[STORY] My Landlady, Her Daughters (episode 1-21)

My Landlady, Her Daughters

I live in a compound of 5 tenants minus
the landlord and his family. My landlady is
an Ikwerre woman, a voluptious average
bodied woman with a nice set of racks. She
has 1 boy and 3 girls. All are grown. This
woman seem to be the heart of our problem
in the compound. Her husband is a cool
man who overlooks simple things but this
woman will fight for everything to make sure
everyone understands that it is
her compound. Everything…..water, parking
space, light bill, etc. I never really found
myself in such a situation with her cos I
always tried to keep to myself. And she’s
got pretty daughters that benefited
generously of her body type but I do not
talk to them other than the
regular greetings. Though I know that they
like greeting me afterall i’m a young guy
living in their compound but I seem not to
want to be chatty with them. I like two of
the daughters especially the eldest who’s a
couple of years older than I am, then the
last daughter as well. I know they like me
too cos I’ve seen their glances and the way
they linger around when they greet me
or come to my house for something, hoping
we might strike a conversation.
One day, I parked my car in the
landlady’s parking spot and travelled cos it
came up suddenly. I was away for 5 days
before I went back home. I just got back
that afternoon and met an empty and quiet
compound. I put on the tv, took off my
clothes and was about to hit the shower
when a knock on the door redirected
my route. I opened it and saw the least
person I expected to see…… (you guessed
right), my landlady. She wore a blue blouse
and a wrapper around her waist. Surprised,
greeted her and she greeted me back and
asked simply “why did you park your car in
my space when you knew you were
travelling?” I told her that I was sorry and
that the journey came up abruptly, and that
I was in such a rush to even think. I could
see that she was furious and I added more
soothingly that I’d move it right away. She
seemed satisfied with my apology and
smiled, then asked me how my trip was and
she hope I brought something back. I
told her that the trip was fine and that I did
(even though I didn’t have anyone in mind
when I bought the fruits and other stuff i
came back with). I invited her in and
headed straight to the kitchen while she
waited in the sitting room. I had just come
back with some of the items in my hand
when she smiled and said “you boys and
bad bad films. See the kain film you
dey watch”. I turned and stared at the tv,
they were showing an er0tic scene
explicitly. I smiled and apologized, then
walked towards the tv to turn it off when
she said “are you a kid? you can watch
anything you want”. I obliged her
and replied “yes. but I no wan make konji
hold me later”. She laughed and asked me
how it could be when I have a lot of
girlfriends. Then went on “e be like say you
sabi, i dey hear them dey shout sometimes”.
I couldn’t believe what is happening.
I couldn’t believe that I am having
this conversation with this woman. She’s
hitting on me.

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Episode 2

As the thoughts crossed my mind, I felt my
junior stir and woke up from his slumber as
if he was commanded “Arise little one”.
Mind you he’s not little in any way. She
noticed it and smiled, then said “I knew
from the way you dey f**k those girls, you
carry big pr1ck”. Bearing the
encouragement no more, Junior arose in his
might and in anger so that all who saw him
might tremble in fear. I simply stood there
contemplating on what to do when my
landlady sighed, looked at me and sat down
on my couch. ‘This is it’ I thought to
myself. Then amazing myself, with my d**k
pointing forward like a compass,…….no,
more like a general leading his army to war,
my feet moved of it’s own accord until I am
standing in front of my landlady looking a
bit smug and dumb(you can imagine the
combination naa). With her eyes fixed
hungrily on the bulge, she simply put her
hand on my waist and tugged at my towel,
it came off freely and behold how my d–k
sprang out. If it were the Olympic d–k long
jump, it would have made an ace.
Anyway, it was there in front of her and she
stared at it in disbelief, but with so much
greed in her eyes that i thought she would
chew it off with one bite. I prayed in my
mind at that moment that she doesn’t know
what a hot dog looks like before she
mistook junior as one. Then she grabbed it
in her hands and rubbed it, then she
squeezed it a bit harder and the d–k
thickened. She kept rubbing it without
putting it in her mouth, then I figured
maybe she’s not a d–k sucker. I took her
hand away and turned slowly and walked
towards the room, stopping at the door to
look back at her and smile. She got up
suddenly and followed me, when she opened
the curtain, i was nowhere. She was about
looking around when I grabbed her breasts
from behind, squeezed it hard and pushed
her on the bed. As she fell, I reached for her
wrapper and pulled it off. I was
dumbfounded. She’s got big round
buttocks. I was in no way patient and i
reached for her, threw open her legs and
sent a finger on a quest to locate the c–t.
The thumb did while the others slid into her
wharf. How slimmy and wet she was. I
rubbed on her p*sshy some more and she
moaned softly, with the other free hand I
found her breasts and squeezed hard. It’s
swollen already, i caressed the Tip and it
hardened. I took one in my mouth and
stroked the other Tip gently and she jerked
her hips in response. She moaned her
pleasure. By now, she was very wet and my
d–k is hard and throbbing. I pulled my
hand away and slid in my thick throbbing
d–k. We both felt the sweet sensation as
my d–k filled her p*sshy. I looked at her
and couldn’t believe it….Jeez! I’m f**king
my landlady. (She looked pretty getting
f**ked. Maybe she is pretty. Maybe her
attitude made me see her as an ugly wicked
woman). I went at it, first taking her slow.
Then slowly increasing y pace, I went hard,
f**king her like a minx, pounding her hard
like fufu. She threw her legs apart and I
went deeper. As I hit her like jackpot, her
wetness made slurping sounds pleasurable
to the ears. Her p*sshy is so sweet and
I put my lip on the unsucked breast and
s—-d away….what a merriment. Her
blouse seemed to always come down to
interrupt me so i took a moment to take it
off. Now as i gaze down, i’m being gazed
up at by a pair of beautiful racks. She has
such an incredible body. I t—-t harder and
faster and she held me with strong
arms….oh! and is she strong? I was not
deterred, I kept on thrusting deeper and
harder while she made her ‘uuugh’s and
aaaargh’s’. She reached her hand down my
back and grabbed my buttocks and
squeezed them. My d–k hardened and she
must have felt it cos she suddenly widened
her eyes and looked at me while her mouth
opened but no words came out. I increased
my pace, watching her breasts bounce on
her chest in response to my movements,
then she wrapped her legs around my waist.
I f**ked her harder and as i slammed into
her, her breasts heaved east to west,
sometimes to north and south. Then it
occurred to me that her pretty buttocks is
not being appreciated.
I pulled off, she tried to pull me back on but
i declined. She moaned her displeasure, I
turned her over. She complied and knelt, i
dug in from behind. Her p*sshy embraced
my d–k in a welcoming gesture. I
immediately started thrusting hard. she
moved her waist back to meet my thrusts, i
felt challenged so i applied more energy to
the waist, bent my knee and started
thrusting deeper and higher.

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Episode 3

She went crazy and started moaning out
loud, “f *ck me , oh please f* ck me
harder… . .harder … .yes . .yes … yes ” she cried .
I felt pleasure knowing that ‘ i’m hitting
it’ . But the more pleasure came from
watching her buttocks bounce off my
d* ck. Oh ! it seemed like playing with a
thick baloon, slapping against my g—n,
giving me the happy feeling . Soon , i
noticed she has stopped moving her waist
and now kept it still, welcoming my
thrusts with either a wave of her hand or
a shake of the head or slapping the bed.
The harder i t—-t , the closer she lies to
the bed. Pretty soon , she was lying on her
tommy with her ass up, her face buried in
the pillow to muffle her screams but i
could still make out the holy names
“Jesus… . .yes . .God” , sounded more like a
prayer. I slammed at it like a WWE
champion and then I heard her moan a
little bit louder. I went hard at it and she
started making more noises , then I turned
her to her back and held her two legs up
and deepened my penetration . I moved
slow and she liked it as she moved her
hips in tune . I started rotating my hips
and she followed suit and moaned as her
c–t was also rubbed in the process. I drew
out and came down in a single hard
t—-t, she sighed with pleasure . I did it
again and got the same response.
I started thrusting in a slow pace but not
deep, but will often slam in deep . Then
suddenly i heard her moans change into a
beautiful incessant tune . It was a chorus
of one who’s about to come. I let her legs
go but she held it on her own, then I
slammed away. Thrusting deep and hard
and moving my waist from side to side as
i t—-t . She moved her hands over my
back and held me for a while, then she
started whimpering and closed her legs
around my waist as her body started
shaking. The way she moved under me
made me feel such pleasure that I felt my
c-m build up and ready to shoot. I let it
go and filled her p* ssy with my juice as
we both vibrated like two nokia 3310
mobile phones. I lay on top of her for a
while and she still held me . Only then did
i realise that the power was out and
everywhere was hot and we were both
sweating. I got off her and she just looked
at me … .. no smiles, no joking words,
nothing except a look of satisfaction on
her face. She slowly got up and cleaned
her body with my towel, found her blouse ,
put it on and tied her wrapper as well.
Then went into the sitting room, took the
items i gave to her and left , not saying a
word. I stood there Unclad, watching her
leave, satisfied and confused.
The next couple of days was awkward for
me. I would leave in the morning and
come back in the evening when it was
dark (talk about a hen being pursued by
the ground). The way she left that day
kept me watchful . One evening i was
coming in when i met her at the gate
leaving, she smiled and greeted me very
well, i was relieved . As we were chatting ,
making little jokes, she put an arm on my
hand in a familiar way. Out of nowhere
her last daughter ( who happens to be one
of those that i like) surfaced . We each
took a step apart and ended our
conversation abruptly and headed on our
seperate ways . She greeted me as i
walked past her as i answered her with a
smile. That has never happened cos i
always greet them with little or no
expression, but never with a smile . She
seemed to almost pause but continued on
her way. Maybe she saw us i thought ,
maybe she knows what ’ s going on . Guilt
washed it ’ s way down my body as i went
into my house . I didn’ t see her again until
a couple of days later, on a saturday
afternoon when i was driving out and she
was leaving the compound as well . As the
security man was opening the gate, she
walked past me . I drove out and stopped
beside her , asked her which way she was
going and it happened that i could drop
her off along the way so i invited her to
join me . She did and we drove in silence. I
turned on the radio and was playing my
‘don’ t play your rock and roll to me ’ by
smokie, listening to it when she
interrupted me . She asked bluntly, “why do
you not like talking to people ?”.
It took me unawares that she’ld care to
know but i replied and told her that i do
talk to people ofcourse , but i just mind
those i talk to. And she asked “ like me ?”. I
didn’ t know what to say and i said the
what seemed like the smartest thing that
came to my mind “ it ’s not the way you
see it ”. Not knowing what else to say i
added “i’ m talking to you now” . She
smiled. After a while, she said “my mum
seems to like you. She keeps saying that
you’re the best tenant that she has” . She
said that without taking her eyes off me .
Without looking at her , i know she was
looking at me so i concentrated on my
driving. After a while i glanced her way
and our eyes met and i hurriedly looked
away, that seemed to satisfy her . Now i
know that she knows that something is up
between her mum and i, maybe she knows
not what it is but she definitely knows
that something is up . I tried to change the
subject by complaining about the traffic
building up, she obliged the conversation
and we started chatting about other
things. Soon i found myself really having
a good conversation with her . She’s smart
and has a nice laugh. She humours my
jokes and suddenly i was attracted to her .
Soon i got to where i’ld drop her off and i
stopped, she got out , thanked me and bid
me farewell with a “see you later ”. As i
pulled out of the curb, i thought “you bet ”.
Two days passed without us seeing each
other. On the third day, I came home early
and met her at the gate seeing off a friend
of hers . We greeted and i went in, few
minutes later someone knocked on my
door and there she was.

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Episode 4

I invited her in and we sat and chatted and
chatted like we’ve been doing that all along
and after a long while, she left. The next
day was a friday, came home around 8 pm
after hanging out with a couple of friends,
went in and was glad the power was on. I
was playing some cool music when she
knocked, I invited her in and in my spirited
mood, bowed and invited her to dance with
me. She
laughed surprisedly and obliged me. We
swayed slowly and the moment just seemed
right, and i knew she was feeling it too cos
she couldn’t look me in the eye anymore.
I held her gaze and kissed her and was
struck when she kissed me back
passionately. We soon found ourselves
lying on the long couch, in an embrace,
kissing, touching, hands roaming all over
each other. then her sister called out for
her and we both jumped, she got up,
straightened herself and left. On the evening
of the next day, they all went to their
church’s fellowship. I was at home when
she knocked and i let her in. She’d left the
church arena unnoticed and had come back
to me. Unbelievably. Once she stepped in
and i closed the door, as i turned to meet
her, she jumped me with a kiss. I took her
straight to the bedroom and undressed her
as fast as my hand could go. And man, am
i ready to Bleep or am i? I wanted to pull
off her panties but she stopped me, smiled
and did it herself. I couldn’t understand
that but what the hell. She lay down,
looking prettier than she did (now I’m
wondering if women look prettier Unclad or
is it just me).
I put my head in between her thighs and
went down on her Kitty-Cat like it’s an ice
cream contest. I started by licking her
bigger Kitty-Cat lips (i think it’s called
labia majora but i call it p*sshy lip). She
seemed to like it, i licked on softly and
sometimes kiss it. She kept liking it and
moaning, i took a lip in my mouth (thats
my name nà) and suckled it and she threw
her head up and down, left and right. I did
it to both sides and would often blow
air softly on her c–t, it was an endless
torture. Then i went for the c–t, played with
it with my tongue, took it in my mouth and
s—-d it while my hands squeezed her
breasts and stroked her Tips, taking a break
often to roam my hands over her neck down
to her navel and back to the breast. Then i
dug in into the p*sshy and went at it like a
hungry vampire. She moaned out loud and
pushed her hips up. I dug in deeper with my
tongue and she held my head down with her
hand, moaning softly “oh my! yes! yes! yes!
s–k me…..s–k me..harder”.
Encouraged, I took my time. I wanted her to
desire my d1ck before i give it to her. I ate,
licked and s—-d her pusshy until she
couldn’t hold the pleasure anymore. She
pushed me up, turned our position and
mounted me. She tightened her pusshy
muscle as she slid my d–k into her Kitty-
Cat, and brothers and sisters, I was floating
in the clouds as her pusshy enveloped me.
She was so wet yet so tight. She kept
clenching the pusshy muscles around my
d1ck while she rotates her hips, i held and
squeezed her buttocks. She maintained a
slow pace which was killing me but i let her
do her thing, she was so sweet. She would
often reach down to kiss me and then throw
her head back and laugh and suddenly
moan. I was not only being ridden but was
also being entertained. She
started bouncing up and down my d1ck so i
grabbed her breasts and stroked her Tips,
put it in my mouth and s—-d it hard. The
pleasure made her f–k me faster, but she
suddenly go slow. It occurred to me that
she was reciprocating the same treatment
which i’d given her earlier. I let her f–k me.
She began going slow, very slow indeed, she
was giving me
the joy ride of my life. She would clench her
Kitty-Cat walls around my big d1ck, and
release it, she would take me in half way
and then all the way. My whole big D1ck
would get swallowed inside
her juicy Well. I turned her over, hung one
of her legs over my shoulder and slid my
d1ck into her pusshy. I started
pounding away, f*cking and f*cking her
tight sweet pusshy while she moaned and
moaned. She suddenly pushed me off,
turned over and gave me the doggy, her
buttocks looked good all popped up. I slid
in slowly and let her play with the tip a
She would move her waist but allow me
deep enough to the s—t. I started f*cking
her pusshy and then she quivered a little. I
held her waist and rammed her so hard she
had to
lie down half way (reminding me of her
mum) Raising herself with her hands. I
f*cked on and on and all the while, she
would be trying some acrobatics with her
legs, moving them in different dimensions.
She knelt up and started meeting my
thrusts half way, locked her legs with mine
and we went at it like a knock out contest, i
paused awhile and let her f–k me.
She rotated her waists while moving in and
out. After a while, she turned, made me sit
on the bed and she sat on my d1ck (inside
her p*sshy of course), she held my neck
and started riding.

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Episode 5)
She was so fiesty in her own style and she
would often laugh and call my name in a
whisper(ha ha ha ……Mouth) and suddenly ride
me fast with a long hymn of “uuuuugh……
uuuuuuugh…..yeah…..fuuuuuuuuuuck”. I was
becoming afraid, praying she doesn’t do some
abracadabra stuff. I lifted her up and stood
with her thinking to myself ‘if this was a
buggy ride, i’d better hold the reins’. Hanging
her body in mid air, i started slamming her
pusshy hard from underneath, in an upward
direction her until i heard the words “i’ve
not done this style before”. It came out like a
plea, like she was complaining about her
sweet excitement. She was getting heavier and
my thrusts slower, so I lay her on her side and
entered from behind her, we were lying side by
side and she started moving her waist back to
meet mine. It was a nice and beautiful
position, i started thrusting faster and harder,
she moaned and moved to meet my pace.
She was moaning,
i was grunting and we were bleeping. My d1ck
started thrusting freely, she was wetter and
suddenly she whispered “i’m coming”. Her
words seemed to stimulate my own hormones
and i felt myself about to come too. In a
couple of seconds, she moved her buttocks
back to meet me with such force and i
retaliated with the same equal force and then
she cried out “oh my God……… Mouuuuuuuuth”
and as i thrusted away, i jerked and felt
myself come too.
we lay down there for a while and since
her family was not back, we got out strength
back and was on round two when we heard
their car drive in. She quickly dressed up and
waited for them all to go onto the house, then
stayed in my house a couple of minutes more
before she went out the gate and back in,
heading straight for their house. I watched her
from my window as she reached their burglary
proof, she knocked and her sister came out
and opened it for her. Then i stared at my
junior and warned him “don’t put me in
trouble oo”. Then having had a beautiful
evening, watched a movie and slept
innocently. How was i to know what was
in store waiting for me the next day.
This went on for weeks. I now intentionally
tried to avoid her mum but on a few
occasions when i didn’t go to work, she would
ambush me and i would f–k her. Her daughter
knew her mum
was a bit promiscuous but she didn’t know
what was actually going on between us so she
kept bleeping me as well. I was having the
best time of my life. None of my side chicks
visited me again cos i was having frequent
sex whenever i needed it….infact, the sex
seemed to need me cos i’m more often
the one who gets invited. And so it went on
and on.
I had a co- tenant who’s married and has two
kids, drives a cab and claims also that he’s a
pastor. His wife on the other hand is pretty…….
aaaaaaaannnnd bootylicious.
We (i mean fellow guys and men in the
compound) always find ourselves staring at
her backside in the morning when she’s
wearing only a wrapper and getting her kids
ready for school. You
need to see how her buttocks bounces when
she walks. She sells food, you know the mobile
restaurant kinda stuff. It happened that their
refrigerator got spoilt and she started using
to preserve her fish/meat which she’ll use to
cook the next day. After her husband and kids
have left, she would come to retrieve it and
start her cooking.
Since my job doesn’t require early departure,
i’m always at home when she comes for the
fish. Then i noticed that the way she chats
with me started changing in a pleasant way.
She would always smile and dim her eyes,
often times she would laugh and put her
hands on my hand or chest. I intentionally
ignored the thoughts going on in my
head…..not another married woman living in
my compound.
One morning, she knocked and greeted me
“good morning big bros”. I replied and went to
get her fish, she went with me to the kitchen
(which is normal). I retrieved it, gave it to her
and was chatting with her when she started
her ordeal again. I was instantly aroused and i
turned around so she wouldn’t see the
growing bulge in my g—n since i was only
putting on a boxer short. She didn’t seem to
want to leave and i didn’t seem to have the
will to end the conversation. It suddenly
occurred to me that i might be the only man
in the compound (other than her husband)
who’ll get to Bleep her if i should. The
thought of beating other guys to it made me
smile satisfactorily. I didn’t know that while
engrossed in my thoughts, i had turned to face
her with the smile on my face. I suddenly
realised that she’s no longer talking and
was looking into my eyes with a smile on her
face. She must have seen my arousal or
maybe not. As i kept smiling, i headed for the
door and she spoke, freezing my steps. I
turned and stared at her while the words “you
think say i no know say you dey f*uk madam
and Joy” rang in my head over and over
again. I didn’t know what to say so i stood
there, wondering what to say or do.

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Episode 6)
Then she told me not to fear because
nothing dey happen. She went on and told me
how she was at home and overheard our
noises (sex), and how she envies them cos she
knows that they must be getting it good. And
how her husband neglects her after bleeping
those ashawo outside before he gets home.
From her facial expression, she seemed hurt
talking about it and i was touched when i saw
that. I felt sorry for her and went closer to
cheer her up. She brought her face down, i put
a hand on her shoulder and was consoling her
when she just grabbed my d1ck which has
been erect all this while (obviously it disagree
to feel sorry for her).
I was a bit surprised at her boldness but I
didn’t make any move to stop her. That was a
sign that i was glad she did. She stroked it
and then knelt and freed it from my boxer’s
entrapment (still in shock). She made an “oh!”
and i guessed she must be satisfied with what
she saw. She put my d1ck in her mouth and
rolled her tongue over the tip. Mehn…..she’s
got the digs. With that first impressive touch, i
started wondering if her husband is crazy. She
kissed it and started s—–g it. I reached a
hand down and fondled her breasts. She was
so good at it that she almost made me come
and I’ve never come before while being s—-d.
I stood her and took off her wrapper, her
b0obs were nice but not as nice asher hips.
I turned her around and stepped back a bit,
staring at the most beautiful Unclad round
buttocks my eyes had ever seen. She smiled
and put her hands akimbo and shook
her buttocks.
She must have seen the hunger in my eyes cos
she asked “you like am abi?”. I didn’t need to
reply her cos i rushed over, bent her over and
gently slid in my d1ck. It was tighter than i
had expected from a mother of two. As the cap
of my d1ck slid inside her Well, she gasped in
pleasure and gently moved her ass back to
swallow me whole (Just by writing this story
makes me want to f–k her again). She was
wet but not too wet. Just wet in the right way
to enable my d1ck slide in well enough to also
feel her vaginal walls massage it all the way.
She made my landlady and her daughter seem
like amateurs. She started grinding her asss
against my waist slowly, then moved it up and
down in the same slow movement. As i stared
at her buttock’s movement, the only thing that
came to my mind was t-pain’s voice singing
“up, and down, up, and down,” from the chorus
of “all i do is win’. She would make the sound
“shhhhhh……aaaarrrgh….hmmm” very softly
that they were barely audible and lick her lips
a few times. I moved my waist and began
thrusting slowly. She made the slow
pace seem like the best pace for f*cking in
doggy style. I moved her closer to the wall
and made her stand up, she bent a little to
give me good access from behind. With her
buttocks out, i held it up and apart, then i let
my d1ck slide in full and completely out.
Then in and out it went a couple of times
before i left it inside her pusshy and f*cked
her. She stood on her toes to enable her
bounce and meet my thrusts. I seem to be
hitting her spot real good. The kitchen wall
seemed to be helping me out with her breasts
as she rubbed them against it. I pulled
her away from the wall, held the two cute
breasts in both hands and squeezed them as i
f*cked her. Her body was soft, and the way her
buttocks lapped against my g—n was
threatening a quick c-m. I stopped thrusting
and rotated my hips, she loved it and
encouraged me with a smile. I was making
single deep thrusts when suddenly……….a thick
voice called out her name.
What the f–k? It was her husband. i said to
myself “you don die today”.

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Episode 7

The way i disengaged and dived into my
sitting room seemed like i was auditioning in
a police training exercise or battle with boko
haram. She answered him and quickly tied her
wrapper, opened the kitchen exit door and
went out to meet him. I pulled up my boxer
and was waiting to hear any sign or noise that
might indicate her husband knew what was
going on when she re-entered. Luckily, he
had come back to retrieve something he had
forgotten and was in a haste to go and pick
up a client. She smiled and slowly walked
back to me , like Eve did to Adam
took off her wrapper and bent her ass,
twerking. Her bold move must have
impressed my d1ck more than it did me cos
the banana got so hard that i wondered if it’s
still a part of my body.
I took her to the sitting room, sat her on
a single couch, made her lie back a little, held
her legs up high and was rubbing my d1ck on
her c–t when she started saying “bros your
p—k big. Kai! f–k me weeeeeellll. No go dey
f–k madam and Joy again. I go dey f–k you
well brooooos. I like you. I like the way you
dey f–k me. I like your big p—k……be like say
i don dey love you oohhh”.
She was still mumbling her negotiations when
i slid in my d1ck into her already wet Well. My
d–k must have adventured deeper and faster
cos she exclaimed in a low whisper
“brooooosssss….. hmmmn…arghhhh..
brooosss”. And i f*cked her. Pounded her
pusshy so hard until her whitish fluids covered
my d1ck but yet she was not satisfied. I
scooped her up, turned over and made to sit
with her on top when she started pulling me
down to the floor with her weight while f*cking
me. I lay on the floor and she got wild. She
started moving her waist violently in any
direction we are and i f*cked her as well.
F*cking with such energy and being f*cked
back with such enthusiasm is;mind- blowing.
Then, it suddenly occurred to me that
her husband was definitely crazy to be
ignoring/neglecting what i’m getting. We were
lying and f*cking side by side facing each
other when suddenly she held me tight and
started singing her sweet c-m chorus
iisssssshhhh”. She held me tight and started
moving her waist tightly against mine, her
movements made me want to come so i lay on
top of her and slammed away. She spread her
legs to the full length and brought her head
up a bit while moaning “aayi…ayi…ayi”. As my
c-m juice was ready to spill, feeling the
sensation, pulled out and as i was coming all
over her pushsy and laps, she jerked her waist
and squirted all over me. What the…? The
timing was perfect and outstanding. That was
my first squirter. and i loved it.
i have had lots of ladies + women, i am yet to
see a woman as lovely and f*ckable as this
woman, she has the boobs of ritababe and
supernet4 mixed in one, a backside way bigger
than msporche, that Sucre777 innocent look,
the sexy eye of kozaic, raayah is a learner
when she kisses, when she smiles i see
Velocitron , with her teeth perfect just like
i loved this woman despite being married to a
man that give her less satisfaction. i loved her
hair, cool just like sacora, she shines like
farano or MhizVee just after sex. you cant
imagine spending a night with ellechrystal,
you will love sex afterwards, it was just so
awesome, Chykechin will surrender when she
sees this lady.
too bad she is married with 2 kids, only Mprex
and Ephhay can understand my pain. she is
always happy like happyjuliet after sex, so full
of life. ask Divineluv14 she can explain better.
to me, she is a star like AlienStar.
I enjoy every moment with her, unforgettable….
so loveable and harmless like harmlessphil.
will i see her again. only you can decide that.

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Episode 8

I looked down on her with appreciation but
her eyes were still closed. She reached down
to her pusshy with one hand and rubbed my
c-m all over her watered pusshy. I got up,
wore my boxer and sat down. After a while,
she got up, smiled at me and tied her wrapper,
took her fish and said “see you later bros”. we
did it few more times for two weeks, i had the
best 2 weeks of marathon of sex, I became so
drained and looking smaller and i felt sick….. I
decided it was about time that i saved myself
from her so i told her that it was a mistake
and that it wouldn’t happen again (we should
She looked at me disappointedly and
asked “but you go dey f–k madam and Joy?
Them sabi f–k pass me?” She sighed and left
before i could give my reasons, and i didn’t
f–k her again until………
One fateful day, couple of months later, Joy
has gone back to school, her mum seems to
have notice that i was avoiding too her and
she seemed to respect my choices (i later
learnt she’s got someone else), my seductive
tenant didn’t need my refrigerator assistance
again cos theirs has been fixed. I was at home
that day, didn’t go to work cos one
of managers visited the previous day and we
worked all day until past midnight. I woke up
in the afternoon and decided to do some
laundry. I brought everything outside and
started washing them. Soon there she was
with her own laundry. I greeted her and asked
how she was. She replied that she was fine
and so was everything. We were washing and i
inquired why she didn’t go for business that
day, she replied that she did but she’s sold
We chatted about how good the food must
have tasted and other general topics, until
there was nothing more to say…. went on
washing in silence.
We kept catching each others glances. At a
time i glanced and held my gaze. I couldn’t
believe her bold seduction. She had opened
her legs wide and i was staring at her pusshy
cos she wore nothing underneath her skirt. I
looked up to meet her gaze and there she was,
smiling satisfactorily like someone who just
achieved her aim. I simply froze and gazed at
her Kitty-Cat and images of our sexual
encounters flooded through my mind. My d1ck
must have a good memory too cos it made
it’s demands visible. At that point, i couldn’t
reason with it. I stood up and she saw my
attention and laughed.
I signaled her to come over and she nodded. I
went in and after a while she came. Came
straight to the room where i was putting on a
condom and threw herself freely on the bed.
I could see the expression of victory written all
over her face and she confirmed it by saying
to me “i know say you go do miss me and wan
f–k me again. I no be all those small small
girls wey you dey f–k. i am better. I go dey
give you matured f–k”. While she was making
her speech, i had worn my condom and was
raising up her skirt. She knelt and i raised it
up. No time for games, i was gonna give her
what she asked for.

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Episode 9
Nonsense people she said out loud. well with
what happened later, they’re definitely not a
nonsense phcn. I take it back. I turned off
everything, it was a bit dark but so i opened
my curtains. We talked about the movie and
if they actually had real sex, will they also say
cut, action and the scream was fake…..and so
on. Our chat digressed to personal sexual
experiences, who was our first, who was our
best, our craziest spontaneous sex, and so on.
she was enjoying it and so was i.
I do not know what it is with cold weathers
and sex because with that discussion going
on, i knew that i definitely had to f–k her. So i
changed the topic and boldly asked her if she
would slap me if i kissed her. She looked at
me and smiled, then replied “maybe…you have
cute lips but hmmmm”. I got up and went to
her, sat down beside her and hesitated a little
when she looked me straight in the eye. I
decided that if she did slap me and fell my
hand, e no go be the first time. So i kissed her
and the way she kissed me back settled my
doubts. She was waiting for it, I pulled her
towel down a bit and fondled her breasts. fling
it out of the trap called bra, She kissed me
some more. I took my hand all the way down
but she stopped me when i got to her belly
and held my hand steady. I moved my head
from her lips to her breasts and she sighed
softly as i took a Tip in between my teeth and
nibbled softly. she took a deep breath. Then i
s—-d it like a breastfeeding baby, she put
her hands around me and unintentionally
freed my imprisoned hand.
I immediately moved the hand further down
and shifted her pant to one side, then
manipulated her wet pusshy and caressed her
c–t. She closed her legs and imprisoned the
hand there…well it’s safer there shaa. I dug
two fingers in and manipulated her a little but
she suddenly pushed me away. Surprised,
confused but undeterred, i came at her again
and fondled her breasts with a little force and
s—-d it fiercely. It seemed to weaken her
early resolve and she welcomed the act,
rewarding it by totally removing her towel.
Now she’s stark Unclad.
I took off my shirt, shorts and boxers. She
grabbed my d–k in her hand and the sound
“ooww” escaped her lips softly. she was about
to have it big.
I made a move to slide it inside her pusshy
but she redirected it, bent her head and
s—-d my d1ck. She didn’t just s–k my
d1ck, she licked it with her tongue. Teasing
the cap round, then put a spit shine on it and
gave my s—t a handjob while the cap
belonged in her mouth. She had such
experience, she had perfected the art. i wanted
to explode as I lost count of time. I came to
myself a bit and pulled her off, sat her down
and made to insert my d1ck in her pusshy but
she refused saying “you’re f*cking my sister.
you can’t f–k me too”.
which kind game she dey play. i almost cried
when she said it. she looked serious and i was
starting to feel embarrassed. but I couldn’t
stop now, so i tried talking some sense
into her but she refused. she Suggested we
have an MouthAction. I’ve had enough,
pushed her back on the couch and held her
hand while the other immediately assisted the
d–k inside her Kitty-Cat. It happened so fast
that i couldn’t believe how i could move
her pant aside and my d1ck sensed the
entrance of her hole without seeking. I slid in
nicely, let my d1ck go in the full length. She
still tried resisting me but i started slamming
away. With each t—-t, her will to resist faded
away. It seemed like i was pounding it out of
her…..which i think i was.
I f*cked her and after a while, her hands were
now caressing my back while her legs locked
on mine. She moved her waist upwards to
enable my thrusts go in deeper. I started a
marathon f–k on her, non stop, no pause, just
pound in an unstoppable rythmn. Soon, i felt
my whole body feeling lighter as the sweet
sensation of expulsion travels up to my brain.
I t—-t deeper and she grabbed me tighter
and muffled her scream by putting her mouth
on my shoulder. She bit me a little (still bear
a disappering mark of it), then with my head
exploding with pleasure, i came inside her. I
lost my senses as i spilled them inside her
pusshy. We lay together on the couch, holding
each other, catching our breath.
By now, the rain had slowed down to a drizzle.
After a while, she gently pushed me off her
body and said to me “don’t try that again”. I
said okay and put on my clothes while she put
on the towel round her body. We sat in silence
and after a while, she broke the silence “you
know what you did can be called rape” i
looked at her with my mouth open wide, she
said again “but…your d–k feels nice shaa. It’s
soft but..but..it’s…..it’s okay”. I laughed and
thanked her. Complimented her that her
pusshy was wet and warm and gives a tingling
sensation. It made her smile and we looked at
each other in an unspoken understanding way
and chuckled. I went to my refrigerator,
brought out a chocolate flavoured vodka. We
drank it and after a while, her brother came
back and she left.

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Episode 10

Few days later i was not feeling alright, so i
went to see my doctor, he happened to be a
friend. he advised me to get more rest and
stay away from sex for a long while. that will
mean staying away from my compound
because i doubt if i will survive it still living in
that house. I explained my situation to him
and we both laughed about it. he gave me
names of drugs i will need. i left and drove
back to my dangerous compound. it was on a
Thursday evening and it had rained in the
afternoon, i was trapped in a heavy traffic, i
got back home around 12 in the midnight. i
wanted to sleep in the car cos i was too tired
to walk to my room.
As i was still struggling with my body, i saw a
light flash towards my car, i asked who that is
and the voice answered “welcome bros” i could
recognize the voice. it was my neighbor new
sister. i said thank you, i stepped out of the
car and rested on the front. she approached
me and asked if i was alright. i said yes, i will
be fine. she got closer and leaned forward.
then he said “i taught you are drunk, so why
are you late and too tired” i told her am not
fine, coming from the clinic and she said
she picked my right hand, lifted it above her
head and helped me to my door. i opened the
door and we entered. she took me to the room
and dropped me on the bed. she left and
returned with a cup of water, forced down a
drug down my mouth. she left and i was
wondering why she is nice to me, till i slept
off. I woke up the next day, feeling better but
not 100%, but something was strange. i was
on the bed with just my boxers on. I prayed
nothing happened with her last night. i tried
to remember what happened but i could not. i
got up, freshened my self and went to look for
my helper, she was no where to be found.
Days turn into weeks and i still have not seen
my helper in the compound, i was forced to
ask her sister (my neighbor). she said she had
to go to the village but will be back soon. i
could not wait.
5 days later she arrived. i was at home for 2
weeks, i only resumed to face lots of jobs
waiting for me. so i get back home that week.
on a Saturday morning i knocked on her door
hoping she will open the door not my
neighbor. The husband opened the door and i
asked of the lady. her name was Janet. she
came out looking all creamy, i thanked her
and i asked her why she left without saying a
word. she tried to explain, then i said she can
come over when she is free. my room is her
room cos she saved my life.. she laughed and
said ok. we exchanged mobile numbers.
I was cooking in the kitchen when i heard a
knock, i knew she was the one, we kept
chatting on whatsapp. she seems cool and
calm. we ate together and we talked on and
on from one topic to another till we got
romantic, she asked me why i am single, i told
her am waiting for the right woman. She
received a call and her mood changed. i asked
if she wants to talk about, she told me how
guys have been unfaithful to her. i felt like
crying by her story. i drew her closer and pet
her like a baby.
she was leaning on me when i felt a hit down
below. It was my d1ck, she had mistakenly hit
my already awaken d1ck. she said sorry and
just kept looking at my face…
what happened after was beyond my

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Episode 11

she stood up, went into my room and after
waiting for few minutes, i went in to check on
her, she was playing with my laptop, i joined
her on the bed and she said, i need you in me,
and i know you want me too, as i was about
to say a word she planted a kiss on my lips. i
responded but with fear. i reached for a
condom and she was too fast for me, she
undressed me in 5 seconds, she was
desperate, then i stopped her and asked her
when was the last time she did it. she said
over a year ago. she answered me undressing
herself. before i could say Jark. she was
mouth f*ucking my d1ck already. chai…. She
s—-d it like her life depended on it. I
grabbed her ass, smacked it, have always
wanted to try it.
After watching her spit at the d1ck, lick the
pee hole, seconds in and out. She would jack
off my d1ck from the middle t o the top in
fast jerks; put her mouth at the tip of the
d1ck, and try to draw
something out of it. it was like she has a
candy in her mouth. trying my best to shove it
down her throat. I pulled her up, she climb on
me and she picked cowgirl position, as she
slowly and gently sit on my rock hard d1ck,
she put her pusshy over my d1ck, the warm
embrace from her pusshy wall was warm and
grip was intense, quite a tight pusshy than I
She wasted no time in bouncing up and down
on the d1ck, what a rider she is. she was
going faster and slower. I enjoyed the view of
her breast bouncing up nd down, as she rode
with strength and unwavering vigor. I smacked
the ass again and again. all she said yess oh
yesss….. I was on cloud 9, I lifted my back up
and supported my body by placing my arms
behind me as she continued to ride, she did
all the work. her soft ass began to collide with
my thighs and the lower part of my abdomen.
Then she started with a loud sound yes..yes..
oh yes… baby yes.. yeeeesss. I began to shift
back slowly, as I was moving backward, I
dragged her waist beside me to the back, i
grab her b00bs as she continued riding my
d1ck like it was a matter of life and death. Her
b00bs were small but no complaint will come
from me, after few few minutes.
I tapped her, we changed positions and I made
her lie on her back, stuffed pillows underneath
her, around her belly. She opened her legs and
I balanced behind her and inserted my d1ck,
deeper this time. My d1ck was covered in her
pusshy juice. I began to t—-t into her from
the back, grabbing a handful of her ass as my
waist hit against her soft backside. It felt
good, our body language was fine, she
understood how I wanted it and she gave it
to me like that, as i was going deeper and
deeper, soon she began to scream… Aaahhhh…
yyeeessss, oohhhh yeeaaaa. ouch….yea yea
yessssss baby yesssss. I made her lie on the
bed on her belly, then I began to t—-t as fast
and hard as I could. Then and there is that
absolute feeling of pleasure mixed with
the sweet in my body.
she was becoming too loud.. and yess.. oh
god yes oh yes baaaby yes… am coming.. yes
baby ohhhh..
I tried to cover her mouth with my hand to
muffle down her sound. i f*ucked her, she kept
saying yes… ohh yes.. faster.. yess.. faster..
yes baby.. faster, and i did go faster, we both
climaxed. i was unable to pull out, but no
regrets. We were still on the bed when she told
me how she undressed me the other day she
helped me and fell in love with my big d1ck… i
had no response. i closed my eyes and slept.

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Episode 12

I woke up with a strange feeling, a sweet
sensation and weird, wow Janet was s—–g
my d1ck this early morning. i pretended to be
sleeping, i couldn’t hold it for 10 seconds, i
just held her head as she do her magic. i
opened my eyes to see the day. but my mind
could not picture anything other than what
was happening between my legs. she will
stroke my d1ck and s–k at every bit of my
d1ck, put my balls in her mouth and lick it.
she was giving the best morning BJob any
man can have, it was so tensed that i forced
myself not to come, it will be a dent to my
reputation, but this lady in the position refuse
to stop. she knew what she was doing and she
was good at it. she s—-d the better part of
my d1ck out.
I was feeling hungry but i cant move from my
position, she stopped s—–g and started
stroking my cap slowly, it was on a Sunday…
while others were getting ready for church,
Janet was making me harder than i could ever
she stood up and walk slowly to the kitchen
and came back with a cup of tea, we shared
the cup and she told me she will be leaving
today, that last night was her best F–k ever.
we talked about everything that happened last
night from the fight to the sex and we started
talking dirty. she jumped on my and was
getting rough, will she rape me? i asked. my
d1ck is the sharpest part of my body, always
good to go. was hard in no time.
we tried to kiss for few minutes, she sat on my
d1ck and used her hand to stroke it 3 times
before putting it in her pusshy. she made it go
in…deep down, her ass was on my thigh as my
d1ck was inside of her, she was slowly rising
up and down, she flipped her hair to the back
and smiled down on me. she was so exited,
just smiling, she continued the slow pace and
i was waiting for her to go faster. she enjoyed
the tempo, going up and down , riding me
forth and back, soon she closed her eyes, her
head bent towards the back, her hands were
placed on the bed, when i noticed her, i joined
her by meeting her with my t—-t. she started
her hmmm, hmmm ooaoh, hmmm, ooaauch,
i sit up, placed my hands behind her back and
drew her closer, she kissed me and rested on
my shoulder, and ride on my very hard d1ck
good. i was feeling the inner part of her
pusshy, all the walls. i decided to give her
something more fun.
i turned her back to the bed, i paced my d1ck
back in her sweet pusshy, she made a breath
like she was going to choke , i was f*cking her
slowly, and she was using her hand to scatter
the bed, turning and grinding, making sounds
like , hmmmm hmmm ooooorrr, mmhmmm, yes
baby, ohh baby, hmmm arrgh baby.
i was enjoying her ringtone, i began to go
faster, faster, as i was going faster she only
kept on saying yes….yes…yes oohh yes yes…
am coming..
am coming …onnnn yeeee… yes….yes…yes
oohh yes yes. she made a little scream and
shiver on the bed, i turned her back to the
doggy style. i was f*cking janet like i was in
anger. she bent on the bed with her elbow on
the pillow, and her ass up towards me… she
was saying , aarrghhh aaarrgghhh aarrghh
hmm hmm hmmm… Mouth… aasssjhhh….
aarrghhh aaarrgghhh aarrghh hmm hmm
hmmm. yes Oohhh. i digged dipped and whine
my waist inside of her, i continued f*cking her
faster and soon i released my all into her her,
she just lay flat there quiet, i stood up, went
to the bathroom, have my bath. i heard my
phone ringing, i expected her to bring it but
she didnt, it ranged again, soon i went into
the room picked my phone from the bed,
checked the missed call and it was ” Debbie
I dropped the phone and heard her sobbing in
tears, baby, oh baby what is the problem
again, she said my girls are already calling
me before she leaves. that i will forget her. i
tried all the sweet lies i can think of, until she
asked me if i can swear for her
huh? swear?

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Episode 13

Now my friends, this business is very risky,
only the smart and brilliant ones survive.
I looked deep into her eyes and said to her no
problem. if she thinks i need to swear for a
call, i need to take a oath for every call that i
get fine… i must take a convenant because my
girl does not trust me..
she said no its not like that its just that…..
Me: its just that what…. you think if every girl
i have met asked me to take a oath i will still
be alive.
Janet: its ok dear. am sorry.
Me: just because of a call. okay
i called the number back and put it on
Debby: hello are you there now.. i can hardly
hear you
Me: where, i dont understand
Debby: At the church na… i invited you to our
concert and you promised. am expecting oo
Me: ok sorry dear… am almost dear
Debby: thank you sir
Me: bye.
Janet started begging me as i left her, i wore
my cloth and she was still begging with tears
i her eyes. after dressing myself, we talked
and explained to her she just have to trust
me. she said ok. she rushed into the bathroom
and was out in 1 minute, dressed up and was
ready to go, she had her bag packed already. i
handed her #5,000 for her transportation. she
kissed me and we both left.
i didn’t bother asking her when next she will
be coming because it is not part of my plan to
see her again. am sure the next time she will
be coming with an herbalist.
i dropped her off at park close, and i went
straight to the church. It was a big church
with lots of congregation so i was unable to
locate Debby. i sat down as the Usher gave
me a sit. after about 3 long hours, we shared
the grace and i called Debby as i was stepping
out of the church. she asked me to wait and
when she saw me she threw herself round me,
i was a little embarrassed sha. church tinz na.
the hug was needed but not in the church
premises. she was surprised to see me. she
introduced me to her friend Nike…. we talked
about the program for few minutes and i
asked to take my leave. Debby said she is
waiting behind for a meeting. so i took my
The thought of Janet came on again and
wondered the kind of mess i would have
dipped myself in if i was not man enough. i
got home and was very hungry. took flakes
and slept for few minutes. woke up to see
Debby text message “you really amazed me
today. thank you for coming. God bless you”. i
smiled and prepared for the week. i was free
from all… concentrated on my job. after few
days… My fiancé called me she will be coming
back from Abuja in two weeks. i was happy
she has finished her long time NYSC, and also
sad no more free pusshy for me again…
i deleted all my chats and texts messages. she
is very smart. i spend the first week cleaning
the house and bringing her stuffs out from
where i hide them.
Yea… she was living with me before moving to
Abuja for her one year service. she works with
local government in Abuja. i went to the mall
to get food stuffs and provisions.. i was on the
que to pay when someone tapped me from
behind. it was a lady. looking good with a
glass on her face.
“so you don’t remember me?”
Me: am sorry i cant recollect.
“ok its Nike Debbys friend” i then zoomed on
the face. i remember now but still wanted to
push her further and i said Nike Debby Nike
“at the church..you are Debbys friend” i said
yes i am… am sorry, i remember now.
she went on with her boring chats, i paid for
her stuffs and i asked if i can drop her off and
she said yes. we talked about few other
interesting things but kept stealing glances at
each other, we exchanged numbers and she
was off. she has a medium ass. its over my
mind whispered to me. days went by as i wait
for my TOYIN to arrive.
on that day, she was coming by a flight and
her mum and sister will be picking her at the
airport,. she called when she was about to
board the flight. all she said was”my sweet
baby Have missed you i cant wait to eat you
up” i told her to get her ass here asap.
JUNE 10 2012 at about 5:05PM I received a
call to listen to news. i switched on the TV
and saw the horror that has begot me. i wish
it was a dream

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Episode 14

Am sorry friends Dana crashed my hopes… my
heart fell to the floor.. i couldn’t pick it up. i
was unable to hold myself as i screamed, i
was shouting at the top of my voice.. i could
not remember what i was saying but it got
the whole compound running towards my
door. they met me on the floor in tears, i have
tried Toyins number 100 times, swifted off. i
could not open my mouth to explain what
happened, they all tried to console me but i
could not control myself.
Suddenly my friends came in… both in tears, i
knew it has happened, my landlady still
believed she might not be on the flight. if she
is not then why is her phone still off.
My friend Segun picked my phone and called
Toyin family members, none if them picked the
call. we kept trying till segun suggested we go
down to their house to check the situation. i
could not drive so Wale did. when we got to
the compound it was quiet like nothing
happened. so i hope for the best. when we
knocked at the door, the door was opened and
i saw two other elderly women holding Toyins
mother to the floor. she looked up at me and
rushed towards me but was held back,
Segun: Mummy sorry ma, it is well
Mama Toyin: haaaa is this what i deserve. my
first child ooo. My Toyin ooo
Segun: Am sorry ma..
I looked at Wale as he was holding me… and
that was the last thing i remembered.
I opened my eyes, i woke up few minutes
seconds later, only to find myself on a white
room, on the bed, my aunty and Wale was
beside me. i asked what happened and wale
rushed out and came back with a doctor and
a nurse. i asked what happened and the
doctor told me i was out for about 2 hours.
i have never fainted in my life. Oluwatoyin…
the light i see with.
I was discharged the following day, my aunt
decided to stay with me, i had no other choice,
my neighbors came in one after the other to
greet me. hmmm me a champion now just a
guy held down on the bed. the thought of
loosing someone dear is better imagined. i
became furious with myself for no reason. i
cried till water refused to drop from my eyes.
it was obvious i was been punished for my
wrongs. but its too much for me to bear.
everything in the room we bought it together,
it was all her idea. everything reminds me of
Toyin. i could not eat, sleep, nor even watch
My Toyin, let me tell you about Toyin…she is
quiet, smart, brilliant, friendly, the best friend i
ever had. oh i cant believe she is gone. i miss
her so much. when she is angry all i need to
do is sing for her, and shows me love.. i call
her pinky and she call me brain.
When I need motivation my one solution was
my queen, because she stayed strong.
She was always in my corner right there when
I want her.All these other girls are tempting,
but I’m empty when she is gone. no other girl
can replace Toyin.
She is always right there when I need her. A
perfect beauty that other females admire.
She walks like a model, She grants my
like a genie in a bottle because I’m the wizard
of love (no more) and I got the magic wand.
She gives me love and affection
I am not perfect yet she loved me perfectly.

RIP Oluwatoyin.
It took me more than 2 months to decide
resuming back to work. i decided have had
enough and moving out of the compound to
avoid crazy memories and the faces of the
women in my compound.

its high time move out.

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Episode 15
All through my trying times, trying to get my
self again from the loss. one of my landlady
daughter, the most gentle of them Clara was
always assisting me with my house duties and
i really appreciated her help. she was caring
and loving. My landlady will send her to bring
fruits and sometimes food to me, she soon
became more comfortable as she no longer
knocks on the door, she either calls my name
from outside or just open the door if its not
This went on for weeks, after i had resumed
work, and she works at ikeja with Slot, so we
only see at nights and its just for few minutes.
we spend weekends gisting and watching
movies… Sisi was not comfortable with the
situation, she called me one day to warn me
not to have any thing to do with her sister. i
said i am not interested in having sex with
Clara, she is my friend and i cant jeopardize
my friendship. she then tried to seduce me but
i had made up my mind i will not f–k of them
again… Clara became my weekend buddy and
if she is not around. i feel bored, she calls me
at work everyday to check on me. she has
tried to set me up with her friends to go on a
date with them but i am damaged beyond
repair. my body no longer respond to girls
moves. soon she gave up on trying. our
friendship went on and i was sex sober for
months… Debby and Her friend Nike always
call and i sometimes return their calls. both
expecting me to make the move but i resisted
all the temptation.
On a friday in December, Wale asked me to go
with him to a friends bachelor night party. i
asked Clara to follow me. she said ok. she was
looking very nice, in a yellow mini gown,
revealing her fresh laps like that of a chicken.
i teased her about her high heel shoe and she
said she is not the party type. she begged me
not to allow her take hard drink. i will try, i
drove to the venue, it was around ikeja, i could
not tell if it was a bar, night club or a cafe. a
big lively place with huge bouncers. i called
Wale and he came outside with another guy.
the four of us went inside and all Clara asked
for was Smirnoff ice. soon i was chatting away
and partying away with the guys and all the
sexy ladies. i was tipsy but still in my right
sense. i went back to check on Clara and i met
her with her hand folded on her chest, with a
frown. A guy was sitting next to her, and i
could see he was wooing her. when. she saw
me, she just hissed. i didnt hear it but i saw
her lips. i say beside her and she just ignored
She stood up and excused herself, i followed
her and she went outside and she started
shouting at me, how i brought her to
embarrass her, i left with strangers and went
to flirt with other girls… she went on and on as
i watched her spit fire. i felt bad and i tried
apologizing to her, have never seen her angry,
she said the guy i met with her was offering
her money for sex, she is not a prostitute. I
begged her, she said ok and we went back in, i
gave two more bottles of her drink, she has
taken two before, making it four, i was getting
bored and i was hearing noise and all the fun.
i excused myself for few minutes and i went to
join them. i hope she wont find out i left her
again. Wale came to me with a lady, handed
her to me and left, i told him i came with
someone but he will not listen, the lady
immediately started giving me hot and sexy
dance, all her hands around my body, she will
turn and bend down making her ass touch my
d1ck, rubbing it hard on it. hmmm i was not
comfortable, i told her i will be back, i need to
go back, to check on Clara. i turned and she
was standing behind me, she walked away and
i ran after her, she was moving fast. i grabbed
her left hand and the right landed on my face.
Wodefork… she slapped my face.. she burst
into tears and said if i knew i wont have her
time why did i bring her along. i was sorry
and angry at thesame time. i don’t want to
offend her more with my words so i left for the
bathroom to wash my face, as i washed finish,
looking at the mirror wondering what came
over her, i heard my name and i opened to
check, it was Clara. she was looking tired and
she was just saying am sorry over and over
again… i held her hand and said its alright
lets go home. she hugged me and some thing
lead to another, i cant explain but we locked
our lips together…. yea.. we kissed and it
lasted for about 20 seconds. when we stopped
she was shy to look up at me, am i falling in
love again or…… i turned her head up and
kissed her again this time it was a long wet

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Episode 16
Well maybe i deserved the slap or not, i cant
say but i know she has a right and i violated
few rights by ignoring her, dont blame me, the
party was too good to sit and swallow
She kissed me with passion, she is not much
of a good Kisser, it was like she was trying to
swallow my mouth and i was trying to rescue
my tongue… i reached for her ass, as i pressed
it towards me.. both my hands were working
round her soft ass. We kissed for long enough,
she broke away from me held my hands to the
front and said, you are a naughty boy… will u
UnCloth me here if i allow you. i said No, and
a guy from one of bathrooms screamed ” Yes
ooo”, and we both laughed hard, she led the
way back to the party and i followed. When we
got back to the party she took my drink away
from me and emptied it down her throat. it
was hot and she reached for another drink, i
tried to stop her bit she smiled and winked at
me, so i let her enjoy herself… around 4am
Wale came to the table, gave me a key and
said goodnight… i checked the key, just a key
with a tag “101”. seems lime this place has an
hotel rooms somewhere. i took my time to
study the movements, i noticed few people
walking in twos (males and females) always
flinging a particular glass open and close it.
few minutes later i picked up Clara… d–n she
was drunk. she could hardly walk herself. i
helped her remove her high heel. and we
headed towards the glass door. i opened the
door and i saw a staircase. we went up, and i
located room 101… i dropped her on the bed…
i saw a flash of her pant, white. i removed all
my cloths leaving my boxers on. went to
bathroom had a shower and when i came back
Clara was on the floor. immediately i touched
her she throw my hand away and said why are
you wicked, you left me alone again. i just
laughed as i removed her gown and laid her
on the bed to sleep.
She kept disturbing me with her hands and
leg, saying wicked boy, naughty boy,….
I couldnt sleep. so i draw her closer and her
breast was pressing on me, she was just
restless, soon she kicked me hard and she
said sorry.. but u are still wicked… looked at
her, she was innocent… a good girl look on
her face.. my heart skipped faster. i kissed her
head and she responded on my chest, i kissed
her nose and she hit me on my back…. she
said dont do that again.. i kissed her lips and
she didnt respond, then she told me i will try
ooo, that there is nothing i can do, she wont
I kissed her from her head slowly down to her
ears, down to her neck, back to her lips, to her
chest down to her belle, when i got to her
belle button she jumped up, i did it again
she… dont do dat na… i reached for her pant
and rub it feeling her pusshy, she shifted abit.
i went back to her lips and kissed
continuously, she responded and removes her
pant with my left hand as we kissed, it was
like real lovers. i dip one finger into her
pusshy and she shaked, we were kissing and i
was finger f*cking her. she was enjoying it. i
tried to remove her bra with my right and she
did it herself.
Soon i removed my boxers and she opened her
mouth in surprise, i rubbed my d1ck with my
hand and placrd it the entrance of her pusshy,
she lay there with her eyes closed as i knelt
between her legs ready to f–k her brains out.
then she said please gently… am not good at
it. i said ok baby. i put the cap of my d1ck in
and removed it. she jerked up. so i positioned
for the missionary style. i put my d1ck inside
slowly… demn Clara was as tight as a virgin. i
knew she was not a virgin but she was very
very tight.. i could feel every spot in her V, she
was slowly rising to me my d1ck as i move in
her. she closed her eyes and bite on side of
her lips and was like… uupppsss puurrff, do u
know dat sound we make wen we just finish a
pack of indomine garnished with 100 pepper.
yes… i was making love to clara not just
f*cking her. she was enjoying my d1ck inside
of her… i was pressing deep into her and
everytime i go deep she opens her eyes and
squeez my shoulder, she will close her eyes
again. soon i turned her back up, doggy style,
i placed the pillow under her as she rested her
head down. i dip my d1ck inside and she
brought her hand back like she was going to
say stop. i ride her on, soon i was going
faster… oohh oohh oohb hhmmm oh my god
oh my god oohhoo hmmm oh my god oh my
god…. soon she was breathing like was going
to have a baby.
ooouuuhhhhhh….iiiiaaaahhhh… hmmmmm…
aaaasssshhhh.. i was pounding her really
hard.. she was feeling it deep down.. i will
stop and whine my d1ck inside her pusshy
and she will catch her breath.. arrhh arhhh
arrhh.. then i go again… faster faster faster… i
held her breast from behind and f–k clara like
a slave. she was going to come, soon i started
hearing yes yes ooh yes yes…baby Bleep me
yes… Bleep baby hmmmm…. yes…unnnnhh..
yes…baby..ooh yes yes…baby Bleep me yes…
fuuuuuck meeeee baby ooohhhhh, she came.
she went down on her belle resting on the bed
and i f*cked her on … soon i came inside of
her and i removed my d1ck and rested my
head on her back and my body on the bed.
that was good love making….

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Episode 17

We woke up from a noise from the roof. it
was an aeroplane, it was kinda close. she
smiled at me and said good morning… she
was completely womanly spotless… with
her breast fully ripe and a fresh skin… i
wanted to jump on her again but i
controlled myself. i answered her,
morning… time to go home Clara… take
your bath let me check on Wale. i picked
my phone as she walked into the bathroom.
Wale didn’t pick his call after few attempts.
We had our baths and left. she wanted to
drive but i said no… she kept dragging the
wheel with me.. so i gave up and we
switched… we were making a turn into our
street when she mistakenly splashed mud
on 2 girls going to church, i rushed down
to apologize to them, she didn’t come down
from the car, fear i guess. the girls kept on
screaming angrily and when Clara opened
the door, the other lady hit her with her
bag, before i could do anything clara had
given the girl the beaten of her life… soon
the place was crowded. it was settled by
older men around. i drove the car home in
silence.. she dropped and left without a
Around 4pm in the evening, i heard my
name, it was clara. i was ironing so i
opened the door, Sisi was with her, both
apologizing for the scene she created. i told
her Maybe if she had not sit down in the
car, it wont be as bad as it was. Soon, she
was smiling and i could not help it but
smile when she called me Wicked again…
Sisi took advantage of the moment and
offered to help me finish my cloth. i gave
her and Clara whispered into my ear… your
sister-in-law. if only she knew i had f*cked
every female in their house. but Clara was
different, i like her more, i could not call it
love but i like her around me…
Clara left and told Sisi to finish up and join
her. immediately she left Sisi started
throwing accusations.
Whats with the baby baby thing? why is
she calling you baby when she was
apologizing. i told her as friends that is
how we talk. she kept on like she knew
what was going on. soon she asked me if i
was avoiding her. she left the table and
strolled towards me. i tried to escape by
moving towards the kitchen but she
blocked me and held on to my hand firmly.
she said… its ok if you dont want to see
me., i said its not like that, and i have been
busy. before i could finish the next sentence
she grabbed my d1ck through my knicker
and missed my lips.. i tried to push her
away but she was determined, she kept
rubbing my d1ck till it was hard, but my
mind was still alert. Sisi stop all this.. she
unbuckled my belt and grabbed it. her soft
hand sent a quick vibration into my body. i
missed her and she pushed me to the chair.
a strange smell… Whats that? she
answered. what is what?
Jeeeeesssuuus christ. Sisi did you leave the
iron on? you burnt my cloth. she stood up,
i went to the table and saw it. yes the iron
was on and my cloth has a big hole with
the shape of the iron.
Sisi burnt my cloth because she wanted to
f–k me.
I was still complaining while she was
standing there without words coming out of
her mouth… i said lots of things and i think
it hurt her… i was furious, then a voice
comes from the sitting room “she burnt
your cloth?”, it was Clara… hmm i
whispered to Sisi, you are trouble, she just
hissed and left… i had to forget about that
because i know it would have been a
different case if she had walked in while i
was banging her sister.
We talked for few minutes and she left. i
picked my phone to call and called Joy, its
been a while i heard from her, school has
kept me away from my baby. She told me
she will be back soon. i was trying to catch
some rest when my phone beeped again… it
was Debby. She was asking me to take her
out for Christmas. i agreed to take her out
next weekend. although the week, Debby
call me like a desperate woman.. always
calling to disturb me. i became scared of
the lady that week. on Friday morning, she
asked me to send my address, i did and on
Saturday morning, around 10am, Debby
called that she is at the gate.
I rushed out and she jumped into my arms.
she was very free spirited and i just told her
to wait for me to have my bath and finish
up. she was going through my laptop and i
prepared noodles for her. i don’t plan to
take this girl anywhere, but i dont know
how to go about it. i put on my cloths and
told her i will be back… i called Segun
where he is and went to meet him there,
took few bottles, my phone was in silence. i
checked the time its past 6pm, i got back
home at 7:30pm. my door was locked. i
knocked and it was opened. shuu…… wetin
this girl still dey do for here? she didnt say
anything. she picked up her bag and went
to the door.
I stopped her and she just stand there and i
was saying nonsense. all she said was
“what you did is not good” she dropped her
bag and we started talking…. watched an
Indian movie (kahbi kushi kahbi gham) and
talked about the movie. suddenly she
picked up her bag and asked what is the
time. hmmmm its few minutes past 11pm.
Debby you cant go out oo, its late ooo. she
just hisses and said you just spoilt
everything with your story of emergency, we
didn’t go out and now i cant go home,
what will i tell my sister?
She switched off her phone and dropped her

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Episode 18

We both agreed i would sleep in the sitting
room and she will go to the room, i was
fast asleep when i heard a noise from the
bathroom. i rushed to check and it was
Debby, she had broken my mirror on the
wall… how come? i saw the wall empty,
looked at the floor and saw my precious
mirror in pieces. But Debby was try to pick
them up. i looked very well and she was
stack unclothed… she said, she was having
her bath and slipped. I saw a drop of blood,
she had cut herself with the broken parts. i
told her to leave it, i will clean it up. but i
just couldn’t stop looking at her endowed
She took the towel from the door and left. i
went back in to see her just flat on the bed.
i treated her hand and she was hurting and
her towel loose again. i took at her eyes
several times and she asked “what”.
Debby you are beautiful… and you know i
like you.. she said hmmm thats what you
all say., i did my magic and said those
words sweetest words they all love to hear,
i made attempt to kiss her and stopped me
and said so fast? you are not nice oo. i just
told her to let things continue. i kissed her
and she kissed back. and i reached for her
breast, she smiled and hit my hand. i put it
back and squeezed the breast. i licked her
lips and we were kissing with no
movements. she reached for my d1ck and
pulled it out of my boxers, it was yet to
gain full power, she looked at my face, and
smiled, i winked at her and she said no, i
cant give you mouth.
So ignored the process and removed my
boxers, she just keep stroking the d1ck as i
climb back to the bed… i was about slotting
it when said wait… where is your CD?
oooppss. i dont have any at home.. the last
time i used was….. i cant remember, she
said no sex without Condom. this girl don
spoil show.
I stood up and check all the drawers, my
wallets…nothing. i told her to sleep, i slept
beside her but could not close my eyes. all
of a sudden i remembered the day i went to
a party with Clara, Wale gave me a CD to
use for a girl he dashed me, i didn’t even
get to know her name. i hurried to my
basket to check, the CD was still my
pocket, with few change (300+). i put the
money on the table, checked the time it
was almost 2am. i head back to the room.
Debby was fast asleep.
I dropped the CD by the bed and kissed her
lips, i kissed her nose and as i was about
kissing her lips again, she said please let
me sleep. i just kissed her and she
responded, i climbed her and we got abit
rough, she said you know you cant do it
without protection, i just flashed her my
particular and she smiled. i helped myself
put it on… as i was almost finishing, she
said it has turn…. huh? again… i just hissed
and fell back to the bed. she moved over
me and sat on my stomach. i said to
myself, all this and i wont taste it. she was
tickling me but i didn’t move one bit.
She held my d1ck and i felt a warm
sensation within me, she was sitting,
backing my face, still on my stomach and
s—–g my d1ck. d–n it felt so good. she
is not s—–g it like Sisi but she is not an
amateur. after giving me one hell of a s–k.
all the blood in my system rushed towards
my d1ck. it was about to explode. she
turned to face me and sat on my d1ck….. it
was warm and cold, she was over wet. she
started riding my d–k, Debby is not a good
f*cker. i was not getting the rhythm, all she
wanted was to be in charge as she satisfy
herself. she was f*cking me and i was not
getting the fun like Sisi or Joy.
I tried to stand up and she stopped me.
after a while she stood up and i turned her
back to the bed, she held on to my neck, i
raised her right leg on my shoulder, i put
my d1ck inside her pusshy and she
welcomed it with a smile on her face. i
f*cked her very fast, i wanted to hear her
scream but she just kept her low tune… she
just kept her mouth open and was looking
at my face as i banged her pusshy. soon
raised the second leg high above my
shoulder, making her pusshy fully insight. i
f*cked her with pace… soon i was hearing
her say …. uunn uun uun, it was rhyming
with every t—-t i was making. unn unn
unn…. she make a sound like a soprano
musician on a high note. ouhhhhrggg, she
did it again unn unn unn… oh my oh my
my… yeeh oh ah .. she told me in yoruba ….
ha die die .. haaa die die (small small). i
took on to my fast mode. haaaa haaa
o’ndun mi (its paining me).i turned her up
for doggy style… then she told me again,
small small… i put it inside… soon she was
saying…yes that is it, oh yes that place…
yes yes…. yes that is it, oh yes that place…
yes yes… she came and stopped moving. i
continued, until i came.
She went to take her bath, came back and
kissed me and said goodnight and slept
was it that Debby is not sweet or the sex
was just bad.
I didn’t enjoy it… i said it to myself.. Sisi
would have done a better job. i could
hardly get enough sleep before she wake
me u0p again… its time to go, i look up my
clock. its past 5am.

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Episode 19

I pleaded with her to wait till 6am, i even lied
that the gate is opened 6am… she insisted she
wants to leave. i said okay… she went into the
bathroom, i tried to sleep. she woke me up
again, i was very tired. its few minutes before
6am. i stood up. i was brushing my teeth
when i heard Clara voice called out my name.
i asked Debby to open the door. Clara walked
into the bathroom and she asked me
Clara: Who is she
Me: Good morning
Clara: i said who is she
Me: At least answer me first. am greeting you
Clara: why cant you answer me too. who is
that girl.
Me: ok.. she is from around and she is my
(her voice went louder)
Clara: She has been around since yesterday, i
saw her when i came to check you.
Me: Clara what is the meaning of all this.
I pushed her away and went into the room, to
dress up. Debby was quietly sitting on the
bed. listening to our conversation. Clara
continued her ranting, she said.
Clara: So just a friend came to your house to
sleep overnight. you cant talk shey… see
condom on the floor and you said she is your
I turned back to see what she was saying,
Debby clapped her hands three times and
hissed. and said.
Debby: sweetheart hurry up and lets go. i dont
want to be late.
(both on high notes)
Clara: what is your problem b*tch, do you
have anything to say. silly ashewo.
Debby: excuse me. dont insult me.
Clara: and what will you do if i do.
Debby stood up, dropped her bag. and said…
you just try me.
this girls want to create a crazy scene.. not in
my house.
I jumped in between them and i held Clara
firm, Clara why are you doing all this, its too
early for all this.
Clara: But its not too early to bring a
prostitute to your house.
Debby gave Clara a dirty slap, so hot that i
felt the heat. i turned to stop Debby and Clara
pushed me away both started fighting.. i tried
to stop them but i couldn’t. My neighbor and
his wife selling fish rushed in and we were
able to separate them.
Clara was still trying to give Debby a punch as
it landed on my neighbor, the fish seller took
Debby to the sitting and i was begging Clara,
when My landlady and Sisi walked in… before
anyone could say anything. Sisi jumped on
Debby and we all rushed towards them, she
held on to Debby cloth until it was turned out,
we all could see her bra.
My landlady was shouting as she held Clara
and took her out, handed her to her brother
waiting outside. she pulled Sisi out also.. ,
after few minutes. i regained my senses, I
thanked my neighbor and his wife, she gave
me a wicked look that says (go to hell).
They left pleading with Debby to take it easy. i
went down to the floor, prostrated and was
begging Debby. She didn’t answer at first until
i held her leg. she asked me stand up after
about 15 minutes. she requested for my shirt.
we talked for about 10 minutes as i explained
who Clara is.. my landlady daughter that
wants to f–k me really bad, she has a crush
on me, but i told her we can only be friends.
She didn’t believe me, she asked to leave, i
went in to bring her bag. gave her 5,000 naira.
and told her we are going out next week. she
smiled and said
don’t worry. so that your crazy girlfriends can
beat me again. I kissed her and apologized
We left as i drove out, went to drop her off,
and as i turned to go home. my phone rang
and it was Joy calling me.

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Episode 20

Joy called me, i took a deep breadth and
picked her call… her voice was soft..
Joy: Hello baby, is it true you brought a girl
home to beat my sisters?
Me: Honey its not like that… your sister got
angry and jealous over assumption?
Joy: Jealous? why? how? are you dating my
sister too?
(am i dating any of you sef)
Me: No, she wanted the girl to respect her as
a friend, my closest friend.
Joy: who is this girl?
Me: Joy, honey….am driving when i get home i
will call you.
Joy: Am sorry if my sister embarrassed you.
Me: anything foe you dear. later.
Joy: bye.
I smell trouble. so……….
I called segun, i need a new apartment around
the area. as fast as possible… you know my
taste o. (Segun is lawyer and also into real
estate agent.)
I drove home. and searched for my receipt for
the house. i still have 2 months left.
Segun called me several times about the
houses he got but i was not satisfied with
either the money, structure or environment.
finally he got a nice place for me… a busy
area…close to the road and has about 12
different secondary schools within the vicinity.
My remaining two months in the compound
was like hell…. playing hide and seek with my
landlady and her daughters. i moved to my
new apartment and i was welcomed by my
only neighbor, its a two flat building. we are
both bachelor, but he lives with a Lady (wife-
Back to my old compound… indeed my
remaining two months was a different story.
When i got back home that same day. i knew
my greeting terms hav being breached when
Sisi walked away from me without a word. i
just smiled and entered. at about 7pm. i heard
a heavy bang on my door… it was heavy and
am sure its not a knock on the door.
It was my friend Segun, i had to check very
well to see who it was, I called out his name if
everything was okay.. he confirmed he was
alryt. i opened the door. Segun why you bang
my door like that na, wetin happen?
Segun: Guy shut up your mouth and tell me
exactly what happened, your landlady tata for
your d–k?
I downloaded everything to Segun and as we
were both laughing at the story, i heard my
name, it was Clara.
Yes, the door is open. she hesitated but she
finally opened the door. sat down and was
quiet. i noticed she needed privacy, so i
signalled Segun to take his leave. He begged
to leave and o just saw him off to the door, he
just kept shaking his head, as i was about to
close the door, he whispered ” Guy you are
Babe, is everything okay?
Clara: started explaining her trials since
morning, how her mum and sister had bin
asking her questions and accusing her of
having affair with me secretly.
She soon burst into tears.. i sat down and
watch her finish her acting. then u ask her
what i can do for her. she just kept quiet,
turned her back on me and rested her head on
the 3 sitter hand. i stood up and went into my
room. she was there for about 30 minutes. i
mixed flakes and ate. off to bed.
Clara had slept off, i thought of waking her up
to leave but i prefer to respect her. i slept off
my dear. a sound sleep.
Clara brought me back to reality with a gentle
touch. she knelt down and started
apologizing. i knew that’s her aim.. she
embarrassed me. after few minutes. u agreed
to let her sleep. but continued teasing me
trying to make me smile. she failed.. i was
trying to sleep and she would not let me.
I was getting angry, so i asked her what she
wanted. she just will not stop. i begged her to
stop pushing my head, tapping my chest and
pulling my ears, all sorts of stuffs just to get
attention. i got the answer when she started
rubbing my hands
Clara still wants to f*(k me after what
happened today.
No way!!! No way!!!!! i am not falling for this.

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Episode 21

I tried to stop her from making any moves but
she continued touching sensitive places. what
can i do? i just looked at the ceiling confused.
she held my lips very tight, i could not breath
freely. wen she left my lips, i felt pain, i tried
to check if she had pilled it, she laughed and
kissed me.. she said its still okay. she kissed
me again.. i tried not to respond.. she
continued until i could not take it. i kissed her
back and it was like my body had been
waiting for her, i kissed her with so much
passion.. i could not control myself, as i tried.
she felt my d1ck from within. it was already
standing tall. she stroke it and it was getting
bigger and thicker. my brain about to explode,
she went down on me and placed her mouth
on my d1ck.
I made a loud noise. it was a strange vibe
that went through my spine. she would spit on
it, stroke it and s–k it. she continued
stroking and s—–g. she would look up at my
face and smile. i was seeing my grandfather
and grandmother. i was out of the planet. she
turn her back and i closed my eyes deep,
Clara was about to break my d1ck with
s—–g.. my legs faded out, the only thing
breathing in my was my d1ck. she s—-d me
really fast. oh my oh my, Clara knew how to
s–k like she had PhD in suckilonogy. i could
not believe it when i creamed her mouth with
my c-m. she spit it back on my d1ck and rub
it hard.
She stood up and laid on the bed. i drew her
closer and she said ,No leave me alone, go
and meet your wife.
I didnt even listen to her, i removed her pant
as she struggle with me. we were both unclad,
but she still insist she wont allow me. i kissed
her and she responded but with her hands on
her pusshy. i tried to remove her hands but
she refused. we kissed for few minutes, i
s—-d at her lips, kissed her neck, moved to
her breast, s—-d at them and tickle them. i
decided to make her surrender by s—–g her
breast till it burst. i s—-d and licked every
part of her breast. she was making a slight
sound , un un hmm un hmm and i could feel
she is getting there. suddenly she pushed me
away and turned her back and said. you have
tried but am serious and i to sleep. i was
furious and i decided to let her be and i turned
and slept off, but i didnt sleep as it was not
easy. i later slept off, not before checking her,
she had slept for real. she came to punish me
I said to myself.
I woke and discovered she was gone… i
cleaned up and tried to forget about her. days
run faster, i began coming home late, end of
the year is always very difficult, all works and
assignments must be concluded before
Christmas break. Before i could check my
time. it was 23rd already, i packed my bags
and left for my Aunty, i was with my Aunt
when segun called me to pay up my new
apartment else it will be given out. i
transferred the money to segun… and on the
3rd of January. i moved into my new
My old neighbors still call me,
The fish seller sister only came back to Lagos
for a week, spent few days at my house and
left. she calls me when she likes. The Fish
seller keep calling to ask for my address which
i do not find funny.. it is not safe. now it will
be cheating on her husband if she comes
visiting just to f–k me. i pity the man. i have
human feelings too. My old landlady knows
my house but never bothered to come because
i do not have any plan to invite her. she only
calls me when Joy or Clara visits me.
Sisi, never called me until today. i guess she is
still mad at me for f*cking her sister Clara. if
only she knew her mum and younger sister
too. Clara and i became close friends, the
place is a new environment, still a little boring
sometimes, so she comes to my place when
am bored just to keep me company, clean the
house wash and sometimes cook. And as for
Joy, she came back from school to see me
half packed already. she followed me to my
new house the night i moved in completely, we
seem to be comfortable in our unserious
relationship but we know we’ll keep on f*cking
until we are tired of each other.
Deborah and i continued our relationship but
she has another guy somewhere in her church,
i am just her extra package.
I have settled into my new environment, met
few matured secondary school girls, and fresh
school leavers seeking admissions. I plan to
know more of them as time goes. i had to re-
open my old 2go account because of these
girls. that’s there cafe. I hope my Future wife
is not reading this right now.
Please be patient.. i need more time to settle
scores. After this i will be a change person.
Born again.
I want to thank you all for your
encouragement, support, critics and love. God
bless you all.


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