[STORY] My Experience(18+) (Episode 1 –12)



While marking the essay what i saw made me loose all hope.my jaw dropped i began to say within me. Firstly she was a serious bad writer and secondly and the worst of all her father was a boss soldier…chai am doomed i said within me with this girl writing like this and her dad a soldier am so not a living body anymore. I cleaned my eyes to clarify if i saw it well or maybe my eyes were playing pranks on me but behold i saw the same thing. I regretted taking the job my doom is near i said to myself.


Chai this girl’s father is a boss militant(soldier).


suddenly i gathered some courage and asked her..Tolani is your dad actually a soldier.


Yes she said and why did you ask. Nothing i quickly said. Then she ran into a room upstairs as the house was a four storey building and brought a photo album.


Chai this one na real gobe o ah don enter am i said to myself. Me that sometimes shout on the girl i never shouted on her again because of fear… What if her dad hate people beating his daughter,What if she tells her dad i usually beat her what will become of me.what if she now fails her JSCE that will Just spell DOOM for me. I don’t want to even associate with police self not to talk of soldier…from that day I suddenly became her best friend i would even come before time just to make sure i taught her more and even played with her.then i realised that not all students needs to be spanked before they understand what they are taught all you need is recreation and a very close bond between the teacher and the student because when i became her friend she now knew many things i thought that she couldnt even put in her brain before.


I tried all my possible best to make sure she came home with a third, but to my very suprise this girl took the first position …mehn i was happy i thought to myself my doom is not yet coming


her father showered me with gifts,gave me a room in his house so i could help in monitoring his daughter and even increased my pay.in a twinkle of an eye i had already bought the idea to the extent i prostrated to him like three times before he finally left(not knowing that the staying in that house with the girl was actually the doom my mind was telling me about…

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Tolani became a very brilliant student.due to the fear i had for her fathers occupation i gave more interest to her than anything else.

As days and weeks went by she told me she has being choosen to represent her school in a mathematics competition.

Wow i said to her; tolu ur doing a great job i said to myself; this girl wey no know anything before don turn GURU for maths sha…

She wrote her JSCE and passed in flying colours.

With this I thanked my stars and quickly decided to quit but the idiot man now commanded me to stay. I looked at my self see this man sha instead make you beg me you dey command me …because say you be soldier abi I thought to myself. Chai ah don become prisoner for this house i said to myself ah don enter am big time.

I continued my job and the bond between me and Tolani grew rapidly she told me about herself which made me got to know that her mother had died.i also told her about myself.hers was still better both my mum and dad died on the same day in a car accident while my only sister is out there struggling like me.we gisted gisted for what seems like hours then suddenly we started kissing;immediately i came back to my senses that its a soldiers daughter am kissing i quickly withdrew myself and apologised. She just stood up and left my room for hers. I began to try to replay what just happened between me and tolani now,how come i kissed her,what made me kiss her.different questions passed through my mind all with no answer. I began to imagine, when suddenly a creature appeared on my left shoulder.it had red horns alas it was my PERSONAL ADVICER ON EVIL MATTERS 😉 and then the creature shouted”are you mad ni ,what did u just do,you mean you let that girl go scot free,you didnt even touch her at all. You no resemble onihaxy at all ;I trust my boy…you had better stand up and go finish what you started”it finally said…

I stood up with a blank head to go complete my mission…

Tolu if oga soldier catch u na die u dey o…

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i instantly stood up as if i was being controlled with a remote controller and was about knocking her room when i heard steps in the sitting room. I peeped gently and saw oga soldier coming up the stairs.

Omo na so i follow my leg talk; I swerve direction sharp sharp…i quickly greeted him and started going back to my room cursing my personal assistant inside me. Idiot P.A so u knew the man was coming shey u wanted him to catch me..u want him to kill me well not if i kill u first :-)… Sily me how on earth am i going to kill my imagination. 10 minutes later, i heard a knock on my door.

who is that i said calmly its me tolani the voice replied my dad is calling you she said.

On hearing this my heart lumped. Did tolani tell her dad i kissed her,but on getting to where oga soldier was it was a different story. I am travelling tomorrow and i wont be back until next 5 months take care of my daughter oga soldier said.

Owk sir i said with a devilish smile inside me.. The scorpions in my belly instantly became butterfly..at last my sex capades with tolani will begin.The next day tolani came to meet in my room i even told her i was afraid when she told me her dad was calling me yesterday that i thought she told her dad i kissed her. Why will i tell him when am not a baby she replied She later explained her reason for coming to me that she needs a male cloth in a drama she wants to perform in her school as she would be acting a male character.i looked at her and said and what will you give me in return she just smiled and kissed me and said thats what i will give you RISKY and left.

see this girl sha she no even wait make i say yes before she left u don inherit all your papa behaviour finish i thought.

Well Two days before the day she would act the drama something terrible happened.
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She decided to come and test the clothes on herself so she would know which to wear.

I gave her one by one she would go to her room put it on and come back to show me so i’ll tell her how it looks on her.

Suddenly she began to sweat This was strange as my room AC was on I immediately asked her to go pull the clothes she wore.

She turned the door knob to leave my room to hers but the door wont open.i was suprised then i asked her to try the toilet,she tried the toilet it wont open either.we both began to look for means by which we could open the door.no one knows what was wrong with the doors,many thoughts ran through my mind”i began to wonder was it that these doors have password,or maybe this house was equipped with high-tech cameras and her dad has noticed both of us together” chai i began to think different things i became afraid than ever.suddenly tolani collapsed…gbesssss! Am in serious trouble i began to pray within me God please dont let this girl die o; i quickly remembered she was sweating formerly so i quickly pulled all her clothes leaving her in only her lace pant and bra and took her close to the air space of the A.C. When she started gaining consciousness i pulled her panties and bra pushed the toilet door’s handle and it opened immediately…chai so na devil plan me like this i said to myself. How come door wey no open b4 come open nw(me wey don plan sey if the door no open I go break am thank God say na glass).

I entered the bathroom na im the toilet start to ask im mumu question. I start to the answer question like say na mtn brain wave game. Sha sha sha the shower on. i use vexination turn the shower off me wey need water sharp sharp shower dey here they cry i just remembered theres tap in there i quickly switched on the tap and started using a bowl to pour the water on her. She gradually regained full consciousness. I was very happy to the extent i knelt down in the toilet ground praying.

The girl gave me a whats wrong with this one look. I just looked at the girl- u never jam life even if ur a confirm sinner if you should narrowly escape death you will thank God

Chai what would have become of me if she had died.

But seriously speaking if i had left their house she would be dead now.

Still naked i carried her to my bed to rest.

I began to think again”what if oga soldier decides to come home today he nw meets his daughter in my room sleeping on my bed and worst of all naked. What will i tell him let the good i did not turn evil for me o

Yeeeeh that will be untimely death o

my fears didnt make me notice that i touched her privates while bathing her until that same night while i was on my bed trying to recollect the occurence.mehn dis girl get stuffs o i said to myself…

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The next day

how you feeling tolani

am good she replied…ok are you set to go for the drama

yes she replied

then she raised up her hands and turned round so i could check her out, (jeez this girl has never shaved her armpit)

you cant go like this o tolani,if you should mistakenly raise up your hand everyone would know that you dont shave your armpit hair I explained.she looked to the floor as if she was talking to an invisible dwarf ;dont be shy come over here i have a shaving Kit to help u fix that i said. I made her sit on the chair and started the shaving.she closed her eyes tight and i used the opportunity to steal some glance at her round firm breast.

Chai how i wish i could touch those breast again i said to myself.in no time i finished shaving both armpits,and started to clean and pack my kit, then she said in a soft voice “risky please can you lend me your kit” hmmm… is there any place you wanna shave again i asked,she looked down in disgrace and finally said down there is bushy pointing to her skirt. I understood what she meant. Then my P.A on evil matters appeared again and told me “risky this is your chance to handle this girl,dont dare give it to her o tell her to allow you help her do it” hmmm na fact o i said to myself.i quickly said why dont you lay down let me help you shave it well

Dont be shy ok i’ll help you do it just close your eyes i adviced.

I laid her on the bed,drag down her skirt and panties; JESUS!!! I shouted within me what is this, this one is no longer a bush o it is now a thick forest i thought.

Then i quickly shaved her bush leaving her almost bald down there and in me i shouted let the main show begin.an inexperienced guy like me I inserted my index finger into her womanliness and kissing her simultaneously and later to her breast s—–g it hungrily. She moaned harder as i continued suprisingly to me she whispered in my ears risky please put your long thing inside of me.”gba gain” a bell rang in my head my d–k stood still like a soldier on a parade ground

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Then i started to f–k her as if it was my birth right, it was my first time though. She cried and begged for her release but all fell on deaf ears. i continued hitting her hard. Later she started letting out soft moans signifying shes enjoying it…. We continued for what seemed like hours before i remembered i didnt put on a condom….chai am undone. That was when my P.A on evil matters appeared on my shoulder letting out a devilish laugh.

Chai what have i done to myself oga soldier will kill me.

She noticed i was in deep thought and told me dont bother yourself, am on the pill

my mouth flung open wide

how come this girl knew about sex pills…hmmmm so this girl actually expected me to have sex with her.does she wanna set me up ni or somthing like that i asked myself….Chai many questions flew pass my mind but all where RHETORICAL. They all came without answers.

Well all the same thank God she was on the pill sha.thank God she told me earlier.the horned devil came once again laughing and then said”so you mean after you just sinned against God you are still saying thank God…i turn BIBLE GURU instantly “GET THEE BEHIND ME SATAN” for where the guy stand look me for eye say nothing they happen my guy

I began to reason then the idiot horned devil that caused all this disappeared and never showed up again throughout that day…

Wait self i said to myself i didnt notice any blood stain on the bed.that means she isn’t a virgin then. I asked her have you ever had sex before now?….she looked at me suprisingly and she replied with a no….then how come she didnt let out the evidence i thought,is it that she had being molested when she was little i thought. Well e no concern me i enjoy myself sha 🙂

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Me and tolani continued our sex capades together.

thoughwe were both inexperienced but we both still enjoyed every bit of our in experiency.we usually took hot rounds of sex in different locations in the house like the inner store kitchen toilet sitting room bedroom and anywhere else we find ourseelves and get the urge.irrespective of time of the day.we had sex rested for a while had sex rested for a while just like that for the whole day.oh my goodness! This will be the first time in my life since i was old enough not to eat throughout a whole day not to talk of cleaning the surroundings which tolani does daily before we started having intimate Relationship.as seconds minutes hours days and weeks went by so do months until it finally reached a month before Oga soldier will be returning back home. Me and tolani became sex mates.i took her to school always, we take our bath together and all sorts All things went on fine until two weeks before OGA SOLDIER is going to arrive we heard a knock on the door.

Who could that be i said to myself.we began to panic as if that was the end because we were both naked as we just finished 3 rounds of hot sex in the sitting room.

Am in for it today,i said to myself i am in for it today, who could that be??? Could it be oga soldier… Before i could say jack the person has started opening the door with a key from outside

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The door was made of glass. But luckily for us it was a type of glass which anyone outside would not be able to see the person inside and vice-versa .Unluckily for us the unknown person brought a key out of something and started to open the door, that was when it dawned on me that it was actually oga soldier. No one else could have the key to that house nah i thought. I quickly whispered to tolani saying tolani please quickly run into your room and get dressed before your dad opens the door completely and meet us here like this. She looked worried. what am i even thinking self, how will she not be worried when her dad will not like what he would see if he mistakenly caught us what am i even thinking self he will not like abi he will almost kill me gan self i thought to myself. What about you she whispered as she was rushing to her room silently. Dont worry i will sort myself out.am a guy your a girl i can easily dress up but twill take you minutes to dress up i whispered. Owk she whispered almost immediately and quickly tip toed into her room. I was already dressed we guys dont take long nah it cantt take me 30 seconds to fully get myself dressed when am rushing out or going somewhere not to talk of when my life is in danger.na that day i knw say when your in danger you will break so many records 🙂 We are talking about a superior army commandant here. Immediately i finished dressing up something just ran through my Brain. I quickly loosen my belt a little and let my trouser hang down my waist and i act as if am trying to put on my belts and also pull my cloths and hang it on my neck then the sweats on me signifies me just coming out from the bathroom…smart plan i said to myself. Risky this will be the first time you will act very wise and also think very fast i said to myself.while doing this something pierced me on the chest ouch! What could that be i said to myself….oh my goodness it was my pocket knife still in its s—t how come it pieced me. Chai this thing has some serious blade o i said.but what is keeping oga soldier waiting na??? He should have opened the door by now.then i made my ways to the door as if i just noticed someone knocking on the door but before i even got to the door the door flung open. I was startled

To my greatest suprise it wasnt actually oga soldier as i thought…

That was a relief…buh who could that be

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Choi its a burglar o cos i could see the gun in his hands. Luckily the idiot turned back immediately he pushed the door and started summoning his partner in crime.they were five and each one of them held unto a shot gun.

I instantly hid myself,sent tolani a message on whatsapp quickly telling her that there are thieves around that she should bolt her door well, hid herself and also she should put her phone in silent mode, she shouldnt pick any call even if it is from me and also she should hide herself properly.she asked what about you then i told her not to worry. She replied again telling me that the security system is in the SS room that i should switch them on and also turn on the burglers alarm and web cam. Chai i didnt know all these where in this house self I thought they hid guns in the little room.it wasnt even locked like i had always thought. It had laptops ropes and some cartons in it.we used a camera in my house nah when i still had my parents so i knew how it all works.

i quickly tried to turn the alarm and other security system but I now noticed that they were all shut down from their root menus. Thes guys must be very smart o i thought. But unluckily for them they forgot to cut off the security camera in the main building… Dull children i cursed.

I immediately turned on the whole camera in every part of the building. A big white board behing me instantly turned on. The screen was divided into 24 sections showing everything happening in the 24 parts of the building. I searched the whole room via the CAM for tolani; for where the girl don disapear. I started hearing footsteps, i looked at the Cam and saw that one idiot was almost approaching where i was.then i remembered the pen knife with me, i cut out a rope and looked at the screen.immediately i saw he was closer i hit him on the head with a plank( 2 by 2 things 😉 ) , duct taped his mouth held his both hands with the rope tying him tightly and picked his gun with gloves i found in the security room. I pushed him into the little room close to the control room i was.

He laid down unconscious and i locked him there.

I grinned at my handwork one down 4 to go. I quickly ran to the control room

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I got to the control room and started watching as one of the remaining four idiots was trying to decode a safe in oga soldiers room…rich men self no trust banks again i said inwardly.

I scanned the body of the gun i retrieved from the guy i knocked down looking at it like it was my lost love well its not my fault have never used one. I saw a compartment with a bullet sign on its body suprisingly,the bullet compartment started dripping water and twas empty as well…yeeeeeeeeeeh see my life na Toy gun these guys dey use take scare me self.I grinned a plan just struck my head. I watched the cameras to make sure none of them was on the lane leading to the kitchen luckily it was free.

I left the control room,locked it and started taking soft steps to the kitchen store hiding myself when necessary. I got to the kitchen,and picked all the liquid soap ai could find and quickly i started making my ways back to the control room.immediately i opened the control room one of the bandits just popped in with me. My heart skipped beats. He pointed the gun at me and commanded me to kneel down. I obeyed and knelt down close to the plank i used formerly with a grin in my mind( this one never sabi say i know say na toy gun abi). The guy shifted his gaze at the big screen with his mouth wide open. I quickly picked up the plank and hit it on the idiot( delay is dangerous) he staggered and pointed the gun at me. I smiled and said thats a toy gun Bro and gave him another hit which sent him crashing to the floor i duct taped his mouth and tied him like the former one.

I dragged him into the other room where the other unconscious bandits was and locked the door again.

I ran back picked all the liquid soap i took and poured the whole content on the hall way leading to the control room. When i was done i started heading to tolani’s room i havent seen her since maybe she has being caught.I was jolted back to reality when i heard a voice shout stop there… ehn stop for where i started running back to where am coming from and the bandit ran after me.

On getting to the hallway to the control room i remembered the soap on the floor buh twas already late i slipped.. Oh my this is so not a good plan i lamented.before i could stand up the bandit cut up with me and GBAM…

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Immediately i fell i started hearingrunning steps advancing me. I started crawling to the Control room; i had barely moved 3 times when he caught up with me and swooosh!! He slide to the front and hit his head on the wall..hmmmmm… Maybe this was not actually a bad plan you know i murmured.

I got up did the necessary things before taking him lie with his fellow captives. Immediately i locked the door, i started making my ways to tolani’s room with caution. I got to he room and asked her where she is via whatsapp.

she replied almost immediately but before i could even make any attemp to read the message, i heard a gunshot which luckily missed me and sent the mirror in front of me crashing into a million pieces. Oh boy leh i thought the whole guys where all with toy gun sha i reasoned.

I was jolted back to reality with the voice telling me to say my last prayers. Last kinni i started to beg saying all sorts of rubbish… Sir abeg no kill me like this i never marry, i get sisters for house… When i noticed i was talking to myself as the guy wont give in to my plea, i began to beg for forgiveness and a way out of this mess. Suddenly i heard a loud thud

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I opened my eyes to confirm the sound i heard and i saw tolani standing infront of me with a bat in her hand. I directed my gaze to the floor and saw the guy that almost killed me lying on the floor. Tolani had hit him with a bat on the head

Mehn that was so close i said softly, thanked tolani and started lifting the carried the guy to the room where the others where.

On getting to the control room, i saw the last bandit lying on the floor in an unconcious state… Maybe he heard the gunshots and thinking it was police he tried to run into the control room when he slipped badly.

Happiness would be an understatement for me and tolani as we single handedly won the five bandits. I put the man into the room and locked it but before i could say anything tolani jumped on me and started kissing… From there we journeyed to the land of pleasure. After we were done i remembered i havent turned off the security camera i looked up and saw the camera looking directly at us giving us that”THE CAMERA HAVE EYES” stare. Then a plan struck my head. I quickly turned back and started dressing up back while tolani laid down exhausted but on turning i met my fears.








. A leg was right in front of me

choi! I thought these idiots were just five na i said to myself before directing my gaze upwards


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