[STORY] My First And Last Sex With My Sugar Mummy (Episode 1-18)

A car drove into the compound, a clean white Toyota Camry car, loud music playing in the car, I was on the balcony wondering who owns this new car making noise in our compound. To my surprise it was one of my friend Ejiro, who rode the car into the car. Ejiro came out holding two bottles of Hennessey shouting……
Ejiro: Yes ooo! I have arrived, my toy has finally arrived, come and celebrate with me….. (Full of celebration)
Are you for real? Ejiro son buy new car? Everybody quickly gathered around and joined him, I rushed downstairs to join the celebration. In the spirit of celebration, everybody congratulated him, I hugged him, me set hugged sip Hennessey. Was still surprised how Ejiro did it cos we both are into yahoo and yahoo doesn’t pay much does it even pay this days. I hugged him again…….
Me: Guy I dey loyal oooo, how you take do am? Ja Mi si, how did you do it?
Ejiro: oh boy! I don land patapata for this campus, Na my madam do am for me oooo.
Me: Hahahahaha! Which madam be that one again? Your mother abi your girlfriend? Ja Mi si bobo yii.
Ejiro: Oya! Jimi you omo jazi ni, Na my sugar mama surprise me with this tear rubber…
Indeed! I was happy for him, I was really happy for him and he is very lucky. Anyway, my name is Jimi, I’m in my early 20s, 300l student in Olabisi Onabanjo University. Me and my friends are yahoo boys, like I said earlier, we don’t really make much from it but at least we still use it to do some packaging as per big boys thing. I was really happy for my pal Ejiro on his new ride but somehow I became jealous, cos we are all into this yahoo but I guess his own has become yahoo plus because he’s into sugar mummy thing, there is this sugar mummy he just met that she’s really taking care of him. Sugar mummy? I can’t imagine myself having sexual inter course with someone old enough to be my mother.
After Ejiro brought the car into the compound, we all celebrated, rejoiced and went clubbing that night, Ejiro spent over 100k at the club alone. I invited my girlfriend Anita to come celebrate with us in which she came. We had enough fun till we all went home that’d night. Me and Anita got our hostel, actually I stay in self contain on campus. I was kinda tipsy and h—y that night. I just couldn’t stop smooching Anita’s ass all night, my d–k was already hard, we were just kissing, we couldn’t wait to get to my room, we were just kissing, smooching, squeezing her boobs, playing with my d–k in my trouser, we were really smooching ourselves till we get to my room door.

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Anita: Where is the key?
I was behind her kissing her, smooching her, I brought out the key from my back pocket, immediately I gave her the key, I quickly pulled off my belt, unzipping my trouser, she was still trying to open the door, Anita was wearing a mini gown with no underwear, I quickly unzipped my trouser, pulled my trouser and boxer brought out my fat, long and erected d–k, pulled her gown up.
Anita: Baby what are you doing? Let’s get inside Moor
I couldn’t wait anymore and Anita was not concentrating while opening, she was taking too much of time cos I was really in the mood, I brought out my d–k and inserted into Anita’s p—y from behind, she moaned.
When I inserted my d–k in her p—y it was like the best thing ever, I brought my d–k out again and inserted it again, I keep going, kept f—–g her from behind till she finally open the door, we entered the room, there was no light, I kept on f—–g her from behind while walking inside the room gently with my trouser and boxer still on my knees, I couldn’t stop but keep f—–g her. Entered the too , closed the door then she faced me this time, I pulled my shirt, kissing her, I pulled off her gown, she wasn’t wearing a bra, Anita has a nice boobs, s—–g her n—-e, i used my toes to pull off my shoes then removed my boxers and trouser hanging on my knees. Playing with my d–k, I have a very nice d–k you know.
Me: s–k my d–k (kissing her)
Anita bent down and was giving me the sweetest b—–b, I was moaning, squeezing her boobs with my two hands while she was on her knees giving me the blow job. I lifted her up, kissing her, smooching, we reached the bed, pushed her on the bed.
Me: I’m gonna f–k you so bad…
She laughed in a flirty way, I jumped on her, I fingered her p—y while kissing her, I just couldn’t wait to penetrate her p—y, I began to f–k her, doing it so fast, at some point I will stop, bring out my d–k, rimming her p—y and inserted my d–k again, kept on going on and on, f—–g her, kissing her, f—–g her sweet p—y, calabar p—y. F—-d her so fast, really f—–g her and she kept on moan-calling my name. I became faster this time cos I was about to c-m, kai, the sweetest part, breathing heavily, about to c-m, I quickly brought out my d–k and c-m on her laps. I’m very good with withdrawal method. Breathing heavily till we slept off……

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The following day we woke up around 11am, so weak….
Anita: So when are you going to buy your own car? Cos it is your mate just bought a new car.
I was surprised, she couldn’t even say good morning or even praise me for last night.
Me: is that how to say good morning in calabar?
She stood, obviously still naked, wearing her cloths.
Me: Are you leaving now?
Anita: see Jimi you better do something fast, is Ejiro not your mate? (She sat on the bed). I thought you guys are into yahoo together, did you know how much he spent at the club yesterday? This your own yahoo i don’t understand it at all.
Me: You better don’t compare me with Ejiro, Ejiro is doing more than yahoo. Please don’t start this morning.
Anita: more than yahoo indeed. Why can’t you also do more than yahoo.
Look at his girlfriend Sade , she’s no more living in a room, she moved to a tush self contain, me I’m still living in one room on campus, ehn, Ejiro even got her a new iphone 5 with the BlackBerry Q10 she’s using. See me I am tired of this Z10 you got for me abeg. I’m tired of all these rubbish, you can’t just be f—–g me up and down.
Me: You’re really foolish for saying such, what is so special about your p—y. Wo omo Calabar I’ve tried my best for you. The little I have I will give. You don’t expect me to be f—–g old women because of money like Ejiro. Ejiro is into Sugar mummy and me I can’t do it, let me still be managing my yahoo small small.(hissed)
Anita: Is Ejiro not human being like you? He’s even younger than you set, so if you carry sugar mummy what’s the big deal? Do you want to die in this packaging things? Ejiro of yesterday, the boy that was squatting with you before, that small you helped. How I wish! You better go find tour sugar mummy and stop deceiving yourself with this yahoo rubbish. (Speaks Calabar language).
Me: (annoyed) Please Anita go away, cos you’re really annoying and don’t make me do what I don’t want to do. Just leave my apartment, you be real foolish girl. Leave my apartment a beg.
Anita: (Laughing) For your mind now, you call this one apartment shey? Shey this small room self contain you are calling apartment? (mocking me) This rat hole (laughing so hard this time)
I was really pissed off, was really angry, so angry that morning. I got up from the bed, wore my cloths and quietly left her in the room to be ranting cos I know she won’t leave and i wouldn’t want to hit her, so its better I leave the room for her to keep it to herself.

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Wearing a short and and shirt, standing outside the room by the balcony, leaned on the balcony’s handle, I was kinda frustrated tho. A lot of things started going through my mind. You know human being can be very gullible, i started thinking about what Anita told me, Come to think of it, Ejiro of yesterday now the biggest boy amongst us. At some point, I put my hand for my jaw. I was worried, what can I do to shut this girl up, I can’t steal now and I can’t do money rituals for crying out loud, what can I do? People would start laughing at me that the boy I groomed is now riding a car while me still dey jump okada, yahoo not paying anymore, Sugar mummy?
Me: omo I no fit do am (talking to myself), olorun maje *God forbid*. Sleeping with someone old enough to be my mother? Never!
Even though Ejiro once advised me to do it months back, he once told me his sugar mummy’s friend needs a young dude, he asked me if I would be interested but I declined. Will I now go and meet him that I want to do it now, omo I have pride oooo, I can’t downgrade myself.
Me: Sugar mummy? (Sighed)
Anita came out of the room, came to meet me at the balcony….
Anita: so this is where you are, anyway me I’m leaving oooo. I’ve cooked spaghetti, its in your apartment kitchen (laughs)
I didn’t say anything, I was quiet, I didn’t even pay any attention.
Anita: you’re not saying anything, okay ooo continue, just remember the boy you brought ton this compound is bigger than you now. Its better you go and meet him so that he can help your life.
Still didn’t say anything to her, turned deaf ear, looking at something else but my mind on everything she was saying.
Anita: So you won’t say anything…. Whatever, sha do and go and meet him. I am going to my house, it is because of love that I’m saying this. I love you so much…
Looked at her face….
Anita: Bye bye oooo…
Anita walked away, i turned my head looked at her, I was furious looking at her as she was leaving, but suddenly I just looked at her fat ass, men she has a very nice body, I looked at her and smiled shaking my head.
In the department on campus with some of my course mates, chilling, gisting and all that, they kept talking about Ejiro’s new ride, they kept on saying “my boy don buy car blah blah blah” like I care. My phone rings, picked my phone, I use BlackBerry Q5, checked the caller it was Ejiro. He called to ask if he can come pick me in the department, since he’s through with lecture, I had to lie to him that I was still waiting for another lecture. I wouldn’t want him to one steal all the attention away. Cos I know all eyes will be on him and I don’t want to look like “Atenu” (follower).
Ever since Ejiro bought his car, my arrogance kinda reduced in the hostel, clubs and school too, no don’t really participate in all sort of things anymore, I now do my things codedly cos I wouldn’t want anyone to yab me.

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Two weeks now, Anita didn’t even call me or come to my place, so one crazy afternoon like that, I was in the hostel, in my room actually, now was really h—y. For two weeks I didn’t f–k p—y and I hardly stay a week without f—–g a p—y atleast , 3 times in a week, yes I love sex so much and the only person I love f—–g her p—y is my calabar girl, Anita. She’s the best ever. That girl is so f—–g good, she no dey tire, anytime I need her she would quickly come and f–k my d–k, she sef love my d–k cos I have a very heavy d–k you know. So that afternoon I was in my room, seriously h—y. I called Anita, she didn’t pick my calls, i kept on calling her, she didn’t pick, then she finally picked up the call…..
Me: (on phone) Anita why now? You just bone my side, come my place now, Mi miss you, come now now.
Anita: (on phone) To come and do what? See me I am busy ooo, i have things to do, I have assignment.
Me: haba! Anita, you, assignment, Anita of all people (dipped my hand inside my boxers and brought out my hard d–k, playing with it) abeg now.
Anita: It seems your things don dey hungry you abi, see my p—y is tired of blackberry Z10, go and buy your own car too. Me I’m not coming today maybe some other time, no p—y for you until you step up.
Me: Oya come, i have heard you, please in the name of God.
Anita: maybe later, bye bye…. (she cut the call)
Me: Hello! Anita! Hello!…. (I hissed)
omo this girl is mad, she dey mad. Oh God I need a p—y, God I need a p—y…. Aaargh!
Then a knock on my door, I quickly got up thinking it was Anita, probably she decided to surprise me, i wanted to go naked and open the door and grab her but I sha didn’t do that. I put on my boxers with my d–k still hard got to the door, opened it, it was Ejiro.
Ejiro: Guy how far? Hahahaha! You dey f–k ni? (Looking at my d–k)
Me: oh boy, i no see tooto jare, Na so the thing hard since (we both entered the room)
Ejiro: should I call of these razz girls for you? I pay….
Me: Oya now! I need one seriously..
Ejiro picked up his phone, call and invited a runs girl, a student prostitute actually.
Ejiro: she dey come, no worry (laughing) bad boy. Bro please I need your help oooo, my sugar mummy is having a party tonight with her friends and she begged me to bring one of my cute friend along. I already invited Yemi, but the stupid guy f–k up. Abeg follow me now.
Me: This night?
Ejiro: not night party, we should be back home before 12am
Me: shey no be say I go f–k one old mama sha?
Ejiro: No ooo, just to accompany me that is all, Na only you and Yemi fine pass for this hostel, and if them mamas like you peren, your own don better.
Me: Abeg, abeg I no dey do that kind thing. My own be say, shey I go see small change for the party, make your sugar mummy drop something.
Ejiro: Trust me now, you wont regret it…… We would be leaving here by 7:30 pm. Abeg no f–k me up oooo.
Me: no wahala, as long as no f—–g of old mama too to.
Ejiro: (laughing) Bad guy….
His phone rings….
Ejiro: E be like say the girl don come, make I go pick her… The girl good ooo, f–k her badly, you go enjoy her, exactly your type of girls.
Me: Oya now! (So anxious)
Ejiro stood up about leaving……
Ejiro: by 7:30pm, I go come meet you, no forget abeg. And please wear condom if you wan f–k this girl oooo.
Me: of course, surely.
Shook hands and he walked out, I quickly went to my wardrobe to take condoms, laid on bed, then a knock on my door..
Me: come in…

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Me: come in
The girl walked in, to my surprise it was an 100 level student in my department. Chai! 100 level student. She’s one of the hottest among the 100 level students. My eyes were on her, I once approached her self, but she gave me an attitude. She entered my room she saw my face, fear catch am.
Me: what’s up?
Call girl: hello
Me: do you recognise my face?
Call girl: No! I don’t , I’ve not seen this face before
Me: (surprised) In your department, mass comm right?
Call girl: Please I’m not here for that, please hurry up.
Wow! I was surprised the girl denied me totally, Na wa ooo. Anyway, i sha f—-d the girl. I f—-d her with anger for the fact that she denied me. The girl too is good, she’s a good sucker, that b—–b, I couldn’t finger her cos her p—y was kinda wide and somehow, I just pushed her to bed kept on banging her, f—–g her p—y, flip f—-d her, kissed her, squeezing her fallen boobs, turned her over banging her so fast like a dog. She was just moaning, I did doggy style with her, she was really screaming, at some point, I will stop if I want to c-m, will continue f—–g her again, her legs were shaking seriously, screaming. I’m sure neighbours go know say something dey go down for my room. She was just saying “haaa! F–k me, aaargh, oh my God”, i even thought she wanted to cry the way i was pinning her down. I was f—–g her really cool, looking at her face with a flirty eyes, s—–g my lips as I was banging her, the sweetness you know. I f—-d this girl so hard with annoyance, till I finally c-m.
Trust me i didn’t enjoy the sex, I still prefer my calabar p—y, my girl Anita, that girl’s p—y is out of this world. After f—–g the girl, quickly stood up remove my condom, she dressed up while I went to the toilet to remove and dispose my sperm filled condom, came back to the room, the call girl was still dressing up, I spanked her fat ass.
Me: I didn’t know you’re this bad
She didn’t say anything, she only smiled.
Me: can I have your number? Or bbm pin?
Call girl: (already dressed up) I’m sorry I can’t do that.
Me: okay then…… Thanks anyway, I’m sure Ejiro has seen you (spanked her ass again)
She smiled and left…. Nawa ooo, some girls can form sha, if you see this girl in the department, she’s always claiming tush and posh. See how I take f–k her p—y as a free gift from Ejiro. Some girls ehn, fear them…

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We got to the venue of the party, it wasn’t really a party like that tho, let me say something like a get together, it was Ejiro’s Sugar mummy’s guest house, she invited some of her friends over. Sincerely speaking, that guest house is way bigger and better than my father’s house, I never knew what job his sugar mummy is doing. We entered the compound, saw expensive cars in the compound, not just any kind of cars. We got inside, I can hear music in the background, the song playing is one of King Sunny Ade’s track. I can hear ladies laughing and talking.
We finally entered the living room where they are all gathered. Wow! These women are highly classy women, they are all looking fresh, they should be in their mid 50′s I guess. Their skin glowing, looking so young than their age, if I’m not mistaken they should be older than my mother sef, cos my mum just clocked 51 years few months back. The most surprising part is the young young boys in their midst, fine boys ooo, fine boys like from my school. I was just looking at them while Ejiro was looking for his Sugar mummy, I was looking, looking, looking I saw one of the biggest boys on campus. I quickly tapped Ejiro…
Me: Ehn! Guy is that not Gular?
Ejiro: (laughing) Sit down there, e don tey no be today. You think say that range him dey drive Na from yahoo abi.
Me: Jesu Kristi!
Ejiro: Shebi Na you dey dull yourself, that is what all these big boys do ooo, we just dey use yahoo cover up. You better wake up.
Me: So with all his Igberaga and laulau (pride and flaunting), Na old mama p—y dey give am money. Olosi, he will now be showing himself anytime we are in the club…. (Still looking for Ejiro’s sugar mummy, while we waved at the foolish Gular)
Ejiro finally saw his sugar mummy, he quickly rushed to her, I quickly followed him.
Ejiro: oh! My baby I’ve been looking for you (he hugged and kissed her so passionately)
I was irritated by what Ejiro did, yikes. Anyway Ejiro’s Sugar mummy is dark in complexion, plump and average height. Pretty woman tho, with a glowing skin. Ejiro introduced her to me, we greeted each other, she even said Ejiro had said a lot about me, she even flattered me, she said I’m a fine boy and all that, you know as per fine boy now. So we joined the others in the living room, everyone was having fun, then picked each other as couples, to be honest with you i don’t know what is the purpose of the party, they just decided to waste money. I enjoyed myself at least, I was the only one sitting alone in the party, come and see how the biggest boy in school dey cuddle his sugar mummy, chai, don’t be carried away with young boys riding expensive cars, cos you don’t know the source of their money. The funniest part is Gular’s sugar mummy is the fates among the women, very ugly, Na money they carry her beauty. The atmosphere was becoming boring at some point, me I just dey drink my alcoholic drink with the big fish pepper soup. Then Ejiro approached me….
Ejiro: Jimi how far? Hope you’re not bored
Me: bored for where, I’m having fun here, e be like say I dey watch movie sef, all the things wey i dey see here pass Bollywood movie. Nkan be (things dey happen)
Ejiro: Na so… Guy there is one deal for you ooo
Me: Deal? Which kind deal? (Looked at him with scary face)
Ejiro: hahahha! Chill, its no biggie, no be say you go f–k old mama now, wetin dey do you?
Me: I no dey oooo, please I’ve told you I’m not interested
Ejiro: Okay I hear but trust me now. See, one of my sugar mummy’s friends said she likes you, she just want o meet you, that’s all.
Me: Hmmmm! Meet him? I hope I’m safe
Ejiro: of course now, that woman is by far the richest amongst these women ooo. If you don’t walk away with 100k tonight call me bastard.
100k? My eyes open, she’s the richest? My head swell up…
What is her name?
Ejiro: Madam Abike….. Relax guy, nothing fit happen, she just want to see you, you be fine boy now.
Me: No wahala
I stood up followed him to see Madam Anime, she wasn’t in the living room, we kept on going, we climbed the stairs..
Me: oh boy! I dey fear ooo….. Where are we going now? Hope no be say you wan use me do rituals
Ejiro: (laughing) You’re sick..
We got to the room, Ejiro knocked on the door, we entered the room…..

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We got to a room, Ejiro knocked on the door, we entered the room…
Madam Abike: Eji boy, how are you? (Smiling sitting on the bed)
Wow! Madam Anime is a very beautiful woman, she’s fair in complexion, tall, not so fat, she has a nice waist and boobs, her skin was just glowing, she was putting on one of these Indian gown, she’s hot but she’s old enough to be my mother.
Ejiro: Madam Abike, I’m fine ma. I’ve brought your heart desire, meet my very handsome friend. His name is Jimi.
She shake my hand, I stylishly prostrated, you know now, I’m a Yoruba boy, there must be respect.
Me: Hello ma (smiling)
Madam Abike: Hi dear! Which Jimi is yours? I mean your full name.
Me: It is Olajimi ma’am
Madam Anime: Olajimi! That’s a very sweet name for a fine boy like you, it suits you well.
Me: Thank you ma!
Ejiro: Mama! Sorry for disturbing, I want to leave you two, cos my baby would be looking for me now.
Madam Anime: Okay dear, thank you very much, I would send Jimi to you.
Ejiro: Aha! I trust you ma…. Jimi later now, I’ll call you when I’m about to leave.
Me: Alright now (we shake hands)
Ejiro left the room, closed the door…
Madam Abike: Take a seat, sit down now
Me: Thank you ma! (Sat down on the bed)
Madam Abike: Nice meeting you, you’re such a cute boy, when I saw you at the party, I was attracted to you (she touched my cheek)
Me: Thank you ma! (Smiling)
Madam Abike: It seems you are shy, this is your first right?
Me: Yes ma (smiling)
Madam Abike: Its obvious….. Don’t be shy okay, just be free with me, I like you and I want you to be my baby. As you can see I am lonely, my boy broke up with me and I broke his leg too. Anyway, I would love to see more of you. (She moved closer to me)
My heart started beating so fast, God! I can’t have sex with an old woman ooo, if she trespass, I will push her away, but what does she mean by “I broke his leg”?
Madam Abike: (touching my cheek) you’re such a very cute boy, you look exactly like my son, I’m really going to take career of you, if you accept my proposal.
Me: I’ll think about it ma.
Madam Abike: Shy guy…. Can you give me a peck?
That’s a simple thing to do, I gladly gave her a peck.
Madam Abike: Awww! That’s so sweet of you. So when am I going to see you again like this?
Me: Anytime you want to see me, I’m ready to see you ma. Just send Ejiro to me.
Madam Abike: Alright then…. I hope so, I hope you don’t disappoint me.
Me: No, I won’t do that ma (smiling)
She stood up from the bed, she reached for her bag, I don’t know what she went to take, but my mind told me it is money. I just hope it is plenty money she give me, at least I gave her a peck.
Madam Abike: I decided to come up here jare, I was tired, I had hectic day. I didn’t even want to come to the party but because how she is to me that’s why I came.
Me: I thought as much, I was wondering why you decided to stay alone..
She walked towards me, holding something with her, it is money and a complimentary card.
Madam Abike: Have this, please manage it, and this is my complimentary card, you can reach me through that.
Me: (prostrating) Thank you ma, thank you very much ma.
I was seriously happy, so happy that night. We talked at length till I received a call on my phone. Ejiro called to inform he was about to leave. I informed madam Abike about it, she hugged me and told me to call her and not to disappoint her. I left the room to meet Ejiro, i bid farewell to his sugar mummy and she told me she has sent Ejiro to me. Ejiro and I finally left the venue. It was obvious Ejiro had sex with his sugar mummy cos his belt was loose and there is this odour too. We finally got to the hostel…

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Ejiro: How far? Shey make we go to my place?
Me: Let’s go to your place so that we can share the money.
Ejiro: Okay no wahala
We got to Ejiro’s apartment, Ejiro’s apartment is way bigger than mine, and it is the most expensive in our hostel. We entered his apartment…..
Ejiro: D–n! I’m tired (sat on his couch)
Me: You f–k?
Ejiro: Two rounds set
Me: serious?
Ejiro: Na two rounds I go, that woman no go kill me, she likes my d–k too much. If she come see your own nko? Yours is way bigger than mine you know.
Me: Forget that thing! Did you mean you f—-d that old woman two rounds this evening?
Ejiro: This is even the shortest sef, no be today, I should have even sleep over, if not for the class test I have tomorrow and because of you too.
Me: Na wa ooo (surprised)
He dipped his fingers in his cross bag and brought out huge amount of money.
Ejiro: Oya! Give me my share.
Me: Na the one she talk say make I give you, I go give you.
I brought out the money from my pocket, I didn’t even know the amount she gave me. I brought out the money I counted it, it was 70k. I’m to give Ejiro the 20k.
Me: Take, that’s what she said I should give you (gave him the money)
Ejiro: Are you sure?
Me: I go lie for you?
I held the 50k with surprise, lifted it up.
Me: she gave me 50k oooo, without doing anything. Na only peck I gave her, you guys dey enjoy ooo.
Ejiro brought out 20k and gave me…..
Ejiro: From my sugar mummy….
Me: are you serious?
I quickly collected the money with happiness, I was extremely happy…
Me: This is serious business ooo, the woman in gave her complimentary card, she told me to call her.
Ejiro: My brother you better wake up and join the big boys. That woman is Stinkingly rich, don’t dull yourself, don’t loose this opportunity.
Me: I’m kinda scared you know
Ejiro: Of what? Cos she’s an old woman? Madam Abike was my first choice seriously, she’s my favourite sef, I dey envy you.
I sighed……
Ejiro: Madam Abike’s kids are in overseas, her husband is an ambassador to one of this country. So she’s the only one in Nigeria, although she travels most times to go check her family. Madam Abike is a big time business woman, she just opened a store in Dubai.
Me: Are you serious?
Ejiro: Sit down there…. You better wake up, open your eyes.
Me: I will think about it sha, I’m not sure i can do it.
Ejiro: Its your choice, not gonna force you…. Omo, I dey hungry, shey you go eat?
Me: I’m still full jare..
Ejiro went to the kitchen to get something to eat. That night I couldn’t sleep, lots of things on my mind, I was really confused but I can’t sleep with someone old enough to be my mother. I didn’t even know when I slept off.
The next morning, I went to my apartment, I discovered my door was not properly locked. Who entered my room? I opened my room, I found a half naked girl in my room….

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Me: Anita? What are you looking for?
Anita: what kind of question is that?
Me: I can see you came as early as possible, since when I call you, you just dey come.
Anita: Do you know when I came? Where did you even go last night?
Me: Somewhere! When you did you come? Why didn’t you call me before coming? (Sitting down)
Anita: I came here around 9pm, I wanted to surprise you. Moreover you needed p—y yesterday and I don’t want you to go f–k another p—y. By the way, why was your stuffy?
Me: What do you mean?
I was scared, I hope there was no traces that I brought a girl yesterday, cos if Anita finds out that I actually brought a girl to this house, she will skin me alive.
Anita: I hope you didn’t bring any girl into this house? Cos i checked your condoms in your wardrobe and its not complete, Jimi did you bring a girl to this room? (Annoyed)
Me: (laughing) if I bring a girl nko? Didn’t I call you yesterday when I needed you and you claimed you were busy or something.
Anita: (speaks her language) so you brought a girl to this room Jimi? Ehn Jimi? (Raising her voice)
Me: Why are you now shouting? Did I tell you I brought a girl to this room?
Anita: how come a condom is missing cos I counted it the last time and one is missing.
Me: So? It was Ejiro that took it yesterday, he needed it. We actually went to she his sugar mummy yesterday night, when had a party like that with her friends, so he said I should give him one. That is it…
Anita: Jimi! Jimi! Can’t Ejiro buy condom outside from the mallam?
Me: it was late now, he couldn’t get any, that was why i gave him one. I didn’t bring any girl to this house, okay?
Anita eased her anger…
Anita: Are you sure? (She walked towards me and sat on my laps) Jimi it would really hurt me if I found out you brought a girl to this house.
Me: I can’t lie now (I held her waist), believe me.
Anita: Okay oooo….. So how was the party? How much did they give you?
Me: Anita!!! You can never change
Anita: What? (Smiled and kissed me)
Me: Did you know I brought 70k from the party without having sex with any one?
Anita quickly adjust herself..
Anita: its a lie
Me: I’m serious (I brought out the money) look at the money, I can’t lie to you babe.
Anita: So you mean you didn’t have sex with anyone and they gave you 70k?
She collected the money from me…
Me: Of course.
Anita: Liar! Jimi you can love for Africa, abi that’s where you used the condom.
Me: You are a fool. (Hissed)
Anita: it seems you are serious ooo… How did you do it? This is good ooo, if you now had sex nko, how much will they give you?
Me: I swear!
Anita: Gist me now, what happened…
I told Anita what happened, everything that happened at the party, all the details sha.
Anita: So what are you going to do now?
Me: Nothing of course, I’m not interested jare, I can’t sleep with an old woman. God forbid (tapped my fingers)
Anita: Ehn! I hope you are not cursed, shey no be say family curse dey follow you, you can’t do what?

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Me: Forget! I can’t do it, there is nothing that can make me do it
Anita: Really? Think about it…. No sex she gave you 70k what if you now have sex nko, did you know how much she will give you multiple folds. Why are you this dull? I thought you are a sharp guy. You said the madam Anime is the richest among them, why can’t you see you’re lucky (she sat on my laps again and kissed me). Jimi can’t you see your own don better, this is your chance to be bigger than Ejiro. You know Ejiro is using ordinary Toyota Camry, I’m sure you’re going to use something bigger than that, cos she’s the richest among them. Jimi wake up, it is small thing (kissing me)
I was really confused, Anita really got into my head this time, I began to realise what she was saying was true.
Me: I’m scared, Anita…
Anita: of what? Shebi its just to f–k her, that is all, why are you now scared? You will be making money ooo, I know Ejiro sef will envy you believe me. (She held my hand and dipped my fingers in her p—y) I want you to f–k me, so that you can f–k madam Abike and collect her money.
My d–k was already hard, I became extremely h—y, we began kiss, smooching, squeezing her boobs, fingering her p—y, it was becoming so intense..
Anita: Jimi please do this for me and become a big boy (she kissed me again)
Anita stood up pulled off her skirt and bra, she knelt down, loose my belt, loose my trouser, pull of my trouser and boxers while I was sitting down, pull of my shirt and kissed me, she knelt down again and began to s–k my d–k, I couldn’t help but to moan, she was doing it so smooth, I was squeezing her boob while she was giving me b—–b. Then she stood up and adjusted my legs, she sat on my laps gallantly and inserted my d–k in her p—y…….

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I couldn’t wait for the following day to come, I was really anxious to see her cos I was really broke and I was ready to do anything with her. So, the following day came, already prepared to go see her, I think it was on Friday, Friday is usually a lecture free day for me. I called my girlfriend to inform about it, come and see how Anita was professing her love for me on phone, she kept on calling me not forget, it was even her call that woke me up that day, giving me silly advises, she even warned me not to have sex with her flesh to flesh that I should take enough condoms and play with her very well, can you imagine, desperate girl. Anyway, as a foolish boy I did all what she said sha.
I got to madam Abike’s shopping mall, blood of Jesus, this place is extremely big, the shopping mall is a whole mansion, and the shopping mall is named after her “Abike Mall”. Its a shopping mall, so they sell variety of things, there is nothing you won’t find in that place. I was already feeling on top of the world for meeting
I was already feeling on top of the world for meeting someone like her, I am so lucky to find this woman. I finally saw her, in her office….
Madam Abike: My boy, how are you?
Me: I’m fine ma..
Madam Abike: Wow! So nice to have you here, welcome to one of my shopping mall.
Me: one of your shopping mall?
Madam Abike: Yeah! Are you surprised? Well, this is my 6th mall and this should be the smallest of them. I just opened a new one in Dubai few weeks back.
Me: Interesting ma! (Smiling)
Madam Abike: Abi, its all God… So how is school?
Me: Its been fine ma, we thank God.
Madam Abike: What happened? You never bothered to call or check on me all these while, I actually thought you’re not interested or something.
Me: Ha! No ma, its been school problem and I’ve been battling some financial problems in school, so things have kinda tight for me.
Madam Abike: Financial problems?
Me: Yes ma!
Madam Abike: When I’m here for you, you this children of nowadays love to throw away opportunities you have on a platter of gold. You should have called me or something and I would have assisted now.
Me: Ema binu ma (I’m sorry ma), I was just a little bit shy..
Madam Abike: (laughing) You and shy, you shy too much, you better be free with me. Let me take care of you, I will do anything for you, as long as you satisfy and obey me.
Me: No problem (smiling)….. I heard you were out of the country.
Madam Abike: Of course, one of my daughters just gave birth..
Me: Oh! Wow, congrats ma
Madam: Ose dear… So I went to see her, my other kids with grandchildren and husband too.
Me: Oh kk! Hope they are all doing good?
Madam Abike: Yes of course, thanks love..
She began to look at me with some flirty eyes, I was just smiling and really shy the way she was looking at me.
Madam Abike: I feel like kissing your lips right now…
Me: Same here ma, I don’t mind.
Madam Abike: Ehn! In my office? No way, cameras everywhere watching us CCTV is everywhere, you wouldn’t want my husband to skin you alive.
Me: (laughing) My bad!
Madam Abike: I would have invited you over to my guest house but this man is around, I mean my husband, he’s around and he’s been suspecting my movement lately, I don’t know who has been giving him information about me.
Me: Really? I’m sure those should be your enemies, your enemies at work. By God’s grace you will triumph over them.
I was really tensed when she said her husband is suspecting her movement, why does it have to be during my own time that the yeye man go dey suspect, make the stupid man no come pour sand sand for my garri. I just pray this won’t put a hold to our relationship.
Madam Abike: Amen oooo.
Me: That’s human being for you, bad bad people, you just have to be careful ma.
All well and good, madam Abike finally booked an appointment for Sunday, saying her husband will be travelling back to Canada on Saturday night. I was really happy, so happy. She gave me 50k that day and she also said I should pick anything I want from the mall, me that I don’t have food stuff in the house again, I was just packing food items, toiletries, I picked lot of things for myself and Anita too. I was a little bit fulfilled that day cos my coming to her was not in vain. Its good to be a fine boy seriously, thank God for that. I can’t wait to meet her on Sunday, I know she would give more if I have sex with her, Na here I go turn to Mario.

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On getting home, I found Anita in my room already waiting for me. That girl can be so desperate you know, anyway immediately she saw me, she was just asking me questions upon questions…
Anita: Awww! My baby is back.. How was it? Gist me now, what happened between you guys? How much did she give you this time? Hope you used condom sha? Talk now! Was she the one that bought these items for you? (Checking the items I brought) Jimi answer me now..
Me: Blood of Jesus! Can you please give me break, how do you expect me to answer all those questions, wetin happen now?
Anita: Oya no vex, so wassup? How was it? Gist me (Kissing me)
Me: (Smiling) well, I went her shopping mall sha, we talked and all that. But we have and appointment on Sunday..
Anita: On sunday? Again? Na so she like your d–k reach?
Me: We didn’t do anything, not even a kiss this time.
Anita: Stop lying Jimi, I’m not jealous jare.
Me: I swear to God, we didn’t do anything.
Anita: Hmmmm!
Me: It was in her office now, so we couldn’t do anything cos of scandal.
Anita: Nawa ooo, so she gave all these things for free?
Me: yes now… Come and see that her mall, very mighty, very big. Omo, that woman is rich.
Anita: Thank God for sending that woman to us, we would have died in penury deceiving ourselves with one yeye yahoo yahoo.
I looked at her and smh!
Anita: so how much did she give you now?
Me: She gave me just 50k
Anita: are you sure?
Me: (hissed) no, I’m not sure…
Anita: na you sabi, you will sha give me my own share, cos I’m the one helping you to suffer everything now, when the money now come you will spending it other useless girls.
Me: Okay! I hear you.. I am hungry
Anita: Ehn ehn… So what do you want to eat? But, wait so you guys are seeing on sunday for the real sex abi? But where are you going to see her?
I didn’t even reply her, I was mute…
Anita: Talk now…
Me: I said I’m hungry, after eating we would talk more on that.
Anita: Okay ooo, and we would do something something too after the talk (She kissed me and winked at me)
I became hard already…
Me: are you sure? Baby let’s do it now, now. I’m already hard.. (Touching her boobs)
Anita: Stop this! (She fling my hand away) what is wrong with you? I thought you said you’re hungry, I hope no be say dog carry your thing chop. Pervert!
Me: Gerrout! We would sha do it all night, whether you like it or not.
Anita: what do you want to eat?
Me: Yes! See na goat meat, I feel like eating, you can mix it turkey and ponmo sha. Money don dey, you know now.
Anita: Hmmmm! Mumu, thank God I helped your life.
Both of us laughing…
Me: You dey craze… (Spanked her ass as she stood up)
Anita: let me go arrange the things you brought before I go to the market.
She picked the items I brought from the mall.
Me: I got somethings for you too.
Anita: I trust you…
As she left to the kitchen with the items…

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Sunday finally came, I’ve been anticipating for it tho…. I was a bit skeptical about it, I don’t know what to expect, I was worried if I could satisfy madam Abike very well on bed, if she would enjoy my d–k. Gosh! Having sex with an old woman? Its not an easy thing to do but frustration can lead someone to it, not really frustration tho, let me call it “Ojukokoro”, “Ojukokoro means not being contended with what you have, unsatisfied. Anyway, I was all ready for Sunday’s appointment, Anita was around through out the weekend giving me tips, encouraging me, Ejiro also gave me some tips too. I was expecting a lot from that appointment, maybe she would give me 200k. Anita told me to ask her to buy me a car and also my birthday which is coming up the following month…
Anita: Don’t f–k up ooo, just do as I said okay… I just pray with all these my wahala with you will not be in vain, cos when you start getting the money now, that’s when your attitude will now change totally. That’s when you will know my p—y is smelling and start pursuing other small small girls.
You can see how desperate Anita can be when it comes to money, well, I’m also desperate when it comes to her p—y anyway but believe me, if the money come true true, I will definitely f–k almost all the girls in my school, especially this new 100 level girl in my hostel. What do you expect? Money makes the world go round, with money I can do all things. That’s about that, so I finally got to madam Abike’s guest house, its a fantastic place I must say, very mighty. Madam Abike opened the door for me, I got inside the house, saw madam Abike looking so radiant, she was putting on her nightgown already, looking so sexy as usual, she gave me a warm kiss and a hug.
Madam Abike: My baby boy, how you doing?
Me: Fine ma!
Madam Abike: I’ve been expecting you all day, that man has finally left the country last night.
Me: You mean your husband?
Madam Abike: of course, who else..
She became closer to me, touching my private part, omo I became hard seriously, I was really surprised I could become hard oooo, I was a little bit irritated tho.
Madam Abike: I’ve heard a lot about you… (Flirting with me)
Me: Like what ma?
Madam Abike: (laughing) I heard you’re not bad down there..
Me: That’s right ma, they say that a lot about me.
Madam Abike: I hope you can use it very well Jimi?
Me: Don’t dare me ooo, I’m a lion when it comes to that matter ooo
Madam Abike: Well, well, well…. Then I’m really gonna take of you if you can perform to my expectation.
Me: Oh yeah!
We began kissing, believe me, I became so h—y, my d–k was already over erected, omo, my d–k no even get shame at all. You can’t predict yourself, I never believe I could be h—y for an older woman, sincerely speaking sex is totally a way of life, its a way of life I must confess, old ooo, young ooo you can find yourself having sex with anyone no matter who the person is. Kanji Na bastard, lol. So we began kissing and kissing, she kept on playing with my private part, I wanted to squeeze her heavy boobs but I was kinda scared at first, but omo I throw away fear ooo, I began squeezing it, kissing her, she unzip my trouser and brought out my heavy rod.
Madam Abike: wow, this is huge…
I was kinda shy tho…
Me: Yes ma….
We began kissing again, kissing, she began to wank me, playing with my d–k, I even thought she was going to s–k me but, she didn’t. The smooching became so intense, so intense….
Madam Abike: Let’s go to the room…….

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The kissing became so intense, I was really hard, we got upstairs, in her room, we began kissing so hard..
Me: Have you locked the door madam Abike? (Moaning)
Madam Abike: Nobody can come in, we are all alone…. And call me Abike not madam.
Omo! I began to squeeze her ass and boobs, kissing her really hard, she was playing with my d–k, I pull off my trouser and shirt, I was totally naked with my singlet on sha. Madam Abike also pulled off her nightgown, she was totally naked. Wow, Madam Abike is really endowed, she has a very nice Skin, she doesn’t even look like an old woman at all, what i was seeing was a young lady, her boobs were so firm, not sagging and she’s a grandmother ooo. I looked at her p—y, well what do you expect? It was clean tho but she’s a mother of three or four children you don’t expect it to be firm or tight but it was clean and I like that.
Madam Abike: Do you like what you see?
Me: Yes! Yes! Yes Abike… I love it.
My d–k became harder, I moved closer to her began to kiss her, squeeze her boobs and ass, I quickly pulled off my singlet and push her on the bed, she was just giggling and smiling.
Madam Abike: Yes baby…
I jumped on her and inserted my d–k in her p—y, i began to f–k her, she was just moaning, her p—y wasn’t really bad after all, all my mind was old women p—y are wide and you can’t enjoy it, oh boy, I could feel it ooo, I totally enjoyed it, I forgot to wear condom anyway and I actually brought it. Its exactly the same thing with other p—y but it tastes different tho, I was just pounding her really hard, I don forget say na old woman I dey f–k, I was really moaning, we were moaning so hard.
Madam Abike: Oh yes baby, oh my God… Jimi, you’re really a lion..
I was really feeling it, f—–g her really sweet, doing my thing, she was enjoying it, I was happy and fulfilled that yes, big boy don finally arrive, I am going to be bigger than Ejiro cos I already planned to ask her to buy me range rover, I was really happy I could satisfy her, I was happy it is my turn to shine, to shut those haters up, I thought about the new girl in my compound replacing Anita, when the money comes, cos I’m tired of Anita’s p—y already make I no lie. Still f—–g her, moaning, moaning, moaning, f—–g her so hard, a lot of things running through my mind, I’m gonna be a big boy….. F—–g her till I finally c-m…
Me: Aargh! (Breathing heavily) Yes!
Yes! Sincerely speaking? And I thought that was the beginning of my success as a big boy, well, after ejaculating, I tried removing my d–k but my d–k refused to come out.
Me: Wow! Abike you’re really tight (smiling)
I tried removing my d–k again, the thing no gree come out ooooo….

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What is happening? My heart started beating fasting, is this for real or am I dreaming?
Me: Abike, I don’t seem to understand what is happening? I can’t get my thing out of your thing (struggling to bring out my d–k from her p—y)
Madam Abike: What do you mean by that, common don’t be a nutty boy, that’s enough for now (smiling)
Me: I’m not joking here madam, I can’t bring out my penis from your v—-a, I’m serious (sweating and struggling)
Madam Abike: This is becoming serious…. Jimi please try and standup very well now.
Me: I am doing that mummy, I can’t bring it out oooo (weeping), I am dead.
Madam Abike: Stop saying that, there is nothing wrong…. Look don’t scare me, just stand up, you know what just force yourself.
Me: (crying) I am forcing myself oooo, I don’t understand oooo, ha God, I hope I am not dreaming.
I became so scared, seriously scared, is this happening to me or i’m dreaming. I do see things like this in Yoruba movies but who would ever thought such could happen to me, getting stuck while having sex? Not just with anyone but with an old woman, I shouldn’t have done this in the first place, I never wanted to do it, I shouldn’t have listened to Anita, I should have been contended…
We both struggled to stood up, both naked, trying to force ourselves, trying to separate.
Me: Mummy what are we going to do? (Crying)
Madam Abike: Who is your mummy? I knew you were bad luck from the beginning, they have sent you to me, my enemies at work..
Me: (sobbing) Haaaa! I am dead, my big boy days are over, Anita, Ejiro and Madam Abike has ruined my life…
Did they actually ruined my life or I ruined it myself? Well, Anita was the agent of devil sent to lead me to destruction, omo, as we were struggling to separate ourselves, someone opened door and the next thing I heard was “I finally caught you red handed”….

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I heard a voice of a man…
Man: “I finally caught you red handed”
Blood of Jesus, that should be Madam Abike’s husband, it is indeed her husband, Ambassador. The man caught me and his wife making love red handed, in a very distasteful position.
Man/Ambassador: This is so good, I caught you Abike, shame on you..
Madam Abike: (Crying) Its not what you think dear, I’m sorry…
Man/Ambassador: Shut up! My family warned me against marrying you I never listened, they told me how you’ve sleeping around with men. Not even man this time, sleeping with a boy, a boy who is not up to your son’s age.
Madam Abike: Its the devil…
Man/Ambassador: Devil? Haaaaa! Shame on you, sharing a bed with your son’s mate, I am totally disappointed, your children will be glad to hear about it. Thank God for my friend who gave me the juju I placed on you, thank God for the juju that exposed you, I never would have believed you could do such to me and the children. You want to ruin my career.
I was just looking at them, I couldn’t say anything than to cry and was shivering, sweating, I’m dead..
Me: (crying bitterly) please sir….
Man/Ambassador: Young man, this serves you right, this will teach you and the other ones like you a lesson to stop sleeping with another man’s wife.
Me: I didn’t mean to, please sir (crying)..
Man/Ambassador: Its okay, this is where you people will die, I will just walk away and pretend I didn’t see you. I will help you cover your shame by leaving you alone, by the time both you are found dead in this room or house, I think that will cover your shame, like they said, death is better than shame.
I shouted….
Me: Yekpa! Temi bami…. Please sir, we won’t do it again, E Jo sir…
I actually thought the man was joking, the man walked away, left us in the room, while we are still stuck together. Me and madam Abike started struggling, we struggled for hours before some people came to help us. Not just any kind of people, Madam Abike’s family, including her mother, that day was hell for me, her husband brought them to come see what their daughter has done. We were dragged naked outside by Madam Abike’s husband, he was just slapping my face, cursing me. Madam Abike’s mother was just crying feeling disappointed, the woman even fainted cos she couldn’t bear the shame. No be small thing ooo, people gathered on us, the shame was too much for me to bear, I couldn’t cry again, the tears couldn’t come anymore, I felt like committing suicide that moment. What will my parent say about this if they found out? The shame in school, how do I bear the shame in school, I’ve been totally ridiculed, my big boys days are over, shakara has totally end for me. Thank almighty, after so much plea from the people and family, the man agreed to separate us using only God knows. I was arrested at the end of the day, detained for some weeks, my parent were not allowed to bail me, but God intervened at the end. I was released, my parent didn’t welcome me, especially my father, I begged and begged my parent till they finally accepted and forgive me since I’m their son, although it is unforgettable in their heart.
After so many weeks, Anita didn’t call me or come to check on me, it was only Ejiro that came, he was a good friend, he apologised and all that, gave me some money. I couldn’t go to school cos I dunno how I’m gonna cope cos I heard the news was everywhere on campus, the picture was everywhere, some using it as display picture on bbm. I didn’t go to school ooo, I no fit try am, I called Anita, she didn’t pick my calls, I sent her several messages, she didn’t reply, i was really disturbed. My parent were complaining that I didn’t go to school, so I planned on going the following week, i just have to accept the shame, I’m almost through with school, I dare not ruin my life academically so I just had to go to school. Its my cross to carry, i wouldn’t try such mistake again in my life, i just have to learn how to be satisfied with what I have, I shouldn’t walk in other people’s shoes. ANITA! Chai, see my life……….
*****THE END*****

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