[STORY] my life as a sex slave (Episode 1-20)

Note that this story is Rated ??

??‍♀️Gloria’s pov??‍♀️

It was a cold morning, the biting cold, the noise coming from the living room, the horrible smell of alcohol.

It was Robert the young billionaire my dad had borrowed money for his gambling from.

If I had known I wouldn’t have interfered in their discussion.

It was a discussion between him and my mother, he wanted his money back but, my father a coward that he is ran for his life and left my mother with the whole burden.
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His glare were all over me the moment he sighted me, and so I became a collateral exchange for my father’s debt.

The moment I set my foot in his house, I knew I would be a sex slave forever.

And this is my story.


Two years later.

Here we go again, not that he wasn’t good to me on bed, he is, but the way he treats me makes me want more.

Weird right? All against my will but I still end up wanting more of him not his fault though.

His d*ck feels so d–n good when in me.

As usual, Robert came in the night with his d*ck as hard as a rock, I knew the moment he entered what was next.

He forced me on the bed ripping off my clothes, he smiled as he does so.

Not because he feels himself but because he knows I have a great body and a lovely face.

He smiled and s*cked my boobs so hard that I was clenching my fist so hard on the bedsheets.

I hate him, I really do, but I have no other choice.

His teeth was holding my nipples lightly that it really made me moan, I hate myself for this but what can I do?

It is sex after all, my body reacts to his touch as my cl*t get swollen and my entire body wanting more even though I want none of this.

He adjusted my body to a position that made him have easy access to my p***y he tore off my clothes but not my panties.

He then licked my p***y with my panties on, my whole body ached for more even though I hate this, he licked my cl*t slowly and teasingly.

He licked it on and on till he was satisfied, I reached a state of o—-m twice.

He seems fulfilled and forced his d**k down my throat I was choking, he didn’t care and continued.

He enjoyed it but not me, I would have bit his d**k but I can’t, I have no choice here, he continued aggressively as he rubs my b**bs.

He then slowly inserted his d*ck in my ass, I felt a sharp pain in me, this is my first time with the other hole, I couldn’t hold it, but the pain, the pleasure is there but the pain is exceeding the pleasure.

I begged him to stop but he wouldn’t, not that he has ever listened to my pleas.

He continued f*cking my ass harder till I broke down in tears telling him to stop.

When I started crying he stopped and told me my cry makes him want more then he went inside again harder and faster.

After ten minutes of continuous ass f—–g, he stopped and burst his c-m all over my body, I felt relieved thinking it was over little did I know he just began.

He then tied my hands together, spreads my leg wide open and tied each legs to the ends of the bed.

“This was not necessary.” I said to him, he told me with a wicked smile all over his face that he wants to test the limit of my p***y without me fighting back.

He then inserted his d*ck in my p***y with his d*ck deep in my p***y he continued and continued till I climaxed again.

He got off me and smirk at me devilishly.

“Be prepared next time, I won’t go easy on you.” He muttered and left me in the room.

My eyes became teary and I couldn’t stop crying.

His words irritated me and makes me hate him more at that moment.

He won’t go easy on me? When has he ever went easy on me?.

And this was all his fault, my dad’s fault, for 2 years straight have been Robert’s sex slave he took my virginity and f**ks me with no remorse.

“Gloria, are you ok?” Bianca said barging in.

“Am fine.” I replied as I covered myself up.

“He has done it again?” She asked giving an expression of compassion.

Bianca has been a maid of Robert she has served him for years but he never touched her, just me.

She is light skinned with a curvy and perfect shape not like mine though.

She has been my friend ever since and she’s been so nice.

“Yes, but not anymore.” I replied Bianca.

“Anymore?” She asked confused with my statement.

“Yes, not anymore, because I will be escaping this goddamn place.” I replied giving her a grim face.

“Escape? You know there’s no escaping.” She said.

“I know but I have a plan, an escape plan, and I will need your help.” I replied and she looked at me with surprise.

And yes, I will escape this place, this hell.

I can’t be his sex slave forever

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Chapter 2 {Caged}?

Note, this story is Rated ??

??‍♀️Gloria’s pov??‍♀️

“What is your plan.” Bianca asked touching my hands and with a look of concern.

“It’s simple, am going to escape this hellish place tomorrow night, all I need is for you to sprinkle this into his food tomorrow night.” I responded bringing out a sleeping portion.

“What’s this?” Bianca asked me suspiciously.

“It’s a sleeping portion, just add a little into his food.” I said and gave it to her.

“And you sure this is going to work, what about his bodyguards?” Bianca asked and shifted close to me.

“That’s right, you just sprinkle it on their food too and when they are fast asleep I will sneak out of the house.” I responded and she nodded in agreement.

“I strongly hope this works.” Bianca said and left.

I really hope it does, am tired of this hellish life, he’s a monster.

??‍?Robert’s pov??‍?

My glares were strongly fixed on Gloria as she climbed down the stairs.

Those beautiful bo*bs, pointing straight, her sexy flat tummy which always makes me get lost when I stares at her.

I couldn’t stop looking at her big fat a*s as she swayed past me.

“Won’t you greet me morning.” I said which stopped her halfway.

“Morning.” She replied coldly and sits on the chair.

The moment she sat on the chair with her legs crossed I couldn’t stop thinking about how to go into her as her beautiful thighs were calling me.

“Let’s have breakfast together.” I suggested trying to be nice but she ignored me as her gaze were fixed on the TV.

“Am talking to you, Gloria!” I yelled and she flinched.

“Stop shouting at me!” She yelled back which surprised me.

As she started growing wings? How dare she talk back to me.

I approached her and gripped her by her hair with just enough force to slightly hurt her.

“Come here b—h, I own you, how dare you talk back to me.” I said aggressively and she groaned struggling to move away from my grip.

I dragged her to the dining room and forced her on the table with her ass towards me.

“Leave me alone.” She said while struggling and I gave her a resounding slap which got her on the ground weakly.

I forced her up and got her back in her former position.

“Don’t you ever shout back at me!” I threatened her and strip off her short.

Her beautiful ass naked and my hard d*ck ready for work.

I spanked her ass hard, repeatedly which made her cry out.

I don’t know why but I feel one great joy when she cries whenever I f**k her.

“Cry b—h! cry!” I shouted at her and kept spanking her ass as it jiggles in rhythm.

“Hun, I hate you!!” She shouted and it makes me feel superior in some ways.

“You say what?!” I shouted.

“I hate you bastard!” She cries again.

I grabbed her ass and kept spanking her with no remorse as she kept crying.

I love the way it was shaking in my hands and it makes me want more.

I inserted my d**k into her ass going deep into her.

“Yes, yes.” I groaned as I kept f**king her ass harder and even more harder.

I reached for her b**bs and squeezed it into my hands.

“I.. own… You… B—h!” I said stopping at each intervals.

After minutes of ass f—–g I pulled out of her, got dressed and head to the office.

This is just a little display of how am gonna f**k her tonight.

Tonight will be so bad and she won’t be able to walk.

I thought and couldn’t stop smirking

I don’t know how nor why but I just love f**king her.

I got to the office and started the days work when a thought struck me.

Am I not being too aggressive to her? Does she really deserves the treatment I give her? These thoughts keeps coming back but I shake it off.

It dosent matter anyway, as long as I can keep f*cking her.

After work I head straight home hoping for more f**king.

I got home, shower and changed into some comfy dress.

I remain sitted in my dinning room awaiting dinner when Bianca exited the kitchen in some revealing dresses which exposed her nipples.

I took a second glance at her and ignored her.

She may be tempting to some but not to me.

She served the food and jiggled her ass in her extremely tight short, but suddenly she stopped halfway and walked towards me sexily.

“I will advise you not to eat that food.” She said and it stopped me.

“Why?” I asked giving her a stern look.

“Well, well, what if I told you Gloria poisoned that food.” She replied and bit her lower lips.

“What?!” I exclaimed, “she poisoned the food?” I asked as my face broadened.

You have got to be Kidding me!

She poisoned the food? This is just the beginning, am going to double my treatment to her for this audacity

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She asked me to poison your food, so she could escape in the middle of the night.”

I said and he rose up burning in anger.

“Where are you going to?” I asked which stopped him halfway.

“Am going to teach that b—h some lessons” he replied and it made me feel happy.

It’s all have ever wanted, him being cruel to Gloria.

Have been serving him for years now but he’s never looked my way.

It was all Gloria, when there’s nothing attractive about her.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” I suggested and approached him seductively.

“Why don’t you go along with her plan and catch her in the deeds, I mean when she wants to sneak out of the house.” I said drawing some patterns on his chest.

“That’s a good idea.” He replied and paused staring into my eyes.

I think this is it, I should make my move now.

I slowly reached for his d*ck which was under the covers and gently give it a little squeeze as it arouse in my hand.

He turned to me looking into my eyes and I slowly bit his lower lips with him just standing, stunned by my actions.

“What If we take this to the bedroom.” I suggested and he scoffed.

“I must confess you are really good looking and attractive, but you are just not my type, you don’t have what I want.” He said leaving me astounded and jerk me off him.

You just wait Robert, I will definitely get laid by you one day.

??‍♀️Gloria’s pov??‍♀️

I was ready, have packed my things and ready to leave, seems like my plan worked well, I checked Robert in his room only to find him on his bed with his eyes closed.
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I can’t believe this, am finally going to leave this hellish life.

Am going to forget this monster and settle for a good life have always dreamed of.

Although I have nowhere to return to, no one that missed me am just happy that I will finally leave this place.

I can’t go back to my parents because I despise them for what they did and also because he might get me back if I do.

Those were my thoughts, I thought I would be free.

I sluggishly and silently moved my things as I head towards the door.

I reached for the handle to get the door opened when a voice stopped me from behind.

Oh my God! That’s Robert voice am doomed.

“Where do you think you are going to?” He asked with his husky voice as I slowly turned back to see him looking at me with great malice.

“Robert.” I whimpered softly as I was trembling in fear.

“So it’s true, you are really planning to leave me, how could you? When I give you everything you need, or have you forgotten you are mine? You go nowhere, you belong to me forever!” He yelled which sent shivers all over my body.

How come he knows about this?

He approached me and gripped me by my hair aggressively.

“Robert, please stop.” I begged him but he wouldn’t stop as he dragged me into his bedroom and shut the door.

“Now, you are mine forever, every night don’t make me call for you before you come to my room.” He yelled and unbuckled his belt.

I knew what comes next as he did that, and that’s s*x.

??‍?Robert’s pov??‍?

I gripped her hair dragging her body and pushed her on the bed.

How could she? How dare she betray me when have never did her any wrong.

I got on her and struggle to tear her top open as she acts difficult.

“Will you stay still?” I shouted and she pushed me down to the bed trying to make an escape.

She ran towards the door trying to get it opened.

“Don’t you get it yet, you go nowhere you are mine.” I said and dragged her back to the bed.

“Leave me alone you monster.” She cursed while struggling.

I tore her clothes open with her beautiful b**bs ready for me devour.

Her b**bs, I really love it. I licked my upper lips and pinned her hands on the bed.

I bit her nipples in my mouth lightly and devoured it roughly.

I s—-d it real hard as she moaned out crying.

“Just leave me alone you bastard, just let me go you monster.” She cried whimpering which got me annoyed.

How dare she call me a monster when have only treated her right.

I stopped s—–g her b**bs and gave her a strong slap on her face.

She fell weakly on the bed and blood spilled from her lower lips.

“You said am a monster? Am a monster? right let me show you what real monsters do.” I spatted to her face angrily while holding her by the neck.

I roughly strip down her trouser leaving her with only her panties.

She laid down on the bed weakly while I did all this.

She should be honest to herself, she enjoys what I give her, she’s a b—h for pretending.

I tore her pants away with my teeth and went for her cl*t. I licked it and s—-d on it with my lips which makes me mega aroused.

She winced in pains as I did this and it makes me f*cking happy.

This is just a start, I kept eating her up with no remorse till she finally gets so wet.

Afterwards I t—-t my d*ck into her mouth forcefully making sure it’s touching her throats.

At that moment I just want to hear her cry and moan so I went into her throat faster deep f*cking her through her mouths.

I don’t care what she goes through as long as she can satisfy my sexual urge, that’s all that matters.

I kept going in and out of her mouth and slap her succulent br**st.

This should be enough I thought and pulled out of her mouth.

I looked at her face and could see it was all teary but I cared less.

I turned her ass over and bite it into my mouth.

“Hmm…. Lovely ass.” I said and spanked her ass hard. “You said am a monster, let’s see.” I said and penetrates into her with my d**k.

I kept going in and out of her p***y fast spanking her ass frequently.

“Hun…..” I groaned sliding into her ass so fast. “Tell me you love me.” I ordered and spanked her ass again.

“I hate you monster.” She shouts back.

Her response makes me go more further and faster as I kept groaning out loud.

She bursted into tears and start crying.

“Please just let me go.” She cried but it was effortless.

I kept going into her which fills me up with great ecstasy.

“Do you love me?!” I asked with a louder voice but no reply.

I then turned her over and raised her legs up with my face directly facing her p—y.

I rubbed my d*ck so roughly on it and entered into her, f*cking her with so much effort.

I wasn’t going to stop until she tells me she loves me.

I pulled her waist closer and kept s——g her fast with her b**bs bouncing.

“Please stop.” She said weakly, I looked at her face and noticed she’s about to pass out.

I quickly pulled out of her, but it was too late as her eyes gently went off closed.

Oh my God! What have I done?

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Chapter 4 {An escape, A deal}?

Note this story is Rated ??

??‍♀️Gloria’s pov??‍♀️

When I regained consciousness I was in the hospital.

With every part of my body aching.

I sat upright on the hospital bed and tears fell down my face.

What have I done to deserve this? Why me?

He dosen’t care, I don’t matter, why all this bad treatments.

But, this seems to be the perfect time for me to escape.

I looked around the room and no one was with me.

This is it, Gloria wisen up. I tore off the drip tube which was in my hand.

It was a bit painful yes, but it’s nothing compared to what I’ve gone through from that animal.

I slowly walked towards the door as my feet and my thighs were in pain.

Gloria be smart! You need to do this right.

I reached for the door knob and silently opened the door, fortunately no one was at the entrance.

No bodyguard at all, this is it Gloria, I took to my heels and started running, I felt a surge of pain all over my body but that doesn’t matter as long as I can escape this hell.

“Ma’am where are you going to?” One of the nurses asked but I ignored her and kept running as fast as I could.

Finally, I was able to make my way out of the hospital and kept running to anywhere my feet could get me.

I have no one, no family but myself and of course Bianca.

I need to let her know about this, she’s the only one that can help me.

??‍? Robert’s pov ??‍?

While rushing her to the hospital all my thoughts were centred on how to save her and plead for forgiveness.

I know I wronged her but she caused it she got me angry.

When I have never done any wrong towards her.

We arrived at the hospital and was taken in for medical care.

Thankfully she was saved by the doctors and it calm my worries.

I returned back home the next morning to prepare for work.

I just couldn’t stop thinking about her, I just wish she doesn’t hate me for this.

I strongly hope so.

I entered my room only to find Bianca lieing on my bed seductively.

Her brown skinned body so tempting and beautiful.

Her bright smile so captivating.

My jaw dropped at the sight of her body.

She bit her lower lip and winked at me.

My body couldn’t help but to respond to her calling.

I started moving slowly as she used her hands to signal to me to come closer.

This is really tempting I thought, she silently chuckled maybe by my actions.

I moved closer to the bed and she spread her legs wider with her p***y visible enough for me to see.

My body can’t resist this temptation.

I climbed on the bed and slowly crawled on her.

“Hmm… I thought am not your type.” She said sweetly.

“You really are so tempting.” I said while glaring at her face. She giggled and went for my button, I stopped her midway and moved my face closer to her’s.

“You are really good looking but what can I do, I really want to be inside you with what I’ve seen but, funny enough the only person I can think of is Gloria, you are not my type b*tch!” I yelled at her and she gave me a look of spite.


“No buts, out of my bedroom now.” I shouted stopping her from talking.

“Am sorry.” She said and rushed down from my bed and ran out.

This is so funny, I thought women are supposed to help women but how come they are always against each other.

Her fellow woman is in hospital and this is all she can do.

I really hate her, I despise every of her actions.

Later that day I decided to visit Gloria at the hospital but to my surprise all I could hear from the doctors were that she ran away.

“She ran away?” I asked one of the doctors confused.

“Yes sir, we are really sorry ” he responded which got me annoyed.

“You are sorry? You are sorry, just know that if I can’t find her you will all pay.” I threatened and exit the hospital extremely grilled.

I got into my car thinking about why Gloria would leave me.

But, all the thought just keeps getting me angry.

I couldn’t stop beating my car steering repeatedly.

Why would she leave me? When I brought her out of poverty and sufferings.

This is so unfair.

I drove back to my house and met Bianca sitting with one leg over the other.

The look on her face, the smirk shows she has something to tell me.

“You are back?” She asked.

“Am back, so?” I asked with a shrug.

“What about Gloria?” She questioned and I ignored her heading towards my bedroom.

“What if I told you I know where she is.” She said which got my attention.

“What did you just say?” I asked turning back to her.

“Well, she called me some minutes ago telling me to meet her at a particular place.”

“Where’s she.” I replied in haste.

“Well, I will tell you if only you can meet my demands.” She said and stood up.

“What are you demands?” I asked and gave her a stern look.

What could she possibly want.

“I want you, I want to be your wife, Gloria can be your s*x slave for all I care, all I want is to be your wife.” She said which surprised me.

This is funny, she wants to be my wife?

Robert, I think it’s time to play the game right.

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Note this story is Rated ??

??‍♀️ Bianca’s pov ??‍♀️

To some I may be the bad guy but am just doing what’s needed to survive.

Right after Robert left the house I got a call from an unknown number.

I don’t pick unknown number so I didn’t pick it but after several calls I decided to pick it.

? Hello* I said picking up the call.

? Bianca* a familiar voice said and I remembered who it was in an instant.

? Gloria, is that you?* I asked surprised by the fact that she called me and how was she able to get a phone in the hospital.

?Yes it’s me, Bianca I need your help.* She replied which got me confused.

I thought she’s in the hospital.

?Where are you Gloria?” I asked acting concerned.

?I just escape from the hospital, I need your help, I will text my location with this number.* She said and hung up.

She escaped from the hospital? How?

Seconds later my phone buzzed and it was a message with information about her location.

I smirked as I cooked up a plan

I can have everything have ever wanted.

Game on!

??‍?Robert’s pov??‍?

“So, what do you think? Do we have a deal?” Bianca said and I scoffed.

“You want to be my wife? Are you sure you can handle that?” I asked as a little smile creeped at the edge of my face.

“Have been through worse, being your wife is just me been in my wonderland.” She replied and I knew what she really wants.

She wants my money, she wants to live that rich life.

This should be fun, she’s just so different from Gloria.

“We have a deal, you will be my wife.” I replied and she gave an appealing smile.

“So shall we?” She asked and approached me.

“Of course let’s go.” I answered.

Gloria, am coming for you.

??‍♀️Gloria’s pov??‍♀️

I waited bare footed on one side of the road.

I just hope Bianca gets here quickly am about to freeze to death.

I cuddled my own body as I shiver because of the cold.

I had no shoes on, the clothe is too soft and it makes me more cold.

But, all that doesn’t matter, I will finally be free from this monster, a cold hearted beast.

Or so I thought.

The lights from a car parked a few feets away blocked my sight and I couldn’t see.

But, I could recognise the devil anywhere, any place.

It was Robert, oh my God! What’s he doing here?

I slowly stood to my feet as I shivered in fears.

I stood frozen to a spot as he approached me with a devilish smile.

“Gloria, where exactly do you think you are going? You think you can leave me?!” He shouted at me which followed with a slap that got me on the floor.

“Robert am sorry.” I begged as drops of tears fell from my face.

How did he know I was here? Did Bianca betray me? Was it all her?

I thought but those thoughts faded away as I was dragged inside the car aggressively.

“Let’s go back home baby.” Robert whispered into my ears.

Now, am back to the devil, I know my life will know more torment than before.

His guard drove us into the compound and he dragged me effortlessly into the house.

We made our entrance into the living room and I saw Bianca sitting comfortably on the chair.

“Thank you.” He said to Bianca as he dragged me away, I gave her a spiteful look as an ocean of tears gathered in my eyes.

She stared at us with a smirk and then I realized it was all her.

She betrayed me, when have always trusted her.

He pushed me down on his bed and locked the door.

“Please leave me alone, just leave me, I nearly die..” he slapped me hard which weaken me.

“You think you can just leave me?!” He shouted and took off his belt.

And with that I knew what he was going to do next.

This is all Bianca’s fault, she betrayed me, why would she? What does she gain from this.

He pinned my hands on the bed as usual and placed his lips on my body trying force his ways in me.

No, this has to stop, have had enough of his cruelty.

I would rather die than to be on his bed again.

I tried kicking him off but it seems effortless as none of my struggles worked.

He tore my clothes off and got me naked, I have no power here, am weak and cold my whole body aching but he seems not to care.

He caressed my breast and bit each of my nipples in his mouth roughly.

I couldn’t help but to cry, this is hell, afterwards his hands reached for p***y as he fingered me vigorously.

And while he did all this, all I could think of was death, I should just die rather than to face this unfair treatment.

“You hate me right?” He asked and stopped fingering me.

“I want to kill you.” I said with a loathful look and he got off me.

“Am sorry for what I did just now but I had to because of your friends out there.” He said which confused me.

“What do you mean?” I asked and adjusted myself.

“You must have figured it out already, she betrayed you.” He replied and my face broadened with shock. “Infact, she has been the one telling me every of your moves only because she wants to be my wife.” He added which made my jaw drop in disbelief.

What did I do wrong to her, what have I done to deserve this.

“Why?” I asked slowly and silently. “Why are you telling me this?” I asked and he scoffed.

“Because I want you to know how bad this world is, you think am the bad guy, yes, to you I am, to some am not, tell me, what do you even expect of that outside world? Am sure you won’t last a week.” He said and gave a brief pause. “How about a deal?” He asked which got my attention.

“What deal?” I asked curiously.

“I will show you the real world, give you half of my asset, trample on anyone who betrays you like Bianca.” He answered and I know there’s more to that, there’s definitely something he wants.

“And what would you get in return?” I asked and he scoffed, he moved his face closer and said.

“You will be mine forever and ever.” I knew it was that, but he’s right this world is not fair and there are people more worse in the outside world.

Will I survive?

“Are you telling me to sell my soul to the devil?” I asked and he smiled.

“Whatever you call it.” He replied rubbing his hands together.

But, the question still remains should I?

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Chapter 6 {More than a deal} ?

Note this story is Rated ??

??‍♀️Gloria’s pov??‍♀️

“Let me think about it.” I answered after what seem like a hour long silence but, was only a couple minutes.

“If you want to think about it fine, but just know I will be waiting and escaping me is impossible, know that you are what I want, have you ever thought about it? What if this is more than sex.” He said and I moved my head slowly towards the side. He smirked and left the room.

More than sex? What exactly does he mean by that word.

He’s a monster who has never for once treated me right.

I buried my head into my palms trying to find a solution to this conundrum.

He is actually right, the world is not a bed of roses, the only person I trusted in this world.

The only person I considered family, she betrayed me without a second thought.

And escaping from him doesn’t mean am free forever, a weak girl like me is just a prey to the powerful ones.

Gloria, this is it, I need this deal to gain power, become stronger and show the world am not weak, I need this deal to make my parents regret ever leaving me.

I need this deal to pay back Bianca, of course Bianca.

The next morning, I saw him leave for work after he finished his breakfast.

His words keep repeating itself in my mind.

‘what if this is more than sex’ I shook my head trying to forget those words.

If it’s not sex then what is it?

Am sure those words are just to get me into saying yes.

And Bianca’s words will determine if am gonna say yes.

Since last night she has been doing her possible best to ignore me.

I know she did me wrong but I must at least know her reasons.

“Let’s talk.” I said blocking her from passing.

She gave me a frown and started this ridiculous laugh which kinda makes her seems different from the Bianca I know.

“You want us to talk? Talk about what exactly?” She asked and tapped me annoyingly on my shoulder.

“Talk about why you betrayed me.” I replied hoping for a convincing answer.

“I betrayed you? How exactly?” She said and shrugged. “I just did what’s needed to survive.” She replied and pushed me out of the way.

I held her hand stopping her from leaving and she jerked it off.

“Will you leave me alone you witch, do you know how much have longed for this day, do you know for how long have hated you.” She said and a drop of tear fell off my face.

“Why? What did I do to deserve this?” I asked and she scoffed.

“Deserve? You don’t understand this is not about what you deserve but rather how to survive, I was an orphan and I grew up by myself, eating, schooling I had to learn that in the hardest way.” She said and after a brief pause she continued.

“I had to survive in the hardest way, and that was how Robert employed me as his maid, and I thought this is better than the street life I was living, but, right after that he brought you in and for once he never looked my side but yours.” She added angrily.

“So? Do you even know what I pass through at night in those rooms.” I questioned her and she scoffed again.

“Does that matter? Infact that’s what I hate most, what’s so special about you, he never asked me for sex when am ready to give him my body freely, and you just wait because your end is near I will be his wife soon and you shall know and see more hell in this house.” She said in a harsh tone and left.

Robert was right, this world is cruel, I need power, I will make her pay and Robert shall be my stepping stone.

I walked into my bedroom and got myself naked, I looked at myself in the mirror staring at my boobs and my flat tummy.

Gloria, let’s do this.

*Later at night*

I sat on a chair and spread my legs wide.

I used my shaving stick and shaved my p—y area neatly.

I took my bath and cleaned myself up, it’s been a while since have done any make-up.

I applied a little make-up and got dressed in a mini black gown which was made from cotton.

The gown was transparent and one can see my body effortlessly.

I picked my white heels which made me look more classy with the clothes and I packed my hair up.

I walked slowly and seductively towards Roberts room and I opened it wide revealing Robert on his bed naked.

Seems he has been expecting this, he knew I would say yes.

“You said you will give me half of your assets right?” I asked and he smirked.

“The documents are over their? It shows you’ll own half of my assets.”

“Good, I agree to the deal, I will be yours forever and don’t ever treat me like trash ever again, Bianca too let her stay don’t do anything to her, I will handle her myself.” I said and he nodded in agreement.

“I agree can you come here now, have been waiting for you.” He said with a leer which disgusted me a bit.

I crawled on the bed and slowly reach for his d*ck.

I held it in my hands and stare at it for a while.

Am really doing this.

I engulfed his bulbous head with my mouth, sheathing it in my mouth with each of my strokes.

I held it tight and kept sliding it in and out of my mouth slowly, I flickered the top teasingly with my tongue, attracting a moan from him.

He changed his body language which shows he was enjoying every part of it.

I touched his s—t and gave it a little squeeze.

“Gloria, you are so good.” He said but I don’t care, all I could think about was how my life is going to change.

I kept s—–g him till he released his c-m on my face.

I looked at him irritated and he turned me over to the bed.

He caressed my hair and look me in the eyes with a look of sincerity.

He stared into my eyes for a while as he rubs my hair repeatedly and he slowly went for my lips.

He locked his lips on mine which feels a bit strange.

He has never kissed me, it was just s*x, what’s made him different.

He kept kissing me affectionately which makes me have some feelings of discomfort.

I pushed him back stopping him from kissing me.

“Stop kissing me.” I said with a serious face.

“Why?” He asked and looked at me sexy.

“Just do what you want to do and let me go.” I replied coldly and he kept staring into my eyes.

“You are so pretty.” He said and kissed my neck down to my tummy and straight to my p—y.

He slightly bite my p***y and rubbed it several times.

Afterwards he inserts his hands into me fingering me affectionately.

“Oh my…” I mistakenly said and stopped trying to control myself.

He eased into me with 2 fingers and later continued with 3 which got me f*cking wet.

I felt a great ecstasy which makes me wants for more.

Tonight is different, this night is totally different.

He kissed me, he complimented me and this s*x is turning out to be different from others.

I moved up my hips as he continued fingering me, my breath became heavy and tensed and I couldn’t help but to moan.

He stopped fingering me and then inserts his d*ck into my p***y.

He stared into my eyes and kept riding me as he smiled brightly, sincerely almost lovingly

It first started slowly but he increased his pace as he became intense.

“Oh… Gloria.” He moaned with his eyes closed.

To be honest, this s*x turned out to be different and sweet, he kept pummeling into me and my body ached for more.

After minutes of fast f*cking, he pulled out of me and gave me a back hug.

He cuddle me hugging me tight.

This is surprising, what’s Robert planning this time.

“Gloria.” He called and I kept my silence. “I know I was wrong, my actions were wrong but, what if we get married, be my wife.”

Now, that’s way over the line.

Marriage? His wife? I should have known this is more than a deal.

And it’s definitely a NO!. For more interesting stories kindly join MarbleJ amazing story library


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Robert’s pov??‍?

“What did you just say?” She asked and quickly disengaged from the hug.

“I said be my wife, let’s get married.” He replied in a serious tone.

“Are you kidding me?” She said burning in fury. “You want me to be your wife? Well, let me tell you that’s the last thing on earth I wanna be.” She replied and walks out of the room.

Yes, I was expecting that, but it won’t stop me.

Why does she thinks I suggested that deal in the first place.

Of course she’s mine and she has no choice but to take the deal.

The real plan is to make her mine forever and it’s only possible if she agrees to be my wife.

“Gloria!” I called her in the hallway which stopped her.

“What?” She spatted angrily.

“Why don’t you just think about it? Am serious” I said hoping she would succumb to my demands.

“F–k you!” She gnarled.

Why is she being so difficult, why is she talking to me that way.

“Gloria, will you lower your voice? you are talking to me.” I shouted at her and she flinched.

“I can agree to be your s*x slave but I can never be your wife, never, you this mad beast.” She said infuriated.

She’s really getting on my nerves, I felt this urge to slap her but I controlled myself keeping my calm.

She hissed at me and left for her room.

This is going to be hard guess I’ll need a plan.

She’s my s*x slave, yes, but we can be so much more.

The next day I got dressed heading out as I have cooked up a perfect plan.

“Robert!” Bianca called from behind me.

“What?” I asked coldly.

“What about our deal?” She asked grumpy.

“What deal?” I asked while shrugging.

“You said you will make me your wife?” She retorted.

“Ohh… That, do you think I was honest about that?”

“What?” She asked.

“Bianca, I can never touch you not to talk of marriage, just know the only reason you are still here is because of Gloria, and I appreciate your help so far.” I winked at her and leave.

Hmm, so funny she actually thinks I will make her my wife.

Thanks to her, I can have Gloria forever.

??‍♀️Gloria’s pov??‍

Is he being serious now? Is he kidding me?

After how many years of slavery, he wants me to be his wife?

He’s got to be kidding me, it’s a NO.

The next morning came, I got off the bed yawning and got into my bathtub.

“Today should be a good day.” I muttered to myself.

I have a document which claims my ownership to half of his assets.

I can have my own life.

I finished bathing and got dressed in a red mini gown with no sleeves at all.

I combed my hair down thinking about what he said last night and Bianca’s action too.

I can’t seems to forget any of her words.

I never thought she would betray me.

And now Robert wants me to be his wife.

“You this witch.” Bianca barged in and slapped me on the face.

“Are you crazy?” I asked holding my cheek.

“I made a mistake, I was a fool to have told him where you were, I should have let you stray away and rot on the street.” She yelled out as I looked her in disbelief.

“I never knew you were so pathetic.”

“What?” She asked surprised to hear me say that.

“You would stoop so low because of a man who is nothing more than a monster, you are a disgrace how could you be so shameless.” I said and it was crystal clear she was raging in anger.

She raised her hand trying to slap me but I caught it midair and returned the slap on her face.

“You should be thankful to me, if not you will be back on the street where you belong by now.” I said and she scoffed.

“You just wait, both of you, he fooled me, he said I would be his wife but it was a lie, you wait and see as I make you two go through hell.” She said giving me a spiteful look.

It hurts to see my best friend saying those to me when have never harmed her.

I left her in the room and head to the living room.

The memories I had with her kept coming back and it hurts to know she was never a friend.

‘Pon, pon’ the hoot from the car quelled my roaming mind

That should be Robert, why is he here so soon.

I looked back as he comes into the room with an unidentified woman who looks wretched.

I hissed at him and concentrate on the TV.

“You would want to say hi.” Robert said pointing to the woman’s direction.

She looks dirty and wretched but I could recognize who it was in a glance.

It was my mom, my own mother.

“Mom?!” I exclaimed surprised and Robert smiled mischievously.

What exactly is he planning this time.

What exactly is Robert planning???.

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Chapter 8 {A Confession}?

??‍♀️Gloria’s pov??‍

“Gloria, Gloria, it’s you, it’s really you.” My mom called me tears streaming down her eyes.

Each of her steps towards me reminded me of my past.

How poor I was, how I ended up being a slave because my parents didn’t have enough.

And importantly, it made me realize how much have despised my parents, how much I need Robert.

This was it, this is the message he was trying to pass across.

No matter what I will always need him in my life.

I hate him but I need him.

Her dirty and weak hands touched my skin, it felt so cold.

It was so clear how much she has suffered.

“Who are you?” I asked with bitter eyes, her whole face dry and unhealthy.

“Gloria, it’s me, it’s me your mother.” She said with tears dripping down her face.

“It’s really you mother.” I cried holding her hands.

After all these years she’s back claiming to be my mother.

We were given some time alone to talk.

I hate her for what she did but, she’s my mother I can’t hate her forever.

“You have grown up beautiful” she said holding onto my hands tight.

“I have.” I replied and wiped her tears off.

“I can see he really took care of you.” She said which made me feel a sharp pain in my heart.

She doesn’t know what have been through for the past few years.

Should I despise Robert or praise him for bringing her back.

“Why are you here?” I asked curiously, the atmosphere changed cause of my question, her face became serious as if have asked her an impossible question.

“Gloria, I know I wasn’t a good mother, I know I wasn’t there for you, and am ready to be better to you.” She responded which makes me glad.

“Gloria, please marry Mr Robert.” She added and the bright smile on my face disappeared.

Was she here because of that? She wants to sell me again.

“Why did you say that?” I asked trying to quell my anger.

“He asked me to talk to you, he promised he would make us rich forever if you agreed to be his wi….”

“Stop!!!” I shouted stopping her from talking. “I thought you were actually here for me, for once I had to lie to myself that you cared but you don’t, you never did, please leave!” I shouted pointing towards the door.

“Gloria, think about this it will change our lives for good.” She replied with no ounce of dignity.

“I hate you.” I spat angrily and pushed her down.

“I hate everything about you, do you even care about how I have lived up to this moment, you are the worst, because of you every night I have never had a good sleep and now you want to torment my life forever? You want me to marry him?”

I said angrily and stood her up, I gripped her by her hand and pushed her out of my room with enough force but not enough to hurt her.

I can’t believe this, I thought she has changed.

I plopped down on my bed and buried my face on my pillow with my face all teary.

That bastard what else does he want from me?

He took my pride, f*cks me every day and now he wants to have me forever.

I won’t take this, I need to come up with a plan.

I remained on my bed sobbing as my eyeballs were all red due to the effect of my cries.

I heard my door opened and it was Bianca.

What does she wants now? Why are they all tormenting me.

“What are you doing here?” I asked coldly and she moved closer to me.

“Am not here to fight, am here to apologise, am sorry Gloria, I heard everything your mom said and it made me feel bad.” She said with a bright smile.

“I don’t know what have done to deserve this.” I replied weakly and she squatted down to my level.

“Am sorry Gloria, I should have known what you are going through, am sorry and I promise to support you.” That word made me feel assured, maybe she has realized her mistake, she was my friend and I still like her.

“Thank you Bianca, thank you.” I said and hugged her.

??‍♀️Bianca’s pov??‍♀️

I wiped off my face as I left her room and of course that was all lies.

How could she have trusted that I have changed, she really is pathetic.

I won’t change till I have what I want, I don’t know what’s bad in getting married to Robert.

Either way her actions are working to my favour.

She should turn him down till my plan is perfectly in place.

I’ll show those two hell.

I picked out my phone and called a particular number.

? Hello*

? Hi* the husky voice replied.

? Be ready it’s starting soon* I said and he laughs.

? Have always been the ready one* he replied confidently.

? Good* I replied and cut the line.

It’s time for the show.

??‍?Robert’s pov??‍?

Seems like my plan failed this time, what else can I do for her to know am serious about her.

True, I like her body and I love the sex but my heart is telling me it’s more than that.

It can be more than sex, and now nothing seems to come to mind.

I heard a knock on the door and of course it was Gloria.

She strutted in with her sexy body which I could easily see through because of the small sheer gown she was wearing.

“You bastard, how dare you involve my mother in this.” How come she’s cute when she gets angry.

She’s cute when she’s angry but I need to stop getting her angry now.

I need to treat her right.

I stood up and approached her with my hands in my pocket.

“Gloria, stop hurting me with your words.” I said trying to play sweet and her eyelash slowly blinks.

D–n! She’s f*cking hot.

“Hurting you? Am the one hurt here.” She replied in a fiery tone not minding my words.

But, all I could concentrate on was her body and her lips.

“What if I told you I don’t care about your words I just want to f–k you.” I intentionally said that to get her more pissed.

She raised her hands to slap me but I caught it midair.

My gaze slowly fell on her beautiful lips and all I could think was to kiss it.

“Am sorry Gloria, let’s stop this fight.” I said and locked my lips on hers.

She tried pushing me away punching my chest with her fragile fist.

I smiled a bit as her actions spurred me to do more, I kissed her so tight and engulfed my hands around her waist to pull her closer to me.

She continued punching till I finally released her.

“Stop kissing me.” She said and slapped me.

I felt a sharp pain in my heart, it wasn’t because she slapped me but because she said I should stop kissing her.

When all I want is to have her lips on mine.

“Why?” I asked and she laughed hysterically.

“Just in case you forgot, am your sex slave not your lover.” She replied and walked past me.

I held her wrist which stopped her from leaving.

I really wanna go into her tonight but it’s best if I make my feelings known to her now.

“What if we can be more?” I asked and she laughs again.

“You are going crazy.” She said and jerk her hand from mine.

“I love you Gloria, I love you so stop hurting me.” I finally said and she turned back and looked at me like I was crazy

But it’s the truth I love her. For more interesting stories kindly join MarbleJ amazing story library

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??‍?Robert’s pov??‍?

“What? Are you crazy?” She asked and flicked her hair in a sexy way.

“You heard me right, I love you.” I replied as my heart was racing more than usual.

Now, that I think about it I really love this girl, it was just the sex that clouded my thought.

“Ah, ah, ah.” She laughed hysterically with so much effort. “Robert, it’s me can’t you see it’s me Gloria.” She said beating her chest to indicate it was her.

“I know Gloria, I know it’s you, but am being honest with you here, I love you.” I replied trying to pacify the situation.

“I can see you have gone nuts.” She said.

How come she’s talking to me this way and I can’t even react to it.

Robert what have gotten into you.

“Am not, but I know what am saying.” I replied frustrated by her words.

She hissed at me and turned to leave, swaying that sexy ass as she leaves.

‘That ass’ I thought and licked my lips.

I would love to kiss that ass tonight.

“Don’t go yet.” I said stopping her.

“Why?” She asked and stopped.

“You seem to have forgotten your every night duty, I want s*x.” I answered and gave her a naughty look.

“Of course, I never thought you would change.” She replied and approached me.

She walked towards me sexily and pushed me down to the bed just with the tip of a finger.

My whole body was already on fire she just has such effects on me.

How does she turns me on so easily.

She took off her sexy gown, standing in front of me.

So hot! I couldn’t wait anymore I just want to have those b**bs in my mouth and spank that sexy ass of hers.

Her pink nipples, so pretty, everything about her is perfect.

I must definitely have this girl, she can be more than just a s*x slave.

She slowly got on me, and reached for my trouser.

My d*ck was already reacting to her touch, but I won’t be rushing anything tonight.

I will make it slow and sweet.

“Stop.” I halted her next move which makes her look confused.

“Why?” She asked surprised.

“Because I want to see you twerk, that ass is making me crazy.” I replied and spanked her ass hard.

“Dirty.” She said and got down from the bed. “What about music?” She asked and I smirked.

“No music, just dance, shake that ass baby.” I replied while she raised her eyebrows.

Get ready for the show….

Here we go….

She bend her ass and start shaking it with her rump undulating seductively.

“That’s it, exactly how I want it.” I shouted and she kept shaking her ass with vigor which makes me extra f*cking hard.

“Keep shaking it baby.” I yelled encouragement but she doesn’t give a d–n as she keeps up swaying her ass.

My d*ck was so hard and it needed somewhere to release the load.

I stood up from the bed and grabbed her ass into my hands as she keeps shaking it effortlessly.

Feels good, I spanked it a little as I placed my hands on it which was shaking fast on my hands.

“It’s ok.” I stopped her.

I brought out my hard d*ck and got her on her knees.

“Time for a b—–b.” I said to her and she looks at me disgustingly.

I slowly t—-t my d*ck into her pretty lips.

She flickered it with her tongue, playing with it with the tip of her tongue.

She then covered my d*ck with her whole mouth, she kept sliding it as she puts a little effort at the glans, I felt a quick good sensation which makes me yearn for more at that moment.

I held her head applying pressure to it as she sucks my d*ck into her whole mouth.

“Hmmm.” She hummed softly holding my lap so tightly.

“Don’t stop, keep going.” I urged and she continues. She kissed my s—t area and bite it into her mouth with her eyes closed, it felt like heaven, I was so lost in the pleasure I was enjoying from the b—–b.

After minutes of b—–b, I got her on the bed, happy to see that clean and sweet p***y.

This wasn’t going to be about foreplay today but a real f–k.

I stare into her beautiful eyes and I was lost in her gaze for a while.

“What are you waiting for?” She asked and spread her legs wide for easy penetration.

I loved what she just did and at the same time I hate it.

She let’s me f–k her freely only because of the deal not because she wants it

I bring my d*ck closer to her py and rubbed it on her simultaneously.

“Oh…” She moaned which makes me feel pleased.

Her wet py dripping with want.

Slowly, I put my d*ck into her, riding into her slowly and affectionately.

I rested my chest on her chest a little feeling her nipples on me which increases my pace.

I was going to take it slowly and sweet but that doesn’t seems to work as I deep f–k her faster.

“Hun… Hun…” I groaned f—–g her with more pressure.

She looked me in the eyes and rubbed my chest which seems a little bit off.

But, in some ways it makes me happy.

The moment she closed her eyes I knew she was enjoying the s*x.

This is it I will slowly make her mine.

After a couple minutes of f*cking I pulled out of her and came on her b***bs.

We drifted off to sleep in a spoon position.

But, throughout the night I couldn’t stop caressing her body.

Her hot body.

??‍♀️Gloria’s pov??‍♀️

The next morning I found myself on Roberts bed.

“Oh God! I slept off here.” I said and covered myself up.

I look around the room but couldn’t find Robert.

Maybe he has gone to work.

I don’t care anyways, and I need to take the deal more seriously.

He can’t be f*cking me so easily and for free.

I sat on my butt, and wrap the bedsheets around my body.

As I was about to leave I saw a note on the bed.

Curiously, I picked it up and read it.

“Good morning my love, yesterday was sweet, take care of yourself. From your sweetheart Robert.” I read out and snickered.

Not in his wildest dreams, he’s not my sweetheart.

It’s only a matter of time till I escape this place.

Aggressively, I threw the paper away and was about leaving when two unknown men barge into the room.

I was surprised and scared to see them here with hoods on.

“Who are you…” Unable to finish my words one of them point their guns at me and shot me.

Could this be true? Was I just shot? I held the place I was shot which was gushing out blood.

I losed my balance and fell to the ground and that was how I lose consciousness.

The last thing I saw was the men running out of the room.

Why did they do this? Who could have done this?

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Chapter 10 {Exposed}?

??‍♀️Bianca’s pov??‍♀️

I looked through the window as Robert and his bodyguard drove out of the compound.

This is it, the right time to execute my plan.

Time to teach that b—h the lesson of her life.

How dare she? She took everything have ever wished for without working for it.

It’s not my fault that it turned to this, she should pay for her sins.

I ravaged through my bag which was on the desk in my room.

I reached for my phone and input Venom’s number.

My friend when I was still on the street.

He had a crush on me back then which is why we are still in contact.

? Hello* I said at a quick pace.

? Bianca baby* he replied in his usual horrendous fashion.

? He’s gone you can come now and please do a neat job* I replied.

? Ok baby anything for you* he replied and I end the call.

I can’t afford to have any loose ends, after Gloria, Venom is next.

After the call I changed into body hugging gown which runs to my thighs.

Sitted on one of the comfy chairs in the living room I wait for venom with a glass of wine in my hand.

This is finally the day have been waiting for.

Minutes later venom with his friends barged in with their hoods on and a gun in their hands.

“That was fast” I said the moment I saw them.

“Anything for my baby.” He said and took off his hoodie.

“Thank you.” I replied and gave him a gentle kiss on his lips. “Now go on she’s in the room with the biggest door upstairs.” I replied indicating where she was.

“Ok baby, promise you are coming back to me after this.” He asked since that’s what was the deal we had.

“Of course.” I replied and ran my finger through his body as his friend looked at us both.

“Ok baby, Tony let’s go.” He said to his friend and they both ran upstairs.

After a while I heard gunshot from upstairs signifying they have done it.

They sauntered back to the living room holding their guns.

“It’s done?” I asked and he nodded yes.

“I will get back to you later.” He said and they both scampered away.

Now, it’s done, Gloria say hi to the devil for me when you get to hell coolval stories.

I slowly walk to the room she was.

My eyes almost fell from its socket due to what I saw.

It was Gloria, I thought she should be dead but she’s not, slowly breathing as she holds her arm where she has been shot.

Oh my God! What a fool!

Venom what exactly did he do?

Guess I will have to finish the job myself.

I approached Gloria who’s eyes was closed and stretched my hands towards her neck.

I reached for her neck with the aim to strangle her to death.

Die! You b—h, die! I thought as my hands finally touched her neck.

I was about to do it when I heard the hoot from Robert’s car.

Oh my God, why is he here early?

I need to turn this whole situation around.

??‍? Robert’s pov ??‍?

I drove back home remembering I left some important documents at home.

I entered my room and found Gloria lieing on Bianca’s arm.

I was shocked at the sight of the blood I saw.

What happened here? Who did this?

So many thoughts ran through my head but that isn’t as important as saving Gloria.

“What happened here?” I asked and rushed towards them.

“I don’t know, I just returned from the grocery store and met her here.” She replied crying.

“No, this can’t be happening.” I said perplexed by what I saw. “Let’s take her to the hospital.” I added and carried her into my arms.

I rushed downstairs and carried into the car, within seconds I turned on the ignition and drove her to the hospital.

My whole body was hot and sweaty I couldn’t grab hold of the situation.

What had really happened.

Why would she be shot.

I arrived at the hospital and she was taken care of by the emergency room doctors.

Bianca by my side couldn’t control her tears as she was crying profusely.

My head became heavy with a whole load of thought.

Gloria can’t die, she musn’t die, she can’t leave me.

I sat on a chair and buried my head’s into my palms.

This can’t be happening, no one would have done this if not someone I know.

And am sure I had no beef with anyone so the only suspect would be……

??‍♀️Bianca’s pov??‍♀️

I need to come up with a plan I need to turn this to my favour.

Hours of waiting the doctor finally attended to us.

“Hmm, Mr Robert.” The doctor called his attention.

“Yes, doctor.” He replied hastely.

“Thankfully she’s alive.” He responded and my heart tore to pieces.

“Thank God, thank you so much doctor.” He thanked the doctor with smiles exposing his cute dimples.

“It’s ok, it’s not a serious wound she should be fine after a few days and we need to report this to the police.” The doctor suggested and I grew restless.

Police? I really need to act fast.

“Can we see her now?” I asked.

“Of course you can.” The doctor replied and left us.

“Hmm… Robert I need to use the restroom I will be back.” I said and he gave me a suspicious look.

I head for the restroom and took out my phone to call venom.

That stupid bastard.

? Hey baby you want to thank me right?* He said feigning ignorance.

? Thank you? You did absolutely nothing the girl is still alive, she’s not dead you idiot* I said trying control my anger.

? Take it easy will you? I will do a perfect job next time, that was a mistake because we were in a haste* he replied.

? There won’t be a next time bastard* I said in a harsh tone and ended the call.

I turned back to leave when I saw Robert looking at me with spite.

“Who was that? Was it you?” He asked grimly.

“Oh my God! Robert” I exclaimed and gasped as I cover my mouth with my hands.

Have I finally being exposed?

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Robert’s pov??‍?

“Robert, please it’s not what…” I slapped her on the face which stopped her from talking.

After everything I heard she dare lie to my face that it’s not what I think.

How dare she? For what reason would she have done such an unspeakable thing.

It’s just like I suspected, I knew she was the one.

“Robert, please, please keep my secret.” She pleaded rubbing her hands together.

“Keep your secret? After all you did? Of course, I will keep your secret no one will know about this.” I replied and sigh.

“Really? Thank you.” She thanked me as I went behind her.

“No one will know because I will be the one to torment you myself.” I said and knock her out with a heavy blow, banging her head on the wall on her way down, blood trickling from her wound.

No one touches my woman.

I called my bodyguard and together with the doctor’s help we dragged her body out of the hospital.

My bodyguard drove us to one of my safehouses, a place no one can escape.

“Tie her up.” I instructed my bodyguard and he did.

Her body was stained by her own blood, as she lay unconscious on the chair.

This is where she will meet her fate because am never going to let her go scot free

An endless suffering awaits her.

*2 months later*

??‍♀️Gloria’s pov??‍♀️

I stare at myself in the mirror a blue straight gown, I turned to my left trying to check out my perfect curves and butt.
Chat Martinmartino on zero eight one eighty thirty fourteen twenty one to be added to his whatsapp group.
Tonight Is the day am finally getting to know the world.

I picked a black heel which matches with my black purse.

“You look beautiful.” Robert said as he makes his entrance into my room.

“Thank you.” I replied and blink my eyelashes sexily.

I need to treat him good no matter what, he’s going to finalize our deal tonight and show me to his business partners.

“You are all dressed up.” I said as he approached me.

“Yes, how do I look?” He asked and to be honest he looked good.

“Nice.” I replied and he smiled.

“Hmm.” He closed his eyes and sniffles the air in. “Tonight is going to be beautiful.” He added and grabbed my ass.

Of course that’s Robert, he claims to love me but always f*cks me like an animal.

“What about tonight.” I asked and drew a little further from him.

“About us of course, I will show the world my beautiful woman, even though you have not agreed on the wedding.” He said tauntingly and hugged me closer to his c*ck.

“Robert, have made it clear that I can never marry you” I said and he squeezed my butt.

“When are we going to stop arguing over this?!” He asked aggressively which got me scared.

“You don’t expect me to love you right away.” I replied and hissed as I was about to leave he held my arm and pushed me on the bed.

“Gloria, stop hurting me like this.” He begged but it had no effect on me.

He deserves every of my actions towards him.

“Do you want to have s*x now?” I asked as his actions proved so.

“You are making me the bad guy here, s*x will be when we get back, let’s leave it’s almost time.” He grouch.

I stood up from the bed and stared at him as he exit the room.

I combed my hair down which makes me look elegant with my dress.

After tonight I need a plan to escape this place.

He drove to the party as we both held hands.

The reporters with their cameras taking pictures of us.

Have never been to this life before, many men and women with powers were present.

It made me nervous.

“Welcome to the world.” He whispered into my ears and I gave a fake smile.

“Thank you.” I responded glancing at each corner of the venue.

“I will be right back, stay here and feel at ease it’s ok.” He said with a wink and left.

I took a glass of wine from the waiter and gulped it down my throat.

“Hey.” A guy said from behind which startled me.

“Hi.” I replied and was lost in awe at the sight of his face.

So handsome and cute.

“You look beautiful.” He complimented me which flutters me.

“Thank you.” I replied and tucked my hair behind cutely.

“If I may ask did you come here alone?” He asked which surprised me.

“Why?” I asked and he smiled.

“Because, I really don’t want to believe you have a boyfriend or suitor no offense.” He said politely.

“Why?” I asked enjoying every bit of his company.

“It would really hurt to know.” He answered which got me blushing.

“Well, am single, I don’t have a boyfriend.” I responded but suddenly got startled because of Robert bitter countenance behind the handsome dude’s back.

“You don’t have a boyfriend but you have a fiancee because I own you!” He shouts which sent shivers into my system.

“Robert, keep it cool moreover you are not my fiance.” I fired back and he grabbed my hand.

“Hello, Mr idiot, stay away from her because I don’t take her lightly.” He threatened and before the guy could say anything he dragged me out of the party and drove us home.

He dragged me to his bedroom and pushed me to the bed.

Of course, people never change.

“Why are you doing this, I never lied, you are not my fiance.” I said and the look on his face tells me how angry he is.

I was expecting him to shout, slap me or demands for sex but he did none.

And instead he got on his knees with a ring in his hand.

“Gloria, please marry me stop hurting me I promise to treat you better for my actions before.” He begged and I felt pity for him.

Does he really want the marriage? Is he being honest?

But I don’t care, I can never be his wife.

“Am sorry but no I can never be your wife!” I shouted feeling like the boss.

“Gloria think about it again or the deal is gone.” He threatened.

Seems he’s being serious now, but I hate him I don’t want to be his wife.

And am only left with two choice.

Be his wife and own half of his property, or be his sex slave and own nothing.

Gloria you have to be smart, what would it be?

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Chapter 12 {Bianca is back!}?

??‍♀️Bianca’s pov??‍♀️

Have lost track of time, I don’t know for how long I have been here.

Robert, I never knew he was a monster, how could he?

My whole body was weak, my whole throat dry.

This is more than death, have even wished for death.

Hoping on any means of survival and now have got one.

I glide over to a side in the huge room where I had been held captive for only God knows when.

A broken bottle lieing in between the dirt, this is it.

It’s either I escape or die, I need to choose one.

I picked it up and hid it in my clothe.

“Hey.” The guy who has been torturing me and feeding me said, he’s been doing this all in Robert instructions.

I looked at the guy helplessly and ignored him.

“B—h! How dare you ignore me.” He gnarled exposing his dirty teeth.

“Am not a b—h.” I replied trying to get him angry

“You can talk hun.” He said and squatted down to my level.

He slapped me hard on the face which makes me spilled out blood.

I looked back at him and smirk, this is the time his position can grant me a perfect hit if I could cut a serious place on his body.

I slowly reached for the broken bottle in my dress and stab him in his eyeballs putting the amount of strength I had on the stab.

He held his face wailing in pain.

I pushed him down to the floor and ran towards the door.

I opened it wide and the fresh air welcomed me blowing into my face.

I slowly walked out and boarded a cab to Venom’s place.

I knocked on his door and he opened it.

“Bianca, what’s wrong with you? What are you doing here?” He asked with worries clearly on his face.

“I need your help.” I replied breathing heavily, before he could say another word I fell on him and lost consciousness.

??‍?Robert’s pov??‍?

“Tell me, Gloria what is it going to be?” I knew what the answer is going to be anyway.

She has no choice she needs me but the fact still remain that she doesn’t like me not to talk of love.

In one words even if she agrees to the marriage, it’s going to be a failure.

“You want me to choose? What exactly do you want me to choose after everything you have done to me?” She asked burning in anger.

“Gloria, I said am sorry, am sorry for my actions.” I pleaded on my knees hoping it would convince her.

“Ok, but let me think about it.” She replied while getting off the bed.

She slowly took off her clothes as my gaze followed her dress as it fell to the ground.

“Gloria I never asked for s*x.” I said surprised by her actions.

“You were going to ask either way.” She replied and pushed me down to the bed.

She slowly unbuttoned my clothes and drew an invincible line on my chest.

“Gloria?” I called her name sweetly as my body responded to her touch.

She played with my chest as she ran her tongue across my body.

She then slowly went for my d*ck and gave it a gentle squeeze under the covers.

“Should I?” She asked with her hands still squeezing my balls slowly.

“Let’s do something else today.” I suggested.

“What?” She asked and stopped her previous actions.

“Come here.” I said and turned her in a 6* position.

She’s s*cking my balls while I lick her p***y.

She held my balls into her hands stroking it hard with her hands, exactly how I want it.

Afterwards she covered my c**k with her mouth su2king on it with her lips.

I grabbed her ass and spanked it, li2king her p***y with my soft tongue.

“Hmm… Just like that, yes.” I moaned out enjoying the pleasure I was getting from the b—–b.

I held her thighs tight and kept li2king her p**sy and her ass moves in rhythm to my tongue exploring her inner folds.

I don’t know why she won’t moan no matter how hard I try to make her enjoy the pleasure.

This brought down my spirit so I stopped her.

“What is it?” She asked surprised by my actions.

“Gloria, I will make you love me no matter what, I can’t keep doing this, what’s the essence of having s2x if am the only one that enjoys all the pleasure.”

“So, what do you expect, I never told you i wanted s2x” she responded coldly which breaks my heart.

“Ok, am sorry, but let’s sleep together for tonight, I just want to cuddle you tonight.” I replied sincerely.

“If that’s what you want.” She agreed and we did.

I rested on her b**bs with so much happiness in my heart.

I just wish she could be mine completely.

The next day I prepared for work and drove straight to my office.

I was in my office trying to start the days work.

My secretary entered with someone whose face I can never forget.

“I told you not to come inside ma’am.” My secretary queried.

“Robert, it’s been a while, how have you been.” Bianca said looking at me with malice.

“You can go.” I instructed her and she did.

“This is unbelievable, how exactly did you escape?” I couldn’t believe she escaped that place she’s one hell of a b*tch.

“That doesn’t matter, but what I want to tell you does matter.” That definitely got my attention.

What would be so important for her to have dared to come here.

“What?” I asked inquisitively.

“Take me back as your maid.” She requested and my jaw dropped in surprise.

I couldn’t stop laughing at her audacity.

How fearless she is.

“You are funny I must say.” I replied and she scoffs.

“You will do exactly as I say, why? Because I have every evidence that you kidnapped me, the man you left me in his care has confessed to his crimes with only an eye, trust me it won’t look good.” She boasted but that doesn’t scare me.

“Just in case you’ve forgotten let me jog your memory, you are the one that tried to kill Gloria.” I threatened but instead she smiled back.

“With what evidence exactly, let’s see who the police is going to trust between a recorded testimony where the criminal testified you did it and you with no proof at all.” She gave a brief pause and walked closer to me

“and of course this won’t look good for Gloria too, let’s see how she survives when you rot in jail.” She added.

“You b—h!” I yelled slamming my hands hard on my desk aggressively.

“And mind you if my friends can’t find me in five hours your secret will be out completely, so what is it going to be?”

This b—h finally cornered me.

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Note this story is rated??

??‍♀️Gloria’s pov??‍

The heavy roar of the thunder sent shivers through my whole body.

I got up from the bed and left for the kitchen to get myself some hot tea because of the weather.

After I finished making the tea I went to the living room to settle for a movie.

My life is so boring and this is the only thing I can do to get myself busy.

What Robert said yesterday was still on my mind, what should I really do?

And if I should keep on acting tough I will be at the losing ends.

It changes nothing, what’s the difference at being his and his wife.

I need to give in and stop acting stupid.

Half of his assest are on the line here.

Gloria, what’s it going to be?

My phone buzzed and it was a message.

Who could it be?

I picked my phone and tap on the screen.

‘hi angel.’ the message said.

‘who’s this?’ I replied back.

And a few seconds later another message came in.

‘am the guy from yesterday if you don’t mind can I call you?’ that sounds polite and suspicious.

How did he get my contact and I can’t be too sure it’s the guy from yesterday.

I typed some few messages on the screen when Robert’s hoot from his car cut me off.

He’s back early.

He came in with a girl, Bianca.

“Bianca!” I exclaimed excitedly.

Maybe it’s because I’m glad to see her here.

It’s been two months now and have asked Robert about her whereabout he wouldn’t say.

“Gloria” she called sweetly with tears on her face.

“Have really missed you.” I embraced her into my arms and we both hugged beaming with excitement.

“Have missed you too, I really missed you.” She said as she stroked my back.

Robert looked at the scene we were making and hissed.

His face looks gloomy.

What could be wrong?

“you have grown fat.” She said touching my face

“Thank you, you look thin too.” I replied.

“Yep.” She smiled slightly.

“What happened where have you been?” I asked concerned.

“That’s a story for another day, am sorry for everything.” She pleaded holding on to my hands tightly.

“It’s ok.” I replied and hugged her.

I felt happy to see her back but for some reason I don’t feel at ease.

??‍♀️Bianca’s pov??‍♀️

“What is it going to be?” I asked as he slammed his hands on the desk.

“We have a deal.” He said looking at me spiteful.

“Good.” I replied and sat comfortably on his chair.

“Let’s go home.” He said and walked out of his office aggressively.

He drove us into his compound and I couldn’t believe Gloria would accept me back.

Guess she didn’t know about it, Robert never told her.

I was lead to my previous room by Gloria whose actions seems to prove she’s actually happy to see me back.

Poor her, if only she knows what I had in store for her.

So pathetic, how could she believe and trust me so easily.

Robert made it easy too, I can finally have my way.

I run some water into the bathtub and had a bath.

It’s been so long since have had this.

I got out of the bathtub and cleaned up my body.

I took a revealing short gown which shows every part of my body.

I applied my body lotion and lied on my bed seductively.

I have no time to waste.

I need to do this quickly and end it.

My phone buzzed and it was a call from venom.

That parasite, it’s time I bring everything back to its original place.

I cut the call and rolled my eyebrows showing how uncomfortable I was with his call.

“Hmmm….. Bianca let’s get the game ready.” I muttered to myself.

I picked my phone and input in Robert contact.

? What?* He said.

? Come into my room there’s something I wanna tell you.* I said and ended the call.

I will take this slow and steady with no mistakes.

He barged in effortlessly raging hard.

“Why do you want to see me?” He asked angry.

“Take it calm or do you want Gloria to know about this?” I threatened and rubbed my body seductively.

“You are really using this to your advantage.” He grinned at me.

“Of course, I want you to f–k me.” I said and he looked at me disgustingly.

“What? F–k you or what did you just say?” He asked his gaze definitely shows how irritated he was.

I know it sounds unbelievable.

“Yes, f–k me, that’s all have ever wanted, will you do it or not.” I said and smirk.

My plans are finally falling in place.

I will seduce, force, threaten, whatever it is I can use to make him f–k me.

I will do anything as long as I can have his baby.

His Baby his wealth.

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Chapter 14 {Fight back}?

??‍?Robert’s pov??‍?

I scoffed and was dumbstruck by her words.

“I see you have a crack in your brain.” I cursed and she scoffed.

“Do you think I returned only to be your maid.” She said which sounds suspicious.

If she’s not here to be my maid, why then is she here?

“What do you mean?” I was starting to get more curious by her words.

Her actions seems a bit conniving too.

What exactly is going on in this girl’s mind.
I looked at her perplexed as a lot of thoughts came to mind.

“You will know soon enough and just in case you forget we have deal.” This is just so disturbing what have I done, now I have been cornered by this witch.

“Go f–k yourself!” I half yelled and exit the room.

Bianca is back with her devilish plot and Gloria don’t understand.

All this am doing for her sake.

I kept deliberating on this as loads of thoughts ravaged through my mind.

How will I make Gloria understand.

I shuffled through my hair with my hand, my whole body was sweaty.

“Are you ok?” Gloria asked.

“Gloria when are you going to give me your response, have waited enough” I gave her a sharp reply ignoring her concerns for me.

“Give me more time and moreover I don’t like how you expect me to just agree to a marriage.” She furrowed her eyebrows and wave her hands stylishly.

“Gloria, I hope you won’t regret this when it’s too late, your worst enemy is clinging close to you and you don’t even know.” I said and left her at the spot she was standing.

I plopped down on my bed holding my head, how am I going to get over this?

That Bianca is really unpredictable and despicable.

But, wait of course, I have the perfect plan for all this.

*The next day*

I noticed Gloria wasn’t around, where could she have gone to this early morning.

I asked my bodyguard who told me she had gone to the grocery store to get some things with one of the guards.

I returned back to my room but unexpectedly I found Bianca lieing on the bed seductively.

This really has to stop.

??‍♀️Gloria’s pov??‍♀️

The sunlight peeped into the room and shine brightly on me.

I got up from the bed and took my bath.

I cleaned up my body with my pink towel.

What Robert said yesterday was on my mind

What could he possibly mean by that?

Or, am I being too cold to him?

Am I going overboard with this?

Come to think of it, what’s the difference at being his wife and being his forever.

I sat down frustrated as worries were clearly written on my countenance.

I need to get some fresh air to get my thoughts together atleast.

I took my short and a tank top, with sneakers.

This is good enough to get some fresh air.

“Where are you going to ma’am?” Robert’s bodyguard asked

“To the grocery store.” I lied.

“Ok ma’am, let’s go together.” He said and I gave him a deadly look.

But it doesn’t seems to work.

“Let’s go then.” I replied and we left.

Minutes of sightseeing I finally decided to go along with the marriage, it’s the only choice I have now, I need him.

And, to be honest he’s being really nice and good to me these past months.

I got into the house but he was nowhere to be found in the living room.

Maybe he has gone out but all of his car are outside.

He must definitely be in his room, I headed for his room and opened his door.

Heartbroken by what I saw I slumped down to the ground.

Bianca on Robert naked.

“Gloria!” Robert called and pushed Bianca down to the bed.

So, this was it, he said he loved me.

It was all lies, how could I have believed he has changed.

This is so ridiculous.

And here I was thinking I should agree to the marriage.

He is a bastard, son of a goat.

“Enjoy yourself!” I shouted at him and Bianca was smiling annoyingly on the bed.

I ran out of the room angrily, for some reason I felt as if my heart was bleeding.

What more could I have expected from him.

“Gloria, wait!” Robert stopped me holding my arm but I jerked it off him and slapped his face.

“I hate you, I actually thought you have changed, when I was ready to marry you, how could you?” I winced silently trying to control my tears from falling from my eyes.

“You want to marry me?” He asked surprised.

“Yes, but guess I was a fool.”

“Yes, you are a fool.” He replied back in an offensive way.


He cut me off before I could say another word.

“If you are not a fool you will know it was Bianca who tried to kill you!” He yelled at me and I couldn’t understand what he just said.

“Bianca tried to kill me?”

“Yes, so wake up, stop being stupid and wake up, she has been cheating on you for so long, too much, Gloria fight back.” He gripped my body shaking me which made me conscious to a whole lot of things.

If it’s true, Bianca am coming for you.

I will fight back.
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Chapter 15 {Time for payback}?

Note this story is rated??

??‍?Robert’s pov??‍?

“She tried to kill me?” She asked confused.

“Yes, am sorry I didn’t tell you sooner.” I replied feeling guilty.

“But, why? When? Was she the one that shot me?” She asked and I nodded in agreement.

“And now she’s back with even more trouble am so confused I don’t know what to do.” I said rubbing my head with my hands.

“Trouble? What trouble.” She asked and that’s one hell of a thing to say.

??‍♀️Bianca’s pov??‍♀️

I lied on the bed knowing fully well Robert would be coming in any moment from now.

I need to grab at every chance I can get.

He opened the room and came in looking at me in disbelief.

He should because am so determined to have his baby, at least that way his wealth is going to be mine.

“What the hell are you doing here?!” He yelled.

Guess have finally got him frustrated either way I don’t mind.

He approached me, his hands towards me.

“Come here.” He tried dragging me out of the bed with his effort as I struggled in his arms.

I wasn’t going to give in easily.

“Leave me alone.” I said in the tussle and pushed him to the bed.

I got on him and tried going for his belt.

“Excuse me, are you trying to rape me?” He asked surprised by my actions.

“What….” The word barely escaped my mind as Gloria barged in.

Why now? Why must it be now of all times.

Atleast it’s going to cause problems between them for now.

I lay comfortably on the bed as he chased after her.

This should be quite fun.

Minutes later Gloria emerged from the hallway into the room looking at me spiteful.

“Seems I was a fool, I was a fool to have trusted you.” That definitely show she knows everything now, exactly what I wanted.

Am sick of pretending to like her when I don’t.

??‍♀️Gloria’s pov??‍♀️

“Of course, you are a fool.” She said with no remorse which got me more vengeful.

So Robert was right.

She tried to kill me for what reasons?

“What did I do to deserve this from you?” I asked waiting for an answer but instead she laughed it off and it got me more angry.

“I thought we had this conversation some months back and just like I said it’s not about what you deserve I just did what I had to do, to survive.” She replied annoyingly.

I felt like killing her, strangling her to death anything that might works to keep her shut forever.

She has been my enemy from day one not Robert.

It has always been her.

“Is that why you tried to kill me?” I asked trying to force some words out of her.

“No, that’s where you got it wrong, I never tried to kill you, I killed you if not for Robert.” How come she knows no shame.

Does she thinks I wanted this? Does she thinks I wanted to be a sex slave?

Why is she so cold?

“You this b—h!” I halfed yelled and slapped her face.

She held her cheeks and looked at me viciously.

Her looks so deadly.

She raised her hand and returned the slap.

The slap was so strong that it got me down to the floor.

“Do you want me to kill you again? When exactly will you get it that one of us has to die for one to live.” She squatted down and held my chin.

“This is just the beginning, this house won’t be good for you and I?” She added and jerked my chin away.

I smirked at her, just exactly what I needed.

“Too bad because the end is here already, your end.” I replied confidently.

“What do you mean?” She asked curiously.

“What if I told you I recorded all our conversation, every single thing, and most importantly the police are on their way.” I replied and gave a devilish smirk.

She’s the fool.

She has been playing and dancing to my tune since have started the conversation.

And now she has fallen right into the trap.

Time for payback.

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Chapter 16 {what could it be?}?

??‍♂️Venom’s pov??‍♂️

It’s been weeks now since have seen Bianca last, no calls, no texts.

Even if I call her, she wouldn’t pick up, I helped her and now she doesn’t care about me.

I entered the room where the guy she brought was held.

It’s obvious that he’s in abtract pain, but what’s the point?

I might end up committing a murder if am not being smart with this.

I approached him and untied him.

“You are free to go.” I said and he looked at me confused probably not expecting me to release him after everything.

I have no choice either way, Bianca is nowhere to be found, it’s obvious she used and dumped me.

“Thank….. you.” He stammered and stormed out of the place.

I hope I made the right decision.

??‍♀️Bianca’s pov??‍♀️

Is she bluffing or serious, this definitely doesn’t seems like a bluff.

She might actually mean business.

“You recorded our conversation?” I asked worried.

“Yes, be prepared, a life time sentence awaits you.” She replied and walked closer to me.

“You b*tch!” I shouted and held her neck.

“Stop.” She forced my hands off her. “It’s too late already give in.” She said glaring at me.

“Just know I won’t go down alone.” I threatened.

That’s right, I still have a backup plan, I have venom.

“Let’s see.” She replied quite determined.

The sounds of the police car brought me realization, she actually called the police.

They rushed and handcuffed me, Gloria handed the recording to them which got me wondering how she was able to cook this up in mere hours.

“Excuse me sir.” Robert said to the police officer that handcuffed me.

“What?” The officer asked.

“Just want to tell this b*tch to rot in hell.” He answered and I smirked.

If only they knew what I had in store for them.

*3 days later*

*The police station*

“You said Mr Robert kidnapped and tortured you for 2 months.” The police officer in charge asked and slammed his hands on the desk.

“Yes, sir, I agree that I tried to kill her but, when I tell you that he kidnapped me please understand, I told you already that venom an acquaintance of mine and the guy I used for the hit on Gloria knows everything.” I replied perplexed and tired of repeating the same thing.

“Just like you said, the address you gave us for venom’s residence is fake, he’s nowhere to be found meaning there is no way to prove your claim.” He paused and wiped his sweat away.

“My conclusion is you tried to kill the victim, ran off for 2 months and came back to blackmail them, but they were smart enough to catch you this time, you have been stalling the investigation and I have had enough, be prepared because you will fit right into jail.” He yelled and my whole body trembled.

I can’t believe what’s happening, all my plans, all my efforts were all vain.

Why me? Why did Gloria end up having everything.

This is wrong, I won’t surrender to defeat!.

??‍♀️Gloria’s pov??‍♀️

It’s been a week now since Bianca has been arrested and charged to court.

I feel like I actually accomplished something for once.

She tried to kill me when I have always been nice to her.

I treated her like a friend but she was an enemy.

Staring at the mirror I couldn’t stop thinking about her.

I packed my hair up and was about to head for Robert’s room when I started feeling nauseous.

I ran straight to the toilet and purged inside the sink.

I have not been feeling so well for a while now, but this is the first time I’d purged.

I cleaned myself and head to Robert room as usual.

Still confused, I agreed to marry him but still holding back.

I just wish he would forget I ever mentioned marriage.

I got into his room and was surprised by the sight of his room.

“Wow.” I muttered silently and gasped.

Coloured and beautiful candles were made to decorate the room, roses on the bed.

The bed itself was decorated in some ways that’s hard to explain.

It’s just so beautiful.

“You love it right?” He asked and smiled cutely.

“You can say that.” I replied trying to hold in my joy.

“Well, I actually thought of a new thing, I just wanted to surprise you, am glad you like it.” He said sweetly and romantic.

“Thanks.” I replied and smiled brightly.

“You just said thanks?” He asked beaming with excitement.

Why is he so happy I said yes, or is there more to it?

“Yes, I said thanks, what’s so special about that.” I said with a shrug.

“It’s so special, like so special.” He replied and carried me on his arm which makes my heart beat increase.

“Ok, Can you put me down please, it’s kinda awkward.” I protested and he did.

This Robert really seems different from the one that I knew.

What made him change into this sweet man and not the beast I once knew.

“Hmm…. I know am not really good with words but Gloria please and please stop hating me.” He begged softly with genuine remorse.

“I know have done you more harm than good and I know I don’t deserve your love, just try to see the good side of me too and let me fill that special place with joy.” He added

His words are touching but yet ridiculous, he shouldn’t expect me to just turn the tides like that.

He has hurt me for a long time, how am I sure he has turned a new leaf now.

“Ok, I will try.” I replied with deceitful words.

“Ok thank you.” He replied and kissed my forehead. “Come here.” He dragged me towards the bed and lay me on it.

He slept beside me too hugging me tight and I felt tensed.

We looked at each other as his hands moved over and touched my hair.

“So beautiful.” He said and kissed my forehead down to my lips.

Just a kiss and am already turned on.

I gazed into his eyes and he did the same in silence.

“Gloria I love you.” He said sincerely and kissed my lips again.

This time deep and more passionately than the former.

He rested his body on mine and reached for my button.

I know what’s next, what’s coming next.

He unbuttoned my soft yet see through dress leaving me naked.

Just that alone makes me anticipate for more than a kiss.

He got off his shirt with my help revealing his tight abs.

His hands all over my body leaving me with great ecstasy, I was ready for action and I could tell he was too.

My nipples in his hands as he slightly teased it.

“Ohh Robert.” A moan escaped my mouth which sounds a bit weird.

It feels like am starting to enjoy the s*x.

Is it really more than just s*x?

He continues further and squeezed one of my b**bs and teased the other.

I engulfed my hands around his neck enjoying every bit of what he was doing.

After a while he s—-d my b**bs lightly and repeatedly grazed over the nipples with his teeth.

“Robert, keep going.” I called his name with a moan and he smiled at me.

“I will be right back.” He said and kissed me and slowly went for my swollen c–t.

He touched it, rubbing and licking it at the same time, this is the point of no return.

Am clearly lost in this. My whole body dancing and moving to the joy he was giving my body.

Soon after his big d*ck entered my honeypot which got a moan out of me.

He screwed me passionately, f*cking me slowly and intensly.

“Robert, harder!” I shouted as I couldn’t hold it anymore.

“Hun, hun.” He groaned and increased his pace on my order.

I held his hands closing my eyes shut as he penetrates in more further.

He kissed my lips and turned me sideways, then lift my legs up and slides his d–k in.

But, this wasn’t working for me, I need more.

I got on him and insert his d–k into my p***y, he held my b**bs and squeezed as I kept pounding on his d**k repeatedly

I wished it would never stop.

And that’s weird because I never enjoyed s*x the way I did tonight.

And then it got me wondering is this really s*x or something else am not ready to accept.

What exactly could it be?

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Chapter 17 {The News}💐

Note this story is rated🔞🔞

🧘🏾‍♀️Gloria’s pov🧘🏾‍

The smell of pancakes filled the whole house.

I opened my eyes to the aroma that could take one’s breath away.

I rubbed my face stretching every part of my body.

“What’s that sweet smell?” I asked with no one to reply.

I looked at the bed but couldn’t see Robert.

Of course Robert, I still remember last night and I couldn’t stop giggling.

Am starting to act weird, I don’t know why my heart is responding to Robert’s loves advances.

It’s definitely not because I like him, it can never be.

I got into the bathroom and took a long hot bath.

I did all other necessities and head downstairs to know who’s making the pancakes.

“Good morning.” Robert greeted with a smile serving pancakes on the plates .

Could he be the one making the pancakes?

“Morning.” I replied and sat at the dining table.

“I decided to make you pancakes, hope you like it.” He said and leaned on me.

His hands on my body gives me this feeling of joy that I can’t explain.

I picked up the knife and fork and cut a slice into my mouth.

Needless to say he’s a good cook.

“Do you like it?” He asked anticipating for a positive response.

His facial expression said it all.

“No, it’s not good.” I replied teasing him

“Really?? I thought I made it well.” He picked the fork trying to taste it which seems cute.

His cuteness drew my affections close to his actions, my face heating up.

Gloria, stop what’s wrong with you?

Why is he been attractive to me these days.

“But, there’s nothing wrong with this pancakes.” He said in a convincing tone.

“I was messing with you.” I jokingly said.

“Ohh….. I thought you were serious.” He gave a sigh of relief.

We locked eyes as our feelings got intertwined.

I really can’t explain these feelings anymore.

“I love you Gloria, am sorry it took me this late to realise that.” He said and my heart nearly bursted with emotions.

My lashes blinked stylishly trying to ignore his words.

“I need to go to the hospital today, I don’t know why have been feeling sick this past few days.” I said and his face quickly filled with worries.

“Why? Are you ok?” He asked feeling concerned.

He’s sweet, nice, caring towards me but I felt that’s not enough to make me forget his wrongdoings, everything he did.

I just want to pay him back for everything he has done.

“Am ok, am sure it’s probably just an headache I will be fine.” I replied trying to neglect his warm actions towards me.

“Ok, I will take you to the hospital myself but before that we need to be somewhere, and I would love it if you can dress really nice as if we are going on a date.”

A date? Why would we go on a date.

“Ok.” I replied and head upstairs.

I picked a nicely ironed mini jean skirt with a white shirt.

I tuck in my white shirt into the jean skirt which nicely draws out my perfect curves.

I picked my blue sneakers teaming up with the blue jean.

I look good without anyone telling me.

Oh less I forgot I packed my hair in ponytail and used a white small earrings.

Just the perfect look I wanted.

“You look beautiful.” Robert complimented me which made me blush.

“Thanks.” I replied and smiled.

I took a glance at him and he looked d–n hot.

He’s not the type of guy with superb arbs or broad chest.

Can say he has an average body, slim and fitted.

“Shall we?” He said calling back my attention.

“Of course.” I replied and we left.

He drove us to an amusement park where we had lots of fun like young lovers.

Filled with so much excitement, he hugged me and kissed my forehead, my hands on his chest I could feel his heart beating fast as if it was on a race.

“Your heart is beating fast.” I said and he scoffed.

“Of course it’s beating fast to it’s owner’s call.” He replied tauntingly which makes my heart skipped a beat.

“We should go to the hospital now am really not ok.” I said

“Of course, let’s go.” He gave a sharp reply.

👨🏾‍💼 Robert’s pov👨🏾‍💼

We arrived at the hospital and was attended to by the doctor.

I still remember that day clearly, when I had rushed her to the hospital because she nearly died of s*x.

D–n! Robert you really f*cked up back then.

I was really cruel and harsh to her I can see why she’s cold to me.

She should be, anyone would think twice before warming up to me for my actions.

I just hope she can find a place in her heart for me.

We sat at the doctor’s office awaiting the test result.

“Sorry, I kept you waiting.” The doctor said and sat on his chair.

“Can you tell us exactly what’s wrong with her?” I asked rubbing on her back.

“Have brought good news to you, she’s pregnant.” He said and my face widened.

Gloria is pregnant, she’s pregnant.


Am going to be a father.

She’s pregnant with my baby but she doesn’t love me.

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Chapter 18 {The unthinkable}💐

🧘🏾‍♀️Gloria’s pov🧘🏾‍♀️

Things are really turning out the way I didn’t expect it to.

Am pregnant!

Pregnant for Robert?

I should have seen this coming, I should have been more prepared.

And now I will have his baby.

“Are you OK?” Robert asked driving carefully.

Am sure he’s probably happy, he should be when am having his baby.

“Am fine.” I replied and looked through the car’s window.

I’m so confused, I don’t know if I should be happy or not.

Am also scared but it’s not the fact that I have Robert’s baby that scares me.

But, the fact that am already falling in love with him.

I can’t believe this, I know have been lieing to myself, have been deceiving myself that I can never love him but it’s all a blatant lie.

I like him, I love him, I just know my heart beats for him.

After everything he did to me, I want to pay him back tenfolds.

We both stayed in a solemn silence throughout the whole drive.

He drove into his compound and I got off the car without hearing a thing from him.

I just need to be alone to get myself together.
I need to decide what’s its going to be whether it’s my revenge or my love.

“Gloria, won’t we talk about this.” He said which stopped me halfway to my room.

“What exactly should we talk about?!” I yelled and his facial expression changed.

“The baby.” He paused and scoffed “actually if we are to think about this it’s our baby.” He said which cooled down my burning temper for a bit.

“You mean the baby I wish I never had?” I said coldly am sure that’s really going to hurt him but I don’t care he deserves every bit of my actions towards him.

“Gloria, please, please stop this.” He pleaded in a loud voice as tears wouldn’t stop falling from his eyes.

“What exactly do you expect from me, you think it’s easy? you destroyed me, you ruined me, you took my dignity with no remorse and for years I lived as your s*x slave.” I said and stopped then continued.

“But, it was when I nearly died you knew you had feelings for me, did you ever stop to think that I might die, did you ever feel pity for me?” I added and his whole face became wet with tears.

“Gloria am sorry, am sorry, am really sorry.” He begged while on his knees.

“You are sorry, of course you should be, but sorry doesn’t cut it, I’ll agree to marry you because of my baby.” I replied and banged the door on him.

Gloria, it’s done, it’s fine, it’s over.

👨🏾‍💼Robert’s pov👨🏾‍💼

All she said were true, she’s right but it hurts, deep in my soul.

Have really wronged her, have done something so inhumane to her and I know I deserve all her actions towards me.

And, it’s about time I correct them, she said she’ll agree to the marriage because of the baby.

But I don’t want that, I might sound selfish, no I am, I want her love not just the marriage.

If she doesn’t love me it’s time to let her go.

*The next day*

I walked to the kitchen to get breakfast, bread with fried egg.

“Morning.” Gloria greeted but I ignored her.

“Morning.” she greeted again and I turned deaf ears as I concentrate on the breakfast.

After a while I finished Cooking and served us both.

“Gloria, before you start eating there’s something we need to discuss.” I said and she turned to me smiling.

“What is it about I also have something to tell you.” She responded friendly.

“Have thought about it throughout the night, I realised that am too greedy, I noticed it’s not the marriage I want but your heart, I really love you Gloria, if you don’t love me let’s cancel the wedding, you are free to live your life.” I said and she laughed it off.

“When you mean I should live my life do you mean am free to leave your life forever.” She asked.

“Yes, you are free from me, it’s your love I want.” I replied sincerely.

“Hmm… I would like to ask you a question.” She said and placed her hand beneath her chin.

“Go on.” I replied.

“Who told you I don’t love you.” She said and my head felt like it will explode.

“What? What did… You … Just say.” I stuttered and she stood up moving closer to me.

“I love you Robert, I sincerely love you if not I would be long gone.” She replied sincerely and kissed my lips.

Excuse me, did she just tell me she loves me?

Gloria loves me, she loves me!!!!. For more interesting stories check coolval stories
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Chapter 19 {One last time.}💐

Note that this story is rated🔞🔞

🎩Semi Finale🎩

I slammed the door on him and plopped down on my bed,streams of thought gathered in my mind.

Was I too cruel to him? Does he really deserve all this.

All I know is that my heart beats for him but my head is telling me something else.

Does he really deserve my love after all his cruelty towards me.

I took my shower and went off to sleep I need to come to a conclusion tomorrow morning.

The next morning came so slow am really getting used to Robert by my side.

I got off my bed and took my bath and did my morning rituals.

The whole issue was a conundrum in my mind.

Am pregnant, I love him, but I want to pay him back for all he did.

The pregnancy made me come to a tough conclusion, I can’t hate him forever, he’s also the father of my child it’s time I make a choice.

I climbed down the stairs that led to the living room, I was surprised to see Robert preparing breakfast, his mood was kind of dull too.

Probably because of what I said to him last night, he ignored me even when I greeted him, why is he acting different today.

He served breakfast but the words that came from his mouth were unthinkable.

Those words made me realize I really loved and need him.

It’s time to let go of the hatred and tell him about how I feel.

“I love you Robert, I sincerely love you if not I would be long gone.” I replied sincerely and kissed him his eyes almost bursted with how wide they were.

“Gloria…. Please repeat what you just said right now.” He said gobsmacked by my words.

“I said I love you.” I said moving closer to him, feeling his breath on my lips.

“Oh my God, you just said you love me she said she loves.” He said excited by my words which seems funny.

“Robert I love you!!!!” I called out louder and he looked at me stunned and more surprised.

“You love me?” He asked again and I nodded in agreement. “Oh my God, she loves me.” He shouted and carried me rolling us around.

“You are so happy?” I asked him tauntingly.

“Am the most happiest man on Earth today or is this a dream? Am I in my dreams.” I can’t believe I actually fell for him too, despite all his cruelty towards me I learned something from this sometimes love and joy comes with both pains and sufferings it’s now left for us to choose and decide.

And have decided to be with him forever, I choose him to be my love.

I love him and that’s all that matters now.

*Later at night*

I cooed into his arms and cuddled him tight, as I breathe in his beautiful smell.

He touched my skin and rubbed it with teasing strokes, being in his arms makes me feel comfortable and safe.

Am happy that I actually love him.

“Gloria, can I ask a question.” He said and I stared into his eyes.

“Of course you can go ahead.” I replied and touched his Beard.

“Why didn’t you tell me you love me sooner.” He dropped the question and my heart leaped in joy.

It’s an answer which you all know.

“Well… If I should think about it, I was pretending.” I said and giggled.

“When you said pretending do you mean…”

“Yes, I pretended as if I didn’t like you, I lied to myself, and it’s because of everything you did to me, I don’t want to believe that I will love the man who maltreated me.” I responded and he sighed.

“To be honest, if I was you I would have done much worse, am sorry for everything I did, I think have loved you right from the day I met you, the S3x just clouded my mind.” He replied trailing my skin with his fingers.

“It’s all right I understand now.” I replied and rubbed his chest.

“You do?” He asked.

“I do, and I love you.” I responded and kissed him.

He smiled back and got on me, we both naked as our body collide in massive feelings.

He covered us with the blanket and am sure you know what happened next.

Sweet S3x.😋😋

*A week later*

👨🏾‍💼Robert’s pov👨🏾‍💼

Sitted in a chair in one of the fanciest restaurant in town, I held Gloria’s hand and she smiled as her eyes brightened with joy.

“So this is the date you talked about.” She said and I smiled.

“Yes, do you like it?” I aked and she nodded in agreement.

“It’s cool.” She replied.

“The waiter will be here soon, I just want us to have all the fun you want.” I said and she smiled brightly.

“It’s alright.” She replied.

“Excuse me please… Are you not that pretty girl, I saw at that party.” A guy with a familiar face intruded us.

“Hmm… I think have met you somewhere before.” She gazed into space trying to remember something and suddenly she snapped her fingers, indicating she remembered something.

“yes you are that guy at the party.” She added.

“How are you doing?” He stretched an open hand with a smile and it kinda pissed me off.

“Am fine.” She replied smiling.
My, why am I suddenly infuriated by what’s going on now.

I took a closer look at him and it was the guy from that party some months back, the night I decided to show Gloria the world.

“If you don’t mind can we talk outside.” He asked ignoring me, he’s quite rude.

“Hmm…. As you can see my man is right here with me and he wouldn’t want that.” Gloria replied which made my heart leap with joy.

She gave him exactly the words he needs.

“Ohh…. Am sorry.” He said and left.

“I love you Gloria.” I said and she leaned in to kiss me.

“I love you more.” She replied.

It’s time for the show, time to let her know why we are really here.

“Gloria.” I called her and stood up.

“Yes.” She replied as her gaze followed me.

“I know have done a lot of despicable things to you which am sorry for, but am just too selfish and greedy I just want you for the rest of my days.” I said on my knees and brought out a small case out of my right pocket.

“Baby would you consider me for the last time and be my wife, please be my wife Gloria I love you.” I finally said showing her the diamond ring.

She gasped and covered her mouth with her hands.

“Of course…. I will be yours forever and ever.” She replied and kissed me.

“Really?” I asked excited.

“Yes I will be yours forever.” She replied beaming with excitement.

“I love you.” I said and Everyone around applauded us.

Have never been happier, I put the ring on her finger and hugged her tight.

I can’t believe she loves me, I can’t believe we did it.

⚡3 months later⚡

The church was filled with beautiful people in different attires.

Beautiful notes being played from the keyboard.

I stood at the alter with my heart racing in anxiety.

It’s today, it’s finally today.

I looked across the church and I saw Gloria walking towards the alter beautiful like a queen in her wedding gown.

Today actually marks the happiest day of my life.

She took her final steps on the alter facing me.

I can’t wait no more.

Every eyes were on us as the pastor called out the oaths.

“Do you Robert Williams consider to take Gloria James as your legally wedded wife and promise to do right by her till the rest of your lifes.” He said awaiting my reply.

I smiled broadly and said….

“I do.” I replied.

“And do you Gloria James promise to do same.” He asked but no response came from Gloria as she remained in silence.

I looked at her anticipating her reply but none came.

“Do you Gloria James promise to do same.” He asked again and this time Gloria smirked at me.

“I….” She said and stopped for a while.

What is she going to say.

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🧘🏾‍♀️Gloria’s pov🧘🏾‍♀️

I slowly smirked at Robert, my heart skipped a thousand beats, the joy was too much and I can’t believe am actually getting married.

Once again the pastor called the oath and I kept my silence trying to get my thoughts into reality it felt as if I was in my dreams.

“I… Do.” I said in absolute joy.

“If so, I pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride.” The pastor said and they all applauded us.

Robert pulled me closer to him and we both kissed affectionately.

One upon a time, I lived my life as a s*x slave, a slave, but I didn’t quit fighting I stood up and fought back, fought for my life, my right and lastly I fought for my love.

That was my story but not anymore, Gloria and Robert forever we will glow in love.

*3 months later*

👼🏾Author’s pov👼🏾

It’s been 2 months since the wedding and Gloria’s delivery is in due time.

She lies on the bed with Robert massaging her body.

“Do you like it?” Robert asked while Gloria groaned in pleasure.

“Of course, you are so good.” Gloria responded. “Baby there’s something I would like to ask of you.” She added which stopped Robert.

“Of course, go on.” He replied.

“I would love to visit Bianca she has been sentenced to prison and I want to see her one last time.” She begged pouting her lips cutely which seems to do the job.

“But your condition I can’t let you go alone.” He replied.

“It’s alright you will be the one to drive me there, I just need to see her alone.” She persisted and Robert succumbed to her words.

“Ok when would you like to go.” He asked and sat upright on the bed.

“If possible tomorrow.” She replied.

“If that’s what you want, anything for you.” He replied.

*The next day*

The next morning they both got dressed and drove to the prison. At the prison they filled out a visitor’s form and were shown to the visitation area

Minutes later Bianca shows up with a sly grin on her face and with handcuffs on both of her hands.

“Hi.” Gloria signalled at her in a friendly manner.

Bianca sat on the chair looking at her spitefully.

“What are you doing here?” Bianca said coldly.

“Am here to see an old friend, to see how you are doing.” Gloria responded with a smile.

“Old friend you say? You think it’s over? You think I will let you be?” Bianca said with pure hatred and stopped for a while as Gloria’s jaw dropped in disappointment.

“Oh, I can see you are pregnant too what to do? Because am definitely coming for you b—h, you took everything I have, everything I wanted and here you are telling me you want to see an old friend!” She yelled and Gloria flinched.

“Am sorry, I can see you haven’t changed, no you can never change, do you think I wanted this, you think I wanted to be a s3x slave, but also I should be thankful to you because you made me realise what it means to be in love.” She replied which surprised Bianca.

“What do you mean?” Bianca asked.

“Fortunately, am married to my sweetheart, love of my life am married to Robert, you can spend the rest of your life in total suffering, depression and frustration, goodbye.” Gloria said and left Bianca in pain.

It was then she realised it was too late, there’s nothing she could do anymore she already failed, she already lost.

Time to end it all.

She was thrown back into her cell, and made up her mind to commit suicide.

She tore her clothes in pieces and hanged herself to death in her cell.

What a pity!

👨🏾‍💼Robert’s pov👨🏾‍💼

“Are you done?” I asked Gloria as she entered the car.

“Yes, we can go now, I don’t feel any regret, it’s done.” She said and wiped off her tears.

“It’s alright.” I replied and ignite the car.

I understand how she feels, the one person she trusted as a friend was her enemy and she never knew.

*2 Weeks later*

I was in my office when I got a call I checked my phone and it was Gloria calling.

📞 Hello baby* I said at first pace.

📞 Oh! Robert! it’s coming, come home.* She shouted which was clearly heard from the phone.

📞 What’s wrong bab…*

📞 The baby is coming.* She said before I could utter another word.

My eyes widened, the baby? Oh no!

📞 Are you due already? Am coming baby.* I said and cut off the line.

I picked my car keys and drove straight to the house. I barged in and met her groaning in pain, I took her inside the car and drove off to the hospital.

At the hospital🏥

We arrived at the hospital and she was handed over to the nurse, my whole body was burning with adrenaline pumping through my veins.

It’s today, I can’t believe I will have my baby today.

I really can’t believe I will be a father.

For hours I felt unease as I sat on the chair awaiting the doctor.

Finally the doctor shows up with a broad smile.

“Congratulations, she’s given birth.” The doctor said before I could utter a statement.

“Really? She has given birth?” I shouted as my heart leaped in joy.

“Am a father, finally am a father.” I shouted and every eyes were on me.

I kept my calm and picked my phone to call my bodyguard.

It’s about time I show her the surprise.

📞 Hello boss* my bodyguard said picking up the call.

📞 It’s time, bring the gift along to the hospital.* I said and hung up.

I hope she likes it.

🧘🏾‍♀️Gloria’s pov🧘🏾‍♀️

I looked at my newly born baby, my joy.

A drop of tears rolled down my eyes as I reminisced my life up till this moment.

“My baby.” Robert said as he entered with an old woman.

“You are here.” I said silently.

“Thank you so much Gloria, I really appreciate everything you have done.” Robert said showing his gratitude. He sat beside me caressing my body.

“You are welcome.” I replied to him and smiled. “Who’s she?” I asked and his mood changed.

“Well…. Gloria it’s your mom.” He said and my heart broke.

“What the hell is she doing here?!” I half yelled and she got on her knees crying profusely.

“Gloria, am sorry please forgive your mother.” She pleaded holding my hand tightly.

I jerked her off with no pity.

“My mother, I see, you can claim to be my mother after you abandoned me?” I lashed at her.

“Gloria… Take it ea..”

“Am disappointed at you.” I said to Robert before he could complete his words.

“You should be because I understand how you feel but she’s your mother she has every right to be here.”he replied which seems right but I don’t care.

“No, she has no right she’s a monster.” I replied harshly. Have you forgotten how she tried to manipulate me into marrying you for her own selfish gains.

I glared at her and saw her crying pitifully.

“Gloria if you love me the way you claim you will be happy about today, yes she treated you wrong, but because of her I knew you, because of her I found love because of her you found love too, is that not enough reason to forgive her? if not for anything consider our baby.” He made the final statements which were true, she did hurts me but it’s time to let go of the past. Coolval stories

“She… Dosent deserves to be here.. she really did me wrong.” I said sobbing.

“It’s alright, she’s here to correct her wrongs now, isn’t she?” He replied patting my back.

She stood from the floor and held my hand, I looked into her eyes and it’s true I really missed her, I moved into her arms and hugged her tight.

“Am sorry… My baby.” My mom said and hugged me back.

“It’s alright now it’s all over.” Robert said.

And it did was over.

All his actions right from the day I started my escape plan made me realise I won’t be a s*x slave forever.

His love for me started right from the day he met me, the s3x was just the element needed to make that happened.

He truly loves me, and I do too.

I looked at my baby, Robert and my mother and I knew we would make one big family.

Robert and Gloria. The love that came after all the troubles and pain.

One that would last forever…..

The end of my life as a s3x slave 👯‍.