[STORY] My Father’s Fiancee (episode 1-16)

EPISODE 1 Am Peter by name, am an 17 years old boy living with my father in Benue state. I was 10 years old when my father divorced my mother simply because my mother complained about my father carrying girls alot.. That got my father furious and she divorced my mother.. I cried and cried but I couldn’t stopped my father from divorcing my mother then… Immediately my mother left, my father started bringing girls to the house any how and I was very angry…. One day I was eating when I heard a knock on our gate, I quickly went and opened it, behold I saw a beautiful girl of my age, with a big ass, fair in complexion and lots more. I ushered her in and the following we’re ensued. Me: hello beautiful maiden. She: hmmm… Hi, but am Grace by name. Me: ohhhhh, how are you doing Grace? Grace: am fine and you? Me: same. May I know more about you? Grace : why? Me: nothing, just to know. Grace : OK, am Grace by name, am a 18 years old girl and am in ss3.. Yours? Me: hmmm.. Am peter by name, am 17 years old boy and am in ss2. Grace : nice then. Nice meeting you.. Me: You are welcome, and what’s your mission here? Grace : why do you want to know? Me: lol, I need to know na, this is my house you know. Grace: OK, am your father is my sugar daddy… Me: sugar daddy??? I don’t understand… Grace : OK, an your father’s fiancee, your father will marry me. Me: marry you? God forbid.. Grace : why? Me: why can a beautiful girl and young girl like you go after my aged father, 50 years old man for that matter, while am here without girlfriend??? Consider it, is it because of money he has? Grace : ha 😹 ha, your father is a wealthy lord, do you know how many girls that are after him. A soldier man for that matter.. Love doesn’t care. Me: love care, to me, it’s a shame for a young beautiful girl like you to go after my father… Whereas, my father is not around, he went to out, but he will return soon. Grace : OK, I think I should wait for her. Me: hmmmm…… I fell in love with her instantly and I felt like f—–g her……. Few minutes later, I go close to her trying to romance her but she resisted…. I tried again but she was still resisting it, but the resistance was little compare to first time. I started kissing 💋 her, it seems she didn’t liked it but she was silent and acting sexy, I later move to her breast, I pulled down her shirt and started s—–g one or her breast while playing with the other,, she was very hot and wer underneath,, ( some of you should know what am talking about if at all you have experiences it) She freed her self for me completely and started moaning,, I later brought out my erected d–k and inserted it into her mouth and she was leaking it like lollipop….. When I realized that she was ready to be f—-d, I pushed her to bed and opened her leg wide open with her p—y hole fully opened and sensitive… I configured two of my fingers, inserted it straight into her p—y and started doing finger f—–g.. From there I brought out my erected D–k, opened her p—y hole widely and was about inserting it into her warm wet p—y when all of a suddenly………………………………………..

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