned by the roadside by an unknown mother. Mama was there when the police officer

called her office. ‘Mrs. Musa, I have an emergency I must attend to now, Mrs. Bala told mama.
Why can’t I go with you?’ Mama asked Mrs. Bala. ‘Of course if you are willing we can go together. They quickly jumped into Mrs. Bala’s official Peugeot 504 and zoomed off.
It was a beautiful baby girl. Mama on seeing the way the baby was exposed to the cold couldn’t
hold back her tears. Her tears moved everyone around to tears. Mama’s tears were tears of a childless woman who needed a child desperately, having seen another woman throwaway such a precious gift in this manner. She wept bitterly. No one in the company knew why mama’s tears
was that bitter except Mrs. Bala. Life was an irony indeed.
Let’s go to the next episode…..

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Episode 13*
The child that was adopted in 1995 is a first class material, a qualified surgeon from the prestigious Oxford university. The stone that the builder rejected has become chief cornerstone. Those who thought their children were first class citizens have some of their
children roaming the streets of Lagos while Hauwa Musa is bringing glory to the name of her
family all over the world. Hauwa Musa had no permanent job because no hospital or any organization could afford her. She is currently a consultant with about fifteen world class clinics
and teaching hospitals. Her monthly income is in thousands of dollars.
When a man is poor, he looks for his family members but when he is successful, his family
members look for him. Who would have believed my mother’s people from Adale village could
still look for her? Everyone wants to be associated with success. God had put a smile on my
mother again. As young as am, I am a multi-millionaire within one year of my being active in my
field. It’s true that “the race is not for the swift nor the battle for the strong”.
Like mama promised to make her mother proud, I promised I will make my mother proud too.
My greatest pain today is that daddy did not wait to eat the fruit of his labour. He died a year
before my graduation from the University. May his soul rest in perfect peace. Mama together
with Dad gave me the best in life. They went into many things to train me as a medical doctor.
When my dad died, many army officers came around to help but they were not genuine, they
wanted something in return. As big as daddy’s gratuity was, mama lavished it on my education.
She didn’t buy even a plot of land from it. Mama has a golden heart. She went to bed many
nights without dinner yet she ensured I lacked nothing.
Mama is over seventy, yet she is still a virgin. All her life she never knew a man. I’m proud of my
mother. There is no sacrifice that will go unrewarded. Today mama is resting in the States
where everything is available for her. All she does now is to pray, eat, sleep, study and have fun.
If you want to see a fulfilled woman, visit my mum in Atlanta Georgia. Even at her age she still
looks fresh and her beautiful is still traceable. Poverty makes people grow old but peace of
mind and money make them younger. Mama is looking younger everyday.
The joy of all these is that mama is an epitome of a virtuous woman. A Christian without a
blemish. Mama is awaiting rapture and if God prolongs her life, her enjoyment will continue in eternity.
I’m Miss Hauwa Musa, the narrator of *MY MOTHER IS A VIRGIN.* I decided to share mama’s
story for mothers out there who are sold out in sacrifice for their children, your day of reward is
coming. I encourage girls out there who are still virgins not to be deceived by the wayward girls
who think virginity is nothing, keep your virginity and you will be proud of yourself one day.
Thank you for reading. If you are not born again, this story should teach you that only God can make anyone great,
surrender your life to Him today and you will not regret your decision.

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