[STORY] My Class Teacher (episode 1-17)

My Class Teacher
My Class Teacher
My Class Teacher
My Class Teacher

Episode 1

The headmistress had walked inside the classroom that morning to give the ss3 students some advice and instruction because it was the first term and their first time in ss3, she also informed them about their new biology teacher before living the class, after she left Elvis turned over to George and asked him.
Elvis: have you done that stuff?
George: not yet.
Elvis: you know i have to pass it this morning?
George: but didn’t you just hear the headmistress? We have a new biology teacher.
Elvis: abeg do fast and give me my notebook!
George: yes sir, I’ve heard you.
Lizzy:(walks to them) Elvis?
Elvis: what?
Lizzy: can i borrow your note book, mine isn’t complete.
Elvis: you always have the same story to tell.
Lizzy: please nah.
Elvis: I’ll take that book immediately i see any teacher.
Lizzy: where is it?
Elvis: take it from George.
George: am not through yet.
Elvis:that one is you people’s business. (He stands up and went out of the classroom, and went upstairs, he was about to go into the principal’s office when he bumped into a Lady)
Elvis: am sorry, i wasn’t watching.
Lady: it’s okay, which class are you in?
Elvis: ss3.
Lady: come and show me your class.
Elvis: let me get the list of books from the principal.
Lady: okay.(he went into the office and got the list of books and came out and they headed to his class, when they got there, he sat down and she went to the front of the class and started introducing herself.)
Lady: Good day class.
Class: Good day!
Lady: i know the headmistress must have told you about the new teacher?
Class: yes ma!
Lady: well am the new teacher and my name is Anita.
Class: ok ma!
Anita: so let’s start the class.( they all brought out their books while she took the chalk and Starts writing on the board)…….

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Episode 2

After school that day, Elvis was going home with George and lizzy, just then Lizzy said.
Lizzy: that our new teacher sha.
Elvis: what happened?
Lizzy: she’s too young to be teaching us nah, if i come with her now, people will be thinking that she’s just two Years older than me, she looks like our classmate sef.
George: and she’s beautiful, i wish she was our classmate then i would have..
Lizzy: ashawo! You would have what?
George: how is it your business?
Lizzy: thank God she’s our teacher.
Elvis: she might agree to date him even if he’s a student, haven’t you seen students dating their teachers?
Lizzy: i don’t think this one will agree.
Elvis: that’s her business, change the topic biko.(then changed the topic and discussed while going home)
Two weeks after Anita started teaching in the school, she started being friendly with the students, but not with Elvis cause he was never interested in becoming close to teachers, one day they finished the classwork given to them by Anita and as the class prefect, Elvis was supposed to take it to her, when he got there, he found out that noone was there, so he decided to wait for her, he had opened the door when he heard her voice in the chemistry lab, he moved close to the door and heard another voice, he found out that it was the chemistry teacher, he stood there and listened to their conversation, after they were done talking, the man left through the back door while Anita came out through the main door and was shocked when she saw Elvis standing there, she asked him.
Anita: what are you doing here?
Elvis: i came to pass our classwork.
Anita: you should have just dropped it and live?
Elvis: well the school rules says that if the teacher isn’t around, then wait for her.
Anita: then you should have just waited in the biology laboratory!
Elvis: why are you shouting or you’re just afraid cause i heard your conversation?
Anita: i don’t care if you heard it, it’s none of your business.
Elvis: well you should be ashamed of yourself.
Anita: why?
Elvis: for doing that in school, and hope you know that if i report you, you’ll be fired.
Anita: what?
Elvis: yes, anyway I’ve dropped the books in your office, i only wanted to give you the answer you needed.(he had wanted to live when she said)
Anita: you don’t even know why am doing it, don’t just judge people based on what you see.
Elvis: whatever!(walks out,)(Anita didn’t know what to do, she just stood there and watched him live)

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Episode 3

Elvis: I’ll be going home early today.
George: why?
Elvis: am feeling sick.
George: okay then.
Elvis: yeah.
George: when are you living?
Elvis: by 12.
George: okay.
When he got home that day, he saw some people packing into the next door,he greeted them and went into their place and saw his Mum and big sis in the kitchen.
Cynthia: what happened?
Elvis: nothing.
Cynthia: why did you come back early then?
Elvis: i feel sick.
Margaret: didn’t i tell you to stay at home today?
Elvis: Mum i don’t want to argue with you over that this afternoon, i want to rest.
Margaret: make sure you take your drugs!
Elvis: i Will! (Went in)
Cynthia: this your son and sickness sef, he needs serious prayers o.
Margaret: start praying for him nah, is he not your little brother?
Cynthia: don’t worry, I’ll get prayer warriors for him.
Margaret: so you cannot pray?
Cynthia: Mum you know nah.
Margaret: i don’t know o…
Cynthia: we have new neighbors, hope you know?
Margaret: yes i know.
Cynthia: I’ve seen the parents sha.
Margaret: oya check that food you’re cooking!
Cynthia: yes ma.
Elvis lay down on his bed after changing his cloth, he tried to sleep but couldn’t, so he lay there and waited for there school to dismiss so that he can go to George’s house, while waiting, he slept off and later woke up by 5:30pm, he stood up from the bed and went to his sister’s room and saw her busy chatting with her phone, he left the room, washed his face and left the house, immediately he opened the door, he saw Anita knocking on the next door, he thought that maybe she knows the new neighbors, so he said to her.
Elvis: i don’t think they are around, why not come back later?
Anita: uhm, this is my new place, my parents came in today.
Elvis:(surprised) oh so you’re the new neighbor?
Anita: yeah.
Elvis: okay then welcome.(wanted to live)
Anita: you live here?
Elvis: yes.
Anita: can we see later then?
Elvis: why?
Anita: i have something we need to talk about.
Elvis: if it’s about what happened in school today, i told you that it’s none of my business, so don’t bother yourself.
Anita: you won’t tell anyone?
Elvis: don’t think i wont cause if you provoke me, i will.
Anita: i promise not to do anything to provoke you, i don’t want my parents to know either.
Elvis: how old are you?
Anita: am 22 ,can i know your own age too?
Elvis: am 18.
Anita: okay.
Elvis: bye then (he left while Anita kept knocking)…..

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Episode 4

The next day, Elvis had told his friends that Anita was there neighbor, they didn’t believe him and said that they would go home with him to find out,just as he was about to tell them no, a Junior student came in and told him that the headmistress wanted to see him, he got up and went to answer the woman, when he got there ,he greeted her and she replied his greeting and then asked him.
Headmistress: when are you going to pay your fees?
Elvis: ehn?
Headmistress: you didn’t finish your payments last term and i just let you off like that.
Elvis: i know that ma but you know my mum is trying her best.
Headmistress: i know she’s trying her best but dear we run this school with money, am giving you two weeks to pay up or else noone will ever let you into the school, it’s because your father is no more, that’s why I’ve been living you.
Elvis: I’ll find a way to get the money.
Headmistress: good you can go now.
Elvis: thanks ma, (he turned and left the office.)
Elvis had lost his Dad when he was in jss2, after battling with illness, he gave up, and since then his mother has been trying her best to raise her children.
He had just gone a few miles away from the office, when he met Anita, he was lost in thoughts, so he didn’t notice her, she then called out his name.
Anita: Elvis!
Elvis: what?(turns immediately)
Anita: what’s wrong?
Elvis: nothing.
Anita: you can’t greet?
Elvis: i didn’t know you were there.
Anita: you look like you’re bothered about something.
Elvis: wait, who told you my name?
Anita: am your teacher!
Elvis: okay then.
Anita: anyway what’s wrong?do you care to tell me about it?
Elvis: I don’t know.
Anita: if it’s something you can’t tell me, then it’s okay.
Elvis: can you help me out ?
Anita: with what?
Elvis: why don’t we go to your office, please?
Anita: okay.(she unlocked the door and they went inside)
Anita: so what is it?
Elvis: please help me with ten thousand naira.
Anita: ten what?! Why?
Elvis: i need to pay my fees.
Anita: can’t your father do that?
Elvis: my father is not alive, it’s just my Mum.
Anita: so sorry, i didn’t know.
Elvis: it’s okay, can you help me out?
Anita: okay i will, on one condition…..
Elvis: what condition?…….

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Episode 5

Elvis: what condition?
Anita: swear that you won’t tell anyone about what you heard the other day even if i provoke you in any way?
Elvis: but i told you….
Anita: swear..
Elvis: okay i swear i won’t tell anyone about it.
Anita: good, you have an account?
Elvis: bank account?
Anita: yeah.
Elvis: yes i do.
Anita: alright, write down your account number, I’ll send the money.
Elvis: now?
Anita: yeah.
Elvis: thanks a lot.
Anita: welcome. (She gave him a pen and a book, and he wrote it down before living the office.)
When he got home that day, he noticed that he got a bank alert, he felt so happy and told his Mum about it.
Margaret: she just gave you the money like that?
Elvis: yes!
Cynthia: we won’t pay back!
Elvis: yeah we won’t.
Cynthia: Elvis you don’t expect me to believe this.
Elvis: do you want to ask her then?
Margaret: it’s okay.
Elvis: Mum am hungry.
Margaret: Cynthia go and give him something to eat.
Cynthia: yes ma.(she stood up from the bed, and went into the kitchen with him)
Two weeks after he got the money, he had gone to Anita’s office to pass the assignment she gave them but she wasn’t in school, he wondered what might have happened, so he decided to check on her after school.
When he got home that day, he changed into another cloth and went over to their place, he knocked at the door several times but noone answered, he had wanted to try pushing the door when the door opened, he quietly went in and locked the door, he passed through a room and heard someone sobbing, he knocked at the door and the door opened and he went in and met Anita on her bed crying, he was surprised and went close and asked her.
Elvis: what’s wrong?
Anita: how did you get in? (Sobbs)
Elvis: the door wasn’t locked.
Anita: oh i forgot to lock it.
Elvis: why are you crying?
Anita: it’s nothing.
Elvis: don’t tell me that, alright since we’re at home, I’ll be calling you by your name, cause you’re just 4 years older than me, so Anita what’s wrong?
Anita: am not your mate.
Elvis: spare me that, my sis is 22 too.
Anita: really?(sobbs)
Elvis: yeah so tell me.
Anita: Tony wants to ruin me.
Elvis: who is Tony?
Anita: the chemistry teacher.
Elvis: what?! And how?…….

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Episode 6

Anita: i don’t know how to tell you this.(starts crying again)
Elvis: can you just stop crying and tell me?
Anita: we used to date.
Elvis: really?
Anita: yes, we broke up last year, and during that time, i sent some nude pics to him.
Elvis: what? Why did you?
Anita: cause i loved him alright, i didn’t know he was going to live me someday!, i don’t even know why am telling you this.
Elvis: continue.
Anita: ever since i met him again, it’s either he asks me for money or sex and if i refuse, he will threaten me with the nude pics.
Elvis: wait you’ve been having sex with him?
Anita: yes, i don’t know what to do.
Elvis: do you even know that he’s getting married soon?
Anita: i know that.
Elvis: then find out who the lady is and tell her about this.
Anita: i can’t!
Elvis: i understand.
Anita: what do i do?
Elvis: but are you sure he still has those nudes?
Anita: yes! He shows it to me.
Elvis: from his laptop or phone?
Anita: his phone.
Elvis: maybe i can help you out?
Anita: how?
Elvis: I’ll delete the pictures from his phone and check if there’s one in his laptop and delete it too.
Anita: how will you do that?
Elvis: don’t worry about that, i have my ways.
Anita: i pray that whatever plans you have works.
Elvis: it will work, now clean those tears.
Anita: okay.( wipes her face with the back of hand)
Elvis: do you want to hang out with me?
Anita: now?
Elvis: yeah stand up, let’s go out and at least you can get close to my family, especially my sis, she’ll help you cheer up.
Anita: thanks a lot.
Elvis: you helped me too so it’s nothing.
Anita: let me change into something better.
Elvis: I’ll wait outside.
Anita: okay.(he stood up and left the room)
The next day, when he got to school, he asked George.
Elvis: do sir Tony still give you his system and phone to charge for him?
George: yeah, why are you asking?
Elvis: nothing but do they have passwords?
George: yes.
Elvis: i want you to do something for me.
George: what’s that?
Elvis: but any day he calls you to come and take them just let me know.
George: why?
Elvis: I’ll charge them myself after i take what i want.
George: Elvis what are you up to?
Elvis: just do that for me.
George: okay then.
Elvis: thanks…….

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Episode 7

Tony had called George that afternoon as usual to take his system and phone to the office and plug it there, George pretended to be sick while Elvis went to do it, he took it from him and went to the office, and luckily the teachers had a meeting that day, Elvis tried the easiest pattern on his phone which was Z and it unlocked, he went through his gallery and saw the pictures, and deleted all of them and then his system was now the problem, and he had some students say that Tony stores his system’s password in his phone as a contact, so he decided to check and finally got it, and unlocked the system and did the same.
Later that day, after school had ended, the students were about to go home when Tony stopped all of them and asked them.
Tony: who went through my phone and system while the meeting was going on?(the students starts murmuring and one of the teachers asked him)
Abigail: did anything happen?
Tony: some important files in my phone and system were deleted today , this afternoon!
Abigail: who might have done it?
Tony: George!
George: sir(comes out).
Tony: who went through them?
George: sir i was sick today, am not the one.
Tony: who is that your friend that helped you do it?
George: you mean Elvis?
Tony: who is Elvis here?!
Elvis:(comes out) i am Elvis.
Tony: why did you delete those files?
Elvis: did you see me deleting them or do i have anything with you? I was just helping a friend out.
Tony: you think you’re smart?
Elvis: no.
Tony: I’ll get to the root of this!
Elvis: is the file that important that you would accuse a student?
Tony: are you talking to me? Do you realize that am your teacher?
Elvis: i know you’re.
Abigail: Tony stop this, all of you can go home.
Elvis: bye (they left while Tony angrily stared at him)
They had just gone a few miles away from school when Lizzy asked.
Lizzy: did you do it?
Elvis: yes.
Lizzy: why?!
Elvis: cause i wanted to.
Lizzy: George do you know about this?
George: maybe.
Lizzy: how could you guys do that to your teacher?
Elvis: i was just helping a friend out.
Lizzy: what friend?
Elvis: am not telling you.
Lizzy: i know you’re so secretive but i swear I’ll find out who you did it for.(walks out)
Elvis: what is wrong with her?
George: i don’t know.
Elvis: let’s go( they left the scene

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Episode 8

A week after what happened, Anita came back to school, immediately she went into the biology lab and sat down, Tony came in, and she turned and asked him.
Anita: what is it?
Tony: why haven’t you been picking my calls?
Anita: what in the world will make me pick your calls?
Tony: you’ve grown wings after you sent that boy.
Anita: what boy?
Tony: come on don’t ask me that when you know who am talking about!
Anita: i don’t know who you’re talking about.
Tony: you think this will end after he deletes them?
Anita: can you just live me alone!?
Tony: i will, after i ruin you!
Anita: what?
Tony: yes! I’ll tell the owner of this school that you’re dating a student and make sure you don’t get accepted into any school in this state! And that boy, only God knows what his own case would be.
Anita: Tony don’t try anything stupid, if you want to do anything just do it to me and don’t involve Elvis in this!
Tony: he involved himself after he did that for you.(walks out of the lab)
Anita: oh my God!(immediately he left, Elvis came in)
Elvis: what’s wrong?
Anita: why are you here?
Elvis: i came to check if you’re in school today and then i saw sir Tony coming out from this place, what other business do you have with him?
Anita: Elvis?
Elvis: what?
Anita: can we stop talking to each other while we’re in school, don’t come in here unless if you’re coming to pass your assignment or class work?
Elvis: why?
Anita: it’s for your own good, just until you write your waec please?
Elvis: wait! What did he tell you?
Anita: he threatened to ruin you!
Elvis: (chuckles) ruin who? Me? Seems like he doesn’t know whom he’s dealing with? Is that what you’re afraid of?
Anita: this isn’t funny, he can do it.
Elvis: I’ve heard you(smiles) I’ll get going then.(leaves)
After school that day, Elvis waited for Tony just a few miles away from school, and luckily it was a lonely part, Tony had wanted to cross when he felt someone touch him, he turned back and asked him.
Tony: what’s the meaning of this?
Elvis: you should know what it means.
Tony: seems like you’re not with your senses?
Elvis:maybe anyway i heard you’ll ruin me and i came to tell you this, if you ever in your life, threaten Anita again, you’ll hate me the more.
Tony: i don’t have time for a kid like you, bye(wanted to live)
Elvis: try it next time if you don’t love your life.(Tony left without saying a word and Elvis turned to live and saw Lizzy standing there)
Elvis: Lizzy!?

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Episode 9

Elvis: were you following me?
Lizzy: yes i was, Elvis who is Anita?
Elvis: you don’t need to know.
Lizzy: hope it’s not who i think it is?
Elvis: and who do you think it is?
Lizzy: our biology teacher?
Elvis: you’re always on my neck, okay it’s her, what are you going to do about it?!
Lizzy: what’s your relationship with her?
Elvis: it’s none of your business. (Wanted to live and she held him)
Lizzy: are you in love with that woman?
Elvis: she haven’t gotten to the woman stage yet, she’s just 22, my sister’s age mate! Stop making it look as if she’s that older than me!
Lizzy: wait, Elvis you love her?
Elvis: what if i do? Is there anything wrong with it? Tell me!
Lizzy: you’re even shouting at me now cause of her?
Elvis: please don’t spoil our friendship. (Walks away from her)
Lizzy: cause of her? (She turns and left)
Elvis got home that day as usual, and after eating he went over to Anita’s place and the both sat down and started discussing until Anita’s phone beeped, she checked it and it was a message from Tony’s number, she read it and couldn’t say anything else and turned to Elvis and asked him.
Anita: what happened between you and Tony?
Elvis: nothing.
Anita: nothing?
Elvis: okay i only asked him a few things alright.
Anita: what is wrong with you?
Elvis: what did i do?
Anita: you know what you did!
Elvis: is that why you’re shouting at me?
Anita: yes! He texted that you should sit and watch what he does to you since you feel that you can now threaten everyone you see.
Elvis: and so what?
Anita: I don’t want anything to happen to you Elvis, what will your sister and mother think when they find out that you’re having a problem with your teacher cause of me?
Elvis: they won’t think anything! And if you want me to stop talking to you, then that’s okay with me, I’ll stop doing that.
Anita: that’s not what i mean.
Elvis: i understand everything you said, everything between us stops today and here. (Stands up and left the room)
Anita: Elvis! (It turned out that he left and she sat down and started crying)…..

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Episode 10

The next two days Elvis felt so angry that it made it even hard for him to talk to his friends, he went home early that day and met his sister at home, their mother had gone to the market while his sister didn’t go to work that day, he greeted her and went straight to his room and lay down on the bed without changing his school uniform, his sister had noticed his mood and went into his room and sat down beside him and asked.
Cynthia: what’s wrong with you?
Elvis: nothing.
Cynthia: don’t tell me that, i know something’s wrong.
Elvis: it’s nothing really.
Cynthia: am your sister Elvis not a stranger so talk to me.
Elvis: (sits up) sis i think….
Cynthia: you think what?
Elvis: i think i love Anita.
Cynthia: what!?
Elvis: i don’t even know what’s wrong with me? Am not supposed to be angry over anything concerning her but am always angry cause of her.
Cynthia: so that’s the problem?
Elvis: yes!
Cynthia: why don’t you tell her?
Elvis: don’t you think she’s too old for me?
Cynthia: old ke? Anita is just four years older than you so there’s nothing wrong in dating her.
Elvis: what if she doesn’t love me?
Cynthia: you never can tell, now getup from there and stop acting like a baby.
Elvis: which baby?
Cynthia: na you sabi, am going to the market to help Mum out, see you later(pecks him and left, she had just opened the door when she saw Lizzy standing there.)
Lizzy: goodday.
Cynthia: who are you looking for?
Lizzy: am Elvis’s classmate, Lizzy.
Cynthia: oh any problem?
Lizzy: you know he left early today without telling anyone so i came to check on him.
Cynthia: okay then, he’s inside.
Lizzy: okay thanks(wanted to go in and turned) you’re his sister right?
Cynthia: yeah i am.
Lizzy: thank God.
Cynthia: what happened?
Lizzy: i think Elvis is dating our teacher.
Cynthia: really?
Lizzy: yes.
Cynthia: that’s actually none of my business, bye(left)
Lizzy: what? (Walks in and locks the door) Elvis! (He heard his name and came out to check who it was)
Elvis: Lizzy what are you doing here?
Lizzy: i missed you so i came over to see you.
Elvis: since when?
Lizzy: what do you mean?
Elvis: what are you up to?
Lizzy: this is what am up to(goes close to him and kissed him………….

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Episode 11

Elvis: what is wrong with you?!(he asked as he pushed her away)
Lizzy: nothing is wrong with me, don’t you feel anything for me?
Elvis: feel what for you?
Lizzy: stop acting as if you don’t understand me!
Elvis: Lizzy go home.
Lizzy: you’re chasing me out of your house?
Elvis: am not chasing you but asking you to go home!
Lizzy: because of that lady that won’t let you be? Her mates are getting married for God’s sake! And a stupid b—h is here looking for a young boy to date.
Elvis: if you ever open that your mouth and call her names again, you’ll hate me, are your mates not getting married and you’re here forcing yourself on a guy, and its none of your business if am dating her and let me tell you this, am the one that wants her, you can’t tell me who to date cause you’re not my father or my mother so please leave!!
Lizzy: okay then bye!(turns and left)
Just as she left, Anita walks in and Elvis thinking that it was still Lizzy turned to shout at her but stood still after he saw her and the both stood there looking at each other, then she interrupted the silence and asked.
Anita: what happened?
Elvis: nothing.
Anita: is your sister around?
Elvis: nop, she left.
Anita: oh, i should have called her first.
Elvis: maybe..
Anita: bye then.. (Turns to live)
Elvis: wait!..
Anita: what is it?
Elvis: nothing i just want to apologize for walking out on you.
Anita: it’s okay, you were just angry.
Elvis: thanks.
Anita: welcome, we’ll see later then.
Elvis: yeah….(she left the house and closed the door)
Two days later Elvis got to school and George asked him.
George: is it true?
Elvis: what?
George: are you really dating our teacher?
Elvis: which teacher?
George: stop pretending nah!
Elvis: i really don’t understand you!
George: the news have gone around the school o, the headmistress might expel you and our biology teacher will stop teaching here.
Elvis: what?! Who spread this rubbish?
George: no one knows.
Elvis: I’ll be back.(He ran to Anita’s office but didn’t see her, the door was locked, he ran to the class, picked his bag and gave the gateman excuses and left the school, he got home that day and didn’t bother to go into their house and went into Anita’s place and barged into her room and saw her Sitting down on her bed with her head thrown back)

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Episode 12

Elvis: hey what’s wrong?
Anita: who told them?
Elvis: who told what?
Anita: that we’re dating?
Elvis: oh! That, i don’t know.
Anita: do you think it’s Tony? Cause he said that he’ll deal with you.
Elvis: he said that he’ll deal with me not us! So it can’t be him.
Anita: then who?!
Elvis: don’t worry about that, i know who it is.
Anita: tell me!
Elvis: you don’t need to know.
Anita: is it Lizzy?
Elvis: huh?
Anita: it’s that b—h right? If she wants you then let her go ahead and own you, its none of my business! In fact where does she live?(comes down from the bed)
Elvis: why are you asking and where are you going to?
Anita: can’t you take me to her place first!?
Elvis: she’s still in school! And besides are you going to fight her!?
Anita: am just going to warn her alright!
Elvis: why? Anyway what will happen if i date you? Can’t i? Or am not allowed to?
Anita: what are you talking about?
Elvis: just answer me!
Anita: no i won’t until you explain what you mean!
Elvis: i love……… You.
Anita: and what is that supposed to mean?
Elvis: am i supposed to explain again!?
Anita: do you even realize that am older than you?
Elvis: i know.
Anita: and you love me?
Elvis: yes.
Anita: i don’t want to hear that again please!
Elvis: why?
Anita: cause that can’t happen between us!
Elvis: why? Cause you’re older or something?
Anita: yes! You’re just 18! And am 22 for God’s sake what will people think?
Elvis: who will tell them?
Anita: Lizzy! And maybe Tony.
Elvis: they don’t need to know!
Anita: Elvis we can’t date and that’s it.
Elvis: really?
Anita: yes.
Elvis: okay then, I’ve heard you, I’ll clear the misunderstanding in school, am going home now.
Anita: bye then.(he picked his bag and left the house)
The next day, Elvis went to the headmistress and told her about the rumors, that it was all a lie, and it took some explanation before she believed him and later called Anita and talked to her, Elvis was going back to his class when Anita called him and he ignored her and passed. Later that day after school, Elvis came out of the school gate and met some guys outside and they called him and he went to them and asked.
Elvis: what is it and who are you guys?
Guy: your sister said that i should call you.
Elvis: my sister!?
Guy: yeah you can call her on phone and ask.
Elvis: okay( he called her and she sounded like a sick person and someone that was crying) where is she?
Guy: follow us.
Elvis: okay.(he left with them)…

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Episode 13

After they had gone a few miles away from school and down to a lonely part, Elvis kind of got surprised and asked.
Elvis: where is my sister and where are we going to?
Guy: abeg shut up!
Elvis: meaning what? Where is my sister?!
Guy: no just talk to much here! You de craze, see this ripe mango, if i touch you now you go just red.(the other guys started laughing)
Guy: just follow us.(he kept quiet as they walked into a one room apartment, that was where he saw his sister tied up on the bed and Tony sitting on a seat beside her, he wanted to move close to her when they pushed him back.)
Elvis: what’s the meaning of this nah?
Tony: wait, i thought you said you’ll deal with me?or is it because am with your sister?
Elvis: if you really want to fight then keep my family out of it!
Tony: you’re just a weakling, you can’t do a thing! So let’s get down to business.
Elvis: what business?
Tony: i want Anita in exchange for your sis.
Elvis: what?
Tony: yes, i need to take back those pictures that you deleted and this time around, its going to be worse!
Elvis: why in the world do you want to destroy Anita? For God’s sake you’re getting married soon! Let her be!
Tony: i didn’t ask for your advice, i only brought you here to tell you to bring Anita over to this place or I’ll take your sister’s own and post it for the whole world to see!
Elvis: you can’t do that.
Tony: then come back with Anita tomorrow.
Elvis: please an begging you, don’t do anything to my sis, I’ll bring Anita over to you, you guys can settle your disputes, i can even bring her over to you today, just don’t hurt my sis.
Tony: okay am waiting, take him out of here(they pushed him out of the house and locked the and immediately he got a message from Tony telling him not to tell anyone or he’ll be in trouble.)
He got home that day and sat down on his bed crying, after some minutes he heard someone call his name and he raised his head and saw Anita standing at the door, she surprisedly went close and asked him.
Anita: why are you crying? You didn’t even lock the door?
Elvis: they took my sister.
Anita: who took her?
Elvis: let’s go to the place together please.
Anita: why? What’s wrong? And who took her?
Elvis: i don’t know(he said as he stood up and held her hands)
Anita: Elvis talk to me…..

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Episode 14

Elvis: Tony took my sis.
Anita: oh my God!
Elvis: he said that i should come back with you, he wants to take those pictures again.
Anita: why is he doing this to me? Why does he hate me so much?(sits down on the bed).
Elvis: (sits beside her) you don’t need to go.
Anita: then how do we get your sis back?
Elvis: I’ll think of something. (Pulls off his school shirt and cleans his face with it and then picked another cloth from the wardrobe and wore it and sat down beside her again, all this while Anita was just crying)
Elvis: come on stop it.
Anita: i can’t, i just can’t (sobs)
Elvis: you have to alright, I’ll do something about it, my sister will come back home.
Anita: are you sure?
Elvis: yeah am sure, so stop crying please.
Anita: okay(sobs)
Elvis: good.
Anita: but if i really have to go to him and give the pictures to him, will you still….
Elvis: you’re acting like the kid now, still what?
Anita:(chuckles) still love me?
Elvis: (laughs) nothing can ever change how i feel for you, i love you and won’t stop loving you.
Anita: thanks.
Elvis: but do you?…never mind.(she looked at him and he looks away, she stood up from the bed, stood between his legs and touched his face and said)
Anita: you’re so cute.
Elvis: (smiles) thanks.
Anita: i love you too but i don’t want to get into a fight with any little girl cause of you, it should be only me alright.
Elvis: no problem, only you.
Anita: thanks. (She gives him a slight kiss on the lips and he kissed back, after some seconds, he brought his hands to her waist and slightly dragged her close to his body and slowly lay down on the bed as she lay on his body and then the removal of cloths followed as she simply let him into her??..
Later that day, Elvis called George and told him to help him out, George who was known as a street brought up knew many people And can easily get enough guys that can help him out, he called his friends and they decided to go the next day with the plans….

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Episode 15

Guy: oga you sure that boy go still come?
Tony: why won’t he come when his sister is here?
Guy: he fit live her here sha.
Cynthia: Elvis can never live me here, am sure he’s thinking of how to get me out or he already planned it.
Tony: he can’t try anything girl so shut your mouth!
Cynthia: whatever.
Guy: see this girl o.( he had wanted to slap her when when Tony stopped him)
Tony: live her alone, let her run her mouth.(just then they heard a knock on the door and one of the guys stood up and opened the door and saw two boys standing there)……
Guy: what do you want?
Boy: my name is Johnson and this is my brother Favour, our friend told us to come to this house and wait for him.
Guy: that’s not possible, am sure he must have given you the wrong address.
Favour: no he didn’t, this is the place.
Guy: what!?
Tony:(comes out) who are you people?
Johnson: you’re already here?
Tony: who?
Favour: you nah.
Tony: throw this kids out please.
Favour: if you touch me ehn!
Tony: meaning what nah?
Johnson: abeg move jhor let me pass.
Guy: una wan die?
Johnson: na who go kill us?
Guy: live this place.( they started struggling with each other and before they knew what was happening, Elvis appeared with his friends and they were pushed out of the way while he went and untied his sister, Tony wanted to run out when George pushed him and he fell down.)
George: am so sorry sir.
Tony: you’re even with him?
George: i don’t support evil Sir or should i say Tony!
Tony: just wait till i get back to school.
Elvis: no need for that, the owner of the school said that you should not near her school or any other school, if you do, you’ll be arrested for sexual harassment.
Tony: how did she?
Elvis: didn’t i warn you?
Tony: you think this will end here?
Elvis: it has already ended!
Tony: i didn’t want to do this with a kid but you pushed me!(before they knew what was going on, he picked up a pen knife beside the table and stabbed Elvis with it, it happened so fast, no one knew that it was coming, Elvis fell to the floor while they ran to help him, and Tony ran out.)
Cynthia: Elvis please don’t stop breathing.
George: we have to take himi to the hospital, the blood is too much.
Cynthia: yes let’s go before it’s too late.
George: let me carry him.(he squat down and they dropped him on his back and then ran out of the house looking for a nearby hospital…

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Episode 16

Cynthia had called Anita that day and told her everything that happened and she rushed to the hospital and since then, they had been running up and down the hospital waiting for the doctor to come out, 1hour later, the doctor came out and Cynthia asked him.
Cynthia: how is my brother?
Doctor: actually he lost a lot of blood.
Cynthia: so what happened?
Doctor: he might survive.
Anita: oh my God, you scared me, so he needs blood right?
Doctor: exactly, so can any of you donate?
Cynthia: am his sister, so i can right?
Doctor: yes, can you do it now?
Cynthia: yes i can.
Doctor: follow me then.
Cynthia: okay.
Anita: take care.(she left with the doctor to check if her blood matches with his own and it did, so they proceeded with the transferring of blood.)
Two days later, elvis Still didn’t wake up, the doctor had told them that he was in coma, a month passed and he still didn’t wake up, Anita, Cynthia and his mother always stayed by his side, maybe he would wake up or maybe he won’t, they prayed for him, but he was there till it was time for their WAEC registration, everyone thought that he would never wake up again but Anita never lost hope, she prayed that he wakes, same with his mother and sister.
One day Anita had gone to check on him but it turned out that he wasn’t awake, she sat down beside him and said.
Anita: why can’t you just wake up? Please just wake up already, it’s been months, please Baby am begging you, even if its not for me, just do it for your mother and sister, they still need you, i also need you here, and you also have to take your exams please. (She bent her head and was crying when she felt someone touch her hand, she raised her head and looked at him, he was finally awake, she rushed out and called the doctor, and he came in and examined him and told her that he was fine now but needs to stay in the hospital for two days, after he left she called Cynthia and then sat down beside him.
Anita: you’re finally awake, am so happy.
Elvis: have you been crying?
Anita: were you expecting me to laugh?
Elvis: maybe? (Smiles)
Anita: you’ve even grown bears while sleeping. (Laughs)
Elvis: how long has it been?
Anita: like 6 or 8 months .
Elvis: really?
Anita: yes nah.(Cynthia walks in immediately)
Cynthia: my little bro is awake.
Elvis: where is mother?
Cynthia: she has gone to the market?
Elvis: okay.
Anita: let me get you something to eat, I’ll be back.(she left them)..

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Last Episode

They later went back home after two days, and he got to register for his exam and took it with others and luckily he passed and since there was no money for jamb and college, he decided to stay back and work, Three years after he started working, he got his own shop, where he sold building materials.
One day he came back from his shop and lay down on his bed when his sister ran into his room and sat down beside him still breathing hard.
Elvis: what’s wrong?
Cynthia: what have you done?
Elvis: what did i do?(confused)
Cynthia: you’re going to be a father?!
Margaret: what!?(walks in, she was coming to check on him when she heard that)
Elvis: what do you mean?
Cynthia: mummy, his girlfriend is pregnant!
Margaret: which of them?
Elvis: Mum how many do i have?!
Margaret: who knows?(Anita quietly walked into his room)
Anita: Cynthia?
Margaret: is it true?
Anita: yes ma.
Margaret: Elvis?
Elvis: mum it was unexpected.
Margaret: what were you expecting when you had sex without protection?
Anita: i warned him.
Elvis: must you bring that up?
Anita: i will, i must bring it up, i warned you and told you that this might happen and we’re not married yet and you didn’t listen to me.
Elvis: did we use the so called protection the first time we did it?
Anita: that was unexpected.
Elvis: this is also unexpected, so we just have to get married and keep it (smiles).
Anita: stop smiling!
Margaret: i was going to bring up the marriage topic after you guys are through with the argument.
Cynthia: so my brother will get married before me?(frowns)
Elvis: its not our fault that you keep on dumping your boyfriend.
Cynthia: shut up!
Margaret: let’s talk about this tomorrow with your parents Anita.
Anita: my parents are traveling to the village tomorrow and i don’t think they will come back again.
Margaret: we’ll talk before they live.
Anita: okay then, Cynthia come and stay with me.
Elvis: i should be the one staying with you.
Anita: i don’t want you to!(she left with Cynthia)
They got married after one month and she gave birth to her first child and daughter…….