[STORY] My Experience(18+) (Episode 1 –12)

EPISODE 1   While marking the essay what i saw made me loose all hope.my jaw dropped i began to say within me. Firstly she was a serious bad writer and secondly and the worst of all her father was a boss soldier…chai am doomed i said within me with this girl writing like this and her dad a soldier am so not a living body anymore. I cleaned my eyes to clarify if i saw it well or maybe my eyes were playing pranks on me but behold i saw the same thing. I regretted taking the job my doom is near i said to myself.   Chai this girl’s father is a boss militant(soldier).   suddenly i gathered some courage and asked her..Tolani is your dad actually a soldier.   Yes she said and why did you ask. Nothing i quickly said. Then she ran into a room upstairs as the house was a four storey building and brought a photo album.   Chai this one na real gobe o ah don enter am i said to myself. Me that sometimes shout on the girl i never shouted on her again because of fear… What if her dad hate people beating his daughter,What if she tells her dad i usually beat her what will become of me.what if she now fails her JSCE that will Just spell DOOM for me. I don’t want to even associate with police self not to talk of soldier…from that day I suddenly became her best friend i would even come before time just to make sure i taught her more and even played with her.then i realised that not all students needs to be spanked before they understand what they are taught all you need is recreation and a very close bond between the teacher and the student because when i became her friend she now knew many things i thought that she couldnt even put in her brain before.   I tried all my possible best to make sure she came home with a third, but to my very suprise this girl took the first position …mehn i was happy i thought to myself my doom is not yet coming   her father showered me with gifts,gave me a room in his house so i could help in monitoring his daughter and even increased my pay.in a twinkle of an eye i had already bought the idea to the extent i prostrated to him like three times before he finally left(not knowing that the staying in that house with the girl was actually the doom my mind was telling me about…

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