[STORY] My mother is a virgin (episode 1-12)

EPISODE ONE* This story is dedicated to all mothers out there with golden hearts. As I grew up, I saw many people writing tributes about their mothers and some claimed their mothers as the best in the world. I will not dispute or debate their claims until they meet my mum, Mrs. Funmilayo Akerele Musa. My mum was from Ikare Akoko in Ondo state Nigeria. She is half-literate because she dropped out of school at a tender age when her school principal wanted to have canal knowledge of her in order to help her pay for WAEC fees as her father was unable to pay. My mum didn’t think twice before rejecting the offer. Her virginity meant a lot to her and she was willing to forgo her education just to keep it. Her suffering began in earnest when she eventually lost her dad to the cold hand of diabetes an ailment he couldn’t manage due to poverty. It’s effect in the life of my mum could be likened to a village market signboard. It was always a taboo to be deflowered before marriage in their clan. Any lady found to be intact, the reverse was the case if any was found to have known a man before her wedding night; she will be made to face public ridicule at the village square where all the village maidens will be gathered to make mockery of her. Also, her father will be made to return the bride price paid by her husband in seven folds. She will be kept in the king’s cell for twenty one days without food but only water. If her husband still loves her after twenty one days, he will accept her as his wife, if not that was the end of the marriage. My mum had vowed never to giveaway her virginity to any man but her husband. A decision that was very difficult to stand by due to her beauty and the level of poverty in her family. Resisting sexual advances from men was the biggest challenge of her life. The mouth watering offers from men were temptations that only a strong and determined woman could resist. You may also be wondering how my mother was able to keep her virginity even after having me. That’s the mystery I want to unravel in this story I want to use my mother’s story to tell the world that it is still possible to find women whose virginity means a lot more to them than material things. The level of moral decadence in our society may be on the increase, but there are still ladies who still hold unto dignity. My mother is a virgin. Ladies who sleep around because life is difficult for them should read my mother’s story. All dogs can eat faeces, but not all dog eat faeces

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