[STORY] My Delicious Landlady (episode 1-14)



Episode 1)

When I first moved into my apartment and was introduced to my landlady by the agent I did a double take. Her house girl came to get the door and ushered us into the sitting room.

I was surreptitiously sizing the housegirl up and wondering if I could score. She was plump in a nice sort of way with a heavy Bottom and medium round bosoms. I smiled at her and she smiled back then looked away shyly, rolling her hips a bit more enticingly as she walked in to get madam. “Bad girl,” I thought to myself already gloating in anticipation. We sat down to wait.

After about 15mins i was becoming impatient when, finally the land lady herself emerged. She walked into the sitting room staring at me like my d–k was hanging out. It might as well have been. I was staring at the most curvy and fleshy female being I had ever set my eyes on. Round and plump, with bosoms each almost as big as a melon.

Despite her evident roundness, i could make out formidably wide hips through her clothes, a loose blouse with a wrapper tied round her waist. From the way her bosoms were rolling heavily but gently from side to side as she moved, i could tell she was not in bra. She seemed about mid forties
‘Bayo,” she greeted the agent as she sat down, ‘is this my new neighbour?’ ‘you’re welcome’
“thank you ma” I replied.

“I hope you like the apartment, has Bayo taken you round?”
“Yes, I’ve seen it and its quite ok”
After a few more pleasantries and rules and regulations of living in her compound, she asked what I was doing. I told her I was into business and she asked to know if i was married.

My negative reply brought the ghost of a smile to her face as she jokingly said, “my house girl is off limits oh,” to which I also jokingly replied, “don’t worry ma, she’s a small girl,” and looking into her eyes added softly, “I like older women.” Her smile widened and she changed the topic. She soon left me with the agent to work out other details, but I didn’t hear a word he said.

My eyes followed my landlady’s departing Bottom and I could feel my long d–k start to rise as I imagined burying it in the deep crack between her rolling buttocks. I didn’t have to wait long.
The next day as I was moving my things in, she was driving out to the market. She stopped when she saw me,so she called me over. As she wind down her window I could feel the cool air from her Ac but she was sweating slightly. She has small eyes and full African lips and was wearing a very low cut blouse.

My eyes trailed a drop of sweat down her neck and chest until it disappeared into her deep cleavage. Till today I can’t remember what she asked me. I was just saying “yes ma, yes ma”. Meanwhile my eyes could only stare incredulously at the huge succulent m—-s between her arms as she gripped the steering. My oga downstairs was already nodding against the door of her infinity jeep and my heart was pounding loudly in my ears.

All I could think was “chei!! See delicious woman!!,” wondering how those bosoms would feel in my hands. Suddenly I noticed everywhere was quiet. I finally looked up sheepishly to see her smiling at me with a coy look on her face. She said, “I said you should stop saying ma. Call me madam Janet or just Janet, you hear?!” I said I had heard. She took my number and said she would call me later in the day. She gave me a long silent look with that ghost of a smile on her face and as she drove out I could hear her humming along to the radio which was playing wande coal’s “u want it, u bad.

” I said to myself “e be like say this madam wan use me play sha.” I decided to chat up her house girl and learned that she had been married but her husband travelled abroad and she lost contact with him. They had had a big fight and lived separately for two months before he left. She had three kids and the last one was in boarding school.

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Two days later I was relaxing inside when there was a knock on my door and I heard my landlady’s voice asking if I was in. I opened the door and there she was in the tightest body hug eva and a pair of tracksuit trousers. It was all I could do to keep my eyes off her swollen bosoms.

I managed to close the door partially and hid my disobedient d–k behind it. “I’m going to the gym,” she announced, “but I want you to do me a favour.” She explained that she had a meeting with some people who wanted her to invest in their business but she didn’t want to go for the meeting alone, could I accompany her? I won’t have to say anything just sit in and pretend I was her partner. I said I would think about it but she took my hand and pleaded with me to do her this one favour. I couldn’t believe that was my landlady rubbing my hand and begging.

I didn’t know when I said yes and agreed. I needed to get to the bathroom fast and self-service myself silly, but not before watching that huge bubble Bottom rolling seductively as she walked away.

I knew I was in trouble. How was I supposed to stop my d–k from misbehaving while sitting in the car with her? Just a few seconds chat and I could already feel the precum soaking my boxers. I decided that I would have to put on my tight swimming trunks no matter how uncomfortable it got,so that she wouldn’t notice when my stubborn Dickson will rise.

On the day of the meeting I dressed in my best suit and tie and went to join her. She was wearing a knee length floral dress with a v-neck generously showing off her deep cleavage. This was the first time I had seen her in a dress and it was all I could to not to stare. I was beholding figure-eight that was so full and bootyliciuos there was no space for anything else. The material of her dress was soft and light and occasionally caught in the space between her lush thighs so that I could almost see the outline of her m—d and thighs. She smiled at me commented on my smartness then gestured that I should get into the car.
As she drove us, I noticed her dress gradually inching up her thighs as she worked the pedals. The skin was smooth and fair with fine hair and evenly distributed small dark spots. By the time we got to the meeting her thighs were almost halfway exposed but she didn’t seem to care or even notice.

We just made small talk and she smiled at me a lot even if a bit nervously. We arrived at a hotel in a quiet part of town and we walked inside the reception where she was received familiarly by the receptionist who handed her a key.

She led me upstairs and ushered me into a tastefully furnished suite with a huge double bed. I was a little surprised and I asked,
“Are we holding the meeting here? Where are the others?”
“Not here,” she replied, smiling at me, “but we have time to relax before they arrive.”

“Don’t worry,” she added. “They paid for the room so I could relax before and after the meeting” She took my hand to my absolute amazement, led me to the sofa and poured me a drink, then she took off her shoes and promptly disappeared into the bathroom.

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By now all my alarms were going off and I didn’t know what to anticipate so I got up and examined every nook and corner of the room looking for what I didn’t know. As I stood in the middle of the room wondering if this was going to be my lucky day, she emerged from the bathroom and walked up to me with a “look” on her face and made to adjust my tie, then like slow motion she pulled my head down and kissed me full on the lips.

I wasted no time in giving her the wettest, deepest, slowest French kiss ever performed on a woman. She went wild and immediately started tearing off my clothes without a word. I grabbed her big nyash and stared kneading it like foofoo. Two seconds later I was back on the sofa suitless, shirtless and tieless. She knelt in front of me, took off my shoes and began to undo my belt. By then, the long thing I call my d–k was in torment, straining against my swimming trunks.

Madam Janet stripped me completely Unclad like the day I was born. She took one look at my thick, corrugated, erect throbbing joystick and became breathless. I pulled her closer and raised her dress to dispose her of her panties only to find there was none. So I slipped my large hands under her Unclad Bottom and she sat astride my laps and we started kissing again.
“I’ve been dreaming of bleeping you,” I whispered as I licked her earlobes.
“Don’t talk too much,” she said, “just Bleep me”
I undid the zipper at the back of her dress and slipped it off. Then undid her bra as my heart rate doubled. I released her left bosom first. It was the eight wonder of the world. Large and firm and smooth with the largest areola I’ve ever seen in my life. I squeezed it with both hands and held the Tip up towards her mouth. “S–k it,” I ordered. We took turns s—–g her Tip and kissing until it was swollen stiff and thick, then I descended on the second bosom while she moaned with ecstasy. My joystick was already lodged deep in her Bottom crack, throbbing and nodding away and my belly was soaked with her Kitty-Cat juice.

I pushed her to the bed and began to lick her clean shaven Kitty-Cat hungrily, teasing her c–t and s—–g the labia. She spread her huge thighs wide open and started thrusting her Kitty-Cat against my mouth while moaning loudly. Then I s—-d on the tip of her c–t and she screamed then wrapped my head completely between her thighs and bosoms as her lush body convulsed in the throes of c—-x and her swollen Kitty-Cat gushed more juice.

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I felt something wet on my shoulder and I looked up to see that her erect Tips were leaking milk.

I pushed her down on the huge bed, spread her thighs wide open and pressed the large, pulsing head of my d–k against her Kitty-Cat. It was tight, but the copious Kitty-Cat juice helped it slide in effortlessly and I t—-t it to the hilt. I embraced her and grabbed one bosom again and started s—–g milk from it like a baby while grinding my d–k against her Kitty-Cat.

I could feel her desire mounting again as she threw her head from side to side moaning “Bleep…Bleep!! Bleep ME HARD!!!

I had no choice but to comply. I slammed in and out of that Kitty-Cat for the next 15 minutes not pausing to even acknowledge her intermittent c-m soaked cummings.

When both bosoms had been s—-d completely dry of milk, I slid out and pulled Madam Jane to her knees then pushed her face down from behind with her battleship Bottom waving high in the air and her swollen c-m dripping Kitty-Cat dead ahead. I needed no more invitation to once again fire my c-m laden d–k torpedo into that delicious Kitty-Cat.

I bleeped her wild and hard until her c-m was running down both our legs. Then with mounting fury, my c-m exploded out of my loins causing her to buck and thrash as she came once more and we both collapsed on the bed totally exhausted.

She pulled me into her embrace and wrapped my head between her bosoms. I began to stroke her thigh insides slowly, hearing her moan and feeling her lust mounting slowly again.

My fingers work their way slowly, tenderly and teasingly up her thigh towards her still wet honey pot and just as I’m about to plunge them in, the bedside phone starts ringing.

She reluctantly unwraps me from inside her warm cozy embracing bosoms and thighs and reaches for it.

“It’s the front desk,” she says. “They’ve arrived. We need to get dressed.”

“So there really is a business meeting,” I groan. “Perfect!”
“What did you think? That I lured you here for the most Intimate Bleep I’ve had in years?” she asks
“Thanks for the complement,” I mutter grumpily and roll off her to head for the bathroom.
“Aww… don’t be like that,” she pleads. “I’ll make it up to you”
I quickly closed the bathroom door and grinned to myself… “chei!!! I don hammer!” I had just been told that I was to expect a repeat experience of one of the hottest, lushest and most Intimate bodies on God’s earth. I felt as if I had won a jackpot.

We got ready and 20mins later were seated at the small conference table, going over charts and proposals with her visitors. There were three men and a woman. She made the presentation and the guys proceeded to answer all of Jane’s questions. I just sat there looking over charts and lists as if I knew poo about what was going on.

Jane would lean over from time to time, touch my hand and ask me a leading question to which I would provide the insinuated answer. It was all going well and I was really eager for it all to end so I and jane could get back to the main event. Then I felt something tickle my ankle.

I ignored it at first but the third time it caught my attention and I froze. Slowly I raised my head and looked up and across the table. The lady who had given the presentation was seated across from me but appeared to have her full attention focused on one of the other guys who was explaining something.

After a few seconds I looked away only to be tickled again a few moments later. I looked up again to see her looking right at me with a dare in her eyes. Haba, another one?!! I studied her closely and could not help but notice that she was of average build and filled her suit in all the right places. She kept looking at me as she slowly and tantalizingly worked her toes up my calf and towards my crotch.

I was wondering what I was going to do next when one of the other men called to her.

“Bimbo, please distribute the last report to madam and her partner.”

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Episode 5)
Slowly, her foot descended from my besieged privates as she searched through her file for the reports. “Whew!!” I thought, as she got up to walk around the table and place the papers in front of us. I guess I had earlier been so overwhelmed by the afterglow of my too recent romp with bootylicious jane that I didn’t even notice this sexy chic. While Janet was large and voluptuous with endowments that swung slowly and heavily as she moved, exuding raw lust appeal, Bimbo was chic, firm and bouncy with big bosoms and firm bubble booty that jutted forward and backward in high definition, restrained and muted by her smart, knee-length skirt suit.

I was suddenly overcome by a maddening desire to take that bouncy butt from behind and make it dance to the rhythm of my plunging rod.

“dickson, is something the matter,” I heard Janet ask with some concern in her voice.
“I have a slight headache,” I replied hesitantly as I noticed that I had broken out in cold sweat.
By then Bimbo had placed a sheet of paper in front of her and was in the process of placing one in-front of me. She pressed her bosom firmly into my shoulder as she did so but nobody else noticed.

“I think I need to get some air,” I said as I stood abruptly and started leaving the table.

“Oh… I’m so sorry, I think you’ve overworked yourself,” Janet says cheekily. “Go ahead, we’re almost done here..”
“…er not quite,” one of the other men interrupts her. “You still need to examine some of the prototype products we brought for your approval.” “Bimbo will go get them from her room as soon as soon as we’ve dealt with that last report.”
By then I was already out of the conference room and heading upstairs, looking for a balcony where I could catch some breeze and clear my head. I needed to think. See me see yawa oh. This fine babe wan come put sand inside my garri sha. What if Janet had noticed her indiscretions? But that chic too tight meen!! But what could I do about it? Jane was all the Intimate Kitty-Cat heaven one man could handle and much more and I would have to tread with caution. As these thoughts were chasing themselves around my head, I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and to my surprise, Bimbo’s head popped out through the balcony door and she stared right at me with that dare in her eyes. I froze and stared back at her as she stepped onto the balcony, a perfect combination of poise, confidence and well endowed sex appeal.

I took one look at her full bosoms, flat belly, broad hips and shapely legs and my d–k lost all self control. I didn’t know when I stammered,
“em… sorry… do y you have any paracetamol?”

“Sorry about your headache,” she replied with a coy smile. “But I think I might have something for it, if you don’t mind coming with me.”

She turned to walk away and the sight of those firm bouncy buttocks dancing up and down instantly stole away all my reasoning ability, I followed her like a sacrificial lamb down the deserted hallway to her room and grabbed her waist, rubbing my nodding joystick against her nyash and feeling for her bosoms thru her suit

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Episodes 6)
She giggled and managed to get her door open as I raised her skirt and tugged at her panties. She slammed the door shut and pushed me against it, pulling my head down for a long, wet kiss with one hand and trying to undo my belt buckle with the other.

I eagerly assisted her and in a flash my pants and boxers were on the floor around my ankles and my long thick gnarled rod was in her hand throbbing painfully from the recent ministrations to Janet’s tight d–k starved Kitty-Cat.

I rolled her against the wall beside the door and reached down to raise one of her juicy thighs while she tore open a condom and rolled it down my joystick. Her skin felt smooth and silky like a new born baby’s and when I grabbed her Bottom cheeks, they were firm and spongy.

I lifted the second thigh, raised her up and mindlessly plunged my d–k deep into her now dripping Kitty-Cat. Okokobioko!! She gasped like a Hot he goat as my long thing hit the bottom and found her A-spot deep inside. I started thrusting into her furiously, again and again with my hands firmly clamped onto her succulent nyash and her legs hanging over my arms.

She no dull at all! She was thrusting back with equal fury, her arms clamped like a vise around my neck. Her feet were around my buttocks rhythmically pushing against them to hammer my d–k deep into her lubricious Kitty-Cat. Her eyes rolled up into her skull and she was moaning loudly.

I kept slamming her sweet Kitty-Cat hard as I whispered in her ear… “you like this huh?” “you asked for it.

huh?” “you want me to stop..huh?
“Yeaah!… yeeaaah!! …Bleep baby… don’t stop… Bleep… Bleep!!..”
Faster and faster we bleeped until I heard her gasp deeply twice then felt her Kitty-Cat clamp down like a vise on my d–k and she started to buck and thrash out of control as the c—-x took her.

I plunged faster and faster, feeling that familiar, delicious tickle building up from the base of my spine and shooting needles of pure ecstasy through the length of my d–k. I hammered it in deep one last time, groaning loudly as I also began to buck, spilling spurt after spurt of Fluid into the condom.

Then we both collapsed on the carpet and lay there panting.When we finally caught our breaths, she scrambled to her feet and rushed into the bathroom to freshen up.

I get up slowly, still dazed by what had just transpired. I found some tissue by the bed and wiped myself clean then dressed up again.

“Bimbo…” I called to her. “I gotta go. Madam will be wondering where I am.”
“There’s no rush,” she called back. “Meeting’s not yet over.

They’re waiting for me to bring some things.”
“Then I better go,” I said moving towards the door. Just before I opened the door she stepped out of the bathroom, once again all poise and confidence without a single hair out of place.

I looked at her for a few seconds and said, “Thanks… for the paracetamol… that was some paracetamol!”
She giggled as she drew close to me and replied in a low husky voice, “I’m satisfied for now…. but I’m gonna soon need you to c-m Bleep me all night… very soon.” Then she gave me a long kiss as she slipped a note into my pocket.
I was too tired and confused to reply, so I just smiled at her and left. I returned to madam’s suite, undressed showered and promptly fell asleep on the huge bed.
I woke up to the sound of the shower running. I looked at the clock and noted it was already 6p.m. I guessed that would be my landlady though I didn’t know when she came in since I was deeply asleep. I rolled over and tried to go back to sleep but the image of the water running over her luscious m—-s and folds in the shower didn’t let me.

In two seconds my d–k was fully erect and throbbing insistently. I tried to close my eyes and ignore it because I was hoping to save my strength for what I assumed would be a long night and I wanted to make sure that when it was over, madam would know who was the boss, but my imagination was in high gear. The image of my own landlady moaning like a s–t and tugging at her own erect Tips as I ate out her juicy Well kept tormenting my senses. I couldn’t shut out the remembered taste and feel of her thickly ridged Tips on my tongue, as thick as AA battery and almost half as long.

I was in sensual torment, remembering how the warm thick milk filled my mouth as I squeezed those huge firm melons in my hands and teased the Tip with my tongue. How she gasped like a drowning woman and her Kitty-Cat felt so feverishly hot, oozing warm juices as I plunged into it the first time. I raised my boxer and looked at my long joystick. It was nodding and throbbing like a jack.

All the veins were standing out and the head was red and swollen stiff to the limit. I couldn’t take it anymore. I just had to Bleep madam Janet NOW!! It couldn’t wait one more second. I need to Bleep your fat juicy Kitty-Cat before I wound myself. I got off the bed, walked to the bathroom and tore the door open. Wonders shall never end!!

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Janet was just sprawled in the bath with the water running all over her huge lush body, head thrown back and eyes closed, panting like a horse and self-servicing like crazy. I could see the milk running through the fingers of her left hand and down her elbow as she squeezed her left bosom, and tugged the Tip. Her giant thighs were thrown wide open with one leg hanging over the edge of the bath tub, her toes curled in sweet bliss and her massive booty spread open and all aquiver with insatiate lust. The fingers of her right hand were all inside her Kitty-Cat, soaked to the wrist with oozing juices. Her femalecore was swollen and bulging red like it wanted to burst. She didn’t even notice me come in and stand over her; so deep was she in the throes of her private Fun. At the sight of her like this, my joystick already engorged to the limit, began to tingle as if electricity was shocking it. My heart rate doubled, pounding loudly in my head. I put some saliva on my fingers then reached out and rubbed the raw tip of her c–t. Her eyes popped open and she screamed, cuming convulsively and sending a powerful squirt jetting up from her Kitty-Cat to splash against the ceiling and everything else in the room. I was covered in it and the heavy, sweet smell of Kitty-Cat filled the bathroom
She finally stopped shaking and turned to look at me incredulously. Her eyes were glazed over like someone just coming out of a deep trance. I quickly joined her in the tub and her eyes fell on my wood-stiff equipment nodding harder than ever. I sat on one end of the tub and pulled her to her knees, as she reached for my d–k and began to coat it with a mixture of Well juice and bosom milk from her hands. When it was all covered and rubbed in she commenced to lick it off, then she wrapped her lips around the head and s—-d it like a lypop. She mouth-bleeped my d–k for another ten minutes while I squeezed her jugs and teased her Tips, getting milk on my hands and giving it to her to lick it off my fingers from time to time. By the time she was done my joystick seemed even longer and thicker than I had ever seen it.
I noticed how she was now reaching down more frequently to tug at her Well and I realized that her Kitty-Cat was still on fire and needed some hosing down. I had just the kind of hose it needed. I got up and pulled her out of the tub then urged her out of the bathroom towards the double bed. I held her from behind, her head craned backwards to find my lips and lock onto them with hers, my hands hefting her large firm heavy bosoms and tugging her long thick Tips, my joystick head finding her deep butt crack and feeling jolts of electricity as her soft butt skin on both sides of the cleft rubbed the glans up and down as we walked towards the bed.

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I pushed madam Janet face down on the bed and knelt over her trying to decide where to start from. She was dripping wet and oozing pure lust from every pore on her body. Her huge ikebe was all marbled and inviting. I slid my right hand into the crack between the cheeks and started stroking the skin tantalizingly. As she began to breathe faster, I worked my fingers towards her Kitty-Cat and started rimming it with firm rhythmic strokes. She spread her luscious thighs wider and raised her buttocks higher as I worked my fingers deeper into her drenched Well. Meanwhile my left hand continued to squeeze her left bosom and tease the hard swollen Tip. My joystick was now like a log of wood. Totally engorged and erect and nodding madly to the rhythm of my pounding heart. It was thickly ridged with swollen veins and as hard as mahogany. I raised madam janet to her knees and hands then grabbed each buttock firmly in each hand, spreading them wide open to make way for my rampaging schlong. I t—-t deep into her fever hot Kitty-Cat and heard her release a startled gasp of pleasure. I bleeped her deep and HARD, canine style with all reckless abandonment, slamming away violently. She just kept rocking back and forth, keeping time with my thrusts as her moans kept increasing crescendo. After about 5 minutes of canine, I rolled her on her back and entered her again from in front. This time I just maintained and proceeded to romance her very well. I started with a long slow limpid juicy French kiss that almost drove her crazy. Being enfolded in the warm m—-s of her abundant body was like being in sex-heaven. I could feel the raw lusty energy surging through my body and I knew I would Bleep this woman until exhaustion took me. I licked her ear lobes and probed her ears with my tongue, hearing her moan uncontrollably. My lips trailed down her neck and up one giant bosom to latch onto the large erect Tip. I started to t—-t in and out of her Well with long slow strokes of my 8 inch rod slowly at first then gathering momentum as we bleeped. She came again and again muffling her garbled lust drenched screams against the pillow.
That was one night to remember. We woke up several times during the night to Bleep and s–k each other to c—-x then nap for a few hours then Bleep again and again. At some point we ended up on the rug, with her Well right over my face and my tongue s—–g on her swollen c–t as she s—-d my d–k. We fell asleep there when we were done. I woke up to hear her peeing in the bathroom so I went right in after her, pushed her over the toilet seat and bleeped her until she came. On one occasion I woke up to find her on top of me riding my d–k wildly like a maniac. Na that night I sabi say true true, joystick get him own mind. The following morning we were so exhausted that we didn’t wake up until almost 11am. My joystick felt as if a panel beater had worked on it. We managed to shower together, sandwiching-in one round of sex in the shower, then we got dressed and checked out. She dropped me off at the junction because I had some things to do in town before heading home. She also didn’t want us to be seen together coming home after leaving together the previous day.

As I went through my duties for the day, I could not help thinking “what next?” for how long was this going to continue?, Or was it over? Maybe she just needed to scratch a really sweet itch and having done that had moved on. Afterall she was still my land lady and could kick me out if our affair became an uncomfortable memory. I just had to wait and see where it would all go. I got home very late that evening and noticed she was already in but I did my best to not attract any attention to myself. I quietly retired into my apartment, had dinner and slept off. The next day I didn’t see her all day and was a little worried. I noticed her jeep was still parked so I felt she was in. I sincerely hoped she wasn’t avoiding me. After 2 days of anxiety I finally decided to force a confrontation just so I could sample her mood and assure myself that all was well. I went to her apartment and knocked on the door. There was no response. The house was quiet and I couldn’t hear any sounds from inside. As I was leaving, wondering whether to take a risk and call her, I almost ran into her housegirl who was returning from the market.

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She was startled to see me coming from their front door at first, then she recognized me and smiled. I smiled back at her and asked about her madam.
“ah…! Madam travelled to Abuja yesterday oh.” She replied. “She will be there for another two weeks.”
“ehen…. Hope no problem sha?” I asked.
“I think she went for some business.” She told me.
I still wasn’t satisfied but I didn’t want to probe further lest I raise any suspicions.
“I hardly see u around,” the house girl said. “How are you coping?” she asked. “Do you cook for yourself or you eat out?”
“I cook if I’m chanced,” I replied
“Ok oh,” she said turning her back to me and walking away, “let me know if you need anything.”
“No wahala,” I replied walking towards my apartment.
“As madam no dey, I fit give you some service, Abi?” she shot back
I froze as the several possible meanings in what she had just said sank in but I just said, “no problem, don’t stress yourself on my account.”
When I got back to my room I decided to take my clothe s to a drycleaner. As i was sorting out my suits and emptying the pockets, a note fell out. I picked it up and saw that it was a phone number. Suddenly, I remembered that Bimbo had slipped something into my pocket after our short wild Bleep. I decided there was no harm in calling her.
I was engrossed doing a few things that I put of calling bimbo until much later in the evening. It was around 7pm when I picked up my fone to call her. It rang thrice before she picked it up.
‘hello, sweet girl’ I cooed, ‘how is it going’
But it was a man’s voice that replied, ‘who is this?’
I was taken aback but quickly composed myself and asked, ‘who am I speaking with please? I’d like to speak with bola please’
‘I am mr. bugun,’ he replied. ‘you want to speak with bola or bimbo?’ he asked
‘Bola! I want to speak with bola,’ I stonewalled.
‘sorry, wrong number,’ he said and abruptly cut the connection.
‘Wheeew!!’ I whistled with relief. I didn’t know what just happened but I knew I had just dodged a bullet. Who was that?! Her husband or boyfriend, or neighbor? He had sounded dark and threatening like a man who suspects his partner of doing some cheating. All the same, relief or not I felt really disappointed. I already had a halfway Attention just from the thought of hooking up with Bimbo again and now I couldn’t for the life of me imagine how I was going to get some action this weekend. There was just no way I was going to call that number again. I wasn’t about to get killed over a woman. There was no power and It was getting hot inside the room so I went outside to put on my small generator. Not long after I came in, I heard a knock on my window. I pulled back the blinds and looked out to see Madam Janet’s house girl.
‘Hello,’ I said. ‘Is there any problem?’
‘Noo..No problem sir,’ she replied. ‘I wanted to know if you’ve eaten.’
‘I told not to worry about me,’ I said. ‘I haven’t eaten but I will take something soon.’
‘I make too much food and I don’t want to throw it away,’ she said, looking at me expectantly.
‘Ok, give me some,’ I said after a few seconds. ‘but next time don’t bother about me oh.’
‘let me go and serve it,’ she replied and left.
After about 25 mins there was a knock on the door. ‘come in,’ I said.
She carried the food in on a tray and stood by the door waiting. I had not yet furnished my living room so I did everything in my bedroom. I saw her hesitating so I called her to bring it to the bedroom. I was sitting on the bed when she came in. She had a wrapper tied around her waist and was wearing a tight t-shirt that was too short to cover her belly button. I also was uncomfortably aware of the Tips on her medium perky bosoms straining against the shirt and realized she had no bra on. I quickly asked her to get a small plastic stool from the corner a place the tray on it.

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She turned around and placed the tray on the reading table, then went to get the stool. I couldn’t help but notice her sizable ikebe rolling up and down as she walked and when she bent over to pick up the stool, the wrapper rode up a little revealing a little of the back and insides of her knees and thighs. They were lush and heavy, compared with her slimmer upper body. A vision of my body lodged between those thick juicy laps came unbidden to my thoughts and I noticed with some consternation that I felt some fullness between my legs. I was wearing only boxers and I hoped that she wouldn’t see my growing Attention. I opened my legs a little wider to stretch the boxers material and hide my disobedient d–k, as she placed the stool in front of me. She now got the tray and stooped to place it on the stool. That’s when it happened. As she bent, her un-bra-ed bosoms were directly infront of me – Tips and all. It was just too much to take. My joystick went full length and rock hard without warning, straining against my futile attempts to hide it under my stretched boxers. I dared not look down for fear of what I would see. As she got up and glanced at my face, I noticed that her eyes had become a little unfocussed and she now looked away and around with some uncertainty and confusion. I now realized that she had seen my turgid schlong. But she simply stood there, looking away from me and asked;

“you need anything else?”
“no, thanks,” I replied carefully. “you’ve done too much already, I really appreciate this.”

‘ok ooh… ‘ she said, beginning to walk out of the bedroom. ‘even if you need another thing I know you won’t ask…’. ‘I will come back later for the plates.’I just sat there for a few seconds shaking my head in wonder. What exactly did she mean by that? Was she teasing me, or was that an invitation? I had to be really careful with this one. I didn’t want to end up getting thrown out of my apartment before I had even settled in properly. I heard my front door close and I roused myself and began to eat. It was really tasty and I had to admit she was a good cook. Halfway through the meal I got up and changed into a tighter pair of pants. I didn’t want her to embarrass me again when she came for the plates. She didn’t return that night, so the next morning I washed them and left them at my front door for her to pick up as I had to leave very early and would return late at night. When I returned that night, I was so tired I just wanted to drop into my bed and sleep but had taken only a late breakfast all day and was very hungry.

After undressing I switched off the lights and dropped into bed when I heard someone knocking on my door. It was almost ten pm. I went to open the door and there was madam Janet’s house girl standing there with a tray. I just stood there for a few seconds looking at her and feeling the fog in my brain thickening with exhaustion.
“I made dinner for you,” she said simply.

I sheepishly stood aside and let her pass with the tray. I looked around to make sure none of the neighbors was observing and closed the door. By the time I got to the bedroom she had already set the tray on the plastic stool and was sitting at the edge of the table. I was so hungry and the aroma from the food was so good that I simply smiled my thanks at her and started to eat. After a while she started to ask about my work and we made some small talk. She got up and walked about the room commenting on some of my pictures on the wall.

She finally ended up sitting at the edge of the bed beside me, watching as I ate. By then, the fog had cleared from my brain a little and I could now perceive that she smelt nice.

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She was wearing a t-shirt and no bra as usual and her skirt was short enough to show her knees. She leaned foward to pour me some water and her thigh pressed against mine while her left bosom grazed my arm. With my belly filled and my hunger sated, my mind quickly turned to other more urgent matters. Such as how I allowed he to get this close without taking preventive action, or whether she had given me something strange in the food. By now I has a long thick Attention under the pillow I had been thoughtful enough to place over my laps to support my elbows while I ate. I had frozen when she brushed against me so she asked if i needed something. I noticed how heady her perfume was which only made my JT throb with more insistence. I couldn’t continue eating anymore. I had to dispatch her and do some hardcore wanking before my overcharged d–k go wound me. So i told her that I was done and very tired. I toldher that i really needed to sleep. She pouted slightly then sluggishly got up and started packing the plates reluctantly. I knew what she wanted, but i also knew that things could get very complicated if I got involved with her. As she got up from packing the plated my eyes couldn’t help but latch onto her Tips. It took all my self control to not reach out and grab them. Meanwhile she was doing everything possible to delay her departure. She placed the tray on the table, then walked back to get the bottle and and then walked languidly to the fridge. My eyes followed her helplessly as she moved, taking in the wide rolling hips and tantalizingly jiggling ikebe. She opened the fridge and then bent over to replace the bottle, first hitching up her short skirt to reveal some juicy thigh and spreading her legs. I couldn’t help imagining what it would feel like to grab those m—-s of nyash in my hands, part them wide and plunge my rampaging rod into the juicy sweetness of her steamy Well – canine style.
But i stayed put. I didn’t move a muscle. I was determined to avoid trouble at all costs. She finished, stood up and tantalizingly crossed the room again, picked up the tray then turned to me and said she was going. I was just speechless. She looked meaningfully at the pillow on my laps for about three seconds then finally reluctantly turned to go. I waited until she was in the darkened corridor before I followed her so i could lock my front door. I didn’t want her to see my throbbing schlong. Unfortunately, as I made it into the corridor, PHCN struck plunging everything into darkness. I expected her to be standing by the front door but she was standing a few paces just outside the bedroom waiting for me to pass her and open the front door. I unseeingly walked right into her extended rock hard d–k and all. I heard her gasp in the darkness as she felt the tip of my joystick press into her buttock when we collided. I heard myself grunt with the pure pleasure of the sensation of her soft flesh yielding to the pressure of my stiff d–k. She dropped the tray with a crash and stumbled. I reached out, whether to steady her or to grab her, i could no longer tell. As my arm closed around her waist we both lost all control

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lips found hers as her fingers found my boxers. My hands closed on each soft succulent ikebe and squeezed tight as she threw one arm around my neck. Before i could say jack, her tongue was inside my mouth s—–g at every thing within reach. The girl don bad finish sha! She pushed me back towards the room and i eagerly dragged her along her booty bouncing around in my hands as she demolished my lips and tongue. We managed to find the bed in the darkness and i proceeded to strip her stark Unclad. i quickly took off my boxers and sat on the bed then pulled her between my thighs to sit on my swollen d–k. Ohhh…. what a sensation as her warm soft nyash swallowed my d–k deep into the Bottom crack. The nyash was huge! I grabbed her left bosom and started stroking the Tip while my right hand began to tantalizingly stroke her thigh insides, working my way towards her honey hole. I slid two fingers in at once and she gasped and started winding her waist, rubbing my d–k head to and fro deep in the Bottom crack. i was in booty heaven.
She got up and pushe dme down on the bed then knelt down between my legs. her lips closed on top of my joystick head and i closed my eyes in bliss as she started s—–g it like a lypop. 3 minutes later she got up and s——-d me then leaned forward and put one thick Tip inside my mouth. As i started s—–g it she raised her hips high and with one hand guided the tip of my throbbing swollen 8 inch long joystick into her dripping Well. then slowly she slid down the entire lenght of my pole until all of it was inside her. It was hot and steamy and tight inside her. i almost dropped the Tip in my mouth from the indescribable pleasure stroking my d–k as i sighed ‘aaahhhh”. She didn’t waste time and started bleeping me with reckless abandon, dripping Well juice down my pole and balls as she slammed up and down. She was moaning and gasping with this lust soaked voice that was turning me on like nothing else. When she got tired, she started grinding her Well against my balls. I just held onto her big nyash and concentrated on not Approaching. She had started out with fire and i was determined to bang her until she begged me to stop. This was her round. When she was done displaying he skills, i go start my own.

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On sunday i woke up very early as i could not curtail the excitement within me, i prepared and left for my new adopted church as early as 7.30 i was there, we did some sound check and i was good to go. The church is a well constructed church with fine interior, its consist of several A/C’s, tiled floor, beautiful alter with a projector, executive chairs, nice instruments and good sense of decoration. The choir section was arranged in a way that the singers and instruments face the congregation, so as a drummer, you have eyes fixed on you vice versa. The service commenced and i mounted the drum set. Feeling a little bit shaky and shy, i played to every music that came out of the lead singer’s mouth.

While at the drum stand, i could see eyes fixed on me, men, women, boys and girls i couldn’t look at the congregation because i was too shy. Also from the settings, its shows that many of the members of the church belongs to the middle class or upper class, as almost all songs were projected and their dancing pattern was that of a zombie. Moving slowly to the rhythm of the song (not like a poor man’s church that dances with all vains and sweat running out of his body ) the inside was so cold cos of the presence of the A/C and at that period i do not need a prophet to tell me that, this people receives God’s visitations every sunday. i do not need a prophet to tell me that God has made this place his dwelling not like some local churches that will use foul odour to chase out the presence of God.

After the service, i was placed on a pay roll of 20k just to play for 2days a week (wednesday and sunday) omo money sweet o. While standing outside, i could not help but fixed my eyes on the beautiful damsels that were coming out from the church auditorium. Chei. i said within me, while i got some erections.

Me: omo this church badt ooooo

LG: shebi i tell you. Omo ukwu plenty for here

Me: guy you think say me i go fit cope for here so?

LG: guy play your games right. Me i just Bleep one yesterday and another one dey online self now.

Me: see this badt niqqa. So u mean say u don samma one racket for here, i asked

LG: yes my guy. You know as he dey go nau.

Well na so sha. Somehow, i knew that women have soft spot for instrumentalist, as in my local church i have dated three and still counting. *as the story progresses, you will know about them*
After some months of playing in my adopted church, i started gaining little popularity and confidence also i became fimilar with the rest of the choir members and i notice some ladies have taken particular interest in me. Amongst them was a lady called joy, but me no fancy the joy because she was not so beautiful or maybe because there are other beautiful ladies that i didn’t take notice of her beauty. Who knows. One sunday, after worship, the lead singer entered into praise songs, and we started playing rhythms to her songs while playing, i used my eyes to scout round and i could notice that whenever i look towards joy’s directions, her eyes was on me and immediately stopped looking at her direction.

After 10 minutes of singing, i looked at the congregation and suddenly two sexy and lazy eye ball struck me like thunder, i saw those eyes fixed on me as if lucifar had sent her that particular day to tempt me. Even if its amadioha that sent her, she should take me along because her mission was over successful. While looking at those eyes, sometimes i skip beats that my fellow instrumentalist will call me to other. i could notice some smiles on the lips on my LG, as he would have read my mind to know what was going on. Sharp sharp, i increase my stunts on the drum, i became so vibrant and energetic, i rolled on my tom toms and danced while i play. Sometimes, i even try to imitate professional drummer by standing up at intervals. Omo see wetin woman dey cause ooooo. Everybody became perplexed at my energy even the Cm, after the service i started planning out strategies on how to get her, omo this mission has to be successful. When we came outside, i noticed joy standing outside

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I remembered the sweet taste of her milk when i was s—–g her bosoms and the way she would grind her Well against me when my tongue hit a particularly sensitive spot.

without warning I started to c-m.
Meanwhile madam was reliving our last encounter in what was fast becoming an Intimate phone call. I was in the housegirl’s Kitty-Cat, but with my eyes closed I might as well have been inside madam janet.
I came hard and fast releasing a long moan uncontrollably…”ooooooowwww www….” as i sent spurt after spurt of hot c-m deep into madams housegirl’s Kitty-Cat. She was also thrashing with the c—-x as she came again too. In a brief flash of clarity amidst my beffudled lust drenched state i remembered to cut the phone so that madam wouldn’t hear her housegirl fail to contain the lusty scream that ripped from her throat as she experienced a body shaking c—-x.

The end